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In-depth talk about The Witcher universe in general, either regarding Andrzej Sapkowski's works, CD Projekt Red's games, the Netflix show, the comics etc. (yes, even the old Polish show is welcome here), but preferably giving emphasis on the source material. This subreddit is also meant to be a bilingual place for English and Polish speaking audiences. Meaning that we encourage content in both idioms.

2023.06.09 09:04 timrichardson VLC does not do hardward decoding

On 23.04, I can't get VLC to do hardware decoding (wayland session)
It's funny because it works in Firefox, in mpv and in any gui using MPV. VLC used to be the easy one to get working. Firefox used to be hard (and this is Firefox in native Wayland too).
this is a tigerlake laptop, thinkpad X1 Gen 9. My test case is a H264 video (the Simpsons movie trailer).
I measure using sudo intel_gpu_top which clearly indicates when hardware decoding is active.
By the way, with wifi on and everything on default, mpv uses about 6 to 6.5W playing this, which is really good I think (Windows is not quite as good; Linux beating Windows in video playback, I never thought I'd see the day). VLC without decoding is about 7 to 7.5W.
Obviously, based on mpv and firefox, I have vaapi working (so I have the non-free intel driver). I have installed just about every gstreamer plugin I can think of.
I first couldn't get it working in kubuntu, which I am testing, and I thought I had a KDE-specific problem, but now I think not.
Also, a separate matter, but the VLC snap doesn't even start in gnome Wayland (I posted about that to snapcraft and got an almost immediate reply that it will be fixed very soon). So to be clear, the results above are based on the .deb from the 23.04 repositories.
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2023.06.09 09:03 epic-bath-kitten don't text ur ex!! text us

Are you in search of a supportive community where you can express your frustrations and seek advice? Look no further! Our group provides a safe and inclusive space for you to share your thoughts and feelings with like-minded individuals.
We host a variety of events, from movie nights to karaoke, bringing us closer together and lifting each other up. Our community is a mix of serious discussions and lighthearted banter, with a strong meme culture that is sure to brighten even the darkest of days.
Check my profile for a link or use the dicsord server invite code: 8NNBGrvWtT
if u have any trouble accessing it, feel free to reach out or comment :)
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2023.06.09 09:02 Valkyrieles 32 [M4F] Wa/PNW lf LTR KTP ENM

About me:
I’m married with kids. All live together. Thus the KTP is highly important to me.
New to the life.
I am 100% disabled from my time in the US Army.
Recently got into learning to become self sufficient. Currently growing: Peaches, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, plums, green onions, red delicious and Granny Smith apples, cherry tomatoes and jalapeños on our land. Looking to grow more.
I’m into video games. Mainly pc.
I also enjoy listening to lectures or podcasts around the following topics: biology, history, animals, physics/astrophysics/astronomy.
Love to watch movies, highly dislike talking through them the first time watching it. One of my favorite places to go is a drive-in theatre.
I tuck in all of my loved ones every night.
I’m a dog person, have two currently. Looking to get another to train as a service animal for me.
If I could have one superpower for a day, I’d choose the ability to open/close portals. See the world for free.
Working on quitting smoking. I also rarely drink. If curious, feel free to ask. Not a recovering alcoholic, I don’t mind when others drink.
Covered in tattoos. Want more.
5’8” dad-bod. I’ve started training to run a marathon.
What I’m seeking:
Someone who is reliable and understanding. Dog and kid friendly. Safe and nerdy. Lastly, hopefully nearby, but not against a LDR. As long as it’s understood that I’m not willing to relocate. Got roots down where I’m at, figuratively and literally.
I am willing to swap pictures as I’m aware that there’s a physical attraction component to most relationships. I also would like video chats, I find it hard to convey emotions through text.
DMs are open. Thanks you for reading this. If you’d like to know more, DM me ‘bubblegum’.
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2023.06.09 09:01 ButterscotchWeak6932 Cracker Barrel has fallen.

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2023.06.09 09:01 BEEB0_the_God_of_War Theory Idea: Willy Wonka Intended to Kill the Kids

So in revisiting the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie, there are some really strong signs that Wonka basically lured these kids to their death semi-intentionally—possibly as human testing.
First, he introduces them to a room made of candy where he encourages them to eat everything, then scolds Augustus for drinking the chocolate and then nearly knocks him into the river himself. (Where they have massive open pipes that are obviously dangerous and sized to suck a kid up.) But then they get on a boat where there were NOT ENOUGH SEATS for Augustus and his mom—so Wonka never planned on them getting through that room with all the children.
Then, he introduces a known gum-obsessed girl to a brand-new gum that he insists she can't try—basically taunting her and leaving it easily within her grasp. (He later admits the gum always goes wrong in the dessert stage, so he basically knew this would happen.) {Also, side note — who has he tested on before if he supposedly never lets anyone into the factory? Has he been using people as test subjects? Have they all died?}
He leads the other kids through all kinds of death traps specifically tailored to their unique personalities—including waving untested TV-centered tech around a TV-obsessed child, golden eggs to a very spoiled girl.
Then there's the insanely dicey fizzy-lifting drink room—where they have soda that makes you fly and spinning blades in the ceiling. This room isn't actually tailored to Charlie, but my thought is that his ticket was actually supposed to go to another kid, maybe a soda-obsessed one. They realize the mistake and Wonka's henchman shows up—way too quickly for them not to have been tracking the bars with the tickets, further suggesting (as a previous video suggested) that the kids were intentionally selected to receive the tickets.
I think there's a solid argument to suggest that Wonka lured these kids here based on what he sees as their "flaws" and unique susceptibility and planned on using them as test subjects (who coincidentally signed away all his liability at the beginning of the tour). He probably assumed the kids would die, as presumably other subjects have, but if they survived then it would just be a successful human test on kids in his target market without the liability.
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2023.06.09 09:00 IEnjoySweatyBallsack My (20M) girlfriend (19F) was raped and I feel uncomfortable about it

Context: we’ve been dating for about 3 months now and we’re both in college. She’s a freshman who transferred in January and I’ve been here since beginning of freshman year.
There is a frat on my campus known as Pike which is notorious for drugging and raping girls. They are no longer affiliated with the university but still regularly throw parties. The first week after she transferred, one of the Pike brothers brought her to his dorm room and raped her.
It’s common knowledge to avoid Pike at my school but she was a new student and didn’t know. She went with one of her friends who she had just met, but something happened where they got separated and she started talking to the guy.
She first mentioned the rape after the first time we tried to have sex but it hurt for her. We had a conversation about it and I comforted her and she just mentioned how she didn’t want to be babied about it and I totally respected that. She didn’t really give much detail and of course I didn’t pry.
A few weeks later, we were having a deep conversation and the topic came up again. This time, she went into detail about what happened and I really don’t know how to feel about it.
After she got separated from her friend at the Pike house, she started talking to the rapist brother. She was telling me all of the things the rapist said to her before bringing her back to his dorm. She said the rapist was telling her how much he “admired Putin” (keep in mind, my gf is very liberal). When she was telling the story, she kept emphasizing how she thought everything he was saying was weird.
She said she went back to his dorm expecting things to just “be chill”. I don’t know how you go to a brothers dorm after a party expecting things to not have a sexual connotation, but whatever. She was blacked out and half-asleep when he started choking her and raping her. She didn’t say “no” until it was practically over. She was forced to buy a Plan B the next morning with her own money.
She didn’t report the rape because they “were both very drunk”. A few weeks later, one of her friends anonymously slipped a note under her RAs door telling them what happened. She received an email from the Title 9 office but did not pursue anything after that, which I guess was her choice.
I’m just really confused. I’m not in any capacity blaming her for what happened, but I don’t understand why she went back to his dorm when he was saying all that weird shit and it makes me question her decision-making when it comes to me. Whenever I get drunk, I have a tendency to become very talkative and dance a lot (picture normal drunk behavior) and she always nags me the next morning about how I was talking to so many random dudes and saying random movie quotes and dancing a lot, but she … went home with some guy who was drunkenly praising Putin? Why is me dancing drunk such a problem?
We were just talking about it again tonight and she mentioned how she felt worse about the Title 9 report than she did about the rape. Half of the time I have sex with her she says it hurts because of the rape, and a few times I have difficulty getting hard because I’m so afraid I’m going to hurt her, but she brushes the rape off like it’s a minor event before complaining about me having some drinks on a Friday night.
I need advice on how to handle this because we literally cannot have sex because of it. I put so much effort into this relationship and we are both so emotionally attached but it seems like she doesn’t make very sound decisions and I feel insecure because of it. How do I address this without victim-blaming?
TLDR; my girlfriend was raped by a member of Pike in his dorm after he said very questionable things and it is affecting our relationship
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2023.06.09 08:59 fryguypins The Magic of Disney Pins: A Collector's Guide

The Magic of Disney Pins: A Collector's Guide
Disney pins are not just small pieces of metal; they are tokens of magic that capture the essence of Disney's enchanting world. From iconic characters to memorable park attractions, Disney pins have become a highly sought-after collectible for Disney enthusiasts worldwide. In this collector's guide, we will delve into the fascinating world of disney trading pins, exploring their history, types, and valuable tips for both beginners and seasoned collectors.
disney trading pins
The Origins of Disney Pins
The tradition of disney trading pins originated in 1999 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, drawing inspiration from the practice at the Olympic Games. This unique experience allowed Disney fans to engage in pin trading with Cast Members and fellow guests, creating a culture of collecting and exchanging Disney pins. The program quickly gained popularity and spread to other Disney parks worldwide, becoming a cherished pastime for Disney fans of all ages.
disney trading pins
Types of Disney Pins
Disney pins come in various types, each with its own allure for collectors.
a) Character Pins: These pins feature beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse,disney princess dolls, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and others. Character pins often showcase different outfits, poses, or special editions tied to specific events or anniversaries, making them highly sought-after among collectors.
b) Attraction Pins: Commemorating Disney park attractions, disney pin collections capture the excitement and nostalgia associated with iconic rides like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, or the Haunted Mansion. They allow collectors to relive the magic of these beloved attractions.
c) Limited Edition Pins: Produced in limited quantities, these pins often feature intricate designs, special finishes, or unique elements like movable parts or hidden Mickey symbols. Limited edition pins are highly coveted by collectors due to their exclusivity and collectible value.
d) Event Pins: Released during Disney-sponsored events or special celebrations like park anniversaries or movie releases, event pins offer collectors a chance to capture the magic of these exclusive occasions. Disney pin collections are often produced in limited quantities and feature event-specific designs.
Disney pin collections
Tips for Collectors
Whether you're a novice or a seasoned collector, here are some valuable tips to enhance your Disney pin collection:
a) Authenticity Matters: Ensure Disney pins you acquire are official Disney pins by purchasing them from reputable sources such as Disney parks, authorized retailers, or reputable online sellers. Counterfeit pins lack the quality and value associated with genuine Disney pins.
b) Pin Trading Etiquette: Familiarize yourself with pin trading etiquette if you're interested in this aspect of collecting. Approach Cast Members or other traders with respect and trade pins of equal value. Pin trading is about the joy of sharing and collecting, not just acquiring rare pins.
c) Displaying Your Collection: Showcase your collection using creative display methods like pin boards, frames, or shadowboxes. Disney pins allows you to enjoy and appreciate your pins while protecting them from damage. Organize them by theme or type for a visually appealing display.
d) Connect with Other Collectors: Joining Disney pin collector communities, both online and offline, can enhance your collecting experience. You can exchange tips, insights, and even trade pins with fellow enthusiasts, fostering connections and expanding your collection.
disney trading pins
Disney pins hold a unique place in the hearts of Disney fans worldwide, capturing the magic and nostalgia associated with Disney's timeless characters and attractions. This collector's guide has provided valuable insights into the world of Disney pin collecting. Remember, it's not just about the pins; it's about the joy, connections, and cherished memories they bring to your Disney experience. Happy pin collecting!
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2023.06.09 08:59 veryaverage91 Art/Music/Media that helps you feel better?

What are some things like albums or movies or shows or anything at all really, that makes you feel better? Helps you calm down in a moment of anxiety or takes you out of the suffering for a bit? I love listening to instrumental music, and closing my eyes whenever I'm feeling panic set in. Or watching absurd comedy that makes me forget about real life.
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2023.06.09 08:59 MonkeMans88 In the wrong relationship

Back in 2018, when I was still developing quite a bit, I was 15, new to the dating scene, and not taking much seriously, I just kinda wanted to have an attractive girlfriend, something I’d learned from watching too many shows and crap. It was about October, I’d just stepped out of a toxic relationship, it lasted about 5 months and I was just trying to recuperate, to breathe for a bit.
During the few months during my relationship, I knew two girls (from June 2018 onward) both were 15, same age as me. We’ll call them C and M.
C was from my state, just not the same town, she was about an hour and a half out.
M, I met online, she was from Brazil (I’m from the US, so that’s quite far.)
I spoke to both as friends, M I got to speak to more because she wasn’t as busy, not at the time at least. And C, she would be busy often, she was hard focused on school.
I had a feeling M liked me, and I did like her too, I just didn’t know if I could commit to a long distance relationship. I knew C liked me, since she was always so shy whenever we talked, even over text you’d know it, I absolutely adored this girl, she was everything to me… but we didn’t talk much on account of her being busy.
Now in my TINY brain, I thought attention was more important than anything in a relationship, so I decided I’d ask M out in December of 2018, since C was absent at the time. After this, I spent 3 almost 4 years with M, with the last year being me just trying to keep what we had alive, just by a thread, I felt unwanted, unappreciated and downright sad with my choice from years ago.
During those years, I’d talk to C, whenever she’d come back, she always begged me to leave M for her, she told me that she needed me, that her and I belonged to each other. Now, I strictly believe in one person, not two, and I loved C, but I felt too guilty to leave M, I felt like I’d be making her life a mess and just couldn’t do something for myself for once.
In about 2020, early on C went and moved to Sweden with her family, so I imagined we’d get to talk less, and while it wasn’t true, we still talked the same amount, which was little to start with. I started realizing more and more that C was right, I need her, I belonged to her, I should’ve waited for her, I should’ve been with her.
During the summer of 2021, I was trying to get in contact with C, she wasn’t around for about a week at that point. I tried to get into contact just so I could ask her if she still loves me, if she would’ve said yes, I was ready to leave M and be with her.
That week of absence became a month, and that month a year. In august of 2022 M and I broke it off, and C was still not back, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to see or speak to her again, that thought made me sad, it still does, but yeah, a month later, I meet another girl, just a few months older than me, we’ll call her L, L and I were just talking for months, friendly and all. After talking for three months, I decided I’d give it a shot, so I told her that I liked her, wanted to get to know her better and she said the same.
Fast forward to january, we have our first date, pretty simple, we see a movie, go on a short walk and sit at a bench, watching the sun set, I got my first kiss there and things started to look up.
It’s now June 2023, we’re 4 months in and as of recently I’ve been depressed thinking about C, I’ve just been wishing she’d finally come back, wishing I had more contact methods for her, but I feel stuck, I feel like i’m being punished for being stupid before. God, I’ve never missed someone like I have with her, I miss her so much.
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2023.06.09 08:57 ieatcumandshitbabies What are my chances?

Man i thought i was giving the worst interview ever, i was fumbling so hard in the first 5 mins. But the interviewer was amazing and told me it's fine get a glass of water, then he asked me about the usage of psychology in economics and i gave him game theory. We started talking about art, and i started talking my heart out because i love literature and movies and everything. In the end he told me that i think you should opt for literary arts, i told him that option was not financially feasible. Then he said that he loved talking to me, emphasised it twice, and that I'll get to know on 16th
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2023.06.09 08:56 Toothless_Potter Was Harry hissing or speaking in English at the zoo?

I know this is a really silly question to ask after so many years but I just needed to know. Was Harry speaking in parseltongue at zoo to the snake? The movie made it seem like snake understood Harry even though he was speaking in English. Yet, the movies and the books confirmed that snakes understood Harry only when he would speak in their language. So, I'm confused whether Harry was hissing back at the zoo or did he converse in English yet the snake understood?
I know Harry cannot distinguish between parseltongue and English when someone is speaking parseltongue. So, it's very likely that Harry didn't even realize that he was actually hissing back at the zoo. But, in the movie, they made it look like snake understood Harry even when he spoke in English.
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Active loans

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[REQ] ($100) - (#Austin, Tx, USA), (2/30/19), (Square/Venmo)

Post contents

Seeking a small loan to finish out my expenses for the month.
I can repay $150 on 2/30/19 in full.
I will provide any reasonable information requested, thanks!
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2023.06.09 08:55 Longjumping_Award557 My partner (26M) was cheating on me (26F) since the start of our 3 yo relationship.

I had a beautiful, incredible, out-of-this-world relationship with a man I had met in college. We had to go into long-distance due to the pandemic and career differences, but we always somehow managed. Difficulties were always there, but we used to make it through every time. I always thought we were one of those couples for whom the honeymoon period never ends, we were so much in love. After a lot of struggles and efforts, I somehow was able to get a job at a place 2 hours away from him, so we could finally bridge the gap and create a real life relationship. He never made the time to come see me even after everything I had done for him. Even in the past 3 years, there had been instances where I had serious, strong gut feelings that he might be cheating on me, but I chose to ignore those thinking I shouldn’t be insecure and should choose to trust him. 4 days ago, he had finally come to see me and spend a few days with me, after 3-4 months. We had a nice evening playing badminton, a nice skincare and movie night, and slept peacefully. However, he had been acting extremely shady and protective about his phone, and I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was wrong. Curiosity got the better of me, and next morning I took his phone while he was asleep to do some sleuthing. I found out he was texting multiple other girls, and pretty in appropriate things which left no room for doubt. After a long 7 hours confrontation, lot of crying and slapping and screaming, he told me everything. He had been in a long-distance relationship with another girl as well, from the start of ours. And it was very convenient, of course. Apart from that, he used to talk to these other girls occasionally. I just got up, left town and came home. My life has been shattered since then. I am willing to try anything and everything so I can stop feeling this miserable. To come to the knowledge that my past three beautiful years were nothing but a lie, the incredible person I was going to marry, the love of my life, never existed. I don’t know how to move on. I don’t want to wake up. And I am certainly dreading going back, having to live alone in the place I intended to start my life together with him.
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2023.06.09 08:54 DovahSrdce Losing the excitement after 2 days...

Hello everyone, last Saturday I (23M) went on my first date for 3 years. I met this girl off tinder and we chatted for a few days then she suggested to meet up because we live close to one another. She seemed very enthusiastic and interested. We went on a date to her art exhibit then ended up at her favourite Caffè for hours and even met up with a couple of her friends. I had to leave after 5/6 hours but we still chatted the night away. The next night she invited me to her place, we watched a couple of movies and stayed awake till 7 am talking and kissing. We made plans to go to the cinema and watch the new spiderman as she's into marvel (btw fantastic movie) and she even asked me if I wanted to stay the night at hers after the film. Monday night we did just that, but something felt off from the get go. She was much more quiet, I'm normally the quiet one but I was pretty much talking with myself for the first part. She was cuddling with me and holding me in the cinema. I'm not much for pda so I just held her. We went to her place and it still felt a but awkward but less so. Cuddling and kissing then we went to sleep. We make plans for thrusday as I had to do something on Tuesday and she did on Wednesday. Throughout those days there was no contact. Nothing not a single dm/text. After having a shit couple of days (unrelated to her). I contacted her yesterday (Thursday) night. I told her that I didn't want to go out as I didn't feel myself which I don't like showing people and because of the way last time was. She essentially said that the way she was on our 3rd meet up is how she normally is and the reason the first 2 times were different is because the excitement and enthusiasm is lost and not the interest.
Now my question is, aren't those the same things (interest and excitement)? And if they are different shouldn't they last more than 2 days?
She said she didn't feel her affection was reciprocated which I'm guessing she means the pda part. After which we ended things off, I'm not really upset. I just want to know if losing excitement after 2 days is normal.
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2023.06.09 08:53 seafoamjellyfish Movies like Killer Joe (2011)?

I liked the Matt McC. character, Joe Cooper, and I (worringly) liked his relationship with Dottie. Any movies like this where the dangerous guy falls for the innocent, naive girl?
I've seen Secretary, Grease, and Rebel Without A Cause, already.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.09 08:51 lonestarfirefa Types and Service Requirements of Fire Extinguishers

Fires can be devastating, causing significant damage to homes, businesses, and even human life. A fire extinguisher in the home or office can mean the difference between safety and danger. However, not all fire extinguishers are created equal, and it is essential to understand the different types of fire extinguishers and their service requirements.
Types of Fire Extinguishers
There are five primary fire extinguishers, each designed to extinguish different types of fires. These include:
Class A fire extinguishers are designed to put out fires caused by ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, and cloth. They work by cooling the fuel source and removing heat from the fire. These extinguishers typically use water, foam, or dry chemicals as their extinguishing agent.
Class B fire extinguishers extinguish fires caused by flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, and grease. These fires are dangerous because the fuel source can easily spread the flames.
Class C fire extinguishers are designed to prevent fires caused by electrical equipment, such as computers, appliances, and power tools. These types of fires are dangerous because of the potential for electrocution.
Class D fire extinguishers extinguish fires caused by combustible metals such as magnesium, sodium, and titanium. Because of the tremendous temperatures involved, these fires can be especially deadly. These extinguishers work by smothering the fire with a dry powder extinguishing agent.
Class K fire extinguishers are designed for commercial kitchens and are used to put out fires caused by cooking oils and fats. These fires can be dangerous because they can quickly spread and reignite. It smothers the fire with a wet chemical extinguishing agent that cools the fuel source and creates a barrier to prevent re-ignition.
Using the incorrect extinguisher type might be harmful or ineffectual. Having your fire extinguishers serviced regularly by a professional is also important to ensure they are in proper working order.
Fire Extinguisher Service Requirements
It is crucial to understand that the fire extinguisher service requirement for each type of extinguisher can vary. For example, Class A fire extinguishers typically require a simple visual inspection to check for any damage or corrosion, while Class K fire extinguishers used in commercial kitchens require more frequent inspections and servicing due to the high risk of fires caused by cooking oils and fats.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that fire extinguishers be inspected monthly and serviced annually. During a routine service, a qualified technician will inspect the extinguisher to ensure it is in good working order, check for any damage or corrosion, and confirm that the green zone is visible on the pressure gauge.
The Final Words
Understanding the different types of fire extinguishers and their service requirements is essential for ensuring you are prepared for a fire. Regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to keep your fire extinguishers in good working order. If you want fire extinguisher service in San Antonio, TX, consider contacting Lone Star Fire and First Aid for all your fire safety needs.
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2023.06.09 08:50 dreamer881 Looking for a fast Paced Action-Comedy movie to watch on this weekend.

The one's I watched and liked are as follows
I don't like Sci-Fi, Superhero ,Apocalypses, Zombie, Horror Stuff.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 08:50 throwawayacc82730 24 [M4F] Melbourne/Anywhere - Looking for a Serious Relationship

Heya! I'm Aidan. 😊 I'm looking for a serious relationship (open to long-distance). About me:
My interests include:
I'm interested in a relationship with a kind and compassionate female who cares about their career and future, is also non-religious and looks after themselves health-wise. I'm attracted to Caucasian girls, and others too but not Asians unfortunately.
If you feel there may be a spark between us, feel free to reach out and I'd love to talk with you. :) Please be interesting in your initial message, and don't just send a "hey" or "hi". Thanks!
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2023.06.09 08:48 snaps1011 [TOMT][MOVIE][GAME][TV SHOW][2000s] Criminal Gets Taken Care By Veterinarian

So I remember this scene from some movie, game, or TV show. The setting is pretty much the criminal (I want to say he was a hitman of some sort, but I don't remember that much detail) who is hurt and ends up making his way to a Veterinarian instead a regular doctor for some reason. As the Veterinarian finishes the care, the guy getting helped asks the Veterinarian if he has any work for him. (again, I want to say the Vet was some contact for him, but I'm somewhat fuzzy on details)—any help in finding the name of the media is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 08:48 user473918153 Miguel O’Hara is the Prowler

I just rewatched Across the Spider-verse, and I had a few theories going into the movie that I wanted to kinda delve deeper into. After finishing it and paying close attention to some of the more subtle details, I am about 99% sure that Miguel O’Hara is the prowler of his universe. There are multiple reasons.
  1. The first shot we see of Miguel is him injecting himself with some spider-like liquid. It shows small mechanical spiders going into him and latching onto his blood cells. Just from this, we can conclude that he isn’t a natural Spider-Man.
  2. Just like the prowler, 2099’s entire suit is based around technology. Miles is able to zap him because he can take the electricity in his suit and redirect it towards him. He also doesn’t have normal webs like everyone else, he has red laser webs. Also he has a cape which is weird.
  3. Multiple characters in the movie mention the fact that he has claws, which isn’t normal for a Spider-Man. It’s his main form of combat, with webs being more of a convenient method of travel. On the sky train scene while chasing miles, he claws his way up the train almost exactly like prowler would in the first movie, completely ignoring his web shooters.
  4. 2099 has the exact same scars/ lines on his face as prowler-miles does. They’re the only characters in the whole movie to have scars like this, and they’re in almost the exact same position.
  5. Prowlers theme song and Spider-Man 2099’s theme song are the exact same sound, just pitched differently. It almost sounds like the noise an elephant makes, but it’s pitched differently for the two characters. If you reverse either one, it sounds very similar to the other one. Every other character has a completely unique theme sound that doesn’t sound like anyone else’s. This seems insignificant, but the producers of this movie make very intentional choices for small things like this.
  6. The red design on 2099’s suit is the exact same design as the eyes of Uncle Aaron’s prowler mask. Look at it yourself, it’s a very similar shape but 2099 wears it on his shoulders and chest. The way it hooks around at the top of prowlers eyes is exactly like 2099’s does on his shoulders. They’re not picture perfect but I think it’s too similar to be a coincidence.
It also makes a lot of sense for the storyline. Miguel’s backstory (that he explained to miles) is that he lost his family and tried to take over the life of another universes Spider-Man that died, but that lead to the destruction of that universe. We don’t have any backstory for how he became Spider-Man in the first place. My theory is that he was the Prowler of his universe and tried to become the Spider-Man of another’s, using his understanding of technology to basically give himself Spider-Man’s powers. The setup at the end of the movie with prowler-miles is exactly that, where he’s going to try to take over spider-miles life in his universe because his father is alive. I bet my brother $100 on this, so what do y’all think?
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2023.06.09 08:48 FbEioe An Egyptian wife in a niqab cheating on her husband with her 's friend in the most beautiful new Arab porn movie

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2023.06.09 08:47 SirNotABurn I’m surprised how well preserved much of the older shows are

Through the TCG over the past months I’ve rekindled my fascination with Digimon that I’ve had since I was a kid. So I was feeling nostalgic and curious and decided to search for Tamers and eventually Adventure 01, figuring it either wouldn’t be there or it’d be gathering dust in the back of Amazon Prime or something. What I found, however, was that both these series and the original movie were all preserved entirely on the Internet Archive. I honestly didn’t expect it to survive, let alone be whole.
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