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2023.06.03 07:18 PixelMeg RWBY Retrospective Rewrite: Reddit edition.

Heyo! So this is just a fun collaboration thing I thought we could do as a subreddit. This is 100% not mod approved. But you guys are respectful anyway. So here goes: I'd like to see how we handle rewriting RWBY based on everything we do have now. A couple structures to start us off with. No ships in V1~3 unless they're plot relevant Arkos is plot relevant, Bees is not. No history or character major changes no random unknown family members, and no making a character do something they wouldn't do from their starting personalities beyond Arkos and ReNora the ships aren't on the table till after the dance. Any writing style is acceptable. Assuming you'll respect that, I can start us off with my rewrite of the introduction to:
Volume 1, Episode 1: Ruby Rose
Opening on a shadowed figure it extends a bone white hand to a book on a pedestal opening the book a female voice begins to speak
Narration: Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.
Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness — creatures of destruction — the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named "Dust" Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return. So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called "free world", but take heed... there will be no victory in strength. The scene plays out as the storybook like intro did
Ozpin's voice over interrupts as he closes the book saying: But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten. Things that require a smaller, more honest soul. The screen fades to silver
Zooming out from the silver we see Ruby Rose's eyes as she smiles toast in hand, and some cookies in front of her. She sits in a simple looking home across from Yang with books in front of her
Ruby: Yang, you're literally the best person around. Beacon will be lucky to get you. She says drinking some milk while picking up a knife for butter
Yang: sighs in Ruby not understanding, but still smiling because that's her adorkable sister not understanding Yeah but there's a test, and we she gestures to the two of them haven't exactly been good at tests, so if you can help your awesome big sister out please! She gives Ruby puppy dog eyes
Ruby: she immediately relents Okay okay! Just stop with the puppy eyes.
Yang: smiles and sits
Ruby: she picks up the book in front of her okay, what is dust, and what types are there?
Yang: she scoffs because she knows this leaning back and asking that's what you're starting with? Everyone knows what dust is.
Ruby: rolling her eyes she notes Dad does this all the time! He says he puts the occasional crazy easy question on the test because it throws people off. Besides you said ready for anything.
Yang: giving Ruby a touché face accompanied by a hand wave to acknowledge it she answers Okay dust is described as nature's wrath crystalized. We mine it from Vacuo and Atlas to be distributed all over Remnant for a variety of purposes to make daily life easier. It comes in five major forms: Water, Wind, Fire, Rock, and Gravity. Various other forms of dust include steam, combustion, lightning, ice, plant, and most recently Atlas dustoligists created hard light dust. As she names off the dusts she puts shotgun shells with colored dusts on the table as well as one of the gauntlets making up ember Cecilia by the way I need you to look this over.
Ruby: she nods satisfied with the answer and grabs another cookie why are most people today located in the four kingdoms? She says grabbing the gauntlet looking at it with a sigh she says man be a little more careful with my babies. She pulls out a toolkit and tinkers with ember Cecilia causing the parts to move
Yang: visibly struggles with the words she picks up another book flipping it open to some simple drawing of Remnant she says Uhhh the emperor of Mistral conquered all of Anima she taps the blue continent and was helping Mantle on Solitas she taps the white continent they traded tech for resources since much of the Solita's tribes mistrusted them, Mantle had to resort to trade. Mantle got attacked by Girmm as they do yang introduces us to a very crude drawings of a beowolf, ursa, nevermore and deathstalker
Ruby: interrupts Yang whoa what even are those? She says suppressing a giggle Are those supposed to be Grimm?
Yang: gets huffy and tosses the Nevermore at Ruby who beheads it with the knife come on I'm trying! She says giggling too, she continues Mantle decided to be weird about it and suppress creativity, they pressured Mistral into following suit, kind of. Mistrali and Mantlite elite were allowed to be creative though. Mistral came to Saunus she taps the Green continent where they were in for at least one big shock Faunus she holds up what's clearly a magazine cutout of a girl with shark teeth were treated as equal to humans for one, and the King of Vale already had settlements there. She holds up a green pepper slice to represent Vale's king he tried to be amicable to the eastern powers she uses a bottle and a half eaten cookie to represent the eastern leaders
Ruby: takes a bite of the mantle head's representation don't steal the examiner's cookie for the presentation.
Yang: opens her mouth to protest, but then just replaces it with a fry anyway a riot broke out and someone important got killed marking the kick off for the great war. Mantle came to Mistral's aid, though Vale had more forces on account of faunus being equal to humans, they were having a hard time fighting off two kingdoms. Then Mantle and Mistral tried to pressure Vacuo into being an ally and Vacuo's king she slams down a ketchup bottle to represent the final king. Ruby looks up and let's out a huff, but continues tuning up Ember Cecilia comes in like a hero and turns the tide for Saunus, Vacuan's respect the strong and only the strong so they naturally fell to the side holding strong in the 2v1!
Ruby: she nods I think that's-
Yang: she interrupts Ruby hey I'm not done! Man I like my hero stories just like you like your fairytales!
Ruby: nods and concedes more time
Yang: So anyway war brings misery and the settlements outside the four kingdoms wiping out the majority of non-tribal settlements outside the kingdoms by Grimm or war, but accelerating tech to modern time. Vale's king and Vacuo's king had had enough and they hatched a plan: They made it look like there was a time that the dust mines would be vulnerable to attack, and the eastern powers took the bait. Vacuo's king was no push over, but what the eastern powers didn't expect was the king of Vale to pull a big hero moment and decimate their forces before they could see the Vacuan king! Though that much devastation still makes negative emotions, attracting Grimm. The Great King as we know him, or The Warrior King as he's known in the East ended the war with the other rulers eh…"agreeing" to end faunus slavery, and promised reperations. The huntsman academies were founded by The Great King to turn our focus away from fighting each other and toward fighting the monsters of Grimm.
Ruby: Well that technically answers about the founding of the academies and about the great war too. She looks at the book and flips to a random page before pushing a metal pin into the weapon she's tinkering with what are semblances and aura? A clicking from ember Cecilia makes a bunch of parts move, shifting it into its bracelet form. Judging from Ruby's smile, that's a good thing.
Yang: in a joking tone she says while closing the history book soul juiiiiicccceee!
Ruby: she giggles Yang! Be serious! She says sliding the weapon back to Yang
Yang: she chuckles well I'm halfway right any-oop she drops the fry that stood in for the mantle leader on the floor
Zwei bolts in and gobbles up the fry before Yang can grab it causing both girls to laugh. Tai enters with grocery bags
Tai: don't take too much longer Ruby the shuttles to Vale City only run frequently during daylight hours! Tai and Zwei exit to the kitchens
Yang: ooh does someone have a secret date? She teases Ruby messing up the younger's hair
Ruby: giggles no but it is still a secret, and you're not getting out of the question, answer this one and I'll be off!
Yang: she rolled her eyes with a smile and answers Aura is the power of souls and life, all living things have it unless it's a Grimm. Semblances are mostly unique powers tied to our souls allowing fighters to do extraordinary things including making a force field to protect the fighter.
Ruby: works for me! I've got a shuttle to catch! She zips out the door in a gust of petals
(Start here, where does the show go now?)
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2023.06.03 07:15 Danielnrg Which Cornetto trilogy movie is your favorite?

I have strong opinions about the Cornetto trilogy.
The whole trilogy is amazing. Every movie in it has something for everyone, and they're all great. However, as my life has been somewhat shaped by the trilogy, so have my opinions of the films in it.
If I had to rank them in terms of enjoyability, it would go: Shaun of the Dead > The World's End > Hot Fuzz.
Now to briefly explain my ranking:
Shaun of the Dead: I first saw SOTD when I was a kid, and watched it beginning to end at least 100 times before I reached 18. That kind of nostalgia can't be overcome in my mind, and it's almost impossible to evaluate the film objectively. It's my favorite in that I enjoy rewatching it the most.
The World's End: This film is the most emotionally resonant for me. I first saw it in 2015, 2 years after release and 1 year after graduating HS. I'd already seen Hot Fuzz and obviously Shaun. My initial reaction was lukewarm. In time this film grew on me, and it grew with the fury of a thousand suns. Every year this film becomes more relevant to my life, specifically Gary King's entire character. Until I finally get my life on track, this film will only become more potent. I watch Shaun for nostalgia, I watch this film for when I'm feeling really sad.
Hot Fuzz: The most technically proficient film of the bunch. This film I can evaluate objectively as the best "film" of the 3. I don't have much else to say about it, other than that I know it's better than Shaun and World's End, and I enjoy watching it the least. Still a fantastic movie, but it's up against nostalgia and relevance, where it doesn't stand a chance.
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2023.06.03 07:14 JossefiliaRLS Stupid past me should have seen this coming.

Hello, this is currently a developing story.
So backstory, I'm a 22F currently studying in Uni and living with my parents and siblings because apartment rates are horrible and its close to where I study. I'm a big cat lover, genuinely want to have an army when I'm more independent, but I'm a bit apprehensive and closed off to kittens. I prefer older cats, since I had a really jarring experience last year where I saved a kitten from a storm and it died from water in its lungs two days later. I was alone, and it passed away on my chest, and since then I think they're very fragile and would prefer not to have the risks.
Now to the situation at hand. We were getting back home from my brother's soccer game. While on the front porch, there was very loud sounds of meowing coming from a car. My mom and siblings went to investigate and help it while I made my way to my room to tody it up. A few minutes later my sister comes in holding a very pretty and sleek grey striped baby. She's very nervous, and my siblings and mom are hovering over her, so I take it from them and make a small bed from a box and some spare towels and place it in a comfy corner. I go to the kitchen and bring a bowl of water and a can of chicken for her. She’s very nervous so I let her gain trust of her surroundings and later offered my hand to pet her.
My dad came in and told us she could stay for just tonight and tomorrow we have to give her back to her mom. I agreed, still kind of closed to the opportunity to keep her.
Then I was left alone with her in my room. She climbed on my bed and curled on my lap, purred very loud, and even climbed on my back. I think I have never fallen in love so fast before. Currently she's sleeping over my head.
What I want advice on is how can I convince my father to keep her while I also study. My siblings are a good option but really they're still not that responsible for pets (we also have a pet dog and I also take care of her the most). I can compromise on most things for her. Moving could be an option to keep her but as I said, apartments here cost more than the salary I make monthly and from side gigs.
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2023.06.03 07:12 EstablishmentNo3780 I (26F) got mixed feelings with respect to office colleague (30M)

Hey y'all. Help a girl (26 F) in distress here.
(My English writing skills are not great, so please bear with my story which might be haywire)
So it's been about 6-7 months that I've been working at my present organisation. There's this guy (30M) from another department with whom I started talking casually like just the usual hi-hellos in corridors as we don't get much time to sit idle.
Soon after, one day I was sitting in the break room where he came and sat with the book he was reading. Then we started talking on the usual stuff of daily lives. This went on for about 20 minutes and we got back to work. This was just one incident of us sitting together back in January-end.
There were another 3-4 incidents like this over the next 2 months when one day he casually stated that we should meet outside. This didn't had me surprised because obviously when others see any interactions like these, they would casually just assume that something is going on between them.
Mind you, these were all just normal conversations that any colleague would have. And apart from the 4-5 conversations we had, others were just corridors greetings or I had no sight of him at all.
One was where we exchanged numbers and he would call me sometimes.
Anyway, so the same pattern continued till recently when we actually did meet outside (with some of his friends outside of workplace, which he asked me before). He hugged me and I wasn't even expecting that. Like I thought that it would be just a less-formal encounter as it is at the workplace. Anyway, later we talked and had dinner. He dropped me and hugged me again while leaving, like boy it felt really good.
Soon after, I invited him over instead of meeting outside. We watched movies, had dinner and talked. Then we slept on same bed (literally just sleep, nothing else). I had asked him if he is okay with me sleeping on same bed and he said yes. He held my hand for the whole night. Next morning he hugged me while I was in sleep. And while he was going, he hugged me again which lasted quite longer than a usual hug.
The thing is, whenever I talk to him, he inspires me and pushes me in his own ways outside of my comfort zone to do things I've wanted to do.
I have really started liking him as a person. I've just joined a class which I've kept on hold since like 8 years. I'm more physically active and have started to become a little more productive throughout the day especially after work. I've also started preparing for the upcoming exams lol.
Now I don't know if I'm overthinking this, but I can't get him out of my mind at all. It's him running at the back of my mind at all times and I don't know what this feeling is. I can't seem to figure out where am I going with this. Is this even worth giving so much attention to? Or is if just something anyone would do?
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2023.06.03 07:10 flying_punk I (31M) am thinking I need to leave my wife (31F) would really appreciate any advice!

We have been married for 4 years, and things started amazing, after being close friends for a year we ended up getting married due to immigration hurdles after 9 months of dating. Due to multiple events, including covid, we made multiple cross country moves(US) which put a strain on out relationship. After our last move I was hopeful for a new start but things were not great. She ended up having an emotional affair with someone she had told me not to worry about I was while feeling significant stress and anxiety about our relationship. He was absolutely trying hard to sleep with her and she engaged with his sexual texts, which I found when my suspicion overcame my desire not to invade her privacy. When confronted, she specifically said she was not sorry and would not stop being friends with this person. She placed the blame entirely on me, blaming my lack of ability to communicate and inability to make her feel special, which to her credit are valid things I could improve on. But as I continued to express my discomfort with her relationship with this person, I ended up truly believing it was entirely my fault.
She eventually stopped talking to him, I think because he may have become increasingly inappropriate. In the 2 years since then, she has mostly slept in our spare room, we have only had sex a handful of times, she has only shown any desire to reignite our relationship twice, which were short lived before pulling away again, and has continually made me feel like my feelings are invalid because I suffer from depression. She has also had multiple other guy friends she had obsessively texted/faced timed with, and even went to visit one in another country without asking how I felt about it. And while she was there, she hardly talked to me, did a photoshoot for him (partially nude or nude, was afraid to look when I saw a thumbnail), and I think lied about where she was sleeping in his house. She eventually stopped talking to this guy because he got too possessive of her time and thought/hoped she would run off with him.
Recently she befriended a guy 7 or 8 years younger than her that isn't really her type, but they have become extremely close. As I was extremely busy with school and work, she started disappearing for nights either at his house or random hotels in nearby cities/towns doing drugs/getting drunk. When I eventually brought it up she insisted he is nothing to worry about. A few days later I left for a 2 week trip, and when saying goodbye at the airport she made me feel like maybe she still loves me in way she hadn't shown in months. When I got back she was very distant and reserved (which to fair isn't entirely abnormal) but found out she had gone on a road trip with this guy and had kind of lied about something so I wouldn't have known at the time. In the 3 weeks since I have been back she has spent many nights away with this guy, went to a nude beach together to eat edibles, just the two of them, and spent that night in a motel(never asked how I might feel about that, consider I have only seen her naked a handful of time in years). The day she told me this I didn't know how to confront her (I do struggle with communication, especially when I am scared of what might come of it), and the following day she also spent the day and night with him.
I don't claim to be a perfect husband or partner without many areas that could be improved, and she has her own views of our relationship which include valid complaints about not giving her enough compliments/making her feel loved enough, or communicating how I feel and what I am thinking. But typing this out has honestly made me feel like I have to find the courage to have a difficult conversation that may result in the end of our marriage. But it feels so hard because part of me does still love her and want things to be how they were in the beginning of our relationship and during short periods of time since. And, we have two dogs together, work together, and attend the same college with about a year left until each of us graduate. Our lives our so intertwined it feels like a separation would be difficult to handle in terms of creating space to move on and not lose out on the job I feel fortunate to have. I also feel like I am falling into a sunk cost fallacy, I have given up my ideal living situation for her, have taken two extra years, hundreds of hours of work, and thousands in tuition to finish the degree I started. Ive spent so much money covering moves, extra bills, lawyeimmigration fees, and random money I have secretly given her to hopefully make her life less stressful and easier to enjoy. I feel like I get nothing but hurt feelings and stress out of this relationship but I am afraid to be single and alone and I still feel a slimmer of hope things could be better. Am i just weak, easily manipulated, and need to leave? Or is there a possibility her side of the story holds enough truth that it's me that needs to change? I am open to answering any questions that may provide any context. And if you read all of this, I thank you just for indulging my need to express/rant about things I feel too insecure to talk about with people I know.
TL:DR My wife does have valid reasons not to be perfectly happy in our relationship, but showed no remorse after an emotional affair that devastated me. Has had many relationships with guys that cross the boundaries of friendship. And recently has spent many days/nights with a guy friend she told me not to worry about, including a one on one trip to a nude beach together that she didn't ask me about before hand.
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2023.06.03 07:09 FishermanSweaty5807 Complicated Relationship

So me and my gf have been together for about a year and seven months now. In the beginning, I was so happy with her and all about her, and she was like that in return. Around 2-3 months into the relationship, I found out that she was cheating on me with a much older man. I was complete mess when I found out because she was my first girlfriend. I would keep asking her why and why but I would never get an answer from her. She just kept crying and kept asking me to stay and that she was ungrateful for what she had. Later that night I had found out, she had agreed to tell this older man’s wife the things that she was doing with her husband because it was the right thing to do. The wife was upset but didn’t try to attack or insult my gf, I later found out that apparently this wasn’t the first time that the husband was having an affair with younger girls. My gf had felt very remorseful that day and was very apologetic towards me and the wife. After all of that, she deleted his number and blocked it and said she never wanted to interact with him ever again. Before, they interacted at work where all three of us were working at. They would meet in secret after work several times and drink and do other things. However after the whole incident, he was fired immediately. I decided to stay and give her another chance, at the time I wasn’t sure why I did, I guess a part of me had a hard time letting go, but I know that I still loved her very much as she was my first. We both decided to leave our old job since we people were talking about us and was just making things worse, it was also a very toxic environment. This was a couple weeks after the whole incident and soon after we both got hit with covid. I did not want to return to my house and risk my parents getting covid since they were both older. So I decided to stay at her house since her parents were okay with it. In those two weeks that I stayed with her in her room, I grew closer to her, we would either talk about our pasts or do something together that would help pass the time. I learned a lot about how her past relationships had shaped who she was at the time. Her previous boyfriends would treat her harshly or hold her against her will, which I had never know before. Things never felt the same, we wouldn’t do anything sexual as neither of us didn’t feel comfortable and was not ready. Shortly after those two weeks, I would find my self staying there more often. However, everything that happened was slowly getting to me more and more. I had trust issues and would find myself asking her to check her phone, which she would let me but I would never find anything. Also, anytime that we would go to the store together, she would always look around worried and a with a little bit of fear in her eyes. It was about a month after the incident that she had started to going to therapy by herself to get help with the whole situation. It was around those times that she started to treat me better, she would surprise me with things or do very sweet things for me. Around Valentine’s Day, I came over and she had surprised me with a gift and a whole picnic in her room. It was the most thoughtful thing that anyone had ever done for me. That day was the happiest I had been in a while and we decided that it was time to be more affectionate towards each other. She treated me amazingly , and I could tell that she was honestly trying to fix things between us. Later on, one evening, we were both laying in bed watching a movie, and she had told me that she wanted to talk to me. She said that in the beginning that everything was perfect and that I would treat her very good. However, she said that it scared her how perfect we were, because she was not used to being with someone as caring and loving as I was. She told me that she was scared of losing something so perfect and of losing it one day. So she figured that she would do something to break the relationship earlier so that it would hurt less. She told me that she had gone with the intention of cheating, but then after saying that she started crying a lot. She had told me that when she got there that she realized that it wasn’t what she wanted, however the older man was drunk and would do drugs as well. She said that she tried to leave but the man would force a kiss on her and starting forcefully doing sexual things to her. She stared at me straight into the eyes, full of tears and said that she never wanted to kiss him or do anything. At this point, I was in disbelief because she had never told me this at all. However, the moment she told me, I was furious at the man who did those things to her. I never did anything to him but I wanted him to hurt so bad that he could never recover. I was beginning to regret not doing more that night that I had found out but it was too late to do anything as too much time has passed. One thing that I had never mentioned, was the night that it happened, when she got home afterwards I got to her house after work and had confronted her about being suspicious of her cheating. I don’t know why but a gut feeling told me that she was, however she told me that night that she wasn’t and that she was just hanging out with her friends from school. I believed her at the time and we continued being together. Another night that she was out late, I felt like shit and got drunk cause I knew something was up but I didn’t want to mention it again. Anyways, after she told me that he did those things to her, I began to question how it happened more than once. To which she told me that she was too scared to say anything and not do what he wanted, he would call her and threaten her if they didn’t meet up. After this whole talk, my whole perspective of the relationship changed, I didn’t view her as a cheater but more as being sexually abused. More recently, we were both going to the store and we saw the man that did those things to her, I started to get angry but that changed quickly when I looked over at her and she was crying, asking for us to leave immediately since she was terrified and was reminded of those bad memories. I had never seen her so scared in my life, so we just turned around, got back into my car and left. Now we are both going therapy together to work out our issues together. This past year and seven months have been rocky but I believe it made us stronger. There are still times when I think about everything that happened but it feels so long ago that I feel like I should have gotten over it by now. At the moment, we are both pretty happy with each other and she seems more clingy to me now. I honestly don’t know why I typed all of this, I guess I just saw other people talking about their stories and I figured I would share a part of mine.
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2023.06.03 07:08 fucjin Just relapsed (died) and am upset calling it that.

I posted my story below that I have posted in three other places, it is a lot of or attention because I feel the need for social support, sorry if the post is offensive in anyway I know it can be annoying when people talk in group high still, or are bragadcious about use, but I don't mean to glorify it and I really would like help from this community if there is any for me.
This last relapse has hit the hardest because I was doing so well just smoking weed and drinking beer...everyday, but I eventually got a random call from a stranger that asked if I partied and I ate a press pill that killed me. Hadn't had any opiates for 8 months before this last stretch.
I love you, let's just start by getting that into of the way...(I'm currently not sober)...but I want to feel that way when I am completely sober, and I know I am going to have a hard time readying any of this advice once my buzz wears off
( trying to quit opiates and weed and booze, for the Nth time. 1mo old baby, 4 other kids that have suffered from me being a selfish about my use, but are okay besides not knowing or having a real dad that hasnt been high most if not all of their poor little lives.i have gone to rehab, I am trying to get therapy and I understand that being addicted this long off and on means that nothing really does anything to make me feel satisfied to not seek drugs. Terrible impulse control and luckiest person aliveI just died from a pressed pill about a week ago, not my first time EMTs have had to narcan me in the past 5 years...3 times. Please help!!! I LOVE my children and my current girlfriend is truly a Saint and loves and will support me and has supported me, she is clean completely and without problem, this is the last time I am sure...for both of us.
She doesn't deserve me to fail again. I really don't think she enjoyed saying she wishes I stayed dead, and I don't feel like I wish I did either Instead of having full joy bursting every time I feel when I hold my daughter now or hang out with my son. Not that it isnt extremely lovely, and my family isn't amazing. They ARE enough for their part, I am not fulfilling my part as a man and a father to grow the fuck up right now, and it's because I'm being selfish and I am waiting for help and not helping myself.
Well TL:DR I am going to throw out my weed tomorrow. I quit beer 4 days ago now???maybe one less? But I am still taking prescription pain meds (the ones that killed me still to I just don't want to admit it) but small small amounts until they are gone and then no more.
I keep wanting to do this for myself and family and would be grateful for any love and support anyone in anyway.
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2023.06.03 07:04 Gringo_Jon nonsensical disturbing dream

I'm thinking,"I don't know why they hired me again. I've quit before (it felt like I had quit several times before but kept going back because they needed me) I really hate this job." I'm driving through Podunk, USA - It feels like my home state and I'm looking for a place to stop. I'm at a nondescript hotel, yellowed with a patina of unkempt age, and it's late. Dozens of crew laborers are sleeping on bedrolls laid upon the floor. I decide to go for a walk after pushing through an internal conflict where I feel that this may be looked upon as undesirable behavior by upper management, should it be discovered. I think to myself, "this is how I am." I walk upon a paved path and up a steep hill. As I ascend a thick, foggy mist surrounds me. At the top of the hill I look out over a valley of manicured turf, lined by trees in the distance. There are large birds down below near the tree line, darting from the trees and out of sight into the mist. Are they turkeys? Yeah, they're turkeys and they've seen me. A mob of turkeys in a broken line begin to advance upon my position. A stag and an eagle join the line and they are now getting very close, all with angry intent. I grab the nearest bird, turning it around to face the approaching wildlife while holding it's wings to it's body and thrust it forward in stabbing motions, hoping to use it as deterrent. It's a white goose and it honks with each forward thrust. This goose has talons. It seizes my pinky fingers upon each hand and tightens it's grip. I'm back at the hotel. To avoid walking over the sleeping laborers, I walk through a door. I'm sitting on a toilet, open to a room (?) where a new crew manager, who is unknown to me, lies talking with the operations manager. I'm using a lot of toilet paper and am noticed. Both look at me. I'm back with my crew that are sleeping on bedrolls upon the floor. I lie on my own bedroll. On a wall there are shoe boxes suspended and stacked with illegible names written upon them. One of them reads "girls"? I think,"We don't have any females on the crew". I get up from my bedroll. Two others (I don't know them) are waking, a young man and a woman, and are in their underwear. I follow them outside to the walkway and seat myself with the unknown man, my back to the hotel wall. There is no railing to the walkway and the unknown woman is stretching in a graceful pose upon one foot too near the walkway precipice. I want to warn her of the danger but before I can she falls. I hear her body hit below. I shout, "Call nine-one-one!" Unknown man does not react. I run into the hotel room and tell my number one guy to call nine-one-one. He dials then becomes confused and hands the phone to me saying, "I think it's children." I take the phone and ask into it, "Is this nine-one-one emergency services?" On the other end a calm, cold, knowing voice of an elderly woman speaks with glad enmity, "Do you know where you are? There are no emergency services. You will find no help here."
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2023.06.03 07:04 Trishammlt My baby passed away and I feel like I’m losing it

Hello everyone, I guess I came here to truly pour my feelings out. Almost as a diary but to share my story also. My Babygirl Tessa passed away February of this year. She was a couple days away from being 3 months old. Her whole life was pretty much in the NICU until the doctors told me she had to chance of having a pleasant life at all. She was for the most part brain dead but not fully. I had to make the decision to let her go. My Babygirl exceeded everybody’s expectations. Some said she would last a few days some said a few weeks. My strong beautiful Babygirl was almost 3 months.
Me and my significant other are very much still coping. I have not gone back to work yet and honestly I can’t lie I don’t know how. There’s days where I distract myself enough I’ll be okay. But the littlest inconvenience or littlest problem can set me off the edge. I feel like I’m sad all the time which i know is normal but I’m angry also. I get angry to the point where I want to throw stuff. I don’t want to talk about my past too much but it wasn’t all that pleasant. And all I can think is why why did I have to lose my baby out of everything I’ve already lost. Why couldn’t she be the one thing that I have I couldn’t care about anything else. I still lost her.
The day we picked up her ashes was one of the most traumatic things in my life. I was just holding my Babygirl in the hospital. Next thing I see her in an urn. I’m breaking down right now as I’m writing this. All I can think of is is she happy in heaven is she wondering where her mommy is. It’s hard not to think of the what ifs. What if I had just gone to another hospital would the outcome be the same. What if the slim chance she made it our lives would be so much more brighter. But now a days everything seems so dim.
On top of that Mother’s Day was a couple days ago. My significant other tried to make that day special but I was just filled and fueled with anger. Me and my mom never truly had a good relationship. But I greeted her but she didn’t even greet me as if my baby never existed. It may be selfish of me to expect something but all I wanted her to do was say something.
Looking back on my pictures before I was pregnant is hard. Seeing the pictures of me living life being utterly clueless of what’s about to come. I don’t feel like myself anymore. A lot has happened to me where I can pick myself up but this time just feels so impossible.
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2023.06.03 07:04 TriggerMan97 Getting really tired of dubstep/bass/EDM

When I was 14, I'm so fascinated & impressed by electronic music through the likes of Amon Tobin, Daft Punk (the old school album, which I found a cd-r full of niche techno music from a dumpster a long time ago,), and some old-school jungle drum & bass. Later at that age, my dad got me into dubstep with producers such as Modestep, Excision, Liquid Stranger, etc. and in the later 2010s, I'm more into this genre of music. However, the fanbase and community is getting worse over years (especially in the year 2020 because worst year ever) because in 2020 (worst year), I found tweets from a dubstep producer I used to like is just political and asshole-tier tweets (I remembered his tweet that said "if you don't stan me, throw your family & friends in the toilet") and afterwards, I called him out for tweeting like an asshole and (LE GASP) he called me weak (and also got harassed into a shitty copypasta spreading through other social media platforms). So, I unfollowed & blocked him and the artists that agreed with him and now, I'm realizing that dubstep is becoming shit because of the people in that community, "industry", fanbase, whatever it is. In early winter, I get depressed (because again, 2020) and I told my moots all about it and he said to me "fuck him, he's just an asshole. (also, fuck Twitter, too.)" He also recommended me some underrated stuff found on MrSuicideSheep, so it helped me go through my depression. And finally in January 2021, people in that community celebrated the new president and started to go on an unfollowing spree because I hate politics in everything.
This is the reason why I hate people in this genre and this is not just the only reason why. It's because of that people in there are trying to be hip and cool with their listeners (as in the "how do you do, fellow kids" behavior) and they're also listening to musicians/producers I tend to find it overrated. Here are the list of musicians I tend to avoid throughout:
Another reason why I grew tired is because I suck at making music, for real. A few minutes in FL Studio and I don't freakin' know what to make nor do in here. If somebody told you that anybody can make that type of music, I bet that he/she is dead wrong. When it comes to making music like dubstep, drum & bass, etc. must have technical & musical knowledge and I don't have nay of that because I got some kind of learning problem (I felt alienated in this).
2nd other reason is that it's already unproductive members of society itself. When you hear the allegations against Datsik, Bassnectar, Trampa, etc.; I knew that the communities in electronic music itself SUCK, always has been, and spoke for itself.
and reason number 3 is that it's like all of the other types of music. Heck, even metal music got their own toxic fanbase (also looking at you too, k-pop stans). For example, your mom caught you jamming to Eptic's "Hold Me Back" and she said to turn that crap down while she's listening to P!nk's "Mr. Perfect" for the 69 BILLIONTH TIME IN THE ROW in your lifespan. what would you do? Ignore it because music just existed for no reason, same goes to ze electronic variant.
In the end, I'll still jam out to Camellia, The Algorithm, Aweminus, and Noisia through this very day while I hold onto the criticisms against the majority of this genre of music really tight.
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2023.06.03 07:03 Plymptonia Playbar + Sub - connected, so sound from sub

I've searched and haven't seen anyone with this issue. 🤷‍♂️
I have a Playbar + Sub. They are connected (system says so), sub is on - no sound from sub. Sound is tinny. I disable the sub in the app - Playbar sounds much fuller. So the app thinks the sub is working.
Same thing on a different Playbar (I have 3 🤓, they're great in bedroom or office).
On a new Era 300 - WORKS GREAT! 🤦‍♂️
Anyone have any suggestions? I can't tell if it's gen1 or gen2 sub, def not gen 3. I have another sub I'll try, but that'll be in like 2 weeks (it's remote).
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2023.06.03 07:02 Noitalein Feedback Post - Searching for Gold Research Day

Feedback Post - Searching for Gold Research Day
After we've had a chaos of feedback threads after the shadow Mewtu raid weekends, here is another neat feedback thread!
The Pokémon featured in a special upcoming Research Day are worth more than their weight in gold!

Event Features

Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time
  • Event-themed Field Research tasks were available when you spun Photo Discs at PokéStops. Completing them rewarded you with one of these featured Pokémon:
    • Caterpie, Magikarp, Nosepass, Sableye, Barboach
  • PokéStops had a chance to turn gold without a Golden Lure Module.
    • Roaming Form Gimmighoul did not appear at Golden PokéStops if a Golden Lure Module wasn’t used, but treasure-hunting Trainers could still find Gimmighoul Coins when they spun the PokéStop!
  • The following Pokémon appeared more frequently in the wild:
    • Weedle, Bellsprout, Poochyena, Buizel, Tympole, Shelmet, Stufful
  • Some Trainers even encountered the following:
    • Lickitung, Azumarill

Timed Research

  • For US$1.00 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you were able to access event-exclusive Timed Research. This Timed Research challenged you to complete Field Research tasks to encounter more of the featured Pokémon of your choice:
    • Caterpie, Magikarp, Nosepass, Sableye, Barboach
  • Pokémon that appeared during this Timed Research had the same chance of appearing as a Shiny Pokémon as those that could be encountered through Field Research during the event. This Timed Research was able to expire. The tasks associated with Timed Research had to be completed and their rewards had to be claimed before Saturday, June 3, 2023, 5:00 p.m. local time.
  • Trainers were able to purchase and gift tickets to any of their Pokémon GO friends whom they have achieved a Friendship level of Great Friends or higher with.
  • Tickets were non-refundable and could not be purchased with PokéCoins.
  • This Timed Research Ticket was only be available in the in-game shop from Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. PDT to Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. local time.
We ask that you please follow our rules when providing feedback and maintain a respectful, objective, and factual tone. Please keep your feedback focused on the topic of this post and avoid discussing other game features.
We believe that feedback is most effective when it is given in a respectful manner. Please refrain from personal attacks or insults, and remember that your feedback has a much higher chance of being heard and read when it is presented in a constructive and respectful manner.
Please keep all feedback inside this thread, as we will not be allowing stand-alone feedback threads for this event at this time. Additionally, please hold off on giving feedback until after the event has ended in your timezone and you have had a chance to experience it firsthand. This thread is meant to collect your feedback and experiences with the event directly.
Let's hope for a constructive discussion!
The Mod Team
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2023.06.03 07:02 ThrowRAonions123 No contact again after being blindsided by DA

I was dating this girl for about 3 months and we were in a short relationship for a month. Everything seemed great and then suddenly she started taking a veery long time to answer to texts and started flaking on our meetups. Learning from my past heartbreak I got a little emotional and broke up with her via text. I didn't get any pushback, just an explanation that I'm not a priority after all and she needed to focus on herself. I broke up with her because I felt she wasn't putting enough effort.
It still hurts cause I really didn't see it and we had great chemistry even though we were different kinds of people. Anyway It wasn't a messy break up and apart from shitty texts it was respectful. But I believe she is DA and she is afraid of commiting as she said she was never in a serious relationship and it's not that she sleeps around, she is a very private person.
I still sent her a message saying that I would like to work on it and that I'm don't want it to end without trying but it seems like I'm the only willing party. She is a prideful person and she had a lot things going on and I kinda think I jumped the gun with breaking up with her. I messed up and it looks like there is no repairing this so No contact is the way to go from now and dating put on hold for the foreseeable future. To put things in perspective I'm more of a anxious attachment style but I'm aware of this and actively working on becoming more secure.
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2023.06.03 07:00 valour_knight referral code for $25 USD as sign up bonus is an exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency, earn rewards and store coins.
They have a prepaid debit card that gives up to 8% cashback on purchaes.
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2023.06.03 06:54 melWud Where is time going?

I'm juggling quite a few responsibilities at the moment, working two jobs (one full time and an hourly freelance gig), and trying to push forward a music career, so I'm trying to squeeze a lot of stuff into my days. I try to workout 2-3 a week (no weights-body weight training and/or yoga), meditate, journal, and cook for myself at least a few times so I don't end up getting delivery every day. I also try to go out every so often as I've found my mental health, as a social person, is heavily reliant on the amount of time I spend around others. I probably go out 2-3 times a week.
I've been tracking my time to see where all my time goes. And I'm finding that the amount of work I think I'm doing is not accurate. I can barely get any work done for my two jobs, amassing an average of 10 hours of focused work every week, and about 2-3 hours of musicianship or music administration stuff. My exercise/yoga/meditation practices are probably only 3-4. So it's looking like I'm only really "doing something" for 17 hours every week.
I sleep about 9 hours every night, and obviously shower and cook. But things aren't quite adding up to me. Whenever I've heard about other people reaching for their goals, they're always like "I worked for 60 hours every week" to get to my goal. I don't wanna work like that because that's excessive, but it makes me feel a little weird. I'd like to know I can at least get 40 hours of work in, including all the wellness stuff I do.
I feel really frustrated with myself. I've blocked off social media from my phone, to only let me use it 45 minutes out of the day. But I still play Youtube videos in the background while I work, as it makes me feel less alone in my apartment. Sometimes I feel really anxious and end up on Reddit because it helps me distract myself. So I'm guessing these two social networks I keep open (Youtube and Reddit) are taking up more time than I think.
I just feel like I'm stuck in a weird cycle of wanting to get more work done, but then feeling stressed and anxious when I'm working and resorting to social media for comfort, so I don't get as much done. Blocking off things only does so much when I'm not feeling good.
I want to be more productive, be less stressed, and have more energy throughout my day. What are some things that have helped people with this?
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2023.06.03 06:53 reincarnatedTiger My first Yerba.

I bought my first Yerba ever but without the mate. I bought this to help with my unmedicated ADD. I can't take the meds, so after a lot of research, I found that Yerba is nature's ADD/ADHD medication. In my research, I came upon a site where many brands were reviewed by the site owner, and I picked the La Merced De Campo because of its high energy and very low smokiness. The non-smoked versions were med to low level energy levels, so I passed on them.
I know there is a traditional way of preparing and drinking it, but I suck at doing things the traditional way if I can find an easier way to do them. So you'll have to excuse me for that. :) I tried to research to see if there was any info and instructions to the way I want to prepare it, but failed to yield any result.
I am sure there are those who probably have tried it the way that I am going to try it. With my Yerba, I bought empty paper tea bags, which can hold 3 tbsp each. My idea is to fill each bag with that amount of Yerba and put the whole teabag in a 1 Litre thermos that I have, and let it sit in, while I drink little by little through out the day. I'll also be adding a ginger+lemon teabag with it.
So, my question to all the experts is, should I let the Yerba bag sit in the thermos all day, or should I steep it for a few minutes (10 mins) in the kettle before pouring it in the thermos without the bag, and discard the bag? Also, will the 3tbsp be enough for a litre of water? Btw, I am not a coffee drinker. Just green tea and herbal tea are my poison.
Thank you so much in advance, and my apologies for the novel.
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2023.06.03 06:51 Sudden_Humor Sora Unchained examined (from the old Goddess Project site)

I am not the original creator. Posted on the old GoddessProject fansite

Sora Unchained Examined to Unconsciable levels.
Part one of an as yet unknown number of posts listing assorted triva, observations, and other neat stuff from the Sora Unchained arc. I've been going back over my old posts on this series and collecting whatever I'd said about the stories while waiting for others to get their copies. Now I'm going to post them in chapter order along with whatever else I might have on that chapter. If anyone else wants to contribute, feel free. Afterwards I'm going to consolidate these posts into one article and post it for general information. If this works out well maybe I'll go back and do this for some of the other arcs.
Sora Unchained arc - Dark Horse Trade Paperback number 19/20 Issued Jan. 2005, To be Reissued Feb. 2012 Kodansha Tankouban Vol. 19 and 20
Part 1 - I Choose You, Sora. Dark Horse issue 105, Feb. 2004 release Let's Decide The New Chief Kodansha chapt. 119, July 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
Sora Hasegawa, closet debutant.
The cover illustration shows Sora wearing a "Lolita, Clash, Lolita Lempic... , Paris" shirt. While I'm still looking for details (My daughter seems to recall a punk/SKA group called Lolita Clash) it seems more likely this is a reference to a fancy french perfume label "Lolita Lempicka". It seems to be a fairly high end brand of fragrences with VERY fancy bottles. Further information is desired.
The idea of cheating when drawing lots is a common theme in manga and anime. It's been pointed out on other sites that Tamiya and Otaki are shown setting up poor clueless Keiichi to win the drawing for who gets to be the driver in the OAV's motorcycle contest, and cheating on such selection processes has been used in story plots in Sailormoon and Maison Ikkoku.
There are several ways this supposedly random drawing can be rigged, mostly by whoever sets up the lots in the first place. Hence the comments by the club members about irregularities by Sora's promoters and Keiichi's comeback line of "is this the face of a cheater?!" (Belldandy wouldn't cheat if life itself depended on it. She'd just be sure the right decision would come about.)
The untranslated names of the club members on the bottom of the Choosing Maze are Mitsuwa, Ishii, Hasegawa, Chikafuji, and Kawada. Exactly which name goes with which member other than Sora hasn't been firmly established, but I believe the one with the mustach is Kawada (kon) Suzuki (dou) and the large gentleman is Watanabe (based on wild speculation using information from the Hill Climb Motorcycle and Singing Contest stories). Exactly how this maze game works to select someone is something I'd love to learn, anyone know?
(Addendum - see next post)
Part 2 - The Shortcut To Winning. Dark Horse issue 106, Mar. 2004 release The Way Of Competition Kodansha chapt. 120, Aug. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
The Racing Board shown is a real item. I found an advertisment and website for a Tanaka Paveracer, 40cc power cart that looks remarkably like the ones in the story.
The little creature Belldandy is using is called an Airbug Spiralee. It will be appearing in later chapters. Why Dark Horse felt the need to put an "and" in the name here is unknown.
A most important developement in this story is how a running theme that has existed throughout the series is made absolutely clear here. It wasn't really obvious at first, but a character trait BOTH Belldandy and Keiichi share is that they are gung-ho competitors and nothing makes them happier than squaring off against a new opponent. In the past, their pleasure in such competitions has been clouded by outside circumstances or unhappy results if they lose, but both Bell and Keiichi love a pure challenge they can devote themselves to totally. (This is first mentioned by Bell in the Anime Otoku story.)
This wasn't very clearly shown earlier in the manga, and many stories even made it seem as if Belldandy was rather timid about taking risks. (I know I thought that at first, and from the older posts on the subject I wasn't the only one.) That's why her occasional outbursts of excessive force or effort seemed so out of character. Actually, she's an all or nothing sort of competitor, who is just very choosy about what she decides to get involved in. Normally she tries not to upset things or push herself into situations, but when she decides to go for it (or she feels she's forced to), look out! This aspect of Bell's personality will become more noticable in the manga stories from here on, and if you go back and review the older stories I think you'll see what I mean.
Part 3 - The Director's Curse. Dark Horse issue 107, April 2004 release The Cursed Chief Kodansha chapt. 121, Sept. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
If you didn't notice, Sora is still steering the racing board while riding tandem with Belldandy.
Belldandy HAS driven a go-cart before. She learned by copying Diana Lockheed's moves while racing her back in Winner Take All. However, this race WAS before Chihiro and the other current club members had joined the story.
This is also one of the story arcs where her competitive nature starts showing. (Observe her efforts to win in the races, fight off the sleep demon, and how she can ignore K-1's behavior without embarassment in order to get back on track.)
And for those of you following the TV anime, the next part of the arc (What A Miracle) is where we first see Tamiya in his cheerleader outfit.
It's interesting how Sora never questions just how Belldandy has such an accurate inventory of the interesting wildlife in the area in her head. (Especially as the animals in question would be in motion and not likely to be in the same places day after day. Well maybe the owl would, but otherwise how could a normal person know all those detail with such certainty?) Of course it is Bell saying it, and Sora was distracted.
Still its fun noticing how people just accept what Belldandy tells them without worrying about how she might know such things. (P. S. The Japanese text is just slightly less specific as to the racoons and owls locations, but more specific as to where the starlings are.)
Part 4 - Special Training Dark Horse issue 108, May 2004 release Crash Course Continues Kodansha chapt. 122, Oct. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
The most fascinating aspect of this story is that it shows a 180 turnabout on the part of Bell's sisters. Skuld is going off on a rant about how Belldandy and Keiichi should always be together (at least as far as racing's concerned) , while Urd is saying (at least publically) that it's okay for them to do things apart.
We also haven't seen Skuld do the "PBTTT!" bit for awhile.
I try to not take sides in translation conflicts. I cannot speak or read any Japanese so I don't feel qualified to judge who's version is correct. (I do feel qualified to compare different versions however.) In this story however there are two places where the Dark Horse and independent translations differ in ways that I felt should be pointed out.
In the Japanese version, Keiichi is commenting on how Skuld and Urd are such sisters rather than Belldandy and Skuld.
More importantly, there's a joke in the sequence where the club members are preparing for Sora's next attempt to drive through them that Dark Horse left out. In the panel where the club member in the bandana is standing in front of the really large member, in the English version the smaller member is thinking, "Am I fast enough to dive for cover?" The Japanese version goes more like, "If I have to, I'll hide behind him... " That's what the arrow that Dark Horse left between them is refering to, and if they decided to remove the joke they should have removed the arrow.
Part 5 - Drive Dark Horse issue 109, June 2004 release Everybody Races Kodansha chapt. 123, Nov. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
Not much trivia to report in this story.
The biggest discussion point here is how Dark Horse reinterpreted Keiichi's comments while he's practicing with Sora and what he and Belldandy say to each other that night in the temple garden. The Japanese text doesn't have him actually challanging Sora to follow him or making statements to Belldandy later that he thought he might have been considered as helping Sora. However, the drawings do seem to be depicting him doing just that, so in this case I think the Dark Horse/Studio Proteus version is closer to what Mr. Fujishima intended.
Part 6 - Miles and Miles Dark Horse issue 110, July 2004 release Keiichi's Distance, Hasegawa's Distance Kodansha chapt. 124, Dec. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 20
Those stamps Tamiya, Otaki, and later Chihiro, are using at their check points are their signature stamps. The letters printed by them are their names.
Keiichi DOES have a Check Point list, his senpais are just choosing to stamp his face to aggravate him.
As a bit of speculation on my part, I'm sure you've noticed how Tamiya and Otaki put on hapi coats with the Whirlwind logos on them after they've stamped both Keiichi and Sora (so Sora and K-1 won't see them wearing them). Such coats are a form of advertising used by shops and worn by people employed by the shop to do things in public places. One of these things is handing out flyers and brochures at special events, which is what I think Chihiro is having them do for her after the racers have passed. More on this in the last story.
Part 7 - The Race Gets Hot, A Goddess Gets Hotter! Dark Horse issue 111, Aug. 2004 release The Race Begins! Goddess Acts Too! Kodansha chapt. 125, Jan. 1999 release Kodansha chapt. 126, Feb. 1999 release Tankouban Vol. 20
One can only wonder how Keiichi heard them tell Sora she might have to pay a toll.
As has been pointed out by many sources, the poster next to the locker room door for the sea slug society is the same poster found on the bulletin board next to the NIT-MCC recruiting poster put up by Keiichi in the movie. I believe this is the first example of a movie reference in the manga.
Urd and Skuld's assistance to Keiichi is interesting for a number of points, not the least of which is that it shows Skuld as probably being able to teleport and levitate the same as Urd. (She seems to have gotten there on her own, and later disappears behind her smoke cloud cover. It doesn't seem like she just ran away and does wind up in the tree with Urd. Now Urd may have been providing transport for both of them, but judging from their conversation I can't see them cooperating to that degree.
They both seem to feel they have a duty to help Keiichi, like he was family. Or to score points with Belldandy. Either way, Keiichi is now an insider in their world view.
The Freaky Potion - Stupid New Machine rivalry is finally firmly established.
Urd establishes the use of a kiss (first seen in the movie) as a method of passing on a spell to someone.
The car next to Belldandy in the parking lot where she's waiting for the race to end is a Caterham Super 7, the same car driven by Sena Wakabayyashi, Ken Nakajima's stepmother in You're Under Arrest. This is the first guest crossover between the two series that I'm aware of.
The conversation between Belldandy and the club members actual marks the end of Kodansha's chapter 125. Chapter 126 starts with the aftermath of Urd's kiss and Skuld's indignation at it. Chapter 126 is then split between Dark Horse issue 111 and 112.
For those (very) few readers who didn't get it, Keiichi is making steam train sounds (chuffa-chuffa! Whoo-woo!)
The trash stalls Keiichi lands in (marked flammable and non-flammable) is a recyling station. Wood and paper goes in the flammable side, plastics and metals are in the non-flammable side. Keiichi crashed in the side with the harder, sharper objects.
911 is not an emergency number in Japan. What Sora is refering to in the Japanese text are emergency procedure numbers in the community disaster response handbook. (There are guideline procedures for fires, floods, earthquakes, car crashes, injuries, heart attacks, etc.)
When Keiichi drives off the ledge and crashes into the recycling bin, he's saved from serious injury by Holy Bell spinning an air cushion for him to land on. But why was she there to save him in the first place? Belldandy is at the finish line in the parking lot, talking to the other club members and waiting for the race to finish, and Holy Bell should be with her. Unless . . .
Maybe Belldandy had already split off a copy of herself at the start of the race and had been keeping an eye on Keiichi, just in case. (The rules of competition are sacred, but she also has a prior commitment to take care of Keiichi.) Which is why she was in a position to dispatch Holy Bell just in time to save him. And also how she knew instantly that Urd had put a spell on Keiichi.
Which would mean she might also have known about Urd kissing Keiichi, but had dismissed it as just the method Urd used to get the spell into him. (So it was probably a good thing K-1 didn't finish saying "incredible kiss". Bell might have reconsidered just how harmless it was and gotten a little jealous.)
As an additional observation, I don't think that angels can be multipled, only the goddesses. As a seperate entity the angel would need to copied seperately and giving each mini-goddess their own angel would be just a bit too much power out there. Rather, I think its more likely that the angel can manifest itself through any one of the copies as needed. Thus, if mini-Bell needs Holy Bell to save Keiichi, she can summon her, but then Bell back at the parking lot cannot while mini-Bell is using her at the recycling center.
Part 8 - The Best Magic Dark Horse issue 112, Sept. 2004 release Aberrant Kiss The Strongest Magic Kodansha chapt. 126, Feb. 1999 release Kodansha chapt. 127, Mar. 1999 release Tankouban Vol. 20
Dark Horse issue 112 contains both Kodansha chapter 126 and 127 Chapter 126 is split between Dark Horse issue 111 and 112. Chapter 126 ends after Belldandy leaves Keiichi to fix his racing board and continue the race.
It was fitting that Dark Horse would celebrate its long established habit of recombining Kodansha manga chapters with its last two comic book issue releases.
When Belldandy and Holy Bell leave Keiichi after he wakes up, they transport themselves through a piece of chromed metal (a mirrored surface).
So Keiichi re-invents the motorized skate board with just the items in his pockets. Now that's a mechanic! I wonder if Mr. Fujishima wanted a chance to do a skateboard montage without making it look like that was what he wanted to do.
It's interesting to note that since the sign says "NO BIKES OR CYCLES" Keiichi is not actually breaking any rules since what he's riding doesn't fit either of those catagories.
As is revealed at the end of this story, a hidden sub-plot of this arc was how mercantile Chihiro can be. Her plot to use the Motor Club's race as an advertising stunt to sell the racing boards is foreshadowed by the scene in the first part of the story where we see how fast Chihiro can put on her "Salesperson Face" and Keiichi's comments on how she can "Turn It On." Later there are hints that she's doing something on her own behind the scenes, then we see she's got Tamiya and Otaki in Whirlwind coats at the check points, but doesn't want Keiichi or Sora to see the coats. Finally, at the end we discover they've been handing out sales brochures, that the race had been advertised as a sales stunt, and that Chihiro has already made a sign exploiting Keiichi's emergency conversion to a motorized skateboard as a sales feature.
This doesn't mean she wasn't honestly trying to help Sora and the NIT-MCC resolve their leadership crisis. It's quite obvious she was. It's just that its also being shown that she's not above using this as an opportunity to further her own mercantile efforts as well.
Kurthy133 Question and Answer
Tim, since you had some speculations about the cover illustration involving Sora's shirt in Part One of the Sora Unchained arc, I was wondering if you had any ideas about Bell's shirt in the cover illustartion of Part Two (39 hat and all.) It is much harder to read, but I figured that if anyone might know, it would be you!
While there might be some significance to the 39, I'm not aware of any. In general what she's wearing seems to be a fairly typical example of race crew wear.
In almost any motorized vehicle race (and many others as well) in Japan where there's enough money available for such things, the support team for a racer is dressed in similar, stylized, color coordinated, semi-casual clothes, often with the name of the sport, the racer's name or number, and the event or team's sponsers on them. (This is common for most professional sports around the world.)
What Belldandy is wearing seems pretty close to what other manga and anime characters I've seen wear at such events (including in the earlier AMG manga and OAV stories.) The board is a lap board where the driver's time is recorded for each lap and held up so the drivers can see how they're doing, Whatever that logo on the shoes is, it's probably a parody of some real sneaker label. And the visible lettering on her sleeve starts with a "G" and ends with "RT", the rest being to my eyes unreadable. While in no way defendable, I'd guess it reads "Go-Cart".
Now, did you notice that Belldandy seems to be wearing the same shirt while sitting on the motorcycle two stories later? The printing on the sleeve is either missing or not visible, but the shirt back has what appears to be "Team Hasagawa" printed on it.
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Before revealing the secrets of ‘how to start your own business?’, let me ask you some questions real quick –
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2023.06.03 06:48 MCBYT Playing TOTK as my first experience with Yuzu, Switch, and Zelda - I have some questions

Hey! I own a lot of the Zelda games (I collect retro games) but they're one of the few franchises I own that I haven't gotten around to playing... until now. I also haven't played any Switch games aside from some Smash with friends - or really anything from Nintendo post-Wii/DS, so I decided to go with Yuzu for emulation. I'm having a few problems though, so let me know if there's any known fixes for these! Appreciate all the help in advance :)

  1. I'm using mouse controls with panning to control the camera, but I've noticed that the vertical sensitivity is way lower than horizontal. Is there a mod or setting that will let me control this? I'm currently using the Increased Sensitivity mod, but it increases them together.
  2. Also related to mouse controls, I can't use any other window while Yuzu is open, emulation paused or not. My cursor just disappears. The only way I've found that works is using Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then carefully navigating around the Yuzu window (even hovering over it makes my mouse disappear), but then I have to keep Yuzu on my secondary monitor, and it's quite a tedious process anyways. Is there a known fix for this? (p.s, this only happens with mouse panning, but I REALLY don't want to click and drag just to aim)
  3. I'm more comfortable with keyboard controls than typical controllers on 95% of games, TOTK included, but the in-game prompts are very confusing especially with how I have my controls laid out (A/B/X/Y are left click, E, shift and space probably not in that order, but point is they're all spread out). Is there a mod for keyboard prompts instead?
  4. I'm running build 3631 on a 4090 and 13600k, but I'm getting semi-frequent stuttering and my FPS isn't quite a consistent 60, maybe 50 or so on average which is definitely noticeable. I followed this thread - - to get my game setup, but are there any other settings I can change for a smoother experience?
  5. More of a general game question, but I can't find anything on Google - one of the control buttons keeps making Link look down confusedly at his hand - it seems like some sort of dual wielding thing, but apparently dual wield doesn't exist according to the internet and trying to equip a non-weapon item (e.g an apple) doesn't do anything, so what the heck is this control supposed to be?
TL;DR want to increase vertical sensitivity, use keyboard prompts, fix stuttering, fix disappearing cursor outside of yuzu, and also what is the weird look-at-hand animation
submitted by MCBYT to NewYuzuPiracy [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:47 Odd_Degree_620 I am at my wits end trying to use the fpc w my midi

i just bought a midi pad and im trying to use it with the fpc.
  1. most of the time the only pad that registers is pad 1
  2. if other pads do register, theyre playing instruments not corresponding to the pad im pressing on the midi controller
  3. I have watched every yt tutorial. i have tried the map notes to layout or whatever, pressed each pad one at a time it still doesnt work
  4. i have no issues with the midi pad otherwise, its literally only the fpc thats buggin
submitted by Odd_Degree_620 to FL_Studio [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:44 20230301 K3 Pro in VIA → Fn+Shift = New layer?

I have the K3 pro and the switch is in Windows mode, so the base layer is 2, and Fn is MO(3). I can set up Via to access layers 0 and 1, but it seems like I can only do so by assigning another function key to MO(0) or MO(1) on the base layer.
I was hoping that I could do something like Fn+Shift on the base layer to get to layer 0, so I tried rebinding the Shift key in layer 3 to be MO(0). But when I hold down Fn+Shift, it only moves me to layer 3 and no further.
Am I doing something wrong, or is this just impossible?

Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 06:42 CrazedWizardStudios Lordy, someone help me with fall damage!

So the long and the short of it is I'm (trying to) developing a TTRPG (tabletop roleplaying game) system with a few nods to some you may recognize, but I'm trying to figure out how to offer players and game masters a reasonably simple but physics-friendly solution to calculating fall damage based on creature size. Some more common ones would probably make Sir Isaac Newton spin in his grave by equating all creatures to falling at the same speed and impacting with the same force, which as I understand it is not correct. I'm wondering if anyone could help me with the following physics conundrum since I'm more the "ideas and artsy" kind of fellow and not one with a goodly head for math.
Here's the theoretical:
Let's say that there exists in the world a type of creature which is cuboid in shape and uniform in weight across all their size categories. They are also possessed of an abiding longing for death, and delight in taking plunges off tall cliffs.
Logistically speaking I'm trying to devise a system for players to quantify the damage these creatures would take in a fall, and the old adage goes that "the bigger you are the harder you fall" right? And squirrels and cats and other such things actually take fairly manageable fall damage, whereas I think xkcd did a bit about elephants exploding on impact due to the increased weight-to-fall ratio. I was wondering if this increase in damage is linear or exponential (quadratic? I'm uncertain of the terminology here)
Two proposed ideas I had are such:
I'm leaning that the latter would be more physics appropriate if not perfect, but there's a balance to be had between reality and usability in these situations. I'd love input on which of these systems is more physics-adjacent/consistent.
The second component of this is time and reaching terminal velocity. Terminal velocity for the system would dictate the theoretical "maximum" pool of dice of fall damage a creature of different size categories could theoretically take. I'm wondering the following:
  1. What is the terminal velocity for cuboid creatures of the different size and weight categories, and how far do they fall in distance before they reach it?
  2. How fast do these creatures accelerate over time? I.e. how long does it take them to reach that terminal velocity?
Time, for dire situations such as these, boils down to intervals of 6 seconds each (for RPG nerds 'rounds'), so I need to know how many "rounds" it would take a creature of each size category to reach that terminal velocity. From what I can tell, a human would reach the terminal velocity over the first round of such falling (so the first round they would fall less distance over all as they accelerated over that round each second), but the other size categories would do so faster or slower depending on the size.
If this just dies here, I'd understand... there's a lot too this and regrettably my background just simply doesn't lie in the mathematics field and nor I know someone I could bug more personally about it. I did some rounding and simplification in the numbers provided (basically the larger categories are calculated off of cubical "human" weights, which would obviously vary from creature to creature based on musculature and such, but trying to aim for simplicity). Creatures could also theoretically attempt to slow their fall, but for these purposes I'm presuming they're willing to fall or unable to do so, I just want the raw speed data. Forgive the lengthy post, I'm uncertain how to phrase this more concisely.
submitted by CrazedWizardStudios to AskPhysics [link] [comments]