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This is a subreddit specifically for people who cosplay and people looking to cosplay. Want to share the outfit you just made? Share it here! Want some advice on a costume? Ask here! Want to show some cool pics you took at the last convention you went to? Post them here!

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Dank Side of the Meme — Pink Floyd related memes, shitposting, and roasting of PinkFloyd. Think Roger looks like a horse? Think Syd went crazy because of LSD? Is your favorite member Bob Klose? Well, this is the subreddit for you! We welcome Gilmies, Watersheep, Syddites, Rick Suckers, Klosers, and even Freemasons. All Watersheep will be banned.

2023.06.05 01:47 Gloomy_Isopod_1434 I need to know what I did wrong with my 15-year-old little girl because she only got one year after her diagnosis. The guilt is eating me alive.

Tldr halfway through
She was diagnosed summer last year with early CKD (SDMA 14) and doing really good up through March of this year (SDMA 17 and 18), when she suddenly needed oral surgery because she was biting her cheek when she ate due to a malocclusion.
We were so hesitant of putting her under anesthesia because of her age and small weight, but we knew she was a fighter and living with pain while eating would be no life at all. So I found her the best vet two hours away in Dallas, an amazing facility with human-standard care. The oral surgery was a success and she was a complete champ, so strong and didn’t let it get her down. She never had pain eating again all spring.
What I wished for while she was under is that she’d get to enjoy at least one more spring on her screened-in porch, her favorite place in the world, and that’s what she got.
We had to say goodbye to Lily on May 31st. On the 30th she came and told her momma something was suddenly wrong, and very different. She would go to her water bowl but not drink, look at her food but not eat. Something I hadn’t seen her do since she was a kitten and needed emergency surgery for a congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
I took her to the ER the same day and then the normal vet when they opened. Her results were not good. Her SDMA was 37, she had the beginnings of systemic issues like fluid on her lungs and an enlarged heart, and her breath was uremic. The week before she was her normal self, and even played with me chasing each other around the house.
When the vet gave the results, I understood what she was saying between the lines, and made the decision that morning to have the vet come out to the house that evening to help us say goodbye to our baby girl.
She had the best possible, most ideal last day, something I’m so grateful for. I gave her gabapentin that morning before taking her to the vet and it never left her system—she was calm up until the very end and relaxed laid out in my lap, not hunched over or uncomfortable. With the fluids and meds the vet gave her that morning she drank half a bowl of water when she got home and was even able to eat her favorite food: people chicken.
Her 7 favorite people spent the whole day adoring her and loving on her. Then around 6 pm on her porch listening to the birds and soaking in the sunbeams, she passed on peacefully with the help of her vet. She was in my lap and I was looking into her eyes when she went.
tldr: anger, guilt, questioning
The perfect ending right? So why am I so angry, and why do I feel so cheated? I question myself about everything. Why did she only get a year after being diagnosed when other cats get a few? Why did her SDMA only go up 4 points in the first 6+ months then more than double in the next 3?
Why didn’t I ask more questions or take more time before saying goodbye instead of making that choice the same day? She could still be here, and I could still be saying goodbye.
She would barely eat kidney food and was already tiny so I had to feed her normal food as well. Did that help kill her or keep her from wasting away even faster? Was her oral surgery something that was too hard for her kidneys to handle? Maybe biting her cheek while eating would have been better than dying three months later if so.
I realized her vet probably never even checked her bp since she was diagnosed. My fault for not mentioning it. I just trusted her vet to do what was needed for the most part, I should have been more aggressive. I asked about a urinalysis and the vet said we needed to weigh the stress to Lily with further testing and visits etc.
For so many reasons I feel like I failed her, and she’s gone so early because of me. I didn’t do something right that others do right, when their cats get a few more years instead of one.
It’s only been a few days but I miss my best friend so much it’s agony. I see her everywhere and in everything, I even dream about her. It feels like I’ll never be able to move forward and life will never be okay without her here.
I love you, little girl:
(Does not contain anything nsfw, despite imgur’s warning—just her last image and her memorial/grave)
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2023.06.05 01:46 Green_Tea_Totaler 29 [M4F] Michigan/Anywhere - As We Aimlessly Drift Across the Cosmos, I Seek a Swag-nificent Companion

Hi. Hello. Hey. How r u. Wyd. Sup. 29M let's chat. I hope all's well. STARTING OFF:
• I'm 5'10" and weigh in at 130 lbs.
• I do not smoke or drink. However I am pro-420 and anti-prohibition.
• I'm a dude who marches to the beat of his own violin. Truth be told: I'm definitely on the introverted side but I can attempt to brute-force past it when around the right peeps.
• My humor is the type that makes you be like, "Bless this young man's heart he's trying so hard to be comedic."
• Musically, my taste heavily leans towards ancient stuff from the 60's-80's (ABBA, Madonna, Elton John, etc.) and occasionally modern stuff. I adamantly believe EVERY genre has at least 1 song that goes really hard. To preemptively refute any dissenters: "Convoy" by C.W. McCall is a country song sooo you're refuted. CONVOOOOOOOY~!
• Oh yeah, I have a speech impediment. Us cool cats attempt to call it "rhotacism"! If you have a thing for accents, ya boi got'chu with dat bootleg version!
• Much, much more importantly: I really enjoy video games (Xbox and Switch), but they're gradually getting eclipsed by my love of reading comic books (DC dunks on Marvel) and trading card games.
• Some other hobbies include super-casual coin collecting, running, basketball/football, and more. Above all else, drinking tea is best thing.
TL;DR: I'm out here seeking to make a long-tasting, authentic connection with someone; someone with whom to bond over extraordinary, mundane, sad, and crappy stuff. So basically, the kind of comradery where we'd selflessly share our box of 64 crayons (complete with crayon sharpener) with one another.
If we like eachother a whole bunch, I'd be open to something more. However let us cross that proverbial bridge if/when the time arises, 'nah mean? A purely platonic friendship would be dope, too!
Ideally, I'm looking for someone at least 25 who's funny, down-to-earth, and also has a boundless curiosity about the world around them! An extra gazillion points if said someone loves tea.
If ya think we'd get along, then it's totally YOUR turn to share! Send me a DM/chat and tell me a bit about yourself! Got a song on loop? Gone down any Wikipedia rabbit holes? What's your S-tier candy (potentially controversial topic)?
Reddit is actual dookie cheeks when it comes to communicating. When we're both comfortable, I'd like to switch to another platform like Discord.
Hope to hear from ya soon!
P.S.:YOUR PIC GETS MY PIC...just kidding!
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2023.06.05 01:46 m1chaelscoot Navigating Unwanted Encounters at Festivals: Seeking Advice!

Hey fellow festival-goers! I could really use your input on how to handle a tricky situation. I met a girl at a recent fest, we exchanged numbers, and became acquaintances. However, as time passed, I realized she wasn't the kind of person I wanted to be friends with. Let me explain.
During our conversations, she casually mentioned getting into legal trouble for assaulting a cop at a festival. I also noticed that she frequently snorted substances whenever we talked. I didn't realize the extent of her addiction until later on. Long story short, I see lots of red flags, being around her stresses me out, and I don't feel a genuine connection or desire to pursue a closer friendship.
Here's where it gets complicated: she ended up buying tickets to another festival happening soon that I’m going to, and yesterday she told me point blank that she’s going mainly because of me. Now, I'm in a dilemma. I could simply ghost her, but it's highly likely she'll find me since we both have VIP access & I shared details about a pretty unique item of clothing I'll be wearing at the fest.
So, what's the best approach?
Option A) Should I reach out to her and politely explain that I have solid plans with my partner, but I'd be open to meeting up for a set or something? I’m not opposed to seeing her for a minute, but she’s clingy and I’m worried once she finds me she won’t leave.
Option B) Should I stop responding to her & take my chances and see what happens if she approaches me at the fest? I want to handle this delicately since she seems unpredictable, and I want to be able to let loose without worrying about her.
Have any of you experienced a similar situation, where you're trying to avoid or get away from someone at a rave? I'd love to hear your insights and any advice you have on how to navigate this kind of predicament. Should I address the issue upfront or let it play out at the fest? Am I overthinking things?
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2023.06.05 01:46 bef017 Theory: Hope Potion #9

I think I got an idea of how and why Madoka does what she does with LoC detainees that don't want to be part of the LoC.
As we learn Madoka can pick up a detainee and drop them off in a timeline. I think that she first captures them normally. The problems arise when she has to figure out what to do if they want to be free as Nagisa does. This should be an obvious problem as characters tend to be depicted as wanting to be back with their family. Since you know their family misses them. Unless the magical girl is Sana. Thus I think I know why she doesn't send simply send them back to THEIR families.
She can't afford to send a LoC merged magical girl to a wraith world. Spoilers for the wraith Arc. !>Wraiths are creatures that instinctively try to hunt down sources of high energy to prevent emotional overflows. They can't be directly communicated to in normal circumstances. When they see something like a witch they instinctively try to consume it to prevent what they think will occur in letting such a strong source of emotion run around. When they consume a witch they become a monster that can oneshot magical girls with their soul gems intact and become such a big mess that even characters like Homura that can survive their attacks due to 2 buffs still need Madoka to kill the witch wraith hybrid. See Homura is so strong she could split Madoka into pieces. I don't think Madoka thinks she can risk allowing even one of those creatures to run rampant. Never mind the fact since the wraiths target sources of emotional energy LoC recipients would be not only exceptionally high risk targets but high likelihood targets. This I think Madoka can make a particularly fucked up deal. They can take the place of a dead magical girl in a PreLoC world like Nagisa did in MR. Madoka just sends them there with their memories altered to fit in better and the recipients take the place of someone and live out their life with that person's family to replace the dead girl.
The recipients is given the choice of being forcefully detained or living like this as they are given a mission of helping Madoka interfere with their fates till Madoka can come up with a more permanent solution.
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2023.06.05 01:46 Particular-Reply8742 When is it too late? Be honest.

Hello everyone. I will start this off my telling my story. Growing up I was raised in the church. When I was about 16 years old I really started taking God serious until I was about 17, including baptism. When I was 17 I was in an incident where I believed God was going to kill me for a sin I committed against my then church (lying). Not to mention that that church was pretty toxic as well. It was later diagnosed as an episode of psychosis by doctors. Ever since that event I feel my heart has grown hard towards the things of God. And ever since that event my life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I try to attend church sometimes now with my family and I always find myself wishing that I could be Christian without the trauma attached to Christianity for me. Somedavs I feel like it's over and that I will die in this. But I don't want it to be that way. Thanks for reading everyone.
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2023.06.05 01:46 newgirl222 Sitting with it

Now i before i go into detail . I know dating in early recovery is frowned upon . I didn’t plan on touching the subject until at least 8 months, which isn’t that hard for me considering my last serious relationship was more than a year ago. but i just happened to meet someone at the gym and it happened out of no where . I felt like i met the most caring , sweet, down to earth , understanding man at a place i love the most (the gym). At first i was hesitant but as i got to know him more i fell more and more for him , i started to slowly grow an Emotional connection with him . after weeks of talking back and forth , physical intimacy and emotional bonding . He ghosted me. Out of no where . The moment i realized what happened (the ghosting) i wanted to drink myself into oblivion. I couldn’t stand the immediate feelings of loneliness , rejection , sadness , and pain that were consuming me . I just wanted to forget . I had the alcohol all ready to go in my Uber eats delivery app. I was even a little excited to drink and forget. I couldn’t stand the heaviness in my heart . But then i decided to just sit there . For 30 minutes i stared at the app with my alcohol ready to go. then i decided . Let me just sit with my feelings for the next hour . Something i never let myself do. Sitting with my feelings of pain is one of the most horrific , yet beautiful experiences i have yet to feel.
I hate having to go through this but a part of me is also a little proud of myself for giving myself a chance to feel what i need to instead of running from it .
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2023.06.05 01:45 ThrowRA-ok-set-2464 My (F21) boyfriend (M22) acts really suspicious when it comes to phones.

Hi all. I've been debating on posting something like this for a while now, and I'm finally at a point where I can't ignore it anymore. I really could use some advice on what to do, and I'm so tired of feeling insecure and just sick to my stomach over it. I'm ready to do something about it - I just don't know how or what. My boyfriend and I are both 21 and have been dating for a couple of months now. Most of our relationship is good, and he is usually very supportive, loving, and emotionally present for me. We were very good friends before we became romantically involved. Things started to become a little more suspicious about a month into us being official. There are other "red flags," but this is the one that has been bothering me the most recently, so I will just mention this. For starters, he is ALWAYS looking at my phone... When I'm on it, when I get a notification, whenever I am typing a message back to someone, etc. He seems to always have an eye on my phone and is super keen to get it in his hand. I don't even mind it, really, as I have nothing to hide. I've even handed him my phone when I'm driving or busy with something to either navigate the GPS or reply to a text from somebody else for me. My boyfriend jumps at the chance to have my phone. I, however, have never had his phone in my hand. He even tilts it away from me when we are lying in bed together or puts himself under the blanket entirely, like he did the other morning... like he's trying to cover himself up while his phone is open so I won't see. He does this every time, and it's so strange. He has always done this, and I haven't wanted to admit it to myself, but I strongly believe that something is up. He is pushy when it comes to seeing my screen, and I don't want to do that back to him because it just feels wrong. I know that I should put my foot down though, and I have been doing so little-by-little. Like yesterday morning, as I mentioned previously, I did not move away from him when he covered up his head and his phone in his hands. Usually I do, but yesterday I didn't. And he tilted his phone away from me entirely before I finally let up and got back on my own phone. After this, he eventually ended up with my phone to look at the stories on my instagram, and I let him for a few minutes before I eventually wanted my phone back. He tried keeping it, and even exited out from instagram at one point to look at my other apps, I'm assuming. I put my foot down in that moment in hopes of sort of evening out the dynamic, one step at a time, slowly. I did not want to make it look super suspicious on my part, so I let him keep it to flip through my feed, before I gently started to take my phone back. Immediately after I took back my phone, he asked me what I was hiding and why I "snatched" my phone so quickly from him. He kept asking me what I was hiding, and finally I shot back and asked him what he was hiding from me. He subtly backed off and tried joking about it, saying nothing, but I simply stared at him trying to analyze his reaction. I asked him again, and he called me "crazy" and said, "You're acting insane." Ah yes, the good ol' gaslighting tactic. He knows I have a history of being gaslit in my previous abusive relationship from a few years ago, so this took me aback. For him to know that... and say something like that to me regardless, struck something in me. I held his gaze for a moment before backing off entirely and rolling back over to get on my phone, and he did the same. I think he knew that I was frustrated because he then went back to being affectionate like nothing had happened. Is it just me? Or is something amiss? I feel like he is projecting onto me, even though I have given him no reason to think anything suspicious on my part. What should I do now, going forward? I don't WANT to invade his privacy, but I won't lie and say that it hasn't crossed my mind before. Any advice on how to confront this? Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 01:45 Gy7479 An honest question to English only speakers, born and raised Montrealer, about traveling in the province

Hi everyone, there's a question that's been bugging me for a long time and decided to ask. So my question is to the people who only speak English, born and raised in Montreal : What do you do when you travel outside of Montreal to any other city in Quebec about communication? How does it feel? Let me explain.
I'm from Québec city, my wife is from Sherbrooke. We have friends and family in Québec, Gatineau, Lévis, Sherbrooke, Beauce, Rimouski, Abitibi, etc. It seems to me that if I was only able to speak English, traveling to other cities would be weird since in some places people could not understand me and I could not speak to them, treated like a tourist in my own province. I know Gatineau is very mixed when it comes to language, but I can guarantee you that most people in Québec city or Sherbrooke or Beauce don't speak fluently English, and most people over 40yrs old simply cannot speak it (our parents and older generations). For me it would be like living on a very small island that I cannot easily leave and am confined to. So feel free correct me if I'm wrong or explain to me the reality of traveling outside English speaking communities in Montreal. Thank you
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2023.06.05 01:45 Beneficial_Beaches Trying This Again, Why Not? 34 Gay Married Male - Friends? Buddies? Compadres?

What are my thoughts? Good question, Reddit. Well, I'm not sure. Why does this seem to be so much harder than what it should be? Why was it easier making friends as kids, teens? Even into my 20's. I get that life happens, people sometimes drift apart, cool. I used to tell myself that I was OK being lonely, that I was OK doing things on my own, but the pandemic showed me that was just a lie. Here for a genuine search for friendships, conversations, connection. Easy, right? Come on, its Reddit, nothing is easy.
Gay married male, healthcare professional, dog dad, outdoorsy, traveler, foodie, and urban explorer. No more are the nights of bars and clubs but rather a good brewery, winery, and conversation. I don't have many married male friends; I'd like to change that. Ideally, you're in a similar situation to me, someone who wants SFW friendships with other married men. I get it, it's Reddit and I'm probably shooting myself in the foot here by saying "SFW" but there has to be a few out there like myself. Right?
You've gotten this far, start up a conversation, "Hi." Let's get to know each other, might find more in common. Seeking quality over quantity. Over the "one and done" conversations, here for something real, down to earth. What do you say?
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2023.06.05 01:45 mwy912 ChatGPT makes scripts for LGR!

I thought I’d just ask for an imaginary script for a couple of episodes of LGR on YouTube.
Prompt 1: Write a script for a new “oddware” episode for the YouTube channel “LGR”
Sure, here's a draft script for a new "Oddware" episode for the LGR YouTube channel. Please note that this is a fictional script and any products mentioned are made up for the purpose of this script.
CLINT (HOST): "Greetings and welcome to LGR Oddware where we're taking a look at hardware and software that is odd, forgotten, and obsolete. I'm your host, Clint Basinger, and today we've got something truly bizarre."
CLINT: "This, my friends, is the 'Hyperion HoloBox 3000', a piece of oddware from the distant past of 1998. It's a device that promised to bring holographic technology to your home PC. Yeah, you heard that right."
CLINT: "The HoloBox 3000 is a strange beast. It's a bulky, box-like contraption that you connect to your PC via a parallel port. It comes with its own software suite, which supposedly allows you to create and view holographic images."
CLINT: "The software suite is just as odd as the hardware. It's a mishmash of 3D modeling tools, image editors, and some kind of proprietary hologram viewer. It's all running on Windows 98, of course."
CLINT: "Using the software is a bit of a challenge. It's not exactly user-friendly, and the manual is about as clear as mud. But after some trial and error, I managed to create a simple hologram."
CLINT: "And here it is, a spinning cube. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it's a start. The quality is... well, it's not great. It's a bit fuzzy and the colors are washed out. But hey, it's a hologram on a home PC in 1998. That's something, right?"
CLINT: "So, is the Hyperion HoloBox 3000 a forgotten gem of the past? Not really. It's clunky, it's confusing, and the results are underwhelming. But it's a fascinating piece of oddware, a glimpse into a future that never quite arrived."
CLINT: "And that's it for this episode of LGR Oddware. Thanks for watching, and remember to stay odd!"
Remember, this is just a draft and can be modified to fit the style and tone of the LGR channel.
Prompt 2: how about an episode of LGR Thrifts?
Sure, here's a draft script for a new "LGR Thrifts" episode for the LGR YouTube channel. Please note that this is a fictional script and any products mentioned are made up for the purpose of this script.
CLINT (HOST): "Greetings and welcome to LGR Thrifts, where we're on the hunt for retro tech, games, and anything else that's just plain interesting. I'm your host, Clint Basinger, and today we're hitting up some local thrift stores to see what we can find."
CLINT: "Our first stop is the 'Time Capsule Thrift Shop'. This place is known for its eclectic mix of items, so let's see what treasures we can unearth."
CLINT: "Ah, look at this! It's a Commodore 64, one of the best-selling home computers from the 80s. It's in pretty good condition too. Definitely a score for any retro tech collector."
CLINT: "Over here we've got a stack of PC games. There's 'Doom', 'SimCity 2000', 'Myst'... all classics. And check this out, it's 'Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards'. This game was notorious for its adult humor. It's a piece of gaming history, that's for sure."
CLINT: "Our next stop is 'Retro Revival', a thrift store that specializes in vintage electronics. And would you look at that, it's an original Game Boy. It's a bit worn, but it still works. That's a find."
CLINT: "And here's something you don't see every day. It's an IBM Model M keyboard. These things are built like tanks and are beloved by keyboard enthusiasts for their tactile feedback and satisfying 'clicky' sound."
CLINT: "Well, that's it for this episode of LGR Thrifts. We found some real gems today, and I can't wait to see what we'll find next time. Thanks for joining me on this thrift adventure, and remember: you never know what you'll find when you go thrifting!"
Remember, this is just a draft and can be modified to fit the style and tone of the LGR channel.
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2023.06.05 01:44 PrivateOwn2170 24 F4M down to swallow loads 🥵🥵, i’ll fuck and milk your cock, make my ass bounce on your dick so hard you won’t want to stop. i wanna get my ass worshipped. Let’s get freaky. text me on snap: linnliske

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2023.06.05 01:44 Lishasquarepant Am I gonna die

Am I gonna die
Hi all so my neighbour knocked on my door today saying there was a baby crow outside my back door hiding because it was being attacked by 2 others crows.
I caught it and put it in a box with some water and towels and tried calling the wildlife jelp but everything is shut till tomorrow. Apart from a vet which is way too far away for me to go to (I don’t drive either)
So I asked vet she said can keep it overnight then call REPCA tomorrow or whatever.
Anwyay bird is chill then starts flapping about so I let the lid off the box and urge it to leave out my door, it then climbs onto my arm and refuses to leave.
My dumbass thinks it’s so cute so I sit down with it for a bit and it eventually falls asleep on my arm after some head scratches.
Then it poops on me (which is normal I’ve handled birds before so I wasn’t worried)
Cleaned that up then tried again to get it to leave, I even put it on the floor outside but it ran back in through my door lol, after 2 more attempts I accept defeat and let it sleep in the box now and it’s all chill but it made a squeak and had diarraea again, I then worry as it actually looks unwell now (as soon as I stopped letting it walk on my shoulders and on my chest) and I think it’s gonna die so I take it outside wrapped up but no, It doesn’t die it’s all active again and I’m just so confused so I wrap it up again now by a heater in the box and I hope it is ok.
Weird things about this bird: has pooped about 6 times and it’s like the first poop was red, the rest are green/yellow (so normal?)
It doesn’t make noise, it opens ur mouth etc but I’ve only heard it squeak once and that’s when I saw it looking all weird and through it would die
The bird has been drinking water and seems chill again now all snug.
But what if it has bird flu and that’s why the other birds were trying to kill it and now I’m gonna get bird flu and die because I let it walk all over me???? I have had 2 showers and jaded antiback on myself now but I’m scared it’s too late.
I will attach pics
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2023.06.05 01:44 Swimming_Valuable988 AITA for not helping my sister in a tough time?

I 32M have a half sister 29F Lilly. She has an on and off relationship with her boyfriend. They are awful for each other and constantly break up. Lilly ends up at my house for a place to stay for a few weeks before going back to his to 'work things out'. She ends up at my place a few weeks later and crashes in the spare room. I feel bad for Lilly as she has never seen what a good relationship looks like. We share the same dad, but my mom remarried a great guy who was a better dad than our bio one. Lilly's mom stayed with our dad, and they would just scream and shout at each other constantly. My wife and I started paying for Lilly to go to therapy, but I am not sure if it is working for her.
Recently, me and my wife had a baby girl, and we converted the spare room to a nursery. She has colic, and our lack of sleep has made us both very irritable. Lilly turned up at our door at around 3 last night, asking for a place to stay, she was very drunk, and had no jacket on and it was freezing outside. I let her in, but told her that she had to take the couch, as we don't have a spare room for her anymore. About 4 hours later, the fire alarm went off, as Lilly had put something in the oven and forgotten about it. It was burnt and we struggled to switch the alarm off. My daughter started crying and my wife and struggled to get her to go back to sleep. I went down and told Lilly to get out and also said some mean things. I called her a cab and she left. She has now told our family, and a few have reached out to call me TA. I regret saying some of the things I had said, and without the lack of sleep, I wouldn't have said them. I am not sure how to fix the situation, as Lilly has blocked my number. She is still my sister and I am worried for her.
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2023.06.05 01:44 Such_Calligrapher_77 i feel extreme anxiety when thinking about the future

I recently turned 20 and I've been extremely anxious about the future these past 6 months. I'm afraid of getting older and my friends/i losing the time to play games with each othehang out with each other. whenever we do hang out or something, all I can think is "I wonder when the last time we'll ever hang out/play games will be". I've played roblox and other games with my current friends since i was 14, and i keep thinking to myself how much longer this will last for, and it always gets my mood down.
I've known one of these friends since he was 12 and he just graduated from high school, and the thought of that is so crazy to me, time just keeps moving fast and it overwhelms me. I'm afraid of him having no time to speak to me anymore either, same with my other friends. I just get anxious when I think about me being in my 30s, 40s, so on and having an "adult" job. It doesn't help that I don't feel my age, I feel like a teenager even though I only just now turned 20.
I'm afraid of getting older and losing the freetime to do anything as well. the only thing that calms me down enough to sleep at night is imagining waking up in elementary/middle school again with all my memories intact. I'm also anxious about my future in general, I'm in a community college, but I don't know what I actually want to study and i constantly feel like I'm running out of time, I don't know how to stop worrying like this :(. somedays I'm fine and tell myself the future is far off for now, but then I spiral back to these thoughts and it's so exhausting. Sorry that this was so long and I know these problems are a bit silly but I need help because it brings my everyday mood down and I don't know how to stop them.
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2023.06.05 01:43 unravelinggg Opinions on baby shower situation?

To give a bit of context, I had my first child 12 years ago. I didn't keep anything because we have moved and didn't know when we would have another so we downsized our stuff. Both our families (small sized families) lives 3 hours away. All of my best friends live either farther away or are in other provinces now. My sister offered to throw me a "sprinkle" and I had a break down when she brought it up. There wouldn't be a lot of people attending other than maybe 3 or 4 people in our family, my best friends wouldn't be there, and I just feel like there wouldn't be a point. I didn't have a good shower 12 years ago because I was in high school and only 2 friends and my sister showed up, which was fun but we had invited over 30 people. Im not sure what to do about a sprinkle. I have done an online registry and thought about doing an online shower but I don't know how that would go over or if that seems selfish to not "host" something and expect gifts. Anyone have any insight or experience with a similar situation?
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2023.06.05 01:43 DarkDetectiveGames I don't trust my parents anymore

I need to vent but can't reveal to much information because I plan on suing my parents after I move out.
My parents sabotaged me and then used it as an excuse to punish me. Let's get to the beginning. I discovered last year that I don't actually have to follow the government curriculum if I am home schooled. My parents told me that they would still follow the government's curriculum if I was homeschooled. It was at this point that I started to consider moving out. My parents ended up signing up for an online course provider. I never asked them to do this. They didn't even let me choose my own courses as they chose for me with any input from me.
Originally I was not opposed to trying these courses until I could move out. I expressed anger when I discovered my parents were choosing the courses for me. However as time went on these courses I realized that these courses were more work than I was told by my parents. I decided to ask my parents how a diploma was going to help my achieve my goals. I will note that where I live there are zero benefits which can be obtained by a diploma that cannot be obtained through other means. They told me they would give me an answer later. I decided that until I had an answer, I would not do any more coursework. I never got an answer. I started fighting with my parents which included them hurling insults at me which I never did to them but then they decided they didn't care for a few months. Then they decided he changed my mind, and to impose a deadline on me to complete the courses that was half the time which I was given by the course provider. I start to try to finish the courses again. However, it was never good enough. I start to feel progressively worse about the courses. Eventually I give up again. At this point I have decided to move out when I could.
I discover that these courses won't lead to a diploma which was the whole reason for forcing me to take them.
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2023.06.05 01:43 Dreadmagic Should I wait for the SLS 2 to come out or get the SLS 1 and not worry?

I’m going into college this fall for a mechanical engineering and physics major and I was looking into some laptops to get for the upcoming semester. The surface laptop studio seemed like a great option because my sister has a Mac for her math major, but had to get an iPad to take online notes. I figured the 2 in 1 would be great but there was a decent amount of criticism when it came to its graphics and processing power.
I’m not crazy about pushing it to the limit when it comes to games, because then I would simply get a gaming laptop, but it would be nice to have the ability. The main problem however is the oncoming release, or announcement of the SLS 2 which should be made public some time in October. Because if all the hype is correct it would solve all the problems that I might care about, however it would come out in the middle of the school year.
Right now I have a big HP laptop that I got for high school but never ended up using because we got chromebooks that I could use, but to give you a run down of its power: it runs Apex Legends on 13 fps of your lucky and gets so hot it could easily burn me sometimes.
I was considering toughing it out for the first 2 months with gen eds, but I’ve taken a good amount of AP classes that would expedite my way through them. Furthermore, it might only get announced in October, so then I might end up doing it for nothing. Another option I was thinking about was getting the SLS really close to move in day and utilizing the 60 day return policy to try and get a full refund when it comes out, the only problem being is that I have to take the risk of not damaging it at all for 60 days to get a refund and not a mere $700 credit. Unless, I go to option 3, and get the SLS don’t worry about the policy, and sell it for a depreciated value. Only I think if a new one came out it’s value would plummet.
Please let me know if you have any insight onto the matter.
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2023.06.05 01:43 HallowedHorizon Extreme indecisiveness around degree choice

So I'm 19, I took a gap year and now I'm going to uni in September to study IR and Politics. However, I originally applied for Film Studies, and before that, Computer Science.
Basically my mindset went CS (it'll give me a good job and money), and then was like "I don't really enjoy the subject, let me pick something I 'like' ", so picked Film Studies. Realised I only liked film studies because I liked the idea of being creative and expressing myself but I wasn't sure if I'd be good at it as a course. Then I had the realisation that "I want to study something because I'm genuinely interested in knowing more and learning new things, I don't care where it leads me", so picked IR and Politics. But now I feel like that's the wrong choice and although I'll definitely learn something, I'm learning it to make me more versed in conversations about politics.
I now think English Literature and History would be a good fit, I adore the idea of being able to make connections and find meaning in literature and media, I love watching video essays analysing a book, or a TV show episode or a movie and I want to be able to be as critically minded as they are, and History always interests me, it heavily involves politics so that's a win, and it just seems like it would broaden my knowledge.
But I'm scared I'll just have another "realisation" and want to move on. Am I in love with the idea of learning but don't learn. Please help, its making me insanely depressed recently.
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2023.06.05 01:42 CaterpillarReal6440 25m EST summoning gaming friends

Hey there I have a lot of free time nowadays with no one to play games with so I'm hoping to fix that.
Some stuff about me Half asian half white aka a mutt. I play a couple instruments mediocrely. I have a degree in something I know nothing about.
Games that I play League Terraria Valheim Minecraft Pokemon Civ 6 Fire emblem Tft MapleStory
Down to try other games
can add me on disc
must be 18+
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2023.06.05 01:42 PrivateOwn2170 24 F4M down to swallow loads 🥵🥵, i’ll fuck and milk your cock, make my ass bounce on your dick so hard you won’t want to stop. i wanna get my ass worshipped. Let’s get freaky. text me on snap: linnliske

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2023.06.05 01:42 gabbagabbahey26 JN feeds my vegetarian niece meat - do I tell SIL? And how?

My JNMIL stories from MIL could fill a small book. The last straw came with her claiming ownership over my wedding anniversary online after I expressly asked her not to (petty in the grand scheme of things but this follows more serious behavior - threatening to not come to wedding, taking money, boundary breaking etc). I’m pushing for NC.
Like any good gaslighter she maintains a facade of fake niceness to my face. She’s let the mask down a few times (comments about my weight, about my “control” of DH) but most importantly talks shit about any absent family member and the family (excluding DH) as her flying monkeys pile on.
My SIL (DHs brothers partner and mother of their only grandchild) is the most common targets. Each time I have the displeasure of visiting (3-4 times a year) she’ll be badmouthed several times by everyone after JNMIL or JNFIL start off the bashing. I don’t like or dislike SIL but I do dislike the bullying behind her back. It’s obvious the same must happen to me behind my back but DH maintains she adores me (sure Jan). Also note DH regularly stops them badmouthing SIL and said he’d cut them off if they did this to me.
JNMIL and the rest of the family talk about SIL with anyone. For example JNFIL (flying monkey number 1) called my mother to accuse her of a fake invitation (when they were inexplicably 2 hours late for their sons engagement party) called DH a cunt and then brought up their problems with SIL who my mother hadn’t even met yet…
They talk about her mental health, her weight and that she’s a bad mother. They have labelled her as having munchausens for taking her daughter to the Dr and regularly say she is a bad mother and a terrible partner to BIL. JNMIL has said TO MY FACE she can’t wait until she feels like a “real grandmother” when “you have a baby instead”. DHs sister insinuated it would be better if the baby had been miscarried.
Yet JNMIL and the sister post pictures of the baby everywhere and look after the baby regularly. They bring the baby up in conversation all the time. So SIL thinks they’re both wonderful, invested people and leans on JNMIL for regular childcare. I’ve carefully broached it with SIL and she thinks JNMIL is a saint who can’t do enough for her child.
SIL is a strict vegetarian and has chosen for her child to be raised the same and from the get go communicated this clearly. Behind her back, JNMIL boasts about feeding the child bacon sandwiches and sausage rolls. I normally grey rock or change the subject away from abusing SIL - but challenged JNMIL and said it was an abuse of trust - she then said it was just a joke and she fed the child a bit of bread from a bacon sandwich… but told the same story (haha I fed the baby meat! Secretly!) the next time we saw her.
Do I tell SIL? And how? Or is this my revenge for my own litany of complaints? I guess I get so het up as at least I know where I am with her and stick to my boundaries but SIL is the family’s punching bag, doesn’t even know it and I’m sick of being a part of this bullying.
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2023.06.05 01:42 Halagala88 Thoughts

Hi! I have been giving a lot of thoughts about this negative people having positive after sex ,despite Partner being negative.
Here was written that ureaplasma builds biofilms . Let's say the antibiotic kills the bacteria that is accesible and the rest stays protected through lipid or other membrane still over /in the tissue.After that they take a swab test and you test negative. Having sex is a mechanical rubbing enough to disturb this biofilms ( like urine flow breaking the biofilms in the urethra ) and voila!Positive again. I correlate it analogically to an abscess ,that periodically releases bacteria and causes inflamation.
It might sound crazy ,but maybe using toys with a condom or such ,i don't know, if this can help the blood flow down there and having mechanical effect might help.
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