Jayco 30 ft travel trailer weight

2003 Casita Spirit Deluxe

2023.05.28 17:06 abearz75 2003 Casita Spirit Deluxe

2003 Casita Spirit Deluxe
I am selling my Casita all Fiberglass Travel Trailer - Spirit Deluxe Only Owner bought from Casita Co. in 2003 - well maintained Smoke, Mold,Pet free. New Orleans Area $18,000 obo
Clear Title - Factory Keys and All Paperwork Included Specs: Overall Length 17’ Dry Weight 2400lbs. Interior Height 6’2” Overall Height 8’11” Overall Width 6’8”
INSIDE TRAILER: Rooftop AC with Heat Strip 3 way(Gas,Electric,12Volt) Dometic Refrigerator 4cu.ft., deep wide sink 2 burner stove with cover,light,hood,fan - microwave Cabinet mounted flat TV 6gal.Hot water heater, electronic ignition - gas or electric Propane Furnace with 1200BTU Thermostat Fantastic Roof Vent w/Reverse Full fiberglass wet bath, shower, Thetford RVtoilet, sink Large dinette table - can attach to outside unit Two single twin size beds, closet. Full length mirror, extended Birch Plywood overhead cabinets and large lower cabinets, large rear window slides open with screen,LED lights. Clear glass door and screen door. No leaks.
OUTSIDE TRAILER: Cable TV connection,110 volt outlet,High Lift Dexter Axle, Electronic Tongue Jack,Factory Awning,Goodyear Marathon15”Tires, 2 Propane Tanks,Black H2O 15gal Holding Tank and Grey H2O 32gal Holding Tank, Hoses,Leveling Blocks, Chocks Storage,25gal Fresh H2O Tank and 12 Volt Water Pump System. Able to dry camp easily.
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2023.05.28 16:47 AtomicGrey 🚨 How Much Did Airfare "Increased" in U.S. Cities for 2023 ? + Some Tips

💸 OR How much "more" will you have to pay for an airline ticket, depending on where you are in 2023..

Greatest Increase in Airfare Lowest Increase in Airfare

Cities with the Greatest Increase in Airfare. Cities with the Lowest Increase in Airfare.
1. Flint - 35 % 1. San Francisco - 12 %
2. Arkon - 32 % 2. Albany - 12 %
3. Dayton - 30 % 3. Boston - 12 %
4. Greensboro - 28 % 4. New York / Newark - 11 %
5. Tucson - 25 % 5. Syracuse - 11 %
6. Burbank - 24 % 6. Hartford - 11 %
7. Miami - 23 % 7. Rochester - 11 %
8. San Juan - 23 % 8. Houstan - 11 %
9. Ft Myers - 22 % 9. Oakland - 10 %
10. Minnieapolis - 22 % 10. Manchester - Boston Regional - 10 %
to get your cities airfare increase, comment below.

✅ Now no need cry about this on reddit, here's some easy tips to keep your travels budget friendly.

1. ✅ Book Early.

2. ✅ Travel in the Shoulder Season.

  1. EG: if a place's peak season is summer
  2. & its offseason is winter,
  3. then the shoulder season would be spring and fall. Research for your place.

3. ✅ Use your good old Points.

4. ✅ Get Price alerts

  1. EG: Going (scott's cheap flights) or
  2. Google Flights Alerts

5. ✅ Subscribe to My Free Weekly Newsletter.

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2023.05.28 16:05 Hermod_DB Jayco 267BHS Travel trailer quality of life mods

Jayco 267BHS Travel trailer quality of life mods
Hey everybody! I wanted to share some minor quality of life modifation i have done to my 2020 Jayco 267BHS Travel trailer.
• Tore out the built in entertainment cabinet and wall.
• Modified the entertainment cabinet and used the spare parts to build shelves inside the cabinet.
• Replaced the stock speakers and head unit.
• Added plywood to allow for a bigger tv and to enable mounting a tv over the bed in the master suit. Also changed the paneling.
• Replaced the RV fridge with a residential ac powered refrigerator and added some handles so I can strap it down while on the road.
• Switched out most of the interior lighting.
• Added bar to the door and switched out locks for Latch.it keyless system.

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2023.05.28 15:20 ScrubsAllDayLong 28M - Weight loss/activity partners

Hey everyone, looking for someone who is interested in being accountability partners in regards to weight loss through workouts and healthy eating habits.
Earlier this year I was getting into a routine of using my treadmill for daily running workouts, and am looking to get back into that along with 30 minute circuit workouts as well. Now that it is summer I enjoy playing/practicing golf and can use my gym there post golf to work it on a consistent basis.
Due to my job and its travel, hours, and road miles it is challenging to have a strict schedule for eating and workouts as the day can change on a whim, but I need to be better held accountable for carving out time still.
As for being a partner for others, I am generally a very positive person and outlook on life, am a former collegiate athlete who has a strong concept of workout plans and balancing them, and like to think I can hold conversations easily throughout the day or week if there’s anything else on your mind you’d like to chat about!
Look forward to hearing from others :)
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2023.05.28 13:42 wingcharm01 SELL: Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Gisou, Olaplex, Rose Inc, MAC, NYX, FENTY, ABH and more skincare, haircare and makeup

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/VzTd3nq
  1. Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillow talk $28
  2. Rose Inc blush in Heliotrope $30
  3. Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette in Exagger-Eyes $50
  4. Paula's Choice BHA exfoliant and The Ordinary Niacinamide serum bundle $38
  5. Laneige Lip Sleeping masks in Chocolate and Gummy Bear bundle $45 (or $24 each)
  6. Gisou Hair Oil 50ml (used 3 times but did not suit my hair) $50
  7. Olaplex No. 8 Hair Mask $35
  8. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector $35
  9. Hair care bundle with the items 6-8 and Garnier Banana Mask and Ouai Wave Spray mini $100
  10. MAC lipsticks Taupe and Yash $28 each or $50 in bundle
  11. Only swatched makeup bundle (usage as seen in pics): MAC lip pencil in Boldy bare, Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow powder in Dark Brown, Fenty Beauty Heat Lipgloss in Hot Cherry, Urban Decay moondust eyeshadow in Space Cowboy $85
  12. All new drugstore makeup bundle: NYX eyeshadow palette in Ultimate Utopia, NYX Lingerie XXL in Straps off, Natio Mascara, NYX Plump Finish Setting Spray 60ml, Rimmel Liquid Eyeshadows in Honey Drop and Spiced Petal, Rimmel Glow Stick in Treasure, Milani Lip liner 02 True Red, Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in 045 Burgundy $65
  13. Fenty sculpting bronzer brush $30 and Fenty lip exfoliator and lip balm set $20. Bundle $40
  14. Milk Makeup Prep Swipe and Go set (contents: https://www.sephora.com.au/products/milk-prep-swipe-go-makeup-set-limited-edition/v/default) $25 - Selling because these items are not going to be enough for me to travel with for over a month.
  15. Naturium bundle: Retinol complex serum, Vitamin C Super Serum Plus and Plant Ceramide Moisture Cream travel size $65
  16. NARS Extreme Eyeshadow Palette $60
  17. NARS cream blush in Freedom $38
  18. NARS Afterglow Lip balm in Dolce Vita $35
  19. NARS BUNDLE $110 (items 16-18)
  20. A couple of samples I've received for free will be included with any purchase. Please take a look at the pic descriptions
Moving houses again and trying to sell some of my backups and extras so they do not sit in storage.
Postage $15 (may increase if total weight exceeds 500g), Payment via Paypal F&F. Pickup available from either Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne over the next month.
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2023.05.28 13:32 zdeepthrowaway A testimony and history

I'm a 36 HLM married to a 36 LLF
This is a complex issue and story.
Some background: I’m American. My wife is European. We met in 2014. We met in Europe and have moved all around the world in the years we’ve been together. North America, Asia, Europe, again. The night I met my wife I fell head over heels in love with her and to this day I still am.
But there were signs early on that we might not be a perfect match, if such a thing even exists. At the start of our relationship we had sex often, not near as much as I’d like, a few times a week at most. And it was good for me. Not mind blowing or near kinky enough for me but she really seemed to enjoy it, going as far as to tell her friends it was the best sex she’d ever had. And emotionally it really brought us close together.
And at the start of our relationship she made it quite clear that even though she loved me, she never wanted to marry and never wanted kids. She had her career and she was happy with it. But since we’re in very similar fields, a field which can pay very well but doesn’t pay steadily, she eventually joined me in working together. This brought us to a point where if we wanted to be together, especially internationally, it was best to actually get married.
When I brought up the whole “you don’t ever want to get married” thing to her she said this was a different situation and that she loved me and besides we were already working together.I asked her to marry me and she agreed. We were busy traveling around the world and working so the sex slowed but it did happen. On our wedding night we were both so tired from partying with our friends and family we passed out and the idea of sex didn’t even pop up. Sex at this point in our relationship had slowed but emotionally we were still very intimate and open with one another about our feelings.
Because work was drying up we ended up spending a year after we married living at my parents. That was the worst for her. She was somewhere she didn’t want to be, stuck, and eventually fell into a deep depression. Some of the work we were doing together really fell apart – not because of her – but because of some of the other people we were working with. That only worsened her depression. Safe to say we hadn’t had much sex since we’d gotten married.
Eventually I found a great more steady job but it required us to move around the world again to a great place in Asia. My wife loved living in Asia, but I was working TONS. And because we’d both been so traumatized from the previous year of our hard working falling apart and staying with my parents I was beyond reluctant to not put in the extra hours every night and on the weekends to make sure we never ended up having to go back to my parents. And sexually during this time we maybe had sex about 5 times in 2 or 3 years.
But I still love her.
After a few years of this I burned out and fell into a functional depression. No one at work could tell. But I’d come home and be swarmed with so much anxiety I couldn’t even get off the couch. I gained weight. And worse, some older injuries from college started to flare up and physically I was in a lot of pain daily. My wife handled all the household chores and while she had some time to do her own work she held off on traveling like she wanted to, wanting to wait for me to feel like it, which I never did. Plus we were still doing side project work together, which in my state, was probably very tough for her to do.
Some background on me and my own baggage: I grew up quite poor to young parents who eventually moved us from a rather poor lifestyle to a nicer middle class life as I got older. My father was gone for work quite a lot as he worked multiple jobs to get us out of poverty. I’m terrified of being a poor and hungry child again. This fear is never helped by my chosen profession which can be sporadic but well paying when I have it.
One day while living in Asia my wife said something which really blew my mind: she wanted us to have a baby. I asked her if she was sure, because she’d made it clear at the start of our relationship she never wanted to get married and never wanted children. She said that this new home of ours had made her change her mind. Deep down in my gut I knew something was off, but, she reassured me, and I have to admit a very immature part of me was excited that we’d be having lots of sex as tried to conceive.
We had sex one time during this point and BAM she was pregnant on our first shot.
That same immature part was totally psyched. First shot. Way to go. But also: damn, there goes all that sex.
Her entire pregnancy was very difficult emotionally – she would cry entire days for her whole pregnancy -- and toward the end it got very dangerous, with her facing a few life threatening complications that quite frankly scared the shit out of me. Somehow she handled those much better than I did.
We had a beautiful baby and soon we were both doing the whole new parent thing. No sleep. Definitely no sex. It was difficult with no support network on our side of the globe. She was tired and more distant then ever to me sexually – for good reason – but also emotionally. When we spoke about this she said she was giving everything she had to the baby. And I could see this so I was okay with this. I wouldn’t push it.
This is where I think I have to get into my wife and her emotional issues which didn’t really present themselves in full until we had the baby. Long story short: you could say at best my wife’s parents were emotionally absent, if not actually emotionally abusive, to her since she was born. And while she did a great job making up for this subconsciously when she was in a good place in life, when she’s stressed she becomes completely emotionless and crosses the line into being emotionally abusive, verbally berating and criticizing everything and everyone around her. So if you weren’t the baby, you were either being complained about or criticized behind your back or in my case to my face.
And if something ever went wrong, the water boiled over on the stove, anything, she would literally collapse into sobs on the floor and be unable to get up.
This didn’t help things on my end and my work depression spiraled into suicidal thoughts and eventually attempts. After one in public, we both had a few moments of clarity. Something had to change.
When another unique work opportunity presented itself for us to move somewhere my wife has always wanted to live I quit my job and we prepared to move. Work visas, moving logistics, my wife wanted to handle almost all of it. We packed our lives into a container bound for this new country and prepared for our flight 2 days later.
But a day before our flights, with covid starting to rage out of control our flights were canceled and even with our visas in hand we were told we’d not be allowed to move to the country we were supposed to be moving to.
In a state of limbo both of us took the stress as bravely as we could for the sake of our baby but eventually the job I’d taken vanished from underneath us because of covid and we soon found ourselves moving back to Europe until we could figure out what to do.
When we came to Europe, lockdowns were in full effect. Moving had been relatively easy since most of our stuff was already in a container but we weren't going to see anything in there for another 6 months.
We both spiraled even more and barely held it together for our baby. I started sleeping on the couch every night – I still do. We argued and yelled constantly. One night after an argument I literally collapsed shaking uncontrollably to the floor. Then my wife caught me once attempting another suicide attempt and stopped me.
Our bodies both started rejecting the situation. Her skin broke out in horrible psoriasis. My testicle swelled uncontrollably from a mysterious infection. Mind you at this point we’d not had actual sex for longer than about 30 seconds without crying and arguing. We honestly should’ve been committed to a facility at this point.
Knowing my baby was growing into a toddler I knew I needed help. So I asked my wife if she wanted to join me in talking to a therapist. She said no so I booked a time and started seeing a therapist regularly by myself.
Overall my therapist was helpful, but also harmful in certain ways. She helped me see things outside of my distorted mind view. She cared for me when it felt like no else did. But she also pushed a lot of conservative christian husband/wife dynamics that I quite frankly find outdated, I don’t believe in, and more importantly I know my wife and I didn’t ever agree to when we first got married. The night my therapist told me my wife needs to attend to her wifely duties to sex and for me to demand it and “be the man” and show her how it should be, I quit and never spoke to her again.
My wife, seeing the changes in me, started her own investigation into her own emotional issues and has started a long road of self-help which has genuinely changed her. We talk regularly about our own issues and how we can change.
For the past 1.5-2 years we’ve come a very long way in getting better individually and how we interact with one another.We can talk. We aren’t depressed anymore. I’ve lost over 20 pounds. I try and be proactive around the house and help with the daily routine as much as I can as I work from home now. I’m on the upper end of getting out of my porn addiction. We can work together again, mostly. Our child just started school and is happy. We’re good parents and partners. But the more some things get better it just highlights what’s still wrong. Namely our own connection.
My wife and I have had serious talks about our life and come to the conclusion that when we can we should try to live apart. She feels, rightly so, that she’s left behind her own career in following me around the world for mine, and found herself a wife and mother, identities she says she has problems with reconciling since she once swore she’d be neither. Not to mention all the emotional issues that have been brought up with her own parents and background.
She says she can’t imagine not being a wife and mother to our child now, but she regrets leaving behind all she did, and more so, not being true to her old self that swore those things off. She recognizes the duality in those feelings but still all the same they exist. She ultimately wants space to build herself again without me forcing the labels of wife on her, but she doesn’t want to divorce. I told her I’m okay with that. I like having my own space too. Whatever arrangement we come to housing-wise we’ll each have our own space in very very close proximity and we’ll raise our child in a cohesive way like we are now.
But we are in no position to do this financially right now.
I still love my wife. And even though we’re in a better place now, she’s quite cold to me. She touches me literally, maybe once every few days. When I try to touch her she recoils. On the much rarer occasions she does become stressed she can be quite mean and emotionally abusive to me. Never to our child. Only to me. This is something I’ve started standing up to and being quite clear about how it is unacceptable to me and she’s show great attention at stopping that behavior. But it still slips through every now and again.
We’ve had serious discussions about sex and our relationship: how it’s something very important for me and that I can’t go the rest of my life without. She tells me she doesn’t feel ANYTHING sexual at all for anything or anyone and she doesn’t see herself feeling that way in the future. She refuses to see a couples therapist, a sex therapist, or any therapist.
We spoke briefly about having an open relationship, one where I could sleep with other women but only when it was clear that I wanted to stay devoted to my family. My wife seemed to handle the idea of this well on the surface, but I could tell it deeply upset her. She then agreed to try and be more physically intimate but the few times we ever attempted it again have ended in a disaster of tears and anger.
Eventually I just told her that our relationship no longer encompasses sex.Things since then between us seem to have gone well as she said sexual expectations really make her anxious. Sex not being part of the relationship seems to have helped us achieve a stability between one another.
I’m trying to get better every day. She’s on her own self-help journey and I can’t say it’s not helping because it is.
But on my own end, I yearn and ache for real sexual companionship and connection. I need that kind of passion in my life or I feel like a large chunk of life is missing. I don’t think I’ll get suicidal again over it but c’mon. No one says on their deathbed they wish they didn’t have so much sex.
I knew getting into a relationship my wife wasn’t as high libido has I was, I knew she wasn’t as kinky as I was. But she is so unique and so good in many other ways I just couldn’t leave her. I love her.
The past few months I’ve been able to minimize my porn addiction. Emotionally, I find it very healthy for me. But, again, it just highlights now how much I don’t have sex and how unfulfilled I feel emotionally.
I’ve entertained having a sexual affair without telling her. Something purely physical. I think such a thing could exist but I couldn’t guarantee it and if I caught feelings for an affair partner, I’d be so fucked. And honestly, I don’t have the time. Between working from home, working together with my wife, being a father, and helping run the house, how could I ever start a fling even if I tried? It's tempting path, but one I think I'll try and avoid.
The other day my wife and I talked late at night, it was nice and friendly, but I noticed she how she avoided touching me. Before she left the room I asked her if she still loved me. She looked at me and told me she loves me, but she’s no longer in love with me.
She told me that she has no passion anymore for anything. I told her that anything I could do to help her regain a passion for anything, her own work, if she needed time by herself, anything I could do to help her, to give her space or time, I would do it.
She declined and she left and went to her own bed.
That really, really hurt me.
Deeper than I think she’ll ever know.
And it’s really marked a turning point for me.
Something has to change.
But what?
We’ve come so far yet we’re in some ways further apart than we’ve ever been. Anyway, this is more a testimony to my feelings more than anything. I can’t talk to anyone I know about this. So here I am.
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2023.05.28 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 28th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 28th
1971 - The Jackson 5 play at the Spectrum (now closed - 2009) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1988 - Michael's duet with Stevie Wonder , "Get It", from Stevie's album Characters peaks at #80 on the Hot 100 Chart while it was at #6 on the R&B chart
1989 - Michael was one of the few winners present at the Black Radio Exclusive awards show at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. He was honored as the "Triple Crown Winner for Outstanding Achievement in Pop, Rock and Soul."
The elegantly laminated plaque has a black and gold edging, with purple printing on a faux-marble background, with a stylized photo image of Michael in his trademark black fedora.
1997 - His 2nd day in Poland starts with a stop at the presidential palace where Michael is received by the first lady. In his quest for a residence in Poland, he then visits the luxury Hotel Bristol. Price for the hotel ended up being too high. He then went to the Warsaw City Hall where he signed a “preliminary letter of intent” to develop a 'Michael Jackson’s Family Entertainment Park', in the Polish capital.

“My dream is to appeal to the child that lives in the heart of every man and woman on this planet and to create something in Poland that is so unique and so unusual that it cannot be experienced in any other place", he said
The letter mentioned no price, but Jackson’s business manager, Tarak Ben Ammar, said in an interview that estimates of Jackson’s contribution range between $100 million and $300 million--modest sums by Western theme park standards. Poland would add an unknown amount.


" I would also like to tell a great truth, I have traveled all over the world six times and have been everywhere, but nowhere I liked it more than in Poland. A visit to Poland is the fulfillment of my childhood dreams...."
He shops at the Kidiland toy store, reportedly in the amount of $670,000. He then goes to the children's hospital, with his arms loaded with gifts.


Next he takes a helicopter to Lubiaz, in order to see Cistercian Abbey of Lubiaz, wich he also planned to purchase. Accompanied by Professor Marek Kwiatkowski, who guided him during his visit, Michael spends 45 minutes marveling at the Baroque architecture and the relics. He'll even try a little "heehee" in the middle of the Hall des Princes to test the acoustics! Michael, who wanted to settle in Poland, already saw himself owning this old building, despite the millions of dollars in restoration to be expected.

In the evening, he flies to Bremen, Germany where in three days he will begin the 2nd leg of his HIStory Tour.


The plans to build the amusement park at a nearby military airport won approval from state officials in February 1998. Michael asks for sketches to be drawn up for the proposed theme parks, however, following the project’s approval and a huge hiatus, the army owning the airport does not agree to make it available for the park. Two grounds pointed out by the government will also be denied due to local protests. The Polish government abandons this project altogether and nothing will come out of it
2004 - Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville has ordered a trial-setting conference hearing today. Thomas Mesereau, Brian Oxman & Joe Jackson go to the courthouse; Michael's appearance isn't required. They argue for a reduction in his $3-million bail and seek an order to force prosecutors to move faster in sharing evidence.
In accusing the prosecution of moving too slowly in giving the defense access to the evidence, as required by law, Mesereau said Michael's right to a fair trial was “jeopardized by the undue delay of discovery.”
“The investigation of this case involves dozens of, if not over 100 witnesses, voluminous documents and expert examination on a variety of topics,” Jackson’s lawyers wrote. “The defense needs ample time to conduct follow-up witness interviews, locate and interview rebuttal witnesses and conduct its own forensic examinations, among other things.”
Prosecutors have responded that they have turned over vast amounts of evidence already and are processing the information they have as quickly as possible. They also are strongly resisting an attempt by Mesereau to substantially reduce Jackson’s bail on grounds that it is much higher than the bail for other defendants facing similar charges.
The bail-reduction request notes that Jackson has no prior record, arrests or convictions & that he has fully complied with all conditions of his release on bail, including attending court when ordered.
“Mr. Jackson’s ties to this community are substantial,” the defense motion states. “The record reveals that Mr. Jackson is not a flight risk or a danger to the community. It is also apparent that Mr. Jackson intends to confront and vigorously defend rather than evade the allegations in this case.”
Though Mesereau noted that Santa Barbara County’s bail schedule calls for bail of about $135,000 for the conspiracy and molestation charges in the grand jury complaint, prosecutors oppose the request on grounds that Jackson is a flight risk and that his wealth should be a factor in retaining high bail.
Melville said early in the proceedings that he hoped a trial could begin before the end of this year, but legal experts and many criminal lawyers predicted that would be impossible.
September 13 is set as the date for the trial to begin
On another legal front, Janet Arvizo filed a claim against county child protection officials accusing them of moving too slowly in investigating leaks to the media that were helpful to Jackson’s defense.
Before a psychiatrist who had examined Gavin told Santa Barbara County officials that the child had been molested, Welfare officials had interviewed the family after Living With Michael Jackson aired in early 2003
A memo written by authorities after Jackson’s arrest said the family had denied any sexual abuse. The memo was subsequently released on a website.
Attorney Larry R. Feldman, representing the Arvizos, said he filed the claim, a necessary step before a lawsuit, to force county officials to speedily conclude their investigation to ensure that such a breach of confidentiality “will never occur again to another innocent child.”
2006 - Michael visited a Tokyo orphanage and told a group of 140 excited children "I love you" in Japanese. Michael's van was swarmed by 100+ fans as he arrived. Inside the Seibi Gakuen children's home, he watched a performance of traditional music and dance by the children before speaking briefly on stage. He later shook hands and signed autographs for the children.

Michael's children and Grace visited with the children on this tour of the Japanese orphanage.

"I look forward to seeing old friends and saying hello to my huge fan base in Japan who, like my other fans around the world, have for so many years consistently shown their love and support to me and my family."- MJ
"Everyone couldn't believe such a big international star was visiting us," said Kiyoko Mito, headmistress of the Christian-run school. "The children only believed me after seeing the news yesterday that Michael Jackson was actually in Japan," she said
2009 - Having not heard from AEG regarding his salary, Conrad Murray sent another email to AEG & receives a response from Tim Wooley


2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 18
Katherine, Janet, Rebbie and Randy Jackson are in court. Only one of the siblings was allowed in the courtroom as they are potential witnesses. Janet accompanied Katherine during morning session while Rebbie was with her during the afternoon session.
Paul Gongaware Testimony
Jackson direct
Paul Gongaware is one of the defendants in the case. He's an adverse witness called by the plaintiffs. Gongaware is Co-CEO of Concerts West, part of AEG Live. Gongaware has toured with Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin and is currently on tour with The Rolling Stones. He worked for Jerry Weintraub in the 80s
He produced Prince's tour in 2004. He has not promoted/produced tours since. Gongaware has not talked to Prince after the tour
Gongaware was a CPA licensed in NY and Washington. He said he believes he's still licensed but hasn't checked status since there's no need
Gongaware testified that landing Jackson, whom he felt was the biggest artist of his era, was huge for AEG. In a 2008 email to AEG Live President and Chief Executive Randy Phillips, Gongaware described how the company should approach Jackson and his manager about a possible comeback tour:
We need to start at the fundamentals. How we do it. The difference between [Live Nation] and us is huge. We are artist-based, they are Wall Street-driven. We are smart people. We are completely honest and transparent with everything we do. That's how [founder] Phil [Anschutz] wants it
Gongaware said he worked on an Elvis Presley tour. Panish asked if Elvis died of drug overdose, and Gongaware said "Yes". Gongaware replied to a condolences' email on July 5, 2009:
I was working on the Elvis tour when he died, so I kind of knew what to expect. Still quite a shock

"So you knew what to expect when Michael Jackson passed away, is that right, sir?", Brian Panish asked.
"I kind of knew what was going to happen, yes",Gongaware answered.
Despite working as a tour promoter for 37 years -- including for Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead and many others -- Gongaware testified that the only artist he ever knew that was using drugs on tour was Rick James
Panish asked about working for Jackson 5, Gongaware said had no interaction with Michael. Gongaware was a logistics manager on the Dangerous tour in 92-93. Panish said Michael made $100 million and donated it to charity. Gongaware said he didn't know
When Gongaware met Jackson was with Colonel Parker (Elvis' manager) in Las Vegas. Michael had wanted to meet the Colonel
Gongaware explained the difference between being tour manager and managing the tour. He talked about Michael's History tour

Panish: "You knew that Michael had been to rehab during the dangerous tour?"
Gongaware: "Yes, based on the statement he made after the tour"
Gongaware said he never knew MJ was involved with drugs until after the end of the Dangerous tour. Gongaware told LAPD he was aware of Jackson's previous use of pills/painkillers but did not want to get involved. Gongaware had known for years that Michael Jackson was taking painkillers but wasn't aware he was abusing them until MJ abruptly canceled his Dangerous world tour in the early 1990s to enter rehab. Gongaware said he knew of "two occasions" when Michael used painkillers between shows, but he claimed he didn't grasp the scope of the Michael's sickness until the taped 1993 announcement. "I would dispute knowing that he had a problem. I wasn't aware that there were problems", Gongaware said
Gongaware said he knew a doctor was medicating Jackson during the Dangerous tour but did not find out why the tour was eventually cut short. "Didn't have time,I was just dealing with what was in front of me", he said
Panish said Dr. Finkelstein testified under oath that Gongaware knew Michael had problems with painkillers before the Dangerous tour ended.
Panish: "Do you dispute that?" (Finkelstein testimony)
Gongaware: "I knew that he had pain"
Gongaware said Dr. Finkelstein is his doctor and friend and that they talk off and on, but he doesn't know specifics of the doctor's deposition. Dr. Finkelstein said he gave MJ painkillers after the concert in Bangkok following Michael's scalp surgery. In Gongaware's video deposition:
"Did you ever ask Dr. Finkelstein if he treated Michael during the Dangerous tour?"
"He wouldn't take about that stuff"
Another part of Gongaware's video depo: He said yes, he "occasionally treated Michael Jackson on the Dangerous tour"

Panish: "Were you always honest with Michael?"
Gongaware: "I believe I was"
Panish: "Did you throw around numbers to trick Michael Jackson?"
Gongaware: "I didn't try to trick Michael"
Panish elicited contradictory testimony asking over and over about Gongaware's memory, how long he spent with lawyers to discuss testimony.
On the Bad Tour MJ sold out 10 stadiums at 75,000 tickets per night.
Panish: "That's a pretty big number?"
Gongaware: "Huge"
Panish: "In 2 hours, how many tickets sold?"
Gongaware: "In initial presale we sold 31 shows"
Panish: "The fastest you had ever seen?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
"No one knows how many shows we can get with Mikey," said Gongaware. Panish asked about name "Mikey" - he said he used it occasionally
Email on 2/27/09 from Gongaware to Phillips:
We are holding all of the risk, if Michael won't approve it we go without his approval.We let Mikey know just what it will cost him in terms of him making money, and then we go with or without him in London. We cannot be forced into stopping this, which Michael will try to do because he is lazy and constantly changes his mind to fit his immediate wants.
Gongaware said his use "Mikey" was affectionate, not disparaging, and that the 'lazy' crack amounted to "poor choice of words" but one that accurately reflected how Michael "really didn't like to rehearse. He didn't like to do these kinds of things."
"People were aware at this point there would be a press conference. Michael wouldn't show up at the conference, it'd cost money," Gongaware said. "It wasn't much risk at all, we hadn't spent money," Gongaware said about that point of the tour. This was prior to news conference.
Gongaware said the situation in London, where they constantly referred to Michael as "Wacko Jacko" would impact marketability to sell tickets
"He doesn't want to do this kind of things, but it was important to show Michael to the world if he wanted to do a show," Gongaware explained
Jurors were shown several e-mails from Gongaware that Jackson lawyers suggested were evidence that AEG Live deliberately misled Jackson about how much money he would make from his comeback concerts and how many days he would have to rest between shows. Gongaware wrote to his boss, AEG Live President Randy Phillips, that they should present gross ticket sales numbers to Jackson, not the percentage of the net profits, during contract talks.
"Maybe gross is a better number to throw around if we use numbers with Mikey listening"
Panish talked about an email Gongaware sent to his secretary suggesting that she design a concert calendar for Jackson using light tan colors for show dates, while drawing attention to his rest days
Don't want the shows to stand out too much when Michael looks at it.Less contrast between work and off. Maybe off days in a contrasting soft color. Put 'OFF' in each off day after July 8, as well. Figure it out so it looks like he's not working so much.

Panish: "Did you want to change the color of the schedule to show Michael would not be working so hard?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish: "Were you trying to fool him?"
Gongaware: "Nah, I wasn't trying to fool him, I wanted to present it in the best possible light"
Gongaware said it would be obvious when Michael would be working and not and he wasn't trying to trick him.
Email on 3/25/09 from Phillips to Gongaware:
"We need to pull the plug now. I will explain"

Panish: "Mr. Phillips wanted to pull the plug on the show, right sir?"
Gongaware: "I think he was referring to pull the plug on Karen Faye. We never talked about pulling the plug on the tour. Not that I recall"
"Kenny wanted the pull because the way she (Faye) handled situations," Gongaware explained. "She tried to control access to Michael and Kenny didn't like that"
Karen Faye expressed strong opinion that the tour as dangerous and impractical for MJ. Panish asked about a chain of emails where Gongaware said the pulling the plug refers to Ms. Faye. "I believe he was," Gongaware repeated.
In another March 25, 2009, email, Ortega wrote Gongaware that it was Faye's "strong opinion that this is dangerous and impractical with consideration to Michael's health and ability to perform.".
"I thought he was in good shape at the press conference, I was there," Gongaware said at the deposition. Gongaware was at O2 arena and Phillips was with Michael.
"Michael was late, Randy [Phillips] was saying I'm trying to get him going, I'm trying to get him going".
Panish: "Did Randy tell you MJ was drunk and despondent?"
Gongaware: "No, not drunk and despondent. Just said he was having hard time getting him going"
As to Dr. Conrad Murray, Gongaware said there was 1 rehearsal he said hello to him.
"It was basically a hello, on the floor at the Forum. Mikey asked me to retain him. I never hired him"
Panish played an interview of Phillips to SkyTV after Michael died:
"The guy is willing 2 leave his practice for large sum of money, so we hired him"
"I was told Michael wanted him as his doctor for the show," Gongaware said. Gongaware said Michael did not have any illness that he knew of.
Gongaware: "He had taken a physical, he passed the physical and from what I understand there was nothing wrong with him. Maybe some hay fever"
Panish: "Do you know what his blood test showed?"
Gongaware: "It showed it was good"
Gongaware said he received an email from Bob Taylor that everything was fine and that Michael had passed the physical. Gongaware said he never saw the results of the tests and doesn't know who saw them.
Panish showed video deposition of Gongaware and a declaration he signed about a month before giving the deposition. They contradict themselves.At first, Gongaware insisted he did no negotiating with Murray, but, confronted with emails and his previous testimony, he changed his position and said, "The only thing I did with Dr. Murray was negotiate a price." Gongaware said that neither he nor anyone at the AEG investigated Murray's background or credentials

Panish: "First you said how much did you want?"(to Dr. Murray)
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish: "He said he wanted $5 million, right?"
Gongaware: "That's what he said. He said he had four clinics he would have to close, he would have to lay people off"
Gongaware said Dr. Murray had been Michael's personal doctor for the past 3 years. He said he did not know how many times MJ had seen the doctor. "Michael insisted on him, recommended him, and that was good enough for me, it was not for me to tell him who his doctor should be" Gongaware said
"The fact that he had been Michael Jackson's personal physician for three years was good enough for me," Gongaware said.
He said that Murray initially asked for $5 million to travel to London with Jackson and tend to him during the tour. "I just told him it wasn't going to happen," he said, recalling that Jackson then suggested offering him $150,000 a month. "Michael Jackson insisted on it and recommended him and it was not for me to tell him no," said Gongaware. "I wanted to provide what was necessary for him to do his job...He wanted a doctor and I wanted him to be healthy." Even after the offer of $150,000, Murray wasn't satisfied. "He started saying he wanted more and I said, 'The offer is coming directly from the artist," Gongaware said. Minutes later, he said Murray accepted.
"Did that seem desperate to you?" asked Panish.
"No," said Gongaware. "He just accepted Michael's offer."
"We agreed on what the compensation was going to be, but there were a lot of issues to be resolved," Gongaware said. Gongaware said he recalled meeting with Dr. Murray where he was told the doctor was going to take care of the medical licensing in London. Gongaware and Timm Wooley are longtime friends. They are currently working on The Rolling Stones tour. Gongaware said he negotiated the price for Dr. Murray, but didn't negotiate the contract. Gongaware explained that he didn't do the negotiation, he would normally refer that to Wooley.
Dr. Finkelstein and Gongaware have been friends for 35-plus years. Gongaware said he never offered Dr. Finkelstein the job of being MJ's doctor and said the doctor would be mistaken if he testified otherwise. Gongaware told the jury he called Dr. Finkelstein to ask what a fair price for a tour doctor would be. Doctor told him it was $10,000/week. As to Dr. Finkelstein wanting to be the tour doctor, Gongaware said he didn't recall specifically, but knew he wanted it."After his death we may have talked, but I don't recall specifics," Gongaware said. Gongaware said he sees Dr. Finkelstein a few times a year, but the subject of Michael never came up. Panish asked Gongaware if Dr. Finkelstein wanted to know if Michael was clean or using drugs. Gongaware said he didn't recall the conversation

Panish asked: "You could have told Dr. Murray at any time that his services were no longer needed, couldn't you?"
"No", Gongaware replied.
Panish: "You were involved in terminating one of the nannies who took care of Michael's kids?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Gongaware told nanny, Grace Rwamba, that her services would not be needed anymore because AEG was cutting down on Michael's expenses
"I never read the contract, I was there when Michael signed it, but didn't see what was in it," Gongaware said, "Doctor Murray was 100% Michael's cost" Based on the contract, Gongaware said 95% of the production expenses were Michael's responsibility, 5% AEG.
Panish: "Who decided there was a need for a written contract with Dr. Murray?"
Gongaware: "I don't know"
Gongaware said that if the tour went forward, Dr. Murray would've made $1.5 million for 10 months. Ortega would've made almost that.
Gongaware said although AEG never did a background check on Murray, in his view they had "checked out" the doctor according to their standard practices. "When we check out someone, we either rely on if we know the person or if they're known in the industry or if they're recommended by the artist & in this case, Dr. Murray was recommended by the artist, in fact, the artist insisted"
Panish pressed Gongaware:
"You did nothing to verify anything about Dr. Murray, isn't that true, sir?"
Panish asked Gongaware if he approved budgets for April-July including Dr. Murray as production expense. He said he didn't know which budgets he approved. "It's my job to get that show on the road," Gongaware said.
Gongaware said he had to know how much the production had spent at any given time, but didn't have time to read the budget.
Panish: "Do you think you're good at your job, sir?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish: "Very good?"
Gongaware: "I think so"
Gongaware testified that he didn't pay attention to the tour budgets that he approved, even though he was the tour manager.Paul Gongaware said he didn't read through the budgets, instead trusting that the tour accountant knew what he was talking about.
Gongaware testified that Dr. Murray's salary, although included in the company's budget for several months, wasn't something he saw as an actual payment that would be made. "If there's a potential for cost we put it in our budget so there are no surprises later", he said.
Gongaware often pleaded poor memory of events. He said he may have met with Jackson as many as 10 times, but could remember only two of the meetings and only one when Murray was present
Gongaware said he doesn't remember how many meetings he attended at Carolwood house. He didn't recall a meeting where a vase was broken. "There was a meeting where he signed the contract," Gongaware recalled, saying there were more but he doesn't remember specifics. At the meeting in early June, Gongaware said he was present along with Kenny, Randy, Frank DiLeo, Dr. Murray and Michael. "The meeting was about making sure Michael and Dr. Murray had everything they needed to care for Michael," Gongaware explained.
"Yes, we did talk about health-related issues. It was more a general meeting about what Dr. Murray would need", Gongaware said. He had told the police the topic of the meeting was Jackson's overall health ( i.e., diet, stamina and his weight)
He remembered that Jackson arrived late from a doctor's appointment and had slurred speech. Gongaware said Michael Jackson "was a bit off". "He was just coming back from visiting Dr. Klein. I believe he was under the influence of something. That was the only time I saw him like that", Gongaware said.
Jackson had missed a rehearsal and was thought to be dancing at home. However they discovered he was only watching video. Doctor Murray was receptive to their concerns and indicated he would take care of the situation
Court Transcript
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2023.05.28 11:34 dotpusheria [FO4] [Help] Crashes when loading into new maps (Far Harbor, Nuka World)

I have heavily modded Fallout 4 but even before heavily modding it, when taking the boat to Far Harbor or mono rail to Nuka World game crashes on loading screen. I've looked at it with buffout but it doesnt say anything. What should I do? Here's my highly fucked up load order; PLUGINS:
\[00\] Fallout4.esm \[01\] DLCRobot.esm \[02\] DLCworkshop01.esm \[03\] DLCCoast.esm \[04\] DLCworkshop02.esm \[05\] DLCworkshop03.esm \[06\] DLCNukaWorld.esm \[07\] Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp \[08\] XDI.esm \[09\] WorkshopFramework.esm \[0A\] ArmorKeywords.esm \[0B\] Knockout Framework.esm \[0C\] Homemaker.esm \[0D\] SimSettlements.esm \[0E\] TortureDevices.esm \[0F\] behSlaveMarket.esm \[10\] Devious Devices.esm \[11\] AAF.esm \[12\] AutoUnequipPipboy.esm \[13\] Overlays.esm \[14\] TacticalReload.esm \[15\] INVB\_OverlayFramework.esp \[16\] QualityTacticalGear.esp \[17\] BOS\_overhaul.esp \[18\] Helios Outfit.esp \[19\] RightHandedHuntingRifle.esp \[1A\] True Legendary Enemies.esp \[1B\] Hard Legendary Giant Creatures.esp \[1C\] Respawnable Legendary Bosses.esp \[1D\] UIF Faction Mod.esp \[1E\] Atomguard.esp \[1F\] Armorsmith Extended.esp \[20\] OutcastsAndRemnants.esp \[21\] Depravity.esp \[22\] Glock19x.esp \[23\] Glock17-18.esp \[24\] Escape from Boston - MSBS Grot B.esp \[25\] Groza.esp \[26\] Winters\_ISO-Hemlock.esp \[27\] SettleObjExpandPack.esp \[28\] Harness.esp \[29\] Prisoner Shackles.esp \[2A\] Atomic Lust.esp \[2B\] Obi's Kinky Collection.esp \[2C\] UAP Moans.esp \[2D\] Vioxsis\_Strap-Ons.esp \[2E\] HumanResources.esp \[2F\] THPoses.esp \[30\] AAF\_GrayAnimations.esp \[31\] ZaZOut4.esp \[32\] LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp \[33\] TRD - Zombie Spawns.esp \[34\] FeralGhoulOUTBREAK.esp \[35\] SimSettlements\_XPAC\_Conqueror.esp \[36\] SimSettlements\_MegaPack\_YearTwo.esp \[37\] EnclaveFactionItems.esp \[38\] VtawWardrobe8.esp \[39\] WestTek.esp \[3A\] MW-Krueger.esp \[3B\] \[MW2022\] Shadow Company.esp \[3C\] Escape from Boston - G36.esp \[3D\] Ev\_CPA10.esp \[3E\] SettlementMenuManager.esp \[3F\] RealThrowingWeapons.esp \[40\] PhotoMode.esp \[41\] STEALTH AND DETECTION SYSTEM(base).esp \[42\] ManualReload.esp \[43\] \[ARR\] FallEvil - Mega Zombie Pack.esp \[44\] ANiceOakTreePicks.esp \[45\] PKMnv.esp \[46\] ASOAstinsSkinsOverride(Female).esp \[47\] AX50.esp \[48\] BZW\_COD\_Ghost\_Jawbone.esp \[49\] KSHairdos.esp \[4A\] CustomMossberg590A1.esp \[4B\] Escape from Boston - Springfield M14.esp \[4C\] DoubleBarrelReloadRedone.esp \[4D\] Escape from Boston - SRSA2.esp \[4E\] Scopes.esp \[4F\] SPR300.esp \[50\] RussianAssaultPack.esp \[51\] FOrigin12.esp \[52\] ImiGalil.esp \[53\] GibsofGlory.esp \[54\] Mac10.esp \[55\] AAlpha12.esp \[56\] Jetpack Overhaul.esp \[57\] ImiUzi.esp \[58\] M2Agency.esp \[59\] \[MW2022\] Konig.esp \[5A\] McMillanCS5.esp \[5B\] Zenit.esp \[5C\] PMC\_NVG.esp \[5D\] PMC Operators Pack.esp \[5E\] Mossberg500.esp \[5F\] PowerArmorImpactEffects.esp \[60\] STI2011DVC.esp \[61\] KSHairdos\_oel.esp \[62\] Deviously Cursed Wasteland.esp \[63\] CSEPLoadedBases.esp \[64\] Mercenary.esp \[65\] EFTPack.esp \[66\] Vault-Tec Power Armor by NewerMind43 & Captain-Ultima.esp \[67\] Wastelanders XM2076 by giggity12345.esp \[68\] ProjectValkyrie.esp \[69\] CSEPBountyMod.esp \[6A\] UltracitePA.esp \[6B\] Ak5C.esp \[6C\] MK-18.esp \[6D\] MWIIM4.esp \[6E\] Escape from Boston - M200 Intervention.esp \[6F\] 1CAS\_ServiceRifle.esp \[70\] SideAim.esp \[71\] AAC\_HoneyBadger.esp \[72\] WZXM4.esp \[73\] F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp \[74\] mk14.esp \[75\] Winters\_FJX-Imperium.esp \[76\] T-51C Power Armor.esp \[77\] MWAN94.esp \[78\] MWScarL.esp \[79\] MWEagle.esp \[7A\] MWIIGolf17.esp \[7B\] MWIIstango25.esp \[7C\] RealHandcuffs.esp \[7D\] MK18.esp \[7E\] Midwest Power Armor Evolution.esp \[7F\] LString\_Bow.esp \[80\] Wana\_SA58.esp \[81\] M60-M60E3.esp \[82\] RioGrande.esp \[83\] ECV\_Remnants.esp \[84\] RU556.esp \[85\] RU556Armouryprojectv3.esp \[86\] Galac-TactREDUX.esp \[87\] SA80.esp \[88\] MWM19.esp \[89\] BH\_MCX\_Spear.esp \[8A\] LeeEnfieldNo4MkI.esp \[8B\] M1928A1.esp \[8C\] SteyrAUGnv.esp \[8D\] TaranTacticalGlock.esp \[8E\] FO4 NPCs Travel.esp \[8F\] AK74M.esp \[90\] Hospitality.esp \[91\] DT\_MercOutfitPack.esp \[92\] SigMCX.esp \[93\] DesertEagleNV.esp \[94\] ElMudoStore.esp \[95\] SimSettlements\_MegaPack\_YearOne.esp \[96\] FP\_SexualHarassment.esp \[97\] WorkshopPlus.esp \[98\] \[XHX\] IFT - Clothing.esp \[99\] \[XHX\] IFT - Gear.esp \[9A\] AX50\_by\_tooun.esp \[9B\] 9x39Project.esp \[9C\] Kilo-141.esp \[9D\] MobiusModding\_LegatePA.esp \[9E\] KrissVector.esp \[9F\] AKMnv.esp \[A0\] G3A3.esp \[A1\] HuntingShotgun.esp \[A2\] BOUNTIESFORYOU.esp \[A3\] The Eyes Of Beauty.esp \[A4\] MWM91.esp \[A5\] CW1911.esp \[A6\] WZAK47.esp \[A7\] CWKrig6.esp \[A8\] EFT\_MPX.esp \[A9\] P220.esp \[AA\] MWVictor.esp \[AB\] HoneyBadger.esp \[AC\] MWAkilo47.esp \[AD\] MWAUG.esp \[AE\] MWMike4.esp \[AF\] MWIILimax.esp \[B0\] MWPP19.esp \[B1\] MWStriker.esp \[B2\] MWM4.esp \[B3\] Schotel22.esp \[B4\] MWMpapa5.esp \[B5\] TTI\_Glock34.esp \[B6\] HsProduktVhs2.esp \[B7\] WestTekTacticalOptics.esp \[B8\] WD\_44.esp \[B9\] KSHairsFemsheppingRadbeetle.esp \[BA\] MWvalpha.esp \[BB\] TheEyesOfBeauty.esp \[BC\] Winchester-Pack.esp \[BD\] \[XHX\] MW Ronin Honjo.esp \[BE\] \[XHX\] MW2 Ghost Prison.esp \[BF\] \[XHX\] RE8 Hound Wolf Squad.esp \[C0\] \[XHX\] Ready or Not Gear.esp \[C1\] ar500.esp \[C2\] 3dscopes.esp \[C3\] WDSubmachineGunALT\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[C4\] ExcavatorPA.esp \[C5\] Deagle.esp \[C6\] WinCowbowRepeater.esp \[C7\] EFT Benelli.esp \[C8\] MP-155.esp \[C9\] EFT MP153.esp \[CA\] MP7.esp \[CB\] BENELLI.esp \[CC\] InstitutePowerArmor.esp \[CD\] HKUSP9mm.esp \[CE\] Beowulf.esp \[CF\] EFT\_MP443.esp \[D0\] MK47.esp \[D1\] EFT SV-98.esp \[D2\] GIAT\_FAMAS.esp \[D3\] G3Family.esp \[D4\] HK\_MP5.esp \[D5\] HK\_UMP.esp \[D6\] GM6.esp \[D7\] RSh-12.esp \[D8\] FanClub\_RaptR.esp \[D9\] M1A.esp \[DA\] EFT\_AXMC.esp \[DB\] PAMAP.esp \[DC\] GS Lever Action Shotgun.esp \[DD\] TAC.esp \[DE\] AAMWA2k.esp \[DF\] SSEX.esp \[E0\] FO4\_AnimationsByLeito.esp \[E1\] Vadermania\[AAF\_anims\].esp \[E2\] Crazy\_Animations\_Gun.esp \[E3\] rxl\_bp70\_animations.esp \[E4\] SavageCabbage\_Animations.esp \[E5\] AAF\_SEU.esp \[E6\] AAF\_Spectators.esp \[E7\] AAF\_Violate.esp \[E8\] Commonwealth Captives.esp \[E9\] AAF\_AutonomyEnhanced.esp \[EA\] FPAttributes.esp \[EB\] TatsAfterRape.esp \[EC\] SexEd.esp \[ED\] Custom Moans.esp \[EE\] dcc-bp-lol.esp \[EF\] StartMeUp.esp \[F0\] StartMeUpFarHarborPatch.esp \[F1\] StartMeUpNukaWorldPatch.esp \[FE:000\] Bandolier.esl \[FE:001\] PPF.esm \[FE:002\] SSCityPlanContest\_AbernathyFarm\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:003\] SSCityPlanContest\_AbernathyFarm\_GraphicNerdity.esl \[FE:004\] SSCityPlanContest\_CoastalCottage\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:005\] SSCityPlanContest\_CoastalCottage\_Phil\_T\_Casual.esl \[FE:006\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_Mobina.esl \[FE:007\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:008\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_TTG.esl \[FE:009\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:00A\] SSCityPlanContest\_CroupManor\_Kharon93.esl \[FE:00B\] SSCityPlanContest\_CroupManor\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:00C\] SSCityPlanContest\_CroupManor\_WDJ.esl \[FE:00D\] SSCityPlanContest\_EgretToursMarina\_Hornet.esl \[FE:00E\] SSCityPlanContest\_EgretToursMarina\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:00F\] SSCityPlanContest\_FinchFarm\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:010\] SSCityPlanContest\_FinchFarm\_Beloopceda.esl \[FE:011\] SSCityPlanContest\_FinchFarm\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:012\] SSCityPlanContest\_Graygarden\_ArtisanVirgil.esl \[FE:013\] SSCityPlanContest\_Graygarden\_GenuineEntropy.esl \[FE:014\] SSCityPlanContest\_Graygarden\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:015\] SSCityPlanContest\_GreentopNursery\_Kharon93.esl \[FE:016\] SSCityPlanContest\_GreentopNursery\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:017\] SSCityPlanContest\_GreentopNursery\_altasilvapuer.esl \[FE:018\] SSCityPlanContest\_HangmansAlley\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:019\] SSCityPlanContest\_HangmansAlley\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:01A\] SSCityPlanContest\_HangmansAlley\_PhilTCasual.esl \[FE:01B\] SSCityPlanContest\_JamaicaPlain\_Harkness13.esl \[FE:01C\] SSCityPlanContest\_JamaicaPlain\_WDJ.esl \[FE:01D\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:01E\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:01F\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:020\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_altasilvapuer.esl \[FE:021\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_harkness13.esl \[FE:022\] SSCityPlanContest\_Murkwater\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:023\] SSCityPlanContest\_Murkwater\_PBenjamin.esl \[FE:024\] SSCityPlanContest\_Murkwater\_PyrateLV.esl \[FE:025\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_Hornet.esl \[FE:026\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:027\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:028\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:029\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_Phil\_T\_Casual.esl \[FE:02A\] SSCityPlanContest\_NukaRedRocket\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:02B\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:02C\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_PBenjamin.esl \[FE:02D\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_Saiyaness.esl \[FE:02E\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_VikingBaggins.esl \[FE:02F\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_GenuineEntropy.esl \[FE:030\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_KleptoHeart.esl \[FE:031\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:032\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_SirLach.esl \[FE:033\] SSCityPlanContest\_Slog\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:034\] SSCityPlanContest\_Slog\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:035\] SSCityPlanContest\_Slog\_xMoridarx.esl \[FE:036\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:037\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_Itzari.esl \[FE:038\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_KyanthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:039\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_Shag.esl \[FE:03A\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Altasilvapuer.esl \[FE:03B\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:03C\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Iztari.esl \[FE:03D\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_KleptoHeart.esl \[FE:03E\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:03F\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_MadGax.esl \[FE:040\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:041\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:042\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:043\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_xMORIDARx.esl \[FE:044\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_Kleptoheart.esl \[FE:045\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_MarkAlmighty.esl \[FE:046\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:047\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_PBenjamin.esl \[FE:048\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_Rudy.esl \[FE:049\] SSCityPlanContest\_SunshineTidingsCoop\_Mobina.esl \[FE:04A\] SSCityPlanContest\_SunshineTidingsCoop\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:04B\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:04C\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Hornet.esl \[FE:04D\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Iztari.esl \[FE:04E\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:04F\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:050\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_NickFarrell.esl \[FE:051\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Nunya.esl \[FE:052\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_ShagomyJago.esl \[FE:053\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_VersusXV.esl \[FE:054\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_WeiseDrachenJaeger.esl \[FE:055\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:056\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_shakana44.esl \[FE:057\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_xMORIDARx.esl \[FE:058\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_Corvus.esl \[FE:059\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_MarkAlmighty.esl \[FE:05A\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_Mobina.esl \[FE:05B\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:05C\] SSCityPlanContest\_WarwickHomestead\_Nick.esl \[FE:05D\] SSCityPlanContest\_WarwickHomestead\_Tim.esl \[FE:05E\] SSCityPlanContest\_WarwickHomestead\_WDJ.esl \[FE:05F\] T65PA.esl \[FE:060\] SelectPowerArmor.esl \[FE:061\] AAFThemes.esl \[FE:062\] Hellfirenew.esl \[FE:063\] EnclavePack.esl \[FE:064\] HellcatPA.esl \[FE:065\] IceStormsTacticalOutfits.esl \[FE:066\] DesertOperator.esl \[FE:067\] GTFOB.esl \[FE:068\] ParkBlood.esl \[FE:069\] RangerPacaVests.esl \[FE:06A\] StandaloneWorkbenches.esl \[FE:06B\] INVB\_Outfits\_Framework.esp \[FE:06C\] 141 Assets.esp \[FE:06D\] QTG\_Recipes.esl \[FE:06E\] QTG\_LL\_Inject.esl \[FE:06F\] Thuggysmurf\_Optimization.esp \[FE:070\] OVT.esp \[FE:071\] Tull\_Framework.esp \[FE:072\] UNPC - NamesHeightsWeights.esp \[FE:073\] SimSettlements\_XPAC\_IndustrialRevolution.esp \[FE:074\] Winters\_ISO-Hemlock\_Expanded.esp \[FE:075\] ISO-Hemlock\_FTS\_Patch.esp \[FE:076\] ISO-Hemlock\_TRPatch.esp \[FE:077\] ISO-Hemlock\_LL.esp \[FE:078\] Fog Remover II (AIO) Recommended.esp \[FE:079\] Fog Remover II (AIO) Combo 1.0.esp \[FE:07A\] Fog Remover II - Far Harbor Only.esp \[FE:07B\] Fog Remover II - NPC Footsteps.esp \[FE:07C\] Fog Remover II - NPC and Lg Creature Footsteps.esp \[FE:07D\] LightsDontCastShadows.esp \[FE:07E\] PRIMA\_VTFramework.esp \[FE:07F\] Waxwing outfit.esp \[FE:080\] SettleObjExpandPack-LightShadowDisabler.esp \[FE:081\] Homemaker - Streetlights Use Passive Power.esp \[FE:082\] Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects.esp \[FE:083\] PRIMA\_VTProtoFlakJacket.esp \[FE:084\] Worms FCPC Belt Pack.esp \[FE:085\] MYLadyKillerBed.esp \[FE:086\] AAF\_Four-Play\_Animations\_Crazy6987.esp \[FE:087\] Zaz Particle Effects.esp \[FE:088\] A-Body.esp \[FE:089\] CBBE.esp \[FE:08A\] LewdTalks.esp \[FE:08B\] SnapdragonAnimations.esp \[FE:08C\] E3PC.esp \[FE:08D\] More Power Armour Mods.esp \[FE:08E\] Power Armor to the People.esp \[FE:08F\] Fog Remover II (AIO) - Interior Fog Remover.esp \[FE:090\] DeadInvisibleBodiesFix\_ROF.esp \[FE:091\] Mike32.esp \[FE:092\] T60SkullGorilla.esp \[FE:093\] Insignificant Object Remover.esp \[FE:094\] Tactical Combat Swimwear.esp \[FE:095\] CVCHelmet.esp \[FE:096\] \[ARR\] MZP Zombie Behaviour.esp \[FE:097\] PKMnv\_NoEWS.esp \[FE:098\] AdditionalHairColors.esp \[FE:099\] AWKCR - Mod Power Armor Engine Glitch Fix.esp \[FE:09A\] CBBEHeadRearFix.esp \[FE:09B\] jDS\_\_HP\_Skull\_Mask.esp \[FE:09C\] DevtacRonin.esp \[FE:09D\] EFB - Springfield M14 TR Patch.esp \[FE:09E\] Lots More Facial Hair.esp \[FE:09F\] WinRifleOverhaul.esp \[FE:0A0\] McMillan CS5 - See Through Combat Scopes Patch.esp \[FE:0A1\] LooksMenu.esp \[FE:0A2\] MiscHairstyle.esp \[FE:0A3\] MoreBeards.esp \[FE:0A4\] MoreHairstyles4Female4.1.esp \[FE:0A5\] MoreHairstyles4Male.esp \[FE:0A6\] Nexus\_PMC.esp \[FE:0A7\] PMC\_Flashlights.esp \[FE:0A8\] OpsCoreFASTHelmet.esp \[FE:0A9\] AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp \[FE:0AA\] Penetration Framework.esp \[FE:0AB\] AKEFB.esp \[FE:0AC\] Dank\_ECO.esp \[FE:0AD\] Dank\_ECO\_TacticalReload.esp \[FE:0AE\] Power Armor to the People - Vault-Tec Power Armor.esp \[FE:0AF\] Wastelanders XM2076\_BugFixes.esp \[FE:0B0\] Wastelanders XM2076\_TacReload.esp \[FE:0B1\] TRD - Super Mutant Replacer.esp \[FE:0B2\] AR10Extension.esp \[FE:0B3\] DPSR\_WTOptics\_Patch.esp \[FE:0B4\] Winters\_FJX-Imperium\_LL.esp \[FE:0B5\] Winters\_FJX-Imperium\_TR\_1.3.esp \[FE:0B6\] Power Armor to the People - Ultracite Power Armor.esp \[FE:0B7\] Power Armor to the People - T-65.esp \[FE:0B8\] Power Armor to the People - T-51c.esp \[FE:0B9\] BP\_Chem.esp \[FE:0BA\] mk14-awkcr.esp \[FE:0BB\] MK18 Armory Project.esp \[FE:0BC\] AnotherMK18Addon.esp \[FE:0BD\] MK18\_Deluxe.esp \[FE:0BE\] MK18\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:0BF\] Another\_Tull\_MK18.esp \[FE:0C0\] Power Armor to the People - Midwest Power Armor Evolution.esp \[FE:0C1\] ODW - Winchester Model 1873.esp \[FE:0C2\] Skb\_MachinegunsRebirth.esp \[FE:0C3\] MK18 Armory Project 2.esp \[FE:0C4\] Power Armor to the People - Nuka-World.esp \[FE:0C5\] Power Armor to the People - Far Harbor.esp \[FE:0C6\] Maxim9.esp \[FE:0C7\] Power Armor to the People - Hellcat Power Armor.esp \[FE:0C8\] Mercenary Outfit Extreme Overhaul.esp \[FE:0C9\] SIGMCXArmoryProject.esp \[FE:0CA\] SIGMCXArmoryProject2.esp \[FE:0CB\] AK74M Stock Options.esp \[FE:0CC\] AK74M\_SA\_AP.esp \[FE:0CD\] EV\_CPA10\_LL.esp \[FE:0CE\] BH\_MCX\_Spear\_SA.esp \[FE:0CF\] keke-bu All-in-one Pack\_1.1.7.esp \[FE:0D0\] AgemoNPCs(E).esp \[FE:0D1\] Fennec\_addons.esp \[FE:0D2\] fofw\_AlexisCombes.esp \[FE:0D3\] fofw\_AmeliaStockton.esp \[FE:0D4\] fofw\_BlakeAbernathy.esp \[FE:0D5\] fofw\_Cait.esp \[FE:0D6\] fofw\_Carla.esp \[FE:0D7\] fofw\_Cathy.esp \[FE:0D8\] fofw\_Colette.esp \[FE:0D9\] fofw\_ConnieAbernathy.esp \[FE:0DA\] fofw\_Cricket.esp \[FE:0DB\] fofw\_Curie.esp \[FE:0DC\] fofw\_Davies.esp \[FE:0DD\] fofw\_Deacon.esp \[FE:0DE\] fofw\_Desdemona.esp \[FE:0DF\] fofw\_DocAmari.esp \[FE:0E0\] fofw\_DocAnderson.esp \[FE:0E1\] fofw\_DocWeathers.esp \[FE:0E2\] fofw\_DoctorPatricia.esp \[FE:0E3\] fofw\_ElliePerkins.esp \[FE:0E4\] fofw\_Fahrenheit.esp \[FE:0E5\] fofw\_Geneva.esp \[FE:0E6\] fofw\_Glory.esp \[FE:0E7\] fofw\_Hawthorne.esp \[FE:0E8\] fofw\_HoltCombes.esp \[FE:0E9\] fofw\_HonestDan.esp \[FE:0EA\] fofw\_Horatio.esp \[FE:0EB\] fofw\_Irma.esp \[FE:0EC\] fofw\_John.esp \[FE:0ED\] fofw\_JunLong.esp \[FE:0EE\] fofw\_KatyPinn.esp \[FE:0EF\] fofw\_Kay.esp \[FE:0F0\] fofw\_Kendra.esp \[FE:0F1\] fofw\_KnightRhys.esp \[FE:0F2\] P220 Animation Overhaul.esp \[FE:0F3\] PMC\_extended.esp \[FE:0F4\] XM2010\_SniperRifle\_by\_tooun.esp \[FE:0F5\] MW2022\_Outfit\_Pack.esp \[FE:0F6\] TacticalBeanie.esp \[FE:0F7\] TTI\_STI2011.esp \[FE:0F8\] \[XHX\] IFT - Gear NVG WTTO.esp \[FE:0F9\] FO4HHS\_AAF.esp \[FE:0FA\] TacticalReloadVanilla.esp \[FE:0FB\] 10mmAnims.esp \[FE:0FC\] 10mmAnimsNoTR.esp \[FE:0FD\] 10mmAnimsWT.esp \[FE:0FE\] MwOtter.esp \[FE:0FF\] ISKRA and FARAH.esp \[FE:100\] Power Armor to the People - Enclave Power Armor.esp \[FE:101\] Power Armor to the People - Select Power Armor.esp \[FE:102\] MWII - Operators.esp \[FE:103\] FAR.esp \[FE:104\] TRD - Mirelurk Replacer.esp \[FE:105\] TRD - Mole Rat Replacer.esp \[FE:106\] \[ARR\] FallEvil - MZP Nuka World Patch.esp \[FE:107\] \[ARR\] MZP Far Harbor Patch.esp \[FE:108\] SBR\_Ak5C\_Extended.esp \[FE:109\] DominoLynxOutfit.esp \[FE:10A\] AKEFB\_craftable.esp \[FE:10B\] AX50\_craftable.esp \[FE:10C\] Ak5C\_craftable.esp \[FE:10D\] CustomMossberg590A1\_craftable.esp \[FE:10E\] Escape from Boston - G36\_craftable.esp \[FE:10F\] Escape from Boston - M200 Intervention\_craftable.esp \[FE:110\] Escape from Boston - SRSA2\_craftable.esp \[FE:111\] RAP\_craftable.esp \[FE:112\] StandaloneWorkbenches\_edit.esp \[FE:113\] FOrigin12\_craftable.esp \[FE:114\] Feral Ghoul Bite Skills.esp \[FE:115\] ImiGalil\_craftable.esp \[FE:116\] Glock19x\_craftable.esp \[FE:117\] Mac10\_craftable.esp \[FE:118\] AAlpha12\_TR.esp \[FE:119\] ImiUzi\_craftable.esp \[FE:11A\] M2Agency\_craftable.esp \[FE:11B\] McMillanCS5\_craftable.esp \[FE:11C\] Zenit\_craftable.esp \[FE:11D\] Zenit\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:11E\] Hoons NJPC Vest Pack.esp \[FE:11F\] AX50\_by\_tooun\_craftable.esp \[FE:120\] Mossberg500\_craftable.esp \[FE:121\] ParkCoventry.esp \[FE:122\] DoubleBarrelRifle.esp \[FE:123\] DoubleBarrelRifle\_craftable.esp \[FE:124\] Power Armor HUD Switcher.esp \[FE:125\] Ranger MBAV Vests.esp \[FE:126\] STI2011DVC\_craftable.esp \[FE:127\] Midwestern King In Yellow.esp \[FE:128\] combat\_PA.esp \[FE:129\] BH\_MCX\_Spear\_LvlListPatch.esp \[FE:12A\] BH\_MCX\_Spear\_TR.esp \[FE:12B\] SigMCX\_TacticalReload.esp \[FE:12C\] SigMCX\_MaterialPack.esp \[FE:12D\] SigMCX\_LvlListPatch.esp \[FE:12E\] MWEagle\_edits.esp \[FE:12F\] 1CAS\_serviceRifle\_craftable.esp \[FE:130\] 9x39Project\_craftable.esp \[FE:131\] AAC\_HoneyBadger\_craftable.esp \[FE:132\] AK74M\_craftable.esp \[FE:133\] AKMnv\_craftable.esp \[FE:134\] KrissVector\_craftable.esp \[FE:135\] LString\_Bow\_craftable.esp \[FE:136\] LeeEnfieldNo4MkI\_craftable.esp \[FE:137\] M1928A1\_craftable.esp \[FE:138\] M45A1\_craftable.esp \[FE:139\] M60-M60E3\_craftable.esp \[FE:13A\] MK18\_craftable.esp \[FE:13B\] MWAN94\_craftable.esp \[FE:13C\] MWAN94\_edits.esp \[FE:13D\] MWEagle\_craftable.esp \[FE:13E\] MWM91\_craftable.esp \[FE:13F\] MWM91\_edits.esp \[FE:140\] RU556\_craftable.esp \[FE:141\] SteyrAUGnv\_craftable.esp \[FE:142\] TaranTacticalGlock\_craftable.esp \[FE:143\] WZXM4\_craftable.esp \[FE:144\] Wana\_SA58\_craftable.esp \[FE:145\] WanaSA58ArmoryProject.esp \[FE:146\] fofw\_LucyAbernathy.esp \[FE:147\] fofw\_MacCready.esp \[FE:148\] fofw\_Magnolia.esp \[FE:149\] fofw\_MandyStiles.esp \[FE:14A\] fofw\_MarcyLong.esp \[FE:14B\] fofw\_Mel.esp \[FE:14C\] fofw\_Myrna.esp \[FE:14D\] fofw\_Ness.esp \[FE:14E\] fofw\_PaladinDanse.esp \[FE:14F\] fofw\_PennyFitzgerald.esp \[FE:150\] fofw\_Piper.esp \[FE:151\] fofw\_Polly.esp \[FE:152\] fofw\_PrestonGarvey.esp \[FE:153\] fofw\_Rowdy.esp \[FE:154\] fofw\_Scarlett.esp \[FE:155\] fofw\_ScribeHaylen.esp \[FE:156\] fofw\_Swanson.esp \[FE:157\] fofw\_TaliaMcGovern.esp \[FE:158\] fofw\_TinaDeLuca.esp \[FE:159\] fofw\_Zeke.esp \[FE:15A\] G3A3\_craftable.esp \[FE:15B\] G3A3LvlListPatch.esp \[FE:15C\] HoneyBadger\_craftable.esp \[FE:15D\] MWAUG\_craftable.esp \[FE:15E\] MWStriker\_craftable.esp \[FE:15F\] MWM4\_craftable.esp \[FE:160\] MOEO-CaravanGuard.esp \[FE:161\] MOEO-EdwardDeegan.esp \[FE:162\] MOEO-MiscGuard.esp \[FE:163\] MOEO-Parsons.esp \[FE:164\] MOEO-Scavenger.esp \[FE:165\] Skb\_MachinegunsRebirth\_craftable.esp \[FE:166\] MWMpapa5\_craftable.esp \[FE:167\] MWMpapa5\_edits.esp \[FE:168\] SigMCX\_craftable.esp \[FE:169\] WMSR\_WTOptics\_Patch.esp \[FE:16A\] TacticalHuman.esp \[FE:16B\] HsProduktVhs2\_craftable.esp \[FE:16C\] XM2010\_craftable.esp \[FE:16D\] Winchester-Pack\_craftable.esp \[FE:16E\] fofw\_RonnieShaw.esp \[FE:16F\] TTI\_STI2011\_craftable.esp \[FE:170\] 9x39Project\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:171\] AKMnv\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:172\] Ak5C\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:173\] DoubleBarrelReloadRedoneTR.esp \[FE:174\] Escape from Boston - G36\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:175\] Glock19x\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:176\] HitmanHuntingRifle\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:177\] TacticalReloadDLC.esp \[FE:178\] HitmanNukaworldAK\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:179\] HsProduktVhs2\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17A\] ImiGalil\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17B\] ImiUzi\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17C\] KrissVector\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17D\] SteyrAUGnv\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17E\] 1CAS\_ServiceRifle\_SA.esp \[FE:17F\] 9x39Project\_SA.esp \[FE:180\] AAC\_HoneyBadger\_SA.esp \[FE:181\] AKMnv\_SA.esp \[FE:182\] EFTPack\_SA.esp \[FE:183\] Escape from Boston - G36\_SA.esp \[FE:184\] G3A3\_SA\_TR.esp \[FE:185\] HoneyBadger\_SA.esp \[FE:186\] ImiGalil\_SA.esp \[FE:187\] MWAN94\_SA\_TR.esp \[FE:188\] MWM4\_SA.esp \[FE:189\] RU556\_SA\_AP.esp \[FE:18A\] SigMCX\_SA.esp \[FE:18B\] WZXM4\_SA\_TR.esp \[FE:18C\] \[XHX\] IFT - Raiders LL.esp \[FE:18D\] Power Armor to the People - Excavator Power Armor.esp \[FE:18E\] MP7\_craftable.esp \[FE:18F\] WinCowbowRepeater\_craftable.esp \[FE:190\] MP7\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:191\] 3dscopes-9x39project.esp \[FE:192\] 3dscopes-aug.esp \[FE:193\] 3dscopes-fnfal.esp \[FE:194\] DOOMPumpShotgun.esp \[FE:195\] Power Armor to the People - Institute Power Armor.esp \[FE:196\] RagingHunter.esp \[FE:197\] HKUSP9mmLvlList.esp \[FE:198\] HKUSP9mmTacReload.esp \[FE:199\] GIAT\_FAMAS\_craftable.esp \[FE:19A\] G3Family\_craftable.esp \[FE:19B\] HKUSP9mm\_craftable.esp \[FE:19C\] HK\_MP5\_craftable.esp \[FE:19D\] HK\_UMP\_craftable.esp \[FE:19E\] GM6\_craftable.esp \[FE:19F\] RSh-12\_craftable.esp \[FE:1A0\] FanClub\_RaptR\_craftable.esp \[FE:1A1\] M1A\_craftable.esp \[FE:1A2\] GIAT\_FAMAS\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A3\] HK\_MP5\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A4\] HK\_UMP\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A5\] M1A\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A6\] HK\_MP5\_SA.esp \[FE:1A7\] 3dscopes-g3family.esp \[FE:1A8\] 3dscopes-leeenfield.esp \[FE:1A9\] 3dscopes-m1a.esp \[FE:1AA\] 3dscopes-ru556.esp \[FE:1AB\] 3dscopes-wmsr.esp \[FE:1AC\] dlcammo\_craftable.esp \[FE:1AD\] dlcweapons\_craftable.esp \[FE:1AE\] vanillaammo\_craftable.esp \[FE:1AF\] vanillaminesgrenades\_craftable.esp \[FE:1B0\] vanillaweapons\_craftable.esp \[FE:1B1\] vanillaworkbenchconditions.esp \[FE:1B2\] Power Armor to the People - Automatron.esp \[FE:1B3\] Power Armor to the People - AWKCR.esp \[FE:1B4\] Dank\_ECO-INNR.esp \[FE:1B5\] More Power Armour Mods - Automatron.esp \[FE:1B6\] LeverActionBCR.esp \[FE:1B7\] WROAWKCR.esp \[FE:1B8\] M870.esp \[FE:1B9\] IthacaOverhaul.esp \[FE:1BA\] 3rd Person Cam SmallFix.esp \[FE:1BB\] SimSettlements\_XPAC\_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp \[FE:1BC\] PenPos.esp \[FE:1BD\] SlaveTattoos.esp \[FE:1BE\] LewdMarks.esp \[FE:1BF\] INVB\_OverlayFramework\_Blank.esp \[FE:1C0\] LMBTOverlays\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C1\] Lewdmarks\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C2\] Render Tattoos\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C3\] RutahTattooPack\_FO4\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C4\] SlaveTattoos\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C5\] lnrLMFO4AllInOne-AdditionalPubicHairOverlays\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C6\] RealHandcuffs\_AWKCR\_Compatibility.esp \[FE:1C7\] RealHandcuffs\_DD\_Compatibility.esp \[FE:1C8\] PRP.esp \[FE:1C9\] StartMeUpShaunDefaultAppearance.esp 
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2023.05.28 08:44 Informal_Block_9032 [WTS] [US] SoCal: Cudahy - Matrix Custom Falcon Beta MK23 High Power Airsoft Gas Pistol w/ CNC RMR Ready Aluminum Slide $200 What you see is what is being sold. Domestic shipping only (if necessary)

Delivering personally. Message me location near your address (so I won’t know your address for obvious reasons unless you’re buying) to see how far you are from me. Willing to meet in location that we can meet at to shorten travel time. If you’re further than 30 minutes from me (little to no traffic) I will ship it but will charge any shipping fees. I promise to find the cheapest delivery service or if you know one let me know.
**Brand new. Nothing has been added, removed, or tampered with. I have no idea how it performs as I got it from a mystery box. ** Features: CNC aluminum slide with RMR-profile optics mounting cutout Maple Leaf 144mm inner barrel installed Maple leaf ML-TH06A60 Transformers Autobot 60 Hopup Rubber Installed Maple Leaf hop-up chamber with adjustment that doesn't require slide disassembly installed Green fiber optic front sight paired with orange fiber optic rear sights Upgraded for supreme accuracy Threaded 16mm positive (CW) barrel for suppressor and tracer attachments High 24 round magazine capacity Functioning ambidextrous magazine catch / release Manufacturer: Matrix FPS Range: 360-390 Specifications: Weight: Approx. 880g Dimensions: 255mm x 155mm Inner Barrel: 144mm Thread Direction: 16mm Positive (CW) Magazine: 24+1 rounds Gas Type: Green Gas Firing Mode: Semi Automatic System: Green Gas / Gas Efficient Short Blowback Hopup: Yes, Adjustable Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Extra Magazine, Bottle of 2k .2g BBs Yes I copied this off a website. It’s easier that way. Too much? Maybe 🤷‍♂️
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2023.05.28 08:28 JazzyJukebox69420 I'm the worst version of myself, really need advice.

Alright, I’m not super sure how to start this so I’m going to start with giving some background. I don’t want this to sound braggy or like I’m jerking myself off so sorry if it comes out that way but I think the context is pretty important to understand my position. This is gonna get pretty specific so I hope I don’t out myself too much to my anyone who might know me. I’m a 22 year old engineering (rising senior undergraduate) student at a small college (and one of the best colleges for engineering in the US). For reference, all of my classmates are absolutely brilliant and the school is a STEM college. This gets important later on. I am really passionate about computer science, engineering, and natural science and I want to start a company when I graduate that does some sort of innovative work in these fields. I’m also a musician and I write, record, and release music in a few genres. I’ve made a bit of a business out of the music that I make and the playlists that I use to promote my own music. It’s basically my biggest and most consistent stream of income. I play a bunch of different instruments (guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, piano, violin, ukulele, drums, and now cello) and I sing. I don’t really play any of the instruments exceptionally well but I can play them well enough for my needs. Also, I’m in an acapella group and sometimes in choir and I occasionally gig with other bands on campus. I’m also really into travel and photography. I took a year off of school during COVID and I visited a ton of national parks, I think I’ve visited somewhere around 30. I’m also really into photography and I’ve been trying to make a small business out of that as well. For a last tad bit of background, I grew up low-income and was entirely self motivated. I just lived with my mom who didn’t know anything about college and frankly just wanted me to get a job throughout most of high-school. Everything I accomplished it was out of sheer drive and personal discipline. In high school I had exceptional grades, a ton of amazing friends, and was in a serious romantic relationship that gave me a lot of meaning. My goal was to go to get into a good college and get a scholarship so that I could afford to give my future children things that I never could have. At the end of high school, my goals got as lofty as they could be and I felt secure in who I was and what I was doing. For a tiny bit more added context I’m taking antidepressants, ADHD medication, and anti-anxiety medication which has actually helped a lot. The one place that I’ve improved as a person seems to be mental health. I also don’t drink or do any kinds of drugs, although I don’t think anything is wrong with doing them, I know I have a very addictive personality and family issues with these things so I chose not to. I’m only mentioning this so you know it’s not part of the issue. But since I’ve started college (in 2019) I’ve made no progress towards my goals or aspirations, I’ve learned almost nothing, I prioritize nothing of value when you look at how I spend my time, I have no mastery over myself or my surroundings. I’m somehow floating on what is honestly a fabricated layer of understanding. I understand nothing in my classes, and I just do the bare minimum in every aspect of my life besides music. Somehow I pass my classes. My grades range from C-s to As, I have around a 3.0 GPA. Not great, but not as bad as it *should be* (based on my actual level of knowledge and understanding). I think part of my problem is that I know how much I can *get away with* without failing or destroying my grades. But I never take the time to learn the material. One of the worst parts is that I find all of the subject matter to be either important, interesting, or both…. And yet my behavior shows me that I don’t really feel that way. I don’t understand why. Throughout half of my college career, I’ve slept though many of my early classes, sometimes missing most of my classes because of some lame excuse I had. I never really *wake up* I’m just either asleep, half-awake in bed, and then eventually I’m out of bed and awake. My alarm at this point means basically nothing to me. Once I’m up, I either do some work that’s non-important and non-urgent or go to class. When I actually am in class, I end up getting distracted on my computer. If I don’t bring my computer I start by trying to focus and then I gradually allow myself not to focus at all. I end up almost learning nothing, and when I do start to try, I feel incredibly stupid. I don’t feel like I understand any of the concepts that are being thrown at me but I know that I *should* because (for the most part) none of them are actually that hard! This is in huge contrast to high school, where I woke up very early to my first alarm, shaved, showered, and got ready in the morning, then went to school for some 7 hours, then I went home, took a half hour break, then did homework until 1 or 2 in the morning. I got very little sleep but other than that I was doing well academically and was very motivated, despite struggling with mental health issues. I’ve been told that it’s burnout but I disagree. I may be wrong but if it is— what’s actually causing the burnout?? Oversleeping then half-stressing about my assignments? Here are the things that I try and accomplish during my time at school: - School (pass all my classes and take classes that I’m interested in/find useful) - Social - Participate in activities on campus that seem fun - Hang out with friends - Spend time with my partner - Go on dates - Music: - Produce and release music - Promote said music - Write new music (15 min - 1 hr daily) - Practice instrument(s) (15m-1 hr daily) - Rehearse (roughly 5 hours weekly) with my acapella group - Photography: - Take photos for the school at times - Travel to nearby parks and take photos - Edit photos - Do astrophotography - Physical health - Strength Training (at least 15 min daily) - Cardio (1 mile daily) - Stretch training (5 min daily) - Financial health - Save money - Make money (w/music business) - Goals - Work on my startup (like 30min- 2 hours per week) And honesty, yeah that’s probably a lot. A lot of people say it’s too much, but I’ve seen my classmates do it, and do *all of it* better than me, and I understand how. I see how much time I waste— and it’s a lot. How do I stop? And if your advice is to cut something out— what do I cut out?? Do I remove the things that I love? Or the things that are meaningful to my long-term goals? I don’t see one thing in here that would be safe to eliminate. Here are some big issues that I’ve been really struggling with: - Gaining too much weight - Eat when bored and not hungry - Sleep too much - Don’t wake up to my alarm - I’ve tried alarm apps, I make the conscious decision to go back to bed every morning despite walking 500 steps to turn my alarm off!! - Accomplish less in more time - Friends don’t seem to value me - Little to no self control - Extremely lazy - Always put in the bare minimum - I don’t learn - I’m getting my entire massive tuition paid by financial aid and I honestly can’t say I’ve learned anything value - I learned very well in high school - I went home and studied and got very little sleep, was in orchestra, in jazz, and in a band on top of writing and recording my own music - Lost my DRIVE and I don’t know why - I don’t look forward to much because I’m ashamed of where I’m at - I have very little motivation to do anything beyond the bare minimum in everything - I don’t prioritize the urgent OR the important well - I just do what I *need to* - I spend my time really poorly. When I have free time I don’t use it to have fun OR to be truly productive - I spend time not working and not having fun or relaxing - I don’t spend as much time with friends as I should - I don’t study as much as or when I should - I don’t work on my music as much or when I should - I don’t even play games or video games - I don’t relax when I should or *how* I should - I often take a nap for “just 30 minutes” which ends up taking half my day… hours and hours… In contrast, I was a better person in EVERY way when I was 16. Currently, I find myself: 1. Struggling as a student, with a noticeable decline in academic performance, and more importantly— LEARNING LESS THAN HIGH SCHOOL 2. Feeling inadequate as a partner, failing to put in the effort to nurture my relationship. 3. Struggling to wake up on time, repeatedly snoozing my alarm and compromising my productivity. 4. Having an unhealthy diet, consistently making poor food choices. 5. Becoming a less supportive friend, neglecting meaningful connections with those close to me, reaching out, texting and calling less 6. Experiencing a decrease in my social circle, resulting in fewer friendships. 7. Making minimal progress towards my goals, lacking the drive and determination to succeed. 8. Struggling to maintain positive habits, finding it difficult to establish and stick to routines. 9. Facing challenges when it comes to learning, feeling like I'm not absorbing information effectively. 10. Perceiving a decline in my athletic abilities, which is both surprising and disheartening. I find myself at my worst because: 1. Lack of focus: I struggle to maintain concentration and often choose not to focus. 2. Strained friendships: I have become a worse friend, neglecting gestures like gift-giving and meaningful quality time. 3. Declining social engagement: I prioritize less in-depth communication, barely making time for calls or outings with friends. 4. Lack of meaningful self-expression: Aside from occasional jokes, I fail to share my life in a meaningful way. 5. Regretful use of time: I realize I have wasted precious moments while important people in my life are moving on. 6. Academic decline: I am now a horrible student, rarely attending classes and lacking focus when I do. 7. Poor academic performance: I don't understand or actively pursue a grasp of course concepts, resulting in minimal learning. 8. Last-minute approach: I habitually leave assignments until the eleventh hour, resulting in superficial comprehension. 9. Unmerited extensions: I constantly request extensions without valid reasons, undermining my integrity. 10. Failure to learn: Despite attending a top-tier school, I feel like I've learned nothing over the past three years. 11. Sleep struggles: Snoozing my alarm for hours has become a daily routine, negatively impacting my health and productivity. 12. Disrupted sleep patterns: My oversleeping contributes to a lack of structure in starting my day and affects my well-being. 13. Relationship shortcomings: Though my partner loves me, I acknowledge that I have not fulfilled their needs in our relationship. 14. Neglected effort: I no longer plan dates or create thoughtful gifts as I used to, failing to prioritize quality time. 15. Physical decline: Surprisingly, I have also experienced a decline in athletic performance and overall fitness. 16. Unhealthy habits: I've gained weight and developed unhealthy eating patterns, often eating when not hungry. 17. Abandoned exercise routine: Despite initially committing to regular gym visits and running, I have completely stopped. 18. Lack of progress: My fitness levels have plateaued, and I haven't seen any improvement in my strength or endurance. 19. Wasting time: I squander countless moments without studying, being productive, enjoying myself, or nurturing relationships. 20. Lost sense of purpose: I struggle to identify what I am doing with my time, neglecting important areas of my life. 21. I feel stupid, which hurts a lot because I definitely think I’m less intelligent than I was in high school To top all of it off, I don’t feel like my few remaining best friends really value me. A lot of them graduated recently and one of them honestly told me “I noticed that a lot of the time people on the trip didn’t value your input or what you felt… with your senior year, find people who value you.” And it hurt, because I was feeling that way the whole time I was on the trip with them. What did I do to cause this? I used to love myself, I was depressed and anxious but I used to REALLY love myself. I was proud of who I was. Now when I look at myself, I’m ashamed of what I’ve become. And the worst part is I really know that younger me would be beyond disappointed in every way. I understand incremental improvement and all that but I can’t make my life better at all! I try developing habits only to ditch them a few days in. Why? What’s wrong with me? I know change is possible, but where do I begin?
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2023.05.28 06:13 wobblydee 2013 Audi R8 coupé v10 plus 5.2 fsi quattro

Pi is s900 however theres room for race springs or second lightest wheels. I have stock springs because default race spring settings ruined the feel of the car and i lack spring tuning skills.
HMC 59.893 this is my fastest HMC time so far.
Car is still a bit understeering on corner exit but being light enough on the throttle to keep front diff from locking helped corner exit a lot. The wing on there greatly improved the understeering while also not being the forza wing. Also i play in automatic, standard steering no assists
If someone could help me with tuning race springs for it to improve times or give feedback on your time it would be great to know how i compare to better drivers

2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattro - S1 900

2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattro - S1 900

Weight 3017 lbs
Balance 45%
HP 753
Torque 553 lb-ft
Top Speed 224.7 mph
0-60 2.281s
0-100 4.625s
Share Code 168 122 790,
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Engine Stock
Drivetrain Stock
Aspiration Twin turbo
Body Kit Stock
Intake Stock
Intake Manifold Race
Fuel System Stock
Ignition Stock
Exhaust Race
Camshaft Stock
Valves Race
Displacement Race
Pistons Stock
Twin Turbo Race Anti-lag
Intercooler Stock
Oil Cooling Stock
Flywheel Race
Platform And Handling
Brakes Stock
Springs Stock
Front Arb Race
Rear Arb Race
Chassis Reinforcement Stock
Weight Reduction Race
Clutch Race
Transmission Stock
Driveline Race
Differential Drift
Tires And Rims
Compound Semi-Slick
Tire Width Front 285 mm, Rear 345 mm
Rim Style Stock
Rim Size Front Stock in, Rear Stock in
Track Width Front Third, Rear Third
Profile Size Front Stock, Rear Stock
Aero and Appearance
Front Bumper Stock
Rear Bumper N/A
Side Skirts N/A
Hood N/A


Tires bar psi
Front 1.90 27.5
Rear 1.97 28.5
Gears Ratio
Not Applicable
Alignment Camber Toe Caster
Front -1.0° 0.0° 5.0°
Rear -1.0° 0.0°
Front 10.5
Rear 49.0
Springs kgf/mm lbs/in n/mm
Not Applicable
Ride Height cm in
Damping Rebound Bump
Aero kgf lb
Not Applicable
Brakes %
Balance 50%
Pressure 100%
Differential Accel Decel
Front 7% 0%
Rear 79% 30%
Center 75%
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2023.05.28 04:18 Tr1angulum Give a Rising Junior Some School Recommendations + Chance Me for T20

I just completed my sophomore year of high school, and it’s time for me to start thinking about college. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about various colleges to create a set list that focuses more on what works for my interests and ambitions rather than just going for the most prestigious universities.
That said, I would much appreciate some recommendations for good safeties, targets, and reaches! And if you can, please take the time to chance me for T20 universities and perhaps provide some advice on how I can strengthen my application within the coming years!
Gender: Female
Hooks/URM: Daughter of immigrants
Race: South Asian/Indian
School: semi-competitive large public school. over 2,000 students, 15 or so out of 500 in the class of 2023 were accepted to T20 schools
State: Colorado
Income: ~180k/year, family of 3
Intended Major(s)
Considering biochemistry or clinical lab science as a pre-med route with a minor in either political science or philosophy
I’m a rising junior, so I haven’t taken the SAT yet, but my PSAT scores (with absolutely no studying minus one practice test freshman year) are as follows
PSAT 8/9: 1420
PSAT 10: 1410
UW/W GPA and Rank
My school operates on a 4.0 scale
UW GPA: 4.0
W GPA: 4.15
UW Rank: 1/446
W Rank: 2/446
Coursework (I’m only including weighted classes)
Sophomore year: AP Gov (projected 5) AP Macro (projected 4), AP World (projected 4)
Junior Year: IB English, IB European History, AP Calc BC, IB Spanish 5, AP Biology, IB Business
Senior Year (tentative): IB English, IB 20th Century History, AP Physics C: Mech, IB Math A&A HL, AP Spanish, IB Chemistry
I have a running list of around 10 awards that I’ve earned over the course of the past two years. I won’t list them here because they will easily reveal my identity to anyone who may know me. If you want to know my awards to better be able to chance me, please PM me!!
• Varsity girls cross country (freshman year - present)
• Varsiry girls swim (freshman year)
• Varsity girls track (sophomore year - present)
• piano player for 10 years, just starting competitions this year
• club swimming (7th grade - sophomore year)
• volunteering at the local library - over 20 hours doing reading buddies and sorting books
• upcoming: will be volunteering at a hospital this summer. it’s a super competitive program and only 30 out of 200 or so applicants got in, most of which being rising seniors. i will get 64 hours of service and a few educational opportunities from this
• holding a leadership role in a school club (won’t specify for safety reasons)
• National Honor Society
• Spanish National Honor Society
• Theatre
• HOSA (health occupations students of America)
Extracurriculars I Plan to Add
• Technology Student Associaton
• DECA (distributive education clubs of America)
• Speech & Debate
• Tutoring students in math up to Precalculus (have already received an interview for this position)
Other Useful Things to Know
• Passion project: currently translating my grandmother’s books from Telugu to English so readers in America will be able to read these books. She is a published author in India.
• I’m trilingual
• Have been out of the USA over 10 times. Thinking using international travel as a metaphor for my college essays might be a good idea.
Dream Colleges & Aspirations
• Harvey Mudd
• Johns Hopkins
• Stanford
• Texas A&M
• Columbia
• Would like to run for college if I end up at a D3 school
Thanks for reading! If there’s anything else you need to know to make better recommendations or chancing, PM me or just ask me in the comments.
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2023.05.28 03:46 hell0kitt Seokga, the Ruthless Usurper

Class: Hunter Type: Ranged, Physical Pantheon: Korean
Formed from emptiness, Seokga arose along with his brother, Mireuk. When he appeared, Mireuk already fahsioned the world. Humans created from insects, the sun and the moon ordered, and the landscape painted. However, Seokga was a jealous brother. He had felt inferior becoming Mireuk's second-in-command and desired to usurp his brother. Consumed by greed, he challenged him into three contests.
The first contest witnessed Seokga and Mireuk spanning a rope across the vast expanse of the Eastern Sea. A testament to Mireuk's unrivaled might, his rope held steadfast, unwavering against the elements, while Seokga's feeble attempt succumbed to the weight of his ambition, shattering in defeat. Undeterred, the competitors ventured forth, endeavoring to unite a river with the streams of the world. Seokga, harnessing the forces of thunder and floods, sought to bind the rivers together, but alas, his powers faltered, unable to forge the desired connection. Mireuk, embodying the very essence of creation, summoned a wintry tempest, transforming the river into a frozen path, destined to merge with another flowing current.
Seokga and Mireuk cultivated a magnolia plant and declared that the first being that the magnolia plant touched, while they slumbered would be the ruler of the universe. While Mireuk slept, Seokga stayed awake, severing the stem of the flower and placing it on his lap. For Seokga's trickery, Mireuk cursed the land, unleashing death, age, and disease that would torment all of creation. To remain unchallenged, Seokga imprisoned Mireuk, who defied the capture in the form of a musk deer. Pursuing the deer relentlessly, Seokga throws a six-hooked staff at the animal, immediately killing it. Seokga feasted on its flesh, spitting it into the ocean to create the first fish and into the air to create birds. The remainder of the meat scattered into ten directions of the world, becoming all the animals of the Earth.
Seokga now stands as the undisputed sovereign, claiming the world as his rightful inheritance after Mireuk's demise. Yet, divine conflicts shake the realm, and anxiety grips his heart. Gods from distant realms lay claim to his sovereignty. Ymir, the embodiment of Norse Earth, Zeus, the vanquisher of Titans, and the Jade Emperor, sovereign over all beneath the heavens. Burdened by his deceptive conquest, Seokga knows his subjects won't remain ignorant forever. How long can he maintain this charade before truth unravels and discontent consumes his realm? Only time shall reveal Seokga's ultimate fate, as he treads the treacherous path of a celestial usurper.
Passive: Cosmic Authority
Seokga begins the game with full stacks of Authority. For each stack of Authority that Seokga has, Seokga's next basic attack on an enemy consumes all stacks to deal additional damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health. For every 10 stacks Seokga has, he gains 10% CDR.
Seokga gains Authority for every 45 unit that he travels and 10 stacks when he casts Divine Challenge.
Damage per stack: 0.5% of your maximum health
Maximum Stacks: 30 stacks
Ability 1: Forward Thinker
Treacherous Mind: Seokga gains 5/10/15/20/25% movement and 10/15/20/25/30% attack speed whenever he is shielded from any source.
Active: Seokga can cast this ability to create a shield equal to a percentage of an ability damage or basic attack damages he accured within the last 5 seconds. He has two charges of this ability, each with a separate cooldown.
Cooldown: 9 seconds
Mana Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 mana
Ability 2: Divine Challenge
Unfair Advantage: Seokga reduces power of all enemies in the area by 5/10/15/20/25%.
Seokga places an area at the target location, casting Divine Challenge. Immediately upon casting, Seokga in the area gain increased penetration all enemy gods in the area. Seokga's basic attacks also split into four shots in a cone, each additional shot dealing 15% basic attack damage.
If Seokga leaves the area, he continues to have this effect for the next 3 seconds.
This first hit he fires will slow for 10%. For every 3 hits, Seokga slows them by 2.5%. This can stack up to 5 times.
Flat Penetration: 3/6/9/12/15
Percent Penetration: 5/7/9/11/13%
Slow Duration: 2 seconds
Area Duration: 4/4/4/4/5 seconds
Radius: 30 units
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Mana Cost: 80 mana
Ability 3: Ascendant Strike
Seokga leaps into the air, knocking himself up. He can fire a blade at the ground target before landing, knocking back enemies.
Additionally, at full Authority stacks, this ability stuns enemies for 1 second.
Damage: 60/100/140/180/220 (+70% of your physical power)
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana
Ultimate: Eternal Dominion
Seokga dashes forward crackling with cosmic energy, collecting Authority as he does so. He summons a Divine Challenge field at where he stops, dealing damage to the enemy gods in the area. For each enemy god he hits or pierces through, Seokga gains 5 stacks of Authority and reduces his cooldown for all his non-ultimate abilities by 1.25 seconds.
Dash Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+75% of your physical power)
Divine Challenge Damage: 175/275/375/475/575 (+100% of your physical power)
Dash Distance: 80 units
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Mana Cost: 100 mana
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2023.05.28 03:11 purah-simp [TotK] is Mid, and I wanna talk about it

Burner account cause I expect to get crucified for this opinion. I talk about spoilers later in the post, after the hyphen break. Figured it'd be good to mark the whole post as a spoiler anyway, though. Let me get ahead of it-- I'm not saying TotK is bad. I'm saying its... okay. I'm saying that it's not worth the $70 we all spent on it. TotK had big shoes to fill as a sequel to possibly the best game ever made. But I'm disappointed by the lack of attention the Devs paid to BotW's complaints.
Let's start with the gameplay. On the surface, it looks excellent! It uses BotW's top-notch engine and adds a lot of potential for creativity and variance. But a lot of the issues I have with the game start with the gameplay mechanics. First of all, Ultrahand is clunky and difficult to use. I feel like I spent most of my playthrough trying to rotate objects JUST precisely enough to make them work. In the Spirit Temple I distinctly remember wasting 6 rockets, 4 of them from capsules in my inventory, trying to get necessary lift on a glider. I realized on my seventh rocket that I had the positioning just slightly wrong. None of this would be an issue if it wasn't for the absurd materials cost in the game.
As of today, the dupe glitch has been patched. From here on out, we all have to play by Nintendo's rules. That means, in order to fill up one-third of a new energy cell, you need 100 crystalized charges at a cost of 300 Zonaite. (Ignoring Large Zonaite for now cause of their rarity and because I don't want to do more math.) In order to fill all your batteries green, you need 2,100 Zonaite. In order to fill them all blue, you need 4,200 Zonaite. Without the dupe glitch, that would take weeks if not months of constant grinding in the Depths. That should be fine, though! I never filled all my hearts or stamina in BotW, so why should I care about the batteries? Its 'cause in order to utilize the main mechanic of TotK, you need that energy. And you need it really fucking badly. Ultrahand and Autobuild constructs consume energy way faster than they should. And if you want to create a construct when you don't have the requisite materials around, you need to use MORE Zonaite to build it! Now this is probably the point where you're thinking, "Just use Zonai charges." But the only good way to get material capsules is to throw your charges in the gashapon machine. Otherwise your only hope is getting one capsule per Zonai construct horn, which just means more hours and hours of grinding. And the whole pitch for the game was getting to build these wild and crazy machines! I don't want to spend hours of my life building up to being able to do what the game was marketed on.
This might just be my mistake, but I spent a $15 on the TotK amiibo on launch day expecting it to do something interesting. It gives you some generic materials and sometimes a chest with an undecayed generic sword. That was helpful for a few hours, but I quickly got to the point where I had way better base weapons and I didn't need the materials from the amiibo exclusively for this game. It's a $15 paperweight now and I'm disappointed.
One of the biggest complaints with BotW is weapon durability, keeping you from being able to hang on to weapons you favor or ones you spent a really long time getting. TotK pretends to solve this issue with Fuse, but in reality it just makes things worse. First of all, nearly every single weapon you find in the game is rendered useless because they've rusted and degraded. That means that unless you're going in for special weapons like the Fierce Deity Sword or the Skyward Sword, you have to fuse something to them. This increases their durability and strength, and they give some weapons cool new abilities, but at what cost? Now I'm spending valuable monster parts or gemstones to... bring nerfed weapons back up to the limited strength and durability they used to have. I find myself never using weapons I don't want to loose in TotK just as much as BotW. Now that remote bombs are gone, I'm using the Master Sword to cut down trees, because it's the only infinite use weapon in the game. They didn't fix the weapon durability complaint. They made it worse, but they made it look cooler.
Here's where story spoiler territory starts. Speaking of the Master Sword, they removed its attack stat visibility because the reality contradicts the story. The whole damn plot is revolved around Zelda turning into a dragon to make the Master Sword way better than it used to be. Bathing in divine light for 10,000-some-odd years. So why the hell is it WEAKER than it was at the end of BotW's Trials of the Sword? It has an attack stat of 30, same as its base-game prequel. And despite being infinite use, it still wastes fusion items in order to make it actually viable in most major fights.
The power balance in this game is insane. The ancient Seven Sages can't get anywhere close to killing Ganondorf, and Rauru has to sacrifice himself to temporarily seal him. And a dehydrated Ganondorf can snap the Master Sword into tiny little pieces and drain you of all your hard-earned hearts in an instant. But then he spends the whole actual game sitting back, waiting for you. If it wasn't for Puppet Zelda, he'd be a classic Orcus on His Throne. Which is typical for Ganondorf... but it's also typical for Ganondorf to already be in charge of Hyrule. His grand plan for world dominance seems to be to sit Samurai-style underground and wait for the Sages to show back up. Then they do! Five of them, plus Link. That's still one less than they had in Ancient Hyrule when they got defeated. And all five get their asses handed to them, so you finish the penultimate fight alone. Ganondorf has supposedly returned to his most powerful Demon King form so... why doesn't he at least try to break the Master Sword again? He's defeated the Sages even more easily than last time, why can't he defeat Link on his own? I know the answer is "Because its a Video Game." But it really doesn't make sense from a story perspective.
Zelda going back in time and becoming a dragon is one of the most ridiculous plots I've ever seen. It's clear they were trying to replicate the shock and awe experience of finding out Shiek was Zelda all along in OoT. But even if it isn't the most obvious plot twist in the world once you start going out for the Tears, it would still be dumb as hell. What most people wanted from a more story-intensive BotW sequel was to get to spend more time with Zelda, to have her as a companion, or even be able to play as her! When the first few trailers for TotK came out half a decade ago, that's what everybody was exited about. But once again, you get a game where she disappears at the start of the game and you don't get to interact with her until the final cutscene. I was hoping for some semblance of a postgame once you return her to normal (which Mineru straight up says is impossible, but of course it happens). But no. You get a lackluster post-credits scene with the Sages and Zelda saying goodbye to Mineru. The game clearly wants to make this a teary farewell, but Mineru doesn't get any character development in the main plot OR in the flashbacks. So her death (Death? She's already a ghost, even) carries no emotional weight. Oh, God, speaking of emotional weight and character development
THE WHOLE POINT OF THE CHAMPIONS BALLAD DLC IS THAT THE FANDOM WANTED MORE STORY AND INTERACTION WITH THE CHAMPIONS. Now their ghosts are gone, their Divine Beasts are gone, and their legacy is resigned to their names being put on the map. The only Champion whose name even gets a callout in the main story of TotK is Mipha, and only because they put a statue of her kind of sort of near where Sidon hangs out before you finish the Water Temple. The Shiekah Shrines, Tech and Guardians are all gone too. They replaced the Shiekah Slate with the nigh-identical Purah Pad, minus the Runes. Nintendo even got rid of the two biggest fan-favorite things from BotW, Kass and the Gerudo Vai set. As far as I can tell, they don't even give you a throwaway line as to what happened to it all. IMO a good sequel is built off the back of what the original accomplished, and it doesn't wave a magic wand to make everything cool about the original disappear. Obviously I'm not saying I wanted to just replay BotW over again. I'm glad they made changes to a lot of things! But to just fully erase all the cool shit you accomplished in the previous game feels... mean, honestly. It feels disrespectful to the time and care we all put into BotW, its story, and its world.
It's cool that you get to interact with and learn more about the Sages in theory. In practice, its kind of crap. Again, you basically don't interact with Mineru at all outside of a few voice lines in the Spirit Temple. And the rest of the Sages' character development in BotW was directly tied to their relationship to the Champions. Sidon's feelings of loss and guilt over Mipha have been replaced by a very bland and one-note relationship with his new fiance (whose sole purpose for existing is to stop people from drawing gay Sidon and Link fanart. It will not work). Yunobo's fear that he'll never live up to Daruk is gone. It's nice to see he's got some more confidence, but now he doesn't really have a character trait, which is probably why he spends half of his own plot mind-controlled. Riju's childhood love of sand seals is absent from the plot, and replaced with... nothing? She's become a strong and respected leader of the Gerudo, and that's her whole character now. The only Sage I feel they went right with was Tulin. Teba wanted to become a great leader and skillful archer like Revali, and by TotK, he's done that. He's become the village chief. So the torch gets passed to his son, who has his own character development and a flaw that needs to be handled before you're ready to face the Temple together. That could have been the structure for the entire game!
But no, instead you get whatever the water temple quest was. Go to Zora's Domain. Get told you have to go to Mipha's Court. Go to Mipha's Court. Get told you have to go to Zora's Domain. Go to Zora's Domain. Get told you have to go behind a waterfall next Mipha Court to talk to an NPC who by all rights should still be at Zora's Domain. Go behind a waterfall next to Mipha Court. Go into the sky. Shoot an arrow. Go back to the waterfall next to Mipha Court. Go into a mini dungeon to make a bridge to the sky. Go back to Mipha Court. Go back to the mini dungeon. Go back to Mipha Court to get an item you had in the last game. Go up to the Water Temple. Do not meaningfully interact with any NPC during the entire process. If TotK was trying to make this feel as tedious and boring as the OoT Water Temple, they succeeded.
The last thing I'm gonna complain about is the final fight. I know designing a final fight that feels big and epic like that is hard! That's why... you maybe shouldn't do it. In the supposedly ultimate climax of the story, I sat on a dragon for five minutes trying to figure out what the hell I was supposed to do. The battle final battle for Hyrule's destiny was two worms wriggling in the sky. I finally spotted and destroyed the eyes on Ganon Dragon's back, with no prompt whatsoever from the game. The whole thing was boring as hell. Zelda's movements to catch you are clunky, and I actually found myself getting thrown off her horns as she swooped in to catch me. Ganon's movements were even worse. At one point, I flew towards his face, and he just sat there, jaw agape. Did not move at all. Did not try to eat me. Did not even look at me. His breath attacks are easy to avoid and they're the only obstacle you face the entire fight.
Compare this to the final fight in almost any other Zelda game! Ocarina, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword all have dynamic and intense sword fights, forcing you to rely on all the combat techniques you've learned so far! Usually you have Zelda helping you along with the Bow of Light and you end the battle by stabbing Gandondorf in the head or the chest. In this game, you jump on a big rock on the face of a big worm who isn't honestly any threat to you and press the Y button when prompted. I've never been so bored and underwhelmed by a Zelda fight in my life.
I do wanna end with a few things I think are good about TotK. The Ascend and Recall abilities are both cool as hell and require no criticism. They turned Purah from gross lolibait into an absolute baddie and my only note there is that she should have had a bigger role in the plot. The intro to the game and the first several hours on the Sky Archipelago were amazing and I was sucked into the mystery of it all! Again, I don't think this was a bad game. I did finish it and I enjoyed playing it. It's just not the revolutionary masterpiece I was expecting when I bought it.
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2023.05.28 00:59 SWOTTDom 27 [M4F] #Ottawa Breeding

Let’s start with a little about me and hopefully you’ll see that I am the man who should be the father of your children. I am 27 years old and 6'3. I am of English descent and a 2nd generation Canadian. I have short dark brown hair, beard, and eyes. I also wear glasses.
I am a caring, honest, respectable man with a quick wit and a logical mind.
I'm educated, with an undergrad and post-grad under my belt, but not afraid to get my hands dirty. I'm gainfully employed in my field.
I enjoy cooking, soccer, volunteering, podcasts, board games, and history. I enjoy cooking many different types of food but I am by no means a chef. I support England and a local club in soccer. In the theme of european sports I also enjoy Formula 1 but don't cheer for any of the English or Canadian drivers. I enjoy volunteering with local organizations when I have the time. My favourite period of history to learn about is the Roman Empire. As for board games I have a collection too big to name.
I have had the chance to travel through a lot of the US and have been to England as well. My ideal vacation is sitting by the beach and swimming in the ocean.
I am a dominant; I believe that caring for your partner and them putting their faith in you to do so is the greatest act of dominance and love possible. I would say some of my kinks are impact play, (affectionate) domination, aftercare, breeding/impregnation, cunnilingus, bondage, and massages.
I am also committed to being a better, healthier me for this new relationship so I have started to spend time swimming and working out (weights/cardio) every day.
What am I looking for?
I am at the point in my life when I am interested in settling down with someone special. I am not looking for a ONS, hookup, or casual dating. I would like someone local or someone who already intends to make a move to the area in the near future. I am adverse to relocating myself as I recently moved back to Ottawa to be closer to some aging family with the intent of putting some roots down in the city. I want to purchase a house in the not too distant future that will be my/our home where we could raise a family.
I am looking for a partner who naturally is submissive and wants her partner to take the lead. If we share other specific kinks/fetishes that would be fantastic as well.
In my experience I do not have a simple "type" physically. My ideal partner is 18-24 though I am open to women above that age up to 30. I want a partner who is working or who has finished or close to finishing their education (whatever level it may be). I want someone who wants to put love and family first. Preference for someone who wants a large family (3-4+ kids). Hopefully you have interests/hobbies/passions as I love passionate people.
My match will have taken the time to read this post in its entirety (probably more than once) so if you did make it this far please have your message include the word "turtle" in it.
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2023.05.28 00:59 mikhailnikolaievitch Respect Ultimate Wolverine (Marvel, 1610)

Respect Wolverine

"Maybe your mutation isn't about healing at all. It's about surviving."
History: Years of torture and tampering with his memories made much of Wolverine's past a mystery. Though it's known he was a Canadian paratrooper during WWII, the man known as James "Lucky Jim" Howlett became one of the most influential figures in history when government experiments turned him into the world's first mutant.
Eventually renamed Logan, by the time he escaped the Weapon X program he became better known as Wolverine. He was given enhanced senses, an accelerated healing factor, and razor sharp claws. His entire skeleton was coated in an indestructible metal known as adamantium, and his memories were rewired to optimize their battle efficiency. He was the perfect weapon...and then he escaped.
Though he served Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy, Wolverine turned on Magneto to serve the X-Men as one of its fiercest proponents. Inspired by Xavier's dream, Wolverine never quite uncovered the secrets of his past, nor did he find much happiness in his present. But when he gave his life to save the world he proved his redemption, and survived in the memories of the X-Men who cared for him and the son that never knew him.
Source Key: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up = UMT Ultimate X-Men = UXM# Ultimate Spider-Man = USM Ultimate Nightmare = UN Ultimate War = UW Ultimate X-Men & Fantastic Four = X4 Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk = WvH Ultimate Power = UP Ultimate Origins = UO Ultimates 3 = U3 Ultimatum = UTM Ultimatum: X-Men Requium = REQ Ultimate Comics Wolverine = UCW 
Scaling - Apocalypse - Captain America - Colossus - Cyclops - Deathstrike - Gambit - Hulk - Iron Man - Magneto - Mister Fantastic - Nightcrawler - Rogue - Sabretooth - Spider-Man - Storm - Thing - Xavier





High material reference
Low material reference
Scaling w/reference
Minimal reference
Long guns
Multiple Damage Types


Against Superhumans
Against humans
Against objects


Special materials
Misc. materials
Misc. abilities/information




Telepathic Resistance
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2023.05.28 00:14 leeroy_m_jenkins Should I sell everything and full-time in a fifth wheel?

My wife and I (both 30) are very seriously considering selling everything and buying a fifth wheel to full-time in for the foreseeable future. We would appreciate any opinions, anecdotes, and other things that people wish they would have known before doing so.
We would be looking at selling our house and possessions and getting a 40+ft fifth wheel, likely a toy hauler. I’d sell my wife’s SUV and my half ton and get a dually, either a 350/3500 or an F-450. Would buy used for both, something between ~2-8 years old to allow someone else to take the depreciation hit and work out any new warranty issues without being too dated.
A bit about our situation. We have a ~1 year old and two dogs and want to break out of the mundane midwestern life and show our child what the country/world has to offer. I have a very secure job as an engineer, make around $140k, and have been working remote since covid came around. My wife could get a part-time remote job but probably won’t since we won’t have childcare anymore. We currently have a 25ft travel trailer that we use many times per year. We also traveled 4k miles across the country in a crappy popup for a month a handful of years ago and LOVED it, so are pretty confident we would do just fine with most of the challenges that come with RV living. We have lots of equity in our house so would probably just pay off all debts for the sense of freedom. Our current monthly expenses are pretty crazy at around $10k so I am certain we would save a ton even with expensive parks, fuel, maintenance, repairs, etc.
We have been discussing downsizing, getting rid of “things”, saving with the goal of early retirement (like around 50), and moving somewhere more rewarding for awhile now, with lots of half-serious talks of a shanti on a beach or a cabin in the mountains. The thought of living in a fifth wheel with the ability to move to a different state/area each month absolutely seems like the best option to give us some more freedom and the most experiences while also saving money. We already have plans to buy a family lake house as our “forever” home, but that won’t happen for another ~5 years or so.
With our child being 4 years from school-age, a housing market at its peak, a potential pending recession and/or house market crash, our already solidified plans of a home in ~5 years, and our general desires to see the country, we feel that the time is now to stop talking and take the leap.
I would really appreciate any tips, warnings, anecdotes, and anything else that people are willing to share!
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2023.05.27 23:59 ShadowDragon88 I've Been Reincarnated as a Bunny Girl?! Ch. 4

YAY! Chapter 4 already done and ready for posting! WOOO! I really hope that you enjoy it, dear readers!
I've Been Reincarnated as a Bunny Girl?! (Chapter 4)
"I love when the merchant caravan comes to town!" Valay cheered from where he was sitting on Kiana's shoulders, making his soon-to-be sixteen-year-old big sister wince. At age nine, the twins were being accompanied by Kiana as they walked through main street in town. Twice a year the merchant caravan, often accompanied by adventurers or mercenaries as guards, came to Starlight Rose. Ever since the destruction of The Spire, the town had started to see more traffic as travelers no longer had to worry about traveling through the narrow gaps in the mountain range, past a source of evil. In the six years since its destruction, Starlight Rose had bloomed and doubled its population.

Walking past the stalls and the games, Kiana smiled, feeling a festive atmosphere. She looked down at Malay, who was wearing a seafoam green dress, the young wolbet not caring that it had been a hand-me-down from Kiana, and clutching a giant blue stuffed fox almost as big as she was. Kiana was wearing a bright yellow sundress, having stated that on such a warm day, it was the best option to help keep from getting overheated. Her mother and sister had both smiled knowingly, not the least bit tricked by Kiana's professions. Kiana would often just not think about it.

Valay, in contrast, was wearing a simple red shirt and brown shorts and some small stick-on bandages on his shins and knees. The young boy wolbet was holding a purple dragon plush. Kiana had won them from a game booth. It was the classic 'throw a ball at a stack of bottles to knock them over' game, and like a cliche, she had seen her little brother throw a ball, hit the stack in the dead center, and they didn't move an inch. That's when big sister had stepped in. Kiana looked back at the booth... or rather where it had been. The attendant was still standing there, staring in a daze, as only half of the structure still remained.

"I'm glad you two like it," Kiana said, picking her brother up off her shoulders and setting him down next to his twin. Mirabelle rubbed up against his leg, making him giggle. The tiny snake, that had been small enough to sit coiled comfortably in the palm of a younger Kiana's hand, was now the size of a Saint Barnard, and just as affectionate as one. The blue-green snake had a tendency to try and sneak food, mainly cookies, when she thought she could get away with it, and had developed quite the set of sad puppy eyes when caught.

"So Kiana," Malay asked, looking up with her forest green eyes, a twinkle in them, "gunna go meet with Davtio later?"

Kiana smiled and rolled her eyes. Malay loved asking Kiana about her love life, or rather lack thereof. The older girl reached over and ruffled her little sister's headfur.

"Davtio and I are just friends," she said, having the day before gone on a walk with the elf-boy from her graduating class, gently letting him down after he had made his courting intentions known. The day after Kiana's birthday, which would be two days after the biannual festival, she was going to be leaving Starlight Rose to become a traveling adventurer. Davtio, with his long and practically glowing golden locks and eyes the color of the deep blue sea, had been disappointed, but he understood.

Jorba the goblin boy, however, had been far less formal as well as far less respectful with his own declaration. Said green-skinned bat-eared boy had walked over to where Kiana was retying her new forest green boots and given her bottom a swat, just below her cotton tail, puffing out his chest and informing Kiana that he had decided she was the finest female in their age group in the town and therefore, will be his woman. Slowly, Kiana had straightened herself and turned around, her eyes glowing with a blue light. With a swipe of her legs and a downward punch, that Kiana had been careful not to be too hard with, she effectively punched the disgusting goblin, literally, into the ground. Still alive and not crippled, but definitely in a lot of pain.

"I know that he liiiiiikes you, though," Malay said, rocking back and forth on her heels, reaching down to stroke Mirabelle's head, making the large reptile loosely wrap herself around the young wolbet girl's ankles.

"I don't feel the same way and I told him as much, so we've agreed to remain friends," Kiana said, making her sister let out an exasperated sigh.

"GAH! That is so just like you, Kiki!" Malay said, using the name she and Valay had called Kiana shortly after they had first learned how to talk. "Someone likes you, but you're just happy being just friends!"

"Hey, friends are awesome to have," Kiana said, picking Malay up and setting her on her shoulders, taking Valay's hand/paw into her own. Malay just rolled her eyes and continued to hug her fox.

"So," Valay piped up, glad that the girls had quit talking about romance stuff, "whatcha gunna buy with the money you saved up?" Valay was speaking of the jingling pouch of coins on Kiana's hip. She had earned extra coin around town doing things like babysitting and helping Mr. Fresto build a new stone wall around his garden, and the like. Making deliveries for the new offta restaurant in town had been fun for the teen bunny, and not because offta was the name for what turned out to be pizza in this world either! Tapping into her powers, she was able to sprint all across town and even over to Lake Phantom and back, often in under a minute.

"Well, I've already bought a bunch of supplies and a pack for my journey," Kiana said, taking note of Valay's ears drooping a bit, as well as sensing that Malay's ears were probably doing the same.

"So... you really mean to leave?" Malay asked from Kiana's shoulders. Kiana smiled and rubbed her little sister's leg, before rubbing her little brother's head.

"Yeah, I really do. But like I've told papa... repeatedly, actually, I'll come back to visit a whole bunch! And I'll be able to tell you all some cool stories about my travels!" Kiana said, brightening their moods.

"Are you going to learn magic?" Malay asked. As the twins edged closer towards their tenth birthday, that meant that they were nearing when they'd be old enough to take an exam to determine their magical abilities. Malay had accidentally turned a handful of flowers to stone when she sneezed at age seven. She also accidentally set a patch of grass on fire just outside her bedroom window after a bad dream a couple months back. According to a very excited Felixin, these were signs that Malay had a high aptitude for magic, and might actually be a sorceress, someone born with raw magical power within them.

Felixin went on to explain that anyone, with study and practice and skill, could eventually learn to use magic, but people like that fell under the category of a wizard. He went on to explain that witches were similar to wizards, but were more like hippies out dancing in the woods. Sorcerers and sorceresses were born with raw magical power already in them, that as they grew older, they needed to learn how to control, lest it become dangerous to them and those around them.

Druids, he continued with his explanation, were similar to witches, but less studious and more concentrating on attuning themselves to the energies of the surrounding natural world. He also said they had a tendency to eat certain mushrooms and fungus that they claimed could open one's third eye, but her father dismissed that notion as them just being addled by the chemicals in said fungi. Clerics were also magical, but their magic derived from whichever god they'd devoted themselves to, much like paladins, but with more study and significantly less combat training.

Finally, there were warlocks. Felixin was not shy about making his feelings regarding warlocks known. Instead of taking the time to learn and practice and concentrate and actually earn their magical power, they were rare people who instead bound themselves to an entity of great magical power, often something very sinister. In exchange for this power, they would do their new master's bidding, oftentimes not even fully understanding why such entities would want such requests done. He even recounted one warlock whose only task was to go out on the road and find a specific boulder, and then move it three inches south. Said warlock just shrugged when asked why, and stated that it was the only task his master ever asked of him.

What Felixin apparently didn't know was that there was a final category. The monk. When the master dragon monk had come to evaluate Kiana, after he had recovered from his shock, he had explained that monks were ordinary people who trained both their minds and their bodies. They would learn to tap into their inner power, their ki, and harness it through their bodies. This was of course after years and years of training and meditation. Of the different kinds of monks, the dragon monks were the most powerful. Once they passed a certain threshold, they would become as powerful as a dragon; which kind of dragon depended on which advanced school of training they most identified with. According to the master, Kiana practically oozed the aura of a storm dragon, which was capable of moving as fast as lightning.

"Kiki!" Valay called, tugging on Kiana's hand. She shook herself and smiled down at the wolbet boy. Kiana looked up in time to see Mirabelle stealthily reaching up at a nearby picnic table where those sitting weren't paying any attention and was trying to drag a plate with an entire rotisserie chicken on it nearer to the edge. She snapped her finger, making Mirabelle recoil and slither right back over to her legs, making the sad eyes at her. Kiana ignored the big orange orbs with the black slits and returned her attention to her brother.

"Sorry, buddy, I guess I got lost in my memories there for a sec."

The boy rolled his eyes and pointed to a large red and white tent that covered a wide area. There were no walls, and plenty of people were milling about inside, looking at the various goods. What had caught Valay's eye were the weapons. Already the boy had begged their mother to teach him swordfighting and, only recently, Pumala had agreed. She took note of how quickly Valay had taken to practicing the basics every day after school, always starting back to stance one. Kiana was certain that he was going to grow up to be quite the fighter.

"Okay, let's take a look and see what they've got for sale," Kiana said, turning them to an opening, Mirabelle following close behind. Together they walked down the set up shelves and displays. Valay was entranced by the swords and daggers, especially the throwing knives and shurikens. Scratch that, Kiana thought to herself with a giggle as she set her little sister down to look at the magical staves, thinking about how much Valay loved hiding and planting stink bombs for pranks and using smoke bombs to make his escapes. He'll probably grow up to be a great ninja or something.

Keeping her younger siblings and Mirabelle in sight, Kiana started to look through the different weapons. There were plenty made from low-quality materials that would probably break upon the first real usage, including an ornate-looking gold sword encrusted with jewels. She stopped just past the flails and nunchucks, spying several different tetsubos. The tetsubo was a weapon of the ancient samurai, at least that was the case for her home world. They were long, thick wooden clubs, in this case as tall as Kiana was, so around five feet in length. Going down the sides of the weapons, stopping only at the ends at the tops and just before the handles at the bottoms, were rounded or spiked metal rivets.

She pushed past some ornately carved ones, and spotted what appeared to be a plain brown tetsubo. It was polished and its rivets were spiked and black. The handle was wrapped in a comfortable-feeling leather. Some instinct deep within her liked this weapon, it liked it very much. Carrying it with one hand, she approached a man wearing a lapis lazuli-colored turban, and some matching lapis with gold trim robes. His skin was a pitch-black, with a shock of long white hair, signifying that he was a dark elf.

"How much for the tetsubo?" Kiana asked, hearing Valay and Malay hurrying to her side. She could practically feel their wide eyes staring in wonder at the weapon.

The merchant smiled, his purple eyes twinkling. "So this is the weapon you have selected? Quite the interesting choice."

"Uh, thanks?" Kiana said, now looking the tetsubo over and wondering if it was cursed, or if the guy before her was going to turn out to be a demon or something and that every item in the shop was cursed in some karmic way like the old cliche.

"It is made from a healthy branch of steelwood. Note that I said made, and not carved. As exquisite as a weapon or armor made from carved steelwood is, it pales in comparison to one that is made with secret techniques to sing the form it was always supposed to be straight from the trees themselves. Doing so ensures that any weapon or armor crafted this way will never dull or break. And the price will, of course, reflect as much..."

"Ah," Kiana said, understanding what the merchant before her was getting at.

"That particular tetsubo I cannot part with for less than a platinum," he said.

"Sold," Kiana said, pulling open her pouch and jangling it as her hand disappeared inside. After a moment of her rooting around and sifting coins aside, she found what she was looking for. Out she pulled a single platinum coin. Her brother and sister, as well as the merchant, looked at Kiana in shock.

"Where'd you get a platinum piece?" Malay asked, watching transfixed as Kiana handed the coin over to the still stunned dark elf, who took it and slipped it into a pocket in his robes.

"I found it just outside of town, when I beat down a giant shambling plant creature-thing. I think it ate a traveling merchant or something, 'cause I found a pouch with ten of them in it," Kiana whispered with a wink. She looked up to see that the merchant had the coin back in his hands and was examining it with a jeweler's loupe, nodding in approval as he pocketed both and gave Kiana an award-winning smile.

"A happy transaction," he said, his voice much more jovial than it had been, "please, look around some more for any more weapons that might catch your eye. And please, remember to ask for F'nnickly the Weapon Merchant if ever you're in the cities of Thassles, Ghostflower, or Midnight Tree. I have shops in all of them!"

"I certainly will," Kiana said, meaning it. She imagined she would be seeing more of this F'nnickly on her travels. She then turned to her brother and sister and knelt down, while the merchant turned to address another customer. "Alright, you two, did you guys find anything you wanted? I'll buy it for you."

"But... your birthday money?" Valay asked, looking torn. Kiana gave him and then his twin a kiss on their foreheads.

"You're my cute little brother and sister. If I want to spend money on you guys, I will," she said with a warm smile that only grew wider at the sight of the two now sporting excited grins. They both ran off and started to look more earnestly at things that had caught their eyes.

"Papa probably won't be too happy with me buying them weapons, but I'm sure he and Mama will teach them how to be responsible with them," she thought. She was still crouched to the twins' level and was about to stand back up, when she spotted something else that caught her eye. It was a pair of seemingly plain polished brass knuckles lying inside a small glass display case on a shelf to her left. They looked to be made of a bright silvery metal. Opening the case and picking them up, they weighed next to nothing, but like the tetsubo, something about them called out to Kiana on a level she couldn't quite identify. Smiling, she stood up with them and tapped F'nnickly on his shoulder.

After learning that they were a pair of master-crafted mithril brass knuckles, Kiana bought them for five hundred gold, which was just half of another platinum piece, so she got some change to fill her coin pouch with. Valay was the first to return, carrying a set of shuriken that were enchanted to return to the thrower's hand with a snap of their fingers, a steel dagger, and a chain and sickle that F'nnickly identified as a kusarigama. Kiana had to stop Valay from spinning the weighted end as well as the sickle. Malay returned with a corkscrew oak carved staff that ended with a glowing purple jewel at the top, floating just above the tip. Right below it were human faces carved in, all with sinister-looking grins. It was a swamp dragon staff, meaning that it was great with poison, disease, and paralysis-related spells. With some practice, a dedicated magic user could use it to help with healing very nasty injuries and infections. Together, their purchases ended up costing Kiana another platinum piece plus another fifty gold.

Kiana smiled down at her beloved little brother and little sister, seeing their excitement as they marveled at their new equipment. Mirabelle, not understanding just why they were excited, was still wriggling happily nonetheless. Kiana looked around at her town, beyond the merchant booths and the games, looking at all the sights she had grown up again with, feeling a pang of sadness at knowing in two days, she was leaving. She saw all the familiar faces of her neighbors and friends and everyone else in this town she had grown to love. But it was time, and she knew it. And she had meant what she had said, she was going to visit often. Plus, she'd have Mirabelle with her, so she didn't expect she'd feel too homesick.

Two Days Later...

Kiana's travel pack was fully loaded with spare clothes, food, her mithril knuckles, a couple health potions (not that she was expecting to have to use them), a canteen of fresh water, some alchemical flameless torches, some books, other assorted supplies and, when she was certain no one was looking, Mr. Wolfy. She grabbed her tetsubo and looked at her bedroom, smiling at the bookshelf filled with all sorts of titles and books about faraway lands. Her bed was made, the soft pink comforter that made cold winter nights just so warm. Her closet that was closed, containing a bit fewer dresses than it did a couple days ago, with them safely packed away in her bag. Sighing, she exited.

She was wearing her forest green boots with gold trim up the laces. They matched her green and gold hot pants and matching halter top. Kiana hadn't been too sure about leaving her midriff open like this, exposing her grey back and white tummy, but she had to admit that she had a pretty decent range of movement. And besides, compared to some other female, and some male, adventurers out there wearing what were basically bikinis or lingerie, this was much less revealing.

Out in the living room, her family was waiting. Pumala stood there, holding Kiana's platinum star-shaped badge, signifying the girl was a registered adventurer. Valay had asked Kiana about the badge that had been hand-delivered by guildmaster Graval the day before, the human man wishing the new adventurer a happy birthday. Kiana had explained that she was now officially an adventurer, but a freelance adventurer. She then had to explain that the local guild was a branch of the international inter-adventurer guild association. For freelance adventurers, a platinum ranking was the highest ranking they could achieve. If they wished to rank higher, they needed to join an official guild, like Unicorn Riot or Phoenix Phist. Basically, the guild in their town was just for beginners. The bunny girl was considering joining a real guild, but wanted to first travel and do some missions, and then look in on the different guilds and find out which one she would be most comfortable with.

"Go out there and have an awesome adventure!" Valay said, his voice choking up a bit. He looked away and wiped his eyes before hugging Kiana.

"Yeah, and be sure to tell us all about the places you go and the things you do!" Malay said, her own eyes moist. Kiana felt the hot prickle of tears at the back of hers and furiously blinked them away as she returned their hugs.

"Count on it," she said with a smile. The two letting go, Pumala stepped forward and pinned the badge on Kiana's halter top, her own eyes misty.

"I'm so proud of you, honey-bunny," she said, now doing the hugging. Kiana hugged back, having to blink away some tears again.

"I love you, Mama," she said, being kissed on her forehead.

"I love you too, baby," Pumala said. The older bunny woman, who now had a slight baby bump again, stepped back as her large wolf-man husband strode forward. He tried to look stern, but the silent tears streaming down his face ruined the impression. He threw his arms around Kiana and wrapped her in a bone-crushing hug.

"Oh, my little princess is going awaaaaaaaaay!" he sobbed, much to everyone's collective embarrassment.

"I'll be back to visit, Papa," Kiana said, trying to gently pry his arms off.

"Be careful out there on the road, sweetie!" he sobbed again, his tail tucked between his legs.

"I will, Papa, I promise." Kiana smiled as he let go, and walked to the door. She turned and waved to her family, before turning back and opening the door. Just after she took her first step, she felt a jolt and something wrap around her right leg. Looking down, she saw her father, clinging to her leg like a toddler.

"Feli, let go of Kiana's leg right this instant!" Pumala called, while the twins, still saddened by their big sister's departure, shared a giggle at their father's antics.

"Never!" he called back, tightening his grip. Kiana rolled her eyes and smiled back at her mom.

"Don't worry, he'll fall off or I'll manage to shake him off before I get to the bridge," she said, starting to walk, albeit with an awkward gait. She whistled and Mirabelle, now sporting a new pink ribbon around her neck, came slithering after. Kiana's friends were near the gate for a send-off, which was made a little awkward by the still sobbing grown wolf clinging to the now mildly annoyed bunny girl's leg. She thanked them all and hugged each one, before stopping at the gate itself. She raised the leg her father was on, and began to shake. After a few moments, Felixin went flying and landed in the dirt with an 'OMPH!' Kiana waited as he got up and dusted himself off, wiping his face with the sleeve of his red robes, and walked over to her.

"I love you, Princess," he said, looking Kiana in the eyes and forcing a smile, "from the very day you were born, you were always my little princess, and it's just so hard to see you go. But please, know that I love you, and that not only am I already proud of what you've managed to accomplish, but that I know I'll be proud of the things you do out in the world."

Kiana, fresh tears of her own falling, pulled her Papa into one more hug, now the one making it a bone-crushing hug.

"I love you, Papa. I'm so lucky that I got to have you and Mama for parents. I'll be back before you know it," she said, wiping her own eyes. Felixin stepped back and continued to smile at his little girl. Kiana smiled back and, snapping her fingers to pull Mirabelle away from a gate guard's unattended bag lunch, the two set off, with Kiana turning back once to wave goodbye, before they finally crossed the bridge, and were on their way out into the wide world.
Name: Kiana
Species: Beasta (Rabbit-Kin)
Age: 16
Skills: Sibling Wrangler, Babysitter, Puppy-Dog Eyes, Master Martial Arts, Brawling, Heavy Weapon Proficiency, Sarcasm Mastery, Eyerolling Mastery, Beast Taming Level 3.
Class: (Official) Master-Level Dragon Monk: Storm Dragon School
Str: 140
Int: 12
Dex: 139
Cha: 12
Wis: 10
Con: 170
Languages: Common
Equipment: Adventurer's Pack, Steelwood Tetsubo, Mastercraft Mithril Knuckles (x2), Rope (25 Ft.), Canteen (Full), Road Rations, Spare Clothes, Bedroll, Health Potion (x2), Books (x3)
Sniffle. And there you have it, folks! I loved writing about Starlight Rose, but now it's time for us, along with Kiana, to explore the wide world! Thanks for reading this new chapter, and be sure to consider leaving a comment or review.

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2023.05.27 23:00 ghostidiot Soon to be 30 year old virgin. Lost everything and have no future or connection to anyone.

Any reason to go on? How do you move forward being as pathetic and lost as this
I can see all my problems so clearly but I can't see any way for me to solve them. I feel helpless and weak because my entire life has shown me that I am. I resent my mother more every day for bringing me into this world with no plan and no idea of her own what makes life worth living. I resent my father for the same and for dying and leaving me with all this confusion and pain and aversion to anyone who has tried to help me.
29 years old, have had intense anxiety mainly rooted around social anxiety but debilitating in all areas of my life now that I have a clear head with which to look back. My parents were aware of this, they knew I was shy, that I had no friends. Of course they were reclusive alcoholics who only got married because they grew up on the same street. So I got absolutely no support, no intervention. I learned to live as myself, learned to wall people off and never talk and never reveal ANYTHING vulnerable. I used to be a very happy, lively, precocious kid. I was funny and would say things beyond my years, coming out of a little twerp much smaller and SHORTER (always short, alway short) than most his age with bright red hair, and so as you can imagine, I was mocked brutally by other children for this. I learned to never expose myself quickly. Of course, this leads to having no close friendships to speak of. At 17 my dad dies, I manage to graduate high school.
What the fuck can you say about someone like me? My life is so empty I struggle to converse with anyone despite being well read on many subjects, funny, naturally friendly and inquisitive (at one time at least). But when you just literally have nothing to stand on, a hollow identity, no experiences, nothing, how do you ever relate to the real people out there living real life, the kind of life that you spent your formative years assuming must be the kind of thing that only happens on TV. Hanging out with friends, pursuing your own interests, taking risks, moving away from your family, going to bars, having relationships. No, during those times I was on the internet, trying not to think about my life, about the crushing loneliness of my existence. Trying so hard to self actualize online that I actually managed to make friends through it, friends I don't even deserve because even after all these years I'm scared to talk to them for fear of having to be the slightest bit vulnerable.
I worked for 7 years at a respectable job, always being praised, getting the raises every year. Of course I burned out because I'm a fraud, but it was good for a while. And I did try my hardest. Then I managed to get another job and later almost a year but was basically forced to quit by bad conditions and treatment from my boss. Now, I'm unemployed again. I doubt anyone would even believe I ever held down a job outside fast food or a grocery store (although right now I would love to have one of those jobs). And what do I have to show for my years of service? A mortgage on a condo I was tricked into by my mother. I could've spent all that money travelling and living my life! Now I'll lose everything and have nothing to show for it.
I never knew I could've lived my dreams by just working hard and separating myself from my incapable, drain family. Now I'm stuck living with my mother forever. No escape. I was too mentally ill and too beaten down by life that I just wanted to put my head down and feel safe. Even while I was lonely and miserable. Now I'm at square one, or worse, square zero, since I have to somehow start college as a 28 year old and totally change my life with no contacts or relationships in that field. While working somewhere else, as a loser that has only had an IT job but hates IT with a passion, and has no other work experience.
I have to do all this while being alone of course, since no one wants to date a guy with no future and no hope. Even while I was working full time no one liked me, no one talked to me, no one cared. My male coworkers were nice but women all gave me the cold shoulder (I was not a creep, more just like a really young seeming guy, the only questions they'd ask me was how old I was).
I have had fun exactly 3 times in my life, the three times I got to meet my online friends at a convention in my city. Now I can't even enjoy that this year because I have no money for hotel, gas, restaurants, activities, anything. That will end up being the highlight of my life, those experiences, and it is all downhill from here.
I'm trying to self improve, I've been trying. I guess I am a weak person. But I went to therapy for over 3 years with little improvement despite what I thought was a good rapport with the therapist. I'm doing weight training at least 4x a week in the small gym in my community and I walk every day. I am a healthy weight though not muscular from a lifetime of being terrified of sports and physical activity, but I'm a 5'7 shrimp. My skin is bad from lifelong acne and I have spent thousands over the years on skincare, was going to get accutane before I lost my job lol (one of the things I was trying to do to save my life along with taking a few measly community college classes but I am too dumb for the math ones) so I am just one ugly bastard though it could be covered with makeup easily. I have always hated myself but I'm not THAT ugly just not masculine and I have no idea how to style my hair really, but I get complimented on my hair by older women.
Every morning I wake up and try to think of any reason to keep going. I apply to jobs knowing even if I receive a response, and then an offer, I would be miserable there just like at my old job. I have no friends and no money to go out and do anything, the only thing I do is walk the dog at parks and even that, after years doing it, I have bad attacks of anxiety quite often from the other pedestrians. I wish I could kill myself because I'm so separate from all others but I'm weak and it would hurt my mom.
I don't enjoy anything anymore, except being out in the open air and free, or making myself feel that way. I'm beyond bored with video games. Movies, tv, and books are ok as a distraction but it's difficult when everything confronts me with how empty my own life is, given that almost every story has character relationships and people with cool jobs and other things. I suck at every physical activity and at building things.
Edit: Also to expand on how pathetic I am, I'm dependent on weed even though I hate drugs and didn't do any kind of substance at all until I was 25. And I've still only done weed. I don't even drink out of respect for my parents, my dad dead and my mom sober, even though I fucking hate them. So I can't even relax ever and enjoy myself.
At this rate I'm going to be 30+ years old and dying of my bad genetics (dad dead in late 40s from alcoholism/depression, grandpa in early 50s from heart thing) without even having been to a foreign country. Let alone something like holding a girl's hand. That's what I'm saying, Pathetic. Something so sad you wouldn't believe it about anyone, would you?
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2023.05.27 21:01 eliteprotorush Missed Second Dose of MonkeyPox Vaccine. What do I do?

I had my first monkey pox vaccine back in February. Missed the second one for no plausible excuse other than a lot of travel came up, and then just fell to the back of my mind.
If I go to resume my vaccination, can I just get the second one? Or do I need to start over?
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140
Race: White
Duration of complaint: N/A
Location: N/A
Any existing relevant medical issues: N/A
Current medications: N/A
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2023.05.27 19:43 _femme_96 [SELL][US] Sugarpill, Artist Couture, Ouidad, Goldfaden MD, Kate Sommerville, Fresh, Natasha Denona, La Mer, Sunday Riley, RMS, Tarte, MAC, KVD, Colourpop, Fenty Beauty; Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, and Nail Polish (OPI, CND, ILNP)!

Most products are brand new or gently used/used once (with exception for lip products, all are new and unused)
Also willing to bundle with USPS flat rate as well!
All products are wiped down and sanitized, I am 4x vaxxed, and all products come from a smoke-free home. Payment via PayPal G&S Only. Shipping starts at $5 for most small items depending on zip and increases with weight (shipping USPS). Shipping from the WA State. :) $10 min before shipping preferred. All item conditions are noted and pictured best as I can. Prices do not include shipping.
NEW= never swatched or used, all else will be indicated individually.
Natasha Denona Chroma Crystal Liquid Eyeshadow in Moonstone NEW- $5 https://imgur.com/a/90Sx3FK
Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation in Light 5N Swatched (2-3 pumps)- $5 https://imgur.com/a/jYoiUCb
Fenty Beauty Flypencil in In Big Truffle NEW- $8 https://imgur.com/a/YbMngLj
Fenty Beauty Flypencil in Black Card NEW- $8 https://imgur.com/a/FO6kGXW
MAC Single Eyeshadow in Brick NEW-$5 https://imgur.com/a/oZ89DoG SOLD! TY!
Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lipstick in Rose NEW- $8 https://imgur.com/a/vApEkTa
Tarte Big Ego brow pomade in Taupe (swatched, sanitized)- $5 https://imgur.com/a/haSHG6j
RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Demure NEW- $8 https://imgur.com/a/yUQpr2B
Huda Beauty GloWish Cheeky Vegan blush in Healthy Peach (swatched)- $8 https://imgur.com/a/eifwwKG
MAC Pigment in Tan (95% full)- $10 https://imgur.com/a/zmcoGeV SOLD! TY!
Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow pigment in Brick Toast NEW- $10 https://imgur.com/a/2gUJZjt
Sugarpill Loose eyeshadow pigment in Penelope (90% full)- $10 https://imgur.com/a/xoJyPXx
Artist Couture Love Sprung blush palette (swatched)- $15 https://imgur.com/a/IRPzhbh
KVD Alchemist Holographic palette NEW- $15 https://imgur.com/a/fKXEF7a
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r powder in Banana TRAVEL SIZE (75% full) https://imgur.com/a/Re0PI74
Wander Beauty Sunkissed 'Getaway' face palette NEW- $15 https://imgur.com/a/Z9ZeX2o
Mally Beauty Best Dressed Lids eyeshadow palette NEW- $20 https://imgur.com/a/y8ZJzN8
Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Color Balm SPF50 in Blush NEW- $15 https://imgur.com/a/bm2Rpmn

Sunday Riley CEO Vit C Rich Hydration Cream NEW- $30 https://imgur.com/sD2u4jv
Goldfaden Vital Boost Moisturizer NEW- $40 https://imgur.com/hY8MHUq
Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizer (last-gen packaging) NEW NO BOX- $20 https://imgur.com/hpa8vgT
Dermstore Day Cream NEW NO BOX- $15 https://imgur.com/OxntG3l
Pixi Beauty SkinTreats Collagen Tonic toner NEW- $7 https://imgur.com/F0jbs4K SOLD! TY!
Pixi Beauty SkinTreats Rose Tonic toner NEW- $7 https://imgur.com/REDOnub
Grown Alchemist Regenerating Night Cream NEW- $35 https://imgur.com/CeGpMGD
Fresh Kombucha Cleansing Treatment micellar water NEW- $15 https://imgur.com/ZvXaGkv SOLD! TY!
La Mer Creme De la Mer MINI 0.5oz NEW-$50 ($100 retail) https://imgur.com/a/D2G2fTJ

FAB Beauty KP Smoothing Body Lotion NEW-$10 https://imgur.com/6beIX2h
Yves Rocher Vegetal Body Scrub NEW-$5 https://imgur.com/ZohEn0w
The Mane Choice ECL Conditioner NEW- $5/ea https://imgur.com/CyZVGNw
Ouidad Weightless Cleansing Conditioner NEW (purchased with my pro license, AUTHENTIC)-$15 https://imgur.com/F4E0U7h
Loreal Pro Curl Expression Shampoo 16.9oz (purchased with my pro license, AUTHENTIC)-$10 https://imgur.com/NDuray7
Loreal Pro Curl Expression Mask 8.5oz (purchased with my pro license, AUTHENTIC) NEW-$10 https://imgur.com/pdwdNDH
Sunday2Sunday Hair Flourish scalp serum NEW- $8 https://imgur.com/ZfxkI48
Refreshments Oh My Moisture Shampoo NEW-$5 https://imgur.com/PLYqhte

GWP'S (21 ind.) - $1 each or $15 for all 21 samples. https://imgur.com/a/MSiCApR

NAIL POLISH - $5 each. https://imgur.com/a/Br16tqz for all polishes but ILNP
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CND Gel in Hypnotic Dreams
CND Gel in Wisteria Haze
CND Gel in B-Day Candle
CND Gel in Powder My Nose
CND Gel in Arrowhead
CND Gel in Baby Smile

DELUXE SAMPLES (19 ind.) - $2.50 each
Tarte Shape Tape pressed powder in 22N https://imgur.com/a/hdRaypb
Farmacy ceramide moisturizer NEW https://imgur.com/a/lhfgyb3
Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant https://imgur.com/WuW7E1N
Duft&Doft hemp seed serum https://imgur.com/GApKtxc
Kiehl's cannabis sativa seed oil herbal concentrate https://imgur.com/ehHilZc
Herbivore prism AHA+BHA mask https://imgur.com/mQhozY5 SOLD! TY!
YSL pure shots night boost serum https://imgur.com/A7NjsiF
Tonymoly moisture boost serum https://imgur.com/IkEGaF6
Tatcha the liquid silk canvas primer https://imgur.com/RN3Nr4X SOLD! TY!
Ouai detox shampoo https://imgur.com/posiALf (link for all deluxe samples listed below)
boscia peptide body serum
Sunday riley ceramic slip cleanser
Smashbox photo finish primer
FAB Beauty ultra repair moisturizer
Dermalogica post-breakout fix serum
Meaningful Beauty age serum
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2023.05.27 19:39 customerservicevoice How to stop seeing the requirement to drive to my fitness related activities as a barrier/excuse?

I live in a rural area. The city itself is very car centric. I accept that I need to drive anywhere to do most things. When I was younger, I didn’t care about going into/out of the city multiple times a day. As an adult, however, I have an extreme aversion to it. It’s not anxiety. It’s not fear of driving. It’s pure hatred🤣. I hate driving. I hate wasting time. I hate the cost of gas. I hate the wear & tear on my car. This applies to everything not just exercise. Rural life has made me a bit of a minimalist in that if I’m making dinner & I don’t have an ingredient I absolutely do not go into town to get it - I just do without. I have one day/week in which I schedule errands I literally schedule them outside of rush hour & this takes a full day - adding exercise on top puts me out of the house for 8-10h on my day ‘off’ which I can’t do because I have house tasks to attend. Way before the WFH movement was a thing, I legit picked jobs based on commute time & route. You get the idea.
I need more exercise & I need to attend a facility for a pool as I’ve decided on aqua fit classes for health reasons. Yet the thought of driving for 30 mins each way fills me with dread. That’s 60 mins I’ve lost. To make it worse, in order to attend some classes, I’d have to go into town 2x/day because of work as none of them line up even remotely close to my shift start time. I thought about scheduling my errands & my exercise & my work on the same day, but it’s too much - I can’t leave my dog for 12h.
The ‘best’ case scenario is I go into town for just this on one of my other days off, but damn! That’s still 60-90 mins (depending on traffic) of my day just for a 45 min aqua fit class.
Now, I am aware this aversion is a flat out excuse. I get that. I own that. What I need help with is re training my brain so I start to see this travel time as either a necessary evil or a privilege? I need help sort of toning down how absolutely stickler I am concerning driving anywhere, but I can’t beat my brain.
People who commute to whatever or don’t hate driving what can I do to get over this? I don’t like music. (Seriously, I don’t listen to it.) & I can’t over saturate myself with audio books as I already listen to them 4-6h/day while cleaning, sleeping & other exercise outside of the planned aqua fit. (I need to ‘save’ them for when I walk/run as they’re my main reward system for that exercise.) Even as is, I’m already listening to them too much.
How can I just stfu & accept this needs to happen to achieve my weight loss goals? The thought of spending an extra $100/month or more on gas to get there is just so unappealing.
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