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2023.06.09 10:07 Mediocre_Camel8620 Urban Exploration Game

Hello, everybody!
This message is addressed to all those passionate about the history of the Jewish community in Eastern Europe (Bucharest, Romania in particular) and to those who want to find out more about the vibrant cultural heritage the Jews left here. :)
I created an urban exploration game on the Questo platform called "Jewish Bucharest: The Hidden Legacy". The game consists of discovering clues and solving puzzles in more or less known places in Bucharest related to important Jewish personalities: architects, philanthropists or religious leaders. I have tried to shed light on many stories and details that are less known but worth discovering and that is why I would be very happy to make the game as popular as possible. :)
If you want to visit Bucharest or know someone from Bucharest interested in such activities, I added the game's link below. (You need to be physically in Bucharest to play it) The game costs 5.99 euro available to anyone who downloads the Questo app.
Thank you very much and have a nice day!
P.S. I don't know the rules of this group very well. I hope this doesn't get me banned for advertising because I don't expect to make too much money from this game. This is just a side project/ hobby I am passionate about. :)
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2023.06.09 10:07 godofstates States

Everything is just a state. Being wanted is just a state. Being loved is just a state. Being in a healthy relationship is just a state. Being in a toxic relationship is also just a state. Being good at this is just a state.
All states are ready for the occupancy. These states are already finished and worked out perfectly. You do not have to lift a finger to make it so, it is so. These state have their own means to be externalised in the world of Ceaser. Everything you now see is an externalisation of your occupied states. The moment you change the state, everything has changed with it. Your past, present and the future. They all consist now in this moment. Nothing has gone or yet to come, it is already here and now. No state is better than the other. They are all equal to the occupant of these states. That is you. Your I AMness.
Being a millionaire is not better than being a begger. They are just different states with different attributes. Both are equally present to be occupied and equally easy to be externalised.
I want something is just a state. I have/am something is also just a state.
The journey is moving from the state of wanting to the state of having and staying there. The staying there part could be difficult if you are easily influenced and allow things to make you fall into the state of wanting therefore externalising more of its contents. That's why Neville says to dare to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. It really is a dare. Knowing how the world is showing up the old way, it takes some courage to go against the seeming real world. But you aren't going against the world, you are overcoming the addiction of the old state and adjusting yourself to the new state. While the old state is trying to stay alive, you will be giving life to the new state giving it a right to be born in your world. Feeding it morning, noon and night like a new born baby who needs its mother's love and care. You are the sole parent of this new state.
Another analogy is that these states are your partner. You are the husband and these state being your beloved wife, you remain faithful and loyal to these new states you desire. Giving it all the love, care, attention and being committed to it. No matter what, you won't go back to your ex state. You broke up for a reason. It wasn't bad but it wasn't what you wanted anymore. And sooner or later you will have a child with this new state in forms of what we call manifestation. A personification of you and your partner state.
All of these states are rightfully yours. You created them for the game you came to play here. You are worthy and deserving of all the states you can be aware of. But you may fall into the state of unworthy or undeserving so be careful.
If you think you are going through something then just know that you have fallen into an undesired state. You are not good, bad or indifferent. You are just in a state. And these states govern your actions, emotions, experiences, the type of people you meet and don't get to meet, how you react and how you see the world.
How to change the state? It's simple.
You'll notice what you are saying within. What you are saying is what your state is. And the good part is that with one change in state, other states in its likeness also changes. It's like new branches take place when the root has been changed.
So change your state by changing your inner dialogues from "I want it" to "I am/have it"
Don't try to control your thoughts though. One state at a time. if you have 100 negative states and you changed 1 state then you don't have 99 other negative states to change, you are simply no longer a person who these other 99 states belonged to.
You may ask what a state is? I don't wanna tell you. I want you to know it and not just read about it. Know it by occupying it. Try it and see the world change within you. The change without is inevitable.
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2023.06.09 10:07 Xennylikescoffee I put my thread down

I set up to finish a project. Thread, fabric, needles. Looking good.
I went into another room because I wanted tea. I come back and the thread wasn't there. It's pretty hard to sew without thread and after 30 minutes of frustration, I give up. I played a game for an hour or so instead.
I go to put away the project and the thread falls out of the fabric. I don't know how I missed it.
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2023.06.09 10:06 pop_neg Backrooms Rec. Trailer

After so many hours of work alone on m'y horror game I have finaly released m'y trailer and m'y steam store page , the game is running on UE5 ,I Hope you'll like It !
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2023.06.09 10:06 SirArevacoso Discussing principles of deck building

Hello everyone!
When building decks (specially for high power casual) I always spend a long time addressing how to "optimize" the list to make them more consistent and enjoyable. Personally, I always build my decks with a given strategy or idea in mind, so they end up composed of: 1. the cards that make the strategy, and 2. other cards that support the strategy. For example, if I make a landfall deck, my ramp cards will be part of my strategy, but in another type of deck (e.g. a tribal), ramp will work as a support for the strategy, allowing to cast the big creatures some turns earlier. The point is, I always have a hard time balancing the cards in the decks without doing an excruciating amount of playtesting and introducing changes until I´m quite satisfied by the deck.
For example, here is a [[Jin-Gitaxias]] deck I built recently giving thought into this (htps:// My idea is to have always 7 cards in hand with lots of card draw to activate Jin´s ability, proliferate or resist until the last trigger resolves and then use the omniscience effect to try to win the game by different means (infinite mana, extra turns, or self mill). It was made with a budget limit of 600€.
So I designed this deck with 43 cards on the "strategy" (15 big spells + 20 card drawers + 6 proliferators + 2 wincons) and 24 cards on the "support" (12 control + 12 ramp), plus 32 lands.
Do you usually give any thought into this? What strategies do you usually use? Got any feedback looking at the ratio from the example?

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2023.06.09 10:06 hybroid Summer Game Fest 2023 Announcements Recap

Following on from the PlayStation Showcase 2023 Recap, here's a handy condensed list of all the announced games and trailers coming to PS5 from today's Summer Game Fest 2023.
Game Release Date Trailer
Alan Wake 2 17 October 2023 YouTube
Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon 2023 YouTube
Baldur's Gate 3 31 August 2023 YouTube
Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden 2023 YouTube
Crash Team Rumble 20 June 2023 YouTube
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Early 2024 YouTube
Fortnite Wilds 09 June 2023 YouTube
Honkai: Star Rail Q4 2023 YouTube
Lies of P 19 September 2023 YouTube
Like a Dragon: Gaiden 09 November 2023 YouTube
Mortal Kombat 1 19 September 2023 YouTube
Path of Exile 2 TBC YouTube
Prince of Persia The Lost Crown 18 January 2024 YouTube
Remnant II 25 July 2023 YouTube
Sand Land TBC YouTube
Sonic Superstars Fall 2023 YouTube
Star Trek Infinite TBC YouTube
Throne and Liberty TBC YouTube
The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria Fall 2023 YouTube
The Talos Principle 2 2023 YouTube
Toxic Commando 2024 YouTube
Under the Waves 29 August 2023 YouTube
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Winter 2023 YouTube
Wayfinder Summer 2023 YouTube
In addition, PlayStation announced Spider-Man 2 releases on 20th October 2023!
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2023.06.09 10:06 coin_cape DarkFrontiers: A Gaming Revolution Unleashed!

Hello there, fellow players! Have you heard of the game Dark Frontiers? Prepare to get your mind blown if you're looking for a gaming experience like no other! DarkFrontiers has emerged as a true game changer, providing an unprecedented degree of inventiveness and immersion that will leave you speechless.

Let's get right into what makes Dark Frontiers so special. This game has shattered our expectations of what is possible in the gaming industry, stretching the boundaries of technology and imagination. DarkFrontiers introduces players to a whole new plane of virtual reality with its breathtaking graphics, realistic physics, and exciting gameplay.
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2023.06.09 10:06 PursuitofClass Gotta love having one of the few cinematics ruined..

Gotta love having one of the few cinematics ruined..
Closing it mid cinematic of course wasn't an option as it kicks you back to character selection.
I love having game series that were built around their campaign get turned into a mobile phone game on desktop, where the few story telling aspects are completely ruined by things like this.
-A very salty player
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2023.06.09 10:06 yotsubatoto My friends think I’m lame whatever I do but I seriously think they are lamer

I (15F) have never vaped, smoked, had a joint etc. I have only drank once or twice and didn’t even get drunk.
My friend group of 5 is alright but two of them have started to be really annoyed with me and whatever I do seems really uncool/dumb to them. All 5 of my friend group have tried or do vape. I, again, have not.
A few days ago they were talking about of fun vaping is and how they vape a lot at the summer camp they are in right now. ”Vaping feels so good”, ”it’s like sex” (💀), ”the flavour is so good wtf”. The other two vaped at the school’s out party last weekend (I wasn’t even invited there lol) but they don’t make a big deal out of it.
Anyway, as they were talking about vaping during the summer camp, I joined the conversation and asked wether I should try vaping once. They went apeshit on me and called me a junkie and told me I’d end up in a ditch somewhere after a week. Then I brought up how they vape and they just said ”wtf”, ”that doesn’t have anything to do with this” ”girl..”
Safe to say I have not wanted to try vaping after that.
But then again when I say no to drugs they say that I’m a narc or lame or a pussy or goody two shoes..!
It’s like whatever I do is so uncool but if they do it it’s all fun and games.
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2023.06.09 10:05 Le_Contemplationista [Friendship] 21M Looking for long term friends

I'm mainly looking for a friendship that can last at least a month but preferably longer. Also, I want to have consistent hangouts, like every week, every 2 week, etc. Please don't DM me if you're not up for this. It's gonna be a long post but I know some of you will like this more and you're precisely the person I'm looking for ;)
I'm interested to know how your life is going and updating each other on our lives. I'm sure that if we both give energy into the conversation, it can turn into something interesting :). I believe I'm a good listener as I've had people open up about their personal issues to me in the past.
Here's what we can do outside of having a convo. Personally, I play video games with Valorant currently being my fav (SEA server). Feel free to recommend me new games to play together as long as it doesnt require money and we are close proximity to avoid high ping. Historically I've liked MOBA (Dota 2) and RPGs (Skyrim and Dragon Nest)
On a more specific hobby, I highly enjoy intellectual stuff, I have a history of loving escape rooms and puzzle-related games, I participated in my school's debate club and debate competition (not looking to own anyone, I prefer a civil discussion guided in scientific principles), and I read A LOT of real-world news and non-fiction that assists my performance in investing in companies. Subjects I find interesting includes economics, politics, and natural sciences in general (physics and stuff).
If your hobby is not here, feel free to recommend me new activities! I'm open to learning new things, given that it doesn't take too much time to learn that thing because of business from work (despite that, I'll try to make time for you even during busy schedule, just have to plan it out first). Finally, even if we can't find anything in common, I'd love to just talk about our lives.
I don't like spending time just watching movies and staying silent, I'm here to spend time with you, not to spend time on an object. If you suggest any activities, I hope it involves some interraction with you.
I like to keep my values simple. I can agree to disagree and let each other have differing opinions while still maintaining respect, the only thing that I need is that we are both self-introspective, respectful, and ground our thinking in reality. I'm not a pure "facts don't care about your feelings guy", rather I think both are important and needs to be respected. If you've read till this far, pls mention "kat" in the chat cause I found some people dont bother to even read.
Thanks for reading to this far. If you're someone that values loyalty, I'm your guy. I'm not here to find the most fun person to be around with or the perfect human being, I won't throw you away just because you've shown some of your imperfections. That whole notion is bullshit. Everyone has imperfections and I'm willing to work it out.
If you're interested, you don't have to write a whole long-ass paragraph (though I'm quite fond of them if you want), just tell me what you think we can do together or if you're looking for a convo, what topic you would like to talk about with a bit of intro on your interest/values. Please at minimum be willing for a VC. Optionally, I wish we can do vid calls but it's non-mandatory.
Any 18+ age is welcome, but I think the upper limit is 30.
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2023.06.09 10:05 bigdadda06 Tip for Xbox Games not launching

I got some Steam Games installed, they seems to launch OK, but two of the Xbox apps wouldn't lunch for me. Just ignored presses on any Play button.
Looking around I noticed the date/time was out, had to manually set it even though region and time zone was right.
as soon as i did that, the games launched.

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2023.06.09 10:05 Lorenzo20037 How to get into collecting rertogames?

Hi everyone.
In a month i'll be going to japan on a quest to build a collection on the original editions of my favourite videogame franchises like the final fantasy, chrono and dragon quest series (jrpgs in general). Since i've played these games on modern hardware or digitally i'm very keen on having the physical copies. I'm also thinking of buying the consoles to play the games on.
My question is this: how should I approach the shops and what is best to have in mind when buying retrogames?
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2023.06.09 10:05 AutoModerator [] ✔️Rob Lennon – Zero to 10k Twitter Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Rob Lennon – Zero to 10k Twitter Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download
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A step-by-step roadmap for how to play the “game”
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A community of growth-focused accounts to join with
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Writing systems to max your productivity
I’ve tested different systems and worked out a version that works for me. I’ll share how I balance using repeatable frameworks with keeping ideas original and fresh.
Tons of live feedback
The basics are easy enough, but executing well still requires a lot of nuance. This course has lots of live feedback and Q&A to make sure your questions are answered.
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2023.06.09 10:05 BobyMadrox Mixed feelings about the end of the campaign.

I don't understand why we got rid of Lilith so easily, for a sort of MMO it felt just too fast. She is on the cover of the game, is probably one of the most appealing characters of the game, has statues all over sanctuaries, and strong influence over the world. But after like what 15-20 years hours, she is dead? and now you have this world that feels like a ghost with statues of her and people talking about her but she is already dead so early, it feels kind of strange. Seemed like she had much more to offer, I wonder why they didn't keep her around like her surviving or throwing a big minion at you but if she escapes, then you have to kill her in some expansions. Now after doing a campaign, the world of sanctuary feels like we are living in the past kinda, which makes it seem strange, a bit disconnected, and sad.
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2023.06.09 10:05 Yagachak Airing of the Grievances to the Survivor gods, demigods, and Jeff

Fair warning, it’s a rant. I’m putting out the Festivus Pole early for this one.
My biggest peeve is all the contrived fake drama. Jeff is fucking annoying now, always going on about how “this moment is so special because X.” It’s the biggest mistake in writing anything: SHOW US, DON’T TELL IT, JEFF AND PRODUCTION TEAM.
We know there are special moments, but I don’t need Jeff the cheerleader shoving it up my ass in every challenge and tribal. Part of the reason that made early survivor so iconic (and the reason the new contestants keep talking about it) is because it was real and raw. Albeit with both good and bad parts, it made for great tv. And the audience was given the opportunity to make their own opinion of it rather than be told, “Wow this is incredible, you must feel incredible, we all just witnessed something incredible beyond the scope of anything incredible ever before.” Jeff inserts stupid metaphor afterward
The way the production team frames challenges and social interactions now is insulting to the intelligence of the audience. And this has led to them creating more twists in the game in an effort to make it less boring. Unfortunately for them, it’s made it more boring. Contestants can essentially pin their game on the twists and not against each other, which defeats the purpose of the complex social mechanics.
Speaking of defeating the purpose of complex social mechanics: The most recent seasons of Survivor also do the thing where, at merge, half of the people are safe at the vote after “earning the merge” through the immunity challenge with random (why random???) teams. This is nonsensical. The point of the merge is that everyone is together, tribal and personal lines are drawn, and everyone is voting for somebody. By taking half the people out of contention, it devalues the merge and the whole complexity of everyones social games beforehand. This is just one example where Survivor gamemaking has taken away a lot of the show’s potential for the shock value of “Wow look at our new twist!” But hey, it can’t be that much of a shock if you’ve already done it and the contestants expect it.
How to fix? Make Jeff a mime. Let the drama play out. Use game twists to highlight and encourage the drama, but not be the root cause of everything in the game. Maybe new season themes (My DMs are open if you need ideas Jeff). Get creative in making challenges and immunities. Good challenges can have a big budget, but they don’t always need it. Let the contestants be themselves- but show it, don’t tell it.
And, for the love of the survivor gods, false idols, and all that is unholy, please don’t make every challenge end in a fucking puzzle. It’s getting silly now that the “physical” aspect of the challenge that precedes the puzzle even exists at all, since it’s not relevant in the least bit to the outcome. Jeff, it’s not a crime to have the physical people show their dominance in physical challenges like the intellectuals do in the intellectual challenges. Believe it or not Jeff, sometimes the pseudo-crucifixion-balancing-pain-endurance challenges are more entertaining than watching the same puzzle from last season being completed.
We need to get down and dirty again, with better, more diverse casts. And by more diverse, I mean diverse in the way people think. New season contestants, despite their differences in race, ethnicity, orientation, gender, etc., all think similarly. Part of it is likely the uncontrollable fact that 44 seasons in, people know the game, and they know it well. Honestly, a whole cast of people that never watched survivor would be fantastic, albeit hard to come by. Or just generally, unpredictable people. Or, many predictable people with a multitude of different mindsets. Or a combination of some sort with a vision. We need more chaos. Alright maybe I’ve gone too far, but you get the point.
Finally, do a proper aftershow. You can announce the results immediately, but do the aftershow later with everyone cleaned up. Let the contestants have some time to process what happened before popping the champagne in the losers’ faces. It’s not a good look. $5 Little Caesars pizza, while delicious after 39 26 days in the jungle, ain’t quite the million bucks is it? Moreover, the contestants can look at what happened behind the scenes and answer better questions from Jeff.
In conclusion, Survivor do I still love you? Yes, it’s unconditional love from me to you. You have many great things about you that I can’t mention in my list of grievances. That would be a conflict of interest. Perhaps another day we can make a list of compliments. But let’s face the music. We can listen to the full Survivor theme since it’s been a while (don’t click that link). Right now we both have some personal growth to do. And that’s okay, we can take it one stepseason at time. But keep in mind that not all viewers have the same level of unconditional love that we have. Amidst everything now, I’d take a Gabon 2: Electric Boogaloo any day. Hell I’d sponsor it.
TLDR: Show, don’t tell. Make Jeff a mime. I love you Survivor
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2023.06.09 10:05 Moltaar1 Games with an "iceberg" narrative/gameplay

I am looking for games that are much more than what they seem at first glance. Either for their gameplay elements (Fez, Tunic, The witness), or for the storytelling (outer wilds, subnautica, Nier: automata).
Do you have any suggestions of such games?
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2023.06.09 10:05 CoolWhistle [20M] [Friendship] Hi! I want to make friends all over the world!

Hi there! I am 20M, have a lot of hobbies, like going to the gym, programming, playing chess, table tennis, watching tv shows (sitcoms), enjoy playing board games. I like traveling, meet new people and exploring new things. I study math at university and I also like it. I like "Friends" and "Office" tv shows and I get along well with people with good sense of humor! I don't use social media, like tik tok or instagram or anything else, because I consider it to be the waste of time. The same goes for video games, but we can definitely play some games online, like battleship or something.
I hope to find an English speaking friend to practice English and have fun! I think I have around B2-C1 level and I speak quite fluently and expect the same, so that we won't get bored ;) I want to find positive people of the same age and find out new things together! Good day to all of you!
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2023.06.09 10:05 Yolterhefalls ThErE Is no teXT liMiT!!?!l!

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2023.06.09 10:05 Affectionate-Cod9 "Stay Ahead of the Game: Embrace the Cutting-Edge Strategies of a Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow!"

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2023.06.09 10:04 ofekk2 One of my mods is not letting me launch the game

Today Payday 2 received a Steam update, but I can't launch it now. I tried to rename WSOC32.dll to WSOC32.dll.old and then the game launched, which means one of my mods is at fault.
My game launched perfectly fine for quite a while now. How can I track the mod that causes this? Is there an easier way than removing every mod I have from the folder one by one?
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2023.06.09 10:04 Ashtro101 A bit concerned

I'm a bit concerned about 2 things:
1- obviously the release window, October is gonna be full of big releases, and Alan Wake is in the thick of it, releasing between two mega IPs; Assassin's Creed Mirage (which looks promising given the direction they are taking with game) and Spider Man 2, one of the most anticipated sequels of the year.
There is also other games releasing in October such as Alone In The Dark, I hope that doesn't impact Alan Wake's performance sales wise.
2- Sam said that you play 50-50 between Alan and Saga, I'm not against the idea, but with the game being called "Alan Wake" I thought there would be more space given for the title hero, it's been 13 years and I would really really love to savor every moment that I have with Alan, and help get the people to know him after all this time.
I would have imagined that the formula Remedy were taking here was gonna be similar to Max Payne 2 (my favorite Remedy game so far), in that game, you play 3 or 4 levels as Mona Sax, Sam said that there will be multiple points where you get to switch between Alan and Saga, so I'm hoping that we get to choose which character we play when these points come up, and not a force switch, but we will see.
Either way, despite my concerns I am Pre ordering the game, very hyped for it and I hope it does well.
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2023.06.09 10:04 gekkohunter Tips for returning player.

Hello everyone. I haven't played nioh for like 2 years and booted up the game and i'm getting my ass kicked. I have left the game at The Dream of Wise Kashin Koji fight and i can't even damage him. I remember getting to his second phase but now i just die. Is there a way to regain my muscle memory or should i just suffer through it? Btw i don't know if my build is good or not but i checked some videos on youtube and people are hitting for like 3k 4k with skills and best i can do with splitstaff skills are 400 500 with multi hits.
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