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2023.06.03 07:32 DidneyWorlSoFun [M4F] DC/Maryland/Virginia(?) Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

Hey there! Apologies in advance for this really long-winded post.

I'm a weirdo looking for a fellow weirdo to share his life with (then again aren't we all weirdos in our own little way, eh?!).

I tried to keep the details as bullet points so it's easier to read while providing as much info as I could without turning the post into *too* much of a clod of text pollution, but I know it's still a lot!

About me:
- 29M, 5ft9in (175cm), and fluctuate anywhere between 135lbs-140lbs (61-64kg). I would describe my body as thin but muscular
- Asian-American (American born Chinese, to be more specific)
- Non-religious, but agnostic
- Strictly monogomous
- ISTJ (if that matters to you)
- Liberal/left-leaning/progressive
- Working as a statistician, and also pursuing my (second) Masters while I work! I formerly worked as a biochemical engineer, but I grew to learn that I hated working in the labs and the overall culture of that field.
- Superficially, I have been often described as "what every Asian parent wants their daughter to date," if that helps to paint anything helpful. I'm not really that...especially being childfree and all.
- Snipped and confirmed sterile! Drug and disease free, and fully vaxxed with booster (with proof for all to boot!)
- Can't drink due to crappy genes (but I don't mind if you do in moderation), don't smoke.
- Bilingual, but working on being trilingual with Spanish! I currently can communicate at a CEFR B1 level, which means I still need to suck quite alot less.
- Outside of Reddit, I don't use social media, especially anything owned by Meta/Facebook. I find it's a lot better for my mental health, plus not a fan of the lack of privacy. With the new policies Reddit is implementing, it may be another one I'm going to be allergic to.
- Instead of the weird cat lady trope you hear about, I'm the whacky chicken man! Yes, I do raise chickens (as pets, but eggs are an added bonus!), but I like both cats and dogs too!
- I really enjoy cooking! While my cooking style originates from Chinese and Asian cuisines, I really like trying and cooking different foods, especially traditional Mexican and Peruvian dishes. To say the very least, I am NOT a picky eater at all
- I exercise. A lot. By that, I mean exercise at least 2 hours a day, distance/trail running, skateboarding and (poorly) surfing. For me, exercise (especially the running aspect) gives me time to meditate and self-reflect, and being out and about while doing that really helps me to do that and understand/control my emotions. Distance running allows me to do trail running as well and enjoy the sceneries that are otherwise harder to access. I'm slowly trying to get back to my old distances after a nasty fall lead to a broken ankle 🥲.
- I still enjoy spending time indoors, however! Once I have more time, I'd really love to get into sewing my own clothes to suit my wonky tastes, and I'd *love* to grow my own garden of produce and natives.
- My humor can probably be best described as a bit...crude and "degenerate." Think "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", toilet humor and farts
- My main love language is quality time, followed by a balanced mixture of acts of service, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Not really a gifts person
- I take hygiene very seriously. Some may consider me as a bit of a clean freak, but I sweat a lot because of exercise, and because of my sensitive nose! Consequently, that also means I take COVID rather seriously. With a lot of my hobbies requiring me to be at a certain level of fitness, I'm not particularly willing to find out whether or not I will be affected by potential long term effects of COVID, especially with how little understanding we have of it. That means I still do mask up in indoor areas, and especially planes. If that bothers you, please move on.

What I am looking for in a partner:
- Child free (I think that's rather obvious though...or I'd hope it would be)
- Age 24-34. While I can be somewhat flexible about this, I would prefer not deviate much as people tend to be in dramatically different stages in their lives. This is in particular with the lower end of the age limit.
- Relatively liberal/progressive
- Someone who is relatively physically active/fit. As a person who really values physical fitness and quality time, it would be nice to travel and spend time together exploring trails and going the distance to view great sceneries in the outdoors. That being said, I have absolutely no expectation for one to exercise at the level that I do, as what I do is quite extreme
- BIG plus if aren't afraid to express yourself! This can be through means such as tattoos, the way you dress or present yourself, etc. Confidence and self-expression is sexy~
- Someone who is open with their communication. Please, please, please, if something is bothering you, let me know and don't let it fester and worsen over time. Being communicative with each other and dealing with the problem together is paramount for a healthy relationship. Likewise, if something were bothering me, I would do the same, and communicate it as well
- Someone who is independent and describes themself as self-sufficient. Self-care both internally and externally is important, and it's important to love yourself! Otherwise it won't be healthy for the mind or body
- Someone who also self-reflects and values self-reflection. It's important to examine our own shortcomings and continue to grow ourselves as individuals.
- Drug and disease free
- I have just a *slight* preference towards Asians due to similarities in culture and upbringing, but I'm honestly open to anything as long as we both are open and willing in learning each others' cultures and backgrounds!

While I would prefer to remain local, I understand that the child free pool is quite small, and mine and everyone else's preferences and characteristics are unique, so I am not opposed to the idea of long distance, with the intention of closing the distance. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack! I don't intend to stay in the DMV area long term, and plan on moving to the West coast in the few coming years (or even past the West coast). A lot of my hobbies (both current and future) I have found in my experience were more suited there.

For the sake of privacy, I won't post pictures of myself in this post, but I am happy to share pictures together through DMs/private messages! (either by Discord, Signal, or Reddit while I use it, etc.).

Although I absolutely do not intend on having children, I'm not the sort of person that hates children. Rather, I'd prefer to be the cool uncle. The only exception is if a kid is really badly behaved, but that's also on the parents for letting their buttheaded kid act this way.

Again, I am strictly monogamous. I'm not looking for anything regarding polygamous relationships, and I'm not interested in anything casual/FWB.

While it would be nice to find partnership and share each others lives with each other, I will note that I am happy single, and by the end of the day I'd rather have no company than bad company.

I know that this post is really long, but if you managed to read through all of it and if this post resonates with you, feel free to reach out! Or if you just have shared hobbies and walk to shoot the shit about that, feel free to hit me up too!

P.S. A note to those others also looking: I know that searching for a partner is hard, especially as child free, so hopefully this can inspire some hope to you all. Stay persistent, but remember to take care of yourself and make yourself happy! I actually did meet and was in a relationship with someone from this sub, some time ago, and while in the end it didn't work out, we ended it on friendly terms, and I still do truly wish the best for her. What I'm trying to say is that if you persevere and remain patient, you can find success!
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2023.06.03 07:30 bkk-bos Bangkok Riverside Hotel

Though I've lived in Bangkok 20+ years, I don't know the riverside hotel landscape at all. Some cousins will be visiting in July and have asked for a recommendation for a river view hotel, not 5 star Shangra-La, Oriental tier but upper to mid range stylish & nice with river views. TIA
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2023.06.03 07:30 mfvapes Online vape site

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2023.06.03 07:30 The_Deprived_99 I am born as a Black-Eyed Child, but not one like you heard from the legends. As such, I am not a normal human being...

I was born in 1992 when I was given birth by my mother. My mother, in question, was a religious fanatic who was born and raised in the Christian Beliefs. So it was a horror to see that the child she gave birth look nothing like a normal human being in question.
As for my father, he was killed in a car crash the day before I was born.
I was born with jet black hair, sported into a ponytail. My skin was as white as the snow. I wear simple clothes like a black shirt and pants, and recently started wearing a black trench coat my size to have style on my dark and gloomy presence to everyone seeing me. I never physically age past 10 years, and I'm still a Black-Eyed Child to this day.
Because of my birth, my mother's life was ruined as she was forced to care for me. Or so she believed.
Turns out, she discovered I don't need the necessities like normal human beings would. Like food, drink, or sleep. In fact, my body never suffers from starvation, dehydration, or sleep deprivation. I'm just an endless ball of energy that can run out.
I never cried when I was a newborn or infant, making my mother's life easier. Granted, there was something about her nature and her environment she grew up in, causing her to never talk to her own child. I pitied her for unwilling to care for her child because of the way I am.
When my tenth birthday in 2002 was over, my mother would abandon me, believing I was beyond saving. This would give the chance to explore the world without anyone stopping me. It's not like anyone would know how to care for someone like me.
I left my childhood home and ran away to Tulsa, discovering I could run 40 Miles per Hour. It also made me discover I was born way stronger than everyone else, even though I'm not the type of person to show off my strength of lifting four-thousand pounds, lifting objects within that weight range.
When I arrived at Tulsa at midnight, it was quiet with a gentle breeze brushing my skin underneath my clothes. Due to how quite it was at midnight, it almost feels like the town was abandoned for no reason, other than giving the subtle feeling of isolation.
Before long, however, I heard a car honking at me and driving at 60 miles per hour. Before I could react, the car hit me square in my small body, sending me flying and ragdolled into a wall, smashing my face, and tumbled into a pile of trash bags.
I was bewildered and terrified over what happened to me. I know for a fact someone my age would be long gone after getting hit a car like that. But in that moment, I realized my injuries healed instantly, as if they never were there, even from my ribcage broken from the car hitting me.
I got up with ease to see a man who looks as if he was in his mid-30s. I could tell he was enraged and violent, almost as if he expected me to die instantly from my body getting flung by his car. My composure was regained the moment I got back to my knees.
"I truly wanted to believe a monster like you never existed. But my fears are realized... I'm sorry..."
The way the deranged man spoke those words sounded like genuine remorse and brokenness. I don't know what was going on his head of his, but I almost felt sorry for him. My opinions on my attempted-murderer didn't matter, though, as he pulled out a Glock and gave me 28 bullet wounds.
Feeling dread and terror from my body, I pushed through the bullets as the armed man walked me down while gunning me. As he shot the 28th bullet into my body, I grabbed the gun while he was holding it. A brief struggle occurred as I easily overpowered the man in strength as I pointed the Glock at his head, contemplating whether I should shoot him.
I ultimately decided he'd get off too easy from being murdered as I forced his arms to point the Glock to the femoral artery and fired the final bullet, making him scream in agony as blood ran down his leg in gruesome fashion.
I decided to test my striking power on the man as I sat him up from where he collapsed, getting him onto his knees. He stared into my pure black eyes in horror, believing I might kill after I'm done toying with him. The only words I'd ever spoke to the man were...
"You know how Mass times Acceleration equals Force, right? Well, here's my way of adding to that."
"Strength times Technique equals Devastation..."
I used 100 percent of my muscles and delivered the most precise shot to his left ribs with one arm that can lift 4000 pounds, while normally liftng 2000 pounds. I felt all of his ribs not break, but shatter at the enormous force behind my fist. The man screamed in horror and agony before I delivered another punch to his right ribs, shattering them. I stood over him, realizing my changes.
My ponytail was gone and my jet my black hair spiked up, similar to static hair. My skin turned into a dark grey, and had black veins protruding from my skin. I didn't have time to marvel at my sudden change, however, as multiple cars and trucks gathered, and people ran over to the deranged man. I assumed the people in question were his family members based on various ages.
When they turned to see me, they understandably looked awestricken and horrified at my presence as I returned to my normal state.
It didn't take long for police and the paramedic to arrive to pick up the lunatic of a man and send him over to a hospital, where if he recovers, might as well be sent to rehab or a mental institution. The police commissioner would ask me a few questions and I answered his questions to the best of my ability. The commissioner would pat me on the head and told me these words.
"I don't know what you are, kid. But the way I see it, the whole world's gonna know about this eventually. Until then, make something of yourself when you grow up. Do it for me, alright?"
I nodded my head as the police commissioner gave me permission to state at a hotel with no payment or rent required. He was right about one thing. My existence will be known to the world one day. Even into the present day, my existence is still unknown. I'm currently way stronger than I was over 20 years ago. And I still live in the hotel the police commissioner let me stay in.
So, there's one question I want to ask. And want your opinions: Am I Human or a Monster?
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2023.06.03 07:29 bkk-bos Riverside Hotel

I'll cross post to thailandtourism but the most knowledgeable Bangkok info is here. Though I've lived in Bangkok 20+ years, I don't know the riverside hotel landscape at all. Some cousins will be visiting in July and have asked for a recommendation for a river view hotel, not 5 star Shangra-La, Oriental tier but upper to mid range stylish & nice with river views. TIA
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2023.06.03 07:29 Mods-of-HFH-1 That time when my new fave ghosted me because I brought up our "condom accident." Or so I thought.

That time when my new fave ghosted me because I brought up our
LOL. This started out as a short post.
Also, for the first time in history, I will refrain from sharing the pics of this escort even though I just got tons of them. (Y'all know how much I love including pics, so this is extremely hard for me to resist doing.)
That's because there's a TMI infraction with this one, and I really like this provider so I don't want to soil her reputation with other clients. (I know... shocking.)
Alright! I'm in a new city for a long contract. I haven't established regulars yet. It's so bad that I have to drive an hour EACH WAY to fuck an escort who I had met at an adjacent city. With no good nearby options yet and with tons of stress, I have no choice.
By now, I've had her several times and let me tell you, I was drunk off the pussy. Not just the pussy, I was drunk off of HER. She did so many things extremely well.
  • Ass and thighs for days.
  • Bright, gorgeous smile
  • Great DFK kisser; very passionate
  • The fucking was aggressive and took charge.
  • True nympho; loved getting fucked and was horny all the time.
  • Yet she had a soft voice and was great at conversation.
Sex is healing and she was giving me great sex, so I was happy to have a new favorite. So after a great session, as I had just started my long trek home, I sent her this message:
I was still enjoying the post-coital bliss. Yes, she had stood me up the time before and made up for it by adding features and giving me a permanent discount, something that's still valid to this day.
The "Well, almost" is because I had been gently nudging her towards BBFS. I'll get back to that in a second.
It was a very pleasant exchange. Again, she was a great escort and my new fave. I didn't text her again for the rest of my trip as we were well past midnight.
Sometime during the day while I'm still thinking about how great of a fuck it was, I decided to text her and to mention - no - apologize for something that had happened during that fuck session the night before:
I'm thinking good idea, right? After all, I'm gradually marching her down to BBFS anyway so might as well give her some reassurances, right. RIGHT? Oops. Maybe not.
Cuz I got ghosted. Haha.
My small attempt at humor didn't register. And the "couple of days" until the next fuck session had come, so I decided to talk about coming to get my watch... aaaaaand to fuck, too.
Still, nothing!
Yup. I was ghosted and blocked. Hahaha. Aw, maaaan!!! I hate it when you've got a favorite and this shit happens. Keep in mind, I was in a new city and had no regulars. So this was a double whammy.
To explain a little of what might have been going on, let me backtrack a bit.
The first time I discussed graduating to bare sex with her, she had quite a response. It wasn't merely "no, I don't do that" or "it will take a long time" etc.

She told me about a long-time regular of hers who she really trusted and agreed to go bare with, only to immediately contract an STI/STD from him.

She was genuinely and deeply hurt; she felt betrayed by him.

She's a really GOOD person; not jaded or bitter in anyway, she really loved fucking her clients. That's why it was more of a betrayal for her.
And while she was telling me this, she showed me the empty pill bottles she had been taking as a result. It was a somber moment, and it serves as a lesson for me to this day.
I mean, I still rawdog these escorts without hesitation, but seeing THIS side of it is a lesson of what to avoid.
And even after all that, I STILL told her that one day in the future I wanted us to start fucking au naturel.

So, wait, what about the post-fuck conversation on April 19 and the condom accident?

It was purely an accident and definitely not my fault. As I wrote, the condom had broken... HER condom, a condom that SHE provided. It broke and for a moment I was in warm, moist bliss.
Did I take advantage of the situation?
Did I do something deceptive and prolong my time in the wet & gushy?
Well, judging by how the conversation was going once I was in the car and barreling down the road, there was no such concerns or accusations.

Did me bringing it up hours later piss her off and trigger something?

Now that several hours had passed, did she reconsider and look at it in a new light?
Like I said, this mattered because I was really happy to have her as my new fave and was willing to drive an hour out to her. Losing the good ones always sucks.
Last text from me was on May 3rd. But then on May 7th...


Nevermind, y'all. Forget EVERYTHING I wrote up to this point. It was nothing but coincidence. Good lessons to remember next time, yes. But still just a coincidence. Hahaha.
It happens like that a lot often, gents. You might think you've been ghosted or blocked when the provider is just busy, or on break, or whatever.
Also, fuck coming tomorrow. Bitch, I'm coming TONIGHT!!!
I went and fucked her that night, late night at that. And then a few weeks later while on my way back from a multi-state roadtrip, I stopped in on her from the road.

We were having steady fuck sessions again those days, so by July, she was READY for my usual deluxe offer: overnighter, BBFSCIP, $500.
This was truly miraculous because she really still was traumatized from having caught something before with a trusted client. That aspect made the achievement even more meaningful.
But it had to be on my home turf and in a nice hotel. So, we kept discussing the plan.
There was lots of pump faking for about 3 days. Finally, when it eventually happened, she came up to my city and got a nice hotel, definitely to see other clients during the day (again, she loves to fuck) and especially for our overnighter.
During that epic overnighter, we fucked and fucked... and fucked and fucked... until I was knocked out.
Again, I won't post her pics this time due to TMI. Instead, I'll use my man Seiren's comics.
First it was Fred fucking Betty. Then it was Bam-Bam...
Now, it's goddamn Dino??? Hahahahaha
Yeah, I looked like Dino that night. Haha. Drunk off the pussy, passed out and SNORING. But her? She woke me up a few times to fuck some more. Nympho, I tell ya. Amazing that she's hoeing.

So after that, guess what happened next...

This time for like 6 months!
And then she popped back up again after that.
That just goes to show ya...
(a) Don't get bent out of shape when your fave ghosts you. Shit, you're not in a relationship! She could be getting piped down by the next consumer, or her phone got cut off.
(b) Don't you ever, and I mean EVER... stop texting! Haha, cuz she will eventually answer you, especially when she needs some cash.

Happy hobbying, my dudes.

P.S. Would you still angle for BBFS with an escort who revealed she recently had been treated for a curable STD? Yes/no/depends/how...
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2023.06.03 07:28 armrooster Curious about the abilities for host to post retaliatory review.

We are currently staying at an Airbnb in a different country and the stay has been... subpar. The location is great but our experience does not match what others have posted. I am wondering if we leave an honest and professional review, what the chances are of the host retaliating and leaving a poor review in response. I'm asking because I have heard about this happening, but I have never had a bad experience using airbnb up until now.
Some of the issues we have had are as follows:
The hosts have been kind! I don't want to post a horrible review that damages their 4.8 something rating, but I also had way different expectations based on what reviews were posted. I guess I am looking for feedback on what others might do in this situation. I have avoided writing to the host directly about all these different issues because none of these points have made it ayo we have wanted/needed to leave, but it's been a pretty uncomfortable stay. I feel like an honest review is deserved but also have concerns that the host may respond poorly. Any advice from seasoned reviewers or hosts?
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2023.06.03 07:24 Canadian4all Debbie Silverman - Murdered - Toronto 1978.

Debbie was working at Thorncrest Ford in August 1978 and went to lunch with 3 work friends the afternoon before she vanished. Over lunch, the friends (two male & one female) decided they’d go out together to the disco after work. They ended up at the Camelot Steak House & Tavern because the other two venues they tried had long line ups to enter.
Various news reports from the day tell us that the two couples (it was a double date) were there until the place closed and then Pam was driven home in Deb’s car (a Cordoba) by Deb and the two men.
After dropping Pam off, Debbie took the two men to one of their houses in Mississauga. Apparently one man went to play pool in another room for two hours and the other man spent that time talking with Debbie. She became quite tired but declined to spend the night.
She then was said to have driven herself home to her apt on Bathurst in Toronto which she shared with her mother. She appeared to have parked in her usual spot and locked the car then walked to and entered the building from a side door using her key.
It’s here that a struggle seems to have occurred at around 5:30am. Parts of her gold chain with hair attached were found inside the narrow hallway near the side door and outside. Buttons from her shirt were found as well. Her purse with wallet and keys and panties was also later found in a the hallway.
Unfortunately, a neighbour who was also a tenant found the purse before police did and he stole some things from it before putting the purse with the panties inside it by Debbie’s apt door.
Police found neighbours heard screams but they were then thought to have come from party guests at a party still going on in another apt at that time.
No one realized she was missing until around 11am when her sister went to get the mail or the paper. Police were called but Debbie couldn’t be found until 3 months later when she was found along the side of the road near Sunderland, Ont by a teen boy on a hike who spotted her leg and arm sticking out. She was found wearing a bra, with halter top around her neck. We weren’t told if she had bottoms or panties on or even shoes.
Questions - if she drove the friends to the venue or even just home from the venue, how did the second man who didn’t live with the first man (that we know of) get home and when did he do so? - the panties found in the purse - did the neighbor pack them in there or were they found there? - why didn’t the neighbor call police. Or alert the family to the scene he encountered in the hallway shortly after the abduction was said to have happened? - why was she taken and left in Sunderland? It’s about 45m from the apt to where she was found. Sunrise was 6:12am that morning. - could one of the party guests at the apt have encountered her and made a rash decision to abduct her? - did her dare drive her home and then a struggle happened with her and someone else? Or did it happen after she got herself home? - any chance she never made it home and the scene was staged? - how did the abductor get her all the way to where she was found without her becoming aggressive or hard to control in the car on a 45m drive? - was she killed where she was found or transported while dead already?
Read more here:
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2023.06.03 07:24 Del-Sl0th I can already picture my endgame…

I’m a sucker for collecting, especially in Bethesda games, and from what we know of Starfield I think I already know exactly what I’ll end up doing.
Finding some out of the way, uninhabited system for me to claim as my own. Multiple outposts scattered throughout on the various planets and moons (and hopefully even space stations or asteroids).
An outpost that’s simply a giant barracks or hotel of sorts, where I’ll drop off every companion I’m not using at the time complete with their own personal room.
A shipyard, where I can store all the ships I buy, steal or scavenge in various states of repair and quality. Alongside a hanger where the finished products go, fully upgraded and looking as good as I can get them, a cargo hauler, scientific pioneering research vessel, sleek personal fighter, and whatever other niches I can think of.
A museum, filled with sections dedicated to every faction or enemy type I can find. Their themed weapons, outfits pickpocketed or looted off their leaders, maybe even a themed ship for the ones it’s possible for.
An armory, every weapon type I’ve come across fully upgraded and on display, sorted by damage type. With a vault for every unique I can get my hands on.
And finally, my own home, which I’ll probably have some elaborate plan to make cool, but ends up being the bare minimum of what I need. Research, workbenches, a bed, and storage for whatever junk I hauled back from my latest adventure.
So, fellow collectors and hoarders, did I miss anything? What’s your plan?
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2023.06.03 07:22 graciebeeapc My former boss outed me as an atheist to my parents and I cut her off

TL;DR My former boss outed me to my parents as a nonbeliever and I finally cut her off after a text message that I feel wasn’t a genuine act of understanding on her part.
Background first and then the texts at the bottom! So I was raised in a household where you’re supposed to respect authority, and that included people older than you. My former boss is around my moms age, so texting her so openly about how she hurt me and cutting her off felt strange. But I’ve now learned that respect is something that someone else must be willing to give me in order for me to give it back. It’s earned, not positional.
So essentially I visited my old workplace the day before my fiancée and I left to move to another state and my former boss (let’s call her Helen) asked about whether or not I was still a Christian. Well I didn’t want to lie to her face about this (I had in the past when I was still hiding it) so I admitted somewhat awkwardly that I’m not. She started crying and it was super awkward and then she made me promise not to “blaspheme the Holy Spirit” which I agreed to so the conversation would end. She asked why I deconverted but I told her I just didn’t want to talk about it. Keep in mind, this all happened at my old workplace. She also wasn’t happy that my parents didn’t yet know about my fiancée and I’s marriage plans. We’ve had a lot of tension between my parents and I, and for multiple reasons, I decided I didn’t want them at our marriage. We’re having a full blown wedding in maybe 6 years or so when we can afford it, and we’d invite them and extended family then.
I was finishing up packing that night when my mom comes upstairs and says I have a visitor. So I come downstairs expecting a grandparent or something but it’s Helen and her husband (we’ll call him Richard). She’s in tears talking about how she can’t let me go like this. Keep in mind, my mom was in the kitchen, right there. So I took her and her husband out on the porch to talk tot fiancée and I. Well it went horribly. They were very pushy and not respecting my boundaries and calling everything they didn’t like of the devil. I started having a trauma response (which mine is just to shut down). Eventually, my partner and I left. We got in my car to escape them after he threw a cuss word at them (we had been very patient up till then and it was deserved). In my car I was sobbing and they went into my house to talk to my parents. They told them that I’m no longer a believer, which my mom said she already knew and now Helen is using that to justify her telling my mom. In reality, my mom just had a gut feeling about it. She didn’t know for sure, and it still wasn’t Helen’s place to out me. My fiancée and I went to a hotel for the night and when we came back for his car a few hours later, they were just leaving my house. If you got through all that then thank you!
Here are the texts we exchanged. Me: “Hey (Helen), I’d like to address some things and set boundaries after what happened the other night. First and foremost, I can’t ignore the fact that you and (Richard’s) actions were completely inappropriate, both as my former employers and friends. Please don’t mistake this as me not understanding why you did what you did or that you had good intention behind it. I know that you love me, but your love for me does not excuse or allow your disrespect toward me. You disrespected my clear desire for the conversation to end (and really not even happen in the first place) and worst of all you revealed extremely personal information that I trusted you with to my parents when I wasn’t ready or willing to tell them. My personal information is mine to tell in my own time, whether or not you and Robbie agree with that. I shouldn’t have to ask you to respect my privacy. (Fiancée) ended up responding out of frustration, but he shouldn’t be blamed when you had overstayed your welcome, accused him of lying, and were insisting on continuing the conversation after we stated multiple times that it should end. I know you believe the Holy Spirit called you to this action, but ultimately it just brought me pain and made matters worse. I think that may be worth reflecting on. I don’t think our relationship can continue as normal from here on out. You’ll probably see me again at (former workplace) to visit the others, and if so I don’t want to talk about this situation or my disbelief. That’s the boundary I’m setting. I understand that you love me, but if you further disrespect my boundaries then I’ll be forced to end our relationship entirely.”
Helen: “My dear sweet (OP), first thank you for reaching out with your thoughts. I have not responded because I wanted to really pray about this first. You are right I do believe the Holy Ghost sent me along with my on great concern and love for you. I love you like a daughter and way more than just any past employee. I am sorry that I brought you any pain and I am sorry that you felt any disrespect at all. If you ever want to talk about why I fought for you so strongly concerning all that you shared with us at the store, getting married and not including you family or friends and no longer believing I would love to listen to you and let you lead the conversation. If you do not want to talk about it then all you need to know is I love you ❤️ you are always in my prayers, you always have a place to come back to. (No judgement) if you ever need I would fly to (new state) and drive back to (old state) With you. I absolutely adore and love you. I want Gods best for you always. You have a Big Host of people who will always (no matter what) love you. Please keep in contact with these people including me. Last I want you to know I did NOT (as you ask of me) tell your parents of your plans to marry we did talk about your disbelief and it is important to know your mother already knew that. We said a prayer that night and your parents said the sweetest prayer for (fiancée) it made me tear up. Again I am sorry for your hurt, I love you ❤️ Gods best for all that you do.”
Me: “Please stay out of my business. I’m not interested in continuing this relationship, and I’m blocking your number. I’m not obligated to stay in contact with you or (Richard), especially when I still don’t feel as if there’s an actual understanding between us.”
I know my response seems harsh, but I have no tolerance left for this sort of thing. So many people love me and then use that as an excuse to disrespect my boundaries and demand love and respect back after. Did I do the right thing?
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2023.06.03 07:18 AlphaWolfBeast I am a famous Viral Cryptid Dogman but no one knows...

I acted as a werewolf in a horror film that I made with a friend and now people think a clip of me as a werewolf was a real dogman sighting but the original clip and us filmmakers were not credited for the copies being spread please help me get the original source the credit it deserves!.
5 years ago a friend and I were working on a werewolf horror film, we filmed a lot of footage and put a draft of the film together but we ended up abandoning the film, fast forward to now we found out that the behind-the-scenes footage we recorded was taken and put in Reddit and Instagram, users were claiming it was actual werewolf footage and thousands of people were liking those posts. So now we decided to finally release the film. It goes to show you that some of the things you abandon because you thought no one would like might actually be something worth creating. Sadly the original source which is on my main and alternative YouTube channel has very low views and only 1 to 14 likes while the leaked ones have around 20k but don't credit us sadly. To see the original clip that got people talking all over the internet check out this playlist! Sadly the original source videos don't have as many likes at the versions leaked so let's change that!
Look for updates on this on my YouTube
#werewolf #dogman #cryptid
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2023.06.03 07:16 ebrahim1411 What is a day in Berlin Haubentaucher like?

So i never been to such place Berlin Haubentaucher, and i want to know if i should probably bring something with me like water or food in a backpack or sth, and they said there is no reservation, so i would be able to just go in? Or there’s is a fee upon entrance? And would i be able to sit somewhere in the pool area? I appreciate it, thank in advance
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2023.06.03 07:12 bolavv Filtering J2 jobs to become OE

Hi folks! Been lurking since last year but started trying to get a J2 more seriously since january.
During my career I focused on building a good resume. I have 10-15 YOE as sre, a bunch of certs, and a doctorate/phd swe related.
J1 total comp is about 100-110k, hybrid 2 days per week I can choose. Piece of cake most times, low stress, can't leave it. Also relocation is not an option.
For context, I receive 2-5 responses a month despite applying to 20-50 jobs. HR people do like me, I do well interviews and hands-on projects, but most of times they either make a low offer like one 22k, another $30 hourly, or make up some bs excuse after a month of interviews.
My first goal with OE is to buy a new home. My region is not known for good salaries but I live in a very expensive part of it in a small condo. This poses a challenge when trying to negotiate since they always try to lowball based on the region. Job pool is very limited for me since I need a 'work from anywhere' and I am not US or EU based.
I am looking for a J2 that pays more than J1 considering the hassle of the initial OE adaptation, am I wrong to be too picky?
What additional or different actions would you take in my place?
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2023.06.03 07:12 radioactivebi Does she like me

I make her smile, and laugh all the time, she's not a person who smiles and laughs a lot but she smiles when I act like myself and she has an amazing smile.
She laughs at all my shity jokes, even the ones that are objectively unfunny. Some of my dad jokes are so bad but she still smiles like she's trying not to laugh because it's so dumb its embarrassing to laugh at it.
She's never met my parents and probably never will because she hates them for how they've treated me in the past, even though my parents aren't really bad people.
She used to let me win at pool all the time even though I'm shit at it and she's the most competitive person I know. And really good at pool.
But it feels like when were at a party or something she stays with someone else and avoids me. I'm the opposite of the stereotypical look that she usually dates, like total opposite. Our conversations are short lately.
Also she's in a relationship now. We work together and when her partner's not around we talk at work but when they're around she can't get far enough away from me and we only talk about work stuff.
But we like all the same music, have the same sense of humour, see the world the same way, have the same career goals. I feel like such a bad person saying this but I think I can make her happier than her current relationship. She doesn't look happy when they're together.
But maybe I'm just deluding myself. Does she like me?
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2023.06.03 07:12 Grubleddim See fishing pools better

Is there some addon o maybe setting that helps me see the fishing pools better in my screen. Is der the nodes in my mini map and with mouse over I can find them, but it is very hard to see. I remember this being a lot better visible in wrath.
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2023.06.03 07:09 Present-Shoe-8074 Stuck In Thailand: The Never-Ending Story Part 2

Yeah, so we crashed in the hills in Kamala, and I felt the stone road guard scrape against my leg and arm as we drove next to it and next thing I Remember I was on the floor. I opened my eyes as my friend is kickstarting the moped and people gather round, saying ring Ambulance. My friend said hop back on as I hoped up and got on the back bleeding out. We drove to the nearest pharmacy. They treated my wounds and wrapped me back up for 1400 baht.
My friend didn’t wanna drive anymore so even though I was injured I drove back home. After I passed out in my bed as we got back and got Rks passport and emergency cash he told us to get for him.
I woke up and looked up and everyone from the community we stayed at was at the hanging in the door looking in after hearing about my injuries. I could barely move as I took the pills the pharmacist gave me for pain and passed back out.
I woke up after something told me to get up I thought about Rk. I went on Snapchat and saw his character moving closer to the house. I called him he said the police is dropping him home to get his passport and they want to see me with my passport.
I got up immediately as I realised I gave my passport for deposit in Patong for the moped. I got changed not even considering my injuries and wrapped my leg and arm as I ran for the ped. I drove to Patong. It took me 2 hours to find the moped company. I found it eventually. I called home protested that the police have Rk and my friend from home gave the money to my sister who was gonna transfer it but was gonna have to be the next day.
I told Rk he said come they just wanna talk. I went there with my passport and they took it away and said I have to pay 100000 baht to the rental company and 40000 to the driver we crashed into. And Rk had to pay 40000 for court fees and we had 1 day to pay the 40000 to the guy we crashed into.
Rk got released and stupid us to go party with the Thai lady stacy the one we crashed with. We got fucked and went bayhill celebrating rks release. Nothing too wild. No crashes since we learned to get cabs in Thailand. ( funnily I write this from bayhill.)
We got home as reality hit us and this would be our last night out for a while. We went home ringing everyone we knew trying to get money for the company’s. We didn’t know how long this would take.
We went to the police station to pay the guy we crashed into and for anyone that don’t believe this is a true story I have evidence of everything.
I’ll fast forward time 1 week we payed off the rental company. After we was penniless we had learned our lesson the hard way and we aren’t rich we had 3k English spending me and Rk and my other friend had 1k we were far from well off.
Once we paid off the company we walked past a few times after seeing they had 2 new cars and the other one we crashed was in repair. We realised we had been fully extorted for everything we had as they smiled and waved. I had no money at all at this point and my leg was infected I was treating it day by day as I walked round with a crutch.
Now we were trying to get home but no one had enough but my other friend,(who crashed)his mum was booking him a ticket. We went to extend our visa. I didn’t have enough money so I couldn’t extend my visa, I barely paid off the company, I needed help from friends. They got there visas done and my other friend only got a 3 day extension due to being Russian. He had to leave and we wanted to give him a good send off as it set into mine and rks brain that’d we’d be stuck here.
The last day my friend was here we went partying again for the first time since the night after the crash which was about 2+ weeks ago.
(Forgot to mention Stacy snitch to police on me about the whole crash we learned in them 2 weeks and Rk had her at the house for 2 weeks near enough and she hated me and didn’t try help me even though I couldn’t walk. We came to the decision she needed to leave.)
We went out like we usually did and partied and went bayhill after I was on xannax and barely rember anything but next thing I’m in a bush and Rk and my friend were speaking to 2 girls who said come back to there hotel. They told me and bring me I went back in bayhill to get me a girl. They left me after this without telling me properly and I went back to see them gone. I had a English sim and no credit or data. I sat outside bayhill as everyone was coming out asking if my friend had been seen. A girl told me to get on the back of her ped randomly and I had no other choice lol. She took me back hers we hugged you could say lol. I woke up she took me for food and dropped me back to my friends and she demanded I gave her what she spent on me. I just was shocked thinking she done it out of good heart. I gave her 1000 baht.
I met Rk after he dropped my other friend at the airport. It set in we have to move place Tommorow and we didn’t know where we were going. We got wasted and got cab back to our place with a girl who was rks.
I woke up to the air bnb owner telling us to get out. I packed my stuff as fast as I could. We got all our stuff together and got cab to Patong. We found a small hotel off bangala road called Acca. This would be the start to our new beginnings and a downgrade you could say from our last place.
Acca was a weird hotel, my visa had run out so I had to make excuses to why I couldn’t show my passport everywhere. I forgot the first couple days at Acca but we were struggling for money bad and calling home near enough everyday. There were few days we would have enough money to enjoy ourselves. And the days we didn’t we had to tell the hotel we were waiting for money.
Acca so many memories there, we had made a few friends there so we knew most things by this point (Thais and tourists). The famous person we met the night we crashed had a YouTube channel. So people who watched his videos had seen us on there and were coming up to us asking questions. We planned on doing YouTube but nothing for us goes to plan.
I still couldn’t go out in the day because my leg couldn’t go near the sun. I was trapped inside all day and Rk would go out and meet up with the friends he met there. We got messages from friends in london I had when I was 15. They were coming to patong for a holiday and wanted to meet up.
They came and booked our hotel (different room) and we all stayed together our room slowly turned into a mess as we would get ready and go out everyday and get xannyed, drink beer and smoke weed.
We thought they were gonna be help but it made it worse they loved xannax and had money so A lot of problems would arise.
Fast forward time, Stacy was stalking Rk and I forgot to mention, Stacy was a pro Muay Thai fighter who was the champion of a popular Thai island and when she was mentioned to any local girls they would be scared knowing what she could do.
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2023.06.03 07:08 EggplantNegative6814 Gilmore Girls Fan Fest September 28-October 1

Do you or someone you know really like (or, like me, LOVE) Gilmore Girls?!
Then, you need to attend Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Ogunquit, Maine this year (9/28/23 to 10/1/23) alongside me and many other amazing fans!
I have attended every Fan Festival Event. In 2019, when Fan Fest was held in Unionville, Canada, I even got to see many of the locations utilized for the pilot episode.
Along the way, I have built a family. I cannot adequately describe the event in words but will do my best to answer any questions that you may have.
If you’re on the fence about attending, please let me know, and hopefully I can help persuade you. It truly is a magical and life changing event.
Unfortunately, if ticket sales don’t increase substantially, this will be the last event. So, please realize that “attending next year” may not be an option.
Tickets are a little pricey ($405 plus a small ticketing fee), but everything except hotel & food (and any transportation to and from the event) is included into your ticket price. You won’t need to pay extra for meet and greets or photo ops, you won’t need to pay a separate fee to attend panels. It’s all included.
This year the fan fest society has announced; • Kathleen Wilhoite (Liz Danes) • Scott Cohen (Max Medina) • Vanessa Morano (April Nardini) • Aris Alvarado (Caesar) • Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim) .Valerie Campbell, Key Set Costumer for all but the first 9-10 episodes of the original series and costume supervisor from the Netflix revival (she has the best stories!) + Ky from the Vibe with Ky (on tiktok & Instagram) will be moderating the cast panel again, & we LOVE Ky!
More guests will be added when additional ticket sales allow for it.
If you’re at all interested in more info, please feel free to ask me in the comments.
Tickets are available here —>
And if you’d be so inclined to mention my name (Meghan Phillips) at checkout, it would be greatly appreciated.
I hope to see you in Maine this year!
The Fan Fest Society
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2023.06.03 07:07 starIitsea How to deal with loneliness when moving?

So, i’ve been living in my home state all my life. My childhood friends and family who I love more than anything live there of course.
I’m soon moving to California with just my Mom for her job, ill be on the plane in 7 hours as im typing this actually.
We will be staying in a hotel for the first month before getting an apartment. Ive done this before with her for about also a month but without intentions of moving.
Im only 15 so I dont work or anything, but my Mom would work nights and id stay in the hotel. I just remember being extremely lonely and sad when she wasn’t there because I had nobody and I wasnt used to being alone.
When this happened while I was home alone i’d just call someone to get me. Of course I couldnt get my friends/family to come because I had none there.
I cried once because of how much I missed my grandparents, they’re everything to me.
Now that i’m actually moving there, its probably going to get 10x worse. How should I deal with this?
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2023.06.03 07:06 Original-Ad-6758 “Out of band”, out of bound on Quai?

On Bitcoin fees could be paid to miners “out of band”, which means the fees are not paid through the standard open memory pool system. One example of this are “transaction accelerator services”, where users can pay a fee to mining pools along with their TXID so that their transaction will get mined faster and fees will be paid “out of band”. One more recent example is from the trending ordinals; an ordinals inscriber can directly provide their large transaction to the miner. The transaction won’t be broadcasted by Bitcoin Core because it is non-standard.
If “out of band” fees become popular or create a space for itself, it will be a potential blow to Bitcoin’s decentralization and censorship resistance. It is negative from a user perspective too, they would need to deal/interact with some particular entities (here’s where cartelization can come in) to get their transactions in the blockchain, these entities could, in theory atleast, censor transactions. Another problem is that it slows down block propagation between mining pools, the prime reason being blocks don’t work efficiently when intermediate nodes are not aware about a transaction. Thus, slow propagation creates centralization pressure. As far as Quai Network is concerned there won’t be any need for “transaction accelerator services” due to PoEM consensus mechanism. I am not sure how will we able to curb “out of band” fees if we too go the route of inscribing on Quai? What does the community think?
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2023.06.03 07:04 Gringo_Jon nonsensical disturbing dream

I'm thinking,"I don't know why they hired me again. I've quit before (it felt like I had quit several times before but kept going back because they needed me) I really hate this job." I'm driving through Podunk, USA - It feels like my home state and I'm looking for a place to stop. I'm at a nondescript hotel, yellowed with a patina of unkempt age, and it's late. Dozens of crew laborers are sleeping on bedrolls laid upon the floor. I decide to go for a walk after pushing through an internal conflict where I feel that this may be looked upon as undesirable behavior by upper management, should it be discovered. I think to myself, "this is how I am." I walk upon a paved path and up a steep hill. As I ascend a thick, foggy mist surrounds me. At the top of the hill I look out over a valley of manicured turf, lined by trees in the distance. There are large birds down below near the tree line, darting from the trees and out of sight into the mist. Are they turkeys? Yeah, they're turkeys and they've seen me. A mob of turkeys in a broken line begin to advance upon my position. A stag and an eagle join the line and they are now getting very close, all with angry intent. I grab the nearest bird, turning it around to face the approaching wildlife while holding it's wings to it's body and thrust it forward in stabbing motions, hoping to use it as deterrent. It's a white goose and it honks with each forward thrust. This goose has talons. It seizes my pinky fingers upon each hand and tightens it's grip. I'm back at the hotel. To avoid walking over the sleeping laborers, I walk through a door. I'm sitting on a toilet, open to a room (?) where a new crew manager, who is unknown to me, lies talking with the operations manager. I'm using a lot of toilet paper and am noticed. Both look at me. I'm back with my crew that are sleeping on bedrolls upon the floor. I lie on my own bedroll. On a wall there are shoe boxes suspended and stacked with illegible names written upon them. One of them reads "girls"? I think,"We don't have any females on the crew". I get up from my bedroll. Two others (I don't know them) are waking, a young man and a woman, and are in their underwear. I follow them outside to the walkway and seat myself with the unknown man, my back to the hotel wall. There is no railing to the walkway and the unknown woman is stretching in a graceful pose upon one foot too near the walkway precipice. I want to warn her of the danger but before I can she falls. I hear her body hit below. I shout, "Call nine-one-one!" Unknown man does not react. I run into the hotel room and tell my number one guy to call nine-one-one. He dials then becomes confused and hands the phone to me saying, "I think it's children." I take the phone and ask into it, "Is this nine-one-one emergency services?" On the other end a calm, cold, knowing voice of an elderly woman speaks with glad enmity, "Do you know where you are? There are no emergency services. You will find no help here."
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2023.06.03 07:04 AlphaWolfBeast My acting in a film convinced thousands of people I was a real Werewolf! but sadly no one knew it was me or that the clip was from a film I directed and acted in.

I acted as a werewolf in a horror film that I made with a friend and now people think a clip of me as a werewolf was a real dogman sighting but the original clip and us filmmakers were not credited for the copies being spread please help me get the original source the credit it deserves!.
5 years ago a friend and I were working on a werewolf horror film, we filmed a lot of footage and put a draft of the film together but we ended up abandoning the film, fast forward to now we found out that the behind-the-scenes footage we recorded was taken and put in Reddit and Instagram, users were claiming it was actual werewolf footage and thousands of people were liking those posts. So now we decided to finally release the film. It goes to show you that some of the things you abandon because you thought no one would like might actually be something worth creating. Sadly the original source which is on my main and alternative YouTube channel has very low views and only 1 to 14 likes while the leaked ones have around 20k but don't credit us sadly. To see the original clip that got people talking all over the internet check out this playlist! Sadly the original source videos don't have as many likes at the versions leaked so let's change that!
Look for updates on this on my YouTube
#werewolf #dogman #cryptid
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2023.06.03 07:00 JosephPaulWall What are some good techniques for dealing with dumbass drunk dad?

For context, I'm 32, he's almost 60, I live with him because he wants me to live here because pooling our resources makes it really cheap for both of us, and it's going to allow me to save up to buy us a house to live in so we're not throwing away money in rent anymore.
The only problem is I can't stand to be around him, I don't want to live with him, I don't like anything about him, we don't have anything in common, in fact we're exact opposites on basically everything. I have nothing to talk about with him, and even if I did, he's always drunk, like 'seesawing back and forth, slurring, asking toddler-level questions but not being able to understand or remember the answers' drunk, every single day, without fail. He's not violent or mean or anything so I know I shouldn't complain since it could always be worse, but it's embarrassing, I don't want to live around it, and dealing with it makes me incredibly uncomfortable, and it literally ruins my night every night that I talk to him. He starts drinking as soon as he gets home from work, or if it's his day off, he starts drinking as soon as he's done with any driving errands he has to do, so basically mid-afternoon. He has absolutely positively no interest whatsoever in quitting drinking, as we've argued about it several times and I've told him more times than I can count that I don't think of him as a person when he's drunk and that we can't really have a relationship if I can't talk to him like a human being.
I should probably explain what I mean by that; It's kinda like how he felt when he had to take care of his mom who recently died of dementia, it's like you're talking to someone's body, but their brain really isn't in there at all, they don't remember anything you say, they don't have their mental faculties, they can't process simple information, they don't understand what's going on around them, they get extremely emotional at the drop of a hat over nothing, and they tell you the same thing over and over again every night, sometimes multiple times in a row. Did I just describe my drunk dad or his mom dying of dementia? Both. It's exactly the same behavior, except he only had to go through it with his mom for a year before she passed, and I've been going through this with him every day since I started making conscious memories.
It just makes me incredibly uncomfortable and I'm only able to give short quick irritated answers that go nowhere because I don't want to talk to him in that state, and there's no reason to go anywhere with it because he's not really in there and he's not really hearing me anyway, and he's definitely not capable of having a normal conversation. Like, tonight for example; I get off work at the same time every day. I usually go to my friend's house to hang out with him after work until my dad passes out so I don't have to talk to him. Tonight, though, as usually happens at least once or twice a week, my friend was already asleep, so I went straight home. So then I have to answer the same stupid questions that I've already answered before, over and over, from my dad; "How'd you get here so early!" -'my friend was asleep' "....yeah but it's still early..." -'I got off work at the same time I always do, I just usually go hang out with him first' "Okay man well hell what's wrong?" (visibly irritated because I'm shortening this, it's a lot more repetitive in real life, but I respond trying to be as nice as possible) -'nothing's wrong, I'm just tired, I just got off work man'. "Alright. Well what's that?" -'a nintendo switch (he's seen it a million times before)' "Alright.... so what's that?" -'a game for the switch, thanks for getting it out of the mailbox for me'. And then he just shuffles off into the other room when he finally figures out I got nothing to say to him and that he wouldn't understand any of it if I did.
And I know you're probably feeling sympathetic right now, like "Well at least he's trying to have a relationship with you and he's actually trying to reach out, cut him some slack, it could be way worse" and that would be true and fair enough, but that doesn't account for the fact that every single person including myself and my mom, who left him, has asked him to stop drinking if he really wants to have a relationship with us, and he outright refuses, and so we just treat him like a stupid old fool, because he always drinks himself into a drunken stupor every single day and so that's exactly how he acts. He just gets emotional when he's drunk, and that's when he wants to reach out, and that's alright I guess, but how about reaching out when you're sober and when I can actually kinda talk to you a little bit? How about use the one brain cell you have before you start drinking and try to figure out that you're an absolute burden and an old loser who needs to get his shit together, and could've had his shit together decades ago if you'd just fucking listen to every single person around you in your entire life who tells you to stop drinking? How about rub a couple of brain cells together when you're sober and realize you're the reason that your kids are losers too because you're our role model? How about a little give and take, especially when it's for your own good? That's what a relationship is, and that's what responsible adults do. But he refuses.
We're talking about the type of person who doesn't know any of their own usernames, passwords, or even his own email address. Because he never sat down and logged into any online service for himself ever, because he can't remember what a username and password even is. So every time he needs anything, which is all the time because he's always so drunk he can't understand what the english words on the TV screen are trying to tell him, I gotta come do the whole forgot your password rigamarole for every single account he has just so I can log into it again and figure out whatever issue he's having. Last shit I want to do after working a 10 or 12 hour shift, I just want to chill. And I have to do it for him because he acts like a helpless baby, and he's drunk and dumb as hell so I mean he can't do it for himself anyway even if he did give it a try. The type of person who looks at a screen that says a simple one-sentence message and an "okay" prompt, takes five minutes to read it, and then turns to me and asks "Should I click okay?" It's just so annoying because I've told him about a million times that if he just stopped drinking and tried to practice using technology while he was sober, he would get the hang of it, and that if he made his own accounts and passwords instead of having people do it for him and tell him what they picked for him when he's drunk and forgets, that he wouldn't have any of these problems logging into stuff to begin with, because it'd be burned into his memory like it is for the rest of us normal people who do our own things for ourselves. And he says okay, but then he just never does it. In one ear and out the other. Just like when I asked him all those years ago again and again to stop drinking so we could have a decent relationship, in one ear and out the other.
We're talking about the type of person who was 100% behind and invested in Trump to the point where he even bought a few hats and regularly made ridiculous, racist, and braindead pro-republican propaganda posts on facebook. To the point where he'd get himself banned all the time and then come tell me about how he's in facebook jail again for trying to spread the truth. Or, well he used to, before I just started reacting with straight up anger and hatred towards conservatism every time anything political came up, and explained to him about a million times why it's not okay to support awful people, and now he's gone from "Trump 2020" to "well I never liked politics anyway and I suggest you stop paying attention to it or talking about it too because I'm a lot happier now that I don't". So it's like, the only victory I can get with this man, is "I give up and you should too". And that's a reflection of his entire life. He gave up a long time ago and I just want it to be over for him and for me, because that would be easier than telling him that what I really want is to just move across the country and never see or hear from him again, not buy a house where I gotta live with him and keep dealing with this shit until he dies. This doesn't even address any of our personality clashes, like how I'm quiet and he's loud, I hate dumb shit but he literally cranks up the most low-intellect brain dead dadrock unironically because that's what speaks to him, I like to read and think and he can barely read and barely think, all he wants to do is not pay taxes on his mom's inheritance that he's going to get soon and buy a boat and a truck to haul it so he can sit on the water and drink beer, all I want is to be financially responsible and pay my bills and taxes and be fucking quiet and do the right thing, and maybe raise a kid that has respect for me.
I'm angry and bitter and I've probably said some very mean things here, but it's just how I feel. I've brought up all of this to him in person several times in explicit detail, and he just doesn't have the brainpower or memory or willpower, or simply doesn't care enough, to address any of it. I'm at a loss as to how I should engage with this. Thanks in advance for any help, and yes, I know I'm an asshole. I'm sorry. I'm just not happy.
TLDR: My dad started drinking when he was 17 and hasn't been sober a day since, I personally think his brain is mush even when he's sober but it's especially bad when he's drunk, and he's not violent or mean or anything it's just like dealing with a slobbering toddler and it annoys the piss out of me for several reasons, and because it's my dad, I'm obligated to take care of him and even buy a house where I can take care of him and he's going to continue to annoy the piss out of me doing literally everything I hate about humanity right within my earshot and line of sight until he dies a messy death that I have to clean up. Any tips on how to deal with this without just hating my own father? I believe there's a good person somewhere underneath the alcohol, as he's somewhat coherent when I see him in the morning before work, and he has a job so they must think he's coherent as well, but as soon as he gets home and the not-bud-light (because it's gay now) gets cracked open, the brain flies out the window and it's back to braindead loud redneck wrestling and rock music and old shit he's seen a million times that wasn't even good back in the day, and hollering for me to come take a look at it, when I literally can't even hear my own TV over his (across the house) and I hate the shit and have no interest in it anyway.
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