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This is the wholesome place to post your face. It would be aces if you limit it to your faces. Show some grace when you share your face and we will embrace and wont erase. If that's not the case you may be disgraced and will be misplaced without a trace. TL/DR: SFW Pictures of Human Faces.

2008.12.29 16:27 Rage Comics!

it's still alive! kinda...

2012.07.14 09:01 Sinkingfast You are so beaut-OHGOD!

The only way we'll judge you is if you try to maintain your dignity.

2023.06.05 01:41 sunflower_1970 Are these decent numbers? Been dealing with neuropathy since late 2020 on the left side of my face, neck, and genitals. Seen improvement but still not fully gone away.

My B12 results have been 611, 520, 730, and 696 ng/mL over the period of two years. My folate level was 11.7 ng/mL last year, and my B6 level last year was 11.1 ng/mL. My Homocysteine level last year was 6.8 umol/L.
Are these good numbers? Is it possible the neuropathy is caused by something else? I've had two brain MRIs with contrast, one neck MRI without contrast, a nerve conduction test of my left arm, and a lot of blood work not mentioned here, and nobody's really seemed to be able to diagnose the cause. I've guessed either a bad reaction to restarting medication, or COVID. I'm not sure if it's the medication, as I continued to get sicker even after stopping it again, and I haven't taken it since 2020.
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2023.06.05 01:40 Minute_Reflection_65 Ubbe Lothbrokes face tattoo meanjng

Hey Guys, I just started season 6 of Vikings and I really like Ubbe’s face tattoo. I know it goes right down his chest. I was thinking about getting something similar behind my ear and down my neck. Does anyone know the rough translation? I’m pretty sure someone said it’s to stop witch craft or something. (I know it’s probably not really Norse or whatever, but I’m a massive fan of the show and love how it looks)
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2023.06.05 01:40 Zealousideal_Win4430 How do you repay someone that saved you?

A few years ago I was going to pull the trigger. I met up with my friend for one last night of fun at a bar. We played pool, drank a little, told funny stories, darts, everything. He knew I had some depression and I was taking medication for it but I was able to keep a fake face 99% of the time. At the end of the night I messed up and said goodbye to him and hugged him. Instead of the see you later I always used. He knew then something wasn’t right. He didn’t leave me alone and I finally broke down and gave him my gun and told him. I know it put a great deal of stress on him that I wish I never did. But I’m looking to repay him. But I don’t know how. I’ve expressed my gratitude to him from time to time but I want to do something more for him. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.05 01:40 WixyDixy Assassin's Creed Victory Mod Trailer Coming Soon

I am currently working in a mod that will overhaul Assasin's Creed Syndicate with a new character and story. This mod is based on the leaked images of AC Victory that were leaked after the release of Unity and showed George Westhouse the main protagonist. This mod will include:
-New cutscenes -New Soundtrack -Imporved Visual for a darker tone -New Character Model -All new voice lines (AI generated)
I am very early on develepment so dont expected the mod to be releasing any time soon, but i will try to keep you guys updated on new content has it is being developed.
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2023.06.05 01:39 BestBrownieLover Are these brownies nostalgic for you too?

Are these brownies nostalgic for you too?
Did anyone else get Little Debbie Brownies or Entenmann’s Little Bites in their lunchbox growing up? These small, individually wrapped treats are a staple of childhood lunches and after-school snacks, and they always seem to bring back fond memories of simpler times. I have some pretty distinct memories myself. These brownies are so nostalgic for me, but it’s funny, sometimes these memories should stay in the past and not be re-experienced. They might not be as good as you remember them!
Growing up, every time I visited my maternal grandmother, she would always have a treat for me. I am a millennial, and the treats from my elders included Werther’s caramel hard candies, caramel creams, those small vanilla/chocolate ice cream cups with the wooden spoons (we called them dixie cups!), Klondike bars, and, you guessed it, brownies! I always felt like the Little Debbie Cosmic brownies were the best brownies, but sometimes I was given the ones with the walnuts. I was never a fan of walnuts, so I would pick them out, but the brownie itself with the yummy fudge icing I still enjoyed. And those Entenmann’s Little Bites, those were great for sharing!
Little Debbie Brownies were first introduced in 1960, and they quickly became a popular snack among children and adults alike. The brownies are made with a simple recipe that includes chocolate, sugar, and flour (like most brownies). They’re then baked and individually wrapped, making them perfect for on-the-go snacking.
Entenmann’s Little Bites were first introduced in 1996, and they quickly became a popular alternative to Little Debbie Brownies. The Little Bites are made with a similar recipe, but they’re smaller and come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate chip, cinnamon, and blueberry. Both Little Debbie Brownies and Entenmann’s Little Bites are nostalgic treats that can bring back fond memories of childhood. Whether you enjoy them for their simple taste or their sentimental value, these small snacks are sure to put a smile on your face. Here are a few reasons why Little Debbie Brownies and Entenmann’s Little Bites are so nostalgic:
  • They were childhood staples. Little Debbie Brownies and Entenmann’s Little Bites have been around for decades, and they’re a staple of many childhood lunches and after-school snacks. This means that they’re often associated with memories of childhood.
  • They’re comforting. The simple, taste of Little Debbie Brownies and Entenmann’s Little Bites is comforting and familiar. This is why they’re enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • The sight and smell of Little Debbie Brownies and Entenmann’s Little Bites can instantly transport us back to our childhood. This is why they’re often enjoyed by people who are looking for a taste of nostalgia.
For many people, Little Debbie Brownies and Entenmann’s Little Bites are more than just snacks. They’re a symbol of childhood innocence and carefree days. The taste of these treats can instantly take us back to a time when our biggest worries were getting good grades and playing with our friends. Or can it? When was the last time you ate one of these brownies? Did it match up to how you remembered?
For more stories and reviews on brownies, please visit My Brownie Blog
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2023.06.05 01:39 Bitcoinz_Tech Crypto Theft Soars: Atomic Wallet Breach Surpasses $35 Million as 7.95 Million USDT Victims Uncovered

In a recent update from on-chain analyst ZachXBT, alarming news has surfaced regarding the security breach of Atomic wallet. The breach has now escalated, with a new record high of 7.95 million USDT stolen, making it the largest known victim on the TRON network. The cumulative losses of the top five victims of Atomic wallet now amount to a staggering $17 million, pushing the total stolen funds beyond the $35 million mark.
This disconcerting development serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threats and vulnerabilities faced by cryptocurrency users. The incident highlights the importance of robust security measures and heightened vigilance when dealing with digital assets. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for users to remain cautious and implement necessary safeguards to protect their funds from malicious actors.
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2023.06.05 01:39 Th3Aft3rL1f3 The live action Little Mermaid and anti-LGBTQ laws in Georgia and Florida.

The original Little Mermaid in 1989 the songs were written by a man by the name of Howard Ashman. Ashman was an openly gay man who was extremely talented in many of his works that he did in Disney, although he passed away in 1991 from the AIDS epidemic, his memory lives on in his songs. Part of that World has queer undertones of people not accepting you for being yourself, wondering what about being gay is bad, and self discovery. Although the little mermaid is a heterosexual story, the queer undertones of the story and the fact that it was written by a gay man people believe that a man who died 31 years ago is now fully responsible for grooming their children into being gay, such as Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida. That ideology made Disney have to switch the story or it wouldn’t be able to be in the movies everywhere because Disney is a company that only cares about the money and not what people want to see on the screen. Although they changed the story it was from one minority issue to an other that was queer issues to race issues which I have no problem with I just feel as though a queer story, written by a queer songwriter, released during pride month, should not be changed especially because all of the hardships that people part of the LGBTQ+ community are already facing due to homophobic and transphobic bills being passed everyday. It just feels as though Disney only cares about money and does not care about children of gay and lesbian couples seeing their people who are like their parents on a TV show or in a Movie. Disney has always been known for their complicated views on the LGBTQ community like how they canceled the Owl House and discouraged Gravity Falls while they keep cash grabbing in pride month by all of their rainbow capitalism Mickey Mice. I really enjoyed the live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, I just wanted to share something that bothered me. What’s your opinion on this?
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2023.06.05 01:38 ThrowRA_kirbyling How can I (24F) help my suicidal ex partner (24NB) after breakup?

TRIGGER WARNING: suicide mention, drug mention.
My ex partner recently found out they're autistic and it's having a lot of hard time dealing with college, a bad job and abusive family. They broke up with me because they couldn't reciprocate my love (that I very much still have for them), since they're already dealing with too much. I've found out that, after our breakup, they tried to commit suicide, had some drug abuse, runaway from home and discovered that their coworkers, friends and other acquaintances badmouth them for being autistic behind their back (talking how they're weird and other awful stuff). Their mother and psychologist didn't offer much help saying it's all in their head, even tho they have proof and a lot have been said into their face. I don't know their living situation right now, but I know they aren't taking care of themselves, not eating and not taking medicine, etc...
I'm mourning my dog passing away and the end of our breakup at the same time. I've been struggling a lot with emotional dependence, putting myself at last and never being a priority, even in sickness. I'm also autistic and I end up getting extraneous pain from so much worry, not being able to help or fix their problems. I know I need to keep NC, like my friends and psychologist have already suggested. I've been crying everyday since our breakup but only found out what they've been going through recently.
My mind is torn between "taking care of myself, go no contact for at least 3 months" and "try to help them one last time, even tho you don't know if anything will change". They are a very damaged person, but so am I. They also worry to drag someone down with them (alas one of the reasons for breaking up with me). I believe they can heal, but they're alone right now and I'm very scared because It's not the first time they tried to commit suicide and I don't know if, if it happens again, they'll have someone to prevent it. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to help. I love them, I never loved myself.
Sorry for any English mistake.
TLDR: My ex (24NB) is suicidal and alone. I (24F) worry for their life, but I also need to heal. What can I do to help them and help myself?
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2023.06.05 01:38 transcribersofreddit ShitLiberalsSay Image "flying the flag of a genocidal fascist regime in remembrance of a failed color revolution 😔"

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2023.06.05 01:38 alliebee91 Foundation/Concealer Swatches (NC10 - NC30?)

Foundation/Concealer Swatches (NC10 - NC30?)
Swatches: (click here for more photos)
  1. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk - 4
  2. L’Oréal Infallible 24hr - 425 Linen
  3. Maybe line Fit Me Dewy - 118 Light Beige
  4. MAC Studio Fix - NC15
  5. Koh Gen Doh Aqua - 213
  6. Fenty Pro Filt’r Matte - 145
  7. Erborian CC Crème - Clair
  8. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk - 5.75
  9. Tarte Shape Tape *foundation - 20S Light Sand
  10. Kevyn Aucoin
  11. Kosas concealer - 3.2
  12. Koh Gen Doh Aqua - 123
  13. Etude Big Cover Skin Fit Concealer - Neutral Mint
  14. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer - Green Beige
  15. Tarte Shape Tape *concealer - 20S Light Sand
  16. Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer - 3 Fair with peach undertones
  17. Vitamin Babe Skin Loving Foundation - 5N
  18. Pūrlisse Radiant Glow Illuminating BB Cream - Light Medium
  19. YENSA Super Serum Silk Foundation - Light Medium
  20. Salt New York Sneaky Balm - 13
  21. SNY SB - 12
  22. SNY SB - 11
  23. SNY SB - 10
Disclaimer: these are a lot of swatches so it’s possible there could be an error in my labeling. I think it’s right correct though.
I put my two favorite matches on my neck, the KGD 213 and Armani Luminous Silk 4. I can get away with wearing either on their own because of how sheer they are, but they both look best with a tiny drop of blue. If I’m not wearing any foundation I can just spot correct with the Kosas 3.2 and it blends perfectly.
Should also mention the KGD 123 was a little sample so to not waste the rest of it I mixed it with my KGD 213 with a drop of Temptu blue and that’s what’s on my face — which is why my chin/face look peachier than my neck in these. My chest is still a little redder than my neck though.
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2023.06.05 01:38 YungDaggerD1ck420 Nav bar problem

Im still beginner, so sorry if its a really dumb question.I ve made my nav bar and after that I have made a container and inside them I have some cards. For some reason the first one overides my nav bar and like half of my image is inside the nav bar. I can get it to go down by giving it a top-margin of say 57px, but then the space between the nav bar and my element wont be equal as the space each of my next elements have between them. How could i fix this problem?I think there is something wrong either on where my nav starts or where my container starts
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2023.06.05 01:38 nickfromstatefarm Pixel 5 Setup to Mirror Screen to Android Auto (for tuner gauges)

I bought a Pixel 5 to mirror my screen to show my EcuTek gauges for my Infiniti Q50 on the infotainment display via Android Auto. I was very into Android modding back when I had my old Nexus 5X, so I thought this would be an easy task and I was very wrong. So much has changed since then. (there are two firmware images on a device now? lol)
I got the phone rooted on the latest AOSP image, but none of the Android Auto root apps seem to have too much of an effect. I can't downgrade AA because it appears baked into the AOSP Gapps.
What's the best setup to use for this? The phone can be on any version/ROM of Android and will not be connected to cellulawifi/hotspot so it can't auto-update.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.05 01:38 3435taptapTT What is the best way to respond to passive-aggressiveness?

I usually pretend like I'm not picking up what the person is putting down, even when I understand exactly what they're trying to say, but I don't know if this is a good strategy. For one, it makes my mom even more pissed off than she was before. The reason I do this is because, even if I have some idea as to what her real feelings are, asking directly about it will almost always result in a, "What do you mean? You're imagining things, that's not what I'm trying to say at all" or just further passive-aggressiveness. It also allows her to act like you're the one who's lost your cool for no reason.
I feel like playing dumb when it comes to indirect aggression makes you look like a positive person who would never dream of accusing someone of having spiteful thoughts. Plus, it puts the person in the position of having to be direct instead of making you read their mind. It also allows the person to save face and run with the excuse you provided for them, and it has the bonus added effect of making that person feel frustrated.
My mom wants a fight, so I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction. I feel like I get very petty when someone tries to manipulate me, and I don't know if it's warranted. Is "not taking the bait" the ideal strategy here or is it stooping to the other person's level? Is this really the way to turn opponents into allies? Should it be used for everyone, even for people you actually want to keep a good relationship with?
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2023.06.05 01:37 tuffytech Need help with a trial/test from an Ancient Gold Dragon

My players are about to enter an ancient gold dragon's lair, and the dragon is going to test them in various ways to see if they're worthy of meeting him face to face. He's heard of the party doing heroic acts before (namely, saving a city from a tyrannical warlord.) But since this is their first real meeting he wants to be sure they're saving people for the sake of, saving people. Instead of them just being mercs who will do anything for some gold.

So, I need ideas for a test/trial of the party's "heart." How exactly could I give them a trial on this sort of thing, without it just being dumb or obvious questions like "Will you help the granny cross the street? Or push her into oncoming traffic?"
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2023.06.05 01:37 artparasitex What to expect at first oncology appointment?

Hi everyone!
24f, would really appreciate advice and input on what to expect at my first appointment.
On May 25th I got a referral to a hematologist-oncologist, exactly 10 days after my mom died from Stage 4 Colon Cancer & Peritoneal Carcinomatosis - May 15th. Almost exactly 5 months since my dad died from Stage 4 Lung Cancer (squamous cell) & Stage 2b(?) Prostate Cancer. December 18th. He also had Stage 2c adenocarcinoma in '98, resulting in his right lung being removed.
I watched the entire process and moment of their death, and it's tough to deal with. Caught too late because of dismissive doctors.
The timing of this is so weird.
I've been dealing with symptoms that I guess resemble lymphoma or leukemia? Most worrying is a supraclavicular mass. Every lymph node from my torso and up is enlarged. Diagnosed with lymphadenopathy from several dr's. Wonky labs all the time. Swelling. Night sweats. A lot more to go into. I've had other insanely weird health issues for the past 2 years, just too tiring to explain.
I had originally just asked for an ENT referral but walked out with a hematologist-oncologist referral. My heart kinda dropped, didn't expect that.
It's like cancer is contagious in my family at this point. Nearly every direct family member and extended family has passed from this terrible disease.
I'm not diagnosed with cancer right now, and hoping I will not be , so I was really surprised because I thought only those with a diagnosis see oncologists. I did have a melanoma scare earlier in the year but thankfully the biopsy came back negative.
The clinic I go to did tell me they don't have the necessary resources for any of the workups needed for this situation. My insurance (Medicaid) is stubborn with imaging and anything beyond basic labs so that hasn't been an option.
I'd appreciate anyone walking me through what this entire thing entails. Specific tests may be ordered, things like that, I guess?
Thank you - besides this I'm sending love and hugs to everyone in this subreddit. ♡
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2023.06.05 01:37 MezduX A selection of our faces now available worldwide on Google Play for only £0.99! Get them at the link in the comment below 👇

A selection of our faces now available worldwide on Google Play for only £0.99! Get them at the link in the comment below 👇 submitted by MezduX to GalaxyWatchFace [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:37 krumorn Calling get_texture on valid texture returns null (Godot4)

I'm in the process of converting a former Godot 3 project into Godot 4, and have stumbled upon a problem : after a scene is loaded, I load an embedded texture and convert it into an image, in order to access certain pixel values within it.
var texture = load("res://scenes/earth_map/colormap.png"); var img = texture.get_image(); 
Here, "img" is always null, despite "texture" being a valid PNG image, accessible through the debugger (type shown for the record : CompressedTexture2D).
No error in the debugger, tried launching godot by command line to see if anything else pops up, nothing.
Am I missing something obvious ?
Before switching to Godot 4, this was the code (crashing because get_data no longer exists and lock becoming redundant).
var texture = load("res://scenes/earth_map/colormap.png"); var img = texture.get_data(); img.lock(); 
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2023.06.05 01:37 Quirky_Ad_4352 Little social problem of mine

I’m a massive introvert (however) I’m putting myself in social interactions, and I’m facing myself the problem that I don’t know how to do playful banter,I’m always ending up saying something so out of pocket the convo ends up right there
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2023.06.05 01:36 Anxious_Bee99 How to live with roommate after a serious conflict?

Hi everyone,
I'm (M23) looking for to get some advice on how to handle the situation I'm in with my roommate (M26). We've been living together for about 3 months, we were good friends before I moved on for about a year. (We used to work together as coworkers.)
Things were going really well up until about a month ago. He was drunk and on cocaine and, while I was trying to sleep, came into my room and got on top of me. He didn't necessarily touch me, but he thrusted in my face and got naked without my permission.
This was extremely upsetting to me and has been a source of inner turmoil for me ever since. he's expressed remorse and we've had several serious conversations about it.
He said he wouldn't do cocaine at the house anymore, and although I've had a few suspicions that maybe he has, I'm pretty sure I'm just being paranoid. I don't think my roommate is necessarily a bad person and what happened was completely unlike him.
My issue is that I'm still struggling to not hold it against him. I'd be lying if I said I'm not afraid of him and I still feel some intense anger at him for what happened. I can't help but wish I had more power over him, which I know isn't a good feeling to have. I've been planning on going to the gym in order to get stronger than him and I've bought pepper spray and several locks for my door.
At the same time I know it could've been worse and nothing really serious happened so I don't necessarily feel like my feelings on this are valid. I'm just starting to get exhausted by the amount of anxiety I have over this.
I feel guilty because I get anxious when he's drinking and have a tendency to make sure he's not doing hard liquor. I don't want to monitor what he does as I know he's an adult, but I'm also scared that something bad will happen to me if I don't.
I'm hoping that I can figure out some way to make this work. I've still got 9 months on the lease and I don't want our friendship ruined because I can't let it go. Any help is appreciated!!
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2023.06.05 01:36 Pikachu_a1 Need reso to print 👇👇

Hi everyone, just a query I want to print 90×40 cm poster. What should be the resolution of image for a really crisp print? Thanks in advance! Ps. I have no idea about photoshop.
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2023.06.05 01:36 UglyPancakes8421 World Building help: How would a North and South continent effect global development?

I'm designing a fantasy world with a northern and southern continent. People live on peninsulas and stretches of land that extend out of the arctic and antarctic circle towards the more hospitable portions of the planet. Some reach all the way to the equator while others are smaller and colder, barely hospitable places. Island clusters, too.
What I'm wondering is... how would this placement effect cultural development? How would it effect the age of exploration? Would civilizations be considered more isolated than in our world? Less? I could see ships just following the "coast" to other peninsulas in their hemisphere. What would trade look like before an industrial or modern age developed, or a Bretton Woods style agreement? Would the two continents face two entirely different evolutionary paths? Would the predominance of peninsular civilizations mean for the development of naval empires and as a result competition over control of the seas and ocean in the long run? Would this lead to faster or slower technological development?
Thank you for your feedback in advance.
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2023.06.05 01:36 scalyearthtongue CCW: Wedding in three days, how can I improve this?

CCW: Wedding in three days, how can I improve this?
I want to look like a forest nymph in springtime frolicking through the flowers 🙃 I’m not used to wearing a full face of makeup and I’m a little clueless, but I have been practicing. Please help 🥹
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