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2023.06.03 06:14 Mysterious-Goat-7780 Is a 21-22 bad

I thought my scores were good but looking through Reddit all these people are getting 25-27 what is the competition actually like I thought 20+ is a good range for comp?
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2023.06.03 04:54 Short-University1645 Still new to airsoft question

I know you are able to drop some coin into airsoft, my question is do most of you use real red dots? Scopes? I have purchased some cheap products in my time with real guns and I was wondering what the standard is for a red dot on say a $500 rifle set up is? I don’t want to compete as more Larp. I shoot enough. it’s the run and gun COD sliding I want to experience. Alie express eotech going to be enough? Thanks Reddit and thank you guy linking the beginner guide
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2023.06.03 04:16 kLIMA- [WTS] MR556/HK416 URG w/Nefarious Arms 11” barrel

Takeoff upper from my MR556. Barrel has been swapped out for a Nefarious Arms 11” CHF chrome lined barrel. I ended up with two of these uppers and I’m too poor to keep both.
•OEM HK MR556 Receiver (unfired), BCG, and Piston Assembly
•Nefarious Arms 11” barrel (unfired)
•Brownells 10” small vent billet gas block (attached) and OEM HK gas block
•OEM MR556 long handguard also included in case you want to try some kind of weird tuck thing with a suppressor.
•OSS Comp that came with the upper
$1875 shipped OBO
See my MK18 WTS here
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2023.06.03 04:00 AirplaneWindow [WTS] Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM RMR Slide with STRIKE INDUSTRIES FLUTTED BARREL & MASS DRIVER COMP, Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM Ameriglo trooper NS $250-$590

Check out my other posts :
>RIFLE link<

🚨-Won’t be knocking out the sights as I don’t have the best tools to do so.🚨

Photos: same as timestamp:
(((THIS SLIDE is in GREAT CONDITION with 100 rounds through. Barely used!)))

•Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM RMR CUT $590🚢

S/N#: BEYY783
 •GLOCK internals & front blacked out suppressor sight. Strike Industries info below. 

🛠️🛠️Part-out: OEM internals $95

Stripped slide w/ sights: $260

•Strike Industries FLUTTED BARREL G19 gen.3-5 $170


•Glock 19 Gen 5 OEM Ameriglo trooper night sights $380🚢

S/N#: BXGH928 OEM gen 5 barrel: SN#: BKVR625
•TOP has OEM internals & a different OEM serial number on. 

🛠️🛠️Part-out (under 1K rounds): OEM barrel $65 ,OEM internals $95

Stripped slide w/ sights: $250
•Zelle most preferred; Venmo, CashApp, PayPal FF or you pay 3.5% G+S fees. 
You pay 3.5% G+S fees
• FREE shipping in CONT.USA if international; pay half the cost. • Bundles beat dibs; dibs beats PMs • No ghosting! I will wait 30 minutes for payment 

⚠️⛔️NO NOTES in any payments.⚠️⚠️

⚠️⛔️Here’s why:⚠️⚠️
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2023.06.03 03:04 Stpapa R/Uruguay meta borrar comentarios

Uruguay meta borrar comentarios
Ese comentario le deje en un video (que también lo borraron) donde dos chorros atacan a un policía fuera de servicio para robarle la bicicleta y borraron un montón de comentarios más como los mios.
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2023.06.03 02:48 zyocuh Alice Fiction Start Up Guide 6-2-2023 thru 6-13-2023

First make sure to check out the Alice Fiction Useful Links and Re-roll suggestion thread as for the most part that is still accurate.
If you are just starting the game and want to know who too pull on and why then this is for you.
Now if you are joining because the Re:Zero collab, both of those units are very good units, if that is your main reason to join get them both as you wont be disappointed. If Re:Zero isn't the main reason you are joining, then I would suggest you pull on the step up banner.
For the Step up banner these are the units I personally rate in terms of importance. The ones with Limited by their name cannot be pulled randomly off other banners, they only appear in specific banners. The other 3 are in the general pool so you have a chance to get them at any time. A few of the units in the list have other units that fill a similar role as that unit.
  1. 3★ Hanayaka Musashi (Limited) - She is arguably the best unit in the game. For special teams she is the best buffer. The amount she can increase the damage for your DPS is unrivaled. Aim for her hands down.
  2. ★ Konohana Sakuya (limited) - She is a very strong Special Defense Debuffer meaning she reduces the enemies armor. This played a huge role in the later stages when enemy armor can cause your damage to plumet. She is also particularly strong because she deals burn damage. Burn damage does a set amount of damage every turn regardless of enemy defense or attribute. If you dont get her you could use Merlin as a sub.
  3. 3★ Enkidu - She is a Physical Defense Debuffer. Her Defense debuff is on her passive which allows its up time to be 100%. Her only weakness is that she requires a specific team set up in order to proc her passive. You need Herself + 1 Wood unit + 1 Fire unit + 1 Flex unit. The flex unit can be of any attribute but you must have an additional wood and fire unit to utilize her properly. If you dont get her you could use QSH or Walprugis as a sub.
  4. 3★ The Director - She is Special Buffer allowing your special units to deal more damage. One of the best parts of The Director is that she fits in the popular team comp known as "Wang gang" that also requires a specific team comp to proc Wang's passive.
  5. 3★ Thor - She is a Physical buffer and she is the 2nd best physical buffer in the game with Gawain being the best buffer. If you dont get her you could use Gawain as a sub.
On to the Re:Zero units.
If you have any questions of course please ask away and if you feel I missed something let me know and I will fix any errors.
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2023.06.02 23:39 Qingque-at-work- I figured out how strong Silver Wolf might be when she ISN'T adding a weakness. A look into defense shred's exponential scaling, and teambuilding options.

I figured out how strong Silver Wolf might be when she ISN'T adding a weakness. A look into defense shred's exponential scaling, and teambuilding options.
So with the silver wolf (SW) banner coming up, I wanted to see how worthwhile she is for actually boosting damage, as she is likely taking the spot of a harmony buffer. Obviously silver wolf is invaluable in difficult fights if it means the difference between being able to break enemies or not being able to break them, as high MoC relies heavily on breaking to stop enemy super attacks. But the elephant in the room is: you could just bring a team that is the right element to break. If so, is SW worthless? Is SW still on par with or better than another buffer or debuffer support that you could bring instead, if we ignore her adding a weakness and 20% elemental resist shred? I decided to find out through the power of math! Damage is only a small piece of the picture (speed, defense, breaking, etc), but I wanted a look at that piece of the picture.

TL;DR: If you build your SW and hypercarry properly (spoilers, stacking defense shred), SW (without weakness break considered) is roughly as damage boosting as our harmony units. However, running SW (or pela for that matter) alongside a harmony is looking way stronger than running 2 harmony or 2 nihility units only as your 2 hypercarry supports. (Yes, GrimroGacha beat me to the punch on this by 4 days! That’s what I get for waiting until the weekends before SW releases to post this!).
Table of Contents:
1: Defense shred, the one stat with exponential scaling 2: Our sources of Defense shred 3: Silver Wolf’s best light cone and set 4: Your Hypercarry’s best set 5: Silver Wolf vs. competition 6: The personal conclusions that I drew from the above

*Defense Shred, the one stat with exponential scaling* {see image #1}

As I'm sure you have heard, stats have diminishing returns. Actually that is complicated enough it will get a whole dedicated post about it, but needless to say, the TL;DR is that you want to spread your stats around, and not go too far into one stat bucket. Since everyone gets attack, damage, and crit from light cones, traces, skills, relics, and harmony units, defense shred is a nice all around multiplier to the usual att*DMG*critDMG. But on top of that huge upside, it turns out that the closer you get to 100% defense shred, the better each point of defense shred gets!

If you look at the Defense Shred Calculations image, you can see that in a normal endgame scenario, we are level 80 vs a level 90 enemy, and all of our damage is reduced by ~53%. All your hard work, half of it just disappears, as it is multiplied by 0.47. And all enemies, from bosses to weaklings, have this at level 90 (except warp trotters which are even tankier!).

The first 10% defense shred you get increases your overall damage by 5.3%, but each 10% after that gives more and more, until the final 10% of defense shred (going to a full 100% defense shred), gives a 21% overall damage boost. This means a little defense shred isn't great, you need to stack it! Interestingly, if we are allowed to blow past 100% defense shred, things get a little crazy. So crazy that I have to assume that defense shred will be capped at 100%. Still, a full 100% defense shred gives a whopping 110% overall damage boost! Thats over doubling your damage even after attack, DMG, and critDMG are pumped and suffering from diminishing returns. And this DOES work on DOT damage, unlike crit stats. So, you ask, how do I get that juicy 100%?

*Our Sources of Defense shred*
Pela ultimate: ~40% (42% at trace 12)Pela technique: 20% (For 2 turns only, but works on each MOC mob)Resolution Shines Like Pearls of Sweat (the Light Novel Title of light cones): 12-16%Silver Wolf: ???% (Based on CBT info I’ll pick a number that rounds well, 54%, STC)Quantum relic 4 piece set: 10/20% (only 20% if the enemy is weak to quantum)

All of the above except relics will require effect hit rate to succeed. This, along with speed, will undoubtedly be key stats for Pela and SW to succeed in their roles. As for Pela’s technique, it will shine more the better equipped we are to tackle MoC 10. It will be up a higher % of the fight the shorter the fight is. As for Resolution Shines Like Pearls of Sweat (RSLPOS), it is a starnard 4 star light cone, so in a few months to a year, it will be very common for day 1 players to have multiple superimpositions. As for the Quantum relic set, it is worth a close read. The damage type done for both the 10% and 20% defense ignore does NOT need to be quantum. The only rider is for the 20%, the enemy needs to be weak to quantum. This is important. Also keep in mind that because the quantum relic set is defense ignore, it only works on the wearer. It still stacks additively with defense shred, but it won’t boost the damage of your other 3 characters like the defense shred stat will. Some quick numbers to add up, with your hypercarry using the 4 piece set, they can get 90% defense shred. With Pela, they can get 98%/78% for 2 turns/other turns, respectively.

*Silver Wolf’s Best Lightcone and Set*

I’m going to cut straight to the point. RSLPOS is her best by a mile. Bumping your hypercarries defense shred from 74% to 90% means that your hypercarry does about 24% more damage, overall. Not just added into the DMG% bucket. That is insane. For reference, that’s twice as strong as, say, adding 12% damage vulnerability to an enemy. Yes, her free 4star cone gives effect hit rate, but your relics can have effect hit rate main stat and substat. There are no defense shred substats. You should have no trouble getting the effect hit rate you need, and a tiny bit more from a light cone is not worth gimping your teams entire damage output by 24%.

As for SW’s sets, none seem like gamechangers. A bit more speed from musketeer is nice, a bit more damage from quantum might add up a bit, maybe break effect if SW is breaking for a mono quantum team. Maybe even defense to die less! In the end I feel like getting tons of speed and effect hit rate will be more important than a particular 4 piece set. Same with planar sets, a little effect hit rate is nice, so is a teamwide attack buff, and who knows the 5% ER might be critical for a rotation.

*Your Hypercarry’s Best Set*

For dealing the most damage, if you are running SW or Pela with RSLPOS, the most damaging set for your hypercarry will be the quantum set: Genius of brilliant stars (GOBS). Going from 70% defense shred to 90% defense shred is a 30% overall damage increase. Gaining 10/20 DMG%/att%, 10/25 DMG%/att%, 34% DMG%, or 10/25% DMG%/critDMG% from lightning/physical/fire/ice aren’t even close. The imaginary set might compete if you have great crit stats already…if you could always have the enemy imprisoned, which is doubly resisted by lategame enemies. The only real competition is utility sets giving speed or break effect if that matters more than raw damage for your hypercarry. Now, the enemy won’t always have a quantum weakness, but they will for mono quantum, for mono teams they might naturally have quantum weakness, and if not theres a 25/50% chance they get it from SW anyway (and you can intentionally SW skill a second time to grant it). In the end, you could say that the set bonuses are close enough that you should focus on the best substat relics you have. But this shows that if you have a great GOBS set, you don’t need to burn stamina farming for a different elemental set.

*Comparing SW to her competition* {see img #2}

First, a disclaimer. Honkai Star Rail is an incredibly complex system, which is great. But this means that damage isn’t the end all, be all. When comparing different support units, a single damage excel spreadsheet can’t account for: speed boosts of harmony units, higher uptime of debuffs vs buffs (bronya ally turns go brrrr), better break of nihility units (or asta), harmony and nihility damage increases to the non-hypercarry units, different break effect between unit types, skill point generation between harmony and nihility units, Tingyuns energy boost, etc, etc, etc. I say this because if I don’t, the first comment will be “But you didn’t account for dance, dance, dance!”. You are right, I didn’t, or the huge above list of factors either. We need massive comprehensive sims for all of that, but I don’t have access to that and I haven’t seen any sims yet trying to use max defense shred, so I’m going off of the raw damage numbers. And you should mentally track: “well but I really value bronyas extra turns, or that pela can never use her skill and thus maximize skill point generation” when you look at these damage numbers. Also, I just did a few sample units and builds, but there are infinite possibilities, so I hope this gets you excited to test some on your own. I know I am now…not that I have the resources to build any more.

In my image "damage increase of buffers and debuffers", I have to make quite a few assumptions. For damage, I use the formula of attack*dmg*critdmg*def*resist*vuln*toughness. I looked at what different e0 5 star hypercarries can look like with all their traces, solid (not perfect) gear, buffed states activated, and good light cones (multiple superimposition 4 stars, or FTP 5 stars). Obviously every character has slightly different stats, and will have different gear. But I averaged things out to having a 200% increase in attack (slightly less than 200% att%, plus the flat attack), 200% in all DMG bonuses, 100% net crit damage [you won't crit every time but you can average out what the damage will be when accounting for crit %, and this is a somewhat balanced and reasonable value, obviouly yanqing will be higher]. Then I assumed no defense or resist shred (seele is an outlier there), and no vulnerability (welt trace), and no toughness bar modifies (you lost 10% damage if they aren't broken). But stats like vulnerability and toughness modifier are irrelevant to this math since their values will be the same regardless of which units are picked, I only put them in to show I wasn't forgetting about them. Keep in mind that this is assuming that enemies are vulnerable to your damage type already (because SW is obviously better if they aren’t, but the whole point of this is to look at a worst case SW where her skill doesn’t help). My one small number fudge was I didn’t subtract out the flat damage value before adding the attack mulitpliers of the harmony units (since I don't have an exact number, I'm using a 200% green number compared to your base attack), so when I added the harmony attack% to the full number (and not something like 80-90%), it actually makes the harmony units look a tiny bit stronger than they actually should. For supports, all 5 stars are level 10 traces, and all 4 stars are level 12 traces. When looking at supports, keep in mind their speed or ER buffs. I gave them all the 5 superimposition DMG% buff lightcone to show the most damage they could add (in reality they will NOT be granting that damage everty turn).

If you took a look, you will see that, unsurprisingly, in a lightly geared situation, bronya sits supreme without even accounting for her turn acceleration! But when you really start to stack up the best light cones and situations, Pela and SW really start to pull their own weight. The difference between a plain pela ultimate and a defense shred stacking pela team is HUGE, and something I wish was more widely explained (rather than the usual "I think pela is underrated but I'm not sure how" I hear almost daily). The extra defense shred Pela has for 2 turns over SW even beats out the 13% resist shred boost that SW can bring. And I didn’t account for pela adding 12% ice resist shred!

The last 2 lines are really the big news that blew me away. I figured that most lategame teams will have 2 support slots, and only 1 dedicated tank/healer. I feel like this is reasonable since we won't be 20 levels under enemies and rocking 4 star relics in a few short months. Of course there are other team comps out there like DoT that this isn’t relevant for. Thought looking at the damage multiplier values, a single hypercarry getting a huge boost will be better than 2 carries getting a small boost (and fighting for skill points).So we see that stacking harmony units like Bronta and Tingyun really has diminishing returns, since they keep adding to the same damage buckets, mostly attack and damage (and for my example I let P&F and bronyas signature DMG boost LC’s stack, which I believe is impossible currently. In reality dance dance dance would be run on one of them). So combining 2 harmony units isn't a huge force multiplier, especially if they both also focus on speed (which also has diminishing returns, though not calculated here). Also, I didn't even consider stacking debuffers together, since each alone could almost get 100% defense shred, running both would be a complete waste. But mixing SW and bronya, we see HUGE results. Pela and tingyun together also show a similar increase. Since the harmony and nihility hit different buckets, they really multiply off of each other, way more than 2 harmony units do.

*My Personal Musings*

This helps cement my decision to pull for SW, personally. I plan to run 2 hypercarry teams, so I can run pela on one side and SW on the other side. Also, SW does enable your team to take on an otherwise unwinnable fight, as everything above is multiplied by another 25% damage plus break damage plus not dying to boss supermoves. So I won’t need to build quite as many elements. Though now I want 10 Resolution Shines light cones, lol.
A big thing I wanted to show was HOW defense shred stacking works. I’m blown away that nowhere on reddit, youtube, or twitch have I seen the exact value of how defense shred stacking works. This really shows that if you do run a defense shred nihility, you want to use defense shred light cones and gear. And keep in mind that carrys who boost their own personal att%, DMG%, and crit% will especially get boosted by shredding defense instead of more attack and DMG% (Seele, and even moreso Yanqing, and even moreso…the queen of selfbuffs…Qingque).
I’m also glad that I can get good value out of both harmony and nihility units. I feel like there will be a team where every unit can shine now.
Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts! Good luck to you trailblazers who choose to pull!
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2023.06.02 23:35 farmerpabs Help Me Find/Build My New P365 XMACRO COYOTE EDC 😊🙏

TL;DR I'm basically trying to get this but without the comp and with a manual safety.
I love my M18 but I'm looking to scratch my new itch and get a Coyote/FDE P365-XMACRO to match it.
I'm having trouble finding parts to assemble what I'm trying to achieve
At first I thought I'd get the XL Coyote NRA version since I'm getting the grip separately but that version doesn't have the safety. Is my only option to buy the XMACRO w/ safety and have it sent out to someone to cerakote?
Other considerations:
I heard the factory paint scratches easily. I can also attest from holstering the p320. Will a custom cerakote help with this? Never had anything cerakoted before. Are there people out there that mill the slide for an EPS carry and can Cerakote or is it better to have it done separately? Just trying to save where I can.
Thank you!
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2023.06.02 23:05 Gcande Travel blog case study: Road 2 5K per month in 18 months (MONTH 1)

Hi folks!
I am here again with a new case study, this time with a new travel blog.

I am a growth marketer from Latam and this would not be my first rodeo with niche sites. In 2020 I started my first site during the lockdown, posted around 15 articles and neglected it. Lucky for me, my keyword research wasn't that bad and I managed to get the site to 20k page views per month which let me sell it for $6K last October (you can read the case study here).
I am not gonna lie, I needed to sell the site because of personal reasons but I actually felt really stupid for neglecting something with so much potential. Afterall I think I made the right choice because soon after the transaction the site got hit by an update and the site now has 5k pageviews per month
After seeing how much money I made with some little time invested I decided it was time to really put myself to work and dedicate hours and hours to really change my life through niche websites.
I know that travel is an over-saturated niche but I need to be realistic about my commitment, I won't tolerate spending hours and hours of my day writing in another language about something that I don't give a shit about, so I think it is better to choose something that I am passionate about even though it will take me more time to succeed with it. I know it will be a challenge but my past experience showed me that I am actually not that bad with keyword research and understanding if and how can I outrank my competition so lets see if I can replicate that success again or not!

I want to quit my job and dedicate my time to create a media publishing company in the travel industry with several travel sites. My first seat of goals are:

THE STRATEGY I think that the future of niche websites is outside Google. SEO will still be my main focus and I will try to write and rank as many posts as I can in the beginning but once I am seeing some traction I will move forward Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Facebook. Overall the next steps should look like this:

MAY 2023:
This month was all about setting up the site and creating the first batch of content. I have around 20 low comp keywords about a particular destination that I visited last year and I want to tackle them all before moving to another destination so I can gain topical authority and do a proper interlink between all the articles.
I did publish an article on a related Facebook group and got a nice amount of traffic but honestly I don't want to dedicate too much time to this, my focus should be writing as much as I can. Nevertheless, I have to admit that after getting all this FB traffic my search console rankings went up so I suspect social proof did help a little bit.
99% the keywords (and related ones) that I targeted are ranking in page one. It is a long road to get to the #1 spot but I am happy with the outcome so far.
So far my only expense is Skystra, my hosting for which I pay $13 for hosting 2 sites (drop me a message if you want a referral link ;) )

Total Posts Users Pageviews Ad revenue Affiliate Revenue Expenses Total Income
May 2023 6 261 367 $0 $0 -$13 -$13
That's all folks! You can see some screenshoots here!
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2023.06.02 21:45 lpb24712 CASP+

Just passed the CASP+ exam!
I read a lot of posts on here, which helped me out a ton... I just wanted to add to the community for anyone else that is looking to take the exam!
I have less than 2 years experience in the 'real world' and currently have the following certifications: CompTIA Sec+ CompTIA CySA+ CompTIA CASP+ AWS CCP.
Resources used: 1) Dion Training's - The CASP+ (CAS-004) Complete Course up on Udemy. 2) Mark Birch's CompTIA CASP+ CAS-004 Certification Guide - The questions in this book were a great resource!! They were very similar to what you will see on the test. - The book breaks down information into an easy to understand format. It is well worth the money!! 3) Nadean H. Tanner - CASP+ CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Practice Tests: Exam CAS-004 - This book offers 1,001 questions. All of these questions together helped me understand the information that was taught in Dion Training's videos & Mark Birch's book - There are 2 practice exams offered at the end of this book also! 4) For the PBQs... I cannot stress enough how useful the 'WyzGuys Cybersecurity - New Insights for the CASP+ CAS-004 Exam' blog post was. There is some great insight on how to prepare for those tricky PBQs!! 5) Reading posts on reddit!!
I read away / answered all of these questions for about 2 1/2 months.
The exam itself was challenging, but bearable. Just like any other CompTIA exam, there will be questions that are going to stump you... With all of the study resources listed above, I was able to recognize a lot of the questions and give my best answer. To any of you that are hesitant to take this exam, I would advise going for it!! It is VERY PASSABLE!!!
If you have any questions, drop em below!
As for what is next for myself, I am thinking of going for the CISSP.... would that be a good progression?
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2023.06.02 21:03 TheRealUncleFrank Things to know before your very first WCA competition

This gets asked a lot, and I end up copy/pasting it in the DDT and other posts a lot, so thought I'd make a single post here that'll be easier to link to.
Some things to know before your very first competiton -
  1. WCA Competitor Tutorial
  2. WCA Competition Tutorial .pdf
  3. 10 Tips To Prepare For A Cube Competition
  4. Five things that a cuber should know before going to a WCA competition
  5. 5+ Things To Know Before a Cubing Competition
  6. What to expect at your first Rubik's Cube Competition
  7. Everything You Need To Know Before Competing
  8. Cubing Competition Tutorial
  9. Competition Advice
  10. Competition Advice
  11. Do This at your next Rubik's Cube Competition
  12. How to Judge at WCA Competitions! (In Depth Tutorial)
Watch more youtube vids from actual comps.
Familiarize yourself with all the Regulations and the Guidelines, too. Read them all, more than once.
Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. Then ask some more questions, here and in the DDT, and at the comp, from the comp staff, organizers, delegates, and other competitors, about how things work and what you're supposed to do. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Ask other competitors if you can try out their cubes. That's the only way to try out cubes you don't have so you'll know what you like and don't like and what you might want to buy next.
Don't worry about your times compared to anyone else's times. You're not there to compete against them. You're just competing against yourself, trying to improve your own times against no one else but you. You're just there to have fun, with a bunch of other people doing the same thing, all with the same hobby. If you can solve a cube in less than 10 minutes, then you're good to go, because that's usually the time limit. Just Go
There is no age limit or age brackets for competition, just as long as you can actually solve it within the time limit. People from age 3 to age 90 have actually competed in WCA competitions.
You can try to simulate a competition environment, to try to help familiarize yourself with what it's like, like @5:48 in this video. You can do it by yourself, but it would help if you had an "audience" of at least a few people, family/friends, and maybe one of them to act as a judge. For background noise, someone made videos of actual cubing comp background noise, here and here.
Someone made a couple posts a while back asking for suggestions on what they should pack for their first comp. You can go thru both posts to get ideas of what you might want to bring with you. Nothing you have to bring except the cubes you plan to use in the events you signed up for, but just some ideas that might make things more comfortable - What to pack for comp? What else to pack for comp? You do not need to bring a timemat, unless you just want them for practice while waiting for your rounds. Timers/mats will be provided for regular comp use.
You'll be assigned your WCA ID after the results of your first comp have been posted, usually 1-5 days after the comp.
Anything I should add/change/delete, just say so in the comments below.
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2023.06.02 21:02 Euronotus Arlene (02L — Northern Atlantic)

Tropical Storm Arlene

Latest observation

Friday, 2 June — 1:00 PM Central Daylight Time (EDT; 17:00 UTC)
NHC Special Advisory #5 1:00 PM CDT (17:00 UTC)
Current location: 26.7°N 86.2°W
Relative location: 270 mi (434 km) W of Fort Myers, Florida
Forward motion: S (170°) at 4 knots (5 mph)
Maximum winds: 35 knots (40 mph)
Intensity (SSHWS): Tropical Storm
Minimum pressure: 1002 millibars (29.59 inches)

Official forecast

Friday, 2 June — 1:00 PM CDT (17:00 UTC) NHC Advisory #5
Hour Date Time Intensity Winds Lat Long
  - UTC EST Saffir-Simpson knots mph °N °W
00 2 Jun 18:00 5PM Fri Tropical Storm 35 40 26.7 86.2
12 3 Jun 00:00 2AM Sat Tropical Depression 30 35 25.6 86.2
24 3 Jun 12:00 2PM Sat Tropical Depression 25 30 24.2 85.8
36 4 Jun 00:00 2AM Sun Remnant Low 25 30 23.2 84.9
48 4 Jun 12:00 2PM Sun Dissipated

Official information

National Hurricane Center



Weather Prediction Center

For information regarding impacts from tropical and non-tropical storm systems, including rainfall amounts and excessive rainfall alerts.

National Weather Service

For information regarding impacts to your local information, provided by meteorologists working in your area of the country.

Aircraft reconnaissance

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Tidbits

Radar imagery

National Weather Service

College of DuPage

Satellite imagery

Storm-specific imagery

Regional imagery

Analysis graphics and data

Wind analyses

Sea-surface Temperatures

Model guidance

Storm-specific guidance

Regional single-model guidance

  • Tropical Tidbits: GFS
  • Tropical Tidbits: ECMWF
  • Tropical Tidbits: CMC
  • Tropical Tidbits: ICON

Regional ensemble model guidance

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2023.06.02 20:41 Jpnick08 Passed Sec+ with a 780!!

Def want to shout out this post right here!!! This has so much useful information on it and definitely helped me pass!! Jason dieon tests were also helpful i didjt really do any professir messor tests but i got his study notes and every time i took a jason dieon test i would go over missed questions and the domain it fell under and re read the domaijs from professor messor notes in addition to reading the explanation on why i got it wrong. Also the CompTIA study app the unofficial study app is great the questions range from easy, medium and hard and explain also why you are wrong. And dont forget to hydrate the day of the test and most importantly breathe!
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2023.06.02 18:24 thegreyquincy [NM] Ultem Spyderco Para 3 135 @ $2

135 @ $2
Total Price: $270
Make and Model: Spyderco Para 3 w/ RGT black Ultem scales, Flytanium ti hardware, and Lynch clip
Timestamp and Vid
Price Justification: Hard to find comps for this one, so I'm comping the knife and comping the other stuff at 70% retail as I've seen that done here before for other custom builds.
$160 for Maxamet Para 3
$24 for Lynch clip
$45 for Flytanium hardware
$110 for RGT Ultem scales
160 + (24+45+110).7 = $285. Knocking off $15 because I don't have the original scales or hardware
Escrow: N/A
Description: PLEASE BE THOROUGH. EXPLICITLY STATE ALL ISSUES : I'm the second owner of this, but only carried lightly. Scales are like new and show no signs of marks or wear. Some wear on clip and hardware. Very slight blade play if you wrench on it, but that and the centering could probably be fixed with more tuning (blade very slightly favors the show side). Blade has some light patina but I just coated with mineral oil when I mounted the scales. Includes box, paperwork, and extra clip screws.
International shipping: No

PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 0
Number of unpaid slots: 0
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 Hopeful-Fan6603 PAID
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135 gubgup PAID

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2023.06.02 17:43 CryptographerOk2258 Weekly Pastel Update 6/2/23

Pastel Community Update (June 2, 2023)
The next generation NFT focused blockchain. Certifiable authenticity. Permanent storage. Negligible fees. Build, secure, and scale your Web3 ecosystem with Pastel.
The Pastel Team has been extremely busy with a number of major development updates, partnership rollouts, and product releases. Check back here each week for new developments
Check Pastel channels for:
Weekly community snapshots shared across our various channels.
🐾 Quarterly updates released via our newsletter.
☎️ Weekly community town halls / AMAs directly with the Pastel team. Come prepared with your questions, comments, and feedback!
📣 Monthly Twitter Spaces with u/doodlestone and u/panthony
Key Updates:
Our team has been busy developing, testing & refining innovative network features like the Monet 1.2 release & SmartMint upgrade. To celebrate these milestones, we're launching exciting community events for everyone to enjoy! Check out what's in store for May: More info to come this week. Check our socials!
SmartMint Art Contest
-Are you ready to unleash your artistic talents and make a splash in the world of crypto art? Look no further! We are excited to announce the SmartMint Art Contest.
-By participating in this contest, you stand a chance to win fantastic prizes of up to 150 USDT, free mints, and so much more! To learn more about the contest and how to participate check out this Medium Article. CONTEST EXTENTION: JUNE 7th
Quizzo Discord Referral Campaign
-Exciting news! Introducing our Referral Challenge for our Bi-Weekly Quizzos in our discord! You have the opportunity to invite up to 5 friends to join our Discord and take part in any one of the upcoming 4 Quizzos. Earn additional rewards: $5 USDT for each referred friend, with a maximum of $25!
Check out this Medium article to learn more!
-We're kicking off the month of May by introducing our Bi-Weekly Quiz competitions, Quizzos! Put your Pastel knowledge to the test, covering videos, articles, & tweets. Learn more about our project and show off your expertise. We will be airdropping the top 3 winners PSL!
-Like solving puzzles? Don’t miss our Monet 1.2 NFT Puzzle Event to kickoff the Monet Mainnet Release! We’re giving away exclusive Pastel NFT Puzzle Pieces with corresponding PSL airdrops to those who answer daily Q?s! 🚀 Keep an eye out for additional NFT, PSL, & USDT bonuses.
🚨Twitter Space on the Current State of Web3 and NFTs🚨
Tune in to our Twitter Spacewith @blueznft. We will be diving into all things NFTs, ecosystems, marketplaces, and more. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion! #NFTs #Marketplaces #TwitterSpace
Pastel Network joined WOMENverse to discuss tech features that support empowering men and women in web3
We hosted an incredible conversation about on-chain infrastructure, the current market, and more! Listen to our Twitter Space with @endaomentdotorg
🚨Final phase of Monet 1.2 Testnet Release is now live🚨
Monet 1.2 represents a critical milestone among several other planned releases for 2023. This release brings substantial enhancements to our Supernode infrastructure, major updates to Cascade (our permanent NFT data storage solution), and Sense (our duplicate detection technology).
Specific upgrades include:
-Integration of Supernode Storage Challenges to Cascade -Activation of Cascade’s Self-Healing capability -Activation of Supernode Health and State Challenges -Stabilization of Sense Protocol -Release of the OpenAPI Gateway
More details on the specific features of Monet 1.2 and upcoming plans for the Mainnet release available here
Are you curious about the latest Monet 1.2 Test Net release? We've got you covered! We hosted 2 AMAs, Reddit and Discord where we answered all your burning questions. If you have more, please reach out to us on any of our social media.
In case you missed it, listen to our Twitter Space with BearBrains.eth (@NateBear). We discuss his exciting drop/giveaway, Brightz, and his journey in the Space.
Check out our latest artist spotlight! This amazing piece entitled “Nostalgia” was minted on SmartMint by @thealvinboss
Exciting artist collaborations are on the horizon with: @IanSoi_ @K_JRobotsCo, @Numo_0 @abahassanart
We are always seeking talented artists to collaborate with, so please reach out to us on any social media platform. Let’s create something amazing together!
🚨Pastel Progress🚨
-Reddit AMA- Always excited to answer the community. If yout still have burning questions, please find us on one of our socials
-Partnership with Astar Network: Pastel Network is excited to announce that it will be working with @AstarNetwork, a layer1 parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem. Learn more on Medium.
SmartMint on Twitter: It is our great pleasure to announce that SmartMint will now have a Twitter presence. The SmartMint twitter account has officially launched.
-Addition of Status Page: We recently released a Status Page so you can monitor the performance of our infrastructure & services in real time. Check it out here!
-Wrapped PSL:Wrapped PSL or wPSL exists to transfer tokens across platforms. wPSL is available on Uniswap. Watch our video and learn more here
-Pastel Testnet Faucet Release: Our Testnet Faucet is now live. The launch of this independent network enables users to obtain LSP (Pastel Testnet Tokens) to experiment with and develop in the Pastel Testnet environment. This gives users the ability to experiment with Pastel features without having to spend valuable PSL on the mainnet.
Learn more about Pastel's Testnet Faucet.
-Becoming a Supernode Operator: Become a Supernode operator today & gain increased credibility in the validator community & earn exclusive rewards from the foundation, such as PSL or NFT airdrops, in addition to receiving Block & Transactional Rewards.
🚨Cascade Protocol🚨
Cascade has numerous concrete advantages over competing systems such as IPFS & Arweave, particularly when it comes to censorship resistance, data permanence & data accessibility.
Check out our technical paper on Cascade, Pastel's storage layer. Cascade is an extremely powerful & robust storage system for true data permanence that is both completely decentralized & highly scalable. Learn more here.
🚨Sense Protocol🚨
Sense is a Near-Duplicate NFT detection protocol powered by the Pastel Network. Assess the relative rareness of a given NFT against near-duplicate metadata on networks like Ethereum, Solana, etc to prevent prevalent scams or theft. Try it yourself here and watch it work here.
🚨2023 Roadmap and Review of 2022🚨
Pastel released its 2023 roadmap, including a review of 2022. Pastel Network 2022 in review and roadmap for 2023 shows great progress made in the previous year and much promise for the year ahead.
🚨News and Developments🚨
-Pastel in the News
💡Anthony Georgiades joins KitCo News to talk about how Bitcoin benefits as businesses lose trust in the dollar
🥝Check out what Anthony Georgiades has to say about the market in this The Block article.
😁Anthony Georgiades talks about a possible financial crisis in this CoinDesk article
⌨️Co-founder Anthony Georgiades discusses Solana and crypto smartphones in this Fortune article
⚓Check out this Cointelegraph article where Anthony Georgiades discusses the importance of filling a market gap.
-Pastel News-
📱Check out our latest Youtube live video where u/panthony discusses Q1 NFT Trends & Pastel updates!
🖌️ Listen to our Twitter space where we host @Endaoment and discuss chain infrastructures and more
🍧Check out this Twitter Space with the @agoric and @kryha_io teams discussing decentralized systems
🌸Check out this Twitter Space with u/gameofskills discussing Web3 gaming and much more
💡 Check out this Medium article on how Sense is revolutionizing NFT provenance written by Ima-Abasi Pius Joseph
-Pastel Archive
🚧We released a Builder’s Guide for ecosystem partners integrating w/ Pastel. Come build with us here.
🌯wPSL or wrapped is explained in this video and
🚧Pastel is completely open-source. Check out what we are working on here.
🌀Testnet tutorial video
🏆Learn more about Sense and Cascade
🔦Want to try out Sense for yourself? Upload your NFT here to obtain the rareness score of your NFT.
📹Check out this youtube demonstration showing what happened when we compared OpenSea’s new duplicate detection system to Sense Sense Comp Analysis
If you have not done so already, please take a moment to join our growing community base:
🐓 Follow Pastel on Twitter
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2023.06.02 17:29 dbvy The Gimmick Gimmick

Anyone else notice someone in the community will bring a new term to light then everyone cosigns it to the point it realllllyyyy gets annoying?
The one that has been getting me lately is "Gimmick". Everything is apparently a ~gimmick~ now. I personally blame Len J Nissim. This guy constantly trying to find ways to use "bigger" words to throw into a conversation. Guy has been beating that word to DEATH this season.
Not everything is a gimmick.
- Sus
- Chalked
- Trolled
- Gimmick
There's many more that have been cycled through the comp COD rotation, these are just some examples.
- Flow State
- DS Cheese
- weirdo
- Fugaze
- Tippable
submitted by dbvy to CoDCompetitive [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:24 GreaterFooled Carlson, Terry, Wisconsin, Eccles Which school is best for Consulting/ Tech? Which offer makes the most sense?

Jumped into the process very late and am now drinking from the firehose. Lucky to get admitted to multiple schools with some substantial scholarship and stipend offers. I get it, these schools aren't M7 or T25, but they will allow me to make a career pivot successfully. I'm a grinder, I appreciated the lower cost of these programs, the somewhat smaller cohorts, the big school alumni networks, and the opportunity to truly excel to excel amongst my cohort. I'm looking for some input into how to proceed as I move to make my final choice.
Brief summary of my post-graduation profile. I am location agnostic for post-MBA, with a preference to work in management consulting, with a secondary interest in tech. MBB might be a stretch goal despite their (small) recruiting on some of these campuses. I'm very comfortable chasing an offer from a Tier 2 firm. While at school, I also want to work on entrepreneurial aspirations as a side project which I think can benefit from 1. keeping more capital in my bank account 2. Being in an environment that will put me in touch with the best collaborators 3. In a location with a great incubator setting offered by their entrepreneurial center or community.
Trying to weigh up the offers, some of my thinking points:
1) Scholarship/ Cost
2) Culture
I can see myself thriving in all of these environments. The support staff has been great at all four of these programs. They've answered my questions promptly and worked to resolve any concerns I've had to date. Anyone I've connected with has been open and welcoming of conversations, and I've talked to students and faculty from all four programs. I would be happy with any of them in this regard.
3) Location
I am always open to an adventure. Currently located in Minneapolis. I get these programs can result in regional gating, at least in the first few years out of the program. I targeted and identified these universities and the markets they feed into. I feel confident about being happy living in any of those environments, both in and out of school.
4) Compensation post-MBA
I've built a comp chart for all four programs. Obviously, it should be taken with a grain of salt because of yearly variance, program outcome range, and the unique factors/differences you might find between the cost of living in one city vs. the next. I'll include both medians from the programs and median for consulting. Note that Wisconsin has very low consulting placement, so the tech would be the obvious right there.
Additional insight
I've got a general idea of where to go from what I've been accounting for, but I would appreciate any feedback. If I'm missing something or have made a colossal oversight feel free to light me up in the traditional Reddit method. I would rather find out I made a mistake now in how I've approached this decision than in 6 months.
Cheers, thanks for any insight!
submitted by GreaterFooled to MBA [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:16 Unhappy_Performer538 This is my fav lesbian sub

I feel safest here and like people are not here to gatekeep or feel threatened by the existence of people slightly different than them.
There seems to be an understanding that what unites us is our attraction to women. No denial that women of any sexuality or gender belong here, as long as you are attracted to women. An acceptance of the word queer and gay & what they mean instead of gatekeeping the terms for gold star lesbians only.
There’s an acceptance of our trans sisters as part of us without feeling threatened or behaving exclusionarily.
There’s actual talk around what it means to be a lesbian, how we came to understand ourselves, and how to live our best lives going forward true to ourselves.
Thanks for being (IMO) the best lesbian sub Reddit. For being a safe place for all kinds of people attracted to all kinds of women, regardless of our history, comp het performance, or terms used. And happy pride to you all! You’re all valid and I’m glad everyone is here! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
submitted by Unhappy_Performer538 to latebloomerlesbians [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 14:26 Spiritual_Shift_920 Guide to Dehaka - Tips, Tricks & Talents

Disclaimer. I am currently master ranked offlane player who has been playing the game since launch competitively & casually, on all ranks between gold and GM. I took a bit of a break after the last guides but upon several requests to continue making these, I was inspired to continue making them again. This particular guide got extremely long due to concerning a fairly complex hero and I like being thorough with my explanations. Links to other guides can be found at the end.

Dehaka is one of the ‘’big three’’ bruisers of high rank bruiser play (The unholy trinity of HoggeBlaze/Dehaka) and while other bruisers do also see play, its difficult to find a game where all of these 3 do not exist in either bans or picks. Dehaka, while not any weaker than the other two and situationally stronger, he does have a bit more counterplay to it than the others.

Drafting Dehaka

Synergistic heroes
Dehaka works really well with things that can quickly kill a drag target that often rely on short range. Some examples below;
Additionally, heroes that have high duration powerful AoE effects that Dehaka can reposition people into with his Drag and his level 4.
Heroes Dehaka can struggle into

Heroes Dehaka is good into

Just to be clear, there are not many heroes that like being dragged for 2.25 seconds into bad positions. There are some standouts regardless that he is extremely effective against.


To cut it short, what makes for a great Dehaka map:

S tier maps

Dragon Shire

So Dragon Shire is great for several reasons. The nature of the split objective is one such. The bottom shrine is positioned in such a way, where the only ‘safe’ way out of the shrine is usually by walking through a bush which is also known as the lizard territory. Another is the quantity of maps on the bottom side of the map that are relatively easy to invade for your team, and with burrow you can make it an easy 5v4. It has a lot of bushes for Dehaka to easily rotate and collect essence between lanes. Its great.The only downside for Dehaka on DS is that winning the shrine on top also matters quite a bit and while he is not bad in 1v1s, there are good amount of offlaners who can destroy him in a 1v1.

Cursed Hollow

Macro focus, siege giants, a lot of the same as in Dragon Shire. The objective does not split the team the same way as it does on DS but during curses having global is extremely valuable since your team can push very hard on a lane and threaten keep, while the quick rotation speed of Dehaka on sidelines means you are not losing xp and the global means your team isn’t left alone in a 4v5 if they commit everything to defending the push.

Towers of Doom
Might be, in my opinion, Dehaka’s strongest map. The presence of global enables a solid amount of invasion plays on enemy sapper camps, and the split objective means that every time an altar spawns on two other sides of the map, Dehaka will be there to make the objective fight 5v4 way before the global-less enemy offlane can do anything about it.

Sky Temple
Really, most of the things that can be fitted into DS can also be applied onto Sky Temple aswell. It is slightly worse on Sky because Dehaka struggles a bit on capping temples alone due to low single target damage and conditional sustain but his global is even more important since all structure damage matters on the map, and pushing out a lane can be just as valuable as getting an objective.

Garden of TerrorMostly he is awesome here. Lots of bushes, large size, macro heavy gameplay etc. You just want to make sure you have another hero in team who is effective at taking camps because Dehaka is not one, and camps are what often decide Garden games. At least he is very good at clearing the enemy camps.

A tier maps

Infernal Shrines
The map has lots of bushes, 3 lanes to soak and moderate macro relevance. One thing that makes Dehaka still a star on the map is his ability to drag shaman camps into towers to instantly clear them. Just because I took him lower than on some others doesn’t mean he isn’t great here, the reason I didn’t put him in S was mostly because he is not the most effective in clearing the extremely impactful objective alone, nor is he very good at dealing with it if enemy gets it.
Where Dehaka really sucks is when he has to fight on an open lane with no bushes, to defend against a punisher or such.

Tomb of the Spider Queen
Historically this is a bit controversial take due to the map’s small size. Which is true, it is against Dehaka’s global value. it doesn’t mean though it isn’t immensely relevant on the map, since it can be used to prevent the good old boss cap strategy of taking bot camp, and moving to boss as enemy has to deal with a siege camp.
Aside from that, due to its small size however Dehaka can stack essence extremely quickly, and the quantity of bushes makes him a danger everywhere on the map even without his global.
Dehaka is a very hard to gank offlane, which means gems collected by Dehaka are far more safe than on some other popular offlaners.

B tier maps

Battlefield of Eternity

Not the best map for him, but playable. The objective sucks the same way as it does on IS and it is more early game heavy. The distance between lanes makes essence management much more difficult.Things he does do well on the map though is defending shaman camps, which is more valuable here than any other map in my opinion. The middle of the map is also riddled with bushes, giving him a ton of opportunities to position properly and getting good drags in. The distance between lanes does also mean the bottom part of the team can play much more aggressively for camps since the global does threaten a constant 5v4.
Alterac Pass

I hate playing Dehaka on Alterac, but it could be worse. Little amount of bushes makes rotating extremely hard and dragging camps to towers is often of low value. Additionally, taking camps is of a high value and Dehaka really does not do it well on Alterac. The one thing Alterac has going for him is its large size, and the few bushes it has are around objectives so he can still sidepush and join for a fight.

Braxis Holdout
Dehaka typically isn’t awesome due to the difficulties of gaining essence, relevance of winning point on top lane and lack of siege giant/shamans. The bonus is, if you do win the point its fairly easy to win the bottom point aswell due to using global after bullying the enemy offlaner away from point.

D tier maps

Volskaya Industries

No bushes, small size, mostly item based camps. Unless Dehaka is the only hero you play, I’d not recommend picking him here.

Base Kit tips

Drag [Q]

As I eluded earlier, you don’t have to be the one to deal the actual damage to mercs. You can also drag them into towers and forts for a faster clear. The damage of the drag isn’t high, 160 at a base (159% of one AA), but it is big enough that if you know you are going to base to get mana or you won’t be needing it any time soon, using drag for damage on PvE does increase your clear speed. It is mana intensive, which is why I excluded its use to the two scenarios above.

Landing drags on heroes
Dark Swarm

Burrow [E]
Essence Collection [D]

Brushstalker [Z]
Talents / Builds breakdown

To start off, different builds have different values on different levels of play. The build I pick most of the time is immensely powerful in diamond, master and GM SL aswell as competitive. It is equally powerful in lower ones, but some other builds also become better there (Such as the W build). The % mentions are just my rough estimates on how often I pick a certain talent.

The builds:

Standard/Recommended build: 3/1/1/1/1/2/1

BeginneLow SL build:1/3/3/2/2/2

Situational Braxis/Alterac build: 2/X/X/1/3/2/1

Level 1

Enduring Swarm - 2%

Enhance Agility - 96%
Tissue Regeneration - 2%
Level 4
Lurker Strain - 95%
Hero Stalker - 3%

One-Who-Collects - 2%

Level 7

Feeding Frenzy - 98%

Symbiosis - 2%

Paralyzing Enzymes - 0%

Level 10

Isolation - 100%

Adaptation - 0%

Level 13
Ferocious Stalker - 93%
Primal Swarm - 4 %
Primal Rage - 3%

Level 16

Elongated Tongue - 0%
Pack Leader - 0%

Tunneling Claws - 100%
Level 20

Contagion - 99%
Change is Survival - 0%
Essence Claws - 1%
Apex Predator - 0%

Laning tips

Do note that these estimations expect two equally skilled players, and playing with the talents listed above. Most of them do not directly improve the 1v1, so experiences may vary.Favored match ups
Fairly even match ups
Unfavored match ups



As per usual, hopefully someone got something out of this. It has been a while since I written my last write up on bruisers. If there are any other particular bruisers people would want to see me make a write up on, do mention it. (I had to repost this due to reddit markdown acting stupid).
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2023.06.02 14:15 drunkill Post Match: AFL Round 12 Melbourne v Carlton

Dees v Blues

Melbourne Cricket Ground: 7:50pm (AEST) Fri, 2nd June 2023
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Final Score
Dees 3.3 5.6 7.11 8.13 (61)
Blues 1.2 2.5 5.6 6.8 (44)
Match Center -
Match Center - Foxfooty
Match Report -
Match Report -
Voss postmatch presser (video, 10mins)
Goals: McKay 3, Acres, C.Curnow, Fisher
Best: Cerra, Docherty, McKay, Weitering, Kemp
Injury: Silvagni (hip) subbed at half time
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Subreddit B&F Votes: Be sure to list your top 5 Carlton players today and vote in the subreddit B&F thread
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2023.06.02 10:25 Wreck_n_Kek The entire Competitive entry requirement needs an overhaul and a fix could eliminate ALOT of Bot Activity

First let me tell you why Bots exist in Quick Play - There is a huge market for Competitive ready accounts for sale on dozens of websites. These accounts are phone verified, usually Bronze 5 and range from $15-24. During my 20 minutes of research, I stumbled across PlayerAuctions with hundreds of "Comp-Ready B5 Instant Delivery" accounts...
The Problem:
"Complete 50 Quick Play Matches"
Why on Earth is this the requirement when daily/weekly Challenges by actual HUMAN players is win-based? Here I am, another day on reddit, watching another 2-3 videos of Bots playing Leapfrog in front of their spawn... On one hand you have Top 500 players readying their next smurf account, going 48-2. And then there's Bots, First timers, and 5-year old Orisa players (sorry, thought it was cute though). "It's just Quick Play" only goes so far.
All requirements for Competitive should be Challenge based, not Matches, not Wins (encourages another behavior - zero penalty QP leavers), and not a three second backfill participation trophy either.
Example Changes:
Tank Role Queue (Credit for challenges require completing a Quick Play Match)
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