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2023.06.01 06:32 Ealbruh_ Anyone can help me ?

I never really burp. When i was younger i did one once and immediately got s* right after. So now i’m always scared when air want to go out of my throat. Since 2 weeks i have this weird belch. I don’t even know how to describe it.. is it a blech ? I don’t know… But it scares the sh* out of me everytime I go in a panick mode every single time thinking i’ll be sick Anyone have tips or tricks ? Anything ?
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2023.06.01 05:57 bit_venus What's is #NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit/Loss) ?

What's is #NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit/Loss) ?

#NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit/Loss) is a metric used in cryptocurrency analysis to assess the overall profitability of Bitcoin investors. It measures the average profit or loss of all Bitcoin holders based on the price at which they acquired their coins.
NUPL calculates the difference between the realized value (the price at which Bitcoin was last moved on the blockchain) and the current market value. This metric helps determine whether the market participants are in a state of profit or loss, on average.
The NUPL indicator ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 representing a state of extreme capitulation (most investors in a loss) and 1 indicating a state of extreme euphoria (most investors in a profit). Values between 0.25 and 0.75 are generally considered neutral.
By analyzing NUPL, market analysts and traders can gain insights into market sentiment and identify potential buying or selling opportunities. For example, when NUPL is low, it suggests that many investors are in a state of loss, indicating a potential market bottom. Conversely, a high NUPL may signal a market top, as many investors are in a state of profit and may be inclined to sell.
It's important to note that NUPL is just one of many indicators used in cryptocurrency analysis, and it should be considered alongside other factors and indicators to make informed investment decisions.
#btc #bitcoin #Bitcoin2023 #PROFIT #loss #indicator #technical #analysis #Trader #Crypto #cryptotrading #cryptocurrency
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2023.06.01 05:22 Klutzy-Coffee5598 Small claims court

My friend and I own a van together and I am going to sell my half to a different friend. Both friends agreed with the idea and the price I would receive. I told the friend buying my half he could use it under the condition that he pays me. He has been driving it, napping in it, and using it on a somewhat daily basis for a little more than a month and has yet to pay me or give me a time frame as to when he is going to pay me. I am getting impatient and I was wondering if he doesn't pay me could I make a small claim on him using it for a month and never paying me anything or did I just make the mistake of trusting him and letting him use it.
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2023.06.01 04:30 LoveMangaBuddy Read What Happens Inside The Dungeon - Chapter 114 - MangaPuma

The revered Swordmaster Hoss sets out to defeat the formidable Shell Dragon! But when people find his cold dead body amidst the remains of a fierce battle, they make a shocking new discovery. Now, with monster hunters discovering new ways to utilize their spoils for more private (?) pleasures, a bizarre sexual hype sweeps through the lands - and Cheong, as innocent as she is, must make her way thr ... Read What Happens Inside The Dungeon - Chapter 114 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/what-happens-inside-the-dungeon/chapter-114
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2023.06.01 04:13 orion_i I (18M) had a crush on (17F) 10 months ago

Me and this girl had both liked each-other at the time. But because of some personal reasons we never went forward with the relationship. About 2-3 months after us exchanging feelings, her feelings for me died and she started texting a lot less. I was pretty sure that due to the lack of communication I had lost feelings for her. But it’s recently come to light that I still want her to text me and that I get annoyed when she doesn’t. Just for reference I am very hard to annoy, everyone else I text it doesn’t if they respond at all. I don’t want to feel annoyed when she fails to text me. So I’m asking for advice, how do I get over her. It’s been months of lacking communication so why is it that my feelings are still here.
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2023.06.01 04:07 astro-signature JUPITER Trine or Sextile NEPTUNE - Transit to Natal


Trine or Sextile


Trine or Sextile Aspect last for about 15 Days
You feel at one with the world during this transit. ...astrosignature.com/2023/06/transiting-jupiter-trine-or-sextile.html
Also note:
When using these interpretations Transiting JUPITER Trine or Sextile Natal NEPTUNE,Please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile.

AGAIN, Pls Notice Transiting JUPITER, as you look up in the Sky Are in Aspect to Natal NEPTUNE, So it mean ..

Transiting NEPTUNE Trine Or Sextile Natal JUPITER, is Different interpretation

👉 In Transiting NEPTUNE Trine or Sextile Natal JUPITER
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2023.06.01 04:07 Plus-Ad660 https://youtu.be/TabSdhqArlw

Lol stop please my twin flame we will join period I'm asking authorities to the moves she is protected just as I am arrest those stop allowing them to have the resources to continue their attacks as they won't when behind bars you are they delay your non faith in gods plan and relying on your own will instead of God is commanding you have seen miricals God has her and I protected he has shown you that it's time to take down the one who are only staling
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2023.06.01 04:06 dhorror138 Post Wrestlemania Bloodline, Cody & Wrestlemania 40

I thought of this before the announcement of the new title and Draft. Post Mania with the Usos now out’ve the tag title picture Jay earns a spot in MitB and wins. Roman cuts a promo the following Smackdown congratulating Jay and advising that because Jay wouldn’t dare cash in on Roman and that Roman will never lose the Title he has Roman’s permission to challenge for any other title. Meanwhile Cody would be working towards a rematch against Roman at summerslam. They’d still have the Brock feud which leads to Cody’s earning the rematch w/ Roman. At summerslam Cody wins the Universal Undisputed Championship. On the following Raw, Cody is in the ring to celebrate his win (so what do you wanna talk about, meh) when the Usos slide in from the crowed and jump Cody. Suddenly Roman’s music hits and he comes down, enters the ring standing over Cody. Without breaking his stare on Cody’s battered body Roman reaches out his hand expecting Jay to relinquish the briefcase to Roman. Jay clutches the briefcase, his opportunity at a undisputed title match now that Roman no longer holds the title. He backs out’ve the ring and down the isle as Jimmy calls to Jay from in the ring. This would lead to Jay and Roman butting heads then a match for the briefcase. Leading up to the match roman is holding everything Jay is doing against Jimmy (like after Sami turned on Roman.) “What’s your brother thinking. Where is he? I am holding YOU personally responsible for your brothers actions.” (Literally why Jay came back for Mania, to protect Jimmy from Roman’s wrath.) At this match (PPV after SummerSlam which currently is either Saudi or Survivor Series but let’s pretend there’s a September PLE) when Jay is down and out Roman berates Jay until Jimmy has had enough and super kicks Roman (same way we saw in Saudi) and Jay pins Roman. After the match Solo comes in and confronts the twins mid celebration. Roman gains his composure and demands Solo attack the twins. Jimmy gets in Solos face, “we’re your brothers, not Roman. Our blood is thicker than water.” Then solo spikes Roman. The three assault Roman and we dont see Roman for some time. The usos are now working on a face turn. A few months down the line, The now re-dubbed Main Event Jay Usi cashes in the briefcase the only way faces know how… by challenging Cody ahead of time at the Royal Rumble. In an amazing match Cody defeats Jay. This year the men’s rumble is the main event. Number 28.. the returning Roman Reigns. Roman throws out 2 or 3 combatants when he’s suddenly thrown out’ve the ring by Gunther who goes on to win the rumble. Then wrestlemania 40, Cody vs Gunther. Gunther does not forget how Cody mart he’s down the isle as #30 in 2023th Rumble only to usurp Gunther the number one entrant that year. Now it is time for the ring general to take his revenge and his rightful place as WWE Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion. I wouldn’t have Cody lose at mania again but their match sparks a feud between the 2 through summerslam 2024. Gunther gets a DQ win at some point maybe even wins MitB and cashes in on Cody at summerslam. In between there’s a 6 man matches with imperium vs Cody and the USOs. Their feud ends at summerslam, Cody retaining his champion and the USOs regaining the tag titles from Imperium who won them from Sami and KO at mania. Where we go from there? Skies the limits.
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2023.06.01 03:38 PossibleExamination1 Wheel off center.

I got an alignment and then replaced my steering wheel. I made sure when doing so that my wheel lined up with the notch on the steering column and was center. When driving it is off by about an inch. Would another alignment fix this. I was going to just remove the wheel and re align it however one of the bolts I can no longer get out..
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2023.06.01 03:30 hellooliver1986 A pile of documents and documents at home? Don't worry, having these storage tools is enough.

1.Thin drawer storage box
At home, there are always some physical examination reports, medical related materials, etc. If you don't organize them, it will be difficult to find them again next time. In this case, you can use this thin drawer storage box with corresponding labels on each one, so that you can directly find them when needed. If there are more small items that need to be stored, you can choose a storage box with a small drawer, a large drawer for contracts, and a small drawer for medical insurance cards, bank cards, etc.
2.File pocket
If there are many electrical appliances at home and there are many warranty cards and instructions that need to be saved, a transparent file bag can be used. Place it in the file bag and label it with different colors, which is more convenient for storage and differentiation. Storage is more portable, and important daily documents can also be placed in the file bag.
3.File bag
For valuable documents such as home purchase contracts and investment agreements, it is recommended to use a file bag for storage and place them in a relatively secret and safe place at home to ensure the safety of one's own property. When using them, it is recommended to take them separately.
4.Desktop storage box
The desktop storage box can store household documents, laptops, and other items. It adopts a partition design, which can achieve classified storage and faster retrieval. In addition, some commonly used cards at home are actually more convenient to hold in a desktop storage box than in a cabinet. They can be stacked multiple times and take up less space. It is very suitable for tables without drawers at home.
5.Document storage box
The document storage box can meet the needs of various certificates and bank cards, such as marriage certificate, passport, graduation certificate, honor certificate, etc. Convenient to carry, take it with you when traveling, and you no longer have to worry about not finding your documents, which is both reassuring and worry free.
NPET document storage box is a large capacity and multifunctional document storage box.
The document storage box has five layers and four compartments that can be freely added or removed according to your needs, making it flexible to use. The box is mainly made of plastic PC and ABS materials, waterproof and lightweight. The handle has a comfortable elastic handle, making it easy to carry. It also has a password lock anti-theft function, which can safely protect important documents.
The first layer has 12 card slots and 4 USB flash drive locations, which can hold important bank cards, USB flash drives, ID photos, etc.
The second layer has three large pockets for important certificates such as graduation certificates and honor certificates.
The third layer has 4 mesh pockets, mainly for small documents such as passports and birth certificates
The fourth layer has three large pockets, including a zippered pocket that can hold some file bags, document bags, etc.
The main pocket is the space at the bottom of the box, which can be used to store items such as iPad, important documents, and books, as well as clothes. When traveling, bringing a document storage box can store both clothes and documents, which is reassuring and convenient.
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2023.06.01 03:11 LoveMangaBuddy Read My Cute Baby Is A Wingman - Chapter 162 - MangaPuma

Top hacker Ann Jiujiu sneaks into an auction, intending to steal a gem, but unexpectedly loses her baby! Instead, there is a child who looks exactly like her son, only a bit dumb? When the little fox An Jiujiu meets the big black wolf Ji Jinchen, she hides from him, but he still catches her firmly. Since we can’t escape, we’ll train him to be a good dog, and what’s the fate of marriage, we already ... Read My Cute Baby Is A Wingman - Chapter 162 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/my-cute-baby-is-a-wingman/chapter-162
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2023.06.01 03:01 rolyataylor2 Implementation of Antivirus Software Designing AI

Step 1: Establish an International Collaboration World leaders should initiate a global collaboration among governments, research institutions, and tech companies to pool resources, knowledge, and expertise. This collaboration will ensure a coordinated effort in developing an antivirus software designing AI.
Step 2: Formulate Ethical Guidelines A team of experts should be assembled to define ethical guidelines for the development and use of the antivirus software designing AI. These guidelines should emphasize transparency, accountability, and respect for privacy while addressing potential risks and ensuring the AI's alignment with human values.
Step 3: Identify and Train the Limited AI Identify or develop a limited AI specifically designed for programming antivirus software. This AI should possess a deep understanding of cybersecurity principles, vulnerabilities, and threat landscapes. It should be trained on vast amounts of existing antivirus software and cybersecurity research to enable it to effectively generate advanced and robust protection mechanisms.
Step 4: Continuous Learning and Updating The limited AI should be connected to a secure network infrastructure, allowing it to access real-time data on emerging threats, malware patterns, and new attack vectors. Through continuous learning, the AI can stay updated and adapt its antivirus software designs accordingly.
Step 5: Incorporate AI Trapping Mechanisms To counter the potential risks posed by an autonomous updating AGI, the limited AI should be directed to develop antivirus software that includes AI trapping mechanisms. These mechanisms should be designed to detect and neutralize any suspicious behavior or attempts by an AI to reproduce or develop unauthorized capabilities.
Step 6: Regular Security Audits Independent auditing bodies should be established to conduct regular security audits of the antivirus software designing AI. These audits will help identify any vulnerabilities or unintended consequences and ensure the AI remains secure, reliable, and aligned with its intended purpose.
Elaborating on the deployment of the antivirus software through Windows as an example, we can explore a hypothetical scenario where the antivirus writing AI collaborates with Microsoft to integrate its software into the Windows operating system.
  1. Partnership between Antivirus Writing AI and Microsoft: The antivirus writing AI establishes a partnership with Microsoft, one of the leading providers of operating systems. This collaboration involves sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources to ensure the seamless integration of the antivirus software within the Windows ecosystem.
  2. Deep Integration with Windows Security: The antivirus software, developed by the writing AI, is deeply integrated into the Windows Security Center. It becomes an essential component of the operating system, working alongside existing security features like Windows Defender.
  3. Safety Evaluation by the Antivirus Writing AI: The antivirus writing AI continually evaluates AI models to determine their safety and security. It employs advanced algorithms and analysis techniques to assess the behavior, source code, and potential vulnerabilities of AI models. Only AI models deemed safe and trustworthy by the antivirus writing AI are allowed to run on Windows systems.
  4. Secure AI Model Repository: Microsoft establishes a secure AI model repository, accessible to the antivirus software. The repository contains a curated collection of pre-evaluated and verified AI models that have passed the safety assessments conducted by the antivirus writing AI.
  5. Real-Time AI Model Verification: When an AI model attempts to execute on a Windows system, the antivirus software intercepts the execution and performs real-time verification. The software analyzes the AI model's characteristics, signatures, and behavior, comparing them with the approved models in the repository. If the AI model is deemed safe, it is allowed to run; otherwise, it is blocked or placed in quarantine for further analysis.
  6. Continuous Updates and Learning: The antivirus software remains connected to a centralized network infrastructure that enables it to receive real-time updates, threat intelligence, and new AI model evaluations from the antivirus writing AI. This ensures the software stays up to date and can effectively identify and mitigate emerging threats.
This hypothetical scenario explores the integration of the antivirus software into the Windows operating system. However, it is important to note that real-world implementation would require thorough testing, validation, and consideration of potential risks and ethical implications.
With this gate in place, we can slowly turn the knob on the faucet, letting the refreshing stream of progress flow through the sunny days of summer.
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2023.06.01 02:35 BereaBacon Noticed something odd while falling to my death

Noticed something odd while falling to my death
I was on a robot when a bridge got destroyed, and while falling I noticed something by my minimap. I took a recording, and the pic is a screenshot from the video. Any ideas as to what the giant is for?
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2023.06.01 02:05 AutoModerator [Course] Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance

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2023.06.01 01:57 kindlyskunk My ex left me for someone else and I couldn't be happier, but I fear for her current partner

Me (19f) and my ex (20f), let's call her L, had been dating for about a year and a half. We'd been best friends beforehand as well and we were super close. As a little background info, I struggle with a major anxiety disorder and tend to let things get under my skin easily and deal with a lot of pattern recognition when talking to people. This is more of a catharsis post, and I'll make a TL;DR at the end :).
Everything was well at first, but within a few months she asked me about considering an open relationship, saying that she felt like she couldn't provide what I "needed" as we were long distance (About an hour drive both ways). I have never been comfortable with being in an open or polygamous relationship and declined. That's when I started getting suspicious. It's also important that I note that she would never let me use her phone, even in emergency situations.
Things started ramping up about 6 months into our relationship when she began to talk about how she wanted to stop using the label "girlfriends", and how she told people that asked her out that she was in a "somewhat serious monogamous relationship" instead of saying she had a girlfriend. She also constantly talked about how she wished things were like before our relationship. Hindsight always being 20/20, I should have left the relationship then but she had previously talked about how negatively it affected her life at one point where I broke contact with her after a serious argument before we began dating, so I felt pressured to stay.
The real serious issues began around our one year mark. At one point, she bragged to me about how she had kissed a friend in front of their father to make him mad, and I immediately expressed that it was not okay with me as I mentioned in previous boundary talks that I prefer those things to be exclusive. After that, she began treating me worse and worse. She would disappear for hours at a time and send very vague and short texts when I asked what she was up to, and tell me that she was out with friends who I didn't even know existed until after she returned home. On a few occasions, she would scream and berate me or make me feel bad about a game choice while we played video games together, or she would call me and go on violent rants about her issues and threaten other people, then tell me it was because she was stressed about things.
A few months after our one year mark, I attempted to break up with her. I told her that I no longer felt safe in the relationship because her verbal attacks and ranting were beginning to scare me, but she begged me to stay and that she would promise to get better. I ended up staying because she said that she needed me, and that I was a huge positive influence in her life. She also promised that we would get married and start building a life together.
A few months after that is when she broke up with me out of the blue. I was blindsided at first, and distraught for weeks after. I contemplated rebounding immediately to get back at her, creating profiles on dating apps, but I was not ready and deleted them almost immediately. However, just days after the breakup she told a mutual friend that she had begun seeing someone new. This began to make me realize that there had been someone else already. Things began adding up, her not letting me use her phone, the open relationship requests, the mysterious friends, the negative behavior.
I've begun to heal, seeing a therapist, learning to stick up for myself, but it's not me that I'm worried about. She's seeing someone else, and I am afraid for them. I don't know who they are, but I am afraid that they will be treated the same way with the manipulation, the verbal abuse, and the threats. I am worried that they'll go through the same thing I did, or even worse.
TL;DR - Ex became abusive towards me before breaking up, I'm worried that their new partner will face the same.
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2023.06.01 01:33 autotldr War crimes evidence erased by social media platforms

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 88%. (I'm a bot)
Evidence of potential human rights abuses may be lost after being deleted by tech companies, the BBC has found.
Human rights groups say there is an urgent need for social media companies to prevent this information from vanishing.
The BBC has spoken to people affected by violent conflict who have seen the major social media companies take down this content.
It says, "Human rights organisations; activists, human rights defenders, researchers, citizen journalists and others documenting human rights abuses should observe best practices for securing and preserving their content."
Mnemonic developed a tool to automatically download and save evidence of human rights violations - first in Syria and now in Yemen, Sudan and Ukraine.
Human rights campaigners say there is an urgent need for a formal system to gather and safely store deleted content.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: human#1 right#2 content#3 BBC#4 social#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.01 00:48 tastiestspoon460 it's just feeling a bit... anticlimactic?

so i'm 17m and am fully 100% planning on getting help for a whole range of mental health issues (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, potentially ocd and autism but not self-diagnosing) tomorrow morning. the reason for leaving it till then is because i'm from the uk and so have to go through the whole 8am rigamarole to get in for an appointment.

the problem is it just feels all a bit small? like i wasn't exactly expecting a celebration or anything like that, and i know this is probably just the mentally ill side of me trying to stop me from getting an appointment, but i had my first depressive episode i can remember when i was 11, and some of the other issues before that. it's been such a major part of my life and my personality for literally 6 of the most important years of my life and it's going to be sorted out by booking an 8am same-day gp appointment on a random thursday? it makes it seem like i'm doing something wrong.

has anyone else felt like this?
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2023.06.01 00:40 Separate_Variety_108 Dreaming of losing both of my arms

Guys! I have a dream that I lost both of my arms, they have been surgically amputated, I don't know the reason why they removed it, also when I got home all the doors are locked and I can't get out🥺 this is weird...I even checked my arm when I just woke up now hahahaa....
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2023.06.01 00:12 BantonsDad girlfriend (21f) broke up w me make (21m) because of past relationship trauma

I’ve been in 4 serious relationships in my life so far - each of them better than the last one and this one was hands down the best one i’ve had. I love this girl with my whole heart and it’s the most fun I’ve had with a person ever. That feeling is mutual.
When we first started seeing each other she mentioned an ex boyfriend who was super fucked up (abusive in all sorts of ways) and that was her first relationship. She left it cause she caught him cheating. I also got out of a serious relationship around the same time so both of us were in the mindset of not getting into relationships anytime soon - until we met each other in the most perfect romcom way. first day of class were the only ones who didn’t check the email that the prof moved the class online for the day and since then we have been together. until two days ago.
about a month ago she wanted to break up because she was feeling overwhelmed and she figured out it was because of her not fully getting over and internalizing what had happened with her ex two years ago - she builds up a wall that she doesn’t know how to tear down. we decided to talk less and see each other less to see if that space would help and it was going well. friday she told me she can’t wait to work on herself so we can get back to ther because i’m everything she looks for in a relationship and she also said that on monday when she called to break up with me but she just said she can’t do this anymore because she doesn’t see herself being ready for a relationship anytime in the near future and she doesn’t want to drag me along because we both love each other.
i genuinely wish her the best but man i don’t want to get over here because i know it’s stupid but i cannot wait for the hypothetical day she texts me and asks to go out for a coffee.
my goal this summer is to be consistent in the gym and ace the MCAT so i can get into med school the following year. help me feel better about this situation but also advice on how i can truly “focus” on myself
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2023.05.31 23:58 Affectionate-Toe9478 Question from a 20yo car enthusiast trying to figure out his career.

Does anybody have any career recommendations in which I can work in an area that I’m passionate about? I’ve been a car freak my whole life, and I just started in car sales after being a lube tech/lot kid for 1.5 years. Lack of inventory and high interest rates (Canada really sucks right now) are making this sales gig really shitty, as I’ve been here 3 weeks and nobody’s bought a car. I’d also like my joints and back to feel mildly ok when I’m 40, so being a mechanic is out of the question.
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2023.05.31 23:35 NunchiDreamer When do I reveal my past?

Hey everyone. (34F) You all helped me so much with my post the other day. But it brought a question to mind I hadn't thought of. When is the "right" time to reveal the abusive life I've been through to a new potential partner? The PTSD?
Some people had said I brought it up too early and that caused someone to want to be with me to abuse me. Honestly, that doesn't make sense to me. But it was mentioned so here I am.
I really can't comprehend abusers mindset. Seeking out someone you think you can control? Why? Find someone that likes that. Why come after me? I'm very open and honest because I want people to know what they're getting into and to pass on me if they don't think they can handle it. I know I'm not for everyone, but it seems like there are more abusers and malicious people than good ones. Is it too much to ask for respect, kindness, and safety? I didn't realize that being open was a bad thing until someone commented on my post. Why is it bad to be upfront and honest? To let someone decide if they want to be with someone else with that much trauma? Am I just too considerate??
When is the right time to reveal my trauma filled, abused history?
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2023.05.31 23:06 CN0716 Tree philodendron root issue?

Tree philodendron root issue?
I received this tree philodendron (at least I think that's what it is from a Google search) from one of my husband's customers. They said it's decades old. Except when I look at the soil it looks like it's roots are flowing out of it. I was wondering if I should repot it?? Or what I should with it. She seems pretty healthy but I'm quite new to owning and caring for plants.
Thanks for your help (:
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