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Sora Unchained Examined to Unconsciable levels.
Part one of an as yet unknown number of posts listing assorted triva, observations, and other neat stuff from the Sora Unchained arc. I've been going back over my old posts on this series and collecting whatever I'd said about the stories while waiting for others to get their copies. Now I'm going to post them in chapter order along with whatever else I might have on that chapter. If anyone else wants to contribute, feel free. Afterwards I'm going to consolidate these posts into one article and post it for general information. If this works out well maybe I'll go back and do this for some of the other arcs.
Sora Unchained arc - Dark Horse Trade Paperback number 19/20 Issued Jan. 2005, To be Reissued Feb. 2012 Kodansha Tankouban Vol. 19 and 20
Part 1 - I Choose You, Sora. Dark Horse issue 105, Feb. 2004 release Let's Decide The New Chief Kodansha chapt. 119, July 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
Sora Hasegawa, closet debutant.
The cover illustration shows Sora wearing a "Lolita, Clash, Lolita Lempic... , Paris" shirt. While I'm still looking for details (My daughter seems to recall a punk/SKA group called Lolita Clash) it seems more likely this is a reference to a fancy french perfume label "Lolita Lempicka". It seems to be a fairly high end brand of fragrences with VERY fancy bottles. Further information is desired.
The idea of cheating when drawing lots is a common theme in manga and anime. It's been pointed out on other sites that Tamiya and Otaki are shown setting up poor clueless Keiichi to win the drawing for who gets to be the driver in the OAV's motorcycle contest, and cheating on such selection processes has been used in story plots in Sailormoon and Maison Ikkoku.
There are several ways this supposedly random drawing can be rigged, mostly by whoever sets up the lots in the first place. Hence the comments by the club members about irregularities by Sora's promoters and Keiichi's comeback line of "is this the face of a cheater?!" (Belldandy wouldn't cheat if life itself depended on it. She'd just be sure the right decision would come about.)
The untranslated names of the club members on the bottom of the Choosing Maze are Mitsuwa, Ishii, Hasegawa, Chikafuji, and Kawada. Exactly which name goes with which member other than Sora hasn't been firmly established, but I believe the one with the mustach is Kawada (kon) Suzuki (dou) and the large gentleman is Watanabe (based on wild speculation using information from the Hill Climb Motorcycle and Singing Contest stories). Exactly how this maze game works to select someone is something I'd love to learn, anyone know?
(Addendum - see next post)
Part 2 - The Shortcut To Winning. Dark Horse issue 106, Mar. 2004 release The Way Of Competition Kodansha chapt. 120, Aug. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
The Racing Board shown is a real item. I found an advertisment and website for a Tanaka Paveracer, 40cc power cart that looks remarkably like the ones in the story.
The little creature Belldandy is using is called an Airbug Spiralee. It will be appearing in later chapters. Why Dark Horse felt the need to put an "and" in the name here is unknown.
A most important developement in this story is how a running theme that has existed throughout the series is made absolutely clear here. It wasn't really obvious at first, but a character trait BOTH Belldandy and Keiichi share is that they are gung-ho competitors and nothing makes them happier than squaring off against a new opponent. In the past, their pleasure in such competitions has been clouded by outside circumstances or unhappy results if they lose, but both Bell and Keiichi love a pure challenge they can devote themselves to totally. (This is first mentioned by Bell in the Anime Otoku story.)
This wasn't very clearly shown earlier in the manga, and many stories even made it seem as if Belldandy was rather timid about taking risks. (I know I thought that at first, and from the older posts on the subject I wasn't the only one.) That's why her occasional outbursts of excessive force or effort seemed so out of character. Actually, she's an all or nothing sort of competitor, who is just very choosy about what she decides to get involved in. Normally she tries not to upset things or push herself into situations, but when she decides to go for it (or she feels she's forced to), look out! This aspect of Bell's personality will become more noticable in the manga stories from here on, and if you go back and review the older stories I think you'll see what I mean.
Part 3 - The Director's Curse. Dark Horse issue 107, April 2004 release The Cursed Chief Kodansha chapt. 121, Sept. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
If you didn't notice, Sora is still steering the racing board while riding tandem with Belldandy.
Belldandy HAS driven a go-cart before. She learned by copying Diana Lockheed's moves while racing her back in Winner Take All. However, this race WAS before Chihiro and the other current club members had joined the story.
This is also one of the story arcs where her competitive nature starts showing. (Observe her efforts to win in the races, fight off the sleep demon, and how she can ignore K-1's behavior without embarassment in order to get back on track.)
And for those of you following the TV anime, the next part of the arc (What A Miracle) is where we first see Tamiya in his cheerleader outfit.
It's interesting how Sora never questions just how Belldandy has such an accurate inventory of the interesting wildlife in the area in her head. (Especially as the animals in question would be in motion and not likely to be in the same places day after day. Well maybe the owl would, but otherwise how could a normal person know all those detail with such certainty?) Of course it is Bell saying it, and Sora was distracted.
Still its fun noticing how people just accept what Belldandy tells them without worrying about how she might know such things. (P. S. The Japanese text is just slightly less specific as to the racoons and owls locations, but more specific as to where the starlings are.)
Part 4 - Special Training Dark Horse issue 108, May 2004 release Crash Course Continues Kodansha chapt. 122, Oct. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
The most fascinating aspect of this story is that it shows a 180 turnabout on the part of Bell's sisters. Skuld is going off on a rant about how Belldandy and Keiichi should always be together (at least as far as racing's concerned) , while Urd is saying (at least publically) that it's okay for them to do things apart.
We also haven't seen Skuld do the "PBTTT!" bit for awhile.
I try to not take sides in translation conflicts. I cannot speak or read any Japanese so I don't feel qualified to judge who's version is correct. (I do feel qualified to compare different versions however.) In this story however there are two places where the Dark Horse and independent translations differ in ways that I felt should be pointed out.
In the Japanese version, Keiichi is commenting on how Skuld and Urd are such sisters rather than Belldandy and Skuld.
More importantly, there's a joke in the sequence where the club members are preparing for Sora's next attempt to drive through them that Dark Horse left out. In the panel where the club member in the bandana is standing in front of the really large member, in the English version the smaller member is thinking, "Am I fast enough to dive for cover?" The Japanese version goes more like, "If I have to, I'll hide behind him... " That's what the arrow that Dark Horse left between them is refering to, and if they decided to remove the joke they should have removed the arrow.
Part 5 - Drive Dark Horse issue 109, June 2004 release Everybody Races Kodansha chapt. 123, Nov. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 19
Not much trivia to report in this story.
The biggest discussion point here is how Dark Horse reinterpreted Keiichi's comments while he's practicing with Sora and what he and Belldandy say to each other that night in the temple garden. The Japanese text doesn't have him actually challanging Sora to follow him or making statements to Belldandy later that he thought he might have been considered as helping Sora. However, the drawings do seem to be depicting him doing just that, so in this case I think the Dark Horse/Studio Proteus version is closer to what Mr. Fujishima intended.
Part 6 - Miles and Miles Dark Horse issue 110, July 2004 release Keiichi's Distance, Hasegawa's Distance Kodansha chapt. 124, Dec. 1998 release Tankouban Vol. 20
Those stamps Tamiya, Otaki, and later Chihiro, are using at their check points are their signature stamps. The letters printed by them are their names.
Keiichi DOES have a Check Point list, his senpais are just choosing to stamp his face to aggravate him.
As a bit of speculation on my part, I'm sure you've noticed how Tamiya and Otaki put on hapi coats with the Whirlwind logos on them after they've stamped both Keiichi and Sora (so Sora and K-1 won't see them wearing them). Such coats are a form of advertising used by shops and worn by people employed by the shop to do things in public places. One of these things is handing out flyers and brochures at special events, which is what I think Chihiro is having them do for her after the racers have passed. More on this in the last story.
Part 7 - The Race Gets Hot, A Goddess Gets Hotter! Dark Horse issue 111, Aug. 2004 release The Race Begins! Goddess Acts Too! Kodansha chapt. 125, Jan. 1999 release Kodansha chapt. 126, Feb. 1999 release Tankouban Vol. 20
One can only wonder how Keiichi heard them tell Sora she might have to pay a toll.
As has been pointed out by many sources, the poster next to the locker room door for the sea slug society is the same poster found on the bulletin board next to the NIT-MCC recruiting poster put up by Keiichi in the movie. I believe this is the first example of a movie reference in the manga.
Urd and Skuld's assistance to Keiichi is interesting for a number of points, not the least of which is that it shows Skuld as probably being able to teleport and levitate the same as Urd. (She seems to have gotten there on her own, and later disappears behind her smoke cloud cover. It doesn't seem like she just ran away and does wind up in the tree with Urd. Now Urd may have been providing transport for both of them, but judging from their conversation I can't see them cooperating to that degree.
They both seem to feel they have a duty to help Keiichi, like he was family. Or to score points with Belldandy. Either way, Keiichi is now an insider in their world view.
The Freaky Potion - Stupid New Machine rivalry is finally firmly established.
Urd establishes the use of a kiss (first seen in the movie) as a method of passing on a spell to someone.
The car next to Belldandy in the parking lot where she's waiting for the race to end is a Caterham Super 7, the same car driven by Sena Wakabayyashi, Ken Nakajima's stepmother in You're Under Arrest. This is the first guest crossover between the two series that I'm aware of.
The conversation between Belldandy and the club members actual marks the end of Kodansha's chapter 125. Chapter 126 starts with the aftermath of Urd's kiss and Skuld's indignation at it. Chapter 126 is then split between Dark Horse issue 111 and 112.
For those (very) few readers who didn't get it, Keiichi is making steam train sounds (chuffa-chuffa! Whoo-woo!)
The trash stalls Keiichi lands in (marked flammable and non-flammable) is a recyling station. Wood and paper goes in the flammable side, plastics and metals are in the non-flammable side. Keiichi crashed in the side with the harder, sharper objects.
911 is not an emergency number in Japan. What Sora is refering to in the Japanese text are emergency procedure numbers in the community disaster response handbook. (There are guideline procedures for fires, floods, earthquakes, car crashes, injuries, heart attacks, etc.)
When Keiichi drives off the ledge and crashes into the recycling bin, he's saved from serious injury by Holy Bell spinning an air cushion for him to land on. But why was she there to save him in the first place? Belldandy is at the finish line in the parking lot, talking to the other club members and waiting for the race to finish, and Holy Bell should be with her. Unless . . .
Maybe Belldandy had already split off a copy of herself at the start of the race and had been keeping an eye on Keiichi, just in case. (The rules of competition are sacred, but she also has a prior commitment to take care of Keiichi.) Which is why she was in a position to dispatch Holy Bell just in time to save him. And also how she knew instantly that Urd had put a spell on Keiichi.
Which would mean she might also have known about Urd kissing Keiichi, but had dismissed it as just the method Urd used to get the spell into him. (So it was probably a good thing K-1 didn't finish saying "incredible kiss". Bell might have reconsidered just how harmless it was and gotten a little jealous.)
As an additional observation, I don't think that angels can be multipled, only the goddesses. As a seperate entity the angel would need to copied seperately and giving each mini-goddess their own angel would be just a bit too much power out there. Rather, I think its more likely that the angel can manifest itself through any one of the copies as needed. Thus, if mini-Bell needs Holy Bell to save Keiichi, she can summon her, but then Bell back at the parking lot cannot while mini-Bell is using her at the recycling center.
Part 8 - The Best Magic Dark Horse issue 112, Sept. 2004 release Aberrant Kiss The Strongest Magic Kodansha chapt. 126, Feb. 1999 release Kodansha chapt. 127, Mar. 1999 release Tankouban Vol. 20
Dark Horse issue 112 contains both Kodansha chapter 126 and 127 Chapter 126 is split between Dark Horse issue 111 and 112. Chapter 126 ends after Belldandy leaves Keiichi to fix his racing board and continue the race.
It was fitting that Dark Horse would celebrate its long established habit of recombining Kodansha manga chapters with its last two comic book issue releases.
When Belldandy and Holy Bell leave Keiichi after he wakes up, they transport themselves through a piece of chromed metal (a mirrored surface).
So Keiichi re-invents the motorized skate board with just the items in his pockets. Now that's a mechanic! I wonder if Mr. Fujishima wanted a chance to do a skateboard montage without making it look like that was what he wanted to do.
It's interesting to note that since the sign says "NO BIKES OR CYCLES" Keiichi is not actually breaking any rules since what he's riding doesn't fit either of those catagories.
As is revealed at the end of this story, a hidden sub-plot of this arc was how mercantile Chihiro can be. Her plot to use the Motor Club's race as an advertising stunt to sell the racing boards is foreshadowed by the scene in the first part of the story where we see how fast Chihiro can put on her "Salesperson Face" and Keiichi's comments on how she can "Turn It On." Later there are hints that she's doing something on her own behind the scenes, then we see she's got Tamiya and Otaki in Whirlwind coats at the check points, but doesn't want Keiichi or Sora to see the coats. Finally, at the end we discover they've been handing out sales brochures, that the race had been advertised as a sales stunt, and that Chihiro has already made a sign exploiting Keiichi's emergency conversion to a motorized skateboard as a sales feature.
This doesn't mean she wasn't honestly trying to help Sora and the NIT-MCC resolve their leadership crisis. It's quite obvious she was. It's just that its also being shown that she's not above using this as an opportunity to further her own mercantile efforts as well.
Kurthy133 Question and Answer
Tim, since you had some speculations about the cover illustration involving Sora's shirt in Part One of the Sora Unchained arc, I was wondering if you had any ideas about Bell's shirt in the cover illustartion of Part Two (39 hat and all.) It is much harder to read, but I figured that if anyone might know, it would be you!
While there might be some significance to the 39, I'm not aware of any. In general what she's wearing seems to be a fairly typical example of race crew wear.
In almost any motorized vehicle race (and many others as well) in Japan where there's enough money available for such things, the support team for a racer is dressed in similar, stylized, color coordinated, semi-casual clothes, often with the name of the sport, the racer's name or number, and the event or team's sponsers on them. (This is common for most professional sports around the world.)
What Belldandy is wearing seems pretty close to what other manga and anime characters I've seen wear at such events (including in the earlier AMG manga and OAV stories.) The board is a lap board where the driver's time is recorded for each lap and held up so the drivers can see how they're doing, Whatever that logo on the shoes is, it's probably a parody of some real sneaker label. And the visible lettering on her sleeve starts with a "G" and ends with "RT", the rest being to my eyes unreadable. While in no way defendable, I'd guess it reads "Go-Cart".
Now, did you notice that Belldandy seems to be wearing the same shirt while sitting on the motorcycle two stories later? The printing on the sleeve is either missing or not visible, but the shirt back has what appears to be "Team Hasagawa" printed on it.
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I can’t remember at all what this book was called or what its cover was. It was set at a high school in Ireland. The main character was a girl who dressed very uniquely even when other people judged her. She secretly writes poetry and wants to perform it but is too scared. The male lead was an American transfer student who has a bunch of family baggage. She immediately doesn’t like him. I’m fairly certain they become closer by being assigned partners for an English project (I’m pretty sure the project/assignment was on Hamlet). There’s some drama involved with one of their mutual friends who gets involved with drugs I think (?) and violence. There’s a third act breakup. If anyone knows this book please let me know!! Thanks!
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Maybe I don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore. Maybe I am fighting for something so broken, that I shouldn't fight anymore. Maybe I am romanticized something too negative. I do absolutely everything in my power to be the perfect girl for him, even if it includes completely changing myself. It's never enough. Something always happens to make him angry. There is almost always an argument that is somehow magically my fault. Maybe it truly is, maybe it isn't.
In the past, my (27F) boyfriend (47M) has always complained how I do not have enough friends. This is true; I don't. He's very social and I am very introverted. I am outside of my homestate for three years and essentially starting fresh, due to the pandemic. I desperately missed having girlfriends, so I understood his frustration. I joined a women's meet up group and would chat with everyone here and there. There was a featival going on downtown tonight, and some women brought their partners, so I did too.
I'd like to think I am conventially attractive. I stay fit, I dress nicely, and put a decent amount of effort into my appearance.
When we got there, I was excited to introduce my bf to everyone. He barely introduced himself and didn't talk to anyone. There was a guy there with one of the girls, who was extremely enthusiastic when meeting me. I got a weird vibe from it, and steered clear from him.
Later at some point in the night, we bar hopped to a spot the group migrated to. That same guy spotted me and excitedly pointed at me. I ignored it, and continued to have fun and dance with my bf & new friends. At some point, my bf told me he didn't like him. I agreed with him. He told me "well he's part of your group". I reminded him that my group was a woman's group, and he was the +1 of another girl, and that I didn't know him at all but also didn't like his vibe. For whatever reason, this triggered an argument.
My bf started yelling at me, as if I knew this random guy, and was lying. He got so mean that I started crying a little. He then yelled at me for crying and making a scene. We promptly left. He insulted me. I tried to defend myself which only lead to more arguing. He dropped me off at my house with his copy of my key.
I'm in awe. I know I didn't do anything wrong, but his actions made me feel like I did. I know I'm not drunk, or being irrational. I can't believe some of the things he said to me. I feel so alone right now. I can't believe he just left me here. I'm trying to reflect, but I really don't understand how I deserved that. :(
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This video game gets released on Tuesday 6-27-23. It is brand New unopened.

This item ships out worldwide within 7 days of release.

Premium Edition Includes - A large cloth poster and a 3.5” tall by 4” long Goat pocket plushie packaged with the game in a custom box.

Your Story, Your Way - With a diverse character creation suite, including non-binary pronoun options for the first time, you can truly be who you want. And all eight eligible marriage candidates—including the new bachelor Gordy—are available for romance regardless of your chosen gender.

A Break From It All - There’s more to a wonderful life than just farming. Take pictures of your family with the new camera feature, dress up in your favorite outfits, or help your fellow residents with their requests.

A Familiar Farm for a New Generation - Revisit this iconic community with updated systems, character designs, and visuals that revitalize Forgotten Valley while maintaining the charm that made the original a classic.

Farming Simulation - Evolved The original’s unique farming features have been updated to include new facility upgrades to build, more hybrid crops to grow, all-new tools to use, and the ability to breed goats and sheep.
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Dating is crazy (pt 2)
I hate how this sub is turning to a relationship one so I have no other option than to tag along 🍻 🎉 (and for the DCIs, I'm not a farmer, this is one I've been holding on for sometime)
So I've been talking to this girl for a while or rather we have been dating for a few months now, let's call her Flee (Fleecer).
So when I met Flee, she was employed and could afford a few basic things. 2 or 3 months down the line, she started asking for money for things like her hair, wifi, chama etc. Well me being the Kinuthia I was cause of her looks, I played along and gave her the money. However, I told her that this shouldn't be a trend, however much as the man is supposed to be the provider. She's never even once spend 10 shillings on a date or anything so I knew this one was a fleecer. (We dated for a couple of months and both our birthdays passed & she never even said a thing on mine's, dont ask what i did for her, I told you Kinuthia was in love, I had found my pork rib)
After a couple of months, she lost her job (it's crazy how the ones who love borrowing money are usually on the receiving end of this most of the time in my experience) & mind you she was taking care of her mom's alleged "son" and her brothers daughter. So partly I had to help her with some bills but this couldn't go on for long (she's the type of people you can earn a million bob in a day and they would spend it all then complain afterwards)
So I decided, this time I won't be captain save a soul 😉 and sent her only for her hair (since she also has siblings and her mom who she's taking care of their "kids", they should atleast chip in too)
Long story short, she decided this time round she'll have to use the only skill she has to pay her bills. (Not hating but she honestly has none)
Edit: I've never been this happy to end things before, a man is supposed to be the provider but in no way taken advantage of or made to take care of someone elses burdens or guilt tripped into doing so, juu ya hiyo story, atleast I'll be having some extra shigidi shigide (money) in my pocket, wacha ni ji treat leo)
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So I started at a new restaurant and I’m annoyed. We have a dress code: the main things I’ll be focusing on here are the button up shirt & black socks.
My manager is really anal about everything, even gets on me for clocking in 3 minutes late. He’s particular about not parking in the back of the building &, obv, the dress code. He even accuses me is stuff I didn’t do, like only focusing on my tables when he’s not even there when I run peoples food, or cops an attitude when I’m standing of the other Side of the kitchen waiting for (anyones) food to be ran. (He says “what do you want? Why are it staring?” Etc in an annoyed voice.)
My pants are high enough so you can slightly see my socks. One day I wore pink, was told I couldn’t do that. Fair. I didn’t do it again. I started wearing black ones. For the next week, we didn’t work together but I always wore black socks. I don’t have a washedryer at home, so one day I ended up wearing gray cause that’s all I could find. He pulled me into his office & basically threatened to write me up because I wore grey socks instead of black. GREY. The most non-attention catching color ever that even matches out shirt. I can’t justify anyone caring about grey socks that much.
I think it’s extra funny because my first two weeks of working there, the shirt I got didn’t even fit well. The body was fine, but I’m a busty girl. The front of my shirt was literally busting open!! Like I SAW people looking cause it was that obvious!! Yet, I had to ask Again and again and again for them to even look into getting me a new shirt. Ig I should be glad that they ignored my chest enough that they didn’t notice them superman-ing the freakin buttons. It’s also funny cause apparently the style and color of jeans don’t matter. Yet the socks do?? Wtf.
I don’t know, I just needed to vent. I’m annoyed but I’m trying not to leave a place as soon as management gets on my nerves lol.
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2023.06.03 06:35 NeverBeUnseenToYou And So She Flicked My Boob: Storytime

I thought about sharing this random little story to make someone laugh because it sure made me laugh.
Little Bit of CONTEXT: This is girl has known me for forever and she is pretty much my best friend. She’s the kind of friend that I don’t mind her being all over me. So her touching my chest or butt is not uncomfortable to me. Actually it makes me laugh because she try’s to make my bf jealous and it never works.
This took place at a school banquet. More specifically a BAND banquet. The dress I was wearing didn’t require a bra so I just went braless with nipple covers on because the dress was sorta see through as well (literal band-aids for your boobs). My chest is pretty perky even without the use of a bra or some sort of support. My chest is also pretty big for my short figure so it looks even bigger than it is. I only trusted a few friends with the braless information because some of my girl friends always seemed to find it funny, no matter what the event. So I just wanted to make them laugh. When I went up to one of my best friends, she was the last girl I told, this is how the conversation went.
Conversation started talking about our dresses and I ended up pulling her to the side cause I didn’t get to tell her about my braless self. “I don’t know if you can tell but I’m actually not wearing a bra”. I slightly whisper to her in a giggle. She looks at me up and down, “your kidding.” And then she proceeds to stare at my chest, analyzing them jokingly. I continue explaining what I was really wearing underneath when all of a sudden, MID sentence, she flicks a singular boob. Maybe flick isn’t the right word. She used her finger to slightly lift and then the weight dropped. Her suspicious smile turned to a shocked expression, her jaw hitting the floor. I died of laughter out of pure shock that she did that but not at all uncomfortable. She started laughing too not expecting it to actually be true. “I thought you were messing with me!! I could not tell at all! I’m not even kidding.” She said to me as her cheeks turned red. She apologized if I felt uncomfortable about it and I told her that she gets away with it because she’s literally seen me naked and because it’s her. It can be really hard to tell if a women is wearing a bra with nip covers on but trust me: you can tell the difference between a bra and a boob with just one flick.
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2023.06.03 06:35 solotravelwer7 Replying to a Mcdonalds Enthusiast u/Wooden_Collar_6650

>All of you look the same on paper. All pictures either are just low effort or just different pictures from same place/event with no personality whatsoever.
Get your eyesight checked. And Yup We don't judge your Personality from your pictures alone. We are not that Judgemental to jump on conclusions.
>cmon nobody wants to see your man boobs
If I say the opposite, that is, tell a woman not to show her boobs then I'll be labelled as insecure, incel and what not but you openly bodyshamed guys.
>Yes i get it effort should be made from both sides but atleast give up krne se pehle try toh karo and if it is a dry conversation, just leave???
The problem will be solved if you stop using " Try Karo" matlb Guys tum Try karte raho. Give up bhi mat karo, Try karte raho. Aur agar thak-haarke give up karoge toh shame krne ke liye aise log hai hi reddit pe.
>If Having abs is your choice, then having mcdonald’s is ours
Most Women don't want a Dad Bod on dating apps. And having abs on a Guy is visually appealing and most of us workout to attain abs. It also keeps one healthy. Mcd Fries demerits got a long list. Checkout Flying Beast's video of Mcd Fries when you stop binge eating.
>Most of you dress the same too. Mid clothes like shirt pants to hide your misogyny and incel behaviour.
What do you want? If it's summers Shirt/Tees and Jeans/Pant is the combo for 99% of Guys. Also you'll boil down if I point out girls clothing so you should not poke guys for it too.
> If you have so much problem with makeup, then don’t wear it?? Let other people wear it atleast.
Well Wearing makeup is one thing and changing your whole complexion is another. If it enhances your beauty (I doubt if you got in first place) then it's fine and I can vouch on behalf of men that nobody objects but if you change yourself completely on Tinder and IRL you're Different then it's on you. You think Male population is against Lipsticks? Stfu!
>Your joke’s aren’t funny. The sexual innuendo’s on every prompt gives gives us cringe and no laughs.
Well are your Jokes funny? Because we can see How entertaining Female comedians are in general and how much Girls ask Guys to be Funny but vice versa just wants to laugh and got no contribution . So sorry if some Guys didn't met your expectations.
> i think you should be the one worrying about being 5’2, not us lol.
Here you pretty much showed How height only Applicable to Guys which means in this Universe, there are some certain things which are applicable to Girls too, Like Height, Abs, Funny, Rich. Oh! Sorry these are just applicable to Guys so for WomenHood? Damn nothing. Even asking for Loyalty will trigger you so what to ask lol. What to expect from a Woman tell me?
> All i ask is - develop your personalities, guys. Work on your brain.
Same to you. Please work on your Brain for now. I bet you got no personality because you borrowed yours from an american teen drama.
> And stop with the mid profiles.
Most guys didn't got much to show? Do you want to see me pose in front of Statue of Liberty with DSLR and a Lambo? No! Eat Fries!
> Stop making a incel bald guy on the internet your whole personality.
As usual borrowed personality from somebody you watched on screen. That bald guy is Misogynist, not incel. Just correcting you bcoz someone needs to asap.
>Stop with the constant need for sharing your thoughts and unwanted beliefs on poor girls (and the whole reddit audience)who literally don’t give a flying fuck about you or your bullshit opinions.
Well we give a Fuck. Why you girls wrote whole ass paragraphs and at the end you're like "We don't give a Fuck"? What's this constant need to contradict yourself. You probably hate us or don't like us but you care B1tch. Stop acting Bad Bitch. Chandni chowk se hai tu!
>I know I'm being quite extreme, but some of you needs to touch some grass…actually a whole forest
You're not extreme. You're extremely low intellect narcissist who just wants Guys to improve but lost your shit when somebody probably told you about not to eat at Mcd.
Men accepts you even if you're slightly beautiful because of your genes . You literally sometimes do nothing. If we start asking for girls to be certain height, you'll realize that no matter what you do, you can't change it but for some reason you're constantly getting mocked for it too. You can change your weight but see how much depressed you get if someone mocks you for it.
Also this is my take on your Lighthearted post, you said you might delete it so all I can say is " Hurry Up"
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2023.06.03 06:33 wchill The Mr. Prog trading bot now supports BN3 and Steam!

As a followup to my initial announcement post for my Discord trading bot, I've been hard at work making improvements. Today, I'm proud to announce support for BN3 trades (on Switch) as well as Steam BN6 trades!
(Well, technically it's supported BN3 on Switch for about 2 weeks, but I got Steam working just today and wanted to announce them together.)
So now the following are supported:
BN3 Steam will also work once I get another copy of the game on Steam (the code is there, I just can't run multiple games on the same Steam account).
Note that for BN3, I've disabled trades for unobtainable chips/NCPs based on the info listed on TREZ. This is to prevent people from having an unfair advantage in PvP.
Mr. Prog also has support for Discord slash commands with autocomplete now, in case you were annoyed by having to spell out chip names or look up codes.
For the technically minded, the approach I've taken with the Steam version is to write my own DLL and inject it alongside Special K (which is being used to allow the game to run in the background) in order to hook XInputGetState (which the game calls at 120hz to get the state of connected controllers), allowing me to mostly reuse my report-based input queueing system. Future additions for the Steam version include built-in memory patching to always lock the number of available chips/NCPs at 99, as well as having some kind of easy installation so that other people can run copies of the Steam trade worker code to cover other games.
I'll be working on support for the other games next, and then after that I'll be figuring out a way to rotate through all of the games.
In case you still need an invite to the Discord, here it is:
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2023.06.03 06:27 Aroma369 My (23) gf (23) wants me to pay for all dates. Is it reasonable?

Long story short:
I have no relationship experience beforehand. She wants me to pay for all the dates and we’re together for like 10 months. I don’t really feel comfortable doing so. I do want to spoil her and make her feel good but I don’t feel like it’s cool when I pay for everything. She claims she dresses up for me, makes her hair, nails, body hair, beautiful clothes, lingerie and stuff and she expects me to pay. I also take care of myself, haircuts, gym, supplements, taking care of the car I’m driving us to places, buying myself some good clothes, boxing lessons (I want to feel more confident and to be able to protect her), therapy. I’m helping my mother with money stuff.
Shes makes the same amount of money I’m making. She’s claiming that she will be raising the children, cooking all day, cleaning when we get married (we’re not planning to in the next few years). It kind of worries me to be honest. I don’t mind providing for the house but for now that’s not the case. She’s claiming she wants to feel as if she is being romanticized by me by taking her on dates. She said that because I currently have no money then she is fine with doing smaller dates but I should still pay. She even said that because at some times I wasn’t the one who took the initiative and asked for the date, thoughts about the details, then I should be the one to pay for it.
I grew up without lots of money and it annoys me this behavior. Am I wrong for feeing this?
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2023.06.03 06:27 LucyAriaRose WIBTA if I didn’t get my sister a wedding gift?

I am not the Original Poster. That is u/EarthClassic230. He posted in AmItheAsshole
Mood Spoiler: Okay-ish? Still... the audacity
Original Post: May 25, 2023
Ok so I (25M) am a wedding planner so when my sister (32F) announced she was getting married, most of our family, her included, assumed I’d help plan it for her. I initially didn’t really want to as ger wedding is right in the middle of busy season so I’d miss out on gigs that would pay but then I decided that she’s my sister and this would be a good wedding gift and would just help with the wedding stress.
She was so happy when I agreed and we started going over her plans and themes, I found some venues and we went to look at them, I took care of all of the catering so all she had to do was taste test and pick, I was also able to use my connections to get her special deals and stuff like that.
At first it was pretty smooth but as time went on it just got more and more stressful. She wouldn’t communicate with anyone and almost got her photographer to quit (I had to convince him to stay), she’d constantly change her mind on things and then get mad they were changed as I should of known she was just being indecisive and that I should have stuck with the first option.
While I was setting up the registry she told me I could have first dibs on what gift I was getting her, I looked at her confused and said that my help planning was my gift. She then said that a lot of family helped out and they are still getting gifts. I told her that other family members helped move furniture or lend me their car to pick up supplies, I was doing most of the work and was missing out on actually getting paid helping her.
She said she’s greatful for my help but that this wouldn’t really constitute a gift unless I was paying for things like her dress or the venue. And she said it didn’t matter when I brought up that my connections have literally saved her thousands when you add them up.
She’s now calling me cheap and is getting our family involved. I don’t know what she told them (they won’t tell me) but they keep saying how selfish I am to make my sister’s big day all about me.
If I could afford it I wouldn’t mind getting her something, but the cheapest thing in the registry is almost $200 and I’m not well off, plus my loss of income I can’t afford something like that rn. I want to support her but I don’t think I’m gonna get her a gift, WIBTA if I didn’t?
OOP is voted NTA
Update Post: May 27, 2023 (2 days later)
I took some of your advice but didnt go as extreme as I think some of you were hoping I would, sorry but I can be of a people pleaser and I dont want to ruin what is supposed to be a happy moment in her life.
I put together a list of everything I had done, including all the discounts I had gotten her, I'm not sure if she knew they were discounts as I didnt say they were discounts, I was saying things like “I have been able to get you a quote of x amount from y for z”. Aswell as stating what I would normally charge for a wedding this sized. I then texted her to ask if we could get some lunch and talk.
When she arrived I showed her the list and explained that I'm not asking her to pay this but I wanted her to see how much I'm helping her and how much money I am losing by doing her wedding instead of taking on a client who would pay. At first she was shocked at the amount and accused me of lying to try and make her feel bad, I was able to show her bills from other weddings I had done before and a quick Google search showed that my prices are pretty average, she had never looked up any wedding planner or their rates bc she assumed I was always gonna do it.
She said she thought it wasnt that much as I didnt seem to be well off, I told her that while it does pay well I cant take on crazy amounts of clients since I need to give quality service and that I might not always get clients all year, plus I have a few medical expenses that can take out a large chunk.
She said I still must have some money saved up, I said I do but that I would be having to use it to cover my bills and stuff since my income is taking a hit due to taking on her wedding, after a while of insisting that some of the items on her registry arnt that expensive she relented, I wouldn't have to get her anything since I had gotten her enough discounts to qualify as a gift and that she was grateful for my help and services.
Honestly, I didnt know how much this was stressing me until that relief washed over me, I was thankful that this was over and we could continue with planning her wedding. I asked her to clear things up with our family as they wont talk to me about it, she agreed and sent a group text explaining that the gift incident was just a misunderstanding and that we had talked it out and cleared things up.
For those who are saying that her registry seems very expensive, her new husband, his family friends, and alot of her friend are very wealthy, and she makes sure our parents and other close family are taken care of so she kinds has become disconnected from people with “normal” financial status like me. There are alot of things on the list like designer handbags, clothes, shopping sprees, dinners, and even a car and second home on there. The cheaper items are some simple jewelry she liked.
She paid for my part of the lunch as an apology and since I'm struggling and things are all good now I think, thanks, everyone. Marked as ongoing in case we get any info on the wedding
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2023.06.03 06:27 Gloomy-Ad-4269 Happy Birthday to Me.

I think part of the reason why I'm so angry in life is because of the gay ass clowns who parade themselves down the biggest cities in the country in rainbow thongs and glitter and demand to be accepted by everyone. I HATE to be associated with those that the administration would refer to as "people".
I have a message to them:
First; you have a whole fucking month so what are you complaining about? The biggest corporations of the WORLD have bent over backwards to give you "acceptance" what else do you want?
Our veterans get two, pause, (2) singular days out of the year to recognize their sacrifice in making sure this country is actually kept free in what the terms SHOULD mean. Shame on you. Just shame. Our veterans deserve more.
Second; if you want to be recognized as "normal" then BE NORMAL as the societal definition. Don't walk into Walmart dressed as a fucking teletubbie who is offended when someone "looks at you wrong" if you're going to be different then be proud of being different. Isn't that what this crap is all about? Can't you be "proud" without peer justification??
Apparently not...sad to see humans hating themselves so much that they have to destroy others along their path....well not just others, children.
You should be ashamed. If I were you I would want to die because of my actions. I would despise myself until the end knowing that I'm influencing and hurting children.
Go fuck yourself.
My name is Nick, I'm a homosexual, I wish I wasn't, BUT I have found a wonderful partner to spend my life with. I have found a community that accepts me and gives me work and shelter, BECAUSE I'm not a ticking freak.
I think homosexuality is a genetic mutation. "Natures" answer to overpopulation. Although, I think there is mental sickness for many, I'm scared and I'm angry. These people who are ruining our country and our world are of Satan. God is not of them.
God may not be of me to him, and if so that be so, but I love god and I know in my heart I have done everything in my power and belief to apologize for my shortcomings as a human and will continue to do so until the end of my days to serve him. You should do the same.
May God have mercy on your souls.
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2023.06.03 06:27 Gloomy-Ad-4269 Fuck Pride Month, Happy Birthday to Me.

I think part of the reason why I'm so angry in life is because of the gay ass clowns who parade themselves down the biggest cities in the country in rainbow thongs and glitter and demand to be accepted by everyone. I HATE to be associated with those that the administration would refer to as "people".
I have a message to them:
First; you have a whole fucking month so what are you complaining about? The biggest corporations of the WORLD have bent over backwards to give you "acceptance" what else do you want?
Our veterans get two, pause, (2) singular days out of the year to recognize their sacrifice in making sure this country is actually kept free in what the terms SHOULD mean. Shame on you. Just shame. Our veterans deserve more.
Second; if you want to be recognized as "normal" then BE NORMAL as the societal definition. Don't walk into Walmart dressed as a fucking teletubbie who is offended when someone "looks at you wrong" if you're going to be different then be proud of being different. Isn't that what this crap is all about? Can't you be "proud" without peer justification??
Apparently not...sad to see humans hating themselves so much that they have to destroy others along their path....well not just others, children.
You should be ashamed. If I were you I would want to die because of my actions. I would despise myself until the end knowing that I'm influencing and hurting children.
Go fuck yourself.
I'm a homosexual, I wish I wasn't, BUT I have found a wonderful partner to spend my life with. I have found a community that accepts me and gives me work and shelter, BECAUSE I'm not a ticking freak.
I think homosexuality is a genetic mutation. "Natures" answer to overpopulation. Although, I think there is mental sickness for many, I'm scared and I'm angry. These people who are ruining our country and our world are of Satan. God is not of them.
God may not be of me to him, and if so that be so, but I love god and I know in my heart I have done everything in my power and belief to apologize for my shortcomings as a human and will continue to do so until the end of my days to serve him. You should do the same.
May God have mercy on your souls.
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2023.06.03 06:24 Powerful-Spell-4987 (Suspected)Cheated out of WSOP Mystery Millions by unusual, questionable play

Emotionally, this is going to hurt for quite a while 😪 Worst cooler ever (suspect cheating towards other player) in my career by far. Out of the tournament and didn’t make cash.
Ran my stack up to 435,000 (2nd in chips at table) after back to back hands flopping Trips Queens followed by a Nut Flush. The 3rd consecutively played hand, Pocket Aces in the Big Blind.
Blind level 4,000/8,000/8,000 - 9 minutes before break Small Blind (Chip Leader at table / ~660,000) raised to 25K pre-flop. I 4-bet to 70K. Small blind said to me “You can’t have the best hand again.” He 5-bet me to 200K, I 6-bet All-In. Still not convinced, he called.
Me (1 seat): A♣️A♦️
Small Blind (9 seat): 4♦️4❤️
The look from everyone at the table were baffled that he called me, leading to some questionable remarks made towards the small blind given by my play that I played Pocket Aces correctly, whereas the small blind didn’t play his hand correctly. Floor was called over by those at the table as they felt the integrity of the game was compromised by the small blind. Floor supervisor said that he’ll handle it after the hand is complete.
Dealer dealt out 4♠️K♣️10♦️3♣️7♠️, eliminating me from the tournament in 884th out of 5,147. I asked the floor supervisor what could be done. He checked the cards for markings, which he couldn’t find any. I said that the play by the small blind was not normal play and that I suspect cheating. Floor Supervisor said that there’s nothing that could be done. Clearly, there’s no standard in place to prevent cheating and to protect those from being victim of cheating.
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2023.06.03 06:18 Aggravating-Excuse-1 17F - bringing laughs, deep convos, good vibes and pixie dust ˚ :♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ

(this is sorta a long post I’m so sorry)
I fr haven’t posted here in months 🥹 I really miss being on here. Now that school is coming to an end soon (in 2 weeks) I really wanna make some cool new friends to become close with!!! Especially someone to hang out with, play games, voice call etc etc [all over the summer of course]
Sooooo wassupppp my name is Naomi, I’m a 17 year old girl from The East Coast of the Usa, my birthday is in 2 months and I’m a Leo (if that matters) I would describe myself as sweet, open minded, quiet but talkative [with the right people] I’m a bit nerdy, I’m kinda soft spoken, I love holding deep conversations, flirting a bit and I like making jokes to make others laugh (I’ll probably bully you tho ahah)
And last but not least My dms are ALWAYS open 🤠✌️ sooooo dmmmmm meeeeee. I promise I don’t bite + I don’t really care who messages me [as long as you’re not a creep we’re Gucci]
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2023.06.03 06:11 Upbeat-Radio-7405 Infantilized Over 25

I have two legit infantilized female cousins ages 26 and 32 who were home schooled and still live with their (aging) parents. They've never had jobs, never went to college, never had boyfriends, and have no friends. Their mother is a narcissist and borderline. Their father enables her controlling behavior over them. Home school was a tactic to keep them away from opportunities to grow, develop and branch out on their own "bad influences."
Anyway, they both have looooong hair they keep in braids, and wear modest dresses. The younger one is "on the spectrum" and barely talks. When she does talk, it's only to provide one-sentence answers if you ask her a question, like a shy young child. The older one keeps her voice artificially high and childlike and anything she talks about is just an inarticulate rehash of whatever their mom says. Their lives revolve around home crafts, baking, and keeping their mom company and caring for her as she's in poor health and aging.
Their parents are close to 70 now and the two "girls" will inherit enough money so they won't have to work, but damn, they are a bizarre and depressing sight. Any time I've seen them it's like they haven't changed at all since they were 11-13 years old, and even back then they were infantilized for that age! I wonder sometimes if they're aware of what's been done to them but they seem unconcerned, most likely because they don't have to worry about money.
Everyone is curious what will happen when their over-controlling, narcissistic mother dies, but that might not be for years. How long can they really go on like this?
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2023.06.03 06:07 Hour_Flounder1405 Rust converter before primer ?

This is a question about best methods for converting rust before apply a Direct To Meal Primer.
Background: I am restoring a 2011 GMC Sierra Cab Roof. The clear coat was eroded and base coat and factory primer was down to the metal in some sections. Over time, entire flakes of paint and factory primer began to peel up exposing the metal cab roof to rust...In some areas, just surface rust, but in other some of the metal was deeply rusted, and pitted. Not holes, but about .2 mm of metal material corrosion.
Here is what I have done so far: I completely removed all clear, base and primer for the entire cab roof. Using 80 grit on a sander and wire wheels in the water channels and by hand down to bare metal. I then went back over the entire surface with 120 grit to remove sanding swirls in the metal. Then vacuumed the heavy metal and paint dust, and removed all residues of paint and primer that got sanded into the paint with acetone. I followed this up with alcohol and wiped that all down, then blasted with air. The entire cab roof is now bare metal and there are no holes and no cracks. I have to deal with a few deeper sanding marks where my sander had "skipped" along the metal. No big deal. I got those areas back to a flat surface with 120 grit....And again followed the acetone and alcohol wipe down.
Then I use a Phosphate etching product called KLEAN-STRIP Concrete & Metal. I applied it with a chip brush with a light layer to the entire cab roof. I left it on over night. I removed the excess with a wet damp clean rag with a 50/50 mixture of KLEAN-STRIP Concrete & Metal and distilled water. (My city water has a high mineral content). This removed alot of really dark residue from the cab roof and I had to use about 10 clean rags to get all of old black residue up and off the cab roof. I let that set for about an hour, then went back over the entire cab roof with more clean rags and a plastic bristle brush to mechanically remove as much of the residue that former on top. I noticed this was white grayish dust like residue. There is no surface rust forming and it's been three days now since doing this while the truck's been parked outside in heavy humidity in the sun. I think the surface is ready for prime now, but I have a few questions:
  1. Is there anything I should do to the cab roof with this iron phosphate surface I have created? I know about cleaning with acetone again before priming...and following by an alcohol wipe down. I just do not want to wash it with water, and I don't want to involve any cleaners that might react with the iron phosphate coating.
  2. I am considering hand rolling or tip painting an epoxy. Simply because the paint booth is not available to me...(long story).
I am looking for an epoxy 2K paint that can be rolled and tip painted, that can be sanded AS A PRIMER, that will not have problems with an iron phosphate coating? (when the paint booth has been repaired, I plan to spray the base and the clear later..but it will be weeks from now before the booth will be ready...I need to get a durable primer on this cab truck asap to protect it while It waits up to another 3 weeks.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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2023.06.03 06:07 Heavy-Push-5246 😭😭😭😭 I can’t

😭😭😭😭 I can’t submitted by Heavy-Push-5246 to Lexi_and_HaydenSnark [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:06 KaylanErin Maternity Clothes???

Hey friends!
I am pregnant and as a non-binary person who tends to dress more masc or androgynous I’ve had a hard time accepting the changes to my body and the limited fashion choices.
Do any of you know of ways to work with my changing body and how to still incorporate my identity into my fashion? I’d love to avoid being misgendered when possible or at least have some control over these next few months of dysphoric body changes.
To give an idea of what I dressed like before pregnancy it was baggy jeans, oversized shirts or sweaters, and whatever shoes I have by the front door. I don’t know what to do and I’m tired of crying in the mirror after forcing myself into dresses and skirts because they’re all I have.
If anyone has clothing brand suggestions, outfit suggestions, or simply words of encouragement please let me know. I am struggling and very depressed- I miss my baggy jeans 💔
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2023.06.03 06:05 burrderer When does a pattern need a FBA?

Hi all, I’m thinking of making this dress, and I’m wondering how I know if this pattern needs a FBA. (I have never done one before and am hoping to avoid one, but if it’s necessary, then I guess there’s no time like the present to learn)
I am planning to make a muslin first. Should I try it with/without FBA?
Bonus question: What kinds of details on this dress can I skip when making a muslin? And what aspects of this dress absolutely benefit from a muslin for trial?
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 06:02 TheCantervilleGhost My Uneventful Week Off

I spent my week off waiting for weed that never came. For the first three or four days and nights I just slept and cried when I needed to. I've still been thinking about Kyle a lot. I need to go visit his grave in Metairie. Maybe I can get someone else who knew him to come with me, as I haven't been to Metairie in years. I also went to the Kenneport or something nature preserve and there were tons of fungi and beautiful flowing plants with red berries. I don't know what they were but the flowers looked solanaceous. I didn't take any photos because I was being in the moment also alert like a deer bc you never know.
I am genuinely grateful for how well today went. It took six days but I finally started feeling better. I went to the library, finished my resume and went to goodwill and bought new shoes and clothes for summer. The only clothes I had were long sleeved dresses, cut offs and bdus, and various black shirts with holes in them. I like dressing like a bum because it lets people know that I don't care about their feelings. Sometimes that's not true or appropriate so you gotta buy clothes and make an effort. That's what normal people do so I did that.
I went out in person to pursue an indeed ad application and I think it went well. I walked right into the general manager and I think he is considering me for the front desk. Even though I've gotten really fat from MAT, people still like me because I have a nice attitude and giant boobs. I dressed nice in my new goodwill clothes and drove there in my used car and I was the happiest I've been in forever.
Hopefully they'll call me Monday and I'll be done with retail forevermore. I don't like how much it makes me hate my fellow person. I don't understand the customers who treat a retail establishment like a market south of the border. What the fuck is with all.the bartering and price demands and shit? I go into the store and I pay what they ask. I guess other people are raised not to have shame. That's a shame. It's a whole cycle of shame fueled by weekly pay which is like my new DOC. It's the greatest I wish every place offered it because I can always pay bills on time with less effort. Also it's one of the only new DOC choices that doesn't contain fentanyl (yet.)
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