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Welcome to the Ocean State

2009.12.15 23:51 Lunaesa Welcome to the Ocean State

What cheer, friends? Welcome to the biggest little state in the union. We are the largest online community for Rhode Island.

2014.08.22 07:19 Rhode Island R4R

This is the Rhode Island version of /r4r This Subreddit is for all of Rhode Island so give your location in your post. r4r - Redditor for Redditor Whether you're seeking platonic friends, non-platonic friends, online gaming partners, soulmates, travelmates, smoking buddies, groups to join, activity partners, friends with benefits [fwb] / casual encounters, etc. This is the place on Reddit to find and seek.

2022.05.23 05:21 ChemicalOwl666 GayInRhodeIsland


2023.06.03 06:03 quote_emperor Women's Navy Rhode Island Rams Color Block Yoga Leggings

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2023.06.03 05:01 rosedik How to Form an LLC in Rhode Island (Step by Step Guide) Rhode Island L...

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2023.06.03 04:01 AccurateNorth1308 Anyone interested in a ticket to the Newport Jazz Festival? (August 4-6)

I’m selling my ticket for $250; full price online is $281.19.
Please DM if interested! The festival is in Newport, Rhode Island, not in NYC, but figured there might be some NYC-based jazz fans who want to attend!
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2023.06.03 03:40 AFTERMIDNIGHTRI A taste before 2024! ( Defiance 1636 Event )

A taste before 2024! ( Defiance 1636 Event )
We're proud to announce that we will be at Roger Williams University to support the Rhode Island Rogues WPSL team. As we prepare for 2024, we invite those interested in the group to support local soccer. Smokes, flares, battle flags, everything that we're gonna be doing in 2024 will be on site. Show your support and come on down!
As a special offer we will be covering costs for tickets for FIFTEEN of you who sign up using the link https://forms.gle/YCg98B3DVg6m661u6 Otherwise, tickets per person are $5. Pay on their website or at the gate!
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2023.06.03 03:40 Providence6969 Tell me your thoughts Ladies

Best way to meet new people? I'm a Rhode Island guy in my mid 30's (white 6ft 195 shaved head, short beard). Idealistically looking for a lady to hangout with. Sober Genuinely interested in just having some fun and doing some interesting things but open to dating as well. Willing to message/text etc to see if there is chemistry. Reply to this post or send me a private message.
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2023.06.03 03:22 autotldr Three ‘Forever Chemicals’ Makers Settle Public Water Lawsuits

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 39%. (I'm a bot)
PFAS-related litigation involves more than 4,000 cases, filed in federal courts across the country but largely consolidated before a federal judge in Charleston, S.C., as so-called multidistrict litigation because the lawsuits involve a common set of facts and allegations.
It is not uncommon for so-called mass tort cases to be grouped together like this in federal court, making it easier to conduct discovery and take depositions when so many plaintiffs and defendants are involved.
Elizabeth Burch, a professor at the University of Georgia who studies mass tort litigation, said, "Without the settlement documents being made public, it's hard to say for certain which claims are covered by the purported deal."
The list of cases against the companies continues to grow.
Maryland filed two suits this week against 3M, DuPont and others.
Days earlier, a similar one filed by Rhode Island's attorney general accused the companies of violating "State environmental and consumer protection laws."
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: litigation#1 cases#2 filed#3 federal#4 more#5
Post found in /worldnews, /environment, /AutoNewspaper and /NYTauto.
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2023.06.03 03:12 Meanteenbirder 2023 F Noah Barnett commits to Vermont. Roster is now complete!

2023 F Noah Barnett commits to Vermont. Roster is now complete!
Official roster:
Sam Alamutu
IAF (Rhode Island, year 2 at UVM)
Noah Barnett
Shamir Bogues (Tarleton State)
Aaron Deloney
Nick Fiorillo (redshirt)
TJ Hurley
Seth Joba
TJ Long (Fairfield )
Brenton Millis (Bowling Green)
Charlie Moore (Walk-on)
Jace Roquemore (UCSD)
Jackson Skipper (redshirt)
Matt Veretto (Delaware, year 2 at UVM)
Feeling good about the roster. Thinking starting 5 are AD, Veretto, Bogues, Roquemore, and Long.
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2023.06.03 03:01 StarBase10 The Things Closure is Not Allowed to Do at Rhodes Island #55: Insider Trading

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2023.06.03 01:43 VirgilFox Found the real-life church from Redfall (Redfall UCC)

Found the real-life church from Redfall (Redfall UCC)
When I was in the Redfall UCC church I thought it looked REALLY familiar. I asked my former organ teacher and he recognized it almost immediately. It appears to be based on the First Baptist Church in America in Providence, RI. Obviously some artistic liberties have been taken, but perhaps this means the world is based loosely on a part of Rhode Island??
PS: this game definitely could use some improvements, but I'm having fun with it in coop. Not really enjoying the massively different gameplay I experience in single player. Enemies are 10 times stronger for some reason.
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2023.06.03 01:33 SomeCruzDude [Women’s Premier Soccer League] “Please join us in sending hope and healing to Jordan Restivo of Rhode Island Rogues FC who was injured on a run last night after being hit by a car.”

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2023.06.03 01:29 altsadface2 I need help finding a budget friendly beach/island location in the Mediterranean

For one week this July, starting point Paris, ending point Dublin.
My budget is €1000 including flights and accommodation, so would prefer to have a place that has hostels.
I first looked into Corsica, because I was interested in its history and has cheap flights from Paris, but gosh that island is really expensive, accommodation on average is about €200 a night with no hostels.
And nearby Sardinia is only a tad cheaper but also has no hostels.
I’ve already been to: Mallorca, Santorini, Malaga, Mykonos, Rhodes, and the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Would be open to new destinations.
Goals: just would like some beautiful warm beach to relax on for a week, some good Mediterranean food, and preferably direct flights. Not too interested in partying.
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2023.06.03 01:23 Previous_Pension_571 Where to park

Hello friends, I’ve never visited your city but am planning to this weekend, is there anywhere near the Rhode Island convention center with affordable, safe overnight parking? Additionally if you have any things to do recommendations or places to eat hmu thanks in advance friends!
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2023.06.03 01:11 Ronnie3Tears East Providence Fire Department, Rhode Island

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2023.06.03 00:28 Kap10Chaos Karate in Southeastern Massachusetts/Rhode Island

Hey all, I realize this is a bit of a long shot, but is anyone aware of any kumite oriented dojos in SE Mass/RI? I’m jot particular on style, per se, but I’d like to find something that resembles classic shotokan/WKF/Olympic style kumite
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2023.06.02 23:56 RachelEvening My personal pet peeve with Alters (Or why I'm excited for Executor Alter, but worried for what he and Silence the Paradigmatic could mean for the future of the game)

TL;DR**:** Hypergryph is relying way too much on Alters to give some much needed spotlight to some characters, when Alters shouldn't be a must to give low-rarity characters their own events or plots and if they continue that trend it will kill my hype for their stories, particularly in those cases where an Alter was simply not needed lore-wise before their event (A.K.A Silence Alter).
Welcome everyone to my heavily biased rant that no one but me might agree with and that will most likely be downvoted to oblivion. That's okay, you might have your own take, this is just my opinion. Feel free to disagree with everything I'm about to rant here like the madwoman screaming to the wall that I am right now.
With that out of the way and if you are still reading this, let's begin.

Alters on Arknights: A story-telling tool

...Let's talk about Alters, shall we?
Love them or hate them, they can be a tool for when an unit has potential and powers on their lore that aren't reflected on the original unit for whatever reason, or stuff that is foreshadowed on their lore that has a good reason to be relegated to an Alter unit (Texas having left the mafia for example, or Shining having made an oath to never use her sword again... whenever Shining Alter ever actually happens).
Something I liked going into Arknights is that Alters were rarely used solely as a money-grabbing scheme. They were that too, don't get me wrong, this is still a gacha game, but still... I got the sense that, unlike in other gacha games, Alters in Arknights actually had a narrative purpose, and it was one that wasn't deliberately engineered in a way that you could say that a certain event was just written in such a way to make an Alter happen (There's just 2 examples, maybe 4, of that happening in this game from what I counted, with only 3 of those released in Global right now, but we'll get to those ones in a second), but it was always born from lore that had already long existed before the Alter unit did.
With very few exceptions, all of the Alters we have gotten on Arknights actually have a reason to exist that was mentioned or at least hinted at long before their debut... Which makes those who did came out of the blue stick out all the more like a sore thumb.
To prove my point, I'm gonna list every Alter on the game so far with the exception of one, including the newly announced Executor Alter, and I'm gonna give a short summary of the lore that had been established for their existence prior to their actual release:

Out of all these Alters, only Chalter was truly gratuitous in that she is only Ch'en with a modified water gun, nothing leading up to her existing prior to Dossoles Holiday. Other than her, only Greyy Alter and maybe Skalter could be criticized for coming out of nowhere, and even then they still have a decent enough reason to exist, with Skadi having already had a whole event and pre-existing lore prior to Under Tides, her Alter, and the whole Bad Ending stuff that came with it that would eventually lead to IS3.
...Oh yeah, there's also Yato and Noir Corne randomly getting Alters as part of the Monster Hunter collab, but other than my personal take on it and how I really hope Collab Alters won't be a recurring thing... It is just a collab, what did you expect? And even then, it could be argued that it makes sense for those Operators in particular to have been given the Alters, as they are both said to be experienced and reliable ops in their lore, but are held back from fully being that in-game because of their 2 star rarity.
My point is that, so far, almost all Alters had some lore reason to be that I could agree with.
And then... Silence Alter was announced.

Silence the Paradigmatic: One step forward, two steps back

When I first saw the Lonetrail trailer and saw Silence Alter, I was hyped. Silence was getting an Alter, and not only that, she was gonna be welfare? Could this be a sign that HG is finally gonna leave the trend of Limited Alters behind? My happiness was unmeasurable.
But then, after my excitement died down and I started to think, I realized something...
Go and read all the current Rhine Labs lore Including the manga. Including OG Silence's files, especially OG Silence's files.
Now, let me ask you a question: Did Olivia Silence, as a character, needed an Alter?
Was there anything on her files, or in the manga, or on some module or an Operator Record, that said anything about her character that would require her to be stronger in-game that she already was? Or something that would need to have her change her whole in-game class or kit?
Because, and this is just in my honest, humble opinion: No. No there was not.
Silence was not some kid or teenager like Greyy or the Reserve A1 squad. She wasn't holding back any "true power" cliché nor was she currently anything other than what she was in the past, like Gavial or Nearl. Silence was just Silence: A woman, a mother, a medic.
That's not to say that Olivia Silence didn't had room to grow as a character, I for one was very hopeful for a Rhine Labs event to touch on her strained relationship with Saria once again and I'm happy that Lonetrail seems to have gone there. But unlike, say, Texas or Reed, none of the character growth that was ever hinted at with Silence seemed to have anything to do with the possibility of an Alter. There was nothing on her files or she as a character that screamed "I need an Alter".
Olivia Silence and her whole character arc didn't need her to have a sudden 6 star Alter, just as she didn't need a 6 star Alter when she left Rhine Labs in her backstory, nor after the "present day" sideplot in the manga. Just like she didn't need one in Dorothy's Vision. There was nothing, no plot or event or sequel to the manga or whatever, that wouldn't had made sense with Silence just remaining her 5-stars Medic self.
Her class, her kit, heck arguably even her rarity made sense with her lore.
But now, she's an Abjurer supporter because... she went to space? That at its core it's not that much better than Chalter existing because Ch'en went to Dossoles and Tequila sold her a water gun there...
Okay, that was just me taking the piss, but still... Look, I'm sure Lonetrail is gonna be great and that I'm gonna love reading it once it comes to Global, and might give a good explanation as to why Silence Alter exists, but that still leaves this Alter with a flaw that, as I have exposed earlier, few of the Alters in this game actually had: There was little to no reason for this Alter to exist prior to the event it came out with. Whatever lore reason Lonetrail gives, it will be a self-sustained one because the Alter is already there.
You could argue than the pre-existing lore here is Silence's already established desire of curing Oripathy. But if that alone was the case, then a lot of other Operators at Rhodes Island should also get an Alter, starting with Sussurro. That alone doesn't feel like enough of a reason for an Alter.

Character growth equals... Alter?

And that's when it hit me: I was not angry or disappointed that Silence was given an Alter with zero build-up to it.
I'm disappointed and a little salty because HG took a character arc I was patiently waiting for and then shoved up a good but still unnecessary Alter into it as if Alters were now obligatory, limited unit or not.
As if a low-rarity character can't have character growth or their own story arc without relying on an Alter. As if HG isn't confident enough on their own event stories without a shiny new Alter unit to help them promote them.
I like this game, and I love its characters, but I don't want to have to expect an Alter out of my favorite character just because I want them to finally appear on their own plotline. I don't want Andreana to finally appear on the next Abyssal Hunter event but as a weird Alter version of herself with the white hair and red eyes of the other Hunters like some people on this subreddit have suggested, not when Andreana's whole deal on her files is that she is her own thing: A gun-loving but normal woman who just happened to have been experimented on in the past, and giving her a more abyssal appearance or changing her class would erase that. I don't want Thorns to suddenly have a completely unnecessary Geek or Medic Alter just because I want him to have his own sidestory and have his past explored. Cuora finally regaining her memories... Okay, I guess an Alter wouldn't be so out of place there, but you surely get my point by now, do you?
You don't need Alters to tell a good story, and Alters shouldn't have to be equivalent to character growth.
"But that's just how gachas work!" Maybe. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

That's all. Thanks for reading my nonsense if you reached this far, thank you.
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2023.06.02 23:32 Hitwelve Laid off. Please give advice.

Hi all,
I was laid off on Wednesday. I worked as a software engineer, but in a very low-paying company and stuck around solely because of the job security. So much for that. Anyway...
At the time of my layoff, I had about $600 in my savings account. Here's a big picture of my finances:
It seems like unemployment insurance will net me about $600/week, and I've been DoorDashing since Wednesday to try and supplement that but it doesn't seem to help much (it's like $12 an hour). From what I understand, as soon as I reach half of my unemployment check in income from DoorDash, my unemployment check will start to decrease for every dollar I make outside of UI, so my cap on DoorDash is $300 a week.
The employer is offering 2 weeks pay as severance; this is about $1850-$1900 after taxes. I'm considering trying to negotiate for more, as they want me to sign away my right to take legal action against them in exchange for the severance and in my opinion 2 weeks is laughably low for that. I emailed HR about it on Thursday, but haven't heard back. I have a history with HR at this company in which I email them, they don't respond to me, then they come back 6 months later complaining about the same thing I emailed them about; so I'm not sure if they'll even respond to my questions about the severance.
My fiancee makes $35k a year, about $2k per month net. She is a teacher and has two master's degrees, both in Education. School is out, but her mom is sick and I don't want to ask her to pick up a summer job if we can help it as she's spending a lot of time with her mom right now.
Our wedding is in about 12 months. We've already paid half of the venue cost (about $3500, includes food, drink and music) and half of our photographer's fee (about $2000). She also already bought her dress, so we're pretty set on wedding expenses for now.
A couple of questions for the group:
Thank you!!
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2023.06.02 23:08 BlackAndRedBot [Women’s Premier Soccer League] “Please join us in sending hope and healing to Jordan Restivo of Rhode Island Rogues FC who was injured on a run last night after being hit by a car.”

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2023.06.02 22:58 ColeTrain4EVER [Women’s Premier Soccer League] “Please join us in sending hope and healing to Jordan Restivo of Rhode Island Rogues FC who was injured on a run last night after being hit by a car.”

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2023.06.02 22:54 Rocketpower412 Just came back from vacation from Newport.

On my vacation here I only stopped for gas once while in the state of Rhode island. I went to gas station and said put 20$ gas (regular) on the pump. I bought a bottle of water with it. When he rang me up the pad said 33$. So I said "I only asked for 20$ gas" he then said yes I know the rest is tax! Indeed when I got the receipt it said 12$ in tax. Did I get robbed lmao or is this normal here and other places. I am from New York.
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2023.06.02 22:49 V3rdak0 What spider is this guy?

What spider is this guy?
Found hehim in Rhode Island! Absolutely gorgeous.
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2023.06.02 22:38 carfansler America by White Mountain, 999 pieces. I missing

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2023.06.02 19:42 storyofRIpodcast The lost village of Tower Hill, Rhode Island

The lost village of Tower Hill, Rhode Island
When King Philip's War finally came to an end, English colonists began moving into Narragansett territory during the late 1600s. One of the places that they moved to was Tower Hill in present day South Kingstown. Over the next several decades a small village emerged on Tower Hill and before long family farms, a courthouse, and even a jail could be seen in the village. However, by the 1750's, the village's courthouse and jail were in ruins and were eventually moved to Little Rest, or what is known as Kingston today. By the end of the 18th century, most of the Tower Hill's inhabitants left for Little Rest or surrounding towns, and the town eventually withered away. Today, no trace of the village of Tower Hill has remains.
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