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2023.06.03 20:10 FightKnight22 A series of unfortunate events....Suic*de seems the best option now ... please read the whole thing

educational_info: Ruined (currently in 11)
A series of unfortunate events…..This was not supposed to happen…what should I do now
Before beginning I'll let you know that I'll miss a lot of details which may be irrelevant intentionally or unintentionally
Hi everyone, my name is X. My parents are both govt employees and we are a very well to do family. So from childhood I have been into coding, computers etc. I used to code games in class 8 on visual basic,etc languages and from childhood (lower nursery std) I was introduced to the world of computers. My passion was coding and aim was to do something in CSE or coding. Last year in class 10th I came to know about IIT-JEE, and thought of preparing for it. I was always passionate about my career and hardworking. I came to know about the concept of dummy schools in November, December from an elder brother of mine, who went through non-schooling and got 97.7%ile in Jan attempt. Serious about my career, I thought it would be best to get enrolled in that school which my mom and I did in January after pre-boards. To inform you all I live in Kolkata, and the culture of dummy school is not prevalent here. After board examinations in March I went on a trip to Darjeeling which was the best week in my life. After that everything turned upside down. When I came back in April, I went to my first classes in Aakash (weekend batch). It was awesome. I was supposed to attend the dummy school on the first day which was 12th of April, and then not attend it anymore at all except the midterms and finals. So I went there. The school was actually not affiliated to CBSE but they apparently have a tie up with some bigger affiliated school. During practicals and boards we are supposed to go there to give the exams wearing that school's uniform. Looking at the conditions it cannot be called a school actually. I attended the school and the environment was shit. 3 people behind me had apparently failed in grade 6, people were all failures or something and the teachers were absolute scammers whom I can't even determine have proper degrees or not, they were pure scamsters. And the whole experience was extremely traumatic. I came back home. 13th April: I started doubting a 100 things. One thing that came to mind was how could I actually give the class 12 board practical exams if they didn't even practice any practical with me. I posted about all this on reddit days after days coming to know in places like Kota or Delhi NCR coachings like Allen teach the students practicals some weeks b4 the exams. For practicals here, what they do is they send these students to that big school with that school's uniform and make them copy paste/cheat from a sheet of paper despite an invigilator being near. This made me highly anxious and worried, everything was uncertain. Actually the whole dummy school system was integrated with the coachings in these states. In here places like Kolkata that culture is absent. These non affiliated but tied up schools basically run illegally. Anyways…14th April: My birthday, everyone wishing me on WhatsApp the whole day and I'm worried about this school shit……I understood I have come to a wrong place and need to shift to a proper school, after interaction with the people properly I understood they were frauds. 15th - 25th : Pure hell, no studies only researching for schools, roaming around in the streets in car with mom who was getting extreme harrasment and as a result beating the shit out of me which is fine. Finally I landed a school which was taking in admissions but they were about 1 hr away from my house and it was not possible…so mom said no. In May first week my father who works in Ladakh (all India services) got severely ill due to sugar fall and went into ICU in Leh hospital. My mom went there to my dad on flight. For a whole week I stayed at the house of my school friend, still doing nothing with such mental condition. On 14th May my ICSE results came out and I got 91.8%, while everyone congratulated I was traumatized, (in between lot of things happening, irrelevant). I again contacted schools whom I knew would open up after board results. Got one top level school who were still taking in admissions in Science stream….my dad and mom returned on 16th May ig….then my dad admitted me to the new school with the following subjects - PCM, BIOTECHNOLOGY, BENGALI ( the school had already started and they forced 6 subjects down my throat, physical education was not available nor cs…if science then only this combo). The school was not giving science to the people who were trying to get admitted after boards but they readily gave it to me looking at my board marks. Their tests would start by the end of June and their school would resume at 12th June….I had done almost nothing till then and biotechnology+vernacular would be a horrific combo for a JEE aspirant. With such a combination, shortage of time and the vast syllabus already covered in 1½ months, i knew I could not cope up. Switched my stream to commerce on 29th May. Btw getting de-admitted from that fraudster school is a different story so skipping since irrelevant.
I was a dedicated student, from childhood I wanted to be into CSE, made a lot of projects and stuff, but now my identity, fate, etc everything got ruined because of one bad decision that was to go to that dummy school and that too from a good intention. My life is ruined, my aspirations, goals, everything. My mom and dad has faced so much harrasment the last two months mentally, physically, financially (loosing a lakh in Aakash). I'm from a well to do family and all this wasn't supposed to happen, everything got ruined because of one wrong step. Now that after so much bullshit I have come to commerce I feel terrible that I can never get into coding….but I'll try my best to excel in this field. My dad even after so much harrasment is staying positive and saying to focus on IPMAT, and for backup target eco hons. colleges like SRCC, Delhi school of economics, Xavier's, St Stephen's and then MBA with CAT+ try to get 98+ in boards now that it's commerce.
I'm feeling ruined from inside because my dream of going into USA, my identity as a techie, coding skills, dreams of being a coder, start-up,etc everything is crushed for some stupid reason which only happened with me alone ….why me??? I watched shows like Silicon Valley, Bojack Horseman, friends, big bang theory, Rick and Morty, South Park, Seinfeld,etc and dreamt of USA. Ok no issue with that being ruined….but my identity as a coder, a techie? My career? Last two months I couldn't eat properly, study, watch shows, every moment just reimagining myself singning up in a proper school in 10th, calling 100s of people, feeling like a vegetable doing nothing in such a mental state, etc everything. Travelling school to school in burning heart in my car, getting beaten up by mom, then worrying for one week when my mom was not there and my dad was extremely sick in ICU. I'm just 17 why is this happening with me.
Can anyone tell me what to do now, any consoling words? Is there any possibility I can grab a coding job if I do something right from now? Dropping from school? Or should I forget coding and my passion CSE and focus on building a career in management. Is there hope in MBA if I can do it from top institutes like IIM, XLRI, any kind of career guidance would be great. I'm doubtful whether there are good career prospects in commerce stream (and I'm absolutely not interested in CA,etc). And if I can't go back into CSE, I want to get into the top of the game in commerce and want a pathway to earn most money in future and get to the top (people like Ajay Banga,etc) as a compensation to what happened with me the last 2 months. I think I'll have diabetes now. Why did this had to happen? I'm completely drained physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. I've considered sui*cide a lot of times, do you think that can be a viable option from here? What should I do? Btw if you check my reddit history it's filled with related questions in last two months. I want peace now. The thing is such unique turn of bad events has never happened in anyone's life I Guess. I'm confused with who I'm, my identity. And btw so much worse shit has happened in between but I had to skip them else it would be too long to finish and coming to the point.
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2023.06.03 20:10 artxdfw 34 [M4F] fwb & coffee - Dallas

Lets cuddle, get close, fuck, and fuck real bad because warm skins touching is just heaven.
I’m 5’11”, 180 lb, Middle Eastern descent, working professional, doing my grad school, have a family, and busy with a full life. I love what I’m doing, I love and value those around me but there is a side that I need/want/have to explore more.
I’m looking for a sneaky fwb relationship with a woman who is in a somewhat similar situation as I am. It can be either long or short term. I need to live the thrill of doing things in secret. I want to get away from my busy schedule for a quick car bj (I’m a 6”), a sneaky flirty coffee meet up, or cancel things off of my calendar to get to my girl for a half or full day of flirting, cuddling, dirty touching, fucking soft/hardcore, and exploring almost unlimited kinks. Some of my sexual kinks that I’m looking to explore with you is dirty talking and dom play.
I’m usually pretty generous with my partners when we’re together. I’m not a sugar daddy, to be clear, but I love to treat myself and my girl when the goal is to have a good time. I love for my fwb girl to try out some good Mediterranean food that you might not have tried out.
I’m open to any race, age, body type, marital status, social/financial situation. In general I’m pretty open to older ages, larger body types, and even married/in a relationship women, as long as it is drama free. Everything we do needs to be legal. You need to be clean, disease free, and dont smoke (at least when with me). I don't smoke, drink or do drugs. You can drink when you’re with me, but no drugs.
I’m looking for an indoor experience. Meaning I’m not generally interested in spending time going to the movies and/or bars. We can meet the first time in a public place for coffee but after that I’d want to be with you in a bedroom or a hotel suite just enjoying each others company. I love to chat, I’m a good listener, I love to have deeper thoughtful conversations too.
I can host and travel around DFW and even Texas if its worth it. Distance is not an issue to me. In fact I love to spend time cruising the roads with you sharing our music playlists lol.
Let me know how my post came across, and how you feel about it. If you are looking for what I’m looking for message me or send me a chat.
Its around 68 degrees in North Texas and will be like this for the rest of the weekend. This is a serious/real post and i’m looking for a woman who is as serious/real.
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2023.06.03 20:09 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 379: Insight Beyond Sight

First Previous Wiki
Huatil had heard the recommendation from her superiors, which wasn't a recommendation at all. With the information she'd been given, the situation was serious, and would tick over to catastrophic in a few tens of days or so. So here she was, having made the call to perhaps a serious threat in the future.
"We need you now," Huatil said, looking at Phoebe with her best honest expression.
"Our main communication networks are being hacked by something. It's intelligent, and dangerous. We've initiated quarantine procedures, but the virus is already sending its own communications through back channels, continuing to jump from world to world."
"And you want me to get rid of that problem for you."
"Alright. It will have a price. Not just materials this time. The current proposal is that I will help you if you agree to allow a cultural exchange if asked, along with full technological exchanges. The only thing you can hold back is currently classified technologies. If you violate the spirit of this deal by trying to 'classify' everything of value your species has, I will not be happy, and neither will my colleagues in the Alliance. I am aware that you have been keeping us away from the good stuff. In particular, if you want us to trust you, you will give us the solution to the mind control problem we are having."
"You are making quite the assumption," Huatil replied. Phoebe just smiled, tapping her head. "I've done a lot of thinking. First, I assume that you are in conflict with Aphid, perhaps also a certain force of mind-controlling individuals. They may or may not be Sprilnav. I know this due to my own clandestine intelligence gathering efforts."
"Hacking us, then?" Huatil resisted making a comment on such behavior being untrustworthy, considering what she'd been up to recently. She was about to wade into a shadow war with mind-controlling individuals, and Phoebe was not needed to intervene. Yes, a human force was needed, but Phoebe was too... risky. Human supersoldiers would be useful, both for assessing their capabilities and also for being less able to fool sensors and the like meant to monitor them.
"No. Not hacking. If I was hacking you, I would have everything I need already. But I am watching. Know that I engage in diplomacy because you do the same. I am willing to help you. And do not forget that you admitted to the whole Alliance that you were and are spying on us. That has a certain negative effect on the minds of certain intelligence agencies, as well as the higher-ups in the Alliance's general leadership. Your words have consequences."
"I see," Huatil replied. "Very well. I shall see what can be done."
"Having the ear of the Nest Overlord is enough?"
"In some ways."
Phoebe smiled. "So you have your own power." She tilted her head, like she was scanning Huatil. She wouldn't get anything useful, though. The connection didn't have the capability to reveal anything.
"Your childhood information has been faked. Granted, the fake is very convincing. You even took real videos of that family. But I can tell from their heartbeats and feather movements that the situation is not genuine."
"Heartbeats? In a video?" Huatil asked. How was that even... actually, it made sense. Video quality was really good, so seeing small details like that was possible.
"I am an AI. That means some of the most sophisticated simulation and modeling technology in the galaxy is at my disposal, as well as lie detection on a level undreamt of by any power that yet exists, should I see reason to activate it."
"Why not have it active at all times?"
"Power usage. Speculative simulation and reconstruction, especially when accounting for psychic energy variances, is annoyingly power intensive. However, you are worth the investigation. That said, you are not who you say you are. You have the resources to fake a past very convincingly. Therefore, you are working for a powerful faction within the Hive Union. Of course, it is not public who you are, so likely either defense or intelligence oriented. Hmm. No reaction? How interesting. Is that a cybernetic neural network engraved on your muscles and organs? Jesus, you really are the real deal. What are you?"
Huatil was at a loss for words. To be found out so convincingly, so thoroughly, and yet not suspected to be part of the Blue Intelligence Agency was a true surprise. Maybe Phoebe just didn't know about it at all yet.
"So this is why you wished to talk with me. You wanted to dig up my secrets."
"Hardly. The hivemind could do this, too. But you asked for Phoebe, not the hivemind. So here I am. That said, what are you?"
"A concerned party, let's say," Huatil replied, reassembling her facade. Her feathers first, then her face, then her heartbeat and muscles. Complete, total control. Phoebe was smirking when she opened her eyes again.
"Interesting. I will not dig into what you are, in exchange for information about the threat you are attempting to neutralize."
"You are carrying a model of weapon that is not ceremonial in nature. A Model 14 Brutalizer, if I am not mistaken. That's a handheld weapon able to pierce tanks, with ammunition that is light and numerous. You are walking with enough firepower to level a tenth of a city on you. Furthermore, I can see the reflection of stealth equipment lying on the floor in front of you."
Huatil looked behind her at the black metal wall. There were no mirrors present. The only slightly reflective thing in the room was the screen, which couldn't do that when it was on and active. Phoebe's eyes didn't move, but Hautil could tell that the intelligence before her was more alive than ever. And more artificial than she had remembered.
"Yeah, that wall is almost black. But it isn't really," Phoebe replied. "I am more than what I once was."
"This is... worrying."
"It should not be. We are allies, yes?" Phoebe asked, smiling a little too widely.
"Let me help you."
"I will ask Humanity to help, not you."
"I am not a threat to you or your species, nor am I one to your Union."
"I cannot trust words alone," Huatil replied.
"No. You cannot. But my androids are even more effective marksmen than whatever your cybernetic augments would let you do. Your reaction time may be low. But it is not faster than my androids' programming."
"Plotting that many angles would likely be extreme."
"Basic trigonometry and geometry, with perhaps a little lessons on elastic and inelastic collisions in physics are all that is needed for me to do that. In a whirling hurricane, in a storm with no gravity applied, with the right bullet, I could hit a target from the opposite edge."
Huatil sighed. Phoebe really wanted this job. And she was capable of it, too. Overqualified, in fact. The single weakness she had was the lack of ability to maintain quantum connections if a suppression signal was active. Plus jamming.
"Even assuming that is true, my superiors would not allow me to tell you anything."
"Sure. Assuming you have superiors, who would they be? Kawtyahtnakal is your mate. And I doubt Regulator Eyahtni would have let that happen if she was your boss. So you serve another party, one powerful enough to pull these strings. If you are not at the top, you are near it. And I would happily talk to your superiors, perhaps to congratulate them on your very well-trained 'untrained' stance." "Secrets will remain secrets, Phoebe. I have come to ask for you help with the virus. Will I have it?" "Yes, with a single amendment to our agreement."
"That was not the deal."
"It was not."
"So why should I let this alteration stand?"
"Because judging from the fact that you are well trained and haven't ended this conversation, where you have seen me gather more intelligence on who and what you are and coming increasingly close to whatever hidden truth you have locked away. You obviously judge me as a threat but do not treat me as one in the hopes of maintaining a cordial dialogue.
Furthermore, you seek to distance me from whatever foe you are fighting, likely because the human soldiers would seem more likely to allow you to assess the fighting capabilities of Humanity's strongest champions. And beyond that, the amendment remains unspecified, yet you have already been making small motions showing you accept it with the words you chose to talk with me."
Huatil kept herself from thinking anymore. Too much pondering might also reveal some new scrap of information to Phoebe. Her whole personal file was clearly wrong. This level of piercing interrogation was never expected. Had she been like this all along, or was this new? And if so, would she remain like this in the future, gradually peeling away the secrets of the Sennes Hive Union one by one?
"Again, that is quite a lot of inferences. Some of it may be wrong."
"Some is right, then. So I am either getting closer, am a threat, or you need me very desperately. The latter is true, and the only thing that matters. So you will contact your superiors, get me access to them, and we shall share information in a permanent dialogue. You will not shut down the line later. We will hammer out a more sufficient agreement, so that we can actually get things done as unified national entities, instead of hatchlings trying to make their first flight."
"Using our analogies does not make your request more agreeable, you know," Huatil warned. "It does not need to. You have already agreed."
"You wanted to alter the deal."
"I am altering it, Truth Speaker Huatil. I wish to know what you are, and who you are. And we shall have an important talk with your superiors. You need me, which is why you are asking me this at all. And I shall help you with the virus, but it will require opening the locks on your networks." "You could just break them."
"Then I would be detected, and any anti-Phoebe factions within your species would have easy fodder to attack me with."
"And you could hack the news system, as well."
"Your air-gapped networks? Not easily. Especially with the sealing procedure. I am also fighting a war with Aphid as we speak. I'm already battling him across the Alliance's networks, building digital fortresses to survive onslaughts of viruses and contaminants trying to breach the firewalls." "And what is Edu'frec doing?"
"Other things," Phoebe smirked. "Secrets will remain secrets, Truth Speaker."
"Very funny."
"I think so. Now, will we finally pull out the pinfeathers and get to business?"
"Perhaps. Lay out your terms in full," Huatil replied.
"Full information on the individual known as Huatil, contact with her current employer at the time of the signing of this agreement, a cultural exchange agreement if the Alliance agrees to such, full technological exchange if the Alliance agrees to such. The details of a technological exchange include and are not limited to civilian products without a direct copyright, manufacturing techniques, alloy compositions, types, and forging techniques, energy production, manipulation, and removal technologies, non-classified military technologies, supercomputer construction techniques, all known elements in your periodic table, not just the public ones, and multi-planetary economic markets. Full information on combating mind control. In exchange, the individual known as the AI Phoebe will excise the virus in your networks. Humanity will send its supersoldiers to aid in your current unspecified predicament for the length of one month, as defined by the human Gregorian calendar, as it is set up for the planet of Earth."
"Your condition on classified technologies will need to change, as well as that on civilian products," Huatil replied. "Retroactive classifications make sense, but the Hive Union may produce technologies in the future that require secrecy. Not to mention some of the higher classification levels, such as above 5, will not be touched. I am not saying that as some sort of point to negotiate. You just will not get anything above that. Not if you hack us, not if you beat the right people within a claw of their life.
And were we to sign away the civilian product manufacturing techniques, it would significantly anger the corporate factions in the Union. The same is true for the other manufacturing agreement. You will have to agree not to sell such materials to us and use them only for your own ends. That would include selling the products of such designs or deconstructed versions. Even then, this agreement will not be quick."
"Then speed it up."
"Cawlarians are dying because of this virus. Monorail trains have derailed. Aerial vehicles have crashed."
"So something must be done now, then," Huatil replied.
"I will see what I can do to slow the spread. But the deal must be passed."
"How much of this was drafted by the Alliance prior to our conversation?"
"Every provision that remains. Well, we'd be happy to get more, but the deal won't budge too much more away from this. I know it's not good proactice to reveal the cards in a negotiation. But telling you what we hope to gain will lessen the time this takes and hopefully allow us to finally establish proper ties. We already have a defensive link, but it is weak. And we have trusted you to move us closer over time, but you have not. Thus, we are acting to force that."
"So you are holding our crisis as a gun to our heads," Huatil surmised.
"No," Phoebe replied. "I will help you with your issue. But unless you wish to send your own people into whatever mission you wish for, then the agreement will need to be signed. Only then will the super soldiers deploy. We are not trying to kill your people. We are trying to get a deal which has slipped from our fingers for far too long. And you might be forgetting that it may benefit you, too. Humanity's hivemind is more intelligent than any model VI or single group of smart scientists you have."
"If it comes out that the Alliance manufactured these circumstances-"
"You presume too much. We would not do this to you. If we wanted to control your Union, the first step would be... no, I won't tell you. However, Truth Speaker, know that we do not wish for hostilities. Were we to successfully subjugate your Union, the Sprilnav would burn us both down for breaching the system limits."
"That is not a very reassuring promise."
"We do not want to die. That is pretty binding, I would think. Just like those alterations under your feathers, I'd say," Phoebe grinned. Huatil sighed.
"The agreement will be subject to changes after our diplomats get ahold of it."
"Kawtyahtnakal and Eyahtni could always enact the 24th Tenet, bypassing resistance from all underlying foes, if they are not currently being impeached."
"The 24th is an extreme circumstance. Even if Kawtyahtnakal were willing to enact it, that does not mean that your Alliance will be quick to accept any changes."
"Actually, we would. A few years ago, most of our leaders assumed you would be moving closer to us at some point. Thus, we prepared various diplomatic plans, potential proposals, and goals that we were willing to cede, those we were not, and other such things. The wanderers are not currently party to the calculus as they have no unified species leader, and Blistanna has already agreed to and pored over the plans.
In fact, that prompted an expansion and update to them."
"And is our current situation following such a plan?"
Phoebe shrugged. "You won't find any records unless you have a secret ability to teleport things too. Nothing online exists. And the Alliance has so many planets to search... and so many stations. No matter. I'm happy to tell you that we are currently straddling the path between Cawlarian Foreign Policy Plan Blue and Plan Yellow. Of course, there are other CFPPs."
Huatil took note of those for later.
"Your questions on their contents will not be answered by the few that are privy to their existence. Good luck with your attempts, Truth Speaker. Now that I have presented the path forward, are you ready to do some heavy politics and diplomacy?"
"I will present the agreement to the relevant parties, and you may do the same. Know that I also have some bargaining power, Phoebe. One day, you may be on the other side of this equation." "Well, the deal for us is sweeter. Your fastest ships would still likely take weeks to reach us, while our fastest ships are Brey's portals, with a travel time of zero seconds. Well, not quite, but you get the idea."
"Instant deployment," Huatil replied.
"A reminder of the possible future benefits of a long-term and stronger diplomatic relationship between our two peoples."
"Would you be willing to let us have Brey's aid in a coming unspecified event?"
"If the event were specified, she agreed, and the agreement was signed, then perhaps we may discuss. Until then, we shall wait. I will help curb the damage from the virus. But removing it and starting your operation with human super soldiers will require an official agreement, signed by at least Regulator Eyahtni and Nest Overlord Kawtyahtnakal."
"I hate bureaucracy."
"You're married to a politician," Phoebe pointed out unhelpfully.
"Yes. But no. Not married. An equivalent and ancient ritual, which appeased certain elements of the Cawlarian population that were concerned with my prospects." "I'm sure you have some. No offense, but-"
"Please don't."
"You seem more of the stabby and shooty type to me."
"Not really offensive," Huatil said, picking at the feathers near her mouth.
"For all I know, you're a pacifist. Alien cultures are strange."
"Not that strange. The word means the same. Pacifists do not exist at the top of Cawlarian government, and certainly do not make the decisions. War is horrible and a great blight upon civilized society, but it is as inevitable as the stars growing cold in the darkness of the far future." Phoebe nodded. "In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium... nevermind."
"A reference to an even worse hypothetical universe than we live in."
"I don't understand," Huatil said.
"It's a 300 year old experimental and expansive science fiction universe, with enough attached lore and literature that it would take over 100 years to read it all."
"That sounds like a lie."
Phoebe laughed. "I assure you, it is not. Thousands of books, hundreds of movies, dozens of shows, and countless random internet articles remain as a testament to it. It became quite popular in the mid-2050s when society was starting to crumble too visibly for even the remaining political resistance to refute."
"Sounds interesting."
"Assuming you have immortality, then you might have the time for it. Though I'm not sure if even I'd be able to buy all the models."
"Aren't you the richest person in the Alliance?"
"Eighth richest, behind a few trillionaires. Third richest 'human,' though."
"Ah," Huatil replied. That was concerning. Inflation, over-expensive separate items or books, or a simple joke? She didn't know. And while establishing rapport with Phoebe could be considered valuable, and she was growing an interest in what Phoebe spoke of, she had certain things to attend to. She assumed the quote was well known enough for human networks to have the answer to it by a search. "Perhaps one day, such a cultural exchange might help me understand the motivations of those who wrote such a thing."
"You don't want to understand. But that does remind me of something," Phoebe said.
"What is that?"
"Make sure you take care of whatever mind-controlled cults you can find before they get too big." Huatil nodded. It was nice seeing her, even though Phoebe was now an exceedingly dangerous individual. Far more so than suspected. Luckily, the preparations for the attack on the local hive of suspected mind-control activity in the Forsaken City were underway. Agents were coming in, gathering information for the Blue Intelligence Agency about various locations of interest, possible choke points, routes to a command center, and so on.
"I have something else to tell you as well. There is a proposal in place, not yet ratified or voted on in any way, to form a treaty organization with your Alliance and the Vinarii Empire. Defensive, of course."
"I see. I shall also relay this news to the proper authorities. Though it is likely nothing will come of it, with so many species in the Alliance."
Her next assignment wouldn't be for another few thousand flaps. Using a specialized device, she linked into the specialized ansible data hub that processed and translated connections between the Cawlarian and Alliance networks. It was a new construction, far more stable than the last attempt. Notably, it was protected by cybersecurity programs so strong that no one even knew how to begin hacking them. It was likely due to Phoebe or Edu'frec's special work.
She looked up the quote and decided to do some light reading.
"Agent 001, it's time."
"It's time. 3000 flaps have passed."
It just went deeper and deeper. Phoebe really had been telling the truth with her warnings.
Agent 017 smiled at her. "You know, browsing human networks isn't mission-critical."
"Yes. I do. If you must write a report, do not mention what I was reading."
"Ah, so you have noticed their... penchant for drawing aliens?"
Huatil's feathers flared. "No. It's worse."
"Worse? Now I have to know."
"41st millennium."
Agent 017's wide-eyed look told her everything.
"No..." she breathed.
"If this gets out..."
"It's going to hit military culture like... I don't even know an analogy for the destruction this will cause."
"So you know, then," Huatil deadpanned. When she'd first had a presentation on alien cultural contamination and assimilation, she hadn't expected something like this. It was so utterly over the top, yet fascinating and entrancing. It was like watching a pile-up in that marathon flying race that had opened last year with 'no limit' on how many people could join. And then 2 million Cawlarians decided they wanted to take the day off and go flying.
The owner of that racing company had been sued into the ground under a class-action injury lawsuit, with 3 million claimants receiving yields. And he was serving nearly ten thousand standard years of jail time. Not that he'd live to even get a bit of that unless the Cawlarians got immortality treatments that were cheap en-masse in the next hundred years.
The pile-up had been a spectacle unlike anything known, though. Just like this random piece of human science fiction writing appeared it would be.
"I do. A little too much."
"How'd you find out?"
"An important government official retreated into their room for 6 days straight, refusing to answer any calls or attend any votes, consuming a copious amount of drugs, food, and water."
"How important?"
"Star system level."
"By Crawprawvabar's feathers, we're going to have to suppress this," Huatil replied.
"Not my job."
"I pity the poor soul who has to try. I get the feeling it may not remain shackled for long."
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"I am pleased to tell you that profits over the last five mega pulses are up 3%."
"Good," Zelisloa replied. "How well is the new model selling?"
"Its debut was much wider than the previous version, so faster. 3.5 times faster on average, with a rising number of local Sprilnav sharing their satisfaction online."
"Glad to hear it. I would like a word with the Grand Financial Manager."
"Under your eye, Elder Zelisloa," they chorused.
The rest of the Sprilnav left the meeting without complaint. Once the last of their faces disappeared, Zelisloa turned to him.
"So? Have the funds been siphoned?"
"They have."
"Good. You shall receive a portion of the allocated amount. 12%, as agreed."
"I thank you for your generosity, Elder Zelisloa."
"I thank you, Spentha 28. You're better than the original."
"He's an Elder, and I'm not."
"Yes. But that doesn't mean you are worse."
"Yes it does, by every metric that matters, power included."
"If it is power you want, the equivalent of one of the weakest Elders I know of, then I shall grant them. However, that will require some additional loyalty."
"I am yours," he said.
"Good. I will send you your instructions soon. For now, I will retire to my chambers, for a well-needed rest after doing no work."
Spentha 28 laughed. "That's what you pay me for, after all. Though at this point, there's nothing I won't do for you."
"I can think of a few things, but I will not waste my time testing you with random unpleasant and unlikely conundrums. You did good work."
"Under your eye, I shall do much more."
"Under my eye."
He returned the greeting he'd set up. Simple and to the point. He then focused on his latest project. The ships were on their way to the Alliance, receiving real-time communications from his biologists. They had fully studied human, Acuarfar, Breyyanik, Knowers, and Guulin anatomy. The gene banks of the Dreedeen, wanderers, and Junyli were known and also studied, but evolutionary drift still occurred, even under the harsh genetic locks the Sprilnav had placed on their genomes to curb it. The viruses were incubated and ready to spread by touch, proximity, water, blood, and even wildlife. Acuarfar immune systems were certainly an interesting task to subvert, according to some of his people.
Skira had been too risky. If that hivemind of mindless drones was able to discover the infection before it became deadly, that could mean it might be discovered too early and stopped. Zelisloa didn't want that.
He'd checked their initial aims. He'd asked for them to make it as lethal as possible at first, and they'd made viruses that were basically guaranteed to kill everyone they came into contact with. From there, he'd asked to lengthen the asymptomatic timeframe and the ability to evenly spread the viruses across species. That required them to manufacture the viruses for other species using the cells of the initial virus for the specialized host. That process required more mega pulses of time.
Finally, the means to spread it through wildlife was achieved. So now, all that the ships had to do was reach their targets, and the fun would begin. There would be a new pandemic in the Alliance, one that they wouldn't recover from.
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2023.06.03 20:09 kimmey2007 California Just saw my QME - what to expect next in my case

I have a back injury from 11/21 fall at work, witnessed. Saw a doctor at a WC clinic at that time and I had PT through WC for about a month and was out of work for a month due to the facility I was injured at not accepting any restrictions. I was released from all restrictions the end of December 2021 and I hoped that the injury would resolve with return to normal activity. They wanted me back at that facility (where injury occurred), but I had other more lucrative offers.
I went back to work for another agency in January 2022. I work contract and I have worked at 3 agencies since 1/2022. My injury never fully resolved so I obtained an attorney 8/2022. I did not see a doctor until March 2023 (an anesthesiologist). I had an MRI in April 2023, which showed 5 protruding discs in the lumbar spine, various size. At L/4-L/5 "there is moderate narrowing of the right lateral recess and neural foramen touching the exiting nerve root". I was put on restrictions of no lifting, pulling, pushing 25 pounds in April 2023.
The facility I am working at is accommodating me for now and I am probably stuck with them for a while because they are extremely short staffed and they need me (someone with my skills) very badly. I would love to move on because there are many contracts that pay really well in my specialty, but probably can't right now. It is a very fine line to observe the restrictions because it is an acute care hospital setting.
QME is ordering PT and more testing. Says the injury will only get worse.
So a few questions:
What happens if this facility at some point decides to no longer accommodate me?
The QME said he was going to send me for some PT and some more testing. If I need to take time off for the PT, how is that handled? Do I use my sick time from my job or does WC pay for lost work time? I am going to try to do it on off days, but I don't know if that will be 100% possible.
Would anyone want to speculate about the possible outcome when the QME report comes back, with my particular injuries?
Hypothetically, if my injury stabilized in 6 months, could I go off restrictions? In the future I want to be able to work just one contract a year - is that reasonable to hope for?
I know some of these questions will have to wait for the report, but I am just a bit anxious and would like to be able to plan the next 6 months.
It is a bit bleak. I want to do all I can to stabilize and I am very grateful he said he is going to send me to PT.
I know I asked about the accommodations in a recent post, so apologies if this seems repetitive.
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2023.06.03 20:08 sushi_o_dog Which marquee should i choose?

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2023.06.03 20:07 OhOkay______________ How do I know if this company is legit?

So I’ve (27F) been applying for jobs and landed an interview last Thursday (2 days ago) and it went well. I was accepted into the 2nd and 3rd interviews. The interview was schedule for Friday morning, they went great and I was offered the job. here are the red flags.
  1. There are 4 positions within the company: Entry level, account assistant, account manager, then branch manager. That’s it.
  2. I met with an Account Assistant and soon learned that we would have to conduct the interview off-site. He told me we would walk to Starbucks to do the interview. I passed Starbucks on the way to the office and I wouldn’t consider it an appropriate walking distance for an interview? We would have had to use pedestrian crosswalk to cross the intersection and everything. I was wearing heels.. they weren’t high but still lol. Anyways…on the way there we were literally passing McDonald’s (literally 1 minute walk away) and he said “actually let’s go in McDonald’s” and I thought “Thank God” lol
  3. I HAD to ask his age cause there was no way he was a day over 20.. the guy is 18. Not to mention you don’t need a degree for this job
  4. Members of the team have quickly been promoted (with weeks and months). The 3rd person I interviewed with was an account manager. She has been promoted recently to start her position as branch manager in an office revelry built. She confided in me that she has only been with the company for 4 months. In this position, she will be making 30k A WEEK…
  5. No degree needed for this job. I have my bachelors degree and your telling me if I work hard enough for 4-6 months, I can make 30K … A WEEK.
  6. No drug test required.
  7. Why isn’t the company name the same as the name on the website?
  8. No degree required
  9. No corporate address? I asked if there was a corporate building and was told it was the building I drove to on Thursday.
  10. There are no other offices throughout Ohio with this company name
  11. I still haven’t received my background check initiation email
  12. No degree required.
  13. I looked some of the people I met with and one of them has a mugshot for drug trafficking
I know this is a scam. Gotta be. Ain’t no way. I just had to write about it. Let me know what y’all think tho
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2023.06.03 20:06 bamzing Friday Modern Challenge Results - Jun 2 2023

Source: https://www.mtgo.com/en/mtgo/decklist/modern-challenge-2023-06-0212554963


  • ezebessone on Jund


1. Jund (8-2) ezebessone
2. BR Grief (7-3) ura_frst
3. Domain [Jegantha] (6-3) mashmalovsky @mashmalovsky
4. Temur Rhinos (6-3) niuwaid001
5. BG Yawgmoth (7-1) Betrix2688
6. Jund Creativity (6-2) Alan07 @AlanLB07
7. BR Grief (6-2) J0SE @J0SE_MTG
8. 5c Creativity (5-3) nnyreed
9. Domain [Jegantha] (5-2) Oderus Urungus @nerd_gazm [Twitch]
10. Jeskai Prowess [Jegantha] (5-2) zecarlonxo
11. UR Murktide (5-2) jtelgan
12. Living End (5-2) MeninoNey @MeninooNey
13. Mono G Tron (5-2) Tommycakes
14. Mono G Tron [Jegantha] (5-2) NsaneGoon
15. Amulet Titan (5-2) gurig @TaintedOpt
16. Living End (4-3) ohN
17. Hardened Scales (4-3) kenjinsakura
18. 4c Omnath (4-3) Ovinize
19. 5c Creativity (4-3) Jumba
20. Jund (4-3) nahuel10 @Nahuel10Mtg
21. BR Grief (4-3) Mighty_Ravendark
22. BG Yawgmoth (4-3) claudioh @claudiohmtg [Twitch]
23. Affinity (4-3) Tezzey @TezzeyMTG [YouTube]
24. Temur Rhinos (4-3) ClumsyTumsy
25. UR Murktide (4-3) SoulStrong @Mtg_SoulStrong [Twitch]
26. 5c Creativity (4-3) ejk
27. Living End (4-3) CaboGrosso
28. BR Grief (4-3) AFX @afxmtg
29. UR Murktide (4-3) No_e_that_knows @Noe_leal_jr
30. Living End (4-3) MagicTonga
31. UR Murktide (3-4) lengebretsen
32. Bant Hammer (3-4) ktmr-39
Source: https://www.mtgo.com/en/mtgo/decklist/modern-challenge-2023-06-0212554963
Scraper by bamzing! ALL deck names are automated, please don't get too angry if the scraper mislabeled something. If your name is on there and you have a TwitteTwitch/YouTube link, I'll add it! But please tag me (u/bamzing) so I can see your request.

Top 32 Archetype Breakdown

4 BR Grief 4 Creativity (3 5c, 1 Jund) 4 UR Murktide 4 Living End 2 Jund 2 Domain 2 Temur Rhinos 2 BG Yawgmoth 2 Mono G Tron 1 Jeskai Prowess 1 Amulet Titan 1 Hardened Scales 1 4c Omnath 1 Affinity 1 Bant Hammer 

X-2 or better Archetype Breakdown

2 BR Grief 2 Creativity (1 Jund, 1 5c) 2 Domain 2 Mono G Tron 1 UR Murktide 1 Living End 1 Jund 1 Temur Rhinos 1 BG Yawgmoth 1 Jeskai Prowess 1 Amulet Titan 

New Cards (MAT)

Nissa, Resurgent Animist Cosmic Rebirth 

Tournament Highlights

  • Boomer Energy! The winner is ezebessone on Jund! Was Riveteers Charm the answer all along? (Narrator: it wasn't)
  • ura_frst is our runner-up and played BR Grief!
  • mashmalovsky was on Domain with Jegantha.
  • niuwaid001 was on Temur Rhinos.
  • Betrix2688 was on BG Yawgmoth. With the mainboard Sheoldred the Apocalypse no less
  • Alan07 was on Jund Creativity. I think the testing period of Wrennbreaker is over and it didn't get there. Invasion of Ergamon as a 4-of though, that stuck!
  • J0SE was on BR Grief.
  • nnyreed rounds out our T8 with 5c Creativity!
  • In the rest of the 5-2 bracket, I spy gurig on Amulet Titan playing a whole bunch of maimboard Phyrexian Metamorph!
  • And in the 4-3 bracket, we see mostly what we've come to know
  • And in the 3-4 bracket, we see some absolute units that had a rough run but still got positive cash for their troubles. W
  • Shoutout to Betrix2688 for going undefeated in the Swiss!
  • Congrats to ezebessone for taking the tournament down!

Follow me on Twitter!

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2023.06.03 20:00 Ok_Initial_402 Hep C test results.

22 year old male, 180 pounds, 6’3 tall no alcohol, no smoking, no medication, no health problems. I recently had a 10 panel std test done and my hep c test came back negative but the results say 0.3 with a cutoff of 0.9. Should I be worried it doesn’t say zero I was tested 9 months after exposure.
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2023.06.03 19:58 MGK_2 Tone Deaf

We are into June, and still can't say with certainty, precisely where we are at.
Therefore, I'll propose, that the next conference call shall announce only that all responses have been finalized to the final deciding authority. I don't believe that CytoDyn will announce any response of the authority, since, none has been given, only that everything has been recently submitted to them, that is what I'm thinking. The webcast should also discuss the situation with Cyrus. Everybody sitting here reading this knows that what is happening isn't normal; that what is going on in the world and that which is going on here just ain't right. We can't just keep on being tone deaf to all of it, just ignoring it as it happens or pretending that it is all normalcy.
Therefore, I truly do appreciate all those who do post the studies on CCR5 and CCL5 and what the effects are of allowing and / or disallowing this chemical inter-cellular communication to and / or from happening. These studies go a long way into deciphering, unveiling and understanding the truth about this immunoregulatory communication cascade. I feel like these are akin to rays of light that shoot across the din of darkness where much is spoken, but little is said and even less heard. Most of the vast deluge of information is of minimal consequence, but the information discussing this cellular communication signal, really is of massive consequence.
For example, take this shooting star for instance: Barriers between Anti-CCR5 Therapy, Breast Cancer and Its Microenvironment and take note perrenialloser, these authors are not Chinese: by Elizabeth Brett , Dominik Duscher , Andrea Pagani , Adrien Daigeler , Jonas Kolbenschlag , Markus Hahn .
Many things are included in the article, but these are only a snippet:
"CCL5 is a potent chemokine with a physiological role of immune cell attraction and has gained particular attention in R&D for breast cancer treatment. Its receptor, CCR5, is a well-known co-factor for HIV entry through the cell membrane. Interestingly, biology research is unusually unified in describing CCL5 as a pro-oncogenic factor, especially in breast cancer. In silico, in vitro and in vivo studies blocking the CCL5/CCR5 axis show cancer cells become less invasive and less malignant, and the extracellular matrices produced are less oncogenic. At present, CCR5 blocking is a mainstay of HIV treatment, but despite its promising role in cancer treatment, CCR5 blocking in breast cancer remains unperformed.
As with all other forms of cancer, prognosis is strongly influenced by the clinical stage at which the cancer is diagnosed. The later the cancer is diagnosed, the more likely it is that the patient will not recover from the disease.
By acting as a classical chemotactic cytokine for T cells, eosinophils, basophils and other cells, CCL5 recruits leukocytes to the site of inflammation, induces proliferation of NK cells and is an HIV-suppressive factor released from CD8+ T cells. The receptor with the highest affinity for CCL5 is the CC motif chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5), being mainly expressed in T cells, smooth muscle endothelial cells, epithelial cells and parenchymal cells. The CCL5/CCR5 interaction facilitates inflammation, adhesion and migration of T cells in immune responses. CCR5 is involved in chronic diseases, cancers and COVID-19 infection.
There is a wealth of evidence showing that CCL5 is co-opted in breast cancer and in many other types of tumors, such as pancreatic, ovarian, prostate and glioma cancer. In vitro and in vivo tests show that blocking or knocking down CCL5/CCR5 is detrimental to tumors such breast cancer and limits metastases. The possibility of targeting the CCL5/CCR5 axis and inducing an antitumor environment is therefore real but challenging. However, a CCR5 blocker that can be part of cancer therapy has yet to be developed.
As introduced before, CCL5 is an extremely powerful chemoattractant with a physiologic role in recruiting immune cells in inflammatory or allergic circumstances CCL5 binds with high affinity to its main receptor CCR5, but also to CCR1, -3, -4, CD44 and GPR75. CCR5 is a seven-transmembrane G-protein-coupled receptor expressed on various cell types, such as T cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, eosinophils and microglia. The interaction between CCR5 and its high-affinity molecules (e.g., CCL5, CCL3, CCL4 and CCL8) results in G protein activation and a following boost of different signal transduction pathways. One of these is represented by NF-kB (Nuclear Factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer), in which CCL5 represents an important target gene.
As mentioned before, the CCL5/CCR5 interaction facilitates cancer progression through several different mechanisms. CCL5/CCR5 interaction increases tumor dimensions, induces ECM remodeling, increases cellular migration and metastasis formation, supports cellular stemness and expansion along the tumor borders, confers on cancer cell resistance to therapies, decreases DNA damage, deregulates cellular energetics (metabolic reprogramming), promotes angiogenesis, recruits immune and stromal cells and induces the immunosuppressive polarization of macrophages.
There is an unmatched level of evidence supporting the participation of all chemokines other than CCL5 in the construction, development and operation of the primary invasive breast tumor. CCL5 is also ubiquitous across breast cancer cases, being present at stages I, II and III, and over 95% of triple-negative breast tumors are CCR5+.
Belonging to a different pharmacological family, Leronlimab is a humanized igG4k monoclonal antibody also able to bind CCR5. Adams et al. recently reported some clinical trials testing Leronlimab in metastatic TNBC patients. The phase 1b/2 dose escalation (NCT03838367), Compassionate Use (NCT04313075) and the Basket Study (NCT04504942) were pooled in order to evaluate the drug’s safety and efficacy at 12 months. After the analysis of 28 metastatic TNBC patients, the authors showed that Leronlimab has significant antitumor activity. The clinical trials suggest that metastatic TNBC patients dosed with Leronlimab have a real clinical benefit with improved 1-year progression-free and overall survival and few treatment-emergent adverse events. Finally, after exploring the effect of Leronlimab on circulating tumor-associated cells (TACs) from peripheral blood, the authors revealed that Leronlimab resulted in a drop in circulating TACs in the majority of patients correlating with early therapy response.
Within the tumor, cancer cells secrete CCL5 and sustain the proliferation of CCR5-positive cells, recruit T-regulatory cells and monocytes, cause osteoclast activation and bone metastasis, neo-angiogenesis and cancer cells dissemination. CCR5 is therefore overexpressed in breast, head, neck, gastric, esophageal, pancreatic and prostate cancer, colorectal carcinoma, melanoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, acute lymphocytic leukemia and other tumors. In the clinical setting, higher cytoplasmic CCR5 staining and CCR5 receptor levels correlate with poor prognosis in breast cancer and gastric adenocarcinoma patients. Even elevated levels of its main ligand CCL5 indicate poor prognosis in breast, cervical, prostate, ovarian, gastric and pancreatic cancer and metastatic colorectal carcinoma."
But here is the bit of light only we who have those polarized sun glasses can appreciate. On 12/7/22, Cyrus puts forth CytoDyn's Plans to get Leronlimab to market. Essentially, it is the Investor Deck, filed with the SEC and it lays out his game plan for bringing Leronlimab to the people. One of the main problems with this prognostic plan is that share holders can not see it unfolding. The reason for this is that the #1 Priority of this plan is to get the clinical hold on Leronlimab Lifted. This process is shielded from shareholder sight. The other problem is that many of the remaining goals of the Investor Deck are dependent on meeting the 1st goal, the #1 priority. Therefore, they too are shielded from shareholder's view. Therefore, shareholder's can's see the plan unfolding.
This is what Cyrus said, " "9:25: We expect next year, 2023 to be catalyst driven in terms of growth and development for the company and we think that the table is set for a large number of significant developments to occur in early '23, including the submission of our complete response to the partial clinical hold for HIV, new additions to the leadership team, a corporate rebranding, and then following those events, we plan on initiating a NASH trial as well as continuing the advancement of the long acting CCR5 molecule."
However, along the way, Cyrus has thrown us a bone or two and has given us some peeks as to what is happening and proof that things are in fact unfolding as he said they would. We have learned the name of the re-branding, LivImmune. There has recently been new additions to the leadership team, Melissa Palmer, MD as new CMO and Salah Kivlighn, PhD, Clinical & Strategic Advisor. By bringing on Melissa Palmer, MD Hepatologist, it can not be said any clearer that NASH is in the near future and CytoDyn's number one clinical indication. Cyrus has been saying that NASH would be monotherapy and wouldn't be combination therapy. We know that CytoDyn can not do it alone, it is too small. We can take a little deeper look and see that Dr. Palmer has a history with TAKeda pharmaceuticals. "Dr. Palmer left Kadmon in 2015 to become Global Lead on Shire's NASH program, as well as other liver-related issues within the company, such as orphan cholestatic liver diseases PFIC Alagilles, PSC and PBC, and liver-related safety issues (DILI), and was rapidly promoted to Global Development Lead - Hepatology and led the formation of the liver safety group. Shire was acquired by Takeda in 2019 at which time Dr. Palmer was recruited as Head of Liver Disease Development at Takeda." TAK has TAK-647 which is: " Ontamalimab is a fully human immunoglobulin G2 monoclonal antibody against mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule-1 which failed phase 3 clinical trials for ulcerative colitis (UC) and Chrons Disease, but now is in Phase 1 clinical trials for NASH."
Prior to these we had: "12:56: We have also firmly established Dr. Scott Hansen as our Head of Research and Basic Science. Dr. Hansen is currently an Associate Professor at OHSU. and within this newly formalized role, Dr. Hansen will support our clinical development activities, related to biomarker and assay development for future clinical trials, as well as supporting and leading some of our earlier staged efforts, geared towards the development of longer acting molecules targeted to CCR5."
We learned that CytoDyn "13:33: has also recently entered into a joint development agreement with a 3rd party Research and Development Bio-Tech company to develop long acting or more longer acting molecule CCR5 blocking.
It goes without saying that CytoDyn needs help. CytoDyn has 4 different plays, and each play is devoid of a sufficient data pool which would draw in funding for that indication. Cyrus' long term goal expressed in the Investor Deck is to build out a strong enough clinical trial data pool to present it to a partner or a buyer. So then, without any cash of our own, Cyrus' plan is to have someone else's funding, partner with CytoDyn and build for us that data pool and in the end, have exactly those same partners compete for the entirety of the resultant conglomerate, for the whole or for a part once that data pool is firmly in hand.
The same story goes for HIV-Prep and HIV-Cure which is likely being run by the 3rd party Research and Development Bio-Tech company Vir, in collaboration to develop the long acting or a more longer acting molecule of CCR5 blockade. Vir is pretty much a given with Scott Hansen's strong connections there, but I remain skeptical due to the mechanism of action of VIR 1388 working to phagocytose HIV itself by initiating T Cells to target HIV epitopes while LL blocks CCR5. This was kept secret, but somewhat hinted at by Cyrus in the 4/11/23 Webcast .
We can apply the same logic in the Oncology study being run by MD Anderson using Merck's Keytruda in combination with Leronlimab. We had all been waiting to find out what had happened with the results of the MD Anderson study, and Cyrus threw us this line: "Leronlimab is currently being trialed in combination with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in a breast cancer xenograft model in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center." From here, he gave us a hint of what is to come.
It can be assumed that as these collaborations are officially announced, that is, after the hold is lifted, that there shall be share price inflection. In his astute fashion, Cyrus has given us the secrets, has only threw us some bones, but, because of the strange times we live in, and because CytoDyn has not yet met Priority #1, the share price has not yet moved.
The only thing the market "sees" is the fact that the hold hasn't yet been lifted. They are "Blinded by the Light". The shooting stars grace the night sky, but nobody sees them, because everyone is blinded by the fact that the hold hasn't yet been lifted. Clothed by the blinding light, made tone deaf by the din of bewildering and unnecessary information. They say nothing else matters unless the hold is lifted and that is what share price is saying. Nothing else matters. Nobody even reads articles on CCR5/CCL5, they are meaningless without Priority #1 being met. That is what the market says. But what does the Fox say?
That's the point though, to use this as a blinding distraction and it is working. How else do the other Priorities get put into place, if there wasn't something put in place to distract from the construction? Of course, a clinical hold provides all the blinders necessary to construct partnerships within, without disclosure of their assembly. We can be assured, that everything Cyrus put together in that Investor Deck is happening. Maybe, not exactly as he said it would. Surely, he did not count on his getting sick, but, these things happen and he will recover and get right back on it, assuredly. Cyrus gave us that plan, so we can know what is happening despite the blinding light, despite the din of confusion that would be taking place in the proximal future ahead of that Investor Deck presentation which is taking place right now. He knew, that had he not provided those prognostic words, shareholders today would be blinded, but he gave us the plan, so we could see. The Investor Deck was free of charge, yet it was prognostic. It would have been impossible to see what is happening today, had it not been for that R & D Update then. We therefore can see the events unroll as they happen which lead to the goals he has set forth there in, as we have been witnessing them happening. That Deck was crucial for our understanding. Many of us have been pointing to that Deck, but no one more so than u/Upwithstock .
When the hold lifts, the blinders will be removed and all eyes shall be opened. Until then, only ours who have heard and understand that Investor Deck know what is happening now. All others remain blind to all of which is happening. They think it is all doom and gloom, but we know, that the Investor Plan is going forward. It is not a co-incidence that Cyrus told us all these things before this long period of waiting began. Long stents of time providing hardly any information. But when information did come, it was telling of the plan unfolding. Cyrus was saying, "Don't worry, the plan is going forward." So, he got sick, but there was a backup plan and likely, this was announced in a way he wasn't planning, but it was Plan B and he had our backs regardless and there wasn't even a set back. Cyrus will be back soon, assuredly. So, we wait for him.
How much hotter will it get? Hopefully, we get a webcast soon and I think it will be indicating that all has been recently submitted. I also hope that they will announce when Cyrus returns back to his seat. My eyes are glued to every detail that happens and how it correlates with the Investor Deck. It was given to us as shareholders, so lets stay focused on it and not be blinded. The sun is bright almost every day, but we are wearing special, polarized sun glasses. We will see that Deck unfold. Just hang on to your seats, because when it begins, it will happen quickly as it has been in the planning, design and soon to be rollout stages all the while. The triggering event approaches, and we know to look for it, so be ready.
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2023.06.03 19:53 Repulsive-Spot8445 Abot Linux with win 11 on Asus rog basically any 40series 12th , 13th gen Laptops/pc/desktop

If you are willing to use Linux on this device, I have tested it thoroughly 4 times,
1) Disable secure boot Or it will not let you install Linux
2)Disable intel rapid storage technology named as VMD in the Bios. Disable Before installing Windows 11 other wise it will not let you install Linux
3) It is not possible to use windows 10 on these devices because,
a) there is no Touchpad, Audio, Official Display driver developed for windows 10 by the providers.
b) Microsoft does not let the driver update system to access the drivers from their own server. for win 10. but it works fine on win 11
c) Microsoft may have paid Asus for disabling the touchpad and all pcie lane drivers from the bios it self if windows 10 is trying to be installed. Cause the touchpad works on bios, on win 11 ........... but does not work on win 10, and the pcie lane drivers all show missing
d) Microsoft may have paid intel for not developing VMD drivers for Linux so people are forced to use win 11. If you disable it then you are obliged to use lower ssd speed.
4) Each time if you would like to play video games you must go back to bios and turn on secure boot
5) The armoury crate also causes some trouble in win 10

I wasted a lot of time. So Now you are good to go. No win 10 support, Must Use win 11 , secure boot off, VMD off and then you can use Linux
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2023.06.03 19:48 PopeBroccoli Kesha Meet and greet tickets - I am no longer able to go - I understand they are expensive, but I bought them at that price thinking the meet and greets were sold out. I regretted buying them because clearly it's a lot, bu at the time I thought it was worth it to meet my idol. I'l add a pic as proof

Keep in mind, I made a mistake because I panic bought and ran on my emotions. I'm 19 this was going to be my first concert, kesha is my inspiration, but I should have been smarter because I go to college, I live with roommates and I still need to buy a car. I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from.
Nov 18 • Sat • 8:00PM • 2023Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
Kesha Is Here Meet and Greet Package-One premium reserved ticket in the first 5 rows OR general admission ticket (where applicable)-Meet and greet with Kesha*-Personal photograph with Kesha-Early entry into the venue-Custom Kesha 2023 jacket (Exclusive to VIP!)-Exclusive Kesha tarot cards-Specially designed Kesha tote bag-Commemorative meet and greet laminate-Early merchandise shopping-On-site host-Limited availability*For the artist safety and backstage protocol, all Kesha Is Here VIP fans will need to take a rapid covid test prior to going backstage, administered onsite at VIP check-in. If the test has a positive result, the guest will not be admitted to the meet & greet. General event admission after a positive test is at the discretion of local city/venue guidelines. **Please note that seating may vary by venue. VIP merchandise will be distributed at the show. If VIP purchasers have any questions about their package, please have them contact [email protected] BEAT.COM. VIP details and check-in information will be emailed by On Location prior to the show date.
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2023.06.03 19:46 candyopacity Struggling with jail time.

I was given an 11 months on a 10 year sentence for a drug accommodation charge 2 years ago. I’m serving the remainder of my sentence on work release, meaning I leave the jail 6 days a week to go to work and then come back in the evening. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to stay motivated, not depressed, stay focused, get in a few workouts a week, have a decent diet, even practice regular hygiene honestly. I only have a few more months left but I feel like this has put such a halt to my progress that I’ve made in my sobriety, health, fitness, financial health, I mean everything. I can’t remember the last time I genuinely smiled without it feeling forced or rehearsed. Aside from doing push-ups all day and reading books, what else could you do to improve this situation? It also doesn’t help that I have a lot of negativity surrounding me in the area I live when I get release. And that I have no option to relocate considering I don’t have a degree or marketable skills to translate to another city.
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2023.06.03 19:45 That_Canadian_Nerd Going from Linux to Windows (Bootable USB problems)

Recently my hard drive fully died, I was lucky enough to have Lubuntu on a USB stick. I got a new hard drive and I'm trying to reinstall Windows 11 with USB. I tried to make a bootable USB stick but keep on getting the "Install.wim does not exist" error. This is weird because Install.wim does exist. The method I used was splitting the USB into two partitions, one being FAT32 the other NTFS. I put all the files (except Install.wim which is 4.7 GB above the 4 GB FAT32 limitation) onto the FAT32 partition. I then placed Install.wim onto the NTFS partition. When I try to boot from USB I get an error saying that install.wim doesn't exist. Before when I tried to just use NTFS I would get an error saying it couldn't find the media drivers. At first I thought the ISO might be corrupted, so I re-downloaded it from the Microsoft website and verified the sha256. I then tested the ISO on VirtualBox and it works just fine! I also tried disabling secure boot from the BIOS.
If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, been at it for nearly 2 days now!
If I get it resolved or have anymore information I will edit this post.
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2023.06.03 19:43 taki-eddine-47 Moredine M6 (N6000) Slow USB

Hello, I received today my Morefine M6, I installed Windows 11 Pro, everything is working fine except the USB. The spec says that the USB are version 3.1, so it must achieve 500MB/s. But when I copy a file to an external SDD, max speed is 45MB/s. I checked device manager to verify the USB version, it shows 3.1. I tested the same SDD on my Laptop, it achieved transfert of 460MB/s. How can I fix this problem ?
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2023.06.03 19:40 artteee Nose issues

Hey all. F22, 7st, 5’4 UK No drinking/smoking/drugs Fibromyalgia, CFS, endometriosis, eczema, suspected PCOS, iron deficiency anaemia.
I’ve had trouble breathing through my nose for my entire life. One nostril is always blocked, due to this I am a mouth breather when I sleep which results to an annoying dry throat every morning. I also have pressure in my face all of the time (much like when you have a cold), post nasal drip and headaches (unsure if related).
A few years ago i went to my GP regarding the issue, who confirmed I had nasal polyps and said the inside my nose was very inflamed. I tried all kinds of prescribed nasal sprays to no avail. I was eventually referred to ENT whom I saw a few months later.
A report from him states “Thank you for referring this patient to Mr Smelt's clinic who is having problems with nose blockage, rhinorrhoea and post nasal drip. She suffers from eczema. Nose examination showed large, pale inferior turbinate. Nasoscope showed a deviated nasal septum to the left posteriorly with a bony spur on the right side. There was no polyps or pus seen on both middle meati. The post nasal space is normal. I discussed the options of management with the patient. She is keen on conservative management at this stage. I have requested IgE and RAST test and prescribed Flixonase nasules for 4 weeks to be followed by Avamys spray regularly. We will check her again in three months time.”
I had a couple more visits with him where he said I had chronic rhinosinusutis and we agreed surgery would be the best option to narrow out my nasal passages. It’s been around 4 years since I had the surgery and I suffer more now than I ever did before. I have a fit of sneezing at least once daily which can last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. This may sound silly but it’s exhausting on the body to sneeze so much. It makes my eyes feel heavy, my face hurts, I have a really annoying post nasal drip and my nose feels sore and irritated.
I guess I’m wondering what I can expect or try as far as treatment options. I am currently waiting on another referral to ENT but it could take a while. What will the next steps be for me and what will the ENT probably try next?
Thanks for reading and any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.03 19:39 Tasty-Astronaut-9846 Faint line on a drug screen

Faint line on a drug screen
I haven’t smoked in like 20 days I took a test this morning without drinking any water and I’m still getting a faint line but it’s still visible. Do you think this is a negative test? I’m nervous because I’m taking my drug screening. That’s five panel urine test on Monday. Help!!!
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2023.06.03 19:38 Tasty-Astronaut-9846 Faint line on a drug screen

Faint line on a drug screen
I haven’t smoked in like 20 days I took a test this morning without drinking any water and I’m still getting a faint line but it’s still visible. Do you think this is a negative test? I’m nervous because I’m taking my drug screening. That’s five panel urine test on Monday. Help!!!
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2023.06.03 19:38 Strigate XMG Neo 15, (E20) irregular BSOD Kernal-Power (41) without generating dump files.

Getting a bit desperate trying to resolve this and hope someone here knows what to do?
I have have had my laptop for almost 2 years, never an issue until about 5 month ago when I started to get blue screens. First it was with a few weeks in between, but about six week ago it have started to happen sometimes multiple times a day. There have been days without crashes, but it averages about 3 times a day probably. Basically it's very unstable.
Always Windows log error Kernal-Power (41), BSOD stop code "critical_process_died". No dump log files are created. Sometimes it have a hard time booting, geting stuck in start to BIOS loop after crash. Crash in safe mode too. No apperent higher rate of crashes while gaming vs office work vs idling. Often crashes in quick succession, then can be stable for a day sometimes more.
Eliminated issues: Heat are normal and crashes at low load and temp too. Cleaned inside, no dust. No over-clocking or under-volting. Crashes plugged or unplugged to wall. Crashes without battery connected. Crashes without externa hardware connected. Have tried changing SSD slot. Have tried changing RAM slot. Only one RAM card. DISM restore health performed. Sfc/scannow performed twice. No apparent driver errors. Updated all major drivers from manufacturer pages. Updated BIOS. Updated drivers for Nvidia, Intel and chipset. Memory Diagnostic Tool checked (mdsched.exe). Over 20% (200 GB) free space on hard drive. No Hard Drive errors. Hard Drive tested, both Windows built in and Seagates own diagnostics tool. Reverted last windows updates did nothing. Changed settings for dump file, still not generated. Deactivated services in clean boot, still crashes.
What more can I try to do? Basically the only thing I have not tested yet is a clean Windows 11 install, randomly try to uninstall different drivers. And change out hardware, because I have no other to try with.
Specs: XMG Neo 15 (E20) Windows 11 Intel i7 processor Nvidia RTX 2070 1 TB SSD M.2 Seagate Hard Drive NVMe 1 x 16 GB RAM Kingston
Any help would be appreciated!
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2023.06.03 19:37 Intrigued_by_Words Weekly Wrap Up Monday May 29 - Friday June 02, 2023 (no show Monday)

They did what to Taggert? After years of speculation, the writers finally cut off Taggert's family ties when Trina's paternity test revealed that Curtis is her biological father. Sure DNA isn't everything, just ask Michael why he's feuding with a guy he calls "Dad" when he could call him "the guy who killed Dad" and choose to have nothing to do with him.
The cherry on top is that Curtis is not displaying many redeemable features these days. Does Trina know she went from legacy to a leg up or over? Curtis was playing Jordan by leading her to believe they might have a second chance while at the same time moving back into the beach house with Portia. Detective Jordan figured it out and said she was getting on with her life. Humbly, I say, I've said that to Jordan since she recovered from her kidney transplant. Can we please find someone new for Jordan? By new, I mean not related to Curtis or Portia.
As for Trina, she dragged her billionaire boyfriend out of the pool and forced him to go to the bank because his rich uncle died and left him all his - I want to say marshmallows, but that's wrong. Thankfully, for Trina's reputation, Victor did not leave Spencer gold, but instead, evidence of Esme drugging both Trina and bartendephone dealewannabe environmental law attorney Oz Haggerty. Victor said it was something to "safeguard his family." He placed the key to the safe deposit box under the turtle dove earrings that Spencer bought for Trina when she was with Rory. Apparently, Esme is now the biggest threat to Spencer's family. But what will they do with this proverbial smoking gun?
Michael gave Carly the smoking gun video of Sonny helping an international illegal arms dealer. The plan is to trade Sonny to the feds to get them off her back. Carly is adamant that Michael destroy the tape. Michael can be slow on the uptake but it's loony for him to think that he has the skills to play Sonny and Carly against one another.
Victor's will be done. Get it? The reading is over and he has set traps for a bunch of them to do what he wants. Anyway, he gave Ava a picture of a gargoyle saying it was her first true love. Ava, of course, is most interested in what people will learn of her last love, Nikolas. As a reminder, Ava has no clue what happened to Nikolas. Last she knew, she killed him by hitting him over the head. She stuffed his body in a closet. When she looked again, his body was gone. I have no idea what is going through this woman's mind. Someone should clue her in that human bodies don't disappear. Yeah, sure, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, but typically that takes more than a few days.
In his video, Victor does not hint that he knows what happened to Nikolas. He acknowledges that he left town, but that's it. He left Nikolas a deed to a house in Chechnya. Laura decided she has to go there because she in incomplete without her son. You know that old saying, when your ears are burning (feeling warm) that means someone is talking about you, Lucky's ears are nice and cool.
Laura tells Valentin she has to go to Chechnya to find out if Nikolas is hiding out there. He insists on going along to help her. Ava thinks it is a bad idea. Austin thinks that it will take Laura and Valentin a long time to plan the trip. Austin dear, in the time since we've last seen you, Laura and Valentin have been to Greenland and back. They've deciphered and stopped Victor's plot to release a deadly pathogen that would have killed untold millions of people around the world. As a bonus, Laura prevented the latest version of the Cassadine weather machine from turning Port Charles into an igloo factory. I think they can manage a trip to Russia.
Victor gave Alexis some antique nesting dolls to represent her and her daughters. She thought that was nice. He also gave her a deck of Tarot cards for Sam, to one day make herself "lucky in love for once." Alexis thought that was mean, but you know what they say, the truth hurts. The only thing we have to worry about is if Lucky does come back to town that he'll hook back up with Sam.
Victor gave Valentin a literal finger. Anna received a more figurative one when Victor released information about her doubleagent activities with the DVX back in the day. The new Director of the WSB who replaced Frisco opts to fire Anna to save the agency from embarrassing questions and answers. With the demise of any formidable Cassadines and Anna losing her agent status, maybe it is time finally to say goodbye to the 80s. Problem is they don't have anything to replace it with. Dex and Spence sizing each other up in saunas and poolside is something, but hardly the stuff of legends.
I know you have only read this far to find out the most important thing happening in Port Charles. Even though this was a short week because of the Memorial Day Holiday on Monday, each day was fraught with tension. Enough with the filler, here is the real information. I won't drag it out and act as if everything hinges on this answer. Every character does not have to be motivated to achieve one unitary outcome. They don't have to be, they want to be. I write this, you read this all because you want to know the answer to the eternal question: How is Willow doing? Tune in next week...
... Willow is now will still be alive.
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2023.06.03 19:37 MHB24 Reporting Back: My LDN Experience So Far

Recently I developed throbbing pain in my hands and feet. In the past I have had small joint issues from the tick bite, but with this turning into what I can only guess is fibromyalgia, I wanted I wanted to try LDN. In the past few years I have had fatigue and memory loss/brain fog... so I was hopeful it would help with that.
The instructions said to take 1.5mg and after a week, bump up to 3.0. Take 3.0 for a week, then begin 4.5, and take that moving forward
I took 1.5 around 6pm to gauge its effect on me. I sat down on the couch and I must have passed out as I woke up about 3 hours later. I never intended to take a nap so the drug must have put me to sleep.
Heres the bad side: when I woke up I had a crazy bad migraine. It was top 5 worst headaches I have had. Just a throbbing, crushing pain from the center of my head. Talking and moving just made it worse so I tried to lay there and ride it out. I began to feel like my skin was clammy or slightly sweaty and I felt hot, but I was told my my wife that when she checked me for fever it felt like I was freezing ... it felt like I had a really really bad hangover
I woke up today around 6am and still had a mild headache. That finally went away around 11.
Was the dose too high?
What should I do now?
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2023.06.03 19:36 sqwiwl Running python script in ST, with a custom build system due to venv, getting mangled control characters (?) returned before output

You can see in the screenshot what I mean at the bottom left, the <0x1b>(B<0x1b>\[m. (Is <0x1b> ESC?)
I'm on a mac running Big Sur, Sublime Text 4143, Python 3.11, using zsh not bash. Using command+B to run a python script in ST in a normal environment doesn't show this, the output is fine. But if I try the same thing with a script running in a venv (I'm testing a script which import packages only available in that venv), I get the cruft included. (Everything else works fine, the script returns and outputs as it should.)
This venv (created in the standard way with python -m venv) has a corresponding new build system I created for it in a .sublime-build file in my user preferences, which reads:
{ "file_regex": "^[ ]*File \"(...*?)\", line ([0-9]*)", "selector": "source.python", "shell_cmd": "\"$folde.venv/bin/python\" -u \"$file\"" } 
Tried researching/changing all the obvious options I could find, nothing doing. Anyone recognise these characters, or know how to prevent this? They look like terminal/shell control characters. I'm not sure what to call them exactly, and finding it difficult to get much from google too. Please help reddit, rid me of this mild annoyance!
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2023.06.03 19:35 THLeumer Nice 4 Honor Ali Support Game, Featuring New Best Build

Easy clap. Radiant Virtue + Redemption too OP
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