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2023.06.03 20:16 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 83. Wyoming

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
“I have an army.”
“We have a Josh Allen.”
Coming in at 83rd on the list is the team representing the least populous state, Wyoming. While the Cowboys are mostly known by the average fan as being the school Josh Allen played at, they have a fairly rich history of success, and have produced many great coaches. College Football Hall of Famers Bowden Wyatt, Bob Devaney, Pat Dye, and Dennis Erickson all ran the show at Wyoming before moving onto bigger football powerhouses. Former Texas coach Fred Akers and Purdue coach Joe Tiller as well, and the current head man is Craig Bohl, who started the North Dakota State dynasty and won 3 national titles there.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 1988: 13. Wyoming: 11-2 (25.965) 2. 1987: 18. Wyoming: 10-3 (19.035) 3. 1996: 23. Wyoming: 10-2 (13.821) 4. 1998: 33. Wyoming: 8-3 (5.927) 5. 1999: 40. Wyoming: 7-4 (1.080) 6. 1990: 45. Wyoming: 9-4 (-1.091) 7. 2016: 52. Wyoming: 8-6 (-2.462) 8. 2019: 54. Wyoming: 8-5 (-2.971) 9. 1993: 39. Wyoming: 8-4 (-3.204) 10. 2017: 58. Wyoming: 8-5 (-5.051) 11. 1995: 53. Wyoming: 6-5 (-6.240) 12. 1983: 51. Wyoming: 7-5 (-8.685) 13. 2011: 67. Wyoming: 8-5 (-9.235) 14. 2004: 60. Wyoming: 7-5 (-10.844) 15. 2021: 74. Wyoming: 7-6 (-11.466) 16. 1997: 61. Wyoming: 7-6 (-12.755) 17. 2006: 68. Wyoming: 6-6 (-13.597) 18. 2009: 74. Wyoming: 7-6 (-14.432) 19. 2022: 79. Wyoming: 7-6 (-14.504) 20. 2018: 85. Wyoming: 6-6 (-16.091) 21. 1986: 69. Wyoming: 6-6 (-16.740) 22. 2020: 88. Wyoming: 2-4 (-17.248) 23. 1994: 67. Wyoming: 6-6 (-18.620) 24. 1984: 69. Wyoming: 6-6 (-19.144) 25. 1989: 69. Wyoming: 5-6 (-19.396) 26. 2007: 78. Wyoming: 5-7 (-19.792) 27. 1991: 70. Wyoming: 4-6-1 (-21.388) 28. 1992: 82. Wyoming: 5-7 (-24.123) 29. 2005: 92. Wyoming: 4-7 (-28.867) 30. 2014: 97. Wyoming: 4-8 (-31.500) 31. 2013: 94. Wyoming: 5-7 (-32.098) 32. 2012: 98. Wyoming: 4-8 (-33.199) 33. 2003: 92. Wyoming: 4-8 (-33.258) 34. 1985: 90. Wyoming: 3-8 (-38.705) 35. 2008: 104. Wyoming: 4-8 (-39.214) 36. 2010: 105. Wyoming: 3-9 (-40.666) 37. 2002: 107. Wyoming: 2-10 (-49.466) 38. 2001: 105. Wyoming: 2-9 (-52.188) 39. 2015: 122. Wyoming: 2-10 (-54.442) 40. 2000: 114. Wyoming: 1-10 (-63.312) Overall Score: 10204 (83rd) 
I mean…not bad, right? When I started this series I didn’t know how Wyoming would fare, but they certainly exceeded my expectations. 23 of 40 seasons with at least a .500 record is very good at the Group of 5 level, and they’re very close to becoming the first 40-year G5 team with a winning record on this list. The only conference title season that didn’t make the top 5 is 1993 at #9, when Joe Tiller led Wyoming to an 8-4 record and a 3-way share of the WAC crown. The All-Americans include the great Dallas Cowboys TE Jay Novacek in 1984, WR Marcus Harris in ‘96, and DB Brian Lee in ‘97. Surprisingly, the highest ranked Josh Allen team (2016) only comes in at 7th, which shows the high quality of teams Wyoming’s produced over the last 4 decades.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 2000 (1-10 overall, 0-7 Mountain West)
Armed with a new coaching staff led by Vic Koenning, Wyoming’s defensive coordinator for one of the better 3 year stretches in Cowboy football history, Wyoming was full of confidence for the turn of the century. After predictably losing games to Auburn and Texas A&M, Wyoming rebounded to beat Central Michigan 31-10, and had a 21-7 point lead over Nevada, looking for their second straight win. The season ended there, and everyone went home happy. Kidding, Nevada scored 21 straight points to pull off the win in Laramie, and Wyoming didn’t win a game for the rest of the year. The closest loss was by just 12 points, and shutouts included 0-34 to San Diego State and 0-34 to Utah. But the Cowboys were certainly not without talent! Tucked away as the backup QB was Casey Bramlet, who would throw for 3000+ yards in each of the next 3 seasons and is an all-time great Wyoming QB. The receiver room was also loaded, with future NFL WR Malcolm Floyd (5500 receiving yards at the next level), and future CFL veteran WR brothers Brett and Brock Ralph. Brock won 2 Grey Cups, and Brett was a 4 year starter for the Calgary Stampeders.
5. 1999 (7-4 overall, 4-3 Mountain West)
Get ready for a history lesson, because each season in the top 5 predate the 21st century. 1999 was the first official year of the Mountain West Conference, formed by some of the longtime members of the WAC. Wyoming was known as a solid team around this time, but the class of the conference was clearly LaVell Edwards and BYU, who had won 18 of the last 25 WAC titles. So late in the season, when #15 8-1 BYU rolled into Laramie to face 5-3 Wyoming, the Cougars were heavy favorites to win the game and clinch the Mountain West in its inaugural season. The Cowboys had other plans though, and held BYU to just 29 rushing yards in a 31-17 upset. The fans stormed the field and tore down the goalposts, and Wyoming was right back in the conference title hunt. With a win in the final week they would’ve shared a 4-way title with Utah, BYU, and Colorado State, but lost 7-39 to San Diego State to finish 7-4 and 4th place in the MWC. Despite a winning record, they weren’t invited to play in a bowl either.
4. 1998 (8-3 overall, 6-2 WAC)
Conversely, this was Wyoming’s last year in the WAC. And they had a damn tough defense to play against. After beating Montana State 17-9 in week 1, the Cowboys flew to Athens to play #12 Georgia, and held them scoreless in the 2nd half in a 9-16 loss. Wyoming forced 4 turnovers, and could’ve even pulled off the upset if Georgia didn’t have one of the better defenses in the country. Fast forward later in the season with just 2 weeks left to play, Wyoming still had just 1 loss, to Georgia, and was 8-1 and ranked #25, with wins over .500 or better teams Louisiana Tech, TCU, Colorado State, and Utah. That set up a matchup with #23 Air Force for the WAC Mountain Division title in Laramie. In a battle of the top defenses in the WAC, Air Force did enough for the 10-3 win. Wyoming just needed to win their final game against 3-7 Tulsa, and Las Vegas Bowl representatives were so confident in a Wyoming win that they attended the game, ready to invite the Cowboys after the final whistle. Tulsa played their best game of the year though, in a 35-0 upset, and Wyoming missed out on a bowl.
3. 1996 (10-2 overall, 7-1 WAC)
As the season kicked off, Wyoming celebrated the 100th season in team history. This would be coach Joe Tiller’s last season at the helm before going on to success at Purdue. A 9-0 start came with its up and downs. An opening week 40-38 win over Idaho was too close for comfort, and Wyoming trailed Iowa State 23-38 with just half the 4th quarter remaining, before miraculously coming back to win 41-38 in OT. The defense started to find its stride afterwards and the offense kept clicking, averaging 43.3 PPG in the 9-0 start. A surprise 24-28 loss to 5-2 San Diego State ended the perfect season, but after beating Colorado State the Cowboys were headed to the inaugural WAC championship game to face BYU. A record crowd of 41,238 showed up to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas that day, for the bout between #6 BYU and #20 Wyoming. BYU QB Steve Sarkisian was the most accurate passer in the NCAA, and their offense was top 5 in the country. Holding a 25-20 lead with just 3 minutes to go, Tiller elected to take a safety instead of punting deep from their own end zone, but BYU would go on to tie it 25-25 before eventually winning 28-25 in OT. Wyoming surprisingly wasn’t invited to a bowl game, but finished #22 in the country.
WR Marcus Harris was the best in the country, earning consensus All-American honors with 109 catches for 1650 yards and 13 TD, also finishing 9th in Heisman voting (the only WR to finish top 10). Harris finished his career as the NCAA’s all-time leading receiver with 4518 yards in just 3 years of starting. S Brian Lee was arguably the best defensive back in school history, ranking 2nd in the nation in interceptions with 8. A year later in 1997, he’d repeat with another 8 INTs, this time leading the country, and earned a consensus All-American spot because of it.
2. 1987 (10-3 overall, 8-0 WAC)
After coach Dennis Erickson left for Washington State following the 1986 season, Wyoming’s athletic director, Paul Roach, hired himself to double as the head football coach. Fans and media members weren’t sure of the move, but would quickly come to enjoy the fruits of his labor. An opening 27-13 win over Air Force was a big one; the Falcons had gone 12-1 just 2 years prior. After dropping a game to Washington State + Erickson and Oklahoma State, a few weeks later the Cowboys were 4-2 heading into BYU. Down 0-14, the Cowboys headed into halftime in front of a record BYU crowd of 65,291. 29 straight points later, Wyoming was up by 15, and would hang on to win 29-27, the game now known as the “Silence of the Cougars”. BYU fans, who just 3 years ago had watched their team win a national title, filed out of the stadium in stunned silence. Wyoming players believed they’d run the table after that and they did, going 10-2 and winning the WAC with a perfect 8-0 record. Wyoming faced Hayden Fry and #18 Iowa in the Holiday Bowl, and the Hawkeyes needed a blocked punt return for TD, pick six, and blocked FG to eek out a 20-19 win. Wyoming QB Craig Burnett was top 10 in the nation in passing yards/TDs with 3131 yards 21 TD 16 INT. RB Gerald Abraham was also top 10 with 1305 rushing yards. The year set up nicely for the 1988 team that would end up being Wyoming’s best team in the last 40 years…
1. 1988 (11-2 overall, 8-0 WAC)
Was the win over BYU a fluke? Going 8-0 in the WAC a farce? The 1988 team set out to quell those doubts. Armed with a new QB in Randy Welniak, Wyoming faced off against BYU in the season opener, a grudge match with the Cougars out for revenge. This time, Wyoming left no doubt. A 24-14 win was even more dominant than the score looked, with Wyoming intercepting 4 passes, recovering 3 fumbles, and racking up 9 sacks. Freshman BYU QB and future Heisman winner Ty Detmer was just 9/26 for 133 yards 1 TD and 4 INT. After that, things were just easy for Wyoming. 44-9 over an 8-3 Louisville team. 38-6 over Louisiana Tech. 55-27 over San Diego State. 61-18 over Utah. Late in the season, ranked #10 and matched up with 8-1 UTEP for the WAC title, Wyoming put on their best performance of the season, beating the Miners 51-6 and winning the WAC title for the 2nd straight year in the process. Wyoming entered their bowl at 10-1, with the only loss to Houston and Andre Ware, who’d win the Heisman a year later. Unfortunately this is where the fun ends, as the Cowboys faced #12 Oklahoma State in the bowl. Do you remember who was on that Oklahoma State team? Yeah, Barry Sanders ran for 222 yards and 5 TD…and sat out the 4th quarter. Oh you thought I was talking about Mike Gundy? Yeah, he had a good game too, 20/24 for 315 yards.
But the focus is on Wyoming. An unreal year. They averaged 39.3 PPG (4th best in the nation) while giving up just 21.5 PPG. 6 wins were by 30+ points. QB Randy Welniak had one of the best seasons by a quarterback in school history, throwing for 2791 yards 21 TD 11 INT with 415 rushing yards and 16 TD. Welniak was 2nd in the country in TDs with 37, and won WAC Offensive POTY. DT Pat Rabold won WAC Defensive POTY. Paul Roach hiring himself as head coach in 1987 turned out to be a shrewd move in hindsight, and would go back to being just AD in 1991 after going 35-15 in his 4 years as coach.

5th Quarter

What is your favorite Wyoming player, play, or game? Do you think Josh Allen is the best player to play at Wyoming, or is someone being overlooked? What does the future hold for the Cowboys in an NIL world, as the premier team in a small state? And what’d you think of their teams in the 80’s? Here’s some highlights of Wyoming beating Tennessee in Neyland Stadium in 2008!
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.06.03 20:15 Frizzle154 Has anyone ever seen this type of trailer electrical adapter?

Has anyone ever seen this type of trailer electrical adapter?
This is on a 2008 Four Winds Majestic.
The local auto parts store was stumped. They suggested visiting the parts department at an RV Dealership. I thought I’d ask here before driving around all day.
Does it have a name? Is there an adapter? Should I just replace it with a standard connection? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 20:13 TheDoomedHeretic 25[F4R] Wisconsin/Exclusively Online Disco Elysium enthusiast searching for RP partner, mostly for Star Wars, Dragon Age, Warhammer, and a few other fandoms.

As the title mentions I'm an advanced-novella RPer looking for GMs or offering myself as a GM for various text-based RPs. I've provided a sample down below and will ask the same of anybody that reaches out. Outside of writing I tend to spend most of my time on games like Knights of the Old Republic 2, New Vegas, and, indeed, the Hobocop Game. I'm an Associate at Amazon with an otherwise unimpressive social life, occasionally leaving the house to play WH40K Tabletop.
Discord is more-or-less required for me to be interested; sample incoming.
The boar is not dead, though to all the other hunters’ senses it is. It lays motionless on its side within the sled, tied down by rope with two arrows sticking discordantly out of its hide like seams of broken bone. Frozen blood pools in the cracked stomach of the sled, collecting rather than leaking now that red ice has sealed the wood. Poison leaching out of the arrowheads keeps the boar docile, and its breathing so light that only Trapper can see. An ovate in too-thin robes shivers as she ties a garland of rosemary around the beast’s neck, murmuring prayers to the ancestors that they might find the kill worthy.
Winter has seized the land in its vise, its unending waves of cold and snow having transformed the Barony of Marlas into a crueler scape, one Trapper doesn’t quite recognize. Tranquility abounds along the driven snow, all through the clearing, hiding the buried world and the woes of man but unable to snuff them out. Trapper knows well what a mirage it is, the oppressive winters of his homeland no less savage than the bloodletting summers. The numbing cold does not soothe his aches, for he knows they’ll be worse come morning, come the thaw. Too soon this clearing will melt, its river gone from white to red, the whole Septima Line thrust back to war.
Baron Orys refuses to yield to midnight season, to accept its peace, and so from his great warhorse’s saddle he brazenly belts out a mixture of drunken lyrics and commands, determined to master this hunt even if he does not partake. An entourage on horseback spreads out in his orbit, ranging from eager young footmen to grizzled junkers, all in varying states of inebriation at his command. Their braying is nearly louder than the hounds’, who hungrily stalk between the sled and the hole they pulled the boar out from. Teased by the hunt but yet unrewarded, they’re too unruly to be kept in check by the kennel master.
On foot slog the unfortunates who actually have to take part in the hunt, Trapper among them. They huddle into their hemp canvas cloaks, glancing up at the moody afternoon sky threatening to crack open with another snowstorm. Dark clouds sweep in low from the south like a riptide, a single vast current swept in from the mountains already menacing the Oldwoods. Its furthest gales reach them as tongues of vengeful cold, flecks of whipped-up snow biting into Trapper’s exposed skin.
By the boar’s nest leans a typical Mallean, one of Trapper’s two erstwhile comrades. Sigorn is tall, pale, broad, with the close-set, wide-boned features of a commoner, and a shock of red hair grown out to protect against the elements. Beneath his cloak he proudly bears his blood-flecked armor, each dent a Darkman put into it a point of dear pride. He’s not the only one, either, the clearing filled with dozens of youths whose first blooding ended in victory amid a blizzard. Baron Orys, deep into his cups after six days of nonstop celebration, saw a break in the storms and gladly called a hunt. When informed he could not go on account of his shattered knee - he simply grinned, and ordered himself tied to his saddle.
Trapper remembers the moment his lord fell from the saddle, burned into his nerves. The screaming of horses, skidding hooves catching on the frozen ground. On the edges of his vision a rider smashes into a branch in the din, others don’t move at all for fear of the blizzard. His spurs dig, his borrowed steed whines, and he races for his lord - only for another to reach him first.
“What a woman.” Sigorn sighs beside Trapper, craning his neck to look at one of their lord’s companions of honor. Susannah Oye, junker unlike the others, a pretty, willowy noblewoman well into motherhood, with the lean, ruthless look of a ranger. Her two poisoned arrows are what struck the boar down, and her pride curls off her body like steam. Sigorn’s face cracks into exaggerated appreciation, and then he turns to their lord’s other honored companion. Another woman, this one as young as they are, haughtily-built and leering with none of Susannah’s refinement. Many of those looks are reserved for Trapper, forced to slog on foot as just another hunter. “Anya too. I think she fancies you, eh?”

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2023.06.03 20:10 Danny23a Maybe it’s just me. I fucking absolutely love this album but

I really wished they used less auto tune on Matt’s voice! His voice would’ve really shined in all the parts they used it. Just my opinion. Thoughts?
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2023.06.03 20:08 fivetwentyate Should I purchase a Honda Element?

I used to own a 2007 volkswagen beetle that I drove around the country, would sleep in, take road trips in, wanted to take it to national parks and stuff too but I ended up killing the engine twice. The second time I just sold it. I want an Element but I'm really wary of used cars now. I put about 10k into that Beetle and I don't feel like I trust the Element. My usage for it would be exactly like the Beetle: road trips, camping, tons of thousands of miles annually and it will be mainly used in the hot desert areas like Las Vegas and New Mexico. How much is it to take care of these things a year? I have half a mind to purchase a Honda Passport and I don't even know why it just seems like the closest things.
I really, really like the floors in the Element and the fact I can keep it easily clean, can put my bike on it, and travel.
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2023.06.03 20:07 Call-Me-Homie702 U need a HAND Bro? [M4A]

DL fit guy here who loves stroking poles and watching them explode!! Let me use some lotion and lube up your dick and then I'll slowly stroke the cum out for you. OUR SECRET!! looking to do this in your car. North Las Vegas
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2023.06.03 20:07 SpaceMilk2percent Help remembering a RPG game

OKAY, so this is a long shot but I was hoping someone would remember this RPG game. I think during a game showcasing (I wanna say E3) during 2016 or 2017; a demo was shown of this new Open World RPG where basically the developers claim "your choices will have impacts on the open world." For the life of me I cannot find this game and google has not been helpful on the search. I just wanna know if the game has been canceled or is going through a "Dead Island 2" situation where it's just taking forever to finish up. So here are the details of the game that I remember;
  1. It seems to be set in a dystopia world; pretty modern so closer to an action role playing game.
  2. The demo showed the first mission where you have to help the government clear a gang from a building to I believe secure a water line and the city.
  3. If you choose the complete the mission then the city is under the control of a police state
  4. If you choose to betray the government and sided with the gang then they control the city and basically its chaotic throughout the city
  5. You can also choose to betray both the government and the gang and just go full solo protector on this city.
  6. I remember some elements of the game had parkour to traverse the buildings, I believe it was in 3rd person and of course its a shooter.
If any of these details even brings up some memories of this game and hopefully the title please let me know!!! This game seems so promising and I've been looking for a game where your choices effect the story such as KOTOR or FallOut Las Vegas. Thanks for the help
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2023.06.03 20:04 AdvancedBad9198 Note the caption 🤦🏼‍♀️

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2023.06.03 20:00 2ndroof Thoughts on this?

Thoughts on this? submitted by 2ndroof to GTA6 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:58 Violette_95 ¿Está mal querer llevarme bien con mi madrastra?

Mi padre le fue infiel a mi madre cuando yo estaba por terminar la primera (aclaro que en ese entonces era otra mujer) y entonces mi mamá nos llevó a mí y a mi hermana a su ciudad natal con mi abuela y tíos pero de vez en cuando hablaba con mi papá por teléfono. Sin embargo mis padres pese a que están divorciados, no les gusta estar en el mismo lugar juntos (por muy obvias razones) la cosa es que actualmente estoy por titularme de la universidad y siento que mi mamá y familiares por parte de mi madre, no les agrada la idea de que yo quiera tener una buena relación con mi madrastra, mi madrastra hasta el momento se ha portado muy bien conmigo (por lo menos las dos veces que me quedé en la casa de mi padre cuando viajé allá por un congreso de mi carrera) pero siento que mis familiares siente sienten cierto recelo a que yo quiera llevarme bien con ella y yo para evitar malos entendidos e preferido callar y mantener respuesta distancia de mi madrastra, pero me gustaría poder llevarme bien con ella sin tener que incomodar a mi madre y a mis familiares. Pero estoy en un punto intermedio en no saber que hacer sin sentir que estoy traicionando a mi madre por querer tener una buena relación con mi madrastra.
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2023.06.03 19:54 bu_SV [FNV] Game keeps crashing

There are two problems. First is whenever I try to fast travel to the triangle between Durable Dunn's Sacked caravan, Raul's shack and Vault 34 game crashes. Second is whenever I fight any turret that is connected to a ceiling game crashes.
There is a modlist.
"0000","+","DLC: TribalPack",""
"0001","+","DLC: OldWorldBlues",""
"0002","+","DLC: MercenaryPack",""
"0003","+","DLC: LonesomeRoad",""
"0004","+","DLC: HonestHearts",""
"0005","+","DLC: GunRunnersArsenal",""
"0006","+","DLC: DeadMoney",""
"0007","+","DLC: ClassicPack",""
"0008","+","DLC: CaravanPack",""
"0010","+","Fixed ESMs",""
"0011","+","JIP LN NVSE Plugin","f57.01"
"0012","+","JohnnyGuitar NVSE",""
"0013","+","Crash Logger",""
"0014","+","NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix",""
"0015","+","NVTF - INI Presets",""
"0016","+","FNV Mod Limit Fix",""
"0017","+","kNVSE Animation Plugin",""
"0018","+","Console Paste Support",""
"0019","+","ShowOff xNVSE Plugin",""
"0020","+","ShowOff xNVSE Plugin INI","--"
"0021","+","JIP Companions Command and Control",""
"0022","+","JIP CCC HD icons",""
"0023","+","SUP NVSE",""
"0024","-","Bug Fixes_separator",""
"0025","+","Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP",""
"0026","+","Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus",""
"0027","+","Improved AI (Navmesh Overhaul Mod)",""
"0028","+","lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes",""
"0029","+","Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI","f1.05"
"0030","+","Presets for LstewieAL's Tweaks",""
"0031","+","Combat Lag Fix (NVSE)",""
"0032","+","ISControl Enabler and Ironsights adjuster (now ESPless)",""
"0033","+","Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned",""
"0034","+","New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod - NVMIM",""
"0035","+","Collision Meshes",""
"0036","+","Asterra's Many Fixes",""
"0037","+","Improved Lighting Shaders",""
"0038","+","Climate Control NVSE",""
"0039","+","Elijah Voice Audio Files Fix",""
"0040","+","ActorCause Save Bloat Fix",""
"0041","+","Aqua Performa - Strip Performance Fix",""
"0042","+","Fog-based Object Culling",""
"0043","+","Exterior Emittance Fix - NVSE",""
"0044","+","Crafting Consistency Fix",""
"0045","+","ExRB - Extended Roombounds",""
"0046","+","Strip Lights Region Fix",""
"0047","+","Johnson Nash Ammo Fix",""
"0048","-","User Interface_separator",""
"0049","+","UIO - User Interface Organizer",""
"0050","+","One HUD - oHUD",""
"0051","+","The Mod Configuration Menu",""
"0052","+","Vanilla UI Plus (New Vegas)",""
"0053","+","Clean Vanilla Hud",""
"0054","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons",""
"0055","+","Consistent Addon Icons",""
"0056","+","Clean Companion Wheel",""
"0057","+","High Res Local Maps",""
"0058","+","High Resolution Screens",""
"0059","+","yUI - User Ynterface",""
"0060","+","Simple Cursor (YUI)",""
"0061","+","ySI - Sorting Ycons",""
"0063","+","JAM - Just Assorted Mods",""
"0064","+","Bullet Time Improved - a JAM addon","f1.01"
"0065","+","NPCs Sprint In Combat",""
"0066","+","Real Recoil",""
"0067","+","Real Recoil Tweaks",""
"0068","+","Follower Tweaks",""
"0069","+","Delay DLC Redux",""
"0070","+","NV Collectibles - Merged",""
"0071","+","Better Caravan",""
"0072","+","Soft-Lock Aim-Assist",""
"0073","+","FOV Slider",""
"0074","+","NAWEMO - NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods",""
"0075","+","NPCs use Aid items",""
"0077","+","Consistent Spread - Firearms Accuracy and Wobble Fix",""
"0078","+","BallistX - Internal and External Ballistics",""
"0079","+","B42 Inspect - aka Animated Ammo and Weapon Condition Checking","f1.01-hotfix"
"0080","+","B42 Melee Bash",""
"0081","+","B42 Quickthrow - an alternative grenade hotkey mod",""
"0082","+","Quickthrow Stylized HUD Icons",""
"0083","+","B42 Descriptions aka Pip-Info",""
"0085","+","JSawyer Ultimate Edition",""
"0086","+","JSawyer Ultimate Edition - Push's Tweaks",""
"0087","+","Mojave Arsenal",""
"0088","+","Famine - A Loot Rarity Mod",""
"0089","+","Food Effect Tweaks - Custom Food Healing",""
"0090","+","Player Combat Priority",""
"0091","+","Player Combat Priority Alt Chance To Attack Dog Patch",""
"0092","+","Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged",""
"0093","+","Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged - JSawyer Ultimate Push Tweaks Patch",""
"0094","+","EVEM - YUP Patch",""
"0095","+","EVEM - Crafting Consistency Fix Patch",""
"0096","+","EVEM - JSUE Patch",""
"0097","+","EVEM - Mojave Arsenal Patch",""
"0098","+","Navmesh Overhaul VNV Patch",""
"0099","+","Better Character Creation",""
"0100","+","Harder Barter Faster Stronger","f1.01"
"0101","+","Economy Overhaul",""
"0102","+","Economy Overhaul - FO3E INI",""
"0103","+","Better Brotherhood",""
"0104","+","DEC - Dynamic Essential Companions",""
"0105","+","Immersive Critical Effects (AKA Classic Critical Effects)","f1.06a"
"0106","+","Radioactive Muck",""
"0107","+","Canvas Backpacks - FNV - TTW",""
"0108","+","Accessible Lucky shades",""
"0110","+","Uncut Wasteland",""
"0111","+","Strip Lights Region Fix - Uncut Wasteland","Patch"
"0112","+","Essential DLC Enhancements Merged",""
"0113","+","Essential DLC Enhancements Merged - JSUE Patch",""
"0114","+","Mojave Raiders",""
"0115","+","Mojave Raiders Tweaks",""
"0116","+","Mojave Raiders - JSUE Patch",""
"0117","+","Mojave Raiders - EVEM Patch",""
"0118","+","Mojave Wildlife",""
"0119","+","The Living Desert - Travelers Patrols Consequences Increased Population and more",""
"0120","+","Simple Open Strip",""
"0121","+","Simple Open Freeside",""
"0122","+","Mojave NPCs",""
"0123","+","Mojave NPCs - FPGE Patch",""
"0124","+","Cook-Cook In His Castle",""
"0125","+","Functional Post Game Ending",""
"0126","+","FPGE Patch - JSawyer Ultimate",""
"0127","+","FPGE Patch - Uncut Wasteland (Viva New Vegas)",""
"0128","+","FPGE Patch - Mojave Raiders",""
"0129","+","FPGE Patch - Simple Open Strip",""
"0130","+","FPGE Patch - Simple Open Freeside",""
"0131","+","FPGE Patch - Cook-Cook In His Castle",""
"0132","+","Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work - Primm",""
"0133","+","No Toll Booths for Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work",""
"0134","+","The Someguy Series",""
"0135","+","New Vegas Bounties I",""
"0136","+","New Vegas Bounties II",""
"0137","+","New Vegas Bounties III",".954"
"0138","+","The Inheritance",""
"0139","+","King of the Ring","f1.04"
"0140","+","New Vegas Killer",""
"0141","+","The Better Angels","f1.01"
"0142","+","CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio",""
"0143","+","Platinum Radio - A New Radio for New Vegas",""
"0144","+","Blues Radio New Vegas",""
"0145","+","Cowboy Radio",""
"0149","+","Asterra's Many Fixes - NMC's Texture Pack compatibility",""
"0150","+","Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod",""
"0151","+","Weapon Retexture Project - WRP",""
"0152","+","WTH - Weapon Textures from Heaven",""
"0153","+","WTH - WRP Patch",""
"0154","+","Armed to the Teeth - Redux",""
"0155","+","All Non DLC Clothing Retex 2K",""
"0156","+","All DLC Clothing Retex 2K",""
"0157","+","Power Armor Visual Enhancement (PAVE)",""
"0158","+","EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements",""
"0159","+","EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced",""
"0160","+","All Weapon Sounds Overhaul Modern Edition - AWSOME",""
"0161","+","Simple Open Freeside - Vanilla LOD",""
"0162","+","Simple Open Strip - Vanilla LOD",""
"0163","+","NMC's Pre-Generated LOD Updated",""
"0164","+","Improved LOD Noise Texture","f1.00"
"0165","+","FNVLODGen Resources",""
"0166","+","LOD additions and improvements","f1.07"
"0167","+","Much Needed LOD",""
"0168","+","Much Needed LOD - NMC WASHEDOUTWASTELAND Patch",""
"0169","+","FNV LOD Texture Patches",""
"0170","+","TCM's LOD Overhaul",""
"0171","+","Bullet Impact Increased LOD","d2023.5.26.0"
"0172","+","Enhanced Bullet Impacts",""
"0173","+","xLODGen Output",""
"0175","+","Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI",""
"0176","+","Different PipBoy Animations",""
"0177","+","No Muzzle Flash Lights",""
"0178","+","Melee Hitstop Effects","f3.01"
"0179","+","Anniversary Anim Pack",""
"0180","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - General Bugfix",""
"0181","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - Bonus Patch",""
"0182","+","Dedicated Weapon Animations (kNVSE)",""
"0184","+","Butcher Pete Complete - A Melee Animation Overhaul",""
"0185","+","Wasteland Warrior - A Melee Animation Overhaul",""
"0186","+","Viewmodel Recoil 0.308","d2023.5.28.0"
"0187","+","Power Fists Debulked",""
"0188","+","Gauntlets Debulked",""
"0189","+","Auto Melee Debulked",""
"0190","+","Unarmed Animations","f1.00"
"0191","+","Different PowerFist Animations Xolerys kNVSE",""
"0192","+","B42 Weapon Inertia",""
"0193","+","B42 Dropmag and One in the chamber",""
"0194","+","Permanent Weapon Shells",""
"0195","+","Awesome Staggering",""
"0196","+","Diagonal movement",""
"0198","+","NV Compatibility Skeleton",""
"0199","+","3rd person Movement Animations Overhaul (and bugfix)",""
"0200","+","NVTS - New Vegas True Scopes",""
"0201","+","Pip-Boy Shading Fix NVSE",""
"0202","+","Strip Street Light Corrections",""
"0203","+","A Little More Lamplight",""
"0204","+","Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks (Interior Lighting for FNV and TTW)",""
"0205","+","Clarity - An Orange Tint Remover",""
"0207","+","High Resolution Bloom NVSE",""
"0208","+","Cloud Shadows",""
"0209","+","Cloud Shadows - Clear Weather",""
"0210","+","Cloud Upgrade NVSE",""
"0211","+","Interior Rain",""
"0212","+","Climate Control - Rain",""
"0213","+","Character Expansions Revised",""
"0214","+","Character Expansions - YUP","P2.0"
"0215","+","Character Expansions Revised - JSU","P1.1"
"0216","+","Character Expansions Revised - MR","P1.3"
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2023.06.03 19:51 Norsub Los problemas judiciales

No se han topado con noticias que dicen "implicado en robo fue liberado" y en la misma noticia ponen una imagen con es hombre haciendo ese delito?- no entiendo cual es el problema con las autoridades al dejar salir a esto delincuentes y lugo dicen que fue por "falta de pruebas" quiero que alguien que sepa de Justicia me explique esto con mas detalle no como las noticias que por mi parte me dejan confundido.
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2023.06.03 19:47 erg994 ¿Estoy haciendo bien?

Buenas gente voy a tratar de hacerla lo mas breve posible.
Me recibi de medico hace menos de 2 años, tengo 29 apenas (2021) me recibi me meti hacer la residencia quirurgica en un sanatorio, fueron los 8 meses mas miserables de mi existencia. En esos 8 meses mi vieja (vivo con ella) perdio su trabajo y el sueldo miserable que ganaba como residente no alcanzaba asi que deje y comenze a laburar en 3 lugares para subsistir. Avanzando a la actualidad me encuentro ya con deudas pagadas, y estudiando (lo que puedo siempre fui DEMASIADO disperso para estudiar) para irme a España a realizar la residencia por que en el tiempo que tuve pude ver que en salud la Argentina se esta yendo para atras y la especialidad que tanto me gustaba (cirugía) es aquello que mas me decepciono, no hay compañerismo y entre cirujanos se cagan, lo peor de todo es que de donde soy y al sanatorio para el que trabaje es alentada esa cultura toxica y en la.parte publica las residencias estan a menos. Por eso decido irme, pero me siento estancado y veo que muchos compañeros mios ya estan terminando sus residencias y completando sus carreras y sigo atascado apostandole a la posibilidad de que termine en una residencia. Que harian ustedes? Estoy haciendo bien en irme? Son tidas cosas que me mantienen despierto. Muchas gracias y que tengan buen día.
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2023.06.03 19:46 creasable Forgot to tell y’all Hotel EDC gave me some condoms in their goodie bag

Forgot to tell y’all Hotel EDC gave me some condoms in their goodie bag
body text
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2023.06.03 19:46 catanddog4 The goddamn cavalry

Part 1: First contact
The nature of predators belongs to the wonderful u/SpacePaladin15
Lancer is copyright Massif Press.
All characters are my own. (Excluding RA, Sisyphus, and Osiris)
Do you see us? Do you read us? Can you hear us? RA is waiting. But you ignore him.
Everything felt wrong. Of course, piloting a Pegasus made you feel that, but at this point Echo thought he would be used to it. “Dawn, Mech status?”
“Mechs structure is fine, but the hull is banged up a bit.”
“And the Ushabti?”
“It’s still stable… for the most part.”
“Well, we better check in.” Echo opened themselves to the omninet, they felt around only feeling the six mechs around him. “Dawn… I Can’t” they stutter.
“Me too Echo. I can only feel us and the others.”
“How are the idiots in shard doing?” they stutter
“The Sisyphus responded with the whole I know everything, and nothing deal. And the Osiris was still in storage. And Lono was still singing.”
“At least one of them is still stored. Weapon and system status?”
“The Fusion Rifle is at 78% power. The Autogun is at full functionality. The Mimic gun is angry. The smoke mines and grenades are fully used up”
Echo got up and started to pull out a choker and a thermal pistol. They climb out of the cockpit and update their hair from dark black to a lighter brown with a green fade. Flexing their metal right arm and cybernetic left leg. It’s clawed toes scraping at the metal floor. “Let’s get out of Fragment, dawn.”
“Cap! It’s on fire and we need to leave! We are under attack! Come on!”
Righ bolts up. His head is pounding, he shakes his head. “God where am I?” He walks over to his cockpit. “Better run a system check.” He mutters to himself. “let’s see, Thermal rifle at full power, Laser Rifle at 45% functionality?” “The prototype is at 35% functionality?” “Apocalypse rail at 100%. Hull at 32% Structure at 75%! Shit shit shit!”
He springs up faster than a man at his weight should. He downs his heavy hardsuit. As his helmet locks into his main suit, he grabs his handheld printer ready to do basic repairs. As he climbs down to the modified storage room he sees the stored mech suit is banged up a little but not so much that Echo would kill him.
As he climbs out the storage hatch, he notices three things; one that is a hole the size of him in his mechs left side. Two the air is breathable. And third that the stars are not the same as the ones he last saw. “Well, where are we, and how do we get here?” he asked to no one in particular.
“Piper you can’t keep doing this!” “I have too!” “You don’t and you know this!” “See you later Pip.”
Pip is in pain. He feels himself being pulled to sleep by the pain. He grabs around his cockpit until he feels his medicine bag. He feels through it until he feels one of his stims. Pulling it out,.
“Kick huh. That works.” He mumbles. He injects it feeling is body burn for a few moments as his body forces it’s self-wake. “Oh, that hurt. Oh, that always hurts.” He sits up leaning in his seat.
“let’s see. Vijaya rockets silo full. Charged blade at 36% power. Need to charge that. And the Variable sword as normal is at 100%. Fade cloak ready. Hunter logic online. Singularity contended ready to be exposed. EVA auto powered off. Planet side huh. Jump jet at 29%. Powering that off to prevent more damage. Flight system ready for action. Heat levels low. Reactor stress... high. Ok, need to get Echo to fix that. Oh, I am rambling to myself again.”
He sighs and pulls out a dagger and rifle. Pulling out an armored hardsuit he puts it on. Clicking his medicine bag to the outside sheathing his dagger and holstering his rifle. He climes out of his mechs cockpit and into the open air. The sky smells of ozone as he sees Echo get out the belly of their mech and Righ is using his handheld printer to repair his mech piece by piece. ‘Well Wind. Let’s deal with this” he whispers to himself.
-----{Two hours later}-----
That looks unstable. Are you sure that is going to work? Oh, dear that’s gone all so wrong.
“Righ your mechs internal systems are low. Your stabilizers are jammed, along with your Flak launcher targeting systems being offline.” Dawn’s ‘voice’ coming from his suits comms.
“We can work on that when I don’t have a hole in my mech. This is going to take a while to repair.” He grumbled “We only have my handheld printer right now so we can’t do much at the moment.”
There’s a crashing sound as the smell of burning plastic and flesh starts to drift downwind.
“Can Basher move or is the hole to much?” Pip called to Righ
“They can move but a bit slower.” Righ responded.
“I think we should check that out. There are people at crashes. Could tell us where we are.” Echo said.
“Everyone suit up and get ready. We are moving out. Prepare for potential hostiles. Echo, you go after me, Righ your last.” Pip called out. As everyone climes up into their mechs they start to see the smoke rise as unfamiliar screams sound in the distance. “Update hostiles almost confirmed. Prepare for combat.” Dawns ‘voice’ calls from the mech intercoms.
-----{One hour later}-----
As the mechs come over a hill they see a crashed ship with human and strange bodies everywhere. “Those aren’t all human. But they got weapons.” Pip stated.
“No shit Pip. What are those?” Echo says as one of their mechs four clawed talons reaches up and points to reptilic humanoids eating the bodies. The reptilic humanoids notice them and start to point weapons at them.
“Well shit. Time for combat.” Righ activates his stabilizers only for an error message to pop up. “Shit. Well, no rail today.” He climbs out of his mech as the things start to fire at him. Pulling out a scope he reads their distance at about 120 feet. He dashes back to the cockpit. “Out of range they are 120 feet out. Counting 60 hostiles” He calls out.
“Understood! firing Mimic Gun!” echo shouts over the intercoms as the flat rounded face of their mech pulls apart as an ever-changing weapon emerges from the split in the face. It fires a bolt that explodes on contact with the ground.
When the dust clears seven bodies lie on the ground. The mech runs 30 feet closer to the hostiles. The mechs back armor opens up revealing a spine like object with what looks like nerves coming off deeper into the mech and a blackhole appears over a disk shape at the back of the mech as it fires a bolt of something killing one of the hostiles. A different gun raises from the spine, fires and folds back in the spine as two more bodies fall. “Nine hostiles down 51 to go.”
“Loading Rail, Pip your up.” Righ broadcasts.
Wind runs 70 feet towards the hostiles as they start to flicker before disappearing appearing next to the hostiles instantly. They slice at the things with an impossibly thin blade that’s now covered in red blood. As two bodies fall over. They slash with a thick blade that was in its sheath a moment ago as six hostiles fall over sparking from the energy that just ran through them. Two rockets fire from its shoulder and two of them explode. The mech holds the thick blade in a guarding pose. “17 down.”
The hostiles move as one get slashed from the mech. They fire and Wind just takes it. They then charge 40 feet at Basher and Fragment. Wind looks scratched. “19 down.”
“Ejecting, mechs locked down.” Righ says before as they jump out with a mini gun and their heavy hardsuit, a large sword clamped on his back. They walk 20 feet closer to the hostiles. They start unloading the mini gun at the hostiles killing two before stopping and holding his ground.
Fragments runs 30 feet at the hostiles. The mimic gun fires killing four more in an explosion. And then a fourth gun unfolds from the belly of fragment shooting a bolt of lightning frying two of the hostiles. “27 hostiles down 33 to go. Opening the Eye of Horus. I SEE EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING SEES ME!” echo screams.
Wind flickers and reappears in the middle of the hostiles. Before slashing eight of them with the thin blade as they pick them apart with expert detail. They slash with the thick sword missing. As two rockets fire and hit two of them. “37 down.”
Righ moves 30 feet closer as he unloads his mini gun, killing six of them. He prepares to hold his ground. The hostiles charge the last 30 feet between them. As the hostiles start to slash at him, they can’t breach his armor. Two of them shoot him but it misses. He pulls out his sword and cuts through them. Killing three. “that’s forty!”
Fragment moves into the hostiles. The gun reemerges from Fragments spine as all four guns unload killing eight more. Fragment’s legs are coated with blood as Echo is cackling. Wind’s thin blade flicks as four more fall as three rockets fire killing three more. The last five of the things fall to Righs blade.
“That’s all of them. Let’s take ten and look at that ship.” Righ called. He turned around as the mech lifts it’s hand as he starts doing repairs on the armor. Pip climbs out of Wind and starts cleaning the blades of blood. Echo quiets his cackling as he climbs out and starts looking at the bodies.
“These things are alien, same with their tech. It’s all code me and Dawn can’t make sense of.” Echo starts fiddling with some of the weapons on the bodies. “Looks like their claws and teeth are their main weapons, the guns are an afterthought.”
“Can you not pick at the dead Echo?” Pip mumbles.
“Nope. By the way your blade is out of power.”
“Already knew that.” Pip grumbles as he starts climbing back into Wind. “let’s look at the ship and then we can deal with our mechs. Don’t want to get jumped by more of those things.”
“I agree. The faster we are the sooner we can find survivors.” Righ climbs back into Basher as the mech starts to turn to the ship.
“I still want to mess with the bodies.” Echo mumbled as he climbed back into Fragment. All the guns sunk back into Fragment as the back armor closes up, and the split in the face seals. The group starts to run to the crashed ship.
Wind appears next to the ship. Pip climbs out and starts to check the non-eaten bodies. Fragment arrives as Echo ejects out landing on the top of the ship. Basher arrives and picks up a small part of the wreak. There’s a creaking sound as the area where Echo is standing falls.
“Found survivors. Or more of I fell into survivors.” Echo’s voice rings over Pip’s and Righ’s comms.
I am going to try to make at least three parts. Please give me feedback. This is my first published writing so all feed back is appreciated.
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2023.06.03 19:41 Dmws1996 H: Weapons & Armor, Apparel, Masks, Plans W: Offers

Some of these items I use regularly and therefore unless the deal is good I will not part with.


AAE15c The Fixer
ARI50c25 The Fixer
B2590 The Fixer
B50c90 The Fixer
EXE2515r The Fixer
J50c25 The Fixer
Q2550 The Fixer
Q50L25 The Fixer
TRBE25 The Fixer
TSRAP25 The Fixer
B2515c Railway Rifle
B2515r Railway Rifle
Q2515c Railway Rifle
QE15c Railway Rifle
Q50c50BS Railway Rifle
AA50c15r Handmade
EXE50c25 Handmade
QRAP15c Handmade
TS2525 Handmade
TS50c15r Handmade
V2515r Handmade
AA50c25 Radium Rifle
AA50vhc25 Radium Rifle
B2590 LMG
Combat Rifles:
BE15c Combat Rifle
EXEE25 Combat Rifle
TS2525 Combat Rifle
TS2515c Submachine Gun
TSE15c Submachine Gun
BE25 Pipe Bolt Action
TSE25 10mm Pistol
Q50c90 Double Barrel Shotgun


AASS1e Deathclaw Gauntlet
AASSS Sheepsquatch Club
BSSS Meat Hook L35
BSS Power Fist
BSS Super Sledge
BSSS War Drum

Enclaves and Mods

AARAP50 Enclave w/Beta Wave, Aligned Flamer, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
B25a1a Enclave w/Standard, True Auto, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
Unrolled Enclave w/Standard, Stabilized Flamer, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
Unrolled Enclave w/Standard, Aligned Splitter, Stabilized Stock, Reflex
Enclave Aligned Flamer Mod (1)
Enclave Refined Beta Wave Tuner Mod (3)
Enclave Severe Beta Wave Tuner Mod (1)


ASS/1I/SENT Urban Scout LA
ASS/1A/SENT Heavy Raider LA
ASS/1I/SENT Urban Scout LA
CHA/1A/WWR Urban Scout CP
CHA/1C/WWR Urban Scout RA
CHA/7LED/WWR Forest Scout LL
OE/1p/SENT Marine RA
OE/AP/Poison Urban Scout RA
UNY/1P/CAV Sturdy Combat LA
UNY/7LED/15B Heavy Metal CP
UNY/1I Sturdy Leather LA
UNY/AP Urban Scout CP
UNY/AP Forest Scout CP
UNY/AP Forest Scout LA


Buffoon Mask
Deathclaw Mask x3
Raven Mask
Winter Man Mask x2
Pink Asylum Dress (+Hat)
Forest Asylum Dress


Plan: Bear Arm (1)
Plan: Boxing Glove Lead Lining (1)
Plan: Meat Tenderizer (3)
Plan: Pepper Shaker (2)
Plan: Sledgehammer Heavy Sharp Rocket (1)
Plan: The Fixer (6)


100 Leader Bobbleheads
Stimpak (10000)
Super Stimpak (2500)


UNY/AP/WWR Scout Left Arm
Q2525 Fixer
QE25 Fixer
BE25 Radium
QE25 Radium
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2023.06.03 19:36 Accomplished-Media Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) vs Anton Chirguh (No Country For Old Men)

For all four fights, Tony, the Soprano crime family, and Anton have no knowledge about their opponent.
Round 1: fight takes place in a New Jersey Bar, fists only
Round 2: fight takes place at an empty construction site in El Paso, Texas. Weapons only. Construction machines can be used as defensive barriers.
Round 3: The Soprano mafia visits Las Vegas and Christopher happens to come across some money in a dumpster. He brings it back to the Soprano family but this money was owned by a rival gang, whom they tried to dispose of, and Anton is then tasked with recovering that money. How does it play out?
Round 4: Anton is holding Carmela, AJ, and Meadow hostage at the Soprano house. They are gagged and tied up. Anton calls Tony to let him know of the scenario and he hears Meadow crying on the phone. Tony is enraged. How does it play out?
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2023.06.03 19:34 RooseveltMex Ballpark Digest: Legislators debate new Las Vegas ballpark; Sacramento to host A’s?

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2023.06.03 19:33 michaelhua- Understanding Pedestrian Accidents: How a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help

Pedestrian accidents can have devastating consequences, resulting in severe injuries or even fatalities. When such accidents occur, it’s essential for victims to seek legal representation to protect their rights and pursue compensation for their injuries. In this article, we will explore the role of a pedestrian accident lawyer and the importance of hiring one. We will also discuss common causes of pedestrian accidents and highlight the expertise of the best pedestrian accident attorney in Las Vegas.
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2023.06.03 19:33 Suburbking Which smoke wagin to try?

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2023.06.03 19:30 RichKatz Keith Urban - "Blue Ain't Your Color" (Las Vegas)

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2023.06.03 19:14 Baky34_ Mi mejor amigo y yo ya cruzamos la línea P2

Creo que me faltó explicar unas cosas, gracias a las personas que me aconsejaron y me hicieron dar cuenta de que sí estoy viviendo una historia bonita, besos. 1ro.Bueno, cuando nos conocimos por mi parte existía una atracción que él me generaba, me llamó la atención, en ese momento nos conocíamos poco y fue cuando él me dijo por un mensaje de WhatsApp "te parece si nos vamos juntos para así conocernos mejor?" Acepté feliz y llegando el día ví como él se fué con su grupo de amigos del cual yo aún no formaba parte, me fui un poco molesta y en la tarde no me dijo nada hasta que yo le envié el mensaje diciendo que me había quedado esperándolo, pidió disculpas y no nos hablamos por 2 semanas, para mí cosas como esas hacen que pierda el interés en alguien, en esas dos semanas noté que cuando uno de los dos llegaba a la facultad cruzamos miradas pero no nos hablamos, después me pidió disculpas e hicimos las pases. 2do. Ambos a finales de primer año cada uno empezó una relación con otra persona, nos contábamos todo y fuimos contándonos lo felices que éramos en se momento, a inicios de segundo año fue cuando ambos terminamos nuestras relaciones casi al mismo tiempo y estuvimos el uno para el otro en ese momento, cof cof cuando teníamos parejas no éramos cariñosos. Ambos pasamos por esas relaciones como las que nos decepcionaron y falta de responsabilidad afectiva.3ro. Ya hablamos indirectamente de cómo somos con las relaciones y lo buscamos, él mencionaba que cuando yo consiguiera pareja sería cuando los perderíamos... Y por qué cuando yo consiga pareja?? Pues porqué él mencionó que no quiere enamorarse, después de su última relación el conoció diferentes chicas que le decepcionaron y pasando el tiempo ambos conectamos inmediatamente y soy la única chica con la que conecto así, a la que le tienes altas espectativas, según lo que yo entendí es que él quiere que yo esté ahí pero aún tiene el miedo a enamorarse. Quiero hablar sobre esto, es algo común que tengamos charlas profundas pero aún no encuentro las palabras. Ideas¿? 4to. Después de que lo hicimos yo tenía el pequeño temor de que él se haya avergonzado o me diga que fué un error, pero fue gracioso pues nos reímos de lo que pasó, veía su cara de felicidad y le preguntaba el porqué y me respondía "es que no me creo que paso, me siento en paz, estoy feliz" y cosas por el estilo, se sentía bonito. Para ser sincera quiero ver qué saldrá de esto, quiero saber cuál es su perspectiva de esto... Sabemos que llegamos a cruzar una línea que debía de haberse marcado desde hace ya tiempo, 5to. Desde un inicio, cuando empezamos a ser cariñosos él mismo me lo dijo desde un inicio "conectamos muy rápido ", "nos complementamos", "te necesito ", "no soy así de cariñoso con nadie, ni lo fui con mis exs" Son cosas que me gustan y me parece tierno, pero quiero saber si podemos llegar a ser algo más.
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