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Financially educate us Apes! Share this group with other AMC Apes so we can help each other manage our Tendies! (GME and others welcome) Lottery winners go broke (I know the stock market is not a lottery 🙄) because of the lack of financial education they have, AMC let’s share our financial education with each other! Invite other Apes! Let’s maintain our earnings and make the world a better place! *I’m not a financial advisor, I just love the stock and want to help my Apes! To the moon! 🚀🦍🌕💵

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2023.05.28 16:05 Fluid-Resolve9512 Do I keep talking to him or go nc?

Alright so here’s the backstory, I matched on Bumble with someone who I had previously worked with for a short period of time. I didn’t see his reply after matching and he ended up texting me the next day. He had just found out that his, at the time, wife was cheating on him and decided to get a divorce. They were together 5years and married 6 months. Things moved very slowly at first and I was fine with that, first kiss was about a month in and we didn’t have sex until 2 months in. About six months into us being together, exclusively but without the title because that scared him. He broke up with me over text saying he needed to work on himself. About a week went by before we began speaking again and ultimately ended up officially in a relationship about a month later. Six more months go by, things are great and we’ve talked about living together, the future, dinners with parents, etc. He starts getting distant and a few days in I asked if he was dodging me. He then broke up with me over text again, however before I replied I went to talk in person. He kept stressing that I am an amazing person and cares about me so deeply but doesn’t feel he can be who I need him to be right now. He said he needs to work on himself, is battling depression and labeled himself a dismissive avoidant which he believes was caused by his ex wife’s infidelity.
I told him I would have to forget he existed, I couldn’t chit chat here and there and check in on eachother. He said he’d like to have lunch in a few days and talk about it again, he didn’t want this to be the last time he saw me. He also said in his mind when he made this decision he thought ideally I could give him a month to figure stuff out and then go from there.
He texted me later that night saying how sorry he is and how much he cares about me. But can’t continue without first being sound with who he is and truly taking time to set his life up for down the road. Then said “I have a winning lottery ticket with no way to cash it” whatever that means, “I’ve got to get myself right and fix what’s wrong with me.”
Do I go nc with him and just try to move on?? I want to be with him so badly and I know if he wanted to come back I would take him. And part of me thinks he will come back. But am I just setting myself up for more heartbreak down the road? Should I just move on now?
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2023.05.28 16:03 KittenDealinMama AITA for uninviting my family to my wedding after they feminized my fiancé?

Originally posted by u/salty-groom in AmItheAsshole on April 30, '23 updated on May 20, '23.
Trigger Warning: homophobia
April 30, '23
AITA for uninviting my family to my wedding after they feminized my fiancé?
I(24M) am getting married to my fiancé J(23M). My mother’s family is very traditional and religious and always believed I would be marrying a girl and are having a hard time adjusting.
J is a model. He often times where he’ll model clothes on the more feminine-side and no one has a problem with it. My family have seen some of the photos and have often joked that J is "pretty enough to be a girl" which he would just laugh off as some joke.
My grandfather has offered to pay for the suits. The deal was he would get an opinion when it came to what our wedding suits would be since they were paying. J and I went on different days.
Fast forward, I’m going to go pick up the suits from my aunt’s place. Right away I can tell something’s wrong. My suit is fine but J’s is white. J was adamant saying he wanted a black suit so I asked my aunt why it was white but she said J chose it. I didn't believe her. Something was definitely off. J isn’t a large guy or anything but this suit just looked far too small. I ask J about the suit when I get home and he just brushes it off. When I said it looked too small he looked a bit panicked and said he’ll take care of it.
I couldn’t help but feel maybe J was pressured into choosing white. He’s a bit of a people pleaser so it wouldn’t surprise me. I ended up looking up the suit online to see if I could order one in black and that if he liked it we could refund my grandfather. As it turns out, they ordered a woman’s suit for him. I honestly thought it was a mistake at first and that maybe my grandfather somehow chose wrong so I asked J about it when he got home and he broke down.
Apparently my grandfather told J that every wedding needs someone in the bride role and since he’s marrying into our family it should be him. My aunt had been pressuring J into losing weight to fit into the suit they bought for him and had convinced him their family would only accept him if he wore a white bridal one. And that’s not even all, my grandaunt has been buying J a lot of hair accessories that are extremely feminine and has even suggested he get a new engagement ring.
I’ve never been so pissed. J said he didn’t tell me about any of this because he just wanted to keep the peace and that just made me more upset. I ended up uninviting them to our wedding. My mom called and demanded to know what happened and she was deeply shocked and ashamed when I told her what her everything and she says it’s not acceptable but that they’re having a hard time adjusting to this new kind of wedding. My cousins say if a suit was such a big deal then J should just wear a dress since he's used to wearing girl clothes. I uninvited them too.
J’s family are all on my side. My mom says that I was overreacting by uninviting everyone that disagrees with me and that I should let them come if they apologize to J. I’ll admit I was harsh but I also don’t think I’m in the wrong.
In the comments:
It reads to me that OP's family is still stuck in some really dated homophobia where sexual orientation is confused with gender identity.
OP: They definitely don't know the difference. When I came out as bi they held onto to the attracted to women part only and I can remember one of them asking if J was trans because of some of the clothes he wore and I had to correct them. At this point I'm just assuming they're choosing not to educate themselves.
sounds to me like your mom wants to be uninvited next since she isn't really supporting you. If she wants bigots at the wedding then she is a one by association.
OP: I think my mom's scared of treatment she'll receive because of it. She's always been scared of her dad and uncle's opinions on her and they've been pressuring her to get me to reconsider.
people pleasing is a real character flaw, especially when someone takes it this far. Someone who can't be honest about problems will undermine your marriage. I don't believe your fiancé is ready to get married. He will almost certainly continue to hide problems from you and avoid conflict, leaving you dealing with their problems and getting blindsided.
OP: It's not that he hides problems from me this was just an extreme situation. Our families have always had a go at each other and we were both worried about bringing them together. J and I are very open to each other but this time J didn't want to bring it up because it was my family. We both do therapy individually but I think couples therapy would potentially be good for us, especially after this.
Is your mom still invited?
OP: Currently yes.
You are NTA, and your mother and your mother's family definitely are.
But I am afraid you have a bigger problem to worry about. I think you need to postpone the wedding:
"J said he didn’t tell me about any of this because he just wanted to keep the peace and that just made me more upset. I ended up uninviting them to our wedding."
Why did J not feel safe enough in your relationship to tell you this was going on? Did he think you'd agree with them? Why was his instinct kicking in to please your family at yours and his expense? This is all really really bad and I think you and he should postpone the wedding and do couples counselling.
I also don't think you were harsh enough to your family, they behaved abominably.
OP: From what J told me he didn't want to cause any more stress to the wedding planning, which I get but I also don't associate with this scenario. Our families don't get along in general so J thought it would be best to simply do whatever to keep everyone from blowing up. We are both very open to each other this situation was just incredibly extreme and he thought that he could always change after the ceremony.
The wedding is still on and we are both in therapy and I'm thinking doing some couples sessions may help us more.
1st Update:
Undated edit
To start off, thank you guys so much for your support, J and I both appreciate it very much and I’m glad you all are just as upset as I am.
J and I ended up deciding that if my family apologized to him, they would be able to come to the ceremony, but not the reception. J was the one who suggested it and my mom was on board with the idea as well. We returned both suits and J’s grandparents offered to pay for any we choose by ourselves, regardless of what they look like. They would even pay the shipping fees so they’d be here on time. Bless them. All the offenders, except for my cousins, ended up apologizing to J, but only my aunt looked somewhat genuine about it, especially after we explained the deal.
I thought that would be it, but I was wrong. Yesterday we got a return on our deposit for our reception venue, the owners saying they ended up double booking and could no longer host us (their policy says they can refund up to the week of an event). As far as the website says the day is still free. My mom has been getting texts non-stop from her brother and we have come to the conclusion that her uncle somehow convinced the owners of the venue to not host us, presumably because they were pissed about not being able to come to the reception.
So now J and I have no venue and are positively freaking out. We’ve been scrambling all day trying to find one last minute because we have everything booked and invitations sent out but no place for anyone to go. So yeah, as if the situation wasn’t already bad enough. I may end up posting another update if we’re able to sort this out.
Judgment: Not The Asshole
May 20, '23
(Editors note: OP tried to post this update on AITA but mods deleted it. He added the final update into his original post as an edit on May 22nd but it was originally posted on the 20th)
Final Update:
It has been an absolute ride over here. My BIL ended up calling to request the venue in his name, as everyone suggested, but it was in fact already rebooked. My mom got a call saying her uncle sent in a higher deposit in his name claiming he was covering the cost for us to compensate for a higher headcount. He was essentially dangling the venue over our heads in order for us to go back on our word for not having that side of the family at the reception. I’m not sure how any of that works and it seems incredibly unprofessional on the venue’s part.
J was willing to give in and just allow everyone to come at this point, mainly because we needed a venue and it was impossible to find a new one with such a short time frame. I was not, and given everyone’s collective outrange on the original post, I had enough of them. They had abused J behind my back and insulted our relationship, they didn't deserve to celebrate our marriage. One of the groomsladies came to the rescue and offered up her small property about 30min from the original site. Bless her.
We transformed this place into something that somewhat resembles a wedding venue two days leading up to it. It looked really good at the end, it had somewhat of a rustic woodsy vibe, which Jace and I actually really liked. In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to have the ceremony there as well. One of J’s cousins was officiating and the original location had a refundable deposit as well, so it would all work out.
The wedding was perfect and the greatest day of my life. Despite the pitfalls, J and I had a truly fantastic day.
I did not tell my mom’s family about the change of plans. I told them that they could come to the reception, at the venue they paid for, and that I was so sorry for being disrespectful to them. They were not pleased when they realized we had switched venues for both events, and thankfully, were unable to get the new address. My uncle demanded we refund him for the deposit, which we obiously didn't. J and I blocked all of their numbers after sending them the early drafts of the wedding photos, which were edited so it looked as if I were wearing a dress just to piss them off. We’ve decided to go NC with all of them, something that we probably should’ve done a long time ago. My siblings have as well and my mom is LC.
I still don't know why they chose to act the way they did, though some of their more creepy behavior have come to light. Neither of us are willing to go into depth on everything my family has done, but needless to say, I am fine with never speaking to them ever again. J said in a few years, he’s open to maybe seeing them at any potential family events. He's far too kind. We have decided though, that when kids come into the picture, they will not have any contact with these people.
And before anyone asks, everyone at the wedding left the original venue a harsh review. Was it petty? Yes, but none of us care.
Both J and I would like to thank everyone for their support and well wishes as we go on to start our lives together.
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.05.28 09:20 RetailSlave5408 JK Rowling as a role model and as model of success

In her video essay about the consumerist aspect of Harry Potter, Verily Bitchie notes how from the very beginning Harry Potter was praised for “getting kids into reading” Indeed there was a lot of encouragement and acknowledgment from parents and teachers who are overwhelmingly female. Women are over represented as caretakers from parents and babysitters to teachers not to mention librarians and I think in no small part because Harry Potters strong word of mouth came from the many women who embody these roles and who I have a suspicion were overjoyed to see a woman author doing so well, not to mention the fact that boys were reading her novels despite sexist and patriarchal attitudes that so result go unchallenged. (At this rate it’s standard for girls to be encouraged or generally interested in traditionally masculine interests or media content, but we don’t really challenge boys to do the same with anything considered un-masculine)
Additionally, Rowling herself was frequently upheld as a role model for millennials to reach for the stars. How many times as kids did we hear, “JK Rowling had to go through 12 different publishers.” or more often “JK Rowling was writing on napkins unable to afford to heat her apartment!” Which Rowling herself actually dispelled in an interview. Never mind the fact that Rowling received a grant to finish the books from the Scottish Arts Council or the fact that the cafe she wrote in was co-owned by her ex-brother in law at the time.
Barack Obama was not above perpetuating the myth of JK Rowling’s rags to riches. When I was 15, Obama addressed high school students in a nationally broadcast address where he treaded the tired old story about JK Rowling going through publishers and the importance of persistence. This sentiment, lobbed one year into the global recession just reads as incredibly tone deaf and outdated. Was it too much to provide us a healthier and less ambitious as mythologized role model?
I find two problems with this narrative. No 1, this can-do-attitude style undermines the relevance of massive institutions and systems. Publishing is incredibly competitive and 12 rejections is the lesson that should have been taken from that story. Then of course there’s poverty and the freedom to create that financial security and independence brings with leisure time. No 2, this is the kind of astronomical success and cultural cache that only one person can enjoy in a generation. Aside from being more privileged than we were told by the media and misinformed parents and teachers, I can’t help but feel that some of the success of Harry Potter is in some ways accidental. This is not to say the books didn’t have something to them or that Rowling is a crap writer (she’s not) but rather that it wasn’t that alone that got them to where they are. It’s like telling kids if they practice their instruments hard enough they can become The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.
The UK publisher only read the first 60 pages until his daughter convinced him to publish the book. Sometimes these kinds of chances are that arbitrary. How many other authors out there went to 12 different publishing houses with work just as good as JK’s and didn’t have an executive’s child on their side?
It really makes you think about the quality of writing that publishers expect and the biases they inhabit and the whims they can be persuaded on.
Another interesting thing to take note of, Verily Bitchie also mentions how 3 days after the UK publication of the first book, Scholastic won the bidding war for the US publishing rights of the first novel and purchased it for $105,000 which was “practically unheard of a the time for a children’s novel” remarking on the marketing speculation and merchandise tie-ins they saw latent in the text.
So much has been made of Rowling as a writer and who she is as a person, but I think not everyone talks about her as a role model.
The danger of holding her up as a role model of hard work, talent and persistence Is this her success is more a matter of winning the lottery. Not because her books eventually sold and enjoyed popularity but because no other living author has enjoyed this amount of success or even had this kind of a book to franchise business model. That aspect is like winning the lottery and the problem I see with it is that more realistic and achievable goals like, having a stable income, being debt free, having a job you like that is not a detriment to your well being is not seen as enough or even as “successful”
I really blame not JK but the educators, parents and politicians who told us to look to a woman who spawned a $10 billion dollar franchise as a model of success. Who failed to model more attainable and less outer space aspirational examples of success in our lives on the eve of a global recession and the decline of homeownership and the ability to afford basic living expenses.
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2023.05.28 00:39 SundaeOriginal7382 Chance an Asian Male CS for Duke ED 🚩🚩🚩

I feel like I am all over the place and pursue too many interests of various categories, and I have no idea how to really connect them together in a natural way. Please share your thoughts on any natural narrative or theme that may jump out at you from reading my chanceme, and also please suggest reordering my ECs in the order of what stands out the most:
Intended Major(s): Computer Science + Econ, maybe Electrical + Computer Engineering and Econ at some schools like Duke (ED)
of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.:
Standardized Testing
Schools: Duke ED, T20s (MIT, CMU, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, the usual prestige goblin stuff), UNC, NC State
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2023.05.27 23:26 IceMochaSummer $500 on CA $5

$500 on CA $5
Highest win on any 5 ticket … but have not won anything big on this ticket since :(
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2023.05.27 20:00 Hopeful-Dinner7372 Governor Panics as Republicans Push to Reform NC Public Education!Families deserve a say in how their children are educated, but the North Carolina governor...

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2023.05.27 18:45 Modelthinyanna NGN in 150qs

I just took the Ngn 5/20 but I still don’t have my results (my background check is still not processed with my bon) and I’m extremely nervous to do the pvt. I made it all the way to 150qs. I felt confident my exam was going to shut off at 85 and when it didn’t I panicked. At question 150 I had 2 mins and 30s left and I felt defeated. I honestly don’t feel like I got half my exam wrong but honestly with the Nclex you never know. This was my 4th attempt. My first time I failed at 75 and had the mindset I “finished nursing school” so I could pass without studying. The second attempt I still didn’t study but took it since 3 months had gone by, failed at 83. The 3rd time I used uworld, archer, mark klimec and the Kaplan book and failed at 98. This time around I had over 50 sata, about 25 case studies with some being one question and others being the 6 part. Majority of my exam was maternity, peds, psych and education questions. I honestly appreciated the Ngn more. I have never been a great test taker but for me the case studies brought me back to nursing school doing care plans and I love them. With all the sata that I had I only selected the ones that I knew 100% were right and the stand alone were really my problem. This time around I used about 300 uworld Ngn questions and had an average of 70%, I really needed to brush up on my content so I read Dr. Zs study guide from top to bottom and 5 days before my exam I utilized the free 3 day simclex exams on and completed all 5 cat assessment with passing results. The first I passed at 150 qs and the remaining 4 I passed at 85 qs. For anyone saying the Ngn or Nclex period is easy is incorrect. They wouldn’t make an exam that determines whether you’re a nurse or not easy. But it can seem easy if you know your content and are a great test taker. So do not take studying or the Nclex lightly or for granted. You have to put the work in to get the results you want.
For anyone who has failed, how long after did you receive your CPR (candidate performance report) in the mail?
I tested for NC btw, when I tested the previous times it was Florida and I got the cpr within a week.
But for all those taking the Nclex anytime soon Good luck to you in the future! You got this!
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2023.05.27 14:32 Dulberg NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series 2023 R11 North Carolina Education Lottery 200 01 Practice Qualifying 02 Race
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2023.05.27 12:15 lmb_reddit All State - PICK 4 List Performance for 2023-05-26

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All State - PICK 4 List Performance for 2023-05-26
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VA 2023-05-26 Midday 3929 2399 3455
VT 2023-05-26 Evening 9900 0099 1155
WV 2023-05-26 Evening 1922 1229 2335
Congrats all Winners and Followers.
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Quality: ΙPTV
Container: MKV
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Contains: * Practice & Qualifying (26.05.2023) (01:00:29) (FS1) * Race (26.05.2023) (02:09:27) (FS1)

Torrent Link
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2023.05.27 10:34 Cheatography I, Daniel Blake Cheat Sheet by churger (2 pages) #education #nope #media #alevel #wjec

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2023.05.27 09:44 SocialMediaTick WhatsApp scams: What is WhatsApp Used for Scamming?

WhatsApp has revolutionized communication, connecting people across the globe with its user-friendly interface and wide range of features. While it has undoubtedly transformed the way we connect and share information, there is a dark side to this popular messaging app. Scammers have found ingenious ways to exploit WhatsApp’s platform and manipulate unsuspecting users for their personal gain.
In this article, we will dive into the world of WhatsApp scams and how scammers misuse WhatsApp, explore common scams on the platform, exploring the various tactics scammers employ to deceive individuals. Stay vigilant, learn how to spot scams, discuss red flags to watch out for, provide tips to protect yourself from falling victim to these malicious activities, and highlight the importance of reporting such scams.
In today’s digital age, where online communication prevails, WhatsApp has emerged as a dominant player in the messaging landscape. With its user-friendly interface, end-to-end encryption, and availability on various devices, WhatsApp has gained immense popularity. However, with popularity comes the attention of scammers seeking to exploit unsuspecting users for personal gain.

Understanding WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application that allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, share photos and videos, and create group chats. It offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that messages and calls remain private and secure between the sender and receiver. With its extensive user base, WhatsApp has become an integral part of personal and business communication worldwide.

Growing Popularity of WhatsApp

The widespread adoption of WhatsApp can be attributed to its ease of use, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional SMS services, WhatsApp utilizes internet connectivity, making it more affordable for users to exchange messages, especially across international borders. Additionally, its rich features and ability to share various multimedia formats have further contributed to its popularity.

How Scammers Exploit WhatsApp

Scammers are constantly finding innovative ways to exploit WhatsApp users. By leveraging the platform’s widespread usage and the trust people place in it, scammers attempt to deceive and manipulate unsuspecting individuals. Here are some common methods scammers employ:

Creating Fake Accounts

Scammers often create fake WhatsApp accounts impersonating someone trustworthy, such as a friend, family member, or even a company representative. They may use stolen profile pictures and names to establish credibility and initiate fraudulent conversations with the intention of deceiving victims.

Impersonation Scams

In impersonation scams, scammers pretend to be a trusted contact, such as a bank representative or a government official, and contact users through WhatsApp. They use various techniques, such as urgency or fear tactics, to trick victims into sharing sensitive information or making financial transactions.

Phishing Attempts

Phishing is a prevalent scamming technique used across various digital platforms, and WhatsApp is no exception. Scammers send deceptive messages with malicious links or attachments, aiming to trick users into revealing their personal information or downloading malware onto their devices.

Malware Distribution

WhatsApp can also serve as a channel for distributing malware. Scammers may send seemingly innocent files, such as documents or photos, which, when downloaded, install malware on the victim’s device. This malware can then be used to gain unauthorized access to personal data or to control the device remotely.
Exploiting Emotions and Urgency
Scammers manipulate emotions such as fear, excitement, or urgency to pressure users into making hasty decisions. They create scenarios that evoke strong emotions, making it harder for users to think rationally.
Offering Unrealistic Promises
Scammers entice users with promises of immense wealth, exclusive offers, or other unrealistic benefits. They capitalize on people’s desires and aspirations, tempting them into falling for the scam.
Manipulating WhatsApp’s Features
Scammers take advantage of WhatsApp’s features, such as voice notes, video calls, or group chats, to establish credibility and create a sense of authenticity. They may use these features to further deceive users and build trust.

Types of WhatsApp Scams

Several scams specifically target WhatsApp users due to the platform’s popularity and the personal nature of its communication. It is crucial to be aware of these scams to protect oneself from falling victim to them:
  1. Romance Scams: Scammers create fake profiles and pose as potential romantic partners, gaining the trust of unsuspecting users. They manipulate emotions, establish a connection, and eventually request money or personal information.
  2. Lottery and Prize Scams: Users receive messages claiming they have won a substantial sum of money or a prize. To claim their winnings, victims are asked to provide personal details or pay a fee, which only benefits the scammers.
  3. Tech Support Scams: Scammers pose as tech support personnel and contact users, claiming there is a problem with their device or software. They attempt to gain remote access to the user’s device, steal personal information, or extort money for “fixing” the issue.
  4. Fake Job Offer Scams: Scammers offer lucrative job opportunities via WhatsApp, requesting an upfront payment or personal details for job processing. Victims often end up losing money or becoming victims of identity theft.
  5. Investment Scams: Scammers present enticing investment opportunities, promising high returns. They convince users to invest money in fraudulent schemes or companies, ultimately vanishing with the funds.
  6. Phishing Scams: Scammers send messages or links that appear to be from reputable sources, such as banks or online services. Once users click on the links, they are directed to fake websites designed to steal personal information or login credentials.
  7. WhatsApp Hacking Scams: Scammers trick users into installing malware or sharing verification codes, enabling them to take control of the victim’s WhatsApp account.
  8. Charity Scams: Scammers exploit people’s goodwill by pretending to represent charitable organizations. They request donations for a noble cause, but the funds end up in the scammers’ pockets.
  9. Fake WhatsApp Updates Scams: Scammers send messages claiming to provide exclusive updates or features in exchange for personal information or payment. These updates are entirely fake and serve as a means to scam users.
  10. Identity Theft Scams: Scammers use various techniques to steal users’ personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card details, or passwords. This stolen data is then used for identity theft or sold on the dark web.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

To protect yourself from WhatsApp scams, it is essential to be vigilant and recognize red flags that indicate potential fraudulent activity:

Unknown or Suspicious Contacts

Be cautious when receiving messages from unknown or suspicious contacts. Scammers often use fake profiles or unfamiliar numbers to initiate conversations and lure victims into their scams.

Unsolicited Messages

If you receive unsolicited messages claiming you have won a prize, are eligible for an investment opportunity, or offering you a job without any prior application, exercise caution. Legitimate organizations typically do not contact individuals out of the blue for such matters.

Requests for Personal Information

Avoid sharing sensitive personal information, such as your bank details, Social Security number, or passwords, with anyone on WhatsApp unless you are absolutely certain of their authenticity. Legitimate organizations rarely request such information through instant messaging platforms.

Too Good to Be True Offers

If an offer appears too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers use enticing offers to exploit users’ greed or desperation, but ultimately, they aim to deceive and defraud unsuspecting individuals.

Protecting Yourself from WhatsApp Scams

While WhatsApp scams can be sophisticated, taking proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to them:

Verify Contact Authenticity

When contacted by someone claiming to be a representative of an organization or a known contact, take the time to independently verify their identity. Reach out to the organization through their official channels or contact the person directly through a verified number to confirm their legitimacy.

Be Wary of Sharing Personal Information

Exercise caution when sharing personal information, especially financial details, on WhatsApp. It is advisable to avoid providing sensitive information unless you are confident in the authenticity and security of the recipient.

Enable Security Features

WhatsApp offers security features such as two-step verification, which adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Enable this feature and regularly update your app to ensure you have the latest security enhancements.

Stay Informed and Educated

Keep yourself informed about the latest scams and tactics used by scammers on WhatsApp. Stay updated on security measures and educate yourself about best practices to protect yourself and your personal information.

Reporting WhatsApp Scams

If you encounter a scam or suspect fraudulent activity on WhatsApp, it is crucial to report it. By reporting scams, you contribute to the efforts of authorities and WhatsApp in combatting such malicious activities. Report scams directly to WhatsApp and also notify your local law enforcement agencies.

WhatsApp’s popularity has made it an attractive platform for scammers seeking to exploit unsuspecting users. By understanding the tactics scammers employ and following the necessary precautions, you can safeguard yourself from falling victim to WhatsApp scams. Stay vigilant, exercise caution, and remember that if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Protect your personal information, report suspicious activity, and help create a safer online environment for all WhatsApp users.

FAQs about WhatsApp Scams

How do scammers create fake WhatsApp accounts?
Scammers create fake WhatsApp accounts by using stolen profile pictures and names to impersonate someone trustworthy, such as a friend, family member, or company representative.
Can scammers control my device through WhatsApp?
Scammers may distribute malware through WhatsApp, which can potentially give them unauthorized access to your device or personal data. It is essential to be cautious when downloading files or clicking on suspicious links.
What should I do if I receive an unsolicited message offering me a prize or job opportunity?
Exercise caution when receiving unsolicited messages offering prizes or job opportunities. Verify the authenticity of the message and the sender independently before taking any further action.
How can I protect myself from WhatsApp scams?
Protect yourself from WhatsApp scams by verifying contact authenticity, avoiding sharing personal information, enabling security features like two-step verification, staying informed about scams, and reporting suspicious activity.
Why is reporting WhatsApp scams important?
Reporting WhatsApp scams helps authorities and WhatsApp take action against scammers, preventing further harm to potential victims and creating a safer online environment for all users.
How can I recognize a WhatsApp scam?
Look out for unsolicited messages, requests for personal information or money, offers that seem too good to be true, and poor grammar or spelling in messages.
What should I do if I suspect I’m being scammed on WhatsApp?
Cease communication with the suspicious contact, block and report them, and notify WhatsApp support about the incident.
Can scammers hack into my WhatsApp account?
While hacking is possible, enabling two-step verification and following security best practices significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
Are there any red flags to look out for in WhatsApp messages?
Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, urgent requests for money, or suspicious links are common red flags indicating a potential scam.
Can WhatsApp protect me from scams?
While WhatsApp implements security measures, user awareness and cautious behavior play a crucial role in preventing scams.
How can I report a scam on WhatsApp?
Within the app, go to the chat with the suspicious contact, tap on their name, scroll down, and select “Report Contact” to report the scam.
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2023.05.27 08:39 Bulky_Opinion7855 Entitled Aunt Insults my sister.

For a context, we belong to a backward community in Indian society. Despite of this my uncle did well, and he ensured my sister's also got the education they deserve. And after education, as a typical Indian parents, he found a groom for my sister and married her off, without doing a proper background check on him or his family.
Turns out right after the engagement, he left his job and decided to be jamairaja(to live of on in-laws) but he didn't tell us about it till the marriage and after that he started being abusive towards my sister, and finally threatened to harm my uncle's family. Ultimately fed-up, my sister got the divorce. Now here is where things messed up. Despite of knowing everything, and why my sister got the divorce, everyone started to distance us, especially from my sister from functions and all the auspicious occasions saying that now she will bring bad luck to all the good times. In one particular occasion, one of my aunts came to invite my aunt for a Pooja at her place, and she specially mentions not to bring my sister, because 'you know she is the unlucky person and life is spoiled, she is will that dark force with her. So don't bring her.' wth. The people I grew up with and loved, seem disgusting to me now.
Even in 2022, this entitlement still continues. And i hate the fact that my sister is being treated this way. Eventually we are actually lc or nc with such people. But still the question haunts me, when will this so called perfect society accepts the current reality?
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2023.05.27 06:59 Gottaluv_Santi Graduation(TW, CSA,Abuse)

Hey I don’t really care if anyone reads this or not but he I go. I was born and raised in Orlando. I was placed with my grandma at 2 months old due to 18 breaks on 13 of my ribs due to my mother beating me. My grandma and grandpa were my first parents. I was the diamond of my grandmother eye. I was the first grandkid and she never outwardly said I was her favorite but her dying wish to my aunt was “I don’t want to die, if I do please look after my baby boy for me.” When I was 6 I was given back to my mother. But also mainly spent most of my time with grandparents. I truly think my mother didn’t want to be a parent to me at least. Around 7 my mom remarried to a different man from the age of 7-13 he sexually abused me and threatened to kill me if I told anyone at 11 my mom found a note I wrote. It was a detailed note of all the abuse and him name, number, address, and company he worked her. I was going to give it to my schools cop. She was cleaning my room and found it. I told her it was all a lie and I was joking. She threatened me and told me they would separate me and my half brother and we wouldn’t be put into good homes. At 13 the sexual abuse stopped(the actual rape). The weird touching and comments didn’t though. My mother is also heavily a narcissist and extremely selfish. If it’s not about her then it doesn’t matter. Also to note my grandparents died when I was 11. At 13 I was expelled from middle school and given two felony’s and placed on probation. I was a extremely depressed kid. I was addicted to Xanax and was on the verge of ending it all. I was getting abused at home. I only named sexual abuse. But I still have scars all over my body from the physical abuse and the mental abuse is still so fresh in my head. At 14 I went to go visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. And that’s when she asked about the letter. I broke down and told her everything. Long story short my mother didn’t believe me she’s still with that man. He was found not guilty on all the charges and I haven’t spoken to my mother since I was 14. In the whole process she called me a lier, I only wanted attention, I only cared about myself, etc. everything abusive mothers say. And I’ve been with my aunt uncle and cousins ever since. I call them mom and dad now so if I mention it in the next part. It’s not the bio family.
Now all of that is depressing and sad. But this second part is something I want to share. I just graduated high school today and I’m going to one of the best colleges in NC going on a full ride too and got into this summer program where they pay me to go earn summer credits. I was head of my class. Worked a full time job 3 years of high school. I fondly came out to my friends and family. I have a great life now. At my school at the end of the year we this thing called a showcase. It’s where we show off the stuff we worked on that year. Since I was graduating I had to write a whole thing about what I did the last four years. In my last paragraph I said “Something I've had to tell me the past 4 years is “Success doesn't always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow”. According to the National Foster Youth Inustutie, 50% of former foster youth graduate high school, and only 3-4% of former foster care youth go to college to earn a 4-year degree. Thru the help of school administration, community leaders, friends, and family. Just by standing here, I've proven that thru love, support, and the right resources. Kids like me, don’t have to be another number for people to analyze and interpret. Im going to a college with a 19% acceptance rate, Im going on a full ride, and got accepted into their Summer Bridge Program.” People told me the last 4 years that I’m going to be someone special. And most of the time I brush them off. Because I still view myself. As the same little kid who on the way home from being told that I was expelled. Was sitting in the car with bio mom while she yelled and screamed about how I was going to be nothing and I should just kms. But I will says today has been one of the three times where I have let myself feel proud. The other two being when I found out I got into all the colleges I applied too and when I came out to my family. I want to study education/anthropology/sociology. I want to help kids like me. Truly school and my younger two adopted sibling were the only things keeping me going. I’m not really religious but in the Bible there is a part that says “I planned you in creation, you are not a mistake”. And I don’t believe in the whole karma bs. But I have that phrase tattooed on my arm. It helps me a lot.
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2023.05.27 06:21 Walk1000Miles SSDI_SSI Post Flairs

All posts on SSDI_SSI are assigned a post flair. The flairs are used to categorize topics, making it easier to find certain types of content.
It's important to select the correct flair that pertains to the topic you are sharing. Doing so allows Subredditors to locate topics of interest.
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ABLE - Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014
Accessibility Issues
Alcohol Use Disorder
Appeals Process (1) Reconsideration
Appeals Process (2) ALJ Hearing
Appeals Process (3) Appeals Council Review
Appeals Process (4) Federal Court Review
Application Process and Status
Back Pay
Benefit Verification Letter
CAL - Compassionate Allowances Links
Canceled or Reduced SSDI
Canceled or Reduced SSI
CDB - Childhood Disability Benefits - Title II
CDR - Continuing Disability Review
CE - Consultive Examination
Child Support
COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
Concurrent SSDI and SSI
Credit Cards
DAC - Disabled Adult Children
Dental Services
Dependent Benefits
Direct Express
DME - Durable Medical Equipment
Dual Medicaid and Medicare
Earned Income
Economics of Being Disabled
ER - Emergency Room Visits
EXR - Expedited Reinstatement
Extra Help
FBR - Federal Benefit Rate
Fund Raising
FYI - For Your Information
Hiring an Attorney
Housing Issues
In-kind Support and Maintenance
Interim Support
Investments and Stock Purchases
Living Abroad While on Disability
Lottery or Gambling Winnings
Mental Health
Nursing Home Issues
Out of Network Treatment
Overpayment Issues
PASS - Plan to Achieve Self Support - Title XVI
Payment Issues
PERA - Personal Equity and Retirement Accounts
PERC - Preeffectuation Review Contact
PIA - Primary Insurance Amount
Presumptive Disability Payments
Private Retirement Benefits
QDD - Quick Disability Determination
Qualified Non-Citizen SSI Benefits
Quality Assurance and Control
Reasonable Accommodations
Reentitlement Period (RP)
Reporting Changes
Reporting Wages
Representative Payee
RSDI - Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
Self Care
SGA - Substantial Gainful Activity
SNT - Special Needs Trust
Specific Subreddit News
Spend Down
Spousal Benefits
Spouses Insurance Policy
SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance - Title II
SSI - Supplemental Security Income - Title XVI
SSP - State Supplementary Payments
Stimulus Checks
Substance Abuse or Addiction
Survivor Benefits
TANF - Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
Territorial Exclusions
Ticket to Work
Traveling While on Disability
Turning 18 While Disabled
TWP - Trial Work Period - Title II
UI - Unearned Income - Title XVI
UWA - Unsuccessful Work Attempt
Vents and Rants
Vocational Experts
Voluntarily Suspending Benefits
Windfall Offset
Work Activity
Work Credits or Quarters
Work Incentives
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2023.05.27 04:35 NASCARThreadBot Post-Race Discussion Thread: NCTS North Carolina Education Lottery 200 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

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2023.05.27 03:31 AstronautPuzzled6733 Which Country Has the Best Education?

No country can definitively answer the question "Which country provides the best education?". Each nation has different priorities and strengths that need to be considered when answering this question.
Canada is well known for its top-tier education system. Spending 5.5% of GDP on education, Canada consistently ranks within the top ten for math, science and reading tests.
However, while these countries may rank highly in global rankings of educational systems, there are a number of factors that can impact their ability to deliver high-quality education to students. These include student achievement, teacher quality, curriculum design, funding, access and equity, and innovation.
Finland is an excellent example of a country that has a high-quality education system that prioritizes creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills development.


Canada is renowned for its advanced economy and superior education system, drawing students from around the globe for study purposes. Canada also boasts a robust public school system supervised by federal authorities that attracts international student enrollment.
Canada has scored exceptionally well on international PISA tests (Program for International Student Assessment), placing it near the top of global education systems. Canada boasts high learning outcomes while also maintaining a narrow gap between privileged and underprivileged children.
India boasts an exemplary educational system, featuring its own curriculum and standards that appeal to students from around the globe. Furthermore, with such an expansive immigrant population providing students with cultural diversity. Furthermore, this country stands out as an excellent location to learn English as a second language.

South Korea

South Korea has one of the highest education levels worldwide and its educational system is an integral component of its economy. Koreans take education seriously, placing pressure on themselves to perform at school effectively. Achievement at university was once seen as critical - those without degrees were often considered second class citizens.
Middle schools were once competitively ranked and entrance exams could vary significantly based on the quality of each school, however now, the system has been more equalized and students are assigned secondary schools via lottery or geographical district.
However, much emphasis still rests on memorization as an approach to education, which is problematic as this method leads to ineffective learning. Additionally, Western universities or careers that accept students who transfer with this form of learning often struggle with logical reasoning and application of knowledge acquired at home; consequently making these graduates less desirable graduates in their fields.


Finland, known for its clean air and water, is located in Northern Europe. Home to Helsinki's 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna and popular Design District as well as museums of various kinds, it also includes Arctic Lapland province with national parks and ski resorts for exploration.
Finland boasts one of the best education systems worldwide despite spending less per student than in America; their students boast one of Europe's highest graduation rates.
Finland is home to an abundance of rich culture with an emphasis on creativity and innovation, making Finns world-renowned innovators in many fields from architecture to music and sports. Famous Finns such as Tove Jansson's Moomin series is well known to Finns while Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen were key architectural figures who contributed groundbreaking designs. Musicians include composer Sibelius, DJ Darude, as well as sports stars Mikko Koivu and Kimi Raikkonen are among their sports stars. No wonder Finns top UN happiness report four years running! They enjoy wide open countryside/nature areas; low crime rates; excellent healthcare/education/infrastructure as well as solid standard of living conditions - among their many advantages over other nations!


The UK is an attractive option for international students and boasts some of the world's leading universities, as well as producing 14 per cent of cited research worldwide.
Education in the UK is divided among four nations - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each has different systems and qualifications while still sharing many curriculum elements. Children typically begin school at age 4 in England before moving through key stages to two-year GCSEs before transitioning onto college/sixth form courses at 16/17 for specialist studies.
With rigorous testing and an emphasis on independent learning, the UK consistently ranks at the top for education. Furthermore, its employment rate for graduates ranks amongst the highest worldwide. No wonder so many people want to relocate there! Teaching facilities and curriculum offerings are unsurpassed - not just books but imparting new ways of looking at life as well.
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2023.05.27 01:30 NASCARThreadBot Race Thread: NCTS North Carolina Education Lottery 200 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, starting at 8:30pm EDT on FS1 (NCTS11)

NCTSNorth Carolina Education Lottery 200 at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Start Time: approximately 8:30pm EDT on May 26th
Television: FS1 @ 8:30pm EDT
Radio: MRN @ 8:30pm EDT
Race Length: 134 laps (201 mi / 323.48 km)
Race Stages: 30-30-74
Track Information: Charlotte Motor Speedway is a 1.5 mile (2.41 kilometer) quad-oval located in Concord, NC USA.
Weather Forecast: /
Current Standings at
Race Center at
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2023.05.27 00:14 Ok_Dark_5515 ARCA and Trucks at Charlotte (General Tire 150 and North Carolina Education Lottery 200)

ARCA and Trucks today - Hang out with the community while you watch!
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2023.05.26 19:20 NASCARThreadBot Practice and Qualifying Discussion Thread: NXS, NCTS, ARCA - May 26th, 2023

Today's Events: (All times below are EDT)
Today's Races:
  • 8:30pm: NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series North Carolina Education Lottery 200 (Race Thread @ 7:30pm)
  • 6:00pm: ARCA Menards Series General Tire 150 (Race Thread @ 5:00pm)
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2023.05.26 18:40 ElectricalTopic1467 What are your thoughts?

This is the state of education in NC. Before folks shout out “cost of living” let me remind you of the average rental price of $2600 for properties in Charlotte and Raleigh. No pay for masters degree, no raise for years 15-25 and even then topping out your career at 54k? These republicans have an agenda and it’s not an educated populace.
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2023.05.26 05:43 IamDisapointWorld Today, my therapist agreed that my mother is batshit insane.

My Npartner and I went to Greece in July 2021 to celebrate our civil union, but he yelled at me and it all went downhill super fast from then on.
I broke NC with my Nmother in October 2021, to ask for money after a discard by my Nex, and also because I was on a prolonged sick leave before holiday, my pay was cut in half. The education department assumed I would still be on sick leave in September, so they waited to make the adjustment, so that in September, I got half a pay too.
That occurred at the same time as my Npartner discarded me. I needed money.

The other day, on the phone, my mother invented a story in which I had called her about not having money in june, whereas I did have plenty, and about my partner, which she didn't know about since I never told her about him before he left, and according to the story she spun, both me and my partner had used her money to go on Holiday in Greece, which we didn't do. I paid for my trip selling old Nintendo DS games on Ebay, and my partner paid his own flight and accommodation.
My therapist did a double take. "What ? You asked for money in October and used that money the next summer?"
I corrected him : my Nmom said that I had a huge smile, and my partner was rubbing his hands behind me listening in on the conversation and rejoicing because we could go on holiday with her money that she gave me 3 months after we were back.
The therapist : but was she seeing you ??
Me : no, it happened over the phone, my partner had already left, it was to pay rent, and it happened in october, 4 months after I went to Greece.
The therapist then said : your mother is insane.
Then I checked a list of traits that make her a narc, asking for validation. I didn't get full validation, but clearly from what I was saying, I wasn't lying.
Last session, the same therapist told be he believed me, now that I had been consistent for such a long time.
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