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2023.06.08 07:42 MaddenPhase I think my Wifi is fried, not sure what to do

Hi, I’m zach and my wifi has not been working for 2 days and my family is freaking out about it. My internet hasn’t always been the best of the best but I can normally get around 40-50 ping on my Xbox with somewhat frequent lag spikes, but the other day it completely changed. My ping on my Xbox was at 999+ for an extended period of time(it wasn’t game servers) which has never happened before. I decided it was probably best to turn off the wifi and turn it back on again, something I’ve done regularly in the past. After I did that, it just won’t go back to how it was. For context we have Spectrum internet and have a linksys router. We have tried multiple different things we have seen on the internet and all that, and nothing works. The internet light flashes yellow and it just won’t work. Looking for help/answers, if more info is needed I’d be happy to answer anyone’s questions who are willing to help, thanks.
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2023.06.08 07:42 Jamersob What mod discontinuation would ruin the most save game files?

As far as I know, if you don't have a mod installed, you can't play that save if previously installed. So if this happened, and they don't update your mod with the game, what is the most essential mod that breaks your game? Mine is Better Camera Mod, I never play without it.
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2023.06.08 07:40 Perdere A M510 alternative, wireless mouse with a tilt wheel that doesn't cost a fortune?

I have/had a Logitech M510 that has served well but is dropping inputs lately. I see this a lot when I hold a mouse button to move my character or camera in a MMO. So, I broke out an old wired mouse I had to get by for now.
I went looking for a reasonably priced new mouse that has two side buttons and a tilt scroll wheel. I don't need swappable DPI settings and I don't need RGB lighting. I'd just like it to be wireless. And to be under the $100 mark. "Gaming" is in big quotation marks here because I'm not competitive FPS... I play WoW. Fairly casually.
I made the mistake of not researching the Logitech G 305 before I bought it. It seemed like a good option but I quickly came to realize... no tilt scroll wheel. So back to the store it goes.
Apparently the tilt scroll wheel is hard to come by these days without getting a monstrosity of a $150 gaming mouse. And even many around that price don't offer it. And the M510 is discontinued and has some questionable successors, some of which apparently also dropped the tilt wheel.
I use those tilts as keybinds in a few games. I don't want to go without them. And trying to find/filter mice that have wireless, tilt scroll and aren't being sold by or something sketchy is frustrating. Has anyone had luck in this area? I want to say the M510 was a really decent mouse used by a lot of people, and bet a lot of those people have had to replace it before now... while also wanting the same feature set/feel/size etc.
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2023.06.08 07:40 Pikafreak108 Just won my first game as soul collector without becoming death (story in comments)

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2023.06.08 07:40 lucythelumberjack Let’s play “count the red flags!”

Let’s play “count the red flags!”
Let’s play “count the red flags”!
Let’s see, just off the top of my head we’ve got:
  • dog is named after the concept of Armageddon
  • magical same sex aggression appears at puberty
  • thousands of dollars wasted on trainers trying to train the fighting out of a fighting dog
  • making excuses for your dog fighting other dogs hard enough to break their ribs because “the other dog started it”
  • making excuses for your dog biting you bad enough to send you to the hospital TWICE
  • lunges at everyone except his owner, but he’s never actually BIT anyone (except his owner twice) so it’s FINE right???
  • dog is so maladjusted it is not allowed anywhere except its house
  • despite all this, dog is still allowed to be around animals as small as kittens and birds, and as large as horses, as well as human children
Then in the pictures, we’ve got: - pit bull alarmingly close to a fully grown cat - pit bull with a muzzle that admittedly LOOKS like it would work, but PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong! - pit bull with a “leash” that it can jump out of in .2 seconds - pit bull alarmingly close to KITTEN - pit bull with its mouth wide open next to another cat - uWu pit bull birthday party tee hee 🎉 - uWu SiLlY pit bull - pit bull in a child’s lap
Let me know if I’m missing anything, I think I’ve filled out a whole bingo card here!
(Deleted and reuploaded as I forgot to censor the child in the last photo)
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2023.06.08 07:40 SeargentSomething What were they using?

The other day I was playing rate my avatar and I saw a short unique one which I’m trying to recreate, it looked like a blue game boy with a smiley face on the screen and it was on the body without a head Does someone know what they were using?
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2023.06.08 07:39 locomotovotion will post-op sweating cause infection?

TLDR; can trapped sweat under wound vac dressing cause infection?
hey guys, i’m 6 days post op and was sent home with a prevena plus 125 wound vac. it’s pretty hot in the midwest so i’ve been sweating a ton, even with the AC kicked down and additional fans placed around me. i’ve tried ice packs too to curb the sweating, but i keep getting almost hot flashes. i’m 2 years on T, so i definitely sweat more than i used to, but this feels excessive. I’m guessing it’s related to my body trying to heal.
My question is, do I need to worry about the sweat contaminating the incisions under the woundvac? I don’t know how to change the dressing so I haven’t yet. My 1 week follow up is tomorrow. I’m hoping I can wait it out and everything will be fine, but I am pretty worried about increased bacteria because although I feel a lot better physically, i’m still getting a lot of sharp or aching pain around my incisions and drain inserts. I have no way of checking for any signs of infection without removing the dressing, and i really don’t want to mess anything up because i was paranoid about an infection.
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2023.06.08 07:38 doomer_claire [TotK] Tears of the Kingdom got some wacky lore stuff going on

As the title suggests, I think Tears of the Kingdom completely destroys any consistency in the story of Breath of the Wild, and in turn the rest of the Zelda timeline, and is by nature pretty goofy. Allow me to explain my points. I do have to preface, I do not and never will on my own volition own a Wii, and thus have never played Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, or Skyward Sword. I realize that doesn't help my case at all as someone claiming any level of authority on Zelda lore, but this post aims to illustrate that the lack of knowledge I have on the lore of those games doesn't even matter.
One thing that has been floating around in the Zelda lore community over the past six years since Breath of the Wild released was the tapestry depicted the original battle between the hero and the great calamity, ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild. It is often believed that this specific hero was a Zonai, due to his odd looks and green arm reminiscent of Rauru's. Problems arise when in Tears of the Kingdom, we see that the red hair of the hero in the tapestry, often attributed to the Zonai by the Barbarian armor set isn't actually a trait the Zonai had. From what we know of the Zonai, their hair was white rather than red, albeit we only get to see two of them. Moreover, they were scholars rather than warriors, building machines to work for them, comparable to those built by the Sheikah to do battle, although it is made clear in TotK that the Zonai gave machines a much greater presence in their lives than the Sheikah did, with the constructs (what the Zonai call their machines) working as soldiers and servants, rather than just soldiers.
The Barbarian set itself introduces some contrivance into the lore by indication that the Zonai came from and resided within the Faron region in the Southeast reaches of Hyrule. It's impossible to say whether or not there is any truth to this, because we only ever see two Zonai, but their ruins are all across Hyrule, underground and above. There very well may have been a point in time that the Zonai only lived within the Faron region, but they did not come from it. Historically, according to Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonai were an advanced civilization that came from the sky. Unfortunately, it's impossible to say what it means to say that the Zonai came from the sky. Would it make them aliens, like those seen in Majora's Mask? Were they like the people of Skyloft? If so, why was there no record of any large structures having been in the sky at any point from the founding of Hyrule to the Great Upheaval? Was the Faron region just unexplored by the Zora, Rito, Goron, or Hylian nations before the Zonai built a complex flying machine to fly them out of the region and into what is now Central Hyrule, and everyone there thought them to be gods when they landed? Forgiving me for calling it convoluted, but I think that explanation is indeed too convoluted to be correct. Unfortunately, taken at face value, it seems that the Barbarian set doesn't reference the Zonai at all, being that its description mentions warriors from Faron and the Zonai are specifically referred to as advanced scholar demigods from the sky. Rauru and Mineru themselves fight with magic instead of weapons, which seems to be within their regular abilities rather than granted by their secret stones, seeing as it is made clear that secret stones only amplify abilities rather than granting them, though this falls apart when applied to Ganondorf, whom I can guarantee did not have an innate ability to summon monsters and turn the moon red.
My point with all of this is that the hero seen in the tapestry of the great calamity cannot possibly be a Zonai, because the figure does appear to be a hero with red hair wielding a blade. The Zonai are shown to have done very little fighting of their own, and very little usage of swords (in fact, the only Zonai swords in-game belong to constucts) along with a lack of red hair and an unlikelihood of having created or worn the Barbarian armor set. Truthfully, none of that matters at all since if we account for the events of Tears of the Kingdom, the great calamity possibly didn't happen ten thousand years ago anyway.
Many Zelda fans have decided that the events of Tears of the Kingdom's memories occur ten thousand years before those of Breath of the Wild, and whether it's actually stated in-game, or the time between TotK's Imprisoning War and Link's triumph over Ganondorf is just stated to be "thousands of years" does make a pretty big difference, however if we assume the events are ten thousand years apart, unless upon being sealed away Ganondorf immediately manifested Calamity Ganon, I find it hard to believe that it happened in the first place. We know the original great calamity had to have happened during or after the reign of Rauru, due to the presence of Hyrule Castle in the tapestry. Along with the Divine Beasts, guardians, and towers also present in the tapestry, nowhere to be found anywhere within the present or past of Tears of the Kingdom, I think it is safe to say this casually accepted ten thousand year gap cannot be the case, and that TotK's Imprisoning War happens before the arrival of the great calamity. That's fine, but... If it's the same Imprisoning War as the one mentioned in prior Zelda games, more problems arise. There's the obvious issue that Ganondorf didn't get sent to any other realm, he just got placed under the castle, and then other issues like the presence of a Rito sage which would be impossible if we are to assume the Rito "evolved" from the Zora when the Great Sea showed up sometime after OoT, and there is no real reason not to believe that, seeing as the series' writers have confirmed it. The only way at all that the Imprisoning War of TotK happens after the entirety of the rest of the Zelda timeline, with the implication being that Hyrule fell to ruin and was rebuilt by the Zonai, who have never been present before in any Zelda game at all.
Another big issue arises on the topic of the Sheikah and their technology. This is one that has been debated for a while now. The question goes: After Breath of the Wild, what happened to the Sheikah towers, shrines, guardians, and Divine Beasts? It has only been a few years, and it seems like it would be difficult to fully get rid of them all in that time. The generally agreed answer is that they were removed and used to build the new towers present in TotK. This answer is really dumb. Those towers are significantly smaller than the ones in BotW. Shrines also contain vast underground areas that could not be "removed" or refilled within the span of a few years, and they contain the bodies of one-hundred and twenty-four possibly dead or alive mummified monks, which would no doubt constitute them as sacred places unfit to be destroyed. The Divine Beasts are also the only resting grounds for the Champions' spirits, a fact that pretty much everyone in Hyrule knows. Only two of the Champions even have memorials outside of the Divine beasts, those being Mipha and Daruk, and Daruk's memorial was defaced by Yunobo. For Revali and Urbosa, their Divine Beasts are the only memorial they have, and unfortunately all but Mipha seem to have undergone the third death. It seems odd, then, that the Divine Beasts were not also considered sacred and left undisturbed. In other words, it's a question that still remains unanswered, and I personally believe that's because it's a retcon. They weren't removed, the writers just want us to accept the new continuity they've designed in which they were never there.
Also, for another contradiction to Breath of the Wild, the Zonai are referred to throughout BotW as mysterious and unknown, pretty much only referenced in item descriptions. Tears of the Kingdom retcons all of that. Pretty much everyone recognizes Zonai ruins when they see them. Talk to most NPCs, they'll have something to say about the Zonai. Even Zelda knows a hell of a lot about them at the start of the game. Pretty much every major character has accepted that the Zonai founded Hyrule, when literally nothing in the previous game indicates that.
Finally, let's look at how Tears of the Kingdom contradicts its own lore. Possibly not inhabited by the Zonai, the Faron region contains imagery that makes it clear that the people there worshipped the dragons, specifically Farosh. The one implication that those are Zonai ruins comes with Mineru's quest, in which Link has to go around the Dracozu river looking for some explicitly Zonai armor. However, if they are Zonai ruins, issues associated with dragon worship become MUCH bigger, but even if they aren't, there are still issues with the concept of dragon worship. Put simply, if you eat a secret stone you become a dragon and lose everything, and that's universally agreed to be a bad thing. So, the dragons were people who ate secret stones. But that's forbidden... So why would they be worshipped by anyone...?
On the topic of secret stones, what's up with Ganondorf? He puts on a secret stone and suddenly becomes a demon king with the power to create red slime and spawn monsters and turn the moon red. Anyone else puts on a secret stone, they can make a gust of air, or roll fast, or move some water, or strike lightning. Why is it that Ganondorf suddenly becomes a deity when he wears one? Is it his connection with Demise, his innate abilities only manifesting as those of his original form? In that case, why is it that the Triforce only turns him into a pig guy? One seems vastly superior to the other. I just personally believe there is no good reason to make Ganondorf the Demon King, since he shows two feats throughout TotK's memories: leading a group of Gerudo who control a swarm of molduga with a pungi like snake charmers. And it's not Ganondorf who plays it. And making a puppet Zelda. That's it. It seems overboard to give him control of the moon. And it is the moon, it's not a puppet moon. You could say everything he makes, monsters included, are just puppets, but the issue is the extent of his power. Rauru is considered a god by Hyrule and the best he can do is sacrifice himself sealing one guy away. One guy. Ganondorf gets armies. Rauru gets to seal one guy and make an explosion and die. Yunobo gets to roll, but he can do that without the stone. Sidon gets to make a bubble. Again, he can do that without the stone. Riju gets to strike lightning, and she too can do that without the stone. Tulin gets to make gusts, but he too can do that without the stone. Sonia can rewind stuff, but Link can do that without a stone. Mineru gets to attach stuff to her construct body, something that I kid you not EVERY CONSTRUCT CAN DO. The stone doesn't let her have the body. She could already do that. The stone isn't even really what lets her attach stuff to it. Really, it does absolutely nothing for her. Period. So why does Ganondorf get armies and the power to manifest whatever he wants? That's silly. I'm sorry, really, it's goofy. Kohga can do all kinds of wacky stuff, if that guy got a secret stone I think Hyrule would legitimately be doomed, judging by the logic of Ganondorf and his silly rock. The would would transform into a giant spiked ball or something. Genuinely, the difference of power between the level of amplification on Ganondorf's abilities and the level of those amplified for everyone else is so drastic that I consider it contradicting to the game's lore, because once again, Rauru is considered a god and his power is dwarfed by Ganondorf's.
I'd love to hear your opinions, and I know someone's gonna say mine doesn't matter because I haven't played the Wii games, frankly I don't care, I included only a few references to them that pretty much every Zelda fan knows. Really, I'm not the most versed in Zelda lore and this is not in any way my attempt to appear as an authority on it, but I do think someone with authority on Zelda lore such as Zeltik should look at TotK through a critical lens because it's goofy. I've seen very little but praise posted about this game everywhere but this sub, and as someone who enjoyed playing it I personally do not think the praise is warranted.
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2023.06.08 07:37 Suitable-League8546 Kicked Off a game so other friend could take my place

So as some gamers know the new game Outlast Trials came out recently and has a max up to 4 players. I’ve been raving about this game for almost over a year and told my friends about it. I’ve loved all of the outlast games and was very excited about the newest one being multiplayer. My friends had no idea what it was prior to me telling them about it. So earlier one my friends, let’s call her Trina, said let’s play Outlast. We both downloaded it in a heartbeat and was waiting for our friend, “John.” John had told us that he was just finishing a match in another game. We waited for almost an hour and a half just in lobby and then I told Trina that I was just going to do something really quick and to text me when he finally joins. So she texts me saying he’s in and I was in the bathroom at the time. I respond saying Ok I’ll be right there. After 5 min, I get back to my computer and our other friend (who was playing with John earlier in another game ) just hopped on and was like “I want to try the game” and kicked me out to make room for him. We were already a 4 stack and removed me so he could play. I was so pissed off. I waited for an hour and half just to be kicked off for someone else. I was so excited to play with them. I was even the one who suggested we play this game and they would just kick me off. It’s like recommending a place to eat somewhere with your friends but they would go without you. It just made me feel pissed because I stayed up longer than I should have to play with them (cuz I got work early morning) and just plain sad because I’ve had many instances in highschool where my friends would leave me for another person or not invite me. So I felt like I wasn’t important or fun enough to be around. What really stung was when that friend that joined would posts videos and pictures of them playing the game in our group chat and I would see them having so much fun… it hurts lol
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2023.06.08 07:35 phynally_ RPG maker horror recommendations? (for Mac OS or Switch)

Hi!! I'm looking for good RPG horror games that can be played on Nintendo Switch or Mac OS (without installing Windows or an emulator).
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2023.06.08 07:35 Droptimal_Cox Launch Salt Tier List

Launch Salt Tier List
It's silly to talk about who's best/worst right now while we learn the who's got the cheesiest, scummiest, gimiickiest tech to score free wins before people catch on! This isn't about who's best, but who's got the most brain dead tactics to exploit while players are still solving counter play.
Most of these are here for the refuse to engage turtle "I win Neutral" poke tactics: Blanka, Lili, Honda and others like JP can frustrate opponents who simply don't understand the gaps in pressure and can freely spam some pretty fake situations without much consequence.
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2023.06.08 07:34 ShireTheDreamer [Halloween] - Arc 1: The Undercity Chapter 10

<< Previous Index Next >> (ToC at Chapter 1)
(Original, Contemporary MC in supernatural setting, Magic, Afterlives, Souls)
Schedule: New chapters every Monday and Thursday.

Chapter 10

It took Kenny several minutes to regain his strength, and he wasn't exactly fresh afterward.
"It's not just exhaustion," he said. "It was so hard to concentrate, and I was seeing black spots for a while."
"I'm going to heal you back," I said. "Don't worry, you'll feel like new."
"No, No," he waved me down. "We have to be efficient about this. We have to plan it out."
"You're right," I said. "We need to know if we can heal only the body or even a single wound."
"Not only that," he replied. "We made a lot of assumptions here. We need to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff," he pointed at the ground. "The first thing that needs to go is the temple. We didn't even use the right one, and it will be a whole different game if we can Heal outside."
We made our plans and went outside. I wasn't a stranger to the scientific method. I went to school like every else, but planning experiments for something explicitly supernatural felt out of place. If it can be repeated at will, we'll be able to depend on it. Hell, if it was impossible to sleep, we would have to rely on something like this.
We slowly walked out of the plaza, noting the bustling activity near the growing ramp, and turned a corner behind one of the closest unattended buildings. When we ensured there were no people or ghouls in sight. We continued to experiment.
It didn't take us long, ten minutes at most. And yet, while I still felt reinvigorated physically, the clarity and freshness left me by this point. Whatever Kenny did, it was not the substitution to sleep the witch made it out to be.
First, we had to try it without all the most likely noise. We were outside the temple and decided to try to recover only Kenny's life force.
It took him several tries to manage a nick on his skin, and I was quick to draw the Ankh on his hand. We already knew the placement of the symbol was insignificant since he used the one we drew on my hand to Heal everything.
"Do you accept this blessing to recover your life force?" I asked him.
"Yes," he accepted.
"This Ankh was drawn with your blood and my saliva. It represents life," I said, touching the symbol.
"I use some of my life to bless you," I proclaimed. "Be restored."
I finished with a prolonged measured blow on his symbol. It was a hard feeling to describe, a mentally draining exercise that made me feel lessened for it.
I stopped blowing when Kenny lifted a hand.
"Did it work?" I asked. I felt the drain, but it did not guarantee success.
"Yeah, It felt like getting slapped awake or chugging coffee," he answered. "Could be addictive. We should be careful with this."
This was a huge win. We now gained the ability to Heal outside of the temple.
I was in awe. Not only miracles or magic were possible. I had this miraculous ability—me. It was unbelievable, and there was much more to come.


We continued our work, resting between each try, and still, we were both spent by the end.
Kenny managed to Heal himself. Then I succeeded in treating separate wounds.
The Ankh could be drawn using anything. We didn't have to use bodily fluids for it. The symbol was not strictly necessary but made the spell easier. We could use a stone with the sign to Heal without drawing it on the body.
The patient's permission was only needed when casting on each other; without it, the effect was severely weakened. Same with touch.
The most selective of all was the ending. The command to be healed could be whispered, which didn't change the result. Willing the effect silently was strenuous and barely worked, but it was possible.
After that, only the trigger remained. Blowing on the symbol or whispering to it worked like pouring water. It was seamless and gradual. However, using the command itself as a trigger, a snap of the fingers, or a clap, was worse. The effect was more abrupt, harder on the caster, and felt more wasteful.
We were absolutely exhausted, but we had the framework for future spells.
Consent from the target, a symbol of the effect, the intent to use life force, the command, touch, and the trigger.
Out of all of them, only the use of life was missing on our very first try, we were so close, but it took us so much time to get to it. It was also the only thing essential for the spell. All of the others only made the magic more manageable and potent.
"We must thank Victor," Kenny remarked. "His description was so good, we actually managed to repeat it."
"I still can't believe I can use magic," I said. "He only missed the life-force aspect, and he couldn't have known it either way. And oh, how I wish we knew the spit wasn't necessary. I feel so stupid for trying with it so many times," I chuckled.
"I still don't understand the Ankh," Kenny complained. "It represents life, so do we use it for any spell that uses our life? Or maybe only the spells that affect life?" he continued to ramble. "What even gives it the meaning of life? How many people need to recognize the symbol to give it meaning?"
"Whoa, hold your horses there," I said. "I wouldn't risk casting anymore without rest. You need to find a way to write down all your ideas, or your head will explode," I joked.
I was very thankful to Kenny, but he needed to be more careful. It took some persuading to make him stop earlier. We didn't know what would happen if we used too much of our life. We could die for all I knew.
"I have just the idea for next time," Kenny said. "You'll only have to heal a small cut up to three times at worst, and we will have another piece of the puzzle."
"What piece exactly?" I asked.
"I can tell you only after you do it. That's part of it," he said.
His enthusiasm was infectious, which made me curious, but I was serious when I decided to stop. So It'll have to wait.
We were walking beside the colonnade when I noticed his silver tray.
"Didn't you try to sell it?" I asked.
"Nobody wanted it," he shrugged. "I just left it here when I saw you talk to Victor."
I got an idea.
"Let's go talk to the witch," I proposed.
He looked at me questioningly.
"We won't tell her we figured out her trick," I warned him. "But we need to get as much as we can from her. Anything she lets slip, we may be able to use."
I picked up the tray. "This will be our gift to her. Who doesn't like silver?"
"We need to ask her about the Goddess," Kenny suggested. "And how she knows when it's dawn."
"We'll ask her to teach us to heal," I said.
"Why?" He asked. "We already know that."
"Just to see what the price she puts on that information is," I said. "We'll know her better for it."
Kenny hummed thoughtfully.
"Chin up. We're going to make a new friend," I joked.
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2023.06.08 07:34 Unfair-Internet2895 Enjoy Telegram without Restrictions with a VPN for Turkmenistan

If you are living in Turkmenistan, you might have trouble accessing Telegram, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Telegram is blocked by the government, along with other social media platforms and websites that are deemed undesirable or harmful. This means you are missing out on a lot of features and benefits that Telegram offers, such as fast and secure communication, cloud-based storage, group chats, channels, bots, stickers and more.
Here are some of the benefits of using a VPN to access Telegram in Turkmenistan:
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2023.06.08 07:33 Fluffy-Tanuki Modding Question - Circumvent Plot Triggers

Are there ways to mod the game such that certain plot/quest triggers are bypassed? For instance, a plot that requires you to talk to NPC John can be done by talking to another NPC Charlie, in the case where John is somehow not available.
This has been on the back of my mind for a while now. A possible use would be, if the station housing essential NPC has been blown to bits for some reason, the plot can still be continued as usual, without having to wait dozens of hours for the faction to rebuild the station or for the NPC to magically reappear elsewhere.
Also, more in line with what I actually have in mind, this could possibly let me skip interacting with Dal entirely.
I have a well-known, severe and possibly unhealthy bias against Dal Busta, to the point that I don't even want him on PHQ (which is not helped at all by HAT's constant encroachment on my claimed sectors, nor his ever-present smugness), yet the vast majority of plots are locked behind him. Apart from the CovOps plot, his entire function is a glorified search engine that spews out historical entries, and eagerly suggesting genocide, monopoly, sabotage, or other war crimes for no apparent reason. Which is why I am looking into ways to replace him entirely.

I am not sure if this is achievable. Only mods I've seen that changes NPC interactions are either mini-vendor add-ons, or complete overhauls that changed almost all aspects of the game. I am not that familiar with modding NPC interactions in X4, so perhaps someone could help me out here?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 07:33 Odd_Rip3606 Super resolution make graphics look worse

Has anybody noticed this? Whenever I turn on super resolution it makes the game look worse. Everything is blurry and missing detail. I’m on an iPhone 13 Pro Max. On highest frame rate and medium graphic quality. It looks better without super resolution turned on, I’m wondering if this is just me or a bug
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2023.06.08 07:32 empty-clamshell Cut everyone off when I got married as a teen, now my marriage is likely ending and I'm utterly alone. I am so fucking depressed and alone.

Big vent.
I don't know what else to say tbh. I'm 26... or 27? I don't even remember and I'm too tired to do the math. I know that's pretty young, but I've spent 10 years married to a controlling husband. He eventually mellowed out but the damage was done and I have no self esteem, no friends, no support system. My parents are equally toxic, but technically I could go move in with them. But I love my house. I don't want to move out. So I don't. And neither does he. Also we've got a kid, because I only made smart choices in life.
Every piece and part of life has slowly but surely been flaking off like necrotic flesh and now I'm a pile of bones that even the rats aren't interested in anymore. I want to sleep but I don't want to die, but I don't want to wake up either, but I don't want to get bedsores rotting away on my mattress.
The fuckiest part is that I'm not even that depressed when my husband isn't around. The longer I go without seeing him the brighter my days get. I become productive, I move, I feel like I can actually inhale and get oxygen in my blood. Then he comes around and I crumble.
He knows exactly how to Ted Bundy his way through our social group and convince them he's "not that bad" and then as soon as they leave our home he turns around and yells so loudly at me that he's spitting in my eye - that's not a poetic sentence, sometimes he *literally* gets spit in my eye with how loud and uncontrollably he yells.
And it's not just yelling. It's insults. It's venom. And he tells me *I* am abusive. Just two days ago he told me that he hates me, he doesn't love me anymore, he thinks I'm too sensitive when I cry in reaction to his screaming fits, he thinks I need to "man up" (I'm a woman, by the way...). And about four days ago he told me I'm a "bore" of a wife, I've never been a good wife, he despises me. He insinuated but didn't directly say that I'm a bad mom. He just made a list of all the things he does as a dad and then said, "what do ***you*** do?" and told me I was twisting his words when I asked him not to say I'm a bad mom.
You may be wondering - did I do anything to incite this? I literally don't know. And he refuses to tell me. Sometimes he says its my "tone" but won't explain what the fuck that even means. I have high-functioning autism, most of it is just presented in me acting weird or misunderstanding. ***What the fuck is this "tone" hes talking about?!*** I don't even think it's the autism, because sometimes I CAN notice tone (I know how to recognize sarcasm, usually). I think he's just fucking with me tbh.
I am so. so. so. so slowly trying to build myself a source of income. Half the time I'm trying to sell my shitty art, and half the time I'm trying to build a little business I've been passionate about for a few months now. Nothing big, but hopefully lucrative enough to find SOME way out of this armpit of a life I'm living. I wish I could write stories and sell them, because I love to write, but honestly I'd only be able to pump out hatred fueled stories about my fucking life. And idk who's going to buy those.
I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. I'm tired. I haven't been hugged by anyone but my son in months. I rarely have an appetite. And now my husband has me taking a new antidepressant I didn't want to take (SSRIs interact with my other medications, dulling them) and I'm just waiting for the world to lose color again. To become even more dull, grey, and dead than it already is. To suck me under the slowly flowing waves of tar that slowly fill my eyeballs as I drown.
I have so many ways I could kill myself at my fingertips, sometimes I just stare at them for looong periods of time. I couldn't ever do it because then I'd be leaving my son here in this metaphorically mold-ridden home. So I just stare. And stare some more. And I don't even play video games anymore. I could turn on RimWorld right now. I see the icon right there, on my desktop. But no. I don't have it in me to click those buttons. I'm so fucking tired.
Honestly, if anyone just has SOMETHING nice to say to me, I'd be so grateful. Even just a fun fact. Even a not-so-fun fact. I am morbidly curious about everything. Curiosity will kill this cat one day, but it hasn't yet. Just SOMEONE say SOMETHING to me so I don't feel like a hysterical prank-experiment on the Truman show.
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2023.06.08 07:31 Skyblaster109 Help for a returning player

Sorry for the long post in advance, as well as the multitude of questions but I just need to know.
So I played the game a little on launch, stopped for a while then played after the base building got updated. And now I have the urge to play again with my friend. But I have some questions and concerns and I just need some clear answers.
First up, multiplayer now, if I hit the new game button, load in next to the starting ship, can my friend just join my game? (On PC) or do I need to build some sort of base item etc. And if I started a new game with custom parameters, would those apply to my friend as well?
I ask this because, for me, what I like to get out of the game is just being able to explore new worlds and kinda just go off doing my own thing, without a huge investment on the story. But I'd like to still be able to do story related quests if we wanted to. Is this possible or is it basically you have to follow the story and do things as they happen. Eg, flying to the beacon marker when prompted.
Next question, I get a big sense of FOMO with games like this, I rocked up to the big hub station place (I forget the name) and there's all these people with big ships and heaps going on and it's very overwhelming. I kinda just want to explore places and do things here and there story wise if that makes sense. Is playing this way going to seriously mess up the experience of the game?
And lastly, these expedition updates. I have no clue what these are? Will not doing them (life responsibilities and work) impact the main game, as in missing exclusive items etc
I guess because there is so much more in the game now (giant sand worms?!?) It feels pretty overwhelming, and I just want to know if that will all effect my want to just play to explore
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2023.06.08 07:30 CommissionerTadpole [PC - Flash] [2000s-early 2010s] Browser game about two anthro bunnies or rabbits stranded in an island suffering unstable weather

Platform(s): PC - Specifically, a Browser game running on Flash
Genre: I do not remember if it was a Point-n-Click or an adventure game. It was not a side scroller, as it had a depth dimension and involved frequent backtracking.
Estimated year of release: I definitely remember playing this around the late 2000s. But I may be misremembering and it having been from the early 2010s - but it almost certainly was no later than 2012.
Graphics/art style: It was comprised of cartoony, likely hand-drawn pictures and sprites (not pixel-art). It looked like your typical 2D flash game's artstyle, a-la Riddle School. It mostly used bright colours, except for the part when a huge storm threatened to destroy the island.
Notable characters: If I recall correctly, all the characters were anthro animals. I don't remember if they wore clothes, nor anything about most of the characters, but I do remember that it involved two anthropomorphic rabbits - one blue, and one red - and those didn't wear clothes. You only played as one of them (I don't remember which), the other was a background character and hung with the other anthros while you went on doing your thing.
Notable gameplay mechanics: The main gameplay involved the furries being on vacation to some sort of tropical island, including a little resort village if I recall correctly, but it turned out the island was cursed or something, and there were some major environmental instabillities being caused by whatever had cursed it - it led to a massive storm occurring during the story, preventing the characters from sailing out of the island. The main objective was to find the source of the curse and save the island as well as allow everyone to leave safely. At least that's what I recall, I may be misremembering.
Other details: I could've sworn this game was called Chaos Island or Chaos Adventure, or anything involving the word "Chaos", since I vividly remember that at the time I was looking for another flash game called Chaos that I played circa 2005 but could never find again, and every time I tried to look for it, I only found this bunny game instead since it also started with Chaos. But for some reason, trying to look it up never yields any results, so maybe I am completely misremembering it being called that way.
The only other detail about the game's story I remember is that there is an underground tunnel connecting one island to another, and during the story, the heavy storm actually floods this tunnel, preventing you from using it and effectively leaving you trapped and unable to return to the resort until you get the storm to stop.
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2023.06.08 07:30 vattern06 For the new players struggling to learn Classic Controls:

TLDR: Learning Street Fighter (and most of the other fighting games on the market) is very similar to learning a new musical instrument. You should treat learning and mastering it as you would treat learning and mastering a new musical instrument. You will have much more manageable expectations towards your own performance and growth.
Imagine this scenario: you bought a Yamaha keyboard last friday and now you're frustrated because you can't play along with other more experienced musicians. You start to question yourself: do I suck? Is the keyboard just a very hard instrument? Should I just go back to playing the maracas instead?
If you are somewhat familiar any instrument you know they require practice, study, muscle memory and timing. But, once you grab a hold of good fundamentals, learning a new song becomes much easier and in no time you are able to improvise grooves and try out new melodies just by listening to songs.
Guess what? Fighting games are Just. Like. That. There's a lot to learn in Practice mode: buttons, timing, dexterity, muscle memory, combos, set-ups, anti air responses, etc. Then, with good fundamentals you are able to learn new characters very fast or even try out new fighting games and not struggle so hard while learning the new game.
My first Fighting Game was SFV back in 2016. I lost 1000s of games and struggled A LOT. I thought about quitting multiple times, as I felt I wasn't making any meaningful progress. Then, as someone who tried learning instruments in the past, I understood that I wasn't taking my training seriously. I wanted to learn and improve in a very complex game, but all I was doing to work on that was throwing a couple of hadokens in the training room for 10min before launching myself in ranked mode.
After realizing that I started to research youtube videos for character guides and started to plan my training routines in order to improve at the game (like you'd do if you were seriously trying to learn a new instrument). Results came surprisingly fast and I started to win a lot of games. Now, without a doubt, Fighting Games are my favorite genre in all of videogames.
As a bonus, during the pandemic I bought a bass guitar and, because of my recent experience learning fighting games, decided to learn how to play it on my own while applying all I learned while practicing fighting games. It worked and now I'm able to play all the songs I enjoy easily and the thought of starting a band crosses my mind from time to time.
Here's a very basic newcomer training checklist:
1.Learn one basic combo (with a jump in and without a jump in). Practice 10 times from each side of the screen. If you miss one start back at one.
  1. Learn your best pokes. Usually one standing and one low. Experiment with their range, be comfortable positioning yourself always in your poke range. Projectiles go here if your character has them.
  2. Learn at least one anti air option. The most damaging combos come from above, so you don't want to allow your opponent to do that to you. Learn a move or a button that you can do in reaction to a jumping opponent.
  3. Learn how to block. Be good at blocking highs, lows and cross-ups. Practice from both sides as well, 10 times in a row.
  4. Go play matches! Play only ranked. ALWAYS rematch (unless your opponent is lagging or griefing), get used to losing and use your defeats as a learning opportunity.
  5. Watch one or two of your previous matches replays a day and try to figure out what you did wrong. Note those scenarios to practice later.
Doing this routine should get you ready to set out in your own journey, there's plenty more to learn, but the path is yours to take (:
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2023.06.08 07:29 magszey Want to get into spider man, but don’t know where to start.

Hi reddit! The new Miles movie is getting a lot of hype that I thought might be worth checking out. Well okay! I like it. But, I’ve never seen a single spider man movie. I’ve never played a single spider man game, and I’ve never read a comic either. Where do I start if I wanted to watch the movies? And can I even watch the Miles movie’s without know anything about spider man? Please help 😂
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2023.06.08 07:29 Sarkarbook Online Casino Games: Providing an overview of popular online casino games

Online Casino Games: Providing an overview of popular online casino games

Online casino games have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering players the excitement and thrills of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos from the comfort of their homes. Here are some popular online casino games you can explore:
  1. Online ids: Online Cricket id are one of the most important part of cricket betting games. They come in various themes, with different paylines and bonus features.\
  2. Blackjack: Also known as 21, blackjack is a card game where players aim to get a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. It involves strategic decision-making and card counting techniques.
  3. Roulette: This classic casino game features a spinning wheel with numbered slots. Players place bets on where they think the ball will land. Bets can be placed on individual numbers, groups of numbers, colors, or odd/even.
  4. Poker: Online poker offers a wide range of variations, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, and more. Players compete against each other, aiming to make the best hand and win the pot.
  5. Baccarat: Baccarat is a card game where players bet on either the player's hand, the banker's hand, or a tie. The goal is to have a hand closest to 9. It is a straightforward game with simple rules.
  6. Video Poker: Video poker combines elements of slots and poker. Players aim to make the best hand possible using five cards dealt on the screen. Various versions, such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, are available.
  7. Craps: Craps is a dice game where players bet on the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls. It involves a wide range of betting options and has a lively and exciting atmosphere.
  8. Live Casino Games: Many online casinos offer live dealer games where players can interact with real dealers and other players through a live video stream. Popular live games include live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker.
  9. Specialty Games: Online casinos also offer a variety of specialty games such as bingo, keno, scratch cards, and virtual sports betting. These games provide a different type of entertainment and betting experience.
Each game has its own rules, strategies, and odds. It's important to understand the game mechanics and betting options before playing. Many online casinos offer free play or demo versions of games, allowing players to practice and familiarize themselves before wagering real money.
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2023.06.08 07:28 aysenaz17 copying and pasting someone else’s comment on youtube

it's also canon that all these three characters specifically are attracted to men, at least. It has been confirmed by members of the dev teams and by the OG creator and main writer, and it has been mentioned multiple times throughout the years.
You can look it up if you want, but here's a couple of things confirmed mentioned in interviews:
⭐️Edgeworth doesn't feel attraction for women at all, but does feel physically attracted to Phoenix (said by the original designer, Kumiko Suekane)
⭐️in one of the official manga anthologies, Edgeworth reminisces about his first crush, a boy he met in the rain and whose face he cannot remember. Later on, he realizes it was Phoenix with his hair down due to the rain all along. (Manga was oversaw and approved by Shu Takumi, OG creator and writer)
⭐️Phoenix has a preference for mature and cool women, and for cute men. He thinks Edgeworth is very cute (said by the OG creator and main writer, Shu Takumi)
⭐️From the second game onwards, it was confirmed that any and all gay tension and interactions shown in the games was written purposefully, with the intention of being read as gay. (Confirmed by Shu Takumi, who also mentioned that all the dev team knew and contributed, even to the point of reading a mountain of gay manga/yaoi together to learn how to write homoerotic tension properly, but didn't tell the higher ups until the game was already out be they knew if the higher ups caught up with what they were doing, they wouldn't let the games be released)
⭐️Klavier does in fact feel attracted to Apollo, but as he himself mentioned, as it is the first time he felt this way with a man, he doesn't know how to deal with it very well (as said by Shu Takumi)
⭐️In multiple side stories, Klavier tries to invite Apollo to dates, with Apollo always rejecting him due to believing Klavier is just joking around and leaving Klavier depressed as a running gag. (Stories all written by Shu Takumi & other production members from the games. It is also mentioned in one of said stories that if Apollo realized Klavier was being serious all along, he would actually accept to go in a date with him)
⭐️Asougi is, in fact, in love with Ryuunosuke, even if the latter's attraction for him hasn't been confirmed. It's the first time he has felt this way for someone, so he gets a lil' too excited and tries harder than he ought to, with most of his advances ending being unnoticed by Ryuunosuke who thinks its just Asougi being his usual intense self. Truthfully, Asougi is usually a guy of very few words, a taciturn and quiet person who almost always looked annoyed by everything around him and replied coldly to basically anyone who tried to strike conversation with him who weren't the Mikotoba family. Everyone who had known Asougi before his meeting with Ryuunosuke were shocked by the change in attitude, as most even went as far as thinking Asougi was unable to smile, so to see him laugh so freely and frequently now due to one person was unbelievable in their eyes. The Mikotobas noticed the change, too, and when they asked about it to Asougi, he literally replied with " met the love of my life". ( All as said by both Shu Takumi, main writer and OG creator, and Kazuya Nuri, TGAA's character designer. The latter in particular is a die-hard Asougi x Naruhodou shipper, and an even bigger Susato × Haori/Rei shipper)
⭐️Asougi thinks Ryuunosuke is adorable, handsome, manly and beautiful, believing there doesn't exist a more breathtaking sight that him. (As confirmed by Shu Takumi)
⭐️Asougi has fallen in love with Ryuunosuke at least twice, with an additional one implied. The first, when they met as kids by chance, were he asked Ryuunosuke to marry him, but Ryuunosuke thought Asougi wanted to kill him due to the word "marrying" and "bloodstain" being pronounced the same in japanese, "kekkon", and the second was when they met again years later, having forgotten their real first meeting as children. The implied one is when he saw Ryuunosuke for the first time as the Masked Apprentice, as it's mentioned that while he did stop to look at "the smaller man in the office" cuz he felt he recognized him from somewhere, the actual reason why he kept staring at Ryuunosuke for such a long period of time afterwards was because he found "the smaller man with big eyes" to be "very handsome" to the point the Masked Apprentice felt that "he wouldn't feel tired of looking at him". (As said by Kazuya Nuri, TGAA's character designer).
⭐️As he has no experience whatsoever with those types of feelings, Asougi can't help but constantly "pour warm love/tea" on Ryuunosuke, a japanese expression used for people who are very, very affectionate and pampering towards the person they've fallen in love with (as said by Shi Takumi on magazine)
⭐️On one of the side stories, Ryuunosuke is eating a lunch made by Asougi, and says that he "would be happy to eat Asougi's food every day". Ryuunosuke said it without thinking to much about it, and didn't realize that Asougi got super happy hearing that, being on an extremely good, chipper mood for a couple of days afterwards. This is because "I want to eat your food every day" is a common way to propose on Japan, so Asougi felt as if Ryunosuke was saying that he would be happy to marry him. Multiple side stories between the two make more comparisons/jabs and winks to married life, such as the one where they "shared a red umbrella while walking through the snow, the path looking like a wedding road". In traditional Japanese weddings, the bride and groom walk together a road with rice and white petals thrown in tbe floor while sharing a red umbrella. (All side stories written by Shu Takumi, published in Capcom's official website) Like, idk what to tell you my man, but all these lawyers seem pretty gay to me. Specially the samurai lawyer, calling the homie you just met last week "the love of your life" seems pretty unambiguous to me
I mean, if you wanna headcanon 'em as pure platonic cuz you feel uncomfortable or something, go ahead, but that wouldn't be canon, either, so you cannot go around and say what you think is canon is the "actual canon" when proof of the contrary is very easy to find in this particular case, my man. It's true shippers tend to blow stuff out of proportions, but in this case, it's you who 1. Is in the wrong, and 2. Is being an hypocrite. If you really cared so much about what's canon and what's not, you would at least know the stuff about Edgeworth, which is the most easily accessible for people in the west. Seriously, you sound like the fans of Transformers who insist Optimus Prime wouldn't support the LGBTQ+, when all the Transformers cast has been confirmed to be part of the LGBTQ+ and Optimus' best friend is a trans lesbian. (Yes, All of 'em are part of the LGBTQ+ cuz their entire species has been confirmed to be non-binary, asexual, panromantic, genderfluid, trans robots, as they don't have the same views on gender identity and orientation as humans, feel no physical attraction and choose and change their genders by themselves, changing it again whenever they feel like another gender)
gay lawyers real fr
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