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This is a subreddit dedicated to Bishop, California, its inhabitants, fans, and visitors!

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Anything related to the Eastern Sierra. Snow sports, mountain life, high desert living, getting away from it all, or getting back to the basics - let's talk about it!

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A community dedicated to all things Mammoth Lakes, a town in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. It's known for the Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain ski areas and nearby trails. The town is a base for Devils Postpile National Monument, a formation of basalt columns, and the soaring Rainbow Falls. To the north, saltwater Mono Lake is dotted with limestone towers. Yosemite National Park, with its granite cliffs and ancient sequoias, is nearby.

2023.06.03 05:59 Na_dN I don’t like how the show handle Miorine.

Miorine was my favorite character in SS1, but lately, I find myself sighing when she's on screen. The show's fast pace and subtle storytelling have affected her the most, as she always conceals her emotions. On top of that, the show also handles her character poorly.
The first and most glaring issue is, in her first scene after calling Suletta a murderer, she blamed Prospera. We never see how she develops or rationalizes her thoughts from the former to the latter.
Imagine skipping scenes of Guel being too traumatized to eat, trying to save the girl, and asking Olcott for guidance. Imagine, after killing his father and screaming, his first scene is him telling Olcott that he will save his father's company. That is how I feel that Miorine's character was handled, lacking on-screen depth and proper development, despite it being a cliffhanger of SS1. This diminishes the gravity of all her choices in SS2.
The second issue revolves around how Miorine's emotions and thoughts were portrayed.
The reason she doesn't want to run from all the politics anymore was simply because she wants to be with Suletta. With these in mind, joining the presidential run meant sacrificing her future, living with what she hates without a single companion by her side, especially not Suletta. It's a significant decision and sacrifice.
Yet it was not discussed/noticed much among fans. Possibly because the show hasn't portrayed its gravity effectively, as the show hasn't delved into Miorine's emotions around the betrayal, the pain of hurting Suletta, and the loss of her friends, especially just after they gave her a warm welcome. I think there should be some scene of her imagining how miserable her life would be choosing this path.
We only get a very, very short scene of her trembling before shutting down Aerial and silently watching her company's promotional video, which, in my opinion, is not enough.
Also, Miorine steeled her heart and acted coldly toward Suletta. I expected the same calm and coldness toward Prospera, but in the next episode, she instead was more casual. Her reaction upon learning about Schwarzette was a comedic-annoyed face toward Prospera, followed by a loud "HUHHH!?" after learning that she went to Shaddiq. Those really caught me off guard.
these faces are almost comedic...
The third issue is the entirety of how Miorine handles Prospera. I don't mind that she's got played like a fiddle, everyone in the show got outplayed after all. The problem is that despite she should be the one who is most wary of her, the show unnecessarily made her a fool.
To ensure she never breaks the deal by contacting Suletta, Miorine should track Prospera somehow. Yet she didn't even know Prospera's whereabouts until she told her she was meeting with Shaddiq.
Also, when they went to Earth, Miorine had no precautions against Prospera. If she had assigned Kenanji to keep an eye on her, the story would still have gone in the same way, for he would leave after learning about Shaddiq. The difference is that Miorine wouldn't have appeared so foolish and gullible.
The show's fast pace and subtle approach affect Miorine the most as she hides her emotions. The popularity of the least subtle character, Guel, speaks volumes. On top of that, the show handles her character poorly, unnecessarily making her foolish and gullible.
I believe the show should change this approach and reveal the character's inner thoughts. But it may be too late to change direction. Another way to fix these issues would be to have a recap-like episode where Miorine reflects on past events, similar to episodes 25-26 of Evangelion. Though, given the show's fast pace, I doubt it will happen.
At the very least, I hope the next episode delves into her thoughts. It's an intriguing situation where she would regret her gullibility against Prospera and carry the weight of the protesters' deaths while finding solace in preventing Suletta from becoming the instigator. However, with how the show's handled her character so far, my expectations are low.
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2023.06.03 05:57 rClipsBot Want to be like me? Impossible, but you can try. I am here to guide you in the right direction. Huge Announcement

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2023.06.03 05:56 JustCuriousArizona Compare Nokia's and Ericsson's Youtube Subscriber videos

Compare the Nokia and Youtube subscriber videos, you don't have to compare all of them just compare the latest videos. IMO, Ericsson Youtube subscriber videos lack a direction and cohesive vision, the videos are more technical in terms of business or in terms of networking. Nokia has a lot of videos explaining their strategy as well as their vision of the network of the future. So either Nokia's marketing department is doing a much better job than Ericsson or Ericsson has a serious lack of vision.
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2023.06.03 05:56 Shadowforciano Looking for a Program or Web App to Extract Headers from .eml Files

Hey fellow Redditors,
I'm currently searching for a program or web app that can help me extract the headers of downloaded emails in .eml format. I usually use for this purpose, but it requires me to manually copy the headers (metadata) and paste them in the clipboard.
If any of you know of a program or web app that can directly extract headers from .eml files without the need for manual copying and pasting, please share your recommendations. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or insights you might have.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.06.03 05:56 seagreenshark i had issues with my brothers girlfriend

for a while i (f19) suspected my brothers girlfriend, Sarah, (f23) to be distancing herself from me which is really weird because we’re in the same friend group. i just brushed it off because everything i drew conclusions from seemed extremely minor. for example, she stopped commenting under my posts and only commented under the others posts. another example is that she would only provide her attention with the other girls in the group and disregard me. i honestly just figured she was developing some kind of sister-in-law dynamic with me since talks of marriage was in the works and our culture takes respect towards our elders extremely seriously.
however, i found out that i was right. for context, my best friend (f19), Claire, is in the friend group as well. every time the friend group made it out of the group chat, Claire was unable to make it or she would have to leave early so i do my best to make sure she’s included especially in photos or in conversations. she recently asked the group chat if anyone would be able to come over to her house for a board game to which Sarah responded with, “why would we want to play a board game?”
this is basically how the conversation went:
me: why wouldn’t you //
sarah (to claire): just play with OP //
me: wow two people playing monopoly, you’re so smart! //
sarah: you don’t have any other friends? //
me: you mean the ones we’re talking to right now? //
sarah: other than us //
me: who tf else would there be //
Sarah ended up PMing me and asking me why i’m being so passive aggressive and that if anything Claire should be the one who’s upset to which I told her that her responses were unnecessary and rude. i’ll admit that i was definitely being hostile and passive aggressive and could have gone a better, more mature way. but i was so angry that she thought it was okay to text Claire like that.
apparently this became an opening for Sarah to let me know about all the issues she’s had with me thus far, telling me that i’ve made comments that she didn’t like and she never lashed out or said anything. i told her that i would rather her lash out than stay quiet because at least then i would be able to develop and respect her boundaries. she told me she didn’t say anything because i’m like a ticking time bomb and that my mood is unpredictable.
now i honestly have no idea where she’s coming from because whenever someone brings up an issue with me about my character, i try my best to respect their boundaries and she’s seen this firsthand with my brother. i’m sure i get extremely upset when i am being directly attacked or when my friends are being attacked but definitely not about something as important as boundaries. i’ve also brought up issues i’ve had with her and i would hate to be hypocritical and not expect people to do the same.
she then tells me that she started to distance herself from me and limit interactions which in all honesty hurt me really bad. by doing so, she leaves me out of a few conversations within my friend group and treats me differently than the other girls. i pointed out she’s not even close with some of these girls but she still treats them better than me. i honestly don’t care how she treats them, but i would have liked to be on equal footing with the rest of them.
i’m just so confused why she thought this was her only solution but she straight up assumed i would blow up on her. her explanation was that in all her 23 years of living she never had an issues with anyone other than me and never had to communicate such issues until me, so she didn’t know how to go about it.
i don’t know. i definitely agreed to fix my hostility and to just let her know where my boundaries lie, but the fact that she created this distance without letting me know makes me feel so icky.
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2023.06.03 05:56 GH057807 Ok. Sanity check. I'm losing my mind, where are Crushed Beast Bones??

I am level 35. This is an ingredient for a potion upgrade.
I have never seen a single one. Not one. Level 35, not one single solitary Crushed Beast Bone.
Not one.
I have been grinding beasts for 3.5 hours at this point. I have gone in and opened every chest in every basement dungeon I have found. Again, I have been grinding beasts for THREE AND A HALF HOURS and I haven't found a single one. Mammoths, bears, wolves, tree dudes, snakes, giant boars, even the deers and foxes and bunny rabbits. Nothing. Not one.
Is this item broken? Did Blizzard forget to add it? Is it not a real thing? Have I lost my mind or died and this is purgatory? Do crushed beast bones come from something other than dead beasts?
I've googled. The answers do nothing. Why. Help me.
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2023.06.03 05:56 Chimkinsalad Am I making a big career mistake by going to grad school for Economics instead of something technical?

Hey everyone!
It’s been 2 years since I graduated and landed a full time role as a Business Analyst - I graduated with degrees in Math and Economics, so I didn’t really get a degree that is considered “technical”.
I applied and got accepted into a MA program in Economics that has a ton of courses in econometrics and game theory which I find really interesting (Way more interesting than databases lol)
however, I can’t help but think that I am putting myself at a disadvantage career wise by not getting a masters in Data Analytics or Data Science, something that has much more direct application to my current job.
My question is should I reconsider enrolling in Econ and instead wait to get a technical degree? Ultimately my goal is to transition into a role where I have more technical responsibilities building dashboards etc and forecasting in Business Analytics/Data science world
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2023.06.03 05:55 Chinesedreaming Unpopular opinion. GB>Aokiji

Unpopular opinion. GB>Aokiji
In One Piece, strength is determined by a character's unwavering determination, ambition, goals, and willpower. Characters like SH, Koby, Law, and Kid become significantly stronger rapidly because of these factors.
Akainu is the strongest because he possesses the most firm and resolute goals, confident, along with the determination and action to achieve them.
GB is similar to Akainu but weaker, as he is a subordinate and somewhat dependent.
Fujitora appears to have strong convictions, goals, and determination, but there is a practical contradiction between his current duties and his intentions, making him weaker than GB.
Kizaru operates under an unclear sense of justice and lacks any noticeable specific goals, determination, or passion. Therefore, he is weaker than Fujitora.
Aokiji has been growing skeptical about the World Government's justice since the Ohara incident. He is wandering without a clear sense of belonging or direction and has even lost a leg.
Doubt and indecisiveness make you weak.
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2023.06.03 05:55 hailalistair Neighbor regularly washes their balcony with hose

The neighbor directly above us regularly washes their balcony like this: 1) Comes down and asks us to move our terrace furniture. 2) Hoses their balcony with water and detergent. 3) The water falls down to our terrace, and splashes filthy water with foam on the entire terrace, up to the glass sliding door. 4) The water keeps dripping down and splashing for around 48 hours.

Yesterday they came again and asked us to move our furniture. I told them that we can't move the furniture (it takes hours, it's a complicated setup and very heavy) and that last year the water splashed basically the entire terrace.
Their reply was: "I have the right to wash my terrace."

I then suggested attaching a hose to the water drain so the water does:
balcony → drain pipe → hose → ground
Instead of:
balcony → drain pipe → our terrace
They replied that they don't know how to do that. So I said that we could try to do it ourselves, but we need time, and I asked: "Can you delay a week?"
Them: "It's too filthy. I can do Sunday (tomorrow), instead of Saturday (today)."

What do you think I should do?

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2023.06.03 05:55 snow-SUMMER My New Door's Character It's like guiding light

Name: Lumina, the Illuminarian
Description: Lumina is a radiant and benevolent character that serves as a guiding light within the world of Roblox Doors. It appears as a luminous being, emanating a soft and warm glow that illuminates its surroundings. Lumina's form is composed of pure energy, taking the shape of a graceful figure with outstretched wings that resemble ethereal feathers.
  1. Luminous Radiance: Lumina has the power to emit a radiant light that dispels darkness and brings clarity to the world. Its presence alone can brighten the darkest corners and reveal hidden paths, making it an invaluable guide for players exploring the Doors universe.
  2. Healing Aura: Lumina possesses a soothing aura that promotes healing and rejuvenation. It can channel its energy to restore health and vitality to those in need, providing support and encouragement to players as they navigate challenges and overcome obstacles.
  3. Telepathic Connection: Lumina has the ability to establish a telepathic link with players, enabling it to provide guidance, advice, and insights directly into their minds. It can share knowledge about the Doors, offer hints, and impart wisdom to aid players on their journey.
  4. Flight and Ethereal Movement: Lumina can effortlessly glide through the air, allowing it to traverse various terrains and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Its ethereal movement gives it a graceful and weightless quality, making it a versatile and agile character within the game.
  1. Dark Corruption: Lumina's radiant energy can be weakened or corrupted by powerful sources of darkness or negative energy. Attacks or influences that specifically target its light-based abilities can diminish its powers and temporarily hinder its ability to guide or heal.
  2. Disrupted Connection: Interference with the telepathic link can disrupt Lumina's ability to communicate with players effectively. Mental barriers, magical interference, or certain gameplay mechanics can momentarily sever the connection, limiting its guidance and support.
  3. Limited Combat Abilities: While Lumina possesses healing and supportive powers, it lacks offensive combat capabilities. It relies on its radiant light and the assistance of players to defend against aggressive adversaries.
Lumina, the Illuminarian, is a character that brings hope, guidance, and healing to the players of Roblox Doors. Its presence serves as a beacon of light in the game world, offering assistance and wisdom as players embark on their own journeys of discovery and adventure.
Regenerate response
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2023.06.03 05:55 Zoot-Tactician Diablo 4 Necromancer (lvl 40)

I heard all the theories that necro summoner build would suck but uh… I feel like I’m playing on easy mode. I know I haven’t gotten to experience endgame yet but I’m shredding WT2 that it’s not challenging at all besides the butcher swarming me. Luckily I’ve gotten a ton of legendaries that directly impact my summons (+2 skeletons +2 mages). If you build around summons & bone spear you’re just not going to die. Want to hear from you fellow Necromancer.
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2023.06.03 05:55 jasoooon4 Used tesla ev tax credit question for state and federal. In California

We are Looking to buy our first EV, specifically a tesla model y. We are located in California and our household gross income is about 195k.
We are weighing our options and am considering a used 2020-2021 tesla model y vs a new one but am a little confused on how the tax credit works for used vehicles. Would a used 2021 model Y qualify for the full $7500 federal rebate but a 2020 model Y will only be $4000 since it's more than 2 years old? And for the $2000 state tax rebate it says it applies to used vehicles but only once in the vehicles lifetime? So if I buy from a dealer(carmax,etc), does that mean the dealer bought the used ev from a private seller and claimed the state rebate already and I would technically be the 3rd owner and not be eligible?
Sorry if this topic has already been discussed in detail.
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2023.06.03 05:55 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Game Academy (complete)

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2023.06.03 05:55 Other-Research5307 “just lose your virginity, it ain’t that hard.”

Today I will explain why it isn’t that easy as people think it is for us virgins to just lose our virginity. Hear my story and anyone that says after this it is still easy to lose our virginity or put the blame on us, I hope you go and fuck yourself.
I am a virgin, but I have tried to date/ask out woman a lot of times. Of course some would say at least you had some women in your life interested in you while actually everything was the opposite and it crushed me, made me insecure and ruined my self-esteem.
My first crush was years ago and we met online. She showed me some interest and after some time when I told her I liked her and wanted to bring things to the next step, she said she wasn’t interested in dating anyone in general. Literally a month later she dated another dude. He was a jerk tho so she left him and eventually told me everything about it. I said to her like “didn’t you say you were not going to date anyone in general?” She responded saying “he was attractive” and that was the pure reason. This literally made me insecure. After that she still decided to go on a date with me cuz she felt bad (which I never should have done). We tried a few dates together and I tried my best and she said every time that she didn’t like me in front of my face. I know it was cuz of how I looked and my height (she gave me signs) but she just didn’t tell me directly to make me feel bad. I know I am not the most attractive, but I tried to be the best person I can. I forgot her eventually but it still fucked me up in someway.
After some time passed I decided to meet a new friend group. I eventually became very good friends with a guy (lets call him A) and some girls. There was one girl (lets call her B) in this friend group I had interest in. We messaged frequently, I started to get to know her and eventually decided to take her on a date and she rejected me. Of course I wasn’t her type. Anyway we all decided to meet each other the other day. The day before the meeting A (my guy friend) texted me saying that she (B) had interest in him actually but he didn’t want to go to the meeting cuz he felt bad for me. I lied and said don’t worry about it, even if B likes you I am happy for you. The day we all met the girl I had interest in (B) was the whole time flirting and having fun with A (my guy friend). More fucked up thing is, it was literally me, A and 4-5 other girls including B. Okay I get that B is interested in A and wants to spend time with A, cuz B likes A not me, but all the other girls where also with him and only talking to him. I was literally non existent for any of the girls. 4-5 GIRLS and not even one gave a shit about me. That is how worthless I am I guess.
Another occasion I was with with my old best friend at the swimming pool. There was a girl and I showed interest first and tried to get to know her. Guess what? Of course she asked my best friends number and went out with him instead of me.
One more to make it even more fun: I met another girl, talked with her for some time and eventually asked her out and she rejected me. A few days later I learned she starting dated a good friend of mine lol. I said to my friend “are you really dating her? I literally like her???” he was like “yes but oh damn I didn’t know”. Of course he knew, he was just playing along.
A few years later after all this bullshit happened I finally got a girlfriend. I was the happiest person alive. We never kissed or whatever because she wasn’t ready for it yet. I later learned she literally only loved me because she was empty and needed attention and love to fill herself. Wanna hear something more fucked up? She told me she found me ugly as hell, but just liked my personality. I was okay with it but in the long run it just didn’t work out. I was never a priority for her and eventually when her ex came back she chose his ex over me. It was a failed “relationship”. I don’t even reconsider her as a girlfriend or relationship.
Took me longer than a year to heal from this and eventually met a new girl online. I was like this is gonna be the last time I try. She showed some interest, I was ready to meet her and guess what? She ghosted me.
Today I am writing all of this because I am just tired. My whole life long, not a single girl looked at me irl. Of course dating and meetings happened, but you see how it ended up for me. I feel like most of the time the girls chose my friends over me. And most of my friends are decent looking. While I WAS the one that knew the girls first, tried to put effort and eventually getting rejected and learn that most of them liked my friends. What can be more fucked up? I have always been rejected. I have put too much effort. I even saw girls passing me sometimes and just randomly say “ew”. What did I do to deserve that? I can go and talk to many girls as I want, but I always get rejected. I experienced it way too many times and in painful ways. I can’t do much about my appearance. I even workout and try my best to look good as I can. Today I gave up. After this I am just gonna earn money and enjoy food. Enjoy life in other ways. I will support my fellow people here that struggle everyday, that is a way to make me feel good.
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2023.06.03 05:55 hictrl Any tips for a new DM trying to improve roleplay?

I'm brand new to DnD, as well as my entire group minus one person who's been playing on and off for a few years. The one person who has played didn't want to DM, and I had trouble finding someone online I didn't get bad vibes from, so I decided that I would take the plunge and DM for our group.
We've run about 4 sessions now, and most of the campaign has been combat focused so far, but I'm having trouble trying to guide my players in the direction to have more out-of-combat roleplay and story options. Part of this is due to my players and myself not being very comfortable with it just yet, but we're all just embracing the awkwardness as us being new and not knowing what we're doing quite yet.
Is there any tips that more experienced DMs or players have that would have tips to to encourage more roleplay, or how to make it more exciting? Most of my group haven't ever roleplayed before, including me, and the more experienced player likes to roleplay a lot, so I wanted to build more situations where it's interesting and fun for everyone. If anyone has any advice it would be really appreciated!
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2023.06.03 05:54 Phalanalanax Need any villainous tips?

Hello! I am here to help you figure out what direction you should take your villains, be they teeny goblin rogues, or mastermind dragons and liches.
I am usually Central Time oriented, and you can talk to me here or on discord! Experienced with DND 5e but I also have some experience with other systems.
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2023.06.03 05:54 spidy99 MS CS at ASU get changed to PhD ,or PhD at ASU after masters at ASU

Can you please let me know regarding the steps for the above. Are they direct process or we need to fill new application and new ds160 based on the i20
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2023.06.03 05:54 sluttygod Am I being lied to?

I understand that the direct translation of “Ich vermisse dich and Ich dich auch” is “I miss you and same to you” but I have been told that it also can be interpreted as “when are you free and whenever”? Is this true or is my boyfriend lying to me?
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2023.06.03 05:53 Elcuriousone Magic the gathering

Wanting to find some people who want to play mtg sometimes in the lake Charles area
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2023.06.03 05:53 Rukute Carport Posts need replacing but beams above appear twisted/angled

Carport Posts need replacing but beams above appear twisted/angled
I'm after some advice please. It's clear 2 of my 3 carport posts need replacing. My concern is that the beams they support appear to have warped/twisted at the far ends where these beams support them. I say 'appear' as it's hard to know for certain in its current haphazard state.
So, I unsure that a simple post replacement alone here is do-able. That is, once the posts and cross-supports are removed (after required acrow prop/temp post support) will the beams be able to be 'righted' ... i.e., moved to sit directly above where the stirrups are and angled upright. I've attached some pics.
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2023.06.03 05:53 Tasty-Organization52 When you leave a cult, some don’t know they left a cult. I left a cult.

It has been almost ten years since I have served a mission for the Mormon church. Many years now after an incredible experience on mushrooms and a healthy recent life with weed. The walls have crashed down. I have overcome my fears that I have left off of doubt and that I’m lost. I know that is my cult upbringing manipulating my own thoughts. I have left a cult. I have finally done it.
I’m proud that I finally did it. I managed to beat this unhealthy life depriving entity. This cult.
Recently a couple missionaries somehow found my home address. My fiancé invited them in. She’s never been affiliated with the church. After a brief visit by them. We treated them respectfully. And they were very kind to our boy. I told my fiancé I know it’s a cult. Because during their visit for a split second I was doubting my own assertion that they belong to a cult. All the dogma and indoctrination came flooding back. And I reasserted in my mind that I was right. This church destroys individuals and families.
Mormonism is a church of man. Another cult. For any Mormon reader reading this. If you are reading my post as if I’m blaspheming the church, or that I am in the devils grasp, and feel attacked by me. These are all clear signals in a sane world that you are immersed in a cult. They will make you doubt your doubts. They will tell you not to search the truth. To trust the leaders. They will tell you anyone who strays is unhappy and living lives in sin.
I’m the happiest I have ever been. My world full of love. This testimony stands as a direct contradiction to everything they say about leaving. Leave and live your life. If you must believe in a God. Then trust God alone. And love your neighbor.
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2023.06.03 05:53 AquariusWasTaken Looking for an old freddy shirt.

Looking for an old freddy shirt.
Hi so, when I was younger I was in a DEEP fnaf phase and I have this vivid memory of buying a fnaf shirt (I think from some store in a mall but I can’t remember where I got it) And keep in mind i’d say this was around 2016-2017 give or take.
Im aware It’s probably a bootleg merch, however I absolutely adored this shirt. Sometime inbetween 2019-2020 I lost the shirt, I don’t know where it went but it had just vanished from my closet. So I was wondering if anyone knows where you can find it (i’ve looked online and can’t seem to find a trace of it even existing)
For a description: it was a completely black t-shirt with a picture of a plushy freddy in the center of the shirt and the plushy was glow in the dark. (Decided to make a crude drawing of it if that helps visualize it)
I’d love to be able to have this shirt again, I just can’t find it anywhere both in my house and on the internet to buy it, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in a right direction.
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