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Этот сабреддит - место для бывших пользователей российского новостного агрегатора, который прекратил свою работу 10 сентября 2022 г. после давления со стороны правительства России. Мы обсуждаем актуальные новости и делимся своими мнениями. This subreddit is a place for ex-users of the Russian news aggregator, which went out of service on September 10, 2022 following pressure from the Russian government. We discuss current news and share our opinions.

2020.08.11 17:34 jamest0001 Being thin to enlarge your penis

The aim of this sub is to document people losing weight and becoming thinner to enlarge your penis. Please post your weight and masturbation habits

2014.06.03 16:23 r/guitarpedals, now with more circlejerking

Welcome to /guitarpedalcirclejerk!

2023.06.04 22:44 Conscious_Grass9903 Aeterra world map, more labels will be added

Aeterra world map, more labels will be added
Aeterra world map WIP
Science info: The world has a complicated orbit around a reddish gas giant the size of Saturn and its star, though quite distant. While 30% bigger than earth, the gravity is the same, it has a mostly mild to cold climate with some, but very few warmer areas akin to the equatorial regions of earth. The world lacks nickel and iron, but is made up for in other elements and materials not known here on earth
Political: the world is very diverse with countless cultures and faiths, and nations, 4 nations dominate the world, however- the 2 most powerful- the somewhat Hellenistic based cathabar republic- a vast city based empire not too different in operation than the early Roman Empire/ late republic, this nation more advanced in some areas and is far more diverse these it’s Chinese/Japanese themed counterpart- the Azarus hegemony- the most powerful economically, culturally and militarily. the two are currently in a state of an uneasy peace after 50 years of stalemate conflict, the lesser 2 but still very powerful nations are the unique (no culture like it on earth) Ashtai- once the most powerful by far- but now after centuries of internal and external pressure (as much from its aggressive neighbor, the Azarus- as itself)- a rotting corpse of its former self, essentially replaced by the Azarus. Lastly, Helios- both oldest and “wisest”~some chronicler probably. A neutral cultural and economic nexus, some of the most powerful organizations in the world (such as assignation organizations, mercenary groups, but most notably the inter-national bank of Helios. reside here. Not too dissimilar from braavos and the free cities of The GOT world.
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2023.06.04 22:44 Revolutionary-Hand72 Seeking Feedback on My Competitive Pokémon National Dex Uber Team

Hey everyone! I'm currently in the process of building a competitive Pokémon National Dex Uber team for a friendly tournament with my friends. We're using a snake chain draft style with 12 participants, and we get to drafted one eligible Uber and nine other Pokémon. I wanted to get your input on the team composition and any suggestions you might have for mons, movesets, stats, or natures.
I'm open to any and all suggestions regarding the team's movesets, stat distributions, natures, or even replacing Pokémon if necessary. Feel free to share your insights, strategies, and any potential improvements that could enhance the team's overall performance.
Thanks in advance for your help! I'm looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.
Toxapex @ Black Sludge Ability: Regenerator Tera Type: Fairy EVs: 252 HP / 12 Def / 244 SpD Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Scald - Recover - Haze - Toxic Spikes
Tornadus-Therian @ Assault Vest Ability: Regenerator Tera Type: Steel EVs: 244 HP / 48 SpD / 216 Spe Timid Nature - Hurricane - U-turn - Knock Off - Heat Wave
Serperior @ Leftovers Ability: Contrary Tera Type: Grass EVs: 56 HP / 200 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Substitute - Glare - Leech Seed - Leaf Storm
Chien-Pao @ Heavy-Duty Boots Ability: Sword of Ruin Tera Type: Dark EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Crunch - Swords Dance - Sacred Sword - Icicle Crash
Hydreigon @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate Tera Type: Steel EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Nasty Plot - Flamethrower - Dark Pulse - Flash Cannon
Corviknight @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Pressure Tera Type: Water EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD Impish Nature - Brave Bird - Body Press - U-turn - Roost
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2023.06.04 22:43 tacticaltim556 [WTS] Brand New Chrome BCG Phosphate Extractor

Time Stamp:
Never Fired/Mint condition Microbest Chrome BCG
in loving memory
$131.69 Shipped PayPal FF
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2023.06.04 22:30 Lukenick593723 38M recently diagnosed/5’9’’ 205 pounds

About three months ago I was officially diagnosed with high blood pressure after monitoring myself at home and several doctors visits. I’m currently on 50mg of Losartan. I suspect I’ve had high blood pressure for a few years but am finally on medication. I also have high cholesterol. My most recent blood test indicated my HDL was 33 and my LDL was 151. Over the past several years I have gone into ER with chest pains and every time they blood tests, chest X Rays and EKGs come back normal. I am having an echocardiogram and a stress test in the next few weeks to rule out other possibilities.
I think it’s important to note I’ve had anxiety most of my life and am terrified of something happening to me considering I have two special needs children and am the sole breadwinner of the family. If my blood pressure and cholesterol were normal I would chalk it up to my anxiety.
Basically I am asking if there is anything else I should be doing? I have already started to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Something I should have a while ago.
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2023.06.04 22:25 Adriennelynne 35 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling Pressured into having a c-section

I am a 34 year old female who has had two previous vaginal births. I was induced at 41 weeks and 3 days with my first daughter and her delivery was vacuum-asssisted. For my second daughter I was induced at 40 weeks (due to elevated blood pressure) and during her delivery she experienced 1 minute of shoulder dystocia which was released by the doctor reaching up/releasing her shoulder. My first daughter was 8 lbs 3 oz and my second daughter was 8 lbs 1 oz. Both pregnancies were relatively uneventful and both girls have had healthy outcomes since birth.
For my third/current pregnancy I switched OBGYN offices due to insurance changes and from the start (8 weeks gestation) I have felt that they have been pressuring me to consider a c-section for this delivery bc there is a chance of shoulder dystocia happening again. I told them that I wanted to wait to see how big baby grew before committing. They told me that they agreed with my plan.
As this pregnancy has progressed, the following findings have come to light: -At the 20 weeks scan they found that baby has a hypercoiled cord (0.9 coiling index). -At my 32 week scan they found that baby is 97th percentile for size and that I have polyhydraminos (27.2 amniotic fluid index).
They repeated my glucose tolerance test and I passed with a score of 88. They have me doing NSTs twice a week and fluid scans weekly (there have been slight fluctuations in the level of fluid, but it remains high). They said that they will repeat her growth scan at 36 weeks but they told me that I now need to move forward with a c-section bc delivering her vaginally is “too risky”. Baby is due on July 7th and my c-section has been scheduled for July 3rd.
They told me that if I go into labor spontaneously before the c-section then I can try for a vaginal birth if I want to bc she will be smaller. I would prefer to try for a vaginal delivery if possible so I asked them if I could do an early induction before the c-section date and they refused bc “there is no medical indication to induce at 39 weeks”. I am feeling uneasy about the c-section bc I’m not 100% sure that it is necessary. If they were going to take her out via c-section at 39 weeks and 3 days then why is trying an induction at the same time such a ridiculous request?
Anyways, that was a really long spiel but my main questions here are…
Can a big baby or polyhydraminos be an indication for induction at 39 weeks? Is c-section really my only option here?
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2023.06.04 22:19 ogcommie I had a seizure and I don't know why. How can I prevent it from happening again?

I, a 110lb, 5'1, 22 year old caucasian woman, had a seizure a few days ago. I have anemia presumably caused by iron deficiency. I take and have been taking these meds & vitamins for upwards of 4 months: Vitamin D3 - 50mcg ; Iron - 65mg ; Adderall - 15mg (extended release) ; Adderall - 10mg (quick release) (as needed) ; Escitalopram - 20mg ; Oral birth control pill (generic and cheap) I also vape lol
To the point, I have been passing out around 5 times a week or more. I have also had unprompted irregular blood sugar spikes and drops. While I could obviously make better decisions when it comes to my diet and whatnot, my current lifestyle is fore the most part consistent and healthy. In mine, and everyone around me's' opinion, I am not doing anything that can be obviously linked to my issues. I have been recently checking my blood sugar and blood pressure fairly often (specifically when something feels off). I do have an appointment made but its not until the end of this month (June).
A few days ago, something definitely felt off. I took my blood sugar and it was 54 at 4:49pm. I'm not exactly clear on what happened after but I did pass out and my partner came out to see me having a seizure. Once I got my bearing I checked my blood sugar and it was 147 at 5:19pm. I did eat a meal a few hours before all this but I didn't over exert myself physically. I wasn't overly stressed that day, either. And before anyone, like my mom, asks; No I didn't have time for a snack while I was passed out and seizing lol. I just don't know what I could have done to cause this or anything. I do have an appointment set up but until then, I'm terrified of this happening again when I have no idea why it happened in the first place. If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about understanding whats happening to me, and most importantly, how to stop it from happening again, PLEASE let me know. Thanks
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2023.06.04 22:02 price2pay Test date at 6/22/23 - 19 days away - feeling not ready, need some input

this is my second time taking the test (took back in oct 2022 with the whole retake promo. couldn't commit to dec due to family/test center being booked). Now, planned it at June but still dont feel ready (yes, most of isnt from learning within this subreddit), i have learnzapp and my ready score is at 45%. i barely use and ive been just reading more of the books and re-reading it, wanted to understand the concepts more. i dont feel like im ready but im kinda lost and asking the cissp communitiy for help/input. should i just push back the test? Theres no job pressure for this. Its a career move for me, my current position is in system admin. been working in the IT industry for 7 years

PS - any other helpful tips will be great. much appreciated
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2023.06.04 21:56 Slayor09 [NA][Illidan] LFM M+/Raids/Professions/PVP

Dragonglass is a semi-hardcore, 18+, progression-minded guild located on our home server of Illidan. We value teamwork and unity and strive to achieve and succeed together, not apart. We consider ourselves more than just a World of Warcraft guild, we support each other through life as well as in video games outside of World of Warcraft. Many of us are long-time gamers, with some dating back to the original days of vanilla World of Warcraft. We have a wide variety of ages, from the low-20s all the way up to the mid-70s. We are home to hardcore, semi-hardcore, and casual players as well and strive to have a place for everyone within Dragonglass---whether Mythic keys are your thing, progression raiding, gold-farming, PvP, or even just relaxing with friends.
Night's Watch (Fri/Sat 8-11 CST) is our progression, hardcore mythic raid team. Each member of Night's Watch is held to high standards within the guild. This team is highly competitive, and each member thrives under pressure. Every member of Night's Watch strives to achieve and perform at their best, both for the betterment of themselves and the betterment of the team. Currently looking for any exceptional dps or healer.
King's Guard (Sat/Sun 6:30-9:00 CST) is our progression, semi-hardcore raid team. Our biggest goal as a team each season is the Ahead of the Curve achievement with some mythic progression following the completion of heroic raid. Members of King's Guard are close-knit and aim to achieve and improve as players and as people. We aim to provide a semi-hardcore atmosphere, where members can push progression content while having a slightly more laidback atmosphere on non-progression content. Currently looking for healer, mage, rogue and/or warrior.
New Bloods (Sun 1pm CST) is our fully casual, laidback raid team. Our biggest goal is to complete normal raid each season, with some heroic progression. Most members of New Bloods are new to raiding, retired heroic/mythic raiders, trial raiders, and sometimes alts of heroic and mythic raiders. The aim of New Bloods is to teach raiding skills to new players, as well as to provide a casual and lighthearted atmosphere for raiding. New Bloods also aims to sharpen and refine skills, so that players may progress to heroic and even mythic raiding if they so choose. Currently looking for all roles.
We also have multiple Mythic+ key groups who run multiple nights a week with different levels of pushing mentality to fit every need. Our second, more casual raid group may also be of interest to those who are just looking for a chill raiding experience. We are also looking and actively recruiting people interested in PvP content as we are highly interested in forming a few PvP groups!
We are also home to our Profession Core! The Profession Core team does daily activities such as group farms, crafting fairs, and other gold-making activities. The core strives to provide items, consumables, and gold for the guild as well as aid members in making gold themselves. It is a goal of our Profession Core to be able to have every specialization covered for Dragonflight so that guild members may benefit from other guild members instead of having to look outside of the guild. We want to strive to craft the best of the best and will settle for nothing less. This team is just one way we try and create a community outside of Mythic+ and Raid.
Regardless of what has brought you to World of Warcraft, Dragonglass strives to find a home for all. We are more than just a guild, we are a community that strives to aid each other and achieve with each other. If this sounds like a good fit to you, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to settle you in.
We are currently recruiting for all positions for M+ and normal raid, and general DPS for heroic and mythic teams.
Who to talk to:
Hagford, Recruitment Officer
Slayor, Co-GM
Kiwi, Mythic Raid Leader
Fenix, Heroic Raid Leader
Robmygrave - Mythic Team Coordinator
Grave - Normal Raid Lead
You can also check us out on Guilds of WoW:
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2023.06.04 21:54 ScourgeOnReddit POV: You see a strange kind of Pokehuman washed up on the beach of Paldea on your newest pokemon journey. WWYD? (Character info in slides, rules in body text.)

POV: You see a strange kind of Pokehuman washed up on the beach of Paldea on your newest pokemon journey. WWYD? (Character info in slides, rules in body text.)
POV Rules: • No idc ocs • Human ocs and Pokehuman ocs allowed! • Answer with Effort, give me something to work with • Share a link or an image of your oc! Describe it if you can't • Be creative! • No loopholes, Common sense
Have fun with this one!
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2023.06.04 21:45 klharless Looking for specific healthcare professional

Doing IF, TRF, wearing a CGM, bringing my A1C down to 5.9 and dropping and losing 17 lbs., and to BMI 24.7 and dropping, I am still feeling low energy, brain fog and lack of libido. Eating more Whole Foods, less carbs and way less sugar.
My MD PC and Cardiologist keep wanting to play with my current medications;
Clopidogrel - Dosage: 1 x 75 mg oral tablet, one time per day in the morning
Fenofibrate - Dosage: 1 x 145 mg oral tablet, one time per day
Fluoxetine - Dosage: 1 x 40 mg oral tablet, one time per day in the morning
Isosorbide Mononitrate - Treatment for: Angina Dosage: 1 x 30 mg oral tablet, one time per day
Losartan - Treatment for: High Blood Pressure - Dosage: 1 x 25 mg oral tablet, one time per day in the morning
Metformin - Treatment for: Diabetes, Type 2 - Dosage: 2 x 500 mg oral tablet, two times per day
Metoprolol Tartrate - Treatment for: Angina - Dosage: 1 x 25 mg oral tablet, two times per day
Rosuvastatin - Treatment for: High Cholesterol - Dosage: 1 x 40 mg oral tablet, one time per day in the morning
Spironolactone - Dosage: 1 x 25 mg oral tablet, two times per day
Tried a ND, wants to add supplements to counter effects of medications.
Tried DO, talking supplements, HRT and Stem Cells.
Seems like I am missing the doctor who can guide my current approach and fine tune it with a goal of eliminating as many medications and supplements as possible.
Does this type of doctor exist? How do you find them?
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2023.06.04 21:32 jyeonbacons 19 [F4A] lf accountability buddy(ies)

Henloo, it's 3 am and I'm not sure if there's someone up pa (this post is up indefinitely naman dw). It's my finals week pero I'm currently struggling on keeping my focus. I need someone masipag around me para ma-pressure ako 🥲 let's be constants na rin sana kasi I'm planning to study in advance for Intermediate Accounting during my summer break. Idk how this set up works kasi it's my first time posting here pero hey I'm shooting my shot! 😅
About me:
  1. BSA student na malapit na kunin ni Pacioli emz
  2. Conversationalist, we can talk about anythingg. 🙌 G ako for everything.
  3. Iskolar ng bayan
About you:
  1. Preferably BSA student din para makarelate tayo sa isa't isa but any program is fine!! (This post is intended for COLLEGE STUDENTS like me kasi mas comfortable ako around people my age HAHAHAH)
  2. Masipag because I'm tamad and I have the attention span of a gold fish.
  3. Can hold conversations (pls 😭)
  4. Naghahanap din ng study buddy
[Note: We can communicate preferably thru discord or sa ibang soc meds natin if you're G pero if prefer mo sa DC lang that's fine]
If you're interested, HMU HMU!! I don't bite HAHAHAHA
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2023.06.04 21:21 KiKiKittyNinja Office Politics with a Kevin: Part 1

Greetings fellow beard scientists!
It's, uh… It's been a hot minute since I last posted a story here. Like, nearly a year. I've been trying to write up a story of some bronies that got banned from a comic store I used to volunteer at as well as some of the stories of my childhood of being raised by a legbeard, but… 2022 was not a kind year. In fact, if you like, starting with my next part, I can go into what happened to me last year since it does weirdly tie into how I was forced to work with the specimen of this series. After all, what is life if not a strange series of domino effects leading to greater outcomes that no one would have ever expected? My tale may be tragic, but Kevin's is tooth-grindingly dripping with schadenfreude.
So, let's fucking go!
Story 1: A Proto-Kevin Story 1, ironically, will not feature Kevin. Instead, it features a Proto-Kevin I will call Devin. I though of calling him Kemo, like Kevin Demo, but I was scared that ReddX would pronounce it like Chemo and though interacting with Devin sometimes felt as excruciating as slow dripping poisons directly into your veins– at least chemotherapy serves a purpose. Devin would prove to be a disaster of a person to such a caliber no one could predict, and has caused issues that I am still fixing nearly 3 months later.
Back in mid-January, I was working hard to train some of my coworkers to know how to do my job. At this point in time, I was the only buyer in my company and I had been since October. Even before my senior buyer moved onto greener pastures, I had been the one largely in charge of placing orders, chasing down items, and doing expedites, and anytime I had been out for more than 2 days the whole office would creep to a stop with people freaking out as to what to do without me. Now, I know that sounds like not-so-humble bragging, but when the top of the food chain comes halfway across the country to thank you personally for handling an issue with a military project that could have gone really badly had we not saved a paper trail showing that we were not to blame for the 4 month delay of a project that could have cost us a quarter million, you start to realize what sort of pressure you've willingly put yourself into. As such, I was making a step-by-step slideshow on how to place orders or customer supply orders since I was about to go out of town the following week to go on a week-long trip with my family. It was as I was explaining how to submit info into Purchase Advisor that the production manager, let's call her Fae, walks into my cubicle with a troubled expression.
"Hey Kitty. Do you have a moment?"
"Yeah. Just working on the slides like you asked. What's up?"
"Well…" Fae pursed her lips for a moment, looking a little frustrated, before finding her words. "You know how we've been looking for a new buyer ever since Sergeant left?"
"Yeah. I know you've had a lot of people coming in…"
"Well, the good news is that we found someone." I must have made a face, because Fae reluctantly followed up with, "Well, Caligula hired this new guy. I actually never got to meet him."
Ah, and there was the rub. Caligula is our location manager. Caligula had already been a little bit of a narcissist, but without Sergeant to openly defy him he had straight up gone into a power trip where he felt like he had to prove what a capable leader he was! Hell, on the day of the company Christmas Cookie exchange/ ugly sweater party, he made a female employee cry and then proceeded to passive-aggressively shame her in front of the whole team via a "mandatory group meeting" with a 30 minute speech that could be summarized into the phrase, "If you hate working here so much, then leave!" Three employees quit within 2 weeks of this incident. Stupid prizes, I suppose.
The reason for my concern had to do with the fact that Caligula was clearly trying to take some short-cuts in solving the issue of putting a 29 year old woman with a year of experience and a crumbling personal life in charge of keeping an entire company's finances. This shortcut included putting Fae in charge as a supervisor to my department, that way I was answering to someone, but that just meant yet another thing on Fae's plate. To top it off, he was going behind our backs when finding a new employee just as Fae and I were getting on the same page and learning to truly communicate, which showed he wasn't interested in knowing what purchasing needed since clearly Caligula, King of Cables, knew what was best.
I sighed a little, but gave Fae a small smile, "Well, hey! Maybe this is a good thing! I mean, it would have been nice if he asked for our input, but what can you do? Did he say anything about our new buyer?"
"All I really know is that he was a buyer for for about 15 years as a freelancer of sorts. And Devin is supposed to start the Monday after you come back from your vacation." She then gave a little bit of a playful smirk before saying, "Are you sure you need to go for a whole week?"
I gave a small snort before rolling my eyes and turning back towards my computer. "After all the bullshit this divorce has put me through, I need to get the hell out of town for a week. Besides, I don't think even Walt Disney himself could keep my mom from dragging me down to Florida at this point. I've just about finished this slide on how to use the Suggestion List to place your orders while I'm gone. I'll start the slide on how to manually input POs, and if I have time I'll also make one for Customer Supply parts. If I hear anything about that list you gave me, I'll let you know."
"Thanks, Kitty! Keep me posted." With that, Fae walked off, and the rest of the week proceeded more or less as usual.
Fast forward two weeks. I walked into the office, expecting to meet my new colleague. I was told he'd be in the cubicle next to mine, but it was distinctively empty. Weird, but whatever. It wasn't my place to worry about if someone was on time or not, so I shrugged it off and proceeded to mind my own business. Some odd twenty-something minutes later, the doorbell rang. I went to the door, and there stood who I would soon learn was Devin.
Devin was a scraggly and worn down individual. I'll short cut my description of him by saying this– you know how in Japanese dramas you tend to have that one office worker character who looks like he's working on a combined total of 5 hours of sleep this week and is only being kept alive via canned coffees and 3 packs of cigarettes a day, all while looking longingly to the stairs that lead to the roof? So picture this poor, barely kempt, husk of a man whose dreams died long before the blade of his razor blade dulled too much to tackle the whisper of whiskers on his upper lip, and put him into khakis and a sloppy dress shirt. He stood a little hunched over, almost like he was uncertain if he was in the right place. He gave a wry and nervous little smile before speaking up.
"Uh… I'm looking for… Ah, they're a manager? I think their name starts with an A?"
I felt my face scrunch up as I thought this over. Now, even if I am using altered names to protect the bearded, the innocent, and my job, we don't have any managers whose name starts with an A. Fae's real name could sound like it starts with an A if you missed the first letter, but I proceeded to press.
"Did you happen to speak to someone before you came over?"
"Do you happen to know if it was a man or a woman you spoke to?"
He gave the human equivalent to the dial-up tone, and I smiled politely to him.
"Tell you what, why don't you come in, and I'll see if I can find either Fae or Caligu–"
"That's them!"
"Uh, Fae?"
"Maybe her, but Caligraphy hired me." I blinked for a moment. Caligula's irl name might be slightly unconventional spelled, but it's phonetic enough not to mess it up. This guy completely whiffed our boss's name. Still, he was new, and I suck at remembering names, so who am I to judge?
I returned the polite smile to my face. "Ah. So you're the new purchasing team member? Nice to meet you! I'm Kitty. Fae said you'd be next to me, so I'll show you to your cubicle so you can settle in, and then I'll go find her."
He did not return the greeting, nor did he give me his name.
I showed him to his desk before I scurried off, and I let Fae know that our newest team member was here. You'd think she'd be thrilled, but she furrowed her brow before checking her watch. "He only just came in? He said he'd be here at 7:30, and it's past 8:20." She stood from her desk in the warehouse and asked that I join her and the new guy in the meeting room so that we could all be introduced properly.
The first meeting itself was pretty uneventful. Besides Devin reiterating what we already knew--15 years of purchasing experience, his last job being with Major Airline Company, and being hire by Caligula– I also got his name about halfway through the meeting (his name was asked at the beginning, and it took Fae asking him at 3 separate points to, ya know, answer that basic question), learned he was married with a kid, that his wife had threatened to divorce him if they continued to both work at Major Airline Company, that Devin has a hard time separating from work and personal life, and how he's thankful to be back to working in an office. He asked about my commute time, and when I relayed that I have to drive 40 minutes just to get to the office, Devin scoffed and said, "I would never work that far off again. I'm so glad I work just 5 minutes down the road!"
Now, this got a look from Fae and I. The obvious is because this dude was nearly an hour late to work on his first day, despite being 5 minutes down the road. The other reason was because Fae knew this was a bit of a sore spot for me. I had been only 15 minutes away, but with me being mid-divorce and paying off some hefty medical bills… Well, there was a reason I was now stuck with an hour+ commute back and forth 5 days a week. This new dude obviously didn't know that though, and I winced up a smile to politely say, "Oh! That's pretty lucky for you. Hopefully I'll be in the same boat soon."
The rest of the meeting went uneventful, and as we all left the room, Fae did pull Devin aside to chide him for being so late before asking him to follow me to my desk to learn how we do things in our company as well as some of my tips and tricks to get our system to work since Devin had never worked with our OS before.
This pseudo training ended up being a different kind of uneventful. You see, Devin had brought a notepad and pen to learn how the system worked…. Both went completely unused. I'd check in with him to ask if he had any notes or questions and he just replied with, "No. This seems pretty basic," and, "This seems easy enough." Alrighty. I'll admit my job usually isn't too complicated, but he was definitely far more interested in babbling on about his life to the point he'd interrupt me in order to talk about his family. He reiterated that he and his wife had worked at Major Airline Company together for several years and how she threatened to divorce him if he didn't quit his job and seek employment elsewhere. He spoke a lot about his son while revealing nothing about his kid outside of general good feelings towards his child. I heard a lot about his life story, and he never once asked me any questions. Not about life. Not about work. He just wanted to talk about himself endlessly while saying nothing at all.
By the end of the day, Fae asked what I thought about Devin.
"He's friendly…. He likes to socialize."
"Did the training go well?"
"Um… hard to tell. He didn't take any notes or really ask any work related questions. After a while, I just ended up doing my usual work while he chatted in the background. He said he understood what was going on, but when I asked if he wanted to try any of the things I was showing him he said nah, I'm good and kept chatting."
Fae pressed her lips in concern and took note.
For the next few weeks, Devin would show up whenever he could. You might think I mean that in the sense that things would come up and he'd call out. No no. He'd roll into the office at whatever time he felt like. He was confirmed for a 7:30 start time, but there were many mornings I'd get to the office long before him and he'd have some half-assed excuse for being late. At one point, Caligula did a company meeting praising Devin, despite Devin having done literally nothing. In fact, as I was looking over some of our recent orders, I was noting a pattern. Any order placed with Devin were unconfirmed, prices were all over the place, he was sending requests to the wrong vendors (think ordering fans from a place that specializes in wires despite our suggestion list listing someone else).
Eventually, corporate decided to bring Devin into headquarters for a week's worth of training since they realized he was causing a lot of issues. Two days after coming back from his corporate training, he tried having me order a military-grade item for a government contract off of Amazon saying, "This part isn't available anywhere else, and Kitty is the only one with the authority to buy off of Amazon in the office!" He had been given the task of buying this 1 item and spent 4 hours trying to find this part. As he whined to Fae about the impossibility of finding this part, I managed to find, purchase, and confirm shipping from the vendor we had in the vendor's list. The look on Fae's face was almost on par with Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star.
Two days later, Fae pulled me into the meeting room to inform me that Devin was no longer a part of the team. This man, who had been brought in to be the head of my department, lasted 2 and a half weeks. In that time, he attempted to do some work… but mostly he just caused more issues than he solved. I was still cleaning up his mistakes 3 months after his departure. Fae also took this time to let me know that she was pushing for me to become the head of my department. I'd be lying if I didn't say this had me super excited. After nearly 4 months of managing the purchasing department alone, it'd be amazing to be paid a living wage that could turn my life around. Plus, I like validation. I'm not ashamed to admit sometimes a little "Good job kiddo!" is all it takes to string me along on whatever bullshit I've been dragged into. I beamed for the entire rest of the day, excited for the possibilities that lay ahead of me…
And that is when Kevin entered the arena with a company-wide email declaring that corporate decided he was "now in charge of handling purchasing."
Welp, I'll leave it there for now. I have a few other stories I want to write up, but I promise to get in some Office Kevin stories as soon as possible. I've only been dealing with him since February, but dear God the amount of insanity I've had to deal with has been wild. I also apologize if this lost steam towards the end. Current Kevin has been a drain on my mental energy, so it has taken me a lot longer than I'm proud to admit to get even this much out. In the meantime, be good to each other.
Remember that you are loved, and you deserve to be loved.
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2023.06.04 21:17 Jacob12000 League Initiative

League Initiative:

Man of Iron-Anthony Kent/Kal-Ark (Tales of Action)

Part-Time Reserve:

Arachni-Bat - Peter Wayne (Fantasy Detective Comics)

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2023.06.04 21:16 SillyWalkEnthusiast Let's become friends - Looking for daily chats

Hello, all! I am here because I feel quite alone. The truth is, even though life has its ups and downs, I have a relatively stable and boring life. What I need is a friend. I just feel the longing to connect with someone.
I'd like to meet someone here who is mature and respectful and who would invest in creating a friendship with me gradually over time, as we get more comfortable with each other. I would like to find an interesting personality to learn more about their world, conflicts, and aspirations, to learn new stuff from them, and ultimately become a better person by being their friend.
I'd like to meet someone who is a thoughtful and easy-going person and who would be willing to commit to this friendship. I'd like to meet someone with whom I would feel trusted enough to hear their life story and be trusted by them as I listen to theirs—with no judgments—and accept our struggles as they are. Someone who has a lot to say but hasn't had the opportunity to do so. I would be there for you.
I'd like to meet someone willing to commit to this friendship with the intention of it lasting more than two days, ideally communicating daily and letting the friendship grow without pressure, at its own pace. A friend is all I need, nothing else.
A few words about myself: I'm a person in my twenties from a small corner of Europe. I am a reserved, introverted, and perhaps unnecessarily serious person. I live in my own world. I'm a hopeless romantic who sees the world through stained glass. I enjoy art, poetry, and movies. I love walking in nature, I love summer storms, sunsets, and the mountains.
I am a nineties person who likes everything created during that decade. I wish I were then right now. Currently, my favorite bands and artists are Electronic, The Cardigans, Talk Talk, etc. I would like to add new artists to the playlist of my favorite songs, so your suggestions would be more than welcome. I haven't seen a movie or a TV show in ages, but my favorite ones are The Young Pope, Scrubs, the Office etc. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, like Radiolab, 99% Invisible, Wiretap, Heavyweight, and others.
If the type of friendship I described resonates with you, feel free to send me a direct message with a brief introduction about yourself. I would be glad to engage in a conversation with you.
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2023.06.04 20:57 gameontheshelf 36 [TF4F] - Pennsylvania/EST - I Know You're Out There, Somewhere

I've tried this a number of times but haven't had any luck in meeting the right person, but I'm nothing if not persistent.
This is me!
I'm hoping to meet someone I can connect and develop a friendship with, with the intent of seeing if there's chemistry and attraction. No pressure, of course!
I spend most of my time at home but I love being able to get out and visit new places. I also work remotely, which contributes to me being a homebody. To compensate, I sit out back with my deaf dog most days, enjoying the view and weather while I tinker on the computer or play Animal Crossing. I'm currently doing the former while listening to an audiobook (The Complete Guide to Deaf Dogs). It's been a nice day so far.
I'm monogamous and childfree, and would prefer to talk to someone similar.
Things that are important to me: spirituality, open communication, vulnerability, good emotional intelligence, mental health, sharing laughter, sharing silence, and compassion.
Things that I enjoy doing: reading, writing, watching TV shows or movies, roller skating, listening to music or podcasts, DIY, being crafty and artsy, training my dog, and being outside.
Dealbreakers for me: cigarettes, heavy drinking, lack of emotional vulnerability, passive aggression, doesn't love dogs/pets/animals, and lack of self-awareness.
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2023.06.04 20:46 stallione4 What advice would you give to a 28yo failure?

I am currently living in a ghetto and in a single room. I started out very ambitious at age 18. Moved away a few times and final time to the big city at 26 for private college and pressured to move back. It destroyed my life, put me on the streets, and lost everything including friends. I have no hope or emotions left in me anymore and almost no courage. I feel I lost more than years. I just want some kind of words to help me have hope again and move forward, something practical. I was the only one of my siblings who wanted to go to college and move away.
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2023.06.04 20:29 dnew My Firmament Critique (heavy spoilers for all Cyan games)

Before I dump on the game, let me mention a few of the places that were actually clever:
I found the game to be disappointing and frustrating, all down to three reasons:
Let's look at these, along with contrasting to early Cyan games, and notice how combining all three together makes for a poor experience.
Essentially, the only mode of interaction available is turning a knob. While this is not necessarily a game killer (Myst, for example, only has clicking something) in Firmament it is completely treated as turning a knob. That is, every time you use the adjunct, you're interacting with a manufactured bit of machinery to control power to one or the other function of what you're connecting to. This leads to a sparse range of puzzles that can be included, essentially none of which progress the narrative. And it leads to the requirement for a technical instruction manual at the start of the game.
There's no "let the water out of the chest then close the knob again so it'll float when you fill the pool." There's no compass rose or turning mirrors. There's no locks to find the combination to (fortunately, given the plot). There's no sorting of singing monkeys. There's no tempting of birds with seed pods. There's no catching of Squees. There's no summoning of Wharks. The steam generator and pipes to fill the Voltaic airship actually work logically, and there's a reason they're puzzling, unlike the steam pipes in Curievale. (I had to actually look up which world the steam pipes were in just now, which shows you how well-integrated that puzzle is.) Also, each puzzle is independent of all the others; there's no foreshadowing of what you need to know, nor cleverness of relating one puzzle to another, as was common all through Exile for example.
Almost all the puzzles (including the most frustrating) involve trying to find the next doorknob to turn; or, having found it, trying to figure out how to reach it with the one and only tool available. Occasionally there's the "let's see if I can find the hidden pathway." Almost none of them involve figuring something out based on the environment or the world building. When stuck, I found myself walking around with the adjunct out looking for some hidden doorknob to light up, or wandering into unobvious corners and walking around the edge of the playable area seeing if I missed a hidden pathway. This is compounded by the huge amount of nonsensical consistency-busting designs. (Watch any first-time playthrough and you'll see the player running all over the place looking for the next clue.)
Granted, once you figured out the solution, it was often clear in hindsight what you were supposed to have been doing.
The lack of characters, living people, conflict, narrative, etc also left the game feeling lacking. There's nobody you can interact with, almost no direction is provided as to what you should do (and no, just saying "start the Embrace" doesn't help given you have no memory of what that means), and no motivation for doing it other than some ghost tells you. The real reason you work at it is you know you're playing a game. The fact that the world is terribly inconsistent with the story, and the mentor wants you to do things she won't reveal, just compounds the problem.
The entire time I was playing, I was saying to myself "Why would this be like this?" It made the entire experience tremendously gamey. Myst and Riven didn't make you think "why would anyone do this?" Exile and Portal both had reasons for being full of puzzles, as well as a motivation for your opponent to be setting up the puzzles and for making them solvable. But Firmament should have been 10x as easy to navigate, except that wouldn't make a good game, so artificial barriers that make no sense are set in your way. This, for me, destroyed the suspension of disbelief. Especially when the ending reveals that even the things you might have thought were accidental were designed that way. Even the constructed places were designed like puzzles rather than somewhere you want your workers to be effective at working.
And then you get to the end, and it becomes even more absurd, given that everything you've seen was intentionally designed and built.
And many more I don't remember the details of.
Given Cyan's track record, one might ponder some of the inconsistencies in implementation and wonder whether they have a deeper meaning. I couldn't find any.
Compare to Myst: Myst was surreal, magical. It's expected in such situations that there will be weirdness. Nevertheless, essentially every puzzle was reasonable in its environment and grounded and somewhat predictable. Things like getting the key to the lighthouse was grounded in basic physics; things like resetting the spaceship after a mistake, or figuring out how to deduce the stoneship symbols, or raising the channelwood tree, were based on wide-spread cultural references. Where there were other puzzles, the end-goal was shown in advance, with you almost always running across the lock before being presented with the keys. The rare maze allowed you to (mostly) see where you were going several steps ahead and also told you the destination before you found it. The pointers to the story were left in conspicuous places (the note on the grass, the blue and red books). Also, the weird crap was explained in extensive world-building (heh) books in the library. Nothing (almost) was hidden just to make a puzzle harder. The solution to each puzzle was presented while you're in the puzzle trying to figure out the solution, if only you were clever or observant enough to understand it. If you wanted to get into the spaceship, you followed the wires. The elevator trick in Mechanical Age wasn't hidden; you just had to think about why the elevator didn't start right away. The most hidden thing there was the secret panels, which were secret, but still had a target drawn on them. Every place you were stymied by a lock, the lock was intentionally put there to keep natives of the land away from the books, or to keep others from using the books on Myst Island (i.e., the places of protection).
Contrast with (say) the greenhouse puzzle: first you have to figure how to get to the entrance riding the skiff, because that made so much more sense than another flight of stairs or a ladder; thank goodness the vines didn't quite close off every path. Then you have to figure out that the place you're trying to go is the other side of the planters on the same level (and not to the thing that looks like a lift or ladder), even though you can't see the other side. Then you ride the things around a while, trying to see the walkways above and below you, before realizing there's another doorknob down at the bottom; good thing they all have distinctive lights on them, eh? That doorknob can only be reached from where you're far from your goal, and from a limited number of puzzle states, then you have to work your way all the way back up, and then if you're lucky you'll have figured out how to turn the planters so you can dodge across. Sometimes you can cross on the diagonal, sometimes it's a fraction too far. And your knees don't bend, so you can't get over the foot-high plank lying on the floor. Or look at the steam pipes and heaters. You need to turn them on, and oh goody, they light up when you do. But some of the doorknobs don't glow; other sockets on the pipes aren't doorknobs they just look that way. Some of the pipes go above the surface, and you can't tell where they come back down. You then can turn on electric heaters using steam, somehow. You have to go down to turn one on, then melt some ice, then coming back up requires turning that off again. Several times you have to turn it on, then turn it off again because the valve was installed in a way that blocks the walkway. There's a valve hidden behind a grate for some reason, but fortunately your other tool can go through grates and the walkway passes by quite close. Then you have to turn on a valve, loop around to go two levels down, turn on the second valve that you can't get to because the steampunk builders thought it was a good idea to install valves that block the pathway, come back up far enough to turn on the third valve, go back down to turn on the heater, come back up and turn off the first valve, then you can progress. And when you've worked the steam power all the way to the end, what do you get? A steam-powered machine? No, just the same electric lift as in every other realm. Good thing, because you had to turn the steam off again to get to the other side of the path. The only reason for the steam pipes is to make a puzzle that somehow runs electric heaters off steam pressure, with electricity at both ends of the path already. Oh, and there's a hundred meters of gangway in loops and ramps in the water, instead of, you know, a path from one side to the other.
Compare to Riven: Riven is grounded like Firmament. It's not particularly supernatural. The stuff is mechanical, not magical. If someone disappears from a one-door room, there's probably a hidden switch. Granted, "fire marbles" aren't explained, and why there would even need to be clues to get into Tay is unclear story-wise, but OK, combinations to locks need to be written where you can find them. And the mine cart going under water was just Rule Of Cool. Everything else makes sense. Secret passages are only secret from one side. Doors are locked between where Ghen moves and where natives move, and locked on the side where Ghen is. When there's a "hidden" passage that's hard to see, the people who created it leave a pointer (usually a dagger). When there's a hidden door, you can see into the adjacent room so you know to look for the door. There's no case of "wander all over the level holding the 'show me interaction points' control, trying to figure out if there's a button that enables some other part of the level to work." There's no wondering whether you need an upgrade to even start working on this puzzle. If there's a hidden button to make something work, you can follow the wire to it (the fan), or see the pathway over there, or see the room through the window (book assembly island dome), or notice from where you start there's only one other path of many open (the lake sub), or etc. Look at the design of the wood pulp boiler vs the sulphur mixer. And again, the reason for all the locks are explained in-game. Riven is a masterclass in adventure game design because the puzzles all make sense in the context and story of the game, all of which we see before we need to know it, and there's almost nothing arbitrary about the puzzles.
Contrast with Firmament: Firmament looks realistic, but is surreal in detail. The entire place acts like one giant puzzle, with a dozen unintuitive steps to get from each place to the next. It has knobs that can control things remotely, but uses that capability to put things out of reach instead of making things easier, even tho the only people with adjuncts would be people who are supposed to be working the machines. It has machinery on rails constructed too close to other features to let the cars pass (like the first crane blocked by rocks, the second crane blocked by ice, the bubble car blocked by the ice, etc), which is even more silly when you find out the cliffs aren't natural either. It uses complex machinery of all different kinds to accomplish the same ends; the skiff vs the first crane vs the second crane vs the sulfur trains; the conveyance pods vs the bubble cars vs (cripes) riding blocks of ice and hopping off hopefully before you reach the shredder blades. There are places where simple stairs or bridges could be built, but instead there's a half dozen baroque processes to get from one place to another place a literal stone's throw away (see "riding blocks of ice" as well as the pointless skiff and the pointless steam pipes and ....). There's several kinds of power supplies which have to be turned on, each of which powers only the bits of puzzle blocking your way. There are innumerable doorknobs placed in cages where you have to be at the right angle to fire them with no obvious reason for the cage walls to be blocking you from there (see "riding blocks of ice"). Even at the end you have to walk entirely around the axis twice to unlock a door you're 20 feet from when you come out into space.
Compare to Exile: Exile is surreal, but this time it's intentionally designed by its creator to be surreal. Each age has a purpose and a theme, and it looks designed (unlike Myst's ages). The design of each Age gives you clues to the solutions of the puzzles, and then plays into the endgame. You have an ongoing story that tells you the motivations of the people involved. You have a reason you're suddenly thrown into the situation alone. (As in Myst and Riven, for that matter.) No need for the cliche loss of memory or untrustworthy narrator (both features of Firmament, both described in the opening monologue). There's a reason the puzzles are more difficult than you'd think necessary. The same reason is why there are clues how to solve them scattered about. And you're shown the ways in which the puzzles were made more difficult, which helps tell the story; nothing is randomly broken by accident. When you solve an age, you get a beautiful reward of getting to see the age laid out before you to admire. The ending is fulfilling, and in your hands, left to you to figure out how to bring about some solution or the best solution.
Contrast with Firmament: No setup other than a monologue telling you "you remember nothing, I might lie, go do puzzles I mean maintenance work." The puzzles are arbitrary-progress-blockage puzzles. There's very little where you have to think about what the world is like to make things work. The ages don't feel any different from each other, because every one is "figure out where the path is, where the goal is, and then try to find where you can reach the doorknob from." There's no puzzle having to do with ice on Curievale (other than the heaters, which are just different forms of doors). There's no puzzle having to do with plants on St. Andrew. Even places where you might have figured it out, it was tedious rather than clever; for example, the batteries were painted colors. Imagine how it would have been if you could see into the water and each post had a different number of batteries wired to it? I don't really want to spend time doing linear algebra to figure out puzzles during my gaming hour. And when you do solve a puzzle, half the time you're inside a building or vehicle where you can't see what's happening; the shutters only open once, the bubble cars obscure most of the view, engaging the Embrace doesn't make it obvious the doors are opening in the spire, etc.
How could I have done better? Well, I don't design games for a living, but I've been playing adventure games since they were coded in FORTRAN and printed their text on paper. There are a few obvious places the puzzles could have been made more enjoyable.
Anyway, that's my rambling. Hope you enjoyed. :)
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2023.06.04 20:16 Lost_Girl_JasonSweas Manual Therapy Gets Sexy with Jason Sweas

During exercises where I was squatting and touching the wall with my butt, Jason made a comment that I need to learn to use my hips. I responded that I know how to use my hips. He retorted, for other things like walking, implying that I use them only for sex.
I joked that if I was a man I’d be a “me too” case waiting to happen and would have been canceled a long time ago. I told Jason that being socially awkward and a bit stunted led to me making a lot of inappropriate comments and jokes. We talked a bit about the difference in climate between “our day” and the current climate in what was acceptable and what wasn’t anymore in regards to sexual talk. He indicated that my size and gender probably helped that people didn’t find me threatening.
Manual therapy started on the side of my hip tool-assisted. I asked Jason if I could see his face, and he pulled his mask down for a second. I said he had a very nice face and he smiled at the compliment. We talked more about my life and he asked a lot of questions about what I did when I was at clubs, how much I partied, and how much sex I had. I told him I didn’t because rock stars and musicians were dirty, and I didn’t want to sully my VIP status or ruin my body.
Jason stopped manual therapy, checked the ROM on my hip, pulled the curtain to the main room a bit, and then started manual therapy on my anterior with just his hands. He was looking at me very intensely with his deep blue eyes. His back was to the curtain separating the two treatment spaces, so I put my hand on his lower back and applied pressure.
I was audibly moaning, breathing heavily, had my right hand on my stomach with my fingers pressing into my flesh, was looking directly into Jason’s eyes, and was digging my right heel into the table with my knee slightly bent. My left hand was still pressing into his lower back, I brought it down over his buttocks to the back of his thigh, let my fingers curve to his inner thigh, and squeezed gently. We continued like this for a few minutes until I achieved orgasm.
Afterward he had me get up, walk, and do a few squats. I noticed that he was semi-erect and that his hand looked cramped. I asked if his hand was okay then reached out and touched his hand. He pulled away. I thought that this was odd after what just happened, but then realized how cognizant he was of everyone else’s perception.
I mentioned to him that my son had gotten a haircut and had asked me to take pictures to show to him. Jason had been really nice to my kids when they were there, so they were always talking about him and drawing/painting for him. As I was scrolling through photos on my phone to show him, there were naked selfies. I said I was so sorry, pulled the phone away, he turned and grabbed my hand saying it’s okay and scrolled back to the photos saying “nice.” Then when he got to the photos of my son he commented that he looked so much more grown up with his hair cut like that.
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2023.06.04 20:10 bridebreh How to profit off AI rally (hint it's not in tech) and why the rally might not be over.

How to profit off AI rally (hint it's not in tech) and why the rally might not be over.
How to profit off the AI rally:
To put it simply, to make money off the AI rally you take big positions in other sectors so that when institutions rotate gains out of tech, you benefit from the shift. As institutions are dumping their tech bags, you gotta look for where they're going next and get in with them. Look for high volume buying or accumulation in sectors that are beaten down. but these types of plays mean you might have to sit a while b4 you experience any gains. If you want quicker gains or lottos, you can see which other sectors have high volume buying pressure and take lottos (weeklies) early on those if you wanna gamble. But LEAPS is what I'm mostly talking about.
Shorting tech might not be a good idea:
I wouldn't short tech unless you have a good thesis or see heavy institutional selling. Institutions will let the rally go as high as retail is willing to pay. Then they enter the distribution phase and begin dumping shares. Shorting pullbacks on a rally isn't smart because it takes many small rallies for institutions to unload bags on retail. Sell offs can bounce back easily because institutions simply stop selling and then they let retail run the price back up off the dip. That way institutions can keep unloading at their target price.
Imagine institutions dump 1/4 of their positions. Tech sells off. Bears think it's crash. Institutions stop selling and selling pressure goes away (they drive the selling pressure). Then with institutional selling pressure gone, retail dip buyers bring the price back up to institution's price target where they dump another 1/4 of their shares. So on and so forth before they finally unload the last of their position and then tech goes into free fall.
Here’s a chart I made to explain. Red line is institutional selling pressure. Green line is retail buying dip (no institutional selling meaning limited supply meaning demand drives price up).
Why tech might keep going up:
This is just a generalization. Even with these factors driving market structure, the overall market and even tech may still trend higher for a while. This is because the concentration of the market’s rally is in tech, and as money rotates into other sectors we may see the rest of the market rise. Retail may see the market rise (as a result of lagging sectors rising), and think “market go up, me keep investing in tech”. Institutions also know this broadening of market gains will create psychological demand in their customers (the retail they sell their stocks to), and may have tech bags they’re willing to dump even higher than the current “top” of tech. And by the way, I wouldn't be investing in tech personally after this really even though it may still rise.
Market is an auction and why this matters:
But you might say “hurr durr economy doing bad” blah blah blah like yeah I know. Everybody knows. The market is an auction, though. It has everything to do with what is the highest price that people will pay for the stocks that institutions are holding.
If the movement and flow of institutional money is creating bullish signals in the market, the public will sense that pressure to buy regardless of their trading knowledge and be willing to pay higher and higher prices for stocks. The movement of institutional money affects prices and when people see prices move they fomo into the market. Demand goes up because people don’t want to miss out. They don’t understand the market.
The news cycle, economic woes, and war has scared retail into selling their shares dirt cheap to institutions, and the public has been waiting to get back in. What happens when the public all wants to get in at once? Demand soars and prices of stocks soar because people want in. It becomes impossible to get in the market at a good price for retail because they all want in at once (limited supply since institutions control supply and aren’t selling). If there is public demand, institutions who control the supply can determine at which point they will provide the product. If institutions chose to not unload their bags, there will be limited supply to meet the new influx of high demand. This drives the price up to the institution's price targets at which point they begin distribution.
This is why stock prices can go up even if it doesn't make sense.
Long story short, the news cycle is only good for trying to guess whether institutions are going to try and accumulate (buy low) or distribute (sell high) their product (stocks) to customers (retail).
TL;DR: If you’re going to short tech, know that you are going against the trend and you’ll be lucky if you short into a pullback. If you want to make gains buy LEAPs on underperforming sectors that have institutions rotating into them. You may have to sit on those LEAPs a long time because prices may fluctuate in those sectors until institutions have finished accumulating. If you want to lotto, maybe find sectors that are STARTING to rally on high volume after any kind of sell off in tech and gamble there.
Edit: ppl asking what I’m in. Banking stocks.
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2023.06.04 20:01 TimTimTaylor Liquid culture help - Not getting any growth

I have been attempting to make some liquid cultures with zero success. I have tried several different recipes inoculated with agar culture, but nothing is working. My current jars are made with 300ml water and 12g of unpasteurized honey, and I have one that was only 10g honey with 5g of liquid barely malt extract. I sterilized and pressure cook the mixtures, let it cool overnight, and inoculated with various amounts of mycelium from the agar. Everything very sterile along the way, clean and flame sterilize my blade between jars, etc. Jars are incubated at 78F, 1/4inch air hole with micropore tape on top. I have some marbles in the jar; left it alone for 2 days then give it a gentle swirl once per day. Those are at 10 days sitting now and I'm not seeing any signs of growth.
My first attempts I think I inoculated too soon after sterilizing so they were probably still too warm. These ones I waited overnight to ensure they cooled down in a sterile still air box. Mycelium has been sized from a little flake, up to a small wedge cut out, or a couple small pieces. Possible too much, or not enough? All they guides I've seen used a small amount. And when I cut it out, there was still some Agar attached, could that be a problem? No idea what I might be doing wrong otherwise, unless they honey I'm using isn't good for growing (Peace River pure unpasteurized liquid honey). Any thoughts or suggestions?
Edit: Not 5g liquid malt extract with 10g honey, that's definitely way too much. I was just experimenting with using 10g honey and 5g barely malt syrup.
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2023.06.04 19:55 Anonymous_D-boi The Devil puts things into motion... accidentaly and far away.

Hi everyone! This is a continuation piece of my previous work (might probably will turn this into a series/proper universe down the line), however reading it isn't necessary for understanding this story.
Any and all criticism is welcome. Hope you'll like it!
For captain Gryio, it was a pretty uneventful afternoon shift aboard his mining ship, prospecting beyond the Imperial border. He was looking outside into the void from his cabin, watching automated drones bring asteroids full of rare metals into his ship's belly, when his comms officer, Lila, walked in on him with a datapad. She explained to him that they captured a transmission on the short range public interstellar channel. Curiously, the transmission came not from within the Imperial border, but from without. It seemed navy in origin and simply read: "To anyone who hears this message, forward it whole to the nearest Imperial ship or station as fast as possible. The reward for the first person to do so will be 100 thousand Imperial crowns." What followed was about a minute of what seemed to be static. Gryio, a former navy officer, recognized in it a classified message that was encrypted, so no one without the proper software would be able to read what it says. Navy messages coming from beyond the border usually meant pirates, however pirate warnings were always without any encryption. Thinking he would rather get the money than rummage through classified navy business, he ordered his comms officer to retransmit it to the nearest Imperial border outpost. What he didn't know was that the transmission would end up being sent to two locations. As it turns out, the comms officer made a deal some time ago. A mysterious individual aproached Lila with an offer. He would pay for her father's surgery if she gave him a valuable piece of information about the Imperium's actions on the frontier. A desperate sounding encrypted Imperial navy broadcast was sure to be worth more than fixing up an old man's heart, she thought.
Some time later, at the Imperial navy HQ, located at the Imperial capital, the message caused quite a lot of upheaval. It said that the 16th Imperial exploration fleet made violent first contact with a newly discovered intelligent race.
The fleet's commander, a young prince of the Heyduk kingdom, decided that the smartest thing to do was to conduct a raid on the species' planet, the Earth, hoping to prove himself as a warrior, this attempt ending when an explosion took of his leg and forearm. The species', the Humans they call themselves, military then managed to push back the Imperial marines to their original landing site and forced them to evacuate to their voidships. They left with heavy casualties, with several of their landing craft being shot down as they attempted to fly to orbit. The prince, before being put into an artificialy induced coma to help him heal, then called for reinforcements directly to his father, the king, using a genetically matched long range transmitter that only he could use. His second-in-command then ordered a retreat behind the moon of the Earth. A lone SIGINT vessel, the Poltergeist, was then ordered to return back to Earth's orbit to monitor any attempt by the Humans to shoot back at the Imperial ships. After not hearing from the vessel for half a day, they decided to peak from the dark side of the moon to establish visual contact. When they saw the Poltergeist's wreck entering the Earths' atmosphere, the crew presumed dead and entombed within the ship, they decided to call for help properly. With his most powerful antenna destroyed and the second one being unusable by anyone except a half dead aristocrat, the second-in-command used the public channel, desperately hoping that anyone would listen and retransmit.
One of the officers present then cared to check the Imperial navy Central Information System, and sure enough, a small military transport fleet of the Heyduk navy just left port, with their stated destination being a system on the edge of Imperial space close to the newly discovered Earth. The fleet was ordered back home. The young prince broke both Imperial and Common Galactic law by initiating first contact violently without provocation and considering the already shaky relationship between the Imperium and the the Galactic Alliance and the prince being, ultimately, an Imperial officer, the prospects for a quiet resolution weren't good. Someone finally ushered the words: "The Emperor should know about this."
On a port orbiting a world far away from the Imperial capital, Hako Undu was at a bar, drinking, when his datapad got a notification. It was a message from the local company handling interstellar comms that he got a message. He payed for his drink and left for the nearest message kiosk. He downloaded the message without looking at it and went to his apartment. Once there he opened it. "Hope it's enough. Lila," read the message. He recognised the name as a girl he managed to strike a deal with. It also had an attachment. The attachment was an audio file, with a voice ordering the listener to retransmit it to the nearest Imperial forces and a minute of static. Hako walked to one of the cabinets in his apartment and moved it away, revealing a safe. He entered the passcode and opened the safe. Hako pulled a small box out from it. He connected his datapad to the box and ran the program that was installed on it. This decryption computer wasn't as powerful as the one they had back at the Bureau, but it should give him an idea if the message was worth passing on.
Once the box finished it's work to the best of it's ability, Hako played the now deciphered message. Not everything was intelligible, he didn't expect it to be, however with every passing second he wanted to hear more. An Imperial aristocrat and officer, initating first contact violently without provocation, wounded and forced to retreat with heavy casualties? He even heard something about a Poltergeist burning up in atmo. Hako had to stop himself from audibly laughing. Considering the events of the last few years, he found himself with the key that the Bureau, and by extension the Alliance, can use to push back against the ever more audacious Imperials. He put the box back into the safe, locked the safe and put the cabinet back in it's place. Then he walked to the ugly part of the station, the part where you can find a guy that does illegal interstellar transmissions that can't be tracked back to their origin. Once he had done his business there, he went to his bank, where he made a transfer of several thousand Imperial crowns to a bank account whose details he had memorized a long ago. "The lass struck gold while literally prospecting for gold," he thought as he signed the transfer papers, smirking to himself.
The Imperial palace was usually quiet this time of day. Today, howerer, a visitor is causing ruckus. His uniform would tell you that he is from the Imperial Intelligence Agency, First Contact Detachment. They are the guys making sure that any first contact goes down in accordance with the Imperial and Common Galactic law while gathering intelligence on the contacted species and, most importantly, that nobody messes anything up. And boy did they mess up this time. When his superiors knocked on his door with the top secret preliminary report about the whole Earth situation, he was suprised that anyone would entrust him with intel that highly classified. Then they told him that he would be presenting the whole ordeal to the Emperor in 2 and a half hours. Before he had time to ask any questions, they shut the door behind them after wishing good luck. They probably wanted to safeguard themselves, shifting blame to a lower ranking agent if anything more went wrong. He then studied the report, memorizing the most important event, numbers, names and the general timeline. When he was done with his studies, the transport to the Imperial palace was already waiting. He double timed it through the palace, stopping before the Emperors study. A servant opened the door and our agent walked exactly three steps into the room before kneeling, as the protocol required. The Emperor then spoke to him: "Rise. I am expecting you agent. But before we begin, please tell me your name." "I am lieutenant Coje Wetr of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, First Contact Detachment, my lord" said our agent. "Good, lieutenant, good. Please, take a seat, and begin"
The whole presentation took about three quarters of an hour, with the Emperor asking supplementary questions for about half an hour more. Coje noticed that the Emperor was slowly turning more agitated, however he managed to hide it well, but not so well that a trained intelligence officer wouldn't notice.
"The Hayduk king, a fool that has even more foolish children. I should have never given his son the commision, but it's too late for regret. The question is, agent, what do we do about it? We pushed against the Alliance, and it looks like the universe pushed back for them. If they find out what happened, they might be emboldened to consider economic or even military action, and we have no chance of quick and decisive victory against the whole Alliance at once, the best we could hope for is a slow battle of attrition, either of the military or economic kind. Do they even know about these so called Humans?" spoke the Emperor with a severity that he reserved for only the most difficult circumstances
Coje replied: "The exploration vessel that originally found them was civilian, meaning they presumably spread the word at the first opportunity they had. Being the first to identify a new intelligent species is a rare thing these days and such a discovery would bring them a lot of fame. But, considering the location of this Earth, everyone probably thinks that initiating first contact themselves isn't worth travelling through the whole Imperium, so they presume that we will be the ones to do the honors. However, this is just conjecture based on the limited information we have available. As far as i know, an exploration fleet from one of the Alliance nations could be asking for permission to travel through our Imperium to this new world right now."
The Emperor thought for a while, then motioned for the agent to come to him. He whispered: "Then we have to be fast. I want you to make sure that the expedition to Earth never happened. Make sure that nobody ever mentions that an Imperial exploration fleet made it to that system. Bribe, imprison or kill anyone that doesn't cooperate willingly. Purge records and falsify new ones when needed. We must convince the galaxy that the fleet that attacked that planet were pirates, or renegades, or mercenaries, or deserters, just that it wasn't us. Now, go home, relax and sleep well. Tomorrow morning, a courier will deliver an Emperor's charter to you permitting you to use any and all resources that you might need in fulfilling your mission. You are also immediately promoted to major, so that your colleagues take you more seriously. I expect regular updates on your progress. You may now go, Major Wetr. Good night, and good luck. The future of the Imperium sits on your shoulders."
The headquarters of the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Bureau is naturally one of the most secretive places in the galaxy. That is even before you enter the eastern building's cellar. Within it is a security guard that usually hangs out near one specific briefing room present there. The odd thing about this room is that it seems to never gets used. If you say the right thing to him, he places his ID card on top of the speaker's table, revealing a secret elevator. Ride the elevator down, and welcome to the top secret Directorate "J" of the Bureau, a whole department dedicated to gathering intelligence on the Imperium, buried under enough concrete to withstand nuclear bombardment. Now it's time to pass through a dozen biometrics checks to make sure it's truly you.
The Directorate is filled with the best and brightest intelligence officers the Alliance produces. But it wasn't always like this. Two decades ago, Directorate "J" was seen as the most useless of the bunch. The only meaningful intel they produced back then was finding about lower then expected productivity on an agri-world a few weeks before it became public knowledge and other similar matters. The "Jokers", they started to be called. But then, a new Emperor came to the throne, more ambitious then the previous one. Suddenly, ships and stations on the border between the Imperium and Galactic Alliance started going missing, their crews and passengers missing or dead. At first, these were attributed to pirates and renegades, however as time went on, more and more evidence came out pointing at fact that these attacks were to well coordinated to be random bands of pirates. Things started pointing at a more organised force. Once the probability of the Imperium being directly involved reached "maybe", all of Directorate "J"s activities were marked Top Secret/Need to know only and every current and former member was persuaded to never talk about anything they did as agents of the Bureau. With the Imperium's recent hawkish policies againts a species not yet in the Alliance, the pressure to find something that the politicians could act upon. Considering that the Imperium exports a lot of it's raw resources to the Alliance, and also does a lot of it's manufacturing, no action could be taken unless concrete evidence of the Imperium's transgressions could be presented.
A message was received by the Bureau. The encrypted code at the beginning identified the agent from whom the message came, and the letter "J" signaled which Directorate it should go to. The agent receiving the message 250 meters underground listened to it. She then notified her supervisor, he then notified his superior. In about 20 minutes, every Directorate higher up present was listening to it in the Director's office. Someone shed a happy tear and declared: "We got them boys and girls, we got them!"
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2023.06.04 19:51 shawnthesecond [OR] Other parent moved 2 hrs away a year ago, has abandoned/ghosted our 3 children for 6 months, and now wants to have overnights again starting in August

Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me out with how I can navigate this difficult situation. Currently I have sole custody and a parenting plan which outlines every other weekend and holiday for the children to be with their father. In February he told the children he was on his way, then said he was stuck in the driveway due to snow, and would be late to me over text, then didn’t show for parenting time at all with no communication.
He hasn’t seen them since December. No calls or video visits either. I let the kid try to call him and send him voice memos whenever they ask, and he ghosts them. He has responded to me instead of them the last time they sent voice memos, telling me he’s moving back to our town in August, and wants to resume the same parenting schedule. He apologized and said he has felt guilty and that moving was a bad choice when I asked why he has been ghosting the children and not even showing up for phone or video visits.
This is at least the 4th time he has abandoned them in the 4 years since we divorced, however this is the longest. I do have plenty of documentation to prove all this.
When father does have time with the children, he has been unsafe physically (allowed/pressured our oldest to drink to the point of throwing up when he was 11–this was uncovered in therapy a few years ago and DHS was contacted), and emotionally/mentally (cries to the children about his own emotional issues and blames the fact that he’s not doing well/doesn’t get to see them enough is because “mom left him”). They then come home angry and blaming me and put him on a pedestal. They will act out in many ways after spending a weekend or school break with him. Since he’s been out of the picture, even though they are heartbroken beyond belief about his disappearance, they are doing better emotionally, mentally and academically than they have so far in their lives.
I updated the parenting plan and child support over a year ago right before he moved away, there is a stipulation that if he does anything which puts their well-being at risk, supervised visits only are to be implemented.
I want to implement that, I think… but at the same time, I know he will likely not participate and continue the abandonment, but will talk to one or all of the kids spin a narrative that it is my fault, that I am keeping him from seeing them, and he is “trying everything” (this is what happened once they went back after the dhs issue).
Has anyone had a similar situation? Does anyone have any advice which direction I should take this that would be best for the children? Thanks so much.
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