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2023.06.08 07:21 endtime12 THE BOOK OF REVELATION


Revelation is the dramatization of the unveiling of Jesus Christ. It records the events that are currently leading up to the second coming of our Lord and Savior back to this earth. In verse one of chapter 4 we move into the future, the prophetic part of the Book of Revelation.
“After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.”

Three Event Categories

The Apostle John was inspired by God to write Revelation while he was exiled on the Isle of Patmos. It is not written in chronological order. But it is in an order, just not from front to back. There are three categories of events in the Book of Revelation according to Revelation 1:19—the things which John had already seen; the things “which are” (situations already existing in John’s world); and future events–the things “which shall be hereafter.” These future events are described in four major categories: seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders and seven vials.

Seven Seals

The seals are the long story, ending with Armageddon and Jesus’ return to earth. The trumpets are the shorter story ending at the same place. The vials are the very short story, also ending at the Armageddon. These categories, like the four gospels, tell the same story from four different perspectives. The sixth and seventh seal, the seventh trumpet and the seventh vial all describe voices, lightning, thunders, an earthquake and great hail. These all describe the same event, because they are the same event. Each of them describes the second coming of Jesus Christ to this earth.

Parenthetical Chapters

The skeletal structure of Revelation is contained in the seals, the trumpets and the vials. Revelation also contains what we call parenthetical chapters. These chapters are similar to color commentary. They give us additional information not contained in the seals, trumpets and vials. For example, Revelation chapter 12 describes a war that will take place in heaven three and one-half years before the second coming. Revelation chapter 13 foretells the coming one-world government, one-world religion and the global economic system. Revelation chapters 17 and 18 contain a detailed account of the coming destruction of the false religious systems that will be in alliance with the Antichrist.

Blessing and Curse

Revelation is the only book in the Bible that ends with a blessing on those who keep the sayings of the book, and a curse on those who add to or take away from the things written in the book.“Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” (Revelation 1:3)
“…If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” Revelation 22:18-19
You and I are part of the generation that will see the unveiling of Jesus Christ. The Bible has given us reliable signs that we are in the endtimes. Jesus said, “So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” (Matthew 24:33-34) Which generation will not pass until all these things are fulfilled? The Answer is, the generation that shall the things prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24. We are witnessing the fulfillment of these things right now!

Revelation 1-3

Revelation 4-5

Revelation 6

Revelation 7

Revelation 8-11

Revelation 12

Revelation 13

Revelation 14

Revelation 15

Revelation 16

Revelation 17-18

Revelation 19

Revelation 20

Revelation 21

Revelation 22

Read More:-
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2023.06.08 07:14 BlackIronSaturn Regarding "My Great Guilt", the three words uttered by the Father/ The Twisted One (spoilers)

I bolded the main area of my thoughts on the matter, but the TL;DR will be placed up here as well:
The Father's great guilt is that they weren't a believer before the prayer. As the transformation from Father to Twisted One came to be, the greatest guilt he ever had was doubting it to begin with. Now his fate is sealed, as well as the Cvstodians whom he damned to witness undeniable existence of a vengeful higher power.
This is my, I think, third or fourth play through of this game, and I decided I wanted to try and really absorb what it is I am being told in this game to help make sense of things. Been doing a lot of lore reading and the like from the item descriptions as well.
Something that always bothered me in previous playthroughs, was there is so much build up about the how the first miracle came to be, but no one in Cvstodia is talking about the why. Even people like Deogracias who serves as a sort of record keeper of all the events, and is seemingly dedicated to this wealth of history, never ever tells us the why.
and sure, we can wave that away easily, because he probably doesn't know the why. No one does but the Father. So....there in lies the question: What exactly was someone like the Father so guilty about that he would pray to the high wills for punishment? Keep in mind, that the miracle up to this point never manifested itself physically in the world at this point, as this event occurred before the turned throne.
My belief is that what the actual source of guilt is perhaps that the Father didn't really align with others among society. How? I am to believe that the Father, for a lack of a better term, was secretly atheist, and felt guilty of it. The high wills were manifested by the Cvstodian people's desire for there to be something, that much they (the high wills) were not bashful at all to admit, and not bashful at all to admit to relishing that level of adoration and attention with how they speak of it in their dialogue to the Penitent One.
However, the high wills were not something that Cvstodians ever saw. On the other side of the dream, they are made physical, but to the mortal realm they remain a concept. So you have this perfect storm about to take place. No one truly had as great of guilt as Father did, because Father was someone who did not fall in line with the masses. He was not a believer, and that really pissed off the high wills.
So it comes to be, that in a perfect storm situation, and with how the miracle works and the high wills governing of it, that the event plays out in a showy spectacle. Pieces, quite simply, fell into place. Amongst a sea of his peers, and thousands of eyes upon him, The Father was about to be unwittingly manifested as the source of it all. Through this defiant man, the High Wills would kill two birds with one stone: Stop any possible tainting of belief towards them, while giving the people something that would undeniably cement their existence in a physical form, effectively dooming Cvstodia to the worship of this malevolent miracle and the puppet master behind it all.
This also comes full circle, because if it is such that the Father felt guilty for not believing in the high wills, then his "great guilt" is not only feeling guilty for not believing, but even more so guilty for bringing down the wrath of the miracle and the three wills.
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2023.06.08 07:06 bndxn No spoilers opinion (but I've used the spoiler tag just in case)

The movie is pretty good - great even for fans - until the third act. It sort of falls apart there, gets too big for its own good.
Lots to love about it, Mirage especially and even the human characters. Love that Optimus has a bit of character growth, and I think I like Beast Wars now? Primal and Airazor are great.
Unicron is in the trailers, so I don't think it's a spoiler to say they really shouldn't have made him so prominent on the screen. Scourge was a good enough villian on his own, and Unicron could have been a more ominous threat off the screen to be teased at the end.
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2023.06.08 06:45 The_Disturbed_Dragon Any chance we're getting that Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous evil playthrough anytime soon?

As the title says, it's been quite some time and I'm still holding off on doing an evil run so that I can play along! Cohh, please stop blue-balling my pathfinder experience :(
Also, any idea if it'll be a Demon/Lich/Swarm/whatever playthrough? I know that Swarm and Lich have unique story changes (especially Swarm), and I'm hoping to see it. I already heard he's doing it on normal, which I totally approve of, and from what I've seen from Midnight Isles, Swarm is so fun on normal with extra enemies turned on.
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2023.06.08 06:44 HighlightJust5582 GOD OF WAR (Story)

Do you think GOD OF WAR could do a better story than Asura Wrath in 1 game?
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2023.06.08 06:43 shellshock321 My Recommendation for Today is Moonlighter and 20 minutes until dawn

i have a ton of Games downloaded on my Phone since I bought a new one. (Huawei Mate 20 x)
I've download the first 6 final fantasy games and I've been meaning to check out but as of right now I've been checking out these 2 specifically.
I didn't really like Oddworld strangers wrath.
The Reason I give Moonlighter and 20MUD my recommendation is simply because both of these are great games and I truly cannot recommend it enough. Moonlighter especially plays really well even with Touch controls. 20MUD is a bit rough on touch but you can get used to it.
Both of these are action games and 20MUD actually is more suited for Mobile than Moonlighter is as you can pump out 1 run after another. It is a rougelite.
Moonlighter has more base building and RPG elements in comparison to 20MUD but also pretty similar. Both are great games.
Also to Note: Are there any other Final Fantasy Games besides 1-6 that are on Android?
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2023.06.08 06:39 Libertyprime8397 Idea for Tapion in Super

I was thinking about making a story for super which would be a retelling of Wrath of the dragon. I wanted to incorporate gods and other universes but I wanted to ask for peoples thoughts on it.
I was thinking what if Tapion and his brother Minotia were the supreme Kais of one of the universes that Zeno erased long ago. Hirudegarn could be the god of destruction albeit more animalistic than what a god should be.
I was thinking that Hirudegarn being too savage to be a god would convince zeno fo erase the universe. Tapion would be the grand supreme Kai so he’d have the god connection to Hirudegarn. If Hirudegarn died Tapion would also die so killing Hirudegarn to spare the universe isn’t an option to Minotia.
Maybe Minotia with the help of that universes angel can seal away Tapion and Hirudegarn and send them away to another universe just before their own is erased. In the rush to send them away it gets sent to a random universe (universe 7) and lost for thousands or millions of years.
This is just something I’ve been brainstorming and I don’t have many dragon ball fans as friends to discuss this with so I posted it here. Curious how others would retell Wrath of the Dragon.
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2023.06.08 06:37 PracticingViolin I present to you. Questline Druid but its not the TOXIC one.

I wanted to share an Ossirian Tear deck with a 60% win rate. I got the data while climbing in diamond 10. I wanted to include some of the newer Choose-One cards from the latest set. Mainly the new card Drum Circle. Drum Circle summons 5 4/6 taunts for 7 mana and is the best card in the deck. you even have solar eclipse to double up on the insane value. one weird addition that might throw people off is the use of Zok Fogsnout. on turn 10 you play Kun, Feral Rage, and Zok for two 5/19 taunts. its probably not the greatest use of Zok, but I've won games because of this combo.
This deck is really fun and a great way to play with the newer cards if you're a wild only player. Please give me any feedback on how you might want to change this deck. Give it a shot before you say anything though, it really helps to get the feel of this deck once you complete the quest.
### Tear
# Class: Druid
# Format: Wild
# 2x (0) Aquatic Form
# 1x (1) Planted Evidence
# 2x (1) Raven Idol
# 1x (1) Untapped Potential
# 2x (1) Worthy Expedition
# 2x (2) Capture Coldtooth Mine
# 1x (2) Dew Process
# 1x (2) Fanboy
# 2x (2) Moonlit Guidance
# 2x (2) Rising Winds
# 2x (2) Solar Eclipse
# 2x (2) Wrath
# 2x (3) Feral Rage
# 1x (3) Photographer Fizzle
# 1x (3) Prince Renathal
# 1x (4) E.T.C., Band Manager
# 1x (1) Jade Idol
# 1x (4) Eater of Secrets
# 1x (4) Poison Seeds
# 1x (4) Rhythm and Roots
# 2x (5) Beetlemancy
# 2x (5) Flipper Friends
# 2x (5) Oasis Surger
# 2x (5) Starfall
# 1x (6) Hidden Oasis
# 1x (6) Spreading Plague
# 2x (7) Drum Circle
# 1x (7) Zok Fogsnout
# 1x (10) Kun the Forgotten King
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
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2023.06.08 06:31 AbletonRinzler Rinzler and Willow: The Order of the Vault - Into the Renzone (Part 2)

"With a trial that Renzo the Destroyer has started, and the Unseen now on high alert, Willow and I must continue our part in helping Thunder rescue Evie and undermining the Unseen's Grand Scheme. This is now venturing into some disturbing levels of dark." The Order of the Vault walks down the Kevolution Materia-infested halls of The Renzone, searching for the next member of the Unseen to beat up and steal a key from. The groaning of Cube Monsters is heard throughout the halls of The Renzone, audibly getting louder as the group nears the source. Once they return to the main party area, the Cube Monsters in the area immediately grow angry at the sight of the Vault Guardians. Ableton shoots a few Fiends with his Shadow Tracker and takes them out, while Thunder mows down loads of them with his Havoc Suppressed Rifle. The room is cleared... for now. Thunder looks around and speaks. "We should find that thieving fox, Stray. I have a suspicion that he's nearby." With everything Thunder said, the Vault Guardians all follow him, as they continue looking through the halls. After what seemed like a while, the group uncovers a room, almost looking like the main hall in Kenjutsu Crossing. Thunder looks around and speaks. "The architecture looks similar to the main palace at Kenjutsu Crossing. The palace the River Guard resides in. Stray has to be nearby." As they wander the room for a bit, Ableton is then surprise attacked. Suddenly a whirlwind appears, bringing a duo of deceiving Unseen members. Who are these two? The Unseen's thieving tricksters, Stray and Highwire. Thunder looks at Stray and responds. "Masaki! I should've known. Your stunt at Steamy Springs could've potentially killed your sister, Mizuki. What dark intentions are you playing at?" Stray looks at Thunder and answers him. "Dark? Dahlia is having me do this for fun. She doesn't want any other syndicate getting in her way of taking over Mega City, and so do I. The Fox Clan was only slowing me down, and now I will help the Unseen rule over Mega City." Thunder pulls out his two knives and yells. "'I'll make you eat those words, you smug punk!" Ableton and Willow run into battle beside Thunder, as the three charge towards Stray. Highwire jumps in front of Stray and pulls out an Enhanced Havoc Shotgun, as she fires a shot into Thunder's chest. Thunder is knocked to the floor, as he looks at the shotgun in Highwire's hands. "That's Evie's Enhanced Havoc Shotgun! Where is Evie, you bunny-eared psycho?" Highwire points the Enhanced Havoc Shotgun at Thunder head and responds. "That's none of your concern. The Unseen should've gotten rid of your Peace Syndicate long ago." From behind, Ableton quickly Crescent Kicks Highwire and knocks her to the floor. Rinzler is then immediately shot by a blast of ice, as Stray channels some Zero Point energy into his Foxfire Edge and concentrates it into some form of an elemental attack. Ableton is frozen into an ice cube, as Willow rushes Stray with her katana, rigorously swinging at her enemy. Stray knocks Willow back, as he swings the Foxfire Edge and unleashes three ricocheting balls of Riftstorm energy. The balls ricochet around the arena, as Willow manages to dodge the attack. Amara runs into battle with Willow, as the two ladies now proceed to take down Stray and Highwire. Highwire pounces onto Amara and attempts to shred her apart with her Plasmacore Claws. Amara retaliates by whacking Highwire in the head with her Goldenbane Mace. Willow clashes with Stray, as he tries to skewer her with his Talisman. "Rip this ghost apart, Saigai Dagger Dance!" Stray summons his Talisman, as Willow evades the converging daggers and knocks Stray back. The battle is nearing its closure, with the Unseen's members on the losing end. Stray pulls out a smoke bomb and faces Willow. "You'll never win, Willow... I still have a trick or two up my sleeve..." Stray then throws the smoke bomb at his feet, as it malfunctions and releases the smoke too early. Stray begins to cough and react to the smoke bomb. "Dammit! That was not supposed to happen!" Amara immediately kicks Stray in the head and knocks him to the floor. A symbol appears above Stray, as the Kevolution Artifact begins to react. Two keys down, another two to go. Thunder faces the group and speaks. "Another key has been found. We must hunt for the others." As the Order of the Vault leaves the room with Thunder, Stray yells out. "You will not succeed! Styx will make sure of it!" Thunder then reenters the room and kicks Stray in the chest, as he then leaves the room again. Ableton looks around and comments. "Whoever Styx is, he appears to possess the next key we need. We need to move quickly. This area has a bad atmosphere." As the group wanders around the halls of The Renzone, they stumble by a room with the lights slightly dimmed. Some voices are heard inside the room. "Triarch Nox expects us to ensure that the Kevolution Artifact is back in our possession, and at full charge." Geometrik's voice is heard, as he responds. "Exactly, Bytes. Nothing that us three can't do." Bytes brushes his hair and speaks. "For we are Team Too Black, Too Strong..." Geometrik speaks after Bytes gets done. "Too black..." Zyg then immediately speaks after Geometrik. "Too strong..." Bytes then speaks after Zyg is done. "Two blacks? Two strongs?" Zyg turns to Bytes and responds. "Nox wants us in the Dark Room. It's a matter most exigent." A corrupted Rift opens in the room, as Bytes, Geometrik, Zyg, and Choppy all exit the room. Outside the room, Ableton turns to Willow and speaks. "Well... That was an interlude. We should find Styx and collect our third key." The group continues wandering the halls, until they begin hearing voices down the hall. "Hello... Is someone there?" Thunder listens out to the voice and responds. "Hold on... Evie?" Thunder slowly walks towards the origin of the voice, as Ableton responds to Thunder. "Thunder... I don't think..." As Thunder rounds a corner, he notices what appears to be Evie enclouded in some smoke. Thunder faces the anomaly and speaks. "Evie! We're here to rescue you!" Willow turns to Thunder and yells. "Thunder! That's not Evie!" The creature slowly loses Evie's shape and begins to unveil its true form, revealing it to be a Cube Monster. Splode shoves a grenade into the creature's mouth and blows it up. Thunder looks at the creature and comments. "A Mimic... Styx must be close..." The group searches the area, looking for Styx. This mysterious Unseen member must be hiding somewhere. Styx then fires a shot at Ableton and misses. Styx walks out and reveals himself to the group. He then speaks, as he lets out an unnerving grin. "Looking for Evie, Thunder? Dahlia wanted to make sure Evie is getting the dark treatment from the Unseen. You should've left our client alone." Ableton faces Styx and responds. "We're not here for your demented game, Styx. Give Evie back to us and we'll promise not to severely beat you to a pulp." Styx stares at the group and responds. "Over me and Dahlia's bodies will we even consider giving Evie to you. You Peace Syndicate scumbags always think there should be peace in Mega City. Always enforcing peace as if you call the shots around here. Let our chaos do its thing and fill Mega City with darkness." Some doors open beside Styx, as a few Cube Monsters flood into the hallway. The next battle begins. Thunder charges for Styx and attempts to tackle him, while Ableton and Willow assist in clearing out the Cube Monsters. Styx pulls out his Combat Shotgun and begins firing shots at Thunder, as he skillfully avoids the shotgun blasts. Thunder then kicks the Combat Shotgun out of Styx's hands and picks it up. Thunder fires a shot into Styx's chest and knocks him to the floor, alongside blasting his chest open. Inside Styx's chest is an orb of condensed Kevolution Materia. Ableton looks at Styx's blasted open chest and comments. "Yikes! That's some serious indigestion!" Styx gets off the ground and speaks. "Yehehehehes! Let's gohohoho!" The Kevolution Materia orb inside of Styx's chest begins to react, as he appears to be making the Cube Fiends near him stronger, turning them into Elite Cube Fiends. Thunder observes the chaos and responds. "Look out! Styx appears to be making those Cube Monsters stronger. We need to take him out before he makes those Cube Monsters too strong." With no time to waste, the Order of the Vault helps Thunder with taking down Styx. Ableton and Willow rush for Styx, as he knocks them both away with some quick shoves. Amara headshots an Elite Cube Fiend with The Dub, while CRZ-8 slices some Cube Fiends apart with his Lucky 8's. A Cubed Blightfather crawls out of the stomach of a Cube Fiend, as Styx uses the Kevolution Materia in his chest orb to turn it into an Elite Cubed Blightfather. Ableton groans in exhaustion at the sight of the Elite Cubed Blightfather. "Oh... You got to be kidding me..." Willow reacts alongside Rinzler. "Nice! Styx managed to amp up something that was already tough to kill." The Vault Guardians now have to focus on killing the Elite Cubed Blightfather before taking on Styx. Splode sticks a Clinger onto the Elite Cubed Blightfather's face, as he yells out. "Chew on that, ugly face! Yeah!" The Clinger explodes, dealing heavy damage to the Elite Cubed Blightfather and staggering it a bit. Willow then executes a quick slash of her katana at the Elite Cubed Blightfather's head, killing the bipedal terror. Thunder walls over to Styx and kicks him in the groin, knocking him to the floor. A symbol appears above Styx, as the Kevolution Artifact begins to react. One key remains, and the Order of the Vault can advance to the trials next puzzle. As the Kevolution Artifact absorbs the symbol, Styx gets up and screams, aggroing loads of Cube Monsters throughout The Renzone. A large horde of Cube Monsters run down the hall, ready to feast on the Vault Guardians and Thunder. Everyone makes a run for it, hoping to find safety from the horde. Within the horde, Stray, Highwire, and Renzo the Destroyer all chase down the Vault Guardians, alongside several Renzo units. Once they head out towards the elevator that leads into the Dark Room, Dahlia stands in front of the group and knocks everyone back with her Code Carver. The Order of the Vault are surrounded by Cube Monsters, Renzo units, and various Unseen members Ableton and Willow defeated earlier. Dahlia looks at Thunder and speaks. "Looking for Evie, Thunder? I've handed her over to a special ally of mine. He won't like it if the trial is finished before he can set anything up." Everyone is now at a standoff, as Thunder faces Dahlia. "If the Unseen chooses to be enemies to Mega City, then the Peace Syndicate will fight like we always have." Thunder pulls out his Kaiju Cutter and begins wildly attacking Dahlia. Dahlia pulls out her Lock-On Pistol and unloads half its mag into Thunder, only to miss. Thunder then roundhouse kicks Dahlia away from him, causing her to bump into Renzo. Dahlia yells out to the Cube Monsters in rage. "Don't just stand there! Kill that Peace Syndicate scum!" After Dahlia gets done yelling, Styx lets out a loud scream, as the Cube Monsters immediately run full sprint towards Thunder. Thunder pulls out his Havoc Suppressed Rifle and mows down the horde charging at him. As Thunder manages to kill the last Cube Fiend in the horde, Dahlia rushes him with her Code Cleaver, causing Thunder to retaliate with a swift kick to her face. Dahlia is knocked to the floor, as a symbol appears above her. The Kevolution Artifact reacts heavily to this, as the wall of Kevolution Materia blocking the elevator door dissipates. Thunder faces the Vault Guardians, as they all quickly get inside the elevator. Dahlia screams to the other Unseen members in anger as she watches the group enter the elevator. "Quick! Shoot them!" Stray, Highwire, Styx, Renzo the Destroyer, and the other Renzos all begin firing their guns into the elevator. Willow quickly tries to close the elevator door, as more gunfire riddles the interior. After a few more seconds of shooting, the elevator immediately breaks, causing the whole thing to begin falling at rapid speeds. Ableton looks at Thunder and yells. "Not good! The elevator took some extreme damage from that gun show!" Thunder faces Splode and screams. "Whitty! Activate the elevator's emergency brakes." Splode runs over to the buttons and begins mashing the emergency brakes button. This attempt works, as Splode successfully activates the emergency brakes and slows the elevator to its normal speed. After a few minutes, the elevator arrives at its stop. Everyone walks out of the elevator, as Ableton looks around. "Alright. I see a large tunnel with cave-live features... but where is this Dark Room?" The Kevolution Artifact reacts, as Ableton begins hearing more voices. Ableton speaks out, as the Kevolution Artifact provides the next step of the trial. "Light the Beacons..." Willow looks around after hearing what Rinzler said and comments. "Hmm... Nothing in here looks... beacon-ish, and I suspect that we fell into something worse." Everyone looks around the area, looking for anything that could help in understanding the current step in the trial. Splode uncovers a generator near some wood pallets and turns it on. Some lights on the ceiling turn on, brightening up the area a bit. Splode faces Rinzler and speaks. "I think these generators might be key to this step. We should probably find more of them and turn them on." Everyone continues walking down the tunnel, looking for more generators that Splode mentioned. Amara uncovers another generator near some large CUBE chunks, with Thunder finding another towards a pile of broken debris. More lights turn on in the area. As they near the end of the tunnel, Ableton turns the last generator on, as all the lights turn on, revealing a large steel door blocking the path. The Kevolution Artifact begins to react heavily, as the steel door opens. Once the door fully opens, the Vault Guardians enter inside. At the center of the room, there is a small, shallow body of... water? Splode walks towards the liquid and steps into it. "You know? This stuff seems pretty viscous for water, I'll tell y'all that." Willow turns to Splode and responds. "Whitty... That's not water. That's... blood..." As soon as Splode heard what Willow said, he looks below him and notices the slight redness the liquid has. Splode screams out in disgust and steps out of the liquid. Ableton looks around the area, until he hears Evie's voice yelling from above. "Guys! I'm up here!" Thunder looks up, and notices that Evie is strapped to a large machine, pumping Kevolution Materia throughout the Dark Room. Thunder yells out to Evie in response. "We're here, Evie! We're coming to get you!" Triarch Nox's voice is heard, yelling at Thunder in rage. "No, you're not!" One of Bytes' Chromatic tendrils grabs the Kevolution Artifact out of Rinzler's hands, as Bytes hands the Artifact over to Nox. Nox looks at the group and speaks. "No! Somehow those insects have passed my trial! No matter... The Kevolution Artifact has sufficient charge for what it needs to do." Triarch Nox walks up some stairs around the walls of the Dark Room, as he places the Kevolution Artifact into the device. Triarch Nox looks at the group below him and yells. "Awaken my soldiers! Slay these pawns of the Peace Syndicate!" Zyg jumps towards the blood pool at the center, as the liquid begins to transmogrify, projecting what appears to be the Mothership's interior within the liquid. Evie yells out with worry. "Watch out! It appears this Triarch Nox guy is intent on defending the device while it charges up. Don't get killed out there!" Zyg pulls out his Ray Gun and fires at the group, making sure to defend Nox's device. Ableton tries to Mantis Leap around the area to pick off Zyg, until Choppy throws down an Alien Nanite and stops Rinzler in his tracks. Thunder begins firing his Havoc Suppressed Rifle at Zyg, as he takes slight damage from Thunder's attack. Zyg then fires a laser from his eye and sweeps the floor with it, causing Thunder to jump and avoid the attack. Amara rushes into Zyg and blasts him with The Dub, launching Zyg and Choppy into the walls of the Dark Room. Zyg jumps up and out of the group's reach, as Bytes drops down. The liquid in the center transmogrifies again, as the liquid now turns Chrome. Bytes conjures the Nothing's Gift in its Siren's Spear form and begins to attack Ableton with it. Rinzler quickly dodges the attack and counterattacks by pistol-whipping Bytes in the face with his Shadow Tracker. Bytes then summons some Chromatic tendrils to attack the Vault Guardians, making sure to keep them away from him. CRZ-8 pulls out his Lucky 8 Blades and slices through the tendrils to attack Bytes. "Epicness approaches!" CRZ-8 kicks Bytes in the groin and uppercuts him onto the upper catwalk above the arena. Triarch Nox yells, as Geometrik drops down into the arena. "Intruders! Tell the Peace Syndicate I will not be stopped!" Once Geometrik drops into the arena, the liquid in the center transmogrifies again, as it begins to project the Sideways from within. Geometrik wildly swings his Sideways Scythe around, attempting to slice everyone apart. Willow grabs ahold of the Sideways Scythe and tries to wrestle it out of Geometrik's grasp. Willow succeeds, as she throws the Sideways Scythe away from Geometrik. After losing his weapon, the CUBE fragments around Geometrik begin to glow golden. Splode walks towards Geometrik with his Shrapnel Axe equipped. "This fight's in the bag. Time to beat him up and shut down the machine." Before Splode could land a hit, Geometrik fires a large laser out of his golden CUBE head and almost hits Splode. Splode immediately reacts to the attack. "What the hell? You have a new attack?!" Amara charges an attack with the Goldenbane Mace, as Serpicus the Goldenbane begins glowing on Amara's back. Geometrik charges for Amara, as she winds up with her Goldenbane Mace and whacks Geometrik in the face. The impact of the Goldenbane Mace was enough to send Geometrik crashing into the wall and losing the fight. Triarch Nox looks at the Vault Guardians and yells. "You will not deny Darkeon his return!" Triarch Nox jumps down to the arena, as Cube Monsters begin to manifest around the blood pool. Triarch Nox yells, as the Cube Monsters all turn to face the Order of the Vault. "Rise, warriors! Slay the unworthy!" The Cube Monsters charge for the Vault Guardians, as Rinzler shoots down some Cube Fiends within the horde. Willow teams up with Amara Luxe and Splode to take down a Cubed Blightfather, while Thunder slices a Corpse Eater apart with his knives. Once the Vault Guardians clear out the horde, Triarch Nox begins yelling. "No one will save you from Darkeon's wrath! I will not fail my plans!" As Nox gets done yelling, someone begins speaking from within the blood pool. "No, Nox. You did everything according to MY plan. You brought me back. And once your construct repairs my fractured body I shall thank you, by wiping this island from existence." It appears time has run out, and Darkeon has partially returned, in a slightly messed-up form. Both Stray and Highwire break into the Dark Room, as they confront the Vault Guardians. "Now you did it! You will not escape the Dark Room alive!" Darkeon sets his sights on Stray, as several clouds of Kevolution Materia fly out of the blood pool and into Stray. Stray succumbs to the Kevolution Materia, as his white coat turns black with CUBE runes all over, and his eyes start glowing purple. Darkeon begins speaking from Stray, as he yells. "Rest assured... I will destroy this world just as soon as I kill you here!" Dark Stray summons Saigai Dagger Dance, as he attempts to attack everyone with the converging daggers. Highwire runs towards the Vault Guardians in fear and speaks. "That weird... CUBE thing just took control of Stray! We gotta get him out of Stray!" Thunder faces Highwire and responds. "If we save Masaki for you, you better help us contain that Darkeon freak." Highwire nods, as the Vault Guardians get to work. Dark Stray pulls out his Kinetic Blade and dashes towards Ableton, leaving behind a burning trail of Kevolution Materia. Willow distracts Dark Stray with some yelling, causing Dark Stray to throw a plasma grenade at Willow. Willow gets away from the grenade, as the explosion leaves behind a small area of molten plasma. Dark Stray then swings his Foxfire Edge at Highwire, launching three orbs of Kevolution Materia towards her. Highwire dodges the attack and scratches Dark Stray in the chest with her Plasmacore Claws. Dark Stray kicks Highwire away, as he screams loudly. "The insanity of Darkeon is upon you!" Splode slaps Dark Stray in the face, planting a Remote Explosive beside his head. CRZ-8 throws his Billiard Grenade at Dark Stray, as the grenade splits into three explosive billiard balls. The explosion knocks Dark Stray into the air, as Splode presses the button on the Remote Explosive's detonator, blowing up the explosive on Dark Stray's face. Dark Stray is knocked out, as Darkeon seeps out of Stray and back into the blood pool. The blood pool begins to transmogrify again, as the liquid is now contaminated with Kevolution Materia. Two large arms rise out of the liquid, followed by a torso. A cracked CUBE manifests on the body, forming Darkeon's head. The entire area begins rumbling, as roots begin tearing through the walls of the Dark Room. Ableton looks around in fear and yells. "What's happening?!" Highwire faces Rinzler and responds. "He's drawing power from the Herald Tree! Nox mentioned the tree as being part of the plan, but not like this!" Loads of Cube Fiends begin manifesting around Darkeon. Amidst the rumbling, the ceiling begins to tremble. An IO Drill drops down from the ceiling and lands near the Vault Guardians. The top hatch of the IO Drill opens up, as Huntmaster Saber begins shooting at some Fiends with his Thermal Scoped Rifle. Amara faces Saber and reacts. "Saber?! How did you find us?" Saber faces Amara and responds. "No time to explain, Luxe!" Saber gets out and continues shooting the Cube Fiends around Darkeon, as Drift, Mizuki, Mystica, and Doctor Jekyll exit the Drill and help out in the fight. Darkeon begins yelling, as Mizuki begins slicing him with her Kinetic Blade. "You test my patience! I will take all your lives!" Drift then slices one of Darkeon's arms off with his Rift Edge, slowly breaking his body apart. Splode looks at the reinforcements and yells. "Hell yeah, folks! Show Darkeon how we fight!" Ableton faces Splode and reacts. "Wait... Did you call them all here, Whitty?" As Mystica attacks Darkeon with her Ashglow Blade, Splode responds. "Yes I did, Able!" Huntmaster Saber drops down to the group with Evie in his hands, after having freed her from the machine she was strapped to. Thunder faces Ableton, Willow, and Splode and speaks. "All the beacons have been lit. You've done the impossible. You've united this city. And reminded us that we need each other." Evie turns to Thunder and responds. "So, how do we feel about making Splode's friends here honorary members of the Peace Syndicate?" Thunder faces Evie and answers her. "Of course. And you're getting your own signature menu item at the Thunder Roll." The entire Dark Room begins to fall apart, as Jekyll yells. "The area is collapsing! Everyone to the Drill!" Everyone immediately piles into the IO Drill, as Highwire quickly grabs Stray's unconscious body and gets in. Triarch Nox tries to get into the IO Drill, as Jekyll reacts to him. "Stay here and die, you bracket-faced trickster!" Jekyll kicks Nox away and shuts the hatch, as Saber maneuvers the IO Drill into the wall and begins drilling everyone's way out. Darkeon's body begins to crumble, as the Dark Room collapses due to all the roots overgrowing in the area. Inside the IO Drill, Evie responds to Thunder's earlier answer to her. "How about the City Saver Supreme? You could make that roll a lunch special! Ooh! How about Hero Meat? Just a big piece of meat with the word 'HERO' cooked into it." Thunder turns to Evie and responds to her. "Hey, who's chef around here? You stick to playing with knives." Evie reacts to what Thunder has said. "Haha, deal! Don't need to tell me twice." Evie turns to Ableton, Willow, and Splode and speaks to them. "If you ever need any backup... We owe you one. Call us, and we'll be there!" Evie then throws up a peace sign at the Vault Guardians. "Keep the peace, heroes." Willow tightly hugs Rinzler, as they enjoy their ride within the IO Drill. Above ground, near the fault line adjacent to a gas station, Xander Necalli, Marigold, Grimey, and Gnash all observe the roots sprouting around the fault line. Xander faces Marigold and comments. "Ooh... These mysterious roots. Something is happening to Asteria, and I'm not sure what." Marigold turns to Xander and responds. "I'm not sure either. Grimey noticed these earlier, and had me come over to check." Gnash looks around and comments. "Well... This has been an eventful evening, Necalli. Can we go now? This place just doesn't feel right." As Xander and his mercenaries prepare to leave, Xander faces the roots and whispers. "Will you take me closer to el Punto Cero?" Evie has been rescued, the Unseen has been trampled, and Nox's plans on bringing back Darkeon have been foiled. This turned into quite a spectacular display of teamwork and mayhem for me and Willow. Although... This does leave a major question for us to figure out... What exactly did Darkeon do with those roots? Whatever he did, it will prove to be something... Wild... for me and Willow.
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2023.06.08 06:16 huntersood I decided to start my D4 journey in Hardcore for the first time

I decided to start my D4 journey in Hardcore for the first time
I've never tried hardcore mode before because I just die a lot in Diablo games. But with D4's release and the knowledge that seasons will have us starting over every few months anyway, I decided to begin my journey in Diablo 4 in hardcore mode.
It started with the noob decision to go with Necromancer because "summons can help keep me alive" and I came up with the absolutely creative name for my Hardcore Necromancer, Necrocore.
After the first 30 or so levels I really disliked Necrocore. My skeleton army was always obliterated by every boss and I was left running around screaming trying to dodge every single projectile. Came close to death at least 10 times and miraculously got away. I regretted taking a Necromancer because it turned out to be far worse than I expected.
But then I discovered the Shadowblight build. Gone was the minion army that Necrocore depended on, and instead he became a lone blight on Sanctuary, wracking ruin and decay everywhere he went. He began dominating and quickly conquered most of sanctuary. He was well on his way to completing all renown and preparing for the Temple capstone dungeon when tragedy struck.
I was looking up how to get the Primal Instinct Mount from twitch and decided to quickly gift 2 bus on a random streamer so I could get it. I directed Necrocore to enter a dungeon and alt-tabbed out to complete the transaction for the twitch subs. Every single dungeon I have ever done had a safe entrance zone, you could easily enter a dungeon and wait for your party to gather or do what you needed before venturing in. Somehow the one time I decided to alt-tab out of the game, it was during the one dungeon that doesn't have a safe entry zone. I alt-tabbed back to the game to see the death screen.
When I started hardcore. I knew my character would eventually die. I was fully expecting to rage and carry days of anger when it happened. What I wasn't ready for was the grief. I lay awake in bed unable to sleep, lamenting on why Necrocore was taken away so early. In just another day or two, he would have have had the highest renown across sanctuary. In another week, he would have defeated the Fallen Temple. Had he died in combat, it would have been a honorable death. Instead, he was laid low by a moment of carelessness, brought about by hours of experience that trained me to think the entrance of a dungeon was safe. He died with 10 scrolls of escape and 5 elixirs of death evasion on him. He survived an assault from the Nightmare Butcher, he survived countless helltides, and near-death encounters across sanctuary. But he died to a goddamn goatman because I wasn't paying attention. I hope the grief fades away, this is far more difficult than I thought it would be. I would love to be angry instead. RIP Necrocore
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2023.06.08 06:13 senpai_avlabll Emblem farming and spending priorities - Mirage Raceway

Hi folks, I'm an old player with a lot of private wotlk experience (over 15 years) currently playing wrath classic on Mirage Raceway EU. Usually, while gearing a character, esp a plate class, I start my journey as a tank, spam dungeon finder, and buy myself stuff with emblems to tank up and once I'm consistently raiding I build my dps gear and eventually transition. Given that RDF doesn't exist right now, and that emblem vendors are limited to heroism, valor, and conquest, I had a few questions. What are the best sources to farm emblems apart from raids? I already recognise that conquest is the highest tier of emblem right now so I'm being very reserved with spending it (not like I even could, don't have too many just yet). I happened to get invited to Naxx 10, EoE 10 and OS 10 yesterday, so Ive hit 3.8k GS. I know ToC is coming soon, but what should my gearing path be from here? Also does anyone know for sure if the launch of ToC also means the launch of a new emblem, Emblem of Triumph?
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2023.06.08 06:11 OtaraMilclub “There Never Was An Offramp In Ukraine”, There can be no victory for Russia in Ukraine. It would be the end of the West. It’s a fantastic read if you have the time. And It will affect the price of Silver ; eventually.

“There Never Was An Offramp In Ukraine”, There can be no victory for Russia in Ukraine. It would be the end of the West. It’s a fantastic read if you have the time. And It will affect the price of Silver ; eventually.
The long-awaited offensive from Ukraine has begun. So far the results have been mixed with both sides claiming victories per the normal flow of propaganda. None of that matters.
What is not up for discussion is the tragedy, aimed squarely at civilians, of the Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric dam, attacked last night releasing the Dnieper river into the valley in Kherson oblast.
This dam provided not only local electric power but also cooling water for the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.
The ZNPP has been the subject of numerous incidents since this war began with battles being fought over it, and accusations flying wildly from the West as to how irresponsible Russia was. None of that turned out to be true as ZNPP was set up to be the site of a massive false flag involving UN inspectors which failed.
It doesn’t matter who you back in this war or whose incentives you sympathize with. Acts like this serve many purposes, some of them military, some of them political.
And they follow a particular pattern.
Like the narrative from last year surrounding the attacks on the ZNPP, this attack on the dam begs very obvious questions.
Why would Russia attack a nuclear power plant in an area under its control?
Going back to Syria right after Donald Trump took office in early 2017, why would Assad gas civilians when he and Russia had the momentum and was clearly winning the war in Idlib province, invoking the wrath of the world?
Why would Russia blow up Nordstream 1 and 2 as they were initially accused of?
Why would Russia attack a dam in territory they control that provides local power to Kherson, cooling water to the ZNPP and fresh water to Crimea?
The answers to all of these questions is simply, “They wouldn’t.”
So now let’s do a little more historic digging into past behavior.
Before the war officially started who blew up power stations denying Crimea power in the fall of 2015, creating blackouts and real civilian hardship?
Who is on record saying that the Minsk Agreements were simply a time-buying exercise to arm Ukraine and freeze Russia for the war we have today?
Who staged a terrorist attack on the Kerch Strait Bridge?
Who has tested the waters on attacking the dam?
Whose leadership continues to go around the world desperately trying to convince rational people that this irrational ethnic war between tribes of Slavs is a fight for the future of western civilization?
Who intentionally helped stoke simmering hatred of all things Russian across the entirety of Eastern Europe to push the world to this moment?
In short, who armed Ukraine while never once acting with one ounce of humility or basic human decency to find a solution that didn’t involve thousands of dead Slavs?
The answer is the same people accusing Russia today of blowing up a dam that severely weakens their strategic position in southern Ukraine.
The first person out the gate was EU Council President Charles Michel:
The rest of the world will pile on for the next 72 hours or so until some footage or evidence makes its way into the information space. It’s the same pattern as Nordstream, the chemical attacks in Ghouta and Khan Sheykoun, MH-17 and a host of other attacks on civilians over the past decade since Putin helped thwart Obama’s “Coalition of the willing” to take out Assad in 2013 following Ghouta.
Right on schedule: Perfidious Albion weighs in.
Everything in Ukraine is downstream (all puns intended) of that. Everything. It’s all one big long policy decision after another. In this respect Ukraine has been a series of moves on a chess board leading to a particular outcome.
And that outcome will be a full-fledged war between NATO and Russia over Ukraine. It’s what everyone in power actually wants, even when they mouth words to the contrary. EU officials like Michel, EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen and now presidential candidates in the US say the same thing.
There can be no victory for Russia in Ukraine. It would be the end of the West.
Waffle House Waitress Nikki Haley is out repeating the lie that Russia will take all of Poland and the Baltics if he wins on CNN. It doesn’t matter that she’ll get 1% of the primary vote, her job is to reinforce the narrative.
We’ve all been waiting for the next big ‘disaster’ to up the ante in Ukraine. It’s been too quiet for too long. Now with the fighting intensifying along multiple fronts, this move is it.
So, with it done what does it mean?
The most obvious is that this materially weakens Russia’s position in Kherson and then Crimea. It follows that this is just the prelude to the long-expected full on attack on Crimea.
It could be some weird statement by the Ukrainians that they are looking for an offramp by drawing an impassable barrier between their territory and Russia’s but I’ll need to see a lot more evidence of that before I can even contemplate it.
Because Occam’s razor reminds us of the intense need to take not only Ukraine to the next level but the entire Davos Great Reset agenda there as well.
For more than a year the West, primarily the US with a lot of British assistance, have tried to craft a humanitarian crisis narrative around Russia to justify a wider war.
This is just the latest example of their handiwork.
  • The Ukrainians want this to elicit sympathy from gaslit morons with Ukraine flags in the Twitter name.
  • The Brits need this because their centuries-long feud with Russia simply cannot end with a whimper in Ukraine.
  • The US thinks they need this because of the ridiculous Great Powers mind virus unleashed on us by our colonial “betters.”
  • Davos needs this because you can’t roll the world up into your total control if there are any great nations left.
When viewed through the lens of the power-mongers who unleashed this war I leave you with one last question.
What do you call a hundred thousand dead Slavs fighting over swampland?
A good start.
Tom luongo
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2023.06.08 06:07 staalmannen [work in progress/feedback welcome] OneDND wizard subclasses of old 3.5 PRCs

I like the OneDND Wizard and especially the whole idea of them being able to invent new spells.
In fact, I got so inspired so I imagined 2 old prestige classes as OneDND Wizard subclasses: the Mystic Theurge and the Arcane Hierophant. No idea if this is the right place to share them or if it would be better in another subreddit.
Two old prestige classes re-imagined as Wizard subcasses. They both follow a similar formula: The Mystic Theurge has proficiency in Religion as prerequisite, Arcane Hierophant proficiency in Nature as prerequisite.
Mystic Theurge Wizards that study divine magic do not channel the magic of the gods, but rather have learned to decipher the inner workings of the divine magic and have learned to replicate those effects through arcane means. Pursuing this line of study requires a heavy investment in theological studies but does not demand religious devotion. In some religions is the practice of Mystic Theurges considered herrecy.
Level 3 Transcribe divine magic You have access to the divine spell list and transcribed divine spells count as arcane spells for you and other Mystic Theurges. Transcribed spells or modified spells that originate from a transcribed spell is not accessible for wizards of other specializations, or come with a heavy penalty (must be cast at a higher spell level).
Theological studies You gain expertise in Religion and learn an additional language : celestial, infernal or abyssal.
Level 6 Research break trough Your studies have paid off! You can select 3 extra cantrips, 2 1st level spells and 1 2nd level spell from the Divine spell list without needing to cast scribe spell.
Level 10 Emulate Channel divinity Your deep studies into the nature of divine magic has given you the ability to replicate some of the miraculous feats that clerics do. You do not have any special channel divinity abilities associated to a cleric subclass however.
Level 14 Greater emulation of channel divinity You can pick a Cleric sub-class and add the additional channel divinity options from that sub-class.
Arcane Hierophant Wizards that study primal magic do not actually channel the primal magic directly, but rather have learned to decipher the inner workings of this source of magic and can replicate those effects through arcane means. Pursuing this line of study requires dedicated studies in nature, but does not demand a druidic oath or even respect for the natural order. Arcane Hierophants are sometimes seen as a threat by certain druids that despise them for having stolen their secrets, and often suspect them of being reckless biomancers that will disturb the natural order.
Level 3 Transcribe primal magic You have access to the primal spell list and transcribed primal spells count as arcane spells for you and other Arcane Hierophants. Transcribed spells or modified spells that originate from a transcribed spell is not accessible for wizards of other specializations, or come with a heavy penalty (must be cast at a higher spell level).
Natural studies You gain expertise in Nature and learn the secret druidic language.
Level 6 Research break trough Your studies have paid off! You can select 3 extra cantrips, 2 1st level spells and 1 2nd level spell from the Primal spell list without needing to cast scribe spell.
Level 10 Emulate Channel nature Your deep studies into the nature of primal magic has given you the ability to replicate some of the miraculous feats that druids do. You do not have any special channel nature abilities associated to a druid subclass however.
Level 14 Greater emulation of chanel nature You can pick a druid sub-class and add the additional channel nature options from that sub-class.
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2023.06.08 05:36 Correl Strength Based Swords Bard

I'm getting ready to play in a level 10 one-shot. I was looking for some fun shenanigans to do with Magical Secrets and was wondering if this would work: Build a dual wielding strength-based bard, take Find Greater Steed and grab the Griffon for multi-attack, take Guardian of Nature. When I cast Guardian of Nature on myself, the Griffon will get it as well, right? Assuming I choose Primal Beast, both of us would get advantage on our attacks and an extra d6 damage.
This isn't amazing by any means, but I'm wondering what else I could add to the character to optimize the build?
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2023.06.08 05:28 Grailswar1 48 [FM4F] #Cleveland, Ohio- dominant couple 2v1 kind of thing.

We have been at this a while anything its a slippery slope as most are. We have met some great people, had some amazing experiences and ultimately keep wanting to go that little bit further. Like most things when you look back at where started it seems far off indeed.
So here we are, somehow in Ohio this is fine but only for the time, adventure calls. There are different kinds of adventure of course, exploring Bondage is one of those roads we keep travelling.
We are so into CNC and BDSM that vanilla threesomes are barely of interest, sure a beautiful woman is alluring, but one that wants to be choked and violated, forced to endure bondage, well that is our kind of girl.
Heres the breakdown:
US- a couple.
Male (me) 47 5'10 190, in good shape.
Female (wife) 48 5'3 116 in great shape and aftermarket additions that you will notice.
What we're looking for, a woman, (this is a hard rule) no guys, no penises, I have mine thats enough, I dont get why women like them, they look dumb, women are streamlined and have such fun parts. so no men, we have no need for more man parts.
Age- 25 and up or very mature for your age.
Where -anywhere in USA or CA, as long as you're not on the FBI no fly list.
We like soft, thin, feminine, in shape, we dont like BBW, as for race any is fine, we would like to play with an Asian woman as we never have though that is just a plus, we're open to any race.
Clean shaven, a little hair is okay, but a seventies bush or armpit hair, leg hair, hard pass.
Kinks- Lets remember we're not trying to insult anyone here and consider this the fair warning that we like some really hard stuff, so if you dont or dont think people should be allowed to consent to what they want to do, then you're just not going to like what we have to say.
Still here?
Good girl. (Gentle biting on the neck as I whisper it)
The basic's, slapping, flogging, whipping, restraints, choking, hair pulling, degrading (verbally, whore slut basic stuff). Now if any of these are are hard 'no' we may be able to work around them but, if 2 or more are on your list, well you might want to swipe whatever way is away, because its going to get worse.
Roleplay- you're a visitor, who gets abused, not to far from the truth, but the best stories always intertwine the reality and fiction.
The harder stuff- this stuff that you can object to, and we get it, its all the harder stuff that we kinda grew into and get that not everyone is going to be all for it, you can pick and choose.
Fisting and or large objects and stretching, DP we really like to DP a woman, you pinned between us, so sexy, so full, eyes rolled back my hand at your throat, giving all you can give but we're wanting more, my wifes nails gently biting your skin. Yeah, we like DP.
Shockers, Estim, prod the jolt of pain, if you do it wrong it can be dangerous, so we have studied and are careful to make sure everyone gets out without any long-term effects. A shocker to the ass, breast, leg or clit, while you're being fucked, in between being stimulated the contrast of pain and pleasure, we love to see that in a sub.
Degrading (part 2, the first was level 1, this is the upgrade) We like the mental aspect of BDSM, its that connection when you have it with a sub, its so sexy. If she wants to be broken mentally, we want the tools to do it. We need some input here, tell us what are the words the things that you secretly hate the feellings that you have that you want to expose but need to be deep in session, walls down, to really admit what you feel about yourself. Its primal and goes far beyond the spat 'slut, whore' If you know, then you do, if not it may not be your thing. Its ours though, let us in, so we can break you more effectively.
Paddles, with the intent to bruise, we like to see our handywork, the paddle gets the job done. We're artists in a way, and you're a canvas.
Overstimulation- the toying till you're cum drunk, you're hurting but were going to keep fucking you hitting you choking, using you like our whore, on this night you are ours and we want you to give yourself to us completely. You have our undivided attention.
Squirting- if you can we are going to be super interested and want to bring you home for a nice night that will end very harshly, we'll keep you hydrated.
The REALLY Hard- Most people won't be for the following, if you are and you have the other third of this mysterious amulet which we have had since we were babies, we need to meet you.
Sounding, the placing of smooth metal rods in your peehole for stimulation, usually it results in you peeing and losing control, which is sexy.
Watersports, you being degraded by my wife peeing on you, or you peeing on yourself.
Waterboarding- you strapped to a board and being tortured against all Nato sanctions, it is rough and extreme and youll lose focus when your clit is being stimulated and you're dry drowning. Not for everyone but sexy if you're the woman we're looking for.
Knife play- we dont do cutting, but using the knife as a prop forcing you at knifepoint to surrender and subject yourself to everything we demand.
The off limits- things we wont do. Nothing Illegal, no kids (both gross and illegal), no breeding you, we dont want any subsiquent kids, not with you, not with anyone nothing ruins kinky fun like crying babies.
No- hard drugs, we dont use anything that alters our thoughts during BDSM, bad mix. So we expect you to be clean too.
No- longterm damage, lets have fun and kink not hospital bills.
No- dudes (I thought it was worth repeating)
No- feet stuff, we dont like feet.
No- furries, not my kind of fun, I'm not dressing in one of those outfits.
Most other things are on the table- do you have a fantasy? Tell us about it we are likely down to try it. Is it twisted and kinky? then we really need to hear about it.
Location- US, we'll take care of travel, if we get along and have a connection, come spend a weekend see clevelands sports teams (we dont do sports so whatever, I hear were not missing much) and get abused (more than by just having to watch Clevelands teams take a whipping).
Experience, we have been doing this for a while but you dont need to be experienced, some of our best experiences were with beginner subs, we all have to be on the same page and have a clear understanding of where this is going, and where it stops.
Lastly- consent, there has to be consent and anything were going to do must be discussed and safewords will be in place. Dont tell me you dont need safewords, youre either unhinged or lying, this should be like a haunted house scary but you know you can leave at anytime. (I mean halloween haunted houses not creepy old houses with ghosts, those are scary)
If you got this far, lets talk, if youre deeply offended by us, please lets not talk, lets just part non-enemies.
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2023.06.08 05:26 ThePhotographyLife Fury Of The Cerberus 3rd-Level Offensive Spell for Rangers [C. Version]

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2023.06.08 05:24 Forsidious Worknesh became their ally? sort of...

So... one of my PCs is in love with Worknesh... literally lol. She "flirted" (you know, made obstacle courses, challenged people to duals in front of her to beat them, showed off feats of strength, flirting) with Worknesh the entire time they were getting support in Mzali. Eventually she decided she worships Walkena (even named her new weapon Walkena's Wrath), to impress Worknesh obviously, despite being staunchly atheistic prior to this. And before they left Mzali, proposed to her and of course offered for her to come back to the Magaambya with her. Worknesh declined the proposal (for now), but after some persuasion (and a chat with Walkena about how it'd be beneficial for them to spread his word elsewhere if they're allowing others into Mzali now), she made her way to Nantambu with promises to improve their guards and evangelize.
That leaves me in a predicament on two fronts. One, how will that affect Nantambu (they already have Froglegs building up an underground network, but trying to make it "good"), and now they've invited Worknesh. That's a problem for a later date. Haven't quite decided where her loyalties lie at this point, still largely with Walkena, but may still be room to work with her.
More urgently though, I feel like Themba Sufu would take over Worknesh's role in both Mzali, since he was vying for it anyway, and in the final battle (plus the party was terrified of him gaining more power, so this is some fun moral consequences for them lol). Any thoughts on how to build him? Obviously sneaky with his spy background, but any good NPCs/monsters I could base him off of?
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2023.06.08 05:22 _BeastyBoi117_ Has anybody dated someone from a different denomination, how did it work out for you?

I'm currently talking to a girl who I met online. We eventually met and talked in person getting to know each other and it turns out she's a fairly new Christian and goes to a Pentecostal church while my church is non-denomination. We enjoyed our conversation together mainly talking about our church, work, and past experiences. When we started talking about our families, that's when things got a little shaky.
I also grew up in a very conservative family that's really pro-gun. All my life, I learned from my family and church we need to be warriors of God, stand and fight for what's right, and we must always be the sheepdogs that protect the sheep from wolves. When I was talking about my parents to my date, I mentioned my dad who is now a co-manager at a new gun store that used to be Toys R Us. I can tell she got uncomfortable and she asked me "Do you believe in killing"?
I did respectfully explain to her about my family being pro-gun and for us having the warrior mindset. I also learned from my church about the difference between killing and murder where killing can be justified as long as it's for self-defense and saving others while murder can't be justified if the killing only comes from wrath or vengeance. I even gave her an analogy saying if killing was a sin, then David never would've killed Goliath and the Israelites would've lost the war.
My mom also used to be anti-gun before she met my dad. She told me while growing up, she was anti-gun because her favorite uncle was murdered by somebody with a shotgun and she resented guns because of that and never understood why 2A exist. But after meeting my dad, guns became her hobby and always begs us to take her when my family and I go to our target practice.
Even after all that I said to her about my beliefs about killing, I can tell she still disagreed and politely said to me, "Hmm.. Maybe I should study more about this". I decided to change the subject and continue on our date which we had a fun time together at the restaurant. Also, I believe my date might be attending a church that probably forces her to study a lot because she told me almost every day she has to call someone from her church and study together on the phone for 30 min-an hour and when I picked her up, she was already on a phone with someone from her church and I waited for 15 minutes to talk to her before stating our date. I do like her, about I'm now not sure about dating her.
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2023.06.08 05:06 shinobiwayoflife My favorite combo in the game

My favorite combo in the game
Disclaimer: this build is strictly style based, not based on perks or abilities.
stuff needed:
Tadayori’s Armor 3rd upgrade (flowers of war dye, obtained in NG+)
samurai clan mask (unlocked after you upgrade the samurai clan armor 3 times, endless wrath dye obtained by the crimson dye merchant on iki)
Undying rage sword kit (obtained by crimson dye merchant on Iki)

lemme know what you guys think of this
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2023.06.08 05:06 nogoodnameidea1 Finally decided to listen to OK Human

For the longest time I never listened to OK Human because I didn’t know if an orchestral acoustic rock album would be something that would sound good, I used to think it got popular due to the fact it has themes of isolation and was released at the right time for everyone to relate to and wouldn’t stand on it’s own after 5 or so years, this is my review of the entire album after sitting out for so long
All My Favorite Songs: 9/10 pretty on the nose with its message but great song otherwise, not much to say, just great
Aloo Gobi: 10/10 my favorite song on the entire album, can’t find a single negative thing to say
Grapes of Wrath: 8/10 not much to say, just a great song, a little bit too repetitive for me until the bridge
Numbers: 10/10 Second favorite song, but Aloo Gobi slightly wins out because numbers takes a little bit for me to really get into, whereas I’m instantly hooked with Aloo Gobi
Playing My Piano: 6/10 Really the only song I don’t like that much, the chorus feels a little too long for my liking but still enjoy it
Mirror Image: 10/10 Beautiful, enough said,
Screens: 9/10 love the drums and the whole melody feels oddly familiar in a good way, can’t describe it that well
Bird With a Broken Wing: 10/10 this entire back half is consistently great and this is no exception, just amazing
Dead Roses: 10/10 another amazing song back to back to back to back
Everything Happens For a Reason: 6/10 Nice little build up, too short for a higher rating
Here Comes the Rain: 9/10 another great song and just like screens feels oddly familiar
La Brea Tar Pits: 8/10 running out of words to describe so let’s just leave it at amazing closer
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2023.06.08 05:01 jack_attack89 People saying Raquel didn’t deserve all that heat

She did. Sincerely, she did. She destroyed a ten year relationship, she severely impacted Ariana’s ability to trust people, she inflicted intense emotional distress, and she did all of this knowing that Tom and Ariana were still together regardless of what Sandoval was saying.
This same shit happened to my mom. The bitch came and STAYED AT OUR HOUSE and MET MY MOM while she was sleeping with my dad. People like them are sick fucks. They deserve everything they get and more. If she didn’t want to endure that kind of wrath then she could have not slept with Sandoval. Nobody who cheats like that deserves any sympathy ESPECIALLY when she admits that she’s still lying to protect Tom.
Fuck them both forever and ever, amen.
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2023.06.08 04:58 Khorch- [Store]Cheap Diretide I, II and Aghanim's Collector's Cache Sets

Hi guys! I am selling Diretide cache I & II as well as some Aghanim Cache. I am selling those sets because i have many extras and i don't play those heroes that much. Some of the sets are unbundled but still can be gifted, you can check my inventory to be sure. Buyer goes first no exceptions. If you don't trust me, i am okay with using a middleman. I have sold to many people before and i have many proof screenshots and recordings i can show. I can do discounts for bulk sales.

Here is my steam profile:
My steamrep:

Set name Hero Quantity Price USD
Dark Behemoth (VERY RARE) Primal Beast 0 LEFT (1 SOLD) 25$ ITEMS
Angel of Vex (RARE) (Comes with persona) Invoker + Persona 2 LEFT (1 SOLD) 12$ ITEMS
Blue Horizons (RARE) Marci 2 LEFT (1 SOLD,1 RESERVED) 10$ ITEMS
Dirge Amplifier Undying 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
Forgotten Station Terrorblade 2 LEFT (1 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
Crimson Dawn Phoenix 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
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Chines of the Inquisitor Faceless Void 0 LEFT (1 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
Spoils of the Shadowveil Spectre 1 LEFT (1 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
Starlorn Adjudicator Dawnbreaker 0 LEFT (1 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
Seadog's Stash Clockwerk 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
Hounds of Obsession Chen 2 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
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Scarlet Subversion Riki 0 LEFT (2 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
Shadowleaf Insurgent Hoodwink 0 LEFT (2 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS

Set name Hero Quantity Price USD
Brands of the Reaper (RARE) Anti Mage 0 LEFT (SOLD) 20$ (SOLD)
Grudges of the Gallows (RARE) Treant Protector 1 LEFT 8$ ITEMS
Bird of Prey Legion Commander 0 LEFT (1 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
Darkbrew's Transgression Alchemist 2 LEFT (1 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
Transcendent Path Oracle 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
The Wilding Tiger Brewmaster 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
Dawn of a Darkness Foretold Doom 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
Grand Suppressor Silencer 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
Withering Pain Clinkz 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
Sacred Chamber Guardian Huskar 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS
War Rig Eradicators Techies 1 LEFT 3$ ITEMS

Set name Hero Quantity Price USD
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected Ogre Magi (SOLD) 9$ (SOLD)
Days of the Demon Axe (SOLD) 10$ (SOLD)
March of the Crackerjack Mage Rubick 1 LEFT 4$ ITEMS
Scales of the Shadow Walker Phantom Lancer 1 LEFT 4$ ITEMS
Secrets of the Frost Singularity Ancient Apparation 0 LEFT (1 SOLD) 3$ ITEMS
The Chained Scribe Grimstroke 0 LEFT (1 RESERVED) 3$ ITEMS
Forgotten Fate Mars 1 LEFT 4$ ITEMS
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