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PLS HELP~ USC US veteran filing for spouse

2023.06.08 06:54 Ancient-Tower4586 PLS HELP~ USC US veteran filing for spouse

PLS HELP~ USC US veteran filing for spouse
PD is SEP 2,2022. USC US veteran filing for spouse, entered USA using B1/B2 visa and overstayed since 2016. Married January 2020.
Our lawyer filed all documents. Concurrent filing I-130, I-485, and I-765. RFE sent and was acknowledged.
Lawyer did not inform us if we should go on for medical exam and complete required vaccines.
  1. Can a USC veteran request for expedite processing ( he received a Purple Heart medal)?
  2. Can I proceed and get vaccines required and see a civil surgeon then send the medical exam result to where?
My case was forwarded to Boise, Idaho. Completed biometrics. No EAD yet. Last update with I-485 and EAD was October 4,2022.
Current update on my I130:
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2023.06.08 06:11 Clear-Truck4726 My friend got a federal charge for marijuana possession in a recreationally legal state

A couple weekends ago, my friend was camping with his brothers on a fishing trip. For the last five years they’ve gone to this lake not far from where we live, it has first come first serve backwoods camping. They had set up camp and were fishing on their canoe when they saw what they thought was a game warden flagging them to come back to shore. They presented their fishing licenses, but the man advised them he worked for the USDA and had found weed at their campsite. It was a couple joints they had left in a camp chair. The man gave my friend a fine and federal charge for possession.
He’s been going down a rabbit hole for a couple weeks about this. On one hand he could pay the fine and accept the charge, but he’s concerned about how this could affect things like international travel and his ability to get loans. He can fight it, but would need to fly down to Texas to do so. It also just feels wrong because marijuana is completely legal in our state, both medically and recreationally. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Is it worth hiring a lawyer to fight this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 05:56 Long-Pressure-1314 Education

I am currently exiting Sophomore year in High School, Yes I'm young, I understand it will be a challenge and I'm ready to be as committed as needed, for High School I am keeping a GPA with a 3.7 minimum, so far it's not proving to be a problem. I also plan on taking Sociology, Physiology, Anatomy and Biology, Chemistry, and Criminology during my full Senior year so I'll have a good amount of warm-up and a slight knowledge of what I may be studying during College. I try to prioritize maturity, professionalism, ambiguity, and productivity so I believe with that and if I stick to it, I should be on the right track.
Now that my age is addressed, I am wondering if my plan sounds realistic and if there are mistakes I might have made in my planning that I can fix, I also understand that there's always a possibility for something to destroy the big picture plan, but here the summary is.
I plan on taking 2 years of community college once I am 18 to get a transfer degree to the University of Washington School of Medicine to use it's 4 Year MD Program followed by a 4-year residency program in Forensic Pathology. I will be getting as many internships and fellowships as possible. Regarding my finances I will try to have a side job on campus.
I am aware of the possibility that I will be humiliated to a great degree from trying to enter school but I also want to add I am willing to stay put onto my goals even if it takes a long time, I want to be able to help and protect people by ensuring public safety and contributing to medical knowledge. I'm overall passionate, I'd like to be a Forensic Pathologist for a deeper understanding of justice, truth, philosophy, meaning, intelligence, and a lot more. If there is anything that I need to add to my plan please let me know, regarding specialization I was thinking Pathology and Human Anatomy.
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2023.06.08 05:48 Razzz_ma_tazzz Am I the problem?

Hi everyone,
My husband and I have been together for almost 4 years, married for 2, and we have an almost 6 month old son. We have struggled with communication and intimacy from pretty early on in our relationship, but we stuck it out and found our way through. I have also struggled with mental health issues for a while now, and my progress has definitely not been linear since 2019 due to a somewhat traumatic break-up with a previous partner, undiagnosed bipolar ll and ADHD, a toxic work environment that I was tied to by contract, and then the pandemic lockdown.
The last year or so has been particularly difficult between me and my husband. He has become increasingly frustrated with my regressions and setbacks when it comes to my mental health. While I was still pregnant, we got in a really big fight about my issues around self esteem and my concerns about my postpartum body. He was angry because he took my worries about my looks as me not believing him when he tells me he loves me regardless of how I look and that he thinks I’m beautiful at any size or shape. He basically insinuated that I was calling him a liar and that I don’t trust him or listen to him or care about our relationship enough to fix my issues. He ended up leaving for the night and staying at a hotel. We talked it out and got to a better place after that, but it all went to hell again once our son was born.
Long story short, when our son was about 2 months old, we ended up having to cut my mother-in-law out of our lives due to her causing a huge fight on the DAY our son was born and turning other family members against us, as well as her continued emotionally and verbally abusive treatment toward my husband. This sent him into a mental health spiral, and it turned him into a different person.
He started blaming his own issues with depression and anxiety as well as our issues with communication and intimacy over the last 4 years all on me and my mental health. He called me horrible things (bitch, cunt, idiot, moron, slut, etc.), used painful memories of the traumatic break-up as well as sexual assault against me, and threatened to divorce me and make sure I never see our son again if I “don’t get my shit together.”
We eventually talked about the way he spoke to me and how completely unacceptable it was. He apologized, said he was ashamed of himself, and promised to stop. He did try to justify it though and said that he was doing it because the emotional damage I caused him with my personal struggles was just as painful as the words he used against me. He told me he was so upset and felt so disrespected that he didn’t care anymore if he hurt my feelings. It got better for a little while, but he’s been slipping up recently. We also talked about ways we were going to work on our communication and intimacy and ways I was going to work on my mental health, but it seems like I’m always doing something wrong or not doing enough in his eyes. He takes relatively small slip-ups in my progress and blows them out of proportion, causing arguments and fights.
For example, I’m a teacher, and we had several end of the year events planned for the kids, one of which was a field day at a local park. I told my husband about it the week before we went because we were discussing my last week before summer break. The night before, I reminded him that I didn’t have to go to school at my normal time because of the field day, but I would be home at my normal time. He said no worries and asked me to leave as late as possible in the morning so me could get more sleep (he works 3-11, doesn’t get to sleep until after midnight).
So, per his request, I leave at 9:30, which is about the latest I can leave and still get a few things done before the field day. Around 11:30, after we had been at the park for a while, he texted me and asked when I was coming home. I told him I’d be home normal time, reminding him about our conversation the night before. He proceeds to tell me the conversation never happened, I’m lying, and I must be cheating on him. He called me stupid for not thinking to put the event in our shared calendar so he knew the plan and selfish when I told him I didn’t think I needed to put it on the calendar because it didn’t affect our routine.
This is just one example of many situations where a small miscommunication on my part that caused no problems for our routine was turned into me being berated for going back on my promise to be more empathetic and quit making things “all about me”.
I don’t know what to do anymore. He was in therapy, but it was really expensive, and he also said he was starting to feel like he was doing better. He has suggested couple’s therapy, but he then went back on it, saying it was already too late for a couple if they have to go to therapy. I want the husband back that I had before. I don’t want to dread going home every day. I don’t want to be scared that I’ll come home to an empty house after we have a fight. I don’t want to hate myself because of the awful things this man who has replaced my husband calls me. I don’t want to show my son that it’s ok to treat his future partner like this or to be treated like this by a partner.
At this point I’m only sticking around because I don’t want my husband to take my baby away. His dad is a lawyer and could run me into the ground if he really wanted to. I want to believe that we can get through this and my husband will be able to get himself under control again. I want to believe that we can be a happy, healthy family that treats each other with respect and loves each other unconditionally.
I’m so sad, tired, lonely, broken down, and anxious. I feel like I’m barely hanging on by a thread. I’ve been on medication for bipolar II and ADHD for a while now, and I’m seeing a therapist who is specially trained in maternal mental health. I’m trying so hard to be the “cool” wife my husband has asked me to be, exhausting myself in the process, but always falling short in his eyes. I really am starting to believe that this is all my fault and I do deserve this.
I need advice, encouragement, anything to help me get through this in one piece.
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2023.06.08 05:23 justneedtoask100 Company pressuring to give money to their foundation.

I work for a company that has recently been making a big push for employees to donate to their foundation. It’s a nonprofit that relies primarily on employee donations to help out other employees that are in need of financial help. As of recent I am working paycheck to paycheck because of a medical issue, so I don’t have much money to spend on anything but the essential. This week they have started a campaign that is pay $5 to the foundation and they will bring in lunch for you. The catch is if one person in your department doesn’t pay the $5 than no one in that department gets the lunch. It’s embarrassing to admit but $5 is a lot of money for me right now. I felt obligated to give them money because I didn’t want to be the jerk that made everyone lose out on the lunch. I justified giving the $5 because it’s paying $5 for a lunch, although the food they usually bring in for this kind of stuff isn’t very good, and has given people food poisoning in the past. It seems like a lot of people feel same way I do, pressured to give them money. They don’t really care about the lunch, but they don’t want to be the one that ruins it for anyone that wants the lunch. My guess is this is all perfectly legal since they are well known in our industry for have good lawyers, but is this kind of peer pressure legal for a company to do?
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2023.06.08 04:52 Primary_Base_7642 Medical Negligence/Malpractice

My mother recently passed away due to cancer and I feel like there was some negligence on the side of the medical institution. She went to urgent care and received tests that suggested an advanced stage of cancer. After receiving the test results, there was a very delayed response in proving any treatment (about 2 months). Her condition ended up deteriorating significantly within those 2 months before finally getting in touch with the oncologist. However, by that time she was too weak to start any treatment and passed shortly afterwards. General timeline is as follows:
January 26: Onset of symptoms: constipation and bloating.
February 6: Went to urgent care, hospital performed a CT scan which found metastatic spread on liver, lymph nodes, and abdomen.
February 7: Appointment with primary doctor, suggests stage 4 cancer and orders more tests.
March 9: Appointment for PET and CT scans. (30 days since last communication with a doctor.)
March 13: Phone appointment with doctor, again suggests stage 4 cancer and orders a colonoscopy.
March 27: Appointment for Colonoscopy
April 13: Phone appointment with gastroenterologist and primary doctor to discuss colonoscopy results. Both suggest stage 4 cancer (again) and put in referral for an oncology specialist. We tell them my mom is so weak that she could not talk, walk, or stay conscious. They said there is nothing they can do until the referral is picked up. So, we took her to urgent care where she was admitted as inpatient for 10 days. Slowly regained health and (finally) got in contact with an oncologist, 2 months after initially diagnosed with advanced stage of cancer.
April 20: Released from inpatient hospital care.
April 27 - May 9: Weekly appointments with oncologist to evaluate health and treatment options.
May 7: Called 911 and sent mom to hospital because of severe loss of mental and physical functions.
May 11: She passed away early in the morning.
Again, the biggest issue was the delayed response and taking over 2 months to get her in touch with an oncologist or starting any kind of treatment. During those two months, her health deteriorated significantly because she could not eat or drink, she lost an unhealthy amount of weight (going from 110 to 70 lbs.), lost mechanical and mental functions, and experienced severe abdominal pains as the cancer spread. The doctors provided no phone numbers to follow up if she had questions or conditions worsened, they only ordered tests and she had to wait for the tests to talk to any medical staff. She went to urgent care several times during this 2 month period and was just sent back home with some medications to relieve the symptoms. Any communications with the doctors would need a phone appointment scheduled which would take a couple of days to a week.
It was approximately 3 months from the initial cancer diagnosis to passing. She was not referred to an oncologist for over 2 of those months. Her health deteriorated so much by the 3rd month that the oncologist could not start any treatment and my mom passed shortly after.
Can this be a case of medical negligence or malpractice? Thank you for any assistance on this!
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2023.06.08 04:11 SkullBasher999 AI Can Automate Various Tasks And Replace Humans In A LOT Of Digital Job Roles As Well.

AI can automate various tasks and replace humans in A LOT of digital jobs as well. Here's a list of digital jobs that AI can do,better than humans:
  1. Data Entry: AI can automate data entry tasks by extracting information from various sources and populating databases or spreadsheets.
  2. Customer Service: AI-powered chatbots can handle customer queries and provide support.
  3. Content Generation: AI can create written content, such as news articles, reports, product descriptions, and blog posts, based on predefined templates and data inputs.
  4. Data Analysis: AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, make predictions, and provide insights, thereby rendering humans useless/eliminating the need for manual data analysis.
  5. Translation Services: AI-powered translation tools and platforms can automatically translate text or speech between different languages,eliminating the need for human translators.
  6. Image and Video Recognition: AI can analyze and classify images and videos, detect objects, faces, and emotions, and perform tasks like automated tagging or content moderation,a few companies that are dominating in this filed/a two major pieces of software that are being utilized by companies right now are MidJourney and Stable Diffiusion.
  7. Virtual Assistants: AI-based virtual assistants, can perform tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering questions, setting reminders,providing personalized recommendations and MUCH MUCH MORE.
  8. Automated Trading: AI algorithms can analyze financial data, make investment decisions, and execute trades without human intervention, leading to the rise of algorithmic trading.
  9. Cybersecurity: AI can detect and respond to security threats by analyzing network traffic, identifying anomalies, and implementing proactive measures to prevent cyberattacks.
  10. Medical Diagnostics: AI algorithms can analyze medical data, such as imaging scans or patient records, to assist in diagnosing diseases and recommending treatment options.
  11. Personalized Marketing: AI can analyze user behavior, preferences, and demographics to deliver targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, including product recommendations and content personalization and all of this can be pushed out to the exact right people/individual and also lead other humans to decide that they might want something specific,due to something the AI knows the human is interested in.
  12. Research and Data Mining: AI can automate the process of gathering information, analyzing research papers, and extracting relevant insights from large datasets.
  13. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): AI-powered software robots can automate A LOT of tasks, such as form filling, data extraction,invoice processing, across various industries.
  14. Autonomous Vehicles: AI enables self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles to navigate roads, make driving decisions, and optimize routes, eliminating the need for human drivers,Elon is missing a key component,that component is lidar.
  15. Financial Analysis: AI algorithms can analyze financial data, market trends, and historical patterns, to make investments.
AI can automate A LOT of tasks within the legal industry as well,here's a look at how AI is impact the legal field:
  1. Legal Research: AI-powered tools can analyze vast amounts of legal documents, cases, and statutes to assist lawyers in conducting legal research more efficiently. AI can quickly retrieve relevant information, identify precedents, and provide legal strategies. This will make the Lawyer sound A LOT more intelligent/it will also enhance their accuracy of legal research/combined with a Robot,lawyers could be completely replaced.
  2. Document analysing/probability/statistics/ AI algorithms can review and analyze large volumes of documents, such as contracts, discovery materials, to identify relevant information, patterns, or anomalies. This will eliminate quite a few jobs in the discovery process and due diligence tasks fields.
  3. Contract Analysis and Drafting: AI can analyze and extract key information from contracts, allowing the reviewing and drafting documents process to be done more efficiently. AI can also provide suggestions or templates based on predefined criteria,also negotiating and drafting complex agreements can be done by AI as well,also much better than a human as well,because AI can look into the persons likes/previous deals to look for patterns,or if this communication is done through other companies AI systems,it can just be done even more effectively/efficiently.
  4. Predictive Analytics: AI can analyze historical legal data to identify patterns, predict case outcomes, or assess the likelihood of success in litigation. This info is used by AI for assessing risks, developing strategies, and making informed decisions.
  5. Legal Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots can handle legal inquiries, provide legal information and guide individuals through legal processes. They can streamline client interactions and provide guidance and AI can analyze specific situations, provide tailored advice, and navigate the intricacies of the legal system.
  6. Dispute Resolution: AI platforms can be used for online dispute resolution (ODR) to facilitate the resolution of legal disputes outside traditional courtrooms. ODR platforms can automate certain stages of the dispute resolution process, provide online mediation, or facilitate negotiations and AI can handle complex cases and negotiate legal arguments/disagreements/disputes, especially in high-stakes litigation.
AI is in the process of making programmers/coders obsolete/here's how AI is impacting the programming and coding field:
  1. Automated Code Generators: AI can generate code automatically based on high-level specifications or desired outcomes. This streamlines the development process and this honestly also lowers the bar, when comes to being able to code, making the skill less valuable and also allowing AI to handle creating something, that someone described to the AI and then its just created and AI code generators are getting better and better every day as well,less fixing/intervention/skill will be needed in the near future.
  2. Code Optimization: AI algorithms can analyze code and suggest optimizations to improve performance, reduce resource consumption, or enhance readability. This can assist programmers in writing more efficient and optimized code, but human intervention is honestly just holding things back at this point,when a computeAI is having to explain why somethings better or needed,vs just fixing the problems/making the system more efficient.
  3. Bug Detection and Debugging: AI-powered tools can fix bugs, vulnerabilities and potential errors in code. They can analyze code patterns, identify mistakes, and provide suggestions for fixes,so again at this point, the system should have just handled it in the first place,or after it creates what you said to create,later,after analyzing the system,a optimize button could be in the software, to make things run as perfectly as possible,once the system analysis what its doing exactly.
  4. Automated Testing: AI can automate the testing process by generating test cases, running simulations, and identifying potential defects or areas of concerns. This can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of testing efforts.
  5. This goes back over,what I basically already touched on,Natural Language Programming: AI is being used to develop natural language programming interfaces that allow individuals to interact with computers using human language instead of traditional coding syntax. This can make programming more accessible to non-programmers
  6. Code Documentation and Generation of Technical Documentation: AI can analyze code bases and generate technical documentation automatically, providing insights into code structure, dependencies, and functionalities.
  7. Code Refactoring: AI tools can analyze existing code bases and provide suggestions for refactoring to improve code quality, maintainability, and adherence to best practices.this allows the AI to optimize and restructure the code the human created/fix humans mistakes.
  8. Intelligent Code Editors: AI-powered code editors can provide real-time suggestions, autocompletion, and syntax checking, making programming more efficient and less error-prone. These tools can enhance the productivity of programmers or just replace them
AI can automate tasks, provide insights, and handle various tasks,with in the programming field, such as programming, including creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to understand complex algorithms, architect software systems, make informed decisions, and adapt to evolving technologies/situations,AI has really evolved at this point.
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2023.06.08 03:20 Certifiedmidwife Legal Defense Tips for Midwives

Legal defense plays a very important role in the life of every midwife and other healthcare professionals. Why so? Because in midwifery, instances of litigation may occur, despite every midwife’s best effort in providing quality care. Since the relationship that is involved every midwife to her patient/s is a situation where one person owes another a duty of care, it gets crucial when the patient gets in danger. A midwife is responsible for the patient’s welfare, yet there are unavoidable things that may arise and so, every midwife must be prepared.
When a midwife does something that may cause damage, injury, or loss to a patient, or even decides not to do something that also leads to damage, injury, or loss of the patient, that is called “Negligence”. In law, medical malpractice is considered a specific area within the general domain of negligence. It requires four conditions (elements) to be met for the plaintiff to recover damages. These conditions are duty; breach of duty; harm; and causation. The second element, breach of duty, is synonymous with the “standard of care.”
Legally speaking, every medical practitioner, particularly midwives, is responsible for the safety of their patients and so they must perform their duty to the best of their ability. Getting sued for medical malpractice must be avoided as it is punishable by the law. To protect yourself and your practice against a malpractice lawsuit, you can use three powerful tools: documentation, compliance with policies and procedures, and malpractice insurance.
Documentation is a record of everything you do within your practice. Good documentation is key to avoiding liability, fraud, and abuse. You may be required to reimburse the money if your records don’t justify the items and services you have charged.
Compliance with policies and procedures. Maintaining compliance with HIPAA goes a long way. You want to make sure that you don’t share patient information on social media or any other source. It’s critical to practice proper HIPAA compliance standards by ensuring that you only discuss patient information with the patient, staff, or authorized persons. Also, implement a strict data security system to help protect patient data.
Malpractice insurance is your sure way to go. It protects midwives and other healthcare professionals against claims alleging their negligent acts caused injury to patients. This insurance coverage protects healthcare providers against patients who file suits against them under the complaint that they were harmed by the professional’s negligence or intentionally harmful treatment decisions. Malpractice insurance also covers the death of a patient
Midwives need to actively work to avoid such issues since a malpractice lawsuit could cause serious ruin both professionally and financially. Below we’ve detailed nine tips to help you avoid malpractice claims.
1) Document EVERYTHING
Your first line of defense against malpractice is proper documentation. Always document dates, times, and events, and be extremely specific. We know you are busy, but you cannot afford to neglect to document all your patient interactions and any actions you’ve personally taken.
2) Communicate
Clear communication with your patients is key to avoiding misunderstandings. Make sure your patients feel comfortable communicating their thoughts, questions, and concerns to you, and make sure you give them consistent updates and attention. As with your documentation, always be as clear and specific as possible, and if you think your patient doesn’t understand something, take pains to make sure they do.
3) Know policies and standards of care
Make sure you learn the policies and regulations of the facility in which you are working and take the time to consistently update your knowledge of oft-changing professional standards of care for your area of medicine.
4) Don’t get lazy
We know how busy you are. We understand how overwhelming everything can get. You still cannot let any of your duties or responsibilities lapse. This includes tedious, administrative duties and other time-consuming necessities like documenting patient interactions.
5) Ask for help
Don’t try to be a hero or be too proud to ask for help. Know your limits and do not try to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing. Your pride could cause you to make a serious mistake that could literally ruin your career.
6) ALWAYS get informed consent
You know what they say about assuming… Make sure the patient understands and consents to the actions you plan to take every single time.
7) Strive to build strong relationships with patients
A good bedside manner and going the extra mile to make a patient comfortable can go a long way towards protecting you from potential malpractice claims. Happy patients rarely seek to sue their doctors or nurses.
8) Follow up
Follow up with your patients and follow up with other specialists or professionals involved in a patient’s treatment. Have a set schedule and protocol in place for following up that you will stick to with every patient.
9) Temper expectations and don’t promise what you can’t deliver
Always be realistic with your patients and temper their expectations of what your treatment will be able to achieve for them. Making promises that you know you can’t deliver on will not be worth briefly making the patient feel better when you are facing a serious malpractice suit later.
The code of ethics and conduct for midwifery is unique. Judges who are not qualified in midwifery must decide if a midwife has acted negligently. They depend on expert opinion and make decisions based on basic principles of reasonableness, prudence, and fairness.
9 tips to help healthcare professionals avoid malpractice claims and lawsuits. Trembly Law Firm – Florida Business Lawyers. (2015, September 23). Retrieved November 12, 2022, from
Kagan, J. (2022, October 27). Malpractice insurance. Investopedia. Retrieved November 12, 2022, from
Staff, I. H. (2022, August 30). How to protect yourself against Malpractice: Accidents in the hospital. Incredible Health. Retrieved November 12, 2022, from
YOUTUBE VIDEO: Malpractice Insurance and Midwifery
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2023.06.08 03:19 Taylorcant Can't figure my throat problem out...

I have a chronic hatred of going to actually see a doctor, despite their low cost of £0 in the UK. I've ended up going down the WebMD route which, is a quick way to convince yourself you're dying, I know. But this seems like a more sensible place, and no where else is turning up anything logical.
I am a singer and this is effecting my ability to do so quite heavily so I'd like to figure it out.
Details: Age - 17 Sex/Gender - Male Height - 6"0', 182.88cm Weight - 63.96 kg Race/Ethnicity - Caucasian Location - England Medication - Prescribed Prozac and Abilify (although I can't think these would cause the issues I'm about to talk about) Substances: I don't smoke anything, never have never will, I don't take any illegal substances, never have never will. I do drink alcohol, beer mostly, 5 or 6 of a normal Friday/Saturday/Sunday, very rarely in the week, obviously this can vary depending on any occasion that may pop up but that is the average.
Symptoms (All except 4th began approximately 3 to 4 weeks ago, increasing slowly in frequency/intensity since): 1. Blood in saliva despite no visible bleeding in mouth, as well as frequent taste of blood in back of throat (made worse depending on intensity of use of throat) 2. Frequent but intermittent sore throat, even when not using voice (it is made worse by use of throat, varying on intensity, but consistent in that any use of my throat more intense than talking causes pain after a short time) 3. Tightness in throat, not just pain but it actually feels like the muscles in my throat are tensing, tightening and locking up (this is especially noticeable when singing, and also gives my voice a very hoarse feel, which unfortunately doesn't feel as attractive as I'd like to think it sounds) 4. Weight loss and blood content in urine - These are a bit on the outside as they have both been ongoing longer than the issues mentioned above, and I don't see how they could be related, however if there's any chance they could be, it makes sense I should point it out.
I'm not particularly scared, it's just worrying where I am a singer, who's put a lot of effort into said singing and music, and is currently crippled in his ability to do so. I can't sing for more than 5 or so minutes before I begin to feel pain, my throat tightens up, and I begin to taste blood and produce it in my saliva.
If these issues only happened when I was singing, then I'd put it down to poor technique. However all these symptoms (except the 4th, as I said) began during an extended hiatus from singing, and all frequently occur outside of singing, they are just made worse when I do try to sing and are effecting my ability to do so, so I'm not putting it down to vocal technique.
Any advice would be great. I'm only 17 and don't fancy losing my ability to sing before I've really had the chance to get out there and use it. - Example of blood in saliva, yes I was brushing my teeth at the time, which I'm aware can make it worse, but I have produced just as much and more when I'm not brushing my teeth, so don't consider that a factor.
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2023.06.08 03:18 DermRecruiter PGY 1 Gen surg position starting this July1!!

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2023.06.08 03:10 666teapotserpent Colonoscopy : symptoms, experience, and diagnosis

I wanted to share my colonoscopy experience because this sub has helped me so much through my first colonoscopy experience.
About me: Live in US 26F 130 lbs 5’ 7” Active (college athlete, active into adulthood) Good diet (consists mostly of: local meat, lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains)
Symptoms: I have been on the constipated side of things since high school. I first sought medical help for this issue when I was 20. I was told miralax and fiber, which did help a bit. Fast forward a few years (to about two years ago) and my constipation is really not great and I’m getting some bloody stools and pain when having a bowel movement. I chalk this up to hemorrhoids from weightlifting. My constipation keeps getting worse, my pain keeps increasing, there is still bleeding, and I develop the feeling of incomplete bowel movements. I develop a need to strain sometimes, but these episodes result in small pieces of flat stool. This is definitely my most concerning symptom, personally. Every time I go, it feels like something is stuck and I strain.
Getting help: Finally, after waiting 1-2 years to address these problems, I start panicking. I make an appointment with a GP to get a referral to a GI (insurance b.s.). She takes a look and says I have a fissure, but makes the referral right away. I get into a GI within a few weeks. In this time, my anxiety about the situation gets completely out of control. I am having anxiety attacks, I am crying all the time, and I am obsessively googling my symptoms and convincing myself that I have cancer. I see the GI. She prescribed me a compound ointment to treat the fissure and because my symptoms have been going on for so long, she orders a colonoscopy. I was expecting to have to really push for my colonoscopy, but there were really no questions asked. Because of a cancellation by another patient, I am, by a blessing from my lucky stars, able to get in for the procedure within 3 weeks. The time between the appointment with the GI and the procedure is excruciating. My anxiety is crippling. I can’t get anything done. I can’t focus. I am still obsessing over my symptoms and convincing myself of the worst.
The prep: I was prescribed the Colyte prep. Seven days before the appointment, I stop eating raw veggies, nuts, seeds, and corn. (Not eating nuts, seeds, and raw veggies was actually super hard lol). The morning before the procedure, I have some rice cereal and a glass of goat milk. The rest of the day until I start drinking the prep at 6PM, I am CHUGGING fluids. I had 5 gatorades, 3 body armors, 0.75 gallons of water, and 32ish oz of chicken broth. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE WHO ENCOURAGED STAYING AS HYDRATED AS POSSIBLE. I think it saved me a lot of hurting haha. At 12PM I took my dulcolax. At 6PM I started drinking the prep. Every 15 min I would chug 8oz. Truly, the prep was not bad. I didn’t hate the taste. I didn’t feel too bloated. At like 7:30 the “pooping” started. I was on and off the toilet every 15-30 minutes until about 10:30. I was passing yellow at the end. The next morning, I got up at 6 and had another electrolyte drink before drinking the remaining prep solution. At the end of that, I was passing clear liquid. One weird thing that happened during the prep drinking was body shakes! After my second 8oz, I got very shaky and cold. It was like the shakes you get with the flu but without the general feeling of malaise.
The procedure: My husband drove me the 1.5 hours to the surgery center. My MD was running ahead of schedule, so I was pretty much taken right back, prepared, and rolled into the procedure room. I was terrified. My heart rate was so high. I was almost in tears as the nurse anesthetist talked to me about the sedation. I wasn’t scared of the procedure, but I was scared of waking up to the worst news of my life. Anyway, he said he was putting the medicine in, and he asked me how I was feeling. I remember slurring, “sleepy” and I was gone.
The results: Woke up a little groggy. Nurse comes into my recovery bay and said everything looked great. No polyps, no evidence of autoimmune issues, not even hemorrhoids. They diagnosed me with a chronic fissure and pelvic floor dysfunction (to explain the concerning symptom of feeling of incomplete bowel movement). I will be following up with my GI to start physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction.
I walk out of the surgery center feeling kinda fuzzy and off balance but totally fine.
Takeaway: I am so glad I finally saw someone about my symptoms. I am so glad I did the colonoscopy. The prep is the worst part, but that is totally relative. It is not that bad; you just pass liquid out your butt. I echo what others have said: STAY HYDRATED. This also helped me to keep my hunger at bay during the liquid diet/fasting process. I really didn’t get that hungry.
And finally, medical anxiety is real and it can be totally crippling. Mine was. I can’t say, “don’t google, just relax” because I couldn’t follow that advice myself. I will be contacting my psychiatrist tomorrow (who I have not been in contact with for several years and who prescribed me depression/anxiety medication that I have also been off for a couple of years) and discussing this with her. I let medical anxiety totally wreck my life for far too long throughout this experience. I also have a history of experiencing general and medical anxiety but not to this extent. I have to take better care of myself. I should have sought help for these symptoms over a year ago. I should have sought help for my medical anxiety much longer ago as well, but didn’t. If I could give any advice it would be: if you have weird or troubling symptoms, seek help.**
Thank you to everyone on this sub.
**I know sometimes this can be easier said than done. I live in the US and one of my rationales for neglecting to seek help earlier was cost. But ultimately, your health and wellbeing is more important than money. After today I fully expect to meet my $3000 deductible (🫠) but it is worth it.
TL;DR Blood, constipation, incomplete bowel movements for 1-2 years, horrible medical anxiety, colonoscopy completed, normal results. Diagnosed with fissures and PFD
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2023.06.08 02:38 Strange_Passion_1140 Injury

How do you choose a medical malpractice attorney?
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2023.06.08 02:24 Donuts_Mom My malpractice lawyer boss on a random Wednesday

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2023.06.08 02:20 Busy_Bee4422 How can we compare actuarial salaries against other high-paying careers in a meaningful manner?

I was just reading on the FIRE sub here. The MD doing his residency stated that they would make about 450k after finishing the residency so I started looking into which careers make money. I found this list on Investopedia.
It's interesting that up till number 19 they are all medical professionals and there are only three careers outside medicine.
It got me thinking that to really get to compare these professions against actuaries we need to find a way to make the comparison meaningful. My take is we look at an actuarial salary survey, consider only those who are fellows with over 8 years of experience and then compare them to these other professions. Student doctors are not likely to be part of the salary survey for their professions so considering non-fellows is not ideal for a meaningful comparison. Also, low levels of experience are difficult to include because most on this list have long training before getting the title which is also not likely included in the salary survey.
My question is how can we go about refining the comparison groups so that we can make a comparison of these other professions against actuaries?
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2023.06.08 01:56 GroundbreakingBet805 Texas Child Custody Joint Managing Conservator HELP!!!

Friend is Joint Managing Conservator with the mother of her grandchild. Child resided with mother, mother left child in care of other grandparents and bugged out. Those grandparents are now suing for sole managing conservatorship, they want to revoke my friends rights as far as the grandchild is concerned and they want to stop visitation with my friend.
My friend is not able to afford a lawyer. She was served paperwork on Monday (6/5/2023) and the hearing is on Friday (6/9/2023). What will she need to do to get a continuance? Are there places she can turn to for legal help? She has been responsible for taking granddaughter to medical appointments, had weekend visits and doesn't want those to end. The other party is wealthy so they have a lawyer.
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2023.06.08 01:15 pacificinjurylawfirm The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer After a Pedestrian Accident

🚶‍♂️Pedestrian Accidents: Why Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Matters 🤕
Hey Reddit community! As an attorney at Pacific Injury Law Firm in Portland, Oregon, I wanted to share some valuable information about the importance of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer after a pedestrian accident. 🚧
First off, let's understand what a personal injury lawyer does. A personal injury lawyer specializes in representing victims of accidents and injuries caused by someone else's negligence or intentional conduct. They can help you understand your legal rights and file claims for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc. 🏥💼
Now, why is it important to hire one after a pedestrian accident? Well, pedestrians who have been injured due to someone else's negligence have the right to seek compensation from those responsible for their injuries. A personal injury lawyer ensures that you get the full amount of compensation you deserve while providing emotional support during this difficult time.
To find an experienced personal injury lawyer: 1️⃣ Ask friends and family members for recommendations 2️⃣ Check online reviews and ratings from organizations like Martindale-Hubbell or Avvo 3️⃣ Make sure potential lawyers specialize in pedestrian accidents specifically 4️⃣ Meet with each potential candidate personally before committing (even virtually)
In summary: Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential for proper compensation after a pedestrian accident caused by negligence or intentional conduct. An expert attorney will not only provide sound legal advice but emotional support too during these distressing times.
For more information on this topic check out our blog post here 👉
If you need assistance or have any questions ☎️ (971) 277-3811 or visit our website at
Stay safe, Portland! 🌲

PacifcInjuryLawFirm #PortlandOregon #PersonalInjuryLawyer

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2023.06.08 00:40 LuvShopping Tips on practicing successfully with an anxiety disorder

Barely made it through my articling term (Canada) due to severe anxiety. Quit an associate job QUICKLY due to the same issue. I’ve been working in an alternative lawyer position at a firm (don’t want to give too much away - but it’s not an associate role). I took the role because I believed it was lower stress. It’s been over a year and I’m starting to enter into anxiety episode mode and I honestly want to quit. At this point I’m wondering if I should just do something else and I’m worried I’ll never be able to successfully practice law due to my anxiety issues. I didn’t find law school stressful at all, but since then my mental health has gone down the toilet and I’m questioning my ability to succeed in this profession. At a firm, everything feels so intense and high stakes. I feel overwhelmed by dumb shit. Medication and therapy help but at this point I feel like I’ve hit a dead end with being a lawyer and I’m junior as hell.
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2023.06.08 00:13 SadlyMuffin Question about Nerve Conduction Studies

Anyone who has had a nerve conduction study done for carpal tunnel, do you mind sharing how it went? I just had a second one done yesterday since my last one 2 years ago. The first went totally fine, but this one was done differently and was one of the most physically painful things I’ve ever experienced. My husband thinks this was medical malpractice, but I’m not really sure if it is, or if the procedure is just sometimes very painful.
There’s context about my experience in my last post, but please make note of the warning.
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2023.06.08 00:08 theboyr Victim of gunshot in Florida while working at a restaurant. Need guidance.

A relative of a friend was shot by a customer while working at a restaurant this week in Kissimmee, FL by a customer. The person has been arrested since the.
There are mounting medical fees already , she is uninsured, and I’m trying to help them navigate the initial legal understandings while we find them an attorney to help with civil action. Im not a lawyer but I’ve worked closely with lawyers in business for a long time… so I’m helping vet and get this moving while they focus on the medical. This is all I can do, but I am very unfamiliar with Florida.
Obviously, there will be civil liability for the person who committed the crime. Is it likely the establishment/workplace/ownership has a liability as well? I imagine that likely is “it depends” situation.
Does the state have resources or laws that provide crime victims support with medical bills? Are there any programs that I should look into or research for the family?
Is Workers Compensation an option here for medical bills?
I assume we should find a Personal Injury Lawyer who practices locally. Wasn’t sure because it happened at work if there is nuance there. The family will need to operate on contingency… any advice on what to look for and avoid when signing that kind of agreement?
Thank you in advance.
Edits: - Updated to clarify they were shot by a customer.
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2023.06.07 23:58 DescriptionNo8343 School list help and chances

Reposting because someone mentioned text is easier:
Hi everyone, I graduated this past May and I’m applying MD and DO this cycle. I could use some help making my school list. Ideally will apply by June 20th to ~20 MD schools and ~10 DO schools. My state school is U of A – Tucson so I’ll be applying there of course. I’ll also be applying to ATSU-SOMA and AZCOM just because I want to stay close to home. I am aware of ATSU-SOMA’s reputation and AZCOM’s exorbitant tuition prices. Would love to hear suggestions because I’m having trouble narrowing down schools on MSAR.
URM: Hispanic and Native American (Pascua-Yaqui) but no tribal affiliation. Parents are veterans and my experiences moving around the country are a big part of my personal statement (not sure if that matters).
MCAT: 508
GPA: 3.82
sGPA: 3.63 – 3.7 (not sure if I calculated it right with AMCAS guidelines.)

Clinical Experience
Certified Diabetes Prevention Coach with the American Pharmacist Association (Paid Position): Completed 350 hrs, Anticipated 600 hrs
Physician Shadowing - Shadowed a family medicine DO in Scottsdale: ~10 hours.
Diabetes Prevention Health Coach at a Small clinic in South Tucson (Volunteer Position) – Worked with undocumented patients that spoke only Spanish and many native American patients. The position required that I spoke Spanish, but I’ve forgotten a lot of it now: 300 hours.
Medical Scribe – ED: 500 hrs.

Non-Clinical Experience
Resident assistant (Paid Position): 2200 hours over ~3 years
Night Assistant (Paid position) - Incident and Crisis management position with the housing department for the summer at the U of A: 200 hrs
Research Assistant / Independent Study (For Credit) - Semantic Effects on Object Detection in a Psych lab. No Pubs: 400 hrs
Volunteer at various nonprofits with a Premed Honor Society: 100 hrs
Hobbies – Hours are crazy just because I’ve been doing these since before college.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Last time I seriously competed was in high school but this is a hobby that I’ve donated a good chunk of time to. Keeps me sane and in shape: 3,650 hrs
Classical Guitar: Have been playing all my life. Helps me practice discipline and focus. Have played on and off at various venues in Tucson: 8,000 hrs
Writing: Have been working on a biography of my great grandmother who battled leprosy for a few years now: 115 hrs

LoR’s: 2 science Professors, 1 English professor, 1 MD. Maybe 1 from my P.I. but not too sure.
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2023.06.07 23:56 DescriptionNo8343 School list help and chances: DO

Reposting because someone mentioned text is easier:
Hi everyone, I graduated this past May and I’m applying MD and DO this cycle. I could use some help making my school list. Ideally will apply by June 20th to ~20 MD schools and ~10 DO schools. My state school is U of A – Tucson so I’ll be applying there of course. I’ll also be applying to ATSU-SOMA and AZCOM just because I want to stay close to home. I am aware of ATSU-SOMA’s reputation and AZCOM’s exorbitant tuition prices. Would love to hear suggestions because I’m having trouble narrowing down schools on MSAR.

URM: Hispanic and Native American (Pascua-Yaqui) but no tribal affiliation. Parents are veterans and my experiences moving around the country are a big part of my personal statement (not sure if that matters).
MCAT: 508
GPA: 3.82
sGPA: 3.63 – 3.7 (not sure if I calculated it right with AMCAS guidelines.)

Clinical Experience
Certified Diabetes Prevention Coach with the American Pharmacist Association (Paid Position): Completed 350 hrs, Anticipated 600 hrs
Physician Shadowing - Shadowed a family medicine DO in Scottsdale: ~10 hours.
Diabetes Prevention Health Coach at a Small clinic in South Tucson (Volunteer Position) – Worked with undocumented patients that spoke only Spanish and many native American patients. The position required that I spoke Spanish, but I’ve forgotten a lot of it now: 300 hours.
Medical Scribe – ED: 500 hrs.

Non-Clinical Experience
Resident assistant (Paid Position): 2200 hours over ~3 years
Night Assistant (Paid position) - Incident and Crisis management position with the housing department for the summer at the U of A: 200 hrs
Research Assistant / Independent Study (For Credit) - Semantic Effects on Object Detection in a Psych lab. No Pubs: 400 hrs
Volunteer at various nonprofits with a Premed Honor Society: 100 hrs
Hobbies – Hours are crazy just because I’ve been doing these since before college.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Last time I seriously competed was in high school but this is a hobby that I’ve donated a good chunk of time to. Keeps me sane and in shape: 3,650 hrs
Classical Guitar: Have been playing all my life. Helps me practice discipline and focus. Have played on and off at various venues in Tucson: 8,000 hrs
Writing: Have been working on a biography of my great grandmother who battled leprosy for a few years now: 115 hrs

LoR’s: 2 science Professors, 1 English professor, 1 MD. Maybe 1 from my P.I. but not too sure.
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2023.06.07 23:38 casioF-91 Megathread: Legal resources

Megathread: Legal resources

Nau mai! Haere mai! Welcome to LegalAdviceNZ. The general purpose of this subreddit is to provide free and simple local legal advice to those who need it. Reddit can never be a true substitute for qualified advice from experienced lawyers - but there is a community need for easy access to basic, informed legal commentary. That’s why we are here.
If you are new to this subreddit, please review the rules in the sidebar and be aware that this is a heavily moderated sub. Content must be on-topic.
This megathread sets out some of the helpful legal resources available around New Zealand. Most of these are freely available. This list is categorised into 10 sectors: Civil disputes, Consumer protection, Criminal, Employment, Family, Healthcare, Housing, Property, Traffic, and Constitutional & Government. There is also a general resources section at the start, with several organisations that provide guidance and information on most legal issues.
0. General resources
1. Civil disputes
1.1 Ministry of Justice Civil Law: (Civil cases can include disputes over business contracts or debts, or disputes between neighbours, or debt recovery.)
1.2 Disputes Tribunal: (The Disputes Tribunal is a quick and cost-effective way to settle disputes.)
2. Consumer protection
2.1 Consumer NZ (an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to getting New Zealanders a fairer deal.)
2.2 Consumer Protection (MBIE's online guide to NZ laws that protect you when buying from, or sharing your information with, businesses selling in New Zealand, including online retailers.)
2.3 NZ Govt - Consumer Rights & Complaints (NZ Government's general information on consumer rights.)
3. Criminal
3.1 Ministry of Justice Criminal Law sector (encompasses the definition, deterrence, and punishment of criminal conduct. What is and isn’t acceptable conduct in our society.)
3.2 Ministry of Justice Criminal Law
3.3 Victims Information (for people affected by crime)
3.4 Victim Support (a free, nationwide support service for people affected by crime, trauma, and suicide in New Zealand, helping clients find safety, healing, and justice after crime and other traumatic events.)
3.5 Healthline's Sexual Assault Resource Guide (We hope this guide can serve as a resource in your time of need and answer any questions you may have about what to do next.)
4. Employment
4.1 Employment New Zealand (MBIE's resources that may help you find out more about the different laws that apply to employment relationships and how the Employment Relations Authority and the courts apply that law.)
4.2 NZ Council of Trade Unions - your rights (Everyone has the right to decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. Unions ensure that, as a worker, your voice is heard, your views are respected and your rights under the law are upheld.)
4.3 NZ Govt - Workers Rights (NZ Government's guide - if you have a problem at work talk to your boss directly. If you cannot solve it you can get help from government and other organisations)
5. Family
5.1 Ministry of Justice Family Law
5.2 Family Court website (information about the Family Court jurisdiction, including what we do, useful legislation, and tips on how to find Family Court judgments.)
5.3 Search for a Legal Aid lawyer providing family law services:
6. Healthcare
6.1 Medical Council of New Zealand (The Code of Rights applies to both public and private facilities, and to both paid and unpaid services. It gives you as a patient, the right to be treated with respect, receive appropriate care, have proper communication, and be fully informed so you can make an informed choice.)
6.2 Ministry of Health (When you use a health or disability service, your rights are protected by the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights.)
6.3 Health and Disability Commissioner (The Health and Disability Commissioner promotes and protects people's rights as set out in the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights. This includes resolving complaints in a fair, timely, and effective way.)
7. Housing
7.1 Tenancy Services (MBIE's Tenancy information for landlords and tenants.)
7.2 Housing Advice Centre (We can help! We are a free independent service. We can help you out of homelessness. We can support you in fulfilling obligations to maintain housing obligations. We provide education for agencies and case workers on the tenancy act and how to assist homeless persons.)
7.3 Renters United (Renters United is focused on changing laws to make renting better for everyone, and don’t provide support with particular renting situations. However, there are some places listed here by Renters United that you can turn to for support.)
7.4 Tenant Aratohu NZ (Support and guidance for tenants and their advocates.)
8. Property
8.1 NZ Law Society Property Law for the Public (Lawyers are trained to understand and advise on the implications of buying and selling property. Buying and selling a property extends far beyond the transfer of legal title. Your reasons for buying and selling, your family and financial circumstances, your plans and expectations for your own future and that of your family, and what happens to the property when you die are just some of the issues a property lawyer will consider and discuss with you)
8.2 Real Estate Authority - Settled (valuable information, checklists, quizzes, videos and tools — from understanding LIMs and to sale and purchase agreements, to when to contact a lawyer, explains what you need to know)
8.3 Consumer NZ - Neighbourhood disputes (There are a number of laws that may assist with common neighbourhood problems such as noise, rubbish, fencing and tree problems. Some practical solutions to resolving them.)
9. Traffic
9.1 Waka Kotahi NZTA - Road Code (A user-friendly guide to New Zealand's traffic law and safe driving practices.)
10. Constitutional & Government
10.1 Governor-General (New Zealand's constitution is not found in one document. It has a number of sources, including crucial pieces of legislation, legal documents, common law derived from court decisions as well as established constitutional practices. Increasingly, New Zealand's constitution reflects the Treaty of Waitangi.)
10.2 Electoral Commission (Supporting you to trust, value, understand and take part in New Zealand's democracy.)
10.3 Te Tari Taiwhenua Internal Affairs (Local government in New Zealand, including sector-wide statistics, the relationship between central and local government, and how you can participate in local government policy decisions.)
10.4 Citizens Advice Bureau - Bill of Rights Act (What are my rights under the Bill of Rights Act?)
10.5 Office of the Privacy Commissioner (The Privacy Act 2020 is New Zealand's main privacy law. The Act primarily governs personal information about individual people, but the Privacy Commissioner can consider developments that affect personal privacy more widely.)
Mod notes
The above list is a basic, non-exhaustive guide to some free online New Zealand resources. Descriptions have been taken from websites listed. Please let the mods know if any links are not working, if you are aware of a free helpful legal resource that is not in this megathread, or with any other suggestions.
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