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2023.06.09 09:41 Gattusso02 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Time: 200 hrs +
100% Clear: 400 hrs +
Difficulty: 7.5/10
The Monster Hunter franchise returns with the previously Nintendo exclusive finally getting its release on PlayStation. Prepare for one long, grindy and fulfilling ride collecting monster crowns all over again. This guide will now include the massive Sunbreak DLC complete with new monsters and better end game gear to make your platinum or 100% completion more efficient.
Trophy Guide
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Full credit to Powerpyx for the guides.
Wiki Guides
Credit to Game8 and Fextralife for the excellent wikis. Game8 has the more comprehensive guide complete with locations on where to farm certain items, along with equipment builds and other very useful information. Best to choose one of those builds as your base and swap out armors and skills along the way to find the build perfect for you. Fextralife has a more tabulated approach on the info that helps you get a quick glance on what you are looking for with lesser clicks but may have only concise information compared to Game8. For example, If you are looking for an item drop from a small monster, Fextralife will show you drop rates and which map to visit for your hunt. Game8 will give you a little more and show you the areas in the map where these small monsters are located.
If you're a beginner to the game or the series in general, the beginning sections and tutorials will naturally be quite overwhelming. Take things one step at a time, find a weapon that fits your play style best and enjoy the ride until you get a decent amount of monster hunts in to familiarize yourself with the game.
There will be tons of things to tweak and learn about on this game and no single article can give justice to the complexities of how to fully optimize your experience so additional research is recommended. Treat this article as a supplementary guide.
Efficiency Tips
Enjoy the story and progress through the main quest line as soon and as often as you can. The reason for this is as you progress through the story and your hunter rank increases, more equipment upgrades will be available to you along with the ability to upgrade the base defense of your gear further which unlocks incrementally as you increase in rank. The more defense you have means the more hits you can take and less healing items you consume which you can spend learning the monsters moves and hitting it.
Work on the 🏆 Beat-up Construction Kit as soon as possible and unlock all camp site locations on each map so you can fast travel conveniently closer to your target's location.
Materials List and Locations can be found here on Game8 to search for your gear and quest requirements. Browse it or simply drop the item you are looking for on the search bar.
Blights and Status Ailments Explained and their Cures is explained best in GadgetGabe's Top Voted answer from this GameFAQs forum. Use this wisely to cure yourself ASAP and stay at tip top shape for your fight. You can eventually customize your item load outs when hunting particular monsters.
Register an inventory and radial menu layout that is best for your hunt and tweak it accordingly if you are working on a solo hunt or are in a group. You can set up your action bar (the bar that uses the left and right d-pad) too.
Learn about monster elemental and ailment weaknesses, weak points and parts that you can sever to improve your success rate in a fight. E.g. Flash bombs work well on monsters in flight. Severing a Pukei-pukei's tail makes the monster incapable of it's wide poison gas attack.
Monster Elemental and Ailment Weaknesses and Immunities credit to Pro Game Guides. Monster Hunter Rise explains monster elemental weaknesses well but does not give too much of a description of what elements the monster utilizes against you. To learn that and build the right resistances, refer to the Fextralife MHR Wiki.
As you progress through your hunts, make sure to pick up any hunting helpers and golden/gilded spiribugs along the way. You will need 500 and 1000 respectively for the trophies 🏆 Hunting Helpers Plate and 🏆 Golden Spiribug Plate. If you want to farm Spiribugs exclusively, this video shows an excellent route while displaying some skills on speedy map traversal.
When you are in town, there will be times when you will be prompted that a sale is ongoing from the two merchants. Always take action on this prompt and participate in the lottery that is only available during this sale to progress towards the 12 room decorations you need to win as part of the 🏆 Sturdy Padlock. If the grand prize of the lottery is a room decoration, you have to roll a Jackpot (different from a Bingo) to win it. Even if the grand prize is not a room decoration, you are given a required room decoration for winning 100 items in the lottery.
🏆 Extravagant Cashbox
Awarded for earning 1,000,000 Zenny. The fastest method to earn zenny is by participating in the 2 Star Low Rank Event Quest - Gotta Hoard Fast!. It can be done with a group in 1 minute and rewards you with a Golden Egg which you can sell to the merchant for 20,000z. Use whenever you are short on money. This is also the best quest to use if you want to trigger merchant sales quickly and roll on the lottery.
Using your silk bind/aerial moves to deliver mount damage (indicated by a blue cloud background on the damage inflicted) is a good tactic to learn and master. Arekkz Gaming's Monster Riding Tutorial video explains this well. You can also scout the area where you mount the monster and bump him into special areas on the map that will deal extra damage.
High Rank Quests
An Armorcharm and Powercharm will now be available to purchase from the two item merchants. These work as permanent stat increases as long as you have them in your Item Pouch. When you reach HR7, you will eventually be able to upgrade these charms into Armortalon and Powertalon. These stack and you may repurchase Armorcharm and Powercharm and hold all four items in your Item Pouch.
Decorations will unlock from the Smithy and the Melding Pot will unlock from the item merchants. This would be a good time to study the skills you have available in conjunction with your armor skills and start creating defensive/offensive load outs based on what you are up against.
For talisman crafting via the Melding Pot, craft out the desired skill you need and use accordingly. Once you have your talisman of choice, always roll with Melding - Wisp of Mystery and Melding - Rebirth (unlocks last on a higher HR). They will cost more materials to craft, but will also have better chances of a Rarity 7 Talisman with more skills and better decoration slots.
Prepare status resistances/immunities depending on the monsters you are up against and build up defense, elemental defense and even add elemental attack against them as well. Take note that elemental attack increases on skills only increases an existing element on weapons (or elemental ammo for bowguns) and can not create an element from a non-elemental weapon source.
For more on elemental damage and elemental resistances, see Fextralife's articles linked accordingly.
Armorskin and Demondrug and their corresponding Mega version are items consumed once and will last until you faint or complete the quest. Invest in them as soon as you have the zenny to afford them. You will need to farm Pale Extract from the monster Khezu or purchased as a rare find in the Argosy to craft the mega drugs. You may also choose to deploy the meowcenaries to fight a Khezu to increase your item farm.
Master Rank Quests and Sunbreak Content
With Sunbreak comes a whole new base map and two new locations to explore. Like the base game, there are a number of trophies that involve you interacting with the townsfolk and the goods and services they have to offer. Refer to this video guide for a checklist of what you need to be doing after every quest to cover the trophies 🏆 Snowy Cohoot Minipouch, 🏆 Secret Honey Jar, 🏆 Unbreakable Bag, 🏆 Solid Padlock, 🏆Polychrome Acorn and 🏆 Sojourn Necklace.
🏆 Solid Padlock requires another set of items you need to win in the lottery but take note that the Gargolda Statue only starts appearing after you take a picture of it. Take a daytime expedition for a photo of the creature. Gamer Guru's video shows you how to do it.
Refer to Game8's Eurekacorn article for more ways on farming Eurekacorns for your Polychrome Acorn trophy. Efficiency Tip: Target an expedition with a Herb Node in the Frost Islands together with a Khezu Node for both Eurekacorns and Pale Extracts.
For efficient map traversal, unlock the alternative camp sites on the two new Sunbreak areas along with the new buddy recon points. You will have to unlock 2 recon points per map, for a total of 12 for 🏆 Buddy Whistle. Darcblade has an excellent video guide to cover this.
Crown Hunting
🏆 Mini Crown Plaque and 🏆 Gold Crown Plaque will most likely be the last trophies you will get in the game as these are very grindy to obtain. These entail slaying or capturing the smallest and largest versions of each monster, awarding you a gold crown on your Hunter's Notes. An alternative grouped view of all your crowns can be found in OPT -> Multiplayer -> Guild Cards -> View -> L1 for Hunting Log. Unlike MH World, Rise does not include a crown notification in the points reward section after a hunt. You will have to check your Hunter Notes manually. You do get a prompt of "Monster Size Updated" right after the kill or capture though as your best indicator of a possible crown.
Crown Hunting Tips and Drop Rates explained by Luke Albigés of TrueAchievements
Efficient Strategy
You will want to clear out all the crowns you can possibly obtain from the quests with the 100% chance or boosted crown rate quests. For everything else, learn how to crown snipe to save time and not waste too much time on normal sized targets. If your are sure that your target monster is not a crown size, abort your quest and start a new one. Take note that you need to capture/kill 10 monsters of each type for their respective monster scroll to progress on your 🏆 Sturdy Padlock so anything close to a perceived small or large crown would be worth the kill. The Sunbreak Expansion and Master Rank buffs up the crown monsters appearance rate to as high as 10% for large and 6% for minis. You are best saving the crown hunt for last as you have to tackle Anomaly Investigations for the Sunbreak 🏆 Bahari's Hand Wound Birdie, which entails you earning and spending 3000 Investigation Coins as rewards for these type of quests along with clearing out every single Master Rank quest for the 🏆 Record of Utmost Valor - Master and clearing out 1-4 star anomaly quests for the 🏆 Painting - Crimson Nightmare. There are a total of 7 1-star anomaly quests to unlock and 8 quests for 2-4 stars. There is a good chance that you will be earning majority of these crowns along your progression towards these three trophies with minimal crown cleanup.
Videos for Monster Measurements
As of this writing, there seems to be a lack of content on Large and Mini Gold Crowns for MH Rise. Below is video clips to give some clues on how these monster sizes will look when you encounter them. Monster sizes with 100% chance drop quests will be excluded from this segment.
Kiranico has an excellent large monster guide which also displays the recommended quest to participate in with corresponding crown percentages.
Anomaly Investigation quest monsters have fixed sizes and will never yield any crowns. The normal Anomaly Quests will share the same 6% small and 10% large crown chance as the MR quests.
Base Game Crowns
Anjanath Mini Gold Crown
Barioth Large Gold Crown
Barioth Mini Gold Crown
Barroth Mini Gold Crown
Chameleos Large Gold Crown
Chameleos Mini Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Large Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Mini Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Large Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Mini Gold Crown
Kushala Daora Mini Gold Crown
Lagombi Large Gold Crown
Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Rathalos Mini Gold Crown
Royal Ludroth Large Gold Crown
Teostra Large Gold Crown
Teostra Mini Gold Crown
Sunbreak Crowns
There are only 16 additional monsters tied up to the crown trophies for Sunbreak which are the monsters that were available at the original release of the game. You will need these 16 monsters along with all the base game crowns for the 🏆 Miniature Crown Shield and 🏆 Gold Crown Shield to unlock. Refer to the Gold Crown Shield segment of Powerpyx's guide for the full list.
Astalos Large Gold Crown
Aurora Somnacanth Mini Gold Crown
Gore Magala Large Gold Crown
Malzeno Large Gold Crown
Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Scorned Magnamalo Large Gold Crown
Miscellaneous Grind
🏆 Antique Bookmark
Achieved by collecting all 60 Relics scattered over the 5 available maps. Powerpyx's guide for all Relic Locations shows these well. There is a correction to the linked article however, as it is mentioned there that the Rampage Relics unlock after collecting all 10 other Relics per map but is incorrect (unsure what triggers rampage Relic availability but I had access to them at 5 star quest availability on Village and Hub quests). To track the relics you have collected already, go to OPT -> Info -> Hunter Notes -> Notebook.
Gaming with Abyss has good Monster Hunter trophy content and shows locations of each relic per map clearly on his videos.
Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns

Other Useful Information
Affinity vs Raw Damage is discussed well on this steamcommunity forum.
The difference between KO/Stun and Trip is explained will in this article. Note that KO and Stun status are the same (in game and articles call it one or the other so this can be confusing) but Trip status is different.
Critical Boost at level 1 raises damage dealt by critical hits by 5%. Your critical hits are already at a base amplified damage of 25% (not mentioned in-game). This could be deceiving due to the in-game skill definition.
Palamutes and Palicos you bring on the hunt increase your ease and efficiency and are best slotted with the best gear for your playstyle. Game8 has an excellent buddy guide that discusses end game builds.
Use the Basic behavior if you are running a melee focused buddy and Follow if you are using a ranged buddy. This is discussed thoroughly by CheaterMcCheat.
On solo hunts, don't let the common combo of 1 Palico and 1 Palamute mold you to run with that as there are several builds that utilize 2 Palicos or 2 Palamutes in one hunt. For example, you may want to use a double Palamute with C Jelly Travel Bag X weapon on the Best Equipment For Sunbreak (Ranged)segment. Accompanied with the Palamute Silkbinder, this build can provide excellent monster control.
Ordering Motley Mixes in the canteen nets you dango tickets as a reward. Claim it from the chef after some orders and use the tickets with hopping skewers on your harder hunts.
Latent Power skill is triggered by an internal timer upon monster encounter and attack animations and is explained here on Fextralife's wiki.
Auto-shoutouts are useful for your party and even yourself. You can program these auto shoutouts via OPT -> Multiplayer -> Chat Menu -> Triangle and click on the field under Text to program what you want to shout-out, choose the box under speech timing to choose the condition. These conditions aren't fixed and you have more to choose from. The most useful ones are the auto shoutouts for "When you set a trap" and "When a monster is limping" where the monster enters the blue icon state and is capturable if it is not an elder, apex or afflicted monster.
Weapon Specific Notes
Light Bowgun
Light Bowgun Basic Moves and Ammo Types credit to Phemeto
Pay attention to the color of your reticle. An orange reticle tells you that your ammo type is in its ideal range and will deal its intended damage. A yellow reticle means your shots will hit, but will be significantly weaker.
The Fanning Vault Silkbind skill is best used with your Wyvernblast special ammo. Press circle while you are directly under the monster to plant a bomb directly on it. You will be replacing this with the Switch Skill Fanning Maneuver for end game builds.
Ammo Details can be found by going to Items and Equipment (opt button) -> Equipment Info -> Ammo Details (square)
You will normally run out of your full magazine of your most desired ammo. To minimize returning to camp, bring the materials you need to craft that ammo and set it on your radial menu. Also, avoid bringing the ammo type you never use to keep your ammo menu as decluttered as possible for efficient ammo switching. It is encouraged to bind the ammo you use and their craft commands in your radial menu as well.
Recoil is the delay between firing shots (different from Reload delay). Lower recoil = Faster Attack Speed
Deviation is the drift of the bullets when you fire. If you have a weapon with deviation, it will travel center for a medium distance then swerve to the L or R depending on the strength of the deviation. Targeting "No deviation" is ideal.
Decorations can be crafted to reduce Reload, Recoil and Deviation.
Light Bowgun Weapon & Armor Skills
Bombardier skill does not work with any ammos, including sticky, cluster, or wyvernblast.
Normal/Rapid Up skill improves Normal Ammo damage by 5%/10%/20% and stacks with the skill
Rapid Fire Up which enhances rapid fire damage also by 5%/10%/20%
Great Sword
Recommended Switch Skills are Tackle, Rage Slash (RS), and Adamant Charged Slash (ACS). All three can tank monster attacks (no knockbacks) and negates roar effects. Tackle is the bread and butter during roars and quick monster attacks since its easy to trigger, You can use Adamant Charged Slash for positioning, and Rage Slash to land your last charged attack on your desired direction, which True Charged Slash Skill cant do.
How to Unlock:
Adamant Charged Slash - Unlocked by crafting/upgrading 8 different Greatswords, no duplicates. Replaces the Hunting Edge skill.
Rage Slash - Unlocked by completing the quest "Grasp the Greatsword" (HR5 Quest). Replaces the True Charged Slash skill.
Low Rank Entry GS - Crit Eye Build
Low Rank GS - Crit Draw Build - 80% Affinity on Overhead and Charged Slash
High Rank GS Build - 90% Affinity on Weakpoints + Focus 3
Several members of the PSTHPH team contributed to the making of this guide.
There is an ongoing issue with this article preventing further edits. Please check the comments for more.
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2023.06.09 09:40 lemonludes2022 Jeff Ament puts the brakes on Pearl Jam’s new album

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard catches up with Kyle Meredith, providing insights into his upcoming final album with his band Brad, titled "In the Moment That You're Born," as well as the 30th anniversary reissue of their debut LP, "Shame." Gossard reflects on the passing of lead singer Shawn Smith and reveals how he drew inspiration from NWA and Ice Cube for his guitar work. He also discusses the contrasting experiences of recording "Shame" compared to Pearl Jam's "Ten," Temple of the Dog's self-titled album, and Nirvana's "Nevermind." Gossard delves into the early 90s recording sessions behind these iconic records, including 1993's "VS," and how they connect to the new Brad album, which features a cover of Malfunkshun, Andrew Wood's pre-Mother Love Bone band. Additionally, he shares insights on the 25th anniversary of Pearl Jam's "Yield," the unreleased songs from that album, and the possibility of a "Lost Dogs Vol. 2." Gossard also provides an update on the next Pearl Jam album, which is being produced by Andrew Watt, a passionate fan of PJ and Soundgarden, known for his work with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Watt is reportedly pushing for a more immediate and possibly classic sound for the upcoming release.
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2023.06.09 09:40 birbo-figaro Red Bull y Ferrari han realizado las 10 paradas en boxes más rápidas de la temporada hasta ahora

Red Bull y Ferrari han realizado las 10 paradas en boxes más rápidas de la temporada hasta ahora submitted by birbo-figaro to formula1_ES [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:38 Neekeetone Neekeetone - Anti-War Dubplates Volume 8

Neekeetone - Anti-War Dubplates Volume 8
Hello Fam! New chapter of Anti-War Dubplates is here. 160bpm reworks of Dubstep and Grime classics. The series was started in a few days after the war began. Since this time I’ve been relocated with your help and still making music, cause it’s the main thing I can. I’ve restarted my career in such crazy times, so I’m disabled to touring now and having issues with documents. But I’m in safe place and able to do my thing because of you, so I want to say huge thanks to each and everyone for help and support!This release is free as usual, but you can donate and it will help me very much.Peace!
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2023.06.09 09:37 ki4jgt Need to secure a bedroom and bathroom

Living in a shared apartment, where 4 random people pay a portion of the rent. Each person gets a bedroom and bathroom. Each bedroom is dead-bolted. The electric box is in the shared living room.
I've lived here since January. I've come home from work and things were moved around. I no longer have the towels and washrags I bought when I originally moved in. The main switch to the A/C has been flipped. Repairman said it looked like someone did it intentionally. I don't know if it's one of the roommates, or a previous tenant -- and they didn't issue a new key. Deadbolt has scratches on it.
I need a security system that's on the cellular network, has battery and file backups, and a single motion sensing camera.
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2023.06.09 09:36 PattyBouvierPB See Homer and Marge Simpson walk the runway as Paris Fashion Week models

Homer Simpson, runway model? You probably don't think of the shlubby Springfield dad as a fashion icon, but Balenciaga, au contraire, believes he belongs at Paris Fashion Week.
The Spanish luxury fashion house tapped The Simpsons patriarch to help debut its spring/summer 2022 collection with a creative 10-minute animated movie featuring characters from the long-running show walking the catwalk in the City of Light. (In Bart's case, "rolling" the catwalk is more like it -- he makes his way down the runway on a skateboard, in jeans and thigh-high boots.)
The presentation is part of Paris Fashion Week 2021, which is largely back in person after a COVID-related break last year that saw designers mostly staging digital presentations and many home-bound fashion fans having trouble imagining life out of sweatpants. Balenciaga held an in-person show this year with a movie premiere theme involving a red carpet. The Simpsons video brings the brand's looks to a wider audience, though as Homer laments in the video, the prices on some items are hardly accessible to all.
Homer, looking sleek in sunglasses and a red puffer jacket with a huge collar, clearly enjoys the attention of elite fashion photographers, while Lisa, in a simple red dress and pearls, is a far more reluctant model ("Walk a runway? It's so superficial," she says).
The coup de catwalk, however, comes when Marge floats down the runway in a floor-length gold gown that really makes her big blue hair pop. A celebrity-packed audience that includes Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Vogue Editor in Chief Dame Anna Wintour gives her a standing ovation as La Vie en Rose plays.
Smithers; Moe; and Marge's twin sisters Selma and Patty Bouvier also strut the catwalk in Balenciaga's new line, as does Chief Wiggum, wearing heels and a coat with shoulder pads that aren't typical of Springfield's current police squad. The Simpsons celebrated its 30th anniversary
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2023.06.09 09:36 theclumsystol Rob49 releases new "4God II" album

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2023.06.09 09:36 twu356 Taiwan's basketball commentator calculated Dwight Howard's 65% pay cut.

T1 LEAGUE commentator Chen Kai (陳楷), though not familiar with the contract details, said based on the information released so far, Howard might still get at least 75 percent of his salary if he plays every single game next season, which is better than the two-thirds cut Howard claimed.
Chen Kai also provide a sample of the calculation on his Facebook
My quick translation
另外我說明一下這個75%是怎麼算的。假設霍華今年合約月薪20萬美金。從11月到5月共七個月140萬。但他抱怨明年減薪六成五,估計保證月薪剩七萬美金,七個月為49萬,差距為91萬。但張建偉則提到還將給他勝場跟敗場獎金,然後希望他多打,如果有今年中信特攻戰績,其實明年還是加薪,但如果是雲豹明年還跟今年戰績一樣就沒有。明年的勝場獎金是今年的35倍。所以假設雲豹去年勝場獎金一場給1000美金,那麼條件可估計為「贏一場三萬五」「 輸一場一萬五」「沒打就沒獎金」
那麼下一季30場雲豹25勝5敗 (今年中信特攻戰績) 25*3.5=87.5萬 敗場7.5萬 共95萬+49萬保證=144萬 確實稍高於今年140萬。 但如果是6勝24敗(今年雲豹戰績)則為 (6*3.5)+(24*1.5)=57萬+49萬 106萬約今年75.7%
Let me explain how this 75% was calculated. Assuming Dwight's contract this season is $200,000 per month, he would've received 1.4 million dollars from November to May for 7 months. Now he complained about a 65% reduction, so his estimated guaranteed monthly salary would be $70,000. In other words, he'll receive a base pay of $490,000 for 7 months, with a difference of $910,000. The CEO of Taoyuan Leopard mentioned that he will give win and loss bonuses and hope Dwight plays more. If Dwight's team can have a record like the CTBC DEA, the No. 1 seed, then he would have got a raise next year. But the team record is the same as this year, then it's a salary reduction.
According to the CEO, " the bonus for wins is 35 times more than it was last season." Assuming last year's bonus for winning a game is $1,000, then the new contract's incentive could be "Win a game, get $35,000" "Lose a game, get $15,000" "No game, no bonus"
So if Dwight's team can achieve 25 wins and 5 losses in 30 games next season (a record like CTBC DEA) 25 wins *$35,000 = $875,000 5 losses *$15,000 = $75,000 based pay = $490,000 The total will be 1.44 million dollars, slightly higher than this year's 1.4 million dollars.
So, if Dwight had perfect attendance next season, even if his team performed as badly as this year, he would've gotten 75% of his salary. But if he is injured for the whole season, then he is left with only 35%. Of course, there are many ways to talk about performance bonuses. Maybe playing ten games is one price, and playing twenty games, or twenty-five games is another price. So, this is a very rough estimate. But player injuries, or team performance, may not be driven by personal will. If you were Howard, would you accept these conditions?
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2023.06.09 09:36 birle33 New pc built recently, worked for a few days. Today won't turn on anymore

I don't know what to do anymore, I tried everything. I recently built my first pc, initially I used it for 3 days without a case on the motherboard box without problems, after the case arrived it worked like a charm for another 2 days. Today it no longer boots up, the cpu led on the mobo flashes red and the pc keeps restarting with all the fans spinning for 1 second. I can't get into the bios in any way, I've tried everything but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Any advice? My specs:
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2023.06.09 09:35 LostInDaSpace Is Battle Pass worth it for a "competitive" player?

Hey there fellow Pokemon fans,
Just a quick question for you today! I like to get competitive on any game I'm playing! I have played this game since release, but only got serious about it the past two months ( started playing ranked as well).
I'm at Master 1.650 at the moment and I'm pushing upwards steadily.
For a player like me ( note: I'm not interested at anything cosmetic, I'm only interested in the gold + emblems + tickets etc, which can contribute to my competitive play)
I'm curious cause I find it very hard to farm the important Emblems or get new Licences as a completely f2p player!
Thanks a lot for your time, have a great day!
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2023.06.09 09:35 Silver_Cup_6354 Transmission issue?

Sorry guys if this isn’t related to the group but I would appreciate any help you can offer.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Automatic CVT transmission 222,000kms
Engine running fine. No engine or transmission light visible.
No leaks anywhere or bad smells Oil, transmission fluid all levels in the car are fine and the fluid looks clean.
Car will shudder or change gears rough during the first three gear changes there is a bit of a clanking noise when breaking and when you put your foot slightly on the accelerator. Apart from this the car runs perfectly fine and recently serviced 4 months ago no issues found. It only started 4 days ago.
Taken to a transmission specialist who without even looking at it took it for a drive and based on the code provided jumped straight to the conclusion new gear box needed at a cost of $6,000-$7,000 but stated if the problem still wasn’t fixed after that to look at somewhere else for the problem. Based on this I think he’s unsure that replacing the gear box will solve the problem.
Can anyone point me into the direction of what may be causing this issue and if it is in fact a transmission problem.
Many thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.09 09:35 tareekpetareek Byju's got sued by its lenders in the US. Then it sued its lenders in the US. Here's a fun read about what happened

Original Source: (my newsletter Boring Money -- please visit the link to subscribe and receive similar posts about finance in India directly in your inbox)
Voiceover on Spotify
Four years ago I read an article in The Ken (disclosure: I was later employed here) titled The making of a loan crisis at Byju’s. The gist of the story was that Byju’s was an edtech doing phenomenally well selling its digital courses to parents of young students. But these courses were expensive and these parents were poor. So it was also selling them loans to buy these courses. Only, without telling them. Parents would expect a course (which could be cancelled) but would end up with a loan (which couldn’t be cancelled).
Three days ago, Byju’s went to court in New York. Here’s the headline from TechCrunch: Byju’s sues ‘predatory’ lenders on $1.2B term loan, won’t make further payments.
Byju’s is a company that, arguably, made a business out of giving out predatory loans. Now it’s sued its own lenders and accused them of being predatory. I’m not saying that this is poetic justice but.. okay, scratch that. This is poetic justice! If Shakespeare were a finance writer this is the kind of stuff he would come up with.

Everyone wants to lend to Byju’s

In 2021, interest rates were low, loans were cheap. Tech startups were doing great, edtech startups were crushing it. Byju’s, not one to be left behind, had raised a lot of money but money was cheap so it also wanted to borrow. It wanted a $500 million loan from lenders in the US, which it wanted to use to acquire companies there. Instead, it ended up borrowing more than double—$1.2 billion—because lenders practically wanted to throw money at this overachieving edtech startup from India. [1]
The way a term loan such as this works is:
  1. A company goes to an investment bank and asks for a loan
  2. The bank syndicates this loan to investors, who become the lenders. Everyone comes together in a room and negotiates the specifics of the loan (which can be quite complex, as we’ll see)
  3. The loan goes through and everyone’s happy. Presumably, the company likes its lenders, the lenders like the company
  4. The original investors might sell the loans they own to other investors. The company’s only talking to an administrative agent representing the lenders, so over time it might not even know who its lenders are
In November 2021, prominent investment managers such as Blackstone, Fidelity and GIC had gone overboard to lend money to Byju’s. By September 2022, Byju’s lenders were desperately selling [2] their loans at a 36% discount on the principal. (Today, Byju’s debt is at a 20% discount, which is also bad.)
It’s likely that Blackstone, Fidelity and other of the OG lenders aren’t Byju’s’ lenders any more. They’ve almost certainly sold off their loans at a loss. Better get paid something than get paid nothing.
Dealers of the dead
If a company’s debt is being sold at a 36% discount, it’s because investors think that the company is unlikely to repay its loans. If you buy such a loan, you potentially stand to gain a lot—because of the discount—but well, you might also just lose everything.
If you’re a regular investment management company, like Blackstone, you don’t want to invest in such a loan. Your investors gave you this money to get predictable returns. If they wanted risk, they’d ask you to buy stocks. You don’t want to get into a fight with your borrower. If you feel they will not pay you back, you take a loss, sell the loans, move on.
If you’re a distressed debt investor, your entire business is to buy such distressed loans from regular investment managers like Blackstone. You’re going to get nasty borrowers who are unlikely to want to repay their loans but that’s okay. Because you’re nasty too. You spend less time on financial models, more in courts and around lawyers. You like to fight to get your money back. Sometimes you might lose, but the times you win, you win big. The wins cover your losses and some more.
Blackstone and the others sold Byju’s’ loans in desperation, and they were almost certainly bought by distressed debt investors. We don’t know who they are exactly, but Byju’s has indicated that one of them is Redwood Capital, a New York-based distressed debt investor.
If you’re a distressed debt investor, this is how it works:
  1. You get a loan for super cheap
  2. If the company repays its loan, great! You make a lot of money
  3. But the company isn’t likely to repay, which is why you got the loan for cheap in the first place
  4. So it’s in your best interest to not let the company die a slow death. Instead, you want to kill the company quick. You take the company to court ASAP and take all the money you’re owed while it’s still there
If the new investors waited, say, for a year, and took Byju’s to court after it had actually defaulted on its repayments—there might not be any money left! Byju’s may have given all the money to Lionel Messi or maybe laundered it away someplace the lenders wouldn’t find it. If you’re a distressed debt investor, you want to get Byju’s to court and get the court to force it to do whatever it takes to pay you back.
Last month, Byju’s’ new lenders sued Byju’s in the Delaware Court of Chancery [3]. We’ll get to the official reasons for this lawsuit in a bit, but what’s important is that Byju’s was not being sued because it defaulted on a payment. It hadn’t. It was being sued because the distressed debt investors expect it to default sooner or later, and they would prefer dealing with it sooner rather than later.

Lenders go for the kill

Usually, the finer details of corporate loans such as Byju’s’ aren’t public. But thanks to the multiple lawsuits we know quite a bit here.
The loan was made to Byju’s’ US entity and it was secured with guarantees from multiple Byju’s companies. From Byju’s’ lawsuit this week against its creditors (which I will get to), here are the guarantors:
  1. Byju’s entities in India and Singapore
  2. Byju’s’ US and Singapore acquisitions; companies including Oros, Epic, Great Learning, and Neuron
  3. Whitehat India, Byju’s’ famous Indian acquisition
That’s a lot of companies guaranteeing a loan! Byju’s’ Indian entity is the parent of all the other guarantor companies, so having it as a guarantor should’ve been enough. I guess the rationale here was that it would be nice to have some non-Indian companies in the mix too, we do know how efficiently Indian courts work.
Apart from Byju’s the parent company itself, Whitehat was the only other Indian company guaranteeing this loan. The problem was that Whitehat itself, on paper, had negative net worth. It had probably taken loans of its own and did not have enough assets to cover them. In practice, this would be irrelevant, because Whitehat was owned by Byju’s and it would cover any of Whitehat’s liabilities. But, apparently, RBI regulations require Indian companies with negative net worth to take its approval before guaranteeing a loan. So even though Whitehat was a guarantor, the guarantee was meaningless until RBI granted its approval.
Yeah, well, RBI didn’t grant its approval. From the lawsuit:
Plaintiffs, Borrower, and Lenders had a call on or around October 6, 2022, to discuss the Whitehat Guarantee. In a good faith effort to negate any impact of the new regulations, Plaintiffs and the Borrower offered to move all assets out of Whitehat India into other subsidiaries of the Parent Guarantor that are Guarantors to the Credit Agreement, or are owned by Guarantors of the Credit Agreement. Lenders rejected this proposal without justification.
In October 2022, after Byju’s’ debt was already sold to the distressed debt investors, the company spoke to its lenders and informed them that it was unable to get RBI’s approval for Whitehat to be a guarantor. Instead, it offered to move Whitehat’s assets into other companies and then use those companies to guarantee the loan. Which would really have been the same thing. But the lenders refused! Why?!
Continuing from the lawsuit:
Lenders subsequently asserted that an event of default under Section 8.1(e) of the Credit Agreement (an “Event of Default”) had occurred due to the failure to procure the Whitehat Guarantee.
Oh, that’s why. Byju’s’ lenders—distressed debt investors that wanted Byju’s dead ASAP—used the fact that Whitehat couldn’t be a guarantor of this loan to claim a default and use it as a reason to take Byju’s to court in the US. Honestly, I’m impressed. The Whitehat guarantee was redundant to begin with, but the lenders had found an out and their official reason #1 to take Byju’s to court.
Oh, there’s another thing. In June 2022, The Ken reported (disclosure: I once worked here) that Byju’s’ financials for 2021 had been held up by its auditors because of certain, umm, creative accounting. By this time, Byju’s should have ideally filed even its 2022 financials. It was very late! From the lawsuit:
The FY’21 Audit was delivered to the Lenders on August 30, 2022. It did not contain a “going concern” qualification or any similar qualifications about the Parent Guarantor’s ability to continue into the future. However, the FY’22 Audit could not begin until the FY’21 Audit had been completed, and the Parent Guarantor’s business has continued to grow rapidly
Byju’s’ 2021 financials were held up because auditors weren’t giving the company their go ahead, so of course its 2022 financials were held up as well.
On or around August 29, 2022, Shearman & Sterling, LLP (“S&S”), counsel for GLAS, sent a letter to Byju’s Alpha and Think & Learn requesting certain financial disclosures from Plaintiffs and Borrower, and asserting that the failure to deliver this financial information was a breach of the Credit Agreement. … Rather than actually suffering any damage from the delayed FY’22 audit, Lenders opportunistically used this unintentional and non-material delay to exert pressure on Plaintiffs and the Borrower to extract onerous economic concessions.
I love it! Byju’s’ financials were delayed. Its agreement with the original lenders said that the company must share its audited financials with them. Byju’s wasn’t able to do that. The lenders found their official reason #2 to take Byju’s to court.

Byju’s sets up a defence

Before the lenders sued Byju’s last month, Byju’s tried its best to negotiate a deal. It gave the lenders an assurance of the company’s financial health, gave them concessions worth “tens of millions of dollars” and requested (pleaded) to take back their claims of Byju’s defaulting.
The lenders refused. They asked for either the full principal back or two-thirds of it, with an increment of 7% (!!) in the interest rate. Byju’s, of course, said no.
At this point, Byju’s knew that the lenders weren’t going to negotiate realistically. So it prepared its own defence. From the lawsuit:
The Credit Agreement prohibits transfers or assignments of the Lenders’ interests in the Term Loans to “Disqualified Lenders.” The Credit Agreement includes in its definition of Disqualified Lender “[a]ny [] Person (including an Affiliate or Approved Fund of a Lender) whose primary activity is the trading or acquisition of distressed debt,” and “those banks, financial institutions and other Persons separately identified by name . . . on or before the syndication . . . (which may be updated . . . from time to time . . .)”
In its agreement with the original lenders, Byju’s had put in a clause restricting its loan from being transferred to distressed debt investors. This is a risky clause to agree with, because it’s only these folks that buy loans that turn sour, but the original lenders had gone with it.
On information and belief, the entire course of Lenders’, and Defendant’s, bad-faith conduct has been driven by these distressed-debt lenders, who were never meant to have been lenders in the first place, and who acted with the intent of causing harm to Borrower and Plaintiffs. Meanwhile, Borrowers and Plaintiffs were initially unaware that the lenders were in fact being controlled by distressed debt dealers, and were therefore unable to take action to prevent their bad-faith plan from being implemented.
In its lawsuit this week, the crux of Byju’s’ argument is based on the fact that its loan is owned by distressed debt investors who were not eligible to be owning its debt in the first place. Also interesting is that Byju’s doesn’t seem to know who these lenders are. In its post-lawsuit statement, Byju’s named Redwood as one of the lenders, but it’s not named anywhere in the lawsuit.

Now what?

If push comes to shove, does Byju’s have the cash to pay off its lenders?
Last month, Byju’s transferred $500 million out of its US entity. The lenders had filed their lawsuit and there was a chance the court would freeze Byju’s’ US entity’s assets, so this was a precautionary move. So Byju’s has this $500 million. But that seems about it. Byju’s has been in the news saying that it’s trying to raise $700 million to pay off its debt. Yeah, between the horrible edtech market and the colourful lawsuits Byju’s is in, good luck with getting investors to donate their money to Byju’s.
But of course, Byju’s is now suing its lenders too. It does have an agreement that says that its debt can’t be held by distressed debt investors. So it’s not a frivolous suit.
Can Byju’s win? Sure. It would still have to pay its debt eventually. And it’s not straightforward. There are probably tens or even hundreds of lenders. It’s apparent that the distressed debt investors are the guiding force behind the lenders’ lawsuit, but it’s definitely not necessary that they form the majority of the lenders. In which case, Byju’s’ whole lawsuit falls apart.
The lenders are saying Byju’s defaulted by not keeping its part of the agreement, even though it had technically paid its dues. [4] Byju’s is saying that the lenders shouldn’t be the lenders in the first place and must be disqualified. We’ll see who’s right.
[1] It was a 5-year loan with a floating interest rate of 6% over Libor. Think of it as 6% over this magical interest-rate called Libor that some fancy-pants banks set amongst themselves everyday. Back in November 2021, Libor was at 0.25% and this was a 6.86% interest loan for Byju’s (the floor for Libor was 0.75%). Today, Libor is at about 5.64% and it’s an 11.6% loan.
[2] Multiple reasons for the investors to sell. One, interest rates went up and cash became more dear. If they had money stuck with Byju’s, it was money not being lent out to someone else. Second, edtech all around the world was in trouble. Kids were back in school and people didn’t think much of them anymore. Third, Byju’s as a company was showing its red flags.
[3] What a cool name!
[4] Until now, that is. Byju’s filed its lawsuit this week the same day it was supposed to make a $40 million interest payment.

Original Source:
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2023.06.09 09:34 Willing_4345 Street Fighter Duel Mod [Unlimited Cash & Gems Apk +Obb 2023]

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2023.06.09 09:34 BasedGodTelephone New EP by Vampa titled Transylvania has just released!

New EP by Vampa titled Transylvania has just released!
Even though it’s only 2 tracks I’m beyond thrilled with them and how they showcase her growth as an artist.
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2023.06.09 09:34 FinancialDisaster69 Car situation contemplating bankruptcy.

Got a 45k car last year. Someone used it for street racing and got seized. Bank notified me I breached contract due to this and am in default 2 months ago and owe the full amount.
Case recently got dismissed and court should release the vehicle soon.
Monthly payment was 900. Kept up with the payments until I got that notice, now 2/3 months behind. Was planning on filing bankruptcy regardless due to loss of job and other personal reasons mostly due to credit cards and personal loans. Stopped making payments on everything except the car. Got a new job and am essentially restarting.
I’ve been using a car under someone else’s name basically borrowing it. I don’t own it by any means legally but I make the payments on it 600 a month.
Is there any scenario in which I get to keep the car that was seized being current on payments OR possibly trade it in to get something more affordable?
I know it depends on the type of bankruptcy that’s filed, more than likely chapter 7. But i absolutely need to have a car. What are my reasonable options?
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2023.06.09 09:34 Dalgio124 Behold the RLM Seawig, terror of the seas!

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2023.06.09 09:33 Big-Context8872 I'm not sure if I should get a divorce

Hello, I think I know what the right thing to do is, but as a any sane person, I shall ask the internet :) tl;dr My husband and I have been together for 6 years in total and have been married for 2 years. I am 26, he is 28. let's dive right into it - honestly, I have fallen out of love with him for a while, but have been to scared to do anything about it. The beginning of the relationship was, as I thought, quite beautiful, I was madly in love. But he has shown signs of controlling behaviour since the start - I was his first serious relationship, but he was not mine. He has shown a lot of attitude towards me not being a virgin, a smoker and overweight. I will get into that later.
We met when I lived in a foreign country and got together when I was really depressed and lonely. I did not see it at the time. We were nicely dating and after about 4 months we moved in together. Quick - I know, but the circumstances lead to this. I think I should add some good points about him, because, like I said, I was really in love with him. Our point of views on a lot of things were aligned and it seemed like our goals in life aligned too.
He was always supportive when I had my low moments and would always hold me when I would be crumbling. I remember, I used to say - I am sorry, I'm a bit broken. He would answer - don't worry, I will fix you. (a red flag in retrospect). He is also good at home - does not conform to the "standard" ideals of marriage - woman cooking and cleaning, which I really appreciate. He is also very handy at home, built our fence and terrace with no training, so that's also nice. My family (aunts mostly) love him, so I guess he knows how to put a nice appearance, however, my mom and sister are not so fond of him.
Now a bit about our marriage - since we started dating my weight has always been an issue - honestly I always had issues with it, but I feel like during our relationship I developed an eating disorder. I cannot say, that he caused me to develop it, but he has not been exactly kind about it. Only recently he started watching curvy girls on instagram and telling me I'm a goddess and that he is sorry that he did not see it earlier. He also basically admitted that only now, after 6 years of a relationship, he fell in love with me. So I feel like I've been lied to and lead on for so long and even got married with a person that did not love me.
Other things he abused me about:
Don't get me wrong - I know I am not without faults - I yell a lot, I am messy and quite selfish, but I don't think I don't deserve effort and love. The next part is going to be rough and triggering for some people, so stop here if you want and please let me know what you think.
The triggering part here:
About a year ago, my husband discovered wife-sharing and decided he wants to try it. Partially to spice up our life. I initially said no and kept saying no. The biggest problem for me was that he wanted me to meet guys on tinder and take photos/videos of me having sex with them, because it turns him on. I did it once at first, got a short video for him. It always made me feel icky, but I still did it. I texted some more guys and then stopped because it felt just awful. He was not happy, but he was ok to stop. After a few months he kept mentioning it and I agreed to do it again. And I actually got quite into it - my sex life with my husband was boring and I indulged in his fantasy. I actually went to meet a guy and fully had sex with him and took a picture afterwards for my husband so that he would be more included. Right when I left the guy's home, I wanted to call my husband and tell him all about it. Little did I know, he got very upset and mad at me and told me, that a little part of him hoped, that I wouldn't do it. Long story short, I got really upset because this was his idea, almost broke up with him then and there but after a little while he apologised.
We stopped this for a while and went to a New Year's party, where he got drunk and told about our sex life to anyone who would listen, without me hearing, complete strangers to him - some friends to me. Unfortunately I found out about this from my sister a couple of weeks later. When I confronted him about it, he managed to turn it around on me, that I shouldn't care what people think about me. Unfortunately - I do.
Later on he kept nagging me about more guys, I kept saying no. I would like to emphasise, that I said no many times. He can be very persuasive mind you and eventually wore me down saying, that it won't affect his feelings again. I'm sure you can all tell by now, that was not true. I slept with some more guys and actually started to enjoy myself, but since he wanted videos or pictures, I didn't, he was always unhappy and made me feel bad about it. His latest idea was that he would arrange it all and invite a guy to our home. and he did. He watched a little and of course, like he said, kinda stopped loving me.
That same week (yesterday) I went back to the town where my studies are and we had a big fight over messages. He said, if I want to meet anyone here, then I would have to take pictures or videos for him and I said no, I would rather not meet anyone. But let me remind you, that I already started enjoying it. He said, well, I kinda got my fill already, I think we should stop. I was willing to stop, but just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of stopping when he didn't want it and he got upset about me pushing back. It triggered something in me and I told him we should separate or get a divorce. He said, that I want to separate only to fuck around. I said ok, if you think so - divorce then. He said fine by me.
After this very long monologue - I hope I don't get too much criticism, but I do expect some. What do you think - if he tries to stay together - should I stay?
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2023.06.09 09:33 zsh-958 I was so blind, I left my DeadBedroom and I was right to do it!

Long story short, I brought my gf, her kid and her mom to live to my house, I brought all of them from Russia, I paid everything this whole 2022 (ticket planes, airbnb, food...), rent a new apt, buy all furniture she wants, utilities, literally everything she want kinda to make her happy and don't miss her apt in Russia.
5 months ago we broke up, we were fighting a lot for small things, we were not even sleeping in the same bed, so after all I did, I feel just as a partner, a father for her kid, and a partneATM for her.
Also she was demanding a ring to even kiss me or sleep together and ofc have sex...but hey, she is a single mom and ofc she didn't ask for a ring to her ex.
All of that leads to a deadbedroom, not even a common bedroom, not even kisses, no hugs, touching, just partners in the same apt
With all the pain in my heart I left the apt, so I left her decide what she can do, stay here in this country, back to Russia, move to another country, it took 5 months to her to get Visa for NA, while that happen I keep paying everything, amazon, food, apt, clothes, bills, everything, making gifts for her kid.
Every single day I was thinking on her and her kid which I feel as mine, I was crying and I was devastated because I really love that kid and I felt so bad because that kid loves me too.
We talk sometimes, I said Im sorry, I want to fix it...but she continue with the idea of NA.
She just talk me to buy the tickets, help her with some stuffs and so on, because I deeply love her and her kid and I feel responsible for her here, I pay the tickets, for her.
Today when I back to my apt after I left her in the airport, I found like the apt is a complete mess, is dirty, looks like she didn't clean since I left, not even for her kid, it was rotten milk in the fridge, she left me all her meds, old clothes and even clothes which I gift to her, literally I just have receives and small boxes of meds, she even took electronic toothbrush hahaha.
The worst part which brokes my heart and makes me no feel sorry for her is SHE LEFT AN SPECIAL ALBUM I MADE FOR HER AND HER KID, it was an album with all the photos she send me during this years, every photo had an story which I could tell, I gift this to her on Christmas, when she open, she said thank and she even didn't check, back then it hurts also, but I said, well, later we will see together.
But look this album under all garbage she left, It made me realise I was nothing for her, I don't know what was her plan, if she loves me in some point at all, I don't if should I ask why she left this album, maybe she will say it was for me, or she didn't notice or she didn't like it, but she made sure to take pencils and color pencils, draw book I bought for her, what you would do?
I will cry when I will remember the kid and I will see that kid alone, but well, i cannot keep being the stupid man who defends her and protect her, making her excuses for everything she does.
Jeeesus I was so blind, so stupid, I was so in love like I prefer to ignore that behavior and blame myself all the time because I left her in another country.
If you want, share when did you noticed and decide you was right for what you did, what was the trigger.
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2023.06.09 09:32 RepulsiveGrowth789 League-quality after the release of PoE2

Seeing the quality of everything PoE related so far really made me wonder... how much better will every upcoming league be, once PoE2 is released? And by better I mean both mechanically, but also new stuff like enemy models, sounds, music, reworks etc.
The way I understood it, they currently got a ton of people working on PoE2. It makes sense, not only are there tons of new models, areas, sound effects, NPCs, lore, general design decisions and such, but also on a mechanical level (I doubt the gem/link changes are trivial to achieve). It's also the best way to do any big changes they plan to do, and they will most likely try to do it as good as possible because there will probably never be a better way to attract new players than with this launch.
And so far PoE2 looks great.
So much additional manpower (compared to now) that could be used for the 4 leagues every year. I can't even imagine how much "more" every update will be. Just think about frequently getting more big leagues like Synthesis, Heist or Expedition... Of course none of this is confirmed... but one can only dream, right?
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2023.06.09 09:32 theclumsystol Rob49 releases new "4God II" album

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2023.06.09 09:31 Thory4fun Shout-out to the backward compatibility of Playnite!

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