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2023.06.04 21:11 Revolutionary_Pain83 The top 5 things I want for FNAF Help wanted 2

With FNAF VR 2 coming out later this year, I knew I have to do this list. They are some things I want in the VR game so let's get started.

Number 5: Custom night

Custom Night has been a thing since the first FNAF game. It haven't been in the FNAF 3 and 4 but returns in Sister location. It would be great we get a custom night in VR 2 since the first VR game didn't have one. But it's most likely we get a DLC custom night like in FNAF sister location.

Number 4: Pizzeria simulator characters

I really like it if we get the pizzeria simulator characters in the game. Maybe each brand will get their own mini game. Trash and the gang will be a trash despoil with the trash characters trying to get you when you're trying to take out the trash. The Mediocre melodies will have a pipe cleaning game that has you cleaning the pipes with them trying to get you. The rockstar animatronics will have a game where you have to give the right instruments to the right animatronic. For the posh Pizzeria group they'll have a game where you must find the problem in the kitchen with them trying to jumpscare you at each of the machines. For the salvaged animatronics I thought a printing room where the animatronics will try to get you when you're trying to print out the papers for the party.

Number 3: Arcade repairs.

In this game we have to repair the arcade machines. We have two games that each have a different animatronic.
Roxanne Wolf
The racing game is broken. Fix it with the the electric screwdriver. But be careful the screwdriver is loud and alert Roxanne Wolf. Wait until Roxy goes back to sleep and then start fixing again. Once inside the connect the wires to the right spots then recrew the cover. If you continue drilling then Roxanne will run towards you ending your run with a jumpscare.
Montgomery Gator
Find the thing that jamming the arcade game Fruity maze. But watch out for Monty. This you hear a rumble that means Monty is opening the hatch. Pull it back against him once he go away go back to your task. Take all the junk out and put them in a bag. If Monty open the cover all the way then you fail your task and Monty have get you with a jumpscare.

Number 2: Glitchtrap's final fright

In the final game in FNAF VR 2 we fight Glitchtrap for real in his true form. We need to find the virus killer program disk and put in the disk player. Glitchtrap will glitch intro the room you're in, if you pick the room you want to next. Once you input the disk the program will kill Glitchtrap for good. This game will be unlock when you collected all of the tapes. After defeating him we get a damage glitchy plush version of him.

Number 1: Hints to the next game.

We all know FNAF shouldn't just end there. We can find hints to the next game in the blueprints. We can find them in the games. They'll show characters we haven't seen before including new versions of Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy, and Chica. We even see theme parks rides hinting that the next game will take place at a theme park. And in the DLC we'll find a new version of the Vanny mask. If we put this on, we learn that Vanny find out that her master is gone. This hinting on finding on that who kill him in the next game.


These not actually gonna happen in the game, these are just my ideas. Let me know what you want to see in FNAF VR 2 in the comments below.
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2023.06.04 19:43 unbuttered_bread Is it not possible that this guy is Dr. Rabbit?

Is it not possible that this guy is Dr. Rabbit?
I feel it is entirely possible Gregory got put under Glitchtraps control again and this is the games universe version of “Dr. Rabbit” as seen in the GGY novel.
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2023.06.04 19:06 DiscountNo1710 My glitchtrap art not finished with it yet I will update you when I’m finished

My glitchtrap art not finished with it yet I will update you when I’m finished
My glitch trap art compared to the real image
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2023.06.04 11:17 NameRevolutionary802 Gerald the Goose

In the beginning, there was Gerald, a world-destroying goose who after death transferred his mind into the digital world and created a cult for himself. He discovered a kindred spirit in a demon chicken, and together they set their sights on destroying the multiverse.
But they were no match for the powerful beings who imprisoned them. Gerald bided his time until he could escape, teaming up with William Afton and Herobrine to fight off a darker and more powerful variant of himself. In the end, Gerald stole the dark version's soul and became the ruler of all.
But his reign would not last. Error 404 Sans and X Gaster opposed him, and Gerald was forced to travel beyond the multiverse. There, he faced powerful entities like Cthulu and Six the Cat Demon, absorbing their souls to become even more powerful.
Gerald broke through the fabric of reality to hop multiverses and devour other Gerald's, destroying everything in his path. But in the end, he faded from existence, defeated by his own hunger for power.
The demon chicken, still alive, resurrected Gerald, but weakened him and trapped him in a file called Desktop Goose. Herobrine set him free, and Gerald dimension-hopped to gain more power to battle his former ally, the chicken demon.
Their epic final battle lasted for centuries, and just as Gerald was about to destroy the chicken demon, an alternate version of himself absorbed the chicken's soul and escaped. This alternate version of Gerald had outlived every being in his own dimension and become the god of his universe, absorbing the souls of powerful beings like the Scarlet King and the resurrected Dark Gerald.
Together, they sought to take down the original Gerald. The battle was fierce and lasted the lifespan of multiple multiverses. Neither side could win, until the being known as X, the Omniverse God, intervened and imprisoned all of them in a cube.
William Afton had a plan, however. He was now with two copies of himself called Glitchtrap and the Mimic, and they freed Gerald from his prison. Together, they created an army to fight X, and the war lasted millennia.
But X tired of the war. He actually started trying, beating Gerald's entire army with ease. Gerald attempted to battle X but lost. In an act of respect for Gerald's power, X spared him and made him an omnipotent being like himself.
Now, Gerald was the omnipotent of destruction, tasked with destroying and corrupting multiverses by X himself. And so, Gerald continued his quest for power, never satisfied, always seeking new worlds to destroy.
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2023.06.04 10:02 Blaz3Gam0r I think I might have a theory that can show which SB ending is canon. And let me tell you it is SOOOO weird. (so much for a first post) MORTY? (just kidding this is so half-baked)

I was just thinking about which sb ending is canon when I noticed something. We all know Scott isn't one to accidentally filter something in via colors and lore etc. and I noticed something weird. When anyone in the franchise is seen as "free", they always have some indicator of purple. You see if you look at the only 3-star ending of SB. It shows glam rock Freddy, Gregory, and presumably Vanessa. All of them are purple. Gregory and Vanessa are wearing purple shirts and, if micheal=glam Freddy is true, that means he inside is "purple".Now, we know in this ending Vanessa is free from Glitchtrap and that means she is wearing the purple as a little note of how she is free. We know Michael is free because he is no longer constricted to the pizzaplex, he may rest his soul. This means that Gregory must also be free. I am considering that the princess quest can free both of them, as it frees the vengeful spirit which I guess "attacks?" the glitch trap virus. Now, the only way that this can be true is if, in fact, the burn trap ending is canon. This means none of the three are free, meaning that Gregory could be lured or trapped using the glitch trap virus and then told to make a message to Cassey, therefore making a trap. To follow on with the theory of color, we see that at every point where William is free, he is purple. The time before his son dies he is free. When he is willfully committing the missing children's incident he is free, it is him inflicting these wounds, not his drunkenness. This leads me to the times he isn't free. He isn't free after the night of Charlie's death. He is bound by drunkenness and anger. That is why he is yellow. That isn't him free. As a further fact, when he is spring locked he is forever not free, hence why he is stuck in something the opposite color of freedom in this universe-yellow.The lists of parallels go on in this color theory! Circus baby's eyes used to be blue. Then along came Elizabeth. Elizabeth became trapped and died in circus baby, adding the yellow of no freedom. And, if anyone is a theorist they should know logically what yellow+blue is. Hence why baby has green eyes. Now you may think this is just a theory that is valid, yes (or no-depending on whether unlike me you still have your sanity in one place) but extremely unimportant. Well, that brings me to the second part of the theory. I think that all the other endings are there to show what happens regardless of which ending is canon. They all show factual things that happen. Just like FNAF 3. The good ending is canon-yes. But the bad ending is there to show what happens regardless. William is still spring locked and the bad ending shows this, regardless of it not being the canon of the two endings. Now let's look at the other endings and their significance. The bad ending shows that more murders will happen. The next ending shows that as long as Freddy is in the pizzaplex, Vanny will be out to get him into ruin. It shows what will happen to Freddy so that in ruin he is not his former self. The next ending is confusing, and all I can say is that it may possibly strengthen the theory from a LOOOOONGGGGG time ago, the cult of Glitchtrap, the theory suggesting that Vanessa isn't the only follower of Glitchtrap. This may mean that even though the name Vanny is contributed to Vanessa, it may just be a title for anyone who puts on the mask and complies with Glitchtrap, which would explain why Vanessa is still alive after definitely being dead. The good ending is just there to be there at least in my understanding. That leaves us with the two main endings. The burn trap ending shows us something significant. Gregory isn't wearing purple! This means that he could still be under glitchtrap's control, and therefore ruin can take place, whereas the 3-star ending is just a show that purple is a show of freedom in this world. And that is why I call this, long, painful and half-baked theory:

FNAF- A Theory Of Color

Honestly, I want to see what everyone thinks because this was just something that popped up in my head.
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2023.06.04 08:57 CrownedVanguard Theory: The “GlitchTrap” from Ruin is the person you played in fnaf help wanted

In Fnaf help wanted, during what I’d think is the canon ending, Vanny’s instructions misguide you, and you end up locked in VR while GlitchTrap presumably roams in your body. But what if he escaped? What if he tried to bring down this William and Vanny, it would make sense why he jumps ares you right after putting on the mask. He isn’t trying to kill you he’s trying to kill Vanny.
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2023.06.04 03:21 VideoGameChronology If Tales Is In Continuity, So Is Stitchline, And Not Because Of Frailty Or Animatronic Apocalypse

I think I'm officially believing in StitchlineGames for one simple reason. Why isn't it in continuity? Let's look at what the Frights books are.
The Frights books are an anthology series of mystery horror stories in the FNAF universe written by Scott Cawton with various authors (including Elley Cooper, Andrea Waggner, and Kelly Parra) and published by Scholastic. Each book contains 3 short stories as well as an epilogue that follow the story of the Stitchwraith which connects to many of the short stories across the 12 books. This series includes recurring characters from the games as well as new characters that only appear in these stories. Aspects of these stories act as metaphors and parallels to the games and answer unsolved questions fans have about the games.
Now, what is Tales from the Pizzaplex?
The Tales books are an anthology series of mystery horror stories in the FNAF universe written by Scott Cawthon with various authors (including Elley Cooper, Andrea Waggner, and Kelly Parra) and published by Scholastic. Each book contains 3 short stories as well as an epilogue that follows the story of the Mimic which connects to many of the short stories across the last 6 books (3 more are announced). This series includes recurring characters from the games as well as new characters that only appear in these stories. Aspects of these stories act as metaphors and parallels to the games and answer unsolved questions fans have about the games.
Okay, so, let's see if I understand this correctly. Both book series are the same genre, made by the same authors, published by the same company, structured the exact same, and both are made to answer questions fans are having but only one contains in continuity material?
See, Tales, without a doubt, is connected to the games. Aside from the obvious connections in the Epilogues and their connected stories:
Help Wanted gives us insight into the Indie Dev and those games
Bobbiedots explains why Sun and Moon act the way they do in Security Breach, why the generators are in the play place, and why the animatronics seem to have human behaviors
GGY ties directly into the arcade games, mentions how 3 therapists vanished, and ties Gregory into being Patient 46 and being under Mimic's control in some way
And again, that's without any of the stories featuring Mimic who IS Glitchtrap and Burntrap. The only way it could be more obvious is Scott himself saying so. This is the closest we'll get to straight up confirmation without Ruin DLC having a duffel bag message talking about The Storyteller.
So, if some of the Tales stories are confirmed in continuity, and half of those are 100% connected to the Epilogues, wouldn't it stand to reason that the identical series of books made for the exact same purpose by the exact same people in the exact same way would have some of their stories in the games continuity, mainly the ones connected to those epilogues?
Seriously, like, the main theory in the Non-StitchlineGames sphere is that those stories are parallels and nothing else. Yet we're ignoring the obvious parallel between these two series? Look, I get the complaints, but I feel they're unwarranted. StitchlineGames doesn't break the game Timeline, most of the stories happen in the between period of FFPS and the start of Tales' Epilogue, a period of time that's only really filled by the events of Help Wanted, both the story and the game. Most of the common complaints about Stitchline are as followed:
"But they know William is the killer in Stitchline"
Do they though? Larson does, but that doesn't make it common knowledge. The trilogy novels have the police convinced William did the crime but it's not common knowledge, the public thought it might've been Henry.
"But Cassidy Is TOYSNHK"
Yeah, the one that's represented by a picture of Scott's son and constantly referred to as male in-game.
"But The Puppet mask was lost in the lake"
Yeah, because things have never been recovered in lakes.
"But EVERYONE saw the MCI"
Again, did they? Oswald had to be lured to the private area to see the 6 bodies. How do we know they aren't panicking because of the kids being missing or because of Glitchy animatronics like in The Silver Eyes?
"But in YTB it says the bodies are lined against the wall"
Something similar happens in the games with Foxy Go Go Go where the bodies are just THERE, right outside Pirate's Cove.
"But Circus Baby's Pizza World was never opened"
Again, most of these stories take place AFTER Fazbear Entertainment has been reestablished. We see in Help Wanted and AR that they own the Funtimes. In a time period where Fazbear Entertainment is trying to regain their popularity, why wouldn't they put all their cards on the table in an effort to get customers? It's not unreasonable to assume Circus Baby's reopens after FFPS.
These are what I mentioned in my last Stitchline related post as arguments against the Stitchline that really don't work. There's nothing in the Stitchline that ACTIVELY contradicts the games. The absolute CLOSEST it gets to actively being contradictory is there being a 6th MCI kid but there are TONS of possible answers for this that Stitchline believers have already mentioned. Maybe it's not literal and the 6th is The Puppet? Maybe the 6th one didn't go missing at Freddy's so wasn't counted among the children that went missing there? Maybe the 6th didn't have anyone to report him missing? These may seem like copout answers but it's not like we get a lot of information on Andrew prior to him being attached to William, it's not even confirmed that curly black hair in Fredbear in The New Kid is Andrew since other characters in this series have curly black hair like Renelle, Hadi, or Tyler.
To me, it's now impossible to say the Stitchline isn't in continuity because if Tales is popularly thought to be in continuity, why isn't the Stitchline when they are literally doing the same things that Tales is?
TL;DR: Fazbear Frights and Tales from the Pizzaplex are literally identical to eachother. So why does one have in continuity stories but the other doesn't? Simple, they both have in continuity stories because if everything else about these series are identical then why not their status is continuity?
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2023.06.04 01:52 whynottakedownthevid How William Afton is back and why Mimic still works with his return

The story of The Mimic shows us the origin of the Endoskeleton who became Burntrap. Fans have taken this as proof that Afton is dead and that the new FNaF games will tell an entirely new story involving the Mimic.
This doesn't sit right with me. Glitchtrap saying "It's me" and "I always come back", Cassidy returning on a mission to kill him, Springtrap quoting Ultimate Custom Night, Mimic being a tiger even after FNaF VR Help Wanted and Mathew Curtis saying he is "Afton" all show that William is not truly gone: he should not be gone. Would it not be strange for his ultimate death to be in the books? Would it not be strange for this new Mimic character to take over the plot despite no proof of his story in the games?
But with the events of the recent books, it seems impossible for Glitchtrap or Burntrap to be Afton. Why would anyone write this set up for Mimic becoming like Springtrap if the real Springtrap comed back anyway?
I found the reason. Mimic becoming like Springtrap is the way in which the real Springtrap is being brought back. Let me explain.
In the Stitchwraith Stingers from Fazbear Frights, William Afton is separated from his suit. His body is recovered and destroyed, but the suit is not seen. Was it fully hurned? I don't think so. Some fans said Burntrap could be wearing Luca's suit but why would that suit be burned? There are certain details in the suit, like the scar over the eye, that suggest it's the same. And it would be confusing for fans who don't read the books.
"But there are design contradictions"
Same with Scraptrap. Even William Afton himself has design contradictions in The Man In Room 1280, such as his arms.
My prediction is that that the Mimic will find and use the remains of the Springtrap suit in the Tales Tales From The Pizzaplex epilogue stories, completing his transformation into Burntrap. But there's one last detail missing: what about his eyes? Mimic has orange and white eyes in the books, but had purple eyes in ybe game. Why would this change? It can't be to mimic William Afton. If that was the reason, he would have purple eyes from the start, since the story of FNaF VR already happened. It has to have already happened since they used the Mimic's chips in that game and he gets sealed in Michael's pizzeria in the books, where he should remain until Security Breach.
I am predicting that after Mimic puts on the Springtrap suit, his eye color will change, showing that some remnant of William Afton's soul still in it has now taken over him.
"But why set up Mimic to copy William Afton's actions if the real Afton will take over him"
We don't know where the story will end. They might do something interesting with this in the future, or they might not. We can only wait.
And Mimic copying Afton's actions actually isn't that important to the books. The only time in the books where he has mimicked Afton is by luring his victims to the room behind the stage and even that plays out in a different way. Him copying the missing children incident is a plot device to explain why he was deactivated until the Tales From The Pizzaplex epilogue stories.
Before you dismiss this idea, think of how easy it would be to confirm William Afton is back. A name in the credits of Ruin, an eye changing color in the books, a simple reference. And what is the alternative? The ultimate defeat of the main villain of the game series not being in the games? I won't say William Afton is confirmed to be back, but I think he is and it would answer more holes than it creates.
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2023.06.03 23:50 Big-Ticket9592 Glitchy Bunny in Ruin DLC trailer Theory

My theory goes back to what I said previously. In the videos in the trailer for the security breach the cartoon glitched purple (ourple) when Bonnie was on screen. What if, when you put on the mask you come across Bonnie that's been affected by Glitchtrap (ourple glitches). Also, has the Afton virus has been trapped by the one that he should not of killed (green glitches).
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2023.06.03 21:04 Responsible-Rate5709 Fnaf why is William Afton soul is in not glitchtrap but after his torment with death over again his agony with part of William soul is a memory of killing Gabriel is in circuit board in ScrapTrap to create glitchtrap to manipulate Vanessa and Gregory (my AU)

William Afton is still got tormented by Andrew and Cassidy is hunting mimic with William Afton agony but remember green is mimic and purple is William Afton agony but with part of William soul!, mimic copy William part of his oil with agony of memory of him killing Gabriel until stuff Gabriel in unwithered freddy after killing Susie and Cassidy or Jeremy William agony, but I use glitchtrap suit as mascon suit to lure five missing children and kill five missing children children, not Springbonnie suit aka springlock suit in one years later after five missing children death Andrew sneaked into abandoned restaurant of unwithered animatronic William kill Andrew so brutal and gruesome death and andrew got so much rage with anger toward William Afton because Andrew and Charlie remember William face but ten missing children is really hard to remember William face and they mismatched Michael face as William but William and Michael has same face but Michael is younger than William!
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2023.06.03 20:34 justchedda So what's up with Fazbear Frights / Tales and how they relate to the games?

I stopped digging into Frights near its end but I liked the idea that it paralleled and "filled in the blanks" from the games' story. Things like 6 kids dying in 1985, William and the vengeful spirit in Ultimate Custom Night, and how Glitchtrap contaminated the VR game.
But with that series over and Tales from the Pizzaplex going strong, there's also the idea of all the Tales and Stitchwraith's story being in the games' continuity. I don't know how that works because some things seem to plainly contradict each other, and official sources like Freddy Files and the big character book sound kind of unreliable, so what's going on?
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2023.06.03 20:04 doogleanimations have you noticed the decline in fnaf sense help wanted?

I have noticed that ever since help wanted the story and gameplay have declined significantly. Help wanted was fun but the stuff it, and the fazbear frights books, have done to the story have made it feel hollow. I think the fact that fazbear is a large company is the problem. One of the coolest parts of the older games for me was that the story was about a handful of a dozen people and places. now it feels like there is too much stuff to keep track of. Stuff like Vanny, the Blob, glitchtrap, and the pizzaplex itself just don't feel natural anymore. They play with the rules of the series too much and just make it feel less fulfilling to beat the games. I might just be crazy but do you agree?
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2023.06.03 19:29 Randummed the new glitchtrap/glamrock bonnie/ bunny guy from ruin looks like hes wearing a poncho lol

this probably isnt the case but this is my headcanon until the dlc comes out ill prolly make a more detailed version of this idk
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2023.06.03 19:02 RagingViperAlpha FNAF Help Wanted 2 Initial Theory Ideas

During the early theorizing for SB, I asked questions about the post it room and Mrs. Afton and suspected a lot of what ended up in the timeline. But I never said anything early on, so there was no proof of my credit. So here, I'm putting down my initial thoughts for Help Wanted 2 so that there is a paper trail.
There was brief discussion about who we could possibly be playing as in HW2 because it sounds like its someone we've met, but there doesn't seem to be anyone left. The first thought is that we are the beta tester from HW1, but that can't be because in the canon ending of HW1 that person's mind is trapped and they are taken over by glitchtrap.
The only people who know about the bunker are the Afton family. That was a well guarded secret that no one should know about. So for someone to be going there, it has to be either an Afton or someone being given orders directly from an Afton.
Here is what my prediction is at this point: we play as the tester from HW1 AFTER he was taken over by glitchtrap. After all the events of SB (and possibly Ruin), the now active William Afton left something important in that bunker. But, being stuck under the pizza plex and unable to get it himself, he sends the order to a puppet already under his control to go back and find what he needs.

Of course, we have 1 teaser so far so this is a total long shot guess based on basically nothing. But still, I want there to be a paper trail that I had this idea NOW.
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2023.06.03 18:51 GodzillaFan8889 Entity 303 vs Glitchtrap (Creepypasta vs FNaF), for u/Dependent_Ad_252’s Glitchy Characters TN Contest

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2023.06.03 17:18 KattDoesArt Glitchtrap in HW2

Glitchtrap in HW2
I'm honestly shocked no one is talking about the glitchtrap staring at you. I've not seen anyone mention it... Has no one seen it? At the 00:39 mark into the trailer, when hand unit says "get yourself motivated to an appropriate degree, glitchtrap's red eyes pop up, and when everything goes dark and the door opens, you see the silhouette of his whole head. (Circled in the second picture) I'm stunned that Matt didn't see or talk about it. To my knowledge no one has. I just feel like it has a lot of lore implications.
I also find it interesting that you can see two more red circles further apart that almost look like the puppets cheeks. (Curcled in the last picture) I was so excited to hear his thoughts on it!!!
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2023.06.03 16:25 WeakLandscape2595 Katsuma Shimano and Shimano Mahoro and eri and kota izumi (mha) vs five nights at Freddy's security breach

Deku decided to take all the kids he saved to the Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex but gets a concussion from a villain fight and forgets them there can the kids survive the pizzaplex stop and stop vanny and glitchtrap?
Rules:the kids have to go through the story in the way that lead to stopping vanny and confronting burntrap and are not allowed to escape from the location they have access to glamrock Freddy + all the gear Gregory has through the story
Round 1:just the kids in character
Round 2:same as round 1 but they team up with Gregory
Round 3:same as round 1 but the kids have prep time/knowledge of what their up against and are bloodlusted
Bonus round:same as the round one but they get backup from the remidal training kids
Note:this is joke fight i know that the only one the kids stand a chance against is vanny (atleast outside of the bonus round) because eri is broken but at least try to think of a way the kids could beat vanny and afton rather then immediately saying they become the new missing kids incident
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2023.06.03 13:26 itsmeM4C My "Help Wanted 2" theory

After watching Matpat talk about the new teaser trailer, my theory is that HW2 will be about the person from the first Help wanted trying to escape from the simulation they have been trapped in from Glitchtrap. I also think that sister location could be a section of the game that the vr team didn't make it in to the game, but they still scanned in all the data about it
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2023.06.03 11:51 LimeGreenLive A fanmade Afton Family Tree...

A fanmade Afton Family Tree... submitted by LimeGreenLive to GameTheorists [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 07:58 Totally_Not_Frisk Who I think the protagonist “could” be, in vr2

So! Here’s what I’m thinking. It can technically be the character from the first help wanted game. You’re forgetting that games don’t only have one play-tester. It can be that in help wanted 2 you play as someone who play-tested the first game, but didn’t collect/see the tapes at all. It could be that “maybe” in the first game we play as someone who got one of the only(?) corrupted/infected copies, and the rest are just normal vr games, hence why they would be able to even play a second game? Do I think we play as two different characters in the vr games? Technically yes, in canon, but also technically no, because what if the test-player of the first game “never” interacts with the tapes? Answer? They wouldn’t be taken over by glitchtrap!
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2023.06.03 06:58 trackjack6 I think I get the lore please confirm or deny

FNAF 1: Mikey boy is trying to i guess free the animatronics in the 90s he's like in his 20s at this point.
FNAF 2: Jeremy boy is fighting for his life as if he just had the taco crunch supreme and there is no toilet nearby. He's also probably the bite of 87 victim idk... But night 7 is fritz smith (Mikey boy?) Who FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND is like "jeez I sorta caused the death of my brother and my father is psychotic maybe I should do some investigating" my guess is he is 20-21 here. Puppet survives.
FNAF 3: a 40 year old Mikey boy tries one last time to free the souls of the animatronics and tries to stop his evil lunatic animatronic possessed father. Purple guy/afton/Springtrap survives
FNAF 4: Mikey boys little bro last days of hallucinations. We find out Mikey boy caused the bite of 83. My guess is this (death of his siblings) guilts Mikey boy into becoming a hero and righting the wrongs of his father.
FNAF 5: Mikey boy (okay ik a lot of ppl say this game takes place sometime in the 80s but I'ma actually guess it takes place shortly after FNAF 1 because Mikey boy sorta has his body jacked up for a bit so I doubt that happens anytime before FNAF 1/2) goes to the old sister location where his sister was sadly murdered like a decade prior (awww he lost both his siblings) and does some investigation. Ends with his being possessed sorta but he ends up throwing them up. Baby/Elizabeth and funtime Freddy survive
FNAF 6: Mikey boys last stand tying up loose ends with his father, sister, puppet/lefty, and molten Freddy. He does... Probably?
FNAF 7: afton survives.... IN CODE and is trying to sorta possess vanny.
FNAF 8: Gregory gets trapped in a mega pizza Plex because he wants to do some investigating and gets involved with a split personality vanny and glitchtrap.
So in order
But honestly FNAF 5 can take place anytime between 4 and 3.
Didn't realize how badass Mike was trying to right the wrongs of his father how does no one appreciate this guy for being a true hero.
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2023.06.03 03:47 VideoGameChronology Don't Know If This Has Been Said About Mimic But...

So, Mimic is pretty much confirmed at this point to be Glitchtrap. Pizza Party is him mimicking the MCI which he saw. But I think this might also explain another detail about Glitchtrap. You see, Glitchtrap could be described as acting childish sometimes in Help Wanted, specifically in Pizza Party where he's shown skipping around after stuffing Gabriel. If we go with the theory that Vanny is Vanessa controlled by Glitchtrap that same childishness comes out in the voice lines and the skipping. See, when I thought Glitchtrap was William, I thought it was the first time we got to look into William's true personality, his glee and killing the kids. And sure, we see that he takes pleasure in killing in FFPS as he's tempted by the idea of killing more kids despite knowing it's a trap but I wouldn't call that childishness.
But Mimic started off Mimicking a 4 year old child that he was extremely close to for so long that he still curls his arm as if holding the tiger half a century later. Mimic isn't mimicking Afton's enjoyment in killing, he's mimicking David's childhood glee.
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