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2021.10.01 16:14 Anxious_Wishbone_118 Reggient

Is anyone else having problems with Reggienet? Every time I try to log in it says my "My connection is not private"
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2021.06.24 22:36 face1828 Need some help with force.

I have submitted this twice and have gotten half credit which means I am getting 1 part right. Can somebody point me in the right direction with the layout of the equations I am using. I know there is Normal Force working against the sled, and there is no acceleration since it is moving at a constant speed horizontally. I think that is throwing me off a bit. Is the first part just the normal force of 566.8, because adding the force of the horizontal movement of F=MA would be 0 since A is 0? Any help would be appreciated. Two Part Question Pasted Below.
A person is pulled to the right on a sled (total mass of 57.8 kg) across the surface of a frozen pond with a force of 69.5 Newtons so that they move with a constant velocity. What is the force of friction acting on the sled? Choose your coordinate system so that upward, and to the right are each positive values.
69.5 Newtons (Give your answer rounded to one place after the decimal to be in the range ReggieNet counts as correct).
What is the coefficient of kinetic friction? .12 (Give your answer rounded to two places after the decimal to be in the range ReggieNet counts as correct).
Feedback: For this question, consider the situation as a balance of opposing forces. Draw a picture if it helps.
You have gravity pulling downward, a normal force pushing upward, the pulling force horizontally, and friction in the other horizontal direction. Use Newton's 2nd Law: F = ma to solve the problem.
You will have one equation for Newton's 2nd Law in the vertical direction, and a second equation for Newton's 2nd Law in the horizontal direction. Don't forget what constant velocity means for what the acceleration is.
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2021.01.11 17:48 theuofiguy Reggienet Login Issues?

Anyone else experiencing ReggieNet login issues? I'm getting something that says CAS: 500 Internal Server Error.
Edit: NM. They provided an alternative link for now. Got back into ReggieNet.
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2017.04.07 17:57 thatother1guy Reggienet has been updated to include stories!

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2015.08.31 20:11 amishius O ReggieNet

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2015.08.31 02:32 mjhelto Information About Recent Reggienet Issues

Hi, me again. We've seen a lot of calls and contacts, from students and faculty alike, pertaining to last weeks outages and instabilities and the lingering affects of those issues. I'm going to address some of them here in hopes you all might disseminate them to your classmates and faculty members who may not be aware:
Investigation is continuing, I believe, but originally there was an issue pertaining to the swap file of a server. That led to the database not being able to be updated and everyone's courses being dropped as a result. Following that was a critical hardware failure which caused the outages felt later in the day/week. Hell of a way to start off the semester, huh?
Outage Maintenance Page
If you're still receiving the Reggienet Maintenance page then try an alternative browser. If that works then please try clearing your cache/cookies in the default browser. You can find information about how to do this at our website by searching our Knowledge Base.
Persistent Issues
Some issues we're experiencing currently are 404 errors. A workaround was sent to faculty members today (8/30) around 1pm that talked about how they could resolve the issue. The problem stems from content updates that were made during the outages/instabilities. The content of most courses during this time was lost or corrupt.
Faculty were informed in the aforementioned e-mail that they could resolve this by simply removing the content that was changed or added to Reggienet during the service issues and that should resolve the problem. The exact workaround was:
A few instructors and students have reported missing data or broken hyperlinks. We believe these relate to files that were uploaded or changed during periods of system instability, especially on Wednesday, August 26, and Friday, August 28.
We encourage you and your students to make sure any assignments or other materials uploaded during that time are still intact. We believe this issue has affected a limited number of users, but if you discover that data is missing, you or your students will need to upload files again.
How to Help
The thing that would help us out the most right now is patience. We understand that no one is happy when outages happen and Reggienet has had its fair share this year. The one beacon of hope in all this is that our Reggienet support team has done a fantastic job of catching these issues as soon as they occur and reacting as quickly as they can. That team contains some of the most brilliant, empathetic staff you'll ever only know from their e-mail signatures. Reggienet is theirs and they take great pride in it, working diligently to ensure faculty and students have a stable tool. It isn't always possible, unfortunately.
Thank you for reading and here's to hoping the semester bumps got worked out early and it'll be smooth sailing from here to the end!
Matt Helton
Technology Support Center
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2015.05.12 15:16 jsmallz When do grades release?

When do grades release? And does anyone know if they are released on Reggienet?
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2015.05.09 05:58 Hobothug TIFU Graduation

So, today and tomorrow are the commencement ceremonies for all seniors graduating in Spring and August of this year.
After four years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, I made it! I accrued enough credits, applied for graduation, ordered my cap and gown, and got hella drunk after finals to celebrate.
So anyway, a few of the schools graduated today, and a few schools (mine included) graduate tomorrow. My roommate went to her commencement ceremony tonight, and came back, bringing the big commencement ceremony book with her; the one that lists all the names of who's graduating in it.
So, I flipped through it, and couldn't find my name.
So, I panicked a little bit, and went to graduation services on Reggienet. Apparently, I applied for FALL GRADUATION. NOT SPRING.
My whole extended family is coming down here tomorrow for the commencement ceremony, we have reservations at a restaurant and everything; and just ugh.
So, I called and left panicked voicemails with at least two different people at graduation services, and sent a panicked e-mail, and I'm going to get up early and haul myself over to the deans office and see if anyone can help me; but just omg. Omg.
My mother is going to kill me.
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