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Eador: Masters of the Broken World

2012.06.28 12:00 LongBowKid Eador: Masters of the Broken World

Eador: Masters of the Broken World is a turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting. The game combines a lot of different elements from a whole bunch of games genres. There are tactical battles on a hexagonal battlefields and heroes traveling around the map, but also complex economical and political system and ”a grand strategy’ approach to the game campaign.

2016.01.24 08:03 dronpes Pokémon GO's Largest Grassroots Network: The Silph Road

Reddit's #1 spot for Pokémon GO™ discoveries and research. The Silph Road is a grassroots network of trainers whose communities span the globe and hosts resources to help trainers learn about the game, find communities, and hold in-person PvP tournaments!

2013.05.13 18:45 psykocrime IT Strategy

All about Information Technology Strategy, Leadership and Management. A forum for CIOs, CTOs, Directors of IT, and anyone interested in how the IT department can be a more strategic part of their organization. Discussion that happens at the intersection of advanced technology and business strategy, links and articles on anything related to technology and strategy from an IT strategy perspective.

2023.06.07 00:37 Additional-Wind-5358 A good place (ashram or monastery) spiritual place for full brahmacharya?

Well friends, I've been wondering what a better place would be for practicing full brahmacharya, you know, among the monks, I don't know because I've heard about the Shao-lin lineage that practices qi gong, they have a temple in Europe, which I think is cool, but I don't know. exactly what would be the best eastern tradition to try this, or maybe try a little in each place? What would you say. For example for someone who wants to reach full brahmacharya (100% retention without loss even overnight)
What do you think? Am I going to a place that follows the Hindu tradition? Or I look for something in Tibet, I really don't know. I would also prefer something very cheap.
Some friends emphasized to me that I look at the tradition of tai chi, qi gong, maybe sexual kung fu or things like that. But I believe that the work of the mind (meditation) is also important.
This is for spiritual retreat for 1 year retention or something like that. What would you say?
Perhaps it would be interesting, since the objective would be to reach full retention without night losses. That I could look for one where they work it. Retention. Or "brahmacharya"
What do you think?
I still have a lot to learn about the spiritual body, or how to sublimate my ego, energy body and the like. But I feel it needs to be in a practical context. For example in qi gong you learn in practice to master your chi. In tai chi there is also something similar. So I really want to learn this.
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2023.06.07 00:37 Dl1ght I think my master is cheating

I'm a noob in DnD, have only played for 3 sessions of about 6 hours each, only played one character etc. You could also say my master is also a noob, but what i think is weird, is that, one of the other players of the campaign, is oddly strong, he is level 5, with 100 health, 15 armor, and a level 5 companion monkey, i need help to know if thats legit and im stupid or if he is legit cheating, i have his character sheet so i can show you guys if you want.
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2023.06.07 00:36 DisneyFoLife 🗳️Favorite Emoji Poll🗳️ - Gargoyles and The Hunchback Notre Dame 👹💃🏻🔔

  1. Vote for your favorite emoji. This can be for many reasons. A lot of people vote for an emoji for game play reasons, but it can be for anything. It can be for design, the creativity of the power, or just the fact that they are your favorite Disney character.
  2. Please share your reason to why you are voting for an emoji. This is to spark conversation. It makes it for fun. If someone has already shared your thoughts and you agree and don't want to make a new comment, you can simply upvote that comment.
  3. I will upvote every comment, so if you are interested in Karma, commenting is an easy way to get some.
  4. The winner of each poll will be put into a master list where they will have a chance to be voted as the favorite emoji of all emojis.
  5. When a winner if ultimately decided I will put together a list of why this emoji was a winner (another reason to share your reasoning). This is to help people know why this emoji is loved and give them an idea to why they should strive to get this emoji/level that emoji up. I'II also do this for each poll winner.
  6. This is more just advice to make it more interesting: If your opinion has changed since the last time you have voted, please share why.
  7. NEW RULE If a group is split into multiple polls, you can feel free to vote multiple times. If there is an emoji who clearly has more votes than the rest, it will move on as the winner, but if across the multiple polls it is close, we will have another poll putting those emojis against each other to find the winner.
A reminder: The polls only last for 3 days!
If you have any questions, please ask.
View Poll
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2023.06.07 00:35 Claija79 Giorgio Furlani to Gazzetta: “First thing I would like to say thank you to Paolo [Maldini] and Ricky [Massara] and express my gratitude to all the Milan employees for all their contributions at the club in these years.”

“Paolo was one of the best players of all time and as a director, together with Massara, has played an important role to bring our 19th Scudetto. There is sorrow to see them leave.”
“In our club we constantly analyze the most suitable strategies and models to ensure that Milan can continue to progress on and off the pitch and compete with the elite in Europe.”
“The first fundamental element, I always repeat it is, and will remain, football. Precisely with this objective in mind, we have decided on an organizational reorganization which leads to the creation of a working group for the technical/sporting area.”
“Our priority now is to consolidate and reinforce the progress made over the last few years, across all parts of the club.”
“Our ambition hasn't changed, on the contrary it has strengthened: to be competitive at the top of European football. We are on the right track, but there is still a lot of work to do.”
“I hope that our wonderful fans can keep their support for the club intact and constant. I personally hope to be able to interact with our fans soon, so that they can understand our strategy and that we continue together to see Milan grow.”
“We are on the right track, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I hope that our marvellous fans can maintain their intact and constant support for the club, and I personally hope to soon interact with our fans, so they can understand our strategy, to continue seeing Milan grow together.”
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2023.06.07 00:34 Unagustoster Should I go to Ganondorf now or should I keep grinding

I haven’t started the final boss yet, no spoilers please.
I have done the BotW boss many of times after completing all shrines and extra quests to be stronger, and the fight got so much easier. I still want it to be a challenge, but do I want to keep gathering or just run with it.
Currently completed the first row of hearts +2, full stamina, all five sages collected, Master Sword, Hylian Shield, earthquake manual, Great Fairy +2, Champion’s Armor, and some amount of Korok seeds.
Don’t tell me anything about the boss, but am I good now to rush in or should I keep grinding in case I need anything else?
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2023.06.07 00:34 Edgars-Raven How do you approach learning how to localise in a new country?

I've been playing Geoguessr for a few months now. Fairly solidly in gold but not moving up much more. I notice one of the reasons I am not advancing is that I can often identify that I am in a particular country, but not really any further. I often end up capital-hedging which only get's me so far.
To improve I've started doing the country medals. I'm fine in most Western European countries where the map is very urbanised and I can understand the signposts, but elsewhere I struggle. How do people approach learning a new country- say in my case a country like Kyrgyzstan where the signs are in Cyrilic (which I cannot read)? My current strategy is to plonk in Bishkek if in a city, and a plonk in the centre of the country if not in a city- hardly a precise effort. Even moving around for a few minutes I don't really notice localising clues.
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2023.06.07 00:34 Gold_Lime8773 Picking a job offer, a biotech startup (RA) Vs established CDMO (QC analyst)?

Hello everyone!
I recently graduated with a master's degree in biotechnology. I was made an offer to work with a small growing startup as a research assistant with barely any benefits and a lower than national average pay (61K USD). This company is also located in an expensive city, a studio apartment in the area costs around 55% of my monthly paycheck after taxes. However, I really like the job and feel that working with a startup in this role will help me in making meaningful contributions in the field of science. In addition to research activities, I will also be helping them with manufacturing, document preparation and laboratory maintenance.
I was also made another offer recently, from a bigger, well-established CDMO for a QC Analyst role. The pay is almost 17K USD more than what I was being offered at the startup. Additionally, they are offering me a great benefits package. This position is also located in a southern state with a significantly lower CoL (I also currently live here). I have a good amount of research experience in research labs from my undergrad as well as master's. However, I have never worked in a QC role before. I have heard that QC can get repetitive and boring. I feel that working in this role however could help me get accustomed to a GMP environment and I can use that to my leverage in future positions as well (in R&D as well as QC).
While I am truly more interested in the research position, I feel that it would lead me to struggle financially. I am also not hesitant to gain QC experience. I am confused about which role to pick and thought your advice would help me in making a more informed decision, thank you!
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2023.06.07 00:33 Outrageous-Regular-5 Different opinion on Intelligence and wisdom

I know everyone will have a different idea on this but, in my opinion, intelligence isn't what you know but how you use new information. A wizard would study a monster and adapt their strategy to what the monster is weak to. Wisdom is the use of old information in different ways. Like how a druid would take what the know about similar monsters and make a strategy based on that.
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2023.06.07 00:33 EnvironmentalRoom663 Remote or Hybrid Job at Aldevron (Protein CDMO)

See job description here.
This is a good opportunity if you love public speaking and giving technical presentations. Ideal for someone wanting to transition out of the lab who has a background in protein expression and purification. Masters or PhD in a scientific field is desired, as is experience working in a GMP environment.
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2023.06.07 00:33 Legitimate-Produce-1 Mulling over career options

Hi there, I'm winding down my SAHM life with my one and only child, and I'd like to use this interstitial time to retool into a new career. I feel called to serve the public, and school counselor is on my short list to consider.
I have an undergrad degree in History (museum career stalled; I don't have the stomach to hang my hat on grant funded positions). Can I pursue a master's degree in this field with that, or do I need leveling classes in the same way a SLP needs them for a speech program?
Also, is there anything you think I should know that I haven't thought to ask?
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2023.06.07 00:32 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 07 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.06.07 00:32 TheGooseGirl Toda's and Ikeda's faith-healing, Prosperity Gospel lies + "Quit if you don't get the results you expect."

In his first lecture here, Mr. Toda made clear the primary purpose of his visit, saying, "I came here to stamp out poverty and disease in Kansai and Osaka."
You don't say! With what?? Certainly not with medicine or money, THAT's for sure!
In this manner, all the leaders, the representatives of the chapters, are definitely proving that they have become healthy and rich just as Mr. Toda had predicted.
I sincerely hope you will follow the examples given by the five leaders. Trust them as your seniors and continue patiently in your belief in the Dai-Gohonzon for seven, ten, or twenty years, with a firm conviction that you can be cured of any disease and that you will surely become rich, as Mr. Toda has taught us. - Ikeda, "Open an Attack on the Tenrikyo" speech, May 8, 1960, Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, pp. 7-8.
Well THAT's certainly a big pile of LIES! This was during Japan's economic recovery, when the "rising tide" was "lifting all boats":
The Japanese economic miracle refers to Japan's record period of economic growth between the post-World War II era and the end of the Cold War. During the economic boom, Japan rapidly became the world's second-largest economy (after the United States). By the 1990s, Japan's population demographics had begun to stagnate, and the workforce was no longer expanding as quickly as it had in the previous decades despite per-worker productivity remaining high.
The U.S. was also concerned with the growth of the economy of Japan because there was a risk that an unhappy and poor Japanese population would turn to communism and by doing so, ensure Soviet control over the Pacific.
However, some scholars argue that Japan's postwar growth spurt would not have been possible without Japan's alliance with the United States, since the United States absorbed Japanese exports, tolerated controversial Japanese trade practices, subsidized the Japanese economy, and transferred technology to Japanese firms; thereby magnifying the effectiveness of Japanese trade policy. Wikipedia
Of course Ikeda insisted that the Sokagakkai members' economic recovery was "divine favor of the Gohonzon" or of the "Dai-Gohonzon":
receiving great divine favor from the Dai-Gohonzon. - Ikeda, "Gakkai Members! Be Lion-Hearted" speech, December 5, 1960, Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, p. 274.
Through our own efforts we can to some extent develop our destiny and alter our karma, but we alone cannot change them fundamentally⏤only through the Gohonzon can this be accomplished.
Now hopes arise when we wish to be happy and wealthy, when we wish to recover from disease, or when we wish to prosper in business. What enables these desires to be achieved is the Buddhism of Honnin-myo, the Dai-Gohonzon.
If wishes were horses...
The Dai-Gohonzon, therefore, has great power. Every human being must chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to the Dai-Gohonzon. - Ikeda, "Organization of the Soka Gakkai" speech, November 11, 1960, Ibid., pp. 230-231.
Just not after 2014 😶
Oopsie 😬
The aim of the Sokagakkai lies in believing in and propagating the Dai-Gohonzon. We have no other intention. Nichiren Daishonin made His advent for the single purpose of inscribing the Dai-Gohonzon to save mankind forever. We cannot, therefore, be happy unless we believe in this Dai-Gohonzon.
Without the Dai-Gohonzon, there can be no meaning for the existence of Nichiren Shoshu, nor of the Sokagakkai, the Matsumoto Chapter, the Study Department or the Culture department. The baisis of all these lies in the Dai-Gohonzon. In order to attain true happiness, we have organizations, doctrines, instructions and various other actuviities. We should not misinterpret this point. - Ikeda, "A Single Body Dispelling Misery" speech, November 10, 1960, Ibid., p. 224.
Wow - things sure did change, didn't they??? 😄
In addition, Mr. Toda went to every part of this country, instructing the way to practice Nichiren Daishonin's teachings. He used to say, "If you never fail to observe the Goza [5-recitation/prayer morning gongyo ritual] in the morning and the Sanza [3-recitation/prayer evening gongyo ritual] in the evening and gain at least one family a month, then your troubles will surely be solved."
His guidance was given neither for certain past periods, nor merely for the general members, but it is applied to every member of the Sokagakkai including the top leaders and myself. Therefore, the best solution for one's tragic sufferings is to observe daily worship regularly (Goza and Sanza) and to gain [shakubuku] one family a month during the year, as Mr. Toda instructed us during his life time. If you do so, trouble will certainly be solved within a year. - Ikeda, "Daily Worship and Shakubuku" lecture, May 16, 1960, Ibid., p. 27.
Within a YEAR! IMAGINE!!
So this is why no one in SGI is getting better - they're not convincing one family to convert every month!
And they're doing the WRONG gongyo.
Let's try the faith to see whether we can receive actual proof or not⏤whether diseases are cured, whether we can improve our lives, and whether we can reach a state of peaceful stability in life. I say this because the Gohonzon has absolute power. ... Even though you don't understand Buddhistic theory, you can receive divine favor in your daily lives if you continue praying to the Gohonzon. - Ikeda, "Peaceful Stability of Life" speech, November 13, 1960, Ibid., pp. 235-236.
It is my earnest wish that you unite with each other under the leadership of your Chapter Chief, receiving boundless divine favor from the Gohonzon. In fact, I hope you will receive such great favor that one day you will complain of your richness, yearning to be poor again at least for a while. Thus when a person meets you, he will want to believe in this religion, being so impressed with your happiness. - Ikeda, "Five Impurities of Life" speech, November 4, 1960, Ibid., p. 212.
Yeah right 🙄
"Come slum in a crowded, noisy trailer park to be totally happy and upscale!!!"
No matter what may happen, wherever we may be, let us firmly keep our faith in the Gohonzon. If one can only pray to the Gohonzon seriously, the nation or the whole world, as well as the individual and his family, will be absolutely safe. - Ikeda, "Do Away With Formalities" speech, September 27, 1960, Ibid., p. 200.
Nobody tell the Ukrainians... Seriously, SGI members - what's WRONG with your prayers?? They're utterly USELESS!
Lastly, I will speak about actual proof (Gensho). Proof is better than argument. It is easy to merely mouth good opinions, but what is essential is whether the acutal [sic] proof of faith is acquired and whether the followers have become happier or not, whether their diseases are crued [sic], or they have realized the eternity of life, or if they have gained spiritual enlightenment and the peace of a happy state of life⏤these are the actual proof. There must be actual proof in daily life⏤this is the teaching of Nichiren Daishonin.
Buddhism is based upon the Law of Causality. You worship the Gohonzon and then you receive actual proof. This is cause and effect. A man who does not appreciate divine favor to the full is one who thinks only idealistically, or is not so earnest in faith. Everyone of us can gain actual proof of the supremacy of Buddhism. Personal experience⏤i.e.., whether one has been cured of disease or not, whether one has become rich or not, whether one has a prosperous business or not, or whether one has improved his life or not⏤is essential because it is the teacher of faith. Faith is life. Let's lead significant lives, receiving the great favor in full from the Gohonzon. - Ikeda, "Nichiren Shoshu, the Supreme Buddhism" speech, June 17, 1960, Ibid., pp. 138-140.
I think the Gohonzon broke...
Former President Josei Toda taught us that the revolution of religion is the revolution of character. Thus the poor become rich, the weak healthy and the stupid wise. In this way we can change our miserable lives into happy ones. - Ikeda, "Slanderers Will Incur Punishment" speech, May 26, 1960, Ibid., p. 42.
THAT's sure a big fat PORKY PIE!! Was Icky wearing his asbestos pants that day? Maybe THAT's why he looks so uncomfortable.
People who join SGI don't get better. They typically are struggling with the same problems, year after year. No miraculous transformations of the kind Toda and Ikeda were describing happen; if they did, then the SGI-USA organization would have a reputation of consisting of "the most upwardly-mobile Buddhists" instead of "attributed almost exclusively as a Buddhism of lower classes and minorities in the United States". And when lower-class people join the SGI, they remain lower class. They do not become inexplicably upwardly mobile; if they are able to do better, it's through their own hard work, no different from everyone else in society (who are typically doing better than they are).
...a fine headquarters building has been established. I hope you will make sincere efforts to build yourselves even more splendid homes than this headquarters as soon as possible, enjoying great divine favor of the Dai-Gohonzon to live pleasant and harmonious lives with your families. - Ikeda, "Pure Financial Affairs" speech, December 7, 1960, Ibid. pp. 280-281.
Avarice! GREED!!

We often hear of people who receive divine reward just one day after conversion, or who are completely cured of their diseases after only a few days' faith.

After only a few DAYS of joining the Ikeda cult??? Nope. I don't believe that for an instant. I'll wager that the "Criticism of the Sokagakkai" was RICHLY earned through Ikeda being such a huge lying jerk!
I have often heard that the first president, Mr. Makiguchi, talked of "experimental proof." If men cannot attain happiness through worshipping the Gohonzon devoutly and working as disciples of the True Buddha, I myself would have given up the faith long ago. ... If they had not attained happiness, they would have dropped out along the way, thinking "This faith is ridiculous!" ...
However, as a matter of fact, we have firm belief in the Gohonzon because we have received great divine favor.

If the Gohonzon did not give any help or answer us in spite of our faithful and enthusiastic belief, we had better stop having faith in the Gohonzon. If the Gohonzon is powerless, you had better not believe.

THERE's the problem of raising people's hopes too high like that, Icky.
Anyone who is NOT satisfied with their "benefits" from their SGI practice is fully justified in quitting - ICKEDA SAYS!!!
If our practice to the Gohonzon failed to yield the benefits we sought, we were CORRECT in quitting. Remember that.
By the end of that same year, though, Ikeda was already trying to walk it back - with regard to a poorly-attended meeting:
Somebody told me that only half of the expected audience is attending. There is nothing at all to worry about. This is neither a celebration for the president nor for the chapter leaders. Some will be late on account of business, and others will not come because they do not want to. If only the members come who are delighted about the formation of new chapters, and desire more favor from the Gohonzon it is enough.
It is the same with lecture and discussion meetings. Only those who seek true Buddhism will be granted divine favor and be able to change their destinies. This is the spirit in which the meetings of the Sokagakkai are held. - Ikeda, "Four Kinds of Hobo" speech, December 19, 1960, Ibid., pp. 287-288.
If you don't show up for the Ikeda cult activities, expect NO benefits! And it's all YOUR fault!
These were from the first months after Ikeda finally seized the presidency of the Sokagakkai, more than 2 years after Toda died. In these early lectures, he routinely invokes Toda and even Makiguchi as the "mentors" and authorities; it wasn't long, though, until he started replacing them with himself, putting himself into the forefront of all his speechifying. But for those first few months, Icky obviously felt it was necessary to defer to those others, particularly Toda, whom most of the members had been quite attached to, in order to keep their allegiance while he (Icky) was still new in the role.
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2023.06.07 00:32 OdeToRocket Is debt more risky or less risky?

I would argue that debt is in fact less risk; not more risk. It comes with its own issues that you have to master, but when it comes to risk it's not greater, but less than.
How? A simple reason. If it takes 10 risk to = 1%, I can use a loan to double my capital and take a 5 risk, 0.5% trade that = 1% returns because I'm leveraged.
Mathematically, there appears to be no difference between the two trades.
One is 10 risk @ 1% the other is 2x 5 risk @ 0.5%.
The quantitative difference lies in this truth; however.
What if the 1% always loses, and the 0.5% always wins?
That isn't an academic question, that's the "auction house theory" that drives the market. If everyone is bidding on earning 1%, only the person who wins the trade will earn that 1%, everyone else loses. The person with the most leverage or money that makes sense to buy that 1% will win the bidding contest.
That person WILL NOT BE YOU with your Wendy's paycheck. Sorry. So you're left buying with cash, whatever scraps fall from the tables of the people who use leverage to get the better deals.
You're wondering why your stocks don't really "go anywhere" and that's the reason in a nutshell.
I really don't think you can claim otherwise.
It's like buying a house in cash to rent it out. Sure you make money without paying the mortgage, but you make less money than had you bought the house with a mortgage. You are less leveraged than your competitor. And I think most people understand the real estate analogy more than the above analogy to stocks. But it's all the same truth.
It's the auction house theory of markets. Look it up.
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2023.06.07 00:32 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 07 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.06.07 00:32 durzanult [BotW] I bought BotW and want to play it, but keep losing interest during the tutorial...

Alright, so here's the deal. I've been wanting to do a full playthrough of a Zelda game for a long while now, but never really had the opportunity to do so until recently. I only had a PS2 growing up, and when I got to college I prioritized getting a PS4 over any other console, so I only had a few brief chances to play LoZ when either a friend or a roommate let me play for a few minutes or a couple hours. The furthest I've gotten in any game was the second dungeon of Ocarina of Time, the one where you fight that salamander thing as child!Link in fire mountain... but hell, I actually really enjoyed it, even if it felt a bit clunky here and there (due to being an older game).
So when I heard how great Breath of the Wild was, and how much of a game changer it was, it naturally went on my backlog of games I want to play. So when I FINALLY get a switch, BotW was one of the first games I buy/download. Here I was, excited to REALLY play a Zelda game and enjoy this series that I had been low-key fascinated with off and on since I was like six years old. I boot up the game, and begin playing... only to die over and over again of times just trying to get to the four towers and dungeons on the plateau where you start. The old man who wants to give you the paraglider is a bit of an annoying jerk that rubs me the wrong way, the robots snipe me when I'm just trying to find the quickest way from point A to point B, and my damn weapons keep breaking before I have a chance to really get used to them or do so right in the middle of combat when I have little or no other tools to replace them with, the environmental affects that require proper clothing are annoying (the number of times I died just trying to cross or work my way around that lake up in the freezing mountain area... grrrrrr!), etc. I've tried picking it back up every so often, only for me to stare at the screen and not even move my character, lose interest 5 minutes into my intended play session, and/or rage quit due to too many deaths or something annoying me just enough to go do something else. I REALLY want to like this game and enjoy it but at this point... I feel like it's, at best, a meh experience at best and can't bring myself to actually work my way through it. Its just not fun...
For context, I have ADHD and so its not uncommon for me to both become randomly and stubbornly engrossed in playing one single game for hours/weeks on end, and just drop one game randomly in favor of another game that I suddenly just randomly desire to play five minutes into a gaming session. It's also common for me to go days or weeks not playing anything, then splurge for weeks playing on my consoles. I don't mind open world games or platforming. I've EATEN up Days Gone, God of War, and the one Assassin's Creed game I actually played. I LOVE story games, as I've played the hell out of the first Last of Us. I ate up Sonic games when I was younger and still enjoy playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Strategy games? Played StarCraft II for half my life at this point, despite how rage inducing it can be. FPS? I'll play a casual game of Halo (if my buddy owns it and is willing to do multiplayer), or CoD Zombies despite the fact that I suck at them. Arcade games? Pacman and Tetris can keep me occupied for a good hour if I'm in the right mood, and Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate is literally the game I play the most on my laptop currently. As far as Nintendo games, I've regularly played Animal Crossing and Pokemon Shining Pearl the most (and Pokemon barely interested me until recently. What is wrong with me. !!!), with the occasional short dabble into Super Mario Maker 2 or Super Smash Bros Brawl in small doses.
I've stubbornly persisted with games that have annoying mechanics, or things that I "hate" before, and still ended up enjoying myself to some extent. Hell, the damn fairy in OoT is damn irritating as hell, arguably mores than old man paraglider. So why the is it that this particular Zelda game is so off-putting to me?
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2023.06.07 00:31 IrreliventPerogi Gardens of the Moon - A First-Time Reader's Experience, Final Thoughts, and Observations


A brief, beautiful series of vignettes. We close the loop on some emotional beats, as well as receive promises/foreshadowings of further adventures.


The opening verses of Rumor Born, and possibly my favorite piece of poetry in the whole novel. It took me until this epigraph to realize that the title itself is referring to the city of Darujhistan and it's history. That said, given the fact that the work describes the events of the novel itself, and is written by the same guy who wrote Anomandris, then either Fisher was a Seer of incredible power or else has an immensely long lifespan. Possibly both, although the fact that Fisher's birth date is unknown implies the latter. Even at the end, answers only invite further questions.
The only other point of note is the reference to the "Gates of Nowhere" but I'm unsure what that might mean. The SCDAT?

The Epilogue Itself

The remaining Bridgeburners land back where they'd initially launched from at the beginning of Book 3, preparing to await their Moranth escort. Quick Ben and Whiskeyjack watch Moon's Spawn drift south, possibly to find another contest, this time against the Pannion Seer. Whiskeyjack's headaches have been lessening, possibly in response to his loosening heart, less guarded than the one he bore into Darujhistan. His cool reference to the loss of three members not being "that bad, considering" and Mallet's pained response shows the change has yet to take in full, but the Seargent has begun a slow road back to humanity. We leave the Bridgeburners with an ominous note, that Quick Ben has hatched another scheme, a big feint, one which might run over poorly with Whiskeyjack.
Captain Paran watches his men below on the beach, contemplating everything it cost him to get here. His... unique nature has granted new senses, and a growing awareness of Silverfox. Whether or not the romance between Paran and Tattersail was Oppon compelled or not, the two resolve to reunite in time. Mysteriously, they communicate over vast distances, although it seems to be an unreliable process. He has buried Lorn, now finally a soldier, holding in the position once held by the very man who warned him against this path, walking a path of ruin himself. Ganoes Paran, the gods have noticed you, and their gaze is unlikely to fall from someone who survived their use — what will you make of yourself?
Kalam, Fiddler, Apsalar, and Crokus sail west for Dhavran. The former claw is amused by the two youths and their naive innocence. Crokus asks after Unta, and they speak of leaving others behind, and moving forward. Kalam holds nothing against Apsalar, she's just a girl, after all. Crokus objects to this and discards the Coin, no longer in need of luck. Circle Breaker, even here barely noticed, decides to inform the Eel one last time that the Coin Berrer has freed himself, then looks forward, anticipating a new life. Also, the monkey's a demon, which probably means something that it decided to stick around.
And so, with beautiful prose and bittersweet optimism, so ends the first tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Gardens of the Moon

An excellent start all around! We've yet to see how fitting it may be for the rest of the series, but for now, I'm hooked! So much of this rode on Erikson's ability to pull off this massively ambitious departure from the commonplace, and he managed to pull it off far better than could be expected. While I recognize his inspirations in histories and anthropology, being able to port one form of literature to another, not only across genres but the fiction/non-fiction divide, is seriously impressive. While doing so without sacrificing much of the strengths of either format; even leveraging them to complement one another, is a staggering feat. I'll be breaking things down, although these categories are listed in no particular order, into Plot, Characters, Setting, Cosmology (encompassing the more fantastical elements from magic to races), and Prose/Format.


Favorite plots include the whole Jaghut Tyrant arc (for obvious reasons), Paran's Excellent adventure, and the whole Coll/Lady Simttal arc.
The deep lore cuts of all the Jaghut and T'lan Imass storylines are incredible, worldbuilding on a scope that allows for geological/evolutionary implications. The powers at play boggle the imagination and feel realized despite their incomprehensibility. Not necessarily "cosmic horror" although that plays a part, but a cosmic spectacle nonetheless. Ending, of course, with an apocalyptic battle feeling like the climax of a series of epics we barely get to glimpse. Looking forward to seeing so much more of this side of the Malazverse. I will say, the T'lan Imass gathering never really occurred, but I expect that's still coming.
Paran's whole plotline, beginning with quickly snuffed youthful aspirations, to political maneuverings, to being a pawn in the interplay between many gods and ascendants, to shaking free of the powers chaining him, if not necessarily free of what has happened to him, was great to watch unfold. It was the most straightforward "quest fantasy" of the book, touching on many cool places and meeting a wide variety of characters. Paran's brute "I'm already dead anyway so I may as well attack things head on" strategy was refreshing to watch, his relationships to Topper, Tattersail, and Toc were all great and helped to show his evolving character. Connecting with the Bridgeburners and helping them sort everything going on out was cathartic. And of course, the elephant in the room, the Dragnripur episode was fascinating and haunting and I need more.
Then there was the whole Oppon-infused plan regarding Lady Simtal and particularly its climax, was fantastic. I'm a sucker for plotlines that were technically successful yet have the characters involved come away regretting it happening in the first place. The solidarity between the Phoenix Inn regulars was great, as well as untangling their connections to one another. No there's no objective reason this one stood above the other Darujhistan plotlines, but I jive with it.
Other plots, such as all the Tiste Andii background intrigue, Crokus's whole ordeal, as well as Tattersail's plotline are great as well.
Most of the Tiste Andii stuff needs to be unpacked more fully down the road, as is we have only a brief glimpse into this massive, alien world on Moon's Spawn. Caladan Brood, Kallor, the unseen Prince K'azz, and Crone all seem to have their own intrigue going on, keeping someone reigned in. As for that someone, Anomander Rake's whole deal is a whole deal, I'm enthralled to see more of this obsolete great desperately try to get his people to care about anything again. The dragons are all tangled in this as well. Yea, I did just spend a lot of words just implying things without divulging much of what it meant, but so did Erikson and I'm hooked.
So Oppon's big plan seems to just keep nudging this one unwitting kid around via hormones and coincidence to drag the genuinely important players around. This is fascinating because it seems all Oppon wanted to do was mess with the Empire. For reasons that aren't quite clear yet, the gods seem terrified of this growing coalition of power on the part of the mortals and are doing what they can to slow this down. Even more interesting, they'd likely be able to curb-stomp the mortals pretty easily if they all weren't in their own cold war with one another. Oppon did seem to be multitasking a bit with messing with Shadow, but I'm less certain why they'd have beef outside of each operating in the "screw with stuff we shouldn't" domain.
Tattersall's (or now Silverfox's) arc is of course left wide open by the end of this, but is great. The Deck of Dragons is a fantastic narrative device, as we get assurance of the god's machinations in the background without having to pull the curtain back all the way. Also, one of the lingering questions I have is who the Ascendant that messed with the reading she did with Tayscheren was. I guess Shadowthrone? The whole soul-shifting arc and rebirth sequence are haunting and more than a but disturbing, but that speaks to the alternatives she could have undergone from her stunt in body-hopping. Her relationship with romance was a bit, odd, but there's a non-trivial element of divine meddling so it's cool ig.
The plotting is currently the strongest element of M:BotF thus far. That we had like 14 different plot threads splitting off and overlapping and drawing together over the course of the narrative is insane. That many of these plot threads managed to enliven and enlighten one another, narratively, thematically, and lore-wise, only makes the whole multiplicatively stronger than the sum of its parts. Everything felt pretty natural, with the threads that did overlap often doing so secondarily, as natural consequences rather than merging together into one mega-climax. I mean, we did get one mega-climax-sequence, but that was far more due to their proximity rather than each even being doomed to become defined by one another. Events that started separately for separate reasons stayed separate, but the shared pool of locations and characters helped to cause each of these to be deeply interconnected in the lives of those characters. Speaking of which...


My relationship with the characters of this novel is a bit interesting. They serve their plots wonderfully, and nearly every one of them has several standout moments in both word and deed. Yet, on the whole, they're, fine. I guess they're... exactly the sum of their parts? Don't get me wrong, these are extremely good parts they're made of. New character archetypes, old ones played extremely well, old ones given genuinely inventive twists. These are very good characters, but possibly the weakest pillar of the novel. The dialogue is weighty and meaningful, betraying a depth to the world and the people in it. Actions are (usually) thought out, exceptions to this rule are all true to a character or under extenuating circumstances. I want to see more of all of them. It's just, there isn't much of that "x factor" a lot of great character writers bring out.
I've already praised Paran, his attitude, and his motives. He's way over his head at the best of times and just has to bluff and namedrop long enough to survive to a point where he can effect genuine change. That effort changes him pretty drastically, and while he is somewhat better off for it, it is a sad thing to see the naive kid in him die off so soon.
Tattersail is interesting to me, I like her, but as a character she's on the weaker end of the cast. We do see her strong emotions and compassion explored a bit, but she takes a pretty hard left turn plot wise before that goes much of anywhere. We'll have to wait and see how Silverfox pans out.
Whiskeyjack fascinates me, we don't get too much of who he is, just all that's left of him of being ground into the dust. I can't wait to see Whiskeyjack the Old Guard thaw off more, as well as Whiskeyjack the man.
Quick Ben and Kalam probably stand as my current favorite Bridgeburners, their bromance being a highlight of the novel all while standing as fascinating characters on their own. Quick Ben has, all kinds of backstory running around, as well as secrets on top of that, but what we know of him so far is great. Kalam's just world-weary, yet he can't help but keep moving forward until he can bow out legitimately. The two of them are so much fun on top of being fascinating.
Dujek and Tayscheren, while not super present in the novel, are pretty great characters in their own right. Dujek, last of the Old Guard with any real power, just trying to do what he can for his men. And Tayscheren, not necessarily evil, but just a guy swallowed up in his own job.
Hairlock, while not making too much of a splash in the grand scheme of things, was an incredibly fun inclusion and a great initial antagonist. Just a power-mad goofy little guy who doubles as our first major look into this world's magic and cosmology.
Adjunct Lorn was one of the standout characters of the novel, a woman enslaved to her own self-justification. Torn between the scared girl trapped in the mines and the unfeeling super claw, unable to reconcile the two before the end. Her constant contradictions and tensions within her character were fascinating to watch.
And Toc, poor Toc man. A great guy who I'd loved to have seen more of, just being such an interesting character on top of being fun. I feel he's introduced some interesting concepts, from the "inner sight" superstition of Seven Cities to whomever his dad is, but the credits have rolled and my guy is still down for the count, so I'll be interested to see how these elements are brought back.
Crokus Younghand stands out in this novel as the one, lone dumbass. Stop being literally me Crokus, you're embarrassing us. His interactions with everyone are great, quickly vacillating between idealism and stubbornness, romanticism and a parody grimdark woe-is-me view of reality. Every interaction he has with a woman is golden, but not particularly a glowing performance on his end.
Magnanimous Kruppe the First is the indesputable highpoint of this esteemed tale, and I will not hear otherwise. He is of course, bestowed of many virtues, chief among so his delight in the many pleasures of this world, second among so his capacity to indulge in any virtue or pleasure at will. Cleverest of anyone we see here, able to run conversations by himself with faux humility (for what does Kruppe have a need to be humble about?) and keep the magnificent city of Darujhistan in his pocket. There is a power vacuum of sorts our dear Eel needs to fulfill, and there is plenty of the rotund mage to explore each new crevice.
Rallick Nom and Murillio are great as well, in many ways they act as foils of one another. Rallick does what he does because he sees this as his only path through life, holding onto the concept of his actions benefiting others to preserve his mortality. Murillio, on the other hand, has a moral code of sorts but will transgress it if he feels there is a way to benefit a friend sufficiently. In the end, they both wind up morally bankrupt.
Lady Simtal and Turban Orr were fun villains. Not particularly unique but pulled off extremely well.
High Alchemist Baruk seems to have a whole bunch of layers to him. We keep getting allusions to a whole bunch of relevant stories with this man, such as his ascendancy or close friendship to Rallick Nom, but we don't get to see much of it, which I feel is a shame.
Raest is an awsome force of nature villain, believably evil for the sake of it. Namely, his evil is specific which is what makes for great villains of this sort. Raest wanted control over the longterm development of his world, to fundamentally remake things after his own nature.
Anomander freaking Rake. Nuf said.


While this is our first real look into Wu(?) as a whole, I'll mostly focus on modern-day Genebakis.
A great setting, with a bit of ecological and cultural diversity, although mostly hyperfocused on the city of Darujhistan. Perhaps a bit more could have been done in the set-dressing department. Genebaris received no real description, despite apparently existing in a different biome than the more southern cities. Similarly, he evidently passes through a forest, but of what kind? Touches like these could help further drive in the scope of the narrative physically in a similar manner to the temporal scope. It also is a bit disappointing because when Erikson did go the extra mile to do so, such as Kruppe's dreams or the like, two up-close descriptions of Darujhistan (besides just being big, blue, and copper from far off) were great. Actually, the lack of Darujhistan descriptions was possibly the biggest missed opportunity.
But what we do get in the City of Blue Fire is great and evocative. From the infrastructure to the politics to the culture and religion, it all stands out even among other great fantasy cities.
The Rhivi, Moranth, and Bhargast can all stand to be expanded on, but I get the sense that they'll be more than able to provide on that front once it becomes time. I'm curious to see how southern Genebakis contrasts to the northern reaches, but we'll get to that when we get to that.
Erikson's experience as an anthropologist really shines through, with the breadth, depth, and specificity of the world-building and cultures. I anticipate this element of the BotF rising to the top for me personally once we have more time to watch it unfold.

Cosmology and Magic

So my takes on these have been... rather well received, it seems. I love what tiny bit of the magic and cosmos of the world I've seen so far and look forward to understanding more!
In a lot of ways, it seems magic in this world is itself undergoing an evolutionary process, with all the Elder Warrens to Warrens ascendants and gods, and mortals evidently now being potent enough to overpower the gods themselves. If we expand on this analogy, then a lot of the confusion might be due to poor terminology. E.g. define a fish. Now define a Warren. There seem to be multiple related things all lumped under the same blanket term, despite their functional difference. The magic super highways and demi-planes and isolated pockets within objects (Dragnupir and the Finnest) are all roughly related (fish) while being intrinsically different and likely further classifiable as such (trout, squid, and sharks if you will).
But aside from that residual speculation and just generally saying its cool, I don't got much to say here.

Prose and Format

The prose of GotM was pretty good! Not the best, but serviceable, engaging, and evocative with a handful of really standout passages. I cannot wait to see this take a ten-year leap in Deadhouse Gates!
The formating was interesting. Many chapters were wonderfully interwoven PoV's all complimenting each other. Some could have conceivably been split into multiple quite comfortably, other blended. Makes me wonder why Erikson collected things as he did. Chapter 9 was basically 4 self-contained sequences each a chapter long, lol. ... It's because the Odessy has 24 chapters, isn't it? The book breakdown was terrifically effective, while Books 4, 5, and 6 largely blended together PoV-wise, they each still had their specific goals and arcs.
I'm a major fan of Epigraphs, and these were all great! (Despite my constant timeline and poetry scruples) A lot of my more out-there theorizing tended to be a bit more playful with the epigraphs than I think Erikson ever got, but that's more my own biases talking. I will say, if I ever get around to writing anything, I'd love to go ham on epigraph shenanigans.
All in all, this profoundly unique PoV structure (not so much unique in form as in just how broad and ambitious it is) works to elevate the whole experience. That Erikson so radically adheres to 3rd limited can get somewhat constraining at times, especially when we're not privy to info our PoV has, but overall, it works.

Final Thoughts

So, with all my nit-picking, critiques, and half-praise, did I even like this novel? No, I LOVE it. It is in many ways as advertised, a messy first step into a unique and wildly ambitious new direction, and I'm wholly invested in watching the rest of this unfold!
And now for one last pass through the ancillary goodies:
Dramatis Personae
Is actually quite funny in retrospect. But first:
Sorry is mentioned as a killer in the guise of a young girl. Obvious when you're in the know but it doesn't give the answer right away.
Dancer is mentioned as the advisor (right-hand, if you will) right out of the gate, D'oh.
Toc the Elder disappeared during Laseen's purges, interesting.
Kruppe: a man of false modesty, TRUE
Coll being merely listed as a drunk, technically true.
Chert: "an unlucky bully" lol
Mammot is listed as a High Preist of D'riss, D'oh.
The Eel is listed independently of Kruppe, good cover.
K'Rul is listed as the Maker of Paths, D'oh.
And that's more or less it. (I mean, I only skimmed it before, so its not like a missed anything)


Not too much to say here, but a few notes:
Poliel, Missteres of Pestilence, and Soliel, Missteres of Healing have rather similar names, which is interesting.
The Warrens here are all listed as what their actual domains are, which is a nice aid. There don't seem to be any more than the ones named somewhere within the text, which is fine, but a couple odd notes:
Meanas is listed as the Path of Shadow and Illusion, Tattersail mentioned the two domains are connected, whereas Quick Ben (once a High Preist of Shadow) had seemed to regard the two as separate. There's a story there.
Also, Thyr, Tattersaill's Warren, is the Warren of Light, given the apparently... interesting relationship between Light and Dark, particularly Lights evident "corruption" I'd love to see the implications of all this.
The K'chain Che'maille's Elder Warren is not listed, either because it doesn't exist (once again proving them the worst Elder Race, nerds got soloed by some snow, lol) or it was simply never mentioned. Given we have seen at least one magic relic from them, likely the latter.
Also, the Azath is nowhere mentioned, which is interesting in itself.
Well, that's that! See y'all in a week or so, once I've gotten a test out of the way, with the beginning of Deadhouse Gates!
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2023.06.07 00:31 Satchel93 R5 5800X High Temperatures with Dark Rock Pro 4

Hi, I'm having some issues to keep a Ryzen 5 5800X temperatures under control while using a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4. The CPU is easily getting into the 85C - 90C territory while running Cinebench R23 or just running a somewhat demanding game, Dead Space Remake for example.
This issue started to happen when I upgraded my RX 6700 XT to an RX 7900 XTX, which kind of makes sense since the heat that this card dissipates into the case is more than what the 6700 XT used to. However, this seems quite hot nevertheless and I think my case + the DRP4 should be able to tame the 5800X.
I had to limit the CPU PPT to 100W using Ryzen Master and create custom fan curves for my case fans and CPU Fans to reach 100% at about 75C on the CPU to be able to maintain around 80C while gaming, however this limits the performance on Cinebench runs. I have also already repasted my CPU in hopes of it getting better.
Any suggestions?
Should I just move on to an AIO? Or what can I do to make this better with the DRP4? Maybe this is just the nature of the 5800X, to run HOT AF.
My specs are:
Case: Cooler master TD500 Mesh V1 (3 CM CF120 Fans in front as intake) + 3 CM SickleFlow as exhaust (one on the back, two on top just above the CPU cooler)
Cooler: Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
CPU: Ryzen 5 5800X
Motherboard: MSI B550 MAG TOMAHAWK
GPU: Sapphire RX 7900 XTX Nitro +
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000W G5 Gold
SSDs: WD SN770 2TB PCIe 4.0 (Primary) WD SN550 1TB PCIe 3.0 (Secondary)
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2023.06.07 00:30 ThatKir A Zen Tune

Thread 21: A Zen Tune
From Linquan’s Empty Valley Collection, Case 85
Once, a Precepter asked the Venerable Zifu Rubao of Jizhou, “What is the song of the ancients?”
In response, Zifu drew a circle in the air.
The question seems a little silly; carries the assumption that Zifu is somehow one to know what the heck the “song of the ancients” is. But from another perspective, if we assume that the “ancients” are Zen Masters it makes sense that Zifu wouldn't give a set of words to the “song” in that Zen is not dependent on any particular verbal expression and gives a symbol communicate emptiness as his understanding of it.
As an aside, I didn’t see any hits on google for 古人歌 “song of the ancients” as a cultural but came across a few hits in CBETA which I sight-read as being just various different sources referencing the same case. Someone check my work for me.
How is everyone translating 和尚 out there?
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Celebrating the recent International Tabletop Day we are doing a Worldwide Giveaway [Mod Approved]. It is a little over $1,000 in total value and was arranged to give a new DnD party a jump start to their gaming needs. (Sponsored by Game Master Engine) More details in the video and comments! [OC] submitted by Famous_Football_3875 to u/Famous_Football_3875 [link] [comments]