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2013.03.28 17:23 indianajane88 The Element of Freedom

"While other nations possess royalty and are run by monarchies, the Air Nomads were led by the senior monks and nuns of the air temples.Due to the peaceful teachings of their leaders, the nature of the people was calm and tranquil." -Avatar wiki

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2023.05.28 18:08 Cute-Priority-585 Week of my test, advice

I had a test last year and failed with one major and 3 minors, that major was just where nerves got the best of me and it’s something I’ve never done during lessons, so it was frustrating but I took it in my stride as experience.
I have a test on Friday the 2nd at 9:07am, I have been having recap lessons and feel fairly confident however my last lesson I felt nervous as I was thinking about the test and I kept messing up.
Anyone have advice for how to calm my nerves and keep a level head come test day? Or things I should do this week to calm down?
Thank you
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2023.05.28 18:08 SvenMorrison Quick story

I work at a restaurant/cafe and a few days ago I took a call in order over the phone. The name he gave me was John with a normal breakfast sandwhich order. Usually after taking a call in, the system will print a ticket with the order and I’ll give it to the chef, but it was a rush, so I moved on to help make someone else’s food. I turn back around and the ticket is gone/didn’t print. Open the system to see what happened and there is no call in under the name John. Wondering if I deleted the order instead of saving it I double checked that the chef didn’t have a ticket, which he didn’t. After investigating for only like 15 seconds, an online order (looks noticeably different than a call in on the ticket) prints, under the name John, with the exact same order. No clue how it happened. For an online you need to pay up front, whereas for a call in the customer pays at the register when they pick up, and I don’t take payment over the phone. I have no idea how it happened and it’s been bugging me for days
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2023.05.28 18:08 Unique_Environment47 A Walk Towards Forever

A Walk Towards Forever
Greetings, fellow writers! As a novice in the realm of short stories, I have recently embarked on this creative journey and now present one of my tales for your enjoyment! 💜
Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Brooksville, there were two boys named Ethan and Lucas. They first crossed paths during their first year of college and quickly formed a bond that would forever change their lives.
Ethan, the younger of the two at twenty years old, was a shy and soft-spoken individual. He often found solace in his books and spent his free time exploring the depths of his imagination. On the other hand, Lucas, at the age of twenty-three, was a vibrant and sociable soul, radiating positivity wherever he went. His infectious laughter and boundless energy attracted people like a magnet.
Their friendship blossomed effortlessly. Ethan admired Lucas’s zest for life, while Lucas valued Ethan’s calm and thoughtful nature. Together, they embarked on countless adventures, exploring the city’s hidden gems, sharing laughter, and supporting each other through the ups and downs of college life.
However, behind Ethan’s reserved facade, he carried a heavy secret. Diagnosed with cancer, his prognosis was grim, and he knew he didn’t have much time left. Fear and uncertainty clouded his thoughts, making it increasingly difficult for him to keep his condition a secret from Lucas. Yet, he couldn’t bear the thought of burdening his friend with the weight of his illness.
As the seasons changed, Ethan’s health slowly declined. His energy waned, and he found himself spending more time in hospital rooms than in lecture halls. Lucas, sensing something was amiss, persisted in his efforts to uncover the truth. He knew that something had changed in his friend, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.
One evening, as the setting sun bathed their dorm room in warm hues, Ethan mustered the courage to reveal his secret to Lucas. His heart raced, and his palms grew sweaty as he prepared to lay bare the truth. With trembling words, he confessed his love for Lucas, sick or not, and the depths of his affection that had grown over their time together.
Lucas, stunned by the revelation, remained silent for a moment. Then, a smile slowly spread across his face, lighting up the room like a ray of sunshine. He took Ethan’s hands in his own and reassured him that his illness would never change the bond they shared. Tears welled up in Lucas’s eyes as he declared his love for Ethan, pledging to stand by him through every trial and tribulation.
From that moment forward, their friendship transcended the boundaries of time and space. They forged an unbreakable bond, creating beautiful memories together, knowing that their days together were limited. Lucas became Ethan’s pillar of strength, supporting him through chemotherapy treatments, doctor visits, and moments of despair.
Despite the pain and adversity they faced, Ethan and Lucas cherished every precious moment they had. They laughed in the face of uncertainty, finding joy in the simplest of things. Together, they explored their dreams and aspirations, determined to make the most of the time they had left.
Years later, long after Ethan’s passing, Lucas found solace in their shared memories. He continued to live a life filled with positivity, carrying Ethan’s spirit within him always. Their love had transcended the boundaries of mortality, leaving an indelible mark on Lucas’s heart.
The story of Ethan and Lucas serves as a poignant reminder that love knows no bounds. It shows us that in the face of adversity, the strength of a bond can conquer even the darkest of circumstances. And so, their tale lives on as a testament to the power of love, friendship, and choosing to cherish every precious moment we have with the ones we hold dear.
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2023.05.28 18:07 Chr1s_T1na Get To Know Christina Knight And Her Abstract Tranquility Paintings

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2023.05.28 18:05 Visible-Noise Seeking help/advice: If we don't find a new home for our dog she'll be put down next week.

Hi Tallahassee, I'm looking for some help or advice on what to do here.
My family has 4 dogs in the house who all get along and like each other except for one. Our only female dog does not like the youngest male dog. She gets really anxious around him and that comes out as aggression, barking, snapping, etc.
She's normally a very sweet dog, she likes to sit on the couch with people and be pet and she looks up at you with these adorable and loving eyes. She's quiet and calm most of the time, and has no issues with the other two dogs in the house, she'll share a bed with them for example.
The youngest dog riles her up just through his normal happy-go-lucky behavior (he's part husky).
We've been trying to find a solution to this situation for a couple years now. We've had a couple different dog trainers come through, we worked with one for a while and implemented new ways of training but it hasn't resolved this specific issue. The house has every room and hallway gated off so the dogs can be separated, and she has her own crate which she goes into as well.
None of this has stopped her desire to attack the youngest dog. Most recently, when my dad was moving the dogs from one room to another, she lunged for the youngest dog while my dad was leading her. He tried to pull her back but her collar came off and she started attacking the other dog. She's a medium-large dog and the other is a large dog, my dad is a senior and he had a hard time pulling them apart. She ended up biting my dad in the arm as he was separating them, but he did manage to get them apart. Both dogs were ok with some minor injuries.
My dad has had enough of this constant conflict and is ready to re-home her or bring her back to the shelter. We all agree that she's adoptable due to her normal behavior (if the youngest dog wasn't here, everything would be fine) but because she has a history of aggression, we believe that the shelter will put her down.
We've tried calling and emailing a dozen or so shelters and sanctuaries, but they're all at capacity and not taking on more animals. One several hours from here said they have a year-long waiting list.
My dad is fed up and will take her to the shelter later this week no matter what. My sister and I are trying to figure out what to do. Is there a way she can live through this? Can we find her a home? Help!
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2023.05.28 18:05 dustnnnnnn How to announce pregnancy to brothers.

I have 3 brothers only 1 is married and non have kids. I wanted to just text them to let them know they are going to be uncles. My parents want me to do it in person. We are not like a sentimental family so I fear it will be awkward. My parents arranged dinner tomorrow night and I have no clue how to say it without just blurting it out and being awkward. Anyone else have this or ideas ?
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2023.05.28 18:04 oooooooooooh12 Original post by u/black_icy_paradise

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2023.05.28 18:04 RepresentativeMeet95 TIFU by leaving the door of my bedroom open

Yesterday i was working on an exterior wall of my house and was using the door (backdoor), wich is right beside my bed, to move in and out.
The house is under construction and this door will be indoor in the future when the house is finish, but for now we leave it locked (or so i thought), turns out it wasn't locked and in the middle of the night one man was iluminating me with a phone and he tell me to "stay calm" and the door was open.
Lucky for my the guy was between me and the door, and i spin my legs toward him and i kicked him with all my strenght. When he was out i used my legs to close the door, look for the keys with my wife's help and we locked the door.
Happily nothing else happened, we called the cops who arrived shortly after.
TLDR: i leaved the door of my bedroom unlocked and someone tried to enter in the middle of the night.
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2023.05.28 18:03 WizKidWord Harvest Moon – Chapter 3: The Harvest Begins

Havenbrook awoke to an atmosphere tinged with fear and uncertainty. The disappearance of a local farmer’s son, Ethan, sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community. The town rallied together, desperate to uncover the truth behind these mounting tragedies.
Tom Johnson, the skeptical mechanic, found himself drawn into the mystery that had gripped Havenbrook. Ethan’s father, John, sought his help in deciphering the cryptic clues left behind. Together, they poured over Ethan’s belongings, searching for any semblance of an explanation.
Amidst the belongings, they discovered a worn journal filled with the farmer’s meticulous scrawls. The entries detailed strange encounters with individuals who exhibited an uncanny resemblance to their loved ones. They spoke of an invisible force that seemed to control the town, manipulating the minds of its inhabitants.
Tom’s skepticism began to crumble as he and John delved deeper into Ethan’s findings. It became evident that Havenbrook was not merely plagued by unexplainable phenomena—it was under the grip of an alien presence.
As night fell, Tom led John to a hidden spot deep within the woods—a location discovered through Ethan’s journal. The earth beneath their feet felt charged with a peculiar energy, as if the very ground harbored secrets waiting to be unveiled.
With trembling hands, Tom removed a layer of brush and exposed an entrance to a hidden underground lair—a place of unimaginable horror. The walls were lined with rows of transparent pods, each containing a slumbering figure. It was a chilling sight—a grotesque display of human-like creatures nestled in their cocoon-like enclosures.
The truth crashed down upon them like a tidal wave. Havenbrook had become a harvesting ground, its citizens unwittingly providing sustenance for these alien beings. Tom’s skepticism transformed into righteous fury as he swore to protect his town and save those who remained.
Word spread through Havenbrook, and a sense of urgency filled the air. The townspeople, once skeptical like Tom, began to question the nature of their friends and neighbors. The threat was no longer confined to the shadows—it was hiding within the very fabric of their community.
Sarah, armed with the revelations from the mysterious shack, joined forces with Tom. Together, they exposed the alien presence to those who would listen. But paranoia spread like wildfire, eroding trust among the townspeople. Accusations flew, and lines were drawn between those who believed and those who clung desperately to denial.
As the Harvest Moon loomed on the horizon, casting an ominous glow upon Havenbrook, the fate of the town hung in the balance. The remaining citizens, torn between fear and determination, braced themselves for the impending battle against their hidden adversaries.
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2023.05.28 18:03 dunkan799 5 weeks after extraction my dentist now denied my insurance

So I had a full extraction 5 weeks ago (may 1st) at an oral surgeon that was covered. 2 weeks ago I met back up with my normal dentist and they handed me a bill for $6k for dentures. I was previously told extraction and dentures were covered so now I have no clue what to do (I cannot afford $6k). I am trying to stay calm but I am a bartender so being customer facing has been worse than before. I am starting to feel like I made a horrible mistake. I want to eat pizza again. What do I do?
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2023.05.28 18:02 RedactleUnlimited Redactle #417 Discussion Thread

Discussion thread for Redactle #417.

Play on:
Please refrain from posting any outright spoilers and use >!spoiler tags!< for any hints or clues.
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2023.05.28 18:01 Usirtaken Relaxing Music in a safe comfortable environment

Our mission is to soothe you gently into relaxation !
Music to relax, sleep, meditate, study, read, massage, or sleep. This music is perfect to combat anxiety, stress or insomnia as it facilitates relaxation and helps listeners eliminate bad vibrations. Viewers can also use this music as a background for guided meditation classes or relaxation to sleep. The videos can also be used in working environments to keep works calm during the work day.
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2023.05.28 18:01 rosesbloomy I (34f) am struggling to adjust past the honeymoon phase in my 5 month relationship with my bf (38m). It’s my first LTR

Hi y’all! I’ve been with my bf since January 2023. Everything so far has been absolutely wonderful. He treats me amazingly. I feel like the relationship is so peaceful, calm, kind and fulfilling 🥰 we have lots in common and the same values etc. He even just invited me on a vacation with his family for November 2023 which has now been booked!
We were so taken by each other in the first few months, we saw a lot of each other and we hit milestones such as meeting family/friends, weekend trips away etc sooner than we were used to. We both spoke openly about our concerns about whether we were both moving too fast but it felt right for both of us.
We are now in month five and I feel like that initial honeymoon phase is wearing, especially in the last week or so. Texting is becoming a bit more superficial (texts about how did you sleep, what did you have for dinner, blah blah) and we are finally running out of steam texting (although we texted huge amounts for 5 solid months on top of seeing each other regularly!), we don’t have sex 3 times in a night like the initial days 😂 etc etc
I feel like most of it is on his behalf - he initiates sex less and his texting isn’t quite like it used to be, I’d say he asked me less questions about me on texts and talks more about him.
As somebody who is typically anxiously attached, this is starting to worry me a bit. Should I be worried? I have only previously had relatively short rships previously with abusive partners where there is constant anxiety and drama, so I’m not used to being in a “normal” relationship with the excitement eventually wearing off like this.
We still cannot stop chatting in person, and I fancy the hell out of him every time he walks through the door. Due to me having a slight wage drop at work, and the amount of trips we’ve both taken since we met, we are both really short on $$ now and will be over the summer, so we don’t have anything major to look forward to until vacation in November.
Should I be worried? How do I overcome this? I’m not used to long term relationships! Help ya gal out ✌🏻
TL;DR Is this the honeymoon period fading or should I be concerned? Advice for overcoming it together? Thanks
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2023.05.28 18:00 IrinaSophia Synaxarion of Saint Andrew the Fool-for-Christ (+ 936) (May 28th)

A rich man named Theognostos was serving as a bodyguard in Constantinople under the Emperor Leo the Great (886-912). Among his slaves there was Andrew, a Scythian by birth. He was a calm and kindhearted young man. Theognostos liked him and took care of his education. Andrew frequented the church of God, studied the Scriptures diligently and liked to read the lives of Saints, drawing inspiration especially from the Holy Martyrs. Gradually the desire to devote himself totally to God grew stronger in him and following a sign from above he took upon himself a very difficult and unusual ascetic feat - foolishness for the sake of Christ - that is, he started acting as if he was insane. His zeal often pushed him to endure mockery, humiliation and heavy insults and to take actions that are judged to be unbalanced and eccentric. But he endured the humiliations, comforted by the fact that many times he managed to bring people who were astray to the straight path.
Acting insane, Andrew was brought to the Church of Saint Anastasia the Pharmakolitria, where the insane and possessed were brought to stay for a period of time in order to be miraculously delivered. Saint Anastasia appeared to him in a dream and encouraged him to continue his ascetic feat. So Andrew faked his madness to the extent that he was regarded hopelessly insane and they drove him away from the territory of the church. After that Saint Andrew lived in the streets of the capital going around homeless and half-naked. Most people shunned him, some would mock and beat him up. Even the beggars to whom he gave his last coins would despise him. But Saint Andrew endured all his sufferings humbly, "for the sake of Christ."
Yet Andrew did not always pretend to be insane; talking to his spiritual father or to his disciple - a wealthy young man named Epiphanios - Saint Andrew would remove the mask of folly, and then his divine wisdom and extraordinary spiritual beauty would be revealed. For a life of the deepest humility and spiritual purity, God endowed Saint Andrew with the gifts of discernment and prophecy. Epiphanios learned a lot from his teacher who also predicted that with time Epiphanios would become an Archbishop and a famous preacher. The prophecy came true.
Saint Andrew was found worthy of a vision of the Most Holy Theotokos in the Church of Blachernae of Constantinople. This significant event of her appearance is commemorated during the feast of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos in October. During an all-night vigil Saint Andrew and Epiphanios were praying in the church, when all of a sudden the dome of the church seemed to be opened and Saint Andrew saw the Holy Virgin surrounded by many angels and saints. She was praying and extending her veil over those in prayer. "Do you see the Sovereign Lady of all?" Andrew asked his disciple as if he could not believe his eyes. "I do, holy father and I am in awe," said Epiphanios.
Andrew the Fool for Christ reposed at the age of 66 in the year 936. Immediately the scent of myrrh emitted from his body as his spirit departed. A poor woman who lived nearby smelled the beautiful and incomparable fragrance, so she followed the scent and arrived at the place where the dead body of the Saint was, with myrrh flowing from it. She ran and proclaimed the miracle. Many gathered then, but did not find the holy relic of the Saint. They were amazed, however, by the fragrance of myrrh.
Saint Andrew's biographer is said to be his spiritual father, Nikephoros, a priest of Hagia Sophia, who authored his life as if he lived in the fifth century, which was a common method of hagiographic and apocalyptic writing at the time, though making it difficult to distinguish between truth and fiction. The disciple Epiphanios many scholars agree to be Saint Polyeuktos (Feb. 5), Patriarch of Constantinople from 956-970.
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2023.05.28 18:00 joninio17 [EU] Team LowKi looking for players.

About us Newly formed roster looking to complete with an entry. We are looking to compete in leagues and tourneys in the upcoming months and get open playoffs experience. Requirements - Active Duty map knowledge - strong individualy (no level cap. we will trail you and see) - Calm & likeable personality - Decent at speaking English - Always show up on time
What you can expect from us: - expirienced IGL - 3-5x practice a week - Dedicated players - a schedule - practice server. If you are interested, message me in discord - joninio#4991 steam link-
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2023.05.28 18:00 dfr1238 [(FP-POV Gorou)Fanfiction]38.2 C

Beep—beep—beep—beep beep—
I lifted the thermometer I had placed in her flushed left ear.
Looking at the reading on the thermometer, it showed "38.2 C".
Although a pregnant woman’s body temperature tends to be higher, this was definitely a fever, no doubt about it.
I slowly lowered my hand holding the thermometer, looking at Hoshino-San lying on the couch, I covered my face and recalled this morning.

The usual morning routine, I entered the bathroom for the usual grooming and looked at myself in the mirror.
After coming out, I noticed the mobile phone on the kitchen counter was buzzing with a notification, so I checked it.
I noticed that Hoshino-San had sent me two messages.
I opened the chatroom: "Amamiya-Sensei, I think I have a fever." she messaged—ugh. She sent a sticker—a somewhat chubby white seal looking displeased with a thermometer apparently stuck up its rear—What?
I turned off the phone screen and put it into my pocket. I put on my mask, grabbed the alcohol spray, and rang the doorbell at Hoshino-San's next-door apartment.
After a moment...
…She didn't faint, did she? But then—she opened the door, her face looking somewhat flushed.
"Ah~~Uno you're here~" She—What? "Hoshino-San, are you okay?" I asked.
"Relax! I just feel a little—" she said, waving her hand forward, then her body started to fall forward—"HEY ! HOSHINO-SAN!" I quickly stepped forward to catch her, her head leaning slightly on my shoulder.
"I'll take you to the couch to rest first." I gently assisted her, helping her to lie down on the couch.

Looking at her lying on the couch, she was resting with her eyes closed. Apart from looking exhausted, coughing, and a runny nose, her symptoms didn't seem severe. It's possible that she started feeling unwell on the way home yesterday, and her symptoms worsened during the night, preventing her from sleeping well.
I noticed her constantly adjusting her position, so I went to her bedroom and fetched a blanket and a pillow. I gently lifted her head and put the pillow in a comfortable place for her, and then covered her with the blanket.
"Is there anywhere else you're feeling uncomfortable?" I asked her softly. "Hmm... my... my head hurts a lot." she answered weakly, her face showing discomfort and her hands gripping the blanket tightly.
She couldn't take care of herself in this state, and I couldn't bear to leave her alone. "Hoshino-San, do you feel too cold right now?" I asked her gently.
"Uh... yeah, um... yes..." she answered slowly with her eyes closed. I got up, looked around for the air conditioner remote, found it, and turned up the temperature slightly.
After that, I went to her bathroom, rinsed a plastic washbasin, filled it with seventy percent hot water and thirty percent cold water, soaked a towel in it, and brought it to the living room.
I dipped the towel in the water, then wrung out most of the water. I then gently placed the warm towel on her forehead. Her expression seemed to relax a bit.
I watched her resting quietly.
After a while, I reheated the towel and placed it on her forehead again.
"Hoshino-San, did you do anything yesterday that might have led to catching a cold?" I asked her gently. "Uh... drank too much lemon water?" she answered me.
Uh... dinner last night? If I recall correctly, she didn't drink much.
"I saw you didn't drink much lemon water yesterday, was there anything else?" I asked her gently. "Um... yesterday... I think I took a cold shower." she answered slowly.
"For a long time?" I asked her. "I... don't remember, I think... after dancing yesterday afternoon, I showered until you rang the doorbell?" she slowly—What?
She showered until I rang the doorbell? I had finished a movie before I went to see her!
"Do you only take cold showers, Hoshino-San?" I asked her gently. "Well... at the beginning there was hot water, but later it ran out." she answered slowly.
I got up and gently opened the balcony door. The water heater is the same model as mine, the movie "The Graduate" is about 100 minutes, so this water heater can provide hot water for about 20 minutes, which means... 80 minutes of a cold shower.
No wonder she caught a cold... I heard her coughing from inside.
It seemed that I had no choice today. I walked over to the railing, dialed the hospital, and waited for the call to go through.
"Hello, this is Amamiya Gorou, a gynecologist. I have an emergency to attend to. My neighbor suddenly has a fever and can't take care of herself. She has no one else to look after her. I'm sorry, I need to take a leave of absence." I said. "Understood, Amamiya-Sensei, thank you for informing us. Are you sure your neighbor's condition requires your personal care? Does she need to be taken to the hospital?" the other party asked.
"Yes, I'm worried about her condition. I believe I need to see her myself. I've already assessed her illness. I will observe her condition. If it worsens, I will take her to the hospital immediately." I replied. "We understand your situation, Amamiya-Sensei. How long do you think your leave will last?" they asked. "I estimate I will need a day. I will handle this issue as soon as possible and return to the hospital." I answered.
After some more conversation, I managed to take the leave. I started thinking about what food is good for someone with a cold.

To be honest, aside from catching a cold when I was a child, I don't seem to have much experience with colds. Among the people I know, the one to ask about making a meal for someone with a cold would be...
But I didn't really want to call— I heard coughing from the room.

Sigh. I dialed a number from my contact list, waiting for the other party to pick up.
"Hello, this is the Amamiya residence." the voice on the other side said. "Hey, Grandma, it's me—" She cut me off. "Oh! My dear grandson! How rare of you to call back home! Did you miss Grandma?" she said joyously. "Kind of, but today I wanted to—" She cut me off again. "Gorou, are you bringing your girlfriend home this time? Should I notify the relatives?" She inquired—
Yes, this is precisely why I don't fancy making these phone calls.
"No, no, no, wait a moment! Grandma! Not every time I call it means I'm bringing a girlfriend home, okay!? I have other things to discuss!" I said, burying my face in my hands.
"Well, what could be more important than you bringing back my great-grandson? Gorou, you're nearly thirty now. There are only old folks and adults in our hometown, no children or babies. I'm bored! I wouldn't mind taking care of a child again, after all, I did help raise you!" she started to ramble.
"No, Grandma, aren't you missing several steps here? It's not like once you have a girlfriend, a baby pops out, right? Can't you just let things take their natural course? And today I really didn't call to talk about this!" I answered, feeling helpless.
"So, do you have a girlfriend?" She asked. "...No." I replied.
A moment later.
"Alright then, what did you need today?" she said, sounding a little impatient. "Do you remember what you used to cook for me when I was sick? The kind that made me feel better really quickly?" I asked her.
"I don't recall having any sort of family heirloom elixir. Or are you referring to the usual meals you ate when you were sick?" She asked. "...Yes, the latter. The meals you prepared when I was ill, do you remember them?" I clarified.
"...You don't sound sick to me?" She queried. ", it's not me—" She cut me off. "Who are you cooking for?" She asked, seemingly curious. "Well, my neighbor—" She cut me off.
"Oh!? A girl?" She—what? "Does that matter?" I asked, looking ahead. "Of course, it concerns my great-grandchild." she proclaimed proudly.
"Grandma, please, can you stop fixating on having a great-grandchild?" I said.
After a pause.
"Okay, Gorou, it was lovely chatting with you today. Let's talk again another day. Bye—" I cut her off. "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! HOLD ON, DON'T HANG UP!" I shouted.
I took a deep breath.
"...Yes, she's a girl, are you satisfied now?" I finally answered. "Oh, I thought it might have been a boy. That's a relief." she responded—what?
"Grandma, you're being too pragmatic." I retorted. "This is about my great-grandchild—so when are you bringing her home?" she asked—wait, what?
"Grandma, first, she is my patient, second, we're not that close, and third, she's only sixteen." I responded.
"Gorou, first, so what? Does that matter? Second, you know they say 'familiarity breeds affection'! Third, I gave birth to your mother when I was sixteen." she countered—wait a minute, the third point, what the hell, sixteen? I never knew that.
"Grandma, what do you mean 'does it matter?' She's my patient, I'm an 'OB/GYN'. How do you think the baby in my patient's belly came about?" I told her seriously.
"And so?" She—really?
"Grandma, babies don't just spring from stones, nor do they reproduce asexually." I replied.
"What is reproduce asexually?" She asked.

"Anyway, Grandma! Times have changed. If this were to happen, I would be socially ostracized, seriously!" I told her.
"No worries! Then just wait until she's twenty! I can wait a few more years, no problem!" she said. "No, Grandma, this—wait! Today I really just called for a recipe! She's not feeling well right now, can we talk about this another time?" I asked her.
After a moment.
"Um...alright, rice porridge—add a little ginger, steam some chicken breast and dice it." she answered. "With ginger, right?" I repeated.
"Yes, you could also make her a vegetable soup! Add tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Oh yes, garlic is very important!" she instructed. "Alright, alright, garlic, got it." I echoed.
"I used to stir-fry some broccoli, but softer food is better for someone with a cold." she advised. "Mhm, I'll keep that in mind." I affirmed.
"Oh, our Gorou is finally cooking for a girl! It seems my teachings weren't in vain!" she said, laughing. "Grandma, can you not—" She cut me off.
"I thought that since the family persuaded you to become an OB/GYN, you had lost interest in cooking—"
Right, isn't it?
After the family convinced me to become an OB/GYN, how could they think I was still interested in cooking? I gazed at the blue sky ahead.
"Gorou?" She called. "Yes, Grandma, I hear you. Is that about it? I have to go, she's not feeling well." I told her. "Alright then! Don't forget to come visit Grandma when you're free! Bye!" she said. "Sure, I will, goodbye." I hung up.
I should have just googled it instead of putting myself through this. I looked at the black smoke billowing from the chimney in the distance.
Isn't this what they wanted? Isn't this what I had to do? Isn't this why I switched from being a surgeon to an OB/GYN?
After all, my mother—
I heard coughing from inside the room.
Now's not the time for these thoughts; she needs someone to look after her.
I slid open the balcony door and casually closed it behind me, moving closer to Hoshino-San, who seemed to be asleep on the sofa.
I thought about cooking at my place and bringing the meal over later, so as not to disturb her. After all, I just live next door.
Taking the key placed next to her entrance hall, I locked her door and returned to my place next door.
Back home, I took out the necessary ingredients from the fridge. To make a rice porridge with steamed diced chicken breast, I needed to find my steamer, which, luckily, I found after a brief search.
Taking out the chicken breast... ah, it needs defrosting.
Covering my face, I hadn't considered this. But I decided to use the microwave to thaw it.
I put the frozen chicken breast into the microwave and turned on the defrosting function, but I shortened the microwave time.
After each round of microwaving, I would move and turn the chicken breast. It's a bit of a hassle, but at least it ensures that every part defrosts evenly, to avoid some parts being cooked while others are raw.
Once the chicken breast was fully defrosted, it had a nice, even color—from pink to pale yellow. Despite being frozen, it was still not sticky and retained a certain firmness.
I took a sniff; it had no off-putting smell.
Next, I placed the defrosted chicken breast in the steamer and started to steam it. It should take around 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I planned to prepare a vegetable soup.
I cleaned the carrots, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, and cut them into appropriate sizes. I then grabbed a pan, heated a bit of oil, and started sautéing the garlic and onions until the onions turned semi-transparent.
Next, I added the diced carrots and tomatoes and continued to sauté for a while. A few moments later, I added an appropriate amount of water and covered the pan.
The simmering process also took about 20 minutes. By that time, I could start making the rice porridge. I picked up another pot, washed it clean, and washed a cup of rice as well, then drained the water and added four cups back.
After putting it on the stove, I turned on medium heat and slowly brought the rice to a boil until it softened. This also took about 20 minutes, by which time the porridge became thick. By then, the chicken breast was ready. I took it out and let it cool on a plate while checking on the vegetable soup.
Hmm, the scent of garlic was present but not overpowering.
A moment later, I checked on the rice porridge with a spoon. The grains were distinct but had clearly softened. When I lifted the spoon, a thin strand of white liquid was dragged up.
I diced the cooled chicken breast on a cutting board and added it to the porridge. I also prepared some ginger, grated an appropriate amount into the porridge, and waited for the ingredients to meld together.
The vegetable soup was about ready. I seasoned it with a bit of salt and pepper, then covered the pot and brought it over to Hoshino-San's house. Upon entering, I set it on the kitchen counter. She seemed to be sound asleep.
I returned home and saw that the porridge was almost ready, so I turned the heat down and picked up the frying pan, getting ready to stir-fry some broccoli.
I washed the broccoli and cut it into small pieces, then started stir-frying it in the preheated pan. During the process, I alternated between medium and low heat until the broccoli turned green and began to char slightly.
Recalling my grandmother's advice to make it softer, I added a small amount of water. After covering the pot, I turned the heat to low and let it simmer. I took the opportunity to serve the porridge to Hoshino-San, who seemed to have sensed it even in her sleep. With her eyes closed, she appeared to be smelling something.
After that, I dished out the cauliflower and added a touch of salt before bringing it over.
I took a brief rest on the sofa, picked up a tissue nearby, removed my glasses, and wiped the sweat off my face.
The morning sun was illuminating the entire room, and the wind chime on the balcony outside the glass door was gently chiming as always. The quiet hum of the air conditioning wasn't too loud.
Hoshino-San was still sound asleep on the long sofa to my left — albeit with a faint snoring due to her stuffy nose from a cold.
A little later, I went into the kitchen, picked up a bowl and spoon, lifted the pot lid, and served a bowl of porridge.
"Hoshino-San, can you eat?" I asked slowly, then brought the bowl closer to her.
I initially wanted to help her up, but she seemed to get up automatically at the scent of the food.
I handed her the bowl, and she held the spoon in her right hand with her eyes closed.
She scooped up a spoonful of porridge, then — it brushed past her upper lip.
She paused for a moment, then — this time it almost went into her nose.
"Hoshino-San, let me help you!" I said anxiously, fearing she might burn her nose next.
I scooped up a spoonful of porridge.
She kept her eyes closed, her delicate mouth slowly opening to let my spoon in. Once I put the spoon in, she closed her mouth, swallowed the porridge from the spoon. As I slowly pulled out the spoon, it seemed like she still wanted to keep it in her mouth.
She then swallowed, a smile creeping onto her face with her eyes still closed.
...This is just too cut-
No — no, I'm a doctor. I need to stay calm. She's my patient, and she's only sixteen.
I continued to feed her the remaining porridge.
A while later, I had managed to feed her half the bowl of porridge, and got her to have a few bites of the vegetables and vegetable soup.
She didn't seem to like garlic very much and now, with her eyes still closed, she was sitting on the sofa.
Thinking about it now, although I could take care of her all day, I don't have a car in case we need to rush to the hospital. I should contact her guardian.
"Hoshino-San, could you please..." Before I could finish, she had already laid down on the sofa and continued to sleep.
Alright then.
I helped her pull her feet onto the sofa, made her lie flat, covered her with a blanket, and planned to check her phone for an emergency dial setup to find an emergency contact.
Surprisingly, there was one.
I slid open the glass door, walked out onto the balcony, and made the call.
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2023.05.28 17:59 ChronoMonkeyX Fun facts: Canoness Roswitha

There was a Jeopardy! Masters clue recently:
It's said Roswitha, a 10th century nun, was the 1st known female in this literary profession
(Playwright- no one got it.)
Of course, this caught my attention, so I looked her up and learned she was a Canoness, which was also news to me, since I didn't know it was a real word. I already loved my Roswitha, this makes her even cooler Hrostvitha of Gandersheim
A women's literary award, the Roswitha Prize, in Germany is named after her.
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2023.05.28 17:59 Z_jamBoney Genuine philosophical insights (solipsism)

I find it amazing how cannabis tends to get the philosophical gears going inside. I don't understand how it works (would be grateful if someone could explain).
Most of the cognitive distortions on cannabis tend to be rubbish. But other times, I find the philosophical insights gained to be full of actual value.
Until about a moment ago, I did not even have a clue what the word "solipsism" meant. I saw a meme with Mr. Incredible getting more and more depraved and it was about theories of reality, and there I saw this thing called "solipsism".
Rewind to a few trips ago, I had this realization as I looked in the mirror while being crazy high. That our mind is the only real thing as far as our short life goes. Whatever we experience, be it physical or emotional sensations, it's all a state of mind. Is it all even real? How do you define "real"? It is a thought similar to being inside the matrix but without the simulation mumbo jumbo. The universe is a machine, and our minds let us experience reality, which is all mental. To be fair, nothing else matters because we only get to experience reality through our minds until we die. And then who knows where our consciousness goes. It doesn't even matter arguing about whether the external world and other people are real or illusions. Who cares? I am not going to experience reality through someone else's mind. If something starts from nothing and becomes nothing at the end, is that thing even real? I am speaking about our lives, and in a similar vein, about the universe. Because the universe began 13.8 billion years ago and in time, it'll die. So, was the universe ever even real? Does it matter?
So, cannabis made me think up the philosophical idea of solipsism just like that. Without any background on the subject matter. Isn't that amazing?
TL;DR Basically ended up discovering solipsism on my own with the help of weed. Amazed at how weed lets our minds think up and feel complex philosophical ideas, which isn't remotely possible without it.
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2023.05.28 17:58 Shadow122791 Shadow-Verse: Flashback in the Night

The moans of the zombies seem to draw Blaze into sleep as he looks at Larissa.
A voice in the darkness speaks to him... "It's time." It says.
Suddenly he is falling and images of colorful world's and places flash in the darkness, some clearly, others blurred or missing pieces...
A different feeling envelopes him and everything goes black again...
Then there's light and noise as his memory plays out in the dreamscape.
 Non Hostile Invasion ... ... Heavy footsteps pound the dirt.... "Run... Keep going!" 
Dark energy rips through the air and punches through dead trees.
A female voice answers. "I can't!"
Several blasts rock the petrified forest as a steady drone of demons grows louder and louder by they second.
A younger male voice yells. "They are geTTING CLOSER!"
A large flaming demon rumbles by overhead and impacts the ground.
Earlier that Day...
A week after Velzix is defeated by Shadow things in Hell are almost back to the usual. Mihrab smiles at her King as he kisses her cheek and laughs.
Velzix walks in at the same time. "Is that happy laughter I hear? My king I am disappointed." He says.
Shadow looks at him. "You wanna fighta bout it? Loser has to shut up and not complain anymore." Says Shadow.
Velzix declines as he continues with his report then leaves.
Looking at Mihrab, Shadow says. "Lets go for a walk around the lost zone of Purgatory."
She hugs him. "Its been awhile since we have been there." She says.
Mihrab nods. They both grab their weapons and head out into the woods.
After walking for about an hour they reach the edge of the area where souls are sent when they become corrupted enough to become a demon or monster.
One of the many unknown changes due to Shadow neglecting his duty long ago and not creating new demons on top of other things, eventually losing the full control of the ability as the new system was put in place by God's angels and was acceptable as an alternative. The energy to create being directed more to the Lost planes.
Tho Shadow did recently create a cute little fun loving demon fox named Spark and Mihrab Created the equally adorable and fun loving Ember.
As they walk through the Lost Zone Shadow sees many young demons aimlessly wandering around and some fight as they walk past.
Shadow looks over at a wolf like demon that's smaller than most of the others and stops in his tracks.
"MELIODAR!" He says excitedly.
Meliodar turns to him and sees him but doesn't move.
"Meli-dar!" Mihrab Shouts.
He looks around, then smiles and runs towards them.
Shadow looks at Him. "Where have you been son?" He asks Meliodar.
He looks around and notices the other demons staring at him.
"What is it?" Meliodar asks them and they all look away.
Shadow rejoices over finding their son Meliodar and the demons move away.
Meliodar looks up at his father. "I've been here the whole time. I thought you guys didn't want me anymore so I stayed out here." He says.
Shadow is shocked at his words and looks around again to see the rest of the demons still looking in another direction.
"Why would you think that?" He asks him. "We love you and we missed you."
His son who was conceived on Earth with Mihrab looks up. "Velzix told me, you hated me and that you said to stay out here alone." He says crying.
"He lied! We never wanted to get rid of you. We sent every demon we could to find you. Velzix had this part of Hell to search! That ingrate." He says.
Shadow and Mihrab hug their son tightly. "You're home now." Shadow says to him.
He looks up at his parents and asks. "Is that true? Did you send everyone to look for me?"
Shadow smiles. "Yes, we did. But we couldn't find you." He answers.
Meliodar looks at his mother and asks "Did you try to find me?"
She smiles at him. "We did. I'm so happy we found you!" She says kissing his forehead.
He looks back at his dad. "But why did you hate me? Why did you say to leave?"
Shadow looks around. "I never said that. Velzix lied to you son, we never hated you..." He pauses. He looks down and says to himself. "Velzix will pay for this." ....
On the way back to the castle Shadow, Mihrab and their son play chasing each other through the petrified trees.
It takes Shadow a second to realize that Meliodar's behavior has changed and he is more tame and playful when he had not been before.
Shadow smiles and wonders what to do next as he thinks about Heaven and Earth...
Shadow looks at Mihrab. "Lets go try and live in Heaven... But lets do it without violence and see how it goes. Earth didn't go well last time. Maybe our luck will change in Heaven" He says.
Mihrab hugs her husband and kisses him on the cheek. "That sounds strange but lets try it." They both laugh.
The three of them are almost to their kingdom and are met with the sight of Velzix and his followers attacking the castle.
Shadow stops motioning for his family to go back the way they came as a demon turns and sees them.
Shadow charges forward cutting it in half and the demon's body falls to the ground as several more rush at him!
He continues fighting until he is completely surrounded. Meliodar swiftly appears and rips through them making a path to escape as the three of them run....
10 million of Velzix's supporters roar in the distance as hundreds follow closely on their heels. ....
The three of them arrive at the Leviathan pit and have no choice but to travel through it as more demons appear coming from all three sides.
Mihrab looks around for the other enter-dimensional barrier leading out the other side as the pursuing demons hesitate to enter the pit.
She locates the exit. "There! We can go through here!" She shouts.
Shadow runs towards it as he grabs Meliodar and leaps to the side avoiding a Leviathan as it slams into the dirt, the void in its mouth violently sucking in material as it turns toward them.
Shadow and Meliodar are about to be eaten when the Leviathan Lilly bursts from underground sending the other Leviathan flying as she fires a powerful beam of energy.
Looking down at Shadow, Mihrab and their son Meliodar. " You had best keep your promise to me Mihrab." Lilly says and then leaves as they exit the pit.
Looking around they don't see any demons but continue to run as their war cry gets louder and louder.
Then a group of demons appears to the left and begins firing energy beams and blasts at them as they push harder to reach the portal room within sight on the horizon a dead straight path through Hell itself. ...
Shadows heavy footsteps pound the dirt.... "Run... Keep going!" He yells.
Dark energy rips through the air and punches through dead trees.
Mihrab stumbles in front of him. "I can't!"
Several blasts rock the petrified forest as the steady drone of demons grows louder and louder by the second.
Looking back Meliodar fires a blast."They are getting closer!"
Shadows helps Mihrab up. "WE CAN MAKE IT, DON'T GIVE UP!" He shouts above the masses.
A large flaming demon rumbles by overhead and impacts the ground.
The massive shockwave of its impact decimates the area knocking Shadow and his family off their feet....
Shadows shakes his head. "What happened!?" He asks out loud confused as he scans the area in disbelief.
He sees a strange being standing on the horizon. It is tall, covered in black armor and has a long spear that it points at him.
Looking more intently he notices the crest from King Arthur. One of his black knights having been cast down into Hell where he turned into a demon and should be imprisoned due to his power and selling his soul.
"Guess he is a demon now." Shadow thinks as he looks nervously at the gateway to the portal room then back at the knight as it charges it's spear with energy.
The knight fires and Shadow throws himself to the side as the attack hurtles towards him blasting away the already broken and splintered dead trees as it rips up the ground.
Seeing the power of the blast Shadow and his family brace themselves as it passes with the force of an explosion and impacts nearby creating a massive mushroom cloud that rises miles into the sky and the shockwave batters the area.
Shadow looks up in horror at the crater and realizes the ground is still shaking from the impact of the attack.
He turns and sees a small figure running toward him, as he watches he is filled with relief. "Meliodar!" He cries as he sprints towards him pointing at a high ridge line that the Knight can't see behind.
Mihrab appears beside Shadow holding a badly injured arm as another blast hits on the far side of the ridge.
Tho the shockwave is lessened by the landmass it hits them hard. They brace themselves as Splinters of wood and crushed rock scream by and then are sucked back up into the rising cloud of the explosion.
The sound of millions of demons shakes the ground as Shadow pushes debris off himself and Meliodar. Mihrab crawls from under the shattered trunks of dead trees groaning in pain.
Shadow moves to help her up and puts out his hand as the demons come into view.
Meliodar raises his head as a glob of dark energy forms in front of his mouth.
Launching his attack a rapid fire stream of dense energy spikes streaks towards the masses of incoming demons taking out 100's as the horde moves like a wave engulfing everything.
Every demon fighting to be the first ones to kill the royal family.
Shadow looks at the demons as Mihrab and Meliodar take off towards the portal room.
"Its a good thing they don't actually work very well together and are not organized." He thinks following close beside his Family.
The Black Knight appears above, massive raven-like wings protrude from his back and a rain of laser like beams fall as he attacks.
Shadow grabs Mihrab and Meliodar as he makes a barrier with his dark energy. The beams hit exploding violently and Shadow's barrier fails from the onslaught... The attack stops suddenly and Shadow stumbles shaking his head as his body screams in agony.
Grabbing his arm Mihrab pulls him into a sprint for the portal room as their son runs along side them deflecting blasts and projectiles with his cloak of dark energy.
Reaching the doorway they dive inside as the knight strikes once more, the blast destroying the portal structure as they vanish through it closing the portal. ...
Sitting inside the portal room Shadow and his family lay sore and exhausted.
Looking at the dark portal arc Shadow knows it will be a few days before it is fixed giving them time to rest.
With his body aching he crawls over to Mihrab and Meliodar wrapping them in his arms.
Looking at her as he brushes her cheek. "Are you ok?" He asks worried.
"I'm fine but I think we should wait until we heal until traveling again." She replies as they all pass into sleep...
Shadow is the first to wake the next morning. Looking around he sees the portal that leads to the gates of Heaven.
Mihrab and Meliodar sleep a few more hours as Shadow thinks about the plan...
After waking up fully Shadow, Mihrab and their son Meliodar move through the portal leading to Heaven.
A portal only Lucifer and the angels are permitted to use.
They land on a grassy field surrounded by the most beautiful white buildings and walk to the nearest one.
Shadow looks around and sees the building is a church. He scans the area finding no sign of anyone as they are all inside giving praise for the day.
Shadow covers his ears hearing them all and even dulling his own sense of hearing has no effect on how it stings his mind.
Tho Meliodar and Mihrab seem fine.
Suddenly the pain stops and Shadow feels a presence he knows from meeting only once when he was created and assigned a place.
He starts to turn to look.... A powerful voice calmly tells him. " Do not look upon me yet for thee shall surly perish....." It says and Shadow freezes obeying.
There is a noticeable shift in energies and then the voice says. "You may now turn around safely and state your business here. It better be good for it is unspeakable for a demon to enter this place uninvited." The voice says calmly.
"My name is Shadow. This is my wife Mihrab. We have come to speak with you God." He says and there is a slight pause. "We seek to live in Heaven by just asking you without violence so we can finally live in peace where our Love isn't hated."
God chuckles amused. "You know what? Why don't you go ahead and do that and see if I am willing to let you have it after doing that?"
Shadow looks at God. "Will you surrender peacefully to us and give us life in Heaven?" He asks God.
God laughs. "What kind of question is that? Of course I'll surrender to you!" He yells happily.
Shadow looks at him in confusion. "But why would you?"
"The reason is because you are a Demon. Demons are evil creatures that hate all life." God laughs. "I have been watching you for some time Shadow Seed. I find this turn of events amusing and you haven't heard my terms yet.... Somehow you seek to have it and try non violence. As well as claiming to Love another demon. I will say I am surprised by things you do but they are also not unexpected. For me to give you Heaven. You first have to be one of my protectors of the universes. All three of you will become half human half demon beings. You will keep your powers but you will lose a significant amount of it to hide you from demons as you go about this Path to Redemption." He pauses...
"You will also be given a secondary energy as well that will be weak in you but as you learn to us it, it's power will grow as well... You will also not die of old age, hunger or human illness, only sever damage can kill you and if you do die you will be reborn or remade at your choosing. You three will become Eturnals and in time you will fight to protect the humans you have conquered on numerous occasions..... I will call upon you later to Protect my human creations from the demons of Hell and other evil in the universe. And be warned that the demons of Hell are looking for you, stay hidden and work in secret avoiding the demons till you are strong enough to rival them." He says.
Shadow is speechless. He looks at his wife who is smiling at him.
He looks back at God and sees him laughing. "So what's the verdict? Do you accept my terms of surrender?"
Shadow genuinely smiles as he says."Yes I do and I surrender as well!"
Mihrab chimes in. "I accept this as well!"
Meliodar looks at his father Shadow who nods. Turning back to God Meliodar also agrees happily.
"Good, now one more thing, here is a sword that can kill anything. It is called an Eturnal Blade and I custom make each one." He says handing a blade to each of them.
"Thank you." They say together.
God then says. "One more thing being reborn you have a very high chance of... Forgetting past lives and who you really are due to the new brain that is different. Tho it will grow used to your soul and spirit bringing the memories back as they sync over time. The same is true for being made at an adult age, tho the memories come back significantly faster than when you are born."
He then raises his hand and transforms the three of them as he said he would. "Do you want to be born or to be created at the age of 35 and 20 for Meliodar?" He asks them.
They all agree to be born and Meliodar with spend time in a lower form of Heaven to learn a few things till his parents mature and bring him into the world.
"Very good! Now this is going to be very different to you... I almost forgot... Don't listen to the darkness within and if you hear it, refuse anything it offers you. This is unknown territory so heed my warning." God says and then there is a bright flash and everything goes dark for three of them.
God turns to the many angels watching. "Lets see if they can do it. If they can, who knows maybe there could be others as well." He says to them as some seem unsure.
Blaze wakes feeling as if he is full of energy and looks over at Larissa who is looking at him smiling. "I know that look. It's about time you remembered something.
Blaze nods. "We were king and queen of hell and even had a true son. Then we're made part human." He says.
Larissa flinches as suddenly the room is filled with light.
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2023.05.28 17:58 Evening-Rock7184 Tomodachi Life Crashing

2 of my miis had a baby yesterday. I logged on this morning and they asked me to help calm the crying baby. Right in the middle of them asking, it closes me out saying there's an error and needs to be restarted. It does this every time I log on. It could be that my DS is just too old, but it'd be nice to see if I can save my years of progress.
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2023.05.28 17:56 _xMauve_ [Help find title/source] MC who can calm down any animal girl with his left hand

A month or two ago I saw a recap video that involved the MC with an ability to calm down any animal girl by laying his left hand on them and his right hand doing the opposite but his hand also gives pleasure to any human woman he touches with it.
Does anyone know the source/name of it by chance? And where I can find it specifically?
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2023.05.28 17:55 Usual-Patient-3458 my mother is ruining my life and i don't know what to do about it

so my story is a little crazy and intense but i really need advice because i'm going crazy. I (20F) have always had a rocky relationship with my mom. She is an alcoholic (sober for 2 years) which really hindered my relationship with her. I was always closer to my father because of this. Up until last october i was living in a house with both of them, until my mom decided she wanted to move out into an apartment and divorce my father with no warning and left a week later. I continued to live with just my father up until february when he passed unexpectedly from a heart attack. i was crushed and scared because i had no clue what was going to happen to me and where i was going to end up. my father also had issues with my mother for years but stayed together for financial reasons, so when she left he had the plan to make me the sole beneficiaries to his assets. sadly he didn't have the time to do it before he passed, so everything went to my mother and i got nothing, including his life insurance, pension, and the house. I assumed my mother would move back into the house to help me and be there for me because she now was the owner of the house. I was wrong. she said to me that she doesn't like living with me and has more of the life she wants on her own, and that if i wish to i can continue to live in the house if i can find some roomates and pay her rent. i didn't have much other options so i agreed. flash forward to now. my mother is my landlord and i have two roomates (20F and 21F). We all signed leases and pay about 50% less than any other tenant i know in my area. it would be an extremely great opportunity if my mother was a normal landlord. She comes into the house unannounced constantly, gets upset if my roommate has her boyfriend sleep over, gets all of her mail here, is logged into the ring camera so she can see all of the people and times people go in and out of our home, consistently drives by the house to see how many cars are parked in the driveway and comepketely tries to micromanage everything regarding us and this house. I understand that the lease specifically says that non tenants can not stay for more than 3 consecutive days but come on we are family you know? we should be allowed to have boyfriends over and not have to ask. especially because she chose to be a landlord and not to be a parent. i genuinely just don't know what to do about this situation. She left my father, took all of his money (close to half a mil) and continues to milk me and my roomates for what we've got and expects us to ask her as if she as living here as a parental figure. I feel so stuck because i hate this situation but she is the only family i have and i don't have another option but to live here and keep paying. she threatened to take me to court if i keep having people over without asking her but she also breaks code for landlords! I want to change the locks but i think she's a narsasist and im scared she will sell the house out from under me in retaliation. mind you, my father and i always had plans for me to buy this house from him one day, since that's what he did with his parents somewhere else and it was a great oppertunity. all of my plans have been ruined and nothing has gone in ny favor at all and i just need some advice of what i even do in a situation like this with so much on the line . pls
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