2015 chevy traverse battery replacement

DRC-LSX10 Phoenix Drone battery not holding charge. Drone flies for about 30 seconds before cutting outs. What exactly is going on here? Is there any way to save the batteries and the charger without having to buy replacements?

2023.06.03 06:16 itsken37 DRC-LSX10 Phoenix Drone battery not holding charge. Drone flies for about 30 seconds before cutting outs. What exactly is going on here? Is there any way to save the batteries and the charger without having to buy replacements?

DRC-LSX10 Phoenix Drone battery not holding charge. Drone flies for about 30 seconds before cutting outs. What exactly is going on here? Is there any way to save the batteries and the charger without having to buy replacements? submitted by itsken37 to drones [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 05:55 misscanwenot Can I use an old tire as a spare?

I’m replacing all of my tires, I drive a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4WD. I also need to get a spare. Can I just use one of my old tires on a rim? My back tires have quite a good chunk of tread left, about 6/32 I’d say.
If I use it as a spare, how long would I be safe to drive on it without risking damaging something? Ideally I know I’d never drive on it long, but I am going on a 1,000 mile one way trip soon through the Rockies so I want to be prepared for worse case scenarios.
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2023.06.03 05:53 zone47x Shift cable bushing Stuck!!

Hey so I bought a new bushing replacement for my Chevy uplander from AutoZone and me being an idiot, got the wrong bushing kit but the initial bushing fits just not the extra pieces and I got one stuck in the bushing. Ive tried pulling prying and pushing it out but that thing feels like it's locked in there man I'm stumped, I know I'm an idiot but does anyone know how I can get this piece off without replacing the whole cable?
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2023.06.03 05:49 Globalksp Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic is Draining Its Li-Ion Batteries

We have and love the Mini 90 Neo Classic. Unfortunately, it's started eating batteries and can't figure out why or how to diagnose and fix.
Here's what went down: went on vacation and forgot the Li-Ion charger. When the battery died, I bought an aftermarket charger that swelled and destroyed the original battery. Ordered off brand replacement batteries off of Amazon. They powered the camera on, but would die within hours if left in the camera whether camera was on or off. Ordered 2 legit Fuji batteries and same thing.
So, it's the camera. Seems that a rare few have had this issue, but I haven't found anyone who has found a solution. Needless to say, the fiance is quite displeased about this 😬
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2023.06.03 05:35 Archer465 Thinking about getting this as my first motorcycle. Any thoughts? Is it worth the asking price?

Thinking about getting this as my first motorcycle. Any thoughts? Is it worth the asking price?
I’ve been looking at bikes for a while now and the monster has caught my eye over and over again. Any tips ab ducatis any experienced riders could give me would be much appreciated or if you think this would be worth the money. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 05:30 zone47x Shift cable bushing Stuck!!

Shift cable bushing Stuck!!
Hey so I bought a a replacement bushing from AutoZone for my shifter cable on my Chevy uplander and I ended up installing it but one of the pieces is stuck in the bushing, and I tried prying pulling and pushing! Guys I know I'm a idiot but does anyone have any idea of how I can get this piece off without replacing the whole cable?
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2023.06.03 05:18 ndlacajunwiseguy 2020 (goldilocks) ridgeline with modifications

2020 (goldilocks) ridgeline with modifications
Wanted to post the 2020 ridgeline (goldilocks...I like the old style, but has the new transmission) version that I bought new before all the pandemic weirdness

1: 2 inch traxda lift. This is really the sweet spot, going over really runs up the price and 2 inches puts it on par with the taco/rangecolorado that run next to you
2: firestone destination at2 265/60-18 . No rub on full lock forward/reverse. Reason for getting was white lettering and the reviews were very positive on highway manners and wet performance. Wet performance is big for me since I am driving in the wet a good majority of the time.
2A: Tires plus lift is roughly 2 1/2 inches up. Wife: why did you make it so high? its hard to get into!
me: muahahah
3: under body protection of mostly no low design front skid, front diff and catalytic protection (mostly to slow down/prevent someone going after my cat...its a thing in my area)
3a: front skid plate NEEDS replacement m6 bolts on the front that are automotive grade class 10.9. The stock bolts are meant to hold a tin shield and they will loosen and cause a bunch of creaking/groaning. If you attempt to tighten..they just break.
4: fog lights are diode dynamics SLF white, the 780 lumens is a great match and does not over power the main headlights. They are actually very useful in our dark and rainy nights here in Louisiana!
5: Brush guard, I think this was CarID...but not even sure you can buy anymore. It was roughly $350 at the time. Downside is the top tabs running under the hood...I had to take a stainless pad to them and really scour them and put on real black paint that could stand up to the rain. The stock coating rusted very quickly.
6: AEM drop in air filter. Clean/wash it every 3 months...works great.
7: CarID for the dash cover, I keep my vehicles for a long time and most end up with cracked dashes so wanted to prevent that on this ridgeline. Plus I could geek out and put my gamer handle embroided on it...kids/wife roll eyes... me dont care.
8: Steering wheel cover off amazon for $20, keeps the steering wheel in great shape and the aftermarket is really decent.
9: Full size spare on the back. This takes some amazon...you need a m8 140 to 160mm in length. I got the 160mm in length from England and its just a tad too long. I used rubber spacers on the stock insert. The stock tire holder requires a new hole, I screwed in my bolt...put some paint on the top and put the tire on with the stock holder. It showed me where the bolt hit the stock holder and voila...drilled my hole there. Its pretty much right on the edge..like 2mm off the edge if you need to guess. I put the bolt in and put a rubber spacer (again 160mm is a tad long, 150mm would be perfect) and just used a ratchet to screw it in. Is the view out of the back window great? No, but it beats the tire just lying in the back. I would love the tire to be side mounted on the bed behind the driver...but I don't know how to fabri-coble such a beast.
10: threw the engine cover away...I like to hear the engine.
11: Yes....I put a honda Trailsport badge on it. Its the version of the 2020 ridgeline that is really trail rated, but never made. haha...true unicorn
12: Put ceramic tint on the front windows. Its a bit less then the stock rear so nobody questions it and its a good look imho. I had it done professionally and it looks stock and has held up for 3 years with zero problems...and it really does block out the UV. They were also the same shop that installed the traxda lift, it was unique for them since they do a LOT of custom lifts...but never a ridgeline.

What I like:
1:Payload is great, I've really pushed it a few times with 1700lbs...but it handled it like a champ every time.
2:Towing is fine, small trailer for my daughters band, a few boats, etc. I do need to install a brake controller on the off chance it hits 4k lbs or more.
3:Ride is great...way better than most every truck I've driven
4:Handling is vastly better in the corners, I can really whip this thing into a tight turn and not end up plowing or bouncing like mad....this is NOT something you want to do on a taco/rangecolorado.
5:More height on the sidewalls makes a real difference in handling pot holes...ride is not as jarring. We don't have great roads here in Louisiana.
6:I use the in bed speakers waaay more than I ever thought I would.
7:Love the transmission
8:making people regret not getting a ridgeline after they borrow my truck for the weekend
9: its pretty damn unique in town, I mean ridgeline is already pretty much "wheres waldo?" in a sea of ford/chevy/dodge/toyota...but this puts it into the unicorn status
10: oh yeah..cabin space is awesome!
11: trunk really keeps the cabin clean...just toss it in the trunk!
What you need to accept:
1: acceleration takes a hit with more weight and bigger tires
2: gas mileage goes down. stock height/tires it was easy to get 25-29mpg, now its around 21. I drive like a monkey in town...17
3: Head unit is slooow. It doesn't crash/freeze...but it is slow. Basically android auto is your friend.
4: getting it aligned takes more than your usual shop. They have to work with lifted trucks...your normal shop has no clue on how to get this aligned. I took it to 2 shops, multiple times..fails. I then looked around for an alignment shop that knew wtf to do with modified trucks and it finally was done right.
5: eco mode in town is death...it takes so much off the acceleration that to turn into traffic is: ok..barely going..push more pedal...hmm still not moving...more pedal...damn they are right there! mash it to the floor!

Sum up:
I am totally that crescent wrench guy....I don't do anything that well, but can toss myself into most situations and make it work. This is my perfect truck in that it can do pretty much anything I ask it and my daughters are learning to drive on this as it has most of the modern safety features.
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2023.06.03 05:10 Bmmick 2017 Kia Optima Help

2017 Kia Optima Help
My kia the other day wouldn’t go in to drive but it did have reverse. I figured its more electrical now so i disconnected battery to reset the system. I ended up making it lose reverse. So i figured thats a good sign its not the actual transmission going out but rather something electrical. I got it going now after a over night reset and it finally threw this code. Just curious if anyone had experienced this and what the fix was?
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2023.06.03 05:04 balognesandwiches Aircon fan spinning but condenser doesn’t seem engaged

After installing the nest my aircon spins, yet barely cools my home. Air unit is clean so I’m wondering if it’s a wiring issue?
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2023.06.03 04:56 I_smell_more_bacon What have I done?

What have I done?
EzGo Replaced the batteries Halloween last year and ran it all night, got in a few days ago and it started smoking and died.
I could have sworn I read everything 3 times and connected everything properly. Obviously not. Am I screwed?
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2023.06.03 04:54 BoLB2323 Mechanic offering to buy my e92 n54

Dropped my FBO 6MT ‘09 space grey e92 w/ 110k at BMW to check the battery since they replaced it only a year ago.
Got a call back today from the technician offering to buy my car because it was so clean.
I take this as a good sign that I have a keeper (and have been taking good care of her) since I’m sure BMW sees plenty of beat up n54s.
I feel like saying “it’s worth more than money to me, 20k and it’s yours” even though KBB is like 11k.
What would you guys do? I can’t even think of another car I would want to replace it with within reason if I sold it.
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2023.06.03 04:54 r4nc1dd_ iPhone 11 not charging right after battery change

For a while I was using a pretty crappy charger and my phone was draining quickly during the day. I told this to a professional and upon investigation apparently my “maximum charging capacity” was at 80%, him telling me it might be time to replace my battery. So now, I have a new battery in my phone, it’s been alright I guess but my problem is that chargers are not charging my phone. I’ve been using a wireless power bank which is doing the job quite well, but when I attempt to plug into an actual outlet, it’s not working. It says that it’s “charging” yet the percentage is not moving. I’ve tried 3 cables, 2 brand new one older, and various charging cubes (about 5), I’ve mixed and matched, tried extension cords, nothing is working. I’m worried this is a battery issue but I’m fairly confused as my power bank/wireless charging is working well. I’ve told him this and he has no idea what the problem is. Not a tech pro so don’t be too harsh, but all advice is welcome. Thank you.
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2023.06.03 04:45 menmaryy did a stupid

so I was trying to replace a joy con joy stick, with one of those repair kits. long story short the black and gold part connecting the battery to the motherboard has completely come off. is there anything I can do?
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2023.06.03 04:39 ComprehensiveOkra632 Can you give me some advice about my next car purchase please?

Hi! I’m looking to buy a new to me car. I currently have a 2015 ford fusion se that I bought when it was 1 year old. I don’t wish to get a car that new again lol. And I don’t want another ford.
I am considering 2 different routes:
1) an old small coupe/suv. Ideally something 1990-1998 in the $2000-$8000 range. Easy to build out how I like as I replace the engine and transmission. Good bones, cheap easy to find parts, customizable. I’ve looked at Lexus sc 300/400, Toyota rav4, and crv picnic table model. If it’s a small car I’d like rwd and if it’s a suv I’d like awd. And sunroof!! Lol
2) something newerish sedan/hatchback/suv. 2005-2012 $5000-$12000. Reliable and won’t need to do work for awhile. Like will last me til 2035 without maaajor work so long as I care for it. Hybrid is cool but not necessary. Cheap parts, tires, good gas mileage. Honda fit or civic maybe? Idk
Do you have any recommendations besides what I’ve mentioned? Would you recommend any that I’ve mentioned over the others? I appreciate all input! Thank you!!
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2023.06.03 04:37 A2Cerakote Weekend project: finally take care of corroded hinges

Weekend project: finally take care of corroded hinges
My hinges were really starting to corrode hardcore on the 2015 wrangler. Had some free time so I pulled my hinges to cerakote them. I did them in graphite black. My old delrin bushings were getting worn out so I ordered a new set for the hinges. The door sides of the hinges were disintegrating as I was pulling them off so I decided to replace them. Got a good deal on a set of rugged ridge stainless door side hinges ($35 after coupon and a gift card). The body sides cleaned up pretty well and only had decent pitting on the drivers door lower hinge but it doesn’t bother me too much. All in all I would say they turned out pretty well. I’ll post some more pics after I mount the doors.
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2023.06.03 04:37 Blade4569 How do I fix my 3ds?

Somewhere around 3-4 years ago during the pandemic, I accidentally spilled water water on my New 3ds Xl and it wouldn't turn on. I want to repair it but I don't know how. I replaced the battery and tried charging it for a while but it still won't turn on. Us their also a person I can see to fix it?
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2023.06.03 04:33 swhipple87 Service time for 12V Battery System Repair

Service time for 12V Battery System Repair
Unfortunately on day 2 of owning my Rivian it stopped driving and saying it needs 12V battery system service immediately. I've opened a service ticket and they're towing it away on Monday but curious if anyone else has seen this and what the repair time is.
I've seen a lot about the batteries needing to be replaced but it doesn't seem like it's the battery (or only the battery). The car still wakes up, HVAC turns on, etc. but when you try to drive it complains about that and makes you stop and won't move again. Just curious as to what kind of wait I'm in for.
Also attached a screen shot of the service ticket. It calls out two DC-DC converters, and Harness and Connectors for HV and 12V. Seems like the charging system for the 12V battery isn't working right?
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2023.06.03 04:25 Tireless_AlphaFox I am working on my next short story in my superhero series. I don't know if people like my style of writing

It is heavily based on action, so I wonder if my current style of writing action scenes fits the general taste of RR readers. Here is an action scene of my style as an example. (Please tell me if you like them or not)
(Tireless is a superhero wearing green, and Sky passerby is another superhero with a special gun)
Sky Passerby drew out his pistol from the belt. It looked like a long golden revolver, but the cylinder was replaced by a long glass barrel full of light blue compressed air, and the hammer was replaced with a socket and a battery cassette. The glass barrel replaced both the cylinder and most of the metal barrel.
Compressed air and mana gushed out from the 1.6-inch metal barrel when Sky pressed the trigger. A light royal blue gust pounced toward that thin man and knocked him down like a car smashing into a pencil-thin timber. He lay on the floor and lost his consciousness. Sky Passerby and Tireless quickly sprinted through the narrow path. Sky even stepped on him accidentally. He kept running, and Tireless stayed.
The closest two men went into the alley, too. Fat man number one stroked his metal rod toward Tireless. His rod was caught and taken by Tireless’ left hand, and his head got pressed onto the wall by Tireless’ right hand while Tireless kicked man number two’s knee at his left rear. Another stick swung toward Tireless’ head from the rear of man number one. Tireless quickly strode back and fought the stick back with the reverse gripped rod in his hand. Man number one fell to the ground, and man number three, who was holding a dagger, jumped up from the back of the half-kneeling man number two.
Tireless’ left foot bounced from the ground. He rushed and collided with man number three before the man could ever use the dagger in his hand. Man number three hit the corner of the alley wall and got elbowed again on the head to the corner. Tireless kept stepping at man number two to keep him on the floor and roughly pitched the rod to man number four, standing at the rear of man number one’s body, to block his move for a second. He wished to stride back and keep a distance from his last two enemies to prepare for the final fight. However, man number five dashed and outstretched the knife in his right hand before Tireless could do anything else. Tireless quickly drew back his left hand and pushed man number five’s arm away before reaching his stomach.
He squatted down and let his right elbow, which had just knocked off man number three, hit man number five’s nape. With a tread on man number two’s head and picking up the knife on the floor, Tireless sighed and leisurely rotated his body in the direction of the last man standing.
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2023.06.03 04:16 dinus420 Is it possible to disassemble a lime bike battery to use it for my own motor?

I bought a lime bike battery from an auction which sold faulty or broken lime bikes, gonna open the battery when the specific screw head arrives but i was wondering if anyone knew anything about the batteries inside and if i could replace the motherboard or reprogram it because i think it’s tamper proof and it completely disconnects or disables itself when used to run a different motoitem. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated, Thanks.
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2023.06.03 04:01 Millzy242 Genius Bar appointment

I’m from the Bahamas but I’ll be traveling to Miami in the next 2 weeks. I was wondering is it possible to walk in an Apple Store and get an battery replacement because I’m trying to set up an appointment and it’s saying services not available
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2023.06.03 03:59 travis7s Return of the dead battery?

I had a 2017 5Ah battery that worked well for two years and then went red light for everything, wouldn't run the mower, wouldn't charge no matter what I tried. Ego agreed and sent me a new style replacement under warranty.
Fast forward 3 years later and the new battery is frustrating me with false overheating errors. So just for fun I throw the old battery on the charger and it starts charging! And now I just mowed my whole lawn on a single charge with the old battery after it sat untouched for 3 years.
So I guess the moral is, you might want to try your old dead batteries again.
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2023.06.03 03:54 Submission194 Deep Cycle vs Crank and Power Switch

Deep Cycle vs Crank and Power Switch
I currently have a 3 battery set up. One is a duel purpose but is used as the starter and two deep cycles. Previous owner wired this together so don’t blast me in the wiring mess.
Recently the deep cycles have been dying when playing music and the engine is off. They’re from 2016 so I’m assuming they’re just toast. I have a noco GEN5 charger 15amp charger set up to all three batteries.
I have the 1, all, 2 battery switch as well.
My process is start the battery with all. And alternate between 1 and 2 for using the radio when the motor is off.
My question is should I only be using the start battery then switch to all or?
I’m looking to replace the two deep cycle batteries with duracell’s 31M 105AH 800CCA AGM batteries. I want to do the LiPo4 but just out of my price range currently.
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