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2023.05.31 17:23 jules3001 Tom did not win at Succession

I've seen some opinions about how Tom is the winner after all since he became CEO. He's CEO of the US branch of WaystaGojo. This is a puppet position. He has very little influence and power compared to the original Waystar CEO position. Tom is below Mattson and he's only there because he's submissive, loyal, and will do anything for the person above him. Mattson is running the show now and Tom is is a puppet for him for public opinion and so that nobody overthrows or threatens him.
In the finale, all the siblings lost. They are rich billionaires with the sale but they've lost their power and influence. This show and the position of Waystar CEO was ultimately about power and influence. That's what all of the characters desperately want and this position gives you that in an obscene way.
When Waystar was sold to Gojo, that position is gone. This puppet position is not the same. Tom becoming US branch CEO of Waystar is just another job at this point. He is submissive and loyal. He will just do what Mattson tells him and live a comfortable rich life. He will never have the influence and power that Logan had.
Overall, Tom is the same exact character he was at the start. He's submissive, loyal, and sucks up to the person above him in the power dynamic. At the start of the show that person was Shyv. Throughout the show it was a mix of Shyv and Logan. At the end of the show that person is Mattson.
This show is a tragedy about the end of an empire. Logan Roy wanted a dynasty but all the siblings failed to replicate what Logan needed in a CEO. I love one the last scene where they pay homage to Logan as he was the only person who could successfully be Waystar CEO. When he died, the position in a way died with him as well. The deal came through and the role of Waystar CEO is just another executive position. It does not come with the world bending power and influence it once did. You could argue that Mattson now has that influence and power but he doesn't seem to value or understand how the company works. I don't think he will utilize ATN and other assets the same way Logan did.
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2023.05.31 17:12 FoxInFlux How the shading on this frog girl, and how can I improve it in the future

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2023.05.31 17:10 SwissCheese4Collagen Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: Actually Gunner's Appearance aka My Super Lesbian Cat Austin is a witch! HE IS HERE! (Official Birth Vlog)

Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: Actually Gunner's Appearance aka My Super Lesbian Cat Austin is a witch! HE IS HERE! (Official Birth Vlog)
Howdy Snarkers, Actually Gunner Still James' Birth vlog has finally been posted a week later. We know the name ended up being Actually Gunner instead of Maybe Edwin, we know he born on May 17, but we don't know is how much he weighed when he was born. OfNostrils is going to have Nostrils in Charge Rachel as her Doula at the hospital. She, OfNostrils, and Nostrils all tried to predict how much the baby would weigh. Only Nostrils tried to guess the time he would be born, and also he would be dark headed. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let's start at the beginning.
Giddy-Up & Austina help open the video
The intro is super annoying this week because it bled over into the theme song, so the theme song was just super loud and you heard the birth audio continue past the birth footage. Actually Gunner doesn't have a title spot yet, welcome to life as the third born, kid. Giddy-Up hops around behind his mother excited to announce that his baby week, Austina is excited to announce that it's Mother's Day. Look at our girl sticking to the scheduling like a pro. Austina sprinkles some tap water on her mother before she gets sent to the van with Giddy-Up because today is the last baby Dr. appointment. Before we can go however, OfNostrils has to show us her project that she finished before "baby" arrived. It's a table! With four chairs! And a vase of flowers! That's it. Whatever makes her happy I guess. OfNostrils tells us that her stuff is back to the hospital so she's ready to go when ever and she's excited but she also sometimes wishes time would slow down because she can't believe it and OMC...We have heard this so many times.
Austina would like to eat obviously, as she's more interested in burgers than brothers
But off we go to the final Dr. appointment. As they wait in the van for Nostrils to arrive, OfNostrils quizzes Nostrils The Next Generation on their newest members arrival. Giddy-Up thinks two days until Actually Gunner Still James arrives, while Austina says burger twice before sticking her fingers in her mouth for the rest of the "Scene". The captions help her out and say Google wants and burger the second time but OfNostrils quickly realizes Austina isn't playing along for the cameras and flips back to Giddy-Up. Giddy-Up's jaw drops when his mother informs him that tomorrow is when the baby will get here. She asks Austina what she wants to name him as they wait for Nostrils to appear. Giddy-Up says he wants to name the baby Mr. Joel and Austina nods her assent. OfNostrils expresses extreme surprise at this until she figures out they are talking about someone at church, "a friend". Why do they always use that word, by the way? That's up there with "precious", "season of life", and "blessing". Anyways, the kids get distracted by Nostrils showing up with a trailer, and we make it into the doctor's office where we get the clip we saw last week in the teaser of Nostrils talking about OfNostrils' cervix, the caption still say "styling", not "dilating", but they now say "softening" instead of "something".
Oh nothing to see here, just coaching the two-year-old on how to look more fully at the camera.
Joy's Styled Cervix
Well it's official, I want to see what other names were on that list. I have to see what Gunner beat.
Back at the Nostrils McBeardsley house, it's business as usual which means, you guessed it, naps! Once they wake up the children eat cantaloupe, with OfNostrils priming Austina's future disordered eating by exclaiming "girl! Did you eat all that cantaloupe! Let me see that belly", as Austina happily licks the cutting board clean. As she should. Giddy-Up gets in a shot with OfNostrils' baby bumpAnd yells "hello" a couple times to his little brother who he still wants to name Mr. Joel. Giddy-Up goes to jump on Nostrils to try and convince Him that they should name the baby Mr. Joel until he is presented with the problem of having too many Mr. Joels. He sits on his father and states he wants to name to be James baby. Nostrils informed him that the baby's middle name will be James, and Giddy-Up and Austina proceed to jump on top of their father as their mother films it for the Tube. So wholesome, right? Anyways, OfNostrils is having quite the dilemma over whether or not to keep her % and 2 1/2-year-old home so she can "lay them down one more time before baby comes", or let her and her husband get a night of uninterrupted sleep before going into be induced for labor at 430 in the morning by having her mother-in-law keep the children for the next 2 nights instead of one. She chooses the wise option, and sends Giddy-Up and Austina with Grandma if you're the kids. I don't know why she is so set on calling Nostrils' mom Grandmother, when everyone else calls her Grandma.
These two are gonna try to run away to Mr. Joel's house one of these weeks.
Says Nostrils, with his industrial-strength DNA...
We will have to take your word for that. No, really she turned it on and it was 3:57
Finally, it's time to go to the hospital. Since she has everything packed, she waits in the kitchen for Nostrils to wake up. While she waits OfNostrils gives us the Last Bump Check, and her prediction that the baby will weigh 8 1/2, no 9 pounds she says. Back in the kitchen Nostrils has appeared, and he starts digging in the freezer only to pull out an Amazon box full of individually packaged chocolate chip cookies, which OfNostrils claims are her cookies. Nostrils exclaims he can have a cookie, as OfNostrils explains they are part of a meal train from the church. Nostrils also made her edible Cookie dough freezer bites, which she points out are gummy bear shaped.
The fact that the freezer cookie dough bites are little gummy bears really makes me think that whoever made them also makes either wine or weed gummies.
Will include Serial Killer Grinch Face below if requested. Also, who splashed out for this? Did Kath! have an extra?
Off they go to the hospital, in the dark and sprinkling rain where OfNostrils takes a picture of Nostrils doing his patented serial killer grinch smile as he drives down the road. Once they get to the hospital Nostrils asks OfNostrils if she's ready to have a baby. I mean I hope they are, kind of late now. They get to the "huge" room, where nostrils in charge, Rachel chats with nostrils. OfNostrils shows us the tissues on the table before sliding over to see Actually Gunner's landing pad as Nostrils reminds his sister just how ugly he thinks her nephew was when he was first born. Which is rich considering that Giddy-Up looked a lot like ol Col. Brillo Beard.
Giddy-Up had peach fuzz, obviously Nostrils can't have that
OfNostrils settles in and she has her ice chips, she has her IV that didn't hurt, and the Pitocin going into it. She credits the IV being so easy to the amount of water she's been drinking, not God. God's taking this personally, or just relieved that they left his name out of their mouth for five seconds? Either way her cervix is "styled" to a four, and her doctor and nostril in charge Rachel will be clocking in an hour or so while Perm and J16 will be there in about two hours. Nostrils is going to try to take a nap, OfNostrils thinks she won't be able to.
To be fair, OfNostrils guess was technically 8 pounds and 16 ounces so the McBeardsleys guessed within 2 ounces of each other. They're splitting frog hairs this point, with Nostril in charge Rachel as the outlier.
OfNostrils decides it's time to take final predictions. She sticks with her 9 pound guess, Nostrils says 8 lbs. 14 oz., changes his mind to 8 lbs. 13 oz. before saying 8 lbs. 14 oz. Nostril in charge Rachel guesses 7 lbs. 9 oz., as Nostrils tries to tell her to eat something that he specifically brought for her. Once she makes her guess Nostrils and OfNostrils tried to tell her that the baby is measuring big, which I would expect a Doula to have known? She retorts it must be the baby's big head, and they inform her that it's his stomach measuring big, which again I would expect the Doula to have been brought up to speed, prior to being in actual active labor?
Nostrils needs both hands on the IV pole at all times.
Music plays as Nostril in charge Rachel perches on the bed while playing a game of charades with Meech, As nostrils sits on the couch next to OfNostrils bouncing on a yoga ball. Meech and OfNostrils get their screen time in as Nostrils catches a couple winks. The McBeardsley's take nostril in charge Rachel along as they walk a couple miles in the halls, Nostrils has a brainwave and uses the robe pocket on his wife's back to carry his fountain pop while he is the IV jockey. Must be that NASA engineering gene. They returned to the room and the McBeardsleys take naps. OfNostrils wakes up and get the simultaneous back massage from Meech and nostril in charge Rachel, while J16 films Nostrils sleeping in the background.
Nostrils has been sleeping more this vlog than the rest of them have this whole time... YouThe
Speaking of J16, OfNostrils calls her "Hansel", which, didn't think that one was ever going to be a nickname at TTH. OfNostrils recaps Giddy-Up's birth, when J16 was only able to witness up until the emergency C-section. Not sure why she wasn't able to be around for Austina's birth... But anyways hopefully this one goes smoothly and she is able to see the whole thing. I suppose they have to show her what it's like to be handed a buddy at the hospital, J 17 is probably in line to go to the hospital the next time the SeeWorld's have a new attraction to get the experience. OfNostrils also informs us it's 1:30 PM and she has not been checked since 10 AM.
J16's gotta earn her place in the delivery room by being the main camera woman.
\"Answer it mom\" – Nostrils
It's easier to tell time in casinos than in this hospital room, But I'm guessing Giddy-Up and Austina don't have many 9:30 PM social appointments so this must be the next day.
Nostrils face times "Grandmother" Nostrils To check in on Nostrils The Next Generation as Meech checks in with Jana (I'm guessing), Nostrils literally wills his mother to answer the phone, where Giddy-Up and Austina pop on the screen. Giddy-Up is excited about a new shirt, Nostrils agrees that it is a cool shirt. Giddy-Up asks "have you had that baby yet", which sounds like something that GrandNostrils has said every time is talk to OfNostrils in the past three months. OfNostrils tells the children, she misses them, she can't wait to see them and hold them but Giddy-Up is excited that he has gum. OfNostrils asks "grandma gave you gum, oh man." No idea if he is supposed to have gum or not or what the deal is but Grandmother Nostrils Suddenly finds out that she has been rushing for no reason because she's half an hour early. OfNostrils states that she told her the time was 9:30, not nine. This must be the next day, although we didn't get a snazzy next day infographics or transition. No word on where they're going however, my bet is on swim lessons. Grandmother Nostrils has forgotten Giddy-Up, apparently that's not a big deal though. OfNostrils does remind her to bring in extra clothes, definitely swim lessons. Nostrils demands the phone back and we cut to OfNostrils lying in bed with a white cloth on her forehead, it appears to be go time.
Seems like she had an easy time of the delivery part so maybe they won't stop at four like they said a couple weeks ago, months ago?
OfNostrils gets the usual words of encouragement and vague instructions on how to squeeze a person out of your body from her mother, sister and sister in law. They work and and 8 lbs. 14 oz. Actually Gunner Still James emerges only to be flung up on his mother's chest and filmed for the Internet. See? I told you My Super Lesbian Cat Austin was witch. Welcome to the circus, Kid. Good luck.
Literally on display the second he takes his first breath. What a fucked up way to be initiated into your family...
Okay guys honest to God I swear Part 2 will be up today, I think I finally fine-tuned my new process to where it will work a lot quicker. Also, Baby Swiss and I plan to write down our snarky comments as we watch the documentary and post the top 10 or something. She is super excited to stay up and start watching it at midnight. I can leave a live chat open then if anybody wants, just let me know.
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2023.05.31 17:09 Alex_Sculpt It is Wednesday my dudes!

It is Wednesday my dudes!
The mushroom has turned into a frog!
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2023.05.31 17:04 thespygorillas There is now Shitcoin Ads taking advantage of the people who don't wanna “miss out”.

After that whole frog coin craze, big attention was brought back to the “meme” shitcoins, and everyone who was bummed they miss out are desperate to get to be an insider on the next coin that'l pump.
And now coin devs are taking advantage of this, they are making deliberate promoted ad tweets manipulating everyone. Saying “to not miss out” and it had phrases like “it wasn't your fault you missed out the last time, but now it will be your fault”.
This is absolute scum to the highest degree and makes crypto seem pathetic. They are taking advantage of gullible “FOMO” people by making them believe they're getting to be an early insider on some coin.
I'm not going to mention what coin is doing this, as it shouldn't get any form of attention. But it's just a rip-off of a shitcoin trying to manipulate people who “missed out”.
Since regulation is happening whether we like it or not, we should advocate for regulation that stops shit like this. Making it illegal to play with people's mind, as this will ultimately do nothing but hurt crypto's rep even further.
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2023.05.31 17:03 Drty994 AWF #1: Superkick'd 1

Night 1:

- Daniel Garcia defeats Davey Richards by submission in a technical showcase.
- Evil Uno pins Jorel Nelson after a spinning lariat in a hard-hitting match.
- Jonathan Gresham makes Komander tap out to the octopus hold in a fast-paced bout.
- Jordynne Grace overpowers Latigo and wins with a Grace Driver in an intergender clash.
- Lio Rush outsmarts Rey Horus and pins him with a roll-up in a high-flying encounter.
- Masha Slamovich beats Mike Bailey by knockout with a head kick in a stiff contest.
- Myron Reed surprises Royce Isaacs and hits a 450 splash for the win in an athletic match.
- Shane Haste defeats Hardkore Kidd with a powerbomb in a brutal brawl.

Night 2:

- Daniel Garcia beats Evil Uno by submission with a crossface in a grueling match.
- Jonathan Gresham outwrestles Jordynne Grace and makes her tap to the figure-four leglock in a technical match.
- Lio Rush edges out Masha Slamovich with a frog splash in an exciting match.
- Shane Haste brawls with Myron Reed and wins with a clothesline from hell in a wild match.


- Daniel Garcia and Jonathan Gresham have a classic match that goes to a 60-minute time limit draw. The referee decides to restart the match under sudden death rules. Garcia manages to lock in the crossface again and Gresham passes out. Garcia is declared the winner and the new AWF World Champion.
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2023.05.31 17:02 LoveMangaBuddy Read I’m Really Not Targeting The Magicians - Chapter 99 - MangaPuma

Luo jie, who accidentally traveled to the wasteland game world, spent ten years in Beginner Village because he was too cautious. After killing more than 100,000 magic frogs in ten years, his spell resistance has finally reached 100%… Now, Luo jie stepped out of the novice village, but he just wanted to say to the world: I am not targeting mages, What I meant is, everyone here is just trash. ... Read I’m Really Not Targeting The Magicians - Chapter 99 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.31 16:55 Celestial_Moon_Alien Thinking about ordering the swirl frog. What clothes go well with him?

I don’t usually get them clothes but I want to this time. What are some clothes that you’ve bought for this guy or that you think will look well on him?
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2023.05.31 16:55 drspookulicious FNaF 4's Predictions of the Future (of FNaF)

Hey, Freddit!
So remember Dream Theory? Basically, FNaF 4 had a lot of elements that strangely paralleled those from previous games, which happened later in the timeline. At first, some of these were used to argue for FNaF 4 happening in 1987, but shortly after people started wondering if the first few games were all but dreams in the mind of a child who's seen all of these innocuous elements.
These... aren't evidence for Dream Theory. They weren't evidence for Team '87. They aren't even necessarily evidence that any event or character happened or existed before FNaF 4. They're just a pattern of FNaF 4 predicting a lot of stuff.
What does it all mean? I'll leave this post to simply be a list (that I'll update if you guys think of more) and I won't tarnish it with a conclusion so we can all just appreciate the glory of FNaF 4 hints.
Take care, ~Spook
P.S. Does anyone know if I'd be allowed to post my own theory videos here in the future? I mean they are relevant to the sub and are discussion-wise no different than my text posts but I know Reddit has really strict rules against self-promo a lot of the time. Any mod want to weigh in?
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2023.05.31 16:54 kaiser23456 How to get the Latin Union in TGC

I am playing as France in TGC and I wanted to form the Latin Union. I already took the "Latin monetary union" decision. What else do I have to do?
For a bit more context on the state of Europe: both German federations exists, I have the Rhineland as my puppet and Belgium was partitioned between Britain, The Netherlands, Prussia (I took their Belgian lands later on in the game), and me, I have Spain and Portugal in sphere of influence, I am allied to italy, Russia is a republic and Scandinavia formed
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2023.05.31 16:54 cresent13 Illogical, insulting, and ignorant

This is what my wife truly believes about me and probably all of you.
Logic: if there WAS a Satan, how could he be "behind" every non-Christian? When did he become omnipresent and able to split his mind and actions 6 billion ways at once?
In what ways have we become puppet-like, losing our ability to act independently or think logically?
If he had the ability to make 6 billion controlled puppets, why are we just going about our lives normally? He could have a damn army and wipe out the Christians. Is he just a lazy, unimaginative and incompetent puppet-master? Hasn't he read any DC comics?
The lack of critical thinking skills is atrocious. This way of thinking is truly insulting only to the believers of such foolishness.
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2023.05.31 16:50 Which-Ad2082 trade banned accounts - aware of scammers.

TheFussianFrog#8494 is scammer be carefoul !
scamming from this acc:
Have discord with 'customers' but they are scamming.
I will update the list of scammers for you :)
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2023.05.31 16:50 Atypical-life Vanessa & Xander

As someone who has been manipulated in the way Vanessa is manipulating Xander, I am utterly disgusted. Vanessa fip flops on her opinion of marriage depending on who she’s speaking to. Her chameleon-like narrative is contingent on whoever she talks to in the moment to best manipulate their opinion of her.
Her speech to Xander at the changeover was complete malarkey. She’s no more ready for commitment/building a family than Aussie is to start openly communicating their feelings. She is 1,000% on the show for clout and Xander is her puppet. She’s lucky everyone has (for the most part) avoided her “social media influencer” comment she made in an earlier episode thus far.
Vanessa had meaningless sex, but Xander feel in love. This speaks to so much about them as individuals and what they want out of a relationship.
I think most will agree with me, there’s nothing I want more than to see Xander and Yoly thrive and have beautiful babies together! They both deserve that happy, authentic love with each other.
*Edit: Additionally adding to my disgust - Vanessa trying to make Xander elaborate on the private sexual acts that happened between her & Yoly. They are not required to disclose that information on camera and it’s HORRIBLE that Vanessa would pressure them like that; she’s intentionally trying to make Xander look like a bad person for not wanting to disclose that info…
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2023.05.31 16:47 HobGoblinHat The Disney Sequels is very much like 3 conflicting narratives rather than a Trilogy. So given no choice which narrative of the 3 would you have stuck with?

The Sequels are collectively trash & we all agree. Their failures aren't limited to lack of coherent narrative. But had they been coherent at the very least it would've been a poor or mediocre Trilogy, as opposed to 3 shit movies with recurring characters.
A blaster is pointed to your head choose:
A Trilogy of TFA. Rey is Luke's daughter & she lost her memory. Luke is an exile to protect her & the future of the Jedi from Snoke. The First Order is a fanatical neo Empire of youth seeking to restore The Empire. The Resistance is a proxy military faction of The New Republic. Snoke is an ancient being predating the Jedi & Sith seeking to monopolise The Force through the children of Anakin Skywalker. Kylo seeks to complete Vader's vision in ruling the Galaxy. Finn is a Force user.
A Trilogy of TLJ. Rey is a nobody but has a strong affinity with the Force. Luke is an exile b/c he blames himself for failing. The First Oder is The Empire 2.0 built from remnants. The Resistance is a guerrilla group. Snoke is an uncommon Force user who rose up in the Unknown Regions to command the First Order. Kylo seeks to break free of his Uncle & parents destiny & destroy their legacy. Finn is not Force sensitive.
A Trilogy of TROS. Rey is the daughter of a failed Palpatine Clone, after an attempt at creating a Palpatine Skywalker clone from Luke's hand. Luke is an exile bidding his time for his true enemy, not the puppet Snoke, to reveal themselves. The First Order is a proxy to the Final Order, a Sith Cult. The Resistance is the remnants of the collapsed New Republic. Snoke is a clone to distract the Galaxy from the 'resurrected' Palpatine Clone. Kylo seeks the power to rule the Galaxy, which he discovers in an unusual Force Bond he shares with Rey. Finn is Force sensitive.
I rather you bllow my brains across the cantina. Maclunkey MF.
View Poll
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2023.05.31 16:40 Tortoise0042 M/30/USA - looking for a close friend!!

Hello there! I’m 31/m living on the east coast of the United States, looking to make a close friend
I’m looking for a friend that can hold an actual conversation and that hopefully doesn’t ghost! I’d love to share travel pics and experiences, favorite recipes and meals that you still think about, beer recommendations, and songs that help you get through the day. I’d love to find a friend to share accomplishments and milestones with, exchange silly stories and good ideas, and the curveballs life can throw!
A bit about me: I love checking out breweries with my dogs, trying new food, Lego, pop punk, and going to concerts and live sports. Growing up I had pet frogs (like a lot of them). I love reading longform articles before bed. Hogwarts is home. Traveling is my favorite thing, and I love exploring new states and countries as often as I can! Up next for me: Montreal, Iceland, and Italy, recently visited: Puerto Rico, Belgium, Portugal, Spain.
My fun fact is that I don’t know how to ride a bike.
Bonus points if you play MTGA.
Can’t wait to get to know you!
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2023.05.31 16:39 dpp_312 [F4M/A] Die Kaiserin benötigt einen Ehemann mit königlichen Vorrechten. (The Empress requires a husband of royal prerogative.)

I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
Hello whateversubreddit
I am Claudia and I am looking to do an alternative history period piece, set in the Deutsches Kaiserreich (German Empire).
I would be playing the recently crowned Kaiserin Viktoria I, Luise Adelheid Mathilde Charlotte von Hohenzollern.
In this setting the German, Russian and English houses of Hohenzollern, Romanov, Hanover (not renamed Windsor) ally themselves in 1901 following the death of HRM Queen Victoria based off their shared family ties.
Kaiser Wilhelm II is not born with a crippled left arm and is less inclined to hold anti-British sentiments through his life, leading to closer relations between Germany and Britain. Before the death of HRM Queen Victoria, the two wrote frequently about strengthening the two Empires under shared German heritage.
Tsar Nicholas II yields more power to the Duma in the aftermath of the Revolution of 1905 and relaxes some of the more authoritarian laws. Grigory Rasputin never gains influence over the Tsar and Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolaevich is given better care from Britain and Germany.
King and Emperor of India Edward VII begins a policy of greater naval and economic cooperation with Kaiser Wilhelm II due to the Kaiser's fascination with naval power and military sea going vessels, King Edward VII begins to see Kaiser Wilhelm II as more of a son during the Kaiser's first few years of rule until his death in 1910.
The Great War sees The British Empire, German Empire and Russian Empire allied against the Republic of France, Kingdom of Italy and Austrio-Hungarian Empire.
The war begins in August of 1913 after the assassinations of Kaiser Franz Joseph I von Habsburg and Archduke Franz Ferdinand and a retaliatory assassinations of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Kronprinz Wilhelm and all the male children of the Kaiser in June and July respectively of that year.
This leaves Prinzessin Viktoria Luise as Kaiserin of Germany, aged 20 at the time of her ascension though scarred and disabled.
The July Crisis would lead to the escalation of war in August with Germany and Austria-Hungary blaming the other for the assassinations.
The Great War is much more swift and decisive, resolving in April of 1916 with a major German and British victory, Russia gaining some but is left unsatisfied.
The former Austria-Hungary is left shattered, Austria is annexed by Germany, the Czech and Slovak nations declaring independence and non intervention, Hungary descending into communist civil war which ends in a communist state being declared, Carpathia-Ruthenia is annexed by Russia and the Balkan states fight a third and fourth war for control of ethnic territory.
France finds itself on the brink of collapse and nearly descending into a communist civil war, only saved by German intervention but losing all its colonies to Germany, Britain and Japan, a puppet government is installed and the new regime begins to violently repress any pro-Communist and anti-German sentiments.
Italy survives a majority of the devastation brought to France and the former Austro-Hungarian territories but loses its fledgling colonies to the Ottoman Empire and Abbysinia, there is also an attempted coup at the end of the war by a faction of the military but it is put down brutally.
Germany and Russia increasingly become reliant on the other's resources, manpower and relative knowledge, whereas Britain would slowly find itself sinking back into Isolationism albeit not Splendidly as it had less than fifty years prior.
In the assassinations of her father Kaiser Wilhelm II and her six older brothers, then Prinzessin Viktoria would be shot in the face and chest, leaving the left side of her face scarred and blind in one eye, she then develops pneumonia while in the hospital recovering and is left with a permanent cough.
During the War, Kaiserin Viktoria I finds herself following the militaristic projection vision of her father, taking a more direct role in the course of the War and visiting the Western Front many times, eventually seeing action that causes an amputation of her left leg from developing severe trench foot in 1915.
By the end of the War, Kaiserin Viktoria I had begun to focus her attentions to the people of Germany and the newly acquired territories of the Empire.
She expands social programs to aid the poor and sick, encouraging new arts which leads to a large pro-German moving picture industry, giving pensions to all veterans of the Great War once they leave service even those who did not fight for the Empire but found themselves in its territories though they were still required to work as a condition to receive the pension, invests heavily into scientific and technological studies and advances, and proposes voting reform for women which eventually passes with the Kaiserin storming the Reichstag to demand the vote pass under her royal perogative; this sours her relation with the Junkers temporarily but massively boosts her popularity with the lower classes, especially women.
All of this leaves her an incredibly popular and loved by the citizens of the Empire, however there is growing concern for continuing the Hohenzollern lineage.
By January of 1916, there was a mostly private concern from the Aristocracy that with the previous dangerous and dear fatal encounters that the Kaiserin had, there should be more priority of her marrying and producing an Heir.
Reluctantly the Kaiserin bows to the advice of her Chancellor, Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg and begins to seek a suitable man to be her husband and father of the next Kaiser or Kaiserin.
And that leads us to who you are.
Who are you?
What country are you come from? What royal house do you belong to? What is your title? Did we know each other before we decided to begin a courtship? How long have we known each other? What are your politics? What do you think of my reign? What do you think of my time during the Great War? What do you think of my disfigurements?
Thank you for reading!
Please contact me through DM/PM or commenting if neither work, I look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.05.31 16:33 WetForPain Puppy has been chewing on Sticks and anything Wooden and now has Blood (More info in Post)

Hello DogAdvice
My 13 Week Old (as of Tomorrow June 1st)/ 3 Month Old (as of June 2nd) Cairn Terrier Maltese Mix loves to chew on Sticks and has been pulling pieces of plywood up from our floor and chewing on those as well and I have been doing everything in my power to deter this behavior including redirecting with toys, covering the wood with rugs, etc, and as of Last night she now has light amounts of bright red blood on her stool and as of this morning runny stools.
She does not have any presence of worms in her stool or the common “frog belly” that is present when worms are present in puppies, and is not lethargic, anorexic, does not have decreased appetite, decreased water intake, decreased activity levels, or any symptoms that would indicate signs of Parvo, and has received her first DAPPV vaccine and will be receiving her second one soon.
I’m hoping that this is just because she accidentally ingested some wood splinters and will end soon but am wondering is there anything I should do or keep an eye out for while this is happening?
Should I just take her to the vet to be safe?
Thank you all for your time!
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2023.05.31 16:33 kremstoin Bingo!

I like the concept of monsters and their designs but movies ab them not so much (unless you count Arrival)
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2023.05.31 16:26 Physical-Amphibian46 Me and my sister have been making a universe for 9 years I put it in story form and I want to hear you guys opinions

The Hand Puppets Universe is an intricately crafted world of imagination and creativity. It is a vast and diverse realm inhabited by various species of hand puppets, each possessing its own distinct characteristics and personalities. Within this universe, there are different civilizations, cities, and towns where hand puppets reside and interact.
The history of the hand puppets dates back to their original form, resembling the "okay" sign. They roamed the planet for over a millennium, adapting and evolving over time. Eventually, they developed the knowledge and technology to utilize rockets, leading to exploration of other planets. Some hand puppets settled on Earth, while others ventured to different celestial bodies, including the legendary city of Atlantis.
In the hand puppet society, there is a unique relationship between hand puppets and humans. Humans have the ability to tame hand puppets by rubbing their heads, establishing a bond between them. Tamed hand puppets can choose to retain their own will or follow the commands of their human owners. However, there exists a group of aggressive hand puppets known as the "evil hand puppets" who show hostility towards both humans and other hand puppets.
The hand puppet society is incredibly diverse, with numerous species and variations. One such species is the Unknown Hand Puppets, shrouded in mystery and possessing unpredictable powers. Each Unknown Hand Puppet has a different set of abilities, making them intriguing and enigmatic beings. They often choose to remain hidden and avoid interaction with humans.
Another unique group within the hand puppet universe is the Trench Hand Puppets. These hand puppets inhabit trenches and possess the ability to pull others into their depths. They are considered a dangerous threat, as once someone falls into their clutches, escape becomes nearly impossible. The Trench Hand Puppets are powerful and intimidating, adding an element of suspense and adventure to the universe.
And also there are the Idiot Hand Puppets, a special group known for their extreme lack of intelligence. These hand puppets are so incredibly foolish that they often find themselves in absurd and perilous situations. For instance, they have a tendency to walk dangerously close to trenches or cliffs, believing that a rainbow will magically appear underneath to catch them if they fall. Their lack of awareness and common sense makes them both endearing and amusing to other hand puppets.
While the hand puppets do not follow a formal religion or philosophy, they have developed their own culture and traditions. Many hand puppets enjoy making people laugh and causing mischief. Some hand puppets have even taken on roles as comedians, entertainers, and performers, bringing joy and laughter to their fellow hand puppets and humans alike.
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2023.05.31 16:26 blargbluuk Yellowing leaves on bottom, new leaves on top now looking off. Advice?

Pics - May 24
Pics - May 30
Pics - May 31
1st time growing, gorrila glue in fox farms happy frog soil. I know I didn't research enough initially and planted directly in a 5 gal pot, it sprouted 34 days ago, it's been on 16/8 light schedule after about a week or so from sprouting and was looking fine up until this past week.
I've been really cautious with watering because the pot it was in was too big and I didn't want it to get too wet and damp while it's doesn't have the root system to use up that water. I was ramping up how much water I was giving for each watering over the weeks after trying to verify it was dry enough using a probe. Was watering roughly every 2-3 days. I (foolishly I think) started trying to add nutrients last week (2 feedings, then the next back to just water) and may have started a nutrient burn since the soil is probably enough for now - I think that's what's happening on the lowest leaves at least. Now the top leaves are curling a bit upward and the tips/edges browning/yellowing slightly, the veins are looking odd to me as well but I don't really know what I'm looking at tbh.
I raised the light up to about 1.5-2ft above it, was at about 1ft before. The temp has been pretty consistently average around 23c(73f) and rh about 50% the entire time. I haven't watered it for 4 days now, wanted to make sure it properly is drying out then my plan was to try and flush it or something but I'm pretty lost with the multiple symptoms now.
Anyone have an opinion on what I need to be doing to get this back on track?
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2023.05.31 16:25 wjhladik Single cell, nested drop-downs (dependent data validation lists), any number of levels

This could also be a Show and Tell . There are many ways of doing this, and I present a unique *new* way. Inspired by u/wynhopkins video on his Access Analytic channel.
Starting with some example data of the nested levels:

Sample Data A1:D26 - up to 4 nesting levels
I define the following formula in H2 and it will spill a data validation list below H2. It can be referenced with =H2#.
=LET(c_1,"Define where the data is. It can be a table or a range and you can pretty much define it any way you want - just call it data.",
maxrows,COUNTA($A:$A), maxcols,COUNTA($1:$1), data,OFFSET($A$1,1,0,maxrows-1,maxcols),
pick,$F$2, c_2,"The variable pick defines where the drop down will be located.",
level,TEXTBEFORE(pick,"~",,,,""), mypick,TEXTAFTER(pick,"~",,,,""),
And finally I create my desired dependent drop-down list in F2 that points to a data validation list of =H2#. It looks like and acts like these screen shots:

Example Nested Drop-Down List in F2
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2023.05.31 16:20 RipMcStudly Rifftrax DOTW Buyer's Guide: Universal Soldier 2: Brothers In Arms

Get ready to stab your buttcheek in Universal Soldier 2: Brothers In Arms! Not to be confused with Universal Soldier: The Return, the theatrical sequel, this made for TV movie follows directly after the 1992 film, with an entirely new cast and crew. Newly appointed Luc Deveraux, hero of the first film, is now Matt Battaglia, son of one of Burt Reynolds' college football buddies and a linebacker himself, whose acting career is mainly bit stuff, though he had some success as a producer. He's still making kissy face with reporter Veronica, now played by mainly TV actress Chandra West. They must face off with a wounded Universal Soldier program, which is now under the control of Gary Busey, and is trying to become a mercenary outfit. When they manage to ping Deveraux and recapture him, Veronica goes to rescue him, only to discover that Luc's brother is also a victim of the program, and it will take all three, plus a drifter, to thwart the biggest horseface this side of John Elway.
Let's get blunt here: this thing sucks. It screams TV movie in a way that even Hijacked: Flight 285 couldn't quite do, feeling cheaper and with a worse presentation. It really suffers from the new cast, or rather, Battaglia, who plays Luc as more rock stupid than the stupidest rock in Stupid Rock Town rather than the fish out of wateman out of time bit. Busey honestly isn't terrible as the villain, but the movie's use of him as a psycho is weirdly inconsistent, and it's just not a good sign when Gary Busey is bringing stuff so much better than your star. Even he doesn't feel totally natural, though, thanks in part to a script that has him bully a seasoned soldier into submission like they're on the playground. Honestly, the best acting in this thing probably comes from Jeff Wincott as Luc's brother, previously seen in Martial Law 2.
The true problem with this movie, though, aside from its extra basic cable flair, is that it exposes the fundamental flaw with 90s action movies as a whole. Forgive me if this is controversial, but no one watched Universal Soldier for the plot, they watched it to see JCVD and Dolph Lundgren beat the hell out of each other. Sure, there's an intriguing hook in the original plot, what with the whole semi-zombified Vietnam vets turned into killing machines, but that plot can only last precisely as far as the stars can carry it. So, without the Belgian kicking machine, you can only go so far. That just doesn't include this sequel that 100% relies on the same characters. Hell, it's adherence to the original is such that, if you've never seen the original film, you might be a little bit lost. But if you really liked the original film, you're probably going to be pretty frustrated with this effort.
And honestly? Frustrated is where a lot of today's riffing seems to come from. They have to deal with the casting issue, the over-extention of the original premise, and the whole Busey factor. Battaglia probably gets off surprisingly lightly considering how doofy his performance is, honestly, but he does get riffed plenty. Busey naturally receives far more riffing, talking about his character's irrationality and general weirdness. But the biggest target in this riff is probably the film's many off conceits, riffing on the weird way it handles the time the characters have been dead, the inherent goofiness it gives to the premise of puppetizing war dead, and a whole weird addition of a drifter (played by Julian Richings, Death on Supernatural) to one of the big set pieces. And, of course, they cannot ignore the movie's tiny sprinkling of Burt Reynolds, who is just barely in the film.
This isn't a bad riff, and certainly not as mean as you might expect. Call it SOLID overall.
Get Universal Soldier 2: Brothers In Arms if you like: made for tv action, random homicide, or interesting music choices.
Skip Universal Soldier 2 if you don't like: serious actor downgrades, sad attempts at advanced technology, or being shamed for your "jamming a VCR into your butt" fetish.
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