Help me find a Single 7 iron for my FIL

2023.05.03 16:21 donjohn Help me find a Single 7 iron for my FIL

My father-in-law somehow broke his 2017 series m2 7 iron and since he can't find the receipt they won't replace it. So for father's day I wanted to get him a replacement....not because he keeps stealing mine or anything, just a gift I swear. Best I've found so far is this from Play-it again. Didn't know if you guys knew a better shot, or a similar brand that is easier to find.. Thanks!
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2023.04.28 17:04 mrdctaylor Been playing the same wedges for 25 years...thinking of switching...I have questions

Hey guys....I think this is probably my first post here but I've been lurking and reading for a while. I'm about an 18ish handicapper who was out of golf for a while when my kids were young. Now that my son has graduated college he's getting into golf, therefore I'm getting back into golf. Most of my equipment was from the late 90s. I started looking around and boy has equipment progressed! I upgraded my driver to the latest PXG Gen 5. I got on ebay and bought several hybrids and took my long irons out of my bag. What a game changer! I also bought a new 3-wood.
So I'm down to my old Ping Anser putter, my irons (Ping ISI-K, which I still really like and hit well) and my wedges. In addition to the PW in my Ping set, I have 52 and 56 degree (don't laugh) Lynx NiCR wedges. I bought them used back in the 90s and I actually chip/pitch really well with them. I have no complaints around the green, which has made me a little hesitant to change. But I just don't hit them particularly well when I try fuller shots. So I tend to just hit partial/choke down shots with my PW instead. So that got me thinking: maybe I should get a couple of more forgiving wedges. I started looking at Edison wedges as well as Cleveland CBX ZipCore as more forgiving options. I've read reviews, but I'm just curious if anyone out there has played or tested both of these wedges or might have other recommendations. I want to stick with a 51-52 gap wedge but I'm thinking about going up to a 57-58 wedge instead of a 56 to give me a little extra loft around the green. I don't want to carry more than 2 wedges (besides the PW) due to using several hybrids.
In short, I want a couple of wedges that I can hit better on full shots, but will still be as good around the green. I honestly don't understand all of the grind stuff despite reading about it. I don't even really know what the wedges I use now have as far as a "grind" goes. I suspect they are just considered full sole. For reference, this is exactly what my wedges look like:
Thanks in advance for reading my post, and I'm hoping to get some good recommendations.
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2023.04.17 01:33 jb102323 Is this mask safe?

Noticed the chipping on this mask and wanted to know if it is safe.
Hello, started playing pickup inline goalie. Wanted to buy a new mask since the one I am used are the plastic models everyone here is saying to avoid. So deciding to buy a damageless nme7 range mask or this CCM 9000.
There is damage on it though. Most of the damage on the bottom just looks like paint chipping, but the one on the left looks like it is a different color. Concerned there is a crack or compromised safety.
I do not care about appearance but safety is important. So far I have taken hits to the face on a NME 3/Reebok 6k and am fine but taking what people on here say seriously about the limitations of those.
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2023.03.29 07:44 quickquestionhoney Buying tips for used skates?

Hello, my 9 year-old son is new to hockey and just learning the game. The skates he got through the Kings LTP program are Bauer X-LS and I think they’re too narrow for his feet. I used the measuring method at this site and it seems like he may need EE or Bauer fit 3 skates? I also used the pencil test with the tongue of the skate lifted and the pencil touches the top of his foot in his current skates.
Because he’s just getting started, I’m not really willing to spend hundreds of dollars on skates. The Play it Again site has some options at very reasonable prices, but I don’t know what red flags to look for in used skates. Which features should I look out for and what questions should I ask when looking at used skates? Thanks!
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2022.12.01 13:17 postlw8j A lot of ace discs at PIAS in Jonesboro, AR

I was looking around on the Play It Again website and noticed that the Jonesboro, AR store has a whole collection of ace discs from someone who marked their discs TSB. I counted 15 discs that you can see the ace ink in the pictures on the website.
I'm posting it here because I think it's interesting and, just in case someone lost a whole collection of their discs, they know where to find them.
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2022.10.31 13:37 KimberlyL72 What brand is this C/A and is it any good? DR Bulletproof 5.2?

I'm looking at some chest protectors in my area but never heard of the DR brand before. Is this product any good? Looking to maybe upgrade as my other one I can feel shots.
Thank you!
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2022.05.06 16:16 HumboldtChewbacca Another new golfer looking for iron advice

Hey anonymous internet people, looking for some help with a new set of irons. I've been using my dad's old clubs, and since I remember hitting rocks with them as a kid, it's time to upgrade. I'm looking at 2 different sets of irons and can't quite find a comparison or much info between the 2.
Adams idea:
COBRA gravity back:
I'm not a serious golfer, or good, but I'm looking for a set that will be easier to hit and might leave me a little room to grow. And with kids and bills, that is right around my price limit. Ideas and suggestions welcome, thanks for your help.
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2022.05.02 19:23 Accomplished_Drive88 Which bat?

Bat 1
bat 2
I’m a new team manager and I need a solid bat for my team to use this week otherwise we are stuck with our two Mikken maniacs and those aren’t very good. Which of these options would you go with? Thanks!
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2022.04.18 22:08 childishidealism I've never thrown a disc golf disc. I went to parplastics to get a kastaplast starter pack and instead bought the $100 mystery box explaining what I came for and that I was a newbie. Wish me luck.

I've thrown a lot of backyard discs and played ultimate a bit, but haven't even touched a disc golf disc. I've always been interested in the sport but have spent the last three days reading everything I can and watching tons of videos. I tried to pick up an Innova starter pack at my local sporting goods store over lunch, but contrary to their website it was out of stock. My neighbor has a full size basket in his back yard, so I'll have to see if he minds me coming over to practice. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for in this post, just had to let someone know and am ready to hear what an idiot I am for spending that much money when I don't know what I'm doing, and how I should have just bought a $5 putter from playitagainsports.
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2022.03.18 17:32 Ecstatic_Artist_6942 How do I put a Yakima King Joe bike rack on my hatchback?

I bought a used Yakima KJ two-bike rack recently (pictured here). I think it’s a Yakima KJ 2, and the Yakima website says it should work for my 2015 Chevy Spark.
But I am not sure how to mount it. A manual I found online indicates the rack should have 3 sets of metal hooks and foam “glass hatch hooks”, but mine only has 2 sets of metal hooks along with the foam glass hatch hooks.
It doesn’t seem like anything was removed or fell off, so I’m confused. Is this some other type of King Joe rack? Where should I hook and where should the rack’s pads go?
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2022.02.23 18:37 yellowsubtab I used to have these Rollerblades with a frame that flexed in the middle. Please help me find them again.

EDIT: I found them!
Thanks for all of your suggestions. I was able to narrow down my search with y'all's help and it finally led me to what I was looking for!
Edit: Here is a drawing I did of what I remember them looking like. Skates
Original post: Ok so back in the early 2000s I owned a pair of inlines that had a frame that flexed in the middle. Between the front two wheels and the back two wheels. The frame of the blade was split in two and was joined by a piece that made it flexible right about where your foot bends.
I only remember a few things about them. I believe they were grey and purple, possibly pink instead of purple. The piece in the middle of the frame that flexed was kind of an upsidedown sorta U shaped piece, held to the front and back parts of the frame with bolts, basically the same bolts that held the wheels on. Those bolts I think slid along channels in the frame of the skate allowing the entire boot and frame to bend. I think the frame was metal. The wheels were clear with I think purple or pink text printed on their sides.
I have googled anything and everything to try and find these skates but am coming up empty. I loved those skates and want to find the make and model so I can get them again if they even still exist.
Please help me find these.
Any little information may help me.
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2022.02.04 07:45 DevChatt Cheap Deal on A Older Used Pure Aero

Hi Guys--
I've been demoing raquets and believe i found a good one that I've kept coming back to on my testers which was the pure aero. I was debating to get a new one but I think to save a few bucks I was planning on buying used. I found a significantly cheaper one with a fair bit of wear and tear on Play it again sports linked here:
It's about 130 bucks cheaper and a 2016 model vs the current 2019s. Doing my research it seems there really isn't much difference in quality between the years and tbh I like the lime green design much more than the Piss yellow (sorry) look for the more recent ones. With the amount of wear and tear on it in some of the pics, is this something I should be wary about/ watch out for on what I'm seeing?
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2022.01.21 05:26 fac3ts Sizing & purchasing help

Hi everyone, I’m looking to buy my first snowboard (used), and I’m stuck with only a few options; 158, 155, or 145.
I’m 5’8”ish and 135-140lbs. I’ve never been to the park, but wouldn’t be opposed to it, main concern is control and stability on steep slopes as that’s all I’ve ridden before. I’m a returning intermediate lets call it, so regardless of the size I think I’ll be able to adjust, but I’m not sure if there’s anything super concerning about an oveundersized board.
There’s also a 154 womens board that I think would be pretty good, but I have size 10 shoe size so that might be a problem
Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.12.11 17:55 howslife52 Advice on Size Fit

I found the exact skis in the below length from the local consignment shop in 190 CM. Length. I’m trying to determine if they are the right length. I’m 5 Feet 11 Inches. 177 LBS. Do you think they will work? It says Touring AR at the bottom. Not sure if that is the compact or sports type. What are your thoughts? Should I buy them or they will be too small? Thanks
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2021.09.09 20:38 Jastley New Player - The Quest for Clubs

Hello Golfers,
I'm diving into Golf this weekend by going to the local range to smack some balls with the intention to play the game by the holidays. They have rental club set at the range so I'm good to at least hit that day.
As for my own clubs, I've been doing a lot of reading and learning to understand the overall subject. But I'm coming down to the choice of, do I buy a beginner value club set such as: Tour Edge Bazooka 270 or do I get my buddies old bag and put together a used set from stores that have used clubs?
Not having to buy a bag obviously gives me that much more money for clubs. The idea of spending $350 on clubs and playing with that sounds good to me. My disadvantage is I just don't know what I'm looking at when I go into playitagainsports or other shops with used clubs. Its all metal to me!
I guess I'm looking for your thoughts on, should I just get that new value set, or get the used buddy bag and piece together a club set.
If I'm piecing together my own set, where the heck to I start? How much should I be spending per club? etc So overwhelming. I appreciate any of you who stop by to comment, looking forward to the game!
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2021.05.23 01:11 Jayddubz S-line FD (good condition, 173g) on play it again website ~$30

Idk if this type of post is allowed, but I know that these are hard to find and thought someone would want to know.
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2021.04.08 03:22 0rganizedCha0tic Choosing First Board for noobish intermediate

I previously posted here about my struggles with linking my turns (heelside to toeside) and whether improperly fitting boots had something to do with it. I have since taken a private lesson where I rented boots from the resort, and that was the first time I think it really started to click. For starters, it was the first day I felt like I was using my back foot at all in a toeside turn. I never understood the idea of beginners developing a bad habit of using the back leg to steer, because I was apparently mostly ignoring mine (I am goofy and right-dominant, could that be the reason?)
After this day, I also finally purchased my own (new) boots. I have also been doing seasonal board rentals and lately, have had a few days where I am starting to feel like I am limited by the board now rather than boots lol. It has mainly been on steeper (blues and some "easier" blacks I've attempted) and hard pack/icier terrain, such as night riding when spring slush refreezes. In these cases, it's actually my heelside I start to struggle with, seems no matter how low I crouch down, the edge doesn't hold well, I will usually get at least some chatter, and I end up skidding out and sliding down the ice on my ass lol. (My instructor worked with me a bit on getting through sketchier terrain, which I found very helpful, but the terrain at that mountain was a bit tamer, haha). I am using a Burton LTR full rocker board, unsure of year; it's this one.
Considering an all-mountain "quiver killer" as my first board with camrock profile. I'm also thinking something with magne-traction or other serrated edge for the icy terrain - how much does this really help? I live in CO (a transplant and flatlander though) and so far, looking for something that can handle the variable conditions I've experienced so far -mainly on-piste, but from powder days to the iced over conditions I've described and in single digits to spring conditions. I'd like to dabble in park as well as potentially carving, powder & backcountry eventually.
I have been considering:
I've been particularly drawn to the Jones Mountain Twin, and saw it was ranked in top 10 on Outdoor GearLab. I am just not sure if it might be too advanced for me and/or too stiff. I've seen some people say it's not as strong for park? I also looked into the Warpig, but they say it can slip on hard pack and be hard to maintain longer turns on heels, which are some key things I am trying to address.
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2021.01.04 09:07 LotsofTots Used Snowboard buying

Hi! I'm a beginner (I hit the slopes a couple times a season, but looking to start going local more often) and am looking into buying my own board. Someone I know recommended playitagainsports for used equipment. Has anyone bought a board from them online? Is there anything I should know about their boards or anything I should be looking out for in regards to whether a board is worth buying from them? Thanks in advance!
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2020.11.29 17:04 Skatingmatt Is DBX a good snowboard brand?

So I’ve been looking around play it again sports website and this is the only board I’ve found in my size in my area it’s a DBX INFERNO board and I’ve tried looking up if it’s a good board for actual riding cause it’s hard to distinguish a cheap board from a real one for resorts. Here’s the link for it
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2020.11.28 05:43 JustMeInBigD 30+ Places to Shop Local for Small Business Saturday and Beyond

Things to do lists are just too fraught for me these days, so here's a list you can actually use. Unless otherwise noted, all the places on this list offer some type of online or not-in-person shopping.
Please add your own suggestions to the comments!!


Froggie's 5 &10 - Note: Not much can be purchased online. This store will be moving in 2021 so they are offering discounts on pretty much everything in the store.
Toy Maven - Toys, games, novelties, and lots more.
Toys Unique - Games, puzzles, arts & crafts and lots more.
Twig & Olive - Boxed sets that encourage creative play with no batteries, buttons or screens.


Red Star Bicycle Shop - Family-owned bicycle services, repairs, sales, and rentals.
Richardson Bike Mart - Founded in 1962, this local shop has grown into a small chain with stores in Richardson, Frisco, Dallas and McKinney. Their website has multiple holiday gift guides and online shopping.
Oak Cliff Bike Synergy - New and used (some vintage) bicycles.
Preston Hollow Bicycles - Local bike store selling a variety of bikes, accessories, utility items, apparel and more.


A J Vagabonds - Outdoor & Sporting Goods store in Bishop arts with a motto of “Go Outside Y’all.” They have fun stuff and great gift ideas on their Facebook page, but it looks like most of it cannot be purchased online.
Buddy’s Sporting Goods - In business 40+ years, focus on team sports equipment and apparel.
Dynamic Discs - This company wasn’t “born in Dallas” and isn’t headquartered here, but it’s family-owned and has a small footprint with a strong presence in Carrollton and Lewisville. If you’re into disc sports, you’ll want to shop here.
Not Just Soccer (Dallas & Fort Worth) - locally owned and operated business specializing in everything youth sports.
Play it Again Sports (Plano) - Locally owned, new and used sporting goods and gear.
Ray’s Sporting Goods - The iconic Dallas guns and more store on Singleton.


Ruibal’s Plants - Locally owned and managed with four (beautiful!) locations in Dallas.
North Haven Gardens - Sustained a hard hit from the tornado, got up and dusted itself off and got back into business. Truly deserving of your support!


Deep Vellum - A nonprofit publishing house and literary arts organization. Order books they’ve published through or request any book you want and they will order it for you through
Half Price Books - OK, they’re a huge chain but they belong to Dallas.
Interabang - Another tornado recovery story, their online shopping system is quite robust.
Lucky Dog Books - Used book stores in Mesquite, Oak Cliff, and East Dallas. No online shopping site, but you can call or email requests to see if they have something you want in stock and they will ship it to you.
The Wild Detectives - To provide an online shopping experience, they’ve leveraged, which offers a large selection, great service, and supports local bookstores with the proceeds of sales.


Bettie Lou’s - Sister store to Froggie’s Five and Dime, they offer gift baskets online.
Bishop Arts District Merchants - This website has links to many of the retailers in the Bishop Arts District. Use the links there to check out which ones offer online shopping.
Bullzerk - Undoubtedly the coolest store in Dallas, offering entertaining, Dallas-themed stuff. Shop online and consider checking out the Charity Shirts category to also support the Dallas Zoo and other charities.
Favor the Kind - Apparel, accessories, and gifts. Cyber sale thorough Monday.
Lone Chimney Mercantile - Dallas-themed art, kitchen linens with salty sayings, fun accessories and gifts. Order gifts from their online store or choose art prints and canvases from the ownephotographer’s Etsy shop.
Lucky Franklin - T-shirts, sweatshirts and more for dog and cat moms, plant lovers and other wonderful people.
Mosaic Makers - Multiple local makers under one roof (and in one online shop!)
Scotty’s Bowties - Pet bowties, bandanas and more.
Uptown Pet Wear - Doggie wear, leashes, harnesses and more.

More suggestions:

Buy merchandise (T-shirts, hats, etc.) online from restaurants, bars, small music venues, coffee shops, breweries, distilleries and more. Just visit the full website of your favorite places and look for a link to “shop.” Or if you’re in a place to do so, make a donation to some of the hardest-hit places. They could use your support.
Hardware stores under the True Value and Ace brands are usually locally owned and operated. My favorite is Rooster Home and Hardware because George the Rooster lives there. Online shopping is through
Shop local from dozens of area makers at Etsy Dallas. Use the links on the page to go to the Etsy stores that interest you.
Also, here’s a large list of local businesses offering gift cards, compiled by the Dallas Morning News in cooperation with USA Today.
Next week my list of great gifts of wine and spirits from local producers and shops is coming to the Dallas Observer Food and Drink section. Stay tuned!!
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2020.08.20 00:00 mrtest001 The used sports equipment site "" thinks "Owning a franchise" is such a common user action that its RIGHT NEXT to the "Search Products" - where the search button should be.

And the "search" button is on the LEFT side of the widget. Wow. To think Amazon spends weeks fine-tuning pixels on their site and these guys have "Own a Store" as the most prominent button on the page.
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2020.07.20 05:29 volcanodad Looking to buy a used set of irons, which of these fits me best?

Hi all, I recently picked up golf again a few weeks ago after playing a bit as a kid with my grandpa. I became immediately hooked and now I am super concentrated and focused on improving my game. Right now I'm hitting various irons I've found at Savers and Goodwill (Magiques that look like they're from the 90s, a couple oversized ones of a different brand) and I feel that getting a set with uniform lengths, grips, and lofts will help me gain consistency.
I've been prodding on second-hand sporting goods websites and I found a few choices for irons, which of these looks best?
I'm leaning towards the Cobra S2 Forged but let me know if you have an opinion. Thanks!
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