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2010.01.28 19:57 reseph Final Fantasy XV

A community for fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, which includes a free trial that includes the entirety of "A Realm Reborn" AND the award-winning "Heavensward" expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime. FFXIV's newest expansion, "Endwalker", is out now.

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/photography is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique and culture of photography. This is not a good place to simply share cool photos/videos or promote your own work and projects, but rather a place to discuss photography as an art and post things that would be of interest to other photographers.

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A community for fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, which includes a free trial that includes the entirety of "A Realm Reborn" AND the award-winning "Heavensward" expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime. FFXIV's newest expansion, "Endwalker", is out now.

2023.06.07 01:24 Ken_wyd Torture

If I had 100% assurance even though I took my life if I knew I was still going to heaven I would most likely do it as awful and as selfish as it is. Then I ask myself do I only follow Jesus so I can escape eternal damnation? Is it even a real faith of mine? Do I even love God?
Everyday every hour every second is fear and terror, I can’t go to sin for comfort because I hate it but when I consider God I’m afraid of Him. So an eat drink and tomorrow I die attitude is all I’ve got at this point. Unfortunately I know that there’s a second resurrection so I can’t even fool myself into believing a lie.
I can’t even play Skyrim in peace with a thunderstorm roaring in the background making me be reminded if I’m ready for Christs return or will He say “I never knew you” to me. And if I be hellbound then what in the world is the point of even living?
So I seek to take my mind off how I really feel by playing games but even doing that is impossible with a terror stricken conscience. And then I feel convicted by wasting my time doing futile activities like gaming and though I want to share the gospel oh yes I’m reminded if I be in actuality a self deceived hypocrite and a vessel of wrath though I share the gospel what will it profit me if my soul be lost?
And then I think I’m selfish for thinking only of myself but who wouldn’t?!
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2023.06.07 01:24 Beigeflag Does my ex have good intentions?

A couple of months ago my ex messaged me five months later after he cut me out of his life without telling me why. For more context we were no contact for two years until he messaged me out of the blue around the beginning of 2022 giving me “closure” and apologized for how he was when we were together, his unhealthy behavior was one of the reasons why I ended the relationship. It stirred the same unresolved feelings I had repressed the whole time which lead me to ask him if he wanted a fresh start as friends again along with other things I’ve said that I don’t remember.
He then replied to me saying something along lines with “I think you still have feelings for me but now I’m in a relationship with the most wonderful partner I could ever ask for. My feelings for you are long since gone” and other stuff I don’t remember and we stopped talking from there. For months I felt a mix of emotions, I was confused and angry and wondering why would he tell me all of that while he was in a relationship. He should’ve just moved on with his life instead of giving me more hope by even reaching out to me.
A couple of months go by, I’m still feeling hurt because I was obviously still in love with him. I knew I didn’t have a right to feel that way, I didn’t want to feel that way, I felt horrible for feeling that way.
Guess who decides to message me again. He asked how I was and I gave him the cold shoulder and that was it. I thought it was best to not say anything else but that only made it worse for me. I started overthinking with the same years of repressed feelings I’ve kept in the whole time thinking it would’ve eventually go away.
You see we’ve known each other for six years now. He liked me first and not too long after that I felt the same way, it was natural and real which is why it is so hard to let go of him and our relationship. For the entire school year these feelings built on slowly then we dated for nine months until the relationship got unhealthy and I forced myself to end it. I won’t go into detail what happened, mainly it was both of our mental health being bad and his unhealthy behavior was only getting worse. It was both our first relationship, since then I haven’t dated anyone else. That painful feeling from leaving him hasn’t left since.
Two months after he checks up on me he messages me again asking how I’ve been and with him being the one to ask me if I want a fresh start as friends again this time without telling me why, he was persistent about it too. I had mixed emotions but was mostly happy he wanted me in his life again so I agreed.
From then on we started talking almost every day catching up. About a week in he tells me about his past relationships he’s had since me and how his off and on two year relationship ended with this one girl who was extremely toxic. Just to be clear he was single when he reached out to me again.
Later on I ask him why he never bothered to check up on me before, he said he didnt do it out of respect.
Two months go by, we shared stuff with each other that we never did before in our relationship. I thought it was healthy and going well. At one point he said “I don’t think I ever loved you” and I was okay with that because he was my friend that was all that mattered even though at the same time I also felt hurt.
Then one day out of the blue he turned cold on me and told me we couldn’t be friends anymore because “ex’s shouldn’t be friends” and how it was a mistake, that was the answer he kept on giving when I kept asking. He wouldn’t give me a clear answer no matter what I said. It was already strange how he was giving me some mixed signals.
The last thing he said to me was “I think we should stop talking now goodbye”
You can imagine how much pain I was in.
I never understood why he made things so difficult for both of us. Even him doing that wasn’t enough to get me to move on.
Five months later he messages me. Here I am still angry at him but still responding to his bullshit. I asked him why he ditched me and he still wouldn’t tell me why. Then he tells me how he doesn’t feel bad about what he did and isn’t sorry.
This is what he says “I think I’m mad at you, I was toxic and I’m a way better partner now but I just can’t love anyone like I did with you. I lost a part of me when you left me and every day I miss it. I have definitely loved someone way more than you but it isn’t the same” (the ex who cheated on him twice) (can’t believe he said that so casually without thinking how I’d feel)
“With you you were my actual everything. I took over two years to get over you but after I did no one else will ever be my everything. At the core of me it’s just me and myself, I get over anyone in 4-6 weeks and I’m fine which is good but that means I cannot love anymore unconditionally like with you. I only love under the condition that they feel the same about me.”
I know reading this is probably frustrating y’all, believe me if this guy wasn’t as crazy as me I would’ve let this go a long time ago. I’ll leave it here just so I don’t drive myself over the edge cuz it feels like I’m going in circles here lol.
This guy selfishly texts me just to tell me this shit. Was his pride getting in the way of telling me how he actually feels? Did he contact me me again out of loneliness?
I don’t get why I’m so attached to this guy and why he won’t stop giving me hope since we both know it’s never going to work out again due to us being on two different paths in life. I haven’t seen him in almost five years now.
I know that asking him directly if he still loves me wouldn’t work.
Sorry for the long vent. I guess I’m here to look for some advice on what I should do and why he won’t tell me how he feels because at this point he should know already that I clearly haven’t moved on. Maybe that’s why he’s still messing with me.
From what I know about his last few serious relationships, he’s usually friends with them for 6-8 months before deciding if he’s romantically interested in them so he doesn’t jump from relationship to relationship.
I just want something to make sense here. I feel like he isn’t giving me the full truth because of our circumstances.
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2023.06.07 01:19 temptationaus UFC 289: Nunes vs Aldana (Provide Picks Full Card Breakdown and Analysis)

2023 Results (So Far): +13.78 Units
2022 Results: +73.185 Units
All Time: +87 Units
Quick recap for last week - one of our worst weeks in some time. It was a very frustrating watch on quite a lot of our bets. I mentioned in our betting mailout post weigh-ins that this was a massively dicey card in that it was going to be a hugely positive results or quite a rough week for betting and that came completely true (sadly). Recap:
  1. Daniel Santos ITD and under 2.5 rds - I don’t know how Munoz hung in there, he was getting absolutely battered at some many points. That one hurt.
  2. Castaneda wins RD 2/ RD 3 - A tonne of people riding the Gafarov side in this one, he showed some good heart and durability but Castaneda was the clear a side in this one as I thought. In retrospect, this was a really sharp bet and I think we were unlucky not to hit here.
  3. Zaleski ITD - on the right side with a close fight between these two, ITD never really looked likely. Chalk it.
  4. Tim Elliott ML - was my strongest lean and at a good price. All week I thought he would just be better than Altamirano everywhere and he was. I think Victor looked good and he is getting better and the guy is super tough but just outclassed in this one.
  5. Kara-France/Albazi under 4.5 rds - thought this was hitting when Albazi had the back of Kai and was choking him out, Kai did unreal to survive that. Close fight, never really close to any finish besides that RNC. Is what it is.
I think we were unlucky on a few of those picks and if a few things had gone differently it wouldve been a mammoth week. That’s part of the game though! Play your value, make your reads properly week after week and you will get your dues - firm believer.
Anyways enough waffle - let’s get into this week’s shenanigans. Name value wise, this is one of the worst PPV’s in some time - gotta feel for those Canadian fans. However, I say it most weeks, any weekend with MMA in my life is a better weekend than if there was nothing! Some strong favourites and some interesting underdogs this week.
David Dvořák (20-5) vs. Steve Erceg (9-1):
Erceg is a rangey FLW who fights out of OD. Decent little leg kick, more of a counter striker. He has good timing on his wrestling entries, good at using the overhand right consistently and then using that setup to feint and use double leg entries. Erceg also has really nice outside leg trips. He’s quite an elite grappler, very sharp on the ground and is outstanding at finding the back and on the mat he is so comfortable. He has complete control with his long arms and legs and is able to use them expertly to position his opponent where he wants them. He just has a great variety of submissions he is able to go to depending on the scramble situation. He is also very good at using his height to hold people against the cage and has really good knees in the clinch. Dvorak is an elusive, well rounded guy on the feet. He is quite a movement orientated FLW, very bouncy and likes to fight on the outside and off the back of his jab. Quite a wide base and can be very measured which means he should have good balance against an incoming takedown. He does at times rush into exchanges at times which worries me that he will get level changed and clean taken down. He is the far more experienced fighter with almost double the fights and this does seem like a step down in competition. Coming into this fight I thought I would be far on the Dvorak side given the striking advantage but I think Erceg can give Dvorak a lot of issues on the ground here with his scrambling ability and outside leg trips in the clinch. Close fight, edging Dvorak but if we see Erceg as a big underdog, I am definitely playing him, potentially by sub. For now, I will take David Dvorak via UD.
BET: If Erceg is over a +250 underdog, 1 unit play on Erceg. If I can get Erceg via SUB at +500 or more, I am definitely playing that.
Chris Daukaus (12-6) vs. Khalil Rountree (11-5) [CANCELLED BUT I HAD ALREADY ANALYSED SO ENJOY LOL]
Rountree is a SP Thai style fighter, he has very quick, sharp hands that pair with his explosive variety of kicks nicely. He has always been a super talented guy but struggled mentally so it is nice to see him put things together in that area as well as develop physically. I like the way he handfights in opposite stances, he really accentuates the rear body kick and straight shots which is excellent, it works better when he works off the back of his lead hand feints. Can be partial to losing a little technique with his boxing combos and swinging wildly which a skilled boxer in the pocket will take full advantage of. Daukaus coming down for to 205 for this fight which is a move that shouldve happened sooner IMO. He’s mainly a boxer who relies on quick hands in close, landing some decent volume but can be out powered. If you look at Daukaus’ record, there’s a clear trend - he KO’s grapplers and loses to competent strikers. Will be interested to see him on the scales but skill for skill, I favour Rountree’s kicking game to really shine here and given this will be an OD vs SP matchup, I favour the Rountree side even more - I expect the lead hand feints, sharp crosses and rear body kick to dictate this fight and lead to a KO within 2 rounds. Taking Khalil Rountree via TKO RD 2.
BET: Will be looking at the unders, Khalil ITD if in the range of -130 and under.
Nassourdine Imavov (12-4) vs. Chris Curtis (30-10):
This is a pretty tough fight to handicap given we have seen such varying degrees of success from both men. Imavov is a long, flowy Orthodox mainly kickboxer who has good footwork and really good straight shots. He has a similar style of footwork to his main training partner Cyril Gane however he has far less head movement and this really does show as he is quite hittable. I do really like the variety in the kicking game of Imavov, he has a very agile lead lead leg which means a lot of teeps, side kicks, oblique kicks and calf kicks. Imavov is far better when he is dictating the fight off the back of his jab and the one moving forward, when he is the one moving backwards his head movement is far worse, his chin is there to be hit and his footwork leaves him just in range. Chris Curtis is a Southpaw boxer who has a simple game plan in his fights - keep the fight standing with his great takedown defence and land the more significant shots in the pocket. He is good at moving forward, cutting off the cage and relying on initial slips and a high boxing guard to defend most shots. His lead hand is somewhat active but his money maker is definitely his body rips, which generally come off his slipping actions, as well as his rear hand cross. Given his heavy lead leg orientated boxing stance, Curtis has very little kicking ability and his ability to check kicks is next to nothing - this is an area I fully expect Imavov to exploit. To me, Imavov is going to be landing more volume, with the kicks and the hands, dictating where this fight takes place. I think Curtis will be slowly trying to move forward, cut the cage and use his power shots to the body to wear on Imavov to where he can take over late. I think the movement of Imavov will be enough to use angles in and out, land more often and use the clinch to get the Thai plum for knees to the body and to hold Curtis against the cage if need be. This is a close fight, I think the odds are pretty bang on here. Not interested in betting this fight but I will slightly edge Nassourdine Imavov via UD (29-28).
BET: Too many unknowns for me, no bet.
Aiemann Zahabi vs. Aoriqileng
Zahabi is one of the strangest fighters to breakdown for me simply because he is so awkward in his movements. He switches stances as he moves forward in the most uncomfortable looking way. I like his kicking counters, has nice kickboxing style counters and he clearly has some power in his hands. He is very low volume and looks to be the counter striker, letting his opponent throw first and then countering off that. He fights super infrequently which concerns me but is riding a few OK wins. Coming up against Aoriqileng here who is definitely rounding out his skill-set and getting better which you like to see. Defensively, he is good at just staying out of range with his footwork and staying in a tight shell, he also has a really good chin to absorb shots. Offensively, he is OK, he could probably benefit from using his jab more but he has good timing on his shots and has nice boxing combos in close specifically. He likes to lead in with a lead left hook and follow with his big cross and work off that. In this one, I think Aoriqileng is the side to be on. I think he is the more well-rounded fighter who can use his wrestling to mix things up but on the feet, I favour his power and hand-speed and I think he will touch Zahabi up in this one. I think Fight Ready will have Aoriqileng primed here and I think he will look better than his last fight. Taking Aoriqileng via UD.
BET: Swaying on an Aoriqileng ML play but as of right now, nothing.
Blake Bilder vs. Kyle Nelson
I think Bilder is better in every single area of this fight. He’s a better boxer, he is more durable, his grappling is probably his best aspect of his game and I think he will wear on Nelson here and outlast him. Bilder is (pardon me) building into his career nicely, I think this is a good opponent for him to put a showcase on against. Am curious to see what some props on Bilder ITD will be. I think he will have more volume, more power and he will be more live to finish the fight. I think Bilder’s speed will catch Nelson and then he will find a submission. Taking Blake Bilder via SUB RD 2.
BET: Nothing outlayed currently. Potential Bilder ITD play if +250. Probably a parlay piece.
Diana Belbiţă vs. Maria Oliveira
Close fight. Not interested here.
BET: no bet.
Jasmine Jasudavicius vs. Miranda Maverick
Now this is a fight that I might surprise some with. Let’s start with Maverick - she got a huge wrap from Anik probably over 1.5 years ago claiming she would beat Shevchenko. Now while that is completely ludicrous, she has shown a decent amount of talent. On the feet, she is pretty technical with her kickboxing, looking her best when she is at range and can use her kicks to dictate the fight. She is pretty well-rounded with an OK offensive wrestling game, generally built off clinch pressure and outside/inside trips. Now where she has struggled is her defensive wrestling, she is content to get stuck on her back and shows an inability to move or improve position. She is coming up against Jasudavicius here, who while is incredibly average on the feet, is honestly a very impressive female wrestler. She is BIG for the division, she is durable and she has really good forward pressure. I think while this fight is on the feet, Maverick will be the far better striker but I think Jasudavicius will be like a dog in this fight, moving forward, absorbing shots while she closes distance and holds Maverick up against the cage, using her massive frame before working takedowns and trips and maintaining top position to win minutes. I think this is a decent matchup for Jasudavicius and I think frankly that this is a far closer fight than the odds would indicate. It should be close but I am taking Jasmine Jasudavicius via UD.
BET: Jasudavicius ML +260 (1 unit to win 2.6).
Mike Malott vs. Adam Fugitt
Hometown boy in Mike Malott in this one. Malott fights out of both but southpaw stance mainly, with a Thai style striking game mixing powerful hands and sharp rear power kicks while keeping the fight in his range. On the ground he has really good BJJ, I like how smothering his top pressure is - he has really good balance to hold top position but uses it well to land good ground and pound and hunt submissions. He has good power in his hands, especially in his hooks that land in perfect placement and with excellent timing. Fugitt also fights out of southpaw and is a sort of OK everywhere but not great anywhere sort of fighter. He looks comfortable on the feet but is extremely hittable, not a lot of head movement but is super durable, I mean that head kick he just ate from Kinoshita was so flush and it didnt even wobble him. He is a Muay Thai bred fighter but has good wrestling pressure and we saw in his last fight that he can mix in takedowns, maintain top position and use vicious elbows to finish the fight. If we see SP v SP on the feet, I think this will be pretty closely contested. Both guys are fairly rudimentary strikers with Malott probably having more power but I think Fugitt has the durability to withstand this. I probably favour the grappling of Malott, I think pure grappling wise he is stronger and more technical and given I think that the striking is fairly close, I am going to lean Mike Malott via UD.
BET: Curious to see what the over 1.5 is set at given Fugitt is durable and can probably withstand Malott.
Dan Ige vs. Nate Landwehr
Man I love Nate Landwehr as a person and a personality within the UFC but this is just a really difficult matchup for him. Ige is super well-rounded with good power in his hands, nice movement, Hawaiian durability, effective offensive wrestling and good grappling. He is good in brawls but also content to fight from the outside and land his shots. Nate thrives when he can make these fights absolute scraps and wear on his opponent but I just don’t see Dan succumbing to the pressure of Nate. Nate’s chin can definitely be cracked and I think Ige has too much power in his hands, I think he will touch Nate and I think he will put him away. It’s a big step up in competition and one that I would love to see Nate do well in, but going to have to side with the more proven, well-rounded commodity at this point and take Dan Ige via TKO RD 2.
BET: no bet.
Eryk Anders vs. Marc-André Barriault
No time to watch tape and honestly not much interest. Two grappling offensive heavy boys. You’d think this goes overs.
BET: No bet
Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush
And finally, we are at the main event of the evening! Just kidding, but seriously…. We know who Charles Oliveira is, he is an aggressive, forward pushing, muay thai striker with elite offensive grappling. On the feet, I love Charles’ offense. He has technically beautiful and powerful boxing combinations, he has solid leg kicks, he has a agile lead leg which we see lets him use his teep to the guts and check kicks intermittently, he is just a lot to deal with. However, where he falls is his striking defence. He is susceptible to being hit and this is purely because he has no head movement and is always on centre line. While his recovery time is pretty decent, his chin isn’t great and we have seen that he can be submitted after being hurt if the opponent isn’t concerned with entering the grappling space with him. Onto Beneil Dariush - super well rounded guy, fights out of SP and is on some sort of upward trajectory career wise. While I do think the competition level can be slightly questioned, the same could have been said (and was said) of Charles post Kevin Lee / Tony Ferguson, but these guys cant prove themselves against top flight competition if they don’t get their chance and Beneil is getting his shot here. Beneil is good but not great on the feet, he has a sort of awkward style where he isn’t super explosive and is kind of flat footed but he does have power, good leg kicks and a decent chin. He has excellent takedown defence to keep the fight standing and if his opponent does get him down, he has elite scrambles to threaten submissions, specifically leg entanglements to use this to get back to his feet. Straight up, this is an excellent fight and we are in for a treat. How does this fight play out? It is definitely the critical question. I actually think Do Bronxs offensive wrestling is hugely underrated, he has elite double legs and if he can clinch up with you, especially against the cage, his knees to the body and elbows on the break and massive for wearing on his opponent. I honestly don’t think we see a massive amount of ground time here unless someone is rocked and wants to jump in, I think Beneil’s TD DEF is good enough to stay on the feet and I doubt he’s putting himself out to shoot singles and doubles and risk a scramble scenario with a non-concussed Charles. So the question is, who is the better striker? I think it’s Charles. I think his lead teep is going to be a huge weapon here, I think he will push the pace, use that to keep range and just wear at Beneil as well as off his jab and as long as he can avoid the big overhand left that Beneil loves, I think he is live in this one. Beneil drops his hands as he leg kicks and I can see Charles timing this, blocking the power left kick from Beneil and countering with left hook on the chin and I think we might see a ground and pound stoppage here. It is a super close fight, one that will be exciting from the start and one that will hurt no matter who loses. I think the odds are closer to a 50/50 than the bookmakers have it - I am taking Charles Oliveira via TKO RD 1.
BET: Charles Oliveira ITD +180 (1 unit to win 1.8)
Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana
This is a much more interesting fight than the previous Pena scheduling so I don’t mind seeing this replacement. Mexican fighters are on a hell of a run in title fights, so I am sure Aldana will be absorbing that momentum coming into this. Aldana is a very typical style Mexican fighter, good boxing especially in the pocket, some wicked durability and a really nice jab. She can be wrestled and taken down but for a mainly boxing fighter she manages to catch people in some strange scrambles sometimes which could play a key here. The main questions for Nunes is and always tends to be, what is her motivation like? We know how she fights, she loves to try and strike on the feet, has mean power but can also shoot takedowns and grapple with severe efficiency when she gets on top. We knew Pena was going to be durable, be awkward, be relentless and keep pushing forward and she did and she wore on Nunes. I think Aldana can do the same here, if she fights off the back of her long jab, she is a much more technical striker than Nunes IMO - and to be honest, I think Nunes has slightly regressed in her technicality on the feet. Aldana has a path to victory in fighting behind the jab, frustrating Nunes to engage in a dog fight which is much to Aldana’s benefit. I also think Nunes has a path to victory by working her takedowns, working her kicking game and winning minutes by smothering the output of Aldana. I capped this fight 55/45 to Aldana, will wait to see what they both look like on the scale before I pull the trigger but there is a potential of a Aldana ML play here if we get the right number. The pick will be Amanda Nunes via SUB RD 4 but has the potential to change.
BET: No bet currently, potential Aldana ML play.
And that wraps up the breakdowns for this week! Good luck, always gamble responsibly and remember to hang around long-term because there will be ups and downs but trust the process and we will build some bankroll. Would love to know if you agree or disagree anywhere and let us know who you are riding with below. Enjoy the fights!
Full transparency, I run a MMA betting service called Provide Picks. We have been operating for roughly a year and a half completely tracked and verifiable with a return of over 90 units in that short time. You can find our full tracking sheet history here and you can also see a bunch of customer testimonials and betting slips throughout that time here.
Me myself, I have watched MMA religiously for more than 10 years and trained for over 4.5 years, I love this sport so I figured why not help bring some insight and analysis to others! Now this isn’t a sales pitch, I know how Reddit works and I really enjoy the opinions shared on this sub-reddit so I genuinely want to help contribute and if you enjoy the output, please feel free to join the team! We are proven to be profitable long-term so if you have some spare change to invest at any level, you love the sport and are interested in improving your knowledge - come over and check us out at As we have a fair base of paying members, it wouldn’t be fair to them to share every single one of our bets however I want to provide as much value for this betting community as people, hopefully to help you guys see a different angle in terms of MMA betting and long-term profitability and more importantly - sending these bookies broke.
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2023.06.07 01:16 Far_Turnover_9391 ISEE 2023 - international student

Hi everyone!
I'm a non-EU student coming to Italy this fall to pursue my master's degree. Currently, I'm trying to apply for an ISEE certificate to secure a scholarship. One of the documents I need to apply is an income tax declaration for 2021. Today, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that my declaration allegedly shows an income of about 40,000 euros, on which I did not pay a single cent in tax. It turns out that the tax authority in my country mistakenly considers the sum of all the turnovers on the investment account as income. In reality, that year, I only held 1,000 euros worth of shares, from which I not only did not profit, but even lost money. This amount of income makes me ineligible for the scholarship, which is totally unfair. How do I explain to CAAF that I am a financially strapped student who did not earn such an amount of money? Perhaps I should not declare these "incomes" at all, since even the declaration states that the tax base for them is zero?
Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!
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2023.06.07 01:11 Alljokesaside369 MCU Watch Along Order (Version 1)

MCU Watch Along Order (Version 1)
This is my current up to date list (as of 2nd June 2023) of how to watch the MCU Films, One-Shots, TV Series & Specials in a order that makes sense.
This list includes everything from my opinion that is out right stated as being in "Canon" and referenced. For example Charlie Cox's Daredevil & Vincent D'Onofrio Kingpin appear in the MCU, with slight references to previous events of 'The Defenders Saga', included in their official MCU debut appearances (Daredevil Costume is the Netflix one with, but styled after the yellow suit and Kingpin has his cufflinks from the original series when appearing in 'Hawkeye') Because of this, I've intertwined the best order to watch the Netflix shows incline with the 'Infinity Saga' Films.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Runaways and Clock & Dagger are not include currently in this list just due to no "offical" references to them (not counting Jarvis in Endgame, due to this possible being simply a 'Varient' of the one we meet in Agent Carter) So, for me they aren't part of the main canon for now.
Here's where the list gets a little tricky, with going into the 'Multiverse Saga'. Firstly, for the time being until any offical character from the 'Fox X-Men Films' or even the previous two Fantastic Four series of films makes an appearance in MCU, I've not included them. I have a good idea on where I'd put them, but with the context on where we get the information regarding the MCU explaining the Multiverse to its audience and the fact that the Quicksilver varient was actually an actor in 'WandaVision' and it was a varient of Patrick Stewart's Professor X in 'Doctor Strange: MoM' for the time being I won't included them, until the time is right.
Now when it comes to the Rami & Webb Spider-Man Films, Venom Films (even our precious baby boy Morbius) and Into the Spider-Verse and now Across the Spider-Verse theses have all been included. I've placed them in between each episode of 'What If...' due to the fact that series offers the audience to look at different perspectives and scenarios with varients of the MCU heroes. To me this made the most sense on where to place these and lead up perfectly to 'No Way Home'. Films like Morbius will be identified as 'Sony's Spider-Man Universe'. Now due to Josh Keaton's Spectacular Spider-Man appearing in 'Across the Spider-Verse' I've sprinkled his series in Phase 5 of the MCU in the build up to 'Across the Spider-Verse'. Didn't do this for 'Spider-Man Unlimited' simply because they don't have a speaking part, it's only a Custome so they could just be a varient of that version of the character.
But yes that about covers it all. I did this watch along order back in October 2022 and it ran pretty smoothly with the information jumping from Films to One-Shots to TV Series and finally the Specials. This is something I will update over time when more material comes out and the more confirmation of what is canon and what is not is further explained (after all, 'Born Again' might contradiction the whole of 'The Defenders Saga', but we will have to wait and see) But depending if enough peopls like this sort of thing, I will post a "Version 2" later down the road when there is more to add to the list. Thought I share it as a bit of fun and see others opinions and takes on their own watxhing order of the MCU. So, with that said, go wild and enjoy.
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2023.06.07 01:06 AutoModerator Benefits of holding BBS token 💰

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2023.06.07 01:05 Nice_Category Temperature setting on AC knobs?

In early 2023, the MY 2022 Ford Mavericks stopped putting the temperature readouts on the knobs of the air conditioner. I was curious what knobs the 2023 models come with. Is there a temp display directly on the knob or did they continue with the alternate knobs with no display?
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2023.06.07 01:04 _csis They are impoverishing people. Homeless are just dying. Medical system is getting worse. It's slow but it's happening.

They are impoverishing people. Homeless are just dying. Medical system is getting worse. It's slow but it's happening.
Many Canadians have enough money saved up (boomers) or they have bought some kind of property for their children or bought some kind of banking shares and still make enough money on the system that they don't want to say or do anything to stop it.
As far as the Canadian government goes... they can do whatever they like. The vote is basically nonsense. The majority of people are stupid and they can vote. They watch propaganda news 24/7 and whatever it says goes unimpeded out their mouths when they talk about the world. As for the rest of people, they are first generation immigrants who think they have won some kind of lottery getting out of the shitholes countries they came from and don't want to rock the boat -- also, they have no idea that the souls of their children are now forfeit and by the time they do they will be too old and sick and nobody in Canada listens to anyone who is old or sick.
It is the most delusional place you'll ever see and it is in the global elites interest to keep people full of that delusion. Whenever you see news of Trucker protests or Canadians protesting against the trans agenda know that you are looking at 0.5% of the population that somehow escaped the mind control virus and they will eventually tire themselves out or have their lives destroyed by the feds if they don't stop.
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2023.06.07 01:04 Consyder-RSGW $AAPL has been leading tech rallies with semiconductors, here are the fundamental drivers.

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2023.06.07 01:02 Careless-Witch Any December/January 2022 filers with updates?

Are there any December and January 2022 filers here that have received RFE or any other updates from USICS since submission? Please share your updates thankssss
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2023.06.07 01:01 AutoModerator Weekly Rules Reminder

This is a weekly reminder post of the rules for this sub.
This is a public forum, if you decide to share your address, you are also sharing their contents and transactions. It's advised to have a separate wallet just for NFTs.
Accounts must be older than 1 day and have a minimum of 5 comment karma to be able to post. Using subs dedicated to free karma will be a reason for removal from this sub. PLEASE ENGAGE WITH THE COMMUNITY BY COMMENTING ON POSTS.
If you have any questions, ask a moderator through modmail!
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2023.06.07 00:56 OhWiseWizard The largest EVER use case for blockchain & ETH is entering a last test phase and nobody cares

Two posts about this today with almost 0 upvotes/comments. It boggles my mind how this sub can be so fixated on ghost chains, cults of personality and pointless SEC witch hunts but completely ignores the tsunami that is at the shore.

I encourage you all to think about $5T in money going through CCIP every single day, and realize what peanuts the entire market is right now compared to what's unraveling behind the scenes.
What is CCIP?
What does this mean for ETH?
Well, while everything above is merely objective truth, this is my opinion... ETH will continue to be the biggest L1 for dapps and a key onramp for this kind of activity. So you can imagine the value capture is also largely shared by ETH. Probably everything that requires interactions with public blockchains (in these examples, banks that start offering tokenized asset portfolios, etc.) will run through ETH onto CCIP and possibly even offramp through ETH, while CCIP enables abilities to move fluidly across multiple private blockchains and other L1's as needed.
I think ETH and LINK are going to essentially own the entire blockchain space in under 10 years.
MOST blockchain projects today are DOA, basically zombies being held up by retail investors who gave them billions of dollars. There are VERY few exceptions to this, I am talking under 5.
But hey, this will probably be ignored and that's fine too.
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2023.06.07 00:53 Blind_Insight Blizzard is doing business 101 and class is in session.

I typed this long af comment on a post about the whole subreddit back and forth then deleted it. I think I can sum it up a whole lot shorter: the game in its current state aside from the HC Challenge is not meant for no lifers. The game is not for you right now. The game is for the casuals and to sell as many copies as they did.
The seasons and the improvements for the longevity of the game are for the no lifers.
Nothing against any group: casuals, inbetweeners, hardcore, no lifers, whatever. Just stating I believe decisions are being made and were made at Blizzard with profits and sales in mind and the future state of the game as a live service will be no different their target audience will just change.
Further explanation: will listen to your feedback (asinine ones aside like vendors too far away boohoo). Why? Because even if you no lifed and quit youll be back for the first season. They know they havent lost you. They know the casuals will quit before or after the first season. They got everyones money. Then they switch models and get you no lifers. Reel you back with hey we heard you endgame was a slog. Here are more options. Oh you didnt feel powerful with your meta build here are new affixes and codex of powers and changes to the paragon system and glyphs that really pump up that damage and oh guess what new big baddies to test that new meta build on. Besides those terrible examples I just gave they will change the game to cater to the no lifers because they know you have already or will put in 300 hours and plan on doing 1000 more if xyz is changed. They will change it for you.
But right now the game isn't for you. They got your money either way but their focus is on casuals. They know they will leave and are milking them before they milk the no lifers. Then they will milk the whales and streamers and content creators who will make content by buying the biggest most expensive options in the stores and praising or hating on tbem but hey you still bought it.
Its sad that we are at each other like everything else in our world politics and sports team rivalries. Its sad. Blizzard is a business who wants profits we are the consumers and they know they can't make a product for literally everyone so they advertise to everyone get as much as possible (casuals) then focus in the long stayers.
Summary: no lifers or as I will call you long stayers the game isn't for you right now. Go to forums and consolidate your feedback with others and push it to Blizzard. They will listen to you and fix it but don't post on an unofficial subreddit hoping for copium and validation and expect everyone to agree. To the casuals and inbetweens here the game is for you right now enjoy it take it slow. Maybe enjoy a season or two but don't be mad at the long stayers and the sweats not everyone has to love all aspects of a game. Eventually we won't all be playing together anyway. And to the casuals and inbetweens who will stick around for several seasons I think I speak for us all when I say the "no lifers" forgot what it was like to take a game slow and enjoy it and understand that by the time you get to the end it might either be very different or the same but still enjoyable. The sweats are burned out. The content creators are scrambling to rush out a lot of content. They are working without realizing they are working. But to each their own the game will evolve.
TLDR (reiterated): the game is not for no lifers right now its for casuals. Blizzard is going for sales and profits. They will evolve and change the game to cater to the no lifers and long stayers because they know casuals will come and go but mostly go and they know the long stayers will be back for updates and seasons and fixes after "listening to them". So don't be mad at no lifers complaining about what needs to evolve and don't be mad at casuals for enjoying the game slowly in sessions as was intended out the gate initially.
Disclaimer: I'm "inbetween" I have two characters one is level 40 now and the other is 32 for co-op. I'm not in endgame so I didn't talk about endgame. I'm talking about business decisions. I hope my take while my opinion as labeled, shares a perspective that lets stop treating each others like garbo for having valid points on both sides and shun the trolls. I agree parts on all sides and I thoroughly enjoy the game but also knew what I was getting into. I haven't got to endgame but watching videos its what I expected and not in a bad way. I paid for the game it looks like that I expected and I'm happy because I've made bad purchases before.
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2023.06.07 00:52 kyuuei The Noodler's Ink Drama in one spot (Content Warning for the entire post)

Because this seems to come up a lot, I figured I'd put all of the drama surrounding what happened with Noodler's Ink into one spot so people can just link it. I'll try to keep my own personal ideas of this to a minimum except where I think context is more important than clear-cold-facts. This won't be super concise, but the TLDR of all the drama is this:
Noodlers put out, over the course of years, a couple different inks featuring Antisemitic labels. When called out originally, not much was done about this, but social media traction on this became very viral very quickly. Nathan issued an apology, and donated to the ADL, and took down not only those bottles but the labels of ANY ink with any depictions of other cultures/communities on the label as well. The fallout has been mixed with many people happy they did something about it and moving on and others boycotting the company for life.
Obviously, Content Warnings for political stuff, antisemitism, etc. from here on out.
I should also mention this is just going into antisemitic controversy and its fallout. Any opinions on quality control issues, feathering, pens, etc. are not included in this. Suffice to say, there are reasons people may dislike this brand outside of this drama, but none of that will be included here.
Nathan Tardiff owns/operates Noodler's ink. He has always been very open when speaking about his political viewpoints and is a very political person. And, according to the podcast I linked in this post, he also fashions himself as a history buff which is somewhat relevant.
As a side note for relevancy I think overall, is that Nathan has put out other inks over the years that have spoken to his direct political beliefs and have had general insensitivities. The two are heavily tied. Rino featured mask-wearing Rhinoceroses when the pandemic hit, and this was spoken about in the podcast linked as being a personal protest of sorts to mask mandates as he was an anti-masker. There are also more vague inks that have some harmful implications such as "Dragon's Napalm" and lots of inks named after Native Americans despite the fact Nathan nor the brand has any associations with native people which many would consider appropriation.
Now, we're at the start of the drama.
A few years back, Bernanke Red came out from Noodler's. It is hard to say WHEN this ink came out first, my preliminary research has not produced good results here, but it has been out at least since 2018. To my knowledge, the antisemitic label of Bernanke's red has existed since the creation of the ink, only recently being changed and taken down post drama fallout.
January 6th 2022 He came out with a new ink called Volcker Green. Some maybe important things to note are: this was posted on the 1 year anniversary the insurrection of the US, and as stated in the post Volcker's rule is meant to prevent corruption of banks. The label features former federal reserve chairs with Vockler (A christian man) with a halo on his head, and 2 others flanking him named Bernanke and Greenspan (both are Jewish) with horns on their head.
This is where I think it is worth stopping to mention that the harmful stereotype that Jews have horns has been a staple and pervasive in cultures across the globe for a Very, very long time. This comment provides some great links and a succinct way of explaining this for those who want more details here. I think it is also worth mentioning that many people may be unaware of this history and stereotype.
By the 12th, people were dropping the brand. Someone had posted on this reddit asking what was going on, and it was explained then that things were pretty not-okay. (My opinion here is because this was framed as a question and subsequently deleted and not outright showing what was going on like the May post, this did not get the same traction the other did and thus not the same exposure. This post had about 130 comments. The may post has 1,1k comments.) In this podcast discussion about this from Tokyo Inklings, (discussion starts at 30:50) Nathan has been called out for this before May 2022 when the real fallout started--but he did not change it until the May fallout. To quote the podcast: "The timeline on the surface was that people complained about these inks when they were released and then it was kind of like 'yeah yeah yeah.. whatever.' "
May 9th, 2022 this post on this reddit came out saying they'd never buy Noodler's ink again and clearly showed Bernanke Red's label. (This was the post I originally saw about the brand.) It features Bernanke in curved horns, with a forehead brand/tattoo of a common communist symbol, and words such as "debt addiction enabler" on it. This really seemed to be the post that sparked all of this coming to light undeniably. 1k comments later needless to say it was one of the busiest this reddit had been.
Stuff gets muddy here (and the podcast I linked sort of lays this strange timeline out better than I could), but on May 10th Goulet pens not really as a business but on a more personal note spoke of calling Nathan and saying he sounded very apologetic. "in all the years we’ve known Nathan, we’ve never known him to be antisemitic. Brian spent over an hour and a half on the phone with him tonight, and he was genuinely apologetic for his ignorance, to sum it up. If you know anything about Nathan, you know he is singularly laser focused on the issues of fiscal conservatism and freedom of speech, but unfortunately that has created some blind spots."
May 11th Noodler's themselves came out with an apology stating they had no idea that the pictures were directly linked to antisemitism, but that they would change them and donate to the ADL. (screenshot here if it's ever taken down)
That same day, Goulet said they were not carrying Noodler's products anymore. (screenshot)
Nathan pulled just about every ink he'd put out to change the labels of anything that could be seen as remotely offensive. It was a huge clean sweep because, as you can imagine, he had a Ton of them to change with this. 31 items to be exact according to the linked list + the two main ones posted.
Apologies and a burner month or so later, Goulet went back to carrying Noodler's after all the inks got rebranding.
Now. At this point. I would be remiss not to mention that there is a very long standing and closely knit tie between people who believe in conspiracy theories and antisemitism. " No critical introduction to conspiracy theories would be complete without a discussion of their strong and longstanding connection with antisemitism." There is also some very strong ties between far-right mentalities and antisemitism. There is more to break down here than one post can possibly allow, but the TLDR of this is that the venn diagram between these three is.. very circular. And, now-a-days, it is often on-brand for people into these things to give themselves plausible deniability. With social media posts getting people fired and saying something out loud plainly on video recording can ruin a career, people who have these sort of alt-right-far-right thoughts tend to... speak Around things. They don't Directly say "I hate Jews and Jews control the media" they will say "I hate the media and people pulling the strings behind the camera because it tries to control peoples' thoughts." When called out, "I had no idea there were Jewish people in media! I wasn't trying to be antisemitic!" Even if the only reason they believe this is due to the conspiracy theory that Jews control the media. There are lots of dog whistles for antisemitism, and often these are not well known and fly under the radar. People with antisemitic beliefs often bank on others not noticing or knowing so they can hide in plain sight, and deny if directly called out.
So, there are people with the viewpoint of: Lots of people do not know the history of horns and Jewish people, and it is easy to see how he might not have known that. Hell, I didn't know what most of my childhood songs were about growing up or that the star spangled banner has racist elements to it. He actually did something about it, and pulled Everything and changed it all which was probably at great expense to himself, and he apologized and donated money to the ADL. What more can people actually ask from a brand? People can learn and change.
(There are many, many more people with the viewpoint of I don't care about any of this drama and don't want to be involved in it.)
And there are people with the viewpoint of: He is a history buff. He's into conspiracy theories. He's into hard-right-leaning viewpoints and libertarian viewpoints. Dogwhistles are very present all over the place, Nathan undeniably used this imagery on multiple occasions and there is just too much here to believe he genuinely had No idea--at best he decided not to care or listen to the people telling him this was wrong. I do Not buy Nathan's apology that he had no idea this was directly antisemitic--especially as he had been told by other companies and people prior, and did not change it until this was hitting his wallet in a major way. (For full disclosure, I firmly am in this camp.)
I think it is also worth including this take on the clean sweep posted on the fountainpennetwork " I really have no idea why Nathan changed all of the ink names. Honestly, it feels reactionary and heavy handed in a "oh yeah? Well then I'll just chang ALL OF IT THEN!" as if to spite his face by cutting off his nose. Sure did manage to bring out the anti-PC police though, so maybe that was his goal: bring out the Whataboutists to dampen and soften the seriousness of the bottle imagery with constant refrains of "oh yeah? Well, what about...", creating false equivalences to somehow redeem putting horns on Jewish folks twice. But, if we want to analyze the sentiment of "where do we stop?", a good starting point may be to listen to any group that has, some within living memory, been oppressed, thrown into a concentration camp, or had an attempted genocide carried out to say that enough is enough when it comes to images and words that hearken back to that oppression. " (The irony that whataboutism was rampant in this thread is not lost on me.)
So, that's all the drama as best I can understand it. If there are serious and major corrections I will make them and appreciate anyone adding to it, I tried to make this as brief as possible without skimping on any contexts. I'm not a very concise person by nature.
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2023.06.07 00:47 hijoput4 Don't sleep thinking firefox protects your privacy...
Since most people don't check the privacy agreements, here it is:
Privacy Notice Firefox Privacy Notice
Effective August 1, 2022 {: datetime="2022-08-01" } At Mozilla, we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet.
That’s why we build Firefox, and all our products, to give you greater control over the information you share online and the information you share with us. We strive to collect only what we need to improve Firefox for everyone.
In this Privacy Notice, we explain what data Firefox shares and point you to settings to share even less. We also adhere to the practices outlined in the Mozilla privacy policy for how we receive, handle and share information we collect from Firefox. Firefox by default shares data to: Improve performance and stability for users everywhere {: #health-report }
Interaction data: Firefox sends data about your interactions with Firefox to us (such as number of open tabs and windows; number of webpages visited; number and type of installed Firefox Add-ons; and session length) and Firefox features offered by Mozilla or our partners (such as interaction with Firefox search features and search partner referrals). Technical data: Firefox sends data about your Firefox version and language; device operating system and hardware configuration; memory, basic information about crashes and errors; outcome of automated processes like updates, safebrowsing, and activation to us. When Firefox sends data to us, your IP address is temporarily collected as part of our server logs. 
Read the telemetry documentation for Desktop, Android, or iOS or learn how to opt-out of this data collection on Desktop and Mobile. {: #telemetry } Search {: #defaultsearch }
You can perform searches directly from several places in Firefox, including the Awesome Bar, Search Bar, or on a New Tab. We receive data about how you engage with search in Firefox and the number of searches you request from our search partners.
Location data: When you first use Firefox, it uses your IP address to set your default search provider based on your country. Learn more. Search queries: Firefox by default sends search queries to your search provider to help you discover common phrases other people have searched for and improve your search experience if your selected search provider supports search suggestions. Learn more, including how to disable this feature. Links to our default search providers are: Google Microsoft (Bing) If you enable "Improve the Firefox Suggest Experience," we and our partners may also receive your search queries. Learn more below. 
Recommend relevant content
Firefox displays content, such as Add-on Recommendations, Top Sites (websites suggested by Mozilla for first-time Firefox users), and Pocket Recommendations (which is part of the Mozilla family).
Location data: Firefox uses your IP address to suggest relevant content based on your country and state. Technical & Interaction data: Firefox sends us data such as the position, size and placement of content we suggest, as well as basic data about your interactions with content. This includes the number of times content is displayed or clicked. Pocket Recommendations: We recommend content to you based on your browsing history, language, and country location. The process of deciding which stories you should see based on your browsing history happens locally in your copy of Firefox, and neither Mozilla nor Pocket receives a copy of your browsing history. To help you see relevant Pocket Recommendations based on your location, Firefox shares your language and country location with Pocket. Mozilla and Pocket receive aggregated data about the recommendations you see and click. We also share aggregated data about the sponsored content you see and click with our third-party ad platform Adzerk so advertisers can see how many people click on their articles. This aggregated data does not identify you personally. Top Sites: When you click on a Sponsored Top Sites tile on New Tab, we share your country, region, county (if you're in the US), the tile you clicked, and the time you clicked with AdMarketplace (a third-party referral platform) to verify you navigated to the website. Firefox does not share your IP address or any other information that could be used to identify you. Add-on and Feature Recommendations: We recommend Add-ons in two places: the Manage Your Extensions Page (about:addons) and the Awesome Bar, where you search or type in URLs. We may also recommend Firefox Features in the Awesome Bar. We base the recommendations in about:addons on a cookie. We base the recommendations in the Awesome Bar on your interaction with Firefox. Mozilla does not receive your browser history. The process happens locally in your own computer’s copy of Firefox. Learn More about Awesome Bar recommendations or Extensions Page recommendations. 
Improve security for users everywhere {: #security }
Webpage data to DNS Resolver service: For some Firefox users, Firefox routes DNS requests to a resolver service that has agreed to Mozilla’s strict privacy standards for resolvers. This provides added protection from privacy leaks to local networks and also from certain DNS security attacks. System logs of your DNS requests are deleted from the service within 24 hours and are only used for the purpose of DNS resolution. Learn more or see our default DNS resolver service providers below:
Cloudflare NextDNS Comcast CIRA Shaw 
Technical data for updates: Desktop versions of Firefox check for browser updates by persistently connecting to Mozilla servers. Your Firefox version, language, and device operating system are used to apply the correct updates. Mobile versions of Firefox may connect to another service if you used one to download and install Firefox. Learn more. {: #auto-updates }
Technical data for add-ons blocklist: Firefox for Desktop and Android periodically connect to Mozilla to protect you and others from malicious add-ons. Your Firefox version and language, device operating system, and list of installed add-ons are needed to apply and update the add-ons blocklist. Learn more.
Webpage and technical data to Google’s SafeBrowsing service: To help protect you from malicious downloads, Firefox sends basic information about unrecognized downloads to Google's SafeBrowsing Service, including the filename and the URL it was downloaded from.Learn more or read Google’s Privacy Policy. Opting out prevents Firefox from warning you of potentially illegitimate or malicious websites or downloaded files.
Webpage and technical data to Certificate Authorities: When you visit a secure website (usually identified with a URL starting with "HTTPS"), Firefox validates the website's certificate. This may involve Firefox sending certain information about the website to the Certificate Authority identified by that website. Opting out increases the risk of your private information being intercepted. Learn more. Crash reports {: #crash-reporter }
By default on desktop versions of Firefox, we will ask you to share a report with more detailed information about crashes with Mozilla, but you always have the choice to decline.
Sensitive data: Crash reports include a ‘dump file’ of Firefox’s memory contents at the time of the crash, which may contain data that identifies you or is otherwise sensitive to you. Webpage data: Crash reports include the active URL at time of crash. Technical data: Crash reports include data on why Firefox crashed and the state of device memory and execution during the crash. 
Read the full documentation here. Measure and support our marketing
Campaign and Referral Data: This helps Mozilla understand the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. {: #referraltracking } On Desktop: Firefox by default sends Mozilla HTTP data that may be included with Firefox’s installer. This enables us to determine the website domain or advertising campaign (if any) that referred you to our download page. Read the documentation or opt-out before installation. On Mobile: Firefox for iOS and Android by default send mobile campaign data to Adjust, our analytics vendor, which has its own privacy policy. Mobile campaign data includes a Google advertising ID or Android ID, IP address, timestamp, country, language/locale, operating system, and app version. Read the documentation. {: #thirdparty } 
Firefox Suggest and Top Pick {: #searches }
Mozilla is developing a new feature that helps deliver you better information with less effort. It’s called Firefox Suggest and an early version of it is currently available to users in the United States. By default, Firefox Suggest shows you recommended and sponsored content based on local data stored on your own computer, such as websites from your browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs.
Sites you visit: Firefox sends Mozilla which suggestions you click or dismiss and Mozilla may share that data with its partners. Location data: Firefox temporarily sends Mozilla your IP address which we use to suggest content based on your country, state, and city. Mozilla may share location information with our partners, but partners will not receive your IP address. Technical & interaction data: Firefox sends Mozilla data such as the number of times Firefox suggests or displays content and your clicks on that content, as well as basic data about your interactions with Firefox Suggest. Mozilla shares information with our partners about how many times suggestions are shown and clicked for verification and feature improvement. 
If you choose to enable "Improve the Firefox Suggest Experience," Firefox shares the following information to improve your browsing experience and to improve the service:
Searches: Firefox sends Mozilla what you type into the search bar and Mozilla may share that data with its partners. 
We take measures to limit our and our partners’ ability to identify you. Learn more. If you use these features, Firefox will share data to provide you functionality and help us improve our products and services: {: #optional-features } Firefox Accounts
Registration data: Mozilla receives your email address and a hash of your password when you create a Firefox Account or sign-up to Join Firefox. You can choose to include a display name or profile image. Your email address is sent to our email vendor, Acoustic, which has its own privacy policy. Location data: For security purposes, we store the IP addresses used to access your Firefox Account in order to approximate your city and country. We use this data to send you email alerts if we detect suspicious activity, such as account logins from other locations. Interaction data: We receive data such as your visits to the Firefox Accounts website, dashboards and menu preferences, what products and services you use in connection with your Firefox Account, and your interactions with our emails and SMS messages. We use this to understand your use of our products and services and to send you more useful Firefox Account Tips and in-product messages. Technical data: To display which devices are synced to your Firefox Account and for security functionality, we store your device operating system, browser and version, timestamp, locale, and the same information for devices connected to your account. If you use your Firefox Account to log into other websites or services (such as AMO or Pocket), we receive the timestamp of those log-ins. 
Read the full documentation or learn more, including how to manage your Firefox Account data or our data practices for websites and email. You can also read the privacy notices for our Firefox Account connected services, which are:
Firefox Monitor Firefox Notes Firefox Sync Firefox Relay Mozilla VPN 
Sync {: #sync }
Synced data: If you enable Sync, Mozilla receives the information that you sync across devices in encrypted form. This may include Firefox tabs, add-ons, passwords, payment autofill information, bookmarks, history, and preferences. Deleting your Firefox Account will delete related Firefox Sync content. You can also read the documentation. Technical and Interaction data: If you enable sync, Firefox will periodically send basic information using Telemetry about the most recent attempt to sync your data, such as when it took place, whether it succeeded or failed, and what type of device is attempting to sync. You can also read the documentation. 
Learn more, including how to enable or disable sync. Location {: #location-services }
Location data to Google's geolocation service: Firefox always asks before determining and sharing your location with a requesting website (for example, if a map website needs your location to provide directions). To determine location, Firefox may use your operating system’s geolocation features, Wi-fi networks, cell phone towers, or IP address, and may send this data to Google's geolocation service, which has its own privacy policy. 
Learn more. Website notifications {: #push-notifications }
Connection data: If you allow a website to send you notifications, Firefox connects with Mozilla and uses your IP address to relay the message. Mozilla cannot access the content of messages. Interaction data: We receive aggregate data such as the number of Firefox subscriptions and unsubscriptions to website notifications, number of messages sent, timestamps, and senders (which may include specific website providers). 
Read the full documentation or learn more, including how to revoke website notifications. Add-ons {: #addons }
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Search queries: Search queries in the Add-on Manager are sent to Mozilla to provide you with suggested Add-ons. Interaction data: We receive aggregate data about visits to the AMO website and the Add-ons Manager in Firefox, as well as interactions with content on those pages. Read about data practices on Mozilla websites. Technical data for updates: Firefox periodically connects with Mozilla to install updates to Add-ons. Your installed Add-ons, Firefox version, language, and device operating system are used to apply the correct updates. 
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2023.06.07 00:44 minionbratlov Financial Crisis

Ok, please don’t go harsh on me, since I’m just trying to share my vision. This E.S.S.A.Y won’t be interesting to players who casually enjoy Tarkov, but might be somewhat useful to people who have minimal interest in finances and keep thinking about problems EFT has, and what may be the cause of them. Sorry for a long introduction…
3-4 years ago, I started playing Tarkov. “The concept seems so amazing and fresh, and it it isn’t free to play/pay to win” - I thought, - “Perfect!” I liked the game a lot, and quickly reached 1000 hours. Honestly, I am by no means good… any other shooter game, I can easily hold my own, however, Tarkov is so different and unique, that it seems my brain can’t simply function at required frequencies. Not to mention my reaction and aim drills do not apply in EFT, since desyncs and counter-intuitive weapon recoil is a thing. But I’m here not to brag about it - around the same time, I have started my own business, and since then I learned a lot about adult things, like taxes, banks, loans, cashflow, funding and other boring, but important things, knowing which is more important to survival, than knowing 7.62 M61 pen value. I quit Tarkov, and games in general, to focus on my life and setting up a foundation which I can use.
Now, after a substantial time, I am slowly rediscovering games I used to play. Some have changed a lot, some are in the same state that I left them, and some… well some are Tarkov… Congratulate me on getting head eyes AGAIN without even seeing the enemy peak the corner, and constant rage-fuelled tantrums when you are in full gear and get obliterated by some guy with PPSh and it’s 71 round mag… the game clearly has improved in some ways, but also deteriorated in others. EFT has its share of problems, maybe, even more than when I started playing, and BSG seems to not notice it… or do they?
Since my newly upgraded adult mind now picks up some stuff I didn’t notice earlier, I started wondering - how does BSG exist? As I kept thinking, I started to feel more and more compassion, and maybe, even pity, towards Battlestate Games, it’s developers and people who run it (Nikita, love you)
I made a small research, and found Contract Wars, which has a lot of P2W content, but is essentially dead. Furthermore, BSG doesn’t even own it, so no profits come to them. We can safely assume, that BSG gets most of its money from sales of Tarkov Editions, which we can break into three categories: 1. Discount selling 2. New players 3. Cheaters Now let’s dive a bit deeper.
Discount selling involves putting a discount on EFT, therefore creating a rapid influx of new players, and can be done from time to time to inject your company’s economy with money if things get dire, that can be used for various purposes
New players is a label I put on a category of income, that comes from sales of copies throughout the day/month/year… whatever! Basically an unpredictable, unreliable, and definitely scarce source of funds for a company that barely runs any advertisements.
And finally, cheaters. We all know that BSG cracked down on cheaters recently, but we also know, that they keep buying new accounts and still manage to squeeze their way into Tarkov. I don’t see them much nowadays, so good job BSG, but from what I’ve heard they are still there. Reliable, but still, unpredictable source of income.
They also might get some fraction of their income from Twitch and streamers, during events and overall, however, I lack expertise in this E-commerce-stream-sponsor-partnership sphere and rather stay quite.
Let’s also talk a bit about so-called “fixed costs”. For a business, that simple phrase means a whole world, because, that is a thing around which, you base most of your spendings. BSG needs to run servers, pay salaries, rent, loan payments (if there is any), dividends (if there is any) and many more things every month that are fixed, (I’m not mentioning variable costs, because they will make less of a dent in your budget, unless you sell nondurable goods, produce on demand, or are in secondary sector of economy) which equate, to let’s say… 1000 roubles
Every month BSG gets some money, but they NEVER, I repeat, NEVER can estimate a somewhat accurate income numbers, since most of their income streams are unreliable and inconsistent. Let’s say they get 500 roubles this month - they are in deficit, they will need to deplete their cash savings, or cut heavily on costs, and since they can’t really cut costs, because it will lead to an irrecoverable spiral of doom, they of course use reserves, or even worse, inject capital from other sources (Nikita’s lunch money, or loans). This leaves executives with a hard decision - spend even more savings this month on improvement and game fixes (e.g: rewriting their “spaghetti” code, new guns, content, new servers instead of Windows XP Pentium 1998 with DSL modem)
Ooooor…. Save money! Now, you see the problem? BSG surely has some capital to spare, but as any other sensible business in such situation, they are scared to spend it. Maybe next month they will get 2000 roubles and they make a profit, or maybe they make 500 again, and they are still in deficit. While it is true that they have some resemblance of control over when and how to get fund injections (ban waves, discounts, adverts, streams), it is still not enough to make a sensible reliable income that will allow them to make a plan further ahead, all variables considered. Remember - “money saved is money not spent” and in our case that’s bad, because we don’t get the so long needed fixes that require a lot of resources.
“B-but… Mr.Unknown-Man on Reddit… how do we fix this?!” [see comments]
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2023.06.07 00:43 RetroSilicon MR762 versus M110A1 SDMR - Accuracy, Precision and Twist Rates

MR762 versus M110A1 SDMR - Accuracy, Precision and Twist Rates
This is an analysis of the Old vs New MR762, compared to the new SDMR, in terms of accuracy, precision and ballistics. This will be a dynamic post, and I will update it as new information becomes available to me.
I was privy enough to see the disassembled differences between the MR and the SDMR. I've been trying to understand why HK went to a Medium Contoured barrel when the harmonics offered so much on the heavy 1:11 twist barrel.
![img](xpqdsqgy5h4b1 "M110A1 Breakdown ")
Well, turns out the Army themselves went with a medium contoured barrel. So why the change? They're making the MR barrels on the same assembly line as the SDMR barrels, just with a different twist rate.
![img](9bfxjts46h4b1 "MR762 LRPIII versus M110A1: The photo above shows the Medium Contour SDMR, versus a 2012 first generation MR762 with Heavy Contour Barrel. Note the different gas block. ")
Both barrels are RH Twist 4 Land Groove, and both use the same materials for barrel construction, HK's French Cannon Grade Steel. I cannot confirm personally if the SDMR is chrome lined. And some details still are considered sensitive and confidential. The new M110A1 SDMR is a 16.3" Medium Contour Barrel in 1:8 twist that fires M118LR exclusively for a full 2-rotation of the projectile, with a base velocity of 2379ft/s. It uses its own proprietary gas block and barrel nut, compared to the commercial MR762.
M110A1 Barrel Nut
The barrel nut has me interested, along with the different gas block. I would like to see the inside of it and its design compared to the MR gas block, and understand what changes were made for the SDMR.
M110A1 Gas Block
There are currently too many unknowns when it comes to the gas block. It is beefier than the MR, and only has one single roll pin. Gassing will expectedly be different. As for the extension up top, this is unknown at this time.
MR762 Old vs New Barrel Profile
The old heavy barrel was 2lbs 6.2oz. The new contoured barrel is now 1lbs 14.5oz, as shared by CTYatty who took some awesome photos of barrel profile details. (ctyatty). This makes a difference on the warfighter who has to carry it, and for faster dissipation of heat soak.
MR762 Old vs New Barrel Weight
As for the change in twist rate from 1:11 to 1:12, verus the SDMR using 1:8. That is more involved, and I will reference images I got from said forum member, and my own research, which is modified and originally taken from my initial question to this on Reddit: Short Barrel (16.5") Long Range: 1:11 vs 1:12 to reach a kilometer? : longrange (
Heckler & Koch moved from a fantastic 1:11 Heavy Barrel in their MR762 line of DMR rifles, to a 1:12 Medium Contour, as the photo shows. The Berger Stability Calculator shows the 1:11 is more effective offering a more stable round versus 1:12.
My question is, what are the advantages of using a slower 1:12 twist rate with a lighter barrel versus the faster, heavier 1:11 twist rate? And by extension, what's the best route to go to maximize the effective range of a .308 Win round in the MR's barrel profile?
As far as I've learned, the Slower 1:12 twist rate is a negative, not a positive. The M110A1 DMR, G28 DMR and MR762 with heavy barrel are designed to have an effective range of 600-800 meters, and can reach more than 1000 meters at the right altitude. Can this same barrel in 1:12 and lighter weight reach out just as well, but using a different bullet?
The M40 had a 1:12 twist rate and was designed to use 168gr right? So then the same way of asking this question is, why did they chose 1:12 and not 1:11 for the M40, and subsequently, why 168gr and not 175+gr at the time for use with 1:12, other than using a 24" barrel for two complete rotations?
I've begun answering my question, learning that the FN SCAR 17S is also a 16" barrel in 1:12 twist, and using the data from Hornady's website: REF: 168 gr ELD® MATCH TAP® AR™ - Hornady Law Enforcement
The TL;DR answer: the difference is negligible.
  • Muzzle Velocity - 1:11 2507 fps vs 1:12 2500 fps
  • 500 Yard Velocity - 1:11 1914 fps vs 1:12 1908 fps
  • 1000 Yard Velocity - 1:11 1425 fps vs 1:12 1421 fps
  • 1100 Yards (1000M) - 1:11 1344 fps vs 1:12 1340 fps
Altitude: 6476ft TEMP: 75F BAR: 30.16Hg HUM: 16% Hell, even at 1400 yards before the round hits transonic, its 1147 fps vs 1144 fps. So back to the original question:
  1. Does changing from 1:11 to 1:12 make a difference on the 16.5" barrel? No, not with the Hornady TAP ELD AR round at my altitude of 5200-6200 feet.
  2. Was there a valid reason to switch froma Heavy Barrel to a Mid Contour barrel? Yes, it shaved 1.1lbs from its weight.
  3. Was there a valid reason to switch from 1:11 to 1:12 twist rate? It's not worse, but it's not better using 168gr or even 175gr .308. One answer is, modern match-grade rounds were being over-spun and not reaching their best potential from a 16.5" barrel. This thinking could be in line with historical US weapon systems like the M40A3 which features a 24" 1:12 barrel versus the original M40 with a 1:10 twist.
  4. Working theory: HK's new Mid-Contour 1:12 Barrel changed the bullet stability for modern FMJ and Match Grade rounds, attempting to prevent over-spin and possible bullet destruction from the hot rounds on the market today >> It hasn't fully answered my question, but I'm now able to quantify more and more data because of it: Bullet Gyroscopic Stability Calculator (
H&K 2022 MFD MR762 LRPIII with newer gas block, clearly and effectively cycling Hornady TAP ELD AR 168gr, and producing Sub-MOA 3-round shot groups.
The German Military selected the 1:11 heavy barrel for the G28 DMR to push standard 7.62 NATO 150gr FMJ (M80) rounds to 1.5MOA. That was the standard required by the Bundeswehr. After years of use and changes to bullet manufacturing and ballistics over the last 20 years, HK may have found better ballistics from a 1:12.
So why 1:8 for the M110A1? They want two complete rotations of the projectile from the 16" barrel, just like the M40 had 1:12 for a 24" barrel. They want to maximize bullet stability from the M118LR 175gr at any altitude and in harsh or cold conditions where air density is at its worst to give the best precision possible. And since the M110A1 SDMR will only be using M118LR or lighter as used in military service, they basically aimed to push M118LR to its limits of spin rate before fragmentation i.e. "over-spin."
This is over-spin: Reddit - Overspin Video
What does this mean for the new 2021+ MFD MR762 with Medium Contour 1:12 barrel?
  1. It has a new gas block, allowing for more gas to cycle through the system, and in effect, maximize all modern .308 rounds on the market.The new MR is designed to run even the lightest .308 rounds for maximum effectiveness, and not having failures to feed as seen in the first generation of MR762s which were sensitive to what ammo they used.
  2. By switching to the 1:12 twist rate, the new MR can better utilize lighter ammo at and under 168gr, and better utilize M80 ball ammo. In so doing, because it is pushing a lighter round, it needs to push hotter for spin rate balance. So using hot consumer ammo such as Hornady A-MAX or Hornady Black, will have better ballistics.
  3. By being lighter, and treated as a Match-Grade rifle, a lighter barrel will cool down faster between rounds. If treated as a combat rifle, the MR will overheat faster than its previous version. The MR, by name, is designated a "Match Rifle" and if treated as such, will gain advantages in its new profile. But despite this, its metallurgy can take quite a beating. Just expect some heat shift if used heavily.
A lighter barrel has a lower total heat capacity because:
  1. It has less mass
  2. It has less surface area
The lighter barrel will cool faster because it has a lower heat capacity, due to having less surface area than a heavier barrel to retain heat. Meaning that if you had a light barrel and a heavy barrel that were otherwise the same length and material, and you raised the temp of both to 250 degrees, the lighter barrel will probably cool to 100 degrees faster than the heavy barrel in most normal environments.
In real world use, this means the light barrel will also get to a higher temp with fewer rounds fired, because less heat capacity equals less heat energy required to elevate the temp.
But for a DMR -- with a very slow expected firing rate and emergency firing rate -- the lighter barrel will likely not heat up enough during normal Designated Marksman use to cause this from happening.
So if the necessary accuracy standard can be achieved with a lighter profile barrel that can also sustain the expected emergency firing rate with issued ammo, the reduced weight from the heavy barrel profile is well worth the trade-off in total precision max possible fire rate.
I will modify and tweak this as time allows. But for reference, here are ballistics from various rounds from a 2012 MFD MR762 Heavy Barrel with 1:11 Twist:
  • Federal Golden Match 175gr - Single Failure to catch and chamber a new round, Solid Groups
  • Winchester M118LR 175gr - Malfunction, Jam. Failure to chamber a new round.
  • Hornady TAP ELD AR 168gr - Does not chamber a new round, Solid Groups with 1MOA capability.
  • Norma Golden Target 175gr - Solid Groupings, no failures, 1.5MOA demonstrated capability.
  • Hornady TAP ELD Precision 168gr - Runs hotter than the AR ammo, unreliable groupings.
  • Federal Berger Juggernaut 185gr - Runs hot, requires greater rifle control to maintain precision.
10-round shot groups from a 2012 MFD MR762 DMR, which is not as forgiving to various ammo types compared to the newer MR762 LRPIII despite the same 1:11 twist. ​
So with all this information, we can conclude that the new M110A1 SDMR was designed to push M118LR 175gr under any condition, at any altitude, at the sacrifice of some MOA and ammo sensitivity like we see in the first generation MR762 (2MOA was the contract requirement).
The new MR762 from 2021 onward is designed to be much more flexible in the ammo it runs, and designed to not require expensive match-grade ammo to get solid performance from it. I wish to try Hornady Black 168gr from the new MR to see its performance.
I invite anyone with an MR to show their 10-round groupings on paper at 100 yards to demonstrate what their rifle can do, whether it be the 1:11 twist, the new 1:12 twist, or any service members with an SDMR willing to show their 100 yard groupings.
Please ensure you share: 1. Which profile barrel you have (or twist rate) 2. What ammo you used for your MR or SDMR 3. What temperature & altitude you were shooting at
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2023.06.07 00:41 Society101 Shiny Happy People Exec Producer hints at Bates, season 2.

There's an AMA going on over on DS with an Exec Producer of the IBLP documentary on Amazon. She says they so wanted to get to the Bates but there was so much stuff. She encourages folks to request season 2 from Amazon. I wonder if that means they will and can get into the Bates next time.
She also admitted that they were viewing the sub before the docu. I thought that was interesting because I believe so many people use Reddit as "research". Sometimes it feels like stealing ideas or a non-consensual focus group. Unethical, if you will. But whenever we share our thoughts publicly, anyone can access without knowledge...and profit.
So, what do you all think? Season 2? Bates?
ETA: she said no push backs or threats were made about making the documentary.
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2023.06.07 00:40 legionofdoomer92 28 days

I feel compelled to share my story - for anyone who might want to hear it.
I’m just a stranger on the internet. 30M. This is what happened to me.
To cut a long story short, I grew up gambling at the seaside. I’ve always gambled. About 18 months ago things started spiralling and really getting out of control. Before long I was utterly and completely addicted. Online slots, and some roulette. Large amounts of debt. Shame, guilt, hopelessness. That unclean feeling we all feel thinking about the money we owe.
I’ve been trying to quit for nine months now, and I’ve failed every single time. The inevitable relapse, one after another. I remember getting a big win in September 2022 and thinking this is the moment I quit. My goal was to make it 28 days without gambling.
For the last 9 months I have tried so desperately hard to hit the 28 days. I read that it takes the average human brain 28 days to either form or break a habit. It’s been a psychological barrier for me, it’s been my utmost desire to reach this goal. I have tried, and failed, countless times to hit my 28 days. Until today. I finally got there.
I’m lying here in bed crying, listening to some of my favourite music - thinking about my life - and the universe - and my girlfriend - who doesn’t know a thing about my plight, how much I’ve suffered.
I’m feeling like I’ve climbed a psychological mountain, and I can see the light ahead. I feel so much better. I will remember this moment forever. This is my victory speech.
I am not naive. I am fully aware that I will undoubtably have many more obstacles to overcome - when I have a particularly bad day and the cravings come knocking. I have had some utterly relentless withdrawal symptoms in the last four weeks, I don’t know how I got through it, but I did.
I hope it gets easier from here. I will be debt free by Christmas, which is when I’m moving in with my girlfriend. It’s like the stars have aligned for my new life rid of this affliction.
Finally - to anyone who read this far, thank you. To anyone who is suffering, I am so sorry. Nobody should have to endure this pain. Please know that you deserve so much better, for those around you but mostly for yourself. The reward I’ve been waiting for feels so sweet. It’s bigger than 28 days to me, it feels like a new life.
I’m so relieved.
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2023.06.07 00:33 Traditional_Eye_8787 The cycle continues

The cycle continues submitted by Traditional_Eye_8787 to SnyderCut [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:32 legionofdoomer92 I did it

I feel compelled to share my story - for anyone who might want to hear it.
I’m just a stranger on the internet. 30M. This is what happened to me.
To cut a long story short, I grew up gambling at the seaside. I’ve always gambled. About 18 months ago things started spiralling and really getting out of control. Before long I was utterly and completely addicted. Online slots, and some roulette. Large amounts of debt. Shame, guilt, hopelessness. That unclean feeling we all feel thinking about the money we owe.
I’ve been trying to quit for nine months now, and I’ve failed every single time. The inevitable relapse, one after another. I remember getting a big win in September 2022 and thinking this is the moment I quit. My goal was to make it 28 days without gambling.
For the last 9 months I have tried so desperately hard to hit the 28 days. I read that it takes the average human brain 28 days to either form or break a habit. It’s been a psychological barrier for me, it’s been my utmost desire to reach this goal. I have tried, and failed, countless times to hit my 28 days. Until today. I finally got there.
I’m lying here in bed crying, listening to some of my favourite music - thinking about my life - and the universe - and my girlfriend - who doesn’t know a thing about my plight, how much I’ve suffered.
I’m feeling like I’ve climbed a psychological mountain, and I can see the light ahead. I feel so much better. I will remember this moment forever. This is my victory speech.
I am not naive. I am fully aware that I will undoubtably have many more obstacles to overcome - when I have a particularly bad day and the cravings come knocking. I have had some utterly relentless withdrawal symptoms in the last four weeks, I don’t know how I got through it, but I did.
I hope it gets easier from here. I will be debt free by Christmas, which is when I’m moving in with my girlfriend. It’s like the stars have aligned for my new life rid of this affliction.
Finally - to anyone who read this far, thank you. To anyone who is suffering, I am so sorry. Nobody should have to endure this pain. Please know that you deserve so much better, for those around you but mostly for yourself. The reward I’ve been waiting for feels so sweet. It’s bigger than 28 days to me, it feels like a new life.
I’m so relieved.
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2023.06.07 00:26 remote-brief00 ACY Securities Introduces Comprehensive Reports for Shares

ACY Securities Introduces Comprehensive Reports for Shares
ACY Securities has recently launched comprehensive reports for shares to all clients. This move is aimed at providing clients with detailed information about shares, which will help them make informed decisions.
Fundamental ratings, income statement ratings, key score trends, balance sheet ratings, cash flow ratings, top peers, events and news, profits and revenue, and technical analysis are all included in the reports for each share. These reports' in-depth insights give traders a competitive advantage and help them make better-informed trading decisions.
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