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MINI - Where life gets larger behind the wheel

2010.06.19 17:23 MINI - Where life gets larger behind the wheel

For owners and fans of the mighty Mini Cooper. Both new MINIs and Classic Minis are welcome here.

2012.01.06 19:26 candafilm Bike Commuting

A community of bicycle commuters. Offering support, help and guidance to new commuters and advice and helpful tools for those who have been commuting for awhile. Break free from the tedious traffic and enjoy the fresh air!

2015.03.08 22:20 tbkowens For All Mini Cooper Lovers

Share your mini cooper and everything you've done to it as a refection to your personality. Maybe pick up some new ideas for down the road.

2023.06.03 19:37 kingrandow Inner Tubes Radwagon 4

Is there anybody else, either online or within the UK that sells the 22x3 inner tubes for the radwagon?
Just got my bike delivered and it came with both tubes punched. Not happy first experience.
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2023.06.03 19:36 Magdumper [WTS] Trijicon TA47 2x20 ACOG (awesome for carry handle builds), Tripp Cobra 10 round 9mm 1911 mags, Mini Acog Mounts, Modlite, Surefire, THRYM, OSS, BCM, Strike Industries, Aimpoint, AICS Mags

Here is an album with all of the pictures!
All prices are shipped the same or the next day CONUS Paypal F&F/Venmo NO NOTES OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE REFUNDED. Feel free to shoot an offer if you think the prices are off. Dibs gets priority.
Thank you for looking!
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2023.06.03 19:34 SunJewel00 Flying to Europe - 11 hour flight

My first long haul flight in over 5 years. So excited to go on vacation but also freaking out a little for the long flight. Trying to play it cool but still having a mini freak out on the inside!
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2023.06.03 19:34 YutYut6531 My recent experience getting back into mountain biking

I was not prepared for the prices to put it lightly
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2023.06.03 19:34 Parking_Extension_95 Any advice on my situation

This is what happened to me recently. We started a hobby with my son and bought a few bikes on Facebook. We wanted to fix them, clean them and then sell them again on Facebook. After we did this for a week or two, police came to our house and told us one of the bikes we had posted on facebook had been reported stolen. They asked whether they can check our garage and i said yes of course. They checked our garage and took the serial numbers of the few bikes we had all of which did not appear to be reported. We have already sold the bike they are looking for at this point. Without questioning, I did what they told me and found out the person I sold this bike that was reported stolen. I gave the person whatever he paid me for the bike, and i immediately returned the bike to the police who thanked me for my cooperation. That was the last time i heard from them. However, after this I felt so bad and blamed myself as I never thought bike theft were so common. What something started as fun hubby with my son turned into this undesirable situation. I immediately stopped and found different hobbies. My question is in this situation am I detained or just questioned by the police? If a potential employer or the government runs a background on me will this be visible? In general, this is the first time this happened to me and I am not sure what i am into.
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2023.06.03 19:34 SenorSplashdamage How do you think validation bubbles on social media are affecting Christianity?

So, there’s this scenario I saw happen in small ways in church life, but now happens daily on social media. The scenario is where a fellow Christian goes on a mini-Crusade or commits some action that is very debatable whether it was actually the Christian thing to do or whether they were being a harmful jerk and just using God as a cover for their behavior. And then in the aftermath, they’ll make a very self-pitying post about their own martyrdom where Christians who aren’t aware of the other sides of the story will show up to tell them how godly they are and just really pump this person up as God’a greatest servant on earth.
So, in real life, you would have more of a mix where other Christians and people with more wisdom could push back and balance with healthy criticism of how this person could have handled things better. But on social media, the echo chambers create this situation where someone being “a jerk for Christ” is now even more emboldened and only grows in their own pride.
I’m just wondering how this is affecting the church at large and whether we should be concerned.
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2023.06.03 19:33 subwinds Looking for 5" Sektion Spice Rack ideas

Hi, I'm searching online and I can't find anything, I have 6.5" left between the wall and the sektion cabinet. I have one old sektion cabinet left over and I can cut it down to become a 5" cabinet with a 5x30 drawer front. My wife wants a pull out spice rack.
Can someone share ideas how to manage to do this? Is it possible to trim down the maximera drawers?
Easy option would be to make a door out of drawer front and use it as storage for cutting boards, but not our preference.
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2023.06.03 19:32 sixuldv8 Gang bangs. The first one was because....

This is question is for women who have had a GB. I doubt, maybe I am wrong, that women go out looking for their FIRST GB. Some i am sure do but generally I suspect it is a situational occurance. Girl goes to party is hit on by multiple guys, competition ensues, girls ego takes off, guys cooperate as a "gang" and endorphins dump in the brain, girl actually feels safe, nonjudged and ignores the "nos, not a good idea" her brain might scream tomorrow and willingly gives in to the need to breed.
So is that how it happens? What happens then? Is it so physically and emotionally enjoyable they continue doing it or at the least put themselves in the position it might "just" happen again? Or do they feel they were assaulted?
I have done things that next day post nut I wondered what the hell, why did I do that.
So if you have done this, why they first time and how did it affect your?
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2023.06.03 19:31 SwatFlyer If I get a necklace at Nordstrom, can I ask for a few cologne samples?

Ok so like I want to try a few colognes for a day or two.
And don't have enough money to just buy some and try them. So like, if I buy a $30 necklace from Nordstrom Rack/Nordstrom, can I just ask for 3-4 cologne samples to try?
How does that work? Thanks!
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2023.06.03 19:30 Many-Reputation-4884 Help finding a part.

I stripped the spark plug hole on my Thumpstar TSB 125E and I am trying to find the top head replacement for it, link to engine parts list. I have bought so many wrong parts for my other bike that I just want some help finding the right one so I can ride again.

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2023.06.03 19:30 AutoModerator [Have] Stirling Cooper - Premature Ejaculation

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2023.06.03 19:30 SwimmingOk4643 Shall We Dance? - A Mini-game for the Strahd Dinner

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2023.06.03 19:30 MrNewMead Beginner Brew Help :))

Beginner Brew Help :))
Would like some help please :))
Well it started fermenting in about 40mins and is still going strong. I’m wondering whether it needs a stir or not, because we’re not sure what the bottom half of the must is. It looks like a shit ton of honey and it probably is a shit ton of honey because we may have gone a bit overboard. It’s risen about 2.5 inches from the original must-line but this is probably down to the gas trapped in the elderflowers. Because of that rise though we’re hesitant to stir or shake it, it might explode!
All process and ingredients below 👇
Curious to hear all your thoughts! What would mead do??
2Kilos wild meadow honey Lalvin EC-1118 3.5 Litres of Mineral Water Lots of Elderflowers Lemon Peels Nutrients, 3tsps
We slowly melted the honey in with a litre of water, and when it dissolved added the lemon and elderflower. Mixed it and mixed it for a while, finally, added it to the demijohn. Added the rest of the water and nutrients, shook it up, added yeast, stirred, then finally put the valve on and left it alone. We forgot to do a hydrometer reading 😬, no racking yet either.
Yes, we know it’s a lot of honey and probably a mistake lmao
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2023.06.03 19:29 gingerviper420 Where's my plate ?

Where's my plate ?
It's a hunters chicken burger on a chopping board with chips in mini fry basket and wilted leaves, bbq sauce on the side (asked for it on the side). Other food ordered came on plates.
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2023.06.03 19:28 DeepSpaceSkynaut I’d like to see 2 separate Online modes for GTA 6

One that’s called GTA Online just like normal and it’s just like it is now but the game does not incentivize destroying other player product shipments and such and players can live in a slightly more peaceful environment then they do now.
The other mode could be called GTA Chaos and it heavily incentivizes stealing product(not necessarily destroying) and the payouts are equal if owned businesses apply and significantly lower payouts if not.
So using GTA Online as an example, you could steal another players coke product when they’re selling it and bring it back to your coke factory and source a new buyer and sell for slightly less than the original sale was worth. If you don’t own a coke factory and steal someone’s coke you could find a buyer but it would be a significantly lower payout but compared to the 2000$ you get now for destroying literally anything whether their shipment is worth 1.8 million or 80k it’s way better and it creates a high risk high reward system if they balance payouts with the original sale being worth the most to still incentivize players to actually purchase businesses and source product themselves.
For example: Say you’re selling your full coke warehouse for $400,000 and a player steals it, they would bring it back to their warehouse and it would fill their stock maybe 3/4 and be worth $300,000 when they sell it and if it gets stolen a second time, the process repeats and the payout is cut by 1/4. And if they didn’t own a coke warehouse they would bring it to a randomly sourced buyer for say 50k-80k.
I think it would just be cool to allow for absolute chaos. The map would constantly be like a battlefield, crews would be significantly more impactful.
I can see it now, low levels seeking to get rich quick, crews holding down entire lobbies and having an economy using a player tax system (like lobby leaders/crews making players pay a fee to sell their product in their lobby and in return get aid for said sell or provided ammunition etc.) Players would treat every steal like a mini heist and always be on their guard. Rockstar would still make billions in shark card sales and hopefully the grinders would be treated with respect and they make moneymaking fun, cause right now it’s always 2 mins of fun for every 20 minutes of waiting/traveling/pointless unskippable cutscenes to disincentivize grinding and incentivize shark cards. There are better ways to do that than to sacrifice gameplay.
This would allow for so much more range in play styles and possibilities and would really appease the RP community I’m sure (I’m not a part of it but i know it’s a huge community)
Let me hear your thoughts and comments down below.
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2023.06.03 19:27 Gates50 Booted from MSF

This is from awhile back, but it completely discouraged me from continuing. I had no prior experience riding and was told that I should take these classes to learn from the basics. I felt very nervous and at least one of my instructors was aware, but the other was just dogging on me the whole time.
Every single time I messed up, I was mocked by him, and was extremely singled out. I didn't fall but I really felt on edge around turns and speed control for it. I asked for help, and they said I'd figure it out, and was told just look where you wanna go (which I understand). The other instructor simply didn't give me any advice, stalled the bike, "Well, you should actually learn to even start". Messed up on the brakes, "Well, this course is kicking your ass!" It was extremely passive aggressive and sometimes just at my throat, some of the details are blurry.
Most frustrating was when I was still struggling, maybe half way through the 1st day, I got kicked out because they thought I wasn't made for the course and could just "watch & learn" and was not allowed to participate in the second day. They announced it in front of everyone, it was so discouraging.
I'm just here for encouragement mostly, to try again in the future. But I don't want that experience again.
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2023.06.03 19:26 Calm_Pea_1632 Bike Link bike lockers?

Curious what the use rate/failure rate is for the downtown Bike Link boxes. I got my bike stuck in one last night (door error code) and they weren't able to fix it remotely so I had to get a ride home and now await a call to tell me what happens next. And hopefully my bike is still in there.
It's a cool system in theory but I've literally only used it twice and a 50% failure rate has me lacking confidence in using it again, even assuming they rescue my bike in a timely fashion and everything's ok. Did I just have super bad luck or are these things faulty?
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2023.06.03 19:26 Euphoric_Bad_3101 Bought Honda VTX 1300

So, I just got my first bike, and it was going good for the first week or so, but on my third ride, I was an hour out, and it suddenly lost power and shut off on me. Would not turn over when I tried to turn back on, hit the ignition and nothing. Found I left the choke open by accident so I think I flooded the engine. Figured shit my bad, so I got it home and waited. Next day it turned over and got it going. But I made it about 5 min down the road when the same thing hapoened, choke closed. To get it back I had to open the choke again and throttle it to keep up power. So now I'm not sure what's up, maybe the spark plugs? Hope this made sense and any help would be appreciated!
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2023.06.03 19:25 thriftstoremegatron Getting back in for 10th edition

With 10th on the horizon, I think I'm going to make the jump back into 40k. I've been playing pretty much exclusively Age of Sigmar for the past three or four years, so with everyone learning new rules at the same time, it seems like the perfect time to get back into 40k.
I have about 50 or so bikes for my White Scars successor chapter that are based "on the bases they came with," but as I'm looking at images online, it seems like this is no longer the correct base size. If I'm going to have to rebase my whole army, I'd rather just do it all at once and get it over with.
What is the actual proper size for bikes now? I've seen them online on a million different bases. And now I guess there are also "primaris" bikes that are, like, twice as big?
It's confusing as hell. Lol.
Little help?
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2023.06.03 19:24 ZephyrSouza Trying to find other women who play PC FPS/RTS oriented games feels impossible sometimes

Just a mini and semi unreasonable rant from me today. I have tried off an on for the last few years trying to find other folk who enjoy the same gaming genre that I do.
Typically I gravitate towards more FPS/Milsim focused stuff like Hell Let loose, Squad, Arma, Battlefield or Halo. Outside of FPS I like Sim/RTS Games.
However finding other women who play anything but DbD, Borderlands, Valorant, FFXIV/WoW, Overwatch feels impossible. I constantly have to either play alone, or open myself up to the usual constant harassments of public squads. I know I can't be the only woman who enjoys these style of games :D Where you all hiding!
Even more annoyingly is if I post on other subreddits to find other women gamers on these games they are downvoted so fast its honestly impressive.
This rant at the end of the day is just me blowing off steam. Thanks if you read this far and if you happen to enjoy these games will take this as an invite to play! Thank you and have a great day.
PS: I have nothing against those who play the games mentioned above, I'm just personally wanting something different than what those games offer.
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2023.06.03 19:24 EchidnaReal3827 I finally got my baby! Awesome as heck! WOW! 227HP is no joke! The hybrid system rocks!!

I finally got my baby! Awesome as heck! WOW! 227HP is no joke! The hybrid system rocks!!
Hello everyone, After 3.5 months, I got my baby! This looks better in person than online. I bought this without even seeing it in my color. The Gravity Grey is better in person! Especially with the rims! Here are some pictures! I’m going to wax it now. I just washed it very well. I still need to add my items that I bought for it as well as my roof rack, etc! I’m going for my tint on Monday morning!
I drove it 40 miles to pick it up! I signed all my documents in 5 minutes and was out in 10 minutes.
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2023.06.03 19:23 Ravenhozh Writing a Signalis story.

Some random scene I made up for my story.
1) "I said stop!" Ariane shouted. She aims her pistol at the runner.
2) Poverty Hunger Illness Homeless Overpopulation Terrorism Corruption Increasing crime rates Wide Black Market Business on narcotics Illegal manufacturing of Replikas Food shortage crisis War
And a whole lot more, this is just the tip of it. What else dose Rotfront have?
3) Don't mind her. That's Penrose-512's latest pilot. I told you that they'll find someone else for you.
She's cocky and an asshole. I pity the Replika who have to spend the next 8 or so years with her on the journey.
4) "You need to address me as Captain or Ma'am and not just stand there silently. Am I clear?"
Ariane lifts up her face, "Yes, Ma'am."
5) The tenant opens the door, "Who is it?" She said as she opens the door. Ariane was on the other side I'd that door and looks at them, "A visitor."
6) He smirks, "Look at you. You're practically made up of glass."
7) Ariane racks her gun and places the barrel agasint the traitor's head. "Wait, you can't just shoot me like this. I needed the money to feed my family."
8) Ariane opens her door to her apartment and finds the LSTR unit waiting for her to come back home from work.
9) "Hm, another one, huh? Let's call Yeong to ger over here, if there's anyone who can solve this case, it would be her.
That's it. Why I did it? No reason. Just wanted to put these out and see what people think.
Thank you for reading.
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