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2023.06.03 20:56 Macthesausage Anyone ever see a Newt eating a big ass tadpole?

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2023.06.03 20:52 doctorrosalina What diets work best on someone trying to gain weight?

I know the basic premise to weight loss/weight gain is calories in calories out etc, my BMR is 1200 roughly because I’m underweight and short. I have been eating 2500 calories and I don’t even exercise to burn enough of that off. For months I’ve been eating like that but absolutely no real weight gain, I’m wondering if it’s a problem possibly with nutrients? Since my diet is consisting mainly of junk food.
I just want an ass and to have my ribs not be my most prominent feature cmon world😂
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2023.06.03 20:48 Affectionate_Bake985 PRIVATE Discord🔞(link in bio)

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porn #nsfw #teen #pyt #horny #tits #whore #girls #amateur #ass #xxx #taboo #cum #exposed #teens #homemade #leaked #whitegirl #mommy #anal #LenaPaul #squirt #incest #lesbian #mom #whiteteen #blowjob #thot #onlyfans #ebony #nudes #nsfwtwt

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2023.06.03 20:40 rightj223 My thoughts on RCG2

I like the first game. It's short, the gameplay is fun and the animation and soundtrack are amazing. But the sequel is an absolute disgrace.
Let's start with the biggest problem: the horrendous writing. Kyoko and Misako can be swapped out for other characters in the dialog, but the replacement characters reuse their lines, leading to a jumbled story where every main character thinks they're Kyoko and Misako. This also limits the dialog to 2 main characters, leaving the other 2 players in 4 player co-op with characters who don't say a word. The manga cutscenes are even worse, because they only show Kyoko and Misako, regardless of character choice. The last three cutscenes show the whole gang together, but they have no interactions by then. Too little, too late. Why couldn't every character be in the writing? It's not rocket science!
Next, the performance. Even after the framerate was fixed, the game still suffers from performance issues. For example, the loading times are still longer than those of the first game. Why did the game even launch with 30 FPS in the first place?
Now for the animation. The first game uses beautifully animated sequences to introduce the bosses, each one looking as if if was lifted straight from an anime. And guess what? The devs had the decency to hire Studio Yotta! The sequel doesn't have a dedicated studio for the animations. The result? Awful, choppy animation and backgrounds devoid of any scenery.
Moving on, the gameplay. Why were money drops delayed? In the first game enemies dropped money right away, but in the sequel, you have to wait for them to despawn before the money appears. I can't think of any possible reason for this change other than to keep you waiting for money drops. Wall jumping was slowed down, too. Did the devs think everyone who'd play this game would have reflexes so bad that they need more time to react while wall jumping? Some moves had a lot of end lag added; for example, Kunio's Eat. It has a fair amount of end lag in the first game, but in the sequel, he's left vulnerable for much longer, which seems completely unnecessary considering the move's short range and long startup time. I'm not sure if this counts as gameplay, but there's an added animation for transitions to other rooms. The animation may look fancy, but combine it with the loading times and it's frustrating as hell to get anywhere.
Then there are the side quests. I know RCG2 is supposed to be a little longer than the first game, but did there really have to be so many damn side quests? Most of them involve collecting items scattered around the entire game world. I've beaten the game once so far, and I'm still not even close to finishing said quests! Not because I wasn't looking, but because of how many items I haven't found yet!
Speaking of quests, let's talk about Honkr, the new quest log. Even though you can filter quests to see what's completed and what's in progress, Honkr is still a mess. It's extremely disorganized; the quests are written to look like social media posts and consequently take up too much space. The first game has a neatly organized checklist showing the quest names, but the devs thought it'd be a good idea to replace it with a Twitter parody, all because the sequel's pause menu was designed to look more like a smartphone.
Lastly, the ending, another example of the terrible writing. After you defeat Sabu, what do you get? The gang chilling on the couch back at Kyoko's house, with Kyoko and Misako finishing a video game and deciding to play it again. That's it. All we get in the finale we busted our asses to get to is a lousy joke about New Game+. It's the type of ending that screams "We ran out of ideas, so here's some crap we whipped up last minute!" Disgusting.
Speaking of endings, I should also mention that RCG2 lacks a secret boss and true ending. The first game has them both, but the devs decided not to include them in the sequel for whatever reason. All we get in RCG2 are a few secret areas with collectibles that unlock additional recruits, without contributing a thing to endgame. Big whoop!
In conclusion, RCG2 is a huge letdown. All its problems are evidence that the devs likely rushed it and put as little time and effort into it as possible. If we get a third game in the series, hopefully the devs address the problems with the last 2 games and avoid them while developing it. Though with a sequel this bad, I don't know if WayForward can be trusted with RCG3. It'd probably do better in the hands of another company, as long as the people there know how to handle it.
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2023.06.03 20:36 Late-Illustrator6857 parental alienation and lying about kids

I (38M) have 3 kids (6M, 13M, 15F) with my narc ex (37F). I posted a little bit about this here previously. We've been divorced since 2020, and then she moved to another state, taking the kids with her. I get them on their breaks from school.
Earlier this year, I got a phone call saying that 15F doesn't want to see me anymore, and that the law says she's old enough to make the decision to just stay with her mom if she wants to. I took her word for it, and didn't bother verifying it, because it sounded reasonable... although the fishy thing is that 15F and I had always been extremely close. I just assumed that Ex was telling her lies about me, and that she'd eventually figure it out. I'd rather not make waves with this crazy lady, so I let it be.
Specifically, the lies that she tells include that I was abusive toward her, and that I raped her. This is absolutely not true, and I've since found out that she's told people the exact same story about other guys, including the guy she was with immediately before me, as well as her affair partner that she cheated on me with. I guess that's just part of her discard phase, and an attempt to discredit those that she's wronged. I've actually lost some pretty close friends because of this, and I know that she's been doing this because one of our mutual friends told me, "hey, I got this weird text from your ex..." and proceeded to show me the whole thing. I was prepared to have lies spread about me, so losing a few close friends was something that I had already mentally gotten myself ready for, and while it's certainly heartbreaking, life goes on. It wasn't a surprise.
So I knew I wouldn't be getting 15F this summer. A few weeks ago I got a text from Ex saying that I wouldn't be getting 13M until the end of June, as he had failed some of his classes and was required to take summer school classes to make up for it. That wasn't a big surprise, he's always struggled in school. However, earlier this afternoon, I got his report card in the mail. While it IS true that he failed the subjects she said he failed, there's also a note on there that says he will still advance to the next grade and isn't required to take summer classes. In addition, the note also says that all summer classes this year are going to be online, which means he can do them from here. More lies.
I posted a few weeks ago about how she's been trying to get access to my accounts for some reason.
One last thing that's fishy about all this... usually when I get the kids, we meet up in the city where my mom lives, which is halfway between where I live and where Ex lives with the kids. Ex said that this summer, when I get 13M at the end of June, they'll be bringing him all the way to my city which is a 5 hour drive for them, one way. There's no way they're bringing him all the way here just to save me a trip. It can't be out of the kindness of her heart (there's a laugh). She's up to something, and whatever it is, it can't be good.
I haven't confronted her about any of this. Alienating my oldest, trying to access my accounts, lying about 13M's summer school, or trying to bring him out here personally. What could be going on here? What should I do here? What the hell is she thinking? This is causing me a huge amount of stress and I don't know whether I should confront her, get a lawyer (which would be a hassle because I'm broke ass broke), or let it play out and see what happens. Any thoughts? This is really eating me up.
tl;dr ex is lying about why i'm not able to see my kid for the summer, possibly planning something really annoying, not sure what to do
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2023.06.03 20:34 Over-Comfortable-410 Soup way too bitter

Spouse and I have been feeling like crap, so we wanted to make a huge pot of chicken noodle soup to last us for a few days so we wouldn’t have to worry about cooking. We’ve made it in the past and it’s turned out fantastic, but we did it different this time and it’s so bitter. It’s upsetting my stomach and even the thought of eating it makes me nauseous. They’ve barely touched it as well and are kicking themselves because we’re on food stamps and this cost a lot of money to make. Please help me and tell me this is fixable 😭
Ingredients: • a whole lot of homemade chicken stock (made from rotisserie chicken bones, cilantro stems, jalapeño stems and seeds, celery leaves and ends, carrot ends (not leaves), a splash of vinegar, onion scraps) • 16oz of whole brown mushrooms, diced • 1lb carrots, diced • diced celery (I’m not sure how many stalks it was but it was probably at least two cups diced) • 2tbsp olive oil • 1tbsp homemade spice mix (I know it at least has salt, turmeric, paprika, pepper, garlic powder, curry powder, I think it also has onion powder, a little bit of cayenne powder, maybe some cumin also? I asked them but they made it so long ago they don’t remember 😂) • 2-3tbsp ginger paste (we ran out so I’m not entirely sure) • 3-4tbsp garlic paste (guesstimating) • 4-5tbsp basil paste (guesstimating) • 1-2tbsp cilantro paste (guesstimating) • 1-2tbsp jalapeño paste (guesstimating) • lemon juice • one box of gluten free pasta • diced chicken from two rotisserie chickens • one bunch of collard greens, chopped • one bunch of mustard greens, chopped* • 2-3tbsp horseradish mustard (guesstimating)*
Everything that has an * is what’s different than how we made it last time. I’m very much a “measure it out” person, but they’re a lot more confident in the kitchen than I am and have way more experience, so with the pastes and stuff I know it’s at least the smaller number because they wrote down measurements for those. They did all the prep work and I just threw everything in the pot in the order they told me to.
I heated up the pot and once it was hot I threw the mushrooms in. There wasn’t any oil or anything, just mushrooms. I cooked them at around medium heat until they started releasing liquid, then I pulled them out and put them in a bowl.
I put in two tablespoons of olive oil and let that warm up a little bit, and then the celery and carrots and spice mix. I stirred it around a few times and then put the lid on it for a minute, maybe minute and a half, and put in the ginger paste, basil paste, and garlic paste. Then I got overwhelmed because they had pulled out cilantro paste and jalapeño paste and hadn’t given me measurements, so they came over and added those as well as more of the other pastes and lemon juice. There was quite a bit of lemon juice. Maybe 1/4c. I stirred it all around and by that point the celery was starting to get translucent like they wanted it to. I put the mushrooms back in.
I threw in three cups of broth and started stirring it all up while scraping the bottom of the pot to get all the bits off the bottom. The broth was supposed to hiss a lot when I put it in but it didn’t hiss or spit up at me at all so I think I put it in too soon. I mixed it up really good and waited for it to bubble a little bit before adding the rest of the broth. It was at least a gallon and four quarts because that’s how much the pitchers were but there was another bottle of broth that we added and I’m not sure how much it held.
I let it heat up more and added the pasta and let that sit for about seven minutes with the lid on for the pasta to cook almost all the way. Then I put the chicken, collard greens, mustard greens, and horseradish mustard in, stirred it, and let it cook for two more minutes with the lid on until the pasta was done.
It was really good that first day, definitely a little bitter, but still really good. That was Wednesday. Thursday it was more bitter and that’s when my stomach started acting up. It hasn’t been touched since today (Saturday). I’ve been scooping the greens out because I think that’s contributing. They got thrown in raw, and spouse said they should’ve blanched them before putting them in.
Is there anyway I can fix this so this big ass pot of soup isn’t completely forfeit?
Thanks in advance if you made it this far. I tried to be as detailed as possible.
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2023.06.03 20:05 Rand0mness4 Trails of Our Hatred Ch. 5

Special thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for allowing fanfiction and giving us Tilfish.
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Memory Transcription Subject: ? , run run run run run run.
Date: December 2, 2136
I'm tired. I'm so unbearably tired. I don't remember the fall or when my legs quit working, but I'm still denied the sweet release of sleep by the fires radiating from my muscles. It's sick and twisted, but I don't think I can move any more. I'm stuck here face down in the soil, unable or unwilling to do anything but wonder if a harvesting drone will roll over me and turn me into mist on the crops I'm lost in. My mouth itches. Some loose soil in my nose makes me hack, but there's nothing I can do but wheeze and pant. There's not a drop of moisture left in me. I'm all shriveled up. Everything's a haze.
I should've stopped for water. There was time. A few ponds that didn't look filmed over with vile algae blooms. The last town had a fountain on the outskirts. There were a few distant outbuildings that could've had a sink or a hose. Really, a few mouthfuls would've been enough to keep me from cramping up. Now I feel like I'm all dried out, like a stick of fruit jerky.
I should've taken a break. I've not been able to run in so long. I knew it was getting bad, but I ignored it. I'm paying for it now. I pushed way too far. Run until I black out. Wake up. Repeat. For days and days, or however long I've been free. I don't know. Every time I wake I can't tell if minutes have passed or days. I would push myself back to my feet and run. Because distance is all that matters. I made the right call avoiding the roads. The cameras. The soles of my feet are battered and wail in pain, but for every step I took was a minute longer I got to feel the sun kiss my scales and the gentle caress of the wind upon my neck. The cool soil seeping into my burning side. Fresh air in my lungs. Faint mist on my back.
I should've calmed down. I'm wasting what little time I have left stuck here in misery. I missed my chance to escape. My saviors were predators, but it would've been a better fate. And they're everywhere. Monsters and Predators alike. The whole planet is getting what it deserves. I made my choice, but now I'm squandering it. At least the soil is nice. Even as broken as I feel, it is only temporary. I know this is heaven. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Even if my tongue is dried and bleeding.
no no no no no. Hurts. Hurts hurts hurts.
My body rebels. I settle on crawling. Dragging my tainted digits through the soil and forcing myself through the mud.
Puddle. Puddle Puddle Puddle.
I'm glad to be alive. I'm glad for this puddle. It's my whole world. I crawl to it as quickly as my body allows and beyond, but I'm too dehydrated to cry at the lancing pain in my joints. I slip and tumble into it face first, a cold shock making me freeze up. I don't even try to drink at first, my eyes closed as I lay partially submerged in this brackish water. It makes me feel slightly better as the cold gently eases my neck muscles, and I feel the rest of my body cramping up again.
Imagine drowning in a claw of water. I'm suddenly terrified that it's possible. I throw an arm out and dig it deep into the mud, clawing silt as I awkwardly pull myself in sideways. I roll, splashing the rest of the way in and feeling my poorly treated scales weep as the cold bleeds into them. I lay my head sideways and drink, gagging at the taste but unable to stop myself. I still can't cry, but my face is still trying to produce tears anyways.
In delirium, I notice the corner of a structure well above me. It's a pole, made of metal and towering well above me. Morning dew drips off of it and into my eye not currently submerged, and I blink it away.
Thank you pole. You're a life saver.
I don't plan on moving for a while, so I don't. The dew drips onto my snout several times, and my body rejoices at the cool water I've partially submerged myself in. The silt in my mouth is a necessary and tolerable evil from my desperate dive, and I angle my snout so that I can catch the fresh dew dripping from above instead. It tastes far better than the puddle, and for the first time in ever, I feel a smile creeping on my face.
I blink lazily, one eyelid operating a few seconds behind the other. I feel better. This blackout felt more natural, less forced. Like a gentle wave over my mind than the harsh crack of a baton. My mouth is still full of silt that I spit out, and a moment later I realize I can spit again. The bitter taste of blood in my mouth is faint now, and the joy of having a wet palate can't be described.
It hurts to move. I try again, but my flesh feels like it's been filled with concrete. My muscles are too tight on my bones. Stiffly, I try again, making little progress, but still progress. I edge out a claw at a time, barely getting my neck out of the pool before collapsing, the chilly waters leaving me shivering.
Where am I?
A very good question, I ask myself. I don't know. That's the cost of running without direction for so long. I think I'm in a field, judging by the crops looking over me and encompassing my wide vision of the vibrant sky overhead.
Yeah... that's it. I'm in a field. Brilliant observation skills.
I try again, but nothing new comes up. For the first time since I fled, I think about what I'm going to do. I'm free. I'm free. What am I going to do now that I'm free? How long do I have? I know the answer to that already. I have a long time. Everybody that knew me is dead and gone. I just need to be careful and not ruin this chance. I should try and find a town. Cities are too big, too many problems could come up. Too many exterminators. I could start over off the beaten path. Somewhere I can hide in plain sight.
This is Sillis. Being me shouldn't be an issue. I... I can get a labor job somewhere. Change my name. What can I do?
What can I do?
What is my name?
"Oh dear." I whispered quietly to myself, brows furrowing. Odd. How odd. I can move on from that. Makes starting a new life easier. Something that isn't four walls and a paper thin mattress. Something outside. I just... need to get... out of this darn puddle. No, still not happening. Ouch.
I splash my paw into the puddle in frustration, using about the full range of motion I seem capable of in a mild fit. I want to stay on the move, but the consequences of my poor decision making have come back to bite me right on the rear. At least I have some time to think.
I could try the lumber industry. That's usually away from people. I think I can figure out how to knock down trees, or at least fix up the machines that can. Maybe I can join a farm around here once I'm cleaned up. There's always something to do on a farm. Like counting shipments, or unloading shipments, or loading them. Maybe I can fix things around the property. Golly, I hope I know how to fix the automated machinery. That would really be nice.
Ooh! I could try and be a tram service maintenance operator. Wait, no no no. That requires background checks, I think. Darn it. Uuuh, road utility services? No, that'll take me into cities one way or another. There's a ton of work with drainage systems and water run off here. I could get good money for that since it's risky. Pollutants, constant thundering streams of water. I think I can go with that. There would be a lot of rural investigations that I could apply for. If not, I'm certain the underground construction projects would bear fruit. I'll miss the sun but nobody would bother me too much... no, still too many people. Drainage systems it is!
A faint whistle catches my ear and I freeze, tilting my head as something green flies just overhead. It clips several stalks and leaves as it passes, but seems unbothered as the severed branches fall to the ground and leaves gently cascade after. I follow its path with an eye and it vanishes between some tall plants, leaving me alone just as quickly as-
Nope, the same thing floats by again, darting between crops once more directly above me. It's odd, I can't hear wing beats or buzzing, or see anything keeping it airborne as it passed, and I wait with baited breath to see if it shows itself again. I don't know what I feel, but it isn't terror. It's... something. Curiosity? This time I hear a chirrup, but it's close. I don't see it float by, and painfully I crane my neck and look at the other side of the puddle.
It's an insectoid of some kind, strangely wide and flat. It looks pretty similar to the leaves on the many trees that I've seen since I got out, with uneven, tapered sides. It has a few pairs of legs, and it scuttles to the puddle and dips the front of its body towards the surface. It really does look like a large leaf, but my observation is cut short when the bug abruptly stops moving within barely a claw of the water, a pair of forward facing compound eyes snug against the stem near the tip of its body. It chirps again, and I see narrow maw under the front of this creature, a slim set of fangs briefly glinting in the sun before its mandibles hide them.
"Oh dear." I manage to whisper.
With remarkable dexterity it hops across the body of water and splashes down on top of me, and several legs grip my ribs and arms. My tail flicks under the water's surface, but I don't move as the thing's maw looms over my snout. A smaller set of feelers touch my scales and let it guide where it can't see, and it pecks at my nostril once. I smell ozone and feel a different fire burn in my core, and relax.
This isn't ideal. It really isn't. But it's still better that what once was. You won't hurt me for too long. You're better than they ever were.
Trading my cell for this... it's not that scary. Somehow, despite this predator straddling me and chewing on my snout, I'm not scared of it. I have alarms shrieking in my ears and ozone burning my nostrils and wrists. Bubbly poison twisting my insides and making me gag. I'm terrified of that, but that's long gone. That broken visage cuts deep, but it leaves me feeling empty. I'm alone with this thing pecking at my skull, occasionally chirping or hissing softly as it chews over my scales.
It's little mandibles flutter over my cheek and squish it, the fangs behind it pricking at my scales but never really puncturing. It's odd, almost exploratory. I hear a faint plip as some dew from the pole overhead drips onto the creature, and it leans back slightly to presumably look up. It lowers back down on me, and I wince as it gets a little rougher. It halts for a moment, mandibles still dancing over my scales, before I feel a set of legs slip past my arms and latch onto my back.
I grit my teeth, expecting it to finally lunge down and bite into my flesh as the rest of it's body tenses, but with a start it lifts me up with strength I didn't think it had. My back scrapes along the mud as it lifts me and drags me partially out of the muck. It lowers me down just as quickly as it started, leaving a bit of my upper body out of the water and in the warm air. I blink as it lowers its body down onto my own, legs tightening its grip on me as it presses itself against me. It chirrups again and resumes nibbling on my neck, and my mind absently puzzles over this change of events.
It's roosting on me. Is it my body heat? I feel cold, but maybe it's colder. I wish I knew what you were. I'm glad you're not really biting me. It tickles, stop!
I couldn't help but squeak out a laugh, despite the very present danger I was in. The bug tensed for a moment but didn't sink its fangs into my neck, and after a moment it resumed licking at me. Slowly, it's legs tightened on my body and it pressed itself against me further, and it hissed softly. I closed my eyes when it's maw pressed against me, but once again no bite split me open and drained my lifeblood. It's mandibles tickled my scales some more as the creature flattened out, the ridges of its body laying in the mud as it settled down. I was all but buried under the thing that was almost as big as me, and my tail swished lightly in the water.
Once again, I find myself stuck. I wasn't going anywhere anyways, but now I'm very stuck. Hopefully it doesn't get peckish. This thing could definitely eat me if it wanted to. It's funny that I'm supposed to fear it. All those training exercises failed. Every test and experiment. Maybe it enforced the wrong behavior. I think I might've been respectfully afraid of this creature once, but that part of me is all burned up. If it existed at all.
I've missed the novelty of clouds. Sillis has an overabundance of them, but so far I've been lucky that none of the ones passing overhead were angry. It's almost odd that no rain has come, but I'm glad. I faintly remember that the rains could become acidic if there's too long a pause between storms. Too much smoke or warp residue building up in the atmosphere.
So far I've counted two absolutely towering thunderheads and small storm systems roll by in all their stunning glory, and dozens of smaller offsets in their wake. Hundreds of individual clouds dot the skies, not quite blanketing it yet. It's pleasant, even within the grasp of a large, sleeping predator that's fully enveloped me. I can feel it's diaphragm shifting ever so slightly on my chest, and it twitches occasionally.
I don't mind. For now, things are peaceful. I'm enjoying that. At least, until something crunched a few rows over.
That sounds a lot bigger than this predator.
The creature shifts slightly but doesn't wake as whatever else is out there stalks through the crops. It has to be a predator, from how quiet it moves. Every little rustle and faint step happen far from each other, and my mind immediately jumps to an ambush hunter. Carefully, I move my head to catch a glimpse of the thing, trying not to disturb the slumbering creature that is currently resting it's mouth on my neck. My scales fade into a dirty black that matches the soil, and I squint to hide my eyes from whatever is out there.
There's movement on my left, something tall shifting between the crops a few rows down. I hear a rumbling noise- a deep based growl, and the back of my skull itches.
No no no no no. I don't want to go back. I want to be free.
I know what the thing is. It's a new predator. A sapient one. The same ones that freed me. The same ones that wanted to herd me onto a ship. I can't do this. Sapient predators are cruel, far crueler than the average ones. A normal predator wasn't personal about the kill. It could be reasoned with. Where did that come from? A sapient predator was ruthless for entertainment.
I owe them my life.
They'll just take it.
There's a rustle from a different direction, and a behemoth steps out of the crops far closer to me than I would prefer. It is armored like the many I've seen before, but I realize instead of a firearm it wields a bulky tool of some kind tightly in its paws. It dawns on me that it's colors are different, green and blue instead of solid blue, and there's a colorful flag of some kind pressed on the garments of its arm.
"Copy." It rumbled quietly.
"Crikey, you spooked me there!" the other predator whispered, changing course. Thankfully the closest one broke off to meet it, and they stopped one row over. It was best I stay still. Their hearing was better than they let on. "Okay, did you get it done?"
I can't see them clearly, but some non verbal communication must have occurred because the one predator continues speaking.
"Good. Look, trouble is coming. A fellow seppo noticed the ordinance went missing. He's suspicious. There'll be heat soon. Have you made any progress with the other front?" A pause. "Same. I've dealt with several of his goons, but none knew anything good."
"I'll have him tonight."
"An exterminator account and reversed polarity on some switches works wonders."
"...you seppos are terrifying."
"We're a world power for a reason."
"...yeah. Do you have the drive? Nice. You keep this up and we'll have everything we need from this planet before Christmas. We're going to make things right." There's an odd grunt, and one of them starts rumbling quietly in what translates as amusement. "Involved in peace. What do they really think this accomplishes?"
"Don't care. We find our whales and move on."
"Come on, we can have some more fun if we're careful! Don't act like that doesn't entertain you after that bomber plot of yours!"
"S-4," there's an undertone in that growl that makes my scales shrink, "remember the prize."
"...God, you're a hard ass. Fine. I'm certain you're carrying that giant wrench for peaceful reasons and not to crack open any skulls out here. I'll check the smuggling routes. Rig up something to keep these bugs under our thumb. You keep being you. I need to move before they notice I'm gone."
Faint footsteps leading away, and I sighed. While brief, just being around them made my scales crawl-
The crops right beside me parted, and the other predator stepped out. It's covered foot splashed into the puddle, and stirred the predator enveloping me. Much to my horror the thing chirruped and hissed, releasing me and spinning around. The apex predator looked down at the smaller thing and regarded it.
The drawing on the mask was comical, and not at all what I was expecting. Most humans didn't wear masks, so blinding terror didn't sweep me away. I almost laughed at the absurdity of concealing one's face, only to make a lazy drawing of a face overtop of it.
The smaller predator didn't find it nearly as confusing or entertaining as I did, and hissed. The apex didn't falter, but surprisingly held its ground despite being threatened by a lesser predator.
Most predators would make a threat back and assert itself. Or lash out. What is this one up too? It's not acting submissive so it isn't backing down. But it isn't retaliating either. Does it need to? It's using it's own size as a deterrent.
My thoughts are interrupted when my toothy cover abruptly spins and flees, gaining air under its body and become airborne. It slashes through a row of crops and is gone, just like how it arrived. The apex still hasn't moved. It takes a few steps forward, nearing me. I can't tell if it's looking at me or not so I close my eyes tight, hoping that my eyes hadn't given me away. There's a thump right beside me and I flinch. I can feel it's presence. It has stopped walking.
It knows. Somehow it sees me. It knows it knows it knows.
Something warm grazes my neck and I flinch again, despite myself. I can't do it. I don't want to die with my eyes closed. I want to see the sun and the clouds and the crops, not this faux darkness.
I open my eyes and it's right there, crouched over me. I can't bother with wasting my energy by screaming. It saw through my camouflage and had a paw to my neck. I wished it to be merciful and just strike me down with the wrench it brought, but it doesn't. Instead it plunges its paw into the water, under my rump. It rips me out of the water and I gasp as its other paw slips down under my shoulders and lifts, but my mind catches up a moment later when it pressed me against it's chest instead of its mouth, forsaking my exposed stomach. It's grip loosens slightly and it adjusts, an arm under my shoulder blades and legs. I can feel the muscles rippling in it's grip, and how easily it could fold me over backwards and squish me. I've seen it first hand.
But it's so gently. So unbelievably gentle. I don't remember the last time I was touched like this. Something in a dark recess of my mind wavered, and I realized I'd curled my tail around the creature's arm without meaning to. It holds me a little closer, nowhere near enough to hurt, and my scales start to change to match the colors it wears. It's not looking at me, the mask is angled too far up. We're moving at a blinding pace suddenly, the rows of crops blurring in my vision. It doesn't stop. This apex runs like a machine, each breath consistent and calculated to a rhythm I notice. Its breathing labors but it keeps going, warm jets of air spitting out the bottom of its mask and onto my soggy, damp form.
It's so warm. I didn't realize the chill of the water until now but I'm shivering. My body takes over for my confused mind and curls into the predator's grasp, trying to get as much warmth from the human's rough garments as I can. I don't know what's come over me. I don't know where it's taking me. I don't care. I can't escape it, and if this thing kills me it was at least kind enough to be gentle.
The skies are so beautiful. I try and focus on them but all I can really see is the predator's mask. I can see the bottom of it's jaw, the taught muscles there. I dread what its face looks like in this moment under that mask. Its digits tighten on my shoulder and side in response to me curling into it, and absently I wonder how this predator is the same as the ones from days ago with their thundering bellows and ruthless firepower.
The apex thunders out of the field and I'm assaulted by new sights. There's a few dozen of them roving around a clearing by several vehicles.
I also spot an Exterminator's van, and my claws unsheathe. The predator winces and I realize I've nailed him with them, but he doesn't throw me down or bark at me. He sprints by the van without stopping, but I see several Tilfish locked inside and doomed to a terrible fate worse than being eaten.
"Ambulance!?" It barks sharply, out of breath. It skids to a stop beside one of the transports, clutching me firmly.
"Just left with the patient. Where the hell did this one come from?" An unmasked predator growled, eyes beady and looking over me. Mine made an odd jerking motion and continued.
"Get Doc."
"I will. What hospital are we calling?" The thought of a clinical space makes me flinch. White walls. White floors. Cold tiles. Needles. Beeping. Humming. Frying.
"None. Operational security."
The other predator screwed its face up and departed, and abruptly mine was sitting down on the back of one of the trucks. Gently I was plopped down on its lap, and I watched transfixed as it peeled its armor off, then its outer garment. There's an image of a veiled human on the back with its eyes closed, head craned down. Its hands are clasped together in thought, and the meaning of it goes over my head.
The predator is a lot smaller than I thought it was. It gently lifts me and set me in the garment, before it starts wiping me down with it. I'm too sore to fight it, and the cloth is exceptionally warm from the creature's body heat. It pulls me closer and holds me in a way that makes my chest hurt, and it looks out at an approaching predator. It rumbles softly.
"You're going to be okay."
My body relaxes despite my mind's warnings. I'm wrapped up in this garment it wore. I can't escape it. But it's warm. The material soaks up the water on my skin, and wipes away the grime and muck I've accumulated over the days. Slowly, my scales begin to shift again, bleeding back to my normal tan coloration.
"Did something finally bite you Sunshine? I haven't seen you run like that in- oh-kay." The approaching predator flinched when it got close and tensed up.
It wants to eat me. This one- Sunshine- it won't let it without a fight. Are they going to eat me? Sunshine won't. Right?
"I thought there was only one victim." The predator rumbled after a moment, creeping closer. I shrank into the material and took on it's color, only for a warm paw to settle on my arm.
"You're fine." Sunshine whispered. It looked up at the approaching predator and jerked its head awkwardly. "There is. Look at it. Do you see it too?"
Gently, it lifted my arm. I was too stiff to pull it back, not that I could've against its powerful grip. I was completely exposed to this other predator.
"Relax. Please." Sunshine whispered once more. The growl was soft, and I looked up at the mask above me. The grip on my arm was careful, I realized. I could pull away right now. Slowly, my scales lightened. The other predator leaned in closer and I flashed white and yellow briefly, but Sunshine propped me up a bit and started gently poking at sore parts of my body. My ribs. My neck. "Here. And... and here."
The other predator's eyes seemed to get bigger. Something deeper changed in its face. "Holy shit." It made to move forward and I reeled back, pressing myself further into Sunshine. The predator immediately froze and slunk back.
"He can help." Sunshine rumbled softly.
Oh dear. Oh dear.
It touched me. It's diminutive nails didn't rend into my scales as it touched my ribs, prodding them softly. Sunshine adjusted how it sat so that the other predator could have better access to me, and I couldn't help but focus on the skies again as it assessed what part of me it wanted.
Sunshine won't let it eat me.
I don't know where the thought came from, but it was firm. I believed it entirely. Even though Sunshine was a sapient predator, it wouldn't let it happen. Maybe it claimed me as its own already. I... I had doubts I would be eaten. The thoughts were there, but Sunshine had a perfect chance already. Unless it wanted to flaunt its catch first, which the Arxur did- but it was gentle. Sunshine was better than an Arxur.
"Malnourished, deep sores. Ulcers. There's bruising up and down the rib cage. Jesus- sorry."
"They're old. Persistent. Its feet."
"What about..." The predator got quiet. I felt my scales shift in worry as it gingerly lifted one of my legs. It remained quiet, but its face stretched further. "What happened?"
It was looking at me. Asking me. I shrank further into the fabric, but there was nowhere to go. The silence was unbearable, and I started trembling.
The silence continued.
"A runaway." Sunshine rumbled after forever. I didn't understand what that meant. My translator didn't pick it up quite right. Run-away? Like fleeing? Was that what these predators called their prey? No... no that didn't seem right. It was possible, but...
"Could have been kidnapped." Another word I didn't understand, but my translator worked on the other predator. Stealing a person by force? Using fear outside of the law? How did predators have such a word? "We need to get it to the hospital. Figure out what happened and how it ended up in this field."
Sunshine's arms draped over me before I could escape, my attempt no better than a drunk Mazic trying to fit through a Venlil sized door. I couldn't stop the whine in my throat, but its soft digits down my back froze me. A subtle noise filtered out behind the mask, and it settled me back down in its garment. It picked up an edge lined with little metal teeth and draped it over me, blocking my sight from the other predator. I felt safe, suddenly. Sunshine's firm grip on my body didn't feel threatening. It felt like a promise, as it carefully pulled me against it's bulk. I was warm, despite my terror.
"Zuda will handle it. No hospitals. This stays with us."
"Sunshine," the other predator protested, "we need to figure out what happened!"
"Think, Doc." Sunshine growled, and this was no doubt a warning. I felt relief that the difference between the two growls was so obvious.
"Think. Use your head."
There was a period of silence. "You don't... that can't be right." I didn't understand what conclusion it made.
"The injuries are uniform. Too clean to be anything else."
They can't know. How can they know?
"We need confirmation!"
"We already have it." Sunshine stated, and slowly the fabric was lifted off of my head. I blinked, and noticed that the other predator had changed a different shade.
That's odd. Are you predators like me?
That's terrifying. I'm not a threat. I'm me.
"It reacted to the van and mention of a hospital, Doc. Nobody outside the UN hears of this. Operational security."
It... does Sunshine know? How do they know?
"What the fuck is this planet, Sunshine?" The other predator lamented.
Sunshine didn't respond. He looked around at the surrounding encampment, and I realized it was shrinking. They were leaving. A few other predators were subtly watching as they worked, but I doubted they could hear the conversation with how quiet it was. I realize there's a few Venlil in their ranks, unbothered by their presence and even wearing garments similar to the predators around them.
A digit tapped the end of my snout and I flinched, looking up at Sunshine. It's paw retracted as the other predator withdrew a medical kit with a paw print on it and began to unclasp it. "You're safe. We're... we're going to help."
You know. You know what I am. And you're helping me anyway. Why are you helping me? I'm weak. I'm dangerous. But not to you. You're an apex. Is that why? Does your species stick together, unlike the Arxur? Do you uplift those around you, no matter if they're prey or dangerous? The Venlil are not afraid of you. You must not eat them. What do you eat? It has to be meat. But, it must be something that they can handle. Does what makes me dangerous fall away under your hierarchy? I hope it does. It doesn't seem real. I guess to you, what makes me a threat is meaningless.
I believe Sunshine. I really do. When the other predator comes forward with a healing gel, I surrender.
I am safe.
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2023.06.03 20:04 Weddedtoreddit2 What dim-witted MORON made/approved Chrome 115?

PC version.
Everything looks stupid now. Oversized, million mile gaps between everything and every button is different.
I just can't understand the idiocy of fixing what ain't broke.
I need to scroll on every bookmark folder now, before I had them exactly the height of the window..
Is there any way to get back the denser look of previous versions?
And why remove "overlay scrollbars" ??? The normal scrollbar looks fucking ass from 20 years ago.
Every SINGLE update they make Chrome worse. Nothing has improved.
EDIT: Holy shit the right click menus are FUCKING GIGANTIC. Google, I AM NOT BLIND, you fucking morons. Desktop programs' UI DOES NOT need to be huge, you shit-eating testicles.
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2023.06.03 19:50 cjelfoffashelf Moved out a few days ago, and found out that I’ve been sleeping on a 34 year old spring mattress my whole life. I’m 21.

I was asking for a new mattress for my princess and the pea ass uncomfy bed for the last several years, and my parents kept telling me we had just gotten a new one.
I got the same answer over and over, and so I eventually gave up with asking. About a year and a half ago I started sleeping on the couch after getting COVID, and stopped complaining about my uncomfortable bed because I… wasn’t sleeping in it.
I finally figured out how to check a manufacturing label and found out the damn thing was made in May 1989. I asked my parents if they could get me a new mattress as a moving out gift, and they laughed and said no.
This mattress is a great example of the neglect I experienced growing up. Because my mom was the one who pretty much bought everything, and because I’m her least favorite/the scapegoat, my needs were repeatedly neglected.
On a positive note, I’m so happy to move out and start a new chapter of my life. My parents both shame me for the things I struggle with (eating habits, exercise, how much I sleep, whether I can get myself up in the morning, how clean my room is) despite me telling them it only makes things worse for me, AND DESPITE NOT OFFERING TO HELP W MOST OF THOSE THINGS ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL and I’m glad i won’t have that negative voice dragging on me anymore. I’ve been doing a much better job at taking care of myself recently, partially because i knew that i would be free soon
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2023.06.03 19:39 Littlecornelia Always asked to fund events, never invited

I'm just needing to vent.
My husband has a three adult children that I've been in their lives for over 7 years now. His son has two young kids of his own (4.5 and 2) and one of his daughters is currently pregnant.
We have always been asked to help fund events for them, but haven't ever been invited. My husband hasn't been to one of his grandkids baby showers, gender reveals, or birthday parties. But we've always been asked to help fund things - whether it's the food, cake, rental event space, etc...you get the gist.
The reason we're not invited? His ex cannot handle the simple idea of me being at the same event, she cannot even handle the knowledge that their youngest daughter and I are good friends. She is a grown ass woman who cannot put her own ego aside for 1 hour after almost 9 years apart.
This just happened again and filled me with even more rage - his older daughter is pregnant with her first kid and the baby shower is this upcoming Saturday. Her mom and sister are in charge of the party and both are constantly broke. They apparently don't have money for any food for the baby shower, so they asked my husband. I have no clue why they think it's ok to ask someone to pay out anything for a party that we aren't welcome at?! His ex can't stand the thought of us, yet she'll happily eat food we've paid for? Attend an event at a location we paid the rental fee for?
Thanks to anyone who read this far, I just had to get it out!
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2023.06.03 19:35 Workw0rker Relapsed: Symptoms are all back.

Hey everyone this is just a list of symptoms I find that happens to me when I vape.
  1. Low Energy. Seriously after taking a couple puffs for a couple hours I have low energy. I can feel myself being dragged down just from walking alone. It sucks and I hate feeling fatigued.
  2. Bad Breath + Tonsil Stones: Its gross. My breath is now getting stinky again (I floss and brush every day). I also get tonsil stones which are disgusting and having to clean them out makes me gag.
  3. Diarrhea. Its gross. Ive been eating healthier but ever since I got the vape my shits have all been liquid and my ass is sore from wiping (time to get a bidet).
  4. Coughing up phlegm in the morning. Every morning after I started vaping again I cough up nasty dark yellow phlegm. It coats my mouth for the rest of the day and adds to the bad breath.
  5. Chest Pains. Yup, random chest pains. I had a spontaneous lung collapse years ago and it feels similar and it creates so much anxiety.
  6. Acne Flare ups: Not sure if its related but since I started vaping again my acne has been getting worse despite my skincare routine.
  7. Anxiety: This one should be number one but here it is cause Im too exhausted to fix it and im blaming the vape. My heartrate is soaring through the roof, Im a bit more shakey, I sweat much more making my hands super clammy. All anxiety symptoms.
  8. Depression: I find myself feeling shitty because I vape and the shame that comes with it. How could I fail? How could I feel so good from something so terrible? Terrible thoughts that bring me down and sap my energy.
  9. Boners not as strong. Thats all you gotta know bout that. Vaping kills your dick.
  10. Cold. I feel much more cold when I vape, physically cold. I have to layer up or else Ill start to shiver.
There is probably more but these are the ones that come up.
Remember everyone why youre quitting. These symptoms are all not worth the small dopamine boost you get from sucking on a battery.
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2023.06.03 19:34 Professional-Rip-234 My mother wants to remarry, and I have no idea how & what to feel about it.

Hello. This is my first time posting something here, so I hope this get attention of many people because I would appreciate many advice and opinions from other people. It's most likely gonna be long, but please, please, please bear with me.
My mother (40+ years old) wants to remarry. Before I get into that, a little(?) background. We are broken in many aspects especially in relationship, feelings and finance. Honestly, it was just... a life. Good life? I don't know probably never was a good life but never actually know or experience that since I was innocent (Literally, a baby. Like kids.). You know, we live and eat and go to school and just living a normal life. We were not rich but back then, it was enough. We don't have that much money but somehow, it was enough. Would like to be in that time where I don't understand much so I thought I'm living a problem-free life :'). But safe to say, I was happy. We were. For that, Alhamdulillah.
Time passed by, yesterday I was playing tag at the back of the class then suddenly I was 13. Went to boarding school (I was a smart kid. Yeah, was). Financially, it got worse, but we managed. I was 15. Mom got cheated on. My parents divorced. I was in a middle of a big exam, so you know how the situation like but let's not get into that. Got straight A's tho and got into a better boarding school. School started and what I thought just a normal, usual school life turns into a total opposite when I realized I was not smart anymore. It was really hard for me to process things coz I was close to my father. Obviously, I was not in a good mental and even physical condition. Still not tho tsk. Probably got to do with the divorce thingy but we're Asian so no such thing 🤷‍♀️
My relationship with my father? Bad. It was bad, indeed. Not the screaming yelling at each other kinda bad, my mom did that already. More like not talking, not speaking, not seeing each other for a long time because I despised him, and I was full of resentment kinda bad. Just normal human feelings.
My mom? Same. I mean we're good but not with my father. Back and forth to the court, got the whole custody thing. Mind you she was cheated on, no money whatsoever coz she was a housewife. I watched her rise from ashes like a phoenix and became a stronger woman, a stronger mother to me, my other siblings and our cats.
About 2 years ago maybe? I was 20, I honestly don't remember how but our relationship my father got better. Long story short, we're now talking to each other and all. We're good. We went through a lot, especially my mom. If it can do this much damage to me, imagine my mom. That's what I always tell myself. The reason why I'm telling you my POV a lot and also my mom too because I want you to understand, what it would be in my shoe and also in her shoe.
Ever since, my mom has been single, I've grown used to her dynamic as a single mom and a family of just us you know, and we've developed a close bond over time. But now (well, since around a year ago), she's ready to move on and find love again, and I'm having a hard time processing it all. Despite other hardships that came with life along the way, we're still together.
On one hand, I want my mother to be happy and fulfilled in her life. She deserves love, just like anyone else. Deep down, I want her to be truly happy. But at the same time, I never like the idea of having other person, a new person in my life. Yes, the thought of her finding love and just wanting to marry again, I never like it. Probably because I also didn't agree to the divorce but 'for the best' (But I stayed silent the whole time). I TRIED I SWEAR I TRIED to open my mind and heart, works on some but not everything. I mean I talked to my father again after years so it shouldn't be that bad, but I CANNOT.
I always feel like 'Are we not enough in your life that you have to marry someone else? Do you forget what happened? I thought you all about I'm gonna rise as a woman and like kinda hate man well not hate but like because of what happened you know but now you're want to find love like eww' BUT I knew I was kinda projecting(?) my trauma on her life choices. BUT STILL UGH THIS IS COMPLICATED HELP.
Okay, anyways. She decided to remarry. She said she wanted to discuss about something because someone proposed her. For the first time, I genuinely opened my mind and heart on it. I was surprised I did. Never would I think I would even want to have that discussion, but I did anyways. Probably because I also want the best for her in any ways possible, and I want to understand. I sat there, listening, discussing and asking. But to my surprise, she was not on the same boat. She was defensive. Why? Even other people around us noticed it (her sisters and mom were there too), so we're not really the problem here. What's happening? She did not want to have that conversation she didn't even want to be there atp. I thought we were having a discussion, what's with the tone? It's not like we didn't want it or anything, dang we're not even there yet, it was just questions, but she was pissed. Why?
Even her sister called her out for being too defensive, we were just asking questions of course we want to know. Atp she just thinks my mom was never really want to discuss after all, she just wants to have it her own way. She keeps repeating stuff like, why can't you understand simple thing? Gesturing and even her tone depicting that she's annoyed with all the questions and say stuff like 'It's my life', 'if you don't like it go and live with your father' and all. Obviously, it's not a simple thing. Yea, it's your life but in your life consists of us here and well, I'm old enough to voice myself out, but what about the others? They are literally 12 years old and younger; they have no choice but to just follow, no? Someone needs to at least let them be clear of what their life would be, no? What if they feel a sense of loss and apprehension. I worry about how this new relationship might change them. Will they still have the same level of closeness and connection with her? Will they feel left out or neglected? How about their safety? yes, safety. You'll know later why I said that. These questions keep swirling in my mind, creating uncertainty and anxiety. We're discussing here to clear things up, obviously this is not just 'simple thing'. Me aside, you are bringing in these kids to a new life, it's not 'simple' and there is no way in hell they will voice it out. Especially to my mom. She's always so defensive. Prolly because of what happened. SEE? I understand her, but at the same time, I ... UGH.
You know what makes it even more... I don't know the word but here's the thing. WE ARE BROKE. Even now. I asked her, what that man do for a living, how much is his salary? She was pissed, I can tell. I justify my questions, I explained, NICELY, like how today's world is not the same as back then. If he can't afford to financially support us, prolly need to rethink and all. Considering that my mom will turn to be a housewife again after marrying that man (which most probably the case she always dreams of a break from work and just yk live), I JUST DON'T WANT SAME THING TO HAPPEN AGAIN.
I know at one point you would want to point it out this while reading this - Yes, I can work and support my whole family. But I'm still studying and struggling to even battle these whispers in my head. I always feel like I'm useless. I'm taking all this courses and all so that I can start work asap. I'm useless and such a burden. Correct. But I'm working on it, it takes time I'm sorry I'm not smart anymore, it takes so much time. I even start learning trading, but I just don't understand anything I'm dumb now. Although at times I felt so unfair. They, especially my mom wants me to continue studying, get into uni all but when people were insulting me for being a burden living in this house rent free while my mom works, they are just silent. Almost like they are agreeing. When I burst and say that I don't want to even do this I do this for them, suddenly everyone have amnesia. Implying that I take this upon myself. If I dont get into uni, I'm a failure. Now, I get into uni and they don't even acknowledge my mental struggle and insulting me here and there - still a failure. Never mind, it's not relevant to this story sorry.
That man is like 2 or 3 years younger than my mom. Has a son. A pilot. So, financially no problem me think. But comes another... lowkey red flag to me - my mom has no idea who he is. Apparently, a friend of my mom introduced my mom to him, and I don't know he likes my mom and want to marry her? ugh it's all third party kinda connection. And she refused to explain clearly. They only know each other through this one friend. No chat or call or meeting whatsoever, like the old time? yea like the old time. The thing is, this is not like old time. That man is literally stranger, only know him from a picture, only know his name, age, a little background and that's it. Same goes for the man. That's when me and other older sibling started to kinda question her decision here a lil bit. Does she genuinely want to start a new life or she just desperate of validation or like I don't know what's happening here I have no clue but wtf? and the audacity to even - sorry if it's sounds like I'm condemning, but she's bringing in these kids especially into a new life WITH A STRANGER come on. I don't have to explain much I think most people can tell what I think and feel dkjncijsdnvjc I'm lost.
It's important for me to emphasize that I don't want to stand in the way of her happiness. I fully support her decision to remarry if it brings her joy. But this? He also wants to meet us next week and you know, she also highlights this - that man doesn't want to take long time so kinda let's meet, discuss and marry asap. We thought like okay maybe after we all met him, can have some time for them to get to know each other but no. No time wasting, let's marry. Like...? And what year is this, she was like "there's something call love after marriage." If you're Muslim, probably familiar of this mindset(?). It's not wrong tho but today's world umm I'm not sure if it's applicable as much.
He also wants us all to move in his house. I have a younger sister. How many stepfathers rape stepdaughter news out there that she needs to realize that this is not some kind of a game. You might think I'm overreacting and all but not my fault. She doesn't even know him personally, his heart, his mind like lucky if he's genuinely a good guy but if he's not? Why are she putting our life on obvious uncertainties like this? Taking unnecessary risk like this just because you want to get marry, I just don't understand this part. She's taking things lightly. She needs to consider so many things and factors here. This is not a light thing, this is literally, a massive life changing event. I'm all justified to think of that.
Even my other older sibling doesn't really like how this going. When I ask her, does she want to accept the proposal. She said yes. I ask why? I mean even she doesn't know much about him, what makes her say yes. We want to know, we need to know, hence the discussion. She replies with everything and anything but a real answer, and she pissed.
This is where I turn to you, fellow Redditors. Have any of you been in a similar situation? Any advice or personal anecdotes would be greatly appreciated. I understand that every situation is unique, but hearing different perspectives might help me gain some clarity and reassurance. I want to navigate this situation with love and understanding, for my mother, myself and my younger siblings that still under her care.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my long ass story and share your experiences. Your insights mean a lot to me, and I'm grateful for all of you. I will update after we meet him, next week. Thank you again!
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2023.06.03 19:24 sekio1 M35/f31 distant wife

My wife and I have been married for almost 12 years now. We have 3 wonderful kids, she is a stay at home wife and I provide financially for the family. We got married when she was 19 and I 23. At the time, we were Mormon (ugg topic for different discussion). Over the past 5 years, we have had hardships that have created tension in the relationship.
When my daughter was 3 , she drowned at my inlaw' house (my wife was able to get her out and resuscitate her), we had cps up our ass that year due to the issue. I was in a work meeting when I got a frantic call from my wife informing me that our middle child had drowned. This obviously shook my world. I had carried anger at my wife for many years after that time, whether I knew it or not, (it's just fair to say I was angry). Cps was up our ass at the hospital trying to take our kids from us. Luckily, they did not.
Later that year, I started having major health issues that had gotten to the point where it was to get open heart surgery or die in 6 months. During my recovery, I apparently was an ass in the hospital (she always reminds me how rude I was during that time and seems to resent me for it). I was at my most vulnerable (literally on my death bed), and she was, yes, taking care of me physically but emotionally tearing me down. So, I built up walls internally to protect my emotions. So now, instead of showing sadness or pain, I showed anger and frustration. Since this time, we have been fighting constantly.
We, shortly after, bought a new house and had her mother move in with us to help the old lady get back on her feet. (I suggest never doing this) it made things worse due to the added strain and stress on the relationship. Luckily, I threw her out after 2 years enough was enough. Made new friends, and things started to seem like they were getting better.
Over the years, she spends more and more time outside with friends and less time with me and less time on the responsibilities we have (cleaning, spending time together, homework with kids). It has gotten to the point where she doesn't wake up until 9am has one of the male neighbors over for 2 house, gets our youngest from school and then sits outside from 1130-2 (with the neighbor, goes to get the other kids from elementary. And spends from 330-5 again with neighbors. Makes and eats dinner and again spends from 7-1am with the same peoples. All the while, I spend the morning with the kids feeding them, getting them to school, going to work, and taking kids to extracurricular activities. I have fealt alone for many years now. When we have opportunities to spend time together, I blow up because I feel like she ignores her responsibilities and me. This obviously does wonders for our relationship.
She recently informed me that since moving to this house, she has actively spent time with the neighbors to get away from me. She blames me for all the problems in her life.
At this time, she has asked for "space." I am sleeping in the garage. She is spending even more time with her friends. I feel like she is emotionally cheating one with a neighbor. I know I can and have been an ass but at the same time, I have been doing all I can to provide and spend time with my family.
Have I been a great husband? No, not even close, but I have not been a bad one either. I have continually been trying to spend time with her and show her I care.
At this point, we are not speaking. I have been hurt, and I feel like she is just having the time of her life.
I don't know what to do, we have a meeting in 7 days with a marriage counselor. Maybe that will help.
Do I love her? Yes. As dumb as it sounds. I just don't know if she is really willing to work on the issues because at this time, she is showing that she is not.
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2023.06.03 19:24 BulkyRelease6310 PRIVATE Discord🔞(link in bio)

PRIVATE Discord🔞(link in bio)
Discord link in bio for the full vids

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2023.06.03 19:05 Primary-saw Lost my will to workout

I took a break for a year due to medical reasons now im inconsistent and half assing my workouts and even afraid to push hard while training hard muscles like legs. Im afraid i lost the motivation idk how to get it back it's been 6 months since i started training again but not giving it the effort i used to give, im barley eating like a bodybuilder anymore. Is there a way to get back like i used to. If its psychological is there any books or habits to become someone who doesn't run away from pain
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2023.06.03 18:50 DefinitelyNotRacist2 What’s the general consensus on Nandos?

I often hear people joke about Nandos likes it’s ass tier food but I just tried it for the first time and thought it was very delicious. So, what’s the general opinion on it?
Note: I’m an American so I have a natural inclination to eat just about everything in sight.
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2023.06.03 18:44 Phlox-fox Feeling at the bottom

It’s funny every time I start to feel somewhat normal and even question if I’m not faking my issues the anxiety just comes back bitting me in the ass and I can’t do anything about it.
Literally I’m on my way to work rn and I just want to have a full on ugly cry. Why is life so hard. Literally a month ago I was so high on the joy of getting a real contract at my job and having a stable pay and having my own appartement only to fall so deep in anxiety yesterday when I realised I’m going to be working a lot more than I used to do (and it’s draining) and my pay isn’t going to be that great. My mom is planning to sell the house and move in the south of my country, so before the end of the year I’ll have to move and figure stuff out on my own, like what if I can’t find a cheap place ? What if my salary isn’t enough and I can’t eat properly? I just recently read an article about how people aren’t eating enough lately because of inflation. I’m not even sure I’ll be getting the disability financial aid because I don’t look autistic and I can take care of myself at home. I haven’t even began my shift and I’m already exhausted from the anxiety. I want to take a nap and not talk to anyone so bad.
Sorry for the rambling
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2023.06.03 18:35 theagero How to be a better sister?

This will be all in English because I can communicate better than in Tagalog. This is kind of personal and I never told this to anyone. But I feel like I just had to share this somewhere, or I'll break down.
I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do with my little brother anymore.
We're 5 years apart, I'm 1999 and he's 2004. We have different fathers but we basically grew up together so we only have each other, but in 2013 we had to separate because my mom had to go abroad to work, and she doesn't want to leave me alone with my stepdad (his dad), so I moved to my aunt's house in the city, even transferred schools so I knew I was going to be there for good, and he was left with his dad.
This kind of arrangement went on for years. My stepdad would let him visit me once in awhile to catch up with things. Everytime they would knock on the gate, I would jump up and yell his name because I was just so happy to see him. He was still small and cute and so bubbly. I remember that my best days of those years away from home was his visits. And I would feel sad when it was time for them to go home, and I would tell my mom to please let me have my brother move in with me so I can take care of him. Because I knew he wasn't getting taken cared of. He was thin so I knew he wasn't eating well, and I heard that he was missing lots of his classes. But my mom said no, because he has his dad to take care of him and we can't risk my aunt's hospitality of taking me in. So, I couldn't.
I couldn't do anything but to just watch his life slowly deteriorate. With his dad not giving a fuck about his schooling, keeping all the support money that mom wires him every month for my brother to himself. It broke my fucking heart.
Until one day, I couldn't take it anymore. He was neglected. His dad would be away for days without leaving him food and he would fall asleep with his stomach growling waiting for him to come.
I got up my ass, and with the little money I had (I was in still in high school), went back to the province to get him out of there. I didn't care if my aunt's family would be pissed at me for letting him move in without their permission.
Fast forward a few years, we were both living in my aunt's house, transferred him to the our school so he can continue with his studies (he's already late by 2 years), then his dad died of pneumonia. We were both estranged from him at this point. But I was the one who took care of him at the hospital for the sake of my mom's foolish heart. After that, I noticed his personality change. He's now quiet and timid. Barely spoke.
There was a growing tension in my aunt's house as well because he was never supposed to be living with me, and I would fight back everytime they would bully him or accuse him of doing something like stealing money or food. I think my aunt's family contributed to the trauma he has now with other people. We weren't accepted there at all but we had to suck it up because we had no other place to live. We went through hell in that house. With their family ganging up on us to drive us out. I was traumatized too. I got depressed and self-harmed, and I'm not proud of it at all. But we were both dealing with it our own ways. And that was mine.
Now, I'm 24, struggling with my mental health, and don't have a stable job because of my anxiety. He's 19, still not out of high school so he's taking ALS. We're fucked up. We got out of my aunt's house though and renting our own apartment for a few years now. But to me, it seems like our relationship is progressing backwards. We're fighting a lot with chores, and his smelly laundry that he just refuses to clean up. He won't pick up after himself, that when I get home from work I have to clean the house, or wash the dishes, or clean the cats' litterboxes. He won't cook. He still hasn't finished high school, so he's taking ALS. But even he's struggling at that. He's just lazy, a slob, and doesn't seem to care about his life anymore.
The other day I got so fed up, I screamed at him to get the fuck out of this house. He didn't say a word. I think it was just all the pent up anger I had, with my issues and struggling with dealing with my depression, to dealing with him. Maybe he's depressed too. I don't know. Because we don't talk. And everytime I talk to him, it's only me snapping at him for not doing anything chores or with his life. I know it's wrong, but I don't know any other way. I grew up around people that I had to please, walk around in my tiptoes, always careful not to make a mistake because they would yell at me and call me trash and that I'm nothing. That's how I was built. I straightened myself up with those voices in my head. I didn't come out okay though.
Now I feel shitty and sorry for what I did. How do I make it up to him? And can I still solve this growing gap in our relationship without feeling awkward? I just really want him and I to be okay again because this has been weighing me down, contributing to my depression, and I guess it's like that for him too. I want my little brother back. I just want him to care about himself because I care about him. I just don't know how to show it.
TL;DR: Me and my brother went through a lot, so we're both broken in a way. I kinda neglected him to deal with my issues, and that affected him. Now, I realized how hard it must've been for him to deal with all this shit life threw at us. I'm scared that he'll be more broken than I was, I don't want that to happen. I want to make it up to him. How to be a better sister?
Advices are highly appreciated. Thank you for reading my very long post. Also please do not share this outside of the subreddit, I posted this here for a reason. Thank you so much.
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2023.06.03 18:29 LilSwaggio How to deal with sensetive people?

I'm living with my dad and my stepmom who are both very sensetive people and that led me to a fear of offending people. To give an example, my father once took it really personally that I texted him not to eat the icecream out of the refrigerator because I bought it for myself. Any other person would say ''alright'' and move on but he somehow took it personally and came into my room and yelled really loudly at me and called me names. And this happened so often over the smallest things.

My question is now, how do I deal with such people? Do I just not give a fuck and say ''shut up''? Because I don't have the energy to listen to that bullshit and I also don't want to kiss my parents asses by talking really nicely to them.
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2023.06.03 18:24 ProfessionalOk5553 My ass is made for eating and fucking

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