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[Tue, May 30 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

2023.05.30 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Tue, May 30 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


These people are so close..
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#Bitcoin is freedom 🇺🇸
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Buying Bitcoin instead of having a Netflix subscription the last 8 years (DCA $10/month): Invested: $980; Current Value: $18,304; Performance: 1,767%
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For those of you here who lend out their ETH for interest, how has the experience been so far?
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How Reddit is dominating the NFT game
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SELFDESTRUCT: History, EIPs, Future in smart contracts
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The Biden Administration has omitted the 30% crypto miner tax from the debt ceiling bill despite big anti-crypto talks around taxes. It looks even more certain crypto was never a real debt ceiling issue and they just made crypto into a scapegoat and something to be vilified
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Bankman-Fried charges should not be tossed, prosecutors say
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One of the advantages of blockchain is that we can roughly calculate how much money went into scams involving cryptocurrencies, because everything is on the public blockchain. Can the same be said for taxe evasion, bribery, corruption, drug trafficking, and other stuff that don't involve crypto?
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Roger Ver interview to Show me the Crypto!
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How to live on Cryptocurrency with Joel Valenzuela
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Cashfushion keeps failing on my ElectronCash
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There’s a rumor that $SSB may be doing a monster BURN event soon to reduce the supply...
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Do you think low processing fees is more beneficial for merchants?
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Elon's thinking where can he get that sexy hat
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Is this going to be the end of financial advisors?
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Pocket Network has never been closer to the launch of the v1. POKT V1 guarantees a reliable, performant, and cost effective RPC access to the open internet.
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From Banned to BOOM: Hong Kong on Verge of Opening the Gates for Crypto's RETURN to CHINA...
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Deal to avoid US debt default nixes proposed 30% crypto mining tax, says Ohio lawmaker
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Crypto firms jockey for Hong Kong licenses ahead of June 1 retail opening
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Laos government reportedly prioritizes blockchain technology for digital transformation
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Account lock? Main page greyed out.
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Closed Account Woes
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Sold crypto last minute to fund mortgage down payment
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Binance Support Thread
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Fantom Network Holds Strong With 36.7% TVL Despite Multichain Arrest Rumors
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Solana Payments Ecosystem Map 2023
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Solana Sets Sights on Becoming the "Apple of Crypto"
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DEVELOPERS: Solana has a total of 1,234 Developers actively working in the ecosystem.
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1 $NTRN = $0.191 USD
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Juno in freefall
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Weekly Report: Top 10 cryptocurrencies ranked by GitHub commits
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ALGO Xrp and Lbry- why the upcoming clarity for secondary sales is so important for Algorand
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Folks Finance: Supplementary injection of 105,000 ALGO has been implemented to enhance the USDC rewards APY
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Reflections on xGov expectation vs reality
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A new TVL record by Cardano
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Charles Hoskinson - AMA 27th May 2023
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Wtf? Is this right? Is actually meant to take up this much space?
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Monero mentioned by fireship again (last 7 seconds)
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Damn monero is cool
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P2Pool version 3.3 and Monero Wallet
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The Dos and Don’ts of NFT Marketing
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GoMiBo_Art_NFT auction 30 minutes remain
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Untitled this is an artwork that I created
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2023.05.25 12:11 FyrestarOmega Lucy Letby Trial, Defense Day 9, 25 May, 2023

Judith Moritz:
Dan O'Donoghue:
Sky News:
Chestee Standard:
Chester Standard begins:

Child H, continued. Attempted murder charge #1

Nicholas Johnson KC is continuing to cross-examine Lucy Letby on Child H.
Letby is asked if staffing issues contributed to Child H's collapse. She says "no", but believes the "management of the chest drains" was a contributory factor.
LL: "I believe it has been accepted throughout the trial that there were issues with the chest drains".
Letby said the location of the chest drains on Child H may have been a factor, and that Child H's pneumothoraces were not treated correctly, due to a lack of experience and "nobody seemed particularly confident" on managing the number of chest drains - she says that was down to "multiple" doctors. Asked who those wuold be, Letby said that would include Dr [Ravi] Jayaram, Dr [David] Harkness, Dr [John] Gibbs and "Dr [Alison] Ventress, even".
Letby says she had dealt with chest drains in Liverpool, but not at the Countess of Chester Hospital. She says she did not have much experience, and had a nursing colleague to assist her in the care of Child H.
​ Sky News:
The court is shown a Facebook message Letby sent to a colleague on 24 September 2015 in which she complained about the unit being unsafe.
The message reads: 'It's completely un safe [angry face emoticon]. Yeah I told [colleague] that & she is going to look into it. I still have to do next Wed day as can't cover it but getting paid as over time for last night. [sic]'
Letby admits she also lacked experience dealing with the chest drains Child H required. She says she had to get assistance from a colleague.
She is then asked about the help her colleague gave her.
"I can't remember every detail and I think it would be unrealistic if I could remember every detail," she tells the court.
​ Chester Standard:
Letby is asked about the time between 8pm and 2am on September 25-26. She says she cannot recall, specifically, the assistance she had from a nursing colleague that night, but she was there 'on and off', and "gave me a lot of verbal advice that night" in the management of Child H's chest drains, and on baptism after the collapse of Child H.
Mr Johnson reads from Child H's father's statement. He refers to being at the unit until "about midnight", and was woken up from home "in the early hours".
​ Sky News:
His statement, first heard by the court in January 2023, is now being re-read to the court - it says:
"She was in an incubator and on c-pap to help her breathe...
"On the Friday I had been there late with Child H's grandmother, until about midnight. We had come back to the house and I was awoken by her in the early hours."
The prosecution says this witness statement shows that notes written by Letby at 4.28am "misrepresented the time" of Child H's problems.
Letby's notes say a senior doctor was present - something the prosecution says she has falsified
​ Chester Standard
Letby's nursing note is shown to the court. It includes: '...x2 chest drains in situ at start of shift - intermittently swinging. Serous fluid++ accumulating.
'2330 Bradycardia and desaturation requiring Neopuff in 100% to recover. 10ml air aspirated from chest drain by Reg Ventress...inserted a 3rd chest drain...'
Mr Johnson says Letby misrepresented the time of this event.
Letby tells the court she would have got that time from her notes written at the time.
An intensive care chart is shown to the court. It includes, for 2200 - '2210 desat...SHO present...serous fluid++ x2 drain'
Letby says she cannot recall which SHO was on duty that night. Mr Johnson says the SHO on duty was Jessica Scott, and she has not recorded a note saying she was present for this.
Another note 'Brady desat 2330 10ml aspirated from...drain...' Other details are '+clear [in the OP row]' and '+small blood stained [in the Suction ET row]'.
Mr Johnson says this is another child producing blood in Letby's care.
Letby says this blood has likely come from the ET Tube in the lungs. She denies moving it around to destabilise Child H.

Letby accepts that a 52% desaturation is a potentially serious event.
She says: "I don't agree" to the suggestion she has "cooked the books" in the nursing notes.
She denies falsifying notes for Child H by giving the impression Child H was deteriorating prior to the collapse.
Letby is asked why the '52% desautation' is not in her nursing note.
"Not every single thing gets written down...that is an error on my part."
Letby says the SHO was present for that earlier desaturation.
Letby denies writing in the intensive care chart after Child H's collapse.
NJ: "You're making this up as you go along, aren't you?"
LL: "No."
Mr Johnson says Child H's father's statement, which was agreed evidence, did not mention a collapse or an SHO being present.
Letby denies lying.
​ Sky News:
Mr Johnson claims Letby hasn't included the name of the senior doctor present because one wasn't there.
"It's common practice to write SHO or Reg," Letby says, adding that it is something that "all staff would do"
"In your case, it seems to happen when babies collapsed," Mr Johnson says.
"I can't answer that, we are only looking at collapsed babies, we aren't looking at my whole work over four years," Letby replies.
Mr Johnson says Child H's father's statement has "no mention of seeing his baby collapsing" and "no mention of a doctor being there".
He accuses her of lying.
"It's not lies," Letby says.
​ Chester Standard:
Dr Alison Ventress records a note for Child H, timed 11.50pm. It begins 'Several episodes of desaturation in past 2 hours...1st one after gas taken...became agitated...'
Mr Johnson says Letby told this information to Dr Ventress.
Letby says she did not know if she told her this information, she may have been present in the room.
Dr Ventress adds: 'Further episodes no change in HR recovered with bagging...[oxygen requirement down] to 30% between episodes'.
Letby denies "trying it on" or "falsely creating the impression to Dr Ventress that [Child H] had been having problems for a couple of hours."
LL: "No, I don't agree that it was false."
Mr Johnson says the notes (on the observation chart and Letby's nursing notes) don't match.
Letby agrees it's an "innocent coincidence" (as said by Mr Johnson).
An observation chart for Child H is shown for September 25-26. Letby is asked if the results show any concern up to midnight.
Letby: "This [the observations taken] reflects that specific moment in time" and says that chart shows no concerns, with all readings in the normal range.
Dr Ventress added in her 11.50pm note: '2nd chest drain advanced back in to 4cm as was almost out. Done prior to chest x-ray'. Mr Johnson says this was Dr Ravi Jayaram's x-ray.
Letby is asked why she had not noticed that. Letby says medical staff put drains in and managing them was not part of her nursing role.
She accepts she knew chest drains were more secure when stitched in rather than taped in. She says she was checking the chest drains. She denies removing the chest drain to cause a desaturation just after Child H's father left.
​ Sky News:
The prosecution claims Letby has falsified the medical notes for Child H after the fact, making it appear as if she was deteriorating before she collapsed in the early hours.
"You were falsely creating the impression to the registrar, your friend, that Child H was a child who had been presenting problems over the proceeding hours," Nick Johnson, the prosecution barrister, says.
Child H's father left around midnight, so the prosecution claim he would have noticed if what was happening in Letby's nursing notes was the reality of the situation.
Letby refutes this.
Child H had chest drains inserted and Letby has previously said their insertion, and how they were secured, may have contributed to the infant's problems, and collapse later that shift.
"Why were you not checking the drains?" Mr Johnson asks.
"I was checking the drains," Letby says.
"Because you removed the drain," Mr Johnson says.
"No," says Letby.
"And that is the reason why Child H desaturated just before midnight just after her father left," Mr Johnson says.
"No," says Letby.
"Because you were sabotaging Child H that night, weren't you?" Mr Johnson says.
"No," says Letby.
​ Chester Standard:
Mr Johnson asks about Letby's error, as mentioned in her evidence, about the timing of the blood transfusion being completed. Letby said on May 15 the '0200 blood transfusion completed' should be 3am.
Letby says she has "miswritten" it from looking at the charts.
A blood infusion therapy chart is shown, in Letby's writing, which has in the time ended column what appears to be '0205' corrected to '0305'.
NJ: "The same mistake in two different places?"
Letby says she "couldn't say with clarity" adjusting the time after she had written her nursing notes.
NJ: "What happened after 0305?"
LL: "I don't recall."
NJ: "Really?...[Child H] had a cardiac arrest."
Letby is asked "how on earth" she made the 0205 error.
LL: "Because we're human people, we make mistakes."
Letby says the error is "mine" on the nursing notes, but the timings were otherwise accurate.
Letby says she cannot remember Child H's father being present.
The father recalled "mottling running out of her skin towards her fingers".
Letby says she agrees there was mottling on Child H's skin, but not that it was moving.
A blood gas chart for September 26 is shown to the court for Child H.
Letby agrees the reading at 6.44am is a "good" blood gas reading.
Mr Johnson says Child H had had a "miraculous recovery".
Letby: "Yes."
NJ: "Were you pleased?"
LL: "Of course I was pleased."
NJ: "Or were you frustrated that you had failed in your attempt to kill her?
LL: "No."

Child H, Attempted murder charge #2

The second event is being discussed. For the night of September 26-27, Lucy Letby was the designated nurse for two babies in room 2. Nurse Christopher Booth was the designated nurse for Child G in room 2, and Nurse Shelley Tomlins was the designated nurse for Child H in room 1.
Elizabeth Marshall is the designated nurse for four babies in room 3, including Child I.
The court hears a seriously ill baby was brought into the unit during the night.
The court hears Letby, in her evidence to defence on May 15, said she did not have much to do with Child H on the night shift.
Letby said she was reliant on medical notes as she did not recall "with any great detail" that night for Child H.
Dr Matthew Neame was the registrar that night, with Dr Jessica Scott the night SHO.
Letby accepts she had got "confused" in her defence statement between the events of this night and the previous night.
She rules out staffing levels as a contribution in Child H's deterioration.
She says she cannot comment on medical incompetencies as she was not Child H's designated nurse and was not present for much of the shift, and rules out a doctor or nurse making mistake(s).
Letby is asked if she was involved in an event timed 9.15pm for Child H, who had a desaturation and bradycardia. Letby said she did not remember.
Dr Neame, in evidence, said "ETT removed by nursing staff" and that nurse was Letby, alone.
LL: "Well I don't have any recollection of that."
A text is shown from Letby to a colleague at 9.51pm: "'I've been helping Shelley so least still involved but haven't got the responsibility..."
Letby says she "does not agree" she would have removed an ET Tube by herself.
The neonatal schedule shown for 9-10pm shows no duties for Child H for which Letby has been named as the nurse for it.
Letby is asked about what she had been helping Shelley with, as per her text message - she says she had been helping with Child H.
She denies taking an "opportunity" to "sabotage" Child H.
Nurse Shelley Tomlins' note for 9.45pm is shown:
The court is shown nurse Tomlin's notes for that shift, which include: '...around 2030 [Child H] had profound desat and brady, air entry no longer heard and capnography negative therefore ETT removed and Drs crashbleeped. New ETT sited...on second attempt...Copious secretions obtained via ETT and orally, blood stained.'
'2145 - Desaturation to 40% despite good air entry and positive capnography. ETT suctioned quickly with thick blood-stained secretions noted. [Child H] recovered quickly after...'
Letby denies altering Child H's ET Tube to cause bleeding.

Mr Johnson asks if Letby was "bored" with the children she was looking after in room 2 prior to Child H's collapse.
LL: "No."
She denies she had "time on her hands".
At 12.45am on September 27, Letby is recorded as 'liking' a post on Facebook. At 12.46am, she liked a Facebook photo posted by a colleague.
Letby says she may have been on her break at this point.
Mr Johnson says Letby was involved in a fluid balance chart for one of her designated babies around that time. Letby: "Yes, at 1am."
Child H's father's statement is read to the court, in which he said "Quite late on [Saturday, September 26]" he went to rest, and was woken up shortly afterwards and to get to Child H's bedside.
Letby denies using the time the father was away as an "opportunity" to attack Child H.
LL: "No, I've never attacked any child."
Letby says she "couldn't say" if she was covering for Shelley Tomlins at 1am.
An observation chart is shown for Child H for September 26-27. Hourly observations are made between 8pm and 4am, except for 1am.
Crash call bleep data is made at 1.04am and 1.06am for Child H.
Mr Johnson says Dr Neame gave evidence to say when he arrived, Letby was present.
NJ: "Is that right?"
LL: "I can't say, from memory."
NJ: "You were there, weren't you?"
LL: "I can't say exactly where I was, from memory."
Letby denies making an "alibi" at 1am for the fluid balance chart for her designated baby.
LL: "That's me giving cares to the baby I was allocated."

Nurse Shelley Tomlins' record, written at 3.49am, for the 3.30am desaturation: '0330 - profound desaturation to 60s, again requiring neopuffing with no known cause for desat....copious amounts of secretions yielded orally, pink tinged. Small amount of ET secretions gained, again pink tinged. Heart rate mainly nomral during desat. Recovered slowly.'
Letby denies "interfering with [Child H's] ET Tube".
Letby says she is helping Shelley Tomlins after the desaturation.
NJ: "Why is it always you that ends up in nursery room 1?"
LL: "I don't agree it is always me."

Child I, Incident #1

Mr Johnson moves on to the case of Child I.
Letby agrees she remembers Child I "very well".
Mr Johnson says this is "another case where you falsified [her records]."
Letby is asked to look at her defence statement. She said Child I's stomach "bloated...regularly" and "all the nursing staff" were aware of it.
Letby said "nothing was ever done" about the concerns with Child I's bowel. Letby said she was one of those raising concerns, that she "was not getting the treatment she needed".
The defence statement adds Letby did recall one handover, to nurse Bernadette Butterworth, that Child I desaturated and became apnoeic, and she assisted in care thereafter.
​ Sky News:
Nick Johnson, for the prosecution, is now reading out a statement Letby previously made to the court, in which she said 'I didn't look after Child I a great deal.'
Letby also previously told the court many of the incidents took place while she was off shift.
​ Chester Standard:
Letby, when asked, rules out staffing levels as a problem that led to Child I's deterioration on September 30.
For September 30, Letby was looking after Child I and two other babies in room 3 on her long day shift.
Letby rules out medical incompetencies or mistakes made by medical staff that led to Child I's collapse on September 30.
Letby is asked to look at Child I's medical records from September 26-29, and observations early on Letby's shift on September 30.
Letby agrees Child I was stable at this time.
A temperature of 36.1C is recorded for Child I at 11am, and the 'hot cot' temperature was turned up.
Letby denies by this time she had "fallen out" with medical colleagues Ashleigh Hudson, Melanie Taylor and one other.
​ Sky News:
The prosecution claims Letby only liked being in the highest dependency nursery (nursery one).
"I liked being in all of the nurseries," Letby says when asked about this.
Nick Johnson, the prosecution barrister, then asks if she didn't like her new colleague on the unit.
"I don't agree with that," Letby says.
He says Letby had also fallen out with another colleague, who "wouldn't talk to you in the aftermath of [children A & B]."
​ Chester Standard:
The ward round posted a "positive picture" for Child I on September 30. Letby agrees.
Child I was due her immunisations, as noted on the ward round. Mr Johnson says this positive picture was similar to Child G, when Child G was about to have her immunisations.
Mr Johnson asks what became an obstacle to that. Letby replies it was Child I vomiting and having to be transferred to room 1.

A feeding chart is shown for Child I for September 30. Mum fed and gave cares at 10am. The note is signed by Letby.
At 1pm a 35mls feed was given via the NG Tube which had a 5ml aspirate. Letby says the 5ml aspirate "is a very minimal amount". At 4pm a further 35ml feed is given via the NG Tube. On both occasions Child I was asleep.
At 4.30pm - 'large vomit + apnoea -> N1' [transfer to nursery 1].
Letby is asked about Child I's mother's routine. Letby: "Not specifically..." she adds the mother would visit the unit regulary.
Mr Johnson suggests Letby knew the family so well through the frequent visits that she got to know their routine when they would be in and out of the unit. Letby: "I don't agree."
Dr Lisa Beebe's note showed she was asked to review Child I due to a low temperature.
The note adds: '...mum reports [low] temperature has been happening over past few days'.
The note concludes: '...monitor closely, if further concerns for sepsis, screen but appears clinically well at present'.
Letby says she does not recall the conversation. She does not recall, as the prosecution suggests, telling the doctor one concern[low temperature] and the mother another [abdomen].
She denies "providing a cover", and says she did "monitor her [Child I] closely", as noted on the doctor's plan.

Letby says she first monitored Child I's vital signs at 3pm. She said the concern raised with the doctor was Child I having a low temperature, and she had adjusted that by raising the hot cot temperature.
Mr Johnson suggests that "monitor closely" would mean more observations. Letby: "I disagree."
Letby is asked how long the 1pm 35ml feed with thickener, as listed on the chart, would take to administer. She agrees it would take "roughly" 15 minutes.
Letby's nursing note, written at 1.36pm is shown to the court: '...3x8 feeds ebm, 2bottles to 1NG Tube. abdomen appears full and slightly distended, soft to touch [Child I] straining++. Bowels have been opened. Mum feels it is more distended to yesterday and that [Child I] is quiet. Appears generally pale...Drs asked to review - to continue with current plan'
Letby says: "We monitor all our babies closely" in response to why Dr Beebe had said 'monitor closely' instead of 'do what you normally do'.
Mr Johnson: "This is yet another example of you writing nursing notes for something that didn't happen."
LL: "I don't agree."
Letby denies "cooking the notes" to show Child I was deteriorating prior to her collapse.

Prosecutor Nicholas Johnson KC is continuing to cross-examine Lucy Letby on the case of Child I.
An observation chart for Child I is shown for September 30. Hourly observations are made for 10am-1pm, and 3pm to the rest of the day.
Letby says there is "no reason" why the 2pm observation is not made.
Letby is asked which 'doctors' reviewed Child I at 3pm. Letby names one doctor and believes it was one doctor reviewed.
Mr Johnson says there is no medical note in relation to this.
Letby denies "making it up".
Mr Johnson asks Letby why the 'bottle-bottle-NGT' feed system is interrupted by 'bottle-NGT-NGT'.
Letby says the 4pm, 2nd NGT feed was as Child I was asleep.
Letby denies "lyingly" recording notes for when Child I had bowel movements during the day.
Mr Johnson says a doctor's notes do not note a prior examination. Letby denies making up the examination in her notes. She adds: "Just because it's [not there] doesn't mean it [didn't take place]."
Mr Johnson says Letby is "very keen" to raise doctor's mistakes with the likes of Dr Harkness and Dr Gibbs, but not in this case.
LL: "I don't believe this was noted at the time, my priority was [Child I], not medical notes."
NJ: "You force fed [Child I] didn't you?"
LL: "No, I didn't."
Letby says Child I did not wake for that feed, so an NGT feed was given as "standard practice".

Mr Johnson says "despite all the positive signs" for Child I, she vomited, just like Child G, and in both cases, Letby was there.
Letby says she does not recall if she was there when Child I vomited.
A medical report said Child I: "There is splinting of the diaphragm due to bowel distention..."
Letby denies "pumping" Child I full of milk or air.
Letby: "I fed [Child I] the normal dose of milk for her feed."
A blood gas chart for Child I is shown - the chart had not been noted up by Letby and it was found on a clipboard. It was signed by Bernadette Butterworth for Letby.
Letby says the chart was "not hidden - it was there for anyone to see."

Mr Johnson talks about the 7.30pm event for Child I.
Letby's notes add: 'At 1930 [Child I] became apnoeic, - abdomen distended++ and firm. Bradycardia and desaturation followed, SHO in attendance and registrar crash called....'Air++ aspirated from NG Tube...[Child I] is now very pale and quiet'.
Letby denies forcing air into Child I.
Observations for Child I in the remainder of September 30 are shown to the court.
Bernadette Butterworth's nursing note: 'During handover [Child I] abdo had become more distended and hard she had become apnoeic and bradycardiac and sats had dropped. IPPV given and despite a good seal with Neopuff there was still no chest movement, aspirated NGT air +++ and 2mls of milk obtained, eventually got chest movement and sats and heart rate normalised...'

Child I, event #2

Mr Johnson talks about the second event for Child I, which was on the night of October 12-13, when Letby said she was standing in the doorway when she could see Child I looked pale, and the lights were turned up.
Letby says the lighting was on in that room so Child I could be seen prior to the lights being turned up.
Letby is asked to look at her defence statement. She recalls Ashleigh Hudson was "quite inexperienced" to be looking after Child I.
Letby said Child I required "very close monitoring", and adds that, "looking back", Ashleigh had stopped monitoring her when she should have been.
Asked to explain where that instruction to monitor Child I came from, Letby says it was policy that Child I should have been monitored as she had come off antibiotics some time in the previous 48 hours.
Letby adds: "I'm not saying Ashleigh made a mistake."
The judge seeks clarification on 'monitoring'. Letby says it includes monitoring observations if a baby is on a monitor, but otherwise involves keeping an eye, regularly, on the baby.

Mr Johnson says there had been at least 48 hours since Child I had gone off antibiotics before the event occurred.
Letby is asked in what way Ashleigh Hudson was inexperienced.
LL: "I don't think Ashleigh had a lot of experience in recognising changes in babies, potentially."
Letby says the more experience you have, the more you can detect changes, such as changes in colour, in a baby.
Letby tells the court she does not recall a reason why she went into room 2 with Ashleigh Hudson.
In her defence statement, Letby said as they entered the room, they turned the light up on the light dimmer switch, and she saw Child I looking pale, and they went to assist. Child I was "gasping" and the alarm had not gone off.

Letby rules out staffing levels, medical incompetencies or staffing mistakes as a cause of Child I's desaturation on October 12-13.
A nursing shift rota is shown for October 12-13, with Lucy Letby in room 1, designated nurse for one baby. Ashleigh Hudson was designated nurse for three babies in room 2, including Child G and Child I.
Letby repeats there was no issue with staffing ratios to babies cared for, for that night.
Letby agrees with the evidence Ashleigh Hudson said that Child I was doing well - "prospering", and that the level of care had been scaled back.
Before the collapse, Child I was in air and on bottle feeds.
Letby says she has "no memory" if Ashleigh Hudson, as said in evidence, left room 2 to help colleague Laura Eagles in room 1.
Letby says she had a baby in room 1, and cannot recall who was to look after nursery 2.
In evidence, she said she was not the nurse called to room 2.
She tells she would have remembered having to hand over care of her baby and look after three babies in room 2.

Letby said "very quickly", she had noticed and saw Child I was pale.
Letby is asked why she was at room 2. She replies there was "nothing sinister" about that, that she had been in a chat with a colleague.
NJ: "The lights were off, weren't they?"
LL: "I can't say."
Letby is asked to look at her police interview.
In it, she says she had taken over Child I's care as Ashleigh Hudson had been "quite junior". For the observation of Child I, she replied the lights were off at night, and then they put the lights on, adding she could see Child I and: "I noticed that she was pale in the cot."
Letby, asked why she had told the jury the lights were "never off", says the lights are "never off completely", they are turned up.
A second police interview has Letby: "We put the light on - the lights aren't on in the nursery at night."
Asked why she did not refer to a dimmer switch in her police interview, Letby says: "I don't know."
NJ: "Are to trying to massage the evidence by [now] saying the lights were on low?"
LL: "No."
NJ: "What effect does going from a bright corridor [looking into] a [dark/dimly lit] room have?"
LL: "I don't know.
NJ: "You really don't know?"
LL: "No."
NJ: "Everybody knows, don't they?"
Letby says: "You wouldn't be able to see as well."
Mr Johnson says Letby was able to see "straight away" as she had caused Child I's deterioration.
LL: "No."
{The photo of the cot, as shown previously, is displayed.](
NJ: "Do you agree it is accurate?"
LL: "No...there would be more light visible. The cot would potentially be nearer to the light.
LL: "I think it was nearer to the workbench than that."
Mr Johnson asks how big Child I's hands would be - Letby says they would be small.
Mr Johnson says Child I would be almost entirely obscured.
LL: "Just her hands and her face."
NJ: "Which would be covered by that tentlike structure."
LL: "Not entirely no."
Mr Johnson asks how Letby could spot something Ashleigh Hudson could not, as mentioned from her police interview.
LL: "I had more experience so I knew what I was looking for - at."
NJ: "What do you mean looking 'for'?"
LL: "I don't mean it like that - I'm finding it hard to concentrate."
The judge, Mr Justice James Goss, says it "has been a long day" and the trial is adjourned for today.
​ From Sky News:
The court is being shown an image of nursery two in a state of almost total darkness.
Nick Johnson, the prosecution barrister, asks if this is an accurate representation of what it was like on 12/13 October, when Letby is alleged to have attacked Child I.
"No," says Letby.
The cot has a tent-like structure over it - Letby says this is to "minimise bright light" to the baby.
"There is almost nothing to see," Mr Johnson says.
"Just her hands and face," Letby replies.
"Which could have been covered by that tent-like structure," Mr Johnson says,
"Not entirely no," says Letby.
She refutes what a colleague previously said - the colleague said people "can't see anything" from that doorway.
'Maybe I spotted something that XX wasn't able to spot. The rooms are never that dark that you can't see the baby at all,' Letby previously said in a police interview.
She now says she had more experience "so knew what I was looking for".
"What do you mean by that," Mr Johnson asks.
There is silence as Letby refuses to answer the question.
Letby then says she is finding it "quite hard to concentrate on all of the dates".
The judge then concludes proceedings early, "having observed the witness" he says it has been a "long day" for Letby.
The next court day scheduled will be for Tuesday, May 30.
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2023.05.01 17:23 lunasworldx The murder of the Kerry Babies

A newborn boy's body was discovered on Whitestrand Beach in Cahirciveen, County Kerry, on April 14, 1984. He had been stabbed 28 times and had a broken neck. Before being buried, the boy received the name John and was christened.
The unmarried Joanne Hayes from Abbeydorney, close to Tralee, 40 miles from Cahirciveen, was being investigated by the Garda. She had lately been expecting a child, but not anymore. There were no traces of a newborn either.
Hayes first claimed that after her child passed away soon after birth, she buried it on her property. But on May 1, after extensive questioning, Hayes, her sister, two brothers, mother, and aunt signed documents admitting to being involved in the stabbing of the infant discovered on the beach before it was cast into the water.
The bones of Hayes' genuine infant were discovered in a field on the family farm a day after she was charged with murder, supporting her first statement.
Testing revealed that while the blood type of the infant on the beach was A, that of the infant on the farm was O, matching both Joanne and the infant's married father, Jeremiah Locke.
Garda explored a theory of heteropaternal superfecundation, contending that Joanne had intercourse with two men of different blood types within 24 hours and subsequently gave birth to twins, each of whom had a different father. Garda was still certain that Hayes had killed the infant discovered on the beach.
Even though the state pathologist was unable to determine a cause of death, a tribunal in 1985 ruled Hayes had killed her own infant on the farm before the murder prosecution against her was ultimately withdrawn. The investigation also cleared the garda of accusations that they forced the Hayes family to make admissions.
The baby's parents or killer have never been identified, but ominously, his (the baby) tomb has been routinely vandalised over the years.

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2023.04.23 18:32 ProfessionaIs (MM) Top Burmese military-linked election official has been assassinated in Myanmar

Top Burmese election official assassinated in Myanmar


A top election official in Myanmar was fatally shot in his car in Yangon, the country's commercial capital, in the latest attack attributed to a group opposed to military rule.
Sai Kyaw Thu, deputy director-general of the military-appointed Union Election Commission, was shot multiple times on Saturday (Apr 22), according to the military's information office, media reports and a statement of responsibility from an urban guerrilla group.
The information office on Sunday said that the attack was carried out by the People's Defence Force, the loosely organised armed wing of the pro-democracy National Unity Government, an underground group that opposes the military-installed government that was established when the army seized power two years ago.
Many opposition forces including local People's Defence Force groups operate autonomously from the National Unity Government, but the military labels them all as "terrorists".
A resistance group calling itself For The Yangon said that it carried out the attack on Sai Kyaw Thu, a former lieutenant colonel. It declared "Mission: Accomplished" in a Facebook post on Saturday evening that was illustrated with three photos of their target.
Sai Kyaw Thu is believed to be the most senior official of the Election Commission to be shot since the army seized power on Feb 1, 2021, from the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi.
Urban guerrillas have carried out many targeted killings, acts of arson and small bombings. Victims included officials and members of the military and their associates, as well as people believed to be informers or military collaborators.
After {the military’s} takeover, the army clamped down harshly on opponents in the cities, arresting thousands and using deadly force even against non-violent demonstrators.
The repression, which has now accounted for more than 3,400 civilian deaths, triggered widespread armed resistance.
A member of guerrilla group said in a text message on Sunday that Sai Kyaw Thu was assassinated "for being the deputy director-general of the illegal election commission of the military council, which disrespected the votes of the people in 2020 general election and abused the people unjustly, and also for being the one who falsely prosecuted president Win Myint and Aung San Suu Kyi as an accessory of the military council".
”The one who insults the public will be punished by the people," said the member of {the guerrilla} group, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he fears arrest by the authorities.
Al Jareeza (QA):
The deputy head of Myanmar’s military-appointed election commission has been shot dead in the country’s commercial capital Yangon by rebels, authorities said, the latest killing of a high-profile individual linked to the country’s military rulers.
Sai Kyaw Thu, deputy director of the Union Election Commission, was killed in the township of Thingangyun in eastern Yangon on Saturday, the army’s information team said in a statement. Local media reported that he was shot multiple times in the chest, neck and head.
The army statement said that “People’s Defence Forces” were responsible for the killing but did not give further details.
The self-declared anti-coup People’s Defence Forces (PDF) — loosely-organised, armed wings of the country’s shadow National Unity Government (NUG) — have sprung up in opposition to the military which seized power more than two years ago, leading to social unrest and an economic crisis in the country.
The NUG was established by democratically-elected politicians who were removed from office in the military coup.
With Myanmar’s military continuing a bloody crackdown on dissent since seizing control of the country in 2021, PDF fighters have targeted officials known or perceived to be working with the military.
Military leaders had tasked the election commission with holding new polls, which opponents of the military say cannot possibly be free or fair.
The military removed Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government in February 2021 after her party had trounced military-backed parties at elections in 1990, 2015 and 2020.
Across the country, there are almost daily killings of low-level officials working with the military or alleged informers. Bloody reprisals from the military often follow quickly.
The military’s power grab has also prompted renewed fighting with ethnic rebels and birthed dozens of other opposition groups now battling across the country.


Original Source
Al Jazeera (QA):
Original Source
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2023.04.12 07:34 Beowulf_98 Someone died because of me [EMD]

Had a call for an elderly gentleman who was clearly in extreme respiratory distress, got a crew en route asap with no delay.
He was alone and so I asked him "Would it be easy for a crew to get in?" to which he replied "Yes...easy...I'm standing at the door"
Heard the crew shout "hello!" and the patient left the phone a few seconds after saying something and I rushingly said "Okay, I'll leave you with the crew!" and cleared the line.
It turns out he was "staring" at the door from his chair and that the door was locked. The crew saw him try to get up out of the chair and go to the door to unlock it but he collapsed and went into arrest shortly after; nearest Fire crew was 30 minutes away, to break the door down, and the ambulance crew had no way of getting in.
Following ProQa PAIs, it states to advise the patient to "Go unlock the door and come back to the phone" which is what he tried to do anyway. He would've have almost certainly passed away in the same way, at my instruction, but at least it would have been a compliant call, right?
The only scenario I can think of in which he could have likely survived was if I advised him to stay put and ask if he had a key safe/box outside.
The poor guy passed away trying to reach the ambulance crew. It's tragic, absolutely tragic. We listened back to the call and I was polite and courteous all throughout, he kept apologising but I reassured him he'd absolutely done nothing wrong.
I'm unsure on how to feel about this because it seemed like no matter what, the crew wouldn't have been able to reach him. If I'd asked him to stay put in his chair, he could've died in it and I'd be in the same position right now.
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2023.04.09 03:27 Designer-Emergency80 阮晓寰案件,你可以做的几件事——如何支持和声援被捕者【案例更新版】 NGOCN

中文报道可以参考NGOCN《从阮晓寰到“编程随想”:一个普通公民和“极客”如何成了“国家的敌人”?》;英文报道可以参考CNN《An influential Chinese blogger disappeared from the internet. This woman says she knows why》和Vice 的报道:An Anonymous Critic Played Cat and Mouse with Beijing for 12 Years. Then He Got Caught
阮晓寰 上海市杨浦区看守所地址:杨浦区中原路1101号,邮编200438
  1. 还可以寄信给办案人员,陈述案情疑点以及对阮晓寰的支持
须梅华, 上海市高级人民法院,中国上海市徐汇区襄阳南路535号,200031。电话:63080000-4021
  1. 写信给官派“法援律师”,呼吁他们撤出此案
可参考: 《【端点星事件】陈玫兄长致「北京致诚律师事务所」的公开信》
根据NGOCN的报道,其实阮晓寰妻子曾一直持续不断进行多次投诉等,但却没有任何正面回复。文中描述 “贝女士多次致电承办此案的上海高院须梅华法官,要求其撤销法律援助,或是提供阮晓寰在知道家属已另外委托尚、莫2位律师的情况下,仍选择法援律师的书面证据。除此之外,她不断通过12368沟通法援占位要求纠正,还向12309中国检察网、上海高院督查室投诉。然而,这些诉求或是遭到推脱,或是被称转交相关机构,或被告知不在受理范围内,目前都未得到任何正面答复。3月23日下午,她到上海高院信访接待处,投诉须梅华法官侵犯当事人合法辩护权益,要求撤销法援,在她的坚持下,接待的法官做了记录并投诉到刑事厅厅长。”
无论是一次倾听,一段陪伴,一句支持……在你力所能及之处,哪怕再小的一个支持,也会让这家人感受到温暖。 如果你是办理该案的司法人员


【雪饼案】黄雪琴、王建兵: 中国广东省广州市白云区 槎头广海路狮岗北街9号 广州市第一看守所 (邮编510430) 了解他们的故事,可看这些文章: 黃雪琴:“哪有记者不发声” 黄雪琴:我其实并没有踏得多前,只是社会退得太后,每个人退得太后 建兵(煎饼):平凡的中国行动者
李翘楚 山东省临沂市河东区 重沟镇大三官庙村 临沂市看守所 (邮编276000) 了解她的故事,可看文章:抗争者李翘楚的革命与爱
许志永、丁家喜 山东省临沭县 青云镇吴界前村 临沭县看守所 (邮编276712) 许志永、丁家喜被控“颠覆国家政权罪”案件将于4月10日在山东法院开庭审理。
“白纸青年”曹芷馨、翟登蕊、李元婧、李思琪 中国北京市朝阳区 朝阳北路29号 朝阳区看守所 (邮编100024) 了解她们的故事,可看文章:白纸运动被捕者:她们是谁,经历了什么?
常玮平 陕西省宝鸡市凤县看守所 陕西省宝鸡市凤县凤州镇锦绣路 (邮编721703) 了解他的故事,可看这些文章: 律师常玮平,一个不见容于国家的人 陈紫娟千里“开庭记”:从深圳到凤县,去守候一位人权律师的庭审
武汉公民张海 湖北省武汉市汉阳区 龙阳大道邱家大湾站 武汉市第二看守所 (邮编430051) 今年2月初开始,武汉、大连等地相继发生退休人员抗议医改的“白发运动”,武汉公民张海公开表达支持,并通过推特转发相关抗议视频。在今年2月17日遭当局抓捕后,现已被正式批捕。 关于武汉医改抗争的报道,可看文章:武汉医改示威者:“三年了,这是存活下来的人在反抗”
程渊 湖南省沅江市 南嘴镇沅江市101信箱 赤山监狱五监区(邮编413104) 可通过他妻子的抗争经历了解他的故事:施明磊的海外流亡生活:重建日常,以更自由的姿态去抗争
何方美 河南省新乡市 和平大道南段 新乡市看守所(邮编453000) 了解她的故事,可看这些文章:“疫苗宝宝之家”发起人何方美案超期羁押仍未判决:女儿至今滞留精神病院
张展 上海市松江区 泗泾镇张泾路1601号 上海市女子监狱第五监区(邮编201601) 了解她的故事,可看这些文章:联合国为张展发声,促中国政府立即无条件释放
如果你想讨论其他重要的案件如何安全地进行支持和声援,或者针对本指南有任何反馈意见或问题,欢迎联系我们:[email protected],我们将尽力完善。
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366 77 comments C2E2 2023: Marvel reveals The Death of the Venomverse, new symbiote character Madness, and more!
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109 1 comments Tillie Walden named Vermont’s next Cartoonist Laureate
63 10 comments MegaCon Orlando 2023: Marvel reveals Fall of X plans for August 2023 with SHADOWKAT, Ghost Rider, and...Uncanny Spider-Man?
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546 Dissossk said Then 5 minutes later Magneto helps terraform Mars, so who's laughing now Namor!
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479 Its_Helios said I hate it, I hate it all so much except maybe Lego Batman at least they portrayed her more maturely there (ironic as it is).
364 Tryignan said In all the ship-battling comic book fans do, it's nice we can get together and agree that this one is the worst.
311 DrTee said Crazy how they seem to have got everyone back from the movie. Even those who have really blown up since then like Brie Larson, Chris Evans and Kieran Culkin. No real info on what's it gonna be outsid...

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17 - 4 comments 1 'MURICA Captain America vs The Red Skull! A pretty cool Super8 short film from the 70's
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36 - 3 comments 1 Gold [Discussion] Dan Abnett reveals new ‘Groot’ miniseries details and a love of Marvel cosmic
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2023.04.05 13:18 derpedsohard American Fascism Is Becoming More Delusional — And More Dangerous

This is an excerpt of a Medium post by Umair Haque, a sort of Antifascist historian living in London. I'll leave the link in a comment. Definitely worth the read.

"But there’s another classic pattern of social destabilization, too. When top-down approaches don’t work — bottom-up ones are tried. So think about what happened in America. Trump and his ilk pulled out all the stops — all of them — trying to overthrow democracy from the top down. Right down to the peaceful transfer of power itself. It didn’t work. Biden was elected, despite the Big Lie that “the election was stolen.” And those attempting the coup, at least some of them, found themselves in hot water — even if Trump, so far, has skated away, on thin ice, scot-free.
And so now this force in America, this movement, appears to have refocused. Not just on top-down approaches, but on bottom-up ones, too, working hand in hand. Take DeSantis, for example. His approach is to encourage fanatics to empower school boards — for which he then rewrites the rules. The school boards are given leeway and latitude to decide what’s against the rules and what’s not. This is classic example of bottom-up authoritarianism brewing. Now, fanatics who’ve packed said boards can go out and do things that make the world gawp in astonishment, like firing school principals for teaching kids about…artistic masterpieces. Because of course now that DeSantis, the Governor, has said that “groomers” are at work, and schools must be cleansed of any “wokeness” and so forth, well, that’s not a statue of David by Michelangelo, that’s a groomer. LOL.
See the point though, because this is the strategy America’s fanatics are using now. Let me give you another example, that’s even more chilling.
Republican lawmakers in Texas want to create a state security force to patrol the US-Mexico border that critics have characterised as a “vigilante death squad policy.” How bad does that sound? “The group would be comprised of law enforcement officers and civilians under the direction of a governor-selected chief. The members of the group would also be extended immunity from criminal prosecution relating to their actions on the border. They will be directed to “arrest, detain, and deter individuals crossing the border illegally including with the use of non-deadly force.” And: “If the case is challenged and successfully survives a Supreme Court ruling, it would change the way all border states could police the southern border.
So Texas is creating a force of specially selected vigilantes, under the direction of a “chief” selected by the governor. The members of that “force,” which appears to have no checks or balances on it, will be able to use force in whatever way they like, against whomever they like — but also have immunity from its consequences. Think about how dire that really is for a second.
You know what happens with “forces” like this, or at least you should. They become fanatical paramilitaries. All those lunatics, toting guns, shouting bigotry, screaming openly that they want to do violence? They’ll be the first to sign up. The true believers in the cause of annihilation. The ones who enjoy and delight in violence and brutality. Given a badge and an official looking uniform — not to mention weapons and immunity — they will go out there and do their absolute worst. More likely than not, a vigilante force of self-selected fanatics will brutalize and terrorize innocent people, because. If you think I exaggerate, let me put in perspective how genuinely bad this is.
This is exactly how the SS was created.
By 1923, the Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler had created a small volunteer guard unit known as the Saal-Schutz (Hall Security) to provide security. The SS was regarded as the Nazi Party’s elite unit. In keeping with the racial policy of Nazi Germany, in the early days all SS officer candidates had to provide proof of Aryan ancestry back to 1750 and for other ranks to 1800. Once the war started and it became more difficult to confirm ancestry, the regulation was amended to just proving the candidate’s grandparents were Aryan, as spelled out in the Nuremberg Laws. Other requirements were complete obedience to the Führer and a commitment to the German people and nation. In 1936, Himmler wrote in the pamphlet “The SS as an Anti-Bolshevist Fighting Organization”: “We shall take care that never again in Germany, the heart of Europe, will the Jewish-Bolshevik revolution of subhumans be able to be kindled either from within or through emissaries from without.” As part of its race-centric functions during World War II, the SS oversaw the isolation and displacement of Jews from the populations of the conquered territories, seizing their assets and deporting them to concentration camps and ghettos, where they were used as slave labor or immediately killed.
Got all that? So now we’re seeing the rise of institutions which parallel textbook fascist ones, like the…SS. Volunteer paramilitaries, explicitly devoted to protecting the Homeland from hated subhumans. It hardly takes a genius to see the parallels, how disturbing they are, or where all this ends.
Again, I’ll be accused, by some of exaggeration. So let me give you a crystal clear example from…right now, in Florida.
If he’s afraid, Sheriff Mike Chitwood doesn’t show it. With his gold star badge on his chest, he cuts a defiant figure as he discusses the death threat he recently received. Sheriff Chitwood, 59, went viral earlier this month after he called out a far-right group that has been harassing Jewish people in Orlando, Florida. Orlando has been hit by a rash of antisemitic incidents, with Florida becoming, according to one expert, “ground zero for the extreme right-wing”. Jewish residents in the area have been harassed and hounded by the far-right and have woken up to find antisemitic leaflets left on their doorsteps. Among the incidents that first prompted Sheriff Chitwood to take a stance was the harassment of worshippers outside an Orlando synagogue in February. The group later posted footage online. In it a man is seen standing outside the synagogue wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses; a string of garlic hangs around his neck. He raises his arm in the chilling slant of the Nazi salute, grins at the camera and praises Hitler. “This is a neo-Nazi ideology on display,” Sheriff Chitwood said in a news conference that has been watched around the world. Speaking to Sky News, he warned that extremist groups “need to be kept in check” because there is a risk that someone hearing their rhetoric gets indoctrinated and goes out and commits a mass shooting. Last week, a 38-year-old man from New Jersey, who police say made an anonymous online threat to kill the sheriff due to his stand against the group, was arrested at his mother’s house.
I highly recommend reading the whole article. But let me first summarize it, and then unpack its meaning. There’s a Sherriff in Florida — a brave one — who’s taking a stand against rising Neo-Nazism. Neo-Nazism that goes out there and terrorizes Jews, performing Nazi salutes. For warning the Nazis off? The Sherriff himself has become their target. Think about how chilling this story is. How DeSantis’s wink-and-a-nod to fanatics and lunatics — his open empowerment and embrace of them — more or less licenses all this. This is top-down fascism becoming bottom-up fascism.
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2023.03.30 01:06 10marketing8 FTX founder Bankman-Fried charged with paying $40M bribe

FTX founder Bankman-Fried charged with paying $40M bribe
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was charged with directing $40 million in bribes to one or more Chinese officials to unfreeze assets relating to his cryptocurrency business in a newly rewritten indictment unsealed Tuesday.
The charge of conspiracy to violate the anti-bribery provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act raises to 13 the number of charges Bankman-Fried faces after he was arrested in the Bahamas in December and brought to the United States soon afterward. The indictment was returned on Monday.
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    2. No One Dead, Missing, or Injured from Winter Storm in Santa Barbara - The Independent (173 points, 39 comments)
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    1. “Ocean Drive” in 1903 and Cliff Drive in 2019, just west of Hendry’s Beach (aka Arroyo Burro). The first of several “Thereabouts” posts I’ll do, where pinpointing the exact location is a challenge, but the “then” photo is too interesting not to share. More to come soon! (226 points, 32 comments)
    2. 1931: Building the roads to Little Caesars on Milpas! (Obviously kidding about the Little Caesars, but it's remarkable how open the Milpas area still was into the 1930s. With the same site in 2012.) (139 points, 36 comments)
    3. San Marcos Pass, c1885 (with thanks to u/DaBooch425 for the request!). Photos outside of town are hard to find (at least in digital archives), but pics of a few stagecoaches follow. This one’s at Slippery Rock. See next photo for a look at this spot in 2012. (130 points, 32 comments)
    4. Just thought a few of you might appreciate this guy's painting 😅 (129 points, 9 comments)
    5. The Hunting Party, 1886, State Street below Canon Perdido. In background, First National Gold Bank on NW corner of that intersection. Sunset Telephone Company opened that year (note phone poles); State Street would be paved the next year. (125 points, 17 comments)
    6. Mattias Reyes, early settler and woodcutter: 1885 and same site in 2018 (117 points, 14 comments)
    7. A “thereabouts” photo: “The oldest doby [adobe] house at Santa Barbara” is written on the back of this 1884 photo. But where was this “doby”? It may have been remnants of the Majordomo’s quarters in front of the Mission. What do you think from the pics that follow? (108 points, 36 comments)
    8. Dusty Paradise: De La Guerra at Anacapa, 1875. Taken around the same time the luxurious Arlington Hotel was opening a half mile away, this photo fascinates me. Adobes from barely more than a generation before were crumbling as SB began promoting itself as a health resort. A 2018 photo follows. (105 points, 11 comments)
    9. Let’s get outta town! Cold Spring Tavern in 1895 and 2016. The spot was known as the Cold Spring Relay Station for stagecoaches in the 1860s, a welcome place to rest between Mattei’s Tavern and Kinevan’s “Summit House” near the top. The tavern itself came later, opening in 1886. (98 points, 8 comments)
    10. East Haley Street from State Street, 1872 and 2015 (91 points, 18 comments)
  3. 1996 points, 29 submissions: roll_wave
    1. captured some SB vibes tonight (169 points, 3 comments)
    2. Very cool to see last night. (146 points, 25 comments)
    3. Imagine if Macys, Sears, and 1/2 the empty shops on state street became housing… less tacky tourist shops, more living space for actual residents, and no vacant storefronts. (140 points, 64 comments)
    4. Shame on the mods for deleting the independent article about anti semitism in SB (123 points, 56 comments)
    5. Update on abandoned boat from my post yesterday. I paddled out there, and here it is. Let the speculation continue. I did not board the boat (123 points, 37 comments)
    6. it’s hiking season (122 points, 17 comments)
    7. PSA drivers of SB 🤠🚴‍♂️ (107 points, 98 comments)
    8. Cachuma at 99.5% capacity!! Super cool (103 points, 17 comments)
    9. Apparently there are less than 25 blimps in the world. One flew past east beach yesterday. (100 points, 24 comments)
    10. I was also at the butterfly preserve this weekend, so here’s my photo too 😆 (96 points, 5 comments)
  4. 1278 points, 17 submissions: semaforic
    1. Modern day Robin Hood? Hmmm…. (286 points, 25 comments)
    2. Support unions!: Goleta Starbucks Employees Seek to Unionize (173 points, 12 comments)
    3. Vigil tonight at the Courthouse. Let this moment radicalize you. (124 points, 49 comments)
    4. So glad both Christy Lozano and Caroline Abate lost tonight (114 points, 39 comments)
    5. Thursday's TPUSA event - I found a video of John Doyle and it's cringe. (89 points, 52 comments)
    6. SB's Finest! UCSB Police Lieutenant Arrested for DUI, Hit-and-Run (85 points, 9 comments)
    7. SB County budget: Sheriff's Department has the largest chunk of the budget at $182.2 million (13%). Why is the Sheriff's Dept budget largest of all? (The Sheriff’s Office has gone $6 million over budget on overtime pay) (71 points, 41 comments)
    8. The Independent endorses NEITHER candidates for County sheriff's position (58 points, 26 comments)
    9. Former Supervisor Peter Adam’s Farm Fined for Violating Worker Rights (44 points, 12 comments)
    10. Lozano Backs Out of County Superintendent Debate: “Lozano would not agree to sign the required Release Form, which spells out the protocols to ‘ensure a fair and civil discussion.’” (40 points, 20 comments)
  5. 1252 points, 10 submissions: junana
    1. A little rain turns santa barbara into Ireland... (472 points, 32 comments)
    2. UP on Camino Cielo this AM... (249 points, 45 comments)
    3. My wife did an artwork to show how Santa Barbara supports the people of Ukraine (141 points, 8 comments)
    4. State Street promenade needs to be permanent and needs to explore better solutions along the way. (105 points, 81 comments)
    5. Killing in-street dining will not stimulate in-store shopping (79 points, 75 comments)
    6. Have a Santa Barbara Amtrak story? (68 points, 12 comments)
    7. Parklet letter to the Independent (51 points, 22 comments)
    8. Here is the artwork... take it, share it. (40 points, 5 comments)
    9. Who can forget (and who here remembers) this wacky duo from the 1996 Summer Solstice parade? (26 points, 16 comments)
    10. 2022 Fiesta Cruiser Ride... near the start: State St Underpass... (21 points, 10 comments)
  6. 1007 points, 9 submissions: OverpricedShellfish
    1. Heard a thump in the night (192 points, 16 comments)
    2. Another stunning sunset from last week (177 points, 10 comments)
    3. This morning in Mission Canyon (172 points, 31 comments)
    4. Butterfly Beach, Sunday evening. (111 points, 5 comments)
    5. Stearn’s Wharf this morning (107 points, 6 comments)
    6. He’s back..9:30 at night with my front door wide open. I was on the couch eating ice cream at the time!! (91 points, 11 comments)
    7. A new day (76 points, 2 comments)
    8. The Light This Afternoon (51 points, 3 comments)
    9. Mission Creek at 101 (30 points, 0 comments)
  7. 821 points, 19 submissions: SBCouncilMemberOscar
    1. STOP SETTING OFF ILLEGAL FIREWORKS! (87 points, 151 comments)
    2. Don't let the rain or the pole watchers intimidate you from voting today! Go out and tell everyone to vote! (65 points, 6 comments)
    3. Public Safety folks just got off a Storm Decision call 01/15/23 (55 points, 11 comments)
    4. Removal of State Street’s Green Bike Markings (55 points, 28 comments)
    5. Hey everyone I helped our local State Senator Limon and her team organize a blood drive for tomorrow from 1pm to 7pm at the Red Cross offices (2707 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105) We need everyone to come out and donate please! (49 points, 2 comments)
    6. Fiesta Cruiser Ride Alert! (48 points, 43 comments)
    7. New Police Sirens (48 points, 11 comments)
    8. Keep your pets inside tonight! (45 points, 5 comments)
    9. Storm Update and Decision Meeting (42 points, 2 comments)
    10. Weather Update (Link in the comments) (42 points, 1 comment)
  8. 713 points, 6 submissions: Faceh0le
    1. This accurately portrays my commute. (244 points, 28 comments)
    2. Cachuma Lake Level (Visual) (141 points, 14 comments)
    3. I've compiled GOES satellite imagery of the storms, spectacular. (132 points, 13 comments)
    4. Quite chilly up on SYP right now (131 points, 8 comments)
    5. Compilation from GOES-18 for the last few days. (41 points, 2 comments)
    6. My thoughts about last night... (24 points, 1 comment)
  9. 704 points, 18 submissions: saltybruise
    1. Reminder to get out and vote, I just did it and I'm a lazy procrastinator so you can too. Then get in here and tell us you voted. (132 points, 48 comments)
    2. ‘Shut Up! Swim!’: Sleepwalking Fisherman Survives Eight Hours Overboard off Ventura Coast - The Santa Barbara Independent (77 points, 14 comments)
    3. Weekly chat thread: hide at home it's UCSB graduation weekend (66 points, 18 comments)
    4. A text asked millions of Californians to save energy. They paid heed, averting blackouts (53 points, 37 comments)
    5. Friday chat thread. I recently checked out the new disc golf course at Elings park. What new to SB or new to you thing have you checked out recently? (53 points, 18 comments)
    6. Update from Santa Barbara Tenants Union re City Council (41 points, 2 comments)
    7. Happy Fiesta Friday! (40 points, 7 comments)
    8. Big hype, Pepe's has returned. (39 points, 15 comments)
    9. Goleta United Boys & Girls Club Declines to Host Lozano's Pod School - The Santa Barbara Independent (32 points, 2 comments)
    10. Happy Friday everyone, here's your weekly chat thread. If you're looking for something to do tonight/this weekend here's a list of fun (some free) things to do. (23 points, 15 comments)
  10. 638 points, 5 submissions: transitoryzenith
    1. It’s been a minute since I posted a painting. I did this while hiking Jesusita earlier today. So much mustard out there! (174 points, 17 comments)
    2. I have passed by this boulder while hiking Jesusita hundreds of times, and I always stop to look at it. It's so big and alone. Today I decided to paint it. (149 points, 8 comments)
    3. Today’s painting is from Butterfly Beach. Oil on canvas. It was a beautiful day out there today. (118 points, 5 comments)
    4. I was hiking Jesusita Trail yesterday and saw this tree so I decided to paint it. Oil on wood board. (103 points, 4 comments)
    5. Lil’ Toot! A quick painting from this afternoon. Oil on board. (94 points, 7 comments)

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*Bonk* - Die Aktienschau zum 06.03.2023 - Ausgabe Nr. 307
Guten Abend liebe Affengemeinde!
Der heutige Handelstag brachte unserer Lieblingsaktie ein Minus von 0,16 %, womit sie bei 18,67 USD schließen musste. Über den Tag wurden 2,7 Mio. Aktien gehandelt.
Die Heatmap zeigt uns für heute vorwiegend Verlierer. Am besten lief es für die südamerikanischen Märkte.
Auf den Krypomärkten ging es ebenfalls bergab. Die meisten gängigen Kurse verloren bis zu 3 % ihres Wertes. Die deutlichste Ausnahme ist TMG mit 14 % Verlust.
Das RRP Update zeigt uns für heute einen Wert von 2.190,8 Mrd. USD mit 101 Gegenparteien.

  • Top Beitrag: Credit Suisse verliert ihren größten Investor.
  • Partnerschaft: Ein neues AAA-Studio wählt hat die Verbindung mit der GameStop Wallet gewählt.
  • Überraschung: Citadel, Schwab und die NYSE kritisieren in einem offenen Brief mögliche Marktreformen.
    • Dave Lauer: Die NYSE ist mit von der Partie, da sie ihren größten Kunden Citadel nicht verärgern will.
  • Krankheit: Ein Affe hat eine schwere Zeit vor sich.
  • The Street Artikel: Sam Bankman Frieds Arrestbedingungen werden sich wohl verschlechtern. Grund sei die Sorge vor Zeugenbeeinflussung durch den FTX Gründer.

Das sollte alles Wesentliche für den Tag gewesen sein. Sollte es sonst noch Erwähnenswertes geben, von dem ich nichts mitbekommen habe, schreibt es gerne hier in die Kommentare. Ich werde versuchen, den Beitrag gegebenenfalls zu ergänzen.
Schlaft gut meine Affen, bis zum nächsten Mal!
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2023.02.24 15:31 Clear-Top6340 Leftovers content! Most insane video I’ve seen in a while

My god I’m invested in FriendlyJordies now. Most insane shit I’ve seen in a while. involves firebombing, the mafia, corrupt politicians, arrests of leftist journalists without warrants, Ashley Maddison, the list goes on and on. Would love if Ethan and Hasan covered this story, must watch
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This list is accurate as of February 17, 2023.

Videos Not In Playlists

Dokapon Journey [Playlist]
Elden Ring [Playlist]
Woolie VS TEPPEN [Playlist]
Woolie VS One-offs [Playlist]
Let’s Watch [Playlist]
Woolie VS Twitch Hightlights [Playlist]
Woolie Will Figure It Out [Playlist]
Get Into Fighting Games [Playlist]
Announcements [Playlist]
Cons & Panels [Playlist]
Castle Super Beast [Playlist]
Miscellaneous [Playlist Unclear]
The following videos are in the Castle Super Beast playlist twice: "Project Winter" Clip, "Death of the Author" Clip, Out Now! CSB 113, Out Now! CSB 130, and Out Now! CSB 133.
Additionally the Let's Watch playlist still contains the unlisted desynced version of The Game Awards 2021.
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2023.02.13 13:16 palaanna_201150 REDEVELOPMENT-11

(1) Selection, Approval of Minimum SIX Qualifying Developers who Fulfils Our Terms -Conditions & the Related Documents of the Process of Technical bid for Selection of Developers
(2) Introduction of the short-listed Developers in SGM-8.
(3) Face to Face Discussions of Society Members & Short-Listed Developers About the REDEVELOPMENT Points like,
RE-DEVELOPMENT WORK. (Refer-Document SGM-7) (5) Total Area to be Constructed in New Buildings.
(a) Shops,
(b) Commercial (c) Flats
(6) Number of Building to be Constructed & Floors in Each Building, Hight of the Flats.
(7) Elevation Area by way of Dry Balcony, Niches, Indian Seating, Flower beds, Duct areas, Balconies, Storages if any, etc at Free of Cost.
(8) RERA Carpet Area--- Total Carpet Area Offered Free of Cost.The Size & Carpet Area in Sq-Ft of the New Houses, Increase in Carpet Area in Square Feet. The Carpet Area-Agreement should have Specific Mention of the Agreed Carpet Area.
(9) Total Cost of the Redevelopment Project.
(10) REFUGEE AREA— A Building Residential or Commercial of Hight More Than 24 M, PMC Sanctions the Plans only after Refugee Area, which Cannot be Sale.
(11) Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)- TDR to be Purchased in Society’s Name if the TDR Rules Change after Vacating, the Builder might not be able to give the Extra Flat Area he had Promised. The Rights for Additional FSI/TDR Benefits should Exclusively Belong to the Society. Date of Purchase of TDR should be Mentioned in the Agreement.
(12) Bank Guarantee--
(a) % for the Total Project Cost.
(b) For Delay in Project
© for the Compensation Payment to Individual Member
(12) Time of Completion of the Project—
(13) Corpus Fund Offered-- The Amount of Corpus Payable to Each Member should be Clearly Expressed in Amount of Rupees. The Break-Up and the Due Dates for Payment of the Same should also be Clearly Specified.
(14) Alternate Accommodations to the members till the Redevelopment Project is complete. & Mode of Payments. Insist on Individual Agreement of Members with Developer Before Vacating the Society Premises.
(15) List of Facilities & Amenities Promised in the New Building
(16) Obligations of the Builder & the Society Members
(17) Penalty & Damages or Consequences of any Breach of the Contract by Either of the Parties. in Case the Project is Delayed beyond the Agreed Period Including but not limited to Payment of Rental & Other Charges to the Members.
(18) Tax Liability: - Clause Should be Included in the Tender that the Same Would be the Liability of the Developer(a) Income Tax (b) Property Tax During Redevelopment Period (c ) Other Taxes & Charges.
(19) Redevelopment Building Plans. The Building Plans which are Approved by the Pune Municipal Corporation / Competent Authority shall be Again Placed Before the General Body Meeting for Information.
(20) QA/QC/Safety Procedures to be Followed (21) Terms of Power of Attorney
(22) Vacating of The Building. -
(a)The flat Owners will VACATE their Flats only After Receipt of all the Legal Permissions for the Redevelopment Work & those in Possession of their flats will not Lose their rights.
(b)At the time of Vacating the Premises, all the Members have to Give Consent in written & vacate as per the Resolution Passed in the Special General Body Meeting (SGM). In case, a Member Refuses to do so the Society or the Builder may Move the Competent Court.
(23) List of Employees & Statement of Deployment of Senior Engineering Personnel & Supporting Technology & Administration Staff: Month-wise Strength
(24) Development Rights—The Development Rights Given to the Developer will be NON-TRANSFERABLE
(25) Dispute-Agreement between DEVELPOER, ARCHITECT, & SOCIETY should have a Condition that Disputes, if any, on the Redevelopment work shall be Settled u/s Rule No. 91 of the Rules
(27) The Agreement should be Registered under Registration Act 1908.
(28) Letter of Intent
(29) Power of Attorney
(30) Agreement of Redevelopment
(31) Conveyance/Occupancy Certificates.
(32) Other point to be discussed related to redevelopment & developer.
(33) Lift Numbers, Capacity, make etc Should be Mentioned., Borewell, three phase meter etc.
(34) Insurance Policy of the Staff & Workers on Redevelopment site.
(35) Developer Cannot Admit Financial Partner without NOC from Society.
(36) Developer Cannot Borrow the Loan /Funds Against the Mortgage of the Society Plot.
(37) Stamp Duty, Registration Charges of Agreement on the Part of Developer.
(43) SANCTION OF BUILDING PLANS (a) Floors Wise (b) Flat Wise.
Secretary of the Society should Convene SPECIAL GENERAL BODY MEETING (SGM-8) of all the Members of the Society, giving 14 Clear Day Notice, for which Acknowledgement will be Collected from Every Member, & Maintained in the Records of the Society. A Copy to be Send to the REGISTRAR, C.H.S. Officer to Attend the SGM. An Arrangement for VIDEO SHOOTING of the SGM-8, at the Expenses of the Society, shall also be Made. Only Bonafide Member of the Society shall be Eligible to Attend the SGM-8.
The Quorum for the SGM-8 shall be 2/3 rd. of the Total Number of Members of the Society. If the Quorum is not Attained, the SGM shall be Adjourned for 8 days. In case of NO Quorum for the said Adjourned Meeting, the Meeting will be Dissolved Considering that the Members have NO Interest in the Redevelopment of the Society Building. The Subject Cannot be Brought Before the Any SGM for its Approval for Further Three Months.
Along with the Agenda of the Meeting (SGM-8) The Management Committee, shall Prepare a Note on, Agenda, to Circulate the Society Members. The Members of the Society Can Submit their Inputs, Suggestions, Recommendations in Writing within 7 Days of Circulation of Note.
(1) Selection, Approval of Minimum SIX Qualifying Developers who Fulfils Our Terms -Conditions & the Related Documents of the Process of Technical bid for Selection of Developers
(2) Introduction of the Short-Listed Developers in SGM-8.
(3) Face to Face Discussions of Society Members & Short-Listed Developers About the REDEVELOPMENT Points like,
Members of the Society Can Submit their Written Inputs, Suggestions, Recommendations in Writing within 7 Days on the Note & Agenda circulated follows,
(1) Submitted Documents of short-listed Developers & Redevelopers in General.
(2) Redevelopment Agreement Points to be Discussed with Developers
(3) This is Very Important & Crucial First Meeting in the of Process Selection of Developer. Committee Members, Every Members of Society Submit their Written Inputs Gathered from any Source, enable us to Select Proved, Market Reputation, Good Work Quality, Experienced, financially Sound, Technical Expertise, Completed Projects in time, No FIR, NO Court Matter, NO Litigation, or NO Complain in the Registrar Office & Lastly Competitive rates Enable us to Select Developer.
In SGM-8, It is Resolved That Committee,
(1) Publish & Circulate the Final List of Selected Qualifying Developers Who Fulfils Our Terms -Conditions, to the Members of the Society with Acknowledgement of Every Member. The Related Documents of the Process of Technical bids are Approved.
(2) It is further resolved that the Face to Face Discussed Points between Society Members & Short-Listed Developers About the REDEVELOPMENT Points shall Write down in Addition to any Other Points with Consultation with Charted Accountant, Legal Adviser & Standard Draft with Registrar Office to be Included in the Final Agreement.
Secretary of the Society should Prepare the Details Minutes of the (SGM-8) & circulate it to all the Members within 10 days. The Acknowledgement Against Receipt of the Copy of Minutes of SGM-8 Taken from all the Members of the Society should be Kept on Record. Further, One Copy of the Minutes should be Sent to the Office of the REGISTRAR, C.H.S.
(1) DEVELPOER--- RE-DEVELOPMENT is usually Burdened with Bitterness & Complaints of High-HASNDEDNESS & CORRUPTION against the Managing Committee of the Society, which is why Society Members should always Appoint a Lawyer before Signing a Contract with the builder. Builder should be TRANSPARENT, RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, HAVE A STRONG FININCIAL CAPACITY TO EXCUTE & COMPLETED MANY RE-DEVELOPMENTS PROJECT. The most Recommended way to Choose a builder is to go by the Tendering System.
(a)The Contract should Clearly Mention the OBLIGATIONS of the builder & the Society Members & the Penalty or Consequences of any Breach of the Contract by either of the parties.
(b)The Agreement should be registered under Registration Act 1908.
(a)The AGREEMEMT should have specific mention of the agreed CARPETAREA.
(b)The SIZE & CARPETAREA of the New Houses,
(c) Once the AGREEMEMT is accepted in terms of CARPET AREA & CORPUS FUND it cannot be Revised.
(d)If the CARPET AREA, as Documented in the Agreement, is not given by the Builder, the owner can Claim Appropriate Compensation through a Consumer Court by filing a Complaint against the Builder under the counts of Breach of Trust, Cheating, Unfair Trade Practice and Deficiency in Service.
(a)The Housing Society should insist on a BANK GUARANTEE, which would take care of MONETARY COMPENSATION to ensure the project is Not Delayed or Stopped Midway.
(b)The Successful Bidder has to give a BANK GUARANTEE equivalent to 20 % of the total PROJECT COST.
The Agreement should mention the
(a)TIME OF COMPLETION of the Project,
(b)The completion period of Redevelopment shall be of not more than two years and in special cases not more than 3 years in case of any exigencies.
(a)The Developer should try to give ALTERNATIVE ACCOMODATION to the members in the same area till the Redevelopment Project is complete.
(b)The MONTHLY COMPENSATION should suitably be agreed upon, which is EQUIVALENT to the Prevalent rate of Rentals in the same Vicinity,
(c) The Mode and Nature of MONETARY COMPENSATION,
1: if it’s a one-time Payment,
2: Reimbursement of RENT,
3: OR a mix of both
4: Reimbursement of DEPOSIT,
5: Reimbursement yearly rent escalation
6: The developer also has to offers a MONETARY COMPENSATION, in advance
7: The Brokerage and Transportation charge that the Tenant has to incur while securing an Alternate Accommodation.
8: When developer pays post-dated cheques. In case this advance rental is dishonoured, the society has the right to prevent the builder from either selling or allowing any new flat purchaser to occupy their respective flats.
(a)The flat owners will VACATE their flats only after receipt of all the legal permissions for the Redevelopment work and those in possession of their flats will not lose their rights.
(b)At the time of vacating the premises, all the members have to give consent and vacate as per the resolution passed in the general body meeting. In case, a member refuses to do so the society or the builder may move the competent court.
The Development rights given to the Developer will be NON-TRANSFERABLE.
All the NEW MEMBERS shall be admitted in the society after completion of the Redevelopment Project and after approval of General Body Meeting (SGM) of the society only.
Agreement between DEVELPOER, ARCHITECT, & SOCIETY should have a condition that disputes, if any, on the Redevelopment work shall be settled u/s Rule No. 91 of the Rules.
(a)After receipt of the Occupation Certificate for the Redeveloped building, the distribution of the flats should be preferably made in accordance with the prevailing arrangement of present floors.
*In the case when the Allotment of flats is required to be made by lots, only after completion of the building the Developer should make available the lottery system after completion of the Redevelopment Project.
(b)The developer should arrange for a draw of lots for the The developer should arrange for a draw of lots for the distribution of flats in presence of Registrar’s representative and video shooting of the complete process will be made.
No member of the Committee or Office bearer shall be a Developer and or his relative.
(a)The Building Plans which are approved by the Municipal Corporation / Competent Authority shall be again placed before the General Body Meeting for information.
(b)A member wishing to have a copy of the approved Documents can get the same on his written application. The Committee is bound to issue the information on charging a reasonable fee.
Ensure to add appropriate penalties/damages in case the project is delayed beyond the agreed period including but not limited to payment of rental and other charges to the members.
(14) Some Builders/Developers shows Refugee Area while Passing /Approval of Building Plans from PMC. After Completion of Developments Builders Sales, the Refugee Areas. This is Ill-legal. A building residential or Commercial of Hight More Than 24 M, PMC sanctions the plans only after Refugee Area Shown in Drawing. This area means for safety for Residents in a case of Emergency, which cannot be sale.
*Documents Relating to Redevelopment are the Principal Documents to be Executed Between the Office Bearers of Managing Committee & the Developer for the Redevelopment of any Property. But it's NOT as Simple as it Sounds; the Housing Societies need to Exercise Necessary Caution to Ensure that the Members Corporate Interest is Safeguarded.
*The Legal Documents Concerning the Redevelopment Projects are Essentially to be Precise & Leaving no room for any Ambiguity on the Agreed Terms. Documents Drafted Meticulously, ensure that the Parties Truly Agree on the Contents & Prevent Future Disputes Caused by Differing Interpretations of the Document. Drafting/Vetting of LEGAL DOCUMENTS Accurately is our Privileged Skill Requiring Close Attention to Terms & Conditions to be Documented in Favor of the Society.
*While it is Easy to Draft Terms Addressing the Primary Purpose of Legal Documents, the Best Documents Anticipate all Those Possible Events that Might Interfere with the Society’s Intent. We Anticipate these Events to help our Client Societies or Landlords to Determine & Arrest such Eventualities in Documentation.
*The Number of Redevelopment Projects are being Scaled Back or Even Abandoned on a Half Way is Tremendously on the rise due to Wrong Selection of Developer & Imperfect Drafting of Redevelopment Documents. Inevitably, Some Projects fall into Dispute Whenever a Society Decides to Suspend or Terminate the Development Agreement on Account of Breaches & if the Disputes Necessitate Litigation, the Society will Learn Lessons (often too late) about the Importance of Perfect Documentation.
*For Perfect Documentation It Essential to Seek Advice of Learned Advocates for Vetting & Drafting of all Legal Documentations in Most Effective Manner. These drafts After Methodically Vetted, Scanned & Scrutinized Theoretically & the gray Areas/Pitfalls & Shortfalls are Exposed
*A Detailed Written Report from Legal Advisers Received by Society Instruct Developer to Modify & Improve all the Legal Documents of Redevelopment in Corporate Interest & Safety of the Society to Achieve the Desired Results.
A Document is Called a Tender Document vide which Various Terms & Conditions for Redevelopment of Housing Society are Notified & Offers are Called from Developers. It is Precisely Designed to Evaluate the Capacity, Capability & Experience of Developers. It is Very Important that the Drafting of the Tender Document is done Meticulously. Excellent Skills & an Exceptionally Vast Legal & Technical Knowledge is Must to Draft such an Important Document. It is Recommended to Avail the Services of a Professional, who is Legally as Well as Technically Qualified to Carry out Comparative Evaluation of Offers based on a Perfect Methodical Technique. The Architect /PMC will First Prepare 7 Submit the Draft Tender Document on which there should be a Detailed Discussion & the Managing Committee Together with Redevelopment Committee., Members, All Doubts/Points on the Draft Document Including the Pre-Qualification Bid, Technical Bid & Financial Bid must be Discussed & Recommend Changes Wherever Necessary Before Floating of the same. The Housing Societies are Advised to get the Tender Document Vetted by Experts to Ensure that No Vital Terms & Conditions are Ignored or Left Behind.
*On Receipt of the Plan for the New Buildings, the Managing Committee & the Redevelopment Committee Members Should First Approve the Same & Satisfy Themselves that the Same is as per Their Offer. Then, the Society should Call for a SGM for Approving the Plan of the Flats / Building & Amenities Offered by the Builder. When the Same are Approved in the General Body, the Society should Pass a Resolution to Sign a Redevelopment Agreement with the Developer also fix the Date for Vacating the Old Flats & Receiving the Compensations.
*After the Terms of Redevelopment are Settled & the Developer is Selected, the Society Receives a Draft of Development Agreement from the Developer Specifying therein, all the Agreed Terms with the Society. The Development Agreement is Executed Between the Society & the Developer to construct the new buildings on the Land Owned by the Society by using Available FSI, Premium FSI, Fungible FSI, TDR etc & Provide New Flats with Additional Area to the Existing Members Free of Cost & also Pay Rent, Corpus, Shifting Charges etc. as a Consideration for Allowing the Developer to Carry out the Redevelopment on the Plot of Land Owned by the Society. The Development Agreement Records all the Financial, Legal, Technical & General Terms Agreed between the Developer & the Society. Through this Document, the Development Rights are Assigned by the Society to the Developer.
*When the New Flats with an Additional Area are Provided in the New Building by the Developer to the Existing Members of the Society as per the Agreed Terms of Development Agreement & in Order to Establish the Title of the New Flat, a Separate Tri-Party Agreement Known as Permanent Alternate Accommodation Agreement has to be Executed by the Developer with the Existing Member wherein the Society shall be as Confirming Party.
*This Agreement must be Executed Immediately After the Issuance of Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) & Before the Existing Member hands over his flat to the Developer for Redevelopment. The Stamp Duty & Registration Charges will have to be Solely Paid by the Developer. As per the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Any Transaction Pertaining to the Immovable Property Exceeding Rs.100/- Needs to be in Documented in Writing & has to be Registered as Required under Registration Act, 1908.
*The Importance of this Document is to have Title Document of the New flat Permitting the Existing Member to Sell his Flat in Future as also to Mortgage the New flat & Raise the Loan from Bank/Financial Institution. As per the Amendment done, in the Schedule I to the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958, even if the Society Issues a Letter of Allotment of new flat in the New Building, the same shall be Treated as an Agreement & applicable Stamp Duty will have to be Paid. Therefore, it is a must that existing Member should get the Permanent Alternate Agreement Executed for new flat as Advised above.
* The PMC to Issue the Commencement Certificate (CC) for Redevelopment of c Buildings after Verifying that the Developer has Deposited Rent in an ESCROW Account & Submitted Written Proof of the Deposit. \*MahaRERA Directs Developers to Submit Declaration on Separate ESCROW Account while Registering Real Estate Projects
To Enable the Developer to Develop the Property in Accordance to the Terms & Conditions as set out in the Development Agreement & to Carry out all the Work Pertaining to the Development of the Property, the Society Executes a General Power of Attorney in Favour of any one of the Directors/Partners or Proprietor of the Company/Firm to act for & on Behalf of the Society to do all Acts & Things Relating to the said Property, to Deal with & Correspond with the Pune Municipal Corporation, all Other Offices , Local Authorities or the State Government /or Central Government and its Departments in Respect of Redevelopment of said Property, to Apply for & Obtain Sanction of Building Plans or the Revalidation, to Apply for & obtain Commencement Certificate, Occupation Certificate, Building Completion Certificate & all Other Relevant Certificates, to Deal with & Correspond, to Demolish, Pull Down, Construct, Reconstruct, Repair, Improve upon the said Property or any Part or Portion thereof, to Appoint Architects, RCC Specialists, Engineers & other Professionals to Sell and Dispose of the Remaining Premises, Area, Flats, Commercials that have been Constructed & Generally to do all other Acts & Matters in Connection with or Relating to Redevelopment, Construction, Completion & Occupation of the New Building/s of the Society. The Tenure of Power of Attorney is Co-terminus with Tenure of Development Agreement.
MOU is Described as Bilateral Written Understanding Known as Formal Agreement Between the Society & the Developer. It Expresses a Convergence of Terms & Conditions Between the Parties, Indicating an Intended Common line of Action on Redevelopment. It is Initially used in Cases where Parties Intend to Imply Legal Commitments Pending the Execution of Final Agreement. It is more of a Formal Alternative to a Gentlemen’s Agreement. For an MOU to have Legal Effect, the Essential Terms must be Sufficiently Clear & Certain. \
The Developer Furnishes an Irrevocable & Unconditional Bank Guarantee in Favour of the Society which is Equivalent to the Cost of Construction of New Building as Performance Guarantee Based on the Feasibility Report Prepared by the PMC Appointed by the Society. The said Bank Guarantee is Furnished Before Vacating the Premises by the Existing Members & Remains in Force Until the Developer Completes the Intended New Building & Notifies the Society to take Possession of the Members’ flats. The Entire Bank Guarantee Stands Withdrawn After Completion of the Intended New Building in Pursuance to the Grant of Building Completion Certificate & Occupation Certificate by the MCGM. If the Developer Fails to Complete the Construction of the Intended New Building within the Stipulated Period of Completion, then the Society is Entitled to Cash/Invoke the said Bank Guarantee & Complete such Incomplete or Pending Work by Engaging a Developer or Contractors of their Own Choice.
*Corpus Fund is Established by the Builder, a Lumpsum Amount Paid by the Builder to the Flats Holder of Society in Form of Compensation, to Cover the Maintenance & Upkeep of Flats Until Possession is Transferred to the Homebuyers.
*Corpus Fund Amounts Kept in Fixed Deposits to Yield Income in the form of Dividend or Interest which are Used to Meet Small Periodically Occurring Expenses Like, to Pay a Facility Management & Supervision Agency which Takes Care of Amenities, Common Areas, Light Bill, Servicing, Cleaning, etc.
*When the Redevelopment Project is Completed & the Possession of the Flats is Transferred to the Members, the Responsibility of Handling the Corpus Fund is also Transferred to a Newly Constituted Cooperating Society by the Builder. *The Corpus Fund is Calculated by the Builder on a Square Feet Basis & as Such the Amount Could be in Lakhs of Rupees.
*A Builder Cannot Embezzle or Keep/Use the Corpus Fund Amounts for his Benefit.
*For the Benefit of Society Members Funs is Legislated in the RERA Provisions
The Society should Circulate the Agreed Terms & Conditions to all the Members of the Society & Obtain Irrevocable Letter of Consent Addressed to the Society, the Builder, BMC, Dy. Registrar of Co-operative Societies & Other Concerned Parties. When at least 90% of the Members Give Consent Letters to the Society, the Society should Give a Letter of Intent to the Selected Developer / Builder & Request him to Furnish Plans of the New Buildings to be Constructed, Amenities to be Provided & Allotment of Flats to Members as per the New Plan.
Building Plan Approval is the process a builder needs to follow to Procure the Requisite Permissions for the Construction of Buildings Governed by the Building Laws & Regulations. As per the Relevant Provisions of the State Municipality Acts, any Person, Prior to a Desired Construction Activity, is Required to Obtain Proper Advance Sanctions from the Relevant Local Bodies. The building Plan Approval process has been Envisaged to Facilitate the Approvals of building Plans in an Efficient & Quick Manner. This is Achieved by PMC through Proper Automation of the Technical Scrutiny & Effective Monitoring of file Processing. The Building Plan Approval Process involves Approval of building proposals, Approval of layout proposals Processing &Disposal of Plans.
The Developer should then Proceed to get the Plans Approved & Obtain I.O.D. from P.M.C. After Fulfilling the Terms Mentioned in the I.O.D., the Developer should Obtain Commencement Certificate up to Plinth. After these Conditions are Complied with, the Society should call SGM & Pass a Resolution for Vacating the Flats & Fixing a Date for Handing Over the Vacant Possession to the Developer & Fixing Dates for Receiving Compensations from the Developer. The Managing Committee Should Issue Instructions to the Members to Vacate their Flats by Signing Individual Agreements with the Developer & After Receiving his Dues from the Developer.
After Construction of the Buildings are Completed, the Society should Follow up & ensure that the Developer gives Conveyance, Occupation Certificate and Regular Water Connection within 4 Months from the Date of Handing over of the New Flats to the Members of the Society.
Key Points/Clauses for Redevelopment Agreement;
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2023.02.12 16:00 _call-me-al_ [Sun, Feb 12 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Nigerians are destroying banks and ATMs after central bank limits withdrawals and orders citizens to turn in their cash to force eNaira CBDC adoption
Comments Link
"IMF says El Salvador's bitcoin risks have not materialized but 'should be addressed'" LOLOL, the pathetic losers are still trying to FUD
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The urge to go all in
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One command to answer "Can it run an Ethereum Node?"
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Transient Storage for Beginners
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Moving EthPOW, how much is a risk?
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The Bitcoin network activity has reached a new high since May 2021 and the Bitcoin block size is at an ATH. This was only a bear market for prices, not actual development.
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Two Thirds of Millennials View Bitcoin as Safe Haven (Survey)
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Republicans investigate SEC role in Bankman-Fried arrest
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fattouhcrypto accept BitcoinCash
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Ordinals has obsoleted Blockstreams Liquid sidechain, that's why Adam Back want's to censor it
Comments Link A User-Centered Solution for Receiving Tips in Bitcoin Cash
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21 Zigawatts
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Thought I would leave this loss porn here. Checked my Trust wallet and I lost it all in Safemoon. I honestly should swear off Altcoins at this point
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ShareRing releases its web-based vault query language, a tool users can leverage to operate in a zero-trust ecosystem.
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Good time to start dca?
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How difficult will they make it this go around with accumulating ANY crypto.
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coinbase scam?
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Withdrawing SOL - says account needs to be verified, but it is?
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CoinBase Wont Let me Withdraw my money!!! Case #14579486 Account Closure
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DOT staking
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El Salvador’s Utility Of Bitcoin Could Lead To Risks
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Next Trend?
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How to get the ZKsync Airdrop
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Just bought my 1st $Sol today
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Difference between algorithmic and CDP stables
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Questions comparing ETH and SOL as a new dev
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Exchange my atoms to a stablecoin
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Funding Development of CosmWasm, CosmJs & more. UPDATE
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$ATOM has just been listed on Gains Network's gTrade platform! Synthetically leverage trade $ATOM (2-150x) completely onchain
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Build a participation node on Windows and participate in consensus - 2 to 4 hours of work
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My word today:
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UEFA Champions League & Venue One
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Cardano Upgrade Aims to Improve Cross-Chain Features
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Liquid Staking: Cardano vs Ethereum (Lido)
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Will ADA provide any real, measurable or quantifiable features and qualities that my central bank's CBDC does not provide?
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Choosing the best VPN
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Monero in the shadows
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Monero Observer Artistic Saturday Top 5 - Week 6, 2023
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"Wood-mood 03" - Photography + digital treatment, JPEG file, 4k (4000x2000 pixels). NFT on Opensea.
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Open Edition - First day, 4 already minted! Burn Event, 1/1 Raffle, WL & Preallocation of my generative banner project for buyers - @CivortArt
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I make these relaxing kaleidoscopes videos on youtube, I've made some image NFTs, should i mint these videos?
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2023.02.06 14:40 meem09 What's your biggest "Oh man, I can't believe I didn't realize that!"-moment?

I just finished A Gentleman in Moscow yesterday and while reading some ancillary material to it today, I came across this interview with the author in which he outlines the chapter structure:
From the day of the Count’s house arrest, the chapters advance by a doubling principal: one day after arrest, two days after, five days, ten days, three weeks, six weeks, three months, six months, one year, two years, four years, eight years, and sixteen years after arrest. At this midpoint, a halving principal is initiated with the narrative leaping to eight years until the Count’s escape, four years until, two years, one year, six months, three months, six weeks, three weeks, ten days, five days, two days, one day and finally, the turn of the revolving door.
I had completely missed that structure and thought it just randomly went were that author wanted it to. I already liked the book and was very impressed by the style, but this added information impressed me even more.
What are some instances were you just completely missed a key structural or thematic point of a book?
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2023.02.05 17:00 IrinaSophia Saint Agatha the Virgin-Martyr (February 5th)

Agatha, this glorious virgin and martyr for Christ, was born in the Sicilian town of Palermo of noble and wealthy parents. When Emperor Decius began a persecution against Christians, Saint Agatha was arrested and brought to trial before Judge Quintian. The judge, seeing Agatha beautiful in countenance, desired to have her for his wife. When he suggested this, Agatha answered that she is the bride of Christ and cannot be unfaithful to her Betrothed. Quintian subjected her to cruel tortures. Agatha was ridiculed, whipped, bound to a tree and flogged until blood flowed. After that, the judge again tried to persuade her to deny Christ and to avoid any further torture and suffering. To that the bride of Christ replied: "These tortures are very beneficial for me; just as wheat cannot arrive at the granary before it is cleansed from the chaff, so my soul cannot enter into Paradise if my body, beforehand, is not humbled by tortures." Saint Peter appeared to Agatha in prison and restored her to health and wholeness of body. Again, Agatha was led out for torture and again, cast into prison where she gave up her soul to God in the year 251 A.D. in the town of Catania during the reign of Emperor Decius. After her death, the torturer Quintian departed for Palermo to usurp her estate. However, along the way, his horse and the horses of his soldiers became wild with rage. Quintian was bitten on the face, thrown to the ground and trampled to death. Swift was the punishment of God that reached out for this savage crime perpetrated against Saint Agatha.
Etna is the largest volcano in Europe, the highest mountain in Italy, and located in Catania, Sicily. Saint Gregory the Dialogist once commented, figuratively, that Etna was one of the mouths of Hades.
One year after the repose of Saint Agatha, Etna erupted and gushed forth lava as a fiery river. As it approached Catania it burned and destroyed all that lay in its path. Both pagans and Christians, in fear, ran to the tomb of Saint Agatha (Sant' Agata). The silk mantle that draped her tomb was placed on a pole, and everyone, clergy and laity, left. Then the wonder occurred, when the grace emanating from the mantle caused the lava to cease in its path and turn back towards the mountain.
As a result of this miracle the esteem of Saint Agatha grew among both pagans and Christians. In fact, many pagans became Christians as a result.
The virgin-martyr is also invoked against any outbreak of fire.
(by Saint Nicholas Velimirovich)
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2023.02.05 16:57 IrinaSophia Saint Agatha the Virgin-Martyr (February 5th)

Agatha, this glorious virgin and martyr for Christ, was born in the Sicilian town of Palermo of noble and wealthy parents. When Emperor Decius began a persecution against Christians, Saint Agatha was arrested and brought to trial before Judge Quintian. The judge, seeing Agatha beautiful in countenance, desired to have her for his wife. When he suggested this, Agatha answered that she is the bride of Christ and cannot be unfaithful to her Betrothed. Quintian subjected her to cruel tortures. Agatha was ridiculed, whipped, bound to a tree and flogged until blood flowed. After that, the judge again tried to persuade her to deny Christ and to avoid any further torture and suffering. To that the bride of Christ replied: "These tortures are very beneficial for me; just as wheat cannot arrive at the granary before it is cleansed from the chaff, so my soul cannot enter into Paradise if my body, beforehand, is not humbled by tortures." Saint Peter appeared to Agatha in prison and restored her to health and wholeness of body. Again, Agatha was led out for torture and again, cast into prison where she gave up her soul to God in the year 251 A.D. in the town of Catania during the reign of Emperor Decius. After her death, the torturer Quintian departed for Palermo to usurp her estate. However, along the way, his horse and the horses of his soldiers became wild with rage. Quintian was bitten on the face, thrown to the ground and trampled to death. Swift was the punishment of God that reached out for this savage crime perpetrated against Saint Agatha.
Etna is the largest volcano in Europe, the highest mountain in Italy, and located in Catania, Sicily. Saint Gregory the Dialogist once commented, figuratively, that Etna was one of the mouths of Hades.
One year after the repose of Saint Agatha, Etna erupted and gushed forth lava as a fiery river. As it approached Catania it burned and destroyed all that lay in its path. Both pagans and Christians, in fear, ran to the tomb of Saint Agatha (Sant' Agata). The silk mantle that draped her tomb was placed on a pole, and everyone, clergy and laity, left. Then the wonder occurred, when the grace emanating from the mantle caused the lava to cease in its path and turn back towards the mountain.
As a result of this miracle the esteem of Saint Agatha grew among both pagans and Christians. In fact, many pagans became Christians as a result.
The virgin-martyr is also invoked against any outbreak of fire.
(by Saint Nicholas Velimirovich)
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2023.01.28 05:41 -en- @BBCWorld: President Biden says 'image of America' at stake after the country watches Tyre Nichols arrest video

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2023.01.21 22:14 Chas-- (9) Space, Astronomy, and Cosmology: Based On the Tiniest Amount of Data Requires Great Heaps and Leaps of Faith [and a little Cosmic Music]

(9) Space, Astronomy, and Cosmology: Based On the Tiniest Amount of Data Requires Great Heaps and Leaps of Faith [and a little Cosmic Music]
When I was young, I worked with an astronomer in a research lab who has since passed away, and this is where I learned that the very best mathematicians are astronomers: they deal with tiny amounts of data, sometimes just the variation in intensity over time of a single point or digital pixel, called a light curve. From that tiny pixel-history datum and a trick bag of brilliant mathematical methods, we have cosmology, the study of the evolution of the universe.
This fellow was the nicest guy and a very unpretentious Southern Baptist, completely undeterred by the collision of cosmology and creationism, which allowed him to work easily with a group of mostly non-religious physicists. I'll give you some examples of the skills he fostered in the group from some of the things I learned there. His enormous set of mathematical skills lifted the entire group into some amazing discoveries.
(1) I was having trouble using a Gaussian Elimination (GE) code to invert a square matrix to do least squares fits to convert data points into a polynomial equation in x. The code kept blowing up and creating goofy curves from the data points, even though the matrices were not singular (not having a zero matrix determinant.) The group looked at it and said the problem was that this GE matrix inversion would at a certain point in the algorithm require subtracting very large floating point numbers and this would wipe out the precision of the mantissa of the difference (minuend minus subtrahend equals the difference). They suggested that I should scale the matrix down, by finding the largest and smallest value, and linearly scale the whole thing down to a matrix with values running from 0.0 to 1.0. Then after inverting the matrix you could linearly scale it back to the original scale and that would work for two reasons (1) inverting a matrix is a linear operation, so linearly scaling (with an additive offset to make the smallest value zero and then a multiplier to make the largest value one) would not affect Gaussian Elimination , and (2) a large scale factor affects the exponent of a large number much more and much less the precision of the mantissa in the final difference. This worked like a charm and I never had any plot blow up after that.
(2) My astronomer friend set me to do a Monte Carlo analysis for passive radon detectors that were small rectangular metal boxes with Lexan or CR-39 plastic on the inside. He had noticed something unusual related to the geometry, and wanted me to discover it on my own (he was my mentor.) Radium-226 has a half-life of 1.602 years and exists naturally in uranium and even coal mines. When it decays radioactively throwing off an alpha particle (a naked helium nucleus) it turns into Radon-222 with a shorter half-life of 3.8 days and floats up in certain areas into houses and other places in proximity of the Radium source. Radon is a noble gas that has completely filled electron shells (like all of the noble gases on the right end of the periodic table) and is thus not chemically active at all, it is what they call inert. So, it floats through solid matter, like rock and there is always a vapor pressure of it anywhere close to those localities in the earth. In those places, there is also always a vapor pressure of Radon-222 in your lungs, and some of that is going to decay at a relatively constant rate. When it does, it loses another alpha particle and becomes a chemically active radical Polonium-218 (half-life of 3.1 minutes) inside your lung and sticks to the first surface it touches. Where it sticks, is where the rest of the Radon-222 decay chain.PNG) irradiates that tiny spot of your lung. Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer across the globe. BTW, Polonium-210, from that decay chain with a half-life of 138 days, was one of President Putin's favorite poisons, requiring a centrifuge to separate out Bismuth-210 in a very dirty manufacturing process from spent control rods in nuclear reactors, and then injecting neutrons and separating the output again in a centrifuge. The handling of Polonium-210 is quite deadly, it triggers Geiger counters in a very noisy way, so the assassins that deliver it are likely to become ill. Nowadays, President Putin's assassins use neurotoxins that are less easy to detect.
Anyway, my astronomer friend said the charged Polonium-218 particles would plate out evenly across the entire inner Lexan surface of the rectangular detector. All I had to do in the Monte Carlo analysis was traverse the surfaces of the inner rectangular solid with tiny squares and do ray tracing by randomly picking a spherical angle vector (what they call steradians of which there are 4 pi of solid angle out of every point) that a decay chain particle would shoot out from the decay, not weighting the decay chain for alphas, betas and gammas that might come out of that one sticky point. Then just keeping it simple and showing the pattern of where particles hit and counting the hits up, using the same tiny squares as receivers, seeing the pattern of which ones were hit from the tiny squares emitting throughout the detector box. Then do multiple runs with smaller and smaller squares until the results converge and see what the patterns were. When I was stumped, I asked, how do I handle the half of the radiation going down into the surface of the Lexan? He said that would be a constant of half of all the radiation coming out of that tiny square (2 pi of the solid angle) and you would add that on every pass through that square as an emitter. The way that he kept it simple and doable, but still mathematically relevant and scientific, was the magic of his astronomy-trained mathematical method. I assumed from the start that the centers of 2 large sides of the rectangular box, since they were facing each other, would show the greatest fluence (hits per cross section surface of radiated material) for the detector. In fact, the big flat sides were the least radiated. The eight corners of the box were the most radiated and vastly so, because the corners get it from three sides in close proximity. The physicists had assumed this effect was from the chemical development of the Lexan samples, but he spotted the geometry as an issue without ever seeing the measurement data that bore out this result.
It also explains why radon is so deadly, the little pockets of your lung are where your breathed oxygen is absorbed, called alveoli. They are tiny spherical shapes, which the corners of the radon detector was modeling, unbeknownst even to my mentor. The surface elements in the alveoli get the same amount of plating out of Radon-222 daughter radicals as every other surface element in the lung gets, but they get enhanced radiation from the close proximity of the surrounding alveoli spherical surface.
...the isotopes 214Po and 218Po are thought to cause the majority of the estimated 15,000–22,000 lung cancer deaths in the US every year that have been attributed to indoor radon_effects). Tobacco smoking causes additional exposure to polonium.
If you live in an area where radon is an issue, get yourself a cheap digital radon detector. If you have old watches and clocks with radium dials that glow in the dark produced before 1970? Get rid of them.
(3) Another example on a more fundamental point regarding data analysis generally that he taught me: image analysis always reduces the information content of an image. It might bring out details so you can see them as in NASA processed images from the Webb telescope, but the raw data is the golden data and not just for images, for everything. So when they focus down and sharpen up a blurry image to get a license number in those procedural police dramas? They just fuzz up an image and play that back in reverse, it's all make-believe. In real life, don't trust that number: making it look like a digit you can read, likely changes the number.
So, if you want to really learn the practice of computing and data analysis, hang out with astronomers, they are the very best at it.
Astronomers have changed our view of the universe, and how we plan to live in it is molded by that and requires faith: I would argue that will ultimately turn out to be faith in the Lotus Sutra, but we will get to that.


Nicolaus Copernicus replaced the Aristotelian/Ptolemaic geocentric view (earth at the center of the universe) with the heliocentric view (sun at center)
[Copernicus] formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than Earth at its center. In all likelihood, Copernicus developed his model independently of Aristarchus of Samos, an ancient Greek astronomer who had formulated such a model some eighteen centuries earlier.
The publication of Copernicus's model in his book De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres), just before his death in 1543, was a major event in the history of science, triggering the Copernican Revolution and making a pioneering contribution to the Scientific Revolution.
Copernicus delayed for decades publishing heliocentric views he formed in 1514 (the Reformation effectively came into prominence with the excommunication of Martin Luther in 1520), probably out of fearing the wrath of the Inquisition, that Galileo later faced. Copernicus' work was submitted for him by a printer named Rheticus in 1542:
While Rheticus initially supervised the printing, he had to leave Nuremberg before it was completed, and he handed over the task of supervising the rest of the printing to a Lutheran theologian, Andreas Osiander.
Osiander added an unauthorised and unsigned preface, defending Copernicus's work against those who might be offended by its novel hypotheses. He argued that "different hypotheses are sometimes offered for one and the same motion [and therefore] the astronomer will take as his first choice that hypothesis which is the easiest to grasp." According to Osiander, "these hypotheses need not be true nor even probable. If they provide a calculus consistent with the observations, that alone is enough."
This view of data-driven science by a Lutheran theologian has stood the test of time. There is a lot more going on there, than just Occam's Razor.


Galileo Galilei's advances in astronomy (moon as planetary in 1609, the 3 Galilean satellites or moons of Jupiter in 1610, the phases of Venus like the Lunar phases in 1610, the rings of Saturn in 1610, which he thought were planets and Neptune in 1612 and that the Milky Way was not a gaseous nebula, but was in fact composed of many stars) were driven by his mastery of making telescopes, which production and sale to merchants fueled his research. Galileo held onto many spurious views like the Sun powering the tides of Earth, already well understood by Kepler, and also that stars were round and that their diameters could be observed directly.
Opposition to heliocentrism and Galileo's writings on it combined religious and scientific objections. Religious opposition to heliocentrism arose from biblical passages implying the fixed nature of the Earth.
In Italy after the Reformation and the reaction of the Roman Curia to it was gaining steam:
Galileo defended heliocentrism based on his astronomical observations of 1609. In December 1613, the Grand Duchess Christina of Florence confronted one of Galileo's friends and followers, Benedetto Castelli, with biblical objections to the motion of the Earth. Prompted by this incident, Galileo wrote a letter to Castelli in which he argued that heliocentrism was actually not contrary to biblical texts, and that the Bible was an authority on faith and morals, not science.
By 1615, Galileo's writings on heliocentrism had been submitted to the Roman Inquisition by Father Niccolò Lorini, who claimed that Galileo and his followers were attempting to reinterpret the Bible, which was seen as a violation of the Council of Trent and looked dangerously like Protestantism.
In February 1616, an Inquisitorial commission declared heliocentrism to be "foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture". The Inquisition found that the idea of the Earth's movement "receives the same judgement in philosophy and ... in regard to theological truth it is at least erroneous in faith". Pope Paul V instructed Cardinal Bellarmine to deliver this finding to Galileo, and to order him to abandon heliocentrism.
Galileo was sentenced by the Inquisition in 1633, for having heretical views, to imprisonment and quickly commuted to house arrest for the remainder of his life, with a total ban on his publications.


Johannes Kepler observed the Supernova of 1604 at the age of 33, which as an Astrologer, he erroneously believed fit a deterministic Calvinist historical pattern. Although he began as a Copernican, "Kepler calculated and recalculated various approximations of Mars's orbit using an equant (the mathematical tool that Copernicus had eliminated with his system), eventually creating a model that generally agreed with Tycho's observations to within two arcminutes (the average measurement error). But he was not satisfied with the complex and still slightly inaccurate result; at certain points the model differed from the data by up to eight arcminutes."
From Kepler's studies of various Platonic solids and polyhedra he came up with a pattern approximating the orbital periods of the six known planets around the sun.
That led to his 3 laws of planetary motion: (First, in 1604) all planets move in ellipses, with the Sun at one focus, (Second, in 1602) planets sweep out equal areas in equal times and (Third, in 1618) The square of the periodic times are to each other as the cubes of the mean distances. As Copernican books were banned by Catholic Church in 1560, he had to publish his Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae as a less readable text, just for experts only. [That Inquisitors and other Philistines are weak mathematicians, is the faulty presumption underlying that ruse.]


Edwin Powell Hubble discovered galaxies, the expanding universe, which led to a big bang cosmology that he was unconvinced of personally.
Edwin Hubble's arrival at Mount Wilson Observatory, California, in 1919 coincided roughly with the completion of the 100-inch (2.5 m) Hooker Telescope, then the world's largest. At that time, the prevailing view of the cosmos was that the universe consisted entirely of the Milky Way Galaxy.
His observations, made in 1924, proved conclusively that these nebulae were much too distant to be part of the Milky Way and were, in fact, entire galaxies outside our own, thus today they are no longer considered nebula.
This was first hypothesized as early as 1755 when Immanuel Kant's "General History of Nature and Theory of the Heavens" appeared.
In 1929 Hubble examined the relationship between these distances and their radial velocities as determined from their redshifts.
When Einstein learned of Hubble's redshifts, he immediately realized that the expansion predicted by general relativity must be real, and in later life, he said that changing his equations was "the biggest blunder of [his] life." In fact, Einstein apparently once visited Hubble and tried to convince him that the universe was expanding.
As alternate views of cosmology failed to match the evidence over the decades, Hubble's discoveries eventually led to the view of the universe as more or less constantly expanding from a big bang in the past (13.787±0.020 billion years ago, as of 2019), but Hubble himself did not believe at the time that the observations supported an expanding universe cosmology or a big bang cosmogeny.

Perlmutter, Schmidt and Riess

Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt, Adam G. Riess recently discovered the accelerating expansion of the universe, due some unknown force called Dark Energy.
In a 1998 study led by Adam Riess, the High-Z Team became the first to publish evidence that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating (Riess et al. 1998, AJ, 116, 1009, submitted March 13, 1998, accepted May 1998).
The Supernova Cosmology Project is [the second] of two research teams that determined the likelihood of an accelerating universe and therefore a positive cosmological constant, using data from the redshift of Type Ia supernovae. The project is headed by Saul Perlmutter at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with members from Australia, Chile, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
This discovery was named "Breakthrough of the Year for 1998" by Science Magazine[2] and, along with the High-z Supernova Search Team, the project team won the 2007 Gruber Prize in Cosmology and the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. In 2011, Saul Perlmutter[, Brian P. Schmidt, Adam G. Riess] was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this work ...
This wonderful website has an excellent description and graph showing of the expansion rate of the universe, exceeding the speed of light by quite a bit.
I have used a tool from called Graph_Data_Extractor (a truly wonderful tool) that allows you to steal data from graphs on the screen, with careful pointing and clicking on the curves. Stealing copyrighted images is illegal, but it's open season on the data points on published graphs. In the graph below you can see where we would be if the continued deceleration of the cosmos had not been interrupted by a sharp acceleration inflection about five billion years ago. The galaxies would be screaming towards us. What goes up must come down, unless someone fires the rocket motor!
Observational skepticism explanations of dark energy have generally not gained much traction among cosmologists. For example, a paper that suggested the anisotropy of the local Universe has been misrepresented as dark energy[Colin; Mohayaee; Rameez; Sakar: 2019] was quickly countered by another paper claiming errors in the original paper.[Rubin; Heitlauf: 2020] Another study questioning the essential assumption that the luminosity of Type Ia supernovae does not vary with stellar population age[Yonsei: 2020][Kang: 2020] was also swiftly rebutted by other cosmologists.[Gohd: 2020]
The evidence for dark energy is heavily dependent on the theory of general relativity. Therefore, it is conceivable that a modification to general relativity also eliminates the need for dark energy. There are very many such theories, and research is ongoing. [Sami; Myrzakulov: 2015][Joyce; Lombriser; Schmidt: 2016] The measurement of the speed of gravity in the first gravitational wave measured by non-gravitational means (LIGO: 2017) ruled out many modified gravity theories as explanations to dark energy. [Lombriser; Lima: 2017][ 2/10/2017][Ars Technica.: 2/25/2017]
Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel states that, while such alternatives gain a lot of mainstream press coverage, almost all professional astrophysicists are confident that dark energy exists, and that none of the competing theories successfully explain observations to the same level of precision as standard dark energy.
As you can see from the above, astronomers can have serious battles going on for decades until a tiny amount of data produced from decades of suffering constructing big experiments: clears away the facts from the fiction.

What is Dark Energy?

Its effect is the accelerating expansion of the universe, but that does not reflect on the causality of all that. Sir Roger Penrose of Oxford University, UK, received the Noble Prize in Physics for his studies of general relativity of black hole formation (with Stephen Hawking, who died before the prize was awarded.) He has given talks relating dark energy with, of all things, entropy. He hasn't made any claims for what dark energy is, however, I will make that claim for him, and much more than that.
There are some equations for entropy, which is quantified by the variable S:
Ludwig Boltzmann showed that statistical thermodynamic entropy in an isolated system is proportional to the number of microstates of the system: S = kB log Ω
Claude Shannon later derived the same effective equation from information theory using W as the number of microstates:
H = k log(W)
Order and disorder (also called chaos) were expressed in relation to Shannon entropy by thermodynamic physicist Peter Landsberg of the University of Southampton in two equations showing that order and disorder edge each other out :
Disorder = (Capacity for disorder of the system / Shannon's channel capacity)
Order = 1 - (Capacity for order of the system / Shannon's channel capacity)
John von Neumann described entropy in quantum statistical mechanics, with the trace function as the sum of the elements of the main diagonal of a square matrix (which I learned how to invert without blowing it up!):
S = -kB Tr(ρ log ρ)
So, they all agree that the greater the number of arrangements of the system, the greater the entropy, and Landsberg showed that order has fewer numbers of arrangements of the system, which makes sense: a troop of soldiers marching in step have fewer choices for individual movement for each soldier and that is a demonstration of order at the expense of personal freedom of choice.
In his two hour talk called A Fork in the Road to Reality, Sir Roger talks at length about dark energy being the accelerating expansion of the universe and describes the unusual nature of it: (1) it took off with a major inflection 5 billion years ago (just before our local star started to burn hot) and (2) our local group of galaxies and in fact, all galactic clusters are not receding from each other internally, the great heaps of space are being inserted between the galactic clusters externally.
Then he starts to talk about the universe as finite in size and an isolated system, subject to entropy and its equations. This has always made sense to me, since it started out at a single point ~13.7 billion years ago. [If the universe were infinite in size now it would have had to expand at infinite velocity, which didn't happen. It's transfinite, which means enormous, but not infinite, maybe thousands of times bigger than our visible universe so that it appears to be flat. And there is just no evidence now or forthcoming for the multiverse or many worlds, that is just science fantasy.]
Finally, Sir Roger shows a picture of a gas in a small space, and what it would look like if you made the space bigger and kept the same gas particles, by inserting space between them. In fact, making the box bigger increases the entropy of the system dramatically. Thinking of entropy as the log of the number of the states of the system: (1) with more space there are more possible arrangements of the system of gas particles, (2) gas particles have greater mean free path, before they knock into each other: so they are less confined in terms of location.
I am going to make three claims, A through C.
What the Nobel Laureate (arguably the greatest physicist and mathematician still alive) does not claim in his video (in his humble and cautious manner) is that the increase of entropy occurring in our closed and finite system of the cosmos is driving the creation of space in the regions between galaxies, clusters and super-clusters. This is what, in my opinion, I am claiming: (1) that the increasing entropy in terms of disorder is being driven by the system maintaining a kind of balance between order and disorder, (2) that the order being created during the big bang synthesis of particles, stars and galaxies drove the initial wave of expansion, and (3) that some other kind of order is driving the accelerating expansion of the universe that kicked off five billion years ago and (A) that increase in order is dark energy, and is the reason that the universe is not now collapsing into a Big Crunch as I showed in the image a couple of pages above.
Another great and more funny and entertaining Swedish physicist is Max Tegmark and he also has an interesting, but much shorter video, Consciousness as a State of Matter, given at the FQXi conference 2014 in Vieques, Puerto Rico. In that video, he makes the case from Claude Shannon's information theory view of entropy using Spekkens numbers (bear with him on that, to hear the punch line at the end). The punch line is that when quanta of various kinds (and I would include not only photons, but also the other force carriers, the gauge bosons and the scalar boson) ... when those quanta trace through inanimate matter they increase the entropy of the system, but (B) when those quanta trace through animate matter they decrease the entropy of the system dramatically and that means new order is created in each organism.
As evolution proceeds anywhere on earth, we have observed that living systems developed spinal chords and nervous systems (phylum chordata), reflexes, reactive behavior like chemotaxis in bacteria, brains with intelligence supporting consciousness. On this planet, consciousness is not just the province of humans. We are so easily programmed by the cats, dogs and all the animals we interact with, after they have been around us for a while: "they've got your number." If you have a little faith and think about it: (C) the accelerating expansion of the universe which kicked off five billion years ago (before the earth was around) is proof that life not only exists elsewhere, but is a universal phenomenon on a cosmological scale.
It's an inescapable conclusion from that very large and observable piece of evidence observed just recently by Perlmutter, Schmidt and Riess. The observation is not really explained by anything else other than entropy driven by life, because five billion years ago, when the universe was 8.5 billion years old, all of the elements, evolved star systems, galaxies with super black holes at their centers, rotating neutron stars, etc., galactic clusters and super-clusters were already there and no new order was being produced that could drive an acceleration of the kind we are observing.
It's just "the realm of living beings" inflating the "realm of the environment," reflected in your "realm of the five components." That final definition is stipulated by faith in the Lotus Sutra, of course. Those without faith, at least in the power of intent over randomness, will remain in the dark about it.
If you want to know what dark energy is? Have a look in the mirror, hug someone who loves you, say something nice to a perfect stranger, or pet a dog or cat you like. You are looking at it right there, the world of living beings throughout the cosmos are causing it to accelerate its size, just to balance out the extreme order of our unbelievably complex and ordered self-assembled and consciousness -maintaining nervous systems and brains, and we in the realm of living beings are preventing the big crunch from happening, for now, just by continuing to live.
As Sensei has said, "Nichiren Daishonin is the greatest sage in the universe." Proof of that is in this quote from this letter he wrote to Shijo Kingo (it is believed he was the recipient) in 1275.
From On Omens, WND I, p. 644:
Concerning this, the Great Teacher Miao-lo said: “One’s six sense organs represent the points of the compass. It has already been established that the sense of sight and that of smell represent east and west. It follows, then, that the sense of hearing and that of taste correspond to north and south. Center [Note 1: That is, of the compass. The point at which the four directions converge,] corresponds to the mind, and the four directions, to the body. The body is endowed with the four sense organs, and the mind is generally related to all four. Hence the mind induces rise or fall with respect to [the sensory functions of] the body.” [Note 2: The Annotations on “The Words and Phrases of the Lotus Sutra.”]
The ten directions are the “environment,” and living beings are “life.” To illustrate, environment is like the shadow, and life, the body. Without the body, no shadow can exist, and without life, no environment. In the same way, life is shaped by its environment.
As he says, when life ceases to exist in the universe, and as the "world is a stage" is emptied of its actors and stories, the big crunch will likely roll things up rather rapidly, in a recapitulation of the pace at which space was created back 13.7 billion years ago: crunch!

Music of the Spheres: Jeff Beck

I have been present for some live cosmic music back in the sixties: I loyally scraped up the ticket price and went to the Winterland Ballroom and the Fillmore West in San Francisco when Bill Graham hosted Jimi Hendrix 3 different times in 1968, and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Paige 3 different times in 1969. My ears still ring from the Marshall amplifiers! But I never personally saw the guy I think is the greatest of them all, who recently died, Jeff Beck. Fortunately, Jeff did an hour and 40 minutes of unbelievably cosmic music at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in Soho, London about ten or so years ago, and he was magnificent, even predominant. He even has a set where Eric Clapton sits in. Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Paige all played together in the Yardbirds, back before I had a clue. Here is Jeff Beck's set at Ronnie Scott's on YouTube. Had Jimi Hendrix lived longer, he might have developed into a greater genius, like Jeff did, but he didn't survive and because of that Jeff Beck is the greatest of all time, IMHO. Don't bury your greatness in the grave, stay alive! Some kinds of inflation are highly desirable.
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2023.01.21 01:55 10marketing8 Bankman-Fried's lawyers say car hit barricade outside home

Bankman-Fried's lawyers say car hit barricade outside home
A car with three occupants recently drove into a barricade outside the California home owned by Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents, an apparent attempt to gain access to the property where the founder of crypto exchange FTX is under house arrest.
Lawyers for Bankman-Fried made the disclosure in a letter dated Thursday to U.S. District Court Judge Lewis A. Kaplan who is presiding over the criminal case against Bankman-Fried. He faces charges that he cheated investors and looted customer deposits on his cryptocurrency trading platform, using some of the funds to make large campaign donations to U.S. politicians.
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2023.01.17 16:18 Zoloft_and_the_RRD Series: Andrew Tate, and the Mythopoetic Men's Movement

Content warning: sexual assault. Explicit voice memos by Tate towards the end of episode 2

Part one: Robert is joined by Cool Zone Media editor, Ian Johnson to discuss Andrew Tate.

Part two: Robert is joined again by Ian Johnson to continue to discuss Andrew Tate.

Part three: Part Three of our series on Andrew Tate.

Part four (final):

Part two footnotes:
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