Today what time moonrise

For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

2009.08.04 21:23 youngfight For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

For those who did everything our parents told us to do... now what?

2013.10.03 23:22 nursemommy Food_Storage: Longterm Food Storage and How to Prepare It

A place to share news, recipes and ideas related to long-term food storage and emergency preparedness.

2009.02.26 22:05 identify unknown objects

For Identification Of Unknown Objects, i.e., Weird Creatures, Ancient Kitchen Gadgets, Funny-Looking Screwdrivers, Other Random Artifacts. When you ask what is this thing, idea, state, person, bug, event, time, remark, etc.

2023.06.09 08:53 Impressive_Reality18 Night weaning a 13.5 month old not on solids?

Title explains it. Our 13.5 month old is not on solids. We have tried everything, yes even that. We are dealing with that. He’s in feeding therapy, he just won’t eat.
He is strictly on breastmilk. He has never taken a bottle. He will drink water from an open cup but not breastmilk. He is sort of picky about the straw cup. He can do it but usually isn’t interested. He will sip from a sippy cup but will not drink pumped milk from it (no combination of fresh, thawed, warm, cold, room temp).
My question is, can we still night wean? I’m pretty exhausted and he still wakes up at night to nurse around 3 times. Sometimes more. I do feel that he’s genuinely hungry but he may also just be waking out of habit.
Did anyone night wean older babies that refuse solids? What was your experience?
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2023.06.09 08:53 Virtamancer What are some (GUI) ways to access my windows machine remotely from my macbook?

I want to ask what's the "best way", but opinions probably differ on that. So, my priorities are:
Thank you guys for any ideas.
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2023.06.09 08:53 Dependent_Platform97 shopify and bigcommerce

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms globally, known for its user-friendly interface and extensive range of features. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to enterprise-level companies. Shopify provides a hosted solution, meaning that you don’t need to worry about technical aspects like hosting or server management. It offers a wide range of templates and customization options, allowing you to create a visually appealing and personalized online store.

What is BigCommerce?

Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce is a robust e-commerce platform that empowers businesses to create and manage their online stores. It provides a comprehensive set of features, including secure payment processing, inventory management, and marketing tools. BigCommerce also offers scalability, allowing businesses to grow and expand without the need for extensive technical expertise. It provides flexibility in design and customization options, enabling you to create a unique brand experience for your customers.
Now, it’s time for a quick comparison that helps you choose the suitable e-commerce platform. Here’re the points you need to consider while choosing between Shopify and bigcommerce:

Pricing and Plans

When considering an e-commerce platform, it is essential to evaluate the pricing and subscription plans offered. Shopify and BigCommerce have different pricing structures tailored to varying business needs. Shopify offers multiple plans, including Basic, Shopify, and Advanced, with different features and transaction fees. BigCommerce follows a similar approach, offering Standard, Plus, and Pro plans. Carefully comparing the pricing tiers and assessing the features included will help you determine the most suitable plan for your business.

Ease of Use and User Experience

The ease of use and user experience of an e-commerce platform significantly impact your daily operations and customer satisfaction. Shopify boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to beginners with little technical expertise. Its intuitive dashboard and drag-and-drop functionality simplify the process of setting up and managing your online store. BigCommerce also offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to navigate and customize your store with ease. Both Shopify and BigCommerce prioritize providing a seamless user experience to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
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2023.06.09 08:53 princessvibes After nearly a year of seeking official diagnosis, I finally got medicated!

Well reddit, I did the challenging series of tasks that are, ironically, required to get diagnosed
  1. Find psychiatrist, one that will not shame your marijuana use and self-medicating methods. One that also is willing to prescribe stimulants. Many in this city won't even consider it.
  2. Talk about your problems at length, try to impress to yet another mental health professional that you do not think you're bipolar.
  3. Work with psychiatrist to get a blood test and rule out anything else. Repeat blood test a week later, after waiting in the lobby for two hours when first sample didn't make it to the lab
  4. Start supplements for vitamin deficiencies, deficiencies not helped by irregular and challenged eating habits
  5. Go to a neuropsychologist as recommended by psychiatrist. Sit in a bleak little office repeating back a list of random words from memory and drawing exercises. Cry, even when you didn't think you were going to.
  6. Get take-home work to express your personal challenges based on ADHD criteria. Get ADHD partner to fill out one from his perspective. Oh, and you have to mail it in.
  7. Mail in your forms 5 months
  8. Attend final appointment with neuropsychiatrist to go over results. Cry again, even when you didn't think you were going to. Get ADHD diagnosis
  9. Attend yet another psychiatrist appointment. You now have a diagnosis, and you get to try meds!
I'd previously been put on short-term release Adderall from my random GP years ago, and I honestly hated it. It worked, but I also crashed multiple times a day, and frequently forgot to take my second dose. Woof. I quit cold turkey once I ran out.
Now I'm on the extended release version, and it's like night and day. I don't feel as jittery because it's not so concentrated, I'm not in a bad mood once it's worn off, and I can feel its support even a little past my workday.
Today is the second day in a row I sat down and got my work done in a timely fashion. Tidied my apartment without internally wrestling with myself and lying on my couch paralyzed. And, felt present enough to enjoy quietly lying next to my kitty and petting her soft fur without the need for extra stimulus.
I know it's the honeymoon phase, but I couldn't really conceive of what it would feel like to get something done for work without thinking about it in a million ways and then ultimately not doing it because I feel too anxious about doing it wrong. Turns out, people can just do things they vehemently don't want to do? I've been missing out!
Anyway, thanks for reading my goofy essay. I appreciate this sub and wouldn't have gotten as far as I did without the support and insight from all of you lovely people. Very psyched to post a success story. :-)
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2023.06.09 08:53 Alarming-Yesterday40 Multiple questions about Burst build + future worries... :'( (sorry about the length!)

  1. Is his C2 burst damage bonus added with every other bonuses? I'm assuming it is otherwise he'll be doing 3x burst damage (100% base dmg + 200% = 300%), and people will probably say he's good instead of trashing on him :(
  2. Does his Pyro/Cryo absorption bonuses work on his burst when in air, even though it ends the mode? Like +30% attack and +20% crit? I really hope so since it'll make it stronger.
  3. Does he have invincibility when coming down after using his burst? One of the reasons why I'm scared to use his burst is because I feel like I'm going to be hit while exiting Windfavored mode.
  4. Have anyone tried to build him using a Burst build? How good is it? Obviously at C6 NAs are better but I heard his burst deals good damage at C2 + it's only 60 EN/15s cooldown, so I wanted to see if it's doable.

  1. Do you think future nations/updates will have characters that will be good for him? I hope that right now isn't the strongest that Wanderer could become. I've been over at the leaks reddit and I've seen multiple comments saying how they wish certain new characters won't be Anemo or Geo, like "Ewww please no Anemo/Geo". This made me feel so depressed. Whenever a character turns out to be Anemo or Geo, they're basically trash to most people if they don't have some broken support abilities. The next nations are Hydro, Pyro and Cryo and I'm sure their archons are going to be broken. Dendro was so good because they actually give effort to make good NEW reactions for them, meanwhile Anemo/Geo are left in the dust. What's worse is that the archons (Venti/Zhongli) are released first and they are the only MALE archons while the female archons + future ones are probably going to be broken. I can't help but feel like they did this on purpose; releasing the other stronger element female archons AFTER the weaker male archons who just happens to be Anemo and Geo. We Wanderer users are super lucky to have a strong C6, as well as Faruzan. But I somehow feel like this is the best we can get, or least for a LONG time. And even Faruzan has her troubles of energy issue and needing C6 to "catch up" to other elements. Once the future archons/characters releases, I feel like every other element will have fun new OP characters to put in their team while we're stuck with Bennet/Faruzan and that's the most we can do. The new characters might not benefit AN/Geo/Physical damage dealers as much since we don't have reactions. Other elements already have reactions/EM/VV in their favor. Anemo resonance isn't that great for combat too. Imagine what happens if the other elements get their own Faruzan... their power will be through the roof, if it isn't already! (And I feel very bad for Physical damage dealers too, even if Mika came out)

Anyways, I'm sorry for the rant. I'm just feeling sad because I'm just here thinking about the next nation like "...I don't think my Wanderer team could use 95% of the new characters" and felt like I reached the end of their power.
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2023.06.09 08:53 AutoModerator [] [Get] Lauren Wrighton – The Podcast Manager Program - Full Course Download

[] [Get] Lauren Wrighton – The Podcast Manager Program - Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] [Get] Lauren Wrighton – The Podcast Manager Program - Full Course Download

What You Get:


Learn the Skills

  • How to launch a podcast
  • How to edit and produce a podcast episode
  • How to upload and schedule an episode on Libsyn
  • How to help your client manage their show through Trello or another project management tool
  • How to book and manage podcast guests
  • How to write show notes for your client’s website
  • How to promote an episode using social media and more
  • How to read and analyze podcast stats
  • PLUS, get feedback on your work through the Certificate of Completion process

Set Up Your Systems

  • Determining your ideal client
  • How to create a portfolio and package your services
  • Networking to find clients you’ll love
  • Writing proposals and pricing with confidence
  • Sending contracts and getting paid
  • How to seamlessly onboard podcast clients

Launch Your Business

  • How to get experience and feedback from clients
  • How to price your services for your first monthly client and first podcast launch
  • Income projection mapping and raising your prices over time
  • Proven principles of success for hitting your monthly income goal!

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.09 08:53 NeutralAccountPhoto Don't know if I can handle SS14 outburst anymore

We have three kids at home BD12 almost full time and SS12 and SS14 50/50 with HCBM. In the past we have had my SK full time a few times due to inappropriate behavior from HCBM, she is extremely manipulative and abusive in a way that is hard to prove, physical abuse has occurred. Me and my husband has been together for over 8 years and been living together for 7 years, married for 5 years.
During the last year, SS14 has become more aggressive, hitting or slamming things when he is corrected on a bad behavior. I experience this as very threatening most of the time and I prefer to no longer correct him and let his father do it instead. The outbursts that follow a correction in behavior can last up to a few hours with him throwing stuff and calling everyone in the house nasty things. Even if they are located in his room, anyone in the house can hear what he shouts. It has become so bad that it feels like I need to tip toe around him. Last week there was a discussion between him and his father and I felt like that should take it in another room since the rest of the family was present and SS started to lie about the situation. When i pointed it out SS became so angry that he put his fist in a glass panel which broke. He did not hurt himself but it had to be replaced. When he is angry, he always is very verbal about how he is going to hurt after people and how it is everyone else's fault that he did what he did. This time it was my fault that he had broken the glass for calmly pointing out that he and his father might take the discussion in another room since it apparently was a sensitive topic.
I don't know what to do anymore or how to handle the anxiety SS's presence is causing. I'm afraid all the time that I might accidentally cause one of these outbursts. I'm already in therapy and my BD is not feeling completely safe at home, not knowing when the next outburst will come. We are working actively with setting boundaries and trying to create a secure and healthy home environment but SS14 just seem to get worse. He is seeing the counselor at school and hopefully we can get him to a therapist soon but he is reluctant to do so. I did love this kid so much before but now I can feel the resentment grow. I love my husband so much but this situation (SS behavior and HCBM treatment of the kids and her lies) affects me so much that it triggers my bipolar episodes and it also affects my ability to work due to high anxiety and worrying.
Do you have any advice on how to handle the situation? I'm at my wit's end. Help and support would be much appreciated.
(English is not my native language)
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2023.06.09 08:53 PoolMasters2023 Pool Masters: Your Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company in Doha, Qatar.

Pool Masters: Your Premier Swimming Pool Construction Company in Doha, Qatar.
Pool Masters, one of the leading swimming pool construction company, is dedicated to turning your dream of owning a luxurious swimming pool into a reality. With exceptional expertise and commitment to quality, Pool Masters offers bespoke swimming pool designs and construction services tailored to your unique requirements.
Recognizing the importance of maintaining and refurbishing existing swimming pools, Pool Masters also extends its services to provide professional refurbishment work. The team of skilled swimming pool maintenance contractors in Qatar ensures that your pool is transformed into a stunning oasis, meticulously designed and constructed, all at a reasonable price.
Pool Masters has emerged as the unrivaled leader in providing the best swimming pool maintenance works in Qatar. Meticulously designed and constructed, Pool Masters ensure that it surpasses your highest expectations. Moreover, we offer these exceptional services at a reasonable price, making it accessible for pool owners to enjoy the epitome of pool maintenance excellence in Qatar.
Pool Masters is renowned as the best swimming pool chillers suppliers in Doha, Qatar, which ensures that your pool maintains a comfortable temperature even during the scorching summer months.
From swimming pool dosing pump systems to swimming pool heaters, Pool Masters ensures that your pool is equipped with the finest tools to enhance your swimming experience. As one of the leading swimming pool heater suppliers in Qatar, Pool Masters guarantees that you'll enjoy optimal comfort and warmth in your pool, even during the cooler months.
Pool Masters takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of services, including swimming pool chemical treatment in Doha. Pool Masters ensure that every aspect of your pool's functionality is expertly taken care of from circulation pumps and filtration systems to white goods and safety volt transformers. Additionally, we provide a wide range of pool accessories, such as online and offline chlorinators, automated robotic cleaners, salt chlorinators, prozone systems, stainless steel ladders, pool tiles, and more.
Pool Masters, renowned for its exceptional swimming pool services, has expanded its offerings to include a captivating range of gym equipment. With an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch support and customer care, Pool Masters has solidified its position as one of the best gym equipment providers in Qatar.
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At Pool Masters, we believe that a truly mesmerizing water feature is one that not only captivates the senses with its breathtaking beauty but also incorporates intelligent engineering and thoughtful maintenance considerations. By intertwining these essential elements, we elevate the artistry of water features, creating captivating masterpieces that endure the test of time.
For those seeking to transform their backyard into a luxurious oasis, Pool Masters is the ultimate destination. With their unwavering commitment to quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, Pool Masters has established itself as the go-to swimming pool construction company in Doha, Qatar.
For more information about Pool Masters and their services, please visit or contact their dedicated team or mail [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.09 08:53 idontcarewhatmyusera i straightened my hair for the first time in years and my hairs even thinner than i thought

i have wavy-curly hair so even though my hair is visibly thin, it’s doesn’t look as bad as it really is. today i decided to straighten my hair for the first time in a couple years and i can’t believe how bad it really is. my hair is literally the thickness of a pencil. i was literally looking in the mirror and sobbing for half an hour because of how thin it is. i had all my hair pulled to the front and my mom said my hair looked good and told me to turn around so she could see the back and she was shocked when i said this was all of my hair. i decided to straighten my hair like an hour before i had to leave to go somewhere and my deluded ass really thought i would be cutting it close on time because my hair used to take about 50 minutes to straighten when it was at the same length that it’s at now. i finished straightening it in 5 minutes. i’m literally only 21 idk why this is happening to me
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2023.06.09 08:52 Sunny-Days-On-Earth Doctors appointment soon and I have noticeable marks

I have a doctors appointment on the 12th. I have scars on my forearm that are somewhat noticeable (only one person has noticed and people I see daily haven’t) and half-healed marks on my upper thigh. I’m worried about the ones on my thigh during the physical. I’m a minor, so doctor is going to inform my parents if they see anything. I don’t feel comfortable with my parents knowing because they understand how I cope or what I struggle with and just get mad instead. I don’t want to discuss it with anyone with authority over me yet because I don’t even know why I’m doing this or what my triggers are, so it’ll just be a circle of confusion. Any advice on how to avoid them being seen so I can confront this on my own time.
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2023.06.09 08:52 KingMusicManz Looking for fun ideas to mess with my party as a doppelganger of my normal character

As the title says, my DM approached me today and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
For the next session, maybe 2, I am to play a chaotic neutral or chaotic evil doppelganger of my character, a human artificer.
I already have some fun spells planned, however, I have been blessed with a DM who has both allowed me to create my own custom magic items (within reason, in good humor, and we talk about every item before I get to pull it out), save up my creations level to level, and, make 1 item every level. (I gave up smth else to buff this part of artificer) So, DnD, I ask you, if you had 2 magical items for characters around level 8-9, that you intended to use to disrupt, prank, inconvenience, and/or antagonize (not outright kill, small damage is fine, and in good-humor) the rest of your party, what items would they be?
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2023.06.09 08:52 Hidobot I constantly gorge myself and I have no idea what to do about it

I'm not really sure if this is an eating disorder or what, but people around me have started to notice that I just constantly eat. I eat something about once every hour and sometimes I have difficulty sleeping because I crave a snack of some kind. It's like an addiction, but because people need to eat to live, it's incredibly easy to fall into. I have no idea what to do about it, since I've tried to restrict how much I eat but I always end up irritable and miserable.
There are times when I want to cut out my tongue so I can't eat anymore.
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2023.06.09 08:52 diazen Separation when you can’t afford to move out

My husband and I are swiftly heading towards separation, if not divorce. We have two children (18 mo and 7 yo). I’m a SAHM, he works full time.
I strongly believe at this point that the best thing we can do is separate. At a minimum it would give (hopefully) some kind of cessation of hostilities long enough to have an amicable divorce. Plus, I need this for my own well-being. He is immensely codependent and I feel incredibly smothered. I desperately need some breathing room.
Now here’s the rub- we do not have the money for two residences. I do not have a career I can return to, so my financial options are pretty minimal at this time. While I’m working to remedy that, it’s going to take time with how high the cost of living is where we live. We also unfortunately do not live near family or friends one of us could stay with.
We already have separate bedrooms. I did a little googling on the topic and some suggestions were creating a roommate-esque chore chart, divvying up childcare time, etc. I think that could be helpful, as we would have essentially a standard operating procedure and a clear delineation on responsibilities/free time.
Has anyone here separated whilst living together? How did you navigate that? What boundaries did you set in place? Was there anything you implemented to help facilitate as much of a separation as possible under the circumstances? My state has no requirements on legal separation or wait periods with divorce, so this is more in preparation for a likely divorce and to end the drain that is the constant push to try to make the relationship work.
Nothing legal has been filed yet, and while I can’t speak for him, I don’t plan to take any action there until the smoke has cleared enough for me to go into that process from a more grounded place.
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2023.06.09 08:52 veryaverage91 I'm 32. And just want to talk about some stuff.

Hi all. I'm a 32 year old man. I've had an absurdly unbelievably unlucky life. But I don't really wanna get into any of it. I don't like getting sympathy or pity or anything. I just wanna say, I still look at my scars from when I was at a low point and get upset.
It's strange. They seem to fade a bit, and sometimes they're a lot more visible. Seeing them shine in the sunlight makes me feel so many complex emotions. Did I deserve to do this to myself? Did my body deserve this? Did my brain deserve this? I never know the answers, but the fact that it's been this long since I made those scars and I still don't have the answers... really gets to me. They're visualizations of the other kinds of damage I used to do to myself on the inside.
I don't feel like doing anything to myself anymore. I'm sober. I'm SH free. I'm still alive but my body is worse for the wear. And I wish I hadn't done any of it, even if it "helped" me at the time. I've got a couple diseases that have done irreparable harm to my organs and nerves. I wasn't expecting to live this long. I regret being alive. I wish I wasn't born. But doing harm to myself is just as pointless as living feels. So I just... exist now. Waiting for it to be over naturally.
It's bothersome to me that there's people who "care" about my in my life. Because I feel like they care for the wrong reasons. Like they're conditioned to. No one really knows me. I just want to simply exist in peace and I wish there was someone who really knew me and made me feel valid for having no motivation, and didn't try to constantly push me to "be happy" and "work on myself" and "stay alive for _____"
I guess this is just a rant but I'm getting old now. I feel the exact same as I've felt for well over half my life. I don't understand what progress feels like or how or why others feel it. Meh.
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2023.06.09 08:52 throwawaySTN96 Student Nurse worried about making up hours

Hi everyone. I am a first year PGDip student Adult nurse. I missed my first placement due to an admin error. I am on a retrieval placement of 4 weeks currently but still have 75 hours to make up as the initial placement that I missed was 6 weeks. I have also missed out on hours from the bank holiday as my current placement is in a clinic and they do not offer OT and missed out on hours because I was sent 2 different links to a weekly virtual placement and thought I had to attend on Wednesdays but I actually have to attend on Thursday so I mistakenly took Wednesday off this week when I should have been in. I am feeling a little burnt out? I think because I have 3 back to back placements with a week off between the first and second and then a week coming up between the second and third but we have an online session for that whole week so it doesn't really feel like a break. I have reached out to my tutor for some reassurance but feel the heavy weight of so many extra hours to make up. It currently stands at 135ish hours. I am going to try to make up some of these in my final placement for this year but then will have to carry the burden over to next year. I love this course and really want to be a nurse. I feel like I am putting in a good amount of effort and not really feeling any reciprocation. I just recently failed an essay that I spent a lot of time/effort on as well so feeling disheartened by that too. I know I signed up for an intensive course and I feel like I was managing it well but the constant worry of hours is effecting me. I really hope this doesn't come off sounding like I'm whining, I just would like some advice from any nurses who found themselves in debt to a lot of hours and what the resolution was. Thanks everyone.
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2023.06.09 08:52 saoasuna Surface mail (parcel) to Canada - significant delays

(Reposting this because apparently it wasn't clear that I live in Japan.)
Hi all,
Back when I was living in Canada, I used a proxy forwarding service (one that I've used several times before with no problems) to ship a package from Japan to Canada. The item was supposedly sent to the post office for shipment in June 2021, but I didn't receive any tracking update for a couple months. I messaged the forwarding service and they told me that surface mail to Canada was suspended. They also said that it would ship once surface mail was resumed.
From what I can tell, surface mail resumed in November 2022, and I have still yet to receive the package. This kinda makes sense to me, since I'm sure there are tons of packages backlogged due to the service being paused. However, I'm a bit concerned because my package can't be tracked on either Japan Post's website nor Canada's website. I've contacted the forwarding service in January and they told me the package had supposedly already left Japan, and that they would conduct an investigation with the partner country (Canada). Since then, there have been no updates.
I was wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation, waiting on surface mail to Canada from 1-2 years ago. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 08:52 AutoModerator [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

[] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

What You Get:

Program #1

CTC Launches

(to master your launch and funnel sequences)
10X Launches is the first copywriting program fully engineered to speed up the execution and amplify your results of your emails no matter what kind of funnel or launch strategy you’re rolling out.
It’s built not only for best-in-class launch copywriters…
But for coaches, consultants, course creators, and ANYONE who stands to benefit from nailing down their launch and funnel copy faster and with more genuine impact.

2 “Core” Modules

That will initiate you into the “Coaching The Conversion™ method, and how to leverage a new, more empowering definition of “direct response” that opens up the floodgates to greater intimacy, empathy, and conversions.

5 “Launch” Modules

breaking down every single phase of your launch or funnel in full detail (including some you didn’t even know existed). You’ll learn exactly what’s at play during the Segmentation & Confirmation, Pre-Launch, Launch, Sales and Closing phases of your funnel and how to quickly craft the messaging that coaches your prospect into the final conversion in a powerful, non-sleazy way.

25+ Email Templates

None of that BS “plug’n’play” or “swipe and deploy” stuff that shoehorns your message into lifeless boxes that robs it of all life and power.
Instead, you’ll get FULL breakdowns and walkthroughs of the go-to templates I turn to over-and-over again in 6 and 7-figure launch campaigns.
Meaning, you get to craft your OWN high-converting launch emails in about 25 minutes flat and fire them into ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign (or wtv you’re using) while your coffee’s still hot.

Program #2

CTC Sales Pages

(to master your long form sales page)
This is it.
It’s where the best paid copywriters, coaches and course marketers on the planet earn their keep.
It’s where the conversion either happens or it doesn’t. In cold hard numbers that don’t care how many Clif bars you stress-ate in the process.
It’s where the most admired online business owners transform interest, desire, and engagement and into what you actually want: Sales.
So what is “it”?
It’s your long-form sales page.
And the truth is… most copywriters and marketers avoid long-form sales pages like the plague… treating it like a close-talking lepper with coffee breath… instead of the 24/7 salesperson your sales page – that final step in your marketing funnel – should be.
So why do marketers (and even pro-level copywriters) avoid sales pages?
Because writing a long-form sales page is intimidating AF.
It’s the Night King of the Whitewalker army.
It’s the Beef Wellington on Hell’s Kitchen.
It’s the Lord Voldemort of your marketing funnel – aka the funnel asset that shall not be named.
A long-form sales page is where you’ll spend dozens of hours writing THOUSANDS of words that will either confirm your claim as a top player in your space…
Or will tell you with Gordon-Ramsay-esque candor that your marketing wasn’t as good as your business coach told you it was.
There’s real pressure in that.
But there’s even real-er payoff in being able to do it faster – and more profitably – than anyone else in your industry. A payoff that even affords you the right to make up words like real-er
Confronting, yep? Conquerable. Absolutely.
In CTC Sales Pages, you’ll go through the exact process I’ve used to write over twenty 6 and 7-figure sales pages for the likes of Amy Porterfield, Copyhackers, and many more.

Program #3 & #4

Six Figure Emails & Seven Figure Emails

(for even more email conversion badassery)
Welcome to the “Johnnie Walker Blue” of our email template series.
This is the premium blend for more advanced marketing palates.
All pulled straight from my highest-performing launches for industry titans like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Traffic & Funnels, and Copyhackers.
What you’re getting are 13 advanced email templates that you can use in a pinch when you need to write a standalone sales email, a webinar invitation, a post-webinar replay, downsell, or flash sale.
To be clear, these aren’t those sketchy and lifeless “swipe and deploy” templates you may have seen swimming around the shadier parts of the online marketing cesspool.
These are loose, flexible templates that guide you through deep-dive masterclasses teaching you the advanced psychology behind each one.
Meaning, you actually understand WHY they work, and are fully empowered to engineer them to best serve your audience.

Program #5

Minimum Viable Launch 2.0

(to quickly rock profitable and lean email launches)
We’ve taken the single most impactful part of 10x Launches; the part that countless students have credited with producing game-changing ROI in record time…
And given it a fresh-for-2022 facelift.
Not only will you be getting access to a stack of NEW templates that we’ve added to the stack based on repeated tests and real-world results.
But we’ll be offering you the one-click automation uploads to bring the whole sequence straight into your ActiveCampaign to save you and your team about 5+ hours of heavy-duty integration time.

Program #6

Application Funnel Amplifiers

(for creating powerful pre-call enrollment experiences)
Fact: The enrollment experience begins the moment your prospect books a call.
If you mail it in for those 12-72 hours between when they book the call — and show up to it, you’re missing a golden opportunity to begin coaching the necessary transformations.
In this brand new program, you’ll learn how we to consciously engineering your entire application experience to pre-empt objections, create magnetism, and stack the odds in favor of having a successful enrollment conversation
You’ll get practical answers to:
  • When you should be transparent about your pricing BEFORE a sales call
  • How to strategically structure your application questions in a way that actually coaches your pre-customer into your program (yes, the questions are copy)
  • What to put on your booking confirmation page to create incredible momentum and a “point of no return” into your program
  • What tools and systems we use to create a seamless application and booking experience

Program #7

Next-Level Automation & Optimization Stack

(upcoming and ongoing automation tutorials)
As the CTC Membership evolves, our resident Wizard, Philip Powis will be actively adding a library of importable one-click automations (into ActiveCampaign), leveraged software playbooks, and a running list of the most advanced (and cost effective) tools and systems that he recommends for fast-scaling course and coaching businesses.

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.09 08:51 NoStable1291 Navigating the Maze of Divorce: Choosing a Divorce Law Firm in London

Navigating the Maze of Divorce: Choosing a Divorce Law Firm in London
Divorce Law Firm London
Divorce is an emotionally challenging and complex process that can significantly impact all aspects of your life. When going through a divorce, having the right legal representation is crucial to ensure your rights are protected, and your interests are advocated for. In the vibrant city of London, where legal services are abundant, it's essential to choose a divorce law firm that can provide you with the expertise, support, and guidance needed to navigate through this difficult time. This article aims to highlight the key factors to consider when selecting a divorce law firm in London.
Expertise and Experience:
When choosing a divorce law firm, it's essential to prioritize expertise and experience. Look for firms that specialize in family law, particularly divorce cases. Experienced divorce lawyers understand the nuances of the legal process, have in-depth knowledge of relevant laws, and can anticipate potential obstacles. They will be better equipped to handle complex financial arrangements, child custody disputes, and any other issues that may arise during your divorce proceedings. Consider the number of years the firm has been operating and the reputation of its lawyers in the field of divorce law.
Reputation and Track Record:
A divorce law firm's reputation speaks volumes about its competence and professionalism. Look for firms that have a solid track record of success in handling divorce cases. Online reviews and testimonials from past clients can provide valuable insights into the firm's performance and client satisfaction. Additionally, consider seeking recommendations from trusted friends, family members, or professionals who may have had experience with divorce law firms in London.
Communication and Support:
Divorce is a highly personal and sensitive matter, so it's crucial to choose a law firm that offers compassionate and empathetic support. Effective communication between you and your lawyer is vital throughout the divorce process. A good law firm will listen attentively to your concerns, promptly respond to your inquiries, and keep you updated on the progress of your case. They should also explain legal jargon and complex procedures in a way that is easy for you to understand. The level of personalized attention and support you receive can make a significant difference in your overall experience and the outcome of your divorce.
Resources and Network:
Divorce cases often require collaboration with other professionals, such as financial advisors, child psychologists, or forensic accountants. A reputable divorce law firm should have access to a broad network of experts who can provide valuable assistance in complex matters related to your divorce. This network of resources can help strengthen your case and ensure that all aspects, including financial settlements and child custody arrangements, are thoroughly evaluated and addressed.
Cost and Fee Structure:
Divorce proceedings can be financially burdensome, so it's crucial to understand the cost and fee structure of the law firm you choose. In London, law firms may have different billing methods, such as hourly rates or fixed fees. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of how the firm charges for its services and what additional expenses you may be responsible for. While cost shouldn't be the sole determining factor, it's important to find a firm that offers transparency and affordability.
Choosing the right divorce law firm in London is a critical decision that can significantly impact the outcome of your divorce proceedings. By considering factors such as expertise, reputation, communication, resources, and cost, you can make an informed choice. Remember, divorce is a challenging time, and having a supportive and knowledgeable legal team by your side can make a world of difference in achieving a fair and satisfactory resolution to your divorce. Take your time, do thorough research, and select a divorce law firm that aligns with your specific needs and priorities.
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2023.06.09 08:51 Kindly-Trouble7351 CamVid Review 2023 ⚠️ Full Reviews Details + Coupon Code - Anugerah Syaifullah

CamVid Review 2023 ⚠️ Full Reviews Details + Coupon Code - Anugerah Syaifullah
Coupon Code Update:

CAMVID Review: Templates For Studio-Class Videos

Nowadays, as video templates are gaining in popularity, more and more people are utilizing visual content to easily convey messages and attract others’ attention, especially since many businesses are running marketing campaigns using video templates.
However, creating a high-quality video is not always simple as it involves many steps. Also, you have to pay a significant amount of money for video editing software or hire a professional video editor to produce intriguing videos for your needs.
But now you don’t have to worry about these potential issues, I will walk you through an amazing product – named CAMVID which allows you to create and edit studio-quality videos with ease. With CAMVID, everything is done for you, and you just need to know what you exactly want, then use the suitable templates.
Let’s check out my CAMVID review!

CAMVID Review – What Is It?

CAMVID allows individuals or businesses to create high-quality videos. It offers templates with all the video footage, images, animations, layouts, text, effects & transitions in place.
You can start creating intriguing videos in a fraction of the time:
STEP 1: Choose a Template
Choose from a large variety of pre-formatted templates, for almost every video type.
STEP 2: Drag & Drop Your Media
The templates are flexible to be used for any niche or topic and you can easily replace the placeholder images or videos for your own.
STEP 3: Type In Your Text
Copy and paste (or type in) your own text into the text placeholders. And if you want you can also change text size, fonts, colors, bold, italics, letter spacing, etc.
STEP 4: (Optional) Customize
If you want you can also fully customize the templates to match your branding. Change colors, add your own music, move things around, etc.

CAMVID Review – What Are Its Features?

It includes done-for-you templates for all these video types:

1/ Clean Promo Videos
Create sleek, modern, and clean-looking promo videos. This template comes with multiple different scenes with sidebars, lower thirds, titles, and more.
2/ Video Sale Letters (VSLs)
Create videos that sell. This template is heavily based on the text on a white or black background. Plus scenes combine text with matching images or videos for a specific concept.
3/ Explainers Video
Explain certain concepts with animations and text. You’ll get all kinds of different scenes that you can mix and match.
4/ Video Ads
Have a special discount sale coming up? Let your customers know that they can save money on your products with a video ad.

5/ 3D Animation Videos

Want to REALLY grab your viewer’s attention? Add these eye-popping 3D animated scenes to your videos!
6/ Fancy Text Animations
Make your text stand out and POP. These templates are great for titles, trailers, section headings, etc…
7/ Tips & Lists Videos
Create short videos that give your viewers tips or instructions on something.
8/ Device Mockup Videos
Place your videos inside different device screens like laptops, desktops, and TVs. All of these mockups take place in the real world with real people using the devices.
9/ Photo Slideshow Videos
Show off your photos in style. Create photo slideshows with captions out of any images you have saved on your computer.

10/ Particle FX Videos

Create magical-looking videos with particle FX. You can add these special effects on top of any video or image.
11/ Logo Reveal Videos
Show off your logos in style with clean and modern logo reveals. Simply drag and drop your logo image into a placeholder, and type your text.
12/ Pre-Keyed People Videos
These templates feature people doing all kinds of different actions and gestures along with text animations that match the action. The background of these videos has already been keyed out (so you don’t have to mess with green screen settings).

CAMVID Simplifies The Video Creation Process

Each scene is nicely formatted with text, images, animations, transitions, etc. You can take these scenes, and arrange them in any order you want. Creating your own multi-scene videos.
Position text where ever you want, position images where ever you want, and move anything you want anywhere on the screen. Create your own unique layouts.
The cool thing about these templates is that they’re super flexible. You can mix and match everything to create your own unique hybrid scenes. Combine real footage videos, with animated text, explainer elements, 3D animations, etc.

Why Should You Choose This Product?

=> Assets in Multiple Formats
If you don’t use Camtasia you can still get value from this package since it comes with 100’s valuable “assets” like animated icons, 3D animations, particle FX animations, and many more.
The assets come in industry-standard formats which are compatible with pretty much every graphics editor, video editor, website builder, etc. So no matter where you want to use these assets, you’ll be able to add them to your projects without a problem.
=> Included Commercial/ Developer License
With this license you can use the product in your own commercial projects and projects you create for clients. Thus, you can charge your clients money for the projects you create for them using the assets in this product.
Just pay for it one time, and you can use it in an unlimited number of projects.

CAMVID Review – How much does it cost?


This product is given to you for a one-time payment of $37, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you will have a nice experience with CAMVID. If you’re not completely satisfied, just send an email and they will send you a refund. Therefore, you have nothing to lose, don’t hesitate for too long.

Discuss The Pros And Cons

Who Is This For?
CAMVID is beneficial for those who want to create highly effective video templates effortless, especially digital marketers, affiliate marketers, content creators, bloggers, graphic designers, freelancers, social media marketers, online tutors, etc.

The Conclusion

With the aforementioned information, I believe that you already have an overall look at CAMVID. Therefore, you should take this high-quality product into consideration, and grab it home as soon as possible.
Thank you for reading my CAMVID review!
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2023.06.09 08:51 OptimusZombiieee How do I actually start? (20M)

I recently turned 20. Wooooh…
Things have been weird for me regarding work. I had been working since I was 14 and I even worked all through the pandemic doing restaurant work but I stopped around 17 when I got sick with a gastrointestinal issue. That became my excuse for a while, and even after it wasn’t an excuse anymore I held on to it because I couldn’t explain why I wasn’t back to doing anything with myself. I let a little over 2 years just disappear.
Now I’m the healthiest I’ve been both physically and mentally, I’ve been going to the gym and I’ve been reading books and eating right but none of that matters because I have not applied myself.
My big question mark right now is what the hell am I supposed to be doing for work? I don’t know what it is I want to do or where I want to go. I have so much resistance for every job I see. I don’t want to return to restaurant work. I also have zero idea as to what it is I want to do versus what I actually can do/what is available to me? Where do I apply? What’s a good job? What pays well? Where will I actually learn? Do I have to get locked in to a career I will hate? Will I have time for college? Will I have time for side ventures?
I learn fast. I can really do anything. I just don’t know what, or how to start. Please tell me what you folks discovered.
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2023.06.09 08:51 Lord_Rogue0 Part Time Jobs / Internships

As a foreigner coming to NTU to study for masters, how difficult is it to secure a part time job or internship? What do you guys do and any suggestions or recommendations? I really want to earn and cover my expenses at NTU.
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2023.06.09 08:51 AmmrrELECTRICITY What to get?

To whoever see's this, I kinda had a tough time in my school and grades but fortunate enough I am in my summer VK now. When the marks get released I am not sure what to expect. I wanted to buy a game that is less than 30 dollars. It shouldn't be really online because the country I will be in won't have the best WiFi. I have a ps4, my friends mainly play fifa and fortnite. I like adventure and lore games that have superpowers and stories for the main character. Like the legend of Zelda breath of the wild, spiderman Ps4, Resident Evil 8. So if anybody has hints regarding games around 30 US $ that would be amazing like these, please recommend. Thanks
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