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2016.07.29 03:57 richhomieram There go Gucci Mane I want his autograph 'cause I'm his biggest fan

Only Gucci Guwop

2016.04.13 22:39 no_turn_unstoned WELCOME TO THE_PACK


2015.08.13 06:20 sjho C U C K F H E N G

y liddat.

2023.06.05 11:10 Farrest08 Obligatory I did it!

Obligatory I did it!
I love lockout decks and was skeptical on it being combined with high evo but this thing packs a huge punch. If you are like me and love control Im confident to say High Evo is a great pickup. Happy Snappy!
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2023.06.05 11:10 DottoreSalt I'm so sorry.

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2023.06.05 11:10 EvidenceSecret1929 (f looking for a M)mythical medieval romance rp

This will involve a arranged marriage between a princess and a feared and ruthless king who is also a mercierless warlord.
Now let me explain you will be playing this feared and ruthless king but you may add your own ideas to his personality etc as this rp will also include mythical stuff to it as well.
And as for the plot or idea i have in mind is that they were arranged to get married to one another to bring an alliance between both kingdoms, but the eldest princess the ruthless king is suppose to marry ends up running off. So at the last minute the younger daughter who was abandoned and raised by a maid due to her appearance (that will be explained in the rp) The feared and ruthless king wont know he was marrying the younger daughter but she will have a disguise ( which will be explained in the rp) ,instead of the eldest until after getting married.
And thats all im spilling as the rest shall be brainstormed and feel free to let me know your ideas or what we could add to this as i would love to hear them and just PM me or leave a comment below and thank you for if you read to this far.
As a bonus to just make up the minimum of 200 words for this ad . Pleaselet me know who has read this all too by answering my question it your response when you reach out.
Question: who is funnier?? Deadpool or Nick fury??
Have a good rest of your day or night!!
Edit: and please have at least some roleplay skills and if not than that's okay but I find it difficult for the story line to properly develop if not and I'm sorry if that upsets anyone by saying that .
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2023.06.05 11:09 wordyoucantthinkof It hurts more to lose someone than to have no one at all.

I'd like to start by saying that, to this day, I have no idea what a friend even is. About a year and a half ago, I thought I found a friend after countless people said "you'll find someone when you least expect it." I figured I had been wrong to assume I'd be friendless forever. It took over two years of having no one, but I finally found him. He was like a brother to me. Never did I expect I'd be so close to someone (that wasn't family) in my life. He was the first friend ever that I could genuinely say "I love you" to. And he said it back. He would rest his head on my shoulder almost dayly. He would make sure I'm ok and ask how he could help if I wasn't ok. We were always there for each other. He told me that I "couldn't get rid of him if I tried." I didn't have to try.
Last October, he ghosted me with no explanation. He made it seem like he was going through something and needed space, but he never got back to me after I finally gave him space. Admittedly, I shouldn't have pushed quite as much as I did.
Finally, last spring, I got in contact with him. We went back to talking to each other. He told me that I had been too negative and so he decided to step away. I am a very negative person and have a habit of treating people like a therapist, so his point was valid. Apparently, I mentioned that he was my only friend far too much. And that I told him that I was worried I'd lose him based on past experiences way to often. I put too much pressure on him. But he never said anything at the time. I always thought we were open with each other. He just suffered in silence until it was too much. Then he abandoned me like I always feared. I guess it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. And he acknowledged that he should have told me how I made him feel. He said he'd talk to me again, but it would never be the same. I silently hoped it would go back to how it was—that we would be as close as we were. I felt this sadness talking to him after reconnecting. It was deviating that, for the first time in my 22 years on this planet, I had found someone that I was so close to (aside from family) just to fuck it up. It was an achievement to find any friends at all after having no friends in the real world for over two years (early June 2019 to mid September 2021). But at this point, talking to him made me feel worse, not better.
A week or so ago, I told him how I felt. We had just moved to text because I didn't want to be on Instagram anymore, which is where we were communicating. Text is how we always used to communicate. Then I asked if he still loved me. He said it wasn't my fault as I didn't do anything on purpose and that he saw me as a friend, but he didn't love me anymore. This made me feel ten times worse. That and the fact that communicating over text was a constant reminder of what we had. I recognized that talking to him now was making me feel so much worse than when I was completely alone. Makes me wonder why I even try. I made the difficult decision to say my final goodbye. The friend I once had was gone.
Thank you to anyone that read this. You're awesome. Have a great day.
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2023.06.05 11:09 Insane_Grape479 I might be getting catfished/played.

Recently a girl hit me (15m) up on insta. We started talking, and she was really flirty. This is a first for me so I just went along with it.
She would give me hella compliments and was really idk how to explain it but ig fast. She said she wants to meet. We talked and she said stuff like "fav person" "u r all I need fr" and some other stuff.
But she was really dry. She would leave me on sent for 5-6hrs before replying and would occasionally leave me on seen for 5-6hrs. I m currently on seen for 12h.
Because of this and the fact that I didn't know what she looked like I was not really interested in her but lettings thing flow ig.
Now I feel like I am getting catfished. Some of my friends have talked to this girl before. Their behavior is really really saying they are hiding something from me.
All these things plus the fact I m not good looking at all lol. There's a very less chance but what if this girl genuinely likes me. How should I approach this situation?
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2023.06.05 11:09 xClxudyStxrsx Random vampire lore story

So this dream was a transition from another dream, a stupid one at that, where my brother was pregnant and a charger gave birth for him. It starts in a train station during the Golden Age and a little girl with her father are walking towards a train, before a vampire comes up to them and attacks them, making his kind's first appearance in human history.
Time skip a bunch of decades later, there is a very edgy boy I'll name Ko that was recently assaulted by a very beautiful, tall appearance. He lives in a world similar to ours where secret societies of humans fight evil vampires and is shown writing very edgy messages on long bricks then dropping them on people passing by at night. Or maybe vampires. Ko is doing that from the 10th floor of a building belonging to this secret society, and there is an announcement from the HQ telling him to stop throwing fucking bricks out the window or they'll send backups. He then quickly runs in the hallway, where he meets a group of girls who debate on how to stop them vampires once and for all, and how there might be a traitor between them, in this building of anti-vampires. A new member walks up next to Ko and gives him a thick lock of her own precious long bright blue hair, which is said to repel vampires, saying he can find a way to stop this war. The group of girls turn their heads and beg Ko for at least one little strand of it. Again, Ko makes a run for it and finds his best friend. They brainstorm together ideas about how they could protect people from vampires using that fistful of hair, while remaining anonymous. Then they remember how grocery stores like Kaufland give kids small packages of collectable toys and pictures after every purchase of 50 dollars, so they decide to sneak that night in a factory that produces this stuff and cut up the strands of hair into pieces and put each of them in a bag, writing on the back of the packages that it's magical mermaid hair. The idea surprisingly works, and kids keep that stuff in their pockets.
Then there's a cut that shows us the royal family, where there is a quiet little prince who steals the hairs and uses them to fill up a ginormous fishbowl, knowing the true nature of the hair and also being terribly afraid of vampires, so he stocks up on that shit. Ko finds out and that kid is like "Oh, you got me. Take all these hairs except for like a dozen.".
In the last part of the dream there is a cut to a fight scene in a dark grocery store. A big middle-aged guy with a goatie is covered in blood and tries to talk sense into a tall, scarily beautiful vampire, saying that she can't go on like this forever and how she's been causing problems for centuries for fun. The woman smiles and hits him with the final blow. SHE TURNS OUT TO BE THE HQ OF THE ANTI-VAMPIRE GROUP!!
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2023.06.05 11:09 ApprehensivePoetry34 Advice on what to do next: Got the ick for a nice guy I’ve been dating and it keeps getting worse. He’s had a shitty life and I don’t want to hurt him anymore.

This is a long one. TLDR below.
I (24, F) recently moved to an area near family. I work from home and haven’t made the effort to meet new people so I’ve been pretty lonely. 2 weeks ago I just decided to go to a bar to check it out and maybe meet some people. I did, and at the end of the night I met this guy (32, M) on a bench outside. I was immediately drawn to him. He was calm, kind, quirky, and seemed to be very intelligent based on his vocabulary and the topics we talked about. He’s got a decent job, humble life, and even good looks (for me, at least). We talked for hours and went on a date the next day, and several more over the next 2 weeks. Each date has gone pretty well and usually ends with us talking until sunrise. Sexual chemistry has been great too.
Needless to say, we fell for each other… HARD. Always texting and sharing music throughout the day.
He works in the lively part of the small-ish town and knows pretty much everyone. I’ve met many of his friends and can see myself being friends with most of them too. Our dates are always in town and I love the area so he’s been showing me around, and showing me off to people.
Now I think I have the ick and it keeps growing more and more. It started when Guy started calling himself an old man and said he says that to people all the time. The list just keeps getting longer: he has this anxious energy that makes me feel unsafe/anxious, a high-pitched laugh that echos in my head, is always cold (we’re in FL, always asking to go outside to “warm [his] weary old man bones”), teeth never seem to be brushed, always has dry skin flakes in his haifacial hair, picks the dry skin off of his lips fairly obviously, and I noticed today that he also picks his face but out of nervousness and I find it disgusting (picking has always been an ick of mine). I also don’t feel like he could protect me since he has a scrawny look to him.
I feel bad for Guy, though. His past relationships sound awful (abuse, generally being taken advantage of) because he falls so hard that he will do anything for his s/o. I really do admire his intelligence and willingness to help. I want to help him through his (many) issues but also feel like it’s not my job, and if I continue dating him I might just be making things worse.
He tells me many times that I am too good for him and he always wonders why I am still choosing to date him. I do know I can do better, but do have genuine feelings for him and we connect on such a deep level.
My intuition tells me to stop seeing him, but I do really like most of everything about him. He says I make him the happiest he’s been in a long time. Then, the selfish side of me doesn’t want to ruin the friends I’ve made through him or have to start avoiding the area I’ve come to love.
TLDR: been dating this guy for 2 weeks and we have a great connection, mentally and physically, but his anxiousness makes me anxious and I’ve got the ick for many reasons. His past is full of hurt and says I make him happy.
I just don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.05 11:09 ThrowRA-473847272 My boyfriend (25M) is paranoid i’m (21F) going to cheat on him as i’m “too attractive”

My boyfriend use to be really laidback and lovely but a few months ago he found out one of his closest friends girlfriends was seeing someone else and left him for the other guy, since then my boyfriend has been incredibly paranoid, he won’t let me go to the gym without him as he says i’m too attractive and guys will try to talk to me, he monitors my phone and apps regularly, he wont even let me see certain films with actors in incase I fall madly in love with them?! He is also terrified a guy will send me a dickpic and i’ll like it so does everything he can to see if i’ve been sent one and how I reacted to it! (As if guys are just out here sending them left, right and center!)
How can I make him understand I wont do anything and he needs to calm down?
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2023.06.05 11:09 Critical_Stay_2564 Should I put a heating radiator next to a kitten nest for heat?

I had no idea my cat was pregnant when I adopted her. She is currently 9 months old. I got her 1 1/2 months ago from a person who owned more than 10 cats. She told me she doesn't have the money to take care of them anymore and would rather find them good homes instead of giving them to a shelter. Since she was the only girl that was supposedly not pregnant and I love black cats so I wanted her really bad. I took her home and after a month, I noticed she looked round around the stomach. I thought she was just bloated. 2 days ago, she gave birth to 4 kittens, one just died a few hours ago due to fading kitten syndrome. I do not have a heating pad and I am worried more will die. I just moved them next to a radiator for tonight but I don't know if it's a good idea in the long run. Thoughts?
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2023.06.05 11:08 Zilloclaw The Moonshadow Slave Chapter 3

“WHAT?!” Rayla gasped out, shocked at what Jabba the Hutt had just ordered to do.
“You heard me, little elf,” Jabba said. “Take off your clothes, so that my friends and I may see your maturing body in all its glory.”
“NEVER!” Rayla snarled, her purple eyes glowing with a defiant fire. She would NOT degrade herself for this evil slug!
Jabba laughed. “I admire your feistiness, little elf. But your clothes are to come off now, or your precious pet monkey will DIE.”
Rayla’s bold defiance faltered under Jabba’s cruel threat and malevolent gaze. She shivered in fear as she imagined being naked before Jabba and all his henchmen. She had NEVER bared herself for ANYONE before, and to do it before these evil monsters… the very thought made her wish the floor would open up and swallow her. She would much rather have bared herself for Callum.
But as much as Rayla feared and hated the very idea of being naked in front of Jabba and his cronies, she could not let them harm Stella. Her adopted cuddle daughter’s life was far more important than her dignity.
“Fine,” Rayla grumbled at last. Most reluctantly, she began to strip.
Jabba licked his slimy lips, watching intently as Rayla, with trembling hands, slowly took off her clothes. The hutt’s cronies watched too, many of them smiling and some of them even drooling with sick pleasure, eager to see what the young Moonshadow Elf looked like underneath her assassin gear, and savor the utter humiliation at being forced to expose herself before them.
Slowly, Rayla took off her outfit, shivering with fear and humiliation as she felt the lustful, perverted gazes of Jabba and his cronies burn into every inch of skin she revealed. First, she took off her top, exposing her slim shoulders and her small, perky breasts. They had grown quite a bit over the last year and were finely shaped.
Next, Rayla took off her boots, exposing her petite, four-toed feet. She wiggled her toes a bit, in spite of herself.
Finally, Rayla pulled down her pants, exposing her butt and her long, slim legs.
Jabba’s eyes glowed with sick pleasure as he watched the teenage Moonshadow Elf so reluctantly bare herself for him.
When she was finally finished, Rayla stood in the middle of the throne room, completely naked. Jabba’s cronies pointed and whispered crude comments at her as they looked her nude body up and down.
Blushing red with shame and humiliation, Rayla instinctively covered her naked breasts with her left arm and her bare womanhood with her right hand. She was feeling more vulnerable than she had never been in her life, naked and weaponless before these slimy lowlifes.
Jabba’s eyes narrowed as Rayla tried to cover herself. “Take your hands off your body, little elf,” he said, “or your precious monkey gets flayed.”
Rayla’s heart pounded with fear as she stood naked, with her breasts and sex barely covered by her small, pliable, four-fingered hands. With her clothes off, her privacy had been stripped away from her, and in front of so many evil people, many of whom were staring at her with intensely lustful eyes, clearing longing to rape her.
I wish Callum was here, Rayla thought miserably. Still, she kept her hands covering her breasts and sex, trying to maintain just a little bit of modesty.
Then, she caught the eye of Nyx, who stared at her with a pitying look. The scantily-clad Skywing Elf shook her head as if to say, “Don’t disobey him. You’ll just make things worse.”
As much as she hated to admit it, Rayla knew her dignity and privacy were not the prime concerns right now. Reluctantly, the humiliated Moonshadow Elf removed her hands and stood exposed in the raw before Jabba and his cronies.
With slow and hideous deliberateness, Jabba looked Rayla up and down. Even though she was only eighteen, Rayla was an impressive specimen of a female elf; tall, slim-bodied, and smooth-skinned, with long, slender legs and arms, and a flat belly. Her young breasts weren’t the biggest, but they were still nice and perky. Her butt was round and smooth and sexy.
Jabba smirked. He looked forward to feeling Rayla’s soft flesh underneath his slimy fingers, and her dexterous fingers massaging his body.
Rayla shivered under Jabba’s lustful gaze, but she didn’t try to cover herself again. She put on the most stoic and blank expression she could and stared straight back at Jabba, trying not to show any sign of fear or humiliation despite being totally naked in public. She needed to be as strong as possible to bear this ordeal, but she couldn’t deny, at least to herself, that she was feeling more humiliated than she ever had been in her life. She could only hope Callum would come for her and Stella.
“Come to me, my little elf!” Jabba commanded suddenly. “Come to your new master!”
Reluctantly, Rayla walked, naked and helpless, towards the giant slug. She stopped about two meters away from him. Rayla’s nose wrinkled. Even at this distance, she could smell a foul odor coming from Jabba’s slimy body.
“Closer,” Jabba beckoned Rayla. Reluctantly, her heart pounding with fear, her forehead sweating, Rayla walked closer until her naked breasts were almost touching Jabba’s slimy bulk.
Suddenly, Jabba reached out with a slimy hand and grabbed Rayla by the hair. He pulled the naked elf close and KISSED her!
“NNNMMMMMMPH?!” Rayla screamed as her small lips met with Jabba’s massive, slimy ones. This was nothing like kissing Callum; his mouth was sweet and warm and gentle. Jabba’s mouth was slimy, smelly, and rough.
As he kissed her, Jabba wrapped his slimy arms around Rayla and pressed her petite, naked body against his huge, slimy one. Her small breasts pressed squashed against his chubby chest. Struggling uselessly, Rayla squirmed and gagged, but Jabba was too strong. As a Hutt, he was slow and fat, but he was strong and smart.
Finally, Jabba ended the kiss and Rayla pulled away, wiping her face in disgust. Jabba sighed in pleasure. Rayla’s mouth was delicious and her body soft and warm. She would indeed be a fine addition to his harem.
“You have a sweet mouth, my little elf,” Jabba cooed at Rayla, who curled her lip in disgust.
“Well, your mouth is the foulest I have ever tasted,” she retorted.
Jabba smirked. “In time, you will long for my touch, little elf.”
“There’s only one man I love,” Rayla declared proudly. “Soon he will come for me, and you will regret this!”
Jabba laughed his deep, booming laugh again. “I’m sure. But in the meantime, I will greatly enjoy your company, little elf.”
Jabba turned to his other slave girls. “Take her away to the prepping room. You know what to do.”
“Yes, master,” Nyx replied. She walked towards Rayla, slowly because of the heavy weight chained to her foot. She took Rayla by the hand and led her away, the other slave girls following.
As they walked, Rayla leaned close to Nyx and whispered. “What happened, Nyx? How did you end up here?”
Nyx answered in a whisper, her face full of despair and shame. “I was out flying one day in the desert when this huge spider shot a web at me, tangled me in my own wings. Then, those pig-faced guards grabbed me and dragged me here.”
“I’m sorry,” Rayla said sincerely.
“Don’t be,” Nyx grumbled.
“Listen, Nyx,” Rayla said. “If we work together, maybe we…”
“We can what? Escape?” Nyx cut across Rayla. “Good luck with that escape is impossible. Jabba’s palace is too well-guarded. The best thing we can do is go along and hope he doesn’t hurt us too bad.”
Rayla stared at Nyx. This was not the same smug rogue she had met in the desert. Jabba had obviously subjected Nyx to the same humiliation he had subjected Rayla to… and probably more. Rayla did not want to go through what Nyx had. But it seemed she had no choice in the matter.
To be continued...
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2023.06.05 11:08 Ok_Low_6287 My (19F) gf is breaking up with me (25F) because she says me talking to people and studying makes her want to kill herself

I 25F am dating an 19F, we have been dating for over a year now and we moved in together and I paid a years rent on a place together but she moved out after a previous split up.
Backstory: I have BPD and she has been super controlling our whole relationship prior to the break up, she made me lose my friends, made us have joint bank accounts so i'd have to ask to buy anything, controlled all my social media, but a few months ago I have gone back to uni. Anyway she insists she cannot be with me because it makes her want to kill herself when I talk to anyone else or study or have a job. She says she loves me so much and wants to be with me later but needs to end things to work on herself. I have begged and begged her to try to stay with me while getting a couples councilor to work on it together but she says she can't do that and can never get better with me and that after 6-12 months she thinks she could be with me.
Is this just a crazy excuse to break up with me or is it something real to want to kill yourself if your partner doesn't do what you want and the only way to get better is to break up? This is my first ever post and i'm just so confused and can't get any advice from anyone other than telling me just to break up. She means the world to me I don't want to end things I wish there was another way.
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2023.06.05 11:08 Worldly-Cable-8881 I (30m) am at a loss as to what to do about my friend/ex (30f)

Alright; I met my ex when we were living in the same foster house when we were 13/14. And began a very intimate relationship at the time, talking ever moment we could and being inseparable, after a while I moved back in with my family and maybe a year later I had to move away when things there deteriorated to be with other family but we always stayed in touch and maintained our relationship. We basically needed each other.
When she turned 16 she moved out of her foster home and moved states to be with/near me. She had major major trauma in her childhood and got attached to me.
Since then we’ve been together romantically fairly regularly and no matter what even when taking a break from our romantic relationship we would still speak every day, have for the last 15 years since we met and she always had issues with boundaries and would always want me to spend all my time with her and always needed to know where I was which is why I decided to pause things a couple of times.
After a while we agreed to start seeing other people, she started dating her now wife (32f) and I tried dating a few women, when I was dating this women (26f) a few years ago and it seemed like it was getting serious after a couple of months, my ex logged into my socials and started sending all kinds of weird messages to her; understandably she (26f) kinda freaked and ended things. She ended up doing this several times even with continual warnings.
After getting sick of her doing this I convinced her to see a doctor and talk about her stuff, she wound up getting diagnosed with borderline personality, OCD and PTSD. She has been getting better over the last couple of years with building her support network, going to group, her therapist and doctor, also being medicated and her wife whom she married last year.
On top of that all I had to move away from her for work a couple of years ago, but we’ve maintained talking every day, if I Dont call her exactly when I say I will or at 7pm every night, she will call me nonstop until I answer and text me several times a day.
Anyway, recently I told her I wouldn’t be moving back to the same city she’s currently living in and then she reacted by sending weird messages from my social account to someone I work with because I had previously said I kinda liked them although was unsuccessful when I asked her out. She said her intention was to get me and the women I said I liked together.
No damage done I Dont think, she just made me seem like a bit of a freak. I kinda feel like I’ve given her enough chances and helped her get past her stuff that now I might have to break off contact all together. Is this alright? Advice?
TLDR: should I break off contact with my ex after she sends messages to people from my social accounts and is really clingy, obsessive and controlling - I’m her only “family”, she suffered some pretty bad abuse before we met and she’s my best friend but it seems impossible for me to date without her interfering.
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2023.06.05 11:07 CoolBoiAlec My girlfriend(17F) got grounded for a year for dating me(17M)

TL;DR at the bottom
I(17M) have been dating my girlfriend(17F) for around two months at this point. It is an online only relationship because we live on opposite sides of the country but we video call and chat a lot.
Both me and her have had very bad relationships in the past but we are perfect for each other and we love each other more than the whole world. Her very strict mother rooted through her phone when she was at work today and found our chats. (No nudes or anything like that we don't do that, her mother just doesn't like the fact she is talking/dating someone at all)
She forced my girlfriend to block me on everything and she has grounded her and taken her phone away for a year. She said she would kill her if she found her talking to me again. Me and my girlfriend got to talk just one last time earlier, telling each other we love one another.
I am confident in my ability to wait and stay loyal for this girl for a year or two without any contact if I have to and I will not give up. I really want to talk to her though and I am scared whether or not she will wait for me as I wait for her. I told her I would wait until she could contact me again and that I would never stop loving her and she said she loved me too. I trust her with all of my heart but my reason for fear is pretty justified.
I want to marry this girl but I do not know what to do in the meantime and I suspect I will get extremely lonely. It is utter bullshit that her mother who, might I add, is rude to her all the time and constantly puts her down, would do this. I despise that woman and I want to be with my sweetheart.
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2023.06.05 11:07 nuraman00 The Beverly Hills 90210 Show Podcast: Episode 67: Here We Go Again.

Travis Wester (Austin Sanders) , Charlotte Ayanna (Beth) are guest hosts.

Jason asks "Travis, do you have a problem with the line?"
Travis: No, I love it.
Jason: What do you want to say?
Travis: 'That's cool'.

Jason then gets out his cell phone, and calls a secretary. He asks for "Uncle A". (Aaron Spelling)
Travis is sweating.
He then says "one of your actors has a problem with a line", and asks for it to be changed.
Jason: "Ok, great, I'll let Dianne know." (Dianne Young??)
He got the line changed to "That's cool".

Larry Mollin isn't sure if Jason really called Aaron Spelling, and if it was just a show to make Wester feel better. Because he doesn't think Aaron would have been involved in something like this.

Regardless, it worked, and the line was changed.

They think it's good since nothing bad was triggered.

Valerie and Kenny:


Brandon and Clare:

Kelly and Steve:

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2023.06.05 11:06 andooet Credit to u/dangerdaly on ParlerWatch

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2023.06.05 11:06 Bambi8383 Not sure I can get over this

Dday was a year ago- I’ve wrote a lot of posts before he kissed a girl he worked with told me bad feelings and was considering leaving me (according to him not for her) he then continued to have an emotional affair for months- I ended up kissing someone drunk on a night out after this which I really regret and I feel like he never fully me forgave.
Anyway things had been good and I felt like were moving past everything but then recently he’s been massively moody and distant again and I just got like something was wrong.
I checked his phone yesterday and there was a message to his friend saying he’s had a dream I caught him with her and told his parents. His friends response was that he was a stud and she’s so hot.
I feel like every bit of confidence I’ve tied to build back up is gone - I’m alright looking, better looking than my husband but I can’t compete with a childless 26 year old.
I can’t shake the feeling that he’d be with her now if she was single and that he thinks he can do better than me now so he doesn’t have to try any more.
He was massively apologetic and sorry and said it was just his friend trying to be funny and I’ve told him it feels like it’s a one sided relationship just now and he’s promised me he’ll make more of an effort but part of me thinks he shouldn’t have to try to make an effort, I’m Sure he wouldn’t have to try if it was her.
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2023.06.05 11:06 Equivalent-Comb-660 Is there someone better for me out there?

My girlfriend (21F) of almost 2 years is amazing. I don’t give her enough credit. She’s honest with me and very caring. very understanding and thoughtful. Straight out of a Fantasy when it comes to being lovely.
She cooks for me, listens to me, lets me vent, watches me play video games, comes to ALL of my soccer games, puts up with my hectic full-of-energy personality, puts up with my clean freak nature, and showers me with love and kisses every living minute. Shares somewhat same views.
But every now and then i feel like she isn’t the one for me. That hurts to say.
We dress sort of the same, have sort of the same ideas, sort of the same anxiety…vastly different energies though. and i mean different. she’s very reserved and shy and doesn’t like being crazy with me. She couldn’t care less about education and i can’t have a serious political or economic talk with her. and sexually shes a little unattractive. she never initiates. she doesn’t lead up to it. the act is always the same. i practically have to beg her for anything different. it never changes. and it feels good when we both finish but it’s always a little boring to me.
She doesn’t feel like my partner in crime. She’s kinda like a witness almost… i feel like we’re just different. Selfishly though, i don’t want to lose her. this is my first real relationship and it’s the first time i’ve ever felt cared for and understood in many areas of my life, but in many other areas i feel like she just doesn’t fulfill me.
I’ve have more fun with old friends at target than i’ve had with her. i feel like i’m the one who sets up the cool things and the adventures and the crazy laughter and the interesting talks. of course all of that is subjective to me but that’s how i see it.
I see other girls with the same style, music taste, humor, and energy as me and it irks me. it bothers me a bit that im not hanging out with someone like me. someone i’d consider my partner in crime.
There are really no issues in this relationship right now. No lies or dishonesty and I can’t imagine breaking up with her. I love her and im so happy to have her and to be able to wake up next to her but everything i said in my previous paragraph lingers in my mind every hour.
i feel so fucked up.
TL;DR: Girlfriend is amazingly lovely and caring but i feel as though she’s not the one for me. Thoughts of “are there more compatible people?” run through my head every single day.
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2023.06.05 11:05 CaffeineBob Being micro-managed out of a job

I work as a graphic designer at a small agency that predominantly deals with a fairly niche industry (not going to say what industry as there's not many agencies who deal in it and I might - who knows - get fired).In the five-person team are three directors, the son of one of the directors and me.I've been there for almost 3 years and I think I'm good at what I do.
Money is tight right now due to issues in the niche industry - I'm on not far over minimum wage despite having 9 years design experience (in fact a recruiter recently laughed at my salary and told me - like I didn't know already /s - that it was "shit".)
When I started they had a digital marketing apprentice, and virtually as soon as she graduated and became a full-time team member that's when the directors began telling her that her work wasn't good enough, micro-managing her work and making her life a misery. Eventually she jumped ship to a bigger agency and now she's working with one of the top ones in the country.
I'm a generalist designer, so I'm good with all of the creative cloud inc after effects and dimension etc. The son of the director mainly deals in websites, although he did 3d at uni. His workload consists of pretending to work and he struggles to come up with something plausible for his to-do list every morning in our teams chat.
I've got a pretty full workload, but recently I've had one of the other directors (not my creative director) stick his oar in and demand I send him across the work I'm doing. He doesn't bother to look at the briefs, just likes to tell me that I'm doing things wrong. One thing he has also started doing is making me continually tweak certain aspects of the designs that I'm doing, then, after I've sent everything through to him, he'll bin them, do his own work which is nowhere near as good and send that across to the client instead - and he doesn't tell me he's done it, he just waits until I find out. He's done this three times, as well as completely butcher a motion video I did last year that I'm still livid about. And if I do anything to alter his work he gets really arsey.
He's so bloody arrogant and the other two directors are letting him do it, complicit in their silence. I've had a lot of stuff going on in family life that has little impact on my work life - and I do make the hours up if necessary. But they've done it to one already, and now they're doing it to me. I'm trying to get out but I'm getting overlooked by recruiters due to my wage and possibly age, so most likely I'll be heading back to retail where the wages are higher.
Cheers for reading.
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2023.06.05 11:04 Disastrous_Degree797 Randomly feeling overwhelmed about everything

I am going through a hard time letting go of a past relationship, she is my FP we are still in contact. I still love her and she doesn’t seem to completely want to be out of my life but she did have a lot of moments when she said she hated me in the beginning when we broke up because she is also dealing with her own mental illness, and like we were forced to cohabit a small space for a long time after. This happened way before i knew i had bpd, so i was at such an extreme for a minute, it makes sense why all her love turned to hate, i kept hurting her because i couldn’t self regulate. I don’t hold anything against her, i just can’t help but get so overwhelmed on how alone i feel in my house now. I feel like constantly distracting myself from thinking about how much i miss her. I was recently diagnosed with BPD a few months ago, i have been reading, exercising and just reworking my thoughts but I can’t stop thinking of hurtful things and scenarios. Anyone else feel like they keep relapsing after a good moment where they feel ok?
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2023.06.05 11:04 Character_Ad5634 girlfriend seeing things in my apartment

girlfriend seeing things in my apartment
My girlfriend has been telling me that she sees two black figures with white eyes in my apartment bedroom. One is sitting down in my closet just staring at her and the other is hanging from the ceiling in the doorway upside down looking at her. She says both are just pitch black figures with noticeable white eyes. They don’t move, they just stare. She said she’s also seen the same thing standing in her bedroom closet & sees it in the Corning of her eye walking at walk sometimes. Is there any explanation to this? She says they look like this
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2023.06.05 11:04 FremantleDocker Advice for me (M25) in how I could have handled LD better With (f28)

She was my main emotional support, almost all of my happiness & my closest friend. I'm so angry at myself for letting myself rely on her so much when there was so much uncertainty surrounding our relationship. I just thought I was strong enough to deal with it. She couldn't even give me a timeframe of when we would next see each other, or if she would even be in the country at the end of the year.
There was a time in the relationship when she said that if we fall in love she'll stay in Melbourne. There was a time when she was applying to jobs in Melbourne as a reason to stay, she was definitely looking at staying & I clung to that. We even briefly talked about doing some travelling together. It made it harder when she left. I do feel like I've been messed around a bit & I turned into an inconvenience to her. She knew how much I wanted her to stay, even though I never asked her to. She said it felt like there was a lot of pressure on her, which I do understand. She never meant to fall in love either. But I feel we could have come up with some kind of plan, but she just wouldn't. She is just kind of winging it...
I understand she was following her dreams & I do truly hope she has a lovely time, but it just felt like I was not being considered in any future plans. There was absolutely no certainty in any aspect of the relationship outside of us being in love.
We started as housemates & kissed about a week in, I knew I was going to fall for her as soon as I went back into my room. The next day I realised how messy the situation would be: were housemates so the fallout could be terrible, her brother is also living with us, she is planning on leaving, I have doubts of how I'll handle heartbreak etc. So I tried to call it off, she convinced me that it was a good idea so we continued.
Then, and this is where I really mess up, a few weeks later the fears come back. After spending every single night together in the same bed I think I'm starting to fall in love with her & I tell her this is a bad idea and I can't to it. She kicks me out of bed & I go for a walk. I realise that I've made a mistake & that I don't care if it's going to hurt, that I do love her & have not stopped thinking about her since that first kiss. I plead my case & she took me back that night, obviously still a bit upset with me.
The next four months spent living with her have been the best of my life. Romantic weekends away, going out together, cooking together, sleeping together, doing almost everything together. I can confidently say that I was a lovely boyfriend in this time, I would regularly buy her flowers, gifts, send her poetry and let her know how much special she is to me. She was equally as wonderfully lovely too, I had never experienced love like she gave me.
Then I'm at work & I get a text saying work approved of her transfer. We had talked about this & in my mind I knew it was coming but my heart still believed she would stay. This brought up a lot of abandonment issues & I took them out on her. I was moody, visibly upset that she was leaving & distant. That said, I did find out my little sister has just tried to kill herself in this time so there was probably a bit of that going on too. But this all just made her feel extra pressure, something she did tell me she struggles with. I do wish I could have kept it together for her.
After I found out she was going I asked my friend to convince me not to break up with her as I couldn't see how we would work with all of the uncertainties. She had no plan of her travels, and was completely honest about not being able to give me any kind of certainty for the indefinite future. He said he couldn't see the romance in it & that it was the right thing to do. I didn't accept that & called up my little sister, she said the same thing and then told me shes in hospital. During the next few days I am a bad boyfriend: cold, distant and moody. I felt so guilty about thinking about breaking up with her, some of the childhood issues resurface, little sister & I don't cope. I finally find a friend who has been in a long distance relationship, giving me hope & I use that. I tell my girlfriend in bed that I was thinking about breaking up with her & she's furious, she's angry at me for how I treated her during this time & says she feels insecure in the relationship. I do my best to make it up to her, show up at her work with a rose, even tell her some details of my mother leaving when I was a kid in hopes for her to understand why I'm struggling. We make up, have a nice few days & then she leaves.
3 weeks of long distance were tough. I'm clingy and she's busy. We have small arguments, she feels pressured by me. Her reception is problematic, stressed with the travels, living situation, work etc. We barely talk. We call maybe 5 times in this time period, all requiring my to stay up until 12-4am for a 10 minute phone call. She's tired from all the stress. This all makes me feel very insecure in the relationship & I tell her how I feel and ask her to please send me a picture of her every day & let's try and organise a time we can call eachother. She doesn't send a picture more often than she does & she can't help organise a time to call. This eventually leads to me asking her to promise me that she's not going to break up with me when I next see her, which is in a short time. I had organised a flight to see my sister once she was out of hospital & my gf happened to be in the same area. When I ask her to promise me she freaks, saying how much pressure she feels. When I tell her I'm coming soon she freaks, saying she doesn't need someone following her around Australia- I tell her that broke my heart & have to explain that I'm going over for my suicidal sibling, and I do hope to see her too.
She stays with me when I fly over at my childhood home, we have a decent few days but I can't help be angry with her. I'm overwhelmed with being back at home again, worried about my little sister & frustrated with myself & her with how the last month has unfolded. I give some stupid input into her relationship with her brother which wasn't my business & comes off as snobby. She's angry again & we have a bad day. We go out that night & I snap at her while drunk, we raise our voices a bit & don't talk much for the next hour. Hours up & I sit down to apologise, saying how stressful this all is for me & then I misunderstand what she says- I thought she was taking the piss about how I can't look after my siblings. I storm off & leave her & her 24yo brother in town on their own, requiring them to get a taxi back to my place. She explains that I took her words incorrectly & I try to apologise as much as possible. Next few days are bad & I decide that this isn't working, that we are barely in a relationship & that won't change for the indefinite future. That I'm at a point in my life where I need to focus on myself & that this isn't fair on either of us. I once again try to get some kind of certainty of when I'll see her again and she can't give me one, saying she now wants to live in as many countries as she can before 30 & that she can't promise she'll be in the country at the end of the year. I tell her I can't do this anymore. We end amicably, have a reasonably nice last few days & she provides hope for the future.
We continue to text as regularly as the 3 weeks apart & I have a bad day a week and a half in. I make a Reddit post listing all of the bad things I did in the relationship, saying how I regret breaking up & then I beg her to take me back over text. She has none of it, reminding me that I've broken us up so many times before & that I can't act like this. I'm still acting clingy to this day, I just can't find a way to deal with this. A lot of my childhood stuff has come back during this time & it's tough.
I just don't know how to deal with this. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any opinions of how I handled it?
TLDR: struggling to deal with heartbreak of a 5 month relationship & need some input into what could have done differently, thanks xxx
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2023.06.05 11:04 Horror-Perspective28 Can I Tell My Mom I Don’t Want A Relationship With Her Unless She Respects Me?

This sounds so bratty and I don’t know how to convey how much I dislike having the same arguments. Basically I have to get whatever job my mom decides because she’s helping me with rent. So if I say $15/hour is too low, she reminds me she’s covering rent, I explain I need higher pay so we can get out of this cycle, etc. Recently had a breakthrough that being broke and alone is better than this constant cycle and I am willing to separate financially the first of July
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