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2023.05.28 18:04 biosardos Why is consciousness considered mysterious or controversial?

I keep hearing about how consciousness is a "great mystery", and that science "cannot currently explain at all" the phenomenon of our consciousness.
However it seems to me that there is nothing mysterious or unexplained about the phenomenon of consciousness.
Consciousness is the name we give to the continuous experience of our brain processing various forms of sensory input. It is an emergent property of having a complex brain organ shaped by aeons of natural selection and evolution.
A "simple" or early life form would have increased its chances of being naturally selected by developing meschanisms which enabled it to move towards food, shelter or light. As organisms grew more complex and adapted to their environment, their sense organs developed, as did their brains, and eventually humans came about, with a highly developed brain, highly developed eyes, ears, nerves etc.
Our "higher level of consciousness" seems to simply mean that we are able to use all of these brain faculties, combined with short & long term memory and our ability to reason, to interact for successfully with out environment. We also have a complex inner life, with emotions and beliefs coming into play. And yet all of these fit with what we know about nature, they make sense when considered scientifically.
What we call "consciousness" or "awareness" is simply our living experience of all this sensory data by electrical activity within the physical organ of the brain.
Many current scientists, philosophers and religions frame consciousness as something confounding, unfathomable and potentially even of divine providence.
I've read various articles and watched videos about this and I still can't understand where the " big mystery" lies in all this - consciousness seems very logical and easy to understand when we have very basic understanding of the way animals' biology and works and how they interact with their environments, and are shaped by this.
What am I missing here?
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2023.05.28 18:04 EasyAcresPaul Recycling urine at my off grid homestead in the high desert

Hey folx!! Growing food in the high desert off grid is challenging and I rigged up a solar distiller to help out!! I don't have a well and all my water is rain/snow collection so I stretch every bitnof it I can.
Clearer urine might get mixed into my irrigation water but darker urine that would buuld up too many salts get put in the bucket. The sun warms it and it drips down the plastic into a tube and into my corn rows.
Just some scrap plastic I had kicking around, electrical tape, and a black bucket, picked up a bunch at an estate sale a few weeks back.
I am probably gonna rig a few more of these up and see how they fare and may put effort into constructing something more bigger.
Thabks folx!! Be Easy!
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2023.05.28 18:03 GodricGryffindor9008 For someone who wants to restore House Targaryen to its proper glory, Daemon really made a mistake ignoring the Green kids.

I mean, all the Green kids are his own brother's children. They are as much Targaryen as Rhaenyra and they are formidable dragon riders. It seemed as though Daemon was even a bit impressed by Aemond claiming Vhaghar. So, why ignore them? Just because he doesn't like Otto?
He could've been the cool uncle for all them. Maybe even take some initiative in their upbringing so they can grow up like true Targaryens and not be influenced by Otto. He could've taken Aegon to some Flea bottom trips and helped Aemond with his lessons and dragon-riding. Aemond already respects him and probably wants to be like him. Imagine how much more he would respect him and how close they would've been.
I also believe he should've supported Aegon's claim over Rhaenyra's. He probably knows very well that the realm will not really accept Rhaenyra as queen and she even actively sabotages herself by having bastard heirs. So, instead of going the ridiculous route of marrying Baela to Jace, he should've tried getting Baela married to Aegon. I mean, if it is hard for Rhaenyra to ascend, it is even harder for Jace to ascend.
He could've given her a real chance at being Queen and wield significant power himself if his nephews respect him. This would also mean that even the Velaryons will mostly side with Aegon and Rhaenyra will have no option but to yield.
Isn't all of this better for the realm and better for their house? Imagine how many more dragon-riders and dragons would've been born if the factions were united.
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2023.05.28 18:03 AlternativeShadows [WP] It's been a long friggen day. Someone crashed into your car while you were at work. You lost your last $20. And now you find yourself yelling at a startled looking super villain because "I've just about had it with this BS"

I was messing around with dialogue/script-type writing here. I rather like how the characters talk here.
Here's the link
[Audio recording 46-ia] (10/22/34)
John Smith: What, I just talk into this? Is-- do I have to do this?
Agent Matthews: Yes, Mr. Smith. You do.
John Smith: Really? But I have to--I just--can I just go home?
Agent Matthews: Yes, you certainly can, Mr. Smith--
John Smith: Excellent, I'll just be--
Agent Matthews: After you tell us what happened.
John Smith: Fine. Fine. Whatever.
Agent Matthews: Excellent. Now just go ahead and--
John Smith: I just wanted to go home. I had a long day at work. This stupid customer wouldn't leave me alone! She just kept on calling about some stupid--
[Agent Matthews clears his throat]
John Smith: Right, right, okay. So I was just walking down the street because my car broke down because some idiot crashed into it while I was dealing with Karen over there, and by the time I came out to see, they were gone! I tried calling--
[Agent Matthews clears his throat again]
John Smith: Fine! Sorry! ...Anyways. Um. Oh, right. I was walking down Bouquet Avenue to try and find a phone--because I lost my wallet and couldnt use the payphone--so I could--
[Mr. Smith sees Agent Matthews shift in his seat]
John Smith: --And I ran into this super tall guy with a hoodie on. I was pretty pissed off at that point, so I started yelling at him for almost knocking me over, but then I see his eyes. And his eyes are bright red, like basically glowing. So I stop. Because at this point I know that it's Deadeye. I've seen him on the news, and I--well, I was still angry. Because of him I lost my last job, and he killed Gifted, who was my kid's favorite superhero. Do you know what it's like to explain to a kid that the guy who's supposed to be invincible is dead? I mean, I was pretty scared when I heard that. And so I just kind of--I mean, I sort of just screamed at him. And he seemed terrified, for some bizarre reason. And I was so angry that I threw a punch at him. And it landed, and he just... crumpled.
Agent Matthews: Excuse me?
John Smith: I punched him. And he fell over.
Agent Matthews: What? That can't be--you couldn't--you're lying.
John Smith: No, sir. I punched him, and he went unconscious.
Agent Matthews: Mr. Smith, I need the truth. I can't let you go until--
John Smith: That was the truth! And like I said, I just want to go home. Why would I lie?
Agent Matthews: But he's fought so many--he wouldn't just--you have to be lying!
John Smith: Well... there was something else...
Agent Matthews: What was it?
John Smith: I was really, really angry. And I wanted to go home. Can you guess how I feel right now?
[End of recording]
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2023.05.28 18:03 sillypinkfox CW: Sex (and advice!) I'm so drained unable to understand or explain

I have none something has been "off" with me since I was like 24. Recently diagnosed at age of 30... like 3 weeks ago now.
I have been in a relationship for about 2 years with very rocky waters as alot of my symptoms didn't start till 4 months in. I have been melting down a lot, with him leaving me or me leaving him. So many arguments where I feel so empty and have no idea how to explain what just happened cuz I don't even understand. I'm trying to relearn my whole life again with the diagnosis.
Key things I struggle with understanding or even trying to explain:

I keep trying to explain things the best I can on how I feel, what I'm recently learning on how my brain functions. I feel like I'm talking to a wall and gasping for air. I just want to scream, and I do..... I feel so broken and want to stop drowning.
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2023.05.28 18:03 CalPERS_LIED CalPERS LIED I want my 2.5.

I am looking for Police Officer and Firefighters who are members of CalPERS, who retired on an IDR or non-work-related Disability and left their accumulated normal contributions in the CalPERS system to receive the Disability Allowance.
I am Retired on an IDR from CalPERS. At the time of my retirement, I was 44.5 years of age. I had in my account $32,000.00 dollars with 8.899 years of service. I was given the option to request a refund of my accumulated normal contributions or leave the contributions in the system to receive a Disability Allowance of 2.5 for each year of service in addition to the employer entitlement of 50% of my final compensation. My IDR of 50% or $1,607.00, plus my 22.24% or $715.00 = $2,322.00 is what I should have received at the time of my IDR retirement effective 10-06-1998 instead of 50% of my final compensation for the past 25 years. CalPERS owes me $214.500 less the 2% cost of living. How much does CalPERS owe you?
CalPERS took my accumulated normal contribution I left on account at CalPERS, closed my account and wrote off my years of service in order not to pay the Disability Allowance. Without notice or explanation.
CalPERS is discriminating against POFF who retired on a work-related injury or IDR and those retired on a non-worked related Disability based on their age at retirement, creating a desperate impact amongst POFF.
Why because of their policy and practice of not paying a service retirement for POFF who did not meet the minimum age of retirement of 50 years. CalPERS admitted in a lawsuit and criminal complaint that it has 9,400 dormient accounts I believe mine is one of them, is yours one of them?
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RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)












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2023.05.28 18:03 moosemuck On the left, we hold our noses and vote for parties we don't want to.

Federally and provincially, there are only a handful of times I've voted for the party I really wanted to vote for. I look at how close the race is and I decide if I can 'afford' to vote for the party I want to. Federally I'd like to vote NDP or Green. But I end up voting strategically for the Liberals.
In this election, you know what? The NDP is not nearly far left enough at this point. And I know many people share this opinion. I'd like to be voting Green or AB Party. But I'm voting strategically again.
So in case you or anyone one you are talking to today/tomorrow does not want to vote UCP and plans on sitting this election out - then please let them know that a strategic vote against someone terrible is a valid vote. It's something that we on the left do all the time. And it's not a capitulation. It's just a temporary measure. Because let's be real - the NDP is always going to be the underdog. If they get in tomorrow, they are not going to stay there for long. But it may be long enough for the right to get it together and move away from this American-style far-right politics.
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2023.05.28 18:02 cat-of-schrodinger Blood on the tracks by Shuzo Oshimi accurately describes in painful detail how much damage parents can cause to a child

To the people who never went experienced it, it's just a disturbing manga, but it's exactly what covert child abuse looks like. It's the perfect example for emotional incest.
Did I feel seen reading it? yes. Was I triggered by it? also yes.
The manga revolves around the main character's (a boy in middleschool) relationship with his "overprotective" mother. It accurately depicts how an abusive parent manipulates their child and make them doubt themselves, making them lose their sense of self as well. It also shows how harmful generational trauma is.
It's triggering but reading it made me feel that I wasn't wrong, that my parents wronged me in so many ways. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a glimpse to the kind of abuse I went through.
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2023.05.28 18:02 PurpleSolitudes Self-heating Shoulder Support Brace

Self-heating Shoulder Support Brace
Shoulder pain is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, overuse, and arthritis. It can be debilitating and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. There are a number of treatments available for shoulder pain, including medication, physical therapy, and surgery. However, for many people, these treatments are not enough to provide relief.
The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace is a non-invasive and effective way to relieve shoulder pain. This brace uses heat therapy to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. It can be used at home or on the go, and it is easy to use.

How the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace Works

The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace works by using heat therapy to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. Heat therapy is a well-known method for relieving pain and inflammation. It works by increasing blood flow to the affected area, which helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.
The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace has a built-in heating element that provides deep, penetrating heat. The heat helps to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. This can help to relieve pain and improve range of motion.
The brace is also adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your shoulders. It is made of a soft, breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear.
See Price

Benefits of Using the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace

There are a number of benefits to using the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace for pain relief. These include:
  • Non-invasive: The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace does not require surgery or medication. It is a safe and effective way to relieve pain.
  • Easy to use: The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace is easy to use. It can be used at home or on the go.
  • Portable: The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • Affordable: The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace is affordable. It is a cost-effective way to relieve pain.

How to Choose the Right AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace

When choosing an AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These include:
  • Size: Make sure to choose a brace that is the right size for your shoulders.
  • Heat settings: The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace has three heat settings, so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you.
  • Features: The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace also has a built-in strap that helps to keep the brace in place.
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How to Use the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace

To use the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace, simply follow these steps:
  1. Read the instructions carefully before using the device.
  2. Place the brace on your shoulders.
  3. Turn on the brace and select the desired heat setting.
  4. Relax and enjoy the relief.

Tips for Using the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace

Here are a few tips for using the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace:
  • Use the brace for 20-30 minutes at a time.
  • Do not use the brace if you have any open wounds or skin irritation.
  • If you experience any discomfort, stop using the brace and consult with a doctor.

Additional benefits of using the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace:

  • It can help to improve range of motion.
  • It can help to reduce muscle spasms.
  • It can help to reduce inflammation.
  • It can help to promote healing.
  • It can help to prevent further injury.
If you are suffering from shoulder pain, the AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace may be a helpful option for you. It is a safe, effective, and affordable way to relieve pain and improve your quality of life.


The AOFIT Shoulder Support Brace is a non-invasive and effective way to relieve shoulder pain. This brace is easy to use and affordable, making it a great option for people who are looking for relief from pain.
See Price
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2023.05.28 18:02 PurpleSolitudes Best Electric Heated Shoulder Wrap and Vibration Massager

Best Electric Heated Shoulder Wrap and Vibration Massager
Shoulder pain is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, overuse, and arthritis. It can be debilitating and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. There are a number of treatments available for shoulder pain, including medication, physical therapy, and surgery. However, for many people, these treatments are not enough to provide relief.
Electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers are a non-invasive and effective way to relieve shoulder pain. These devices use heat and vibration to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. They can be used at home or on the go, and they are easy to use.

How Electric Heated Shoulder Wraps and Vibration Massagers Work

Electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers work by using heat and vibration to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation. Heat therapy is a well-known method for relieving pain and inflammation. It works by increasing blood flow to the affected area, which helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Vibration therapy also helps to relax muscles and reduce inflammation. It works by stimulating the nerves and muscles, which helps to release endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers.
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Benefits of Using Electric Heated Shoulder Wraps and Vibration Massagers
There are a number of benefits to using electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers for pain relief. These devices are:
  • Non-invasive: Electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers do not require surgery or medication. They are a safe and effective way to relieve pain.
  • Easy to use: Electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers are easy to use. They can be used at home or on the go.
  • Portable: Electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers are portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go.
  • Affordable: Electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers are affordable. They are a cost-effective way to relieve pain.

How to Choose the Right Electric Heated Shoulder Wrap or Vibration Massager

When choosing an electric heated shoulder wrap or vibration massager, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These include:
  • Size: Make sure to choose a wrap or massager that is the right size for your shoulders.
  • Heat settings: Some wraps and massagers have multiple heat settings, so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you.
  • Vibration settings: Some wraps and massagers have multiple vibration settings, so you can choose the one that provides the most relief.
  • Features: Some wraps and massagers have additional features, such as an automatic shut-off timer or a remote control.
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How to Use an Electric Heated Shoulder Wrap or Vibration Massager

To use an electric heated shoulder wrap or vibration massager, simply follow these steps:
  1. Read the instructions carefully before using the device.
  2. Place the wrap or massager on your shoulders.
  3. Turn on the device and select the desired heat and vibration settings.
  4. Relax and enjoy the relief.

Tips for Using an Electric Heated Shoulder Wrap or Vibration Massager

Here are a few tips for using an electric heated shoulder wrap or vibration massager:
  • Use the device for 20-30 minutes at a time.
  • Do not use the device if you have any open wounds or skin irritation.
  • If you experience any discomfort, stop using the device and consult with a doctor.


Electric heated shoulder wraps and vibration massagers are a non-invasive and effective way to relieve shoulder pain. These devices are easy to use and affordable, making them a great option for people who are looking for relief from pain.
See Price
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2023.05.28 18:02 Flimsy_Piccolo3353 Wanted to share — just pulled the trigger, going out of relationship with N father.

So, my N father recently retired from the practice of law. He’s always been relentlessly critical and judgmental, but it’s gotten worse than ever bc now he has time to over communicate regarding whatever opinion he’s urging on me, trying to persuade me to agree to avoid triggering N injury.
One example is he tells me that I look old (10+ years older than my true age) when wearing a beard. So I finally sent a note drawing a boundary over discussing my physical appearance. I was extremely careful with tone and closed it with a loving expression. I didn’t expect it to be well received, given that he’s a N. True to form, it quickly turned into him telling me to cease communications with him.
Here’s what he wrote:
Key Message 1:
I admit that I do not really understand your reaction to my comment that shaving your beard made you look younger; to us. You did send us a photo, that seemed to invite a comment. Since the comment bothered you, perhaps it would be best if you did not send us photos on the subject. You certainly look fine either way. We love you with or without a beard. And I am old, so being told I look old does not bother me at all. I have done well on my weight. I wanted to get down to 185 and this morning I weighed 184.
After responding that I didn’t invite the abuse by sharing of photo of myself with him, and related back n forth, including that he should feel free to disinherit me (as he always threatens when we get into a heated argument), he wrote this:
Key Message 2:
Given how you feel do not communicate with me any further. Your comments are bizarre. I sent you a text message advising that I would not make any further comments about your appearance issues and you respond with a blistering reply. I guess you have forgotten who paid for your college and grad school expenses and lots of other costs.
And then finally, this:
Key Message 3:
I hope you save copies of your tirade so that perhaps the day will come when you will see how disrespectful you have been towards your father who has pretty much always done right by you.
I’m almost 53 now and this still continues unabated when I am in relationship with my father.
Can some of ya’ll relate? (Indeed, I trust many can!)
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2023.05.28 18:01 UnDead_Ted Standing Strong Through the Storm Day 65

Standing Strong Through the Storm Day 65


He who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work. 1 John 3:8
China’s house church leaders representing more than ten million members met some years ago for a conference to discuss the main problems facing their churches. They ranked their top three problems, and came up with strategies to solve them. At the top of the list was gossip. Leader after leader told stories of how their ministries had been compromised by this subtle sin. One house church leader from Henan Province shared the following experience:
“I went into an area to lead Bible studies for coworkers and they wouldn’t let me into the house where we were to hold the seminar. I asked them through the closed door what the problem was, but they wouldn’t tell me. They just told me to go away. It was winter and I went a little ways outside the town, knowing I must start a fire to sleep beside or I would freeze to death. I wondered what on earth could have made those brothers and sisters turn me away on such a cold night without a word of explanation.
“But a brother took pity on me and brought me secretly to his home. I eventually pried the truth out of him. The leaders in the area had received an anonymous letter denouncing me as a ‘lover of many women.’ Try as hard as I might, I could not get them to listen to me or let me see the letter. Later in another part of the country, I learned the letter had been sent by a brother I had disciplined for moral laxity, and he had sent it out of spite.
“I went to him and he repented. He sent another letter, but because the first one was unsigned, they didn’t believe him. Both of us offered to go there, but we weren’t welcomed. The testimony of the church was ruined. I still have to explain myself wherever I go. It’s a victory for the devil.
“I went with the offending brother out to the countryside and told him to pluck a chicken. We walked along while he did; the wind blew the feathers far over the fields. When he was finished, he asked, ‘What now?’ I told him, ‘Pick up every feather, and put it back on the chicken.’ He said, ‘That’s impossible.’ I replied, ‘You are right. It is impossible, just as the damage your words have done cannot be repaired.’ ”
The house church leaders pledged to be more loving, and to hold more face-to-face meetings with each other to minimize the sin of gossip in the future.
RESPONSE: Today I will thwart Satan’s temptations to offend others by committing the sin of gossip.
PRAYER: Lord, enable me to stand strong today in the face of all that Satan tries to throw at me.
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2023.05.28 18:01 WeirdFourEyes413 For those who got Vigil and tried him out, what are your opinions?

I E2 all my six stars, especially for those I believe I would barely use. I E2ed Vigil cause his drip is immaculate, and he is hot. Plus, I love his English dub. I have heard that he is considered the worst six-star, but I still wanted to try him out. Tried him out in many stages, and honestly, he is not as bad as most people are saying. Don't get me wrong, his kit does need a rework (make his wolves less squishy, please), but is he downright awful? In my opinion, far from it. In fact, he is pretty fun to use, and in some stages (with Skadi, Sora, or Heidi as a healer for his wolves), he does some pretty good damage. He is like Ebenholz, where their kit needs a rework, but if you use them in a stage where they are good, they can be incredibly useful. Although I hope they fix his kit in some way to make him more decent, imo, he is not bad as people make him out to be. Well, for me at least. Def gonna use him in more stages, and try to find a use for him (always gonna use a husbando, no matter how bad they are)
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2023.05.28 18:01 jjfajen Apex Predator (Part 46)

Memory transcription subject: Daniel Price, UTC Special Forces
Date [standardized human time]: September 8, 2140
I was roused from sleep by Colton. Groggily I checked my watch, it had been four hours. Rubbing my eyes I groaned, “Is evac here yet?”
“No, we’ve got an issue. Get up. I’ll grab Jath and Tassev, you get Usli and go to the common room. They’ll fill you in. It sounds like the situation up top has gone to shit.”
Once I was up I lazily grabbed my backpack and parted the partition of the ‘room’ to begin my search for Usli. It wasn’t hard, following the sound of Yotul children I found him being dogpiled by them in a sectioned off area that must have been a playroom of some description.
“Come on Usli, everyone’s meeting in the common room. Apparently there’s a situation.”
“Awww”, several of the young Yotuls cried out in unison.
Usli shook some of them off and got to his feet. “Alright kids, fun’s over.” Kicking his leg he shook off one particularly stubborn child. “Get off! There will be plenty of time to horse around later.”
Clinging to Usli’s back one kid asked, “What’s a horse?”
Usli leaned in towards me, “You see what I have to deal with?”
I could hardly contain a chuckle as I pried the last straggler from him. “I see you’re popular. Did they let you get any sleep?”
“No. They are just full of questions. ‘Do you live with predators? What is space like? Have you killed anyone? Ooh what’s that shiny bug in your pack? Do your Arxur ever eat anyone?’ And then when they’re out of questions they drag you around showing you their favorite rock or their favorite dolls, or-”
I could no longer contain my chuckle as I burst out laughing, "Cut them some slack. You’re probably the coolest Yotul they’ve ever met.”
He let out an amused huff, “Easy for you to say when they’re not keeping you awake. They’ve barely bugged you guys and haven’t even bothered Jath or Tassev at all”
One of the children ran up behind us and grabbed a hold of the backpack in my hand. “Is this your toy,” he asked, grabbing a hold of Lily.
Yanking the backpack up I hoisted the kid off his feet up to eye level and tersely replied, “Don’t touch that!”
He immediately let go and fell on the ground stunned as we continued walking. Looking over to Usli I saw he was barely suppressing a chuckle, holding his hands tight to his snout. I gave him a playful jab with my elbow before sighing, “Oh you shut up, let’s see what’s going on.”
Entering the common area we found everyone was huddled around the radio again. As the dials were adjusted we were privy to what sounded like numerous commands and battle updates.
“What’s the situation,” I asked.
Ugo, the elderly Yotul who we now knew was something of a de facto leader of this enclave, answered, “The Federation is not content to see us freed without a fight. Just as the humans won control in orbit, a Krakotl fleet arrived in the system. The battle is ongoing, but we cannot tell who is winning.”
Shit. If we hadn’t found these guys there’s no doubt we would have been overrun with our evac being delayed. It was inevitable that the Federation would contest us in space eventually. Our overall strategy forced them to pick and choose which systems were better abandoned and which were worth defending, and it looked like Yotul Prime was the latter.
“Have confidence,” I reassured him. “The First Fleet should have more than enough firepower to deal with whatever the Federation throws at them.”
“And if they don’t? Our food stockpile can’t cover the extra mouths to feed, let alone your uh, dietary requirements.”
Colton entered the scene with Jath and Tassev in tow, “Then we’ll send another fleet. Kicking the Federation out of Yotul Prime is high on Command’s Christmas list. You guys are the only species that even tried to reach out to us after the bombing. That’s not something we intend to forget.”
The sound of wood scraping the floor grabbed our attention. It was Amja, who was pulling a small table with one hand and carrying a bundle of paper in the other. “There is another issue.” She stopped and layed the paper, which looked like a map, over the table. “With the distraction, they’re going to evacuate the Governor.”
“Oh not this again,” Ugo lamented.
“This is our last chance to take him down. If he escapes now we’ll never find him.”
“How many times do I have to tell you, there is nothing to gain in pursuing him. The planet will be ours again soon anyways. You’ll just get yourself killed, and for what? Revenge?”
Amja snapped back, “No, justice! He needs to answer for what he’s done these past years. If he slips through the cracks now our people will never have closure. And this time is different.” She looked over to us, “We have them.”
“Hold on,” I said. “ My team didn’t sign up for a suicide mission. The planetary distress beacon was our objective, and it is neutralized; in no small part due to your help. We are thankful for that, but I can’t justify putting my men at that kind of risk.”
“It’s not a suicide mission. The Ossuaries can get us close to the old Chancellor’s Manor where the Governor’s headquarters is. Everyone is in the bunkers right now, so at worst we’ll only encounter the odd exterminator until we reach the manor.”
Ugo interrupted, “And then his guards will cut you to ribbons! We’ve been over this!”
“Not if they are evacuating,” Amja replied. “Yes, they will be on alert, but they won’t be guarding the whole perimeter. We can slip in and nab the Governor before he has the chance to flee, but that’s not all.” She unfurled more sheets of paper. These appeared to be copies of communications. “The manor is full of documents and records. Lists of collaborators, records about those they took during the Depurations, even what they did with the humans left behind after the invasion. The Kolshians won’t leave information like that for us to find once this is all over. They’re probably burning them as we speak. We need to act now.”
“We have to do this.” Turning back to us she pleaded, “I know it is a lot to ask, but please.”
As much as I’d like to knock this Governor down a notch, that wasn’t enough to risk my team over. But the documents on the other hand caught my attention. Records of Federation’s wrongdoing would be an invaluable propaganda tool for the UTC, and help us legitimize whatever government was set up on Yotul Prime after we were done here. Not to mention the possibility of helping people the Federation had taken or captured. I looked to my team and I could see by their expressions what my answer would be.
“The coast is clear,” Amja said, pushing the manhole cover to the side. Sirens were still wailing in the distance, but there was no movement on the streets of the capital. Immediately I was taken aback by the sight of dozens of mangled Yotul strewn across the street and sidewalks.
“Christ,” Colton muttered under his breath. ”This isn’t our doing? Right? They said cities wouldn’t be targeted for bombing.”
“Not directly,” Amja replied. “These poor souls are victims of a stampede. That’s just how it is. Their deaths are on the Federation, not you. If they took your offer of surrender then these people would still be alive.” She then noticed Jath kneeled down over one of the unfortunate Yotul. “Hey! Now is not the time for snacks.”
“I was checking for vitals!”, Jath growled back.
“Jath is our medic,” I said.
“What?!” Amja was taken aback by my statement. “You trust an Arxur to treat your wounded? To be near you at your weakest with blood in the air?”
“I do,” Usli rebutted. “And I trust Tassev to have my back in a firefight too.”
“That’s- it’s just… nevermind.”
Jath rose to his feet somberly, an indication that the emaciated Yotul lying at his feet was indeed dead. “We need to keep moving.”
The streets were utterly deserted. Making our way mostly through back alleys Amja commented on this fact. “Something’s not right. We should have seen at least one exterminator patrol by now.”
It was soon apparent why as we came to the perimeter of the manor grounds. Numerous vans labeled EXTERMINATOR were parked haphazardly going all the way down the boulevard.
“Those bastards,” Amja cursed. “They aren’t patrolling because the Governor has them supplementing his own security!”
“So what’s the plan,” I asked.
“We stick to the plan. He likely doesn’t trust them enough to have them mingled with his normal security inside the manor. In that case all of the exterminators will be outside, if we can sneak our way into the building they won’t be an issue.”
“And those second story windows will make the perfect vantage point to keep them out once we’re in,” Colton observed.
Once again Usli’s drone was a godsend. The bright silver suits of exterminators made them easy to pick out from the well manicured surroundings of the manor. After climbing over the exterior wall we were able to use the decorative foliage to our advantage, concealing our movement as we approached the manor proper. The best entry point Usli could find was a greenhouse that connected to the main building. Approaching the structure we could see one Yotul standing guard at the door. Shooting him wasn’t an option, Even Colton’s suppressed rifle would make too much noise to not alert someone else in the compound. Someone would have to sneak up behind him and silently take him out. I opted to take up this task, but it would not be simple. He would see me in his peripheral vision if I was anywhere except directly behind him when I struck. This was complicated by the fact his back was to a wall.
“Usli,” I whispered. “Remember when we went on that float trip and there were mosquitos everywhere bugging us?”
“Bugging you more like, they only annoyed me when they got in my eyes and ears.”
I gestured towards the guard, “When I’m in position, give him a taste of that.”
Connecting the dots he nodded and I slowly crawled to the spot I had in mind. The greenhouse was rounded on the end towards us, and the door was located on the left side. I snuck around towards the right side and got into position prone right up against the side just where the curve concealed me from the guard’s view.
On cue I could hear the guard grunting in irritation. After the sounds of him slapping himself on the head came more frustration, “Damn bug, go away!”
Peeking around the bend now that his full attention was one the drone, I waited for the perfect moment. Finally the irritated guard turned so that he was facing directly away from me. Springing into action I ran forward, knife in hand. He turned at the sound of my approach but it was too late, I tackled the marsupial to the ground, pinning him with my bodyweight. I grabbed his snout with my left hand, ensuring he couldn’t scream for help. And thrust the blade into his throat with my right. The muffled cry of the Yotul beneath me waned into a sickening gurgle as his frantic, fearful eyes glazed over and his resistance ceased. I sat on top of him for a moment in a daze before the feeling of warm blood on my hand snapped me back to reality. On autopilot I removed the knife and wiped the blade off with the dead Yotul’s uniform before turning to gesture for my team to move up. The door was locked, but the guard conveniently had a key on him. Inside we found no resistance as we entered the main building.
Shooting a bird wasn’t something I had any real qualms about. There was something detached about the action of pulling a trigger to end one. But stabbing a Yotul, to overpower it and watch the life leave its eyes…To feel its blood soak my hands? It was different. I knew his death was necessary like all the others, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t shake a feeling. When I shot a Krakotl it felt akin to our target practice with wild pigs. Killing the Yotul on the other hand? It felt like I killed a person. I didn’t linger on these thoughts for more than a moment. We had a job to do.
We dispatched two more guards inside in a similar manner as we moved up to the second floor and towards what Amja’s floor plans denoted as the Chancellor’s Office. Colton took point dispatching these guards. While Jath or Tassev would seem like the obvious choice for the task, we wanted to slit throats, not tear the guards in half. We came to an open space that looked similar to a ballroom. The second floor formed a balcony that overlooked the dance floor. Here the hallway split to hug the walls on either side with ornate chandeliers hanging in the open space between the walkways. At the opposite end from us was a trio of Krakotl who opened fire the moment they could make us out over the chandeliers. Bullets whizzed by us as we hit the deck and tried to return fire, but it was difficult. The chandeliers provided little more than concealment, glass shards accompanied the bullets flying all around us. Amja crawled to the point where the walkway split and rolled to the right, hitting one of the guards who let out a pained squawk. She tried to crawl back into concealment but took a bullet to the shoulder as the birds returned a hail of gunfire in her direction. Trying to draw them off, I let out a burst of gunfire in what I thought was the direction the squawk came from as I ran to the left side of the split.. They shifted their fire towards me, but unable to pinpoint my position, missed their shots by mere inches. Looking to my right I could see Amja holding her shoulder with her left hand while her right arm laid limp on the ground.
“Jath!” I yelled out, “Amja’s hit!”
He crawled forward towards our position, hugging the ground to avoid the exchange of gunfire that flew above. Amja looked to me and pleaded, “N-no, I’m fine. Just- f-focus on them.”
“We’re not leaving you to bleed out there.”
She adjusted herself to see Jath’s approach from down the hall and looked back to me with newfound terror in her eyes. She spoke lower and faster, gasping between breaths “I d-don’t, I don’t. Not with h-him. No!”
“There’s no time to argue. Trust us.” I turned around to see Jath closing in. Amja closed her eyes and winced as he grabbed her by the leg and pulled her back into the hallway.
The situation wasn’t good. The only thing keeping those two from being shot was the fact they couldn’t be seen through the chandeliers. It was as Jath rounded the corner into a side room that I made a realization: if it wasn't for the chandeliers, the guards would be in a more exposed position than we were. Without them we had the advantage.
“Colton! Drop the chandelier!”
“Do what?!”
“Drop it!”
Within moments the roof anchor of the first chandelier was shot out. With an ear splitting crash it shattered on the floor below, quickly followed by the second. The birds were caught off guard by the destruction of their only concealment. The one Amja had shot was already down and another was clutching the sides of its head, giving us ample time to pick off the more composed bird first before finishing off the other, all before they could return accurate fire.
“Move up,” I yelled, not wanting to waste any of our momentum. I took the right side while Tassev took the left. The moment I was in position, several rounds were blind fired through the door from within. I swung the door and Tassev threw a flashbang in. As it flashed multiple times more gunshots rang out, firing every which way. When the grenade ceased Tassev barged in and I followed behind. Directly in front of me stood a blue cephalopoid figure. One of the tentacles that formed its arms was stretched in front of its eyes while the other flailed wildly with a gun in hand. Without hesitation, Tessev lunged for the gun wielding appendage. I ran to the side to get a clear shot on the Kolshian and barked commands for him to surrender, not that he could hear me considering that his equivalent of ears were probably bleeding. He thrashed in every direction as Tassev finally wrested control of the gun via liberal application of his claws. Seeing that Colton had come in behind us and could keep lethal cover on our target, I opted to bash the Kolshian’s head with the butt of my rifle. The dazed alien fell to the ground and we were finally able to restrain him. The office was huge in comparison to similar rooms in the manor. This had to be the room we were looking for. Colton vaulted the desk on the far end of the office, peaking through the window before tearing down the curtains.
“Where’s Usli,” I asked.
“He’s with Jath treating Amja,” Colton replied. He returned his gaze outside for a moment before readying his rifle, “Shit, we’ve got exterminators incoming.”
I looked to Tassev, “We need to get everyone in this room ASAP.” He nodded and rushed out the door.
Walking to the window I asked, “How many?”
“Twenty and counting,” Colton replied. “A few guards with firearms as well.”
“You need covering fire?”
“No, just finish off the ones that get through.”
With that he opened the window before laying down judicious fire on the oncoming hostiles. It was at this moment that Tassev returned with Amja in his arms.
“Put her down over here,” Jath ordered, swiping away stray books and debris that littered the floor.
“What’s her condition,” I asked.
“The bullet entered from the top of the shoulder blade and is now lodged in her abdomen. I don’t have the tools necessary to remove it and she can’t move her right arm, but it didn’t hit anything vital.”
Amja winced as she was propped up against the wall. She was obviously still fairly shaken as her gaze drifted to the Kolshian tied up opposite of her. Her eyes narrowed as she weakly pointed at him with her still functioning hand, “T-that’s him.”
"That's the Governor?" I queried.
Before she could respond, Usli stomped towards the Kolshian, his hands balled into fists, “Good. I was hoping to get a piece of him.”
“Not now,” I cautioned. “We’ve got exterminators plus anyone else in the building closing in on us.” I swept a computer and monitor off the top of the heavy wooden desk behind Colton. “Tassev, help me push this thing to the door for cover. Usli, I need you to tell us exactly how many hostiles make it in the building. Move it!”
The sound of the desk dragging against the floor was only drowned out by the sound of Colton's gunfire occasionally followed by an explosion of what must have been exterminator fuel tanks. Tassev finished the construction of our makeshift machinegun nest by resting his gun on its bipod looking down the unobstructed view into the ballroom and the hallway across. The perfect fatal funnel for us to defend.
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2023.05.28 18:00 Useful_Passenger2121 MORE NEW CONTENT and UPDATED MODS! Lethe servers for Savage Wilds and Exiled Lands!! [PC] [PvE] [US Midwest]- custom content, lightly-modded, friendly and collaborative. No Drop on Death!

MORE NEW CONTENT and UPDATED MODS! Lethe servers for Savage Wilds and Exiled Lands!! [PC] [PvE] [US Midwest]- custom content, lightly-modded, friendly and collaborative. No Drop on Death!
Updated Mods!
Lethe Savage Wilds and Exiled Lands servers are looking for new members to come and play! Plenty of room to build. Light mods, great quality of life improvements. Come join us and build our community! We welcome all, new or experienced, to join us. We have FREE warps to certain areas and short nights. Server restarts twice per day at 4am/4pm ET.
Our Exiled Lands server is open and full of custom content!! Completely new lands to build, and all the same perks that we have for Savage Wilds.
New Exiled Lands Content Added!!!
-World Events on both servers including a Thrall Revolt in Seperemu!!
-Added an Ambush quest allowing players to choose their own starter gear from the Fighting Pit where they are taken.
- Sandstorm Arena with NPC Spawners for players to fight Tier 1 fights.
- New Mazes on Exiled Lands with an NPC in Conan's Tavern in Sepermeru that sends you to one of 10 random mazes.
-Marketplaces where players can place vendors to sell their goods.
- Added Crafting Specializations from Mathilda the Crone that teaches you from her new little shop in Sepermeru near the Temporary Market. Mathilda is also found on Savage Wilds in Murun.
Come and check out our Twitch streams with Jay and Cel! Twitch drops are enabled, so let the Shenanigans commence!
Jay can be found here:
Cel can be found here:
Direct Connect: Savage Wilds:
Direct Connect Exiled Lands:
The server settings are mildly boosted. Current settings (shown above) include:
  • 3x Harvesting
  • 3x XP
  • 3x Crafting
  • 0.5x thirst, hunger, crafting time and spoil rate
  • Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier: 2.0
  • Unconscious Time: 1,000.0 sec
  • Purge is ON at level 6 (difficult)
  • Durability is dramatically boosted
  • Containers ignore ownership - lock your chests!
  • Building decay is OFF
  • Free Warps to home, and 3 home locations per player with multi-home warp list
We have incredible custom content with more added almost daily! We just added Amunet's Dungeon Assets for more dungeon content, and have initiated World Events on both servers for even more battle fun! There are both beginners and advanced Arenas where you can fight opponents, take thralls and win loot, and custom Mazes giving a little nod to former Foo Fighter's drummer Taylor Hawkins with fantastic prizes for all who complete it. Many custom builds and custom built dungeons to test your skills and get great loot. We have footraces/triathlons in various map areas complete with checkpoints and prizes!
We have a new Battle Pass Arena outside Murun! Use this feature to quickly spawn in creatures you need to complete your Battle Pass Challenges. It is a work in progress, so it may not have all the creatures yet, but admins are quickly updating so you can complete all your challenges!
With the new update to Age of Sorcery, we have an NPC in Murun that teaches you how to make Golems. He can be found in by the Money Changers, right around the corner from Tommy the Dank. You should really stop by and see Tommy and his friend Cheech in Murun. Just follow the haze...
NEW Mod list:
  • Pippi
  • Savage Wilds
  • Better Thralls
  • Unlock Plus
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Emberlight
  • Stacksize Plus
  • Sand and Stone
  • Armor and Weapon Stats in Bench
  • DungeonMasterTools Continued
  • Fashionist
  • Immersive Armor
  • Lexa's Exiled Lands
  • LBPR Additional Features
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Pythagoras Expanded Building
  • Warrior Mutator
  • RA Visual Tweaks
  • RA: Character customization
  • RA: Fantasy Extension
  • Blackthorn Pets and Mounts
  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling – Reloaded (Level 300)
  • Amunet's Dungeon Assets
  • Tier 4 Followers - Mild Increased Spawn (special weekends only)
submitted by Useful_Passenger2121 to ConanExilesServers [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 18:00 joshklein37 5 shows in 3 days!

5 shows in 3 days!
5/19, Sweeney Todd: this was a massive blind spot in my Sondheim fandom so I was so excited to see this and especially with this cast and creative team. This was also Annaleigh Ashford’s first performance after winning the Drama League Award which I hoped they would acknowledge at the curtain call but they did not. Anyway, the show! It was brilliant, I know some people didn’t find Groban scary, I did at times but I also didn’t think he always needed to be but his Epiphany was breathtaking, however Ashford stole the show, all of her choices were brilliant and hysterical. Gaten Matarazzo, who I frankly wasn’t too excited to see as I haven’t seen Stranger Things, was also fantastic, his performance has really stuck with me. Jordan Fisher was fine and Ruthie Ann Miles was good. Overall, loved it.
5/20 matinee, Good Night Oscar: I beg anyone who will be in New York during the run of this show to rush Good Night Oscar, we got there at 8:45 and were third in line and their rush seats are $25 and the very front row of the theatre, which one you get a booster seat, is really not a problem and you get to see Sean Hayes give what has to be the most incredible live performance I’ve ever seen literally feet away from you. The play itself is also quite good but Hayes is otherworldly, I find that surprisingly this is the show I find myself raving about the most of the shows I saw on this trip.
5/20 evening, Camelot: you will not see me raving about this one nearly as much. While I did not hate it, I would give it a mixed positive, it certainly should’ve been better than it was. The cast was all great, the score was lovely and the orchestra was awesome, but I just don’t know what Sorkin was going for here. It’s 3 hours and it feels both incredibly slow and rushed, the things I want them to dive in to and take time on, they mostly completely skip and the things I could use less of are given 10 minute scenes. There were so many interesting ideas they could’ve played with here, how hubris can get in the way of meaningful change is a very interesting idea to play with but they just don’t fully examine anything. However, the biggest disappointment for me was the set design, or lack thereof. Why is it so minimalist? This is the Lincoln Center, they’re known for their extravagance, I kept waiting for a big set piece or something visually interesting but nothing came. I can appreciate minimalism with a show of substance, as I will get to later but this just didn’t have the substance, a big set can help take pressure away from your book and they needed that. The Beaumont stage is also massive so my eyes kept veering to the completely empty 90% of the stage with no actors, no set, no backdrop, anything. Overall, definitely disappointed but we got a selfie with Phillipa Soo after so still worth it.
5/21 matinee, Fat Ham: boy did we ever need this after the shows we had. We got rush tickets through TodayTix and we had a blast at this show, it was so smart and so funny, the whole cast was brilliant and it was just executed as well as it possibly could have. It had some very important things to say, and said them in a way that felt so natural and non-forced and it was just so well written and also why does no one talk about the lighting design? This thing better take that Tony, that was outstanding.
5/21 evening, Parade: we initially had tickets to the matinee but when they announced the evening show, we resold so we could fit another show in. I had known about Leo Frank for a while at this point but didn’t know Parade until the run at the city centre, I was initially very skeptical about a musical about Leo Frank but upon listening to it I was blown away by how well done it was and when the Broadway transfer was announced, this was a must see. I have since listened to the score many times and it has become one of my favourite scores in all of musical theatre but it was interesting to finally hear the book, which while not as excellent as the score, still serves its purpose for the score to hit the big emotional beats very very well. This is the show I was referencing where I loved the minimalism because it had a show of real substance, I also really loved the choice to show the real people on the screen at the back to remind the audience they’re watching a true story. Ben Platt was also fantastic and would be my vote for Actor in a Musical (though I haven’t seen NYNY), Micaela Diamond was also very good, though her accent took me out of it at times, I disagree with those saying she outshined him. The whole supporting cast was remarkable, with my standouts being Alex Joseph Grayson and Paul Alexander Nolan.
TLDR, my ranking
Must sees:
Sweeney Todd
Good Night, Oscar
Definite recommends:
Fat Ham
Only if you can get a ticket for real cheap:
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2023.05.28 18:00 Guren0p Should I (26M) confess my crush (21F) as she may be dating someone else?

I met her when she started working with me and we hit it up pretty quickly as friend, at the time I wasn't looking for anything as I was pretty happy hanging out with new friends and finally started working in something I liked. We started going out, but for me at the time, it was only as friends and as time went by, we kept talking and I started catching feelings for her. This was the first time I really wanted to date someone (never had a serious girlfriend and only went on a couple of dates before).
There is also worth mentioning that I'm really private person and due to my childhood, I don't express myself, with could have cause that she misunderstood my feelings towards her. I tried to change and be more forward bold but it didn´t work and sometimes she didn't believe what I told her (but I was not direct most of the time). The boldest thing I did was on Valentine's day (2 days later actually) and asked her out to a really fancy restaurant when we were finishing work but she declined the offer as she wanted to work out and said we could go the next Monday, but as I already ordered some stuff from the menu, I had to go that day. In the end, I went with a friend to not lose the money.
I kept hanging out with my crush (just the two of us) regularly but it really hurt me that many times she didn't take me seriously and she changed her attitude toward me.
I know that maybe I took too much time to realize my feelings and, as it was really hard for me, I couldn't tell her how I truly feel. I suspect she is dating someone else, but I really want to tell her how I truly feel as this is the first time I have ever felt this way for someone at all and she changed a lot of things for me and made me want to be in a serious relationship, something I thought as I have giving up on love was not meant for me. In a way I'm a helpless romantic with trusting issues and even with that I wanted to move forward with her, she made me face with a lot of my insecurities to make a decision, but as I said before, maybe I took too much time...
The issue here is that I may lose a really amazing person. So, I'm asking for advice if I should swallow up my feelings or tell her how I feel because this really is eating me up.
tldr don't know how to move forward in my relationship with my crush as she is dating someone else
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2023.05.28 18:00 AlternativeShadows [WP] Once there was a boy who made a snowman that came to life! The boy loved him so much, that he found a magic crystal and wished that the snowman would never melt. That was centuries ago. Now, the snowman wanders the scorched remains of Earth, praying for a death he knows will never come.

I'm gonna be honest I don't remember writing this, but here it is.
Here's the post
My flesh should have started evaporating off my body long, long ago. But that would mean death, and death was too easy.
I pass another building as it collapses, the earth claiming another victim, as it had claimed so many so long ago.
I remember when the earth began to collapse. I don't remember how long ago it was, but it was...
It was a long time ago.
I was created by a child. I was but a crude approximaton of my god. He had reached into the ground, and out of the very substance he stood on, he created life.
It wasn't really that simple. After he shaped my body, he had found a crystal that had fallen from the sky, and I believe he imbued it with his godly--yet sparse--power, focusing it into me. My soul.
I believe he poured his everything into me. All of his divinity, filling every part of my body. I have to believe that. Because if it's not true...
Why did I survive, while he died?
Another wave hits me. The antithesis of my cold body, heat that challenged every particle of my body, trying it's very best to tear me apart.
But that would mean death. And death was too easy.
Now I wander the earth, dreaming of death. Searching for anything that can give it to me. I found a vast expanse of water, black and filthy. All it did was discolor me for a few days.
I found a volcano. I had cooled the magma around me, and it solidified, trapping me for... years.
I think that was the closest I've ever been to death. A blissful silence. But the stone still hissed when it touched me. My flesh still felt pain, knowing it should have ceased to exist hundreds of years ago.
Eventually, I decided to search once more for a true death. I decided to cross the ocean, and search a new continent.
One day, on that other continent, I found a settlement.
But none of them would kill me.
I knew they had the power to. They were the same as my god. But they would not undo the magic that held me together.
So I took the next logical step. If they wouldn't kill me, I'd have to force them to do it in self-defense.
Their crude, improvised weapons had no effect on me. Nothing they did could touch me.
They all screamed. They all died.
It was cathartic, somehow. It made me forget my pain.
I think it's time to search another continent.
Death is too easy.
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2023.05.28 18:00 HumanWatercress8294 I didn’t have a carrier…so I put the entire cage in the mini van😶‍🌫️

Okay, I know how bad this might sound to some people but hear me out. I heard so many stories of people saying their birds are terrified to go in cars or different places than they’re used to. We had to transport our budgies and didn’t have time to get a carrier, so we tried to make one and we actually kind of succeeded, but we couldn’t get them in there. So my parents told me to take their toys and food out and they just…put the cage in the car.
And the thing is that the birds didn’t even care. They were in fact looking around outside and in the car. They chattered, touched beaks, bobbed their heads, and generally made happy noises the entire ride, which was like 45 minutes long.
We dropped them off with no problem and they happily went to bed, slept the entire night, and are being curious about their new surroundings and temporary owners.
So, the question is- is transporting the entire cage somehow less stressful for them? Does it make them feel safer? Or was I just lucky?
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2023.05.28 17:59 Efficient_Turnover32 Our relationship is hard 23F and 23FTM

Long post ahead + sorry for the typos, I'm on mobile. Me (23 cis F) and my boyfriend (23 FTM) are together since 4 years and our relationship is very hard.
Let me preface this by saying we went trough lots of stuff together: from his transition (we met before), to me overcoming eating disorder, or him battling with depression and anxiety, you get it the therapists are having fun with us. We also went trough 3 month stuck together in the tiniest studio during lockdowm basically facing each other with no intimacy (really a traumatic period for us but details would be too long).
On top of that we cary lots of trauma from our past and our families are both dysfunctional at best. Growing up I had no role model of a healthy relationship and if I must be honest I have a very hard time picturing what it looks like. I also don't know how to fight without getting into fight or flight mode, rage being the third option, probably picking up this behaviour from my dad who's violent. Giving our shared and separated background we did make some great effort to have the healthiest relationship possible, therapy, alone and as a couple, lots of communication, we both worked on our anger issues, and we really tried to learn how to fight properly, in a healthy way and with the most positive outcome. But for some reason we seem to not get it right, we still fight a lot, we can't seem to be stable and happy together. Our traumatic experiences as a couple or separated tends to get the best of us.
We do share really happy moments, we share lots of interest, we take care of each other, we have the same future plans and I often feel like he's my best friend but with the intimacy loves bring. We love each other so much, but there's always those fights...
It's exhausting, and sometimes I wounder if we're just no meant for each other, or if because of our upbringing we're just condemned to have unhealthy behaviors and unhappy lives. People tend to say that love is easy, and that everything just clicks with the right personn. But I have to fight, I have to relearn so many things, and to untangle a whole life of toxicity, is it normal ? Is it unhealthy ?
TL;DR! : boyfriend and I fights a lot due to toxic behavior we picked from upbringing/traumatic experiences and despite our efforts it can't seem to go better
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2023.05.28 17:59 Standard_Stranger425 I want seperate ranks back ngl

Why on earth did nintendo decide to remove seperate ranked modes??? I was rank X clam blitz in splatoon 2 and now I can barely get out of S in 3. It's like every match I play people just don't know how to actually play clam blitz! Like heres an example >
A few days ago I was playing it on Manta Maria, we were in the lead with about 30 seconds left, someone else and I on my team both had super clams and two people on the other team both had them too. So I decided to wait and guard the base because we were already in the lead so there would be no point trying to get to the other teams base and risk potentially losing, but the rest of my team decided to go there anyways leaving me by myself. The two super clams on the other team then start coming to our base and since it would be a 2v1 i started spamming "this way" to try and get my teams attention so they would come back and help. But they didnt they just stayed over there, the two super clams got to our base and I managed to kill one but the other killed me, they then got both super clams in for their team and we lost the lead, right before the match ended! If we had a full line of defence at our base it would have made such a difference and i keep seeming to get so many ranked matches that turn out like this which I never did in two.
Thing is almoat every clam blitz match I play I get triple gold with guarenteed one of those being number 1 points scorer so it just sucks.
And im not saying this bcs I think I'm amazing and everyone is trash bcs believe me I am rlly bad splat zones, i couldnt even get out of A in 2 so I never play zones anymore bcs I dont want to ruin anyones teams lmao but I'd like to be able to play splat zones with people who are also at my level because it's been ages since i've played it!
I am just worried i will never be able to experience x ranked clam blitz anymore, especially since I think it's generally known as the most confusing mode to understand (according to most ppl it is anyways)
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