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2023.06.03 19:15 iwasdusted WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 2, 2023

WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 2, 2023
Here is this week's weekly roundup post!
  • See a list of all the movies playing at Regal this week at the link above!
  • There are lots of new promos ongoing, including one that can get you free digital copies of new release movies, and one that gets you bonus points for purchasing Oppenheimer tickets by June 7.
  • Oppenheimer tickets are now on sale -- check it out in 70mm & IMAX 70mm at select Regal locations.
    • Standard 70mm - Bridgeport Village, Edwards Long Beach, New Roc, Union Square, Waterford Lakes
    • IMAX 70mm - Edwards Ontario Palace, Hacienda Crossings, Irvine Spectrum, Mall of Georgia, Opry Mills, UA King of Prussia
    • Have a hard time hearing Nolan films? Check it out in RPX Open Cap/Eng Sub at Bricktown Charleston!
Here's this week's PLF chart!
As always, formats and bookings are subject to change and local availablity.
Here's the link to our ongoing Chapter 11 roundup.
  • The Eighth Omnibus List of potential closures was filed in court on Wednesday, May 31 with a targeted lease rejection date of Friday, June 23. The following 25 theaters could potentially close if Regal is unable to successfully renegotiate their lease:
    • Regal Avenues, Jacksonville, Florida (#0241) - 4DX, RPX
    • Regal Binghamton, Binghamton, New York (#1732)
    • Regal Columbia, Columbia, Missouri (#1621) - RPX
    • Regal Division Street, Portland, Oregon (#0851)
    • Regal Edwards Brea East, Brea, California (#1028)
    • Regal Edwards Camarillo Palace, Camarillo, California (#1009) - IMAX
    • Regal Edwards La Verne, La Verne, California (#1012)
    • Regal Edwards San Marcos, San Marcos, California (#1034)
    • Regal Fairfield Commons, Beavercreek, Ohio (#0389) - RPX
    • Regal Fossil Creek, Fort Worth, Texas (#1317)
    • Regal Germantown, Germantown, Maryland (#1710)
    • Regal Governor’s Square, Tallahassee, Florida (#1857)
    • Regal Hollywood @ North I-85, Chamblee, Georgia (#0745)
    • Regal Live Oak, Live Oak, Texas (#0795) - RPX
    • Regal Longview, Longview, Texas (#1638) - RPX
    • Regal New River Valley, Christiansburg, Virginia (#0671) - RPX, ScreenX
    • Regal Interstate Park, Akron, Ohio (#0163)
    • Regal Poulsbo, Poulsbo, Washington (#880)
    • Regal Rancho Del Rey, Chula Vista, California (#0361)
    • Regal Royal Park, Gainesville, Florida (#1860)
    • Regal Spartan, Spartanburg, South Carolina (#1888)
    • Regal UA Galaxy - Dallas, Dallas, Texas (#1306)
    • Regal Valley View Grande, Roanoke, Virginia (#1867)
    • Regal Virginia Center, Glen Allen, Virginia (#0165)
    • Regal Warren East, Wichita, Kansas (#1444) - Warren 21, Warren Grand
  • At the beginning of 2022, Regal had over 515 locations. Regal has 455 locations currently.
  • Since Chapter 11 began in September 2022, Regal has rejected 51 leases (excluding theaters that stopped operating before bankruptcy, but had active leases).
Here's the link to the MoviePassClub Discord server, for spoilery discussion of new release movies, general movie discussion, and to chat with fellow Regal Unlimited members. Many of our mods and members are active here. (This Discord is shared across RegalUnlimited, MoviePassClub, Cinemark, with some overlap with AMCsAList.)
And don't forget to check out this week's pinned movie discussion post for spoiler-free discussion of your recent Regal experiences!
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2023.06.03 19:15 autotldr Maxwell Frost slams DeSantis on stage at DC Paramore concert

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)
Rep. Maxwell Frost slammed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on stage at a Paramore concert in Washington, D.C., on Friday.
Videos circulating on social media that Frost's Twitter account retweeted show the freshman congressman saying "f- Ron DeSantis" and "f- fascism."
Video also showed Frost singing and dancing on stage with the group, which is known for a wide range of hit songs like "Ain't It Fun" and "Still Into You.".
"Very grateful for this moment. I've been practicing in the shower for YEARS," Frost tweeted.
Williams praised Frost as he came on stage, asking the audience members, "Do you see this? Do you see the future right here?".
Frost has previously bashed DeSantis over those policies, accusing him in March of fascism in targeting members of the Black and LGBTQ communities.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Frost#1 DeSantis#2 show#3 Florida#4 stage#5
Post found in /politics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.03 19:15 autotldr Maxwell Frost slams DeSantis on stage at DC Paramore concert

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)
Rep. Maxwell Frost slammed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on stage at a Paramore concert in Washington, D.C., on Friday.
Videos circulating on social media that Frost's Twitter account retweeted show the freshman congressman saying "f- Ron DeSantis" and "f- fascism."
Video also showed Frost singing and dancing on stage with the group, which is known for a wide range of hit songs like "Ain't It Fun" and "Still Into You.".
"Very grateful for this moment. I've been practicing in the shower for YEARS," Frost tweeted.
Williams praised Frost as he came on stage, asking the audience members, "Do you see this? Do you see the future right here?".
Frost has previously bashed DeSantis over those policies, accusing him in March of fascism in targeting members of the Black and LGBTQ communities.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Frost#1 DeSantis#2 show#3 Florida#4 stage#5
Post found in /politics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.03 19:15 subeam My mom thought raising me with "tough" love was the best move and now I'm dealing with the backfire in my adulthood

I'm pretty much no-contact with my mother and all of the things I wish I could say to her I'm choosing not to. Partly because I have no desire to reinitiate contact and partly because I know she'd just get defensive and angry and start the whole abusive cycle all over again. I want a mother in my life, but she seems determined not to change so I'm dealing with it by being no-contact.
When I think about my mom's actions and reasoning for raising me the way she did, it makes me so angry. She was my first (and only) bully. She always put me down. She would call me stupid, threaten to ship me off to my aunt all the way on the other side of the country-- even made me pack my clothes and bags as a scare tactic once or twice; she didn't care that I was an elementary school kid bawling my eyes out while packing my sneakers. As punishment, she would make me kneel on the ground with my hands straight up in the air for an hour or more. She wanted me to "feel how I feel every day at work while you're misbehaving." It took me until adulthood to realize that a good parent doesn't want a literal child to experience the harsh physical pain of an adult laborer. If my hands drooped or I started sitting because my knees hurt so much, I'd get in more trouble.
Other times I would be grounded for days at a time, but it wasn't the typical go-to-your-room grounding. I had to sit on a chair where she could see me. I had to sit there the whole day-- I wasn't allowed to go to my room or do anything else. Just had to sit there from morning to night and watch the rest of the family watch TV. I couldn't see the TV, of course, the chair was faced for the extra torture of watching them watch TV .
She constantly made fun of me for wearing jackets all the time. I just liked to keep my arms covered because I felt exposed and panicked when my arms were out. It didn't seem like such a big thing to be constantly ridiculed and mocked for. She nicknamed me FedEx specifically because "it's the weird kid from Cheaper by the Dozen, just like you." She also loved to tell me I chew food like a cow. She'd even do exaggerated facial expressions to show me what I looked like. I am still incredibly self-conscious eating in front of people I don't know well.
She did so much shit like the above, but that's not the worst part. The above I've mostly come to terms with and have worked through in my adulthood. The worst part was her "philosophy" of education. She was a typical immigrant mother who pushed education above all else. I wasn't allowed to get low grades-- and in her mind, anything less than a 90 was unacceptable. She would whip me with a belt for "bad" grades. She would chase me all over the house with the belt in her hand, screaming and cursing at me while I ran crying. An adult woman hunting down a young child.
One time, she whipped me so bad I had marks. And guess what? When we got to the parent-teacher conference, the teacher apologized for giving me an incorrect report card. The "C" that made my mom go berserk? Actually an "A". I was so relieved that at least the punishment would end; I never blamed the teacher because even back then I knew my mom's actions were not okay. That running around the house trying to catch your sobbing, terrified child so you could whip them with all your might was not normal. When we left the parent-teacher meeting and got back to the car, she didn't even turn to look at me in the backseat. She sat stiffly in the passenger seat, stared straight ahead, and just muttered an insincere "Sorry" through a clenched jaw. Exactly the kind of apology she would beat me and extend my groundings over (she had a whole methodology of how to "properly" apologize to her. If she deemed my apologies not sincere enough, I'd get in even more trouble and would later have to try again. I always felt like I was approaching some mighty king when I was summoned to her bedroom to deliver my apology.). Honestly, that parent-teacher conference still sticks in my memory because I was so stunned I got any apology at all. Fuck, my heart rate is going up and I'm getting anxious just remembering how I felt in the backseat of the car. I was just a 2nd grade kid-- I didn't deserve any of that.
My mother was, in general, a draconian "teacher". One of her "teaching" methods was to make me read books for hours, then I would be forced to stand in front of her while she flipped through the books and asked me specific questions. Mind you, she hadn't read the books so the kind of questions she would ask were very specific. I hated doing that shit. If I got any answers wrong I would have to go back and re-read the book until I could answer the questions. This could go all day depending on what I read. Her method of "correcting" me was to yell at me and get angry. This was her method for everything. Math, science, English, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning, talking, being. I was just constantly getting screamed at for every thing. Looking back, I know that kids need to be taught things-- as an adult now, I don't expect children to be dishwashing prodigies or cleaning gods. We get better over time, with practice, She never cared for that-- just wanted me to be good immediately.
As an adult, everything she "taught" me is backfiring on me and I'm holding the potato. I have so many issues surrounding failure because she spent 15 years of my life banging it into my skull that failure is terrible, failure is not an option, failure means you're stupid and bad and shouldn't be liked by anyone. I'm also dealing with the breakdown of her idea of discipline. She raised me to obey external authorities/drivers, not generate or indulge in my personal curiosity and motivations. What I learned from her I reinforced in school (never exploring things on my own, waiting for the instructor to hand out projects and prompts, only going as far as was asked of me, etc.) for k-12. That's a long time to build a bad habit. She always told me "I'm teaching you to be disciplined" but now as an adult I can clearly see she raised me to be an object waiting for someone else to put me in motion.
Yeah, that's actually exactly how I've felt for my entire childhood and into early adulthood. An object waiting for someone to put me in motion. And I hate that so much. I have no internal process or habit to accomplish what I want to. I start projects, meander, and then never get them done. I never went further than the surface level at school so, although I excelled, as an adult I feel like I don't know much. For a long time I didn't even know what I liked. I was just this husk of a person, this thin surface of a person, who just molded myself into whatever my mom wanted so I could escape trouble.
It's weird because I was also, in my own way, quite rebellious. Yet a lot of the ways I acted were defense mechanisms to save the important part of the thing I called my "self." It was like protecting a tiny flame from a terrible wind. When I could've been feeding the flame of my self into greater and greater expressions, I was instead spending all my time and energy keeping it alive, my small and flickering self.
Anyway, this got really long. I didn't realize I was keeping so much of this inside! I feel better having written it out. Even though I can't tell my mom any of this shit, at least I've told it somewhere. If you've made it this far, thank you, sincerely, for listening. I'm so proud of where I am today because I know where I came from and how much I've had to drag myself through the muck and the mire. I feel hopeful-- realizing all the above means I know the shape of the problem, right? Now that I know the shape, I can mold my issues into something more positive. I still have a lot of time to change my habits and find out what I like. Not too shabby for a kid whose only real question and goal for 15 years was "how the fuck do I survive my mom?"
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2023.06.03 19:15 SlippySloppyy Does anyone else have an utterly useless bf?

He never helps around the house, our shared living space. I ask him like “hey I need you to do x or y today, please” and he gets an attitude acting like he was about to do it when he knows damn well he was going to play a game for hours before AND after work. Also I’m not some crazy person who hates hobbies I would simply also like time for my own bc I am spending 1-4 hours daily keeping up with everything. I have so little time for myself that for the past few months I’ve been wasting what precious time I have crying about how much time I have been losing. I have tried talking to him about this so many times, but he just acts so arrogant about it and somehow makes me feel bad for even asking. I don’t feel like I have a partner at all, just some teen boy to take care of. Everywhere he goes it’s like a tornado went through the room. I tried leaving the messes in hopes that he would recognize them and fix it but he doesn’t care about living in a dirty place. We were long distance for years and he moved here two years ago. He would nit pick my sister who we lived with for not being more proactive about cleaning and now does the same. I am at my wits end. Also this is on mobile, sorry about the formatting.
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2023.06.03 19:15 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.03 19:14 NollieCrooks DT 770 80ohm headphones are too quiet, do I need an audio interface?

I’m plugging them directly into my MacBook Pro M1 and I have to turn the volume up pretty high to properly hear my mixes. Will an audio interface solve this for me? And if so, should I just get a Scarlett or opt for something better like the Volt 276 or Motu M2? For context I’m a beginner dabbling in various genres (bass house, trap, progressive house, breakbeat, trance).
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2023.06.03 19:14 covered_in_sponges Anybody got a (mostly currant) guide to who sleeps in which rooms? Trying to recreate Woodstone in the sims.

Got most of the outlining done, just looking to get accurate positioning for each character. From the sources I've tracked down, there should be 9 bedrooms in the house, four of which have been designated guest rooms (two of which have been specifically named). With a fifth (master) bedroom for Sam and Jay, that leaves 4 ghost rooms. Now, I know for a fact that specific rooming arrangements have been mentioned in an episode, but for the life of me I can't remember which one and can't seem to find the info anywhere.
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2023.06.03 19:14 antiheroine13 [ALBERTA] Landlord says it's our responsibility to pay for the ant infestation in the backyard

The backyard and the parking stall area behind the back fence is completely covered in anthills. Landlord says it's not his responsibility to pay for it. I did a bit of digging, and according to the Minimum Housing and Health Standards, section 5, subsection 16,
"The owner shall ensure that all rooms and other areas used in common by the occupants of the individual dwellings are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. (a) The owner shall ensure that the housing premises are free of insect androdent infestations"
So does this include the backyard and the parking stall? And also, I'm worried that if I'm able to bring this up to my landlord, that he would just find some sneaky way to evict us... is it even worth it?
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2023.06.03 19:13 Issy_bm How do I know what house I am in?

I have taken the quiz a couple of times and it seems to switch between hufflepuff and slytherin. I then took the extended quiz of all the questions and I got slytherin but people say they don’t really see me as a slytherin. How do I really know what house I should be in? I only want to know because I’m planning on buying merch for the house I am in.
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2023.06.03 19:13 daisnb Concerned about tub & tile install in shower

I moved into a home with a newly renovated bathroom. I've noticed two issues with the tub and shower but I'm not really sure how to go about fixing them.

1) The top left corner of the bathtub seems sunken in. Water pools here when anyone takes a shower. The tub looks level and the other corner is ok. Is there any way to fix this without removing the tub and reinstalling it? I've looked around but haven't seen any other advice that felt useful.
2) I have tiled mosaic in the shower. There are a few areas that have pockmarks in the grout joints. I'm worried about water seeping into the holes over time. Can I just patch up these small holes with more grout? In addition, when I clean the tile with a brush, I get small amounts of sediment accumulating in the tub when I rinse the shower out after cleaning. I'm wondering if this tile wasn't sealed properly (or if at all), and if thats something I should consider doing.
Images for showetub are here:
I've noticed some other areas of the house where the renovations were of sketch quality so I'm extra concerned about anything water erosion related, as I don't want to have bigger problems down the road with wood rot or mold...
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2023.06.03 19:13 RedBeezy Looking for guidance on remodel / room expansion

As the tile says, I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed or what the correct steps are. Skip the next paragraph if you don't need the backstory.
--My prior homes had amazing footprints in a desirable area. I bought the both spots at great deals during bad market times. They were nothing special, 1200 sq ft and 1300 sq ft but super dated. I lived in each one for 6 years and over the course of a year bought materials for a remodel. When I was ready, I demoed the pony walls around the kitchen, removed the floors, baseboards, doors, some windows, sealed some others, etc etc. For the most part, I measured, did the designs according to National Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling standards, I hired the floor guys directly, designed the cabinets and kitchen layout, etc etc etc. Hell, after an electrician upgraded my main panel and ran some mains I redid a lot of the electrical. I lived there so I wanted quality and flow and lifestyle to be up to par and everything seemed to work. Most inspections passed and if not they told me what was wrong and I generally could fix it, if not, I hired like a framer or plumber, or electrician, and definitely drywall.--
I moved again after these successful projects and wanted a bigger and better challenge. Something that would kind of be a test run as a full time business so I bought, again at a decent price but not great, 4,500 sq ft in a desirable area... I've got a pretty descent design on paper but the one thing that would make it perfect is expanding one room, the kitchen. The kitchen is one story, almost like a room addition to the house. I want to push the wall out 10 feet or so and open up the connection so instead of a 32" door way you get something like 6ft. The roof is lightweight concrete shingle with an A frame style roof and is on raised foundation so I thought I needed a pier foundation guy, a roofer, and a framer, then plumbing electrical flooring. Every trade I speak to says I need a GC and then they want me to work with an architect / engineer / designer and want them to order the cabinetry, the counters, the floors etc. The problem is, my cabinet guys pricing is better, the material is better, same with flooring, same with counters, and my brother married into a plumbing family who is top notch in my area.
I get needing structural stamps and the correctly spec'd material for things like long headers over a new sliding door (like an LVL beam) but am unsure how to proceed. I've requested the As-Build plans from my county and should have them in 30 days or so.
What do I do next? Do I take the as build to an architect with my design requests and they put together like a Build of Materials and engineering Spec Sheet? Then I go and hire the trades directly? I need to know exactly what materials I need in able to get a material cost and then I need a total labor cost in able for me to plan the entire project but I can't get past just this rough design.
And, although I have no real problem working with a GC, they never work out like I do. I am literally on site every day, making sure best practices like are being followed and using newer materials like epoxy grout in showers or trying to put in place Lutron Raw 3 wireless if I don't DIY myself and these guys are literally clueless. They use my projects as a test for the material, don't follow guidelines or instructions on spec sheets, and then charge me a change order. I'd rather just be responsible for any mistakes and pay a trade directly but again, I'm in a little over my head. Any help / guidance / advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.03 19:13 ComicStripsBot Three little pigs [Port Sherry]

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2023.06.03 19:12 OkRasmus 6700 xt for 400 bucks, 6800 for 510 bucks or 4060 ti for 500 bucks?

I want the best bang for the buck. Keep in mind, the 6700 xt and 6800 is on sale.
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2023.06.03 19:12 U_S_D91 Booked preconstruction townhouse in Cambridge

Just a rant. Booked my first house last year when market was at peak for 895k (1600 sqft). Now it’s closing in December and i’m having sleepless nights sometime.
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2023.06.03 19:12 Outrageous_Ice4240 Should I drop out?

I'm in high school. My last year. Everything has been moving so fast, and I can't believe it's June. I've partially left school before, for a little bit to get some stuff straight and I want to do that again (It didn't really work the first time) I want to take a pause. If I finish highschool and mess up my finals, I'll have to rewrite. I'm not saying I won't go back because I will. I just need to get my head screwed on straight. School is really weighing on me. I have a messed up sleep schedule. I barely eat three meals a day because my body feels too exhausted to get up or I have too many things to get done before school the next day. During the weekend, I get too anxious to leave the house. I think about the stuff I have to do because of school and it really knocks me down. I know I can't continue like this. I don't even know what I want to do with my life. If I want this life. Convincing my parents will be...interesting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙏
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2023.06.03 19:12 1xheaven WIBTA if I don’t go to my mom’s birthday party?

My brother sister and I decided to throw my mom a surprise birthday party. (It was my idea)
I (20f) bought the cake, catered the food, invited all her friends. I spend about 90% of the cost for her party.
We never planned a party for my mom she always does it for us. So I thought it would be nice for her to experience that as well . Although my brother and sister weren’t into it and I did most the work.
Yesterday, my sister and I were arguing about something in front of my mom (not related to the party) I guess I got loud during the argument and my sis and Brother are normally the opposite of me, super calm and my mom seems to like more of how they are than how I am.
I admit i need to work on becoming more of a calm person. I want to be more of a soft girl. I don’t like how I get super passionate about something and I get extremely loud about it. It’s the way I’ve always been and needs to change.
In this case, my sister was talking over me and I was trying to get her to listen to me, but it wasn’t working . So I just spoke even louder over her trying to prove my point 🤦‍♀️ I know I need to work on my communication skills.
So yesterday, after our argument I went upstairs to get my stuff and while I was coming down. My mom thought I couldn’t head her, and she started talking negatively about me. She Told my sister. “I think something is wrong with her brain” referring to me. and also said “She definitely has mental issues”
If she feels I have mental issues shouldn’t she communicate that with me if she truly felt concerned that I have mental issues? When she said it was in a rude way just to be mean and not helpful in anyway.
I don’t know why, but this hurt me a lot coming from my mother. Especially after working so hard to make sure her party is perfect. I feel like I make more of an effort to do nice things for my mom, but my mom appreciates my bro and sis more due to her liking their personality more. Am I being too sensitive or is this not a big deal to say about your daughter? When I came downstairs, I pretended like I didn’t hear what she said And she quickly changed the conversation and started acting like that didn’t Happen.
So I left the house and decided I won’t be going to her birthday party today which is today. I wasn’t happy my mother not only talked negatively about me but also she seems to have taken my sisters side during the argument when no side needed to be taken it was just a dumb sibling argument.
So WIBTA if I don’t go to her birthday party?
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2023.06.03 19:12 SpecificRush1183 Is it appropriate to form friendships with my 15 year old sister’s friends?

To provide background I’m a 22 years old guy. I graduated college. So technically I’m a full fledged adult. My sister still sees me as the cool older brother, but for the most part I leave her alone and do my own thing.
Last night she knocked on my door and asked me to come to her room so she could introduce me to her friends. They were smoking weed and I don’t wanna rat them out cause they aren’t hurting anybody and they’re in the house. Could be out doing a lot worse. So I got to know them a little bit and made small talk. One friend is 18 and they other is 15. I look super young for my age so they were talking to me pretty much as if I was a high schooler. It feels a little weird.
Is it wrong for me to have accepted my sister’s request to talk to them and be friends because of the age difference?
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2023.06.03 19:12 Midnightchickover CMV:If trans healthcare for children is banned on the grounds of being “experimental and dangerous to minors,” then conversion therapy should doubly be outlawed, entirely with zero exceptions for minors.

If the idea that children are harmed through gender affirming care, then why would conversion therapy be allowed. It’s essentially the same thing, based on the arguments and legislation used to limit or potentially ban trans-healthcare by lawmakers. themselves.
Gender (& sexuality) has created some highly contentious debates for decades and how it should be assessed or regulated in society. [1](ttps:// For this argument, trans-healthcare equates a person seeking to “change, reverse, or correct” their gender identity or biological sex assignment at birth.2 3
I can argue that, unlike trans-healthcare that conversion therapy is often against the child’s will and involves many controversial procedures, especially in regards to physical safety. I could very well argue that some of the procedures are clearly torture. “Some right-wing religious groups promote the concept that an individual can change their sexual orientation or gender identity, either through prayer or other religious efforts, or through so-called ‘reparative’ or ‘conversion’ therapy.” The research on such efforts has disproven their efficacy, and also has indicated that they are affirmatively harmful.
Beyond studies focused solely on reparative therapy, broader research clearly demonstrates the significant harm that societal prejudice and family rejection has on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people, particularly youth. 4. Even, within the United Nations, an expert on sexual orientation and gender, Victor Madrigal-Borloz believes a global ban should be placed on the very common practice of “reparative therapy.”5. The practices of torture can include corporeal punishment; solitary confinement; “…showing the patient homoerotic images; providing electric shocks; having the individual snap an elastic band around the wrist when aroused by same-sex erotic images or thoughts; using shame to create aversion to same-sex attractions; orgasmic reconditioning; and satiation therapy. Other techniques include trying to make patients’ behavior more stereotypically feminine or masculine, teaching heterosexual dating skills, using hypnosis to try to redirect desires and arousal, and other techniques—all based on the scientifically discredited premise that being LGBT is a defect or disorder.” 6
Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona have all banned gender affirming care for children. Mostly, on the grounds that the practices are not only harmful and abusive towards children, but has expressed arguments that “trans-healthcare” is “experimental, pseudoscience, and influenced by radical social changes,” mostly to gender norms and attitudes about sexuality.” Some bills authored the words of “sexual reassignment surgery,” in these builds, even though complete SRS is very uncommon amongst minors. 7.
Though, many states, such as Florida, Missouri, and Texas have also passed other anti-LGBTQ measures, such as cracking down on gender nonconformity; reporting minors to their parents or social services, or if they show symptoms of being “not only trans, but also exhibiting non-hetero normative behavior, such as gender nonconformity or showing interests in the same sex.” Some state laws go as far as removing “children from their homes” for their parents seeking “gender affirming therapy,” “exhibiting behaviors that go against gender identity norms,” or “even being out as a gay, lesbian, trans-, nonbinary, or queer person.” Some bills allow for parents, family, guardians, teachers, mentors, or any neighbors who encourage or provide support to these youth’s identities to be investigated or prosecuted themselves on the grounds of “child abuse.” As states, like Wisconsin continue to allow conversion therapy to exist for LGBTQ children, through workaround laws.[17}(
On the other hand, all of the nation’s leading professional medical and mental health associations have rejected “conversion therapy” as unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous. 6 For reasons that have already been discussed, many states on the West Coast and the North East US have banned both state and federal funding for “reparative therapy, as some have went further to completely banned the practice for the entire state.
Here arises the problem, many states do not have any legislation at all in regards to “conversion or reparative therapy.” Of the states that were previously mentioned: Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky do not have bans on conversion therapy. Although, many anti-child “conversion” therapy bills have been proposed, oftentimes they don’t have the support to get through the state legislature or was vetoed by the sitting governors of the time.8
In the more unique case, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida (with exceptions of a few South Florida counties) have made the efforts to ban the practice, as unconstitutional. Yes, it’s unconstitutional to ban conversion therapy, even if it involves minors. In states, like Florida, the topic of “conversion therapy” is phrased with words, like “free-speech,” “religious or personal beliefs, "or “protected speech- 1st amendment.” 9
Mat Straver, founder of the Liberty Counsel expressed the sentiments of the ban being struck down in the city of Tampa, earlier this year, release. “This is a great victory for counselors and their clients. Counselors and clients have the freedom of their choice and be free of political censorship from government-mandated speech.” 10
Judge Britt Grant, writing for the majority, cited a 2009 report from the American Psychological Association that found there had been a complete lack of “rigorous recent prospective research” on the practice. 11
Grant wrote, “We understand and appreciate that the therapy is highly controversial. But the First Amendment has no carveout for controversial speech. 11
Even though, “aversion, reparative, or conversion therapy” has a well-documented history of being more harmful than helpful to the patient, as well as resulting in consequences, such as “self-harm,” “lower self-esteem,” or “suicidal tendencies.”11
12 Furthermore, the practice of “conversion therapy” is treated as “a benign,” “useful,” and most of all, a very private personal…family matter. One that pertains to one’s personal religion or beliefs.
Though, trans healthcare has largely been effective for nearly all trans people or those questioning their gender assignment or identity as minors or adults. It’s not to say “de-transistioning individuals” don’t exist or are not valid, because they do need a voice and should be heard. But, it’s not a majority nor close to an even split in satisfaction rates, just as a person returning to their assigned gender identity at birth is unlikely. Following regret or dissatisfaction rates, trans healthcare has been shown to be highly effective in therapy, mediation, and medical treatment, as “regret” is common in nearly every treatment, procedure, or approaches to therapy.1314 15
The evidence that trans-healthcare is safe for children far outweighs the safety of conversion therapy for minors or lack thereof.16.
In the belief of the profound grey area, most religious institutions do not have a pointed belief or support against the existence of transgender people on the basis of “direct religious text” instruction. Meaning no holy book, scripture, or historical reference have deliberated the existence of transgender people, nor nonbinary, intersex, and other types of LGBTQ people with explicit instructions or commands.
Still, many state legislatures have taken upon itself, as well as its constituency to enforce policies and regulations upon many trans and other LGBTQ people on the grounds that their gender identities or sexuality is not only dangerous to themselves, but to the general public. It’s framed as if this is not what the child or family wants, nor the support of the education or community, but what legislators believe is best. Is child welfare, safety, and support actually the primary concern?
  7. 8.\_of\_U.S.\_jurisdictions\_banning\_conversion\_therapy
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2023.06.03 19:11 TaylorSwiftian The future of AI-driven entertainment will be something like Star Trek's holodeck

Within the next 15 to 25 years, it's possible that AI will disrupt mass entertainment industry such that a Star Trek-like holodeck will be the primary mode of entertainment by many consumers in first world countries. You would verbalize a custom scenario that you'd want to envision and the AI would replicate a personalize story where you are a participant or protagonist of that form of entertainment.
You could be a rock star, a medieval adventurer, a space explorer, or the master of a harem, but each experience would be customized to your specifications in a choose-your-own-adventure-style of role play. Since the AI would have all the past works of art in its database, it could even combine and recreate scenarios that even the most whimsical writer couldn't or wouldn't envision today. There wouldn't be any need for actors or vocal talent as the AI would be at your whim to replicate just the right characters you'd want to interact with. Why watch Tom Cruise in action when you could be him or even create other actors better suited to your preferences.
In the near term, the best way this could be done is through VR, but it's possible that a Star Trek-like holodeck could be viable before 2050. At first, the rich would select a room, like a house with a dedicated entertainment room, to use an their "holodeck" room. It would be a smaller version of the Volume stage used by Disney to produce its Obi-Wan TV series.
However, as visual projection technology improves and its costs come down, many middle class houses could boast having a dedicated room where families could have a holodeck-like experience either individually or together like households in the 1950s and 1960s bragged about having their own pool. Even if holodeck-like rooms are cost-prohibitive for some families, they'd still enjoy AI-driven entertainment through interfaces seem in anime like Sword Art Online.
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2023.06.03 19:11 Truth_Off_My_Back Right-To-Work

Idaho being so pro/anti I find it disheartening that it's still a RTW state. If you are not familiar Idaho became a RTW in 1985 and this allows employers to pay a lower wage and allow people to be fired for no reason among many other problems. RTW is not a singular problem this is a state wide problem. This can result in 15% lower wages and a decline in worker health care. Idaho is the second fastest growing state and the workers are the ones who are being left behind. We all want affordable housing and fair wages, making Idaho a unionized state would help many of OUR problems and provided a better living for everyone. Proper representation and knowledge is our greatest resource. I've seen 1st hand employers hiring from out of state and paying lower wages to jobs that are in Idaho. Jobs that could be done by local union contractors. I would like to hear people's views and opinions on this please. Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.03 19:11 Immediate_Bat_7793 Husband and Judge Friendship!!! Help!!!

Hi all. I recently lost primary custody of my children to my “soon to be ex husband”
This all happened back in August 2022. After years of abuse/domestic violence I decided to leave after 12 years and move on. My husband and I had a legal parenting agreement in place that allowed me to relocate as long as I gave him a 30 day notice. I decided to relocate for a better career opportunity which was 4 hours away from him (granted we would each be driving 2 hours away to exchange the children during weekend custody visits). As a result of the relocation the judge on our case decided that the children should go back to the home that the children originally grew up in, although it was full of trauma and abuse.
Fast forward to this week, my Son calls me and tells me hey Mom, I’m at my friends house- my friend in literally the child of the same Judge that was over you and Dads case. He remembers me and everything. My son even gave me his name and sure enough, that’s the exact Judge. To make a long story short, him and my husband have known each other and been friends for this long…… wouldn’t this be a conflict of interest? Do I have a case?
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