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2023.03.21 02:17 Gf-Bro Doors vs wheels problem

I asked ChatGPT whether there are more wheels or doors on the planet and it solved the discussion. Its answer was:
It's difficult to determine the exact number of doors or wheels on the planet, as they are both found in a vast variety of forms and locations. However, it's safe to say that there are likely many more wheels than doors on the planet.
Wheels are used in countless applications, including transportation vehicles such as cars, trains, and airplanes, as well as industrial machinery, equipment, and tools. Additionally, there are countless wheels in nature, such as the wheels of a water mill or the wheels of a wind turbine.
On the other hand, doors are found primarily in buildings and structures, and while there are many of them, they are not nearly as ubiquitous as wheels. Moreover, some buildings may not have doors, such as open-air pavilions or structures without entrances, while every vehicle or machinery with wheels must have at least two.
Overall, it's difficult to provide an exact count of the number of doors or wheels on the planet, but it's safe to say that there are many more wheels than doors
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2023.03.21 02:16 Inorai [Menagerie of Dreams] Chapter 2 - He's a Problem

[Menagerie of Dreams] Chapter 2 - He's a Problem
Cover Art Cover Art (Alternate) First Chapter Patreon Playlist
The Story: When a seemingly-powerless human walks straight through the wards shielding her bestiary, Aloe finds herself with a mystery on her shop floor - and with her merciless kin eager to get their hands on him, they've got a deadline on solving it.
Aloe took a step back, green eyes wide.
Behind her frozen facade, though, her thoughts raced at a hundred miles an hour. A human. Here.
That was a problem. A big one. It meant something had gone terribly wrong with all of the enchantments on the Dragon—and now, she had to move fast if she wanted to keep Secrecy intact.
The man took a shuffling step backward, going paler by the second. Sweat beaded on his forehead. “Shit,” she heard him whisper. The tension building in his voice was clear.
So when he turned, bolting for the door, she was ready. A trilling whistle exploded from her throat, her lips shaping the tone to a high, looping pitch. The door of the Dragon slammed shut. The deadbolt clacked home.
The human hit the wood a heartbeat later, wrestling with the latch. “Open,” Aloe heard him gasp. “Open, dammit!” His expression twisted even as he said it. Recognition, Aloe knew.
One last slam of his fist against the wall, and he spun, glaring at Aloe from beneath a mess of sandy brown hair. “What the hell is this?” he spat. “Just- Just let me go. I’ll call the cops.” As if remembering himself, he started patting at his coat, his bag dropping forgotten to the wooden floor.
Aloe had already put a hand to her belt, running her fingers across the blocky, wood-and-metal shape hanging at her hip. A kalimba. Not the most complex instrument ever devised, but simple was all she needed. She plucked one of the tines, letting the smooth, bell-like note ring through the shop. Centering herself, she started to play, fingers flying faster as she settled into a rhythm. Her magic rose, called up by the clean, pure melody.
“You’ve got to be shitting me,” she heard from across the room. Her brow furrowed. She’d already started her lullaby—there was no way anyone should be left standing still, much less a magic-less human.
But when she looked up, she found the human man scrolling through his phone, terror steadily replacing confusion on his face. “That’s not-”
“No service in here,” Aloe said softly. The man looked up at the sound of her voice, and she sighed inwardly at the frenzied look in his eyes. She dragged her fingers across the kalimba, letting another chord sail out. Nice and slow, Aloe. It’s no different from calming a scared gryphon. “It’s okay. Nothing is wrong. No one will hurt you.”
The words were laced with another enchantment—a sedating charm, this time—but once again, her magic seemed to vanish when it brushed his skin. He shook his head wildly, wordless, and returned to wrestling with the door. The phone fell from his fingers, forgotten.
Aloe’s heart started to pound. Daisy was there alongside her, hackles raised and a snarl on her lips. When a knurl got to growling they growled, and she could already see the impact it was having on their unwelcome guest. She dropped a hand to the hound’s head, still strumming the kalimba with her other.
“You’re safe,” she murmured, reaching deeper into her well of magic. “Breathe, friend. None will harm you here.” Her unease grew by the second, even as she wove a sleeping charm over the entire Dancing Dragon. She was old, yes, and her magic was powerful enough she didn’t fear often for her safety, but it was specialized. She had sleep, and she had dreams. If they didn’t work on this human, what else could she bring to bear here?
Carefully, agonizingly slow, she inched to the side, to where her field kit sat forgotten alongside the counter.
The tension in her eased as she felt the magic start to take hold, the whole room resonating with the steady peal of the tines. The sunbirds overhead came to rest on their beams. The sprites drifted back to their crystal orb, their light dimming. Even Daisy sank to the ground with a whine, laying her head on her neatly-crossed paws.
The human, however, whirled back around to face her, face wild. “Let me out!” he roared—and he broke into a mad dash back toward her, a wordless cry on his lips.
Aloe was faster. She snatched her hand crossbow from the top of the kit, leveling it at him. He was halfway across the shop floor when she pulled the trigger.
The dart notched against its string shot forward, lancing deep into the man’s shoulder. She had a frozen moment of fear as she saw it bite home. If this didn’t work, she didn’t have any other options—but the poison it was loaded with was made from a heavily diluted basilisk venom, brewed by a dear friend she trusted wholeheartedly. She’d seen the same darts take down a charging troll.
It’d work.
The man pressed onward another lumbering step, and Aloe danced back, her breath catching in her throat. It wasn’t working. She had to-
One more lurch, and she saw the man’s eyes roll back in his head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes, hitting the ground hard.
And with that, finally, the Dancing Dragon was quiet.
Aloe took a long, shuddering breath, pressing a hand to her chest. Her other hand shook as she laid her crossbow back atop her field bag. Her heart hammered away fast as a hummingbird’s, her blood rushing through her veins. “That was too close,” she whispered, eyes still fixed to the motionless form of the human. “What in Ora’s merciful embrace was that, Daisy?”
The knurl let out a whine in her sleep, rolling over to her side. Despite the panic of the moment, Aloe let out a shaky laugh, casting a derisive look toward the hound.
And as she collected herself, she started to circle the fallen man, her mind churning away. “What are you?” she whispered, crouching down beside him. Warning bells rang in her head, screaming for her to stay back, to get away. She ignored all of them, reaching out to grip the man gently by the chin.
Well, he looked human enough. Aloe grimaced, leaning in a bit closer. Dhumir were hardy folk, and they had a bit of magic resistance about them. Maybe this fellow had a few drops from one of their bloodlines to his name. He certainly didn’t have the delightfully solid bone structure of most of them, but neither could she place him as belonging to another of the light-touched races.
Releasing him, she stood with a groan. “What am I doing?” she mumbled, burying her face in both hands. The truth of the situation was obvious. He wasn’t a dhumir, or one of the diminutive gallafi, or an erelin like herself. No matter how hard she tried to find another alternative, there was only one answer. The same one she’d been staring down from the start.
He was human. And yet somehow, he’d blasted her wards to smithereens, shrugging off every last spell she threw at him.
“Lucky I still had my kit out,” she mumbled. Her hands raked through her hair, teasing at the strands that’d fallen from her knots and ties.
Underneath it all, she recognized that she was just wasting time. She’d laid the human flat, but considering her magic had had little effect on him, she couldn’t guarantee he’d be down for long—or that she could do it a second time.
Which meant that as little as she wanted to, she had another job to take care of before he woke up.
Heart leaden, she eased her phone from its pocket, staring down at the blank screen. She wouldn’t have service here any more than the human did. Cell phone towers hadn’t learned how to penetrate a seemspace yet, Mother be praised. But she still had options.
Her nostrils flared as she eyed the device like it’d leap from her hand and attack. Do it, you coward. Finally, she dragged a finger around the phone’s outer edge, clearing her throat. “Heed me,” she mumbled. No song required—it was just a sliver of Rote magic, like any light-touched child of Ora could perform. “Sing out across untold distances.”
The magic took hold—and as the phone started to glow in her hand, she raised it begrudgingly to her ear.
Daisy whined, fixing a red-eyed, mournful look on her.
Aloe shook her head. “No.”
The knurl let out a low whuff, barely audible.
“I said no.” Aloe raised an eyebrow, turning her gaze more fully onto the beast. “I’m sorry I enspelled you. But you already had your dinner.”
Daisy’s flank heaved with a heavy sigh. She dropped back to the floor, laying her head on Aloe’s leg, grumbling all the while.
Aloe smiled to herself, thoughts a thousand miles away. Rat was still curled up on her shoulder, where he’d ridden out the whole boondagle. Her phone lay abandoned across the room. It’d bounced when she’d thrown it. It might even be broken. She’d regret it later, she was sure.
Right now it was all she could do to sit there, trying desperately to will away the sick feeling in her stomach.
The human hadn’t moved. That was the one blessing through all this. She’d pulled him into a more comfortable position after giving him a once-over, and fetched a pillow from her room over the shop. He’d snored away through all of it, totally unbothered.
“You’ll be fine,” she whispered, her gaze lingering on his face. He was young. Too damned young to be mixed up in something like this. “The district mages will get you sorted out, and you’ll toddle on your way none the wiser. You won’t even-”
Right on cue, she felt something prickle at the edge of her freshly-reapplied wards. Her skin prickled.
“Stay,” she said, laying a hand on Daisy’s shoulder. The knurl’s eyes snapped open—but she stayed where she was, lifting her head from Aloe’s leg and laying it back down on her paws. Aloe smiled, ruffling the hound’s yellow-green fur. “Good girl,” she murmured. “Just stay here.”
The fact Daisy was out in the open at all made her gut twist a little. Knurl weren’t exactly domesticated, generally. On the contrary, they were usually considered an aggressive breed. She knew what the prickling at her magic meant. Her visitors had arrived. The thought of them panicking and attacking her hound sent shivers of fear through her.
She stood, though, rocking a bit unsteadily on her feet. The tingle of magic against hers came again, more insistently, and she scowled. “Impatient bastards, as always,” she muttered, swiping a hand across her kalimba again. The Dancing Dragon filled with the clear notes, carrying her magic with them, and she felt her wards come open.
The others wasted no time. A blade of light lanced through the air at the front of the Dragon, tearing wide a breath later. A trio of figures piled out through the brilliantly-lit gap, emerging to gape, blinking, onto the Dragon’s shop floor.
Aloe grimaced at the sight of Willard among their number, his slicked-back hair recognizable even at a cursory glance. He’s Kyran’s advisor. You knew he would come. The other two mages she’d never seen before, but their gear was sturdy, padded out with thick leather and kevlar over their rough canvas uniforms, and that didn’t leave many options. So he sent his soldiers, too.
The pair of soldiers stiffened at the sight of Daisy lounging on the floor—then sprang apart, grabbing brass-and-elm wands from their belts. “That’s-”
That is one of my registered and approved familiars,” Aloe said, darting forward to place herself firmly between the soldiers and Daisy. Rat raised his head alongside hers, letting out a strident chatter. “This is my bestiary, gentlemen, not your damned shooting range. I have a license with the kingdom. If you harm anything here, I’ll-”
“Peace, Miss Aloisia,” Willard said, holding his hands up. He stepped past the two goons, offering her an easy, friendly smile. “No one intends a fight. It seems you’ve, ah…” His gaze dropped to the slumbering human. His eyebrow arched. “Run into a snag?”
“You could say that,” Aloe mumbled. She pressed her fingers to her temples for a moment, pressing gently. Calm down. Just do what you have to do, and they’ll leave. Pulling away, she stroked Rat’s head, taking a slow breath. “He waltzed straight in here.”
“And he saw?” Willard said, arching one eyebrow. He bent over with a groan, crouching beside the man, and started to probe for a pulse.
She was forced to nod. “I’m afraid so.”
“Haven’t you heard of wards?” one of the soldiers muttered under his breath. “Damned big shop like this, and you haven’t even-”
“I had wards,” Aloe snapped. She folded her arms, drawing herself up to her full height—however much good that did. She wasn’t exactly large, and Kyran’s troops both towered over her. “He walked straight through them, shredding the whole lot in the process.”
All three of her new guests stopped in their tracks. “Pardon?” Willard said. “You’re certain?”
“Absolutely sure of it,” Aloe said. “All of my lullabies bounced right off him, too. I had to stick him with basilisk poison to put him down.”
One of the soldiers snorted, a towering erelin with cobalt blue hair. Not a bloodline she recognized, that one. “A lullaby?” she heard him say, a derisive laugh under the words. His eyes swept up and down her form. “Will you sing somethin’ for us too, love? I wouldn’t mind seein’ you-”
“Watch your tongue, Jarlon,” Willard said, not looking up from his search of the downed man. “You’re biting off more than you can chew, and I won’t be the one to save you.”
The soldier stopped, surprise flashing across his face. He gave Aloe another look, then edged away.
“I don’t know what exactly he is,” Aloe said with a sigh, turning an admonishing look back on Willard. She pulled a bundle from her pocket—the man’s wallet. “I found this while disarming him.” Flipping it open, she showed them the ID within, labeling the man as one Rowen Cole. “It’s just basic human stuff. Nothing magical.”
“Very interesting indeed,” Willard murmured. He took the wallet from her, nodding along. “I’ve never seen a human who could do…well, anything like this.”
“Neither have I,” Aloe said. She pressed her lips tight together, starting to frown as one of the soldiers took the sleeping Rowen’s arm. “You’ll see to him, right? You won’t harm him?”
“He will be safe within Kyran’s territory,” Willard said smoothly, gesturing for the other soldier to join the first. “Worry not. We do have a protocol for such breaches, you know.”
Memory wipes and a toss back out onto the street. Aloe nodded, relieved. “Right. Good.” She’d feel more than a little bad if her duty to the kingdom’s precious Secrecy wound up getting the poor fellow killed. She hadn’t opened the Dragon to cause more bloodshed.
And as the two soldiers hoisted the human’s slumbering form up between them, Willard straightened, turning to Aloe. “Thank you for contacting us,” he said.
She shrugged, even as her skin crawled at the feel of him there in her shop. “Something like this needs to be dealt with promptly,” she said softly.
“Just so,” Willard said. He smiled, drawing back toward her. “Kyran was pleased to hear you’d contacted the district.” A moment of long hesitation, and his eyebrow quirked. “He speaks of you often, you know. I know he would be gladder still if you returned. If you’re ever of a mind to reconsider-”
“I made my decision clear,” Aloe said. The sentence was sharper than it needed to be, and she softened her expression not at all. Perhaps she’d be better served by demurring, here, but she’d told the bastard she wasn’t interested. It was time for him to respect that.
Willard waited a heartbeat longer, but sighed, nodding. “As you will,” he said. “Just know that door remains open, if your mind should change.”
It won’t. “Thanks,” she said, not an ounce of gratitude in the word. “Is there anything else I can help you with? I need to reopen my shop.”
“Yes, of course,” Willard said. “Thank you again, Miss Aloe.”
Her expression twitched. Her nickname, on his lips? She almost lost her cool then and there. It’d feel very good to finally tell the greased-up bastard where he could stick that presumption of his.
She nodded once instead, lips tight, and said not another word. The trio seemed to recognize they were on thin ice because for once they let the silence stand. Pulling their cargo a little higher, they trudged back toward their portal.
Aloe didn’t relax until they vanished through it, the magic sealing up as though it’d never been there at all. When the Dragon was dark again she sagged, suddenly more exhausted than ever. “Well, that’s about enough excitement for one day,” she mumbled.
Daisy lifted her head, letting out a low whine. Rat hopped down from her shoulder, trotting over to press his face against the hound’s, and earned a sloppy lick for his troubles.
She really should reopen the shop, like she’d told Willard. There were a lot of critters living inside the Dragon, and all of them liked to eat. She couldn’t afford to pass up the chance of a walk-by. At a minimum, she should just call Kanna, tell her about what’d happened, and keep her doors open.
But the odds of running into another Child of Ora out here randomly were low enough she couldn’t quite muster up the effort, and as much as she loved her friend, the thought of trying to rehash, just…everything, left her more tired than she already was. She turned away instead, trudging over to her field kit.
The dart she’d fired off had to be replaced and reloaded, of course. It wouldn’t do to leave herself unarmed in case something else went wrong. Then there were a whole mess of dens that needed to be mucked out. There were feathers and sheddings to be collected after that, nails to be trimmed and coats to be brushed.
She went through the motions, her head lost somewhere in the cloud of unease that still hung over her. It’d just all happened so quickly, started in a flash and ended with a bang. She had so many questions—and she’d let that bastard’s people tromp around in her shop.
That wouldn’t do either, so she mopped the place down for good measure, arms aching and eyes starting to go bleary. With every shove of the fibers, she drooped a little lower. The water splashed back and forth, roiling in its bucket like a miniature ocean. Her breath slipped from her chest, her eyes misting over. The waves crashed on, back and forth. The water was beneath her too, buoying her up with every breath. Back and forth, until-
Daisy barked.
Aloe jerked upright. Her eyes snapped open. Her chest ached, her lungs burning as she refilled them with sweet air.
Shaking her head, she started towards the Dragon’s shop closet, tucking the mop and bucket away. “That’s about enough of that,” she mumbled. Her eyes drifted back to her desk in the back, and the narrow drawer mounted beneath it.
It…was probably time. She really should call it a night.
With Daisy padding along at her side, she finished closing the front door up tight, wrapping her illusions snugly enough about the store that not even a light-touched would be able to spot it. The lantern, she pulled from the ceiling, blowing it out. The creatures quieted as the wick smouldered, recognizing the signs of their day ending. Rat ran circles around her feet, chirping in protest.
And with the shop darkened at last, she strode back to that desk. The drawer came open at a touch. Aloe stared down into it, eyes vacant as she scanned the rows of neatly-wedged vials.
There was no getting around it, though. Not tonight, with the stink of that bastard’s court still lingering in the Dragon and the ocean lapping at her mind. The dreams would have her tossing all night if she didn’t shut them up. Sighing, she pulled a vial out, popping the lid off. Down it went, swallowed in a single shot before she could taste the horrible bitterness of it.
Aloe felt it immediately, though. The heavy weight that settled across her shoulders, the cold numbness that spread through her veins. She grimaced. Daisy sidled over, ramming her head into Aloe’s leg, and she couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m fine, dearest,” she murmured, giving the knurl’s head a rub. Stepping back, she held an arm out for Rat to jump onto. “Ready?”
Together they rounded the corner in the back of the Dragon, pushing through a set of swinging doors to the stairs beyond. Aloe waited, pausing a step at a time, as Daisy clambered up the stairs, whining. The sight and sound of it all made her sigh. The leg must be bothering her. She’d have to find an ampoule of salve for it soon.
By the time the two of them trudged down the hallway through the living quarters, the edges of her sight were starting to go fuzzy. She grimaced, rubbing at her eyes, and pushed through the door into her quarters. “Damn stuff works fast.”
As she flopped down on the mattress, though, vanishing into the well-worn covers, that same unease still lingered at the back of her mind. She stared up at the rafters. When Daisy crawled up alongside her, Rat taking up a position on her nightstand, she only gave the knurl a good rub.
But how had a human gotten into her shop in the first place?
That was the question that still burned at her, stuck in her craw. Who had that man been, and just….how?
“Rowan Cole,” Aloe whispered, and sighed. Kyran had him, now. That should relieve her, and yet…she’d met Kyran before. More often than not, being somewhere far, far away was preferable. A twinge of sympathy ran through her for the poor kid.
Well, he wouldn’t have to suffer it long. She allowed herself a tiny smile, eyes drooping closed. Her face sank into Daisy’s thick fur. The district’s mages worked fast. Rowen would be off and back to his business by the time morning came.
No reason at all to be worried.
Exhaling, Aloe curled up tighter against Daisy, succumbing to the waves.
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2023.03.21 02:15 H4wkz_ I hate my step brother

Ok so the title sounds bad and it will sound worse in a second but let me explain My step brother is 8 he comes over every other weekend and I hate it. So you understand more my “room” is a hallway with a door to outside and then where it meets the stairs to down stairs my step brothers room and our other door to the back yard I have a curtain hanging there, this is because at the moment my step father is working on finishing the master bedroom for him and my mother then I will get my own room, also to add on I also AHVE a step sister who is older and she has her own room even though she’s only here every other weekend, so my step dads kids who are bearly here have rooms but I do not which is annoying but I will explain why in a second.
My younger step brother has been the worst to me since I moved here, between dirty looks making comments about what I eat and my weight to making comments to hurt me and coping comments my parents make towards me (they will make comments about my mental heath which they can) I absolutely hate it.
For this story we will call my younger step brother Kevin, so Kevin is quite a bit younger then me and he doesn’t understand was too much but he knows what’s wrong and right, he has on many occasions ignored that but only towards me, he listens to everyone else except me knowing if I call him out I get in trouble. In the past he would give me glares and has on 2 occasions thrown things at me once a plastic bowl another time his garbage, he has also made many comments about how I only eat my safe foods and said it at a family lunch to witch I yelled at him and he quit it until recently where he started the comments again, which I hate already much less making me not feel comfort in my safe foods witch I don’t have many of. I have no idea what to do but he never knocks before opening my curtain which he knows he has to do and will peak in witch violates my privacy. He threw a plastic bowl at me because I have him it so he could have chips and threw it at me which he did get in trouble for.
I’m not worried with how he is as he is here this weekend and my eating disorders aren’t the best and I’m not eating really anything except safe foods so if anyone knows how to help please tell me
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2023.03.21 02:14 Ok_Confection2588 Is it actually eavesdropping or is it the fault of the person talking loudly in a public/open area?

So I have some difficulties with living with my parents. Everyone has some difficulties with living with others. Mine just are made bigger by being autistic and struggling sometimes with knowing what is okay and not okay.
Anyways, my mother loves to gossip about family affairs over the phone with her sister (my aunt) over the phone daily and she does so in the family room and speaks incredibly loudly to the point that I can hear the conversation through closed doors upstairs. She does the same thing when talking to my father about private affairs/matters.
By private I mean nobody in this messed up toxic family trusts me with any information about others in the family. This is all based off of behavior issues I had when I was a teen because I learned social behaviors from my parents who I’ve now learned are horrible examples of proper social behavior. When I have a private matter to discuss about myself or others I only talk about it behind closed doors and if I’m talking with someone else about it (therapist for example) I try to talk quietly so others, in this house, don’t hear me.
Twice today my mother has brought up loudly in our house in open areas of the downstairs portion of our house, while I was also downstairs, that there seems to be an issue (I don’t know what but it seems serious) with one of my beloved family members. It has left me very very concerned for their well-being knowing that my parents are shit at taking our family member’s physical and mental health seriously in the past. I am able to get help with my mental health because other family (not my parents) insisted I pursue therapy and get help. I get help with my physical issues from my primary doctor because she takes me seriously. My mother gaslights me into thinking I’m in the wrong for having uncomfortable symptoms from meds or having physical health issues that inconvenience her.
All I wanted to know was that this family member is okay and will be okay. That is all. I didn’t need to know what was going on with this family member (hence why I didn’t attempt to eavesdrop). All I heard was my beloved family member’s name said in a serious scary tone of voice. That’s it. I asked my mother if they are okay and if they will be okay. Two questions and explained why and now I’m being accused of eavesdropping. Even if I did freaking eavesdrop why the hell does my mom think it’s okay to continue to discuss private stuff in such a loud and non-private manner? It pisses me off. I still don’t know what is going on with this beloved family member but I know that if I was going through a hard time and someone found out I would be relieved to know that they care. Especially if they are caring about my well-being but respecting my boundaries and privacy.
But I’m autistic and only 26 so what do I know?
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2023.03.21 02:14 fedops How did San Francisco become the one city that has any common sense (No kids allowed at Drag Story Time)

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2023.03.21 02:13 DivineinArt ALL IN ONE SHOT MAP & THEORY: Amherst Motel, ATM, Insurance forms, bottle return & liquor.

ALL IN ONE SHOT MAP & THEORY: Amherst Motel, ATM, Insurance forms, bottle return & liquor.
SPECULATION: Maura's friend/BF is from out-of-town & stays at the Amherst Motel when he comes to visit. Looking at the available & detailed phone records that begin on January 23rd, 2004 we can see that Maura never called Dominos prior to January 31st, this might suggest that he arrived in town on that evening after finishing work/classes & was off until the next Tuesday. Someone calls Maura at the security desk from an internal line & Maura fakes a breakdown shortly after (to get off work as per her sister Kathleen.) Maura is let off work but declines KM's invitation to go to Dunkin's & lies to her by saying she's got a roommate. Shortly afterwards at 3:40 A.M. she calls Domino's.
Why would she call her friend/BF at Domino's during after-hours if he's from out of town? It might be to hide his identity. If he got a call on the phone in his room or his cell phone, he could later be identified. If Maura & him were planning to start a new life together, this would leave no clues.
It's possible he grabbed the key on a prior occasion without the owner's knowledge, copied it & then returned it the same day. If he's the one who stole the cc number given to Maura, he'd be capable of copying the key. Once he has the key & sees the owner leaving he could let himself in. Maura always called around closing time or after. Also, it has to be Maura who calls so that people think she's ordering pizza. If he calls, then it's someone calling Maura specifically & from a cell or motel. LE would investigate that for sure.
Sat the 31st 2:44 AM // Thurs the 5th at 12:00 AM & 12:10 AM // Fri the 6th at 3:40 AM
My guess is that if this is what happened, then he might have been due back to work/school on Tuesday or Maura was waiting for the check from her student loan which she might have gotten on that Monday (James Renner blog.) If UMass agreed to hide the fact that they helped her to leave an abusive relationship, they might have made the cheque out to cash.
Let's say the Hadley accident was exactly that, an accident & nothing more.
Finally, the day of departure...
February 9th, 2004 SPECULATION:
  • She goes to the Amherst motel behind Domino's & meets up with BF.
  • The Saturn is towed from or picked up at Zbylut Motorworks garage (aka Autozone) (open since 2003.) This is one example but there seems to have been other auto-repair shops nearby.
February 9th, 2004 FACTS:
  • Maura goes to ATM & receipt is printed around 3:15 PM.
  • She gets the insurance forms from AAA located between liquors 44 & the bottle return place.
  • She or her BF returns the cans & either both or one or the other buys the alcohol & cigarettes at the liquor store & pays at 3:43 PM.
ETA: I don't think the friend/BF ever went to Maura's dorm room or else they'd be easily identifiable & it wouldn't be the smartest idea if the plan was to help her disappear. It's possible however that he was a 4th person at the party or that just like the tandem theory, a friend of Maura's was relating info from the friend/BF to Maura.
ETA: If you're an AAA member, you can do your most common RMV business at this AAA location.
If she can do all that's included in link above, she can get an SF91 accident form. Wouldn't even need to be a member I think. Everyone wondered (including myself) where she got them. Then I enlarged the map & it became obvious.
I also wouldn't be surprised if she then went down the road to one of the cell phone stores, bought herself a burner, called her old mobile one last time & then dumped the old phone. Occam's razor?
ETA: Guess what else she could have done at AAA?
She could have gotten roads maps or asked a travel agent to ,map out her itinerary & book her a hotel room. I hope LE interviewed the employees of the AAA agency-they probably did. It may be the reason why they didn't feel that interviewing the Salamones was pertinent.

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2023.03.21 02:11 JulianSkies The Werewolf - Ch. 6 "Bloody Gladiolus"

As we get into another chapter, shorter this time, of my fanfic set up in u/SpacePaladin15's amazing setting, i'm mentioning a little thing about my writing process. I like listening to music when I write.
I listened to two songs writing this "Siamés - The Wolf" and "Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 - Fafnir Transformation". Such vastly disparate things, no? So consider, by the end of this chapter, which would would likely have been playing?
Chapter 6 - Bloody Gladiolus
Memory Transcript: Douglas Parker, Firefighter
*shink* *shink*
Some mornings he felt a little bit of guilt about overhearing this.
*shink* *shink*
He was familiar with the sound, though he had never seen it himself. But he’d had to sharpen plenty of knives in his kitchen before, and it was a pretty distinctive sound.
It was always early in the morning, when his friend thought he was still asleep. His mildly erratic sleep schedule caused him to sometimes wake up hours earlier than normal, and he’d hear his friend sharpening a knife. With the regularity it happened it felt like it was more than just mere maintenance. Still he never felt like it was right to ask about it, and given yesterday’s events, he was probably right about that.
Still, today was going to be a busy day, and waking up earlier than normal was required of him. He makes certain to be very noisy getting out of bed, and by the time he’s out of his makeshift bedroom Kerim is pretending to be asleep.
The day starts early and starts busy. It’s supply drop day which means extra work for himself and the logistics volunteers. It was, as always, not quite enough. They were lucky they didn’t need batteries thanks to the rebellious arxur engineers who offered up their ship’s power core, but food was still just shy of enough- But this time there was enough sanitation supplies and the medical package was up to standards “The rescue city down south finally got it’s last people out, so we have a bit more to go around” mentioned one of the delivery crew “They’ve got some parting gifts for everyone else”. The people DID need something to cheer up, didn’t they?
And the morning did everything it could to prove his assessment correct. It was bad enough that the refugees would periodically get into fights with each other whenever a transport ship arrived, seeming to think anyone here had any power to decide the priority of who left and who stayed, they’d also pick fights with the alien aid teams for being the cause of this to begin with. They seemed to forget who was here to help.
And that was particularly true when it involved the arxur that were helping. So short ago that it was, First Contact had made a tremendous impression of the venlil goodwill, and human propensity to finding things cute made most have a hard time taking the zurulians seriously. Not like either of those groups weren’t the target of some degree of harassment, but those could be called isolated incidents, but the arxur… They had certainly made themselves The Enemy for most people, and only their desperation made them accept help most of the time.
He liked to think the people here had warmed up to at the very least the nicer ones that were helping them, like the cook, or that silent one that always seemed to be on hand to be the muscle for the medical staff.
Maybe it really was just those three engineers, he got a feeling they never got much respect back home and they had abrasive personalities to go with it, after all it was a fight involving one of them he just had to de-escalate. The third one this morning. All three of them had gotten into fights before dinner. “You know what. I’m going to talk to the cooks, we can figure it out. We got two crates of wine, everyone can take a proper bath today, we can get a small party going on, why not” he argues to the reflection in his office’s door.
“Actually, that’d be a pretty good idea” he was not expecting the reflection to respond. So surprised he was it takes him an entire second to figure out to open the door, to find his friend on the other side.
Kerim’s ears were perky as always again, and though his tail said he wasn’t still fully recovered he seemed to his impetus to move again “Too bad it isn’t tomorrow, I get the feeling i’m going to miss it today”
Douglas welcomes his friend in “What do you mean? Did something happen?”
“I was hoping it didn’t, actually, but…” he sighs “A Dominon guy like that? He isn’t going to take that situation with grace” the venlil had a particular way to give him a side-eyed glance that felt the exact same as being looked directly in the eyes “And not only he blew off medical yesterday, nobody’s seen him the whole morning”
Douglas takes a deep breath, puts both hands over his face and rubs it as he exhales “Oh, great. Exactly what I needed…”
“I want to set up a search party” Kerim sounded very serious. Sufficiently serious that he had switched to english to ensure the translator wouldn’t miss a single cue “I’m more worried about him doing something stupid than going missing.”
“Grab Derek’s team, don’t go unarmed if you can avoid it” what a stupid thing to say, the only guns around in this place are the ones the arxur had brought along, plus a couple of old hunting rifles that the locals had “I’ll deal with the dinner plans, get everyone happy, then see if I can get the doctor and Shenzu.” he shakes his head “I don’t want to put too many people on it, i’d rather that bastard get lost”
“I know the feeling, don’t worry.” There was something wrong about his friend’s affirmative nod, usually he’d pat his shoulder instead. He hoped his friend was doing this for good reasons.
Memory Transcript: Shenzu, Arl’ashem Infiltrator
She lay there, in her pile of pillows, staring at the ceiling, unblinking. She willed herself as hard as she could to fall into the rhythm but she couldn’t, each long second etching itself painfully in her consciousness.
Doctor Hashin was too kind, she’d probably have physically carried her here if that was possible. The problem is that she just didn’t realize how what she’d done had messed her up.
It was not the kindness, it was not that she’d heard what the alcohol made her say… It’s this damned pile of pillows. It was, right now, simply too much. It was exactly what her body needed, but her mind, right now, couldn’t deal with them… With their smells.
Against her better judgment she turns around, burying her snout against them. This one, he lived beside her, such a huge asshole for such a tiny frame but he had shown so much kindness in combat school. This one, she owed her current position to her, she went to the tribute fleet in her place. This one, she’d learned what history was left of her people from her. This… There he was, her old friend. The one who’d gone through the rite of giving…
She was already feeling bad, struck by bad memories. And the doctor had to go and drop her in an even bigger pile of memories.
“Her asshole commander wasn’t seen around the whole day” echoed Douglas’ voice from the door outside.
She did not need to hear anything else to prompt her to stand up. Of course, of course he wouldn’t let it go. She knew why this unit was assembled the way it was, every single one here was having a last chance before being sent off to a correctional facility or worse, and now she thought she had figured out why this commander was here.
It was easy enough to slip out of the window. If he had disappeared like that, it must have been insubordination, he must have taken matters into his own hands a few too many times just like he just did. Which means she couldn’t count on him remaining helpful to the humans on the power of his orders alone.
Night had already fallen at this point, but she couldn’t count on the cover of darkness, the debris fields were wide open and the moon was bright. There was a mismatched smell in the air, it was similar to Douglas’, but something was off… It’s such an obvious trap, the commander must have noticed she’d been tracking by smell, then acquired some personal effect of his to pretend he was missing.
At the eleventh hour the Dominion idiot had finally fallen back to his instincts, didn’t he? He was driven by desperation, but she had done this on purpose many times. It was easy to find out where they were expecting to set up an ambush for her, they apparently had found Douglas’ harness and set up a most amateurish ambush. Not even some blood to set the scene? And he had dragged those three around again, too uncomfortable in their own skins to stay still in their positions, the commander too was simply abysmal at staying hidden.
She walks silently around, behind where the commander is hiding, sits down behind a half-fallen pillar and waits. Patiently. It was now time to engage in the most ancient form of duel of her kind… Whoever moves first loses, and it won’t be her.
One noise, too far away. Two noise, too far to the left. Three noise, too far in the other direction. Four noise, the unit commander had moved out of his hiding spot. She dashes out of her hiding spot, vaults over a piece of debris- He was there, right under her. She falls on him with her right claw extended to a point, aiming directly at the center of his torso.
To his credit, he had the reflexes. He just barely steps aside and scrambles backwards, but she doesn’t stop her assault, immediately diving forward again, left claw, right claw, don’t let your tail leave the ground, lunge into his reach and upwards. He can’t dodge all of her strikes, receiving a nasty cut to his arm. She’s forced to retreat when he spins around, swatting his tail at her. She dodges back easily, but now she’s lost initiative.
“Cowardly, expected out of a cattle-hugger like you”
She readjusts her stance, left foot forward, tail firmly down, left claw ahead of the right. “Enough of you. You’ve become a problem, and I’m going to solve it”. She lunges forward again, and he jumps at her with a wild strike. It’s easy to avoid it with a simple movement of her left claw, batting away at his wrist. Right claw forward, palm strike up at the bottom of his snout, palm strike forward at his chest, full strength of her legs into the lunge with the claw forward- He backsteps just barely, there’s blood on the tip of her claws.
The other three approach, but that’s not a problem. They’re scared and untrained, it shouldn’t be a problem to handle a four-on-one even like this. Except her plan had a flaw.
Maybe she really shouldn’t have taken such rash action alone. Maybe the drink had taken its toll on her. But she had entirely forgotten one little, crucial detail. He was the only one that walked around with his gun.
She only had time to contemplate how stupid she had been when she saw him draw it.
“Go!” she hears Douglas off to the side.
Memory Transcript: Kerim, Arlim Assassin Explorer
This had to be a nightmare.
He had finally found a trace of where the arxur unit commander was, and that trace was the fact his makeshift residence had been broken into and Douglas’ equipment harness was missing. It wasn’t difficult to follow the signs after that, that man was a sloppy thief and an even sloppier soldier.
“Kerim!” Douglas’ voice, he swivels his ears to indicate his attention while he keeps his eyes focused on the tracks ahead “What’s that?”
“Someone broke into our house, it might have been…” for this he had to turn around completely “Wait, why’s Hashin here”
“Shenzu’s missing, she was apparently drunk and now she’s gone.”
… A drunk infiltrator with a strong animosity and a stupid ambusher with a vendetta both missing. Speh. “She’s going after him”
Douglas just nods in response to him.
“Already got a track, let’s go” he doesn’t bother to wait for a response and breaks into a sprint. The tracks were so obvious it was easy enough to follow.
He had to consider what was going to happen. He’d hate to consider the worst, that they were too late. That’d be a nightmare, and could probably cause a complete fallout with the arxur present on site. They could arrive in time to stop a confrontation, but he’d have to rely on Douglas for that, he could probably talk them out of it. Or they could arrive midfight, which would need intervention. He wasn’t a fan of intervening, he hadn’t done that in thirty years at this point, but if he had to…
Hashin had jumped on Douglas’ shoulders at this point, and he sincerely wished he could have done the same. He was sufficiently trained to keep a sprint for a long while, but he could never match a trained human, and yet, the distant sounds he heard called forth renewed energy to his body. Those were shouts.
“I am going to solve it”
That was Shenzu’s voice. She came into sight just in time to recognize her fighting stance, the heartrender lunge she executed was nearly perfect but- She must still have been inebriated, with the stumble at the end and… The commander was armed.
By pure instinct he draws the knives hidden under his wool- He simply feels a tap on his back and Douglas’ voice “Go!”
He was off his leash. He’d finally found the damned hunter, and it had one of the hatchlings in its jaws.
He leaps up and sings his fangs on the hunter’s neck, twisting the life out of it in a single motion. But no, no this won’t do.
His flock is always sad when they notice someone else got the kill, he had to make sure they knew it was one of them.
A simple incision in the arm, really, and the other arm. Tear at the legs a little bit and bite through the stomach. Yeah, that’ll do. Just like how they do it. And he’s clean too, they won’t suspect a thing.
… No… No, no, no. This was wrong, this was too much. The humans didn’t do it like this, they didn’t need to see this… He should have stopped at the start.
Oh, no. He’s there. Douglas is right there. He saw it, he saw everything. Please don’t come closer. Please, I messed up. I’m wrong, I did something wrong, don’t try to comfort me, I don’t deserve it.
Please, no, please “Don’t come closer!”
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2023.03.21 02:11 NotAHappySunshine Idk what to name it pt. 3

Read parts one and two on my profile!!! (Also I am not allowed to post on writing anymore cause you can’t post your stories on it idk) soooo yea. Enjoy!!!
03/09/23 When I woke up Eric was next to me. He looks tired. I wonder where he was last night. Also why is there no noise? It sounds quiet in here. Was there some sort of mechanical malfunction? That would explain the noise.
My mother constantly had problems with the AC and clothes dryer. It made such a racket. Why am I thinking of her? I should focus on something else… like Eric. He is nice. He has never insulted me, he has never glared at me, he hasn’t even tried to stay away from me. He actually wants to be near me. He doesn’t want to stay away from me. He comes to see me. How strange.
Eric walked me back to my room, there was a pile of clothes waiting there. After Eric left I put them on. The are really soft. I am going to thank him when I see him later.
03/10/23 Eric showed me something new today. It is a heatproof room that Eric says I can use for “practice”. He says I can use it whenever. How did Eric know about it? How did he know about my curse? Does he think I want to practice?
03/11/23 Today I went to the room Eric says I can use “for practice”. I am so confused, everyone said my ability was horrible. My grandparents said I was a witch, my teachers said I shouldn’t exist, my peers thought of cruel nicknames. But… Eric he thinks my ability is… something I should practice. Maybe I should.
I stuck my hand out and let down the dam holding back the flames. It feels good in a way you would never expect. It has never burnt me the it has others. From what I have heard fire is supposed to be hot; it has never been hot for me though. It always feels cold. Like dipping your hand in ice cold water. It feels relaxing in a way to stop holding back. It feels like I can be free.
Ugh I have the worst headache, I woke up a couple hours ago in Eric’s bed. He said I over exerted myself. Apparently when he found me the room was filled to the brim with fire. He thinks that using my ability after such a long time used up all my energy. I wonder how he knows so much, and how he never got hurt while getting me out of the fire.
03/12/23 Eric told me I couldn’t go back to the room today. He says it is still cooling down and might have some damage. I feel really bad, he let me use it and I broke it. I am going to try to repay him in any way I can. He has been so nice. I need to figure out how to ask for his forgiveness.
03/13/23 Eric told me it was fine. He said the room was already in bad condition and needed fixing. I don’t believe him, the room was shiny and clean the first time I saw it. I want to know the extent of the damage to the room. I think I am going to check. I will check if Eric is there first though.
I checked Eric’s room and he wasn’t there. I also checked the by the practice room and he wasn’t there. I am going to open up the door.
It. Is. A. Puddle. The metal that coated the wall is a puddle. The drywall looks like it is melting. I can see the pipes in some places. I destroyed this room. I shouldn’t have used my curse. Why did I ever think it was okay? Why?
03/14/23 I confined myself to my room today. I blocked the doorway with things I found. Eric tried talking to me. I never responded. He tried removing all the stuff but failed, I learned how to lock objects together years ago.
I feel horrible, Eric hasn’t left the doorway. He tries talking occasionally but mostly leaves me alone. I heard him crying at one point. I want to talk to him but I don’t want to speak. I hate this contradiction.
I tore out a page of the calendar Eric gave me and wrote, “I am so so so so so so sorry” I passed it through a tiny hole in the wall barely able to fit it. He grabbed it in an almost feral way. He asked what I was sorry for. I wrote that I saw the room. He said it wasn’t my fault he kept saying how it wasn’t my fault and how he underestimated my ability. His voice was breaking while he said that. It hurts me to hear him like this. It makes me hate myself more than my mother ever did. It physically hurts to hear Eric like this. I am going to plug my ears.
03/15/23 Day two of isolation and I feel this pain in my stomach that feels familiar and foreign. My mouth it starting to feel dry as well. I wonder why this is.
My midsection has been making a noise. I haven’t heard a noise like that in a while. How strange.
03/16/23 Eric is still outside my doorway. I feel really bad. Mentally and physically. My stomach hurts so badly. It feels like I am being stabbed. My throat feels so dry. I feel a little light headed.
03/17/23 I F e e l S o S l e e p y.
03/18/23 AmIdeadyet?
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2023.03.21 02:11 30rockplaza The Jewish woman opened the door, nervous.

Her non Jewish boyfriend had just proposed to her.
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2023.03.21 02:10 Memesforum55 event

This is an account of something that happened in the winter of 2012. I can't remember the exact day, but what I saw will forever stick with me. I was 15 at the time, left home alone because my parents had gone on a short vacation. I was a responsible, honest kid, so they felt that they could trust me to be by myself for a week. This was during winter break, so I didn't have to go to school while they were gone. Fortunately for me, because we lived a mile or so outside of town, down a long driveway surrounded by trees. Our whole house was surrounded by trees. Now that I think about it, this was a perfect setup for a horror movie. But I didn't think of that at the time. For the first two days, nothing much happened. I played video games on my PS3 (mostly Dark Souls) and didn't do much else. TV shows bored me, mostly because I couldn't keep my attention on the screen. On the 3rd day, I called my parents and asked them if I could invite my friend over. For the sake of anonymity, we'll call him K. My parents were fine with it, as long as we didn't trash the house. So I called K and asked him if he wanted to come over. He said he could come in a couple hours, but he had some chores to do first. I said that was fine, and he hung up. K had a way of hanging up abruptly, so I wasn't worried. It was around 5:00 PM when I got off the call. I continued what I was doing, playing games, for an hour or so, when I saw motion outside my bedroom window, and yelped in fear. It was K. I opened the window and asked him why he decided to scare the shit out of me, and he said he thought it would be funny. Sometimes I wonder why I hung out with him. Anyway, I went to the front door to let him in. We went to my bedroom and played more video games. When I say that was all I did, I mean it. It was about 7:30 when he said he should go home. I was a bit disappointed, because he had only been there for about an hour and a half. I asked K if he could stay a bit longer, but he declined. He called his mom to come pick him up, but she was out at dinner with some guy. She said that K should just stay at my house for the night. K remarked that it was her fourth boyfriend in a month. He seemed pretty happy that he would get to stay the night though. So we went back to my bedroom. The window was cracked open. It was lifted up a couple inches, and I knew I hadn't left it like that. I closed and locked it, feeling unnerved. K also knew I hadn't left it open, so he was a bit on edge too. We both just chose not to talk about it, and pretend it never happened. Around 9:00, we decided to go to the living room and watch a movie. We weren't dumb enough to watch a horror movie to scare ourselves even worse. We settled on Inception and began to watch. I mentioned earlier that I can't keep my attention on the screen when I'm watching something. That habit might've saved our lives. I happened to look out of the living room window, and I saw some guy just standing there, peering in. I jumped up from the couch. That seemed to startle him, and he ran away from the window towards the trees. K was confused why I shot up off of the couch like a man possessed, but when I told him there had been a man outside the window, he was evidently unsettled. He asked if we should call 911, but I said no. I thought my parents would never let me stay home alone again if they found out. K thought my decision was stupid, and remembering the things that happened later that night, I never wanted to stay home alone again. We continued on watching our movie, checking the window occasionally, but the man never came back. After we finished, we went to my bedroom to sleep. I told K that he could have the bed, and I would sleep on the floor. We went to sleep around 11. I slept well until about 2, when I woke up to go to the bathroom. I did my business, and was washing my hands when I heard the floor creak in the bedroom. I assumed it was K, and went back to my blankets on the floor. When I went back in, K was sitting upright on the bed, pale as a sheet. He told me that there had been someone at the window peering in at us. Now out house only had one floor, so this isn't some "but we were on the second floor" crap. There was someone creeping around my house, staring in the windows. People can be much scarier than whatever spirits or phantoms you can come up with. At that point, I was more terrified than I had ever been before. I started to dial 911, and that's when I heard an audible thunk in the kitchen. K and I both froze in fear as we considered our options. I had a BB gun in one of my dresser drawers, so I pulled it out and handed it to K. I told him to aim it at the bedroom door while I relayed our situation to 911.
Couldn't think of how to finish this story, so here's what I did finish.
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2023.03.21 02:10 BeTheLight24-7 What to do after a deliverance, tips on how to stay free

Now that the veil is removed from your eyes (like being unplugged from the matrix) being delivered is a very mind bending experience. Here are some tips to stay free
Get into your Bible, read it before you go to sleep. This will help protect your mind
Put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6) in the morning, and in the evening before sleep. This will also help with insomnia.
Armor of God Prayer “Lord, I come to you today in the name of Jesus, and I put on the full armor of God. I put on my helmet of salvation which will protect my thoughts, I apply the breast plate of righteousness that will protect my heart. I apply the belt of truth, That I may walk in the truth. And I put on the shoes of peace that I may bring peace. I gladly pick up my shield of faith that will repel any darts or arrows of the evil one. And I apply the sword of the spirit, which is sharper than any two-edged sword. I put on the full armor of God that I may stay away from the wickedness of this world and the evil one in Jesus ‘s name. Amen”
Change your life, whatever got you to this place don’t go back to it. Don’t watch porn anymore don’t fall into the trap of sin, There are many doors to your spirit try not to open those doors. But if you do, repent.
Cleanse your house or room,in the name of Jesus Christ.
How to make Holy WateOil For both- Get Water (Distilled if able) or Olive oil
1.Draw a cross on a piece of paper 2. In a bowl pure in wateoil and place on top of Cross 3. Place palm over water flat and say out loud “I bless this wateoil in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit that it may sting and cast out the Enemy”
How to cleanse the home in the Name of Jesus Christ
  1. Crack open your front/back door
  2. With Holy Water, in one hand, your other hand is raised in front of you like a stop sign.
  3. Go to every corner of your home saying out loud with Command “If there is a Spirit in here NOT of Jesus Christ, you are NOT invited, and I Command you to Leave!” Sprinkle holy water around
  4. Every window, door and mirror, in Wateoil put a cross on them, saying “I bless this window/dooMirror in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”
  5. Work your way from furthest to nearest your opened front/back door....sprinkling Holy water everywhere.
  6. Bless the Door that you left cracked Open. And shut it. (A door is better than a window. This can be done to a room as well, if you get Goosebumps anywhere, you know it is working) The worst thing that can happen from cleansing your house is that you don’t get attacked.
Listen to gospel music, it’s actually pretty good than it used to be
Go through your house, listening to the Holy Spirit voice, and throw away anything and everything that you think you shouldn’t have in your house
Don’t watch horror movies. Especially the demonic ones.
Go to church, maybe even help out in your church.
Go volunteer at the homeless shelter, and feed people. (Good deeds)
Self deliverance works. So if Deliverance works on soldier, demons but not generals and you will know because the generals will say something like. “Im not going anywhere” SELF- DELIVERANCE Self-deliverance (doing it to yourself) works as well if any of the soldier demons attach to you through SIN. (We all fall short) The Generals, sometimes will not go w/out help from another believer. (where 2 or more are gathered) This is a real easy thing to do. When you feel off, all the sudden are having temptations in your life you weren’t having before, you feel heavy, anxiety starts happening when you didn’t have anxiety. Follow these instructions. 1. Ask yourself out loud, “In the name of Jesus, do I have a spirit on me not of Jesus Christ? Yes or No? You should hear a yes or no answer. 2. You can ask, “How did you get on me demon?” And a picture, thought or word will be brought up in your mind. You can also ask, for a name if you care to. 3. Repent of that SIN. 4. The say out loud with Command “If there is a spirit on me not of Jesus Christ, you are not invited, and with the blood of Jesus Christ washes over me, I command you out, NOW!,” make your self- cough, or exhale 3x. I find making yourself cough works best, b/c usually its not a weak cough but instead a heavy one. When I do this to myself and I did have something on me, I get goosebumps. 5. Ask for the Holy Spirit to fill any voids that may have caused
Maybe practice fasting :
How to do a water only fast: Lets go for 3 1⁄2 days. The pre-fast day have a light meal (no meat) then that evening drink a big glass of warm water (distilled if able) and a bunch of salt and go to sleep. The next morning you will have a bathroom break, this will be cleaning out your intestines so you are not as hungry. Fill up a container with water (distilled if able). I like to add a half of Lemon/Lime to the water, but just water by itself works as well. In the morning when you wake, Pray to God. Alert him that you are doing a fast and for him to help you in it. Anoint you forehead with holy water or oil (see how to make holy wateoil). “I bless myself in the name of the Father, the Son & the holy spirit”. The 1st day is not easy. You will get hunger pains. When the pains come, pray to Jesus for him to take those pains away (and he will). If it is too hard, eat 1 piece of fruit or drink a fruit smoothie. Wash your face in the evening. Pray and get into your bible before you go to sleep. 2nd day – 3 1⁄2 or more. Wash your face in the morning/shower. Do the same thing as day one but try your best not to eat anything. Wake up: Pray, anoint your forehead with oil, drink water (distilled if able) go about your days, praying when hunger pains come, they will come. Pray and get into your bible. If you get tired, take a nap. It is imperative that you do not go around boasting that you are on a fast. The fast is between you and God. 5
(Matthew 6:16-18) “But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head and wash thy face; That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto they father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seethe in secret, shall reward thee openly” Once you are on day 3 to? The temptations of food will be unreal. Everything will look great to eat. Do not give in. Your body will start to feel lighter. At this point, when praying you should be able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit inside you. You will know when to stop the fast when the Holy Spirit tells you to stop the fast, or you are just sooo hungry you can’t do it anymore. Listen to your body. Drink plenty water (distilled) Do not drink tap water b/c it is full of heavy metals, distilled is like rainwater, pure and clean.
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2023.03.21 02:08 seanmorris A toilet that faces directly away from the bathroom door.

Also the door opens outward.
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2023.03.21 02:07 onemorestupidround 45 [M4F] #NYC #longisland A MIXTAPE FOR YOU

OK FINE A PLAYLIST...Although I do have the capability to make a real one...for the sake of getting this thing going, let's STREAM.
Imagine the past couple weeks this boy has been talking to you and you can tell he likes you a lot and you've been talking and he just kissed you the other day and you haven't been able to think about anything else. Last night he asked you for a book suggestion of something to read... what did you tell him? He asked you what your favorite three songs/albums/musicians/bands were... what did you tell him? He asked you about your favorite paintings/artworks... what did you tell him? He seems to want to know everything about you... what are you telling him?
And then today, you gave him the combination to your locker and when you stopped there between study and chemistry, you opened the door and there it was-- your mixtape just waiting-- and now all you can think about is getting home, popping it in and pressing play...
Come say hi...
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2023.03.21 02:07 onemorestupidround 45 [M4F] #NYC #longisland A MIXTAPE FOR YOU

OK FINE A PLAYLIST...Although I do have the capability to make a real one...for the sake of getting this thing going, let's STREAM.
Imagine the past couple weeks this boy has been talking to you and you can tell he likes you a lot and you've been talking and he just kissed you the other day and you haven't been able to think about anything else. Last night he asked you for a book suggestion of something to read... what did you tell him? He asked you what your favorite three songs/albums/musicians/bands were... what did you tell him? He asked you about your favorite paintings/artworks... what did you tell him? He seems to want to know everything about you... what are you telling him?
And then today, you gave him the combination to your locker and when you stopped there between study and chemistry, you opened the door and there it was-- your mixtape just waiting-- and now all you can think about is getting home, popping it in and pressing play...
Come say hi...
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2023.03.21 02:06 Veedge dome lights work when door is open(including switches on and/off), but when doors are locked the lights will not turn on even when switches are triggered. electrical wiring?

dome lights work when door is open(including switches on and/off), but when doors are locked the lights will not turn on even when switches are triggered. electrical wiring? submitted by Veedge to autorepair [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 02:04 _-Gh0st-__ Come to this chalice dungeon if you want a bunch of lost/uncanny weapons (

If you want to get the lost/uncanny variants of the Beasthunter Saif, Holy moonlight sword, bowblade, boom hammer, whirligig saw, bloodletter, amygdalan arm, and kos parasite
Come to this dungeon (pdhu2dw)
From the 1st lantern head straight to the door at the end of the hall, open the door and light the lamp then turn right and go out till you are at an intersection turn right again and go straight through the door where there is a big hole in the floor, go around the hole to the door on the other side, take the hallway all the way till you arrive at some stairs, take the stairs up and you will see a snatcher, you can either kill him or run past him either way behind him run down the hall and when you see a shop you can buy the weapons there.
Hope i was able to help anyone who may have needed these.
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2023.03.21 02:03 Veedge dome light issue. when door is open or newly unlocked the lights work and so do the switches but when door is closed or locked the switches do not turn on the lights. is it electrical wiring? I changed both dome switches and checked the fuses(all fine). any help?

dome light issue. when door is open or newly unlocked the lights work and so do the switches but when door is closed or locked the switches do not turn on the lights. is it electrical wiring? I changed both dome switches and checked the fuses(all fine). any help? submitted by Veedge to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 02:02 bitters1453 Material choice

I have a voron 2.4 350mm and can print pretty much anything other than pla (pla works if I keep the doors open).
I usually print asa and abs, but I suspect petg might be a better choice, any opinions?
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2023.03.21 02:02 iamobiwan We are at our breaking point with our upstairs neighbor's noise. Any tips on how to deal with this? Are we being Karens?

We've lived in this building for almost 3 years now. We never had any issues up until around last summer.
  1. Our upstairs neighbor got a dog about a year ago. We could frequently hear the dog running around and dropping its big bone. My GF works from home some days and it was continually inhibiting her ability to WFH. She mentioned it to the neighbor one time and they apologized and said they'd be conscious about that. Their dog still barks randomly if they're not home. Just this weekend we heard it barking for about 15 minutes before they finally came back home.
  2. Back in December, they randomly started vacuuming one Thursday at 2AM. It continued for about an hour and a half. Vacuuming and moving furniture around. About 45 minutes into it, I banged on the ceiling and they proceeded to stomp back. We never addressed this further. It was infuriating, however, as it woke us both up and I had an exam the next day.
  3. After the holidays, they must have got a new sound system. We could hear them playing music through all hours of the day with a heavy subwoofer. Just hanging out on a Sunday? Music for 8 hours. Weeknight at 6 PM? Loud bass latino club music. 9 PM? They watch a movie and we can hear their sound system playing ominous tones. Eventually, we left a post it note for them asking if they can turn their bass down. They must have turned it down slightly because it hasn't been as bad recently.
  4. During January and February, we also noticed that they were doing some sort of construction/assembly. We could hear them banging and hammering at odd hours of the day. As early as 6 AM some mornings and as late as 11 PM. Not consistently either. Just on and off. We would be asleep at 10, then get woken up by some random hammering and dropping nails.
  5. They frequently move stuff around and walk around early in the morning/late at night. I know this sounds like a finicky complaint, but it is so consistent yet random that it interferes with our sleep regularly. I will be falling asleep at 10:45, then I hear them stomping around, closing and opening doors, moving furniture. Sometimes they're up at 6 AM doing the same. It always sounds like the old upstairs neighbor is walking around in shoes too, which makes the whole thing worse.
  6. During all of the above, we also noticed that the former upstairs neighbor and the dog wasn't around anymore, but his daughter and her boyfriend were. We assumed they must have been the ones that were blaring the music, because the guy who normally was there rarely listened to music in the past. We also think maybe the old neighbor was assembling furniture/remodeling for the daughter to live there. We also are pretty sure that the old upstairs neighbor and his wife are separated, because we haven't seen her around any more but he has a new girlfriend. This would also explain the lifestyle change and why this is all new. But then we also noticed that the old neighbor is back sporadically. We really don't know what is going on and who is living there anymore. We were hopeful that they were moving out (they told me last year that they intended to move out in a few months, but then when I talked to them a few months later, they said that fell through).
Last night, around 12:30 at night, I was finally getting ready to go to bed (was up working on a paper). I then heard him start dragging furniture and doing his move stuff around and walk around routine. I was praying that my GF didn't wake up (we sleep in separate rooms sometimes when I'm up late and she needs to be up early), but sure enough, she came out like 10 minutes later saying she was woken up by them and asking if I had any earplugs. I then tried to help her fall back asleep. I myself was able to fall asleep again within minutes (light sleeper) but she was up for hours. She woke me up again at like 3AM having a panic attack because she was unable to sleep again, was furious about the upstairs neighbors. I completely understand her frustration for what it's worth. She works in healthcare and her life is stressful enough as is.
We already sleep with a bedroom fan and a sound machine because we have been trying to deal with this for so long. Yet they still manage to wake us up with their loud stomping and dragging furniture pretty regularly.
We honestly don't even know what to do at this point. We are pretty sure we want to file a noise complaint. Should I file and include everything I listed above? We have recordings/video of almost all of this ever since the vacuuming at 3AM incident. It's honestly to the point where we want to move out. Which is really difficult because I own the unit and wanted to stay here until I finished grad school next year. But it's intolerable for us to live like this. We are constantly on edge because of the noise. My GF is so anxious that she'll never be able to sleep comfortable in our own home now because they can control our lives by waking us up at any hour of day. I too feel like this isn't even our home anymore because of them.
Any tips on what we should be doing? Also, does it sound like we are being Karens?
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2023.03.21 02:01 SpideyCyclist 2023 Dreamcatcher Tour 'Reason: Makes Dreamcatcher 2023' - Los Angeles, CA - Concert Live Discussion Thread

Hi, InSomnias!
This is the live discussion thread for Dreamcatcher's concert in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, March 20, 2023 for 2023 Dreamcatcher Tour 'Reason: Makes Dreamcatcher 2023'
Discuss the concert as it happens.
Please show a lot of love to Dreamcatcher and be quiet when they and the interpreter are speaking.
Please wear a mask, take care of yourself and stay hydrated during the concert!
Dreamcatcher and InSomnia, fighting!
Setlist - Work in progress / If this setlist is incorrect, please let me know. Thanks.
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2023.03.21 01:59 TheRoyalWeeb [Discussion] Tomb Timelines???

So, I'm re-reading HtN (well, re-listening, thanks Moira Quirk!) and there's a thing that always sort of makes me go "hey wait a second" but this time through I actually paid close attention.
Is it just me, or is the timeline for Harrow opening the tomb/meeting Alecto/Griddle spilling the beans/Harrow's folks nixing themselves sort of screwy?
In GtN (chapter 30), Gideon recalls the following super-specific detail about going to tell Harrow's parents about Harrow opening the tomb:
She felt no flicker of guilt or doubt. Just hours before, she'd wrestled Harrow down in the dirt, and Harrow had scratched until she'd had half of Gideon's beneath her finger nails.
But, in HtN, as we read one of the introductory 3rd person chapters (chapter 3), we read:
One very bad day - when it seemed as though everyone hated her, and as though this were a completely correct way to feel - with bloodied fists and a bruised heart, she wrote a note explaining her suicide then went and unlocked the door. Unexpectedly, this did not kill her; and what did not kill her made her curious.
She was much older before she could cross the threshold.
[Description here of breaking into the tomb, seeing The Body for the first time, omitting the quote because it's long but it's clear from the text that This Takes A Long Time Over Repeated Excursions, and isn't a one-day sort of thing.]
She had been too careless with her visits. Her parents had . . . found out . . . about what she had done... Faced with apocalypse, they chose to die by their own hands before another day could claim them.
So, we're clearly meant to think that these are two perspectives on the same event, and - based on what we learn later in HtN - that it's Gideon's blood on her hands that allows her to get into the tomb to begin with.
But both of these give an extremely particular, specific timeline that definitely doesn't line up. In Gideon's account, it's mere hours from the time they fight to the time she runs to Harrow's Parents - their suicide definitely happens on the very same day. Whereas in Harrow's account it seems as though her parents only find out after she's been visiting The Body repeatedly, and that's after the laborious process of getting through the extra-super-ridiculously-trapped tomb.
I wanted to know if anyone else had noticed this, and if anyone had any theories on what gives?
Some thoughts on from my little bit of brain matter:
That's some of what I think, but I'd love to read anyone else's thoughts or theories!
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