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A true crime community to discuss the ongoing investigation into the murders of University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen. OFFICIAL TIP LINES: 208-883-7180; [email protected]

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Tekken is a community-run subreddit for Bandai Namco Entertainment's Tekken franchise. Tekken is a 3D fighting game first released in 1994, with Tekken 7 being the latest instalment. Tekken serves as a discussion hub for all things Tekken, from gameplay, fanart, cosplays and lore to competitive strategy and the Tekken esports scene.

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A subreddit to discuss and decipher ODEON Cinema's Screen Unseen. Check here for clues, rumours, leaks and anything else! General Odeon Cinema discussion also welcome.

2023.06.05 01:17 foyerhead [listing]Room in luxury DUMBO 2bed1bath ($2330/mo) 11 months starting July 1

[listing]Room in luxury DUMBO 2bed1bath ($2330/mo) 11 months starting July 1
11 months sublease — 1 Bedroom (Full bed included) available in 2 bed 1 bath luxury apartment starting July 1st! Please read everything before reaching out!
Monthly rent: $2330, plus ~$100 for utilities/renters insurance and wifi. To move in you will need to pay a deposit, which is one month’s rent. So total for first month would be $4660.
Availability: July 1st 2023 to June 1st 2024, with the option to renew the lease.
About the apartment: This apartment is located in DUMBO/Vinegar Hill, and is a 2 bed 1 bath apartment on a 3rd floor elevator building. The unit has a washer and dryer, dishwasher, AC unit (can be used for both cooling and heating), central air, and a balcony. The building has a part-time doorman and a live-in supervisor (which is very convenient!). Building amenities include bike room, gym, laundry in building, package room, study room/lounge area, dog-walking terrace, and a gorgeous roof deck with barbecue stations!
Location: the building is located in prime DUMBO and next to a beautiful street of brownstones. The place is very residential and steps away from amazing restaurants and cafes such as Devocion and Time Out Market. There is conveniently a CVS 5 min walk away, and it’s great for any emergencies. For groceries there is Wegmans 10 min walk away and Trader Joe’s 17 min walk away (or 1 stop away by the F train). It’s also minutes away from the iconic viewpoint for the Manhattan bridge, pebble beach, and the Brooklyn Bridge park.
Transportation: 5 min walk to F at York St, 10 min walk to A & C at High St, 3 min walk to York St/Jay St bus station for B67, and 12 min walk away from the East River Ferry
The roommate: you will be living with a 25 y/o male working in tech. He mostly works from home during the week. He is clean and a great roommate. He loves going out and exploring the city, and is fun to hang out with!
Who are we looking for: preferably someone in their 20s, non-smoking, no pets, any gender welcome, preferably no couples.
How to reach out: message me/chat me directly for a full video tour and with any questions or to request an in-person or virtual tour.
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2023.06.05 01:17 ajkgnekwgnew i hate myself

I'm going to university next year. There is a scholarship system in my state that says if you reach a certain GPA with only English, Math, Science, History, and language classes you get a x amount of money depending on the college you go to. I was .03 above in the green but my new transcript but me .044 below. I got 2 Cs and just feel awful. My brother was such an amazing student and got a full ride to his college and is now in med school. I'm in my safety and now have to tell my parents ,who will absolutely hate me, that I lost my scholarship. I have my school orientation tomorrow and they will talk about tuition, scholarships, classes, and other things. The good part is that in one semester I can actually earn back my scholarship but regardless my parents will be mad because they will not only have to support my tuition but also my brother's med school stuff. My family isn't poor but regardless I feel like shit that they're going to have to pay several more thousand dollars because of me. I just feel like shit and I have to tell them by tonight. My girlfriend has told me to just take the backlash and try to prove to them with actions that I can get my GPA back up which is all I can do. I feel like shit but there's only one option and that is to simply do better. Thanks for reading if you did.
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2023.06.05 01:16 repubsdontlikeme I’ve heard the Jaylen Brown situation compared to the James Harden OKC situation. But I think a better comparison may be Jimmy Butler in Chicago

I understand the tendency to compare the Celtics to the former Thunder squad because they are both teams that share youth, talent, and a failure to cap off great runs with a ring. But Brown is not the offensive player that Harden was. Instead, he is an athletic two-way player with obvious impact on the floor. Instead, he reminds me of a younger Butler, clearly full of potential, but hasn’t refined his skills enough to truly be a bonafide superstar yet.
Now when Chicago decided to trade Butler they did so because they were scared off by the threat of giving Butler the 5 year super-max. This is the exact same situation the Celtics now face. Years later we have seen the max be taken on much more liberally. For example, both Bam Adebayo and Michael Porter Jr received max contracts that didn’t feel great when they were signed. Yet with time those contracts seem not only rational but vital. Obviously, the super-max is an even larger commitment, but the rational is the same. Especially when we have consistently seen “toxic” supermax contracts find value in the trade market.
What’s undeniable is that Jaylen Brown is clearly valuable. And with flawed players like Karl Anthony Towns inked to $60+ million dollar contracts, we need to change our perception of what a super-max player looks like in the new CBA.
Tangentially, I personally would rather see the Celtics look to move Smart for more playmaking. I think Smart is redundant when Tatum and Brown are both two-way players, especially when White and Brogdon are also combo guards. IMO the Celtics need a point guard or an interior facilitator. To move on from Jaylen Brown now feels premature in the context of the Celtics never really putting a player around Tatum-Brown that truly bolsters the Jay duo’s biggest weakness, playmaking. Gordon Hayward helped but he also suffered from injured.
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2023.06.05 01:16 IKnowCodeFu ID Request: On an dying ash tree in Winnipeg, Manitoba

ID Request: On an dying ash tree in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Zone 3a
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2023.06.05 01:16 3gt4f65r "Do we really have to use this outdated meme format?"

Do we really need to spent millions of dollars on museums? This is art, it's a part of our culture. That meme format has been with us for years, and if we kill it, what do we have left? I know it might be offensive if you're a girl, but there's so many other forms of sexist art that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We need this. If we lose it, we lose ourselves. This meme format... It's a gift from god. I hope you understand that they're more layers to this, like an onion or Shrek.
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2023.06.05 01:16 GaucheArtist Combo Trials should have rewarded Drive Tickets

It feels pretty empty going through the Combo Trials and not receiving anything for completion. Other games offer rewards such as Dragon Ball FighterZ (Zenny) and Mortal Kombat 11 (Skins), and even Capcom's own Street Fighter V doled out a modicum of Fight Money upon completion.
Seems weird to have moved backwards on that.
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2023.06.05 01:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (

[Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (
Our website:

If your agency is making between $10-30k per month, you’re sitting on an absolute goldmine and you have no idea.
After running my agency for 4 years, delivering over $100M worth of value to my clients, and generating 8 figures in total revenue, I’ve realized that any agency can be a massive business with the right mechanisms in place.
When I began building my agency in 2018, it was a good business for me and my partner.
It put food on the table, and we were able to help to grow other businesses that we were passionate about.
We didn’t realize at the time that the only thing keeping us at the mid-6-figure per year mark was our own mental blockages.
Just about any agency can be an 8-figure a year endeavor, especially if you do it the way that we’ve done it.
Most agency owners in the $10-30k per month range operate within a freelancer mindset.
You struggle with hiring, you struggle with building processes, and you struggle with scaling.
You do not have a demand problem.
For every agency, there are at least 500 potential clients with a problem that your agency can solve, and they’re willing to pay good money for you to do so.
With the right offer, 100-200 clients will be enough for you to have an 8-figure a year company that will sell for a multiple that could be in the range of 6-12X.
This course consists of 10 modules with text and video, plus 3 bonus modules that outline everything you need to know about:
  • Building systems for scaling fast
  • How to diversify your lead generation to never have an empty pipeline again
  • Assembling a team of people who care about your company’s vision as much as you
  • Remaining profitable as you scale
  • Avoiding mistakes at the intermediate and advanced levels with your business
  • The steps you need to take to sell your agency for 8+ figures
As long as you have an offer that’s proven to work in an industry that’s likely to continue to exist in 10 years, you have a multi-million dollar opportunity at your fingertips.
At the $10-30k a month level with an agency, you’re currently working harder than you will be at $100k a month.
The good news is, you’re only a few months away from hitting that target profitably if you do exactly what I outline in this course.
After thousands of mistakes in the building process, I know exactly what I’d do if I had to start from zero.
If you’re just starting, you have the opportunity to build everything right and avoid 90% of the mistakes that we made in the early days.
Instead of taking 4 years to scale to ~8 figures like my team and I did, you could potentially do it in half the time.
Before you buy, you need to understand this.
This course will work for any agency in the digital space, but it is not for beginners.
This is not to show you how to land your first client and find your niche.
This will only work if you have at least 2-4 clients and you already understand your offer.
My strategies for client acquisition, client retention, offer structure, team building, and systems will only work if you already have the foundations in place.
If you’re above $60k a year but below $1M a year, this will work for you.
Inside, I also share information about my agency that I’ve never shared before.
I do a deep dive into everything that’s allowed us to scale from high-6-figures in 2019 to high-7-figures in 2021.
Everything from the way you need to think about things, to the way you need to execute things.
I leave nothing out of this.
If you’re ready to scale your agency from $10-30k a month up to 6 figures a month, click below to get access to everything you’ll ever need today.


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.05 01:15 NyanToDaMax145 [A4A] Stolen Glances, Stolen Hearts (Pt. 2) [Popular Speaker] [Shy Listener] [Flirting] [Confession]

Context: You never thought you’d get so entangled with the popular kid, but after your last meeting they seem to be hanging out with you more and more. Until one day, they ask you out on a date?!
Words: 1262
Monetization: It’s perfectly ok to monetize and record any of my scripts, you can change pronouns and stuff around too! Just please remember to credit me! However, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PAYWALL MY SCRIPTS!
Notes: Beginner script!
A/N: I wasn’t planning on making a sequel to this lil script, but the lovely u/mab1981 ( was kind enough to commission me for a part 2! No pressure on any of the lovely VAs who filled the previous script to fill this one, though!
<< Previous
[My Script Hub] [Nyan’s Sound Effects Drive]
[trees rustle in the wind]
[soft humming]
“Oh! Hey, you’re here!”
[they rush over to you]
“You didn’t run into any trouble on the way here, right? I was a little worried that the directions I gave you weren’t specific enough…”
“Ah, thank goodness.”
“So! What do you think of this place? It’s nice, isn’t it?”
“The ducks swimming around on the lake, wind rustling through the trees, leaves crunching underfoot…”
“The picture perfect location for a date, eh?”
“Hehe, no need to look so embarrassed. We’ve known each other for a month now, yeah? So there’s no need to shy away from me.”
“You think it’s pretty here?”
“Haha, I’m glad you like it!”
“Why did I want to take you here?”
“Hehe! I usually pass by this park on my way to school. I’ve always wanted to take a walk around here, but I never really had anyone to go with. I would usually just go to the mall or the movies with my friends.”
“Well… mostly ex-friends now.”
“But now, I have you! And you’re way funner to talk to than any of them!”
“Hey, I keep telling ya, you don’t need to say sorry for something someone else did! And especially not if you’re the victim. I ended my friendship with those people of my own volition.”
“If anything, it’s my fault for not noticing what they’ve been doing behind my back.”
[footsteps as the two of you begin to walk]
(Gently) “I’m really glad you told me in the end.”
“You thought I wouldn’t believe you?”
“Do I really give off that kind of impression…?”
“... You thought I wouldn’t because I didn’t know you as well as I knew my… ‘fan club’?”
[they laugh]
“Well, in the end, I guess I didn’t know my fan club well at all. I mean… I didn’t even see them as fans.”
(A bit dejected) “... I saw them all as friends.”
“Ah, it’s alright.”
“I don’t want people like that around me. People who put on a smiley face around the one they like but are cruel to everyone else? Those are the worst kinds of people.”
“Heck, you didn’t even do anything to them! Why would they choose to bully someone as awesome as you?”
“You having the courage to tell me about what happened meant that I got to cut them out of my life.”
“Oh, yeah. Sure I still see them around school but they know that I want nothing to do with them any more.”
“It’s enough to keep most of them from approaching me again.”
“Hey, what’s with that look on your face?”
“... You’re scared that they’ll blame you for me cutting them off?”
“Why would they do that? It was their decision to bully you.”
“I didn’t even tell them that you were the one who tipped me off!”
“... Oh…”
“Yeah… you’re right. If they were capable of doing that, then who knows what else they might do if they were scorned…”
“Well… if it ever comes down to it… you can count on me to take your side and protect you, alright?”
“Of course I can protect you! If you ever need to, you can hide behind me and I’ll keep you safe! Just trust me!”
“... Your laugh is really cute, you know.”
“It is! I always feel my heart flutter whenever you laugh. It’s such a nice sound to hear, especially from someone as shy as you.”
“You don’t laugh very often, so it always makes me happy when I make you laugh.”
“It lets me know that you enjoy having me around.”
“Hahaha! No need to cover your face around me, I know you’re smiling!”
“But you are! I can hear it in your voice!”
“C’mon, let me see your smile, please?”
“There we go. See? It feels great to smile, right?”
“Well… I hope I can always make you smile.”
“I never want to see you act like you did when we first met again. Scared… hiding behind your book, always looking around like you’re waiting to be attacked by your bullies.”
“... I want to see you smile just like this, every day.”
“Hehe, is my flirting working? You’re looking away from me again.”
“Well I certainly hope I made your heart flutter!”
(Teasing) “We are on a date, after all~”
“Of course I have to say it out loud! I’ll say it as many times as possible until you stop questioning whether or not this is happening.”
“The best way to remember something is to say it a bunch, right? In that case, I have to say it a bunch of times so that you believe me.”
“Hey, I asked you on a date because I want to date you. I want to date you because I think you’re an awesome person who I’ve fallen head over heels for. There’s not a shred of dishonesty in me!”
“Like I keep saying… you really are awesome. And I’ll keep telling you how great you are until you believe me!”
“What do I like about you?”
“Oh, lots of things! I could go on and on about all the things I like about you. Buuuut, if you want a start…”
“Like I said, I love your smile. It lights up your face and makes your eyes shine.”
“I love how passionate you are about what you love. It took a while for you to start talking to me about what you like, but once you started, you were so enthusiastic that I couldn’t help but enjoy hearing you talk about it.”
“You’re really observant, too! You noticed my bandaged hand as soon as we met up last week, and you always seem to notice when I’m feeling a little down, or even if I’m trying to hide a gift from you!”
(Teasing) “Hey, I said I could go on! Do you want me to keep going? Should I tell you how much I love the way the sunlight shines on you?”
“Ahahaha! Okay, okay! You think it’s cheesy, but it’s true as can be in my eyes!”
(softly, more serious tone) “So, have I convinced you? Do you believe me now, when I say that I really, really like you?”
[pause, wind rustles through the trees]
“Hey, you don’t have to give me your answer right now.”
“If you want to be friends for a while longer first, that’s fine. If you reject me outright… well, I’ll be sad, but I’ll respect your decision.”
“Whatever you think about me… I hope you know that I really, truly…”
(A little flustered) “Hmm, maybe ‘love’ is too strong a word to use right now.”
“Hahaha! You’re getting all flustered?”
“If it makes you feel better… I’m pretty flustered too. I mean, I was about to make a declaration of love when you probably weren’t ready yet!”
“So… let’s finish our date first, yeah? There’s an ice cream truck that usually parks nearby at around this time, and the nice lady who runs it sells the best popsicles!”
“Sounds good to me!”
“Oh, but um… can I ask one thing from you?”
(A little embarrassed) “Well… if you’re okay with it, I want to hold hands with you.”
[you take their hand]
“Ah… your hand is so warm.”
“It’s a really nice feeling.”
“Well… whether you decide to date me or not, I hope you remember that I’m always on your side.”
“... Yeah. It makes me so, so happy that I met you.”
“Alright, come on! We don’t want to miss the ice cream truck!”
[running footsteps through leaves]
[fade out laughter]
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.05 01:15 Selkcahs Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer

Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer
Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer
Hi guys, my name is Selkcahs ( and I’m an Argentinian MTG/MTGO Grinder that has played competitive Magic for the last 10 years and enjoys writing MTG Primers. While i have dabled myself in a multitude of formats, I've been always pulled back to Pauper due to it’s unique qualities and characteristics.
I’ve also played a lot of Archetypes but I've had modestly successful results in the competitive scene with the infamous Red Deck Wins ( While a great many players see themselves above the simplicity of playing Red Aggro, choosing more complex and colorful options; I've always respected the core idea behind it: finding the faster and most efficient way to kill your opponent.
“A harmony of mathematical precision” - The Architect expressing his thoughts about the efficiency of Red Deck Wins.
That being said, i think it was about time for me to immerse into what is the most dominant Red Aggro Archetype that has ever been seen in the Format; so I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I've enjoyed the writing.

A bit of history first...
A long time ago, when extra Mana in the Pool burned you and Combat Damage used the Stack, a man made history and revolutionized the whole idea of Deckbuilding in Magic forever. That man was called Paul Sligh, who made 2nd Place in the Atlanta PTQ in 1996 with a deck that by all standards (old and new) seems lackluster and not suited for competitive play.
The deck itself wasn’t fancy at all and it didn’t play the best cards of his time (it even broke the Golden rule in Magic, to not play more than 60 cards), but it did 1 thing particulary well: It curved with Creatures and Spells from Turn 1, which allowed it to maintain the Tempo advantage with early board presence and pressure. This game plan was helped by Red damage spells that served both as Removals to control the board and Burn to damage directly the opponent’s life totals.
The results obtained by Paul in the tournament were so impactful in the Magic competitive scene that from that point on the new decks that followed the same game plan were named “Sligh” in honour of the man that started a new era of building and playing Aggro strategies (even if the original deck idea was designed by another famous player, Jay Schneider).
While we have come a long road from that 1996 Atlanta PTQ, the core concepts of that first Mono Red Archetype sticked trough almost all formats: efficient and cheap creatures, combined with Burn spells that focused on closing the game as fast as possible, was a perfectly sound plan to achieve victory in the game of Magic.

The Red Menace
Since the beginning of the Pauper format, the Red Aggro Archetype has existed because the best Burn spells in the game are commons (Fireblast, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and all the subsequent and weaker iterations). Despite that, Red Aggro in Pauper historically lacked cheap and efficient creatures to complement their game plan, which meant that it existed as a 2nd Tier deck at most that could only achieve good results sporadically.
But that is the past brother, because in the year 2022 Wizards released Double Masters; an expansion focused on reprints that made the fatal mistake of downgrading to common one of the best Red creatures ever printed:
She’s beautiful, isn’t she?
The moment Monastery was legal on Pauper the entire metagame warped around it, classic Burn decks started playing very similarly to their Legacy counterpart thanks to now having an efficient and hard-to-answer creature. In a few weeks, the format gave birth to a new iteration of Red Aggro called Hot Dogs; which used Monastery, Kiln Fiend and Festival Crasher; paired with various cheap and “free” spells, to deliver One Turn Kills before Turn 4.
- Hot Dogs:
When the meta adapted and started efficiently countering the fragile game plan of deploying few early creatures and going all-in for the OTK, Red Mages commited themselves to explore other nefarious ways to abuse their new Prowess girlfriend until someone hit the jackpot when he realized that a combination of Red/Colorless Artifacts allowed you to play Kuldotha Rebirth in a Red Aggro shell with few concessions thanks to cards like Great Furnace, Chromatic Star, Implement of Combustion and Experimental Synthetizer.
The most important of those Artifact cards was Synthethizer because it provided something that was unkown to most Burn players until then: Card Advantage. Since that first Sligh deck, Monored has caracterized itself for being all about the Tempo advantage, trading at most 1 for 1 while abusing the early game pressure to nullify the extra cards that your opponent would have in hand until you managed to kill them.
With the adition of Synthetizer players started searching other Red cards that provided some sort of Card Advantage when they realized that effects like Reckless Impulse were essentially “Draw 2 cards” when you have that many cheap spells that can be easily deployed during the course of 2 Turns. And thus, the abomination was given birth:
- Kuldotha Red:
When the deck was in its apogee, Wizards decided it was a good idea to print another Reckless Impulse; this time named Wrenn’s Resolve. This meant that while Kuldotha continued as a perfectly consistent game plan, Red Decks now had enough card advantage to not even need to play the board with small creatures and focus on more Burn Spells and “Ping” creatures that, if left unanswered, will usually mean a swift and violent death.
- Mono Red Burn:

The Primer itself
Okay, this storytelling until now has been nice and fun, but i promised you a Primer (which usually means an explanation in depth of the Archetype itself) and so i shall deliver:
- The Rations
Yeah you guessed it, we will be playing the best lands a Red Aggro deck can wish for: untapped Basic Mountains. While the most important thing about that beautiful Red mana generator is that it comes Untapped, the Mountain Type is extremely important whenever you are playing cards like Fireblast or Lava Dart. In adittion to those, we also have some more interesting options at our disposal for different purposes:
  • Mountain: Everything we really need to be honest.
  • Great Furnace: Oh boy do i wish i could play 18 of this bad boys, but being able to use 4 in any interation of Burn that abuses Artifacts is good enough.
  • The Autonomous Furnace: the only tapped land that we can afford to play because it allows us to increase our chances of not getting screwed in the early game while also cycling itself in the Mid/Late stages of the match. You will usually see it as a 1-of and sometimes as a 2-of.
  • Forgotten Cave: A card no longer used in most lists because it can’t be cycled when revealed with “exile” effects.

- The Troops
As we already discussed, a fundamental part of RDW is having efficient creatures to put pressure in the early game, and this are the best options avalaible right now:
  • Monastery Swiftspear: Nuff said, it’s so good that its played in any format it’s legal. While to the inexpert eye it may not seem that oppressive, you will soon realize that Prowess triggers with EVERYTHING that is not a creature and that it’s almost impossible to safely block because it can always be pumped in various ways during the Combat Phase. In all intents and purposes, a busted card.
  • Voldaren Epicuren: a seemingly inoffensive 1/1 that does A LOT of things, which are dealing direct damage when it ETB and giving you a token Artifact that allows you to cycle useless cards (usually extra Lands). While the card is good by itself, it will always be played in iterations of the deck that can abuse the Artifact Blood Token in various ways.
  • Goblin Blast-Runner: A new 1-drop that can deal a lot of damage when you can consistently sacrifice permanents each turn.
  • Kuldotha Rebirth: While Kuldotha is a Sorcery, it represents three 1/1 Creatures for 1 mana as long as you can easily get an artifact to sacrifice. While it may seem not that broken, anyone that has played with or against it knows how much of a powerhouse it is.
  • Goblin Bushwacker: A monster of a card that multiplies the damage of your board unexpectedly, allowing you to deal massive amounts of damage; used specifically to abuse Kuldotha Rebirth.
  • Dwarven Forge-Chanter: The best Red Prowess card besides Monastery, having to deal 2 damage to kill it with a spot removal makes it feel like a common Eidolon of the Great Rebel sometimes.
  • Kessig Flamebreather: A “Ping” creature utilized in more Burn focused lists.
  • Thermo-Alchemist: Another “Ping” creature like Kessig, used to complement it.
  • Burning-Tree Emissary: Another beast of an infrequent downgraded to common. Multiple copies of her in the early game can give you an unfair Tempo advantage while also being decent in the Midgame when combined with other cards.

- The Guns
One fundamental component of Red Aggro is playing cards that deal direct damage to the opponent, to their creatures or both; here are the best options in today’s Pauper:
  • Lightning Bolt: The best red damage spell ever printed, period.
  • Chain Lightning: The next best thing after Lightning Bolt, a bit tricky to play against decks with easy access to double Red.
  • Galvanic Blast: An extremely powerful burn spell as long as you can consistently have Metalcraft; in the worst cases it works as a Shock which usually gets the job done.
  • Lava Dart: The bane of Faires and most 1 thoughness Creatures while also providing 2 triggers in 1 card of Prowess/Ping. A monster of a card in the right situation.
  • Fireblast: 0 mana for 4 damage? Well yes we’ll take it. The small detail of having 2 sacrifice 2 Mountains is usually little relevant in the Mid/Late game.
  • Searing Blaze: An historic 2x1 card for Burn. While it usually shines in formats with Fetchlands, it’s still good enough when played on your turn with the natural landrop.
  • Lava Spike: 1 mana for 3 damage to the face is usually all you really need when playing a list focused on burning your opponent directly.
  • Rift Bolt: One of the “worst” 1 mana burn spell due to having to wait 1 turn to work or costing 3 (which is sub-optimal to say the least).
  • Skewer the Critics: The least used “Bolt” of the pack due to how hard can it be to cast for 1 mana in a lot of situations.
  • Firebolt: A sorcery Shock with an expensive Flashback, rarely used.
  • Seal of Fire: Another niche card that has it uses when you want to use Trigger effects while saving the “shock” for later.
  • Needle Drop: A tool from another time when Red Burn decks didn’t had any real access to card advantage, rarely used this days.
  • Goblin Grenade: A niche option for decks that heavily use Goblins creatures.
  • Shock: Just don’t play this, please.
  • Curse of the Pierced Heart: If i find you playing this card we gonna have problems okay? This is from a bygone era when Burn was desperate for a way to maintain damage-over-time; this is no longer the case now that we have access to card advantage mechanisms.

- The Ammo
While for classic Burn players the adittion of non-land cards that don’t efficiently deal direct damage or inmediatly increase the board presence may seem strange, they are the sole reason why Burn stopped being a Tier 2/3 deck and become the undisputed master of the format.
  • Reckless Impulse/Wrenn’s Resolve: Both cards do exactly the same effect, they exile 2 cards until the end of your next turn; for all intents are purposes, in a low curve Burn deck, this effectively is “2 mana, draw 2 cards”. This type of card advantage allows Burn to not be afraid of play the value game and it’s common nowadays seeing Red Aggro outgrinding their opponents thanks to this kind of tools.
  • Experimental Syntethizer: An absolute beast of an Artifact, when correctly played it represents a 3x1 card advantage that is extremely hard to deal with. Do take in mind that the card exiled must be played the same turn or it will be lost; but then again, this is usually an easy endeavour in a low curve deck.
  • Chromatic Star: A card that cycles itself while providing an Artifact. Usually used by lists with Kuldotha Rebirth.
  • Implement of Combustion: A cousin of Chromatic Star, it deals damage when being manually cycled but it doesn’t provide mana. Depending on your approach to the Archetype you may sometimes find more value in the extra point of damage instead of regaining the invested mana when cycling with Star.
  • Mutagenic Growth: A “free” pump spell specially useful in Prowess based lists.
  • Manamorphse: A card that allows “free” triggers of Ping and Prowess creatures.

- The Garrison
Sometimes people don’t like being burned to death, so they will try to employ strategies to prevent us from doing that; and while when choosing between only Red card our Sideboaes options may seem limited, we have more than enough tools against most decks in the format.
  • End the Festivities: It allows us to deal with 1 thougness creatures for 1 mana while also doing a bit of damage to the opponent. An extremely efficient sweeper that is sometimes Mainborded.
  • Electrickery: Instant sweeper that can very relevant against Faeries or Bushwacker + Kuldotha.
  • Pyroblast/Red Elemental Blast: The anti-Blue hate cards by default, they come in handy specially to counter opposing Hydroblast/Blue Elemental Blast. You will always find youself using Pyroblast over REB (unless you want more than 4 copies) because Pyro can be played against any permanent/spell even if it’s not Blue, thus allowing us to get a Prowess/Ping trigger if needed.
  • Gorilla Shaman: A monkey that hates Affinity almost as much as you, while useless against Bridges it can get a lot of value against normal Artfifact Lands and other pesky permanents. Ironically, it can be sided in sometimes against Kuldotha based lists trying to punish their heavy Artifact use.
  • Smash to Smithereens: Destroying an artfact and dealing 3 damage? You are playing Burn, what else do you really need?
  • Shattering Blow: In a format plagued by indestructible Bridges, Shattering Blow can win some games by itself in the right situations.
  • Relic of Progenitus: The best Graveyard hate in the format, as long as you are not heavily depending on your own Graveyard to play.
  • Raze: We will usually have far more Lands that we need to comfortly operate, which allows us to trade 1x2 to destroy powerful enemy Lands like Bouncelands, Basilisk Gate and Lands enchanted with Utopia Sprawl/Abundant Growth.
  • Molten Rain: Paying 3 mana to destroy a Land is a lot for us, you are probably better with Raze in most situations.
  • Flaring Pain: A great way to bypass effects that prevent damage, specially against cards like Prismatic Strands.
  • Flame Slash: 1 mana for 4 damage to a creature is great way to clear the board and keep swinging our boys sideways.
  • Mine Collapse: A “free” removal spells that can take out most creatures in the format.
  • Martyr of Ashes: An old card no longer used due to how hard it is to get good value out of it.

- The Battle Plan
Von Moltke after he casted 3 Lightning Bolts to the face and the opponent responded with a Weather the Storm.
“A game plan for Burn? Isn’t as easy as just targeting all our spells to the opponent’s face while we swing with our creatures?”
Oh my sweet summer child, you couldn’t be more wrong. While Aggro decks in general (specially Red ones) have a straightforward strategy of killing the opponent as fast as possible, and sometimes you will encounter yourself with “automatic” hands were the road to victory is extremely clear; this also means that the slightest mistake can put you in a position where you lack the resources needed to close the game. Countless games of Magic have been lost because the opponent stayed at 1 life away of lethal only for you to realize that you missed that 1 point of damage in a seemingly unimportant missplay some turns before.
So the central point is: you will probably have to take a lot less decisions when playing Red Aggro than other more “complicated” Archetypes, so you better think things through really well because having few decisions means that the smallest innacuracy will often have dire consequences.

“Okay, okay, Got it. Just don’t fuck up and point everything to the face then?”
Wrong again, probably the worst play Monored can do today is Turn 1: Mountain, Bolt to the face. While more classic iterations of the Archetype focus on incinerating the opponent’s life total as fast as possible, we have learnt better. While Red Aggro’s goal is to maximize the damage dealt to the opponent, usually the most efficient way to do this is by sticking a few good Threats into the board and using our damage spells to control it and consistently deal damage over time; a plan that is helped by our newfound access to Card Advantage that will keep Creatures and Burn spells flowing turn after turn. Thus, we will only point our Bolts directly to the face when they will allow us to close the game in the immeadiate future.
While in the 2 current iterations of RDW we will see a propensity of Kuldotha caring more on maintaining board control and Ping Burn more focused on burning directly the opponent, neither of this decks can afford to mindlessly waste their Bolts.

“So you mean that i have to THINK when playing Monored?”
Sadly yes, besides the nut draw where you will win the match effortlessly you will need to find the right balance between board development, card advantage and burning the fuck out of your opponent’s creatures/life points. Playing correctly will usually allows us to neutralize the few ways our adversary has to counter us:
  • Did the opponent chained 2/3 Weather the Storm and went up to 60 lifes?
No problem mate, they have just lost those cards because we will be grinding them out with card advantage and our creatures will eventually drain their life attacking, even if it takes a good couple of turns.
  • Is the opponent holding multiple Blue mana open with potential Counterspell effects?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If they are leaving a lot of mana open and unused, they probably won’t be able to advance their game plan either, we can just gather our cheap resources and play them all together baiting their responses. If we play something and it resolves, we call it a win and continue to let them waste their Tempo; if they do decide to user their Countermagic, we then have an opening to resolve a potentially more powerful spell, which should be something that provides card advantage that would then allows to happily trade one of those extra resources to their Counterspells later.
  • Are they killing each and every creature we put on the Board?
Well after all we are called Burn for something and while we do like to use our creatures to push damage, we are more than happy to go the incendiary route when needed. Also, as long as you don’t walk into a sweeper situation that allows the opponent to trade 1 big removal for several of our resources, we should be able to eventually utilize our card advantage to put into play more threats than the amount of removals spells our opponent have.
  • Is the opponent drawing a lot of cards, gaining life and also pressuring us?
Well give me a break, you can’t win them all. Sadly sometimes you will lose no matter what you do, specially if the opponent is well prepared and teched against Burn. With all the positives we have discussed here, in some situations playing a Monocolor Aggro deck that everyone is expecting is not the smartest choice; but even then, current RDW is so powerful that with a bit of luck you can even get good results against the harshest of matchups.

Burn samples:
Kuldotha samples:

Okay, that’s been a long one for me and i hope that everyone that read it had a good time. As of June 2023, and since the release of the Lady in Red in June 2022, we have experienced an undisputed dominance of the different variants of Red Deck Wins that shaped the format around it; basically, if you are playing a deck that is too slow to withstand an early Monastery/Kuldotha opening you are setting yourself up for a rough time in Pauper. This have forced the players to choose between 3 main option if they decide to play the format competitively:
  1. Play a Burn variant.
  2. Play an anti-Burn Archetype.
  3. Play a “Combo” deck that tries to ignore being set on fire while it does it’s own thing.
As the Pauper Format Panel (PFP), who’s in charge of monitoring the “health” of the metagame, has stated multiple times that they think there are no changes needed in the format; we are left with the only option of basking in ther infinite knowledge and enjoy being constantly burned to death if we want to continue playing Pauper in the foreseable future.
If you enjoyed the reading be sure to check my other Primers:
I also have a Patreon that, while mainly focused on the UW Caw-Gate Archetype right now, provides anything related to the Pauper format; including decks discussion, metagame analysis and coaching services.
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2023.06.05 01:13 RockNRoll1979 Food trucks in Brockville

I was wondering if there was a selection of food trucks in Brockville. I do stop by a couple of times a year, but the only ones I have seen are the Shady Coyote (hard to miss, really) and I think one near the river. Maybe it's bad timing on my behalf, or I'm not driving down the right streets. Here in the West end of Ottawa, there's a large number of trucks/outdoor shacks on the main streets.
I plan to move to Brockville in the next year or two and would love to have a nice list of places to try, both when I finally arrive and on my visits before then... if there's enough to fill a list, that is. Thanks!
submitted by RockNRoll1979 to Brockville [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:12 GosuBaller What's everyones favorite Kamar-Taj decks?

What's everyones favorite Kamar-Taj decks?
I'm a new player that was introduced to the game about a month ago. Bought the season pass and spent 5 dollars on a good value credit bundle. Banged out infinite in about two weeks soon as I unlocked Dino. Used mainly Kitty > Angela > Collector > Bishop > Sentinel > White Tiger > Iron Heart > Odin > Dino and some other filler cards I can't remember. Messed around with some ironman onslaught combos and saw some pretty high numbers which was fun for a while. Then tried out the whole Heimdall move your cards every turn style decks (that shit is galaxy brain level fun). With today's update this is the deck I've been running for maximum harassment of your opponents cards and dopamine points for my brain. Wondering if anyone has anything similar or anything to make this deck even more rewarding.
Note: Just barely unlocking the last tier of cards and can almost afford one 6k card in the token shop.
submitted by GosuBaller to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:12 daIIiance Moving potentially to South Berkeley and have some questions

Hey guys. Grew up in the Bay Area but have been living in Philadelphia for the last 8 years. Thinking of moving back and due to job-related things, we're thinking either Oakland or Berkeley. We've been looking a lot in Oakland but found a place in Berkeley that caught our eye. It's in South Berkeley close to the Ashby Station. How is this area? We understand it's not really walking distance to shops and cafes (I think?) but do people generally like living in the area? I understand there are some normal risks (car break-ins etc) but having lived in Philly the past 8 years I think we have decent street smarts. Also from comments I've seen in other posts it seems generally safer than most Oakland areas? But it seems to border it right there anyway.
Appreciate any thoughts you guys have on the matter.
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2023.06.05 01:11 Few_Worldliness9447 Somebody needs to slap the s*** out of me for taking this order. I don't know what I was thinking.

Somebody needs to slap the s*** out of me for taking this order. I don't know what I was thinking.
So first one was a very nice hotel and the second one was a gigantic house so I'm either going to get tip on top because they got money or they're going to screw me because they got money. You feel? So after gas and wear and tear I made what like two f****** dollars
submitted by Few_Worldliness9447 to UberEatsDrivers [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:11 rondudeman Boss Specific Bounty Token weapon variants

Boss Specific Bounty Token weapon variants
To increase motivation for people to go for the objective instead of getting a few kills then extracting, I think it would be sick if the game gave a new unique reward upon successful extract with the bounty token(s).
Upon returning to the main menu, in the vain of dark tribute there is (sometimes) a pop up to forgo the normal bounty reward for a chance to get a weapon variant related to the boss (or one of the bosses) bounties you collected. For every token extracted increase this chance. Have some basic rewards that you get in the stead of that if you don't get lucky like small hunt dollar amounts, a weapon or consumable, so on.
These weapons are unique and can only be obtained this way. You can only receive a single instance of one of the corresponding weapons per "roll". Perhaps to prevent these weapons being devalued if you steal one of these off a hunter when you extract you lose the gun and get a static hunt dollar amount upon returning to the main menu. Below are some examples but are not the core concept itself, just something to get people thinking what I mean by "unique weapons".
Scrapbeak weapon: A 3 slot dirty single shot harpoon gun with barbed wire wrapped around it with the appearance of the modified martini henry called the greener harpoon gun ( ) . Lengthy reload that requires pulling out a harpoon and sliding it down the barrel, special ammo obviously. Mechanically it would perhaps be like a buffed range crossbow mixed with a bomblance I guess? The projectile would have drop like arrows and bolts but much less than either making it kind of viable to "snipe" with. The harpoon causes bleeding on impact and instead of the normal "stop bleeding" animation perhaps a gruesome animation of the hunter putting both hands on the harpoon stuck in them and pulling it out.
Butcher weapon: A 2 slot medium weapon that is essentially a Romero Hatchet with the Alofs device from the Romero Alamo attached. Visually it would be exactly that except the axe is specifically a bloody cleaver and the wooden furniture on the gun is slightly rotted, cracked and dirty. It uses a forced unique ammo type that is basically dragon's breath and normal buckshot combined. The melee damage would be increased from the hatchet but by how much I'm not sure. Attached is a mockup of how it would look using the original concept art of the hatchet as a base.

I made this in like 2 minutes in Gimp give me a break.
An additional sub-concept is this. In addition to these variants being unique and exclusive to bounty tokens, I believe it would also be interesting if they provided darksight bonuses similar to (inspired by) what certain traits do (serpent, necromancer, poison sense, vigilant, and vigor) , but unique enough to give these weapons extra utility and further incentivize attempting to acquire them. I will now propose ideas for this to tack onto my previous 2 example weapons as examples for examples, lmao.
Scrapbeak weapon: While this is equipped on your hunter you can see nearby bleeding Hunters while in Darksight (100m range). Essentially Poison Sense but for bleeding and also not a trait, but a weapon feature.
Butcher weapon: While this is equipped on your hunter you gain the ability to see, interact with and collect ammo from ammo boxes in Darksight within range (30m). Again, essentially a weird combination of Serpent and Vigilant but for ammo boxes and STILL not a trait.
I actually reposted this from my original messages in the discord but I decided to drop it hear because I'd love to hear what y'all think!
submitted by rondudeman to HuntShowdown [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:11 Wtj182 Can my tree be saved?

I have a red maple October glory, that was planted last year. I live on a slope and my neighbor over watered like crazy. And it flooded my yard, my tree was under water for most of last year. It started to show signs of drowning/root rot (I believe that's what's happening)
The only thing that has helped with the over watering neighbor has been sandbags all along my fence. I'll be putting a "garden box" around them and just burying them.
The leaves are a vibrant green, with the tips of them black, and crusty. This is happening on about 40% of the leaves.
Should I count this as tree #5 that this guy has killed or is it possible to save my mappe tree?
I can also post photos if needed.
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2023.06.05 01:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

[Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

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The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process

Yes, yes – I know research isn’t the sexiest of topics out there…
But it’s an absolutely essential aspect of creating winning marketing campaigns.
To make this important topic as painless and swift as possible, I scoured through thousands of pages of my notes…
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That’s why, in this module, you’ll discover:
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.05 01:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Trading (Complete)

Chat us on +44 7593880762 on Telegram/Whatsaap if you are interested in Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Trading Academy.
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Between jeweler margins, sleazy tricks, and private labeled garbage out there, there are tens of thousands of dollars being lost from consumers on each and every watch purchase they make.
This loss is the opportunity for you to step in and earn your cut of that same margin jewelers have been hoarding for themselves.
Pejman Ghadimi's Watch Trading Academy covers everything from which models to buy and which to run away from, how to get started, where to buy and sell, and, most importantly, how to become profitable.
To get Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Trading Academy contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 44 7593880762 (Telegram: silverlakestoreproducts)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.05 01:10 jatslo POINT OF SALE PLACEMENT (Adjusted Live): #IDEX aka $IDEX

POINT OF SALE PLACEMENT (Adjusted Live): #IDEX aka $IDEX sell limit order placed where red/blue lines intersect at: Limit Price = 0.0821. The Limit Protocol (LP) collaborations/instructions are located at:
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2023.06.05 01:09 DaymansvNightmans These people complaining about MORE choice and options.... smh.

These people complaining about MORE choice and options.... smh. submitted by DaymansvNightmans to Kappachino [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:09 Diogen66 Past

I am a lonely person and there is simply no person in my life to whom I can speak out.So I'll talk it out here.
I met a guy at the university, he was from my city and we studied at the same university.For a long time we were friends, I kept my distance from the two of us, but I knew that he liked me, since he himself told me about it directly.In general, skipping the friendship period, a year later we started a relationship.Everything was fine, he introduced me to his family, we walked on vacation, thought about joint plans and it seemed to me that everything was fine. At the beginning of the 2nd year, he often began to say that he wanted more, that he was tired of dragging it out and for a long time I would refuse him sex? At one party we had fun with our mutual friends, with my boyfriend we drank the same.I remember he said he would leave soon because he had a workout early in the morning, but I asked him to sit with me again, because I realized that I was very drunk and I didn't want to be alone in this state. Then a gap in memory. The next thing I remember is a room in his apartment, I was lying in a jacket, but without pants on the couch while he was hammering into me. I sobered up at the same second, instead of pushing away, I lay down and tried not to look at him. The pain was unbearable, I was "dry" and he did not think to use lubricant or at least saliva, but just entered with one push. I don't know how long it lasted.When he went to the bathroom, I quickly got up to put on my pants and got up from the sofa, I bled when he came out, I wanted to say that I was bleeding, but he interrupted me saying that he had a workout in the morning and I needed to leave.It was 4 a.m. on the street, a strange neighborhood, I had no cash, my phone was dead and I walked 40 minutes to my house. In the morning I tried not to think about it at all, he also did not get in touch, in the evening I decided to call him and just communicate as before, like nothing happened. Talking on the phone, I felt that the conversation was not going, asking what was wrong, he said that he did not love me and the feeling was completely gone, we need to break up and if I don't mind, we can stay friends.I remember feeling like I was suffocating, now I realize that I had a panic attack. I begged him not to talk on the phone, but to meet somewhere,an hour later he agreed to meet,I ran to his house and like a dog begged him to think that he had done this to me and how I should continue to live now, I understand that it sounds crazy, but at that time I was 18 years old and I reacted to everything too emotionally.After that, I decided that deleting this situation from my memory and just never remembering it would be the best solution. And I really didn't think. I even tried to enter into other relationships, but they constantly cheated on me there. Gradually I got worse.I started smoking, had problems with alcohol, started drinking painkillers, constantly cut myself and stopped communicating with 90% of my friends, I had only two friends who supported me, because they saw that I was going to the bottom.Over time, I gained an extra 30 kg and became just a pig, which is why I went out a couple of times a month, except for going to school. Then I was quarantined for almost 2 years and my problems worsened, I stopped going out, from two cans of beer a day I switched to a bottle of wine a day, and then to a bottle of vodka or cognac a day, smoked a lot and drank pills.I do not know how, but I did not die of liver failure.During quarantine, I met a guy and decided that he was the one, he knew about my problems and supported me at the beginning, but I fucked his brains out, he needs to be given a reward for the most steely nerves, since he endured my brain-fucking for 2 years, as a result we stopped communicating. But thanks to this relationship, for the first time I wondered why I think I'm a fucking finished bottom and no one will be able to love me? 3 years after the incident, I began to remember at what point everything went downhill.My condition was even worse and I decided to end everything.I want to say that such thoughts often visited me, but that day it was like the last straw.I drank a couple of ketorol tablets washed down with vodka, took blades, cigarettes, vodka and sat on the floor, locking the door in advance so that my parents could open the door in the morning, since they were not at home all weekend and no one would bother me. From 12 o'clock at night until five in the morning I drank vodka and crumpled my hands, blood was everywhere, all my clothes were soaked with blood, the walls were splashed, but I could not put pressure on the Vein and cut them, I cried because I'm weak and I can't finish everything.As a result, you realized that I didn't finish everything.I wore a hoodie for two weeks and no one knew what I was trying to do until we went shopping with my mom and she saw that all my hands were cut, as a result I had deep scars and I had to get tattoos, since the cuts were very clear and no one would I didn't believe that the cat scratched me. This is the least that has happened to me. At the moment, 7 years have passed since that day, I stopped drinking,I haven't cut myself for more than a year, I try to do sports. But my social phobia has worsened, I don't go out unnecessarily,I order food,I work at home,I only go out to study, to which I take a taxi and sit in a toilet stall during breaks so as not to cross paths with people.In general, everything is bad. I have zero friends.I find joy in food, which is why I began to overeat and then vomit in the toilet so as not to gain extra pounds, in general, rpp was added to the problems. And that guy is also studying, working, soon to marry my childhood friend, having made her an offer in the place where he promised to make me. When I see him at the university, I start to choke and I get scared, and I immediately run away. My classmates say that it looks weird from the outside and advise me not to embarrass myself, I don't understand how, but they associate my behavior with the fact that I envy his fiancee that he marries her and not me.But no one has ever asked why I behave like this. Maybe there are people who have also gone through a similar situation I constantly feel angry that I was broken and in the end only I suffer when the monster lives his best life and everything is fine with him while I try to restore my life a little How did you let go of the past? What helped you on the way to recovery?
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2023.06.05 01:08 nervouslyagss Destiny jumped to conclusions in the wig snatching video, that's the primary reason why people objected to his take

Destiny is making this out to be a disagreement about doxxing and the role of cancel culture, but that's not the primary reason people disliked his take. The reason why people disliked his take is because he jumped to conclusions and was obviously leaning on one side being more in the wrong than the other.
If Destiny had clicked on the video and said he needed to wait for more information, no one would care. But he didn't do that. Instead, within seconds of starting the video, Destiny pauses it and makes a joke about bully hunters, implying the woman is a bully. Why would Destiny make this joke if he hasn't even finished watching the video and/or waiting for more information to come out? Why would he immediately assume she's a bully for being outraged over a man allegedly assaulting her?
Later, he claimed she was being histrionic and that getting your hair pulled violently to the point of needing muscle relaxers is the same as getting bumped into when walking. He then later said that videos like this prove that there's "no room left for error", as if randomly assaulting people on the street is a harmless mistake or mild prank.
It's obvious which side Destiny was leaning on here, he wasn't being neutral, and essentially contradicted his maxim of waiting for more information to arise before having an opinion. This is why people objected to his take.
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2023.06.05 01:08 autobuzzfeedbot 25 "Cheating Death" Stories That Were So Intense, People Really, Really, Reaaaallly Wanted To Share Them

  1. "I messed up a jump skydiving. I was able to correct the situation and pull the pilot chute for my canopy, but I was very, very close to having my reserve go off. The reserves are generally reliable, but it’s still nothing I want to test. Landed fine and then got a very stern talking-to for pulling so low."
  2. "Just google 'Levey PCH,' then ask away…I’ll be very surprised if anyone can beat what happened to me. THANK WHOEVEWHATEVER you believe in for Apple, Scorpion, UCLA, and the LA County Fire Department and Sheriff's Department."
  3. "Minutes before it happened, I was under the Cypress structure that collapsed during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California (which was a magnitude 6.9). I was traveling north underneath the double-layered structure and felt creepy and claustrophobic on the brightest day. I raced to get out, as I always did, because I hated being under it. After getting out, I felt like my tire had gone flat and started to weave around in my lane, then I noticed that everyone else was losing control and hitting their brakes too. That was the earthquake. I didn't find out until later about the collapse, and felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I'd never felt so close to death before."
  4. "I was rappelling off the top of the tallest building in Bangkok (200 meters, or 656 feet) as a promotional stunt. I was supposed to rappel down to the 10th floor, land on a small balcony, and then traverse over to another building. The wind shear off the building was enough to blow me 20–30 feet away from the side of the building. Picture a spider hanging by a thread in the wind. As I got close to the 10th floor, I noticed that my rope had been cut and no longer reached the balcony, let alone the ground. The rope was about 10 feet short of the landing. So, still blowing away from the side of the building, off and on I waited until I was just above the balcony and dropped the last several feet onto the deck. Super pissed but alive."
  5. "Going to school in San Francisco, I got off the bus to get cigarettes and a soda at a liquor store. I stopped at the trash can on the way out to open my cigarettes and soda and walked half a block up the street when a crane fell off the roof right where I'd been standing 30 seconds before. The crane operator was killed, and half a minute earlier, I would have been as well."
  6. "Although being an ironworker comes with its fair share of risk, as long as you don’t become too incompetent, things can be safe. But that is easier said than done, seeing as the days are long and the work is physically draining. One day, I was about 60 feet in the air rigging a beam to be lowered to the ground. I signaled the crane operator to 'cable up' (lift the beam), but the beam wasn’t budging. I decided to look down the beam to see what was wrong...BANG! Before I knew it, the beam broke free and came up at my face with about 2,000 pounds of force. It knocked off my hard hat and hit every edge of my safety glasses, missing the side of my face by a quarter inch. I thought I had died, it was so sudden. I should never have put myself in what we call 'the line of fire.' I’ll never forget how close my kids were to losing their father that day because I let my judgment slip. Still gives me goosebumps talking about it."
  7. "I got hit by a car and walked away with no injuries. The Sunday before final exams during my last semester of college, I went to the library at 6 a.m. to study. At 2 p.m., I needed a break and started walking back to my car. At an intersection, I stopped, made eye contact with the driver of a car at a stop sign, and started walking across the street on a crosswalk. The next thing I knew, I was up on the windshield of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He hit the brakes, and I rolled off the hood of his car and landed on my feet. I was so freaked out that I told the guy I was fine and left. Later that afternoon, I went to the hospital to get checked out and had no injuries. The doctor told me to buy a lottery ticket on my way home because I was so lucky."
  8. "While I was doing the dishes, my hip bumped the dial on my stove, turning it to ignite, but I didn't notice, so the stove was leaking gas all night. In the morning, I could tell something smelled off, but I have a hard time smelling things, so I just figured it was some old cauliflower rice I had thrown out the night before. To deal with the smell, I lit not one, but two candles, one of which was right next to the stove. Later, after coming back from running errands, as soon as I opened the door, I felt instantly violently ill, like a migraine and the flu all at once. Probably 20 minutes later, I finally saw the knob on the stove and realized what was happening."
  9. "One time, I was watching TV in my lounge room and I was sitting on the floor eating. We have a really big TV and we had an earthquake, but I thought it was a train passing by. It wasn't. I ran out of the room as everything started to wobble, and the TV nearly fell on top of me."
  10. "I went to summer camp when I was 15, and for our last weekend activity, they took us to Martha’s Vineyard and rented us bikes. Now, I loved riding bikes in the park as a kid but had never ridden in the street. But since 'you never forget how to ride a bike,' I figured I could do it. I headed out and tried to go up a street that was very steep. I started to lose control of the bike, and I fell into the street in between a truck that was hauling a trailer (I fell in front of the trailer). I saw this huge wheel coming at me, and my leg was stuck from the fall. I screamed as hard as I could and hoped it wouldn’t kill me (others told me they heard it a few streets away). The driver luckily heard it and slammed on the brakes; I was scuffed up but otherwise fine. You can indeed forget how to ride a bike."
  11. "I got hit by a train. I was living and working at a college that has train tracks running through it and only a stop sign before you cross them at the vehicle intersection. You had to cross the tracks to leave campus. I was headed to the gym in July, and the windows were rolled up and the AC and radio were blasting. I’d crossed that crossing a thousand times, so I stopped a bit, passed the stop sign, and looked right, but the train was coming from the left. Its horn blew, but I panicked when I heard it, so I hit the accelerator but braked immediately. I was already on the tracks. It only hit my front end and dragged me about 200 feet down the tracks. I only had a broken rib, three cracked ribs, and a pretty gnarly cut on my finger. The people at the next crossing probably thought they saw someone die."
  12. "My last day of driver’s education class, we were just about back to school. We were all feeling pretty good because we’d passed our tests that day. I was in the rear driver’s seat and had a classmate driving, one next to me, and a teacher in the passenger seat. We went through a green light at LITERALLY the last intersection before school when a car blew through the red light going 55 mph and slammed into us on my side, just a few inches back from where I was sitting. It spun our car into the intersection and kept going! We were all concussed and had to be taken to the hospital, but that was it. When we went to retrieve my bags from the trunk of the wreckage at the salvage yard, the shop owner admitted he hadn’t answered my ringing phone because he didn't think we had survived, and didn’t want to break the news to everyone calling me. Two inches between me and being crushed alive. In driver’s ed!"
  13. "I was walking to class one day, and the shortest route went under a viaduct. It had been snowing and melting on and off for the past few days. The viaduct is about 100 feet high, and just as I was about to walk from under it and onto the pavement, a 6-foot icicle fell those 100 feet and smashed into the ground in front of me. Suffice to say, I took that as a sign not to go to my lecture and turned back home!"
  14. "I was asleep in the passenger seat of a car on a highway when we flipped going about 80 mph. We rolled a few times and landed in a ditch. Airbags did not go off, and I shattered the passenger-side window with my skull. I literally walked away from it and didn't go to an ER until a few hours later. I literally had a concussion and one teeny bruise on my right arm, but nothing else. The nurses told me that if I had been awake for the accident, my neck would have snapped and I'd have died immediately. Whenever I tell people, they're always stunned — imagine my reaction waking up to a missing side window and a crushed car and being fully functional! I feel lucky every day that I was asleep and still have my life."
  15. "There was one time my sister and I were driving down a long road with a huge cemetery. I thought it would be funny to hold my breath because people say if you don’t, the spirits of dead people will haunt you or something. When I held my breath, my sister slowed down to torture me. I was a little annoyed, but at the stop sign at the intersection, this car going really fast didn’t even bother to slow down. They even swerved into our lane, so my sister had to barely dodge. I swear, though, if my sister hadn't slowed down to torture me, we would have been in a bad wreck. Now I’m not annoyed that she did that, I’m lucky."
  16. "This isn't dramatic, but it's continued to impact my life on a daily basis. When I was 11, I was playing baseball with the rest of my gym class. We took a time-out to argue about who was batting next, and I stood behind home plate, staring into left field. Play resumed, and no one told me to move. The strongest guy in the class laid down a single...and hit me in his backswing...with the baseball the middle of my forehead. I suffered skull fractures and a brain bleed. To this day, I have anxiety driven by the traumatic brain injury. The neurologist said that the fact that he hit the ball saved my life. Had he swung and missed, I would have died."
  17. "I was in college and I had just finished my last class of the day. It was a short walk to my car that consisted of crossing a pedestrian crosswalk on the street separating the school from parking. On each side of the crosswalk were speed bumps so cars were forced to slow down. At this time of day, a good number of students were getting out of class, and a large herd of us started crossing the street at the crosswalk. There must have been 30 of us. I was stupidly looking down at my phone and was walking rather slowly. I didn’t realize that I was lagging behind. Everyone else was on the other side and I was still in the middle of the street. At the same moment, I noticed a freaking DUMP TRUCK whizzing by in front of me. It was probably 1–2 feet in front of me. Either he didn’t see me still crossing or he didn’t care. After I got to my car, all I could do was sit there in silence for a while and contemplate what could have just happened. Even as I write this, I shudder."
  18. "This is definitely not the craziest cheating-death story, but it was definitely scary. I was at a waterpark with my family, and I don’t do well with heat and stairs — something about the combination makes me faint. We went on a waterslide that uses tubes, and it was a long trek up. I apparently was so sick from heat exhaustion, I passed out as I was next in line and hit my head on the tube. If it weren’t for the tube, they aren't sure I’d be alive right now."
  19. "It was during Christmastime, and my mom, my little brother, and I all wanted to go look at Christmas lights near the middle school. There was a hill and then a lane where you would wait for the light to turn green and then you had to turn left. Well, the main light had turned red, so it was our turn to go, and thank god my mom checked before going, because if she hadn’t checked, a truck would have hit us, going like 60 mph, straight through the side of our car where my little brother was sitting."
  20. "I was 4 or 5, and we were living in Estes Park, Colorado. At that time, I was challenging myself to go closer and closer to a river they have there. I was caught by the current and would’ve run into several rocks and a waterwheel if it weren’t for my cousin, who reached down, grabbed my arm, and saved me."
  21. "I survived hitting an elk in the Canadian Rockies and going down a mountain 15 times end over end, stopping 20 feet short of a whitewater river. I gave myself first aid. Doctors said I would never walk normally again and I'd have brain damage. I sent one of them a picture of me with three gold medals around my neck."
  22. "In the fall of '15, I was riding my motorcycle to work on a foggy morning. A truck with an enclosed trailer ran a stop sign in front of me while I was driving on a 55 mph road. I was unable to stop, ran into the trailer, and was pinned underneath the trailer, being crushed to death. A farmer was on his dirt bike behind the truck going to meet another farmer for coffee who lived on the corner of the intersection. Once he realized I was pinned, he ran to get his friend and his friend's skid-steer loader. They then used the skid loader to lift the trailer off of me and began CPR. Luckily, right as they started, a sheriff's deputy arrived on scene and took over. I owe my life to those two farmers. If they hadn't acted, I would have died underneath the trailer, as there would have been no way for first responders to lift it off of me (it had thousands of pounds of equipment in it) in time."
  23. "I've always been handy with tools and taught myself how to do things; I've been changing flat tires for anyone who'll let me. However, one day when I was about 18 years old, my buddy came over to chill, and he had his dad's brand-new Tacoma. So we chilled for a couple of hours, and when it was time for him to leave, we noticed that his front tire was flat, so naturally, I volunteered to change it (no prior experience with independent suspensions). I placed the jack on the frame and started to go at it — lifted the car enough to take the flat out. But when the fully inflated wheel was fitted, it didn't have clearance. My first thought was to get a second jack. Half my body was underneath the car, putting the jack in, when I heard a creek, and the next thing I knew, the car slipped. The car ended up with the front end touching the ground, and I got a big scrape mark on my shoulder. To this day, I don't know how or why I did not die under that Tacoma."
  24. "I lived alone with my dog. There was a hole in my gas heater, so it was leaking carbon monoxide, but of course I didn't know that at the time. My dog woke me up one morning, barking and whining, and I thought she had to go out to potty. When I sat up in bed, I got so dizzy and thought I would throw up. I ended up passing out twice, once hitting my head on the bathroom cabinet, very close to my temple, and once hitting my chin on the toilet seat. I called my boss — the only phone number I remembered at the time. (This was before cellphones.) She called 911 and they came to get me. They figured out I had carbon monoxide poisoning, and I was in the ER for eight hours that day. The doctor told that when blood gases are at a certain amount, the victim goes into a coma, without fail. Mine were more than double whatever that number was. He said no matter how much my dog was barking, I should not have woken up."
  25. Finally, "I was at the beach with several of my friends, my sister, and my mom. Mom was sitting on the beach watching us. We were around 11–14, I believe, but no younger than 9. Kind of out of nowhere, we started getting sucked under the water in a rip current. I was being sucked under the pier and slammed my face into the barnacles. We were screaming for help, but at first, no one came. As I was being dragged under the water and coming up screaming for help, I could see people just staring and could hear my friends also screaming for help. Finally, people started jumping into the water to save us, including my mom. She jumped in and instantly got sucked into the current but managed to grab one of my friends. She used her body to shield him from the razor-sharp barnacles."
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