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2023.06.03 19:51 Devilry69 Diablo 4 is honestly amazing so far

Saying this as Diablo/PoE veteran player
Sadly those days i could grind 18h/day are gone, but already spent more then 20h in diablo4 and it feels freaking awesome.
Combat is smooth, Builds diversity is great Drop rate feels okayish, hope they dont buff it Campaign is amazing Endgame looks 'grindable'
Had some bugs but thats normal for game release. Also hats off for handling launch with 0 queue.
Diablo3 /immortal was deep shit but this one makes up for it.
Gg Blizz
Ps. Wen Paladin mtfks..
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2023.06.03 19:50 radxiphias The gastropod family Conidae has great species diversity. This illustration shows 66 species that have distinguishing patterns and colors on their shells. A recent phylogenetic study presented a new classification for the cone snails and revealed 57 subgenera within the genus 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘶𝘴.

The gastropod family Conidae has great species diversity. This illustration shows 66 species that have distinguishing patterns and colors on their shells. A recent phylogenetic study presented a new classification for the cone snails and revealed 57 subgenera within the genus 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘶𝘴. submitted by radxiphias to BiologicalSeas [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:50 TaviTwo I have two great kids and a wife, a stable job and no financial worries. Why don’t i feel happy?

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2023.06.03 19:50 neighborhoodopossum The Wonderful, Beautiful Musical Artist Maddie Zahm

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2023.06.03 19:50 cjelfoffashelf Moved out a few days ago, and found out that I’ve been sleeping on a 34 year old spring mattress my whole life. I’m 21.

I was asking for a new mattress for my princess and the pea ass bed for the last several years, and my parents kept telling me we had just gotten a new one.
I got the same answer over and over, and so I eventually gave up with asking. About a year and a half ago I started sleeping on the couch after getting COVID, and stopped complaining about my uncomfortable bed because I… wasn’t sleeping in it.
I asked my parents if they could get me a new mattress as a moving out gift, and they laughed and said no.
This mattress is a great example of the neglect I experienced growing up. Because my mom was the one who pretty much bought everything, and because I’m her least favorite/the scapegoat, my needs were repeatedly neglected.
On a positive note, I’m so happy to move out and start a new chapter of my life. My parents both shame me for the things I struggle with (eating habits, exercise, how much I sleep, whether I can get myself up in the morning, how clean my room is) despite me telling them it only makes things worse for me, AND DESPITE NOT OFFERING TO HELP W MOST OF THOSE THINGS ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL and I’m glad i won’t have that negative voice dragging on me anymore. I’ve been doing a much better job at taking care of myself recently, partially because i knew that i would be free soon
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2023.06.03 19:50 gagaween Levels, loot, and world travel aren't great

What's the point of leveling when everything in the game levels up with you immediately? I go into a dungeon, I'm level 10, and the monsters are level 10. I gain a level and the monsters all instantly gain levels. I am still as weak as I was when I entered. In fact, as a 15 I feel weaker than when I started the game.
Where's all the loot? I'm level 15 and have several empty slots still. You used to get like 6-7 items from a chest, now most chests don't even have items. I have yet to sell or salvage any gear because my bag isn't even full yet!

Getting anywhere in this game takes forever. I understand you get a mount at act 4. Why wait until then? There are mounts in the game because players need them.
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2023.06.03 19:50 FinalFantasy_Nerd My mother destroys her relationship with me over photos

My parents - especially my mother - never showed any interest in her children. Any older children for that matter. From a certain age on, she looses all interest in children. However, she calls herself "baby crazy" and she is. She constantly wants to cuddle and hold baby's, wants to make thousands and thousands of photos of her grandkids (my brothers children, 5m and 4f). It is not unsualy that we get up to 30 or 40 pictures of my niece and nephew in our family group chat. My parents don't work since the mid 90s and live off benefits from the government. But she has a huge reborn collections, dolls that are made to look like newborn baby's. One can be a couple hundred euros. She really is baby crazy.
As far as I can remember, my parents raised us without any empathy, warmth or genuineness. They never asked how we are and as teenagers we did discuss it with them. Told them we want some more attention. Their answer: "So we have to ask you ever day how your day was?" as if it was so bothersome. When I moved out to study in a different city they never asked how it goes and never visited, except for when they had business in that city and needed to stay with me so they didn't have to pay for accommodation. When my younger sister was born, I was 13 years old and noticed, how warm and sweet she was with her baby. Not with us tho. It broke my heart hearing her say "I love you" to my baby sister but not me. Now my sister is 18 and hasn't heard "I love you" for a long time. This pattern continued with her grandkids. She adores them but ignores her adult children. Now, since my nephew is 5, my parents pride themselves with the fact that they can give the 5 year old a switch, mobile phone or any other electronic device and he sits on the couch and doesn't bother them. I find it sad tbh. It already started that they are uninterested in him. Last week it escalated and I argued with my mother. Mostly about my pregnancy but also about their lack of interest in their children from a certain age in. Her repsonse: "If we really were uninterested in our children from 6 years old, we would've put all of you up for adoption when you were 6." Two of her coping mechanism with critique is excuses or vastly exaggerating the issue to make it look ridiculous. It's really frustrating to have an adult discussion with her (Btw my father is the quite type, never argues but always stands behind my mother).
The problem: I (30f) am 38 weeks pregnant now. During my whole pregnancy she never asked how I am. Never asked how the baby was, which is not surprising. But now, she has demands. She demands - not even wants but demands - lots of pictures of my baby (not me or my husband, but my baby) because she already bought a photo album to put them all in. The same album she has for her other grandkids. It reads "my grandkids" on the cover. So it's only for her, not a memory that she can give to us when it's full. The issue I have here is that her only goal with these pictures is to post them online or show them (offline) to friends and family. My brother told me that she already promised lots of people these pictures. I assume she does all this to show what a great grandma she is. Her whole Facebook page is full of "best grandma" or "proud grandma" posts. What makes me believe that this whole situation is only for her benefit is connected to her lack of interest. To this day, she didn't even ask for the baby's name. Never. She only knows it because my sister slipped when she visited them. I am not mad at her for that. My parents are totally allowed to know the name but they simply never asked. So basically she isn't even interested to know my baby's name but wants hundred pictures to show them around? Doesn't make any sense to me.
In addition, she has no empathy for our wishes. For instance, my husband and I don't want naked photos taken of our baby. She does send us naked pictures of my niece and nephew and children of the extended family I never even met. So this has been an issue. Usually they are in the bathtub or relaxing after swimming in the pool. We did say we feel uncomfortable but her excuse: naked baby photos are totally okay because they are still small. My husband and I believe otherwise. But she is unwilling to compromise.
Some of the other issues I have and her response to my confrontation: - I told her she never asked how the baby is or how I am coping with the pregnancy. Her repsonse: when she was younger it was custom that the child informs the parent of any news in their life's. And since she was raised that way, she is not gonna change. - I told her she has to change since the world is constantly changing. She can't keep staying in the past. The world will never adapt to her. Her response: she is already 54 and can't change that easily, it would require her whole life to change. And, according to her, I wouldn't change either when I am 54. I doubt that. - she asked us if she can make prints of our baby's hands and feet when she comes to visit. My problem: she takes these moments away from us - the actual parents. I would like to do these things myself. - concerning visitation: my parents never asked us when they could come to visit. I am due June 22nd and honestly was hoping that they couldn't afford the trip, since they cannot stay with us and would need a hotel. But last week, they told us that they would like to come around July 17th for 4-5 days. They didn't really ask but told us, that this would be the best time for them. When I told them we have lots of things to do in July (new baby, becoming a small family, moving to a different apartment which my parents also know of) and we would welcome them in August, she lost it. They couldn't come I'm August because A) they have "so many" appointments in August and she thought, even tho we are moving, a few days for us to spare would surely work. And b) the baby would already be "too big" in August and I would rob her of these precious weeks when the baby is so small. Time she will never get back. And after all, I probably already would have had 2-3 weeks with my baby already after birth (as if she decides what's enough time for me and my baby). - she said that she thought the time when we plan to move would be perfect for a visit anyway since she can take the baby for the day while my husband and I do the moving or do household chores. I hate people who think that the best help for a young mother is to take her baby away from her so that she can "finally focus on household chores" wtf? - I am SO stressed thinking all she comes for is my baby. She has no interest in seeing me or my husband and said "I already know you two and now I want to get to know the baby". Reminder: she never even asked for the baby's name! But wants to "get to know her"?? How does that make any sense? - She told us she only wants to visit if she can hold, cuddle and kiss the baby. And she was livid when we told her we decide when she can hold the baby. I don't want them to hold my baby just because they are here. I want them to have a genuine interest in our live and our baby. Also I would like my baby to sleep in piece but I am sure she will take it anyway since she repeatedly said "we will only be there for a couple of days and wanna make the most of it". She also said "You can have it back when we are gone" and, what bothered me the most "The baby will belong to you once we are gone". As if it doesn't belong to me while they are here? My husband and I want to habe full control over who holds the baby at what time. For instance I want it back when it's time for breastfeeding but I know she will not easily give it back.
Early on in the pregnancy I knew it would come to that. A necessary discussion about setting boundaries. And it stressed me out so much. So we tried to compromise. We set a visitation date at the end of July (not August) and put some boundaries in place: only holding the baby when asked or if we give it to her, no pictures taken unasked, no hand or footprints taken unasked, if they want information about the baby, they need to come to us not the other way around.
She didn't accept any of these. We always told her we would like for them to come but we want them to respect our boundaries. To no avail. She won't compromise and uses the uni reverse card saying "Well, if you don't want us to be there..." which we never said. Yesterday my husband asked her one final time is they come to visit end of July. She said she would love to but can't due to the collision of "our and your requirements". As if she is entitled to requirements about my baby! My husband then asked what her requirements were and she said: unlimited and unrestricted access to pictures and cuddles/kisses. She said it would "break her heart" to hear us say no to photos, if the baby has a cute moment. Smiling for instance. A moment that he will never get back because she will only be here for a couple of days. And won't see the baby for months after that. But we all know that they won't give a firetruck about my baby once they are gone, once the baby is "too old" in there opinion.
This made me so mad. She really things she is entitled to everything concerning my baby. Everything that would proof what a "great/proud grandma" she is. I am so mad that she chooses pictures of my baby over seeing us. She would rather not come - out of spite - than to come and meet her grandchild. I am sure this relationship will not heal from that. I am sure that in the future I will always get to hear "Back then you didn't allow us to come..." etc. So I figured goof long contact might be the best solution for my little family and me.
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2023.06.03 19:50 Crass14 [Community] [EU][NA] [Crossplay] [WZ][MW2][DMZ] Rapture Gaming

Hey all. We are a large community discord, not a clan. We are active and friendly(not toxic). While we have some skillful people, we don't care about skill level, we do care about having fun. And if you don't have great skill, we have those(including myself) who are more than willing to give a helping hand. We care more about finding enjoyable people to play with.
We are a 17+ crew. We play WZ, DMZ, and MWII. We play all manners of game modes and enjoy the occasional custom game.
Three steps to join once you join the Discord: Type !accept in #welcome then in #battalion-request Click Console or PC, then type !Phoenix and you are done! Verification is manually done so it might take a little while but trust me it is worth it!
Come check us out:
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2023.06.03 19:49 SettTheCephelopod Apparently believing in Nazi conspiracy theories, doesn't make someone a Nazi???

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2023.06.03 19:49 Rare_byrd Looking for Orders

Currently on HRAP and go back to FT Eustis next weekend as my 3rd week as a hold over. Ive been trying to get into Ipps-A since everyone says thats where i go to view if my hard orders have hit, but i cant access it. I have a Cac reader also, so thats no issue. Is there another place where i could check? I was told iPerms but i have no idea what i am looking for. Any help would be great.

Ill take a double double with grilled onions and a side order of animal style fries
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2023.06.03 19:49 HoboJackson05 Advice on starting a Dynasty League

Hello all, i’ve been playing fantasy football for about 1 years now and I’ve been very interested in starting/joining a dynasty league
Any advice on one which program to use for a dynasty league, any typical settings in your usual dynasty league. I know in general the teams are much bigger and each year instead of a redraft it is a rookie draft, are there any general rules I am missing here, do dynasty leagues play with a salary cap or position limits ?
One last question, do dynasty league generally have payouts or are they normally just for fun.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have been thinking about this for a couple of years and I am really thinking of trying one this year
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2023.06.03 19:49 xvVSmileyVvx Looking to start a campaign.

Wanting to do a once every other week campaign with my two teens. Looking for resources to get started. It'd just be the three of us, and they want to be a druid and a sorcerewizard, respectively. Not high fantasy, more like pre industrial revolution/ early in the revolution. I was thinking I'd dmpc a pally, or cleric to help round out the party, but otherwise have no idea where to start. Any ideas and information would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.03 19:49 Travaran How an AMAZING man can effect your anxiety/feelings of having a seizure.

So I'll make this as short a story as possible and for privacy reasons I won't say the name of the guy in question. But basically I was recommeded to CC by an older gentlemen in his late 50s or so. His granddaughter had been completely cured of epilepsy when she was 6 through a surgery they performed.
She's now 9 I believe and still hasn't had any seizures. So that's his backstory. So he highly recommended me to CC.
But I'm telling you guys it was only when I met him in person that I felt like going back, because I had felt extreme anxiety and fear about going back. Because had gone once before and they had done all these tests and scans, I had a seizure and everything. And they didn't find the cause. So they basically want me to come back and cut my skull open and force me to have another seizure. Something even more extreme than before.
But this guy was extremely confident, kind, EVERYTHING I wanted to hear, he said lolz If he was my doctor at CC I wouldn't have hesitated to go back the first time. I had talked to this guy over the phone because my brother knew him but we had never met in person. But when we actually sat down and talked face to face, it was another matter. I've felt better ever since. It might sound crazy to say this but I've been feeling less auras since our talk.
I think the older guy would've made a great doctor, very friendly. That one conversation made me feel better than all the anti-anxiety meds I tried awhile back, those were useless.
Anyway I just wanted to make this post because I didn't realize how big an inpact a single conversation could have. And to low-key praise this man who shall remain unnamed lol
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2023.06.03 19:49 solojetpack I got busted last night and charged with two misdemeanors. Any advice on where to go from here?

I got charged with possession of paraphernalia and possession of marjuiana. The cops were actually pretty nice, all I got was a ticket, but I'm wondering how this is going tk affect my life from here on out. Can I expect to be evicted? Do I need to worry about being fired? I'm freaking out, I'm so scared, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 19:48 makerharrod Metatime

Anything can happen at any moment. You might see it as $10, and then suddenly it becomes $100
This is a great project,I will follow it all time.thanks
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2023.06.03 19:48 CuteCoconut99 Is this person a good friend?

Hi, I made a friend last year who was really kind and I loved hanging out with them! But this year they've changed. We were in a team sport together and everytime I missed they would tell me I sucked. They also got addicted to this anime game and don't talk to me during break time in school! They sit against the wall for the wifi and I just stand there next to them, doing nothing. Makes me feel really bad. The only reason they talk to me is when I steal their phone. When I ask them to get off their phone they don't respond and sometimes kick me. Once I teased them that their best friend was beside them (I tease them by saying this random kid is their best friend) and they thought I was talking about myself to which they replied "your not my best friend." and it really hurt me. They have changed so much over the past year. Every mistake I make is now an L or something. Once they also told me that their parents wanted me to come over but she doesn't want me to. Once during Javelin and shotput they told me that I sucked. Now don't get me wrong they are also a bunch of great qualities. They help me and do work with me. They've always been with me. I don't want to lose a friend. I feel like their new behaviour has been making my behaviour like theirs. I don't want to be like that. I don't know if this is considered friendly behaviour or just straight up bullying. Thanks guys! (sorry for the long paragraph)
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2023.06.03 19:48 UnknownRedditorDude MT-1 Dosage

So soon I will get a batch of MT-1 which I will be injecting. I have been using the nasal so far but have not hat great results (after like 2 weeks of consistent dosing of 1st week 4-4 and then 2nd week 2-2 with increases on days of exposure)
From what I understand the dosing can be upped a bit due to lesser potency and also less side effects. Also the MorePlatesMoreDates protocol has been a favourite in this sub but is it the same for MT-1?
I would consider myself type 2 (since I dont really burn a lot but I also do not tan). I am genetically very prone to freckles (family members have so many that they are tanned because of them all merging lol). Hope someone can help me out so I can darken the spots between those freckles :)
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2023.06.03 19:48 Electronic-Club8175 How often do you get Hyperglycemia and how do you define it (in terms of mmol)?

Title basically.
I was wondering. I have had T1D for 5 years and I have good control, and great A1C (around 6), but still, I do get hyperglycemic often, several times a week, sometimes I can get to 10 or 11 even daily and I am not sure how bad that is.
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2023.06.03 19:48 Anguis_Noodle [ToTK] What are some good places to farm Zoanite ore? And how long does it take to respawn?

My current go-to locations are the Daphnes Canyon Mine and the Mining Cave on the starting sky island. I keep seeing people recommend the Great Abandoned Central Mine but I honestly cannot find where the ore deposits are there 😅
Note: I'm trying to see how little combat I can do in my first run, so I'd like to avoid deposits that are in enemy camps or otherwise require combat.
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2023.06.03 19:48 Yuuki_9601 Great horror clip tbh

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2023.06.03 19:48 sebisecs I need some tips

Hello, i started training about 6 months ago and i'm seeing great results both in strength and appearance with the training program that i made. I'm wondering if i should add or take away anything from here. Also,i tried doing dips and i keep trying every once in a while but no matter the form i feel pressure and pain in my shoulders.
Back: Pull ups 3x10
Forearms: Dead hang with leg raises 3x10 Active hangs 3x to failure
Chest: Pushups 3x10 Incline pushups 3x10 Decline pushups 3x10 Archer pushups 3x10(without weight) Oapu both arms 3xfailure(without weight) All with 10 kg besides archer and oapu
Biceps: Curls 3x12 (12 kg per arm)
Shoulders: Lateral raises 3x12 (7 kg per arm)
Triceps: Diamond pushups 3x10
Core: Plank 2 min Bicycle crunches 3x40
Legs: Squats 3x30 last set 25 Lunges 4x24(12 per leg) Calf raises 3x12 last set to fail (10 kg backpack)
*L-sit progression: Leg raises on the floor 3x10 Tucked l-sit 3x to failure
I'm doing this workout for 6 days a week and every 2 weeks to a month i'm slightly increasing weight on everything.
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2023.06.03 19:47 queenofkings1203 Should I just give up?

I'm a Senior in my final semester of college at a great business school in NYC (I'm sure you can figure this one out). I'm interested in Asset Management, although I'm open to trying IB and other areas for the sake of learning. I am very eager to learn, try new things, and challenge myself. I make this clear in interviews and the recruiters love it. I've been getting declined from every internship I applied to these past 4 years despite utilizing every single professional development workshop and resume building workshop from my school, endless LinkedIn messaging, in person networking events, etc.
I've ran my resume through my university's career development center AND my Finance professors multiple times ON TOP OF doing multiple 1-on-1 meetings with resume writing advisors. My interview skills and interpersonal skills are very, very solid (I've had a LOT of practice + interviews are mostly the same after a while). I have very good eye contact, posture, body language, etc. I have been complimented on this multiple times from professors, professionals in the field, etc. I have solid work experience, leadership experience, extracurriculars, etc: just nothing in Finance.
My GPA is very much mediocre. 3.051 to be exact. I definitely don't go telling recruiters. I'll be lucky to touch the 3.1s with straight A in my last 4 classes. I was supposed to graduate this week, but I failed ONE pre-req class last semester by 1 single point (due to me missing 2 EASY assignments which is entirely my fault. I get straight 100s on those assignments that I missed so I would've easily passed the course if I didn't miss them). Because of this, I had to take 1 class this semester because my school is a bit strict with their requirements. Seeing all my friends graduating, some with full time offers, is just depressing to me.
I almost got 2 internships this past semester. 1 was NWM which I got to the onboarding process before realizing the juice wasn't worth the squeeze (scam BS MLM company). The other was with a solid not for profit. I was guaranteed the position, but the person running the Finance internship suddenly had to cancel the entire internship for the summer for personal reasons. Completely out of my control, the interviews and conversations were excellent. Since the ship has sailed for Summer internships, I'm just doing 1/2 of my final classes this summer.
So yeah here I am now, 4, basically 2 classes left in undergrad, and I don't have a single internship under my belt. I have all the skills necessary to thrive in the field, I just need to get my damn foot in the door somehow! It's very frustrating and I'm honestly starting to burn out, which is rare for me. I'm convinced that the only thing holding me back is my lack of experience in Finance. But of course, you need experience to get experience. A lot of internships now are for sophomores and juniors ONLY (this was 2020 for me, so yeah needless to say internships were put on the back burner during those years). Am I screwed? Should I just give up? I genuinely can't imagine why a company would hire a senior about to graduate with 0 experience and a mediocre GPA. No matter what, I will get my degree, as a BBA in Finance will be helpful no matter what.
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