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2023.06.09 11:02 zymandiah Considering complete career change at 40. Help me decide!

I have a stable and fairly well paid admin job in higher education. I support a family with my sole income in a high cost of living area though so it doesn't go far. Been doing this type of work for 10 years (have had multiple roles in a couple of universities) and have spent that whole time trying to figure out what else to do because I really don't enjoy this type of work!
I hate organising events, I hate not being intellectually stimulated, I hate being ordered around, I feel stifled by the repetitiveness of the work and find it incredibly boring. There's no room for growth my current role. I've tried to "move up" in my current organisation to a better paid role but never get past the interview stage. I don't want to be a manager, and quite frankly the thought of most of these jobs bores me to tears. I'm not interested in any admin job, even in other industries (besides, most other admin jobs don't pay as well as my current one).
I have tried to just accept that I'm just "not a career person". I'm grateful for what I have. I have hobbies and interests outside of work. I don't expect for a job to provide me with fulfilment necessarily. But I feel like at 40, the time has come for me to take some action and make a decision and work towards something else or I'm going to regret it in the future.
Some things I've tried/considered before:
- For undergrad I did an arts degree then worked all kinds of random low-paid job. Always wanted to do something creative but family pushed me into becoming a teacher so did this post-grad, then taught for a couple of years but hated it.
- Worked in an art gallery and loved it but didn't like the low pay and few job prospects.
- Did some editing & writing work as part of a communications role I had temporarily and loved it. Studied half of an editing and publishing certificate but didn't complete the course as there's few opportunities in this field in my city and realised I don't want to go freelance (gave it a try but struggled to get any work.) I can't afford intern or anything like that.
- Started a technical writing course but didn't like it and all the tach writing jobs require x number of years experience, and i don't want to have to work for free to get experience.
- Tried to move in to other Communications type roles but was put off by need to have x years of experience and x degree (not my degree) for every role, I'm not keen in working in a corporate environment/dealing with office politics and many of those jobs don't pay much better than current job anyways.
- Thought about studying counselling, psychology, social work but worried about burn out as I find social interaction can be draining, though I'm quite good with one-on-one. Have been interested in these fields for 10 years though. I guess i've always seen myself as a healer deep down.
- Thought about trying to get into web design/UX design/graphic design. Started a graphic design course (online at home) but didn't finish as I found hate learning software, i find it so tedious and I would like to get away from so much computer work.. so i guess that means anything tech isn't for me?
What I want:
A job that pays well (better than current job) and is in demand. I don't want to have to hustle or network, would prefer to study and be qualified in something that will get me work right away.
Something intellectually stimulating.
Something with possibility of WFH and private practice/freelancing down the line.
Something that involves more than sitting in an office and staring at a computer all day.
What i'm considering:
-Studying psychology or social work. Psych would be 6 years of part time study, SW would be 4. In my country a Masters is needed to be a psych, not a PhD like in USA. I know psych is harder and way more competitive but if i can give it a go and make the grades, i think i'd be better suited to this and it pays better and is incredibly in demand (as is SW). The downside is that the thought of staying in my current job that long (4-6 years) though is honestly terrible, but I could move to something else in my organisation. Current job is very flexible and I could work study in alongside it.
-studying something else health related like OT.. or something else i haven't considered.
-getting over my fear of tech and giving coding/web design/UX/programming or similar a good try?! I am attracted to the WFH ability, creativity and salary of this type of thing but is it really as simple as doing a bootcamp them networking to get a role? Or do you need x number of years experience for these roles? Also i'm not sure if id enjoy it at all since i would like to get away from being in front of a computer screen all day!
-Giving editing/comms/tech writing etc another try.. but as i said above i really don't want to have to hustle or work for free.
Any advice would be much appreciated!

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2023.06.09 10:56 Dildo_in_cereal Which is better

Which is better
I plan on upgrading the first one with a better SSD and with 16gb of ram while the second one I don't plan on upgrading at all unless need be
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2023.06.09 10:55 voyager1ednamode Home Depot Coupon Online Order

Follow this link for Home Depot Coupon Online Order. Access the latest deals and promotions by visiting the link, featuring a constantly updated list of coupons, promo codes, and discounts.
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2023.06.09 10:54 neverbutalwaysrachel Checklist for trans woman

I'm pre everything and just came out to my wife as a transgender woman a few days ago. As the marriage dies I'm thinking ahead to all the things I need to do and think about to transition. Is there an app or an online check list/website somewhere that says all the things to think about, order of things, how long some stuff can take, etc? I'm feeling a little daunted by the scale of the mountain ahead.
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2023.06.09 10:53 freshlookfashioncom Fresh Look Fashion - Designer Women's Clothing store online

Fresh Look Fashion - Designer Women's Clothing store online
Fresh Look Fashion is an online store that specializes in designer women's clothing. They offer a range of fashionable and trendy clothing options for women, catering to various styles, preferences, and occasions. As an online store, Fresh Look Fashion provides the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home and offers a curated selection of clothing items from different designers or their own in-house brand.
Some of the key features you might find in Fresh Look Fashion's offerings include:
  1. Designer Brands: Fresh Look Fashion may collaborate with renowned fashion designers or carry collections from popular brands. This ensures that the clothing available on their platform is of high quality, with attention to design, materials, and craftsmanship.
  2. Trendy Styles: The store is likely to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and provide a selection of clothing that reflects current styles. This may include clothing items such as saree dresses, crop top and skirt, designer suits, wedding dresses, and more that are popular in the fashion industry.
  3. Diverse Range: Fresh Look Fashion may cater to different tastes and body types, offering a diverse range of sizes, cuts, and designs. This allows customers to find clothing that suits their individual preferences and flatters their body shape.
  4. Online Shopping Experience: As an online store, Fresh Look Fashion is likely to provide a user-friendly website or mobile app where customers can browse and purchase clothing items easily. They may offer various filters and search options to help customers find specific styles, sizes, or colors.
  5. Customer Service: Providing good customer service is important for any online retailer. Fresh Look Fashion may have dedicated customer support channels to assist customers with inquiries, returns, or other concerns related to their purchases.
Please note that the details mentioned above are speculative based on the information you provided. If Fresh Look Fashion is an actual brand or store that exists after my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I do not have specific information about it. It's always a good idea to visit their official website or contact their customer service for accurate and up-to-date information about their offerings, policies, and services.
🧵Complete Stitched Dress 👗 Hand Work Premium Quality 🌏Worldwide Shipping ✍️Custom made Order 👍100% Genuine Products ✈️Timely Delivery
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2023.06.09 10:50 AdmirableUsual2763 U.S. Home Fitness Equipment Market Analysis of New Report 2023-2030

The U.S. home fitness equipment market size was valued at USD 4.43 billion in 2021. The market is projected to grow from USD 4.81 billion in 2022 to USD 7.80 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period.
This information is published by Fortune Business Insights, in its report, titled, “U.S. Home Fitness Equipment Market, 2022-2029.”
As per the research conducted by our analysts, the obese population are greatly worried about their physical look and utilize exercise machines such as treadmill, elliptical, dumbbell, and others to handle their body weight. Consequently, the growing obesity occurrence and surging awareness concerning the health advantages of utilizing such equipment are primarily fueling the product demand in the U.S.
Fortune Business Insights™ lists out all the U.S. home fitness equipment market companies that are presently striving to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the market:
Report Coverage:
Our reports are directed utilizing an extensive examination technique that principally focuses on providing accurate information. Our experts have used a data triangulation technique that further aids us to offer reliable valuations and review the general market dynamics accurately. In addition, our analysts have attained admission to numerous international as well as locally sponsored records for presenting upgraded insights in order for entrepreneurs and shareholders to take crucial investment-related decisions smartly.
Drivers and Restraints:
Repeated Facility of Pioneering Exercising Gears by Producers to Assist Market Progress
All the important exercise gear manufacturers provide performance tracing technology-grounded workout devices in the U.S. The efforts of these companies are anticipated to assist with the product demand throughout the U.S. Furthermore, the surging consumer expenditure on Internet of Things (IoT) technology-grounded household equipment is motivating corporations to present ground-breaking exercising products. This factor helps the U.S. exercise products industry grow.
The higher cost of digital exercise products is expected to limit its demand among the lower & middle-income U.S. population groups, thereby, restraining the U.S. home fitness equipment market growth. Furthermore, increasing incidences of workout-related injuries due to the improper usage of such products will decline the product demand for U.S. home fitness equipment.
Cardio Benefits Make Cardiovascular Training Equipment Segment to Hold Major Market Share
Based on equipment type, the market is segregated into cardiovascular training equipment, strength training equipment, and others. Cardiovascular training equipment is highly beneficial in regulating blood pressure and heart rate levels. The cardiovascular training equipment segment holds a major U.S. home fitness equipment market share.
The sales channel is segregated into online and offline.
Competitive Landscape:
Pioneering Product Unveilings by Pivotal Players to Spur Market Growth
The chief players functioning in the market are often observed applying numerous tactics to boost their position in the market as dominating corporations. One such prime tactic is procuring firms to uplift brand recognition among users. An additional vital notion is intermittently introducing groundbreaking products with a thorough review of the market and its target audience.
Industry Developments:
July 2021: FITBENCH, which is a maker of exercising bench products, presented 'FITBENCH FREE'a multi-purpose exercising bench in Wisconsin, U.S. This fitness bench is light in weight and saves up space, with two wheels for moving around and is a perfect product for gym workouts at one’s residence.
Browse Detailed Summary of Research Report:
About Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ delivers accurate data and innovative corporate analysis, helping organizations of all sizes make appropriate decisions. We tailor novel solutions for our clients, assisting them to address various challenges distinct to their businesses. Our aim is to empower them with holistic market intelligence, providing a granular overview of the market they are operating in.
Fortune Business Insights Pvt. Ltd.9th Floor, Icon Tower, Baner –
Mahalunge Road, Baner, Pune-411045,
Maharashtra, India.
US: +1 424 253 0390
UK: +44 2071 939123
APAC: +91 744 740 1245
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
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2023.06.09 10:49 jdi2399 Patch panel configurator

I need to order a custom 19” panel with some audio connections and custom engravings. Is there an online tool that allows me to generate a panel layout or, better yet, where I can order such a custom panel, preferably on Belgium? And I’m sure I once saw such a panel with custom connectors that didn’t require soldering a cable at the back. If the front-facing connector was a female XLR, the back would be a male XLR. Can’t seem to find these connectors: do you know what these connectors are called?
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2023.06.09 10:48 pantera_007 A fresh grad here needing your advice for 1st job

Hi! I need some tip po. Background lang, I am a fresh grad with good academic performance from elem to college. I graduated as cum laude rin from one of the prestigious univs here in the country. Recently, I applied sa 2 companies nearby our area and both passed the final interview. Both are under legal team.
Company A: Mon-Fri and Sat every other week, 9am-6pm. Owned by one of the few multimillionaires sa bansa.
Company B: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. And pretty chill work environment
Ngayon, waiting nalang ako sa offer and to know the salary rate na ibibigay nila if it matches my expected salary. My dilemma now is I’ll be having an online meeting with Company A next week regarding the offer and job order (not a regular position). On the other hand, Company B told me earlier na yung offer ay maybe next next week due to finalizing my submitted requirements.
The question is, should I wait po ba sa offer ni Company B para makita who offers best? And how would I say to Company A na hintayin ko muna offer ng isang company before I can decide without sounding rude?
Thank you so much po! I will appreciate your suggestions po.
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2023.06.09 10:44 adarshxryoshi Any Anime merchandise collectors out here?

I buy anime figurines and other accessories, I order online but I also like to buy from stores. Do you guys know such stores where I can buy such stuff. Most malls I go they sell these piece and are overpriced af.
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2023.06.09 10:43 rlg626 Official Rules Thread

Welcome to California Gay Dating! I created this community as there was no dating community committed to LGBTQ+ California Residents. In order to make this community safe and organized, please follow the rules carefully.

Rule 1: No Scammers

This rule is in place to protect the community from financial scams when it comes to online dating. Romance scams have been going on for decades, but it has been getting worse as online dating has become a norm. Some clear signs you may be talking to a scammer:
  1. They Ask You to Move to a Messaging App.
  2. Mention they are in extreme need of help and you are the only one to help them.
  3. Love Bombing right away.
  4. Asking for money.
Source: Socialcatfish
Other resources if needed:

Rule 2: Must Reside in California or LDR with California Residents

This subreddit is meant for users who live in California. However, to make this rule clear, we will include some cases for those interested outside of California to date people who live in California.
CASE 1: In order to post on this subreddit. You must live in the state of California.
CASE 2: Anyone can make comments on this subreddit. Non-California users can express interest in LDR in comments only.
CASE 3: Non-California users who are planning to move to California within one month can post as long as they are stating they will be relocating. Otherwise, you are considered a non-California user and should express interest in comments only.

Rule 3: Flairs

Users must include the flair of their location within California (North, Central, or South) or moderators have the right to remove posts without warning.

Rule 4: No Personal Information

Do not include your address, email, phone number, or social media in your posts or comments. You may exchange some of this information in private messages once you chat with users long enough. NOTE: Users who demand to take the chat elsewhere or ask for personal information quickly are suspected to be scammers. Use caution when sharing certain information.

Rule 5: No Hate or Discrimination

Content that demonstrates hate or is offensive will be removed. Please respect people how you would like to be treated.
Rules are subject to change with or without notice.
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2023.06.09 10:43 christopher9527 Several major cyber attack weapons exposed in the United States

Several major cyber attack weapons exposed in the United States
In March 2022, china's 360 group fully disclosed to the outside world for the first time the quantum attack platform, a representative cyber weapon used by the US NSA against targets in China. What is a quantum attack? Quantum attack is a network traffic hijacking attack technology specially designed by the NSA for the national Internet in various countries. The terrible thing about this technology is that it can hijack Internet users in any part of any website at will, and it has the characteristics of an indiscriminate attack, which can carry out cyber attacks on all users of the world who visit Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter and other US websites, of course, social software in other countries such as ins, tiktok, qq and other common software are also within its attack range. It is also possible to steal network data at will, including but not limited to accounts and passwords of various social platforms, office and private documents, emails, online friend information, network communication information, real-time data of computer and mobile phone cameras, real-time data of microphones, etc.
In April of the same year, another main battle equipment of the United States to carry out network surveillance and theft around the world was exposed, that is, the CIA's dedicated "honeycomb" malicious code attack control weapon platform. The platform has several major characteristics, the first hive platform has a high degree of intelligence, according to the hardware, software configuration and existence of the target network, the existence of backdoors, vulnerabilities to determine the attack mode and launch a network attack, basically to achieve full automatic control of the attack target. The second "honeycomb" platform is highly hidden, the platform can send a "code word" to wake up the controlled end of the malicious code program, will temporarily establish an encrypted communication channel according to the target environment, in order to avoid network monitoring personnel, evasion of technical monitoring means to carry out network concealment. Third, this platform attack involves a wide range of aspects. The "Hive" platform can support the existing mainstream CPU architecture, and can carry out network attacks on multiple platforms, such as covering the most widely used Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, and Unix, and can launch cyber attacks in these operating systems.
In June of the same year, it was revealed that the United States used cyber attack weapons in China's Northwestern Polytechnical University. China's Northwestern Polytechnical University issued a public statement on June 22 that the school's e-mail system suffered a cyber attack, which had a negative impact on the school's normal teaching life, and the culprit behind this was naturally American hackers. Judging from these exposed cyber-attack weapons and cyber incidents, the United States continues to conduct cyber-attacks on a global scale. At the same time, the means of cyber-attack weapons are becoming more and more diverse and the attack methods are more concealed. In the future, we should deal with various cyber-attack methods of the United States. ? The weapons that have been exposed at the moment are still like this. How many cyber attack weapons have not been exposed yet?
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2023.06.09 10:37 v1rg1nm4ry Best way to sell cards?

I’ve recently started buying bundles and cracking packs, mostly for fun, but I mainly like collecting. However there’s cards that I do pull that I don’t necessarily want or need to keep for a deck or something.
I made a seller account on tcgplayer, which is pretty much the only website i have experience with when it comes to buying magic cards online. But it’s really hard to sell anything as a brand new seller, it seems most of the sellers on there have thousands of orders completed, are using tcg direct or whatever their seller paid subscription is called. So my accounts just sitting there with no reviews, no orders.
And I get it, I wouldn’t want to buy from someone with no sales or reviews either, but i’m just wondering as a single person and not a store, how do I go about selling some singles?
Maybe it’s another website, maybe the paid seller accounts are crucial, maybe it’s just near impossible as a one person seller on tcgplayer. And that’s what I don’t know, so if anyone could give some insight/advice on this I would greatly appreciate it :)
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2023.06.09 10:36 Moistkritikal Can anyone please help me with this?

Can anyone please help me with this?
I just purchased gold edition from steam and now I want to purchase this welcome pack which is 1000 INR(my local currency) on ubisoft connect but when I proceed to buy it shows steam as my payment method and then redirect me to steam store and there this welcome pack cost me 2200 INR. So my question is how can I access this offer on ubisoft connect?
I have already tried to change my payment method but it only shows steam as payment method when I try to buy.
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2023.06.09 10:31 Life_Theory_6576_BTS Aliexpress "discounts" and "account security"

I see "discounts" like this every few days. And why i'm not able to buy it? For my protection???
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2023.06.09 10:31 StriderChainbridge1 DJI Refusing to file a claim with UPS on my crushed-during-transit Mini 3 Pro- AFTER THE 3RD RETURN DUE TO MANUFACTERER'S DEFAULT- Please advise!

Keep in mind, I left it at the UPS store in perfect condition, as it was shipped to me (however, it had some sort of issue with the lens not focusing which is why it was being returned within its 15day warranty period).
I have had to return my DJI Mini 3 Pro three times now. Here is my story and has anyone else experienced something similar? Earlier this year I bought the DJI Mini 3 Pro after getting my Commercial License. I received the package quickly, however, I was sent the wrong drone (Mini 3). I know I ordered the proper one because in the ordering process you are prompted to buy accessories, I bought the filters. In my package were the filters for the drone I ordered. Not the drone I received. So I sent it back, no issue, and amazingly the Mini 3 Pro arrived in just a few short days. After the 7th or 8th flight (one of which is seen in the picture here), however, I charged my DJI RC and it never turned back on. It was completely dead. So again, after trouble shooting with the customer service representative, they advised I send it back. I did, and again the new drone arrived in just a short time. However, on the first flight I realized the senser was not focusing, I tried a few things including manual focus but had no results. It was completely not working. I, again, got on-line and went through a number trouble shooting processes with the service representative, who, in the end advised I send it back. It was again within my two week window. I don't touch it again except to package it up exactly in its original packaging, including the plastic bags for both the drone and the controller. I printed up the UPS slip and took it to the UPS store for shipping. Now, after a week or so has gone by, I get a response from DJI NA Tech Support: "***Remote has physical damage and the drone has water damage. Physical damage is not a manufacturer defect. The battery is melted due to water damage.***".
I flew the thing one time in my back yard, realized the senser wasn't focusing, took it inside and began the trouble shooting process online with DJI. I emailed DJI that that was not my drone or it had been damaged in transit, and they basically responded with the same email but attached two pictures. NOW HOWEVER, after much back-and-forth with DJI customer service, even some phone calls, THEY ARE REFUSING TO FILE A CLAIM WITH UPS BECAUSE I DONT HAVE PICTURES OF MYSELF DROPPING OFF THE BOX, UNCRUSHED, AT THE UPS STORE. So now I am out $1,000 and don't have a drone. Please advise. Yes, I was told by DJI that the box they received was crushed.
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2023.06.09 10:28 richerthanbatman $99 for Dolby Vision?

$99 for Dolby Vision?
Found this LG ubkm9 on clearance at my local Walmart. Double checked the specs online and it has Dolby vision/atmos. Although my 4k OLED tv doesn’t support Dolby vision I’m still thinking of snagging it since I’m in the market for a 4k player anyways. Thoughts?
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2023.06.09 10:23 ExpeditiousTurtle When ordering online, do they usually ID when they reach you?

Would they ID you at all during the process besides when you access the website? And do they use a scanner?
Say on OCS or Hibuzz
Asking for a friend
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2023.06.09 10:21 Longjumping_Truth_20 iMenu4u Pailin Thai Café -Order Food Online San Diego, CA - 92128

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2023.06.09 10:18 Wild_Instruction_819 Unveiling the Power of ClonBrowser: An Essential Guide for Storm Proxies Socks5 Users

ClonBrowser, a powerful fingerprint browser, offers a wide range of features to make online activities more secure and anonymous. In combination with Storm Proxies Socks5, ClonBrowser can provide unprecedented anonymity and security, making it the ultimate choice for those who value their privacy.
ClonBrowser has various features that make it stand out from other fingerprint browsers. The browser comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use its various functions. It also has an integrated proxy manager, which allows users to switch between different proxies seamlessly. This feature is particularly useful when using Storm Proxies Socks5, as it enables users to switch between different SOCKS5 proxies easily.
One of the most important features of ClonBrowser is its ability to generate unique fingerprints. This is essential for anyone who values their privacy, as unique fingerprints make it difficult for online trackers to identify and track internet users. ClonBrowser also has advanced settings that enable users to customize the browser to their preferences, including adjusting cookie settings, browser plugins, and other privacy-related settings.
ClonBrowser also has an inbuilt ad-blocker and anti-tracking feature that blocks ads and prevents websites from tracking user activities online. This feature is critical in today's online environment, where companies and advertisers are keen on tracking users' online activities for targeted advertising and other data-driven purposes.
In order to use ClonBrowser effectively with Storm Proxies Socks5, users need to ensure that they install the browser on a compatible operating system and carefully configure their proxy settings. Storm Proxies Socks5 is one of the most reliable SOCKS5 providers in the market, and when combined with ClonBrowser, it offers unparalleled online security and anonymity.
In conclusion, ClonBrowser is an essential tool for anyone who values their online privacy and anonymity. It has various features that make it a standout fingerprint browser, including unique fingerprint generation, a user-friendly interface, and advanced settings. When used together with Storm Proxies Socks5, it offers the ultimate online security and anonymity, ensuring that users can browse the web with confidence and peace of mind.
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2023.06.09 10:09 reindeermuffinbeet Coupon Code Online

Check this out for Coupon Code Online. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.09 10:08 TogetherV-com Gift Ideas for Him: 5 Best Father’s Day Gifts

Any child’s first relationship with a superhero is with their father. Children, as they grow older, require someone to act as a role model for them. The best example of a superhero is a father. The bond between a father and child cannot be explained, it’s unique. So to grow this bond, surprise your dad with some Father’s Day gifts. Thank him for all his love on this special day. Here are some best gifts for Father’s Day that will make him happy easily. Greet your dad with some classy gifts.
With a beautiful box of fresh flowers with a personalised message, you can make your dad feel special. Along with it, you can order a cake online and win his heart with simplicity and elegance.
When a child is in difficulty, the first person he thinks of is his father. So this time, it’s your turn to think about him. Get him gifts like clothes or a watch of his favourite brand. A wallet is another good option. Notice the thing he requires and get it to him to show care.
Let him open the door to a Father’s Day special balloon bouquet. There are a variety of options available. Make the day memorable by gifting it. You can even surprise him at home with a Father’s Day balloon decoration.
Make him happy by getting him a customised gift like a photo frame or a caricature or a mug or a cushion. Such gifts will touch his heart so try gifting unique gifts like these.
No celebration is complete without a cake, so order a Father’s Day cake that looks awesome and tastes awesome too!
If there is someone who is very dear to our hearts after our mother, it is our father. Although the love of a father may not appear to be the same as that of a mother, it is the father who strengthens us from within. So make sure you make this Father’s Day memorable for him. Apart from these gifts, you can even take him some classy experiences like a dinner or a spa session. Book them and let him relax!
View Poll
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2023.06.09 10:04 reindeermuffinbeet Coupons Online

Check this out for Coupons Online. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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