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Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2023.06.07 00:55 5BNeZbazGsKE3Y want to passively improve the hard way, any other tips?

been trying to practice finesse, lookahead, and planning, so I disabled grid, enabled restart on finesse fault, disabled ghost piece, and I don't use hold. I am trying 6-3 stacking with this setup
it's been a few months; honestly it's pretty fun constraining myself and it's forced me to actually think ahead and use my queue properly. though, what other passive ways are there to force myself to do better? I'm not involved enough to want to actively coach myself and know that there are ways to improve "faster" - it's just a side thing I do at work during downtime that I want to take in the style of "Atomic Habits"
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2023.06.07 00:55 ReputationWeekly7766 BF (20) asked me (20F) for space

we’re both 20, he is my first boyfriend but he’s been in relationships before. We met at school earlier this year and we instantly clicked and we’ve been together for about 3 months now. a month ago the semester ended so we’ve been in a LDR and honestly it's been great. When we were at school we spent time together but we also always gave each other space to do our own things and hang out with our own friends. I think we have a great relationship and I really don't want to lose him. I like him so much and he makes me feel good... gosh writing this is making me tear up. AHHRHHHH {sorry} Everything up until now has been great, we texted often and called as well. Now I don’t know what happened but last week he told me that he needed space which I respectably gave him because he needed to spend some time away for himself… now he said it was for a few days but it’s gonna be a week in 2 days, which usually when someone tells me a few days I think of 2-3 days (maybe that is bc when I go away for a few days its usually 1-3 days) but everyone has their own pace which I understand... I don’t want to text him but I find myself crying over this because if he’s going through something I really want to help him and be there for him. I know he needs to have his own space but I feel I gave him the few days he needed. I’m also starting to overthink about this situation and yea the summer breakup season or whatever is all I keep thinking about. I don’t want to think like this but it's hard not to when the person I like is acting this way. I hate that I’ve been staying up for the past 2 days crying myself to sleep and waking up with a headache. I'm also taking classes during the summer so this situation isn't it for me. I’m literally looking for summer jobs now just to keep myself busy and not think about it too much because it is mentally affecting me. I’m just not sure where this is going, I have no idea if he’s breaking up or ghosting me which is why I don’t want to text him and s annoy him and ruin his progress but at the same time I’m also lost. I don’t know what to do :(. I would appreciate any advice. I’ve never been in this situation before so I don’t know what to do. Thank you all <3! TL;DR: my boyfriend asked for personal space for a few days but it's about to be a week now. What do I do? text him- as much as I want to do this, I don't want to bother him; is he ghosting me or does he want to break up?
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2023.06.07 00:55 Last_Entrepreneur_26 Rule against overlapping leases?

So I have signed a lease until the end of the year with a roommate. I am moving out 4 months early (roommate knew I would move out early when we signed and is able to pay rent without me). I am about to sign for my new place, but the last requirement is that I get off my current lease by the time I move in. Has anyone else heard of this? I have been searching online and cannot find anything like this rule.
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2023.06.07 00:54 BlueValk Pulls and story in description

Pulls and story in description
cw: grief
On the anniversary of my dad's passing (15 years) a few days ago, I was understandably not having a great time and my phone had broken, making this an extra hard day. Decided to open a build&battle pack of Brilliant Stars to cheer me up. Felt extra lucky as I pulled Houndoom and MorpekoV in the same pack! Opened a second pack, was pretty psyched to see a holo Staraptor... and got Rainbow Charizard?? Pack 3 had nothing and I was very much ok with that because, again- Charizard?? And pack 4 had this awesome Eevee, which felt just overly lucky at this point.
I rarely open packs at all, so this was absolutely unexpected. Dad really said happy pride month. I'll cherish that Charizard forever.
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2023.06.07 00:54 freakazoid810 Can liquid trenching be used as preventative treatment, or only if termites are found?

I posted a few days back; I had a lot of swarmers show up outside. Not unusual, but a lot of them seemed concentrated around the backyard deck, near an above ground basement wall. It's finished on the inside, but I pulled back some loose carpet at that wall, and saw a pale yellow bug that disappeared before I could tell what it was. Also saw a small crack on the concrete floor a few feet away that extends to the wall.
So I called a couple places for an inspection to get some peace of mind. They did their free inspections, but were extremely basic (mostly quick look around). Both confirmed, that as far as they can tell, no indication of termites in my home and unlikely.
To get a "professional" inspection with either company, they want me on a yearly contract. This includes monitoring stations. No actual preventative treatment unless something is found. I'm fine with paying for the inspection, but was hoping for a more proactive prevention... like a liquid trench treatment. Both companies told me these treatments are only applied if termite activity is actually found in/near my house. And even then, usually ONLY on the area where they find the activity, not the whole perimeter.
Is this normal? Was I wrong in asking for perimeter trenching? Should I call around for more opinions/inspections?
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2023.06.07 00:54 turningtolbert Brand new car, issues from day one. What would you do?

Brand new car, issues from day one. What would you do?
Brand new car, issues on day one, what would you do?
I leased a brand new 2024 RDX.
They delivered me the car because they wanted to trade my old car and I couldn't come down that day because I have a baby, they delivered me the new car at 10 o'clock at night.
The next morning, the first time I got in the car, the entire dashboard lit up, unresponsive and was beeping for 25 minutes. I immediately texted the salesman and let them know what was going on, again I have a baby, so I couldn't immediately take my car down to the Acura dealership.
Everyone at the dealer refused to answer me so I had to go to corporate.
A month and a half later I am in a loaner and they are waiting for the part for my car which has no estimated date of arrival.
What would you do? They should give me a new car considering they delivered the car with issues, right?
I have one day per week that I am off from my job and that someone has the baby so I'm limited on when I can go down there and wreak havoc.
ALSO, I am still paying for the car, Paying insurance, paying for the WiFi, paying registration on a car I don't even have.
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2023.06.07 00:54 Ceskygirl Questions regarding summary administration of an estate vs probate

I live in NC. My husband passed away from natural causes last month unexpectedly. We were living separately at the time, no legal separation and he died with us still married, no divorce looked at or filed.
He always refused to follow through on a will, so he died intestate. Life insurance, stocks and 401 were left to me directly by name. He does have family- mother and father- and we have no children. I have been trying to handle everything. I finally got a death certificate, and his landlord said I need to file paperwork for the estate with the court to gain access to his apartment. Personally, the only reason other than doing the correct moral thing is to retrieve paperwork, keys to his car, phone and some mementos his mom and dad asked for and then cleaning the place up.
My husband died with virtually no assets that can be added to an estate. There is a $200 balance in his bank account, medical debt, and two cars we had in his name that are worth less than what is owed. I don’t know what else is out there since I have no access to his apartment yet. He was an addict, and I’m afraid to even know who or what he owes money for. We kept our money separate so nothing is a joint account or asset.
I was told the easiest way to do the estate for someone with less than a certain amount of assets in my state is to do a summary administration. Is this true? Are there hidden issues that could come back on me later? As of right now I don’t have money for a lawyer. I had to borrow money to have him cremated, and I won’t have access to any insurance money for a little while. I am in a time crunch with the landlord, otherwise I would be taking my time and huddling in bed trying to ignore it all. It’s irrelevant to what needs to be done, but I have an autoimmune disorder that is made worse with stress, I’m reaching my limit, and there is only so much I can get done each day.
Any advice or information is gratefully accepted.
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2023.06.07 00:54 meg_megatron22 I’m at my breaking point.

The last 4-5 years every fall and every summer I have to buy new clothes because nothing fits. I have lost weight, then gained it all back multiple times. I’m so disappointed in myself and my lack of discipline.
I am going shopping again today. I get to a point where I consider really bad options for myself because I just don’t see any end to this. I do have PCOS so it definitely makes things a lot harder, but I’m working on balancing my hormones. Birth control made me gain 30 lbs in less than 5 months.
I’m at about 215 right now I think. I can’t look at a scale anymore I just can’t do it. I know I need to have around 1200 cal a day, and lessen carbs/sugars. I’ve started swimming since the outdoor pool is open now. And my newer job requires me on my feet more. Why am I just not losing any weight?? Because I have too many treats. I need to stop eating my emotions. I also have an unhealthy way with food because of my upbringing. But now I’m an adult, I have to fix this for myself.
Has anyone else been in this position? What helped them really, truly, get on track??
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2023.06.07 00:54 sophia-sews I need to switch prescribers

When I was 10, My parents started taking me to see a nurse practitioner so I could start ADHD meds. At the time nurse N was the only person in my area who would see kids under 14 for ADHD.
At this point, I have been her patient for 12 years. Through evreything from laws that made it difficult to get medication across state lines to the pandemic.
But today I have decided I'm done. I can not and will not go see her every 3 months anymore. My parents chose the drive across state lines, I didn't.
Laws for out of state patients prescribed controlled substances by a nurse practitioner continue to become more restrictive, so I have to see her in person, and I just can't.
Today I got so lost trying to drive to my appointment my 25min drive ended up taking an hour. And stupid me- I only left 45 minutes early. I cried in my car for a long time after they rescheduled my appointment for tomorrow. I feel so stupid for getting si lost. And yeah, they were super understanding and waved the late fee, but I just can't anymore.
Nurse N has not felt like a great fit for a while due to how she has been treating my medication in relation to my weight. But getting lost was the last straw. I think tomorrow will be the last time I see her. Hopefully I can find a psychiatrist in the practice who can actually do tellahealth.
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2023.06.07 00:54 OldpumpD Can someone explain what TMJ feels like ?

Reason for this post is last 3 days or so my jaw been feeling tight in a way. Like more restriction if I open it. I took some poisonous antibiotics and been in hell ever since. Basically it causes many symptoms to come and go but it’s very debilitating and hellish. Basically the term is called being floxed. Im assuming this is one of those episodes it is creating and im feeling like just letting it past since with these issues there isnt a cure and you will always get a new hellish symptom.
My jaw been feeling tight like and I feel like I had some head pressure. Antibiotics are known to cause intracranial head pressure and this sort of fee like that but not as severe. Im annoyed and the stuff My body been going through so dont really feel like panicking. Currently having difficulty walking, just living in general last 7 months.
I dont have any pain just tightness in jaw area with some form of head pressure. Not sure if it will get worse. Need someone to deecribe to me what its like
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2023.06.07 00:54 Ghost_Hunter45 What do you do if you're to afraid to drive a car?

To give some information
I've been in over 40+ car wrecks in my life (First time when I was a few months old, my aunt's ex ran my mother off the road, I'm 21 now)
When my family tried to teach me to drive, it would result in panic attacks (all I could see was all the possible ways to wreck) which resulted in family members taking the wheel so we wouldn't crash and as a result I've been terrified to get behind a wheel of a car.
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2023.06.07 00:54 Impressive_Row_563 How to deal with people constantly missing 'deadline'?

Hey guys I been dealing with someone that is hurting the project team's performance by not finishing stuffs on time constantly. Really frustrated and something he said pissed me off in a way that I was shaking for 10 mins. What should I do? Or maybe I'm just being an asshole.
Some background. I'm team lead grew from a junior analyst role in a small tech company work on data. Function as a project manager but also know details of the work instead of just doing project management. Team usually has couple data engineers, analysts, and me. Analysts directly report to me but engineers report to someone else as they are from a different department. I'm responsible to assign work and help them within the project frame. Been on this role and multiple projects for 2 years.
This personnel I'm dealing with is an engineer. He's not new been here for 2+ years as a not entry level engineer and this is the 2nd time he works on the same product. for 3 months we've been working today, rarely he finished work before deadline and that's with all the help he could get from other people even folks who's more junior than him. The reason I quoted deadline in the subject is there's no deadline to him anymore. Nothing finished before the original deadline and still missed the new ones. I keep saying we have to get this done by EOD today which I swear to god is reasonable like something was failing if you want me to look at it will only take 20 mins and I'm not an engineer, which is the most frustrating part that he makes way more money than me and my analysts do but function fully with our help. Every time it's we find something is failing from his work, ask him to investigate, we check in every other 2 hrs, he does give us updates like still looking at it or he runs into blockers and is asking for helps. But the issue is those blockers are so easy that should be blocking him. My junior analyst helped him out for 20 mins tells him exactly what to do to fix it and he go deploy the code.
As a project lead, I cannot just point fingers on morning standups. I organized couple meetings when we missed the deadline asking how we can improve. He didn't say it out load like it's you guys fault. But all he was saying was something on our side. But analyst was so pissed cuz he was teaching that engineer what to do.
And today, he was 'blocked' again and updated me he's waiting for helps from another person. I asked him 'we shouldn't fully rely on someone else to proceed with our project. What are you doing at the meantime waiting?' He just exploded which happened couple times that he just turned to complete defensive mode saying 'I'm not saying I'm not doing anything I'm working. Shouldn't I ask *** if product code has problem? Shouldn't I.......'. I was in shock and my brain just completely black out due to anger. Used last piece of my professionalism to calm myself down cuz I could easily fight back with everything I have on top of my mind and 'win' the argument. But what's the point. The bridge will be completely broken and rest of the project will be even more painful.
My boss got my screenshot saying I was probably a little blunt (in a supportive way) which I kind of in the middle of agree and disagree. It might have come out of all the my frustration over time. Then emotional side of myself is asking why am I obligated to be nice when someone else is being useless but so confident and rude. And I've been really nice to him which didn't make things better at all. Me and my analyst walked him thru every step on how we triaged the issue and why we should we apply the changes that way thru out the project. And no improvement at all. His manager acknowledge it and definitely on my side. But at this point what can we do? No resource to plug in at this point of the project. And I've never heard we fire people due to performance. Small company issue when you always need more people.
What should I do mentally and professionally?
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2023.06.07 00:53 SpideyFan914 I Just Caught Up on ASM: A Rant

Really, I just need to rant. I know most of this is old news now. But no one I know IRL reads these comics, so I gotta let it out somewhere...
I tend to binge comics every so often instead of reading month-to-month, as I find it easier to keep up that way (and single issues are no longer substantial enough to feel worth it honestly). So I last left off after Spencer's run. Read Beyond in two days, and then Wells' run (including most Dark Web tie-ins) in another two days.
So, first off...
I didn't hate this actually. There are times when it's a bit dull. I wanted more of a focus on Ben and Janine's daily life, but the story was primarily interested in plot plot plot. Even then, Ben's personality shines through and I really liked him for most of it.
The villains were pretty lousy. Doc Ock and Aunt May teaming up did not work at all, I'm sorry. I just don't buy that Aunt May would do that (and also I keep forgetting that she no longer knows Peter is Spider-Man, like I could've sworn she found out again at some point).
Queen Goblin is okay though, and I like that they play up the therapy angle here. The whole "Norman's Sins" thing is weird magic mumbo-jumbo, but if you just swap it around and use some basic science experimentation / brainwashing instead, it would work pretty well.
Benching Peter was ballsy and done in a pretty lame way. It doesn't really make sense he'd be in a regular hospital to be honest, like they should've figured out he was Spider-Man from every blood test. But at least they didn't pretend to kill him off or whatever.
Ben ultimately losing his memories... was an interesting idea for an issue or two.
Anyway, Janine is my favorite character for some reason. I've never heard of her before this (I thought she was an MJ clone for a minute). I understand she had a few appearances back in the 90s, probably in the Clone Saga. (I've read most of Spider-Man history, but the 90s Clone Saga is my biggest blind spot. Too many crossovers which I didn't have access to when I read all of ASM as a kid, so I just skipped it rather than stopping. Then as an adult when I did get access to those other books and read them up to the Clone Saga... I just didn't have the patience haha. I'll get back to it one of these days.) But yeah, Janine kicks ass here. I love the internal conflict, the genuine devotion to Ben, the willingness to throw down when shit hits the fan... She's great.
The best though was the single one-shot when Peter fights some weird demon thing in the hospital. It made no sense and came out of nowhere and I'm still not sure why it happened. But it was cool and the art was good and I like horror stuff, so that was neat.
Okay, main event...
I'm not above being able to compliment some things.
I like how he wrote Tombstone. Tombstone's plan to make Spider-Man beat up Rose for him is surprisingly solid and a well-done twist.
I also like Vulture's brief appearance, and how vicious he is. I'm a Vulture stan, and hate it when people treat him like a joke. So it's nice to see someone recognize just how terrifying and ruthless Vulture can actually be.
Hobgoblins... are okay. He kinda neutered Kingsley, but it's fun seeing Ned get brainwashed again.
Um, let's see, there's some other positive...
Black Cat shines throughout. I did not need Peter and Felicia to get back together, but at least I buy it when it happens. Even aside from that though, she does feel like an actual character in both this and Beyond, and not just Peter's ex who writers don't know what to do with.
Uh, the Celestial Gwen bit was interesting... I don't know how the main event is, but for a tie-in this was an interesting idea. The execution was kinda lackluster though. Like Peter sees Gwen and just acts like a good guy, and she approves, and that's it. It's not really surprising and doesn't say anything interesting about the character that isn't obvious. And then "bringing her back" for five seconds... I don't know how I feel about that, kinda weird... I wish Peter had stood up for humanity in general, instead of just showing how he's a good guy. Like, he should've told the Celestial to bugger off, and let it know that it is the villain here. It's weird that he doesn't defend humanity at all. Even his own good actions feel weirdly filtered through the need to impress a Celestial, which is just weird.
Hmm, that wound up being more of a bad than a good...
Oh yeah, there was that Living Brain story for the 60th anniversary. I like the idea of that story. Again, it kinda flopped in execution, coming off more as a parody than anything. Peter's friends definitely should've realized he's Spider-Man. And all the villains are so... odd. It's a parody that isn't funny, even though the idea is decent. Ock doesn't even reference that the Living Brain was once his minion! (Does he remember that?)
Okay, that was more negative as well... Okay.....
I'll start small. In that Tombstone story, there's a scene where Tombstone kidnaps Peter (not Spider-Man), and Peter jokes and makes fun of him, and then Tombstone goes, "You're weird." Tombstone should've figured out he's Spider-Man. I swear, I thought that was about to happen. Peter is not acting like a regular person, and Tombstone's not a goddamn idiot. I was waiting for him to be like, "Oh, it's you. You're Spider-Man. Good to know." That could've been a great moment, Peter's own loud mouth outing his identity, but naa...
Also, though Wells gets Tomby and writes him okay, Wells also dunks on my boy Richard Fisk. Why has no one taken Rose seriously since the 80s? He was such a great character back then. Now he's just another mobster. Has Wells even read those stories? He must have, since he uses Hobgoblin a bunch, and all those things were happening at the same time. Sigh...
Nothing with Norman works at all. I mean, look, I get it, this was a thing Spencer did. And it didn't work then either. And I do respect that they're actually exploring the concept and trying to make something out of it. But it just fundamentally doesn't work. When Ock became Superior, it worked because he still read like Otto. But this Norman... this isn't Norman. This is a new character who so happens to look like Norman and technically has his past. But it's just... not Norman.
While I'm at it... since I did read that Gold Goblin series as well.... Queen Goblin immediately loses all the intrigue she had in Beyond when she goes up against Norman. This just emphasizes the "Sins" thing, which is too woo-woo magical to make any sense or feel real or tangible at all. The stakes are unclear. It just doesn't work.
(On the other hand, the Mary Jane & Black Cat series is the most fun I had during all of this. Like, the plot is nonsense and it's a bit tied into the Paul stuff to really be recommend-able... but the writers there made the most of the shitty stuff they'd been handed and wrote a fun five issues. Good art too. S'ym is great.)
Oh yeah, the art is terrible. I'm not a JRJR hater -- he's hit-or-miss, for the most part. His work on Daredevil in the 80s is brilliant, and his Mephisto redesign is excellent, the only Mephisto that really feels like some otherworldly Eldritch horror. But this run... this is JRJR at his absolute worst. It's not good art.
Okay, so... Like Beyond, I didn't hate this. I didn't like it much either, but it had its moments.
Rek-Rap is great. Just... just everything about Rek-Rap.
I like all the X-Men tie-ins too. In Dark Web, I mean. That one-shot issue shortly before Dark Web where fights Moira or... or whatever that was... That was dog poop nonsense boring shrug. But Dark Web has fun ideas that organically incorporate the X-Men.
I mean, it's really weird that you have a story where Goblin Queen and Queen Goblin are running around at the same time... They, uh, probably should have found a different name for Queen Goblin....... Can she just be the new Red Goblin, since the old one isn't coming back anytime soon? Or a new Menace? This is such a weird naming thing, and letting Peter (or was it Ben?) make a joke about it did not assuage that confusion...
But yeah, teaming up the two most iconic Marvel clones is such a natural move that built for some good drama, even if that drama is built on, um, completely character assassinating Ben...
Okay, here's a positive: the Chasm suit is cool. It's a good suit. I like the suit.
But holy hell Ben (literally?), this is waaaaaay off the deep end. Remember that time in the 60s when Peter lost his memories and teamed up with Doc Ock, but at the end he came to his senses before getting his memories back, because he's inherently a good person and knew this wasn't right? Why can't Ben get that treatment? I mean, okay, I guess he didn't just lose his Uncle Ben memories, but also kept a bunch of traumatic ones... except, apparently, he still forgot about getting killed and resurrected twenty-something times. I thiiiiiink that one's gone too... So he lost his most traumatic memories as well... So he really just has the, uh... mid-memories?
I like when Jean helps Madelyne. That was a good moment. Just gives her memories back, and then Madelyne helps them. Well done. Love it.
So, um, she can totally do that for Ben too right? Like, she's an omega-level mutant and just showed that she has this ability? Why didn't they just do that again? It's not like Peter would've been against it. Really doesn't make sense.... Heck, they could still do this. Ben is right there. Just... just ask Jean to give him his memories back. It's that easy.
Janine still rocks. I love the bit when she almost runs away, but gets recognized, and then comes back more committed to Ben than ever. Janine is an awesome character.
It's funny that there are like five redheaded women in this story, and they're all drawn exactly the same.
That was stupid.
This most recent arc literally opens with a note from Nick Lowe, promising that they all really do care about these characters. See that, guys! They do care! Don't mind everything you're about to read, they promised us that they care! Not sus at all...
Making this whole thing a flashback was stupid. Like, there's this whole mystery box storyline... Then when you get to the reveal, it's just 90% an extended flashback, because there isn't really a good way to tie it into present day. It's almost like they should've just done this chronologically to begin with. None of their teases actually made me care. It's all just shallow "hype." (I mean they wanted it to be hype, but I wasn't hyped, so... Like I said, shallow.)
Who the hell is this villain? From the editor's notes, I've definitely read the story arc where he first appeared. I do not remember it. I do not remember him. He is so beyond forgettable that my brain hasn't even stored him as a footnote.
And he isn't fleshed out here either... Most of the time, I was just confused by who he is and what he wants. I'm not even sure how many of these villains there were. Are Rabin and the God the same? Wait, is Rabin the bearded guy? I think they said Rabin was someone else, Paul's dad or whatever... I don't know, I couldn't really follow it. It feels like remembering that forgettable story from Brand New Day era is essential to understanding this one, and I just... I don't. Bring back Freak. Bring back Paper Doll. Those guys I remember, not well but they were fun enough and had cool powers. But this guy? Who the hell is this guy? (And is it racist? It feels racist.)
At least set up the Mayan stuff earlier in the run... Like, with all the mystery box teasing, they didn't actually tease anything. Spider-Man vs Mayan Gods? That's your big story? That feels like something the 60s cartoon would've tackled in its weaker seasons...
Oh, and they Amy Ponded MJ. That was just dumb. This is the kind of random scifi poop that has nothing to do with reality. Good scifi challenges characters and forces them to reveal character in a way that relates back to the real world. Like Into the Spider-Verse uses Peter B Parker to mentor Miles and has both characters grow. The glitching rule is added in so that Miles will have to be the one to stay, so that it can remain fundamentally his story without snapping away the problems by having the more experienced Spider-Men do all the work. Or that Amy Pond story I referenced -- that's an amazing episode of Doctor Who (Season 5, "The Girl Who Waited," strongly recommend), because it challenges the Doctor's readiness to play with the timestream and bring along a string of companions, and it also challenges Amy's readiness to trust the Doctor and assume he always has everything under control. It feels organic to the larger scifi rules in play, and reveals a ton about both characters, with this tragic underpinning that is earned and emotional.
But this? This is just more pettiness. This is just the Spider-Man team not caring about the character (no matter what Nick Lowe says) and wanting to mess things up with MJ... because reasons. It doesn't tell us anything about Peter or MJ that we didn't already know. Heck, they don't even feel in character half the time. Or rather, MJ doesn't really feel like a character at all.
There's this one part where The MJ Who Didn't Wait and Paul get super bulk and Terminator-y during the flashbacks... and then like a page later they're normal sized again. What was that about?
The whole thing is also rushed, not that I wanted them to stretch this out any longer. None of the beats in the MJ flashbacks are fleshed out at all. We're watching a snippets montage of some story we'll never read. We don't get connected to any of the events.
I felt nothing when the kids vanished. I felt nothing when freaking Mary Jane Watson was stabbed to death. And I felt nothing when it was revealed to not be MJ but Kamala. Like, these are characters I traditionally care a lot about... and I just feel nothing and don't care what happens to them in these stories.
That Kamala Khan bait-and-switch? Damn, that was trash writing. I'm not up to date on Kamala's books either (I haven't been since Wilson left -- couldn't get into the following run). But to kill her off in someone else's book??? With none of her supporting cast, none of her villains, heck not even a real Spider-Man villain for that matter... (Again, who the hell is this stupid boring Mayan God guy? What is actually at stake right now? Does he have a personality? Motivation? Is he a racist concept? I'm still not clear on these things.) Kamala "dies" in the dumbest way possible. Well done, Mr. Wells. You aimed to write an incredibly stupid book, and you succeeded.
Heck, Kamala wasn't even a character in this arc. The last time I recall seeing her was during Dark Web. She isn't in ASM 21-25. She just shows up in #26... to die. That's so stupid. This character deserves more than that.
Also, MJ deserves more than this.
Peter deserves more than this.
Heck, even that Mayan guy deserves more than this. At least give him a personality.
If any of you actually read all this... uh, I'm sorry? I just needed to vent and mark down some thoughts. Curious on other people's thoughts. I mean, I think I know most of them (I don't live under a rock and did have some spoilers going into all this).
Can we please just retcon all this already? Just do some time travel shenanigans and pull in MJ from before all of this. It worked for Doctor Who.
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2023.06.07 00:53 ToughRuin7453 I’ve got a new boss who wants me to hit 20 meetings a month as an SDR. is this possible? Can anyone give me advice on their process. To give some context my company sells DAM solutions

We will be using zoom info, gong and LinkedIn sales nav
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2023.06.07 00:53 rin_eatskids Ketamine laced cart

It was today I found out the cart was laced. I though I just greened out, before I've never greened out so that's what I thought. It was in eighth grade and my friend had just got a cart. In math we went to this other teachers room, he wouldn't really keep a good eye on us and he was really chill. Me, my bf, my friend ima call M and the dude who had a cart. I'm a casual smoker and I've hit a handful of carts before this. So I thought it was gonna be sum regular shit yk?
Well fast forward I hit this cart, the dude says its 86% thc, and from California. (I live nowhere near California). I've hit carts he's had before nothing like this. My other friends bf had to go home prior to me hitting the cart, he took 4 blinkers. Idk how tf he didn't die but, I heard his side of this story today.
I took a long hit, not long enough to be a blinker but long enough. My friend M, and my bf also took a hit. They have a higher tolerance than me but that's not the point. Only thing I remember really is I was trying to do my ixls and everything was just spinning around so fast and I kept moving so fast like the flash. Then getting kicked out of english, sent down to the common area. I was sitting in a comfy chair like a cousiny one, surrounded by my boyfriends friends. They kept telling me I'm in yodie land and shit. Then one of his friends kept trying to punch my leg, my bf told him to stop tormenting me. Everything my boyfriend tried to hold my hard or arm. I felt like throwing up, my eyes were closed during this whole class almost I felt so dizzy. My bf tried holding me and I told him to stop touching me and he smelt like a wet dog, and I felt like throwing up. He left me alone but still catered to my needs i felt bad after but, it's whatever he didn't care. He knew I was out of it. Eventually my friend M forced me to get up and go to the bathroom so she could hit my nic. On the way there i almost threw up and when i got there I lied there in the bathroom. About ten minutes pass and I got sit by my bfs friends and him. It's time to switch classes now. He helps me up the stairs and we get to the next class and I fall asleep. That's all I remember.
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2023.06.07 00:53 FedUp0000 With season 18 happening, what’s TLCs reasoning?

Season 16 and 17 were already pretty difficult and/or triggering to watch with the blatant emotional and verbal abuse of the OG women and children. The original premise of the show clearly is no longer there. This is no longer a show about women living „happily“ together while sharing a man (I know I know it never really was). Season after season the show has devolved further into an exploitation fest and a stage for Kody to horribly abuse a gaggle of people mentally, verbally and financially, while TLC stands by and makes money. I couldn’t even watch most of season 17 with the sound on without wanting to punch Kody in the throat. TLC clearly doesn’t give a flying fig about women being abused and exploited and kids being emotionally abandoned on TV and to me at least, seems to be heavily invested in making money of women, who have been brainwashed by fundamentalist cults.
The only thing season 18 should be about is a „where are they now“ for the OG and a single sentence at the end, telling us if K and R are bankrupt or not. Kody and Robyn do not deserve any more screen time or rating/money from the damage the OG have had to endure. After that, maybe someone should start a show with a financial forensic going through the clans bank account while they were together. (Now THATS something I would want to watch. Netflix? Anyone listening?).
I am starting to wonder how much influence these fundie cult leaders heads/headquarters have inside TLC (after all SW producer seems to be involved in this abusive cult). Or maybe I have just been on this sub too long.
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2023.06.07 00:53 superenrique Struggle to lose weight

I started TRT (200mg per week) in January. I was not really watching my diet but for the last month I have been doing keto and running on a caloric deficit but I can’t lose weight. I am fluctuating between 230 and 228. I am 5’9”.
I lift 5 times a week and started doing HIIT. This represents 2 hours of working out per day. It is exhausting and very frustrating. Can TRT make it harder for me to lose weight? It’s not making sense.
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2023.06.07 00:53 MidnightSun_55 Is there such a thing as upregulating 5-alpha-reductase?

Finasteride, Dutasteride, Saw palmetto, Curcumin... all 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors.
Is there such a thing as the opposite? Apart from maybe creatine. Haven't found anything, never heard Derek speak about such a thing.
I took finasteride and even after stopping the negatives persist after multiple months, and let me tell you... I rather be bald than what I'm now... a half dead person with no feelings with hair.
It's like the effects persist (to a lesser degree) even after stopping, including the positive ones (no hair falling). I've already read his blog post post finasteride syndrome and watch many videos, but nothing about enhancing 5-alpha-reductase, strange that you can inhibit but not up regulate it.
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2023.06.07 00:53 CommercialAd3638 Improvement

Basically I have been playing apex on and off now since season 7 and I went from a gold to a diamond just before season 13 when I stopped playing for a while cause exams and have started playing the game again. Right now I’m about to enter a 2 month summer break and my goal is to go from a d4 player to a d2- masters player ofc I’m talking real rank not this seasons easy rank. I was wondering if any preds on Xbox or maybe even ps5 that have improved drastically really fast can help me in knowing what to do. I don’t want to waste my time like I did with Fortnite where I played it since release and never got good at it even though I played it a lot. What do you guys think I should do during summer to actually get better at apex other than just playing the game cause that’s not enough.
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2023.06.07 00:52 llamallama1011 Is buying a house important in the UK?

I'm a 26 year old professional female who currently rents a comfortable flat in a good location for a good price.
If I reallyyyyyy wanted to, I probably could buy a property in about 18 months time.
The truth is, I don't really want to. I want to have my savings readily available, not tied up in a deposit. I dont want to be at the mercy of rising interest rates. I appreciate I'm sort of at the mercy of landlords, but if they increased the rent to an intolerable amount I'd pack up and look elsewhere.
In addition , I've made a pact with myself that if I'm not in a serious relationship by 29 I'll seriously look to emigrate to Australia. So essentially by 29 I either want to be living with a partner or considering emigration and I don't see how me buying a property would fit in with those situations.
It just seems like so many of my friends in similar situations to me are prioritising saving for a deposit above all else, but I'd rather enjoy my 20s. An I alone in feeling this way? Or is getting on the property ladder really so important?
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2023.06.07 00:52 Stelljanin My clothes are too big! But it’s kinda a problem? NSV?!

I (24F) 5”9/176cm SW: 89kg CW: 78kg GW: 70kg have lost a fair bit of weight over the past 4 months and I am really happy with my progress. I’ve lost 11kg with my goal of losing 8kg more. I’ve been doing CICO (1700 per day) and I also exercise a lot (because I like it) such as running/swimming/biking to work/sport. I don’t eat the calories back from exercise (unless I’m super duper hungry).
I have lost 7kg with CICO/exercise specifically since March, and the other 4kg naturally after changing my diet and quitting sugar last October.
My problem is actually not with shirts… all this exercise has beefed up my shoulders… but my pants, especially my work pants, are all MASSIVE on me now and they look really silly.
Since I still have 8kg to go, I have no idea what to do since getting them tailored would be pointless. I also don’t really want to buy new clothes because they will end up not fitting me too.
What have you guys been doing on your weight loss journey for clothes that don’t fit you anymore, but you still need / like?
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2023.06.07 00:52 Far-Emphasis5714 Advice Please: STBXH wants to reneg on plan to stay with kids when I’m away

Kids are older (20,16 and 14) and have been with me full time in the family home (bar the youngest for 1 night) since he moved out 6 months ago.
I have 2 weeks off from Monday and am visiting family. We had mutually agreed he would stay in the spare room/his study for that time but yesterday he texted saying he thinks he’ll stay at his place and check in on them. He is (clinically) depressed and says he “doesn’t feel like it”.
Sure, they are capable of looking after themselves, but it’s far too long in my opinion. They shouldn’t have to. I’m disappointed and more than a little fucking pissed off.
I’m asking for advice on how to word my response to him. I want it to be firm but not inflammatory. I want this intelligent human and (previously) engaged and present father to stop this shit before it starts to slip.
*edit: we have no formal custody plan as things still relatively new.
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