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2023.05.29 06:08 jondonger Best place to sell/trade stuff besides FB marketplace.

After dealing with the wonderful/questionable clientele of Facebook marketplace and ultimately permanently deleting my FB account last weekend because of it, I’m looking for other tried and true options to sell stuff. Craigslist was great when I drove to Austin for work every day, but now that I’m in Bastrop 24/7 I’d like to see what others have had good luck with. I’m a fan of buying/selling/trading tech stuff if that helps, but I’m all ears for everything. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.26 23:23 itsmourningtimeagain Where to donate used (but still OK) plywood

TLDR: Looking for a place to donate used plywood previously used to build artwork crates.
I work for a non-profit that creates and ships exhibitions. We are currently in the process of downsizing our inventory and are getting rid of about 70% of the collection. We archived all the work, but now I am stuck with tons of these wooden crates (look a little something like this).
I have broken them all down and have a large pile of plywood and boards. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could donate it all or get rid of it? I would really like to avoid taking it to the dump, but is that my only option? Almost all of it is perfectly still usable, I have removed all the screws and nails, but I can't get all the staples (would take forever), and some have paint and glue on them, but could be easily sanded off. Largest piece is about 5ft x 5ft, and smallest is still like 2ft x 3ft. The stack is about 5ft high and growing. Easily enough for a treehouse or something, if not several.
A few notes:
-I have contacted every wood recycling plant I can find in Austin. They all say they can't recycle wood with staples in it, and a lot do not want wood that has had glue in it (re: plywood) or on it.
-Habitat for Humanity wouldn't accept it either (even though they state on their website they accept pre-used lumber materials, but I think they mean un-used wood leftover from a build)
-I contacted a place that tears down houses and claims to recycle the materials for other builds. They said they couldn't take it either because, even though they have a branch/office in Austin, they do not have a warehouse in Austin so they couldn't put it anywhere. (So I guess when they deconstruct a house in Austin, they truck it somewhere else?)
-Someone at Austin Creative Reuse mentioned they might want it when I was there last, but I reached out and haven't heard back. I will try them again I guess, but they haven't been returning my messages/emails.
Craigslist free and Buy Nothing groups will be my next bet. But I put some of it up there a few months ago and no bites.
Lastly, I know there are a few junk haulers/remover companies, but that will be a last resort, my supervisor said. So if no luck here or craigslist, then that's what we will do. But really trying to get this much wood to a place that can use it. I can send photos if anyone here is interested. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.
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2023.05.23 03:28 stoneobscurity [FS][US-TX-ATX] Mac Pro tower 2009, dual Xeon, 64g ram

Mac Pro 2009, patched up to be a 5,1 i used this as a home automation/vm/data/storage server for past 7 years.
$600 (pretty firm on that)
i ran vmWare ESXi 6.5, but you could put something like Proxmox on it for something more modern.
willing to ship if you kick in for it.
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2023.05.23 03:23 stoneobscurity [FS][US-TX-ATX] 4u JBOD case, LSI 8211, SAS expander card, just add drives. $400

a full DIY NAS kit. just add drives.
$400 or best offer, but no lowballs.
so, you would need some kinda server box, running linux/truenas/unraid/proxmox/esxi/etc. you put the LSI and one of the 8088 adapters in the server. put the SAS expander and the other 8088 card in the Rosewill, plug the 4pin molex into the SAS expander. run the 8088 cable between the two. add drives, plug in the drive power and blue squid cables, flick the power on the back, and you are golden.
willing to ship, if you kick in for it.
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2023.05.22 05:53 jgysland haters gonna hate, but I think it’s just delightful

haters gonna hate, but I think it’s just delightful
New-to-me Austin Custom Brass small bell pocket trumpet, found on my local craigslist for a little more than half off retail. An somewhat inferior instrument to my Bb Bach Strad in most respects, but entirely playable and just delightful to screw around with.
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2023.05.17 04:02 bonglicc420 Is there an Austin marketplace? Don't want to go through facebook or craigslist (post from r/Austin) DM for info and prices

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2023.05.16 20:52 No-Shine3347 Apartment hunting

Looking for complexes in Austin texas! Under 1,500 I’ve looked through, apartment finder, Facebook marketplace, craigslist. Anybody on here who live in them have any suggestions?
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2023.05.16 05:08 UnlikelyNomad $900 GE 4.5CuFt Washer & 7.5CuFt Electric Dryer - Can deliver

Washer model GFW450SPM1DG
Dryer model GFD45ESPM1DG
I bought these 4 years ago and am now moving to Seattle to a unit that already has washer & dryer (oveunder units) and am not taking these halfway across the country to put into storage.
Photos of my units at
Can either pickup at my apartment or I can deliver by May 29. No charge for delivery if paying asking price, $60 otherwise. Hoping to sell them for half what I bought them for brand new. Have all the original literature.
Washer has scratches on the top surface with closer up pictures in the album.
xposted to craigslist:
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2023.05.15 18:58 I_sit Housing Offered - 3bed/2.5bath Duplex in East Austin $2475 great price

My girlfriend and I are in a bit of a pickle. We were both layed off and need to fill our old leased house to avoid paying rent on 2 properties during an overlap.
The house is big with a very large shared back yard. The yard is shared with artistic and friendly 30-somethings in the other unit. Location is off MLK between Airport and Springdale. The place is perfect for a couple or group looking to rent with an animal close to downtown. We have a 90lb dog and it worked out great for us. Check out the link and message here or on craigslist if interested. Thanks!
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2023.05.15 07:18 4acomet where do you buy used DJ gear?

Hi. I used to live in Austin, Texas before relocating back to Vienna, Austria during covid times. I had to leave my pioneer nexus 2 setup behind and every shipping option i've come across costs me around 3 grand +, since i already have a new setup here i just want to sell the US stuff. My question to you American DJs: Where do you look for used gear?
I found only 1 listing for a CDJ2000nxs2 on Reverb so guess its not the place where DJs look. Is FB marketplace a feasible option? Would you rather check on craigslist?
would love for the setup to be used again instead of standing in a storage room so any advise is appreciated.
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2023.05.14 23:49 marcstarts Replacing Stolen Gravel Bike

Welp, I'm finally back in the market after nearly 2 years of not having a bike. My previous bike a 2016 jamis renegade elite was stolen in October of 2021 and I sadly haven't had the finances to replace it. I had bought it back in 2018 for a steal imo right at 1500 usd. And now I'm hoping to find something similar for ideally a similar (sub $2000 usd) pricetag. From what I can see it seems the market for bikes these days has gone up significantly or I really did find a needle in a haystack back in 2018.
Currently looking at a couple different builds on ebay/craigslist a 2015 trek carbon Boone 9, and an ICAN X build. Both asking around $1700
For what it's worth I'm also about 5'7, 29 in inseam so typically 52-54cm s-m if anyone finds anything cool that might fit my needs.
Ideally I'm aiming for a carbon frame, Shimano 105 group set or better and something that might make sense to purchase a road wheel set to switch up for faster riding.
Maybe I should attempt to buy a frame and build it out idk?
Edit: Currently in Austin Texas for what that's worth!
Thanks ahead of time!
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2023.05.12 20:34 Sea-Food-8725 Abbey Ashley – Savvy System

I know what it’s like to show up every day at a job you hate.
I know what it’s like to stay at home with the kids, but secretly wish you could be working from home too.
What if I told you that there is a way that you can make money from home, on your hours and on YOUR terms?
I’ll show you the basic structure of how to build your Virtual Assistant business from scratch with the “Launch From Scratch Blueprint.”
What You Get:
I know what it’s like to show up every day at a job you hate.
I know what it’s like to stay at home with the kids, but secretly wish you could be working from home too.
What if I told you that there is a way that you can make money from home, on your hours and on YOUR terms?
I’ll show you the basic structure of how to build your Virtual Assistant business from scratch with the “Launch From Scratch Blueprint.”
SavvySystem Introduction Setting Expectations Getting the Most Out Of This Course Virtual Assistant Dictionary The VA Template Vault
You have something unique to offer. One of the most difficult parts of establishing your VA business is realizing that you have value to offer.
Yes – I’m talking to you.
Do you really believe that people will pay you $30, $40, even $60+ per hour for your unique skills?
In this module, we will break down your experience and discover what unique skills you have to offer as a Virtual Assistant. I’ll show you what marketable skills should be next on your list to develop.
Let’s Talk Services 10 Ways You Can Offer Services Now To Niche or Not to Niche? Deciding on Your Services Mindset Minute
There are 1,000 different ways to package your services as a Virtual Assistant. Which way should you choose?
Should you charge by the hour? By the project? Will you work on a retainer? What the heck is working on a retainer, anyways?
We’ll work together to package and price your services in a way that is competitive to the market, suited for your skill-set, and structured to generate consistent monthly income.
Mindset and Money Packaging Your Services Your Premium Package Pricing Your Packages Get Clients Now
From the start of your business, you’ll want to develop a solid brand that will reflect your business.
What will you call yourself?
What colors will represent your biz?
Should you have a logo?
I’ll answer these questions and more as we work together to develop a solid and recognizable brand for your business.
Discovering Your Brand Personality Intro to Canva Your Business Name Branding Elements Logo Creation Branding Board Creation
Systems work.
Developing a system that is clear to you and your clients will help you streamline your processes and appear more professional.
During this module, we will develop a portfolio and onboarding system for your clients. We will discover what the best way is for you to interact and work through projects.
This is the true “meat and potatoes” of the business that you’re not going to find from reading countless, outdated blog posts!
Let’s systemize your VA Biz!
Your Processes Your Facebook Page Proposal & Portfolio Creation Onboarding Your New Client Claim Your EIN
Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.
But not if you handle it well.
In this lesson, we will set up your bookkeeping method to decide what the best process is for you to invoice your clients and receive payments. We’ll also answer all your questions about paying taxes as an independent contractor.
Let’s Talk Money, Baby! Dealing with Unpaid Invoices Let’s Talk Taxes Developing Your P&L Spreadsheet
Let’s get your butt covered.
Legally, that is.
I want to make sure that you are covered in your contracts and know your legal rights as a Virtual Assistant. We’ll establish your contracts and answer your questions about negotiations and alterations to your contracts.
Intro to Legalties Understanding Your Contract Live Outside of the USA? Choose Your Legal Entity State Requirements & Insurance
One of the biggest hurdles you will cross in your Virtual Assistant business is landing your first client. It’s scary.
What will they think?
What questions will they ask?
Where do I even find my first client?
By the end of this lesson, you WILL have your first paying client. Guaranteed.
Let’s Get Marketing Value First Marketing Organizing Your Leads Facing Objections Follow Up is Key Nail the Sale: Discovery Call Training Accessing Proposal Reviews
You’ve started marketing yourself using value first, but now what?? Follow these steps to find quality clients FAST!
Personal Outreach Template Finding Jobs on Facbook Your Core Groups Marketing Research Meetings Local Networking Events Freelancing Websites Mastering LinkedIn Job Search Sites Craigslist for Clients Conferences and Live Events Instagram for Marketing High End Client Targeting Asking for Referrals
You don’t need to hire that fancy web designer just yet! We’ll give you the rundown on how to design a website that works for you and not the other way around.
Your Website Options Website Core Components Purchasing and Linking Your Domain SqareSpace Your Site Submit Your Site
MODULE 11: THE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT LIFESTYLE Congratulations! You’re officially building a thriving VA business! Now what?
Working as a Virtual Assistant has the potential to totally change your lifestyle and present some adventures along the way. In this module, I’ll be covering some of the challenges you’ll encounter and how to plan for success!
You’re a VA! Now What? Dealing with Difficult Clients Asking for Testimonials It’s About Time Self Care and Balance Transitioning to Full Time How to Fire a Client Vacation and Planning Extended Leave
Once you’ve completed the SavvySystem, you’ll have a Virtual Assistant business that you can be proud of. You’ll be working on your own terms doing the work that you love to do.
We’ll set you up to have continued accountability and support in this final lesson, so you can continue to grow your business beyond the course.
Choose Your Adventure (Where Will You Go From Here?) Your High End Service Transitioning to High End Services Overcoming Objections & Getting Paid what You’re Worth
You’ve built a successful VA business and you’re ready to SCALE! In this module, I’ll cover everything you need to know to make your FIRST hire and set systems in place for ultimate productivity!
Intro to Outsourcing How to Start Subcontracting How to Hire the Perfect Team Member Project Management Platforms Workflows and SOPs Parting Ways With A Subcontractor
Your Journey Doesn’t End Here Scaling Your Agency Model Scaling as an Online Business Manager Scaling Your High End Service Scaling Through List Building
THE VA TOOLBOX AND MOCK PORTFOLIO TEMPLATE Want to make sure your business is LEGAL? You’ll get our VA contract, subcontracting agreement, and portfolio template. This is literally ALL the documents you need to start accepting clients right away!
MARKETING FOR INTROVERTS Embrace your quiet power! You don’t need to dance in front of your phone or post on socials everyday to market your VA business. Learn how Sara Austin fully booked her VA biz in less than 3 months as an introvert.
SKYROCKET YOUR BUSINESS USING LINKEDIN LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for growing your Virtual Assistant business. Learn how to grow your network and leverage your contacts to sell out your services with this FREE LinkedIn training!
SAVVY YOUR SITE Every great business has a website that works for them! We want you to get a headstart so we include Savvy Your Site, our step-by-step lesson on how to get your website off the ground without the tech-induced headaches.
THE VA TEMPLATE VAULT Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say to potential clients. Don’t be at a loss for words any longer with this exclusive template vault – all of the scripts and templates you need to pitch and work with clients.
PROPOSALS THAT WIN Taught by 6-figure VA Coach and Sr. Director of Product, Rachel Dorsey, this masterclass teaches you how to create proposals that win over your ideal clients!
DISCOVERY CALL DEMO Watch The Virtual Savvy CEO, Abbey Ashley conduct a live discovery call to learn how to go into your next discovery call with confidence.
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2023.05.12 17:30 BlackIrish69 Any my vote for most overused word on the internet is "nestled."

From Zillow to craigslist, every single property listed on the internet, for sale or rent or just to airbnb, is described as "nestled in [insert desirable location]..."
"Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn...."
"Nestled in the English countryside..."
"Nestled in downtown Austin..."
"Nestled in the most infernal region of the lowest ring in Hell..."
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2023.05.02 16:23 Fully_DGAF 1967 Austin Healey Sprite

Sadly, It's time to let it go. Please share if you know anyone who wants to join the club.
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2023.05.02 16:23 ATLSTIN Selling 2 Theo Von Tickets for Friday June 2nd

Craigslist ad can be found here:
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2023.05.02 03:21 Dave_FortniteATX $40 For an ink pen wtf

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2023.04.28 20:58 liketherites Budget Recap: $21k for 60 people in Austin, TX

I planned my wedding in less than 6 months and snuck in an elopement to boot. I started with a budget of $15k knowing nothing about weddings in a HCOL area and I quickly got overwhelmed, questioned the whole wedding industry complex, had a friend forcibly gift us travel points and their experience as a photographer to elope, had very generous and hands-on parents, and at the end I was looking at total spent of $25k.
The end result was just fabulous and I'm glad I took the risk on an independant florist with no presence on theknot and rolled with the venue having a strange layout. Having 60 people was the perfect number and I did feel like I was able to talk to everyone.
The only negatives were that the bartender was a bit of a dingbat and the coordinator, who was very new to the industry, didn't run enough interference on the batty bartender. E.g., bartender kept coming to me, the bride, about there being no wine when she had only gone through 1 bottle of white and the other bottles were right there on the table... The bartender also, apparently, would read out only the name of the brewery when asked what kind of beer was available. It was odd.
The coordinator wasn't quite independent enough to know to go do things without instructions and didn't quite grasp that she needed to be out of the photographer's way. The spirit was there, though, and a more experience coordinator from their company came later in the evening to help support her. We had originally thought that we could do without a coordinator but after reading horror stories, decided to get one last minute. It was money well spent, so, if this is a line item you're on the fence about, suck it up and do it.
Here're my costs breakdowns:
Elope Hotel, Fees, Travel, Rental Car, & Extras $3,992
Reception Venue (insurance, cleaning) $3,575
Photography (5 hours) $1,891
Bride Attire and Alterations (shoes, veil, crown) $3,063
Groom Attire (indochino) $550
Rings $542
MUA Only & Tip (hair done by family) (trial, 3 bridesmaids) $740
Catering & Tips (fajita bar, queso, guac) $4,084
Bartender $634
Bar Supplies, Liquor, Wine, & Beer (dad donated kegs) $382
Cakes (homemade 3 tier cake; not for the faint of heart) (supplies, ingredients, groom's cake) $360
Décor and Styling (candles, votives, holders, vases, signs) $628
Entertainment (bought sound system, used a playlist) $300
Florals (3 bouquets, 9 bouts/corsages, 8 centerpieces) $1,386
Favors & Gifts (PJs, hair accessories, hankies, suspenders, tie) $492
Coordinator (day of) $1,088
Equipment and Rentals (chairs, tables) $250
Overflow Parking Lot Rental $150
Champ Glasses (off craigslist) $100
Tablecloths (off craigslist) $100
Instax Camera, Film, & Photo Guest Book $380
Stationery (printed pics, invites, postage, shower thank yous) $200
OTHER (makeup, parking fees, dog walking, fabric) $481
Elopement Portion -$3,992
Wedding Only Cost $21,374
If you're in Austin and would like to take some of the decor off my hands or would like more information on specific vendors, DM me. I'm happy to help out.
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2023.04.27 05:19 tiedyechicken Furnished Room Available Now through August: $1000/mo

Hello! We're two UT graduate students looking for a summer roommate. Details on Craigslist here:
Feel free to reply to the Craigslist ad or comment/message me directly!
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2023.04.26 17:00 crimehive 6 Serial Killers That Were Never Caught

6. The Servant Girl Annihilator.
Austin, Texas residents were in shock over an apparently never-ending string of violent murders between 1884 and 1885. Every murder occurred while the victims were supposedly safe in their own beds. O Henry came up with the moniker Annihilator for the servant girl in a letter he wrote to a friend. Apart from the frequent invasions of the maid Annihilators, the town is dreadfully boring. They keep things interesting during the gloomy nighttime hours.
The killings abruptly stopped on Christmas Eve 1885. Some others think they only stopped when he got on a ship to start his terror campaign somewhere else.
5. The Oakland County Child Killer, also known as the Babysitter
The worst dread of any parent is losing a child. Tragically, that nightmare came true for four families in Oakland County, Michigan.
Four children were abducted and killed during a 13-month period. The deaths led to the biggest murder investigation in American history at the time. Many witnesses came forward, but they offered no firm evidence. According to a witness, one of the lads was talking to a man in a blue AMC Gremlin, which prompted authorities to track down every gremlin owner in the nation.
Other leads concerning the cause of the abductions have ranged from pedophile rings to demonic rituals. Nonetheless, solutions regarding the killer or killers are still elusive.
4. Charlie Chop-off.
Black American lads were the sole victims of this violent attacker. His horrifying reputation stemmed from the terrible harm he would cause to his victims. Nonetheless, one of Charlie's victims did live through his attack. Police also detained a suspect named Erno Soto in 1974. kidnapping a Puerto Rican boy while being caught in the process. For interrogation, Soto was brought in. The youngster who survived claimed he might have resembled his assailant, but he was unsure.
The Manhattan State Hospital, a mental health facility where Soto was a prisoner, maintained that Soto could not be guilty despite confessing to one of the murders, however, they did note that it was possible he may have escaped on their watch.
3. The Long Island serial killer, also known as the Craigslist Ripper.
This murderer has a long history of crime. A police canine in training discovered the first body in 2010. Soon after, detectives discovered more in the vicinity, raising the prospect of a serial killer. After the region was investigated further, fragments of remains were discovered all throughout Suffolk County, New York's Gilgo Beach. All of the victims who were murdered over a 20-year span were involved in the sex industry, and several of them advertised their services on Craigslist. About this murderer, not much is known. The investigation is still underway, except that he is morbidly prolific.
2 Jack the Ripper
In the late Victorian century, this unnamed serial killer committed a string of horrifying killings that caused alarm in London's Whitechapel neighborhood. It's difficult to imagine any serial murderer who has sparked as much lore, inquiry, or ideas about his identity, in part because of the deaths' exceptional brutality and the insults the killer conveyed to the irate police. His name now almost has a legendary quality.
The most well-known Prank was a letter from Hell that was sent along with one of his victims' kidney halves. He asserted that he had consumed the other half.
1. The Zodiac.
The most elusive murderer in American history, without a doubt. The Zodiac Killer resembles a character out of a horror movie. A writer of letters to the police as well. By using riddles and intricate cryptograms, he boasted about his accomplishments and demanded that his letters be printed on page one of the newspapers, or else the death toll would increase. Before committing his crimes, this killer would prowl remote places in search of his victims, who were mostly young couples. Others have suggested that the Phantom and Zodiac killers may be the same person due to similarities in their methods and physical characteristics. Whatever the case, the Zodiac has left behind a brutal legacy of His own.
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2023.04.22 04:31 piratefaellie PSA: If you live in Tx, Nm, Co, Wy, Id, Mt, Wa, look out for this man trying to ride a completely unconditioned horse across the country

Long story short, some idiot in Texas has quit his job and decided to ride from Texas to Seattle on horseback, something that's totally feasible if done right. The problem comes from the fact that he bought a completely unconditioned horse off of craigslist and is using him as his ONLY horse for the entire trip. No pack horses, no horses to switch to, nothing. He had the horse for 2 or 3 weeks total before setting off on his 'journey' and his plan has been to freeload off of nice ranchers and let the horse graze on grass (he didn't plan anything else food wise for his journey).
It's been 12 days I think. In that time, the horse Shiok has lost a significant amount of weight, appeared dehydrated, developed edema and saddle sores, and is thought to be lame on his back left. The horse got loose once already. The man seems to have 0 horse knowledge, has had the bit upside down and twisted in the horse's mouth this entire time, digs his spurs into the horse (yes, spurs on an endurance ride), and has actively refused medicine, food, water, and help for his horse.
Texas welfare laws for horses aren't good. The horse was seen at a vet clinic yesterday, but has since been released - he was possibly boarding it there as he's paranoid someone might steal the horse. Right now the community is trying to raise awareness in any way possible. If you live in any of the above states, be on the lookout.. idk what can be done at this point, but I think people are trying to collect video evidence of the horse's condition to try and build a case.
articles/sources to read:
I really don't want to promote the guy's socials, but if you want to go direct to the source you can find him under the name 2raw2ride. fitting since he wore completely through his jeans on day 3 and needed someone to get him to walmart to buy new ones. You can also find more info by searching #SaveShiok on tiktok.
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2023.04.18 00:17 DDL_Equestrian 2raw2ride

This account is blowing up all over Equestrian TikTok and has been picked up by mainstream media.
This tech bro who was on Love is Blind bought a horse off Craigslist a month ago and is riding from Austin to Seattle in 100 days. That’s approx 25 miles a day on a horse with zero training for long distance riding.
Please do not follow or support this maniac. It is pure animal cruelty. Nobody in the horse community can see this ending in anything but tragedy for his poor horse.
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2023.04.17 15:02 FugueSegue A collection of laserdiscs for sale/free

Greetings, everyone!
I used to collect laserdiscs decades ago. I was introduced to the medium by an old friend in the late 1980s. He and I built small collections of discs for almost a decade. About 20 years ago, I decided I didn't want my discs anymore and so I gave them to him. Unfortunately, he passed away last year and I inherited the entire collection.
For the last year these laserdiscs have been sitting in plastic boxes in my "storage" room in my house. When my friend was alive, he kept them indoors, upright, and on shelves. Many of them are in plastic sleeves. To the best of my knowledge, almost all of them are in good shape.
Here's the deal. I absolutely do not want these laserdiscs because I haven't collected media of any kind for many years. I don't want to go through the trouble of selling them individually. I live in the United States. If someone drives to my house, they can have the whole collection FOR FREE. If I have to negotiate a deal where I have to drive half way to meet someone, then it will cost $1 per mile that I drive. I suppose I could ship them somehow but I have no idea how much it would cost so it would be "free" plus the cost of shipping.
EDIT: I live in Tennessee.
This is the first place on the internet that I've announced this collection's availability. If no one here is interested, I'm going to post the same deal on Craigslist. I'm also open to recommendations about what I could do with this collection.
Here is the list. An asterix (*) indicate duplicate copies. My late friend collected more mainstream movies like Back to the Future. I collected more esoteric movies like Seven Samurai. So that explains the odd collection of titles.

12 Monkeys
2001: A Space Odyssey (CAV box set)
The Abyss
Alien (CAV box set)
Aliens (CAV box set)
Alien Resurrection
American Pop
Apollo 13
Atari Computer Demo
Austin Powers
Back to the Future (*)
Back to the Future (*)
Back to the Future II
Back to the Future III
Batman Returns
The Battleship Potemkin
Ben Hur
Blade Runner (theatrical cut)
Blade Runner (Criterion)
Blade Runner (Director's Cut)
Blue Velvet
Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet
The Bridge over River Kwai
Broken Arrow
The Cars: Heartbeat City
Cheech & Chong: Up In Smoke (*)
Cheech & Chong: Up In Smoke (*)
Clockwork Orange
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Conan the Barbarian
The Crow
The Dark Crystal
Dazed and Confused
Def Leppard: Historia
Dick Tracy
The Doors: Dance On Fire
Eric Clapton: Live Now
Escape From New York
Escape From L.A.
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
Fantastic Planet
La Femme Nikita
The Fifth Element
Forrest Gump
Ghost in the Shell
Godzilla (1998)
Heavy Metal (*)
Heavy Metal (*)
The Hidden Fortress
Huey Lewis and the News: Video Hits
Independence Day
Jerry Maguire
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Jurassic Park
Jurrasic Park: The Lost World
Kiss: Crazy Nights
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same
Looney Tunes: Assorted Nuts
North By Northwest
Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder
Pink Floyd: Pulse
Pink Floyd: La Carrera Panamericana
The Professional
Pulp Fiction (*)
Pulp Fiction (*)
Quatermass and the Pit
Queen: Greatest Flix
Quigley Down Under
Reservoir Dogs
The Residents: Twenty Twisted Questions
The Right Stuff
Robin Hood (Kevin Costner)
Roger Waters: The Wall
Rush: Grace Under Pressure Tour
Santana: Sacred Fire
Scorpions: First Sting
Seven Samurai
Slaves of New York
Star Trek TOS (By Any Other Name/The Omega Glory)
Star Trek: The Animated Series (box set)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (*)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (*)
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (*)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (*)
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek: Generations
Star Trek: First Contact
Steve Miller Band Live
Tank Girl
The Terminator
Terminator 2: Judgegment Day
THX 1138
Top Gun
Total Recall
Two If By Sea
Unledded: No Quarter
Wayne's World
The Who: Who's Better, Who's Best
Woodstock (box set)
The X-Files (movie)
***** UPDATE *****
***** UPDATE *****
***** UPDATE *****
I found a local buyer. I had NO IDEA that laserdiscs were still a collectable item. That's why I came here first. I figured that there had to be someone on this planet who wanted these things and this was the best place to find them.
I really appreciate everyone's help and advice! Best of luck to all you collectors out there!
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