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Photographs of found pieces of PAPER(!) with writing on them. Look for paper, make every day a scavenger hunt. Appreciate the forgotten artifacts of everyday life. Share any paper that you found (on the ground, stuck in some bushes or between cans of soup at the store for example) and you do not know who wrote it. Love letters, doodles, interesting to-do or grocery lists, notes from the past - share your discovery with us! Please let us know if you have a related subreddit!

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Welcome to the world's largest Coin Roll Hunting community! Come meet other hunters, share your finds, give and get advice, and share in whatever else has to do with the hobby of Coin Roll Hunting (also known as Bank Roll Hunting).

2023.06.07 00:20 AutoModerator Iman Gazhi - Agency Navigator (Course)

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2023.06.07 00:17 TheTimePolice710 I (33m) recently broke it off with my (42f) girlfriend of 3 years, and need some perspective

Hi, I (33m) recently (~2mo) broke it off with my (42f) girlfriend of 3 years. It's been really tough to move on. I thought we would get married, have a kid (she has full custody of 2) and be happy together for the rest of our lives.
I've been doing ok mentally for the most part, but I've had maybe 7 anxiety attacks since (not just fleeting moments, but debilitating episodes). Previous to this I've had maybe 3-4 in my life.
I think the problem lies here: We had been having some issues, life is hard, circumstances put more pressure on both of us. Working, had just moved into her 'fixer-upper', fixing up the falling-apart house, new schools for the kids, new boy scouts, new band, kids reconnecting w friends, etc. We still made time for dates and each other, but we didn't have the time or energy for each other that we used to have prior to the move. She had to travel more for work, I had endless work at the house, and it was never enough for her or the kids. Id finish a big project, not get told thank you or good job, but rather 'ok so when can we get x fixed now'.
For context, they had lived in this house before. She bought the house from her grandparents before they passed. I met her when she was still living there, had dinner there, stayed there, etc for months before she moved. She found a good job, and moved for it. For that time we did long-distance and visited as much as we could. I helped her move, visited more and more until I moved in with her officially summer of last year. It had been going good. We decide to move back to our homestate to be able to see our family and friends more often, and have a little help with the kids sometimes from family. We decide to move into the house she owns and fix it up over a year or 2, then stay if we're happy with it or sell and upgrade.
I understand that her and the kids had gotten used to a more 'posh' lifestyle, but when it wasn't finished in 2 months, they just started regressing. I knew and was prepared for what it would be like until the work was finished. They knew it would be a long haul to be finished. I put up with it. It eventually it got to be too much for her, and she blew up on me, and somewhat internally.
We tried for a couple weeks to get through this but she wanted me to go stay with my parents for a 2-week break. I could tell she was breaking down so I gave her her space. We had a family vacation planned during this time, which i didn't raise a fuss about because she wanted a break. I just love her and wanted her to be ok. After the 2 weeks she contacts me, and for about 4 more weeks we meet up and try to talk through everything. There was SO MUCH that she had been holding back. I would always make it a point to check in with her on this level but it turns out she had been lying about her feelings for some time. She had just been 'trying to make it work' (life, work, kids, living situation) because she 'wanted me' but she would hide her real feelings about things and say otherwise, until she blew up.
I still hold on at this point because Im in love with her and she continues to reassure me that she loves me. We're working through it, its getting better. I think I'm about to get to move back in. She has a bad day about it, can't respond to me (in-person) and says goodbye. I ask for a hug, she denies. She then asks me to have dinner with her and the kids to which I reply "you won't even give me a hug? Do you really mean that?" She replies that she's sorry.
That night she puts an offer on a house a state over. She didn't tell me about this at all. We had been in contact most every day at this point. This was a Tuesday. Ffw to Thursday night. I call to check in on her, because I'm worried about her. We talk. Things go ok. She invites me to go to a concert that we had bought tickets to like 6months prior. I decide this might be a good way to patch things up. Its a 9hour drive to the concert. We leave Friday morning. About 1.5hrs into the drive she tells me that she closed on a house that morning. I'm stunned. I'm so emotionally drained at this point that I don't want to fight about it. I just say "ok". She asks if I want to drive 30min out of the way to go see it. I say no, it doesn't matter, she already closed, its a long drive already. She shows me pictures. I'm just trying to take the information in and not react immediately, but I'm in absolute shock that she just bought a fucking house without even mentioning it to me. Its not like we're rich and can just buy houses lol this is a big fucking deal. I just marinate on it through the weekend, try to feel things out with her and myself. We do reconnect on the trip, but I just couldn't shake this feeling of 'wtf she just bought a house'.
On the drive back I tell her as much. She tries to convince me its a good thing. I'm just like, you didn't even mention it to me. This is a big deal. How can you tell me this is for my own good? How can you not have a conversation about one of the biggest decisions you can make? She didn't really even want to talk about it, which is crazy to me. She says that she had to do it to live. I tell her I need some time to think about all this.
I take a couple more days at my folks, and it just makes me more and more irritated that she fucking bought a house a state over. Like, after all this work we'd been doing together. So, I decided that I just can't be with somebody who would make that kind of a decision without talking to me about it. Thats not what a partner does.
So, here we are. I feel like I made the right decision, but it still fucking sucks. I lost the person I'd been in love with for 3 years. She's since said she's sorry, and has tried to reconnect, but I just can't. It hurts so much that she'd kept herself from me, and then for her to make such a big decision, without even talking to me about it, after we had been working on us just broke me. I'm still a bit in shock about it I guess.
Well if you made it this far, do you think i made the right decision? Would you have stayed? I need some validation or a fresh outside perspective.
And then, what are some things I can do to work on myself? I feel like I've been neglecting myself somewhat to take care of her and the kids. I dropped my work to take care of the kids, her, and the house full-time. I've been applying for jobs now, gotten a few interviews, but nothing good yet. I start a call-center job Monday at 17/hr but am not really happy with it. I'm over-qualified but the job market here is tough and I need to make some money. Living with my parents sucks at 33 after not having lived with them since my early 20s.
I need some new hobbies. I feel like a loser just playing videogames, surfing reddit, and watching podcasts in my free time. I enjoy playing music/singing/writing and have been doing more of that, but it seems I have spurts of creativity and easily fall into self-deprecation afterwards. I just feel like such a loser right now, its hard to stay positive when I feel like I've lost the most important part of my life which was (I thought) my family.
Thanks for reading. Any and all help is appreciated. I can surely use it
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2023.06.07 00:16 Fun-Trick-9112 No display after enabling secure boot

I9 9900KF G.Skill 8x2 16gb 3200mhz Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi Asus 2070 Super 750w PSU
I upgraded my windows to windows 11 recently but Valorant wasn’t launching due to me not having secure boot enabled. So I went to bios to enabled it, but after I saved the setting getting ready to boot up to windows suddenly my pc won’t boot the light from my motherboard was stuck at vga.
I tried resetting the cmos for about 2 hours straight the issue is still not resolved. I tried making a usb boot loader for it still no. I tried reseating everything from my gpu, ram, to cpu still no.
Does anybody know how to fix this?
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2023.06.07 00:15 TheWelshExperience I decided to experiment with making a Creepypasta into an OC. Thoughts are welcome.

Name: Kef K. "Rings" Moebius
Race: Hyena Faunus
Age: 19 as of volume 8
Reference: Sonic.exe, the infamous creepypasta.
Kef is named Kef K. Moebius because of Kefka, a character from Final Fantasy VI. Kefka's laugh is used frequently in MY5TCrimson's Sonic.exe game.
As well, the K stands for Krimson.
He is a Hyena faunus because of JC-The-Hyena, the original writer of the Sonic.exe creepypasta.
Physical details: Kef is light skinned, with a haircut similar to Jaune's Atlas haircut, but cobalt blue and brushed backwards, with a short red stripe brushing up from his fringe. He also, of course, has a pair of blue hyena ears that give him excellent hearing. Kef often wears a pair of silver aviator sunglasses with mirrored red lenses, only removing them for combat.
Kef's most notable article of clothing is a long blue scarf with winding sharp red patterning, outlined in white. Kef also wears a cobalt blue jacket which has Vale's symbol printed in white with red axes on the back. His jacket is unbuttoned, and reveals a grey bullet proof vest underneath. Kef's trousers are a darker shade of blue than his jacket, with a pair of short red stripes coming up diagonally from his ankles. Kef also wears a pair of white sneakers with a red stripe horizontally across them.
Kef's most striking physical feature are his eyes, which he rarely opens. His sclera are pitch black, and his irises are crimson, and his pupils appear to "spread" out in an X pattern. Keeping his eyes open for even a short duration causes them to bleed, mimicking Sonic.exe's...ahem "HYPER REALISTIC EYES BLEEDING HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD!"
Weapons: Clawblades Kef's Clawblades are essentially a pair of red full-arm metal gauntlets with sharp claws, and long blades up the sides of the arms. The fingers of the gauntlets fade into black starting at the hands.
The claw tips are actually replaceable, and similar to Raven's Omen, can be replaced with dust infused claws. Despite being a close range fighter, the claws can be detached mid-swing, giving Kef a ranged option.
Semblance/How Kef became blind: "Hide and Seek" When Kef was young, the small farm town he lived in was full of kids that little else to do all day than play hide and seek. And Kef was no different. Except for the fact that he was really good at it. If he was seeking, it did not matter where anyone hid, he'd find them quickly. If he was hiding, it'd take half an hour of the other kids yelling "WE GIVE UP!" for him to leave his perfect hiding spot. Then, one day, Kef awoke his semblance. A set of 5 red rings followed him constantly, and gave him a sixth sense of his surroundings. Suddenly, he just knew things. Thanks to the the rings, he knew when people were near him. He knew his surroundings. He knew if something was hot, and he knew if something was cold.
Good eyesight, excellent hearing, and a sixth sense of worldly conditions as a whole.
Kef became a village nightmare, and many of his friends at the time became incredibly jealous, as he was pretty much unbeatable in a good 'ol game of Hide and Seek.
Then one day, his small farm town was raided by bandits. Kef ran, and did what he did best: hid. As the bandits ransacked and burned his home, Kef hid in his favourite spot; the rafters of his family's barn. But then, the bandits set the barn aflame. As the flames drew closer, Kef only wished to hide away from the flames.
And his rings fulfilled his wish. Kef's rings all came together and formed into one larger red ring. A portal. With no other options, Kef crawled through, and found himself in a dimension that could not be described with typical words. He was safe, but lost. The incomprehensible dimension spanned out infinitely around him, looping, spinning, folding in upon itself but still somehow resembling the real world.
It didn't take Kef long to realise his biggest problem, however: He couldn't leave. His red rings were there with him, but he couldn't figure out how to form a portal with them so that he could leave.
Kef was found months later, malnourished, blood-stained and crying in a forest path. When his new adoptive parents pulled his hands away from his eyes, they found where the blood was coming from. His eyes. Which were now pitch black, with red irises and X-shaped pupils.
And Kef realised that he could no longer see. Only his rings allowed him to perceive the world through the shape of objects, geometry of areas, energy and heat.
BehaviouHabits: Despite his backstory, inspiration and general appearance, Kef is a rather pleasant person. Kef mostly keeps to himself, often listening to music and gently moving to the beat. Kef is always open to conversation, however, and is very vocal about his many passions, chief among then being music.
Kef is highly jovial, and always enjoys a good laugh. He'll laugh at anything, from faunus jokes, jokes about his eyes, typical huntsman gallows humour, and he will gladly make all these jokes himself.
He has a bit of an ego, though it only shows through during competition/combat. Kef is extremely competitive, and his obsession with winning can even be seen as sadism, especially in sparring with other students. Kef's signature howling laughter makes this image even worse, as, for whatever reason, Kef's rings sometimes echo what he says, and they always echo whenever he laughs, creating a rather intimidating image. Kef is never one to pass up a bet or a challenge, and he is not one to enjoy losing either.
Capabilities: Kef is positively brutal in close combat. His rings mean that as long as a target stands within 5 meters of him, he can read and process their every move with extreme speed and react accordingly. Kef makes full use of his Clawblades during combat making him a total menace to fight in close combat. He is nowhere near strong as Yang or Nora, but he is capable of giving either of them a run for their money. Kef's greatest skill is his Semblance's secondary ability to transport him to his pocket dimension or "Special Zone" which allows him to manoeuvre safely and launch a devastating surprise attack. The only issue is that he cannot perceive any living thing in his pocket dimension, he can only hear them.
Weaknesses: Kef's Red Rings' detection radius is not at all very large. He has no way of finding opponents at range, save for his hearing.
As well, given that Kef can detect everything around him, he can be overwhelmed by too many moving objects/people around him, forcing him to disengage.
Perhaps Kef's greatest flaw is his inability to perceive any reasoning or deeper meaning behind actions and words. He sees almost everything as a game, and as such his inability to take anything seriously is a detriment to himself and those around him.
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2023.06.07 00:15 lilly22023 27 [F4M] #germany - Serious question: how do you deal with Surrogate Topics?

Hello everyone,
i'm kinda new to this kink and very much into it. Now i'm kinda questioning some things and maybe some have more Insights then me. First of all i apologise for my english, it's not my first language.
It's obvious, i enjoy getting knocked up, especially from strangers i have never met. It's dangerous and hot. But i can't live that lifestyle with a child. Of course this leads to being a Surrogate and/or Adoption. But how serious is this? I mean...let's say i got bred 8 times, i can't go 8 times to a Adopt Agency, can I? I see serious problems with the law, maybe someone has more insights in it?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 00:12 cmax4 Remote Family Therapy?

Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to go forward with finding a family therapist. My family is in shambles and ready to rise from the ashes lol. My brother and I are the only ones willing to go out and look for a therapist, and to be honest I'm worried about either of us finding one skewed to our side of the story/values. I don't know what to do; My brother disowned my dad about a year ago and I just berated my Mom about respecting my boundaries because she broke them and trivialized my feelings for the umpteenth time; Dad's not much different, both got stuck in their late 20's mentally and haven't really changed at the ripe old age of 67. I'm fed up with that nonsense and I refuse for my Mom to die of old age with our family the way it is. We all live in different places currently so we need something remote, maybe even localized with the 3 family members that do live near one another and the others remote in. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.
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2023.06.07 00:06 thy1ac1ne should i end things?

my boyfriend and i (both 17) have been together for a year now and things have always been so great. he used to make me really happy and he hasn’t turned “toxic” or anything but he’s always been pretty avoidant and dismissive but always understood when it was important to be emotionally present. that is until recently. now that summers back, (we live in ontario) he regularly gets invited to parties and outings, but my situation is the complete opposite because i don’t really have friends and i do online classes so my social interaction is at an all time low. he’s really been the only one who’s been there for me but once the weather started getting nicer he kind of lost his spark. at least in our relationship. whenever we hangout now, he falls asleep or is on his phone the whole time- OR he’ll tell me he’s gonna take me on a date and we’ll have a fun time together and last minute he ends up making plans with his friends or comes up with some excuse as to why we can’t today. so i ask about when he’s free, and he can’t ever make any promises until it’s really serious and even then he sometimes can’t keep them. his prom is next week and even if we aren’t together i’ll probably still end up going with him because we already bought the $120 tickets and our outfits. he insists he doesn’t prioritize his friends, but it’s so often that he “forgets” we had plans, or i’ll ask for us to hangout and then while we’re together we end up picking up his friends. when i used to bring up problems like these he would be so good about it and would reassure me that he’s gonna get better- and usually does. but this time everything feels different. we’ve been arguing so much recently and it’s becoming extremely exhausting. his dogs got put down last week and there was a party on the weekend i begged him not to go to and he was really persistent on the fact that he “needed this weekend to be a better boyfriend” but literally nothing has changed. he’s still emotionally incompetent and regularly dismisses my feelings and it’s becoming really exhausting. i don’t know what to do but i really just want this to be a phase. he was so good last summer and i don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.07 00:03 ThrowRAR91872 Another Bigger Situation

Hello everyone, it's me again. You may remember me from my previous post, as I had to deal with a situation involving my current relationship once more that I can't really solve without outside advice. I guess we made it clear that we can tell others we don't even know very well about our relationship problems as she's told someone she barely knew according to her, so here I am posting this to the beautiful friends on Reddit
My girlfriend and I were talking recently and I recently learned something that was a catalyst for the events that would follow. Basically, we (or at least, I) kept the relationship a secret for the longest time now from everyone. Turns out the friend she asked me if she could tell back in January was not just her close friend. It was MY close friend too, a girl we'll call W for Privacy. I spoke with W and she said it was a communication issue on both ends, so I decided to talk to my girl about it. I wrote a long letter explaining how I felt and basically, how my trust in her was essentially broken. I also mentioned what happened to me as a result of lying to my close friends in school, as I have been suffering because of it for the absolute longest time, a majority of the relationship. I told her my critical values were being a good person and not lying to people, and that I was done lying so either I can stop lying or we are breaking up. It didn't go how I expected it to go though
She had actually told her closest friends already while mine were in the dark, and seem surprised because she thought she told me I never HAD to lie, and apologized for the effects. Even before we spoke though she basically told her close friends for advice, so now I feel like it's no longer just our business and I currently resent her for that.
Some of her friends said to break up, others said they understood where I was coming from while even more said I somehow went too far apparently when I did nothing wrong. But I feel like I suffered for the majority of the relationship, and ultimately even though it may have been an issue with communication, I really don't trust her anymore
She looks like she isn't doing too well, but I haven't given much thought about it and I haven't tried to comfort her like I usually would, as I feel that thanks to her I now have my own problems to worry about.
Now I'm debating if it is possible to rebuild the trust in the relationship or if it would be best to let it go. I don't know if I can ever fully trust her again after all this, and even she has said that I do deserve better and that she thinks this relationship is no longer good or healthy for me. Before this, however she has said she wants to try to get me to trust her again and she doesn't care how long it takes, but now she doesn't understand why after she hurt me for so long I would ever take her back
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2023.06.07 00:01 raynbo_unicorn Just woke up from hibernation/frog equivalent

Just woke up from hibernation/frog equivalent
Heya! So, I got the lil guy about 8 weeks ago. Started off pretty well, he would move about from cool end to warm end. He bathed once, had an ok appetite, would leave like 4 holes in the substrate during the night trying to find his perfect spot I suppose so, he was somewhat active.
About 3-4 weeks ago I believe he went into hibernation as he stayed in one spot which I know is normal, but I didn’t even see him change direction and he didn’t open his eyes once or even acknowledge feeding. Then 4 nights ago, he woke up and I saw his little eyes wide open and he looks back to normal.
He didn’t move from that same spot though (that was in the cooler end) and I only just decided to pick him up go check him today and move him to the warmer end, which I’m not sure I should have done?
The problem is, I have no clue why he even went into hibernation in the first place? Technically my setup was pretty perfect according to the place I got him from. His soil did dry out at one point after he went to sleep but I sorted it. I also switched his UVB light off as the guy at the store said it might help since they don’t naturally get a lot of light (but he admitted he was a reptile guy so didn’t know for sure)
I’ve maintained consistent temps of 25-28 degrees Celsius (I’m in UK) and 80% humidity at all times before, during and after the hibernation. I do think my flat is a little cold but why did he stay in the cooler end? And why has he suddenly woke up now?
I have researched into all this as I worry but can’t ever find a straight answer. I just want the lil guy to be comfortable and worry I’m doing something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I’ve included photos, just to show him really…he’s called Pascal (first photo is him a little before he went to sleep, second is his first bath and probably last time I properly saw him before the hibernation and the third is from today when I was moving him to the warm end)
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2023.06.07 00:00 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Top Quality)

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
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2023.06.06 23:59 Brickster2 Touching another persons clubs.

I work at a par 3 golf course and there is only one employee at a time, it is a very small operation owned by a neighboring 18 hole course. I have come to know alot of the regulars especially my age (mid 20’s). Today one of the guys i see all the time was practicing, during conversation as he hits I grab his putter and make a quick joke cuz it was some cheap putter called a “Zebra” and he out of no where changes tone and says “put that back in my bag what are you doing” and then as a i do “don’t touch someone’s stuff that isn’t yours”. While he is 100% right and I am in the wrong I just don’t get why he got so pressed over some shitty $3 putter, keep in mind his golf bag was comprised of mixed thrifted irons. While nothing came up of this event I am rlly take back by it because there is no reason to act so rudely on response to a meaningless act. His clubs were worthless, nor does he play golf regularly, so I guess it’s just his lack of knowledge to not have the etiquette to of how to address the situation. What y’all think? I know it’s not a big deal i’m just bored at work. Me personally would not gaf if someone touched my $1500 srixon set, like sure man take a swing who cares? especially if i know you by name….
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2023.06.06 23:56 flossingjonah How to respond to someone using failed predictions as a reason to deny climate change?

I acknowledge the scientific consensus on climate change, but I have a hard time responding to those who use failed climate predictions as an argument in favor of denying it. Every climate change denier I have talked to always brings up, "But Al Gore said X would happen and it didn't" or "NYC was supposed to be underwater thirty years ago". How can I respond to an argument like this?
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2023.06.06 23:54 throway183743 800m: First Lap TOO SLOW

I am a Junior in highschool and I run the 800m. At race recently, I ran a PR of 1:53 against a very competitive field (Placed 12th out of a field of HIGHSCHOOLERS)
My problem is: I ran the first lap in 59-60s, and finished in 53.8. Since then I have ran one more race and got close to the same time with a first lap 58. I can't seem to get myself to take the 1st lap harder because earlier in the season I had a very bad habit of going out in 54-55 and then dying, finishing in 60+.
I have NB Nationals coming up and one more 800m and I am looking for some advice on how I should be better running my race, because this seems like a unique situation as I can't find any info on this elsewhere. I am open to any words of advice!
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2023.06.06 23:52 Any_Struggle3009 Saying “even insta models don’t look like that in real life” is not body positivity.

I’m seeing an overwhelming amount of people, especially women, posting or praising creators/posts that say something along the lines of “When you go outside and see everyone has wobbly bits/imperfections” etc.
I understand this sentiment is to highlight how online posts are curated and are not our reality. But I think it is obvious that people only post the best version of themselves online, and that facetune is a very real thing.
I just don’t see how judging and comparing yourself to other random people walking on the streets and pointing out their flaws (in your head or online) as a way to feel better about your insecurities, is positive?!
A lot of these people will also say ‘no one is looking at you, it’s in your head’ but this is clearly not true because many are openly admitting they have examined strangers are not looking as good looking offline in the first place..
I think self-love starts with you. I don’t think it’s positive or productive for people to validate each other by sharing how they agree people are less attractive in real life.
I do understand of course that this is meant to emphasize a lot of people look different in reality. But then I think well what about if someone DOES see someone that actually looks like an Insta model in real life.. how are they supposed to feel better? By acknowledging a small amount DO look like “insta models”, is that not still putting this small pool of “perfect” people on a pedestal? Doesn’t that go against the idea that everyone is beautiful?!
I’m not advocating for editing photos, but some people are beautiful online AND offline, and that’s okay. But this idea of reminding people to look outside and see all the ‘less attractive’ people in order to feel more confident is wrong.
I’ve had so many people disagree with me but I personally do not want to compare myself to anyone online or offline to encourage self love. I know that everyone has insecurities or “flaws”, and I don’t feel morally okay judging other’s appearances in order to remind myself that I am not as unattractive as I could be.
I just think it’s possible to acknowledge filters, facetune, etc without judging the general public and confiding in validation. Especially as a woman, it just feels like internalized misogyny. Seeing people you think are not conventionally attractive and then feeling better about yourself is straight up toxic.
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2023.06.06 23:51 CoalTrain9224 Prostatitis in Australian Shepard

Ok so the last month of May into June has been a nightmare. My 5 year old intact Australian Shepard has had on/off again bleeding out of his penis leading up to today.
Before starting I want to share I was advised with my purebred Aussie that it was better to leave him intact if no problems arose physically or behaviorally. He’s only had one health scare 3 years ago over an anal gland expression done by the groomer.that required steroids and antibiotics.
I don’t have any reservations about him getting fixed or not I just want him healthy. At this point I WANT him fixed. I don’t even want to leave it up to chance.
So I work from home, 100% of my life revolves around my dog. Last month I wake up one morning to blood drops everywhere on the walls and bed spread. I call vet for emergency appointment. Urinalysis shows no UTI, x-ray reveals nothing. Vet says it’s likely prostatitis. He’s on Amoxicillin/Enryoflaxxicin* can’t remember the name for 3 weeks. Bleeding subsides.
Wake up today 2 weeks later after finishing antibiotics to blood drops again everywhere. I call vet he has his yearly check up tomorrow. I just want to speak any of the 4 vets that are there. I want to know if I need to take him to emergency vet over bleeding. I’m scared. They gave me refill on Amoxicillin.
So I guess I’ll know more tomorrow, but my question to anyone on here is what is likely the problem? Will neutering solve the issue likely? Even though I was advised by the vet not to I feel responsible for not getting him fixed early in life.
So I guess my question for anyone here since I couldn’t talk to the vet today even though I was at the office is, how much blood is too much? I’ve taken him out just now and can see viable red blood in urine. There’s drops every he goes in the apartment. Do I just take him to an Emergency vet? I feel like my world is falling apart and it sucks not being able just speak with a vet face to face on these things today
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2023.06.06 23:51 lafaa123 [WTS] 23 Certified US Coins. Mostly Walkers/Morgans but there's other Type Stuff in there as well. Also some 40% for melt.

Shipping is $4 for up to 8ozt, $6 for 8-12ozt. Above that goes flat rate for $8. I take responsibility for everything up until an acceptance scan from the USPS. I pack very well(see my feedback for that) and will do everything I can to make you whole in the event of a delivery issue. I can also insure packages at cost which is fairly low
I take Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal FF, or actual cash.
I offer returns on items if you are not happy with them, with some exceptions for commodity items. Unless the item is egregiously not as expected I will refund the cost of the item less shipping expenses.
I will entertain offers for anything, worst I can do is say no. More leeway can be given for larger purchases
Here's the goods:
Price Silver QTY
$73(MELT) 21x 40% Kennedy Halves 1
Price Half Dimes + Dimes QTY
$325 1853 Half Dime PCGS MS-63 1
$260 1871 Half Dime PCGS MS-62 1
$2700 1881 Seated Dime PCGS PR-67 CAC. DL Hansen 1
$400 1893 Barber Dime PCGS MS-63 CAC 1
Price Quarters QTY
$7250 1853 Arrows + Rays Seated Quarter NGC MS-65 1
Price Half Dollars QTY
$1850 1859-O Seated Half NGC MS-63. Nice Color on this one 1
$200 1936 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-65 1
$175 1942-D Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-66 1
$300 1942-S Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-65 CAC 1
$135 1943 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-66 1
$2500 1943-S Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-67 1
$130 1945 Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-65 OGH 1
$140 1945-D Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS-65 OGH 1
$250 1945-S Walking Liberty Half NGC MS-66 1
Price Dollars QTY
$675 1876 Trade Dollar NGC AU-53 1
$650 1878-S Trade Dollar NGC AU-55 1
$375 1880-S Morgan PCGS MS-65PL. Stunning Coin with insane Cameo 1
$900 1880-S Morgan PCGS MS-65 DMPL OGH 1
$825 1880-S Morgan NGC MS-67 1
$290 1881-S Morgan NGC MS-66 1
$290 1886 Morgan NGC MS-66 1
$185 1889 Morgan ICG MS-65+ 1
$300 1891-CC Morgan VAM-3 Spitting Eagle ICG XF-40 1
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2023.06.06 23:51 t0tal_Newb Old Apartment

So to make a long story short, I had a very deep background check for work at the end of 2022. During the interview portion of it, the lady asked me if I had any outstanding debt or bills sent to collections. I told her that it was just whatever was on my credit card (I pay it off monthly) and student loans. She asked if I was sure to which I replied "yes." She then informed me that I owed a couple hundred dollars to an apartment complex in Louisiana (currently in TX) that I moved out of in May of 2020.
This complex never informed me that I owed them anything. I called them up and asked if I could speak to a manager to sort this out. I was told the manager was not in that day and to call back in the next couple of days. When I called back, I was told that the bill was for the last 1/2 month of electric, the damage my dog did to the blinds, and not returning my keys/parking pass. The electric bill and repair for the blinds are obviously not the issue, but I am more that 100% certain that I returned my keys and parking pass. I even remember the small manila envelope that I put they keys and pass in when I did my final check out in the office.
The manager told me to send an email explaining my grievance to the complex while till on the phone with me. I sent the email explaining what's above. At the end of the email, I said that I would be more than happy to mail them a check if the issue was resolved. I was then told that they would not accept money from me no matter what and I would have to pay the collections company directly. By my understanding, that would cause my credit score to go down quite a bit and I would like to avoid that happening. I have not been able to get into contact with them since that last phone conversation. No response to emails or voicemails. How can I resolve this without getting screwed?
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2023.06.06 23:48 Brayden675 What happens once Putin is assassinated?

How does Russia react when and if the Freedom of Russia Legion or another group assassinates Putin?
What happens to the war effort?
I would say this is unlikely to happen but so I did about Russia blowing up the dam near Kherson.
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2023.06.06 23:48 Designer_Insect_860 Offset Paracol in Latex document Hey folks, working off a template to spruce up my resume here and wanting to know if I have any options to fill up the white space up top for the header. My resume is a full sheet of information, apart from the header which looks a bit bare. I'd like to offset the right column of the paracol used here to add in a cvsection for references, but I'm a bit out of my weight class and can't determine how to make the right column supercede the cvheader, without making the left go over my name and contact information. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 23:47 NeuroDie_Virgin Returning packages addressed to previous home owners.

We bought our house in the summer of 2021, in December of 2022 we recieved two packages (one Amazon and another from Belgium) addressed to the previous homeowner.
I have kept the packages here, thinking they would contact us but it's been 6 months and I have not heard anything.
I took the packages to a CP outlet today and was told they would not accept them. They told me to call Canada Post and ask what to do. So I called....they said that they (the outlet) have to take them back and it was weird that they didn't. The guy on the phone then told me to contact my realtor to have them pick it up (absolutely not doing that, too much time has passed). To his credit I did not tell him we have been in this house for a few years.
My thing is, I'm not spending more time on this than I need to and I feel like I went above and beyond already.
Has anyone had this happen to them? What was the outcome? Any tips?
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2023.06.06 23:46 ProfessionalDesk2363 Young adult books about grief

I’ve got two boys, 12 and 15, who lost their mother (my wife) in august. They appear to be doing well, but I’m afraid they’re bottling up their emotions and they’ll come back later. I ask how they’re doing and they don’t open up. A friend suggested books about grief, either autobiographical or fiction, to loosen things up a little. Could you all suggest any age appropriate books where the loss of a parent and how the survivors continue on is a main theme? Something your kids found helpful?
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