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Like I see so much hate from ppl with carti pfp, I fuck with Yeat and idk where this hate is coming from
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2021.09.15 03:07 AjdinVe Full post on to why a second album or CLB is coming, check other post for pictures 2/2

Post edited due to some mistakes I miswrote and corrected, as well as added some more info WILL KEEP DROPPING NEW INFO ON THIS POST AS IT COMES
Ok since this was requested so much, this is my reasoning for why Drake is dropping another album wether it be “CLB” “Certified Lover Boy 2” or just “Certified”. There will be pictures above that correlate to points I am giving in this post. This isn’t just a “hunch” this is countless hours of deciphering, reading between the lines, going to every end I can to provide evidence as to why I believe it’s coming, there will be stuff all over the place because it’s so much to unpack but here goes :
I want to start off by addressing the pictures I have posted and some recent things happening. Just like the initial CLB rollout artists are starting to change their IG profile pics to CLB related stuff and the advertisement billboards which I’ll address in a little. Rappers tend to do this when a new album is coming and know stuff coming in the game : some of the rappers in question Lil Durk, Lil Baby, YKOsiris, etc and more coming.
Billboard Lyrics / songs in question
“I don’t miss, let alone miss you” “Something other than me has got to give” “Should’ve said you loved me today, because tomorrow is a new day”
as for the billboards in Toronto pictured above they had all different lyrics and song names than what was actually on CLB, these are not found anywhere on CLB at all and if you look back in time IE scorpion and views, all the marketing was actual lyrics and song names. He has never done this in the history of his marketing.
The IG page “Rap” also just posted a picture of drakes Accolades and records he just broke with CLB and the caption goes as follows : Drakes “Certified Lover Boy 1” passed 1 billion stream in its first week. Wtf do they mean by “CLB 1” besides the first part to something else that’s obviously coming?
Also have you ever seen the boy moving how he’s moving right now? With such confidence and so cryptic? Drake just tried to bait Kanye into dropping which has never been done by an artist before (dropping a diss at himself against his biggest rival/ competitor) drake was gonna drop a album to come back at Ye but others had to say something and say drake got something planned which caused ye to get scared and second guess himself (if you saw constv ig story he confirmed and as well as Kanye they dropping it at 8pm that night and someone commented “drakes career gone at 8pm which prompted a certain producer to say “yea if you go to sleep past 9:15pm” wtf did drake have planned and what was he gonna drop if all went as planned?
Also there were much more leaks, snippets and beats and songs done with rappers like kodak, French, weeknd (which I posted on my page OvOXO collab) uzi, yeat, the game, meek, roddy rich and much more that were hinted and confirmed on top of that a lot more producers such as Boi1da(more tracks than just “I did”, alchemist, Pierre and more and here is a bunch posted below Drake,game and meek - flu game (producers I believe it was boi1da but I don’t remember cuz tweet was deleted pretty quick were saying this is one of hardest tracks on CLB then deleted tweet quick) October forever AM/PM One dance type song drake x Kodak Drake roddy in the cut Drake x Uzi
this is why the album was delayed so long, 40 said that he was making 1-3 songs every week for a year and half! He has so much more in store for us because he wanted to give us a super montage (as shown in the CLB trailer for Jan when he redid every album cover) by paying homage to himself and really giving something to the true fans giving us every era and version of himself from his first album to his latest and 2 24 track project won’t cover his versatility and super broad range. At first Jan then he told others April and now it just dropped,
he also put the pregnant girls because this was part one, part 2 is hatching aka the kids are about to be born and this could mean 12 songs which is more likely or 24(kids plus moms) which could be a metaphor that a second album will drop (for fresh charts so CLB 1 can still earn its accolades.
another Reddit user posted talking to Boi1da saying how he wished he would of been on CLB more and I don’t thing the redditor caught it but 1da said the next one and just left it off on that.
This is also why he’s posting all these new covers he just made and each one says Certified by whoever (there’s 3 or 4 diff ones) as posted above and doing meetings to get everything ready. He had a meeting with Lucian (head of label) which he dubbed the final boss prepping us for something.
a big time producer who’s worked with drake a bunch said my fav track on CLB is the one with drake, game and meek then took it down right away so there’s deff something fishy plus he just changed his pfp on Spotify? He only does that when he’s about to drop.
Also people have been seeing so many damn CLB trucks (with the original sick ass CLB logo and merch for that! moving the day before and on CLB drop day but nothing of it? So that got me thinking that those trucks are all going to their designated spots to drop for this next CLB album for this Friday just called CLB and this certified lover boy was basically his press and marketing for the CLB album, because all that merch just says CLB, and CLB merch was different to certified lover boy merch.
did you notice him recently at that arcade, casino type place djing with his laptop and the CLB shirt (the CLB merch that trucks are delivering) and he played knife talk but it was a short snippet, then you see someone at the same spot showing off a drake x uzi song? I think he was playing and having a little listening party for the CLB album and it was very exclusive and he wanted to trick ppl by playing a little snippet of knife talk when it was the actual listening party for the CLB track.
when has drake been known to release singles such as gods plan that had massive success without putting it on album and losing that revenue? So you’ll have LNCL which had actual CLB merch (not certified lover boy but CLB) and imagery as well as what’s next which also had massive CLB imagery all over. So all those crazy leaks and snippets we heard that can’t be throwaways unreleased are going to be in CLB along with LNCL and what’s next.. those numbers would automatically go to this new album and it would be very successful of the jump.
Drake also said he had so much lined up for 2020 that he didn’t get to do and didn’t get to drop an album he wanted to drop hence I believe we’ll be getting that new CLB album this Month right when the October begins,
Let’s also talk about WATTBA2, footage of him,future and metro in the studio with some wild beats then he said with future that WATTBA2 was cooked already. you also notice they hint it with putting a “2” on every future feature on CLB? so I personally think we got certified lover boy which was a massive success and all ppl want is to hear more drake so then he will drop His next project right after and break every single record known to man but then right after before the end of the year I think we’ll also get surprised with WATTBA2 (which future also dropped 2 albums back to back and they were both #1)making this the craziest year for drake and will shut everyone the fuck up permanently for talking shit and ever doubting him.
He’s moving so confident and calculated because he knows what he has up his sleeve. That’s why he kept saying he’s the greatest Alive and threw disses out like he’s just starting and hungry as hell because he has so much up his sleeve we have no idea.
Also when certified lover boy was about to drop he only posted shit hours before on ig and Damien posted that same day the album cover, Damien posted as well as drake 1/2 for the cover and so did drake with 9 diff versions of himself and 9 albums saying what’s next? On wants and needs he said I got 10 on my mind.
Sorry this is so long I probably missed some things but my mind is so scrambled after this, let me know if you guys have any questions and OvO forever🦉
Updated for easier to read plus added meek game and drake track that was tweeted saying it’s hardest song on CLB
Also new article which is an official email release from republic records
On this new article it says talks about CLBs massive success and leaves off with “Be on the lookout for news there is more to come”
None of this is because Certified Lover Boy didn’t give us “enough” CLB is a masterpiece and may probably go down as one of my favorite albums of all time. This is because there are many signs hard to ignore and the cryptic messages and secrecy that’s clearly going on trying to hide something. 🦉🙏🏼
Touching back on WATTBA2 - I think WATTBA2 might drop very soon cuz him and future are movin together and it’s about to be the 6 year anniversary in 4 days of the album and also every track in CLB with future had the number 2 in it plus they already said the album was cooked so we might see it drop very shortly either on the anniversary of the album or one of these fridays comin up, either this coming Friday or next Friday but I’m fully expecting to hear drake again start off a track saying “Halloween”
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