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The purpose of this subreddit is to track the progression of Corona Virus, or COVID-19, specifically in Texas.

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Plano, Texas, A City of Excellence. Plano enjoys a reputation as one of the most desirable cities to live and work in. Plano was recently named as one of the “Safest Cities in America” and “Best Run Cities in America” by Law Street Media and 24/7 Wall Street respectively.

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2023.05.28 17:27 CheeseCurdHikes I'm starting a company making lightweight, durable, printed hiking gear. I'd love your input!

Hi ultralight! I'm Josh, though on trail I go by Cheese Curd. I've gotten permission from the mods to share my new gear company, Acromoda, with you all.
Acromoda was first started last fall by my friend Eric (trail name: Great Value) and me. We met on the AT and hiked about half the trail together (class of '21). Both of us had ideas for how we might improve current offerings. We also wanted work that let us stay connected with the hiking community. We spent fall and winter planning, improving our sewing skills, and iterating through product designs. Eric ended up leaving in February to pursue other opportunities, but I've continued working on Acromoda and launched our website at the end of March.
Right now Acromoda has 2 products:
- The Crescenza 35 is a frameless 35L bag made primarily of EPX200. It features a darted front ultra stretch pocket, which gives it volume comparable to one made of Lycra. It also has asymmetric side pockets - the left pocket is designed to be large enough to fit most UL shelters. This means if it's raining, you can pitch your shelter and wait to open up your bag until you're inside your tarp/tent. These bags are currently made to order, so I can do exact torso sizing.
- The CurdSack is a 2L fanny pack designed for day hikes and backpacking. It can be worn on its own or the hipbelt strap can be left at home and it can attach directly to your backpack's hipbelt. It also has shock cord on the front designed to hold a lightweight puffy or rain jacket for a day hike.
Both of these products can be printed however you'd like. I currently have one print option shown for the Crescenza and a few listed for the CurdSack. However, if you want to provide your own print/set of colors, email, text, or call me and I can make it happen.
I just graduated college 2 weeks ago and am now working full-time trying to grow Acromoda. As of now, everything is sewn in my bedroom in southwestern Wisconsin. My goal is to make gear that's lightweight, super-durable, and beautiful. I hope to eventually make tools that let people customize how their gear looks in the browser. I want people to be able to design gear that'll last a really long time and is personalized in a way that's meaningful to them.
If you have any feedback or criticism for my products, website or anything else, I'd love to hear it. I went to school to learn how to be a programmer, so I still have a ton to learn about business, marketing, and the like. Acromoda's website is I added a 15% discount code 'ultralight' which will valid through next Sunday.
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2023.05.28 17:27 throwawayanime23 Reflection on first con & going solo. Some tips and questions for others.

Really long post so skip to TL;DR at the bottom if you don't wanna read the whole thing!
25M & decided to go alone to AN this year since my few friends that watch anime weren't interested. My goal was to meet as many people as possible and make some new friends in the community, as I do want to go to future cons around the GTA + just talk to people that are like-minded.
This didn't really happened. Bit disappointed but I'll use this as a learning experience instead of sulking about it.
Went for 4 hours on Friday & 8 hours on Saturday. This is a quick recap:

  1. Had messaged a few people on discord that were also going alone, and we had agreed to meet around 6pm on Friday to register together and walk the artist alley/vendors hall. One didn't reply once I got there and the other was in different parts of the venue everytime we tried to coordinate. Oh well. I walked around alone for a couple hours and was very overwhelmed by it all. There were so many people and I tried to start conversations but quickly realized the artist alley & vendor hall were not the best place to do so (Tip #1). Everyone was busy looking at things they want to buy, and it was super crowded. Also a lot of people were already with groups and my introverted ass could not talk to them lol.
  2. After this tried to go to Nominoichi, which was even more intense than the other 2 places. I couldn't even see tables let alone find things to buy. Talked to one guy here and he said a lot of people message the sellers ahead of time through FB or discord, something I did not know. Tip #2 if you want to buy things from here, easiest way is to find the seller ahead of time to hold items for you.
  3. Was feeling pretty dejected & headed out to grab Harvey's which took about 30 minutes, not too bad. After this hit the rave from 8:30-10:30 pm. It was a ton of fun, the benefit of being alone here is you can dance without a care + everyone is having fun either by themselves or in their own groups. There were a few dance circle things which were dope to be a part of and watch. Hard to connect with people when there is loud ass music playing, so didn't really try. But the vibes were awesome.
The rave was probably the highlight of my Friday. Everything else felt super rushed because I was constantly running around trying to find things to do, while also trying to talk to people (to no avail). Went home feeling a bit dejected but also hopeful as I had heard Saturday was the main day.

  1. Saturday started off much better. There was another guy I had met through discord and we actually set a meeting time and spot for 9:30am. We walked around the vendors area for a bit, he showed me some of the good art he had found which was nice since I didn't remember shit from the day before. We bought some stuff from an artist which got us a discount for purchasing multiple items. Also, it was cool to walk around and just talk with someone for a couple hours. He left to go to a panel at 12. He told me he was meeting 4-5 others throughout the day, and they had coordinated on discord on exactly what panels or photoshoots they wanted to see. Tip #3: Instead of planning to "walk around" if you have a specific event to attend, it is more likely that you will be able to meet up with someone. Also use discord like 2 weeks ahead to find people who are into the same things and are open to meeting up (I only started messaging 2 days before the con).
  2. Went to a couple of panels myself, and realized this is a way better environment to try and talk with people. First, they are interested in the exact same thing as you and second, a lot of people were sitting on their own too. So just grabbing a seat beside them and starting a convo on the panel topic was easy. Met a couple people at the "anime that makes you cry" panel which turned into us walking around after for about an hour. Tip #4: go to panels and talk to the people who may be alone.
  3. At this point it was around 5pm, and I was way more tired than expected. Grabbed a lemonade and sat in the shade for a bit. Realized I had not eaten since the morning which was likely the cause of my exhaustion. Tip #5: Eat every 3-4 hours, or pack snacks at least. You need the energy. This may seem obvious, but I was so caught up I completely forgot to.
  4. Messaged a few people on discord who had expressed interest in meeting up. One replied but he was with a Vtuber cosplay group at this point so I didn't wanna intrude cause I have no clue about Vtubers. The guy from the morning was with a few others, so I didn't push too hard on meeting up with him either. Around 5:30 I went to the parking lot area, watched some k-pop dances, watched the beginning of rave and left around 6:30.
What had started off as a great day, ended up feeling sorta similar to day 1. I think if I was with people, I would have stayed into the night but when you're alone it's harder to force yourself. And at this point it seemed that everyone around me was with a group too - my social battery was pretty much drained and I couldn't find the energy to introduce myself to anyone new.
While my AN experience wasn't terrible, I failed to do what I had set out to. It was way harder than I thought to connect with people, even those that were alone. Thought it'd be easy since I assumed I'd share interests with like 75%+ of the people there.
But I quickly learnt that my anime taste is pretty normie (mostly shonen, some sports anime, popular slice of life etc.), which might have been one reason. Also, there were soooo many people that were more into gaming (genshin...) and Vtubers than anime, which I wasn't expecting. I know almost nothing about either, so this could've been another reason.
The best place to meet people at the con is panels for sure. Even better than this is finding people on discord well ahead who are open to meeting up, BUT actually organizing specific times and/or events to meet them at.
The most fun I had was the rave on Friday and the 3ish hours on Saturday where I was walking around with others and talking. Humans are social creatures, and especially for us "weebs" (or whatever label you want to use) being able to talk about your interests without the fear of judgement is liberating.
Looking back I may have made a fool of myself trying to awkwardly barge through conversations with a new stranger while waiting in line or sitting at a lunch table, but proud that I actually tried.
Questions for others that went alone:
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2023.05.28 17:26 urmovesareweak Bike won't charge past a certain point

I rode the other day perfectly fine, got home and plugged it in and now it has stopped at 81% and won't go further, it's an S2. What would cause this and can I rectify it?
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2023.05.28 17:26 Outrageous_Neat_6232 Lucid Dreaming and Maladaptive Dreams saved my life

My journey with maladaptive daydreaming, which ultimately helped me reshape my reality, is one that still amazes me. I was born into a comfortable lifestyle, thanks to my diligent immigrant parents from India. We were by no means extravagantly wealthy, but I would categorize us as comfortably upper-middle-class. As an only child, I was blessed with both material comforts and emotional support, particularly from my mother, while my father was often tied up with work. I had a blissful childhood, filled with positivity—after all, what did I lack to be anything but happy?
Teachers praised my upbeat energy, and I was adored by my peers. This positive ambiance continued until high school, and that's when my world flipped upside down. With adolescence came an intense focus on appearances. With puberty, there came an increased focus on physical appearances. Although I was above-average in build, two attributes dramatically affected others' perceptions of me: my distinctive dark greenish skin and my short stature of 5'2". Soon, I became a subject of mockery and prejudice. The popular kids who used to be my friends resorted to racial stereotypes and derogatory nicknames. My interactions with teachers became strained, as I had to strive harder to earn the respect given more easily to my peers. A small, but noticeable, group of girls also began to judge me based on my appearance.
Despite my awareness of the privileges that I had been afforded, the harsh critique of my appearance led me to perceive myself as "ugly". To counter this, I emphasized my jovial personality, but its charm seemed to fade as I got older. That's when I found refuge in maladaptive daydreaming, and more interestingly, lucid dreaming.
In my dreams, both daydreams and lucid dreams, I imagined myself as a taller, white man, the kind that was looked up to and respected. To fully embrace this fantasy, I began using an English/American name in my classes. These dreams were not passive experiences, rather they were fully immersive, interactive explorations of a different version of myself. Lucid dreaming, in particular, gave me control over this narrative, reinforcing my envisioned self-identity.
I gradually began to incorporate the traits and manners of these imagined figures into my real-life persona, consciously excluding any signs of misogyny or ignorance. These dreams were not simply about changing my behavior, but an aspiration to fully embody these white men that I saw in my dreams.
Driven by these vivid dreams, I partook in activities like skiing, hockey, horse riding, and lacrosse, while maintaining my STEM foundation. I underwent skin-lightening procedures, emulated their hairstyles, and even opted for cosmetic surgery. This transformation led me to resemble a mixed-race individual, much like the one I envisioned in my dreams.
Still, I yearned for more. I decided to mimic their lifestyle entirely, from their high-earning jobs to their sophisticated vocabulary, even to their fashion choices. My transformation was surprisingly successful. While not everyone changed their perception of me, a significant number began appreciating my unique blend of intellect, athleticism, and charisma.
Fast forward a few years, I have made significant strides. While I haven't yet found romantic love, I enjoy an abundance of friendships, a successful career in STEM and banking, a beautiful home, and the freedom to pursue my interests like traveling and various hobbies.
The desire to materialize my fantasies has greatly shaped my life. I have managed to harness Lucid and maladaptive daydreaming, insecurities, and ambition to propel myself in this competitive world. The absence of a romantic partner has been significantly compensated by the enriching experiences I have had with friends and family.
I have come to appreciate the beauty of my ethnic features, though I had to change outwardly due to societal biases. I take pride in my appearance now, with a few cosmetic enhancements and skin-lightening procedures. In a way, I likened my transformation to women wearing makeup or styling their hair—it's about enhancing appeal and it did work for me.
Despite the initial insecurity, I have leveraged it to drive myself to where I am now. And that's the story
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2023.05.28 17:26 ZCast9 Sam Dean on Twitter: Over the first two days of sales, Arsenal's new shirt is the best-selling home shirt in the club's history.

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2023.05.28 17:26 Extractvanilla He humiliated me

My ex was always so nasty and cruel to me. The breaking point was when l found out he was cheating the whole time in the relationship. I blocked him for a month and he came over to my place on Friday unannounced to ask why l blocked him and to apologize. I told him l knew about his cheating ways and showed him screenshots.
He then called me yesterday and l said we should take a walk and go to the park to talk about what went wrong in the relationship. We agreed to meet at his place since it’s close to a park… l texted him before l got to his house and when l got there he just went quiet. I called him and texted.. no response. One of his neighbours was outside sitting with her dog and l asked her to call him. He picked up her call and said to me oh l’m not home can we do this tomorrow? I felt so humiliated and l just hung up. He texted me back saying you get upset easily and l ignored me. He has done me so dirty and was emotionally abusive to me so many times but if l ever had any doubt he didn’t care about me this really confirmed it.
Why bother looking for me when l’m healing just to put me through the same pain?
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2023.05.28 17:26 DarkKnyt Anyone running a nvidia GeForce 1660 Ti in a Dell T620?

With the GPU enablement kit of course. Asking around as I figure out my setup, which is the 1660 passed through to the windows 11 VM and something much smaller with CUDA for the docker container (turns out that is where I'm running most of my services).
In other news, I did make a pfsense VM, not to replace my edgerouter that is doing great with wireguard from my server at work to my home, but to create and manage self signed certs so I can get rid of the ssl error (with nginx proxy manager for the redirect - pi-hole is next).
I'm definitely a believer in breaking out a separate SFF transcode+HA services box but I have long way to push this box.
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2023.05.28 17:26 kirilitsa Could there be a central cause to the never ending electrical problems my Gen2 has? Going to trade or sell it if I can't get this fixed

Within two months of getting it the inverter pump shorts the fuse, can't even get a code read because every new fuse I kept putting in there kept shorting. Replace that.
Then the fairly new 12V dies. I replace that.
Then the hybrid battery, refurb, but in good condition and less than a year old, starts losing life percentage at a rate of like 2-4% every couple of weeks until it reached critical levels. I replace that with a greenbean which is doing okay so far.
Then my combination meter dies. Okay, I replace that.
Now my inverter pump died again, this time stranding me in the middle of nowhere on a 90+ degree day in Texas with like 90% humidity. Working in the sun fucking killed me.
On the same day the air outlet damper servo motor started dying, the tell tale clicking noise behind the steering wheel upon braking tells me so at least.
I've owned this vehicle five months. This honestly probably isn't even everything that I've replaced, it's been so many issues I can't even remember all of them. The inverter pump, servo motor, and combination meter were all in the last two weeks. I've thrown about half or more of the value I bought this car for into the car so far. To me, since the only mechanical issue I've had break is the water pump, there has to be a central cause within the electrical system. This car was owned by two previous owners who took good care of it and regularly maintained it, the first one owned it for 16 years. The previous owner threw in a brand new inverter pump in the box for me along with a bunch of other stuff (roof rack etc) when I bought it, which tells me he probably experienced inverter pump issues too.
Anyway, what the fuck is going on? I don't have $150 for a diagnosis from a dealer, how could I diagnose myself? Is there a way to fix this or is this car just so kaput it'd be better for me to find something before it fully dies on me?
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2023.05.28 17:26 Norda_Myla Does Jeremy & Kat have a fan mail address?

Not sure where to post this. I'm getting married and would love to send them an invitation as part of my "celebrity" list. I don't know if they have a P.O. box or anything and now that Jeremy is no longer in Texas, I don't really know where to send fan art and the like? Even if it's just an email address, i'd appreciate it. I'd love to send appreciation to 2 of my favorite people. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 17:26 Tattooedracer AITA for keeping the children from my bf's parents.

I (28 female) and my boyfriend (32 male) are expecting our first child together in October. I have a daughter I have full custody of from a previous relationship and my boyfriend and his family have been wonderful with inviting me and my daughter into the family or so I thought. I come from an abusive house hold, physical abuse and LOTS of emotional abuse. I've been on my own since 18 and never looked back, if something didnt get done by someone else I took care of it because I had to.
My boyfriend on the other hand has always been very close with his family (only child from an Italian family never really had to figure out life it was taken care of) and invited me to meet them and since I'm a single mother they met my daughter as well.
Everything seemed fine until little things started happening, his dad telling him what to do with my boyfriend's home (he bought his parents home) telling him to do this or not do this.. I told my boyfriend he is grown and should be able to take care of things and make decisions himself. My boyfriend agrees and says he ignores his dad and let's him get it out of his head because it's "just the way he is".. 🙄
Now, his family (his mother's side) is who we spend time with, on multiple occasions though his outspoken aunt has said and done some not great things. One being insult my religious beliefs as a Catholic. I'm not a perfect person by any means but I don't see the point in berating my views and values. The next was when we announced our pregnancy this said aunt looked absolutely disgusted at us. No words. No smile. Just disgust. That was it for me I was done with her, to insult my God and then our unborn child was enough. So I didn't invite her to my daughters birthday and cut off contact.
This started a spiral, bfs dad called him over to come pick up my daughter (which they always ask to watch I work from home so generally I don't let her go anywhere without me or bf) and "sat him down" saying he needed to fix this, and how hurt his aunt was not being invited. My bf said are you serious? Aunt has insulted my gf on multiple occasions and was disgusted about our unborn baby and aunt is hurt?! What about gf? So, my bfs parents proceeded to tell him that they didn't want to see me or my daughter anymore (no worries there didn't want to see them again either) but then said they didn't think they wanted to see HIM anymore either. WHAT?! I. LOST. IT. I've always told my bfs it's his family and he gets to deal with them how he sees fit but I am fiercely protective of my children and my bf.
I let his dad have it, I told him that my bf was a grown man with a family to take care of and a daughter on the way. That my bf isn't a child to be "sat down" to "fix things" when the aunt was the one who started all of this to begin with. And how dare he say such horrible things to my bf.
(Back story I was on bed rest for 2-3 months during pregnancy because I was so sick. Even though I never told Michael to stay home from family or dinners with everyone or seeing his parents tbh, I didn't care.)
This started a fight obviously, telling me how I try to control his son, to hate his family, and that I should leave his son and let him find someone nice who appreciates how wonderful their son is.
Oh I lost my mind, I told him he was a terrible father and husband for taking out his anger on his family and for not letting others talk (he would stop his wife from talking when he didn't want her to) and for being abusive and controlling. (This isn't the first instance and again my bf said it's "just how he is") I told bfs dad neither him or his wife will see their grandchild or my daughter ever and I'm sticking to my guns here. My bf understands that if they can't be good to me and him they don't deserve to see their grandchildren. His mom didn't really do anything so that I'm not too worried about. I told bf if he didn't set boundaries and understand that his dad trying to control everything, telling my bf what to do and taking his anger out on others is abusive. He needs to tell him off because if everyone keeps trying to interfere in our relationship I don't know how we will continue.
His dad has reached out to apologize to my bf (me too and I told him to leave me alone) and said he was crying and so hurt by everything said and how bad he feels. My bf told me that he does this, hell be mean then the next day say he's sorry and feel so terrible. I get people make mistakes but it's a continuous thing with this family, that they are older and have to respect no one but everyone has to respect them. And I just won't do it. AITA?
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2023.05.28 17:25 che85mor Yesterday I went off roading and did every possible thing wrong that I could. Today I'm paying the price.

Yesterday I went off roading and did every possible thing wrong that I could. Today I'm paying the price.
This weekend my wife and son are visiting family in another state. I didn't go for various reasons and thus was left unsupervised. I decided to take the Jeep out for a ride and grab some lunch. So I take off in comfortable clothing, flip flops, and my phone.
After eating lunch I thought I'd go check out this trail I'd been seeing since we moved here. So off I went without any further thought except for my gas. I had a quarter tank though, and this place was only four miles from my house and it's basically just a field, no big deal.
So I'm romping around this field and I see a ditch cross the trail. No big deal, it's shallow so I get a little dirty and this is when all caution goes out the window. I go through the field a little more, come to another ditch and, besides it looking like the last ditch I got stuck in, I ignore my instinct to reverse and find another way. Then I get stuck.
No big deal, I have a winch it's gotten me out of this shit before. So I hop out, sink to my knees in sticky Kentucky clay and break the strap on my right flop. I dig it out of the mud, tie the straps in a knot and look for my winch cable. It's not where I keep it. It's in the back. The back is full of cases of product for my job. They have been in there for months because I haven't needed to get to them and the tailgate won't open for whatever reason, so I haven't emptied it from the front. So I'm screwed about the cable, no winch. Look around, no rocks, no logs and I have no other recovery gear. And I'm alone. And because my tank was low and the rig is tilted forward, no fuel is getting pumped and I essentially run out of gas.
So I call a tow truck. These yahoo's send a Ford F150 with chain. No way he's yanking me from the front so we go the other way to get behind me because he isn't crossing that ditch either. So we start out and about a quarter mile in, he gets stuck. Like stuck stuck on flat ground. He calls for backup and another pickup shows up and he gets stuck too because "his 4wd doesn't work". So truck three comes and he won't even venture into the field. Old guy, and he's pissy. Starts bad mouthing off roaders and the risks we take. Fair enough. Bitching about them being unprepared. I can relate. Then says "this is dumbest goddamn thing he's ever seen any one do and that I might be the stupidest adult he's ever met". I tell him I'm not paying him for his commentary and if he could kindly shut his mouth and do his job I'd appreciate it. We jaw back and forth, shit gets heated and it dawns on me were in the middle of nowhere and it's my unprepared ass against three friends. I thank the first driver, and realize the second driver managed to free himself and he just bounced and tell the third driver that I no longer needed his services, but his buddy does, and I start hoofing it home. Fuck it, I'll go back tomorrow and work on it I figure.
So I'm four miles from home, on a gravel road that's at least a mile long, am diabetic, and walking damn near barefoot because now both of my flops are broken and I had to rig them to kind of stay on my feet but I have to shuffle to keep them under my feet. About every two or three steps this fails and I come down on the rocks barefooted. No water, phone is at 14% now. So I call the only taxi I know. They're permanently closed due to lack of business. Great. So I call the local police. Tell them everything and end with being diabetic and walking barefoot and ask if there's anyone not busy that might be able to get me home. Nope. Too much of a liability, but feel free to call back if I experience medical distress. Wtf. I moved here recently and only know three people that I'd be OK with calling and begging for help. My mailman, but he's been drinking, this girl I talk to when I go into the ups store, but she's out of town, and my weed plug, but he's in Colorado... I wonder why?
The deputy calls me back and gives me a number to a private "taxi" who thankfully comes and rescues my ass and takes me home. Today I can barely walk. The bottoms of my feet are so bruised I thought they were still dirty. My legs are sore from the exertion. And my jeep is still stuck.
So take aways for rookies or those that think it won't happen to them. Full tank of gas. Even if you don't get stuck, you gotta get out. Recovery gear. Don't think you have what you need, know you have what you need. Then need a few other pieces and know they are with you too. Proper clothing. If you're not prepared to go offroad, don't go offroad. A friend. You never know what might happen and not having someone with you could be a life ending decision. If my sugar had tanked while I was in the field I would have been fucked. I had nothing to take care of myself with and that is not the circumstance you want to find yourself in in a medical emergency. Trust your gut. I knew I shouldn't have tried it. I've tried it before on other similar ditches and ended up winching out. But that I got out with minor inconvenience led me to think I'm very bad ass. And I, apparently, am just very "send it" orientated. That's bad. Use caution.
If you read this far, thank you. I hope my experience can help others think twice.
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2023.05.28 17:25 Beginning-Impact9710 i just wanted to say this

idk really know how i feel when im at my work i feel happy and i dont think much about my life but when im home i think abou my whole life. mostly when im in my bed i hear music and i start to cry when im thinking about my situation. also what i hate about myself is that im rly jeoulous about other people, they all look happy and have found theyre love ( it sounds so egoism) i just dont know what i can do about all that stuff i hate myself and my character why do we all exist?
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2023.05.28 17:25 Zylbrad123 Can someone help explain this dream I had?

Monday, May 22
Last night I had a dream about me, a girl, and time travel
So it started off with me and my friends at a convention for our school or something. I'm guessing it was for jobs after high-school. Anyway, I was hanging out and I started talking to this girl named Maddison Duley. She was a popular girl at my school. After a little bit of talking, we snuck off to the shipping bay of the building we were in.(the building was kinda like a supermarket) After talking about us and what we like and just getting to know each other better, I leaned in to kiss her and it she was laying on the floor I was over top of her with my eyes facing her chin. She said "No, we are not kissing upside down, come over here and kiss me normally". We did and when I opened my eyes, I was back in my chair from a couple hours earlier. After the convention finished, I realized that I had the ability to time travel and I don't know how I got it. I went to my best friend Jesse and I said the following (his mom was taking us home) "Jesse, so I have the ability to time travel, don't ask how, I don't know. Anyways, I was talking to a girl and I kissed her. I had her, you know? I got a girlfriend! But then I accidentally timetravelled mid kiss and now I'm worried I won't ever get her back!" "What do I do?" Jesse said "idk man, if you really want this girl then no offense to my mom but screw her and go get her" to this I said "thanks bro, I love you" and ran off to go get her.
I made it in the building and then got arrested by the in building police because of disorderly conduct because apparently I was making a ruckus by running around the building looking for Maddison. As I was sitting in this tiny silverish black cell, I saw two guards outside at a long control panel facing away from the cell sitting down. Outside the cell, there was another inmate named Hunter Bryd sitting at the control panel with the guards. Our outfits were teal btw. Anyways, I had enough and time traveled to get out of this but little did I know I traveled back to a few minutes before I kissed Maddison and this time travel sent me to the timeline where I kissed and disappeared from her. I unknowingly went looking for her and couldn't find her. I decided to go back to my cell and serve my short time there (about 2 hours). I saw that they didn't even know I was gone because the two guards and hunter were watching a movie on a projector. I served my last 10 minutes and walked out. I tore off the prison stuff and it had my normal cloths underneath. As I walked down this white hallway, I saw a senior I knew, Ella. She knew Maddison. I ran to her and asked her if she has seen Maddison. She said to come with her because she was the head of security cameras. As I walked into her room, Maddison came down the hallway crying. At that moment, I realized that I was back in my original timeline. I ran to Maddison and asked her what's wrong. She kept crying. I asked her if she wanted to go to a place more private to talk and she said yes. We walked to Ella's room because I knew Ella didn't mind. When we got in there, we laid on the bed and I tried to talk to her. She pushed me over on my back and tried to straddle me. She asked what I wanted and I said "I want you to be my girlfriend." She seemed upset and confused by this. I assume it was because I didn't explain my sudden disappearance. She ran out crying and I chased after her.
That is all I remember from this dream.
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2023.05.28 17:25 Extractvanilla He humiliated me

My ex was always so nasty and cruel to me. The breaking point was when l found out he was cheating the whole time in the relationship. I blocked him for a month and he came over to my place on Friday unannounced to ask why l blocked him and to apologize. I told him l knew about his cheating ways and showed him screenshots.
He then called me yesterday and l said we should take a walk and go to the park to talk about what went wrong in the relationship. We agreed to meet at his place since it’s close to a park… l texted him before l got to his house and when l got there he just went quiet. I called him and texted.. no response. One of his neighbours was outside sitting with her dog and l asked her to call him. He picked up her call and said to me oh l’m not home can we do this tomorrow? I felt so humiliated and l just hung up. He texted me back saying you get upset easily and l ignored me. He has done me so dirty and was emotionally abusive to me so many times but if l ever had any doubt he didn’t care about me this really confirmed it.
Why bother looking for me when l’m healing just to put me through the same pain?
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2023.05.28 17:25 xtrem- Another internet Rant about etisalat

After getting hit by a big bill for cancellation of my old elife internet , i decided to move with no commitment plan. Due to high rents in jlt i decided to relocate and asked about etisalat in the new building, it was confirmed so i proceeded. When i called etisalat they said they can only give me 12 mbps at a 299 aed. My work requires streaming and working with big data so i needed at least 20mbps. Turn out building was only DU and they give etisalat low speed and charge them extra which etisalat charges the customer. I was forced to cancel , and turn out the no-comittment subscription has a 24 month hardware subscription and i have to pay around 1200 aed to cancel account and if i dont pay before end of this month which is in 3 days, i will be forced to pay extra month. I ended up cancelling home appliances purchases in order to pay etisalat bill. Fake promises costing customers to lose alot of money and i wish TRDA would look into these cases. 10/10 would never recommend etisalat , du exit charges are cheaper.
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2023.05.28 17:25 HeatWatch3 Game 7 Return Favor

Last season I worked for the Heat, and I remember the gut wrench of watching them celebrate on on our home floor. This season the Heat have an opportunity to return the favor and take their hearts. Yes Boston fought back into this series. But I would absolutely bank on the Heat winning tomorrow. Remembering last seasons hurt and game 6 slipping from their grasp should motivate them to play with heart and resentment. I believe all 48 mins the Heat will lay it all out defensively and Bam, along with Jimmy will be impactful as the rest of the team buoys them. Let’s Go Heat!!! Heat in 7
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2023.05.28 17:25 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (The Course)

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2023.05.28 17:24 lisa1896 Had something happen and now I'm struggling

So I've not talked about this online or to my family although my husband knows about it and while I love him his solution of, "That's an asshole, you should disregard it" is absolutely what I should do I'm finding that I can't, I even dream about it now ffs, my brain will not disengage, and it's affecting my eating but not in the way I would expect although I've always had issues in the link between my emotional state and how I handle food.
We are going to a baseball game in two weeks. I'm stressing about how to dress, want to just wear a sack from head to foot. I'm also struggling not to quit eating, call it a fast, and see how much I can lose in two weeks. I recognize that this is not healthy, it's why I'm sharing. I'm grateful for everyone's input.
We went to a stadium event. I had a cute fitted top from Old Navy with sleeves that perfectly covered my upper arms which is my insecurity. I had on my jeans with the huge bellbottoms and my tennies. I had shapewear on under my jeans to smooth out the loose skin. I put my hair up in a chignon, wore my big beaded statement earrings, and had one curled lock hanging over my face on one side.
I thought I looked so cute and my husband loved it.
At the end of the event a group of drunken men, I'd say either seniors in HS or early college, walked past me and just as they were going by one looked at me and said to his buddy, "You're going home with HER!" His joke fell flat, his friends wouldn't look at me, and they moved on.
That's all it was.
Just typing it out I get anxious and start crying. I've worked so damn hard, just so hard, to come out of my shell and be in the world and it's everything I can do to not just bury myself in the house again.
I KNOW it's just some drunk asshole but it's affected me so profoundly, brought up every fear I ever had about being in public and there's that voice in my head that says: "See! You see what happens? You see what you get when you dress cute? INAPPROPRIATE. You should dress like the old hag you are, what's wrong with you?"
Then I can't eat. I can't even look at food. I've been doing this for 4 years, almost 5. I'm so tired. I'm so over the constant struggle. I just want to be done and if I can't be done then I just want to give up.
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2023.05.28 17:24 -et37- Custom Nation Spotlight #6: Fordlandia

Greetings everyone! After several extra days of work, I am pleased to reveal that the next CNS is on none other than Fordlandia! Ever since I first envisioned South America’s collapse well over a year ago, the idea of Fordlandia has been one that I had plenty of time to think about. With their independence in the South American Anarchy, it’s high time that we overviewed what is arguably the most important faction in the entire continent.
“The story of Fordlandia in its current form can be traced back to the final days of the AUS in the Second American Civil War. Operation Mayflower, the evacuation of as many Longists as possible to South America, would see a new home for President Huey Long and his followers in allotted land bequeathed by the Brazilian government. For the next two years, Fordlandia would see steady development in peace, until the SAFT victory in its war with Brazil. Knowing that this threat was an existential one, President Long would order complete radio silence to avoid detection. The halting of trade, a strict curfew, and a multitude of other draconian measures were enacted to ensure this goal. For the next two and a half years, Fordlandia would eke out a meager existence in silence, until the ultimate collapse of the SAFT would see the territory ejected as a proper nation in its own right. Now in a drastically different environment in every sense of the word, the Longists will have to overcome many hurdles if they are to stand strong against their new foes.”
Fordlandia has A LOT going on. Given its location, its unique sub-ideology, and the fact that its leader is the former President of the United States, well let’s just say they are a major faction in South America. Aside from its position in the Amazon, Fordlandia has a multitude of factors that both help and hinder it. For starters, the politics of the nation are not monolithic. Several informal movements have established themselves in recent years, most notably the Constitutionalist Party and the Vagabond Society. Although the AFP leads the country, it is internally divided between Left and Right Wings. Long considers himself to be above both blocs, though any other Longist leader would most certainly be partisan in this regard. Economically, the Share Our Wealth plan has been stunted, something that will either one day be fully realized or canned entirely. The frankly piss poor state of the M.I.C. is a pressing matter, as are the nation’s horrid logistics. The omnipresent Minutemen at least maintain much needed order, and the hulking Manufacturing Plant gives Fordlandia an industrial edge that hasn’t even reached its full potential yet. Two Brazilian cities are active concerns. The conquered Manaus and neighboring Santarém both provide differing challenges that will need to be addressed soon. Wider issues persist, with the fallout of the aforementioned radio silence and the bevy of native tribes that inhabit the interior jungle. In particular, the war-like Munduruku that call this stretch of the Amazon home have struck fear into those living on the outskirts of this new frontier.
Fordlandia’s Focus Tree is the largest tree I have made thus far, and covers a variety of topics. The very first matter already attended to was the creation of a new national holiday to commemorate Henry Ford. Following this, the doorway has open for a multitude of topics to tackle. The ongoing integration efforts of Manaus may be assuaged, and even some investments may be made to placate the locals. Of course, what is a nation without farming and industry? Given that Fordlandia sits on the Amazon, traversing the river is a regular ordeal, as is protecting their vessels. The watchful Minutemen must see some expansion, and a proper prison must be erected for the enemies of state. Finally, that long-held animosity towards the wealthy and their tricks. When all is said and done, they will pay, and Fordlandia will prosper. In regards to the military, the army’s doctrinal dilemma must also be solved. In doing so, a new military college may be constructed. Of course, the fact of the matter is that Fordlandia’s territory is encompassed by much of the Amazon Rainforest. As such, choosing to avoid or embrace this aspect will naturally lead to faster or more adept soldiery.
But what about Santarém? Or the natives? Or the shoddy infrastructure? Or the political upheaval? I cannot stress this enough. I have way, WAY more stuff I plan on adding for Fordlandia. It’s kind of one of the main reasons I had South America explode in the first place. Once the 1950s are reached, you can expect a practical doubling of the focus tree that will tackle these extra matters. You can also expect there to be many polls for Fordlandia throughout the rest of this AAR. It has been my favorite custom nation to implement, and I look forward to adding even more content for it in the future.
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2023.05.28 17:24 woefulaircraft82 State Farm stops home insurance sales in California, citing wildfire risks –

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2023.05.28 17:24 pepecristo Momentum 3 refuse to charge

Just to clarify, I'm talking about the headset, not the TW3 earbuds.
They just won't charge. The green light will shine momentarily to indicate that a connection has been detected, but then it goes away and that's that.
I've tried with the original cable and a USB-A to C cable I have at home. I've tried connecting it to the multiple USB-A ports in my computer, the USB-A port in my keyboard, the USB-A in my monitor as well as directly to the wall using chargers.
Nothing works.
I have also, just in case it's just a yellow light in there failing, tried to keep them plugged in for a long period of time and seeing if the battery went up. Nope.
I've also re-set it to factory settings multiple times using the smart control app, but to no avail.
Went to check support help or documentation from Sennheiser, but nothing that could help me with this and, since my headset is out of warranty (it's 3 years old) I can't raise a support ticket with Sennheiser for help.

Does anyone know any way to fix this, or am I SOL and my 300€ headset just became e-waste?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 17:24 brokelogic Anon shops are Target

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