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2023.06.05 12:49 Wisest_of_the_sages I understand now

I think when I'm old and have children I'm either gonna restrict them from accessing certain stuff on their devices, meaning I'm gonna definitely have parental lock and control on their devices or wait until they are old enough and matured enough to give them their first ever phone or device either it be a laptop, ipad whatever just to make sure they don't grow from their earliest years of childhood objectifying women and watching porn and thinking that sexual pleasure is the most important thing when it isn't, just running your life. I'ma make sure the grow up strong and confident with themselves, don't matter if I end having a daughter or a son or both I'ma make sure the grow up with a healthy mindset and healthy habits, unlike me. I'm making an improvement though.
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2023.06.05 12:49 ash1eywong I (18F) don't know how to speak up to my mother (40F) and father (40M). How do I communicate with them?

I moved to Australia exactly a year ago for university. I always had a love hate relationship with my parents. It wasn't terrible but it could definitely be better, coming from an Asian household. I wanted to leave home anyways since a lot had happened and I wanted a "new life". 2 months after I moved to Australia I met my current boyfriend, and his family. I guess it's the cultural difference but the love I feel from his family compared to my parents just makes me really sad because I wish my relationship with my parents are like my partner and his parents. I've flew home twice for 2 weeks throughout the year and both times I was literally crying every single day because I hated it there and I couldn't wait to get back to Australia. Now the thought of having to fly back again in 2 weeks is literally killing me lol. Here is my "issue", my summer break is from November to February and my parents expects me to be home for the whole 3 months; however, I know mentally, I will not be able to stand 4 months there, but I can't tell my parents I don't want to go back (for that long) because they are very passive aggressively with there words. They start saying things like "oh you don't love us anymore oh you only care about your life there, what are we then". Like. I Facetime them every single day, send them photos of my life everyday (or else father would passive aggressively go like "oh did you get kidnapped or something") and it's just like. Even talking to them on the phone is giving me the ick. I just DON'T WANNA GO BACK FOR 3 MONTHS! But I don't know how to communicate with them without upsetting them or causing drama. Like it's probably very selfish of me to say since my parents are paying for my tuitions fees and shit but I literally feel like I already have my own life here and I can see myself living here after I graduate (if successful). My parents expect me to go home after university but even me telling them I don't want to (even though it's my choice and I have the right to choose) will get them crazy they just can't accept that I'm growing up. Also, home is depressing. I just don't like it. I had a bad highschool life there, everything just reminds me of it. also, my parents are not actually 40, I just had to put it in my title according to rule 1
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2023.06.05 12:48 Feroste But if I stop rambling its just going to be stuck in my head driving me crazy.

Natasha cheated on me kept seeing me and lied to everyone so theyd think I was stalking her. The judge promised me freedom to get me to plea guilty...
After that suicide attempt... I've never been the same. The world just permanently lost saturation.
Then there's Trish. We took them in so my cousin would have a safe place to live. But this methhead threatens me. I call the cops and magically she's the victim. Of course it was so absurd I was released without ever even being arraigned. Of course she never saw consequences.
But it doesnt even matter. There is no such thing as innocent. Later when I tried getting sobriety court for my DUI they denied me because I had a 'violent record'. I was threatened by a woman and now I have a violent record...
Of course I resorted to alcohol because I'm an alcoholic and I have a moral failure. Certainly not because they victimized me so hard it's impossible to make it through the day without something to take the edge off. No. They are never to blame.
And then Anna becomes law enforcement starts fucking with them. Attacks me. And my entire life is taken from me? There's work on base but apparently dismissed doesn't mean dismissed so background check is a no go. Never convicted. Still given a 7 year sentence.
I don't want anything to do with this world anymore. I want to spread the pain and suffering as much as I can and make them finally kill me. At this point I dont even care if anyone ever hears any of this. I don't care if they want blame my corpse instead of the people responsible. I don't care about my life or anyone elses. I don't care about anything. Nothing brings me joy. There is nothing to look forward to. This world is only growing sicker, more corrupt, and more ignorant.
I guess if there is one consolation. Technology will almost certainly lead to humanities extinction in less than a century.
Fuck human beings. An absolute blight on this beautiful planet. A virus destroying everything they touch. Everyday I value human life less and less. At this point I'd sooner spare a cockroach.
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2023.06.05 12:48 KeyCarpenter7303 Progression is super satisfying

For me personally, they nailed this aspect of the game.
I'm only about to enter WT4 (hopefully) so I don't know if this feeling will be kept up, but at the moment I can feel my character improving in tangible ways basically by the hour.
I'm playing a frozen orb sorc (not a meta build from what I know), so that may play into it, but I just want to describe my journey through the story a bit, and why progression actually feels so good to me. Sorry for the novel, but I felt like it was important to be detailed:
- You start the game of with barely any resource generation and no +maximum mana so you can't actually use it frozen orb that much. To top it off, it is hard to aim and does only half its damage when you misfire or enemies are too close. I started feeling fairly weak compared to some of the OP experiences I had in beta, but the combat was satisfying so I didn't mind.
- Over the first couple of levels after unlocking frozen orb, you add some essentialy abilities and passives: It becomes easier to chill and freeze enemies, enabling more opportunities to fire frozen orb properly. You unlock enchantments, meaning I could directly trigger frozen orb with other skills and see a huge damage jump right there.
- At some point mid campaign I found some items that apparently gave me some giga DPS boost. I found a big vulnerability multiplier on a 2H staff and rings, as well as a couple of items with damage to slowed and CCed enemies. I actually kept these for a long time because they were hard to roll. I remember only replacing some item power ~200 items when I started to find sacred items.
- I added more stuff that made a significant difference from the skill tree. I went with ice blades (not to be confused with ice shards), still don't know if that's a good combo with frozen orb but it made a big improvement. At this point, I basically added some more buttons to press that trigger more frozen orbs, I could see that vulnerability uptime on elites was significantly higher, and my defense took a big bump because you can rotate barriers with all those cooldowns using some skill tree passives.
- I think at this point I added some gloves and helmet that gave +1 to frozen orb and +1 to ice blades (respectively). It seems like a small thing but it made a noticeable bump in my damage. I think it scales the base damage of the skills so it's like a separate multiplier.
- From time to time since I was quite undereleveled for story progress (I remember getting into ilvl 45 story areas at level 35 or something) I would add some generic but good looking generic aspects from dungeons to my build. Since they were generic and the dungeon aspects have min rolls, the impact on my DPS wasn't huge but it allowed me to keep up and it certainly never felt like my build was going backwards because of level scaling during the story like some people are describing.
- I noticed that just because of how combat goes I was walking around a lot and not actually casting frozen orbs (like sometimes you can cast it, but you know it will not do good damage because you are not positioned properly. Or you need to dodge stuff etc.). On some occassions this led me to overcap mana leading to wasted efficiency. At this point I specced some points into max mana on the skill tree and got a helmet with a big +mana affix in addition to +ice blades. This seems like a pretty small change but it actually had quite a big impact on how good the build felt. Because now you would sometimes freeze elites to be in proper position, use the other abilities and be back at full mana after that, and then blast like 10+ frozen orbs in a row because of the combination of max mana + mana regen + 10% free proc from passives.
- I think somewhere around act 5 or near the end I found a legendary that made my key passive (that gives you 10% chance to get a free cast of frozen orb) basically trigger twice. So you get two free casts instead of one when it procs. Now this was an amazing addition in terms of how the build feels and this is why, valid criticisms notwithstanding, I love powerful legendary affixes like this. Basically you get lucky sometimes in combat and then get to totally pew pew pew for a few seconds because your mana keeps regenerating while you are casting those free frozen orbs. I think this probably bumped my DPS by a significant but not huge amount (maybe 5-10%?), but its impact on game feel was just tremendous.
- I got a random drop for a legendary that increases my CC duration by 80% while I'm healthy. It seems like only a situational change that isn't all that useful in a lot of scenarios but it actually felt amazing when I tried it out in practice. When elites get frozen they stay frozen SO LONG. I would now sometimes have some random added moment where I could delete some frozen elites where previously there would be an added cycle of running or teleporting away and going through another round of frozen orbs.
- In addition to all of this, I always noticed a big bump when I sometimes find good upgrades for my main weapon. This would take a while because I couldn't go for something that has +10 DPS because if the stats it actually rolled were too bad. I'm not losing a 25% vulnerability damage multiplier just because the weapon is goes from 500 to 510 DPS.
- Overall there were a few smaller moments that felt quite impactful for progression, but I would go on forever if I listed them all here. For example at the end of the story I got this unique that refunded half my frozen orb mana cost if it hits 5 or more enemies. Not useful for all scenarios but quite impactful for game feel and DPS output yet again, and so on.
I'm cutting it off here instead of describing progression to WT3 and then through WT3 because the post would get twice as long, but you get the picture. The paragon board adds a lot with regards to plugging obvious numeric holes in your build (for me this was crit related stuff and main stat) so there's an obvious power progression there. I feel like some item slots are indeed a bit boring (chest?) but it might just be that I'm not interested in scaling defensives as I am in scaling offensives. Maybe that will change once I inevitably try HC. However besides weapons I still look forward to checking helmets, gloves and amulets in particular. There are some giga rolls possible with these that I know but they are very hard to roll. Ami with +all skills, mana cost reduction, %int and damage or something? yes please
Overall I just wanted to present this as a counterpoint to the other post on the front page. Their criticism is probably legitimate but I just wanted to make sure Blizzard doesn't get the wrong impression and thinks that everyone feels like this.
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2023.06.05 12:48 Local_Interaction_45 Life as a British ETO - Appreciate advice

Considering becoming an ETO, Im aware its quite a new field so would like to hear from British ETO's particularly
Obviously I dont know what I dont know so would be interested to hear anything more. Im thinking of being sponsored by an offshore vessel company
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2023.06.05 12:48 No_Feedback7019 4 days into second dose…

And I think I’m starting to feel, or not feel, the effects. Had a graduation party for my stepdaughter yesterday with a great buffet. I had no interest in going up twice, and just filled my plate with veggies and chicken and didn’t finish it. This morning, I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am in the morning, made half my normal serving of breakfast. It will be interesting to see in the next few days if I’m feeling like this or if it was a fluke, since I’m noticing everyone’s Wegovy journey is different.
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2023.06.05 12:46 haventgotaname1992 Addiction, parenting and Jenna

Followed Jenna for years now and used to admire her and the changes she had made with her life. With the boys, I fully believed everything she had said and felt sympathy for her when watching the videos of her that Tito had posted where she was drinking wine while watching the boys. I love a glass of wine or two and am also comfortable drinking around my kids. I also understood the love, frustration, adoration but also boredom when it comes to having toddlers/little ones. Please don't get me wrong, I also loved teaching them, playing with them, being there for them, just understand the monotonous and constant routine day after day for years. I understood her trauma with her own mother dying and what that would have brought up when her boys were the same age. At that time I saw Amber as a Leanne Rimes type figure who didn't need to respond and incite the hate that the boys could read once they were older and understood Jennas rage and heartbreak at being cheated on and dumped. Then came the sober journey. I was rooting for her. Congratulating her. Admiring her. Then came her baby girl. I saw the love, the utmost attention she gave that baby. I saw the beautiful instagram posts and the healthy cooking and eating and positive outlook she had. But then I came across her Twitter. It was like she was a completely different person. An angry, vengeful woman who responded to all the hate with hate. This was while she was being a perfect instamom. Still, I saw it as an outlet for her. I didn't agree with her veiws or posts and unfollowed the Twitter and kept watching her journey on instagram. Then, the weight loss story. Now, personally I believe it was liposuction. I could be wrong but I don't think so. She was saying it was down to keto and encouraging followers so whatever, it was positive, but I think it was a lie and lost a small amount of respect for her. But no matter, she still seemed like the perfect mother for a while. Then when her little girl got older, the videos changed. She was out at the park, the beach, having fun, shopping yet it was completely silent in the background. Jenna wasn't saying a word which led me to believe perhaps she was passing it off as her filming but she wasn't. Then the videos became less and less. Something was wrong. I think we all assumed that at this point? And assumed the worst. A long while later it came to light that she and her husband were no longer together and she had made it clear that he was strictly a non drinker. And if she was indeed doing what some of us assumed she was, he wouldn't tolerate that kind of thing. But taking away custody? Im not sure of the laws but surely he couldn't do that for as long as he had? Most of the mom's I know aren't abstinent. We all enjoy our wine and perhaps a little medicinal herbs occasionally or more often when our children are in bed. If she was drinking again, could he legally take her daughter away for this long or is this all Jenna's choice? Do her children get to a certain age and her trauma kicks in over her own childhood and she just breaks down? Was she simultaneously a good mother but also a broken women with many issues including addiction? Personally I couldn't cope with not seeing my children for long periods of time and don't understand her at least not visiting her beloved daughter. What is going on here? Is she marrying the woman Jessie to block the pain of what is happening? She doesn't seem too drunk or drugged on her instagram but i do realise instagram isn't reality. What would stop her from seeing her baby for this length of time?
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2023.06.05 12:46 Internal-Boot9224 Today, I realized, I love him regardless.

Idk how stupid this may sound to others or if this is normal, but I've kind of come to the conclusion the other day, that I want to wait and see if things get better between my Q and I. We've been in no contact for 6 months now and I haven't physically seen him for 8 months. I set the boundary and told him that there's no reason for us to talk if he is not sober and working on bettering himself. He's been in rehab since we've decided to go no contact (I only know this because his parents told me). I made it clear that without at least a year of sobriety under his belt, we don't need to be together and I still stand on that. No phone calls from rehab, no letters, just no false hope or promises, just do the work, is what I told him.
Maybe my mind will change later on, I'm unsure. But he's never been one not to seek help. Each time he has tried to get help on his own and has great support from his parents who both struggled with addiction and are now 40+ years clean. Dare I say, apart of me has hope...or at least I'm trying to. I just love him a lot and he was never a bad person to me, on or off the drugs. But all I tend to see on here are the bad stories and it makes it seem like hope and addiction just don't go hand and hand.
I also get in my head about what others will think of me staying with him and also the constant thought of him being clean for x amount of years and then spiraling again. So many thoughts, but at the same time, I know that he's the only person I want to be with and it's crazy how time apart hasn't changed that feeling.
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2023.06.05 12:46 Dismal_Cranberry1 Is this why we don't have mixed mode appearance in Ubutu 22.04LTS?

Hi! I am on Ubuntu 22.04LTS, and I have noticed a glitch on certain apps: Nautilus, Calculator, Monitor... When you take the focus off those apps, a very thin line appears at the very top of the window's title bar... it is almost unnoticeable because it is the same color of the theme (light/dark), but in mixed mode it is annoying.... I have almost get to think that that is the reason behind ubuntu's 22.04 having only light/dark mode and not mixed mode: for the time being, it is easier to hide the problem. It is more annoying that the glitch seems to happen only in certain "Canonical" applications, but you don't get it in Nemo, galculator...
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2023.06.05 12:45 LunalaXD A question about my penis

Im getting 18 in 2 weeks and i dont feel that my little guy is really at a point where he should be. I may be at a lenght which is considered normal for austria but i dont feel like its as girthy as it should be. My foreskin is still partially on the head of it when i have an erection and i just overall think it looks kind of... childish? Do i need to worry or am i still evolving or is it because i am a little late with everything overall? And can i do something about it?
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2023.06.05 12:45 beomgyugfz job opportunities in polsci/legma? what's law school like?

hello po! i'm an incoming college freshman and up until now i still don't know what to pursue. torn between med & law school since i'm drawn to both natural sciences & social sciences/liberal arts, but still can't make up my mind, and classes start on aug na T______T
if i pursue med, i might take bio/physical therapy for college. but the thing is, i dont think i can 100% commit to medschool knowing how hard the demands are & how long it takes (even tho im passionate abt natural sciences,,,) so im considering law
if ever i pursue law, i am planning to take polsci or legal management... but i'm not sure if there's a lot of job opportunities here or paths that are really related to my degree if ever i don't push through law school? and is law school as hard as medschool? please enlighten me
in the end im letting fate decide for me,,, but i'll be happy to hear out opinions from doctors/lawyers/college students in these courses here >< im scared to regret the choice i'll make why is it so hard to be an incoming college student aaa thank u
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2023.06.05 12:45 vkctata Learning Next js


I am planning to learn next js and wanted to know of any application ideas that I can use all of the components to be ready for a new job.

I been working on web dev(React, Angular and as backend) for a while now and I don't think it will be hard to learn Next js but I want to build something that covers most of the components.

Thank you.
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2023.06.05 12:45 kyisare Girlfriend can't have sex because of traumas

My girlfriend and i have been in a relationship for 5 months now, at the first few months the sex was amazing.
Last month she started to abruptly lose pleasure during sex, and then loses all interest in any sexual activities, so i end up with "blue balls", which is fine, i completely respect her and accept her boundaries. This has happened multiple times in a row now tho, and gets progressively more and more.
At some point she opened up to me that this is because she has sexual traumas and lately she also started experiencing body image issues. She enjoys the sex at first, but at some point these things start to occur in her head which makes her lose interest. I completely understand this and it makes me sad to know that my girlfriend suffers from this, not because of the sex, but because of her, as a person i care about.
I had a hard time understanding why she could have sex just fine in the first few months, she explained this to me now, she told me this is because she got blind and rejected her real feelings. She calls this a "wall" or "plank" in front of her head which is now gone, gone because of trust, trust in me. It's good to hear that she trusts me this deeply now, that says a lot. I've had a talk about this, she told me she has had this issue for years now. This makes me think this issue might be even bigger than it seems, and that she won't be able to get over it, at least not soon. She obviously also can't guarantee me that she will get over it, which is very understandable.
Sex is important for me in a relationship, but like i said, this might gonna be a relationship without sex, for at least a while. I personally am not sure if i can do that. I'm now in my twenties, a sexless relationship is definitely not something I'm looking for. The hardest part is, i love her a lot, i honestly have never felt this good in a relationship with someone before, its just really the sex now that is an issue. Not having sex is a compromise, but is it too big or not? I don't know. My heart says, stick with her, she is amazing, she is so beautiful, literally i feel so proud when i am with her. She is so amazing, so funny, so sweet, time spent with her is so much fun, we can literally do anything and its fun, she is my favorite person right now. She is respectful and caring too. Again my heart says this is all i need, but deep down I know I will be missing sex. Its too soon to say if i see a future with her tho, its only been 5 months. Next to sex, we can still be very intimate, romantic, etc. We can hug and kiss a lot, give each other massages, go on cute dates, etc.
We talked about a possible solutions, about things that trigger her etc. gonna see if this helps, but I'm really worried about this. The current plan is taking a step back and starting over with a gradual progression of sexual activities, i think this allows for a slower pace and gives us both an opportunity to rebuild trust, establish comfort, and address any triggers or concerns that may arise. It's just... I'm worried this won't solve things, and the more feelings i get over time, the harder things will get for me, so this option also worries me a lot.
Good to add, i myself suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which means i worry a lot about basically anything, including this.
Honestly, I'm lost, don't know what to do or how to act. Looking for advice and/or opinions
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2023.06.05 12:44 beomgyugfz job opportunities in polsci/legma? what's law school like?

hello po! i'm an incoming freshman and up until now i still don't know what to pursue. torn between med & law school since i'm drawn to both natural sciences & social sciences/liberal arts, but still can't make up my mind, and classes start on aug na T______T
if i pursue med, i might take bio/physical therapy for college. but the thing is, i dont think i can 100% commit to medschool knowing how hard the demands are & how long it takes (even tho im passionate abt natural sciences,,,) so im considering law
if ever i pursue law, i am planning to take polsci or legal management... but i'm not sure if there's a lot of job opportunities here or paths that are really related to my degree if ever i don't push through law school? and is law school as hard as medschool? please enlighten me
in the end im letting fate decide for me,,, but i'll be happy to hear out opinions from doctors/lawyers/students in these courses here >< im scared to regret the choice i'll make why is it so hard to be an incoming freshie aaa thank u
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2023.06.05 12:44 Bactyrael Necro is in a bad place

I am currently level 56, slowed down a bit to cap renown in each region and do side quests. I am not farming for my last pieces and have tried a few builds to see what I like and what works. Here is my current opinion.
Tldr; Bone is the only viable high damage spec.
Corpse explosion even fully optimized whether miasma shadow stack or cc increased damage requires too much build up. When a druid, rogue, sorc, or barb, can pop a cool down and delete a pack but I have to generate a corpse, play the minion mini game, play the corpse stack mini game, then execute. I mean come on blizzard. I am missing 2 pieces that are big pieces they are the corpse explosion uniques for gloves and weapon, but I have literally every single other piece that boosts my damage by close to 1000%. And I am miles behind my friends numbers and efficiency. Couple this with the fact that I have no mobility.... Jesus.
Let's talk summons! I leveled mainly thorns summons with full synergies. Possibly my favorite build and an amazing boss killer as all direct damage to each minion reflects and makes the boss burn itself incredibly fast. Probably going to ditch corpse explosion and go back to this just to have fun. The main problem is that even though I am crossing into paragon board 2, I have every statue of Lilith and max renown, minions are fully upgraded with every stat point, and they can only take 1% dot damage and 30% max health damage. They still get obliterated amazingly fast. This would be fine if I wasn't in max level, upgraded, legendary gear. And thorns damage is amazingly lacking. I don't believe it can crit? I have been trying to figure that out and I can't seem to. But let's talk the root of the issue. Summons get 30% of my stats, 50% of thorns when you take the right points. But the number of them is supposed to make up for the fact that they do a 3rd of your damage. Which to be fair, single target they can put in work "hence the boss killing". The problem is their ai is absolute dog shit. In a fight where the boss or elite goes immune and you have to focus fire the channeler? Summons are still on the immune boss (blizzard if you read this, please for the love of God make summons deaggro immunes). You should be able to focus them onto a target with cast. Another issue is healing them, for whatever reason the bonus max life healing doesn't work at all. Out of combat it does, in combat it always heals for 10% instead of 60%. Lastly besides the survivability, lack luster damage, horrible ai, and poor scaling, you can't synergize them into one build path. Want to go all thorns? Go fuck yourself here is 2 of the 3. Want to go shadow? And go fuck yourself only mages. Want to go blood or bone, you guessed it! Couple this with the fact that the tool tips lack any meaningful way besides hours of testing to even see what blood or bone skills will count toward their damage just what the fuck man. At least shadow is up front about it. Also bone mages would be good if they didn't kill themselves on top of exploding whenever something looked in their general direction.
Shadow, shadow, shadow! Nothing in your skills really does it but you can make other skills do it and it sucks. I haven't thoroughly tested it yet but it seems like using aspects to change blood and bone into shadow damage is a direct nerf. What I mean is bloods gauranteed overpower and bones bonus damage per essence spent and had are far better than damage over time. Why? Because doing 100,000 damage over 10 seconds is worse than doing 50k over 2. That's about all I have to say about this. I simply do not feel like it's worth giving up 4x damage that can critically hit from an overpower or substantially higher base consistent damage from bones bonuses.
Blood for the hatred mommy? It's well sorta got the same problem of not knowing what it wants to do really. Personally I think I cracked the code using corpse generating skeletons with corpse on damage and fortify when you spawn a corpse. Now you don't need to take a single fortify minor rune and can take all the overpower options. You kinda passively just spawn hundreds of corpses healing for your entire health pool in fortify every second. So it's incredibly tanky so long as you never get crowd controlled. But it's a burst build that likes to burst when it bursts things. And half the aspects for the build want it to give that up for shadow dps which is bad. Why do I want to kill something slower again? Oh right! I really don't and would rather do that damage instantly instead. But yeah, it's still good, I would say with gear it will probably be the strongest build thanks to overpower and critical hit damage slapping something for billions of damage late game.
I've got a real Bone to pick with blizzard apparently. It's just good, sadly it just has everything it wants. Need dps? Here is bone fragments and aoe. Need burst? Here is a bone spirit that hits like a freight train and you can get free ones with a unique chest. Need synergies that aren't all trying to turn you to the dark side, I mean shadow? Hell yeah brother, take the best aspects for your class. Whoever was in charge of bone for Necro did a pretty good job imo. Getting bonus essence from multiple sources while multiplying your damage and then adding crit, vulnerable, and overpower? I mean come on! And this is all without mentioning access to an early dungeon in the starting area that allows you to put bone lance on unlimited pieces while leveling... Wouldn't want to have spaced out the classes access to things and purposefully crippled tons of builds and play styles by locking you out of essential aspects early or anything. Yes that was sarcasm, yes blizzard this was a huge over sight by you and your team. That being said bone is the most viable spec.
And now that you are at the end of this essay, here is a list of things Necro needs to be a more viable spec.
Better pet ai or player control.
Better pet synergies across the 3 blood, bone, shadow, and corruption.
Dps ticks need to be able to crit.
Thorns needs clarification and needs to benefit from core stats like crit and crit damage.
Attack speed being every minion aspect doesn't make 30% scaling better, neither does the number of shitty little pawns I throw at something. Please allow different summons to benefit from bone "damage from essence bonus", blood "gauranteed overpower", shadow damage over time and or more than one type, and corruption having any synergy would be dope in general, like why not just make them all bone or blood?
Stop making beneficial aspects turn my skills into shadow, making me avoid them in place of using my ultimate selection. Better blood mist shouldn't cost me it doing shadow damage! Bonestorm and blood wave are simply worse when you make them shadow. 22% more damage after 10 hits is worse than 100% damage a tick every single fucking time. And no giving us 40% bonus damage after proc couples with 120% on proc damage doesn't make up for the first 10 procs doing 2000% damage from one aspect. I don't even know how to approach a fix here ATM. Put who ever was in charge of shadow on unpaid leave for the weekend.
Give necros mobility even situational. Let us jump to a corpse on corpse tendril or something. It just feels bad being so damn slow and being a dps class.
For the love of God change which dungeons reward which aspects. There are like 3 shred aspects, 5 sorc, 4 barb, 3 rogue, and like 2 Necro, in the starting area. I had to wait till level 35 to unlock my first free damage aspect for summons because you locked it behind chapter 4 of the fucking campaign. What were you smoking when you planned this out. Did the team play pin the aspect on the dungeon during a drinking contest? Could've been a darker joke but we have both moved on right? Sorry.
Lastly, can we please clean up necros tree a bit. Why are there no corruption core skills? Why does blood have two core essence spenders that conflict with each other and prevent Necro from going pure blood? Why do summons not count as core skills and or get the ability to be buffed by countless of synergies that would make it specialize and shine in unique way? You get the idea.
In conclusion, Necro needs work guys. Good luck if you start one tomorrow on the 6th.
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2023.06.05 12:44 Mulberry-Careless For the two new members here, Hi! Thank you so much for joining :D

For the two new members here, Hi! Thank you so much for joining :D
Hi, I'm extremely excited that you two are here to follow my crusade to reviving the best game of all time. I'm just gonna be doing random updates to show you were I'm up to at all times. For now, my focus is getting from where we are, to a full kickstarter for where I aim to crowd fund at least 50,000$ to be able to produce the best game I possibly can. I know we can do this, but it will take some time, but thankfully I'm extremely eager to achieve this. The type of kickstarter that I'd want my kickstarter to look like would be this: , but baby steps for now. Current goals for now: establishing music producer, establishing game logo, learning unity game engine, and help from yall. Music: I've emailed Yannis Brown, the original soundtrack designer for restaurant city, and requested if he would be interested in scoring this game for which he politely declined but recommended someone else for music. So ill just be investigating a little more to see what would be the best direction for soundtrack. For now, I like the sound of Tyler the Creator - 'Whoville' music. Imagine that song, with the sound of food cooking and people eating in your restaurant, and being satisfied with how it all looks together. My vision is very beautiful.
Game logo: So far, I've hired a friend who is studying visual communication and graphic design at university to design my logo. We want it to be simple to the eye, and attractive for everyone who sees it, luring them in to playing the game. Similar to the moonglow bay logo, with a focus on orange colour. I think orange would be the best shining colour to use for Restaurant Odyssey, but what do you think?. This friend that I've hired is also down for designing every single object in the game for a steep price :0. But that'll come later with the kickstarter, but for now, get excited for the game logo, Id say itll be till the 10th or 11th of jun till I can show you what were repping forever, or at least concept designs.
Unity: I'm actually pretty well used to using C program from uni, and did one of the hardest courses in the computer department with C as the focal language, which was the worst experience of my life. The course not the C programming. This game will be run on Unity as I think that it has the most resources for learning, and I know a lot of impressive games built on it that I think restaurant odyssey would be piss easy to make with. So far, Unity requires C++, and im not sure how similar or different it is to C but I will find out the more I research and practice. I'd say I'm a pretty smart guy, studying engineering, major in software engineering at usyd, so I don't think it will take too long before I have this stuff down pact. Id say a strong amount of time before Im ready for serious development would be a month maximum.
Gameplan: The plan rn, I have it written down, - grow reddit, - establish some graphics for the game so that I can use it to decorate all the other social medias I plan on expanding to (this'll maybe take a week or so). - force my graphic person to make some objects to show to you guys (tables, chairs, fridge). - Learn the hell out of unity.
Help from yall: I wanted to ask, how would i be able to grow this community more, and try to reach all audiences that miss restaurant city, and audiences that would be interested in a game like this in general? I'm scared to put my all into this game for only a handful of people that actually play, I would love this community to be huge, and any tips from you guys could go miles for me and I'd really really appreciate it. Rn, the goal is 10 members, and slowly get bigger along the way, how would we be able to do that? I'm extremely new to reddit but I'm extremely hungry involving all aspects of this game, including the community, so please leave comments on what I should do, and maybe share this community to people that like this type of stuff aswell. Thank you all, till next time when I have more stuff to show.
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2023.06.05 12:44 hkaaaashi please someone talk to me.. i dont think i can handle it anymore

i have no friends to go to, i dont have anyone..please if you don’t mind please help me i just want to talk to someone about how i feel right now im so sorry for the bother
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2023.06.05 12:44 saphmadeleine May Jailer grave (Oh Say Can You See)

May Jailer grave (Oh Say Can You See)
i made this video for my 3D Visual Design class, thought y'all might appreciate it ♡ lmk what u think!! critique welcome but pls dont be mean i worked rly rly hard on this. planning on re-rendering the final scene cause the grave is overexposed, the lighting could use more fine-tuning
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2023.06.05 12:44 WhoreableBitch What's up with public transport

I've been on way too many trips where people think it's totally fine to blast loud music from their phones, watch noisy Instagram reels or TikToks, or have loud phone calls with their speaker on. I've even been on trains where arseholes bring their own portable speakers.
WTF IS GOING ON?! How fucking selfish and unaware can you be to walk on a train and behave like this in a carriage? BUY HEADPHONES!
Before the pandemic this was totally unheard of.
And Scotrail staff don't do anything... its infuriating!
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2023.06.05 12:43 Euphoric-Beat-7206 CMV: For most men it is a bad idea to compliment most women in most cases.

For men compliments are extremely rare. So any compliment a man usually gets it is a positive experience. Like a diamond in the rough. So some men use their caveman brain to think; "Girl like diamond! This diamond free! Me share diamond with girl! Girl like me!"
For a woman the opposite is true. Compliments are not rare, and they will be bombarded with them on social media every day. They live on a beach covered in diamonds.
Most women know that these are not sincere compliments most of the time. They understand the true motivation behind them. She will think it is because you want to have sex with her.
Often times compliments to women are unearned and that draws even more suspicion.
If you do compliment a woman it is best to link it to some sort of specific accomplishment / achievement. Something like, "Congrats on the degree!" or "Awesome Music Talent!" or "That was a great presentation!" This sort of compliment shows thought and compassion and are not objectifying. I do believe most women would enjoy that.
Not something like, "You look so cute standing there like that! or You look so stunning in that dress! or You are so pretty!" These compliments tend to only really yield positive results if you are extremely attractive yourself in which case you don't have to give them in the first place. You were already in there buddy. No need to butter her up further. Just be yourself.
Even worse is if you specifically complement her body. Like, "You got amazing tits." or "Your ass looks so sexy in those jeans." or "Those Lips... Mmmmm" That comes off as extremely creepy and inappropriate in most cases. There is obviously exceptions to this of course. Like, if that is your girlfriend or wife or if you are in the bedroom and she already got naked for you. Then it's fine.
What's even worse about all these compliments is it not only creeps women out, but it has a negative effect on most men in the dating market as well, and I will explain why.
The bombardment of compliments artificially boost a woman's ego. An average looking woman can get dozens or hundreds of compliments per day for free on her social media. There are a lot of thirsty men out there. This leads her to believe, "Oh! I am gorgeous! I am stunning! I am beautiful!" This causes her to raise her standards because of all of the gaslighting. So, you get women who are a 5 who think they are a 9 or a 10.
It doesn't help the average guy get laid or find a girlfriend... No. It actually hurts the average guys prospects big time.
The guy who is a 9 or 10 LOVES it though... Because these women flock after the guys that are a 9 or a 10 even though they are a 5 because they now think "I am a 9 or a 10 too!" when they are not... because they have been gaslighted into believing they are... The guy who is a 9 or 10 doesn't settle for one woman... No, he goes to town with a bunch of 5s! No commitment! Just get in line ladies!
One thing very hard for most women to understand as well as a man is that men are usually much more capable of separating sex and relationships much better than most women are. So because a woman who is a 5 can get sex with a man who is a 10 she thinks she has a chance at a relationship. She can change him. He will settle down with me. She does not. She can not. He will not.
So, the woman is put back on the dating market with more baggage when it does not work out with him. That baggage can be STD, Children from previous relationships, emotional damage.
That whole scenario plays out because men gaslight women into thinking they are more attractive than they are with unearned compliments. It only helps the guys at the top, and boy does it help them...
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2023.06.05 12:42 ImpossibleOil86 Older chubby guy (41) looking for younger for online session

This is going to sound odd, bonkers but whatev, I don't care
I'm interested in younger guys..preferably in under mid 20s who are looking for an older adult figure to be all up in their online lives. Sending me photos and videos of them, taking orders and sending proof of accomplishment. Chatting about all kinds of topics. Think of me as your adult friend that you confide in all your thoughts and secrets.
I will not be providing any photos of myself, this is purely a one sided visual deal. I see all of you while you get an older gentleman to be open and confide in.
We can work out details in chat...please no dms, if you don't have the session app then get it...
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2023.06.05 12:42 sawdustaccount AITA for moving back furniture that was rearranged without my permissions?

Alt account for privacy. My wife and 2 kids and I live far away from both of our families - like, 6-9 hour flight far. The grandparents visit several times a year, usually a few weeks at a time. We get along well with all of them, tho there is tension between my wife and her mom & stepdad more than the others. She does, however, like their decorating taste, so she often rearranges stuff at our house when they're around. (It's led a fight before when she sorta used them to do stuff I explicitly said I didn't want, but we're over that now.) Our general agreement is that I manage my family and she manages hers, so we don't put each other in awkward situations of fighting with the other's parents.
Last time they were here, my wife and I took a multiday trip, since the only time we can do anything without the kids is when grandparents are visiting. After we came back, my in-laws had rearranged a few things in the house, of which one really made me angry. Our kitchen/dining/living room is an open space in the shape of a rectangle, except with a corner "cut off," so it really has 5 sides. I had our living room rug placed so it was aligned with the 4 major walls, because that way all the kids' play areas were soft. Because the kids mess with it and because toys kept getting under it and tripping people, I used loads of double-sided tape to get the rug where I wanted it - I mean, it was clamped down hard.
However, the couch is along the angled wall, and apparently they didn't like that the rug was at an angle to it, so they removed it, including all the tape, and angled it so it is aligned with the couch and nothing else. There were gaps where the kids play (so it's colder & harder), and one corner reached into the dining room, so the chairs constantly snag on it and people spill food or drink in that area. They said (as they always do) "oh if you don't like it you can move it back." Thanks for giving me a few hours of work, but I didn't say anything then. (My wife didn't comment, but that could mean she didn't want a fight with them...or with me.)
Before they left, they took a day trip with my wife and the kids while I had some work to do. Once I finished I realized that the only time I'll have the house empty for a few hours is now, so I moved all the furniture off, realigned the rug, and placed it where I wanted it. When they came back they were upset that I had changed it back, and my wife was mad at me for doing it while they were still in town. She agreed that there would never be a time to do it when they're not but said it could wait until the next grandparents visit us (which hasn't been scheduled yet, so it's probably months away).
I think I was entitled to take my ILs on the offer to put it back if I didn't like it, since they did this without asking and it was clear from the mass of tape that I didn't put the rug there lightly, but AITA for not waiting until they were gone?
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