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Exposing Corporate MSM Bias Against The Left

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This sub's original purpose was to document the intentional media blackout of Bernie Sanders, the hostile coverage he's received by the corporate pundit class, the distortion of his support and policy by 'liberal' MSM news outlets and their manufacturing of support for his opponents. We've since shifted focus towards documenting the corporate MSM bias against the left as a whole & their manufacturing of consent for the duopoly, military industrial complex, wall street and big pharma/tech.

2016.07.12 23:33 shallp Lawrence (the band)

Lawrence released their twelve-song debut LP, Breakfast, in March of 2016. Led by siblings Clyde Lawrence, 23, and Gracie Lawrence, 20, the New York-based soul-pop group is on a mission to write the music they wish “pop” sounded like. The band blends old-school and new-school vibes, combining their love of The Beatles, Randy Newman, and Etta James with Beyoncé, Ben Folds, and Amy Winehouse to create songs that are as tender and soulful as they are explosive.

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A subreddit for content regarding the Australian television series Good Game!

2023.05.28 17:39 Mofalcon Ortho vs ENT

(Sorry for the long post) I start M4 next week and it's about time I make a decision on what specialty I want to do. I'm really conflicted between ENT and Ortho. My heart wants Ortho but my brain tells me ENT. Would love some feedback and opinions about this. I don't plan on doing residency in the US but in Germany. Funnily enough our Med School does not allow us to rotate in subspecialties until M4. I have both ENT and Ortho schedules as my 2 and 3rd rotations in M4.
  1. The OR I love love love surgery and its the only type of medicine I want to do. I M2 I wanted to drop out of medicine since I hated everything, until I discovered Surgery in M3. When it comes to Ortho and ENT (the limited exposure I got from sneaking into their OR's during my General Surgery Rotation and the Youtube videos I've watched) it seems that the day to day Ortho OR's are much more fun and stimulating for me. Trauma, Hip and Knee Replacements, ACL Tears, and Spine Surgery seem really cool, while the day to day of ENT, such as, Tubes, Adenoidectomy, Rhinoplasty were simple and well boring. HOWEVER, the Head &Neck Dissections, Cochlear Implants and Reconstructive Facial Surgeries are prob the best surgeries I've ever seen. Better than any Ortho Surgery. Unfortunately they don't do them at my institution but from the Youtube videos that I've watched I fell in love with them. I tend to like and enjoy the longer higher impact OR's.
  2. Hight Impact Surgery As I mentioned previously, I tend to like higher impact Surgeries. Something were I can really make a quick difference in a patients life. I think both specialities fall into this category. Ortho maybe slightly more with the advances in Hip and Knee Replacements.
  3. Clinic I do not hate clinic. I do not like it either. I do understand that I need the slow and quiet days of clinic to enjoy the hectic OR days. As much as I love the OR I'm sure that I eventually will burn out if I don't create a balance. In this category, ENT kinda wins since it offers a better balance.
  4. Work-Life Balance With the current aging population in Germany the demand for Orthopedics is very high. So high that its not that competitive to get into (unlike ENT). I love being busy while working. I hate having nothing to do all day and waiting for patients in a room. I want to be busy and I want to make an impact. On the other hand, I really value a chill and relaxing personal life. It's like Work hard Play hard kinda thing. ENT does provide a better work life balance (as a resident and an Attending) but it risks having more slow working days than heavy working days. Maybe this is the excited 24 y.o me thats excited to finally find something they like. ENT might be a better choice since now I'm young excited but I think I'd value the more chill lifestyle when I'm in my 40's and 50's.
  5. How much medicine they do and personality Ima be real with you. I don't wanna be the person prescribing medication to people. I also don't wanna be the person managing the patients. I prefer a more of fix and move on approach to things. This is a big plus for me as Ortho is notorious for admitting patients to IM rather than taking care of them. In fact in my hospital EVERYONE hates ortho, even the other surgical departments. Whenever I say that I am thinking of Ortho I would get faces of disgust (specially from IM). Idk if its a universal thing but I do understand the hate. The ortho doctors in my hospital are huge bullies and will make your life a living hell. ENT is more chill and everyone seems to like them. Even tho I am a former athlete with a history of muscle injuries, my personality tends to fit more with the ENT surgeons.
  6. Money Ortho makes more money in private practice than ENT. In the public sector, Ortho has more negotiation power for a higher salary since they are a cash cow for hospitals.
  7. I'm also interested in Uro and Ophtalmo but those are my 3rd and 4th options respectively.
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2023.05.28 17:21 VernonKazama My Mario Kart Wish List 📃

~ 1. Introduction ~
Here is a detailed description of my wishlist for a Mario Kart 9 or 10/X (if Tour is considered the 9th installment) I don't expect everyone to like all my ideas. This is just a wishlist. I obviously would be happy with any Mario Kart Nintendo decides to put out but in a perfect world, this is what I would want for it to be the best Mario Kart imo. I hope you enjoy.
*= Thoughts, Personal opinions, New ideas for modes, mechanics, driver outfits, vehicles, items, options, etc
🔒= Locked. Must be unlocked by in game requirements or DLC
~ 2. Mechanics ~
~ Single Player / Multiplayer 》1P》2P》3P》4P》
Grand Prix》Class Optimization》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Circuits》Cup Select》 Class Optimization options: Engine: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》All¹》All Mirror¹》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》² Drift: Automatic》Manual》³ Items: Normal》No Items》 Camera: Normal》First Person》
*¹ - All and All Mirror options are only available in Grand Prix. After a Circuit has been selected, It'll play each Cup in order of that specific Circuit.
*² - All race and battle modes will feature either a Solo Dash or the new Double Dash option similar to Mario Kart Double Dash for extra replayability and character combinations.
*³ - Even if not many people liked Automatic drifting, it was there for a reason for you to choose. Some liked it. Some didn't. It should be the player's choice.
*⁴ - Camera can also be changed freely during the race from the pause menu.
Time Trials》Driver(s) Select》Circuits》Cup Select》Course Select》 Race Solo》Race Against Ghost》View Ghost》Online Ghost》Upload Ghost Data》
• VS Race》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Customized Race》Circuits》Cup Select》Course Select》 Customized Race options: Engine Class: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》Frantic》No Items》No Items and Coins》Custom》 COM: Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro¹》 COM Vehicles (Solo)²: All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 COM Vehicles (Doubles)²: All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Courses: Choose》In Order》Random》 Race Count: 4》5³》8》12》16》32》64》All》 Laps: 1》2》3》4》5》
*¹ - Added a Pro difficulty to make the CPU feel more of a challenge.
*² - Wanted to split the vehicle selections between Solo Dash and Double Dash drivers. Solo Dash drivers will now only select between Karts and Bikes and Double Dash drivers will only select between ATVs and new Buggy vehicles. *Buggys are essential similar to the designs of the Karts used in Mario Kart Double Dash. ATVs are now bigger in size to help fit the idea of 2 drivers on one vehicle.
*³ - The original Super Mario Kart had 5 courses per Cup so I brought that option back for custom races.
*⁴ - Wanted to make the option available for players. These courses will be excluded from Laps option and be set to default when selected: ⁿ⁶⁴ Wario Stadium, ⁿ⁶⁴ Rainbow Road, ᵍᶜⁿ Baby Park, ᵍᶜⁿ Wario Colosseum, ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Loop, ³ᵈˢ Maka Wuhu, ³ᵈˢ Rainbow Road, ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mount Wario, and ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Big Blue.
Battle》Driver(s) Select》Vehicle Parts》Customized Battle》Course Select》 Customized Battle options: Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》Frantic》Skilled》Custom》 Round Time: 1 Minute》2 Minutes》3 Minutes》4 Minutes》5 Minutes》 COM: Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro》 COM Vehicles (Solo Dash): All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 COM Vehicles (Double Dash): All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Courses: Choose》In Order》Random》 Round Count: 3 Rounds》5 Rounds》7 Rounds》¹
*¹ - I shortened the rounds. Anything past 7 rounds is too much imo but that's just me. Also being a little bias cuz I'm not a fan of battle mode.
~ Online Play 》1P》2P》
Worldwide: Grand Prix*》VS Race》Battle》
Regional: Grand Prix*》VS Race》Battle》
Friends》Create Room
Tournaments》Menu. Menu options: Create a Tournament: Icon》Name》Rules》Time Settings》Other》 *Rules options: Mode: 50cc》100cc》150cc》Mirror》Balloon》Classic Balloon¹》 Renegade Roundup》Bob-omb Blast》Shine Runners¹》Coin Runners》 Shine Thief》Thunder Cloud Tag¹》Random Battle》 Driver: Solo Dash》Double Dash》 Drift: Automatic》Manual》 Teams: No Teams》Team Game》 Items: Normal》No Items》No Items or Coins》Frantic》Skilled*²》Custom》 Round Time (Battle only): 1 Minute》2 Minutes》3 Minutes》4 Minutes》5 Minutes》 COM: No COM》Easy》Normal》Hard》Pro》 Vehicles (Solo Dash): All Vehicles》Karts Only》Bikes Only》 Vehicles (Double Dash): All Vehicles》ATVs Only》Buggys Only》 Camera: Normal》First Person》 Smart Steering: Smart Steering OK》No Smart Steering》 *Time Settings options: Frequency: Weekly》Daily》Fixed Period》 Start Day: Sunday》Monday》Tuesday》Wednesday》Thursday》Friday》Saturday》 Start Date: Dependent》 Start Time: Dependent》 End Day: Sunday》Monday》Tuesday》Wednesday》Thursday》Friday》Saturday》 End Date: Dependent》 End Time: Dependent》 Round Count: 4 Rounds》8 Rounds》16 Rounds》 Group Shuffling: Don't Shuffle》Every 4th Match》 *Other options: Player Rating: Any Rating》0-2999》3000-9999》10000-99999》 Public/Private: Open to Everyone》Code Required》
*¹ - Scroll down to Battle section for more info.
*² - Skilled Items for Battle mode only.
Search by Code Search by Type Active Tournaments
My Replays. View saved replays from previous races or battles on and offline. * You can now save more than just 6 replays.
Online Replays*¹ View shared replays from others online
*¹ - Should've already been added in the first place.
²* - View recent online races or battles replays. Earn coins by voting who'll be 1st. * Literally stole this idea from Smash.
~ Other Details
~ 3. Characters and Vehicles ~
~ Characters
68 Total Drivers (including DLC) 32 Total Alternate Drivers. 100 Total Individual Characters.
~ Drivers
Mario》Metal Mario 🔒》Tanooki Mario 🔒》Fire Mario 🔒》Ice Mario 🔒》Dr. Mario 🔒》 - Mario (Classic) 🔒 - Mario (Builder) 🔒 - Mario (SNES) 🔒 - Mario (Sunshine) 🔒 - Mario (Tuxedo) 🔒 - Mario (N64)*🔒 - Metal Mario (Gold) 🔒
Luigi》Penguin Luigi 🔒》Fire Luigi 🔒》Gooigi*🔒》 - Luigi (Classic) 🔒 - Luigi (Golf) 🔒 - Luigi (Builder) 🔒
Peach》Pink Gold Peach 🔒》Cat Peach 🔒》Fire Peach*🔒》 - Peach (Wedding) 🔒
Yoshi - Light-blue Yoshi - Black Yoshi - Red Yoshi - Yellow Yoshi - White Yoshi - Purple Yoshi - Pink Yoshi - Orange Yoshi
Bowser》Dry Bowser 🔒》Meowser 🔒》 - Dry Bowser (Gold) 🔒
Donkey Kong Jr. - Donkey Kong Jr. (SNES) 🔒
Koopa Troopa》Koopa (Freerunning) 🔒》 - Red Koopa (Freerunning) - Blue Koopa (Freerunning) - Purple Koopa (Freerunning) - Gold Koopa (Freerunning) 🔒
Toad》Cat Toad 🔒》Captain Toad 🔒》 - Toad (Pit Crew) 🔒 - Toad (Builder) 🔒 - Toad (Astronaut) 🔒 - Toad (Blue)* - Toad (Yellow)* - Toad (Green)*
Donkey Kong 🔒
Wario 🔒 - Wario (Biker)*
Daisy 🔒
Birdo 🔒 - Birdo (Light Blue) - Birdo (Black) - Birdo (Red) - Birdo (Yellow) - Birdo (White) - Birdo (Purple) - Birdo (Green) - Birdo (Orange)
Baby Mario 🔒
Baby Luigi 🔒
Toadette 🔒》Peachette 🔒》 - Toadette (Explorer) 🔒 - Toadette (Builder) 🔒 - Toadette (Astronaut) 🔒
Paratroopa 🔒 - Green Paratroopa*
Diddy Kong 🔒
Bowser Jr. 🔒
Waluigi 🔒
Petey Piranha 🔒
King Boo 🔒 - King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)
Pac-Man 🔒
Ms. Pac-Man 🔒
Blinky 🔒》Pinky》Inky》Clyde*》
Dry Bones 🔒 - Dry Bones (Gold) 🔒
R.O.B. 🔒 - R.O.B. (Famicom)*
Shy Guy 🔒 - Light-blue Shy Guy - Black Shy Guy - Green Shy Guy - Yellow Shy Guy - White Shy Guy - Blue Shy Guy - Pink Shy Guy - Orange Shy Guy
Mametchi 🔒
Baby Peach 🔒
Baby Daisy 🔒
Rosalina 🔒
Funky Kong 🔒
Mii 🔒
Honey Queen 🔒
Wiggler 🔒
Lakitu 🔒
Don-chan 🔒
Baby Rosalina 🔒
Iggy 🔒》Roy》Lemmy》Larry》Wendy》Ludwig》Morton》
Link 🔒 - Link (Champion's Tunic)
Villager 🔒 - Villager (Female)
Isabelle 🔒 - Isabelle (Winter)*
Inkling Girl 🔒 - Inkling Girl (lime green) - Inkling Girl (magenta)
Inkling Boy 🔒 - Inkling Boy (purple) - Inkling Boy (teal)
Pauline 🔒
Hammer Bro 🔒》Boomerang Bro 🔒》Ice Bro 🔒》Fire Bro 🔒》
Monty Mole 🔒
Dixie Kong 🔒
Nabbit 🔒
King Bob-omb 🔒
Kamek 🔒
Chargin' Chuck 🔒
Poochy 🔒
~ Newcomers
Noki ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Noki (Green) - Noki (Pink) - Noki (Yellow)
Pianta ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Pianta (Pink) - Pianta (Yellow) - Pianta (Purple)
Professor E. Gadd ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Toadsworth ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Luma ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 - Luma (Blue) - Luma (Pink) - Luma (Green) - Luma (Cyan) - Luma (Red) - Luma (Purple) - Luma (Black) - Luma (Orange)
Sonic the Hedgehog ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Miles "Tails" Prower ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
King K. Rool ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Kaptain K. Rool*》
Krunch ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒 * Would be an excellent choice for a surprise DLC character to those familiar w/Diddy Kong Racing
Zelda ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Sheik*》
Kirby ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
King Dedede ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Captain Falcon ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
Samus ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒》Zero Suit*》
Geno ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ 🔒
~ Vehicles
Available parts. The parts available are listed here in the order shown in the vehicle customization screen, with the following notation: ¹ = Changes color, depending on the character. ² = Changes color for the Koopalings. ³ = Changes color for Daisy, Baby Daisy, Rosalina, and Baby Rosalina. (DLC) = Part is only available as downloadable content.
~ Karts (Solo Dash)
Standard Kart¹ 4-Wheel Cradle 8-Bit Pipe Frame¹ Apple Kart B Dasher Badwagon Barrel Train Biddybuggy (Buggybud)¹ Birthday Girl (Royal Ribbon)²/³ Blue Falcon Blue Seven Booster Seat (Baby Booster) Bruiser (Growlster) Brute Bull's-Eye Banzai Bulldog-W ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ Bumble V Cact-R Cact-X Cat Cruiser Cheep Charger Cheep Snorkel Circuit Special¹ Clanky Kart Classic Dragster (Nostalgia 1) Cloud 9 Crawly Kart Cucumber Dasher II Daytripper (Royal Racer) Dozer Dasher Dragonfly Dry Bomber Egg 1 Flame Flyer Gold Mantis Gold Pipe Frame Gold Standard (Gold Kart) Green Apple Kart Honeycoupe (Dragonetti) Hurricane Jet Cruiser Jetsetter (Aero Glider) Jumbo Jetter Kiddie Kart¹ Koopa Clown² Landship ² Light Dancer Light Tripper Mach 8 Mini Beast (Concerto) Mushmellow Offroader P-Wing Paintster Parade Kart Penguin Slider Pink Mushmellow Pipe Frame¹ Piranha Prowler Poltergust 4000 Power Flower Prancer Prop Kart Quickshaw ROB-BLS Rambi Rider Royale Shooting Star Sky Pop ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ Sneeker (Bounder)¹ Snow Skimmer Soda Jet Sports Coupe (Sports Coupé) Sprinter (B Dasher Mk. 2) Star Broom Steel Driver Streamliner Streetle Super 1 Super Blooper (Turbo Blooper) Surf Sailer Swift Talon Tanooki Kart Tea Coupe Tiny Titan (Rally Romper) Tiny Tug Tri-Speeder Wario Car Warship Wild Wing Wildlife Yellow Taxi Zucchini (Gherkin) Speed Star ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Whirlwind Sport ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Egg Mobile ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * Was inspired by this image I found. Source Reminds me of the Egg Mobile with Monster tires White Cat ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Dark Schnieder ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Car¹ ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * Source * the number in the center will be replaced by driver's logo Dragoon Kart ⁽ᵈˡᶜ * Source
~ Bikes (Solo Dash)
Standard Bike¹ Bit Bike (Nanobike) City Tripper¹ Flame Rider Hurricane Jet Bubble (Bubble Bike) Master Cycle Zero Mr. Scooty (Mr Scooty) Phantom Quacker ROB-LGS Shooting Star (Twinkle Star) Sugarscoot (Bon Bon)¹ The Duke Varmint Wario Bike Zip Zip (Rapide) Zipper Wheelie Bike ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
Bullet Bike¹ Comet Dolphin Dasher Flame Runner (Bowser Bike)¹ Jet Bike Mach Bike¹ Magikruiser¹ Master Cycle Sneakster (Nitrocycle) Sport Bike¹ Yoshi Bike¹ Zinger Sting ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ * just an idea I had for a new bike based off of a beta imagine for Donkey Kong racing. Source * the number in the center will be replaced by driver's logo. Bike version of the Prop Kart
~ ATVs (Double Dash)
Standard ATV (Standard Quad)¹ Bone Rattler Inkstriker Spear (Torpedo)¹ Splat Buggy Teddy Buggy Tyrant Wild Wiggler Hovercraft¹ ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
~ Buggys (Double Dash)
Standard Buggy ¹ Banisher Bolt Buggy Bullet Blaster Coach³ * Heart Coach/Bloom Coach from Mario Kart Double Dash DK Jumbo Fire Buggy¹ * Red Fire from Mario Kart Double Dash Goo-Goo Buggy¹ Koopa Dasher Koopa King Para-Wing Pipe Buggy¹ Piranha Pipes Turbo Birdo Turbo Yoshi Waluigi Racer
~ Tires
Standard (Normal) 8-Bit Standard Ancient Tires (Ancient Tyres) Azure Roller Bicycle Tires Blue Monster Blue Standard (Normal Blue) Button Capsule Crimson Slim Cushion Cyber Slick Drum Gold 8-Bit Standard Gold Tires (Gold Wheels) Heart Rings Hot Monster (Funky Monster) Iron Leaf Tires (Leaf Tyres) Metal Monster Mushroom Mushroom Off-Road Red Monster Retro Off-Road Roller Slick Slim Snorkel Tires Sponge Triforce Tires (Triforce Tyres) Wood (Wooden) Yoshi Tires
~ Gliders
Super Glider¹ 8-Bit Jumping Mario Beast Glider (Ghastly Glider) Bowser Kite Butterfly Sunset Cloud Glider Crimson Crane Droplet Glider Eggshell Glider Eggshell Glider Fare Flier Flower Glider Gold Glider Great Sail Hylian Kite MKTV Parafoil Oilpaper Umbrella Paper Glider Parachute Paraglider (Breath of the Wild) Paraglider (Parafoil) Peach Parasol³ Plane Glider Ribbon Swooper (Swoop) Waddle Wing Waluigi Wing Wario Wing Magic Carpet ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Wizpig Glider ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Example at 00:31 Tails Flier ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Knuckles Glider ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source Gunship ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source
~ 4. Items ~
× – Does not appear in Battle Mode.
~ Items found on the track
Item Box - Gives the player a random item. Items given are based on the player's distance from first place. * I would like for them to look either similar to how they looked in Mario Kart 64 or Mario Kart DS' design.
Coin - Gives the player a small boost and increase top speed when more are collected, up to a maximum of ten.
Rupee - The equivalent of a coin, used for Hyrule Circuit and Zelda related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Bell - The equivalent of a coin, used for Animal Crossing. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Cash - The equivalent of a coin, used for Splatoon related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track.
Balloon ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Diddy Kong Racing related course. Source
Item Box (Capsule) ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Sonic related course. Source
Star Block ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of an Item Box, used for Kirby related course. Source
Banana ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Donkey Kong Country / Diddy Kong Racing related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
Ring ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Sonic related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
Food ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - The equivalent of a coin, used for Kirby related courses. They replace coins in the item roulette and in the track. Source
~ New Items
Coin Block ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * floats above player for a short time (10 seconds). Hop to collect upto 10 coins. Can only be obtained if player has 0 coins. Replacing the Coin Box item from Mario Kart Tour. Example
~ Returning Items
Banana Peel - When a kart hits a Banana Peel, it spins out. You can carry one behind your kart to protect yourself from a single attack. Can be thrown backward and forward.
Green Shell - Travels in a straight line and knocks over a kart it hits.
Red Shell - Red Shell Homes in on the closest kart in front of the player and knocks it over.
Feather - Causes the player to spin and leap in the air, providing a small speed boost upon landing, akin to a regular trick (characters will also perform a trick animation during the jump).
Mushroom - Provides the player's kart with a small speed boost.
Super Star - Provides the player invincibility from all terrain and items, and also giving a speed boost.
Boo - Unleashes Boo, who turns the player invisible for a brief time, making them impervious to enemy attacks, and steals an opponent's item. Cannot steal Special Items.
Coinˣ - Grants the player two extra coins and a micro boost.
Lightningˣ - Causes all opponents to drop their items, shrink, and drive slowly for a short time.
Fake Item - Looks just like an item box, but when you run into it, it knocks you over.
Bob-omb - Explodes after a short time when thrown or dropped, knocking over any kart in its blast radius.
Blooper - Sprays ink on all racers ahead and reduces their visibility. The racers hit also lose some of their traction while sprayed.
Bullet Billˣ - Transforms the player into a Bullet Bill, rocketing through the track with auto-pilot, and providing invincibility from all terrain and items.
Spiny Shellˣ - Targets the racer in first place, knocking over all other karts in its path.
Super Horn - Emits a radial shockwave hitting racers, as well as destroying all obstacles, including the Spiny Shell.
~ Special Items
Fireball (Red) - Three fireballs will revolve around your kart. They split up after they're thrown and go sliding ahead. These powerful pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. Drivers: Mario, Fire Mario
Fireball (Green) - Three fireballs will revolve around your kart. They split up after they're thrown and go sliding ahead. These powerful pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. Drivers: Luigi, Fire Luigi
Fire Flower - Allows the player to throw fireballs for a short time that cause other karts to spin out on impact. Drivers: Metal Mario, Fire Peach, Fire Bro
Ice Flower - Three balls of ice will revolve around your kart. Throw them all at once and they'll freeze any kart they hit, causing them to slide. Drivers: Ice Bro, Ice Mario, Penguin Luigi
Heart - This protective Heart revolves around your kart for a set amount of time, shielding you from attacks. Any item that hits the player becomes theirs to use. A cute and handy item. Drivers: Peach, Daisy, Villager, Wendy, Mametchi
Yoshi's Egg - This egg rolls down the road and home in on opponents. When they hit and break, they'll drop three more items. Drivers: Yoshi
Birdo's Egg - Homes in on the kart in front of you and crashes once it hits. Three more items will fly out when it breaks. Drivers: Birdo
Chain Chomp - This fearsome beast chases karts with reckless abandon, pulling the player behind it at breakneck speeds. Drivers: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi
Triple Mushrooms - Orbits the player's kart, providing them with three separate speed boosts. Drivers: Toad, Toadette
Golden Mushroom - Provides the player's kart with continuous speed boosts for a short time. Drivers: Captain Toad
Mega Mushroom - The driver grows bigger, which allows them to squash other racers by running over them, making them lose their items and slow down for a moment. Drivers: Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Wiggler
Poison Mushroom - A stationary item. Looks like a regular mushroom but If one is run into, the victim shrinks, as if hit by a Lightning. Shrunken racers who run into it revert to normal size. Drivers: Kamek * ngl, i didn't really know who to give this item to
Mushroom Cannon - A cannon designed to resemble a Mushroom. Continually shoots out Mushrooms in front of your kart for a set time. Drivers: Monty Mole, Peachette, Toadsworth
Triple Green Shells - Three green shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones, Lakitu, Koopa (Freerunning)
Triple Red Shells - Three red shells that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Paratroopa, Dry Bones, Lakitu, Koopa (Freerunning)
Bowser's Shell - An awe-inspiring giant shell! As it careens down the road, slamming and ramming into karts, it's the very image of Bowser himself. Drivers: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser
Triple Bananas - Three bananas that orbit the player's kart, protecting them from incoming attacks. Drivers: Donkey Kong Jr., Dixie Kong
Giant Banana - Not only does this big banana spin out karts that hit it, but after being struck it breaks into three regular-sized Bananas. Drivers: Donkey Kong
Banana Barrels - Arm your kart with two fully-loaded barrels of Bananas! Continually shoots out Bananas in front of or behind your kart for a set time. Drivers: Diddy Kong, Funky Kong
Thunder Cloud - A thundercloud hovers over the recipient and strikes it with lightning after 10 seconds. The user shrinks to a very small size for 10 seconds, driving more slowly. Before this happens, the user has higher speed and acceleration while not losing speed when driving off-road, and may pass the cloud to an opponent by bumping into them. Drivers: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde * If there was absolutely no choice but to have the next Meta character, it'd be the Ghosts. Having one of the worst possible specials in the game should balance them out.
POW Block - The POW Block appears above the karts as a 2D image, warning players of its arrival, and causes any racer on the ground ahead of the user to spin out and drop their items. * Since wheelies are no longer a thing, it always spins out other racers unless they're in anti-gravity mode or during an in air trick Drivers: Mii, Don-chan
Super Leaf- Gives the player's kart a tail that can be used to deflect items, knock over opponents and collect coins. The tail will disappear after a moment or if the player is hurt. Drivers: Tanooki Mario
Lucky Seven - Surrounds the player with seven items that rotates around its kart. The player receives a Mushroom, Banana, Green Shell, Red Shell, Blooper, Bob-omb, and a Star. Drivers: King Boo, Pauline, Poochy, Nabbit, Chargin' Chuck, Pianta, Noki
Boomerang Flower - Can be thrown up to three times, hitting racers forward/backward and when it returns to its user after the first and second use. Driver: Boomerang Bro, Larry
Piranha Plant - Automatically chomps on obstacles and other racers, giving a short speed boost for each bite. Drivers: Petey Piranha
Double Bob-ombs - Two Bob-ombs will revolve around your kart. Throw them both at once. Drivers: Wario, Waluigi, Roy
Bob-omb Cannon - Continually shoots out Bob-ombs in front of your kart for a set time. Drivers: Shy Guy
Giga Bob-omb - After being thrown, it will explode after hitting a kart or bouncing 3 times. It has a larger blast radius than a standard Bob-omb. Drivers: King Bob-omb
Bubble - Briefly envelops your kart and protects you from damage for a set time. While in the bubble, you will get a speed boost and float in the air. Drivers: Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Lemmy
Dash Ring - Tosses out three rings in front of you along the track. Pass through them for a speed boost! Drivers: Rosalina, Luma, Ludwig, Honey Queen
Hammer - Throws multiple Hammers in an arc aimed at karts in front of yours. Drivers: Hammer Bro
Super Bell - A bell rings above the driver, knocking away nearby karts and items. The bell rings three consecutive times. Drivers: Cat Peach, Cat Toad
Capsule - Three colorful capsules surround your kart. They'll bounce at opponents when thrown. Drivers: Dr. Mario
Splat Bomb ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * Explodes after a short time when thrown or dropped, knocking and spraying ink on any kart in its blast radius and reduces their visibility. The racers hit also lose some of their traction while sprayed. Drivers: Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy
Magical Boomerang ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾ - * Works like a Boomerang Flower that tracks closes kart infront of player like a Red Shell Drivers: Link
Magnet ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * a powerful magnet that pulls opponents towards the player Source Drivers: Krunch
Nayru's Love ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * will surround the racer's kart with a protective shield. Any items that hit this shield will be reflected back at the racer who used them. If a driver using Nayru's Love is attacked with an item such as a Lightning, the racer who used the Lightning item will take damage. Drivers: Zelda
Copy Ability ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * steals Special item from any racer. If no racer has a special item on them, it'll randomly generate a random racer's Special Item. Drivers: Kirby
Dedede's Hammer ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * driver using Dedede's Hammer, will swing it around for about 5 seconds. Any karts hit will be squashed, causing them to lose their item and speed momentarily. Drivers: King Dedede
Invincibility Shield ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * become invulnerable to all damage for a short time. Drivers: Sonic, Tails
Bombs ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * Think Double Bob-ombs, the original Triple Bananas and the Feather item. If used as a protective item, upon the explosion, the player will leap in the air, providing a small speed boost upon landing. Drivers: Samus
Geno Flash ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ - * works like a Lightning but doesn't strink opponents. Drivers: Geno
~ 5. Courses ~
~ Cups
161 Total Courses
Nitro Grand Prix Mushroom Cup》 Flower Cup》 Star Cup》 Special Cup 🔒
Retro Grand Prix 🔒 Mushroom 🍄 Courses : Shell Cup》Golden Dash Cup》Red Coin Cup》Blue Coin Cup》Banana Cup》Lucky Cat Cup》1-Up Cup》Gold Cup》
Flower 🌷 Courses: Leaf Cup》Turnip Cup》Freezie Cup》Metal Cup》 Lightning Cup》Rock Cup》POW Cup》Heart Cup》
Star ⭐️ Courses: Sun Cup》Moon Cup》Red Shell Cup》Thunder Cloud Cup》Wing Cup》Boomerang Cup》Coin Block Cup》Warp Cup》
Special 👑 Courses: Vanish Cup》Cherry Cup》Mega Cup》Tanooki Cup》? Block Cup》Spiny Cup》Shine Cup》Grand Cup》
World Grand Prix🔒 Lightning⚡️Courses: Egg Cup》Triforce Cup》Crossing Cup》Bell Cup》Propeller Cup》Fruit Cup》Feather Cup》Acorn Cup》Super Cup》World Cup》
Extra Grand Prix 🔒* Excellent idea to introduce courses from the Mario Kart GP series as well as new courses for DLC content
~ New Courses
Nitro Grand Prix: Mushroom Cup 🍄 1. New Mario Circuit 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Flower Cup 🌷 1. beach- or water-themed course 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Star Cup ⭐️ 1. ice- or snow-themed course 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD
Nitro Grand Prix: Special Cup 👑 1. TBD 2. TBD 3. New Bowser's Castle 4. New Rainbow Road
~ Retro Courses
Mushroom 🍄 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Shell Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mario Kart Stadium 2. ᵈˢ Yoshi Falls 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Baby Park 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 1
Retro Grand Prix: Golden Dash Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Luigi Circuit 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Shy Guy Beach 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Sweet Sweet Canyon 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Dry Dry Desert
Retro Grand Prix: Red Coin Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Toad Circuit 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Moo Moo Farm 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Riverside Park 4. ʷⁱⁱ Toad's Factory
Retro Grand Prix: Blue Coin Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Luigi Raceway 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 1 3. ᵈˢ Cheep Cheep Beach 4. ³ᵈˢ Shy Guy Bazaar
Retro Grand Prix: Banana Cup 1. ᵈˢ Figure-8 Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ Moo Moo Meadows 3. ³ᵈˢ Cheep Cheep Lagoon 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Kalimari Desert
Retro Grand Prix: Lucky Cat Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 1 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Peach Beach 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Koopa Troopa Beach 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Thwomp Ruins
Retro Grand Prix: 1-Up Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Luigi Circuit 2. ³ᵈˢ Daisy Hills 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 1 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 1
Retro Grand Prix: Gold Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Peach Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Water Park 3. ʷⁱⁱ Mushroom Gorge 4. ᵈˢ Luigi's Mansion
Flower 🌷 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Leaf Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Mushroom Bridge 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Boo Lake 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Twisted Mansion 4. ³ᵈˢ Rock Rock Mountain
Retro Grand Prix: Turnip Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Mario Circuit 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Toad Harbor 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Choco Mountain 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 2
Retro Grand Prix: Freezie Cup 1. ᵈˢ Desert Hills 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Mario Circuit 3. ʷⁱⁱ DK Summit 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 2
Retro Grand Prix: Metal Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Mario Circuit 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Frappe Snowland 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Daisy Cruiser 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Shy Guy Falls
Retro Grand Prix: Lightning Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mario Circuit 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 2 3. ᵈˢ Waluigi Pinball 4. ʷⁱⁱ Wario's Gold Mine
Retro Grand Prix: Rock Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Choco Island 1 2. ᵈˢ Delfino Square 3. ³ᵈˢ Music Park 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Mario Raceway
Retro Grand Prix: POW Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Loop 2. ʷⁱⁱ Coconut Mall 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Cheese Land 4. ᵈˢ Shroom Ridge
Retro Grand Prix: Heart Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Toad's Turnpike 2. ³ᵈˢ Mario Circuit 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 2 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Waluigi Stadium
Star ⭐️ Courses Retro Grand Prix: Sun Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Snow Land 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Choco Island 2 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Yoshi Circuit 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Bowser's Castle
Retro Grand Prix: Moon Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ Wario Stadium 2. ʷⁱⁱ Koopa Cape 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Yoshi Desert 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mount Wario
Retro Grand Prix: Red Shell Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Daisy Circuit 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Ribbon Road 3. ᵈˢ Mario Circuit 4. ᵍᶜⁿ DK Mountain
Retro Grand Prix: Thunder Cloud Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Sunshine Airport 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Sherbet Land 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Vanilla Lake 1 4. ³ᵈˢ Maka Wuhu
Retro Grand Prix: Wing Cup 1. ᵈˢ DK Pass 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Dolphin Shoals 3. ³ᵈˢ Neo Bowser City 4. ʷⁱⁱ Grumble Volcano
Retro Grand Prix: Boomerang Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Sherbet Land 2. ³ᵈˢ Wario Shipyard 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Royal Raceway 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Bowser Castle 3
Retro Grand Prix: Coin Block Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Koopa Beach 1 2. ᵈˢ Tick-Tock Clock 3. ʷⁱⁱ Maple Treeway 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 3
Retro Grand Prix: Warp Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ Piranha Plant Slide 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Mushroom City 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Electrodrome 4. ᵈˢ Airship Fortress
Special 👑 Courses Retro Grand Prix: Vanish Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Donut Plains 3 2. ʷⁱⁱ Moonview Highway 3. ᵍᵇᵃ Bowser Castle 4 4. ᵍᶜⁿ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Cherry Cup 1. ³ᵈˢ DK Jungle 2. ᵍᵇᵃ Broken Pier 3. ˢⁿᵉˢ Ghost Valley 3 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Mega Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ Dry Dry Ruins 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Bone-Dry Dunes 3. ⁿ⁶⁴ Banshee Boardwalk 4. ˢⁿᵉˢ Vanilla Lake 2
Retro Grand Prix: Tanooki Cup 1. ᵍᶜⁿ Wario Colosseum 2. ³ᵈˢ Rosalina's Ice World 3. ʷⁱⁱ Bowser's Castle 4. ⁿ⁶⁴ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: ? Block Cup 1. ᵈˢ Wario Stadium 2. ˢⁿᵉˢ Koopa Beach 2 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Bowser's Castle 4. ᵍᵇᵃ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Spiny Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Lakeside Park 2. ᵍᶜⁿ Dino Dino Jungle 3. ᵈˢ Bowser Castle 4. ʷⁱⁱ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Shine Cup 1. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Cloudtop Cruise 2. ⁿ⁶⁴ Yoshi Valley 3. ³ᵈˢ Bowser's Castle 4. ᵈˢ Rainbow Road
Retro Grand Prix: Grand Cup 1. ⁿ⁶⁴ D.K.'s Jungle Parkway 2. ᵈˢ Peach Gardens 3. ᵍᶜⁿ Bowser's Castle 4. ³ᵈˢ Rainbow Road
Lightning⚡️Courses 🔒 World Grand Prix: Egg Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Rainbow Road 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Berlin Byways 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Wild Woods 4. ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Yoshi's Island
World Grand Prix: Triforce Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 4 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Los Angeles Laps 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Piranha Plant Cove 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Hyrule Circuit
World Grand Prix: Crossing Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Luigi Circuit 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Sydney Sprint 3. TBA 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Animal Crossing
World Grand Prix: Bell Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Sky Garden 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Singapore Speedway 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Super Bell Subway 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Propeller Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 3 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Vancouver Velocity 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Ice Ice Outpost 4. ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Sky-High Sundae
World Grand Prix: Fruit Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Sunset Wilds 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ New York Minute 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Bangkok Rush 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Feather Cup 1. ˢⁿᵉˢ Mario Circuit 2 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ London Loop 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Ninja Hideaway 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Mute City
World Grand Prix: Acorn Cup 1. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Paris Promenade 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Merry Mountain 3. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Dragon Driftway 4. TBA
World Grand Prix: Super Cup 1. ᵍᵇᵃ Cheep-Cheep Island 2. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Amsterdam Drift 3. TBA 4. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Big Blue
World Grand Prix: World Cup 1. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Tokyo Blur 2. ʷⁱⁱ ᵘ Excitebike Arena 3. ᵗᵒᵘʳ Athens Dash 4. TBA
~ Extra/DLC Courses
Extra Grand Prix: Mario Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Mario Highway 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Mario Beach
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Mario Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Splash Circuit 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Tropical Coast
Extra Grand Prix: DK Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ DK Jungle 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Bananan Ruins
Extra Grand Prix: Extra DK Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bananan Labyrinth 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ DK Jungle
Extra Grand Prix: Wario Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Diamond City 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Snow Panic
Extra Grand Prix: Waluigi Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ² Stadium Arena 2. ᵃᵍᵖ² Waluigi Stadium
Extra Grand Prix: Pac-Man Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Pac Mountain 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Pac Labyrinth
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Pac-Man Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ PAC-MAN Stadium 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ NAMCO Circuit
Extra Grand Prix: Bowser Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Bowser's Castle 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Castle Wall
Extra Grand Prix: Extra Bowser Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bowser's Factory 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bowser's Castle
Extra Grand Prix: Rainbow Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖ Rainbow Coaster 2. ᵃᵍᵖ Rainbow Downhill
Extra Grand Prix: Yoshi Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖ² Yoshi Park 1 2. ᵃᵍᵖ² Yoshi Park 2
Extra Grand Prix: Toad Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Peach Castle 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Kingdom Way
Extra Grand Prix: Don-chan Cup 🔒 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Bon Dance Street 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Omatsuri Circuit
Extra Grand Prix: Bowser Jr. Cup 1. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Aerial Road 2. ᵃᵍᵖᵈˣ Sky Arena
Extra Grand Prix: Inklings Cup 1. Splatoon themed course * Splat Circuit 2. Splatoon themed course
Extra Grand Prix: Sonic ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Sonic themed course * Twinkle Circuit Source at 1:00 2. Sonic themed course * Green Hill Zone related course
Extra Grand Prix: King K. Rool ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. King K. Rool/Donkey Kong Country related themed course 2. Diddy Kong Racing related themed course * Jungle Falls or Darkmoon Caverns Source 1 Source 2
Extra Grand Prix: Zelda ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Zelda themed course * Lost Woods 2. Zelda themed course
Extra Grand Prix: Kirby ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Kirby themed course * Fantasy Meadows (from Kirby Air Ride) Source 2. Kirby themed course * Meta Knight's Halberd or The Great Cave Offensive
Extra Grand Prix: Samus ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ 🔒 1. Metroid themed course 2. Metroid themed course
~ 6. Battle ~
In all games, the engine class of Battle Mode is fixed to 50cc. An exception is the Renegade Roundup mode where it is increased to 100cc.
~ Battle Modes
Balloon Battle》Team Balloon Battle》 Classic Balloon Battle》Team Classic Balloon Battle - Mini Bomb Karts return. Shine Thief》Team Shine Thief》 Bob-omb Blast》Team Bob-omb Blast Shine Runners Coin Runners (Coin Battle)》Team Coin Runners》 Renegade Roundup
Thunder Cloud Tag ⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾* - Similar to Shine Thief but reverse. Think of it as Tag. A random player has a Thunder Cloud and must tag others to lose it from above their head. If the player holds the Thunder Cloud when the timer reaches zero, this process repeats until one player remains.
~ Courses
ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 1 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 2 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 3 ˢⁿᵉˢ Battle Course 4 ⁿ⁶⁴ Big Donut ⁿ⁶⁴ Block Fort ⁿ⁶⁴ Double Deck ⁿ⁶⁴ Skyscraper ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 1 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 2 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 3 ᵍᵇᵃ Battle Course 4 ᵍᶜⁿ Cookie Land ᵍᶜⁿ Block City ᵍᶜⁿ Luigi's Mansion ᵍᶜⁿ Nintendo GameCube ᵍᶜⁿ Pipe Plaza ᵍᶜⁿ Tilt-a-Kart ᵈˢ Nintendo DS ᵈˢ Twilight House ᵈˢ Palm Shore ᵈˢ Tart Top ᵈˢ Block Fort ᵈˢ Pipe Plaza ʷⁱⁱ Block Plaza ʷⁱⁱ Delfino Pier ʷⁱⁱ Funky Stadium ʷⁱⁱ Chain Chomp Wheel ʷⁱⁱ Thwomp Desert ³ᵈˢ Honeybee Hive (Honeybee House) ³ᵈˢ Sherbet Rink ³ᵈˢ Wuhu Town ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Battle Stadium ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Sweet Sweet Kingdom ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Dragon Palace ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Lunar Colony ˢʷᶦᵗᶜʰ Urchin Underpass ᵗᵒᵘʳ New York Minute B ᵗᵒᵘʳ Paris Promenade B Icicle Pyramid or Smokey Castle ⁽ᵈˡᶜ⁾ Source 1 Source 2
submitted by VernonKazama to u/VernonKazama [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:17 rlpbr Post para discutir a Hurb

Galera, tenho acompanhado as recentes notícias sobre a Hurb e falta de compromisso da empresa para honrar os pacotes de viagem contratados com datas flexívies. Gostaria de discutir aqui como seria o modelo de negócio deles, que cada vez mais se aproxima de um pirâmide na minha opinião.
Lembrando, toda a discussão é sobre os pacotes com DATAS FLEXÍVEIS (detalhes aqui). Os outros produtos me parecem mais entendíveis. O que acho que está acontecendo:
  1. Clientes compram os pacotes (passagem + hospedagem) antecipadamente, transferindo dinheiro/recursos para a Hurb;
  2. Hurb não usa esse recurso para a compra das passagens por três motivos:
    1. É impossível comprar passagens para mais de 12 meses no futuro;
    2. Hurb monitora o preço das passagens para encontrar e comprar o valor mais barato possível (aqui estaria o core business/a principal tecnologia da empresa), rentabilizando em cima do recurso recebido:
    3. Hurb adquire as passagens por meio do comércio de milhas (mas não encontrei tanta evidência sobre isso);
  3. Encontrei relatos no YouTube e no Twitter de que as pessoas que de fato viajaram (principalmente para o exterior), ao checar o preço da passagem emitida pelas aéreas, encontraram valores 3 ou 4 vezes maiores do que o pago pelo pacote (passagem + hospedagem); ou seja, o método 2.2 nem sempre funciona (ou, como parece, não é esperado que funcione); nesses relatos, o método de compra para adquirir a passagem é cartão de crédito - e por isso tenho minhas dúvidas com o método 2.3;
  4. Já a parte da hospedagem eu acho a mais fácil de todas: é possível deixar reservado com grande antecedência e talvez adiantar alguns pagamentos para as pousados, hotéis etc.; os casos que estamos vendo agora de hospedagem cancelada (destacando que o ponto 4 fala de HOSPEDAGEM) me parece ter a ver com falta de fluxo de caixa da empresa (o que é péssimo de qualquer maneira);
  5. Os pacotes não estão sendo entregues para todos pois simplesmente não existem passagens com preços atrativos ou que gerem rentabilidade para a Hurb (ponto 2.2);
  6. Os pacotes que estão sendo entregues geram prejuízo para a Hurb (ponto 3) e uma das formas de tentar reduzir o prejuízo é entregando o pacote pela metade (sem hospedagem, por exemplo);
  7. Para manter tudo isso funcionando, a Hurb precisa continuar esse ciclo e é já é possível comprar pacotes para 2025, 2026 etc.
Com todos esses pontos, acredito que é um grande esquema de pirâmide em que quem vai viajar no futura acaba financiando as viagens atuais; esse recurso que sempre entra é necessário para comprar as passagens com preços comuns/sem grandes descontos (a falha no 2.2 causa o 3) que eventualmente vai ocorrer.
O que acham? Alguém que viajou recentemente consegue comparar o preço real da passagem (usando o localizador da passagem) com o preço do pacote pago?
submitted by rlpbr to brasil [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:10 JordanJank S23+ SOT

S23+ SOT
Had this 512gb s23+ since release SOT is amazing! ❤️
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2023.05.28 16:51 Master-Diatmont I've seen this one. a bird, the bridge, and the word "depressed"

I've seen this one. a bird, the bridge, and the word submitted by Master-Diatmont to HonkaiStarRail [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:44 DevotedShepherdd I've been playing Goat Tribal for almost 5 years and I almost went 5-0

Hello mens!
I've been building around this card called [[Springjack Shepherd]] for over 5 years now with the goal of making it overpowered and creating a goat utopia. I've dubbed this as "The Goat Saga."
It's been a long journey but essentially I've built over 25 versions of Goat tribal and have either tried or at least thought of every possible way I could exploit this card.
Here's just a few decklists:
White Pitch Goats (Current Version)
Winota Zur Enchantments Goats
Jetmir Goats v1
4-Color Goats
Goat & Taxes
Goats Version 15
...and there are many, many more.
I'll go over in detail my what I learned brewing around this card another day, but I came to share my first gameplay vid on the current version of goats! Please check it out!
I'll answer any questions in the comments below! o/
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2023.05.28 16:32 Actual_Scratch_9821 Anyone else here cried as a 12 y.o during this part of battleblock theatre?

More Memes at :
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2023.05.28 16:22 Getting-ExciteD ah yes 8 dupes and a 4*

ah yes 8 dupes and a 4* submitted by Getting-ExciteD to summonerswar [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 16:17 SirAlexH Big Finish Podcast Notes/Misc. Doctor Who News Roundup - 29/05/2023


So, so, sorry for being late. Been busy! of Doctor Who Audio. Anyway, what a shit week, er,....yeah, I’ve got nothing. Just busy at work and how little I can provide. In other words, over Murray Gold, cos I’ve been relistening to Bear McCreary’s work on Battlestar Galactica. There’s so many pieces people refer too, yet Kara’s Cooirdinates is the definitive for me. And just err: Bear McCreary’s fantastic.
Sales: The Lost Stories: What it says on the Tin; The Sixth Doctor: Mel Sales; Multiple stops in the DW phone Games which I don’t pay attention to so I’m out of the loop Hour 1000;
What CD’s are Out of Print This Week?:: Bonus Releases: Return to the Web Planet; The Monthly Adventures: 171. The Seeds of War
Interview/Production Interviews: **Space: 1999): Dragon’s Domain.
Randomoid Selectotron: BUCKUP: The Monthly Adventures: 127. Castle of Fear
Fifteen Minute Drama Tease: **Space: 1999: Dragon’s Domain
Big Finish Release Date Schedule: Space: 1999: Dragon’s Domain
What Big Finish I was listening too today: Life is complicated.
Diamond Anniversary Listenthrough: Very complicated.
Random Tangents: Benji loves Germany, and thinks the German diet (Meat; no Salad) is wonderfully relaxing (if you’re only there for a week). Nick is helping his mum move out of the house and he recreated a photograph of the room where he originally had the family TV to watch Doctor Who. They marvel on how coathangers were used as aerials. Benji and Nick marvel at how VHS tapes had their own stories based on what program was recorded over the other (eg. The entirety of Genesis of the Daleks and the final ten minutes of Batman and Robin). Benji had a cat that made "Beh” noises. Write in if you unironically listen to cassette tapes. And finally, Marc Platt has been DELETED.
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2023.05.28 16:17 El_Capitan_101 Is this for real?

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2023.05.28 16:10 mmm_yes_mmm Türkiye’ye gelen kaçak pakistanlı sorunu

Hepimiz oy kullanmak zorundayız! İki seçimdir 1 oy 1 oydur diyerek zar zor yürüyen ve ayakta durabilen, kalp yetmezliği olan dedemi sırf kk’ye veriyor diye oy kullandırttım. (Yasal olarak yaşlıların ve engellilerin oy kullanma önceliği var yani beklemiyorlar. Çevrenizde böyle birileri varsa oy vermesini sağlayabilirsiniz.)
Eğer bu seçimi bu puştları deport edecek ve hudutları koruyacağını söyleyen kk yerine, onlara din kardeşimiz diyen hatta vatandaşlık bile veren, sınırlarımızı kevgire döndüren malum şahıs kazanırsa tr toplumunu şu andan bile daha karanlık günler bekliyor…
Özellikle twitterda bunların sapıklıkları haber yapıldığında altına “ehuwehuw sanki türk erkekleri yapmıyo ehwew” die takılan bazı türkoları (hatta kadın/erkek yani sadece kadınlar da değil) görüyodum ama burada da böyle birkaç kişi görünce artık bu postu atmaya karar verdim.
Bu pakilerin ne kadar yozlaşmış sapık ruh hastası bir kültürden türediklerinin farkında değiller sanırım.Bu maymunların geldiği coğrafyada daha bir-iki gün önce başkentte bir grup tarafından yedi yaşındaki bir kız kaçırıldı, işkenceye ve tecavüze uğradı başını taşla ezip kaçırdıkları yere geri attılar. Çok değil birkaç ay önce mezara yeni gömülmüş bir kızı çıkartıp cesedine tecavz ettiler. Bunların kültürlerinde kadınlara 200-300 kişi toplu şekilde taciz tecavüz ve oğlancılık çok yaygın ve normal karşılanan şeyler. Araştırdıkça daha iğrençleşiyor. Adamlarda pedosundan nekrofilisine her kesimden aklınıza gelip gelemeyecek her şeyi yapma potansiyeli olan sapık abaza orospu cocugu mevcut. Özellikle bizim ülkemize gelenler için konuşacağım.
Bu adamlarda zaten hep türk/türkiye hayranlığı vardı ve siktiğim osmanlı dizileri yüzünden bu hayranlık iyice arttı. Bu oevlatları tayyibi halife, islamın ve müslümanların koruyucusu olarak görüyor amk. pak-türk imparotorluğu hayaliyle orgazm geçiriyolar. Bizim o götümüzle güldüğümüz, sikimize sallamadığımız sikko kalitedeki işte 2023 te lozan bitecek, atatürk masondu, gaydi, osmanlıyı yıktı vb konulu facebook videolarını alıp ingilizceye ve urducaya çeviriyolar ve adamlar bunları gerçekten inanıyor. youtube’ta bi video vardı elin pakisi çıkmış 20 dk boyunca 2023 te lozan bitecek rte trye şeriatı getircek, ümmeti birleştircek ve halifeliğini ilan edecek diye. Hatta iki yıl önce karşıma bi kanal çıkmıştı kaçak pakinin teki sikik türkçesiyle tr de düşük kalite sokak röportajı tarzı (bazen omegle, bazen eminönü taksin gibi yerlerde)videolar çekiyodu hepsi türklerin pakileri nası gördüğüyle ilgiliydi. Bir videoda birkaç türk kıza pakistanlı erkekleri nası buluyorsunuz diye soruyordu onlar da “pakistanlı erkekler çok tatlılar 🥰 çok yakışıklılar🥵” (kesinlikle para vermiş amk başka açıklaması olamaz) diye cevap veriyordur. Videonun yorumlarından bir bok anlamasam bile sadece kullandıkları emojiler bile ne kadar bir elleri sikinde bir şekilde videoları izlediklerini hissettiriyordu…
Bir de bunların tiktok kısmı var orası en kötüsü ama sadece tek bir pakinin hesabına bile baksanız an açık şekilde bunların ne bok olduğu anlaşılıyor. Bu hesapların hepsine yüklenen videolarda içerikler ortak sınırlarımız olmamasına rağmen 150-200 dolar verdikleri insan kaçakçılarıyla sınırlarımızdan nasıl geçtikleri, yanlarında silah kesici delici aletler, izinsiz ve genellikle gizlice selfie çekiyomuş numarası yaparak iğrenç yüz mimikler ve el hareketleriyle kayda alınmış türkler (genellikle kadınlar ama sadece kadınlar değil, en az yarısı kız erkek fark etmeksizin çocuklar). Kendi ülkelerindeki aynı zihniyetteki akranları bunları görüp özeniyor ve onlarda geliyor.
Unutmayın türkiye onlar için cennet, türkler de huri.
Bu seçim son şansımız oy kullanın kullandırtın!
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2023.05.28 16:10 SvetAndroida YouTube zruší své Stories. Populárnější Shorts pojedou dál

YouTube zruší své Stories. Populárnější Shorts pojedou dál
Snapchat jim dal největší slávu a všechny ostatní sítě se je vehementně snažily implementovat, i když to někdy moc nedávalo smysl. Řeč je o Stories neboli Příbězích či "storíčkách", tedy o krátkých videích natáčených na výšku, která po nějakém čase nenávratně zmizí. Tuto populární sekci zavedl kdysi také YouTube, nicméně teď ji zase pouští k vodě. Google oznámil, že krátké a mizející video příběhy z aplikace zmizí úplně kompletně s celou funkcí. Konec YouTube Stories nastane 26. června.
"Dnes můžete na YouTube tvořit mnoha způsoby - od komunitních příspěvků přes Shorts až po dlouhé a živé vysílání. Abychom upřednostnili tyto klíčové funkce, Stories / Příběhy zmizí. Od 26. 6. 2023 již nebude možnost vytvořit nové. Platnost Příběhů, které budou k tomuto datu již přidané, vyprší 7 dní po jejich původním sdílení," píše Google v oficiálním oznámení. Stories pravděpodobně nebudou ani velké části diváků chybět, i když byly mnohem méně viditelné než zmíněné Shorts.
Formát Shorts je d... celý článek si můžete přečíst na
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2023.05.28 15:50 Im-a-molecule [Artist Spotlight] - Free Throw

Free Throw
emo punk
Similar Artists
Nashville emo-punk outfit Free Throw established themselves in the mid-2010s with a rugged but deeply melodic sound. On albums like 2017's Bear Your Mind and 2021's Piecing It Together, the quintet expanded on their energetic sound while building a significant national fan base.
Free Throw formed in 2012 and quickly become a fixture of Nashville's D.I.Y. circuit of basement and house shows. Early EPs Free Throw and Lavender Town revealed a band with a strong melodic sense and a gritty catharsis that eventually earned them a spot on Count Your Lucky Stars' label roster. The five-piece lineup of Cory Castro (vocals, guitar), Jake Hughes (guitar, vocals), Lawrence Warner (guitar), Justin Castro (bass), and Zach Hall (drums) made their label debut with These Days Are Gone, the band's first LP. The album saw them break into the national touring scene, as they racked up shows with Sorority Noise, Tiny Moving Parts, and other like-minded bands. With Kevin Garcia replacing Hall on drums, they entered the studio with producer Brett Romnes (I Am the Avalanche, Sorority Noise) and recorded their follow-up LP.
Released in May 2017, Bear Your Mind was Free Throw's first release for New York label Triple Crown Records. A 2018 EP, Missing Pieces, offered reworked acoustic version of several tracks from Bear Your Mind as well as a cover of the Chance the Rapper cut "Same Drugs." Free Throw later returned to full-electric form on 2019's What's Past Is Prologue, followed two years later by their fourth album Piecing It Together.
Official Website
Studio Albums
Those Days Are Gone (2014)
Bear Your Mind (2017)
What's Past Is Prologue (2019)
Piecing It Together (2021)
Previous Spotlight - Viagra Boys
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2023.05.28 15:45 SFMatchThreadder Match Thread: Motherwell vs Dundee United Scottish Premiership

89': Motherwell 3-2 Dundee United

Motherwell scorers: Kevin Van Veen (5'), Blair Spittal (69'), Max Johnston (82')
Dundee United scorers: Jamie McGrath (31' PEN), Steven Fletcher (49')
Venue: ?
Watch live on Motherwell FC Live
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link
Liam Kelly, Bevis Mugabi, Shane Blaney, Paul McGinn, Lennon Miller Callum Slattery, Sean Goss, Blair Spittal, James Furlong, Stephen O'Donnell Max Johnston, Kevin Van Veen, Mikael Mandron Jonathan Obika.
Subs: Stuart Mckinstry, Ross Tierney, Mark Ferrie, Aston Oxborough, Jack Aitchison, Dean Cornelius.
Dundee United
Jack Newman, Ross Graham, Loick Ayina, Aziz Behich, Kieran Freeman, Jamie McGrath, Dylan Levitt Kai Fotheringham, Craig Sibbald, Steven Fletcher Miller Thomson, Peter Pawlett Rory Macleod, Glenn Middleton Mathew Anim Cudjoe.
Subs: Scott McMann, Charlie Mulgrew, Ian Harkes, Ilmari Niskanen, Mark Birighitti.
Motherwell Dundee United
Possession 42% 58%
Shots 23 10
Shots on Target 6 7
Corners 9 0
Fouls 16 6
5' Goal! Motherwell 1, Dundee United 0. Kevin van Veen (Motherwell) right footed shot from a difficult angle on the left to the bottom left corner. Assisted by Sean Goss.
31' Goal! Motherwell 1, Dundee United 1. Jamie McGrath (Dundee United) converts the penalty with a right footed shot to the centre of the goal.
49' Goal! Motherwell 1, Dundee United 2. Steven Fletcher (Dundee United) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Peter Pawlett.
52' Lennon Miller (Motherwell) is shown the yellow card.
56' Shane Blaney (Motherwell) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.
65' Substitution, Motherwell. Callum Slattery replaces Lennon Miller.
65' Substitution, Motherwell. Jonathan Obika replaces Mikael Mandron.
65' Substitution, Motherwell. Max Johnston replaces Stephen O'Donnell.
65' Substitution, Dundee United. Mathew Anim Cudjoe replaces Glenn Middleton.
66' Substitution, Dundee United. Kai Fotheringham replaces Dylan Levitt.
69' Goal! Motherwell 2, Dundee United 2. Blair Spittal (Motherwell) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Kevin van Veen.
71' Substitution, Dundee United. Rory Macleod replaces Peter Pawlett.
82' Goal! Motherwell 3, Dundee United 2. Max Johnston (Motherwell) header from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal. Assisted by James Furlong with a cross.
86' Substitution, Dundee United. Miller Thomson replaces Steven Fletcher.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2023.05.28 15:40 Educational-Tax317 #Satguru_Shobha_Yatra God Kabir Prakat Diwas

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2023.05.28 15:32 mtrikiX Espero que esta comunidad se haga grande. Donde cualquier hispanohablante pueda dar a conocer sus proyectos de minecrsft:construcciones, granjas, mundos, realms, servers y canales de youtube o cualquier plataforma. Sólo se admite minecraft bedrock en español.

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Hi, I am a short form video editor looking for part time work. I can make - YouTube Shorts - Instagram Reels - TikTok Videos - Short Intros\_RHF3jVnK0qj\_sEL8uJ8TqO?usp=share\_link Here are some examples of my work Videos are £10 ($12.32) DM, Discord (Iro#4996) or Email ([email protected]) if interested
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Hi, I am a short form video editor looking for part time work. I can make - YouTube Shorts - Instagram Reels - TikTok Videos - Short Intros\_RHF3jVnK0qj\_sEL8uJ8TqO?usp=share\_link Here are some examples of my work Videos are £10 ($12.32) DM, Discord (Iro#4996) or Email ([email protected]) if interested
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Hi, I am a short form video editor looking for part time work. I can make - YouTube Shorts - Instagram Reels - TikTok Videos - Short Intros\_RHF3jVnK0qj\_sEL8uJ8TqO?usp=share\_link Here are some examples of my work Videos are £10 ($12.32) DM, Discord (Iro#4996) or Email ([email protected]) if interested
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2023.05.28 15:23 ZookeepergameWhole69 Teyes CC3 2k. Anyone Interested?

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Hi, I am a short form video creator looking for part time work.
I can make
- YouTube Shorts
- Instagram Reels
- TikTok Videos
- Short Intros\_RHF3jVnK0qj\_sEL8uJ8TqO?usp=share\_link
Here are some examples of my work
Videos are £10 ($12.32)
DM if interested
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2023.05.28 15:13 paul4dr Little back end action for the group

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