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Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded February 21, 1951, by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California, where it is headquartered. The chain has over 2,200 locations, primarily serving the West Coast of the United States.

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2008.10.24 20:05 Real Estate Investing

Interested in Real Estate Investing? You've come to the right place! /realestateinvesting is focused on sharing thoughts, experiences, advice and encouraging questions regardless of your real estate investing niche! Structured Deals, Flipping/Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Lending, Land, Commercial Real Estate and more! If it has to do with real estate investing this sub is for you!

2023.06.09 11:06 OnforuLED LED Security Lights: The Ultimate Guide to Home Safety

LED Security Lights: The Ultimate Guide to Home Safety

Using outdoor lighting not only improves safety but also brings more convenience to your home's daily life, and protects your home. Installing outdoor home security lights or floodlights is a great way to enhance your home's safety and security at night. If you haven't installed outdoor led light fixtures or are wondering how to install them, this article will give you more help.

Best Practice for installing security lights

1. Choose the right location for installation

If you are replacing an old fixture, then the location of the fixture installation has already been determined for you. This is convenient, want the most effective lighting, and security light installation position at least 9 feet in the vertical position.
If you are installing outdoor security lights for the first time, then you have to consider the ideal location. Examples include house patios, front doors, garages, or doorways that are dark at night. These are all places that need light.
Once you have chosen a location, the next step is to mark it well. You have to make sure that the wires need to meet the specifications for use.

2. Turn off the power

Safety is always the first priority. Before you start any electrical work, you must turn off the power to the breaker box to prevent injury. Then test the circuit to ensure that no power is coming through before proceeding.
*See steps 3 - 4 if you are replacing a new fixture, or steps 5 - 7 if you are directly securing a new fixture.

3. Remove existing light fixtures

First, unscrew the fixture from the wall plate. Then gently pull everything away from the wall. Use a voltage tester to check for exposed wiring before touching.

4. Wire and install the replacement outdoor security lights

Connect the mounting tape of the new fixture to the fixed position of the old fixture. You can match the wires of the new fixture to the existing wiring according to color: white to white, black to black.
Also, connect the wires using wire connectors and electrical tape. And use a screwdriver to screw the light to the mounting strip.
Finally, turn the power back on and test the light.

5. Install the outdoor security light in the new area

Use a drill bit to drill holes on the exterior of the location where the fixture has been marked for installation. Place a junction box near the mounting area and connect the cable through the box.

6. Seal the junction box

Use silicone caulk to seal around the perimeter where the wall plate meets the wall. And smooth out the bead with a trimming tool or fingertip. Wipe off excess caulk with a damp cloth. Allow the caulk to dry completely.

7. Turn the power back on for testing

After making all the above connections, turn the power back on at the circuit box and turn on the new light. Does it glow in the correct direction? If they are installed correctly and working properly, the installation needs to be carefully checked for problems such as crossed or loose connections.
Once you have determined that your outdoor wall sconce is working properly, consider adjusting the optimal angle of the lighting to provide maximum illumination where you want it to be to take full advantage of it.
Outdoor lighting is a great safety and security for the exterior of any home. Installing outdoor floodlights is also a fairly simple task, but take all the necessary safety precautions to protect yourself from electrical currents.

Best Practices to maintain outdoor security lights

1. Clean the surface before installation

There should be no dust or debris on the surface of the wall before the LED security light is affixed to the installation process to ensure that the LED light unit is firmly bonded to the wall. If the mounting surface is rough, it can be sandpapered first and the polished surface can be cleaned with external alcohol.

2. Regular dust removal

LED security lights installed outdoors are not immune to dust. Users can regularly wipe the surface of the wall lamp with a soft dry microfiber cloth to avoid dust sticking to the surface of the lighting equipment for a long time, it is difficult to remove.

3. Avoid humidity or high temperature

The environment in which the light is installed is a very important factor affecting the life of LED lights. High and low temperatures or air humidity can affect the working time of the lamp because it affects the internal electronic components, for example, moisture can cause the LED components to break or rust. Users should use a paper towel or soft cloth to dry the area in contact with moisture and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

4. Power outlet connection

Periodically check the power connection for loose, poor contact with the LED, etc. will affect its life. If the LED blinks or does not light up, make sure that the device plug and power connector are securely fastened.

5. Remove any residue and debris

Periodically check the surface of the device for stains or splashes. If it is in a dry state, apply a warm, damp cloth to gently wipe the affected area. A small amount of topical alcohol can also be applied to the LED device before wiping it with a paper towel.

6. Avoid using caustic cleaners

Harsh chemical cleaners should not be used on any LED products. This is because this part of the device contains adhesives that can lead to corrosion or even failure over time.
No matter what electrical equipment is used, it requires regular care and maintenance. This is especially true for lighting that is exposed to the outdoors year-round. Many outdoor locations are equipped with LED lighting, which often illuminates dark areas and can improve safety and visibility.
Regular inspection and maintenance of any outdoor lighting equipment can extend the life of LED lights and ensure the safety they provide, as well as provide significant savings.
More Resources:
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2023.06.09 11:05 prince_johnson12 How to Find QuickBooks License Number in the Windows Registry

The QuickBooks License Number, also known as the Product Number or Serial Number, typically consists of 15 digits. While it is usually provided during the installation process or included in the product packaging, there may be instances where you need to retrieve it from the Windows Registry.

How to Find QuickBooks License Number in the Windows Registry

Step 1: Open the Run Dialog Box
Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard simultaneously. This action will open the Run dialog box, which allows you to execute various commands.
Step 2: Launch the Registry Editor
In the Run dialog box, type "regedit" (without quotes) and press Enter. This action will launch the Windows Registry Editor, where you can access and modify the Registry settings of your system.
Step 3: Navigate to the QuickBooks Registry Key Within the Registry Editor, locate the following path:
phpCopy code
Note: Replace with the appropriate version of QuickBooks you have installed. For example, if you have QuickBooks 2022, the path would be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intuit\QuickBooksRegistration\2022 .
Step 4: Locate the License Number
Value Once you have reached the correct QuickBooks Registration key, look for the "LicenseNumber" value in the right-hand pane. The license number associated with your QuickBooks installation should be listed there.
Step 5: Retrieve the QuickBooks License Number
Double-click on the "License Number" value, and a dialog box will appear, displaying the license number. Take note of the license number or copy it to the clipboard for future reference.
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2023.06.09 11:04 relaxman666 [IC] IQUNIX x Le Petit Prince F97 & ZX75

STORY The story begins with... The CEO of IQUNIX, driven by his wife's deep love for Le Petit Prince, decided to hold a wedding inspired by the beloved tale to fulfill their beautiful wish.
The entire company came together to celebrate this romantic wedding. The venue was adorned with a giant glass dome enclosing a single rose, set against a backdrop of a starry night sky and an assortment of asteroids resembling B-612.
Following the wedding, the corporation officially signed with Le Petit Prince, integrating its essence into the mechanical keyboard business.
As a result of months of dedicated effort, four aesthetically pleasing designs emerged, accompanied by a captivating love story.
A sweet couple, a romantic love story, he's her little prince, and she's his rose. Together, they unveiled these exquisite designs to the world. These themed keyboards incorporate the story of Le Petit Prince through great designs, referencing key moments from the book. >>IC Form<< >>Landing Page<<
FEATURES F97: 96% Layout (100 keys) 4000mAh Battery Aluminum Case
ZX75: 75% Layout (81 Keys) 6000mAh PC Case KDA Profile PBT Keycaps BT 5.1 (3 devices), 2.4GHz, Type-C Windows / macOS / iOS / Android
What’s in the box: Keyboard×1, Metal Le Petit Prince Keycap×1, Mac Supplementary Keycaps×4, Manual×1, Puller×1, Dust Cover×1, 2.4GHz Receiver×1
LAYOUT & LEGEND ANSI and ISO For ISO layout with legends of different countries, depending on the number of people.
COLORS F97: Navy Blue & Green ZX75: Creamy White & Translucent Blue
FIRMWARE IQUNIX Firmware (Tri-mode)
CONNECT WITH US Let us know your questions and suggestions in the IC Form. >>IC Form<< >>Landing Page<<
Thank you, IQUNIX Team
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2023.06.09 11:03 sup-dingus Clavamox/Clavaseptin Side effects

Hi all,
My cat was recently on clavamox for a bladder infection, assumed to be caused by FIC (we had a baby about a year ago). She seemed relatively ok with the change and always has a quiet place that she can retreat to and I’ve tried to maintain some level of routine. However she’s always been a bit of a nervous cat, except around me, so I’m aware that she definitely is more sensitive.
While taking clavamox she started developing loose stools around the 7th day and it’s developed into chronic diarrhea. She also had a few vomiting incidents but they seemed like normal hairballs. She’s been done the meds since last Saturday night.
Since then she’s been refusing the litter box about 95% of the time except for urine and is now pooping all throughout the house, only at night. I was woken up one night by it and she seemed so terrified and stressed after pooping/passing gas several times around the house. I also noticed a streak of blood in her stool once.
The vet suggested the fortiflora which she is refusing, I was able to sneak in a little bit but probably not enough to make a difference. She’s an 8 yr old indoor cat, on her regular diet, single protein source due to a food allergy, has water bowls throughout the house, I’ve moved the litter box which seemed to help a bit. I’m still following up with the vet but they seem to think it’s just a normal side effect.
Is there anything else I can do l? Especially to get her to stop being afraid of her litter box at night?
I also feel so guilty to have caused so much stress in her life (re: baby) so I’m working on ways to reduce her anxiety and open to any suggestions around this too.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2023.06.09 11:01 Joshlynelectra ID? Is the a young BB

ID? Is the a young BB
Context: Roughly a week and a half ago I noticed I had a few bites on my legs after laying in bed while awake playing a video game. Was concerning but I didn’t think too much of it. Fast forward to this week and I noticed a few random smears on my bed sheet but was unable to rule out that a cut I had on my hand bled over night. Now tonight I managed to spot this on my bed? Immediately freaked and checked mattress and it looked all year as did the top of the box spring. I’m a bit at a loss and am curious if this IDs as a BB.
I’m really confused where they could have been picked up as we have not had guests over or traveled in the last year.
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2023.06.09 11:00 RanierW USB Cable connects how?

USB Cable connects how?
This cable came with our 2015 Touareg but I have no idea where it plugs into. There is a stowable entertainment system in the glove box but that has no matching port. My other question is, can the usb end be used to power a dash cam?
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2023.06.09 10:58 Ai1l1iA Master Remote Management with Mobile Punch Clock App

Hello! Are you a remote manager looking for ways to excel in your role and effectively lead your remote team? To provide valuable insights and strategies to enhance your remote management skills. Here, I am going to share an Saas tool named "Mobile Punch Clock" app that can revolutionize your remote management practices.

Streamline Attendance Tracking: As a remote manager, tracking your team's attendance can be a challenge. The Mobile Punch Clock app simplifies this process by offering versatile clock-in methods, including GPS, fixed-location, and Wi-Fi. You can accurately monitor your team's attendance regardless of their work location, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Promote Engagement and Motivation: Remote work can sometimes lead to a sense of disconnection. With the Mobile Punch Clock app, you can inspire your team by setting up successful messages and announcements on the app's bulletin board. Encourage your team members and create a positive work environment, even from a distance.

Effective Communication: Communication is crucial for remote managers. Utilize the in-app messaging feature of Mobile Punch Clock to foster seamless communication with your team. Stay connected, provide timely feedback, and address any concerns promptly, promoting collaboration and productivity.

Task and Project Management: Remote management requires efficient task and project management. The Mobile Punch Clock app allows you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress within the app. This keeps your team aligned and ensures that everyone is on track towards achieving their objectives.

Data-Driven Insights: The app's reporting and analytics features provide valuable data on your team's performance. Analyze work patterns, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. This enables you to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and drive results in your remote team.

Remote Work Tips: In addition to the Mobile Punch Clock app, our column offers remote work tips and strategies to help you thrive as a remote manager. Discover best practices, expert advice, and practical insights that will empower you to overcome challenges and maximize your team's potential.

The Mobile Punch Clock app is your go-to tool for remote management success. Download it today and unlock a world of efficient time tracking, seamless communication, and data-driven decision-making. Stay tuned to the "Remote Manager Jobs and Tips" column for regular updates, industry trends, and expert advice to enhance your remote management skills.

Overall, effective remote management is the key to a highly engaged and productive remote team. Let Mobile Punch Clock be your trusted companion in achieving remote work excellence.
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#RemoteManagerTips #Productivity #TeamCollaboration #WorkFromAnywhere
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2023.06.09 10:57 hectorvs Thinking about switching back to Nikon from Fuji + Sony

TLDR: I’m feeling the itch to go back to Nikon after going from Fuji to Sony because of superior AF. Haven’t really been enjoying shooting Sony and I’m contemplating going to Z8 now that the AF is mostly on par.
Interested to hear anyone else’s story of jumping ship to Nikon from Sony or similar.
The details and full story:
Last year I sold my Fuji gear and bought the A7RV + 24-70 GM II. The main reason for the switch was that the Fuji AF system was pretty bad and I was getting a lot of misses taking pictures my kid.
I chose the A7RV not only because of the accurate AF, but that flip + tilt screen pushed me over the edge (I’m partial to tilt screens).
However, in the back of my mind, I always wanted to go to Nikon since I learned to shoot with that system back in the day (D90) but the lacking AF of the Z6ii kept me from it.
The Sony is an insane camera, super configurable and (in theory) it ticks all the boxes for me… I just don’t enjoy shooting with it…
Not sure what it is, but just feels like a chore to use. I’ve studied the menus hoping that I would get used to it and enjoy the experience more, but I’m not gelling with it.
Now that the Z8 is out, I feel like I can make that lateral move and sell the Sony gear to get the equivalent in Nikon land. The AF seems to now be good enough for my needs (tracking a bumbling toddler reliably).
Am I crazy? Is this just the GAS talking?
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2023.06.09 10:56 bringebomp First time setup

Got gifted an oldschool box from a family member and im currently in the process of refreshing the setup. I am puttin 2 12" mtx terminators powered by a hifonics zeus amp. I would like to keep the mirrored plastic sub covers but it looks like they have been glued on to the previous subs. Does anyone have any idea how to pry these off carefully with out chipping or breaking the brittle plastic?
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2023.06.09 10:56 Mikhou25 Xiaomi TV Box 2nd Gen - No surround audio

I have the new Xiaomi TV Box 2nd Gen but can't get any surround sound.
I still got the 1st Gen Xiaomi MiBox S 4k where the S/PDIF option is available. With this S/PDIF option enabled it is possible to have a 5.1 sound, but in the new 2nd Gen TvBox I have only passthrough option, auto and pcm. I can't get any 5.1 audio sound.
My TV is a Samsung UE55F8000 with Dolby Digital and DTS, and my sound system is a Sonos ARC2 soundbar with 2 OneSL speakers. The soundbar is connected with hdmi eARC to the TV and the Xiaomi TV Box with hdmi to the TV.
I tested Netflix and no 5.1 audio. I tested VLC and no passtrough option available. But everything works fine with the 1st Gen.
Some ideas how to fix the problem??
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2023.06.09 10:52 januscanary Dark Souls - It's just a side-scrolling 3D metroidvania

I don't understand the fuss about Dark Souls.
Yeah, it's hard. It's also fair.
My first foray into gaming was an Atari ST and Game Boy in 1989, so I can't say I'm an old-timer or anything like that.
Playing this game is no different to being in the 90s. You get some perks. Instead of passwords or playing the whole fucking game again from scratch, you have bonfires.
When you die, you lose your points and have to do it again. So? Has everyone gotten used to having their hand held over the last 30 years? At least you can get them back (maybe)!
Some bits too hard to manage? Decide when you can do them, then.
Boss fights, fights, all PvE fights, finding patterns and weaknesses like 2D boss fights.
Yeah, Super Metroid and LttP gave you a map, you lucky so-and-so's, but you have landmarks here, so it's ok.
Are we just seeing old gaming through a more mature lens now? Perhaps I am just stating the obvious above, but if so, why all the fuss?
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2023.06.09 10:52 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 10:51 CharlieOak86868686 Are supervisors braindead?

Bosses will tell me to get carts more than anyone else and know i suck at getting them in. No other coworkers to help. All of them are much better and can keep up with the customer demand I'm simply not strong and fast enough to keep up with customers constantly using them and having to replace them inside. Bosses will walk up as quiet as a f------ ninja, say "get carts" as quietly as possible then walk away. All i can do is assume that what they want after months of this jo. what the ---- is that? They could talk a little louder and call me by name. That would mean i would know they are there and hear them. I got this job because society wants it, you're supposed to have a job, and i have to worry about money. This isnt fun and people act like it is. I get to pick up trash from around a dumpster because hyvee is too lazy to have a fence or sign or some box to collect the trash around the dumpster. years of stuck trash covered and glued into mud and what smells exactly like human waste. then trash in front of a parking lot. a boss who does not understand the most basic thing i say and talks to me like im brain damaged. a boss who thinks her job is fun! Why does she like this? a coworker who lied to the boss who doesnt understand the most basic ideas. I am looking for a new job. I am being a responsible adult. I am doing all these awful chores because i am forced into getting older. why do people make it HARDER than it needs to be? If i knew what this would be before being born I would refuse to be born
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2023.06.09 10:51 The_Zoo_Exotics I’m at my limit with this job

For context, I work as a cook for Buffalo Wild Wings, I started back in late February early March. I (M26) have been verbally abused and harassed by my male coworkers “S” (27) and “B” (28). B is on suspension and isn’t coming back, but I need to vent so for now I’ll be talking about what “S” has been doing to me for the last few months.
Everyday for a month now when I walk into work and see “S” he greets me with “You wanna snort some coke,” or “You wanna do some blow,” and my answer has always been no. I’ve never wanted to do drugs, let alone at work. Other times he sexually harasses me by asking me if I would suck a cheesecake out of his ass, or says some other crap about violating me. “S” claims that he sexually harasses all of the male coworkers, and everyone laughs at it when he does it to me. He has never touched me in a sexual way at work, but the verbal abuse is enough for me to want to quit. The managers and other coworkers see it and they don’t do anything about it. They just laugh at me because they think it’s some joke or something. I’m honestly tired of it and no matter how much I say no, or tell him to stop, he just keeps going on about it. I don’t know what to do, but at this point, I don’t think there is anything I can do. My general manager, also “S”, but we’ll call him “ST” jokes around as well, but he never seems to join in on the jokes unless it’s at someone else’s expense.
I applied because I needed a job, and for a bit, I loved the atmosphere and how everyone generally got along, but now I dread going in tomorrow. I might just call out and deal with the consequences later.
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2023.06.09 10:50 maximusaemilius Empyrean Iris: 2-19: The prodigum (by Charlie Star)

FYI, this is a story COLLECTION. Lots of standalones technically. So, you can basically start to read at any chapter, no pre-read of the other chapters needed technically (other than maybe getting better descriptions of characters than: Adam Vir=human, Krill=antlike alien, Sunny=tall alien, Conn=telepathic alien). The numbers are (mostly) only for organization of posts and continuity.
OC Written by Charlie Stastarrfallknightrise,
Typed up and then posted here by me.
Proofreading and language check for some chapters by u/Finbar9800
Future Lore and fact check done by me.
Apparently, Krill did not check with law enforcement after the Rumors chapter…
Well shit…
Previous First [Next](link)
Want to find a specific one, see the whole list or check fanart?
Here is the link to the master-post.
The darkness around them was hot and stifling. Their breath had leached the freshness out of the crate hours ago, leaving them sitting in a stale muggy darkness. Sunny shifted in the near darkness, struggling to see with the single beam of meager light which filtered in from above.
Adam lay in her arms blacked out completely.
She let his upper body rest gently in her lower arms, while her upper arms searched through his blond hair –matted with dried blood– and across his scalp.
She swore she was going to kill the person who did this to him.
Didn't they know what a knock in the head could do to a human? Didn't they understand what a concussion meant?
He needed a doctor, he needed Krill, but the little physician wasn't with them now.
He was back on the Tesraki home planet with the ship.
And they were... well Sunny had no idea where they were.
It had all happened so fast, one moment they were walking through the streets, going through market vendor stalls and laughing about something stupid, and the next moment Adam was lying unconscious on the ground and her head was inside a bag.
She would have fought, but they threatened to hurt Adam if she did.
Perhaps if it had been some other person, she might have taken that chance, but she wasn't nearly willing enough to risk Adam for her own perceived vanity.
After the attack, they had quickly been carted off across the city and loaded into this crate. She had heard the sound of the docks and the roaring of engines. She had sat in here for hours as the ship passed in and then out of warp.
Wherever they were, they were miles away from home, with no one to come and same them.
And Adam was injured, likely concussed.
Worst of all is that she couldn't even see his eyes to check and make sure if he was ok or not. His breathing was relatively even, a slow expansion of his chest and ribs over and over and over again.
She adjusted herself, groaning softly as she attempted to stretch out her legs. Adam's body was dead weight in her hands as she moved him pulling him further onto her lap to where she could hold him with her right set of arms while examining his wound with the other two.
His head rested against her shoulder breath hot on her neck.
Good, she could make sure he was still alive that way.
The engine thrummed.
She had tried to break out of the box first thing of course, but that action had proven to be fruitless, as had screaming. The engine was much too loud. She had, of course, tried engineering her way out of the box, but without tools, space and with Adam's dead weight to work around, that had also been a fruitless option.
So, she sat in the dark and waited.
She was beginning to worry that Adam would never wake up when he finally began to stir.
Sunny sighed a deep sigh of relief.
"Adam. Adam, are you ok, can you hear me?"
For a horrible moment there was no answer, but then a groggy,
"Sunny... Where are we... Why can't I see?”
A hint of panic crept into his voice.
"Shh, you're ok we are just stuck in a crate, that's all."
"Oh that's good,"
He paused,
"Never thought I would say that about being stuck in a crate."
She sighed again in relief, glad to see that he was at least lucid and understood what was happening,
"Now hold on, what happened, and why do I have such a raging headache?”
She shifted slightly in her space as he adjusted himself.
The crate was small, so there wasn't really anywhere for him to go, so he just ended up resting more securely against her chest, head resting on her chest plate her lower arms wrapped around him to keep him in place.
"We were attacked, you were knocked out and I was threatened."
"And you didn't screw them up?"
"They were threatening to kill you. I only had so many options."
He grunted, and in the dark he sighed, turning his head so his cheek was brushing up against her,
"This has been a shit day."
That made her laugh. Leave it to Adam to make her laugh when their lives were in danger.
Nothing much they could do about the situation now, and they remained in darkness, curled up together under the roaring of the engine.
Both of them felt it when the ship came into atmosphere, growing more and more nervous as they felt their crate being shifted and moved. Their little sliver of light was completely gone now leaving them in complete darkness as they were jostled and jolted around inside the crate. Then there came voices, Tesraki, Drev, Burg, and another voice which was far less familiar to Sunny than any of the others.
She felt Adam go still in her arms.
He hissed, the sharp crack of the spat word hissing through the darkness.
Sunny didn't know much about that species. The only thing she knew for sure is that they had withdrawn from peace talks with the GA and were an outside entity. She knew they occasionally traded with the GA and that Adam had had some run-ins with them. Run-ins like human slave trade or… infant meat trade that gave him a serious hatred for their kind, which was uncharacteristic for his usual forgiving nature.
The crate jolted and rocked.
A distant thrumming filled the background, the lull of conversation, and then it went silent again.
The box jolted downwards.
"Here master, just as you requested."
"I assume you got a good specimen?"
Adam and Sunny leaned up against the walls of their crate trying to determine who or what was speaking.
"You will be most pleased with us master. Got you a real fine specimen we did, worth well over the asking prices. Will be the most exotic piece to your collection for sure."
There was a low sort of guttural rumble from the outside of the crate.
"I will be the judge of that. Open the crate."
There was some shuffling for a moment, a sharp snap and the sides of the box fell away. Sunny and Adam were forced to raise their hands against the light as bright purple and blue light assailed them from all directions. They blinked past the shade cast by their hands.
The room they stood in was strange.
They got the feeling that the open space was supposed to be some kind of meeting space or gathering room.
Perhaps even some sort of entertainment room with how large it was, two floors connected by wide arching ramps up either side of the wide room. The floor below them was a purplish sort of grey made even more so by the blue and purple lights from above.
Adam turned his head in a wide arc, his head raised towards the ceiling. Sunny followed his gaze, and was immediately horrified.
Overhead at least twenty cages had been suspended from the ceiling. Though most of them were either empty, three others were occupied.
Two sick, mournful looking humans and a bleached white skeleton.
"The fuck!?”
Adam turned his head, eyes narrowing towards the group that stood around them, and Sunny got her first good look at the Prodigum.
She was not pleased with what she saw.
It had to be the ugliest thing she ever saw, and that meant something with them knowing the Burg.
The creature was big, maybe a little taller than her.
It had a body sort of like a gorilla, if gorillas were absolutely hideous in every way.
Its back legs were short and stumpy, just one massive fleshy mass, holding up their incredible bulk. They had no neck to speak of, and their arms were absolutely massive, jutting ninety degrees from their shoulders and then ninety degrees again at the elbow. IF you were to have stretched out one of their arms it would almost have been one to two thirds’ times as tall as their own bodies.
Each arm was thicker than a man's waist, and instead of hands it had one long pointy spike.
When they walked, they walked on their wrists as if a human were to go to walk on their knuckles but have their wrist buckle leaving the spike to point back and up.
Its body was covered in an immense and pendulous collection of baggy folds which swung heavily from side to side as it moved.
There was no neck, and its large face was droopy, its horrific mouth a grotesque, sagging heap like a child was trying to melt a playdough smiley face in the microwave.
With two sets of eyes on either side of its grotesque head and the numbers spaghetti like protrusions, which dangled from its throat – writhing to and fro while also acting as the creature's hands – it was a grotesque and monstrous sight.
Sunny made a face. Adam grunted,
The aliens gnored them and kept speaking,
"And the Drev?"
"Consider her a bonus."
The big ugly creature grunted, expelling a burst of air from the two breathing tubes which sagged from either side of its neck, their ends opening and closing like the blowholes of a whale.
Adam shifted and stood unsteadily against Sunny's protests gripping the bars with white knuckled hands.
"You have no idea what you have just started, ugly!”
The Prodigum laughed, through it came out as wet gurgling snorts from its breathing tubes,
"Oh I know exactly what I have started… commander Vir."
Adam stepped back in shock, nearly tripping over Sunny in their tight confines.
The Prodigum leaned in close to the cage, the little spaghetti-like tentacles waving before the bars curling uncurling or wrapping themselves around cold steel.
Adam made a face.
"In fact, it was your presence which I requested personally."
He turned in his spot to look at the room around him, which Sunny was becoming to understand was far larger than she had originally assumed.
"I have many wealthy clients who don't settle for just anyone, commander. Your prestige will be a great selling point."
"What even is this place?"
"Many things, many things. It is a place of business, a place of frivolity, and a place where humans do what they are told."
His voice grew low and quiet. One of his large, spiked arms raised off the floor somewhat. The Spike brandished.
"And what exactly do you expect me to do for you?"
He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Why, the only thing humans are good for… I want you to sing!”
This time both Adam and Sunny were dumbstruck,
"You want me to do what now?"
"Sing, commander. You do know what singing is, don't you?”
Adam shook his head,
"You have got to be fucking kidding me. That's it!? That's why you kidnapped one of the most –not to brag or anything– powerful men in the GA. The guy with the firepower of an entire human fleet behind him, and you brought me here to be your cage canary!? To sing you little songs!!??"
The Prodigum grunted,
"That is precisely what I expect you to do, commander."
Adam proceeded to laugh in his face,
"You have got to be kidding me. Not only is this possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of just in principle, but it is ALSO dumb because there are thousands of humans out there who can sing better than me. Sure, I can carry a tune, but I'm not Freddie mercury."
The Prodigum was not looking as bothered by the comments as he probably should have been. In fact, he almost seemed amused,
"This is not about your ABILITY to sing commander. Most nonhumans can't actually tell the difference between good and bad singing, they simply know it is something they cannot do. No, I didn't bring you here for your skill, I brought you here because of your importance. When my clients see you, they are going to understand what you represent... And that is my complete and total control, my absolute impunity when it comes to the law, and my ability to do whatever I want. You are a symbol of my power."
"Yeah, and you can suck a bag of dicks."
The Prodigum leaned closer,
"You will do what I want you to do."
A group of tentacles wriggled through the bars waving before their faces. Sunny saw it coming way before the Prodigum did, though he definitely should have seen it coming. The way the human's body tensed up, the way he grew still, the way his eyes drew to laser focus, the way that his knees bent and his hands curled at his sides.
And then he struck.
Like a cobra.
With one hand he reached out wrapping his fingers around a handful of the nasty wriggling tentacles before yanking hard.
The Prodigum screamed.
Sunny lunged forward to help all four of her arms shooting through the bars as Adam dug his fingers into the writhing tentacles.
There was an eruption of movement.
Adam craned his neck downwards, mouth open teeth poised to strike.
Everyone knew what a human bite meant.
And then there was an eruption of pain. Lightning coursed across her vision and Sunny found herself on the ground, legs twitching. She heard Adam yell, he was screaming through his teeth.
And then a dull thud.
The pain went away.
She looked over to find Adam sagging against the bars of the cage.
The Prodigum had retreated with his posse surrounding him…
He mewled with pain, a few of his face tentacles dripping blue onto the floor, others hanging limp and unusable.
The human began to laugh, despite the pain of the electric shock,
With anger in his expression, the Prodigum looked up,
"Secure the Drev."
Sunny struggled to her feet as both her and Adam realized what was happening.
Sunny yelled for Adam to duck, but he was too late, a loop slipped over his neck tightening and pulling him against the side of the cage.
He choked and gasped trying to force his fingers under the loop kicking and struggling as the door was thrown open and Sunny was electrocuted again, before a group of others piled atop her securing her arms and dragging her form the cage, which was then shut.
Adam was let go, staggering to his knees, hands clenched around his throat.
He choked and gasped.
"I am going to make this very clear for you human."
Sunny was hauled upwards by the back of her carapace and suspended in the air.
"Do what I wish, or the Drev dies.”
Sunny struggled against their arms, looking back towards the cage where Adam knelt.
She wished he would tell them to go to hell, but she could see almost immediately by the expression on his face and the pain in his single green eye that the Prodigum had done it.
He had found Adam's weakness.
He had found humanity's greatest trait and their greatest weakness.
Their lo…yalty.
And now they were in his power.
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Here is the link to the master-post.
Intro post by me
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Patreon of the author
Thanks for reading! As you saw in the title, this is a cross posted story written by starrfallknightrise and I'll just upload some of it here for you guys, if you are interested and want to read ahead, the original story-collection can be found on tumblr or wattpad to read for free. (link above this text under "OC:..." ) It is the Empyrean Iris story collection by starfallknightrise. Also, if you want to know more about the story collection i made an intro post about it, so feel free to check that out to see what other great characters to look forward to! (Link also above this text). I have no affiliations to the author; just thought I’d share some of the great stories you might enjoy a lot!
Obviously, I have Charlie’s permission to post this and for the people already knowing the stories, or starting to read them: If you follow the link and check out the story you will see some differences. I made some small (non-artistic) changes, mainly correcting writing mistakes, pronoun correction and some small additional info here and there of things which were not thought of/forgotten or even were added/changed in later stories (like the “USS->UNSC” prefix of Stabby, Chalar=/->Sunny etc). As well as some "biggemajor" changes in descriptions and info’s for the same stringency/continuity reason. That can be explained by the story collection being, well a story collection at the start with many standalone-stories just starring the same people, but later on it gets more to a stringent storyline with backstories and throwbacks. (For example Adam Vir has some HEAVY scars over his body, following his bones, which were not really talked about up till half the collection, where it says it covers his whole body and you find out via backflash that he had them the whole time and how he got them, they just weren't mentioned before. However, I would think a doctor would at least see these scars before that, especially since he gets analyzed, treated and goes shirtless/in T-shirts in some stories). So TLDR: Writing and some descriptions are slightly changed, with full OK from the author, since he himself did not bother to correct these things before.
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2023.06.09 10:50 Kaiser1a2b Why can I not see stock lending?

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2023.06.09 10:49 caffeineandcream Endorphin Speed 2 for $69?

Hi all! Trying to learn as much as I can and have always noticed people recommend the Endorphin Speed 2. They're on sale for just under 70 bucks, is it worth it?
At the moment I just do a steady 5km 2-3 a week in Brooks Ghost 12 for boxing.
Sometimes I use my Nike Vaporflys and like the feeling of them more, however the Ghosts seem easier on my legs.
I want to attempt getting up to 7km and 10km runs soon to eventually try a half marathon.
I mainly run through the streets on hard pavement in hot / humid weather.
If it makes a difference I am 180cm, 70kg.
Have a great day 😀 p.s very new here. So much lingo I gotta learn.
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2023.06.09 10:48 See-Photos Who stars in "Bird Box", at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. 12/11/2018

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2023.06.09 10:47 baltimore-aureole Thank you – Trump indicted! But were these actually the right charges? And look at the effing delay and cost!!

Thank you – Trump indicted! But were these actually the right charges? And look at the effing delay and cost!!

Photo Above - News Chopper 7 footage of the "surprise" FBI raid on Mar-a-Largo last year. Not shown - any progress on the Georgia election interference investigation.
Trump indicted in Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation - The Washington Post
Finally!! Trump is indicted for something real. Not just a civil complaint about groping. Or being a venal example of American politics at its most offensive. Those classified docs wallpapering Trump's Mar-a-Largo mansion are getting their day in court. At least 7 of them, apparently. See link above (Warning - this is a free link to a Washington Post article – not a CNN or Fox video, in case you're disinclined to read).
There are probably grounds for exultation here. And I promise I will raise a champagne glass. But first, a few of those inevitable, pesky questions. And apologies for my poor previous predictions.
I HAD been conjecturing - more than once – that all these several criminal prosecutions were being “slow walked” by their respective Attorney Generals and Special Prosecutors. Delayed to ensure an indictment 30 seconds after Trump inevitably won the Republican Presidential Nomination next summer. Yesterdays indictment probably HELPS the republican party, and the DOJ should be commended for not abusing the legal system to play games with the presidential nomination process.
But still . . . there were ELEVEN THOUSAND classified documents? And nearly a year in the hands of the DOJ? How long does it take to confirm that seven of these docs were actually classified? Apparently each one said so at the very top. Maybe a thousand people were needed to go through all those boxes and find which ones were the most egregious? I expect that now these docs must be produced as evidence in court. And we will finally get to see which ones Trump stole. Or at least the doc titles. That info has never been released. But still – 11,000 classified docs, reviewed for 11 months? This is like evaluating a cockroach infestation for a year before finally buying a roach motel.. At a cost of millions. In any case, we are all going to LOVE seeing which 7 documents got nominated for Oscars here.
Biden's own top secret doc - uncovered in private residences/garages/consulting offices will probably not be nominated. There were similar docs at Mike Pence's house. And a few other career politicians. Hillary Clinton, notably, escaped prosecution when government docs were found on democrat election laptops in 2016. Trump's apologists will try to create an equivalence. Not having seen ANY of the Trump or Biden documents in question, it would be wrong to say they ARE equivalent. Or to deny that they are. Point/Counterpoint – Yes, Trump had waaay more docs. Counterpoint – Biden's documents were found abandoned in bizarre, insecure places like his garage, and empty offices at a Democrat consulting firm. This is the debate pundits worried about as soon as the Biden docs surfaced. "How can we charge one guy but not the other?" Well, the DOJ apparently found a way. That's what having hundreds of staff attorneys and a full year to debate the situation will get you.
Again – let me reiterate – the DOJ charges against Trump are (almost) timely and seem entirely appropriate. People suspected of crimes should get their day in court - instead of becoming sensational media fodder for years. The US constitution guarantees the accused a swift and fair trial.
Now here's my second question: (but no apology) Why have these docs, and NOT the Georgia election interference, become the 7-layer beefy burrito? I can't think of a single more egregious example of undermining elections in American history. A politician making repeated demands to “find” votes that were never cast. This is without doubt a crime. There is indisputable evidence, in recordings emails and other docs. Beyond any credible defense. Trump's attorneys can't concoct a claim these calls were an oversight, or an attempt to help prepare for a post-presidential tell all book.
Please – let's not get allow the "yes but" crowd to hijack this post into OTHER examples of election fraud. The dead habitually voting in Chicago. Gerrymandered districts, which a bipartisan supreme court majority just declared illegal. Voting without ID, by mail AND in person, months in advance, and failing to ensure a proper chain of custody on the ballots until counting day. Those are certainly an assault on election integrity too. But not nearly so well documented as the Trump/Georgia thing.
As an observer of history and politics, I would have expected the Geogia election fraud to bubble to the top, instead of umpteen thousand documents mishandled by who knows how many politicians. But that's just my old school allegiance to free and fair elections raising its hand.
Years of investigations. Thousands of attorneys. Millions of dollars. And finally, an indictment on 7 classified docs. Probably a hilariously bad cost/benefit equation, but the cause of justice has at least been advanced another step.
I just hope this means we can finally expect action in the four other ongoing investigations, where prosecutors have been too timid to either indict or dismiss.
Do your damn jobs and stop wasting our tax dollars walking around in circles . . ..
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