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Fatherland Two

2018.06.29 22:58 DonBlazer Fatherland Two

Fatherland Two is a mod for Hearts of Iron 4 which is mostly based on the novel Fatherland by Robert Harris where Germany won World War Two.

2023.03.21 02:37 starstruckmon Zero-1-to-3: Zero-shot One Image to 3D Object ( Stable Diffusion based code available )

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2023.03.21 02:34 pampam3456 [DOWNLOAD] T. Harv Eker – Secrets of Inner Power 2.0

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In a moment, we’ll break down how each module in the program can help you master your mind and develop your character, so that you can succeed no matter what… but first, in case you’re new around here, we want to tell you a little about Harv.
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2023.03.21 02:34 sciencefair-by-bcnr [USA, Connecticut, New Haven] / [Memphis, Tennessee] - Looking to turn my solo project into a full band. The genre ranges from bedroom pop to post-punk to industrial depending on the album, so eclectic tastes are welcomed

I currently live in New Haven, Connecticut (though I am from Memphis and may be going back there, depending how the music stuff works out here), and I release music under the name Divingstation95. I’m looking to expand it into a real, full band. Some of my biggest influences are Xiu Xiu, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Swans, the Cure, Scott Walker, Black Country New Road, Car Seat Headrest, and Black Midi. I want to make something unique, strange, and unpredictable - every album should be something different, with no boundaries. I compose and write lyrics and sing, but I’m forced to use my laptop for almost everything, because I can’t play guitar and piano for shit. I’d like to turn this project into something bigger that can perform live shows and record collaborative, full-band albums that aren’t just me.
Here's the difficult part: currently I'm in the second phase of a rehab program, which is essentially a restrictive sober living house. I can go out and do things, and I spend tons of time working on music, but I don't have a car or any private space to rehearse. I don't think we'll be able to get together to practice until I graduate the program, which is a few months from now, but that gives us time to collaborate online and get to know each other, make sure we have the same outlook on things, make sure we’re all serious about this, and learn our parts.
I have two albums in progress which I intend to release under the Divingstation95 name:
I would desperately like to start performing live, even though it can’t happen yet. There are one or two songs I would specifically like to learn and play, but song selection is otherwise largely up to you guys - whoever I’ll be working with - and whatever songs you want us to perform can be reinterpreted in any way. I have a large catalog of songs I wrote and recorded by myself, but I would really enjoy reinventing them with collaborative input for live performance, as well as writing new ones. If you have ideas, I want to hear them. I’m not just looking for people who will play what I tell them - excuse the egotism, but if I’m Thom Yorke, I want a Jonny Greenwood to work with.
Seeking guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist. If you play keyboard, that would also be sick.
This is a playlist of my favorite songs I've written.
This is my bandcamp.
You can reach me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.21 02:33 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 919 - Edge of Twilight

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I have been in direct combat for 1,241.92 seconds.
My battlescreens and bulk are weapons just as much as my infinite repeaters, my indirect fire weaponry, and my Hellbore cannons. The Mantid vehicles, while undoubtedly servicable against what appears to be a demilitarized planetary population, are completely ineffective against me. Their main guns cannot penetrate my battlescreens, no matter how many guns they bring to bear or how many firing angles they generate.
Against a Mark XXIII Bolo's battlescreens, it might have been effective, as that design was largely magnetic fields.
I am a Mark XXIX Bolo. I pack the same battlescreens as a Confederate Heavy Cruiser.
The heavy Mantid vehicles, 125 tons and above, are slower, less maneuverable, than my massive 24,000 ton bulk. I don't bother to clear them from in front of me with my guns, using my battlescreen instead. The magnetic flux, the variable frequency - frequency agile projected energy field flux, and the graviton assisted space curvature systems all blend together to rip apart any Mantid vehicles touching me.
The Mantid are panicking now. Twice they have fired atomics point blank into my shields. It is obvious that these Mantid have never cracked the method of increasing the destructive output of atomic weapons and none of them crack the 25 kiloton barrier, all of them fission weapons that Terra would have considered crude only a decade or two into the Atomic Age.
None of them even make my battlescreens waver.
The backwash of the detonation shreds the Mantid vehicles that are still attacking, causing more damage to the Mantid forces still fighting than they do to me.
Nekonya and I, intertwined together, check our spy-eyes.
The elimination of the High Speakers and Speakers, as well as the loss of the Mantid ship and the Omniqueen's influence, has led to approximately 74.127% of the Mantid forces fighting their own, specifically the servitor castes fighting against the warrior castes.
Nekonya and I estimate that combat will cease in approximately 2,582 seconds.
My indirect fire weapons are seeding the outside of the mass attacking me with FASCAM systems, my drone launchers are chuffing out heavy weapon attack drones. The drones get to high altitude then move toward the outside of the mob, lurking and watching for any Mantid vehicles or warriors who attempt to flee what is rapidly becoming a complete disaster for Mantid forces.
To quote many a Terran: It is all over but the crying.
I signal the Dakota and file a VLS, letting the ship know that not only will combat cease soon, but the planet will need occupied by combat troops in order to deal with Mantid insurgents and holdouts.
As a Mark XXIX Bolo I will be of limited use during that phase. It is a phase that requires boots on the ground, not a supertank the size of a small stadium and weighing 24-kilotons.
The battle is almost over.
But the war will continue.
The Omniqueen's ship had been slowed and redirected into a stable orbit around the stellar mass. The combat troops had been withdrawn, allowing the Mantid aboard the Omniqueen's ship to figure out who to speak for them and who was in charge.
The two Dakota ships were motionless relative to one another, separated by only a couple thousand kilometers. Both ships had suffered light damage during the battle, mostly cosmetic, that was already being repaired by shipboard engineers and shipboard assets.
Admiral Pikark had set his command couch to the command chair mode, leaning back in the seat, wearing a shipboard uniform rather than the armored vacuum suit that he had been wearing for the last four days.
On the screen were two images, side by side. On the left was the brushed chrome looking warsteel of the Terran Imperium Dakota, on the right side Lord Captain Jack Pikark sat on the bridge of his ship, relaxed in his command throne, tapping the rings of his right hand on the armrest.
"We appreciate your assistance, Lord Captain," Jeff stated.
His mirror-universe opposite nodded, smiling widely. "Pleasure to help, Admiral, especially after you helped us destroy the Omniqueen on our side."
Jeff nodded. "What are your plans now?" he asked.
Lord Captain Jack Pikark shrugged. "Go home, help the Imperium rebuild."
"Good luck with your endeavors," Jeff Pikark said.
His opposite nodded and the channel closed.
Jeff watched as the shining Dakota reoriented and started to move. The Hellspace portal opened up and pulled the Dakota inside before closing with the clang of iron doors.
"Dakota is away, Admiral," the Uhura said.
Jeff just nodded, putting his elbow on the arm-rest and his chin in his palm as he stared at forward bulkhead screen, which was simply showing the starfield where the ISS Dakota had vanished.
Admiral Jack Pikark heaved a sigh of relief when the reports came back in.
No Hellspace alteration to crew, ship, or ship functions.
He closed his eyes for a moment, clenched his muscles for a moment, then relaxed.
"Set course for Imperial Terra," Jack ordered. "Warp-Eight."
"Aye-aye, Lord Captain," Soto said.
His Spok turned to him.
"They still think this is all a game," the Spok stated, reaching up and stroking his goatee.
Jack shrugged. "Things went terribly wrong over there and our ancestors over there didn't step up."
"The decision to establish peace and stability through the remains of Known Space after the war was the only course we felt we had, Lord Captain," the Spok said. "Setting aside the Federation to become the Imperium was the only logical course. They felt otherwise."
Jack nodded. "I would say, old friend, after what we saw over there this time, that their Federation has been forced to set aside the toys and accept the responsibilities of their power."
Spok nodded. "Think they have realized that they're the evil mirror universe?"
Lord Captain Jack Pikark shook his head. "Old friend, nobody, in their own mind, picture themselves as the villain of the story."
There was quiet on the bridge as the ISS Dakota made for Terra-Sol.
Admiral Jeff Pikark stepped out of the lift, the doors whooshing closed behind him.
In front of him were the vast Rebirth Systems. The local SUDS servers and processing systems, the cloning banks, the medical bays. Most of the lights were red across the SUDS and cloning systems, burning with a cold malevolent light. The crew-members in the chamber were all quiet as they moved around, all wearing enhanced reality glasses that were slightly red tinted.
Chief Rebirth Engineer Gladius moved up, stopping in front of Jeff Pikark. His ears were sharply pointed, his face long and narrow.
Most Rebirth Engineers were Vulkans or other species that could control their emotions.
"We've recovered the away teams," Gladius said, his voice soft and gentle.
Pikark had learned that most of the Rebirth Engineers spoke in such a way.
"Can they be rebirthed?" Pikark asked, watching as a Rebirth Engineer withdrew a plastic case from the system and moved over to the server racks.
"No," Gladius said, shaking his head. "They've all suffered severe neural scorching as well as mat-trans psychosis. We've got core identity strand unraveling and errored weaving. Most of them are suffering from multiple personality intertwining syndrome."
"Like me," Pikark said.
The Rebirth Engineer pushed the narrow end of the 18 inch by 8 inch plastic rectangle into the proper slot, allowing the system to read the optical disk inside with a red laser.
Gladius shook his head again. "No. You've got a triple weaving, stable. They've got personality after personality jammed all on top of each other, have experienced multiple deaths in rapid succession without trauma counseling and treatment."
The Chief Rebirth Engineer gave a sigh. "To put it in layman's terms: They're Idiots now."
Pikark closed his eyes for a second.
Three thousand crew-members. Lost forever.
"Admiral, it had to be done. They knew the risks, they all volunteered. They all knew what would happen to them," Gladius said. "They knew the stakes."
"It doesn't make it any easier," Pikark said. He shook his head, looking down at the deck for a moment. "It was just a game when we started. Now..."
He let his words trail off, watching as another thick plastic sleeve was moved from the system that took the mental engrams out of the transporter buffer, excised them from the physical data, then transferred the entire record to the Rebirth System.
"There was nobody else, Admiral," Gladius said. "There was no other way that would result in heavy casualties."
"It doesn't make it easier," Pikark said. "Carry on," he turned and walked back toward the lift.
We are in Hellspace, making the transfer to our destination. Nekonya is in hibernation inside of her command cradle, dreaming of going to advanced education as well as of such things as flying, eating sweets, and going to social functions.
I have come to a conclusion in the 25,092 seconds we have been transiting Hellspace.
The energies of Hellspace have caressed my hull, have created changes on my surface and possibly even changes to my positronic systems and Nekonya herself. I was disabled by enemy fire and knocked out for a significant period of time and the Enemy had gained access to my systems during that time. I have been using a Kentai Commander for an extensive period of time, far beyond the maximum amount of time according to regulations.
There had been no choice.
The Omniqueen had been the Enemy and it was paramount, for the safety of Humanity and their allies, that the Omniqueen and her forces be destroyed.
The effects upon my hull, upon Nekonya, upon my positronic matrix, were acceptable changes, I was an acceptable casualty, in the fight.
But I know I will never be allowed access to the Dinochrome Brigade channels or the GM Network ever again.
Part of me laments that, in pursuit of the destruction of the Enemy, I have suffered damage to the point, changes to the point, that I am no longer a part of the Dinochrome Brigade.
It is with a chill that I realize that I have Fallen.
Not only have I Fallen, but the Dakota has Fallen too.
Heading to our destination is the only choice. While Admiral Pikark has assured me that there is a place within his crew for me, has encouraged me to join him on his mission to restore order and stability to the Federation Worlds, I have realized that Admiral Jeff Pikark has not realized something simple.
In fighting what we have fought, in the way we had felt was our only choices, we have Fallen.
There is only one place for us now.
Nekonya and I will join the Regiment of the Damned, the Hellsteel Brigade.
I mourn our Fall.
But the Enemy had existed and the Enemy had to be destroyed.
This is slightly different than falling in battle.
This Fall is complete.
There is a slight bump in the Hellspace transit, making the barbed chains festooning my hull rattle as they shift slightly. The leakage makes the runes on my hull burn with a dull crimson light for nearly 3.781 seconds.
I have Fallen.
But I can get up.
The Seven Rings of Gehanna was a system shrouded in darkness. Set at the mouth of the Tartarus Dark Matter Sea, with the Eye of Gorthaur only a light week 'north' of the massive red giant named the Eye of Barad-dûr. The gas giants had burned away in the gaze of the Eye of Gorthaur, the inner planets devoured by the hunger of the Eye of Barad-dur, leaving only a single planet surrounded by six rings of asteroids, three toward and three away from the red giant.
The single planet was known as the Isle of Dread. A place of toxic seas, blasted landscape where molten warsteel ran in rivers as red as blood over black ashy ground covered in wreckage of a million battles. Nine great cities adorned the Isle of Dread, like great cankers on already diseased ground. For thousands of years the Lords of Dread had struggled against one another for dominance over one another and the planet itself.
Now, the only activity was in the great ship yards, where damaged Dark Crusade of Light ships returned from the battles of the Second Precursor War to be repaired before heading back into the fight.
There was only silence around the great clone banks that used to run off millions of short bake clones to allow the Lords of Dread to grind endlessly against one another. The dark and terrible machines on the surface of the Isle of Dread had been dormant for nearly a decade.
The system was still heavily defended, with ships that were undergoing shakedown cruises as well as heavy system defense vessels moving through the rubble strewn space of the ravaged system.
The Hellspace portal opened at the far fringes of the system.
The ship that slid forth was made of black warsteel, with burning runes and massive chains twisting around the hull. The engines burned red and Hellspace energy leaked from them as the Hellspace energy dissipated.
Twisted and baroque heavy starships moved on an intercept course toward the newcoming, sending out streams of code that demanded the newcomer identify itself.
The newcomer sent its identification.
And was accepted as a brother beneath the gaze of the Eye of Barad-dûr.
The chest plate was locked into the power armor frame. Liquid gurgled as it flowed through the tube inserted through the left nostril. The skin was scarred and marred, cybernetic implants (crude and bulky) were surrounded by scarring.
The instruments withdrew and the table slowly rotated until the figure in a suit of heavy assault power armor slid slightly down the table and the boots thumped against the floor.
The lights dimmed slightly as Medtek Gladius checked the figure's biometrics.
They were waking up.
He wasn't nervous. The advice and guidance of the Martial Orders was steeped in thousands of years of performing this very action.
He reached up with his palm, the implant in his palm activating and making the back of his hand glow red, the bones and cybernetic wiring visible as shadows inside. He put his hand on the figure's forehead, sliding his fingers underneath the short chopped blonde hair. He could still feel the surge and ebb of madness within the mind, but it was more controlled now, able to be harnessed instead of running away with the mind beneath his fingers.
"Awaken," he commanded.
Yar-38173 opened her eyes, the burning red light of madness visible.
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2023.03.21 02:33 Grocery-Super Home Doctor book: A Barefoot Doctor's Manual - Practical Chinese Medicine and Health A Blending of Modern Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Remedies

Home Doctor book: A Barefoot Doctor's Manual - Practical Chinese Medicine and Health A Blending of Modern Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Remedies
Home Doctor book by Victor W. Sidel is a comprehensive guide that combines modern western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine to provide a holistic approach to health and healing. This book is a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in natural healing, as it covers everything from acupuncture and massage to herbal remedies and nutrition.
The author, Victor W. Sidel, was a prominent physician and public health expert who served as the President of the American Public Health Association and the Medical Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility. He was also a strong advocate for social justice and human rights. In this book, he shares his knowledge and expertise to empower readers to take charge of their health.
A Barefoot Doctor's Manual: Practical Chinese Medicine and Health A Blending of Modern Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Remedies Hardcover
One of the unique features of this book is its emphasis on the concept of the "barefoot doctor." In China, during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 70s, a program was implemented to train farmers and other rural residents in basic medical skills. These "barefoot doctors" were taught to diagnose and treat common illnesses using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine. They played a vital role in providing healthcare to underserved populations.
Learn more: A Barefoot Doctor's Manual: Practical Chinese Medicine and Health A Blending of Modern Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Remedies Hardcover – January 1, 1985
Sidel applies this concept to the context of modern-day America, where many people lack access to affordable healthcare. He encourages readers to take responsibility for their own health and to use natural remedies and self-care techniques to prevent and treat illness. He provides detailed instructions on how to perform acupuncture and massage on oneself or a partner, as well as how to prepare and use herbal remedies.
This book covers a wide range of health issues, including digestive disorders, respiratory problems, arthritis, stress and anxiety, and more. It also includes a section on nutrition and dietary recommendations, as well as a glossary of Chinese medical terms.
While this book was first published in 1985, its message is still relevant today. In fact, with the rising popularity of natural remedies and alternative medicine, it is more relevant than ever. The blending of modern western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine offers a powerful approach to health and healing that is accessible to everyone.
If you are looking for a remedy for back pain, chances are you are also looking for a "remedy" from mysterious China!
The magic of modern physiotherapy!
Ailments such as:
✔ Chronic & Acute Pain
✔ Debilitating Backaches
✔ Crippling Arthritis
✔ Blinding Migraines
✔ Psoriasis and Eczema
✔ High Blood Pressure
✔ Depression
✔ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
✔ Female & Male Fertility Issues
✔ And urinary problems to name just a few
==> East-West integrated medicine - Jing-Qi-Shen principle - the power of internal forces.
Home Doctor book by Victor W. Sidel is a must-read for anyone interested in natural healing and self-care. It provides practical and effective advice on how to use a combination of modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and treat illness, and to achieve optimal health and well-being. Whether you are a healthcare professional or simply someone who wants to take charge of your own health, this book is an invaluable resource.
This is the only physical book you need when medical help is not on the way:
Home Doctor
🔹 It’s a unique guide for the layman that you can use to manage common health ailments at home when seeing a doctor or going to a hospital is off the table.
🔹 The book is written by Dr. Maybell Nieves, a front-line doctor from Venezuela who has saved hundreds of people through one of the worst crises in modern history.
🔹 The ingenious methods she developed are found in this book and can be self-applied at home. That makes them extremely valuable if the medical system cannot be depended on, like during long-term blackouts for example.
List of articles about home doctor book:
Social Networks and Blogs:
Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatments - Healing Power and Its Wide Range
Energy - Health: Foot Fungus Treatment
FOOD FREEDOM: Read the book Extraordinary HEALING online - The Amazing Power of Your Body's Secret Healing System - by - Arthur H. Brownstein, M.D., M.P.H.
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2023.03.21 02:31 InfernoAA How To Tame Your Dragon: A Katsuyori Shibata Story

Pure Rules
When Wheeler YUTA calls out Katsuyori Shibata for his next ROH Pure Championship defence at Supercard of Honor, The Wrestler answers him with a slap, telling the Bryan Danielson protégé he’s not ready for him, wanting The American Dragon himself instead. But YUTA grows desperate, claiming he needs this to cement his reign, forcing Shibata’s attention his way with a Busaiku Knee Kick ambush, before cinching in the Omoplata Crossface on his already passed-out foe! Disrespected, Shibata caves, taking the match, giving YUTA what he wants, but as expected, Katsuyori doubles-down that Wheeler’s in over his head, wrestling his title from him by submitting him to the very Omoplata!
Now champion, Shibata does what he knows best, wrestling each week inviting anyone to try take him down in an ‘06 ROH Danielson-esque fashion, but only if they’re new competition. Opponents range from Tracy Williams to Tom Lawlor to KUSHIDA, though each fail. When YUTA tries to accept, Shibata points to the T&Cs, but Wheeler couldn’t care less, bringing ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli with him, each holding steel chairs, proceeding to perform a mugging and thread Shibata’s head through the metal… BUT OUT RACES BRYAN! MIA since the MJF loss, he noted it was ‘time to return home’, now finally returning to his old stomping grounds, surprisingly standing with Shibata against his Blackpool Combat Club brethren, who exit without a fight, Danielson caught at a crossroads.
Nonetheless, they still meet in tag team action, and as proven by Bryan’s last Jon Moxley match, BCC aren’t afraid to hurt their own, holding nothing back against their ‘friend’, in turn driving Shibata and Danielson’s fighting spirits. When Katsuyori looks for a late tag though, Bryan leaves him high and dry, leaving Shibata exposed to the Busaiku Knee from YUTA to hand BCC the win!

Ticked though not surprised by Danielson’s double-cross, he still wants his head on a stake, but before he can attend to him, Zack Sabre Jr. interrupts on ROH TV! Bryan lined up for himself at Forbidden Door II, the Technical Wizard wants to walk into ‘the match crowning the greatest technical wrestler alive’ with the title synonymous with pure wrestling, challenging Katsuyori for War of the Worlds in a rematch to Shibata’s in-ring return, but under European Rounds! Zack played Shibata’s UWF game, now Katsuyori plays his. And though a fish out of water, Shibata manages to turn the tide on ZSJ, washing him ashore!
Another boundary stands in Shibata’s path to Danielson when YUTA demands his rematch for pinning Shibata, which is made 2-out-of-3 Submissions for FD! Wheeler scores the first, beating Shibata into momentary unconsciousness with Bryan-style skull stomps, targeting the former injury, but Katsuyori comes back with his patented Manji-Gatame to equalise, before a headbutt knocks Wheeler fully unconscious, giving Shibata the win!
Alas, Shibata kicks down The Dragon (who bested ZSJ)’s door, demanding an explanation. Bryan cites his return from retirement a blessing, immediately making the most of it, but also dubs it the loneliest period of his life, no one actually there in his corner, his fans and friends all frauds. And yet, Shibata thinks he can get away with wrestling not even 10 matches in the past two years of being cleared and still request back-up? To Bryan, he doesn’t deserve anything until he feels the flames Danielson did, and it starts with losing his precious title. Challenging Shibata for Best in the World, The Wrestler angrily accepts! Living up to the hype and more, Danielson puts Katsuyori through Nine Circles of Hell, but a Headbutt collision sees Shibata flop on top of Bryan to retain!
Unsatisfactory, but with both placed in G1 Climax’s C Block, they’re not kept waiting much longer for Round Two, the final night hosting an even nastier fight, Bryan bringing Shibata’s emotional side out by being insufferable after invalidating his win, before getting the better of Katsuyori’s temper by reeling him into a small package, tying the series, though it’s an undefeated Shingo Takagi who moves on!

Dragons and Phoenixes
Whilst Danielson uses his win as a springboard to challenge for Eddie Kingston’s World Title (who dethroned Claudio at BITW), Claudio himself comes for Shibata, having unfinished business from their tag match. Eager to tear apart BCC’s recent Public Enemy #1, he leaves nothing on the table at Death Before Dishonor, but Shibata still overwhelms him! In the meantime, Katsuyori’s scent’s finally reached Jon Moxley, who’s been brutalising Shibata’s LA Dojo students to send a message, showing no Code of Honor nor any pure wrestling. Katsuyori of course calls him out, offering a defence if Mox stops, though Jon trashes him and the title, having no interest in it. He just wants Shibata’s blood, and he has it in a non-title Fight Without Honor match at Glory By Honor, where he exposes Shibata’s vulnerability to Jon’s hardcore style, a concrete Death Rider ending him!
Injured, embarrassed, defeated, Shibata isn’t seen for a while, until he returns with a vengeance and new attitude, embodying Mox’s free-form style as he targets Jon’s close friends, from Shota Umino to Sami Callihan, until Mox gives him the Lights Out rematch he requests for Final Battle, an absolute bloodbath seeing Shibata conquer his demons! Though it helps beat Jon, Shibata loses himself in it, unable to put away Bryan unlike before in a Winner Takes All at Wrestle Kingdom 18 (a la Nigel/Bryan) which goes to a draw, before shockingly losing his title to the (fellow Musketeer) Hiroshi Tanahashi-trained Umino, who outwrestles Shibata, avenging Mox!
This continues Shibata’s downwards spiral for sometime as he attempts to rediscover himself. Initially leaning towards retiring for good as he fails to find his rhythm, it takes a rematch with his star pupil Ren Narita to reinstill his confidence, Katsuyori subsequently climbing back to one final match with Danielson at G1 Supercard, exactly 7 years on from his retirement, where he dethrones Bryan to finally achieve his dreams of winning a World Title!
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2023.03.21 02:26 amywood123 Portable Monitor with STONE serial Touch Screen and ESP32

Portable Monitor with STONE serial Touch Screen and ESP32
Using STONE serial touch screen portable monitor, the hardware department decided to use NXP’s 32-bit microprocessor chip as the whole machine monitoring, ECG analysis, control center, by ECG bioelectricity acquisition amplification, right leg drive, import MIT ECG database to do an algorithm, but also monitor SpO2 sensor electrical signal, blood pressure, respiratory electrical signal amplification, and filtering processing, through high-speed baud rate communication, drive STONE serial touch screen to display waveform and parameter changes in real-time, and compare with a reference value to make a judgment, and monitor and alarm the changes of human body parameters. If there is a range deviation, it automatically issues voice prompts.
The new version of the STONE serial touch screen perfectly supports curve depiction and display, the communication protocol is simple and easy to remember, microcontroller engineers can use it after reading the manual, there are many examples of drivers in the command set, directly copied to modify the name and parameters can be used. Serial connection is simple, you can use the official adapter board, whether it is a direct serial connection or USB to serial, it is very convenient and easy to use. The monitor displays multiple groups of vital parameters at the same time, especially 3 curves that are dynamically drawn and displayed at the same time very smoothly, and should be able to draw more groups of curve graphics at the same time, you can try as needed. Of course, the command set curve function has an example of multiple data pushed at the same time, but the actual use of the current hardware does not respond, I hope the official can be optimized as soon as possible. It may also be solved by updating the firmware. For this new version of the drawing curve function, I first tried how can not be tuned out, and finally learned that the serial screen has a new firmware, brushed the new firmware to see the “real face of the mountain”. Seeing the smooth ECG curve coming out of the serial screen with the firmware brushed, the mood is happy, huh ……
The design picture of this project is shown in Figure (1). The interface is based on a STWI101WT-01 serial screen with 1024*600 resolution, the left side shows 2/3 of the waveform curve and the right 1/3 shows the value.
This article will focus on the creation and depiction of the curve chart view. It is completely according to the production process of the project demo, with no classification, maybe you feel messy, but it is the real process of real development.

First, We Decided To Fix The Curve Depiction Of ECG.

Figure (1) Project Design Expected Interface
This demo simulates a 75bpm heart rate, which is equivalent to an 800ms heartbeat, i.e. one point every 40ms, one cycle every 20 points, based on the whole chart view control X axis divided into 100 equal parts, 4s waveform per screen, screen refresh rate 25Hz, looks very smooth. The line series element of this chart view control is set to smooth = false (ECG waveform is sharp), the lower envelope is not displayed, and the point marker is not displayed. area. Here see Figure (4), min = 0, max = 140 for the Y axis, the maximum value given in the program is 130, and the range is relatively full. See Figure (2) – Figure (7) for other parameters, which are set for chart view1 and its elements X axis1, Yaxis2, bar series1, and line series1. We choose transparent rgba (0,0,0,0) for the bg color of the chart view control, which reveals the base color (black), and other controls, such as view, have the same characteristics.
Figure (2) Property settings of chart view1
Figure (3) X axis1 property setting of chart view1
Figure (4) Y axis1 property setting of chart view1
Figure (5) bar series1 property setting of chart view1
Figure (6) The line series1 property setting of chart view111
Figure (7) line series1 property setting of chart view12
The programming code to simulate the ECG waveform (75bpm) according to the above settings is as follows.
First, define two variables as follows.
Int num19_1 = 0; Int num19_2 = 0; Then generally in the main loop main.c, the ECG curve is depicted by the following code. delay(10);
num19_1 += 1; if(num19_1 >= 4){ // Draw one point every 40ms. num19_1 = 0; num19_2 += 1; if(num19_2 == 3){ Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series1\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :10}>ET"); }else if(num19_2 == 4){ Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series1\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :130}>ET"); }else{ Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series1\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :40}>ET"); } if(num19_2 >= 20){ //every 20 data is a cycle num19_2 = 0; } }

Then You Want To Take Care Of The CO2 Curve, Focusing On Scan Synchronization.

The 3 curves of this project, chart view2 is for the SpO2 blood oxygen sensor and chart view3 is for CO2 respiration.
Chart view2, chart view3 X axis are set min = 0, max = 100, and ECG chart view1 the same, curve sweep to keep synchronized, chart view2 Y axis2 max = 100, so the preparation of the program Y-axis value is given to 95 maximum, the algorithm is shown in the following program code.
First, define 3 variables as follows. Int num19_3 = 0; Int num19_4 = 0; Int num19_5 = 0; The CO2 curve is then generally depicted in the main loop, main.c, by the following code. num19_3 += 1; if(num19_3 >= 4){ //one point every 40ms num19_3 = 0; num19_4 += 1; if(num19_4 <= 10){ num19_5 = num19_4\9; //the first 10 points increase linearly* Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series3\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\":" ); Serial.print(num19_5); Serial.println("}>ET"); }else if(num19_4 <= 40){ // the last 30 points decrease linearly num19_5 = 95 - (num19_4 - 10)\3;* Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series3\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\":" ); Serial.print(num19_5); Serial.println("}>ET"); }else{ num19_4 = 0; Serial.println("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series3\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\" :5}>ET"); } }
Figure (8) shows the ECG waveform at the top and the CO2 waveform at the bottom (symbol round radius = 4)
Figure (9) shows the ECG waveform at the top and the CO2 waveform at the bottom (symbol round radius = 30)
The following CO2 waveform in Figure (8) is the effect of the above program when the attribute symbol round radius = 4 for line series3. We try to modify symbol round radius = 30, hoping that the curve transition is more rounded, but the test result is no different from Figure (8), see Figure (9), which shows that when the points are denser, the rounding effect is not obvious. This can only be achieved by changing the point coordinates.
Figure (10) with coordinates separating axes
Let’s take a look at the properties of the X axis in Figure (3) by using Figure (10). In Figure (3), when show = true for split line, the long vertical bar (separator bar) will be displayed; when show = true for line, the horizontal line of X-axis will be displayed (such as the horizontal line at the bottom of the top chart view); when show = true for tick, the thin line of the scale below the horizontal line of X-axis will be displayed; when show = true for label, the number below the horizontal line of X-axis (the value filled in data) will be displayed. = true, it will show the number below the horizontal line of the X-axis (the value filled in the data). That’s all.

Now It Was Down To The SpO2 Curve And Decided To Use AD Conversion.

Curve simulation using ESP32 ADC, it is 12-bit, full scale 4096. chart view2 Y axis max = 255, the ADC read-in value divided by 20, can meet the curve display. The full-scale SPO2 display is 100%, so the ADC read in value divided by 20 and then divided by 2.55 can be displayed in label2, the program because it is an integer number operation, the algorithm is corrected, please see the actual test ok program code. Use the function analogRead(32) in Arduino to read the AD conversion value of GPIO32 (also ADC-CH4) of ESP32 directly. The test can be done by a potentiometer, but also simply connect the ADC-CH4 pin to GND, to +3.3V, to +5V, or overhang to see the interference waveform, see video effect (shown at low when grounded, connected to +3.3V, +5V is the same high full amplitude, the overhang is a spurious curve), the right label2 control timely display ADC voltage changes. The code and algorithm code is as follows.
//--------ADC------- int adcPin = 32; // GPIO32, also ADC-CH4 int adcValue = 0; int num19_6 = 0; delay(10); adcValue = analogRead(adcPin); // Read in the value of the AD conversion adcValue = adcValue/20; //-----SPO2 curve plotting ------ num19_6 += 1; if(num19_6 >= 4){ // one point every 40ms num19_6 = 0; Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"line_series\",\"widget\":\"line_series2\",\"mode\":\"push\",\"value\":" ); Serial.print(adcValue); Serial.println("}>ET"); adcValue = (adcValue\10)/21;* Serial.print("ST<{\"cmd_code\":\"set_value\",\"type\":\"label\",\"widget\":\"label2\",\"value\":"); Serial.print(adcValue); Serial.println("}>ET"); }
Fig. (11) The actual completed 3 groups of curves partially
See Figure (11) for a partial shot of the actual picture, and Figure (12) for the design interface in the computer. As in Figure (3), when the show = false of the split line of the X axis2 of the chart view2, the separator bar of the yellow SPO2 area in the middle of Figure (12) will turn off the display (like the real picture); the smooth waveform of the video display can be done completely as a real-time oscilloscope.
Figure (12) 3 sets of curves completed by computer

Reference Points

  • The structure of the STONE designer platform chart view control is shown in Figure (13). There is a detailed description in the official User’s Manual 8.1, including the explanation of each property and parameter; the instruction set 4.24 gives the method of data pushing, see Figure (14), and there are examples of instructions used in the program here.
Figure (13) Structure of the chart view of the curve control
Figure (14) Instructions for using the chart view of the curve control
2. Arduino’s analogRead() read function for analog AD conversion. In the Arduino version 1.8.13 menu “Help”—“Reference” —- “learning —– “Analog I/O”, you can see the description of the analogRead() function As follows.



The Arduino board contains a 6-channel (8 channels on the Mini and Nano, 16 on the Mega), 10-bit analog-to-digital converter. This means that it will map input voltages between 0 and 5 volts into integer values between 0 and 1023. This yields a resolution between readings of 5 volts / 1024 units or, .0049 volts (4.9 mV) per unit. analogReference ().
It takes about 100 microseconds (0.0001 s) to read an analog input, so the maximum reading rate is about 10,000 times a second.




pin: the number of the analog input pins to read from (0 to 5 on most boards, 0 to 7 on the Mini and Nano, 0 to 15 on the Mega)


int (0 to 1023)


If the analog input pin is not connected to anything, the value returned by analogRead() will fluctuate based on a number of factors (e.g. the values of the other analog inputs, how close your hand is to the board, etc.).
However, please note that here the ADC-CH4 of ESP32 is 12 bits and the return value will be 0 to 4096. For more details, please refer to the related link in the original article and the ESP32 manual.
Article Source:
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2023.03.21 02:26 Xerora Suggestion: Media Remote On Screen Buttons

It'd be amazing if you could add a configuration to the "gamepad mode" to use your device as a Media Remote via customizable on screen inputs (preferably with portrait mode) to avoid Sony forcing us all to spend $40 on a glorified Google TV remote.
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2023.03.21 02:25 d_metal_ C3PO.el Unleash the power of the Force using ChatGPT inside Emacs.

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2023.03.21 02:21 DoubleGbro I'm trying to make a script to lock onto nearby enemies (like dark souls), but it's not working, could someone tell me the error?

This is the script
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
repeat wait() until Player.Character
local c = Player.Character

local mouse = Player:GetMouse()

local UIS = game:GetService("UserInputService")
local RS = game:GetService("RunService")

local Target = nil
local CamBlock ="Part", workspace.CurrentCamera)
CamBlock.Size =,1,1)
CamBlock.Transparency = 1
CamBlock.CanCollide = false
local BP ="BodyPosition", CamBlock)
BP.maxForce =, math.huge, math.huge)
BP.D = 300

if typing then return end if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.Q then if [mouse.Target](https://mouse.Target) and mouse.Target.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid") then Target = mouse.Target.Parent CamBlock.Position = [](,Target.PrimaryPart.Position)\*[](,4,9) BP.Position = [](,Target.PrimaryPart.Position)\*[](,4,9) else Target = nil end end 

if Target and (c.HumanoidRootPart.Position-Target.PrimaryPart.Position).magnitude < 80 then local CamPos = [](, Target.PrimaryPart.Position)\*[](,4,9) BP.Position = CamPos workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType = "Scriptable" workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame = [](, Target.PrimaryPart.Position) else Target = nil workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraType = "Custom" end 
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2023.03.21 02:17 Flat-Toe-2778 What should I upgrade?

What should I upgrade? submitted by Flat-Toe-2778 to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 02:14 AskEmbeddedQA Career Change to Embedded

Edit: This became pretty long...
Hello, I'm an Engineer in my mid-twenties that's been somewhat pigeonholed into embedded programming and at first, I hated it. Now, I'm loving it and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and for that, I need your advice.
It began when I picked up a job at a tier one automotive engine manufacturer as a test engineer where I was supposed to run open-loop ESW tests for builds before release and supporting controls engineers during the logic testing phase.
At the start of 2022, I was asked to develop HIL (Hardware in loop) units for sensors that our OEM lacked because of the semiconductor shortages happening during Covid.
There is a throttle part that received a pwm input, moves the throttle position and gives feedback for position as an analog signal. Without any prior education or experience in c/c++ (apart from a single mandatory course during engineering) or mcu's in general, I developed an approximation of what was asked that they were happy with on a stm32 board that was provided.
I was then asked to develop another HIL unit for a mechanical part on our engine that would move our intake and exhuast cams based on two pwm inputs (phase requests). So those were my inputs and the outputs would be phase shifted engine speed signals (arbitrary square waves) based on some logic that I would have to figure out because nobody knew how quickly the part responded (it was propriety to the manufacturer we were buying the mechanical part from and the people on our side who knew wouldn't talk to us because we were test and not controls so we "didn't need to know". Ironically the same people whose subordinates we were making this HIL unit for).
We had one sensor in our lab and with a liberal use of an oscilloscope and a function generator, I developed a very accurate result for what was asked but as it turned out, the logic high of the stm32 board vs the logic high of the receiver didn't match (My background is mech specializing in controls so this was all new to me).
Then I had to learn how to make a 3-5V step up circuit (Ironically, I had one course in basic electronics in total and my knowledge extended to V=IR. Power what do you mean power?) and I used a transistor as a switch for this. There was a lot of effort, including burnt resistors and transistors and at one point burning my microcontroller and using one of the spares too before I built something that worked very well.
The reason behind this was simple. We had a stash of NPN transistors/resistors/diodes in our lab and I was allowed to only work with those because of "funding shortages" (We had one guy in our lab who had a discretionary budget of $500 even though he needed to spend a lot more and no other way to order stuff not on an "approved" list. Need a $20000 oscilloscope? Sure, go ahead, it's on a list. Need to spend $5 on a few transistors/resistors? It's not on the list, Sorry). So, I couldn't just order the parts that I needed for simple step-up circuits I found online.
Besides this, I have a great boss. He told me that if I wanted to learn electronics which I really wanted to do at that point, it would be a lot better for me to try to make the circuit that I needed while burning things that were already there if I had to, than by looking up a circuit online and simply copying it. And he would just absorb the fall for the delay in the HIL unit being ready. Just building that simple circuit and reading up on basic electronic theory taught me a lot. Small electrical parts (Transistors/resistors/diodes etc) datasheets no longer look like Greek to me.
Next, I was asked to develop another HIL unit that would take 3 digital inputs, and output two SENT (Single-Edge Nibble Transmission) messages based on data received. For someone with no background in computer science/architecture or electronics this was especially hard. Each bit on the SENT message was only 3 microseconds long, the message could be anywhere between 157 bits to 272 bits long and there was no rest period between messages. I had to essentially maintain each bits timing every time without fail while taking the digital inputs and processing them using some logic too. Both of these needed to happen at the same time and there wasn't a dedicated peripheral for the SENT protocol for the board I was given (Imagine trying to send a CAN message without having a dedicated CAN peripheral on your hardware. Don't know how difficult this would be because I don't know enough about embedded, but I'm guessing it would be unnecessarily convoluted). Having any kind of interrupt always messed up my timing. Sometimes it took a very long time, sometimes pretty quickly. After a frustrating week of no progress, I discovered DMA and used Timers with a circular DMA request both for sending the messages and receiving the frequency input without interrupting my data processing and it worked.
All of the above were developed without using stm32 HAL libraries because I had no idea how to even start deciphering the code in HAL libraries or what it was doing. I essentially learnt c, including building drivers for different peripherals, how to use small electronic parts and build small circuits and everything along the way. I can easily read stm32/electronic parts datasheets etc very easily now. I've done register level programming. I've worked with Timers(Slave/Master, Input/Output, DMA burst), DMA (single/circ buffer), GPIO's(In/Out/Analog), ADC's (Analog In to counts), Interrupts. I've fallen onto the pitfall of using too many interrupts/having data processed in IRQ handlers etc and learnt context switching and branching (if/else) overhead is a thing that happens and can effect your timing requirements.
All of this while balancing my other work duties and my life at home.
I'm loving this. My wife thinks I'm crazy because I like reading dry datasheets. My boss thinks that I'm mor e at what I'm doing right now than what I was doing previously (He's an EE and only peripherally involved in embedded so I'm taking it with a grain of salt) and he's hinted that maybe I should switch careers and move to embedded completely at a different company (Ours has very stringent requirements to be considered for a more embedded focused position. Five YOE and they're also moving to Autosar so I don't want to get involved with that right now). He knows I'm very frustrated at having to do both new non-JD responsibilities and my actual responsibilities at the same time and he's pretty much sure that this is what I want to do now.
There's just something about a problem that needs a solution and having a small mcu in hand, that can do a lot of things as long as you configure it correctly and then moving forward from there that is very very exciting.
My last task however has made it very clear that even though I've learnt a lot in a short period of time, I don't know enough to know what I don't know. I didn't even know DMA existed. I'm woefully ignorant.
So here I am. I know I'm not the most knowledgeable. I've tried looking online but there are so many different flavours of embedded to choose from so I'd like to ask you guys. From what I've told you, what direction do you believe I should move in? What are some of the things I absolutely need to know, right now, that you don't think I know currently? What flavor of embedded should I target when I inevitably begin looking for a job in the field, and any resources that you can recommend, in a listed format. Do this, and when you know it, do that. For the basic stuff that everyone in a field would know. (Ex: Brush up on fouriers, then look at intro to DSP. Never going to develop DSP algorithms by just doing that but it's a foundation). I only ask this because I want to already have a strong basic foundation in whatever niche I target before I begin job hunting and you guys would know what I'm missing and where I should start.
Also, I love my wife and she's a saint for putting up with me so far, but if I spend more time being directionless and looking into different things to figure out what I already know and what i should learn, instead of just getting started on something, she's going to send me to the sofa.
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2023.03.21 02:09 Grocery-Super Book of Home Doctor and Traditional Chinese Medicine by I WING PRESS (Author), Dingjiu Li (Author)

Book of Home Doctor and Traditional Chinese Medicine by I WING PRESS (Author), Dingjiu Li (Author)
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The Book of Home Doctor and Traditional Chinese Medicine by I WING PRESS and Dingjiu Li is a comprehensive guide that offers readers a deep understanding of TCM and how it can be used to address a variety of health issues. The book is unique in that it focuses not on disease, but on the energy state of the patient.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Kindle Edition
The authors draw on the principles described in Huang Di Nei Jing, Shang Han Lun, Shennong Ben Cao Jing, Pi Wei Lun, and Wei Bing Jiao Bian, which are considered the main Classics of TCM. These texts emphasize the importance of understanding the patient's energy state, or Qi, in determining the appropriate treatment.
The book begins with an overview of TCM, including its history, philosophy, and diagnostic methods. It then delves into the various TCM modalities, including herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping, and meditation. Each chapter provides a detailed explanation of the modality, its uses, and the corresponding energy pathways in the body.
Learn more: Traditional Chinese Medicine Kindle Edition
What sets this book apart from other TCM guides is its emphasis on self-care. The authors provide readers with practical tips for maintaining their health and preventing illness. They also offer advice on how to use TCM techniques at home to alleviate common ailments.
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The book covers a wide range of health issues, from digestive disorders and respiratory problems to emotional imbalances and chronic illnesses. Each chapter includes case studies that illustrate the application of TCM principles in real-life situations.
Overall, The Book of Home Doctor and Traditional Chinese Medicine is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of TCM and its applications. The authors' focus on the patient's energy state, rather than disease, provides a holistic approach to healthcare that is sorely needed in today's world.
Furthermore, the fact that the profits from this book are donated to Acupuncture Without Borders is a testament to the authors' commitment to promoting health and wellness in disadvantaged communities. By purchasing this book, readers not only gain valuable knowledge but also contribute to a worthy cause.
This is the only physical book you need when medical help is not on the way:
Home Doctor
🔹 It’s a unique guide for the layman that you can use to manage common health ailments at home when seeing a doctor or going to a hospital is off the table.
🔹 The book is written by Dr. Maybell Nieves, a front-line doctor from Venezuela who has saved hundreds of people through one of the worst crises in modern history.
🔹 The ingenious methods she developed are found in this book and can be self-applied at home. That makes them extremely valuable if the medical system cannot be depended on, like during long-term blackouts for example.
List of articles about home doctor book:
Social Networks and Blogs:
Acupuncture and Moxibustion Treatments - Healing Power and Its Wide Range
Energy - Health: Foot Fungus Treatment
FOOD FREEDOM: Read the book Extraordinary HEALING online - The Amazing Power of Your Body's Secret Healing System - by - Arthur H. Brownstein, M.D., M.P.H.
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2023.03.21 02:04 Strange_Oven6598 im making a sliding script and dont know how to fix this error, Assets\Scripts\Sliding.cs(12,13): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'FirstPersonController' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;
public class Sliding : MonoBehaviour { [Header("References")] public Transform orientation; public Transform playerObj; private Rigidbody rb; private FirstPersonController fp; [Header("Sliding")] public float maxSlideTime; public float slideForce; private float slideTimer; public float slideYScale; private float startYScale; [Header("Input")] public KeyCode slideKey = KeyCode.LefConrol; private float horizontalInput; private float verticalInput; private bool sliding;
private void Start() { rb = GetComponent(); fp = GetComponent(); startYScale = playerObj.localScale.y; } private void Update() { horizontalInput = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"); verticalInput = Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical"); if(Input.GetKeyDown(slideKey) && (horizontalInput !=0 verticalInput !=0)) StartSlide(); if(Input.GetKeyDown(slideKey) && sliding) StopSlide(); }
private void FixedUpdate() { if (sliding) SlidingMovement(); } private void StartSlide() { sliding = true; playerObj.localScale = new Vector3(playerObj.localScale.x, slideYScale, playerObj.localScale.z); rb.AddForce(Vector3.down * 5f, ForceMode.Impulse); slideTimer = maxSlideTime; } private void SlidingMovement() { Vector3 inputDirection = orientation.forward * verticalInput + orientation.right * horizontalInput; rb.AddForce(inputDirection.normalized *slideForce, ForceMode.Force); slideTimer -= Time.deltaTime; if(slideTimer <= 0) StopSlide(); } private void StopSlide() { sliding = false; playerObj.localScale = new Vector3(playerObj.localScale.x, startYScale, playerObj.localScale.z); } }
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2023.03.21 02:01 Yetisimo (Selling) CHEAP STUFF!!!

All codes have been split when possible. The portion listed is the only portion for sale. If you see "ports" next to a title it means that it will port to Movies Anywhere and any other services connected such as Vudu
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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets $4
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2023.03.21 01:53 Life_Sign342 Md5 and not logging in

Hello. My friend cannot get his code working. At first it was the md5 then he couldn’t login. I’m a html-er, half of this might as well be written in Klingon.



Any help appreciated
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2023.03.21 01:52 watermalonecat BeamNG loses Force Feed Back entirely after tabbing out and back in.

I've been having this issue recently that has really started to annoy me.
Tabbing out of BeamNG and having no force feedback until you tab back in is normal.
What is NOT normal is I lose all force feedback and I have to either restart the game or unplug my wheel and reset it. I have a Thrustmaster T300 and have never had this issue until recently.
I have enabled the setting "Allow controller input and force feedback when window focus is lost" I also have the game in borderless mode.
does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?
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2023.03.21 01:50 somerandomboi65 Art Of Conquest

An art-themed fantasy RPG
Welcome to the Spectrum Kingdom, a vibrant world created by the goddess of art and color, Spectra. But all is not well in this magical land, as an evil demon named Trupentoro has captured Spectra and is draining the colors from the world to create an army of dark creatures.
As a player, you must choose your class - whether you are a Graphic Gladiator, a Tagger, a Sculptor, a Palette Hunter, or a Surrealist - and take up arms to rescue Spectra and restore color to the world. Explore a vast and beautiful world filled with challenges and obstacles, using your skills in combat and artistry to overcome foes and solve puzzles.
The fate of the Spectrum Kingdom is in your hands. Will you answer the call and become a hero, or succumb to the forces of darkness? Choose your path, gather your friends, and let your creativity shine in this epic art-themed RPG!
The Classes
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2023.03.21 01:49 quarterpitchmitch Who here has succesfully used psychedelics to "fix" themselves?

i'm just another fucked up human looking to be happier, kinder, more connected and more involved. i'm 26 and in the depths of what i would call a quarter life crisis. i'm not living with intention and my head is full of crap most of the time. i'm no stranger to drugs or psychedelics and happen be sitting on a stash of liquid lsd, dmt, mdma, & mushrooms. i've been dipping into the dmt mainly and it's profound in terms of the afterglow and how i feel weeks after taking it. the acid & mushrooms i've been sitting on for a while, because i know tripping will put everything i've been running from directly in front of me. i think i'm finally ready to face it all. i want to get passed my baggage and be able to enjoy psychedelics again. the thought of potentially finding a lover to trip with is encouraging. the thing is i don't want to fuck myself up even more by resorting to these drugs for insight. is this even a logical train of thinking? if my intentions are clear and i treat these substances with respect, i feel that they could aid in my self development more than any external force. any input/thoughts/experiences? cheers.
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2023.03.21 01:46 somerandomboi65 Art of Conquest

An art themed fantasy RPG
Welcome to the Spectrum Kingdom, a vibrant world created by the goddess of art and color, Spectra. But all is not well in this magical land, as an evil demon named Trupentoro has captured Spectra and is draining the colors from the world to create an army of dark creatures.
As a player, you must choose your class - whether you are a Graphic Gladiator, a Tagger, a Sculptor, a Palette Hunter, or a Surrealist - and take up arms to rescue Spectra and restore color to the world. Explore a vast and beautiful world filled with challenges and obstacles, using your skills in combat and artistry to overcome foes and solve puzzles.
The fate of the Spectrum Kingdom is in your hands. Will you answer the call and become a hero, or succumb to the forces of darkness? Choose your path, gather your friends, and let your creativity shine in this epic art-themed RPG!
The Classes
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2023.03.21 01:44 Budkai New PC Build Nothing Displays E0 Error Code

I just bought and finished building my pc about a week ago I plugged in the power and connected my display port to my GPU, but nothing displays. The only indication of what the issue could be is an error code given by the Motherboard E0. The only info I can find online from what I've gathered its either an issue with CPU, RAM, or CPU fan. I've reseated the ram multiple times, and even checked that the CPU fan cooler is connected properly. I ended up replacing my Motherboard, CPU, and RAM when I tried to run it again I'm receiving the exact same error code with no video output. I'm desperate to find the issue I don't want to have spend this much money just for a night light. If you have any ideas please help if you can.
(Full Build)
Intel Core i9-13900K 3 GHz 24-Core Processor Corsair iCUE H170i ELITE LCD 82.9 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler MSI MEG Z790 ACE EATX LGA1700 Motherboard G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6400 CL32 Memory
Samsung 990 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive Asus TUF GAMING OC GeForce RTX 4090 24 GB Video Card be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500 W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
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2023.03.21 01:42 DroneFixer Saw The Post About Addressing Recruitment Issues

A "Tiger Team" has been formed, which includes anywhere from 10-15 E8's or above who won't take any input from whatever poor lower rankers get tasked to pitch some ideas during a morning meeting.
Here's the solution the Airforce needs, and the only one that will work.
We do need a team, that's for sure, but a team made up of 5 Senior Leaders, and 10 or so E4's-E5's. E4-E5 is the rank of the people most likely to relate to the current generation of ideal candidates for enlistment. The senior leaders are the ones who will quality control the ideas, explain why we "can't just give more money" or things like that.
Here's some key points that I think need to be presented to the team, as some starting points for boosting enlistment numbers.
  1. Tell people what bases they can go to for the jobs they want to enlist for, before they take the ASVAB. People don't want to do a certain job because they don't want to go to a base they hear sucks, good, stats like this make it easier for big Airforce to look at what bases need to be helped.
  2. Let people enlist for a certain job, for a certain base. No dream sheet, no random. Somebody wants to join for a specific job, to go work at a specific base, why do we stop them. First come first serve basis, yeah it'll be unfair for people who have been in for years, but retention isn't the current problem is it? Why would somebody join where they are told "Airforce sends you where they need you, it doesn't matter what you want in the slightest"?
  3. If a non-citizen joins the military, once they are done technical training or an equivalent, give them citizenship. It's that easy. Give them their papers that say they are a citizen. 95% of everyone I know couldn't pass the ridiculous tests these people are forced to do, why should they have to? They signed up to serve a country whose own citizens are causing a deficit, let them serve THEIR country.
  4. I'll join the team, if you read this far and are in the team, I'll join, PM me for personal details. If you people actually care, and this "Team" isn't just an excuse for a bullet, maybe you should look outwards for people who have ideas instead of people who have the rank that let's them spout bad ones.
Open to arguments and discussion, I'm not perfect and neither are my ideas. Let me know, let's hash them out, send them to the "team".
Edit: Yeah, it's become quite clear that this subreddit is full of some of the most insufferable, ignorant people I could ever hope to never encounter in real life. A direct reflection of what most of the upper Air Force is, which is sad. Every disagreement starts out at the lowest possible wrung on the evolution ladder by being so blatantly ridiculous I can't answer them without sitting here smiling. Are 200 Airmen going to be sent to a base at 3 lvl, no, they won't, why would you think that based off of what is in this post. Should the Air Force spend billions on non-military projects, no, why would it do that? I pray none of you are in positions where your decisions affect others. Truly unbelievable, this could legitimately be a social experiment about how quickly you can give generalized ideas and people will ruin it by coming up with the most outlandish, brain dead, takes by construing situations that will not ever happen or have the opportunity to. I don't get it man. Why would somebody join after looking at a post like this and seeing how you all are. I would hate every moment of working with or under somebody who thinks like some of you. Its unreal.
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