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2023.05.28 18:23 Midnightkillz Does this sound like CPPS? Doctors can't figure it out. So frustrated

Hello everyone. I read the intro on this sub for new people and wanted some feedback.
I am a 45 year old male, with an issue with pain in the penis as well as urination symptoms of feeling like I still have to go. The pain is now in the tip or the shaft.
I had 2.5 months ago an issue that won't go away. I woke up one morning and stopped my morning pee mid stream as i had a urine test before work and had to make it quick.. I went to the test and all was good. I went to work and later that morning started having pain when I would pee. It was at the start of the stream. It was momentary and after the pee went through it was fine. I did not have pain at all afterwards.
My gf had Bacterial vaginosis the day before and we had sex 2 days prior. I thought maybe this was that, but the pain never went away. Her pain was cured with some antibiotics. I went to the doctor a week later. My primary prescribed Levofloxacin for a week and sent me on my way. I took it and it didn't do anything. Pain was still there. I called the dr. He referred me to a urologist.
I went to the urologist appointment a week later. By this time my symptoms had changed, the week before. I now had a red flat spot in the center of my shaft on the underside. It was hard to notice if not looking for it as it wasn't raised and no blister. I also had sporadic urination issues where I was going every hour until 2-3pm when it go back to normal. Some dribbling too or I would pee and not feel like I was done peeing. I would also have a raw feeling on my shaft where that red mark was.
The urologist looked and didn't see anything from a physical exam. Gave me pills to stop urinary frequency (which i haven't taken) and set up for a ct scan. I got the ct scan of the abdomen (cost a ton even with insurance) and was cleared. Only thing that showed was l4 and l5 minor bulge and a benign fat deposit away from everything. Both my primary and urologist said everything looked fine. Said to give it time. My symptoms continued...
I called back my primary and asked for std tests. Got them all done, cleared. Was good there. I also went to urgent care and they gave me ketoconazole 2% as I had tried lotrimin and others thinking it was a weird form of jock itch (also my right side of my scrotum is red and itchy). I also called back the urologist who gave me a script for methyl prednisone (Medrol), which I haven't taken as that will counteract the anti-fungal, so I am waiting to see my results.
At least once a week i get these pains that are hard to describe. Its almost like the feeling of a panic attack but it only affects my genitals and sounding areas. It will go away if I walk, after 15 minutes and then back to the normal constant slight burning i feel.
This has all happened for 2.5 months and I am going nuts. I am getting married soon and can't even be intimate with my fiancé (not because it doesn't' work, as it does, just having cream on it and pain isn't a good thing) .
I am scheduled for a dermatologist next. I still have the frequent urination from time to time, a lot less of that, but the pain is always there. Some days it is a lot less then others. Some days it will feel like it is going away and then I go to sleep, wake up and an hour or two later its back. Its like sleep resets the body. Also I don't have pain when I am peeing. That part went away completely. The pain is when I am not peeing and the feeling like i have to go is there.
This all brought me here, and that's where I am at. I tried some pt stretches I seen on a youtube video and they really didn't do anything for my symptoms. I walk 1 hour a day already. I am on the computer 10 hours a day for work, so that probably isn't helping. My A1C levels also just came back as pre-diabetic, So I changed my diet for the last month and eliminated all added sugar.
What bothers me most is the urologist barely saw me. It was one and done and only talks via phone messages to an assistant. Prescribing prednisone without seeing me further. Don't know if that is even a thing for this. I figured I would get more testing, although I dread having a cystoscopy.
I just want this nightmare to be over and be back to normal. I am sure you all can relate. Does any of this sound like cpps?
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2023.05.28 18:20 ThaDonXO Aprimon Breedject Giveaway Pt. 2

Hi there again,
As a continuation of last night's giveaway....
I’m trying to clear up some box space in SV and thought it would be a perfect time to host a giveaway!
I have a bunch of on-hands spare Aprimon breedjects; some with their HA some without and assorted in nature with random IVs.
If you would like one:
  1. Post your trainer name (IGN) and the last two digits of a link code.
  2. I will be using Link Code 1915 61__. You will provide the last two digits to this code.
  3. Post which Aprimon you would like. You may request as many as you like.
I’ll respond to your comment with “searching” and will search 3 times before moving on to the next comment so please make sure you’re readily available to trade. I will not hold or take reservations.
Please no eggs or Pokemon that evolve via trade.
Make sure to keep checking the list below as I will be updating the list as I go along.
The following is a list of Pokemon I'm giving away. Make sure to keep checking the list below as I will be updating as I go along.
Ball Pokemon HA Quantity
Beast Rotom No 1
Dream Larvitar No 14
Dream Lechonk No 3
Dream Impidimp No 1
Dream Tadbulb No 1
Fast Growlithe No 1
Fast Shinx No 3
Friend Applin Yes 0
Friend Larvitar No 15
Heavy Cetoddle No 10
Heavy Rookidee No 1
Level Goomy No 1
Level Tadbulb No 1
Love Cetoddle No 11
Love Impidimp No 8
Moon Axew No 8
Moon Gible No 3
Moon Cyclizar No 3
Moon Cyclizar Yes 0
Moon Pawniard No 5
Moon Pichu Yes 2
Moon Ralts No 1
Moon Tarountula No 1
Thank you, Happy Trading :)
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2023.05.28 18:15 IKneedtoKnow Squinting patella, chondromalacia, don’t know what to do

Squinting patella, chondromalacia, don’t know what to do
I’m a 33-year-old woman with knees that are confusing me. I’m pretty active, gym four times a week, yoga. I did martial arts for years starting at 17 (before that I wasn’t very active) and that’s when my problems started, I started having aches and cracks, and then I hyperextended my left knee which resulted in some torn cartilage floating around that I had scoped and removed when I was 21. Fast forward to now and my knees are causing me grief. I’ve done PT on and off over the last few years with a sports PT who’s also a certified trainer and he’s been great, I’ve built up my quads, glutes, hamstrings, etc. and it all helped for a time, but now I’m in pain no matter what and he’s told me that there’s nothing more PT can do for me. I’ve been told I have chondromalacia patella at grade 2 verging on 3, that I have squinting patellae (kneecaps face inwards) and one doctor says I have patella alta, while another says I don’t. I have an old MRI from 2011 which mentions patella alta, and my most recent one which says I don’t have it. Frustrating! I have no idea what to do. I’m in Jamaica and the options for cartilage repair are slim, no MACI. I’m going back to my usual ortho tomorrow, who specialises in sports medicine, but I feel so frustrated and lost, like there’s nothing that can be done. I just wanted to share because I know everyone on here can relate to feeling lost when it comes to our knees.
Here's an xray of the old knees:
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2023.05.28 18:05 BionicleDino Pink Floyd Discography Round 12 of 14

The Wall has been torn down.



  • Meddle
  • The Dark Side of the Moon
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Animals


Rank Album Votes Against Percentage Runner-Up
5th place The Wall 44/88 votes 50% 38/88 (43.2%)
6th place The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 43/75 votes 57.3% 21/75 (28%)
7th place A Saucerful of Secrets 44/72 votes 61.1% 14/72 (19.4%)
8th place Atom Heart Mother 31/64 votes 48.4% 20/64 (31.3%)
9th place The Division Bell 27/73 votes 38% 17/73 (23.9%)
10th place Obscured by Clouds 18/64 votes 28.1% 14/64 (21.9%)
11th place The Final Cut 30/60 votes 50% 11/60 (18.3%)
12th place More 25/48 votes 52.1% 14/48 (29.2%)
13th place Ummagumma 19/49 votes 38.8% 16/49 (32.7%)
14th place A Momentary Lapse of Reason 17/47 votes 36.2% 15/47 (31.9%)
15th place The Endless River 19/45 votes 42.2% 10/45 (22.2%)



join our discord!

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2023.05.28 17:59 MellonCollieisbest What has creepier lyrics, the glow pt. 2 or in the aeroplane over the sea?

I honestly think glow part 2. Look at the lyrics for I felt your shape. What are your opinions?
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2023.05.28 17:38 Iron3400 Just finished the last Event quest (5 wins). The event page is now gone, but I haven’t gotten the video quest yet today which I need to get the last rewards- did I just get screwed?

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2023.05.28 17:34 Gargus-SCP Related Works - Wesley Dodds as The Sandman (Jan-Jul 1941): Troubled Sleep

After a 1940 defined by gathering strengths and refinement across the feature, the early months of 1941 bring a few troubling portents behind-the-scenes for Fox's affectionately termed Grainy Gladiator. Nothing ruinous in itself, but signs of an upcoming radical shift away from what the character represented to start.
For one, the April issue of Adventure Comics (#61) brings with it a new cover feature, Ted Knight AKA Starman, courtesy writer-artist Jack Burnley. Already the second lengthiest entry in the book at nine pages, Starman quickly managed what neither Sandman nor Hourman could during their respective years as star attractions and upgraded to a full thirteen pages by his third appearance in #63. For context, Sandman only went from six pages to ten with its upgrade, while Hourman has remained rockstaedy at eight pages, and neither took down another non-superhero supporting feature to justify the page increase like Starman did Barry O'Neil and Mark Lansing. Moreover, from Starman's second appearance on, he is only drawn by Burnley; writing duties now belong to the Sandman's own Gardner Fox.
Which loops in with two other issues at play over Wesley's tossing, turning figure. Starting with issue #61, available online sources no longer fully agree who wrote what for the Sandman feature. You must understand, outside superstar figures with major pull like the creators of Superman or Batman, very few creative teams are properly credited in these Golden Age comics - my credits the last few posts have all been crossreferenced across numerous wikis and databases who owe their credits to investigative work by fans like Jerry Bails back in the 1960s. Such work was sadly not exhaustive, and while a few places (like DC Continuity Project and Wikipedia) state or else imply Fox stayed on as writer for the next few issues, from June to November there is no consensus as to who penned the stories.
I shouldn't be surprised if Fox's involvement terminated with the March issue, for April also saw All-Star Comics shift its format slightly, with Fox writing all nine interior stories for the 64 page mag in addition to his duties on the longer Starman feature. Man would have to work double time to keep pace, even if Sandman didn't drop to eight pages with #62 in May. Either way, Fox is certainly gone following #64 in July, as that issue features the final story drawn by regular artist and co-creator Creig Flessel, who departs to work on Shining Knight later in the year. As I say, things are changing fast for Sandman, and not all changes seem necessarily for the better. Best, however, to take the stories on their own level before drawing any final conclusions!
Coverage note: This entry goes to July rather than June for the sake of my sanity. If I stopped midway through the year, I'd only need cover seven features here, but the back half of '41 would require coverage of eleven. A nine-nine split feels much more feasible.
Orchids of Doom - Gardner Fox, Creig Flessel, Chad Grothkopf
Once again, a socialite friend to Wes and Dian is at the center of a minor mystery with big implications - namely, how can Pedro Nogades, father to Carla, rightly claim he breeds otherwise purely wild orchids in captivity? Investigating as the Sandman, Wes and Dian find a dead man in the Nogades greenhouse with his head stripped to the bone, and in following another fellow who sniffed an orchid before promising a shipment of such to some ruffians on the bad side of town, see his own face dissolve to bare skull. A visit to the police chemist reveals the orchids on the dead men's persons were laced to release a deadly flesh-eating gas on exposure to natural air, which is enough probably cause for Wesley to enlist Carla's boyfriend Bill in staging a raid on the Nogades manor. Some close shaves and fisticuffs end with the group discovering a diorama of the local coast, laid out to assist enemy agents in an invasion. Pedro is put away and the orchids revealed as concealing microfilm copies of the coastal plans, but how do we square the mystery that started it all? Simple: Nogades was no botanist, and called the flower by the wrong name when concocting his cover story!
An alright yarn to kick of the calendar year. As per usual when Fox tries for a somewhat complicated mystery, he's no adequate means of tying off loose ends other than large blocks of text, but it's lively and keeps the situation evolving with decent justifications for mid-story action and dragging Bill along for further fisticuffs. Hooking the entire mystery on, "Oh, the bad guy misspoke," is a tad lame, if understandable in the context of Fox's passion for slipping general knowledge flexes into his stories. Flessel and Grothkopf get some good mileage out've the skull imagery that crops up whenever the flower kills, and I rather like the brief bout of fisticuffs towards the end. The minor social awkwardness when Bill gets in the car with Wes and Dian is pretty good too, and I'm sorry to report I can't add this story to the "Wesley getting shot" count, as the bad guy only plugs his hat. Kinda funny having a Golden Age Sandman story involving orchids given Neil's own pre-Sandman work with Black Orchid, innit?
The Story of the Flaming Ruby - Fox, Flessel, Grothkopf
There exists a ruby of blazing red, which has driven men to rage and madness wherever it appears, and today it sits in the hand of a young man in the local jeweler's shop, who flashes it cross Dian's vision. Later in the evening, she wakes in a trance consumed with the urge to kill her father, stopped only by Sandman as he rushes in from investigating a similarly queer case. A bank teller friend from his private life has found himself driven to steal from the vault and deliver it to some crooks on a lonely road every night, all after one of those men flashed him the ruby. Wes and Dian are unable to stop this night's transaction (on account of the ruby briefly turning Dian against Sandman), but seeing the gem in action gives Wes an idea on how to counteract its effects, and go into battle during the next drop armed with blue cobalt glasses. A brawl puts down all the blackmailers except one, but Wes opts instead to go after the head of the operation, knocking him out and lurking in the dark to catch the last as he reports in, revealing the bank teller! Turns out the ruby DOES have hypnotic properties and was used to assist their robberies, but the teller - hoping by playing at the victim to lure Sandman into his cohorts' midst and rub him out - spoke as if he remembered the whole experience, where Dian forgot herself on every exposure. Oops!
Same basic mystery structure and resolution type here as last month, complete with overly-wordy explanation, although I find the hook of pitting Dian and Wesley against one another gives it a minor leg up, as does the relatively straightforward nature of the criminal operation compared to planting microfilm in deadly flowers. There's a more even balance between the rush in bust 'em up style of crime-fighting the feature has developed and the stealthy skullduggery I think suits the character best, with nice action art to match each. Dian has some silly faces whenever she wakes from her hypnosis, and the four panel sequence of Wes halting her murder attempt works pretty well. This is, unfortunately, the final pencil-inking collaboration between Flessel and Grothkopf, and much as I've kvetched over the second man's solo work, I'm sorry to see the back of him in this capacity. When the two were in proper tune, they were the best artistic team Sandman enjoyed yet.
(Stop dodging bullets, I want to see you gunshot.)
Mystery at Malay Mac's - Fox, Grothkopf
Hey, a rare post-Hourman, pre-redesign cover appearance! That's always nice. "Hello, officer? Yeah, coupla chucklefucks right here, the alley off Fourth, can't miss 'em."
What's this? Dian breaking into a notorious criminal slumlord's safe in the bad part of town? A safe, as Wes discovers after he scares the lady off, filled to the brim with poison gas! Evidently not, as Dian is sound asleep when Wes arrives at Belmont manor to investigate, and a subsequent visit to Mister Mac reveals the only person who'd know the safe was booby-trapped is a local kidnapping organizer. Some blind, flailing fists turns up the girl, Dian's perfect duplicate, snatched from out of state to replace Dian and gain leverage over the cops. Too bad the kidnapper's made of strong stuff, knocking out Sandman and taking both woman for a ride to get back at Mac. Fortunately, Dian leaves Wes a trail of jewelry out the window, enabling him to follow and take down all the crooks with one throw of his gas pistol, revealing in the process 'twas Mac himself who tipped Dian's duplicate to his safe, in hopes of spoiling his rival's big plot.
Art-wise, this is probably Grothkopf's best work for Sandman to date. His tendency to exaggerate is translated into some properly goonish faces for the villains and really, really strong action poses, with some properly atmospheric shots sprinkled in for good measure. He cannot draw the gasmask for piss, but there's such an improvement I almost thought this was a Flessel joint before checking the wiki credits. Makes me wish we could see what he'd do if he kept on as a solo artist - free from the impulse to treat the feature as a cartoon, he produces damn fine work. As a story, this makes good time to mention my misgivings with Wesley's tendency to burst through windows and start swinging long before he thinks to use his sleeping gas. While it's great fun to describe and hype up as the mark of a madman who's even cooler as the badass normal than Batman, it also encourages a faster degradation in the character's identity. I'm sure you'll notice it's been yonks since lurking in the shadows and thinning the ranks by knocking them out in advance has factored into the stories. That Wes handles the bad guy by literally clonking him over the head with the gas gun rather than pulling the trigger speaks to the influence other, punchier superhero features have exerted over the strip.
The Menace of the Metal Gun - Fox?, Flessel
From aboard a mysterious aircraft, a madman fires upon the city with a metal-melting ray that dissolves the skyscrapers into slag! Alerted to Doctor Borloff's activities, Wesley meets with swift defeat when the rogue scientist melts his gas gun and escapes in his cylindercraft to terrorize afresh. There IS a bright side, as seeing the ray firsthand gives Wesley some idea how to counteract its effects, and he sends Dian and her father warning for the local airforce to coat their planes in sand as a silicate buffer against the ray. Alas, only one officer heeds his message, leaving Sandman alone to get aboard the machine via his new wirepoon gun and defeat Borloff from within. For his brawling process, a good midflight fight is nothing if the hero gets tossed out an open door, but fortunately he can grapple onto the lone surviving plane, recover his bearings, zip back up, and put a stop to Borloff's dreams of world conquest once and for all!
Action is the name of the game here, and even without Grothkopf's inking enhancements, I think Flessel does a fine job on his own. I'm wary of the wirepoon in the future, as by year's end it will completely replace the gas gun as Sandman's sidearm of choice in further drift from the original Christman concept, but taken as a neutral in its debut, giving Sandman greater aerial mobility does lead to some cool shots and enhance the sense Wes goes stark bananas in the mask by pulling some stunts that would almost certainly pull his arms from their sockets in real life. There are, however, some particularly stiff action shots, and in one panel Flessel cocks up the design on the mask worse than Grothkopf last ish. Based on the opening vignette, Borloff decimated millions of innocent lives in addition to all the planes he melted out of the sky, making him easily the deadliest foe Wes has faced to date, and in turn making the "We did it, gang, everything is bright and peachy again!" ending sorta offputting. They'll have to organize mass funerals tomorrow, Wes. Show a little respect.
For America and Democracy: The Grey Shirts - Fox, Grothkopf
In the top-level story, the JSA learn of their mission for the FBI: a group of Nazi insurgents known as the Grey Shirts are plotting subversive and destructive activities all across America, and are now posed to badly destabilize the nation in a series of disruptive attacks. Each is assigned a mission at critical points cross the nation, though given the widely-ranging disparity in their powers, their usefulness to the cause varies equally wildly. The Atom humiliates some goons spreading Nazi ideology at a single college, Hawkman barely prevents the destruction of an aviation plant in California, and Hourman's defense of an Oklahoma oil field ends with him toppling one of the oil towers to stop his quarry. Meanwhile, Green Lantern detonates a zeppelin secretly jamming radio transmissions nationwide, the Spectre casually annihilates some otherworldly vampiric globes sympathetic to Hitler's cause, and Doctor Fate uses his magic to out every single spy on the eastern seaboard. Uneven efforts or not, the group converge on the Grey Shirts' ringleader, and with a little help from Johnny Thunder, turn him over to good ol' J. Edgar Hoover's custody. Alas, Wesley does not get the blood he's thirsting after.
(Also Doctor Fate alerts Wesley to the identity and location of the ringleader before his mission starts rather than letting him figure it out on his own like everyone else. Prick.)
For his six-page leg of the assignment, the Sandman is off to El Paso, Texas to assist a local newspaper under threat from the Grey Shirts for printing pro-democracy and anti-Hitler editorials. Of course, this being Wesley Dodds on the job, he gets this information by roughing his way into the newspaper offices, then acts on it by beating on the guard at the Grey Shirts' camp and pounding down a band of brainwashed young men to prove he's a better American than them. After sending the wannabe Nazis for a whirl by running their bomb shipment off the road, Wesley doubles back to completely break the recruits' spirits, daring them to prove their hard enough by shooting an unarmed man in Hitler's name, chiefly himself. When none can cut the mustard, he marches them back into town with collars strapped to his car, and inspires the lot to join the Army to a few shirtless bars of "God Bless America."
Cripes but jingoism produces some heady results, doesn't it? I'm not sure I can rightly condone the ridiculous levels of patriotism on display here, even against such classically anti-American enemies as Nazis, yet at the same time, look at this and tell me it isn't the hardest shit you'll see all week. Again, though I've my misgivings about Wes as a brawler no matter how entertaining the results prove, there's something endearing about him being so raring for a fight his first move is to altercate the receptionist at the place he's assigned to defend. On the whole, Grothkopf's final Sandman contribution also shows refinement from his earlier works, the broader, thicker elements of his linework now tempers on a somewhat more grounded approach. Certainly the Sandman himself keeps a consistent look better than he does in any other issue published thus far this year. I DO notice he reused Flessel's design for the District Attorney wholesale on the newspaper publisher. Since he's going and heading out on a job well done, let's not hold it against him, eh?
The Purple Death Ray - Fox?, Flessel
At the nightly planetarium show, a member of the audience screams and falls down dead, stricken by a litany of strange symptoms with no obvious cause. Wesley, believing the man was killed by a death ray, examines the auditorium's projector, only to find no obvious alterations or fault. Undeterred, he purchases himself a seat next to the murdered man's for the next show, which is now occupied by another fellow who received a last-second courtesy invitation. Acting quickly, the Sandman reexamines the projector from the shadows and finds a replacement bulb screwed into the socket pointed directly at the man's chair. With assistance from his wirepoon, Sandman swings down and wrenches the man from his seat just as the show starts, the bulb bathing his seat in deadly radiation. On learning the man is a former judge and the deceased a former DA, it's not long before Wes ferrets out the killer; it's the cashier, a former scientist sent to jail for misappropriating university funds years ago, out for revenge and now stopped cold.
See, while I'm skeptical about the growing presence of science-fiction elements in the series, they make fine fodder when they play to Sandman's strengths. Lurking high above a crowd of people seeking the answer to some deadly mystery is exactly Wes' bag, and plus or minus some strange mask drawings, Flessel captures that thrill of closely examining a big deadly machine in secret before it fires. I'd submit the page where Sandman saves the judge from the beam as an easy contender for best of the year thus far, and the shot where [Wes pushes Dian away from the killer's bullet](blob: is another fine piece of work. My memories of this one before sitting down to reread and write were a lot chillier, probably because I wish the series remained in crime pulp rather than raygun pulp, but a good outcome is a good outcome. Seriously, though, why is the mask going so bobble-eyed of late?
The Voodoo Sorcerer - ???, Flessel
As Dian and Wesley tiff over his interest in an exotic dancer they know through a mutual friend, the woman's tail-lashing dance is interrupted when she sees a great glowing triangle materialize before her eyes. With the shock straining her bad heart, the Sandman brings her to boyfriend's house, where he reveals the triangle is a voodoo witch doctor's means of accusing someone of murder - just as news comes over the wire that the man the woman lashed with her costume tail has died! Smelling a rat, Wes rushes to the scene of the crime to find the taile barbed with poison quills, only for the titular sorcerer to bumrush him out the window. It's a big misunderstanding, thankfully: he's as shocked by the murder as Sandman, and only summoned the triangle on suggestion from an acquaintance, forgetting the dancer would know its significance through her partner. By happiest coincidence, this provides Wesley the solution to the mystery right quick, for only his friend's chauffeur would have motive, opportunity, and knowledge to frame his employers and their associates for the murder of a stock broker who owed them money.
Hmm, ah, see, on the one hand, it IS nice that the voodoo guy is innocent of everything except a lapse in judgement and the real twist is an unassuming little man exploiting the mystery and fears around his craft to cast suspicion off his person. On the other hand, eek, yike, zoinks! None good. Bad, even. Outside unfortunate depictions of non-white persons from the 1940s, the story's pretty weak for a murder mystery, as numerous elements are evidently known to the characters well in advance, yet only made clear to the reader right before they become relevant, like the exact identity of the murdered man. It's only eight pages, so there's little opportunity to piece information together on your own time, and as such it is heavily reliant on narrative cheats to generate cheap surprise. About the best thing here is the big page-dominating panel of Wesley swinging through the city on his wirepoon, unconscious woman tucked under arm. Kinda hard to convincingly raise my dander about what it means for the character and his feature when it's successfully operating on the long-standing principle of "masked mystery men swinging on a wire through skyscrapers looks really cool." S'like a solid fifth of the formula behind why Spider-Man is so enduringly popular.
(Also not a big fan of how Wes dismisses Dian from participating in the case without any adequate reason why. She calls him out over it, even, and nothing in the story justifies his decision to fly solo on this one.)
The Unseen Man - ???, Flessel
Dian's purchase of paints from a local hobby shop includes quite the unusual accidental item: a paint that turns anything and everything invisible on contact. Determined to solve this mystery on her own, Dian investigates the shop with the dealer's cooperation, only for the dread Unseen Man to get the drop on her. Fortunately, Sandman is there to save her because he won't let Dian do anything on her own; unfortunately, Dian doesn't know Wes can see her attacker through his blue cobalt lenses and pulls him away, thinking him mad and letting the Unseen Man go free. As reward for her screw up, she's targeted in her home the next night, only for Wes to barge in again, having anticipated the only possible secret identity for the crook would make him likely to strike back at Dian. It is, unsurprisingly, the hobby shop owner, who Wes turns over to the police before heading out to patent his invisibility paint with the United States Army.
Alright, it's definitely not Gardner Fox writing anymore, because I cannot imagine Fox treating Dian so poorly. I gave her some dignity in summary, but this story is plain dumping all over her as a fussy, incompetent tryhard who fails at investigating on her own on account her womanly ways. Just look at the sheer antagonism between her and Wes; you two are partners, she's saved Sandman's skin like a dozen times, worn his costume and wielded his gas gun to do it once, even! Don't try to BS me into thinking Wes would run this paternalist "let me handle it, Dian, I wear the pants in this relationship" crap on her. You're only alive because she's worn your fucking pants. Otherwise, 'nother instance where the story and art alike don't give me much of note. I reckon Flessel was about done with the series with Fox gone and sorta phoned in his last few assignments. They're nowhere near the standard of his early solo artistic duties on the title. There IS another good wirepoon swinging shot, if one counterbalanced by a crummier instance with yet another weirdly-proportioned mask.
The Mysterious Mr. X: The Kidnapper's Union - Fox, Cliff Young
The Justice Society are bored. Bored, bored, bored. Why are they bored? There is no crime. Not a single ruffian or scoundrel or roughneck lawbreaker anywhere in the city! Where did crime go? Crime has taken an enforced vacation, courtesy the plans of big crime boss Mister X (hats off), as prelude to his big plans for taking out the JSA and putting all his criminal enterprises back on easy street. It's quite the collection of rackets out against the superheroes - an arsonist ring for Flash, a jewel snatching gang for Hawkman, leader of the phony fortune teller underworld against Doctor Fate, even hard-pressing gym membership shakedowns for the Atom! Naturally our heroes triumph, though every one also encounters a strange little man idly strolling through their battlegrounds. He's so omnipresent despite his mousiness, he's even there when they convene at the police station to organize Mister X's (hats off) arrest. Except this unassuming slip of a man? He IS Mister X (hats off), and with the Justice Society having taken all the fun out've crime, he's turning himself in to live comfortably on the state's dollar in jail. WHOOPSY-DOODLE!
For his six-page part in the game, Sandman must contend against the kidnapper's union, who naturally enough have abducted Dian to get his attention. Not only have these lowlives taken Dian hostage (though she doesn't particularly mind), they've taken out phony accident insurance claims against themselves should the hero injure any of them en route to his untimely death! Nobody quite expects Wes to avoid the sniper-guarded roads to their remote hilltop hideout, though, and a quick wirepoon swing over the canyon (complete with Mister X - hats off - sighting) puts him right in the criminal den. From there, it's a simple biff wham boom to take down the punks and disarm their supporting fire. Alas, Sandman is once again only in the loop on the true nature of the threat against the JSA because someone notifies him from their own investigation, this time Flash via telegram. Let him do his own detective work, you pricks!
Right. You see these panels? You see Dian being calm and collected in the midst of a kidnapping operation? You see Wes trusting her with a submachine gun to keep watch on the fools who mean them harm? Yeah, THAT'S Fox writing Dian. Whoever's writing the Adventure feature at this time ought've taken notes. Artistically, Young makes a fine replacement for Grothkopf and Flessel in Adventure - he can match the first for goons, the second for action, manages a nice turnaround effect before Wes swings on his wirepoon, and even gives us a by-now all-too-rare heavy shadow shot on Wes and Dian. I'm a big fan of the lead kidnapper who calls the JSA the "Justiss Sassiety," and find this instance of Mister X (hats off) the second best in the book, behind only his appearance in the Hourman story, which I think speaks for itself. Probably the only time I'll express preference for something Hourman related over Sandman.
The loss of all three major contributors to the Sandman feature across early 1941 and the crunch down to eight pages has certainly made the Adventure Comics side of the Sandman line a rockier experience. It's still possible to derive enjoyment from the wonky mysteries and higher-concept criminals, but one must accept atmosphere and and particularity have been near-entirely sacrificed for generalized bombast and louder appeal. Don't misunderstand, I've become a fan of Wesley Dodds, Fist-Swinging Bullet Sponge, and my past praises for him aren't diminished by the realization of what this has done to his integrity as a character circa today's stopping point. The trouble is, while I enjoy this half-mad, impossibly reckless read on the character, it simply no longer bears any resemblance to the early days' lurking and creeping through the seedier parts of town. There's a great series of justifications running through the Sandman concept - he's no powers, so he uses the gas gun, so he needs the gas mask, which hides his identity so perfectly it frees him to wear the ordinary business suit, which highlights his vulnerability. Fling him around like a ragdoll who knows no fear of injury or death, although I'll clap for the bravado of it all, I must object if it means any notion he should be sneaky or cautious degrades.
Especially if it means the gas gun vanishes from the character. It hasn't met its final end just yet, but for this seven month block it's proven a very perfunctory aspect of the strip, hung by his side and occasionally brandished without acting as an integral part of the action or storytelling. The wirepoon has subsumed its function as the sidearm, and while I must stress there are plenty aces shots of Wes swinging that fully justify its prominence, taking precedence over the thing that makes him the Sandman, Crimefighter What Fights Crime By Putting The Criminals To Sleep plain rubs me the wrong way. Be awful nice i we could have both without the new toy putting the old out to pasture, y'know? It's not led to anything I'd full-throatedly object over just yet, but... ach, you'll see next time. Speaking of...
Next time! 1941 comes to a close as Wesley picks up another feature to his name, and also a stupid, ugly new costume!
(Previous write-ups: 1939, 1940 pt 1, 1940 pt 2)
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2023.05.28 17:29 Onil1226 Gestão do Plantel 2023/2024 - Em Construção

Gestão do Plantel 2023/2024 - Em Construção
Tópico para acompanhar a constituição do nosso plantel para a próxima temporada - nomeadamente ao nível de entradas, permanências e saídas - mas também como um espaço para sugerirem movimentos no mercado não noticiados que, na vossa opinião, ajudariam a aprimorar o nosso clube a nível de qualidade e de opções

Plantel Atual (28/05/2023)

Nome Posição Idade Clube 22/23 País Valor TM Contrato
99 João Gonçalves Guarda Redes 22 Boavista Portugal 100k 2025
12 César Dutra Guarda Redes 31 Boavista Brasil 200k 2024
79 Pedro Malheiro Lateral Direito 22 Boavista Portugal 1M 2025
- Gonçalo Almeida Lateral Direito 20 Vila Meâ Portugal - 2025
2 Reggie Cannon Defesa Central 24 Boavista Estados Unidos 4M 2025
23 Vincent Sasso Defesa Central 32 Boavista França 500k 2024
26 Rodrigo Abascal Defesa Central 29 Boavista Uruguai 800k 2024
62 Pedro Gomes Defesa Central 19 Atlético CP Portugal 100k 2025
5 Chidozie Awaziem Defesa Central 26 Hajduk Split Nigéria 5M 2025
70 Bruno Onyemaechi Lateral Esquerdo 24 Feirense/Boavista Nigéria 1M -
6 Ibrahima Camará Médio Centro 24 Moreirense/Boavista Guiné-Conacri 600k 2026
24 Seba Pérez Médio Centro 30 Boavista Colômbia 1,5M 2025
42 Gaius Makouta Médio Centro 25 Boavista República do Congo 2M 2024
18 Ilija Vukotic Médio Centro 24 Boavista Montenegro 400k 2025
10 Miguel Reisinho Médio Centro 24 Boavista Portugal 200k 2025
16 Joel Silva Médio Centro 20 Boavista Portugal 100k 2026
80 Berna Médio Ofensivo 19 Boavista Portugal 100k 2024
8 Bruno Lourenço Médio Ofensivo 25 Boavista Portugal 600k 2025
21 Salvador Agra Extremo Direito 31 Boavista Portugal 500k 2024
71 Diego Llorente Extremo Direito 21 Leça República Dominicana 100k -
77 Luís Santos Extremo Direito 23 Boavista Portugal 300k 2024
19 Ricardo Mangas Extremo Esquerdo 25 Boavista Portugal 1M 2025
30 Cristiano Fitzgerald Extremo Esquerdo 19 Boavista sub-19 Irlanda - 2026
73 Tiago Morais Extremo Esquerdo 19 Boavista/Leixões Portugal 450k 2026
59 Martim Tavares Ponta de Lança 19 Boavista Portugal 400k 2024
90 Tiago Machado Ponta de Lança 19 Boavista sub-19/Boavista Portugal - 2028
17 Manuel Namora Ponta de Lança 25 Felgueiras Portugal 150k 2024
27 Jeriel De Santis Ponta de Lança 20 Cartagena B Venezuela 500k 2025
Total Jogadores: 28 (2 GR 8 DF 8 MC 10 AV) Treinador: Petit Contrato até 2024


Nome Posição Idade Clube 22/23 País Valor TM Contrato Nota
Gonçalo Almeida Lateral Direito 20 Vila Meâ Portugal - 2025 Regresso de empréstimo
Pedro Gomes Defesa Central 19 Atlético CP Portugal 100k 2025 Regresso de empréstimo
Chidozie Awaziem Defesa Central 26 Hajduk Split Nigéria 5M 2025 Regresso de empréstimo
Bruno Onyemaechi Lateral Esquerdo 24 Feirense/Boavista Nigéria 1M - Opção de compra acionada
Diego Llorente Extremo Direito 21 Leça República Dominicana 100k - Regresso de Empréstimo
Tiago Morais Extremo Esquerdo 19 Boavista/Leixões Portugal 450k 2026 Regresso de Empréstimo
Manuel Namora Ponta de Lança 25 Felgueiras Portugal 150k 2024 Regresso de Empréstimo
Jeriel De Santis Ponta de Lança 20 Cartagena B Venezuela 500k 2025 Regresso de Empréstimo


Nome Posição Idade Clube País Valor TM Nota
Rafael Bracali Guarda Redes 42 - Brasil 100k Fim de Carreira
Robson Reis Defesa Central 23 Santos Brasil 150k Fim de Empréstimo
Augusto Dabó Lateral Esquerdo 19 - Portugal 100k Fim de contrato
Filipe Ferreira Lateral Esquerdo 32 - Portugal 300k Fim de contrato
Masaki Watai Médio Ofensivo 23 Tokushima Vortis Japão 700k Fim de Empréstimo
Kenji Gorré Extremo Esquerdo 28 - Curaçao 800k Fim de contrato
Yusupha Njie Ponta de Lança 29 - Gâmbia 1,5M Fim de contrato
Robert Bozenik Ponta de Lança 23 Feyenoord Eslováquia 1M Fim de empréstimo

Última atualização: 28/05/2023 16h Dados do Transfermarkt
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2023.05.28 17:27 PornStarArchero It was a good morning, got the other skin and a lovely blue AS from chest

It was a good morning, got the other skin and a lovely blue AS from chest
I think I could honestly get everything in this event
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2023.05.28 17:21 milZ88888888 Keto and weight-lifting exercises as a woman, apparently don't mix according to my PT 😩

F (30), Current Weight 62kg - Goal Weight - 52kg
Height - 157cm , BF% - 30%, BMI - 25.2
I recently started PT. I train with 3 x week (MWF) in the mornings. With a mix of resistance training (2 days) and conditioning/HIIT style (1day). My macros assigned by her are 1500 calories - 131g protein, 57g fat and 94g carbs. She knows I desperately want to transition to keto to lose 10kg of weight. Except she thinks returning to the gym after a year off, being a woman - the hormonal changes, and the style of exercise program she has created is apparently not suited to keto weight loss.
According to her, I will store all the protein, rather than using it as fuel due to lack of aerobic exercises. She thinks all the aerobic exercises would need to have me near out of breath for it to count, since I suggested I could do brisk walks on my non-training days. And that I will ultimately reach my end goal on keto - but it will take much longer since I'm not abiding by her assigned macro ratios.
Ultimately, it's my call, but she's really confused and annoyed me. Can someone help shed some light please on what they recommend starting with? Perhaps sticking with this for a month to kickstart my metabolism and then transition to keto regardless of exercise style. My main concern is the style of exercises I should be doing.
Reposted from Keto sub.
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2023.05.28 17:17 rlpbr Post para discutir a Hurb

Galera, tenho acompanhado as recentes notícias sobre a Hurb e falta de compromisso da empresa para honrar os pacotes de viagem contratados com datas flexívies. Gostaria de discutir aqui como seria o modelo de negócio deles, que cada vez mais se aproxima de um pirâmide na minha opinião.
Lembrando, toda a discussão é sobre os pacotes com DATAS FLEXÍVEIS (detalhes aqui). Os outros produtos me parecem mais entendíveis. O que acho que está acontecendo:
  1. Clientes compram os pacotes (passagem + hospedagem) antecipadamente, transferindo dinheiro/recursos para a Hurb;
  2. Hurb não usa esse recurso para a compra das passagens por três motivos:
    1. É impossível comprar passagens para mais de 12 meses no futuro;
    2. Hurb monitora o preço das passagens para encontrar e comprar o valor mais barato possível (aqui estaria o core business/a principal tecnologia da empresa), rentabilizando em cima do recurso recebido:
    3. Hurb adquire as passagens por meio do comércio de milhas (mas não encontrei tanta evidência sobre isso);
  3. Encontrei relatos no YouTube e no Twitter de que as pessoas que de fato viajaram (principalmente para o exterior), ao checar o preço da passagem emitida pelas aéreas, encontraram valores 3 ou 4 vezes maiores do que o pago pelo pacote (passagem + hospedagem); ou seja, o método 2.2 nem sempre funciona (ou, como parece, não é esperado que funcione); nesses relatos, o método de compra para adquirir a passagem é cartão de crédito - e por isso tenho minhas dúvidas com o método 2.3;
  4. Já a parte da hospedagem eu acho a mais fácil de todas: é possível deixar reservado com grande antecedência e talvez adiantar alguns pagamentos para as pousados, hotéis etc.; os casos que estamos vendo agora de hospedagem cancelada (destacando que o ponto 4 fala de HOSPEDAGEM) me parece ter a ver com falta de fluxo de caixa da empresa (o que é péssimo de qualquer maneira);
  5. Os pacotes não estão sendo entregues para todos pois simplesmente não existem passagens com preços atrativos ou que gerem rentabilidade para a Hurb (ponto 2.2);
  6. Os pacotes que estão sendo entregues geram prejuízo para a Hurb (ponto 3) e uma das formas de tentar reduzir o prejuízo é entregando o pacote pela metade (sem hospedagem, por exemplo);
  7. Para manter tudo isso funcionando, a Hurb precisa continuar esse ciclo e é já é possível comprar pacotes para 2025, 2026 etc.
Com todos esses pontos, acredito que é um grande esquema de pirâmide em que quem vai viajar no futura acaba financiando as viagens atuais; esse recurso que sempre entra é necessário para comprar as passagens com preços comuns/sem grandes descontos (a falha no 2.2 causa o 3) que eventualmente vai ocorrer.
O que acham? Alguém que viajou recentemente consegue comparar o preço real da passagem (usando o localizador da passagem) com o preço do pacote pago?
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2023.05.28 17:10 Octopus1027 Anyone else here pregnant? How are you dealing with the combo of pregnancy brain and no/limited meds? CW: miscarriage, healthy pregnancy now.

I'm STRUGGLING with work and life and my anxiety is sky high. I'm currently 16 weeks with my first child. For more context:
All of this is happening in the context of having ADHD which is unmedicated. Adderall is my normal med, but it's not good for baby, and with all my previous traumatic losses, I'm not willing to take any risk. I'm operating at 20% on a good day and I'm exhausted.
Any advice or validation is welcome. It was honestly helpful to just write this down.
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2023.05.28 17:01 Handpanaphone Oil change woes pt. 2

Oil change woes pt. 2
Can anybody see what looks wrong here? I now have a new oil bypass tube and a new cover and I absolutely can not get the cover back on. Even trying to get the cover on with just the tube and no filter I still can not get the cover on. Without the tube or filter I can easily get the filter cap back on. With no tube and just a filter I can not get the cover back on. I am so baffled. Because the cap won't go in with just the filter in the housing I'm starting to think there is an issue where the tube itself is received. I have used both a NAPA and WIX oil filter in the process of trying to get this done.
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2023.05.28 16:59 PromisePublications 230528 - fromis_9 Weekly Recap

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Our Write-Up for this week - fromis_9 Releases Teasers for Unlock My World and the interesting stories in between

Unlock My World

230522 - The 1st Album Unlock My World #imagine (Jiheon, Nagyung, Hayoung, Saerom & Group)
230524 - The 1st Album Unlock My World #notyet Official Photos and Mood Films (Jiwon, Seoyeon, Jiheon & Nagyung)
230525 - The 1st Album Unlock My World #notyet Official Photos and Mood Films (Jisun, Chaeyong, Saerom, Hayoung & Group)
230526 - The 1st Album 'Unlock My World' Album Preview Update + Compact Ver. Album Details and Pre-Order Information
Where to order:


230522 - fromis_9 to hold Online and In-Person Showcase of their 1st Album 'Unlock My World' on June 5th


Individual Instagram

230522 - Jisun Post
230522 - Seoyeon Story with WINNER Seunghoon
230522 - Chaeyoung Story
230523 - Saerom - Post Story
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230523 - Jisun Story Update (Q&A) - One Two
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230525 - Saerom Post



230524 - Jisun Voice Live
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Weverse Membership Posts

This week's membership-exclusive posts! Acquire your flover membership on Weverse Shop to view the following content:
230523 - Saerom Post
230523 - Seoyeon Live
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230523 - Chaeyoung Voice Live - One Two
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230525 - Jiwon Moment
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230524 - Detailed Information on the 2023 Weverse Con Festival Online Live Streaming Tickets
230525 - Saerom - let me Know K-POP Ep. 5 w/ DRIPPIN

English Subtitles now available

220714 - Jisun and Seoyeon - Power FM Bae Sung Jae’s 10

Jang Gyuri Updates


230525 - Gyuri Story
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230525 - Gyuri via singlesmagazine
230525 - Gyuri Story via enter_just

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230529 - Unlock My World Concept Trailer - 9 PM KST
230531 - Unlock My World Highlight Medley - 9 PM KST
230601 - Saerom - let me Know K-POP! Ep. 6 - 12 PM JST
230603 - Unlock My World Official Teaser - 9 PM KST
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Special thanks to fromisubs and Fiq for the translations.
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2023.05.28 16:57 Acceptable_View_2128 What is MMI?

NC teacher here. Tore both my ACLs in my left and right knees and my meniscus in one knee at work this year. I’ve had surgery on the worst of the 2 knees, and we are 6 months post operation. I do not nor will never have full range of motion on the left leg again. My right knee is a partial tear so we are holding off on surgery with that leg. Surgeon mentioned sending me back to work in August on MMI. What does MMI mean? Will workmans comp still cover me if I need the second surgery on my right or if I go back to work and my left knee starts to bother me will they cover more PT? Just curious. I do have a local workmans comp lawyer involved. Not a union here, at a public school for reference.
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2023.05.28 16:55 GlitteringTowel9092 Worse one I've seen yet.

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