Clean and clear benzoyl peroxide discontinued

Sewer smell when running water in master bathroom sink.

2023.06.03 06:44 JJthejetp1ane Sewer smell when running water in master bathroom sink.

Bathroom on 2nd floor and shares vent with another 2nd floor bathroom and a half bath on 1st floor.
Smell only noticeable at master bathroom sink. No other sink or drain smells.
Master bathroom sink trap is clean.
Main sewer line is clear and everything is flushing/draining like it should.
What would cause this? Clogged vent stack? Confused as to why other 2nd floor bathroom doesn’t also have the smell.
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2023.06.03 06:43 SeaworthinessNo1173 I translated SCP-173 100 times

Subject: SCP-173
Example: Euclid
The Resource Development Program placed SCP-173 in a sealed container. SCP-173's container is complete. All three evolved after interacting with SCP-173.
Usage: 19 cases released in 1993. Viruses frozen and unconscious in SCP-173. It will not help us if we look at ourselves. SCP-173 is invisible. He did not see the fire, he threw himself into the water. Running to the defendant, he pulled out a straw and stabbed him with a knife. In the event of an attack, the user must dispose of hazardous materials in accordance with Section 4.
You can hear the wind on the way. This is normal and changes should be reported to HMCL management.
Red devil dog. The origin of the story is not clear. Clean the toilet twice a week.
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2023.06.03 06:42 LopsidedCompote5187 Could I have gastroparesis?

I got very sick January 2022, my stomach suddenly went from being able to eat everything. To getting sick from everything, I managed to eventually get a gi and do testing. Colonoscopy clear, celiac clear, then got the endoscopy. By now it had been many months of suffering and hospital visits. It was July when I got my gastritis diagnosis, I was told just had a mild case a bit of inflammation. I didn’t have Helicobacter pylori, so I didn’t need antibiotic. I was confused since my research showed that normal gastritis can normally clear up on its own in a few weeks. So why had I been sick for so many months?, started the anti acids, got prescribed a stronger dose. Those took 5 months to start working, I was taking them for 5 months with no improvement. Finally started showing some relief, however my stomachs never been the same. Gi had referred me elsewhere for more testing. However the new Gi thinks it’s just Ibs and is a pain to deal with. I’ve had Ibs for so many years w chronic constipation since birth and never had issues eating foods. I can’t eat dairy anymore, fatty food, spicy food, greasy food, high fructose, etc. Pretty much anything I eat makes me feel sick. It’s been over a year now, I try eating vegan only eating meat if it’s white chicken breasts and such, fish too. Gi has me scheduled for SIBO breath test in late July. I’m sick of eating simple veggies and food that should be safe and then just feeling sick after. Bloating, gas, cramps, pain, clear mucus sometimes light yellow w bile, when constipated and such dark yellow mucus for hours till I empty my bowels out. I don’t understand how a small case of gastritis sent me into this suffering? My mother has gastroparesis, some of our sufferings match up a little too well. However GI refuses to test me “if you have it then what? There’s no cure” she told me. But I’ve noticed that my stool legit changes texture and such every time like each time I go I poop like 3 different types of poop. Some days some foods I eat are fine then bam few days later make me sick. My friend believes my digestive system is very slow. I also know once I’m sick I won’t feel better till I clean my bowels out.
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2023.06.03 06:39 sleepymarketingsales Lenovo Legion T5 Gamer Desktop Computer

The Lenovo Legion T5 Gamer Desktop Computer is a powerful gaming machine that offers exceptional performance and cutting-edge features. With its sleek design and high-quality components, it's no wonder that this computer has gained popularity among gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of the Lenovo Legion T5 and explore what makes it a top choice for gamers.
  1. The Lenovo Legion T5 is powered by the latest generation Intel Core processors, which deliver lightning-fast speeds and seamless multitasking capabilities.
  2. The computer features an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, ensuring smooth and immersive gaming experiences with stunning visuals and realistic effects.
  3. With a spacious storage capacity, the Lenovo Legion T5 provides ample space to store all your favorite games, movies, and files without worrying about running out of space.
  4. The Legion T5 comes with a high-speed solid-state drive (SSD) that significantly improves boot times and reduces loading screens in games.
  5. The desktop computer boasts a sleek and stylish design, with customizable RGB lighting that adds a touch of personalization to your gaming setup.
  6. The Lenovo Legion T5 is equipped with a comprehensive cooling system that keeps the components running at optimal temperatures, even during intense gaming sessions.
  7. The computer supports VR (virtual reality) gaming, allowing you to immerse yourself in virtual worlds and explore new dimensions of gameplay.
  8. The Legion T5 features a multitude of connectivity options, including USB ports, HDMI, and DisplayPort, making it easy to connect your favorite peripherals and accessories.
  9. The computer comes with a gaming keyboard and mouse that are specifically designed for enhanced precision and responsiveness.
  10. Lenovo offers extensive customer support and warranty options, ensuring that you are well taken care of if any issues arise with your Legion T5.
  11. The Legion T5 is highly customizable, allowing you to upgrade components such as the graphics card, RAM, and storage to meet your evolving gaming needs.
  12. The computer runs on Windows 10, providing a familiar and user-friendly operating system for gamers of all levels.
  13. The Lenovo Legion T5 utilizes advanced audio technology, delivering crystal-clear sound and immersive surround sound experiences.
  14. The desktop computer supports dual monitors, enabling you to have a more expansive and immersive gaming setup.
  15. The Legion T5 is equipped with a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet, ensuring a stable and reliable internet connection for online gaming.
  16. The computer features a user-friendly interface that allows for easy customization of settings and optimization of gaming performance.
  17. The Legion T5 is designed with future-proofing in mind, ensuring that it can handle the demands of upcoming games and technologies.
  18. Lenovo offers regular software updates and driver releases, ensuring that your Legion T5 is always up to date with the latest features and improvements.
  19. The computer comes with a variety of pre-installed gaming software, including Lenovo Vantage and the Lenovo Nerve Center, which provide additional features and optimization tools.
  20. The Legion T5 is built with durability in mind, using high-quality components and robust construction to withstand the rigors of long gaming sessions.
  21. The computer features a spacious and well-organized interior, making it easy to access and upgrade components as needed.
  22. The Legion T5 is optimized for gaming performance, with features like high refresh rate support and low input lag to give you a competitive edge.
  23. The computer supports streaming capabilities, allowing you to easily share your gameplay with friends and the online gaming community.
  24. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers a seamless gaming experience, with minimal lag and fast response times that ensure smooth gameplay.
  25. The computer comes with a range of ports and slots, making it easy to connect external devices such as gaming controllers, headphones, and micro
  1. The Legion T5 is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity costs while minimizing environmental impact.
  2. The computer's compact form factor makes it ideal for those with limited desk space, as it can easily fit into smaller gaming setups.
  3. The Lenovo Legion T5 is backed by positive reviews from users and experts alike, praising its performance, reliability, and value for money.
  4. The computer offers extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize the lighting, effects, and settings to match your gaming style and preferences.
  5. The Legion T5 is equipped with a high-quality display, providing vibrant colors and sharp visuals that enhance your gaming experience.
  6. The computer features a robust and efficient power supply unit, ensuring stable and reliable power delivery to all components.
  7. The Lenovo Legion T5 incorporates advanced gaming technologies, such as ray tracing and DLSS, to deliver lifelike graphics and realistic effects.
  8. The computer comes with a dedicated gaming mode that optimizes system resources for maximum performance during gameplay.
  9. The Legion T5 is designed to be upgradable, allowing you to easily swap out components and stay up to date with the latest hardware advancements.
  10. The computer offers multiple audio outputs, enabling you to connect external speakers or headphones for an immersive audio experience.
  11. The Legion T5 comes with a comprehensive set of ports and connectors, including USB 3.0, USB-C, and audio jacks, providing versatility for all your peripheral needs.
  12. The computer features a robust security system, including password protection and encryption options, to keep your gaming data and personal information safe.
  13. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers a smooth and responsive gaming experience, with minimal input lag and high frame rates.
  14. The computer comes with a user-friendly setup process, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily.
  15. The Legion T5 is designed with efficient heat dissipation in mind, ensuring that the components remain cool even during demanding gaming sessions.
  16. The computer supports multiple monitor setups, enabling you to have a more immersive and multitasking-friendly gaming experience.
  17. The Legion T5 is compatible with a wide range of gaming accessories and peripherals, including gaming headsets, controllers, and VR devices.
  18. The computer features a dedicated gaming button that allows you to quickly access gaming-related settings and features.
  19. The Lenovo Legion T5 comes with a generous amount of memory, allowing for smooth multitasking and fast loading times.
  20. The computer is designed to be quiet during operation, minimizing distractions and providing an immersive gaming environment.
  21. The Legion T5 offers a range of pre-installed gaming software, including game launchers and optimization tools, to enhance your gaming experience.
  22. The computer's powerful hardware ensures that it can handle resource-intensive tasks, such as video editing and 3D rendering, in addition to gaming.
  23. The Lenovo Legion T5 comes with a reliable and responsive customer support team, ensuring that any issues or queries are promptly addressed.
  24. The computer features a user-friendly BIOS interface, allowing for easy customization of settings and overclocking options.
  25. The Legion T5 offers a range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, allowing you to connect wireless peripherals and devices effortlessly.
  26. The computer's compact size and portable design make it easy to transport for LAN parties or gaming events.
  27. The Lenovo Legion T5 is built with high-quality components from reputable manufacturers, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.
  28. The computer comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers parts and labor, providing peace of mind for your investment.
  29. The Legion T5 is designed to minimize cable clutter, with strategically placed ports and cable management options for a clean and organized setup.
  30. The computer's high refresh rate display provides
    smooth and fluid visuals, reducing motion blur and enhancing your gaming experience.
  31. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers a variety of performance modes, allowing you to customize the computer's performance based on your specific needs.
  32. The computer features a spacious and well-ventilated chassis, ensuring optimal airflow and cooling for the internal components.
  33. The Legion T5 comes with pre-installed software that allows you to monitor system performance, temperatures, and fan speeds in real-time.
  34. The computer supports fast charging technology, allowing you to quickly recharge your devices via USB ports.
  35. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers a seamless online gaming experience, with reliable network connectivity and low latency.
  36. The computer's RGB lighting system can be synchronized with other compatible peripherals and accessories, creating a cohesive gaming setup.
  37. The Legion T5 is designed to be easily upgradable, allowing you to swap out components and stay ahead of the latest gaming trends.
  38. The computer's ergonomic design and placement of ports and buttons ensure ease of use and accessibility.
  39. The Lenovo Legion T5 comes with a range of pre-installed software and utilities, including antivirus protection and system optimization tools.
  40. The computer's powerful processor and graphics card combination allow for smooth multitasking and seamless transitions between applications.
  41. The Legion T5 supports multi-channel audio output, providing an immersive and realistic sound experience during gaming.
  42. The computer's high-speed connectivity options enable lag-free online gaming and smooth streaming of gameplay to online platforms.
  43. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers a variety of gaming modes, such as FPS (first-person shooter) and RTS (real-time strategy), optimizing the system for specific game genres.
  44. The computer features a user-friendly interface that allows for easy customization of RGB lighting effects and other visual enhancements.
  45. The Legion T5 is equipped with advanced thermal management technology, including multiple cooling fans and heat sinks, to ensure optimal performance.
  46. The computer's high-quality display supports a wide color gamut, providing vibrant and accurate colors for a more immersive gaming experience.
  47. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers extensive storage options, including both SSD and HDD configurations, giving you the flexibility to choose the storage solution that suits your needs.
  48. The computer's powerful graphics card supports real-time ray tracing, delivering lifelike lighting and reflections for a more realistic gaming experience.
  49. The Legion T5 comes with a dedicated gaming software suite, including features like game optimization and system performance monitoring.
  50. The computer's high-performance components are carefully selected and tested to ensure compatibility and reliability.
  51. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers a variety of gaming accessories and peripherals, such as gaming chairs and monitors, to complete your gaming setup.
  52. The computer features a high-quality audio system, with support for advanced audio technologies like Dolby Atmos, for an immersive sound experience.
  53. The Legion T5 is designed to run quietly, with noise-dampening materials and efficient cooling systems that keep fan noise to a minimum.
  54. The computer's sleek and modern design makes it a stylish addition to any gaming setup, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your gaming area.
  55. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers seamless integration with popular gaming platforms and services, allowing you to easily access and manage your gaming library.
  56. The computer's high-resolution display delivers crisp and detailed visuals, allowing you to fully appreciate the graphics of your favorite games.
  57. The Legion T5 is equipped with fast and responsive input devices, such as a gaming keyboard and mouse, to enhance your gaming performance.
  58. The computer supports multi-display setups, enabling you to have a panoramic view of your games or multitask efficiently.
  59. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers extensive customization options for the RGB lighting, allowing you to create dynamic and personalized lighting
  60. The computer's robust construction and durable components ensure long-term reliability and stability, even under heavy gaming usage.
  61. The Legion T5's efficient power management features help minimize energy consumption, reducing your environmental footprint.
  62. The computer's comprehensive software suite provides features like game recording, live streaming, and voice chat, enhancing your gaming and social experiences.
  63. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers a wide range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6, and Ethernet, for seamless connectivity with peripherals and networks.
  64. The computer's advanced networking capabilities prioritize gaming traffic, ensuring a smooth and lag-free online gaming experience.
  65. The Legion T5's compact form factor and lightweight design make it easy to transport, allowing you to take your gaming rig on the go.
  66. The computer's advanced cooling system includes features like liquid cooling and dust filters, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  67. The Lenovo Legion T5 offers extensive software customization options, allowing you to fine-tune system settings and personalize your gaming experience.
  68. The computer's high-speed memory ensures fast data access and smooth multitasking, minimizing lag and delays.
  69. The Legion T5's intuitive software interface provides easy access to system information, performance monitoring, and optimization tools.
  70. The computer's robust connectivity options enable seamless integration with external devices, such as VR headsets, gaming controllers, and external displays.
  71. The Lenovo Legion T5's reliability is backed by rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, ensuring consistent performance and durability.
  72. The computer's efficient power management features help optimize battery life for laptops, allowing for extended gaming sessions on the go.
  73. The Legion T5's advanced graphics technology delivers high frame rates and smooth gameplay, even in demanding and graphically intensive games.
  74. The computer's intuitive software ecosystem provides easy access to game libraries, updates, and social features, streamlining your gaming experience.
  75. The Lenovo Legion T5's robust warranty and customer support services provide peace of mind, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution for any issues that may arise.
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2023.06.03 06:30 dirtydovedreams Gave my Fallout a brighter voice.

Gave my Fallout a brighter voice.
I thought the stock pickups were a little too mid forward and really gravitated toward the coil split bridge as my favorite position so I figured it needed some treble heavy pickups to demuffle the tone, now it’s crystal clear.
Threw some GFS pickups and a pre wired Kwikplug harness in there, a Pro-Tube humbucker in the bridge and Liverpool Hot Minitron in the neck. I actually ordered the Nashville Hot but they sent me the Liverpools by mistake (the item number seems to be the same in their system), I will say after trying them the Nashvilles and Pro-Tubes would probably be TOO trebley together, while the bitey lipstick bridge and clear and chimey but still round Liverpool Hot mates extremely well with the bridge, this neck pickup has a clarity on the treble the woody and warm stock P-90 just lacked, but still has a round P-90 like bottom end with no mid hump.
The coil split tones are hyper articulate considering how much treble the standard humbucker modes have, really excellent and bell like cleans and scratchy but clear dirts.
Tonally, it definitely falls much closer to Fender than Gibson now, but at 12k impedance the bridge can still rock hard. It’s a jangle twang machine. Twangly.
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2023.06.03 06:17 SweatyYeti2020 Can I void an upcoming lease agreement and find a new roommate?

Posting on behalf of a friend and will be writing in first person for simplicity.
I’ve been living with my roommate since last September and, while things haven’t been ideal, they have at the very least been good enough for me to feel good enough renewing the lease with her. For context, I’ve lived in this house for a few years, and my roommate is my friend’s sister which is how we came to live together. Recently, however, there are things she does that make it clear we are not a good roommate pairing (context at the end) which brings us to my question.
We’ve signed a lease for the upcoming year that start on September 1 (in CA if relevant). Is it possible to void the lease agreement and sign a new one with a new roommate? Is this something my landlord has the capacity to do which I can then propose?
Any alternative approaches and perspectives are appreciated. Thank you
Context: Some examples of us not being compatible are that she talks on the phone early and loudly on weekends when I prefer to sleep in, she slams doors, and is extremely (in my opinion) over the top with cleaning whereas I, while definitely not a slob, have a little more flexibility with when things get cleaned. This came to a head recently when she said she wanted to keep the blinds to our front window permanently closed so that our three cats don’t get to them, chew off leaves, kick up dirt, etc. Our house already has too little lighting for my taste and I proposed a few middle ground solutions (only opening the blinds when we are home, putting a bitter spray on the plants, and communicating that I’m open to other solutions), but she said she’s not considering any solutions besides closing the blinds. I’m at my wits end having to live with someone so unwilling to compromise, which is why I’m looking for ways to not have to live with her for another year.
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2023.06.03 06:14 stupidquestionik155 How long is hiv ACTUALLY infectious outside the body?

tldr no one can agree on how long the disease lives outside the body or seems to confuse active vs alive
I work in a hospital, god knows what is on the outside of my shoes at any given time. Sometimes dirty chemical water that has god knows what in it. Today a heavy door fell on my foot. Didn’t tear my shoe, but bruised the shit out of my toe and I can’t tell if it broke skin anywhere because I haven’t had time to disinfect in a clean environment. It made me wonder, since my shoes could have any number of things on them. I googled it, and some people say it dies within seconds. Others say it survives for weeks. Some say a couple days. And they all say different things about vitality. I have contamination ocd so this entire event is like a worst nightmare scenario for me.
This question is not asking for medical advice, it’s asking for a clearly confusing fact to be cleared up.
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2023.06.03 06:13 DeadPoolguy1985 Moving from C3 to ZP6 and struggling to get full 'body'.

So, ever since I got the ZP6 I've been struggling to get the same full body taste out of my favorite (mid-dark roast) coffee at 3.8, it has been amazing for light roasts but I can't dial it for darker, the brews are running a whole minute faster than with the C3 (13 clicks) and tasting super clear and clean - too clear to my liking.
Is it possible I'm missing the fines? Maybe I need them?:)
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2023.06.03 06:11 xkrazyxcourtneyx Our new hostess quit on the first day because she didn’t want to touch dirty plates.

It’s in the job description that as a host/hostess you are to help with table bussing and we (servers) don’t even have the stuff to wipe down the tables. It’s all at the host stand.
She listed several places she’s worked before as a server and hostess that I know don’t have people on staff being paid to just clean off the tables.
So, it’s pretty clear she lied on her resume. My GM and I had a good laugh about it because the girl was clocked in for less than two hours before she walked out.
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2023.06.03 06:07 Hour_Flounder1405 Rust converter before primer ?

This is a question about best methods for converting rust before apply a Direct To Meal Primer.
Background: I am restoring a 2011 GMC Sierra Cab Roof. The clear coat was eroded and base coat and factory primer was down to the metal in some sections. Over time, entire flakes of paint and factory primer began to peel up exposing the metal cab roof to rust...In some areas, just surface rust, but in other some of the metal was deeply rusted, and pitted. Not holes, but about .2 mm of metal material corrosion.
Here is what I have done so far: I completely removed all clear, base and primer for the entire cab roof. Using 80 grit on a sander and wire wheels in the water channels and by hand down to bare metal. I then went back over the entire surface with 120 grit to remove sanding swirls in the metal. Then vacuumed the heavy metal and paint dust, and removed all residues of paint and primer that got sanded into the paint with acetone. I followed this up with alcohol and wiped that all down, then blasted with air. The entire cab roof is now bare metal and there are no holes and no cracks. I have to deal with a few deeper sanding marks where my sander had "skipped" along the metal. No big deal. I got those areas back to a flat surface with 120 grit....And again followed the acetone and alcohol wipe down.
Then I use a Phosphate etching product called KLEAN-STRIP Concrete & Metal. I applied it with a chip brush with a light layer to the entire cab roof. I left it on over night. I removed the excess with a wet damp clean rag with a 50/50 mixture of KLEAN-STRIP Concrete & Metal and distilled water. (My city water has a high mineral content). This removed alot of really dark residue from the cab roof and I had to use about 10 clean rags to get all of old black residue up and off the cab roof. I let that set for about an hour, then went back over the entire cab roof with more clean rags and a plastic bristle brush to mechanically remove as much of the residue that former on top. I noticed this was white grayish dust like residue. There is no surface rust forming and it's been three days now since doing this while the truck's been parked outside in heavy humidity in the sun. I think the surface is ready for prime now, but I have a few questions:
  1. Is there anything I should do to the cab roof with this iron phosphate surface I have created? I know about cleaning with acetone again before priming...and following by an alcohol wipe down. I just do not want to wash it with water, and I don't want to involve any cleaners that might react with the iron phosphate coating.
  2. I am considering hand rolling or tip painting an epoxy. Simply because the paint booth is not available to me...(long story).
I am looking for an epoxy 2K paint that can be rolled and tip painted, that can be sanded AS A PRIMER, that will not have problems with an iron phosphate coating? (when the paint booth has been repaired, I plan to spray the base and the clear later..but it will be weeks from now before the booth will be ready...I need to get a durable primer on this cab truck asap to protect it while It waits up to another 3 weeks.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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2023.06.03 05:44 TRobSprink669 Trade up for a Silverado, need advice.

Bought a 2018 GMC canyon brand new in 2018, 5 years later I owe 14,900 - and now expecting a child - so I feel I need something bigger.
Local dealership has a 2017 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71, beautiful truck, clean as a whistle other than a little visual scratches…
My only issue is asking 38,000, 65,000 miles (my trade in has 70,000), cat delete, after market exhaust, and Cold air intake (throwing check engine light) and aftermarket wheels (TPS Light), CARFAX is clear, 2 owners, minor incident back in 2020 involving right side minor damage.
How are the transmissions in these Silverados? I just don’t want to spend the money for it to crap on me within a couple years with a child…
Any advice?
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2023.06.03 05:34 AdNo2012 Hormonal acne

I have been prescribed tretinoin for awhile but I consistently started using tretinoin everyday 6 months ago. My non-hormonal forehead acne is essentially non-existent but I get hormonal acne around my mouth and on my lip line (unsurprisingly this happens once a month and derm did say they were pimples and not cold sores). Has anyone else’s had this issue? Even when I catch a pimple early, before it’s fully formed, nothing I do stops them. Benzoyl peroxide spot treatment doesn’t work plus your not supposed to use tret with any exfoliating active anyway (I would like to mention I try not to use spot treatments but sometimes I just get desperate). Having pimples around my mouth already feels embarrassing, and the ones in my lip line are excruciating and feel especially embarrassing. I haven’t really found any tret friendly solutions! If anyone has any advice, it’s all appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.06.03 05:29 Canyonheath First time having diverticulitis

Hello, I'm new here. I'm a 62 year old female and have never had bowel issues. My last colonoscopy, at age 55, was totally clean (no polyps or anything). I do have upper reflux issues and recently developed Barrett's Esophagus and per my GI doctor have been taking 20 mg Pantoprazole since January (almost 6 months -- she wants me to stay on it for a year).
I usually eat a low carb, high fiber diet. Recently I went out of town for a long weekend and was eating more fast food than usual, a LOT of mixed nuts, and probably not drinking quite enough while eating the nuts. I was fine for the first few days, then suddenly I developed what seemed like ovarian pain in my left lower abdomen. When I got home I went to my GYN doc and who did an ultrasound and tested my urine. Everything was fine with my female parts. My GYN doc said she thought it was diverticulitis.
So, I contacted my GI doc. She told me to eat a soft, low fiber diet and get back to her if things get worse or don't clear up. Fortunately, I never had any vomiting, severe nausea or fever -- just the pain. It has been 5 days now since the pain began. It is getting better very slowly but still hurts when I take a deep breath. I have scheduled a CT scan for next week in case it continues. I'm due for another colonoscopy when I turn 65 in a few years but have asked whether we could move that up to this year.
I was wondering whether anyone else on here takes Pantoprazole, and whether it might have caused this issue by not letting the nuts get totally digested before they passed into the intestines? I'm really not sure why this happened. I've eaten this way before and never had any issues whatsoever. The only thing new is the drug. I have read online that I should feel better a week to two weeks after the attack. I don't want to take antibiotics if I don't have to. I do take digestive probiotics every day (have for years).
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 05:12 honoraryweasley Is there a story behind the Eras Tour visuals?

***This post contains links to photos and talking about the tour.

Maybe it's all just convenience of what they could put together and just trying to make things come to life - so no need to over think it like I have been. But as we know almost nothing Taylor does is purely random, especially where a narrative or storytelling is involved.
One of the biggest surprises of the Eras tour is that the Lover House burns down two times - once when Fearless starts and then later during 1989. A lot of fans have pointed out that the house burning down signifies Taylor's ownership of the eras. And, since the house looks like it's been cleaned out and changed (Debut has stairs that go nowhere, there's no fish bowl in 1989, no NYE party in Red, the reputation attic looks much more like a basement from Lavender Haze, that definitely looks like what she's trying to say. On some very deep digging by Swifties, there's also odd choices (or easter eggs?) such as the yellow-dressed Taylor Swift stepping through a mirror in the Lover room.
At the same time, some details seem to be purely for aesthetic to take us specifically to those eras like the folklore/evermore cabin from the Grammys performance. Visuals like Taylor crying / the gravesite for My Tears Ricochet fits perfectly with the folklore era. However, other design choices / visuals like Wildest Dreams (some screencaps) where she is lying in bed alone with the room burning down around her highly contrasts the 1989 era and even the performance of those songs recreating the original tour.
When the reputation tour came out, a lot of fans were kind of confused about the set list and the production choices. I kind of feel the same way for the Eras Tour even though I love it. While the concept clearly seems to be taking us through the eras almost room by room, I still have a hard time trying to pin down the aesthetic / production design. So, I was wondering what ya'll thought about the visual story of the Eras Tour specifically like the Lover House burning down, and the story (if any) Taylor is trying to tell overall?
edited: try to rewrite some things
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2023.06.03 05:07 EmEmPeriwinkle First refill help?

First refill help?
First time swapping water please excuse my ignorance! Is this oxidizer they gave me the 'spa shock xtra' that is in the instructions?
I added the metal gone already, tub is almost full and still cold. Scale prevent I use each week....or wait is that the spa shock Xtra?
I tried googling but just got more confused. Sorry.
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2023.06.03 05:03 zembla12 A discontinued mass-market perfume from the 1980s

If anyone can help me find the picture of this long discontinued perfume, I'll be grateful.
A relative of mine brought it as a gift from the US back in 1989. I was very young at the time, so the details are not very clear. The name of the perfume was "A Million Stars" (pretty sure). I remember that the bottle was dark blue, and I think it had stars etched on it. About 10 years ago, I came across some forum (can't remember which one) where a person wrote about this perfume being a knock-off of "Knowing" by Estée Lauder (launched in 1988). They mentioned that "A Million Stars" was a cheaper version produced by either Wal-Mart, Target, or some other larger store brand that capitalized on the popularity of "Knowing," which makes sense. Since then, I have bought "Knowing" (it's not my kind of fragrance, but it does remind me vaguely of the one that I'm looking for ). I realize that I probably won't find this perfume anymore, but I wonder if there are perhaps any pictures of how it looked.
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2023.06.03 05:03 Kydrix My absurd next Ghost Recon game wishlist.

My absurd next Ghost Recon game wishlist. Randomly ordered by idea flow lol.
Please keep the different game types. I personally enjoy gear score but having both caters to both groups of gamers.
More HUD/UI adjustments
Civilians and Enemies
Enemy stats
Fast travel
FOBS (forward operating base)
The drone
NVG and Thermal
Weapon attachments
Weapon operation / function
Scope zoom
Hard Cover / Concealment mechanics
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2023.06.03 04:49 Lillysrpretty4u I am only making myself worse

All the 'safety' behaviors that I have used to cope with emet over the years, including the newer behaviors that I've started doing more recently, are only making things worse for me. I'm digging myself into a deep, dark hole that I will never be able to pull myself up from. Restricting my food, abusing enemas to stay cleaned out, all because I believe that if there is food in my body then I will throw up. It's not even based in logic and I know this, yet I continue to purposely not eat & do enemas because I don't want food inside me. And it sucks because I loveeee food, but it disgusts me once it is inside of me because I could throw it all up. And I know one can throw up on an empty stomach too, but I just prefer to feel hungry and know that hours and hours have gone by since I last ate. On Tuesday night, after eating tons if watermelon and cantaloupe and strawberries, which I normally don't have, I had D hit me out of nowhere. I panicked. Took zofran AND phenergan together. Cried. Shook on my floor. Prepared myself a barf bin in my bedroom even though my actual stomach felt fine. It was my colon that felt unwell and I had lots of rumbling and gas. The D freaked me out so I started filling my enema bucket to wash out my colon so there wasn't anything to poo out anymore. I feel "safer" if I call the "shits" and not my body. But 15 years of enemas and laxatives to quiet the emetophobia is surely taking its toll on my body. Once the D hit on Tuesday, I didnt eat or drink water again until Thursday evening and it was barely nothing. Today I ate some chicken and a few green beans and a buttered roll but had no water. This evening I feel weak, breathless walking up the stairs, I fell into my wall and busted a picture cause I was woozy, lightheaded, my blood pressure is lower than normal [90s/60s] and I'm too afraid to eat a substantial meal right now. In this state, I still did an enema to clear myself out. I am an idiot!!! Now I'm in bed, still feeling lightheaded, BP still low. I'm crying because I am afraid this low BP will make me throw up. I'm crying because I did this to myself. I am sipping gatorade at the moment because I know I am dehydrated, but I'm scared. Im so afraid. What if my electrolytes are messed up from the enemas and not eating? I can't fix it if I'm afraid to eat! Maybe 6-7 months ago I was 130lbs. Now I'm 110lbs at 5'8. I just need to feel safe and I dont feel save. Im so terrified of my own body and all the sensations and noises it makes. All the gurgles too. Hell Im even afraid of what my farts will sound and smell like. I cant stop taking my BP. I cant stop taking my temperature. I want this lightheadedness and weakness to go away because Im so afraid it'll make me throwup. Im beyond any hope Im afraid.
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2023.06.03 04:45 Mountain-Share-6623 I’m a bad person who’s only recently changed

For context, I’m 20 years old. I’m not a good person and I’ve come to accept this, not as an excuse to not try to be better, I always want to try to be, but just as a fact of who I am as what I’ve done could only be a result of that fact. When I was six years old my parents got the family 2 dogs because me and my brother wanted some from seeing them on tv. I now recognize that the way I treated those dogs was almost assuredly abusive. We didn’t ever hit them for than flick on the nose, but we shouldn’t have done that at all. I also didn’t take care for their needs well at all. They were fed and watered but not walked at all consistently. They also were played with only sometimes. For the most part they hung out in our backyard. They also only got vet visits when they were sick or hurt. Alongside this my family got 2 rabbits when I was 14 who mostly hung out inside of a fairly large cage all day with water and food. I remember one of them having bruises from the other. I recognize that I I also engaged in abusive behavior towards them. My family eventually moved to another state and we gave away the rabbits to a no kill shelter and we took the dogs with us.Still I engaged in clearly abusive behavior like sometimes when I wanted to hang out at someone’s house or fire works going off we would put the dogs in the utility room with water and while this room wasn’t tiny this was clearly me neglecting my duties for my own satisfaction. At the start of the new year I began to recognize my abuse and started trying to take better care of them, by taking them for a daily walk and giving them more affection. Unfortunately I still engaged in sub par care cause I would do things like take them for walks through snow without checking the temperature. Luckily neither ever caught frostbite but still the degree of irresponsibly I engaged in is bad. Honestly it bothers me that they still loved me, they let me pet their belly’s, when I put my hand on ones belly she would put her paw on my arm to pet me back. Despite everything I had done they still loved me. Three months into this year one the two dogs passed, ironically the younger and healthier one. It happened in one day, she suddenly fell ill. My parents set up a vet visit for her and I thought she would be okay as the symptoms had only set in that day so I went about my day normally. I later came out to visit her and watched over her for a while before work. She at one point passed blood and I called my parents to tell them I wanted to take her to the emergency vet. They told me to not panic and that it was possibly just mucous. I eventually left for my job cause I knew my parents would be home in twenty minutes to take care of her. I kissed her on the head and pet her before I left. This was the last time I ever saw her, my mom got home and she said she was doing okay till her condition deteriorated and my mom tried to get her to the vet but she passed before they got there. I wont forgive myself for not being there when she passed, she was probably scared and in pain and I wasn’t there to comfort her. After her passing this I began to realize that my care still wasn’t good enough and that even in my other dogs last couple months I wasn’t doing a good job, and for that I will always carry regrets. As with the other dog I began to recognize some of the worse medical problems he has and still does, he doesn’t have very great teeth cause he never got regular dental and even the most recent trip to the vet the vet recommended against a teeth cleaning as he stated that while my dogs teeth were dirty they were structurally sound and that he thought the heightened risk of anesthesia was too high despite his blood levels looking fine. He also noted that by virtue of being an old dog he had some arthritis and while he didn’t recommend us any pain meds at least not yet, I’ve been doing my best to get him vitamin supplements to help him. I’ve been trying to give him more care and affection since he’s also in his later years, he gets a daily 30 minute walk where he gets to go at his own pace and sniff around. It makes me happy but also frustrated that despite everything he still likes me, at least most days he still seems happy. I also try to spend at least two hours of my day with him when I can. I won’t claim I’m always good, I’ve had an incident where I took him for a walk when it was too hot out and while he didn’t burn his paws I was irresponsible again. There were times where actions I took accidentally got him to slip down some stairs, and even though he never limped, I regret this. Even just today I accidentally over-walked him in an attempt to help with him being slightly overweight and he wasn’t hurt but tired. I’m saying this emphasize I know I still have a lot of growing to do and I’m sorry deeply when I make these mistakes. It also been difficult cause my family recently got a new puppy who somewhat bothers the older dog, and the old dog has even recently taken to sleeping in my parents bathroom, which they allow. He’s a good little guy and I’m gonna do my best to not make the same mistakes I made the first time. Also once my older dog does pass, I’m going to try and donate my time to an animal rescue shelter at least once a week. I already donate 25 dollars to a bunny charity once a week to hopefully start making up for what I did the poor rabbits. I recognize that I’ve engaged with terrible behavior and some of this behavior lingers. I know I could use excuses like “I was just young and didn’t know better” or “I was focused on things like my education”. I don’t want to use those though, I recognize those are ways of me pushing the blame off of myself when it’s weight and gnawing is what I should rightfully feel. Even now I feel like I’m lying to my friends, while I talk about some of this with them, as I don’t talk about it all. It’s also hard to now as I’m kinda lying to you all because I’m too cowardly to put a name to this post. I sometimes do wonder if I just fear the social consequences of what I’ve done. I will say one thing I hate about myself with this situation is me being an infinite baby about it. Despite knowing I don’t deserve it I still want empathy from others, even now I want empathy but I know I don’t deserve it. My parents have decided to let me see a counselor about some of these feelings, my first session was yesterday. He was a very nice man but I don’t know how much distance he’ll make with me, I’m still as I said before a bad person fundamentally. I know writing this that I’m still a coward, I’m not willing to put a name to this post cause it fills my stomach with a sinking pit. I won’t lie some days it’s still pretty hard to keep up with cause I’ve lost a lot of time for hobbys and to be honest engaging with them now, kinda makes me feel guilty, like I’m being neglectful again. If you’ve read this whole post thank you for letting me air things out
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2023.06.03 04:45 Gothic_Opossum Cats having odd symptoms while being treated for fleas?

Do my cats still have fleas? Or are these symptoms something else?
So this might be a bit long but bear with me, there are a lot of factors that are making this confusing.
I live with my roommate in an apartment complex (relevant to this whole mess) and we each have a cat. I have Ernie (~4M, orange/white tabby, short hair, about 18 pounds(vet hasn't said anything about him being overweightfor his overall size and he isn't over fed just a big guy)) and they have Bear (~3F, tortoiseshell, short hair, about 8 pounds). Both are indoor cats, we never take them outside unless it's to the vet and even then they're in carriers. We live in atlantic Canada if that matters at all. In January they both got fleas (it was probably earlier than this but this is when we noticed. We had renovations done on our bathroom which spanned October-November 2022 and suspect this is how they got the fleas, as our maintenance guy has three cats one is for sure an outdoor cat and one had been missing for a while around the same time. There was also an older woman who lived down the hall and let her cat roam the hallway so it could have been any number of things I suppose.) and we have been treating them ever since but it hasn't seemed to have cleared up, at least not long-term, and recently has almost seemed to have gotten worse, even though we've actually been cleaning more of late.
We are religious with the flea treatment, they both get a dose every month and we have been doing our best to clean (vacuuming, washing, and flea furniture spray) but it does fall to the wayside at times because we are both disabled and hiring someone is not viable for either of us financially (although looking at the FAQ about parasites I think we have for the most part done okay). It's exhausting and I'm not sure what we're doing wrong, especially since the cats no longer show signs of having fleas except for the constant scratching, which in Ernie's case has gotten so bad that he made himself bleed today, which is why I'm so worried.
Looking at their fur, either from brushing or just parting it and looking at the skin, I do not see any flea dirt or fleas on either cat, both of which were extremely prominent when they first got them, and since the first time we treated them I haven't seen any of this. The only odd thing is that they seem to have reddish brown spots concentrated entirely around their nipples, closest to their bums. I have looked at these and from what I can tell, it isn't flea dirt (or if it is it's completely different than before, as before I was able to pick it out of their fur, this seems to be on the skin so I think it might be built up oil). The irritation seems to be entirely around their ears and necks and again, I can't really see anything there. They both had a shot for any flea dermatitis or other stuff the fleas could carry in January from the vet, but could it still be something like that? Ernie seems more affected than Bear but if it’s a skin problem it makes sense, he tends to have very sensitive skin. Bear is still very itchy but she doesn't scratch herself as violently as Ernie has been, though she has been cleaning herself a lot more than usual (I think this might be because she's shedding though).
I really don't know. My roommate brought them to the vet last time as I was out of town for a family emergency and couldn't be there, and they said the vet they saw wasn't very helpful so we're both hesitant to go back if it is still just fleas and we have to keep doing what we're doing, but something tells me this is different, I have never seen Ernie scratch so hard he bled before, even when he first got them. I have been an anxious mess about them on and off for six months and I'm not sure what to do at this point. I don't want to have to spend a few hundred dollars just for the vet to tell me it's fleas again but I recognize it's probably in their best interest if I do (and mine honestly). Any input or advice is greatly appreciated, I can answer any questions as well since I'm not sure how much sense this post makes as I am quite sleep deprived writing it.
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2023.06.03 04:44 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 13 - New Samples

--- Table of Contents ---
Summer 4986, 15 Akamoth
Shaloon left the Firewyrm with the journeymen, tired and literally drained but smiling since she was allowed to help them feed and clean the animal specimens. Before continuing down the hall, the Archmage turned back to the small stable. She sighed as the Firewyrm hissed at one of the specimens for crowding too close to the bucket of meat she was dishing out to them. She was like a mother chastising over-eager toddlers. Shaloon’s lips curled in a sneer, her words slipping out in a growl of mixed languages, “Appropriate. Might as well be, her samples allowed for their evolution…”
“Archmage?” Journeyman Brom looked up from bottling the Firewyrm's blood. Fool, he would know all the words she'd said… But what sentence structure had she used? She couldn’t remember and hadn’t noticed. She walked away, having been talking to herself anyway.
She walked up the spiral stairs to the larger labs on the ground floor, the laughter of the Firewyrm ringing in her ears. Perhaps mother wasn’t the right word. The girl didn’t see them as children but as something else… “toys,” treasures.
She didn’t bother to knock before entering one of two main labs on the ground floor, and Morndancer didn’t bother to look up from his book, “We need purer samples.” she stated, leaning on the doorframe and crossing her arms to look down on him in the sunken room.
Morndancer snorted, “And where do you expect to find them? We have the Firewyrm.
Shaloon growled, not looking forward to having this argument again. “She is tainted. Her samples mix on a molecular level, and the spell that changed her…”
She is our greatest success!” Morndancer slammed his book closed, turning wide, mad, eyes on Shaloon, “You don’t think I tried to make something pure? Something complete? Do you have any idea how many priceless samples and artifacts we wasted before creating something that could actually survive? They are the closest things we have to true-
“And yet, instead of focusing on replicating them, we waste our time trying to breed the beast out of animals!” Shaloon shouted then cursed, pushing roughly off the door frame, “I have sent to the central Talon and requested pure samples. They will be here in a month.”
A month…” Morndancer mouthed, then his face twisted, “You sent for them over a season ago and are just now telling me? Why not cut your way there yourself if you are that eager to split our efforts?
Shaloon turned her nose up at that. She had been transferred here, to this frozen backwater Talon, because she was one of the few Archmages able to cut a hole through space and teleport through the outer planes. She had allowed the transfer because she'd wanted to experiment with this man. What a disappointment. He'd been the greatest mind in the central Talon, making the most substantial progress seen since the extinction. But he refused to continue that line of study, and was now starting to ignore the last fifteen years of experiments here.
“You won’t even let me use the wyvern. It’s been cloistered away in caves for the last two and a half years while you ramble about gods and Chosen…”
“I saw one, Shaloon!” he shouted, jumping to his feet and knocking his book to the ground. Shaloon gasped, rushing down the steps for the book. Picking it up, she held the priceless tome to her chest as if cradling a crying child. “The Talons must shift their focus,” Morndancer paced around the room in circles, talking more to himself than to her, “If there is one, then there will be more. The wyrms gave them the power to reach across the planes. They will be the key. The children will create their own brood…
Reverently Shaloon placed the book back on its pedestal and turned for the door. Morndancer had finally tipped over the edge. It was the inevitable fate of anyone who exposed their minds to the type of magic they studied. And he had reached deeper than any other. The human mind wasn't meant to converse with the forces that granted their power. She would fall too, eventually.
“But until then…” she turned back to the pacing Archmage, “The samples will be here in a month, escorted by Journeyman Karlo,”
Morndancer finally looked up, "Karlo will never advance past Journeyman, He's halfway to the Outerplains already."
Shaloon smirked, "Aren't we all?" and left the lab.
Veon-Zih cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders while he stood in line at the docks. Waiting patiently to present his papers to the guard signing off on the passengers disembarking from Oane. A second guard passed him, heading for a wagon to inspect the goods. The enlisted men looked tense, going through the papers and goods with more focus and efficiency than they usually would, A Paladin officer hovering over them, his hands clasped tightly behind his back and silver armor gleaming in the sun.
Veon-Zih smiled at the Paladin, handing his papers to the enlisted but speaking with the knight, “As much as I appreciate your inspired diligence, Sir, this would go so much faster if you didn’t have them checking and double-checking each signature three times over.”
“Proper procedure is key in keeping us safe, Mr…” he trailed off, looking toward the soldier who flipped to the front of the Monk's massive book to show his name, “Vee… ohn… Zee… ha?”
Close enough, “That it is good Sir. Carry on.” there was no point in arguing with Paladins over proper procedures. Even when it hampered efficiency.
Behind him, the wagon driver shifted nervously as the soldier began asking questions while perusing his trade logs. “I, um… Mr. Karlo?” Veon-Zih glanced over his shoulder as the driver stuttered. The portly man breathed an audible sigh of relief as a second man hopped from the wagon and addressed the soldier. This man was tall, or at least appeared to be, with his head stretched high and back held too stiff, his long straight robe seemed to give his slender body further length. But strangest was how he moved, in snaps and jerks, his head twitching back and forth as he spoke in a whisper to the guard.
“That’s not at all suspicious…” Veon-Zih muttered, taking his papers back from his own soldier and stepping out of the way of the line. Those who had gone before him had already disappeared into the port city, and those behind moved forward to take his place, passing the wagon to reach the free guard.
The driver had the unmistakable look of a merchant, with pouches lining his belt and his guild's badge displayed on his left breast. He should've crossed the straight to Clearhelm many times over as an apprentice before going solo. And yet, he'd stuttered nervously and deferred to his passenger, who was clearly not of the Merchants Guild. Most likely a Mage based on his robe's lack of a religious emblem.
Veon-Zih narrowed his eyes at the strange man as he passed over his papers. The book was nearly as thick as his own, though it bulged with the thickness. Either the Mage hadn’t updated the cover despite the increased pages or…
Veon-Zih cleared his throat, getting the Paladin’s attention, and gestured with his chin towards the wagon. The Paladin looked him over for a moment, his brow furrowed, then glanced towards the wagon. He had no reason to trust Veon-Zih but Paladins were not ordinary soldiers. If there was reason to worry, Hengist would urge him to look for the signs.
The guard shifted his weight just enough to turn his back to the Paladin before opening the book. Veon-Zih sighed, watching the man move. He wasn’t just turning pages. His arm pulled too far back rather than to the side. Most likely slipping something into his coat. The Paladin might not have been able to see, but he'd already caught the scent that something wasn’t right here and started forward, placing his hand on the guard’s shoulder.
“Everything seems to be in order, Sir…” the guard had a superb poker face, a sure sign he'd taken bribes before. He handed the Mage back his papers and turned to wave the wagon on.
Veon-Zih stepped forward just as the Paladin held out his hand to stop the driver. “Headed for the Mages Guild, perhaps?” Veon-Zih asked curiously, trying to sound innocent.
The Mage twitched violently, turning stunning purple eyes on Veon-Zih, “Yes. Very important samples…” he spoke slowly, as if he needed to consider each word before saying them out loud.
“Then why not take a gate?” Veon-Zih chuckled, “I’ve been across this fine kingdom of Daanlan many times over, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wagon carrying Mage goods…” he tapped his own impressive book of papers against his leg, demonstrating his experiential authority on the matter. “What about you, Sir Knight?” he asked the Paladin, ceding control back to the Temple representative.
“Your papers,” the Paladin ordered, holding his hand out for the Mage's book. The Mage nearly vibrated with the speed of his twitching. The driver blanched but swallowed, keeping silent. Though it was his wagon. The Mage handed over his papers again, but then the Paladin added an order to the soldier, “Open the crates.”
The Mage’s eyes bulged, as the soldier he'd bribed moved towards the cart. Veon-Zih and the Mage both stared as the guard climbed into the wagon, opening the nearest crate without removing it. He nodded at the contents then closed the crate again. He had definitely accepted smuggling bribes before.
“Hold, good man…” Veon-Zih called. The guard glared at Veon-Zih, and the Monk grinned. If looks could kill…
“Sir.” the guard said indignantly to the Paladin as though the knight should be offended that Veon-Zih had inserted himself into this business. The Paladin, however, just frowned, waving the man down and nodding to Veon-Zih. Something in the knight's gut insisted that the Monk was to be trusted, and Veon-Zih’s grin widened as he approached the wagon.
Digging past some bottles labeled "griffin blood", he found what was making the driver so nervous, “Scales… dragon scale.” a nearly impossible-to-find, and highly restricted, magical component. Their owners having gone extinct millennia ago.
The Paladin growled, “All of you will come with me. Now.” he snapped the papers closed, shoving them under his arm and turning on his heel towards the Temple.
The Mage hissed like a snake, his arms coming up and black fire shooting from his splayed fingers toward the Paladin’s back. Veon-Zih grabbed the side of the wagon, swinging around it and sliding along the ground, he kicked the Mage's feet out from under him. The Mage tumbled backward, his fire barely licking the Paladin’s blue cape before going out.
The Paladin turned, reaching for his sword, but the Mage had blinked, disappearing before he hit the ground and reappearing ten feet away. “Damn magic users…” Veon-Zih jumped to his feet as the Mage began to chant, his arms becoming wreathed in shadow.
The guard who had inspected Veon-Zih’s papers drew his short sword and started for the Mage. A good man. Stupid. But his heart was in the right place.
Tentacles sprouted from where the Mage’s arms had been, twitching and writhing with the same jerky movements of the man himself. Veon-Zih sprinted forward, trying to close the distance and distract from the guard.
The Mage attacked, sending one tentacle out to strike Veon-Zih, who ducked, throwing his arm up to deflect the living whip. It shouldn’t have hurt this much. Veon-Zih blocked the pain, rolling forward. He needed to get to striking distance before…
The guard screamed, flailing his sword and cutting right through the second tentacle. As if made of smoke, the tentacle broke and reformed behind the swing, smacking the guard solidly on the head. The guard’s helmet flew off, and he dropped to the ground, clutching the side of his face. The skin between his fingers was black and blistering with red pustules.
Veon-Zih reached the Mage, striking up at the man’s chest as he stood, smacking him with the palm of his hand and knocking the wind from his lungs and spell from his lips. Lifting his foot high into the air, Veon-Zih slammed his heel down on the Mage's shoulder, sending him crumbling to the ground.
The Mage hit the stone hard, some of the cobbles breaking loose and flying into the air. His tentacled arms continued to writhe, whipping back and forth behind Veon-Zih, attacking the prone guard again as if on their own.
The Mage laughed. Giggled like a young child, his head lolling to the side, eyes staring at nothing.
Veon-Zih was forced to dodge a tentacle again, this time careful not to touch it. His arm still stung where it had burned through his clothes to reach his skin. Veon-Zih gauged the power needed to knock the man out without killing him. The Temple would want to question him. His fist hadn’t yet hit when the Mage screamed and thrashed. Veon-Zih turned to see the Paladin, sword drawn and glowing with a brilliant blue-white light, standing between the Mage's tentacles and his fallen guard. On the ground at his feet, twitched the end of one tentacle before dissolving into smoke.
The second tentacle whipped forward, thrusting like a spike to stab the knight. But the Paladin calmly cut through it, channeling the divine power of Hengist through his sword to split the tentacle down the middle. The Mage screamed again, then went quiet as Veon-Zih bopped him soundly on the base of his skull.
Shaloon burst through the door to Morndancer’s private rooms. The magical door made of starry night slammed into the wall and rattled the mirror across the way. “Something’s wrong.”
“Of course something is wrong,” Morndancer said absently, scratching the chin of the otherworldly pseudodragon draped over his wardrobe, “The world is being reborn, and all we can do is watch.
“No.” she didn’t have time for his new nihilism, “Journeyman Karlo, we need to find him.”
Morndancer, for once, didn’t argue. He moved to the mirror, placing one hand in the center and holding his other out to Shaloon. She fished in her robes, pulling out a small jar, and upended it into his palm. A piece of flesh flopped into the Archmage's palm, and he closed his fingers around it, chanting softly.
The image in the mirror wavered out from his fingers as if made of water, and when it calmed again, they saw two men on its surface. A Paladin and an old man in lowly peasant garb with a shaved head. “It’s him…” Shaloon whispered.
Morndancer was more focused on the Paladin, “He’s been captured. What do they know…”
The Paladin held his helm under his arm and seemed to be watching them as he surveyed Karlo. “That was like no arcane magic I’ve ever seen before, Master Veh-oan-Zith. What kind of Mage casts spells like that?”
The Monk’s lip twitched in the merest hint of a smile, but it disappeared a moment later when he covered his chin with his hand, stroking it in thought. “The Warlock kind good Sir…”
“That’s enough,” Shaloon said with a sigh. Morndancer nodded, opening his hand and holding the lump of flesh out to her. Her shoulders slumped for a moment, another researcher lost… She draped her fingers loosely over Karlo's flesh and, with a word, set it alight with black flame.
“A Warlock, Master Monk? In Clearhelm?” the Paladin sounded horrified. Veon-Zih wished the knight would try and say his name again, just to add a little bit of levity to the solemn moment.
“I’m afraid so. This will be the third time I've faced one, and their magic is not one you forget,” Veon-Zih answered.
The twitchy Warlock was restrained in the center of the room, eyes open but mind far away. It appalled the Paladin how easily the man had almost gotten away with smuggling into his province, doubly so now that he knew the nature of the man’s magic. “He will be questioned thoroughly. Would you like to be present when-”
The Warlock screamed, struggling against his bonds. The Paladin reached for his sword and Veon-Zih dropped into a fighting stance but both had to shield their eyes a moment later as the Warlock burst into black flames from the inside. His eyes shriveled and burned, the flames licking out the sockets and catching his hair alight as his mouth continued to scream forth black fire.
The Paladin recovered enough to begin chanting some kind of healing or disenchanting spell but not fast enough. In mere seconds, the Warlock’s arms fell free from their bonds as they dissolved into ash, followed a moment later by the rest of his body. Leaving only the scorched chair, loose chains, and a pile of ash where once the man had been.
We don’t know how much they learned,” Morndancer stated, turning accusing eyes on Shaloon.
Shaloon looked away, “They won’t find us.”
“You’re right.” Morndancer turned his back on her, “We are leaving. Make the arrangements.”
“They're still here then…” General Rasnah stood, looking out the window of her office towards the setting sun, clasping her wrists behind her back.
It had taken Veon-Zih a few weeks to reach Smilnda from the port city of Gehdran, though Rasnah had received the report of the Warlock incident much sooner, the same day in fact, through the Mages Guild mirrors. “Any new information?” Veon-Zih asked, moving to stand beside her. He'd returned to visit Shon in Hamerfoss, but would delay if necessary.
“No,” Rasnah sighed, “I've sent word to my counterparts in Oane and to the kingdom, we are trying to trace the man’s papers and cargo, but it will take time. They've covered their tracks well, probably have been for years.”
“At least thirty…” Veon-Zih muttered, turning away from the window and Rasnah. He took the seat in front of her desk with a road-weary sigh. “Why is it, my dear Rasnah, that you must tease me so?” he asked playfully.
Rasnah managed a laugh, “What?”
“Almost every time I come to Smilnda, something exciting seems to be brewing and then,” he snapped his fingers, “gone. We haven’t heard anything of these Warlocks for over five years, and just when I start to give up hope, bam, wyvern! I don’t suppose you killed it while I was away?”
Rasnah snorted another little laugh, finally turning away from the sunset and taking her seat behind her desk, “Please don’t remind me of the wyvern. It's been two years with no sightings, and Daunas still hasn’t stopped asking to hunt it with every report.”
“Does he want to avenge his father that badly?”
“How is it vengeance when Mung killed that one himself?”
“I wouldn’t think someone Daunas’s age would still be seeking glory…” Veon-Zih stroked his chin in thought, “He’s not much better than you 'retired' lot.”
Rasnah leaned back in her chair, lacing her fingers together, and finally gave him a real smile, “He works harder now than he ever did on the road. Us too, truth be told…”
“If you’re trying to convince me to join you again, you’re doing a very poor job of it,” Veon-Zih said, returning her smile. He didn’t want to return her mind to the serious issue at hand, but her’s wasn’t the only mind it was plaguing, “Now we have more Warlocks… possibly the same group. Are they going to disappear again? How many years before Smildna decides to dangle a true adventure under my nose once more?”
“Perhaps it’s a sign, my old, old... ooold friend. Perhaps these are adventures for the next generation.”
“Pah,” Veon-Zih waved that idea down as fast as he could, “I would rather not leave a mess for those coming behind. Besides, they aren’t ready.”
“They get closer every day, V. Don’t blink. As soon as you do, Shon will be Oath Sworn and off to hunt wyverns and Warlocks of his very own.”
Veon-Zih leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, “How’s he doing, Rasnah?” It had been a year and a half since Shon had transferred to Hamerfoss for training. Veon-Zih had tried to visit at least once a season, and the jumps in his skills seemed outstanding. Yet something still nagged at the back of Veon-Zih's mind. Was he still disappointed the boy hadn’t chosen the Monk path?
“You’re headed there next, see for yourself,” Rasnah answered shortly, though she also pulled a drawer open.
“Humor me,” Veon-Zih said, but she already was. She didn’t even have to look for the folder, showing him clearly she'd been ready for this very conversation. Before they'd been distracted by internally combusting Warlocks.
She didn’t pass over the file, such breaches of privacy were strictly against protocols, but she did leaf through it herself. “He gets top marks in combat, particularly with ambidextrous weapons and anything that requires finesse over brute strength. His lecture grades are also high, though he struggles with decorum and etiquette. His armor scores are honestly abysmal. Though I’m not sure the blame for that lies with him…” still facing the paper, she glared up at Veon-Zih with just her eyes.
“Well…” Veon-Zih rubbed the back of his neck under that accusatory stare, “He won’t have a problem if ambushed in the bath…”
That got another little snort of laughter out of the Paladin, who closed the file, “If you want anything more personal, you'll have to ask him yourself.”
Veon-Zih nodded. He just hoped Shon had made at least a few real friends since his last visit.
"How?" Veon-Zih gaped open-mouthed at Shon while the other Squires tried to stifle their snickers around him, “How did you get injuries from dancing?!”
Shon let go of his dance partner’s hands, and the boy stuck his fingers under his arms as if to warm them from a winter chill. Weary blue eyes turned to Veon-Zih for only a moment before Shon looked away, his cheeks pink. One cheek was bandaged with a thick square of cloth taped in place. His rolled-up sleeves showed the ends of more bandages on his right arm, and he flinched as he rubbed his ribs nervously. Were those hurt too?
“Well, Squire? Answer the man…” Daunas called from a bench against the wall of the fortress courtyard. The Weaponmaster leaned back, his hands laced behind his head, legs stretched out and crossed at the ankles. He maintained that dancing was for nobles and Paladins and wasn’t the one giving this lesson. Though he'd chosen to come watch regardless.
Shon mumbled something inaudible then turned away to resume dancing. His partner shook his hands out before reaching for Shon, but Daunus called out again, “What was that, Squire? Something about you taking hits on purpose?”
Shon’s eye twitched, and the boys around him tried to smother their laughter, “I won, didn't I?!” Shon called to the Weaponmaster, who snickered. The boys stopped laughing at that. They were the ones he was defeating.
The Paladin giving the dance lesson, gasped, “Squire, push-ups. Now.” Shon saluted sharply and dropped in place to perform the punishment for his rudeness. Daunas laughed louder. “The rest of you get back to work. One two, one two, leaders, don’t let your followers take control. They had their turn earlier…”
Veon-Zih made his way to Daunas’s bench, plopping heavily down on it, “The Cleric?” Veon-Zih asked the Weaponmaster, who was still smiling, though he had closed his eyes to take in the sun while it lasted. Autumn was right around the corner.
“We told him last week they weren’t going to heal anything he could've prevented himself.” Daunas explained, “Your boy has a nasty habit of taking a non-fatal hit if it means he gets the win. Which he always does. But it’s a bad habit.”
“Stubborn…” Veon-Zih muttered, watching Shon jump back to his feet to resume the dance lesson. His partner flinched at Shon's touch but started to dance without further complaint. The boys spun in well-timed circles, some stepping on feet, others pulling a little too hard, but mostly doing well. Shon had the steps down perfectly but looked stiff, like a golem going through programming. Not really feeling the music flowing from the open box beside the teacher still giving the count.
“He’s your boy." Daunas snorted out another laugh at Veon-Zih’s expense, "Sure he’s not a blood relation?” The Monk chose to ignore the insinuation and seeing he wasn’t going to get a reaction from Veon-Zih, Daunus continued, “He really is a great fighter, but he’ll need to be better with plate if he wants to keep taking hits like that.”
“You can hardly move in plate,” Veon-Zih argued, annoyed. Daunas just shrugged, so Veon-Zih leaned back with him, resting his back on the curtain wall’s cool stones, “How about everything else? Has he opened up at all?”
Daunas sighed, “In his own way. He doesn't -not- get along with anyone, and the others seem to like him well enough. But he’s quiet that one, would rather watch and listen than participate during free time, and that's assuming he's not outside practicing! He’s started helping the ones that are falling behind in combat training. It works out. He hardly uses the time he gets off anyway, and before you accuse me of taking advantage, it was his idea. I asked, and he said if they needed extra training, he might as well join them. But before you get too proud, their friendship outside the extra practice seems the same as all the others.”
So nothing had changed. Veon-Zih sighed, was there even a point in wanting Shon to make friends like a 'normal' boy? This was his normal, and if he was happy, then why encourage something different? "I suppose if it isn't harmful..." Veon-Zih whispered.
The hour bell sounded, and the Paladin closed the music box, leaving the deep rings to fill the suddenly silent air as the Squires all snapped to attention. He waited until the last bell faded before calling “Dismissed!” Almost as one, the sixteen boys sagged in relief, laughing and joking with one another as they began their first hour of free time before dinner.
Veon-Zih pushed off the wall and started for Shon. The other Squires smiled and waved or saluted greetings towards him, and he smiled and nodded in response, his feet never wavering from their path.
“Damn Shon, I swear you’ve gotten colder…” Shon’s dance partner said with a smile, rubbing his hands together. Shon just shrugged, and the boy laughed, “See you at dinner then,” before he rushed off to join some of the others heading towards the fortress proper.
Shon turned, then, spotting Veon-Zih, looked away again. Reaching him, Veon-Zih crossed his arms and arched a questioning eyebrow, waiting for the young man to look up. Shon was almost as tall as Veon-Zih now, just a few more inches, and he would overshoot his Master. That didn’t stop him from sounding small as he muttered a soft “Sorry…”
“Are you really?” Veon-Zih asked, keeping his eyebrow up.
Shon looked up, a stubborn glint in his ice-blue eyes, “They never know what to do when a blow actually lands. It ends the fights fast.”
“So you end one fight, but what about the next? Or the one after that? How many little blows do you think you can take before you fall?” Veon-Zih didn’t yell, and Shon would've heard it all from Daunas already, but it was different coming from his Master. He ran his hand through his hair, cut regulation short so not at all in his face, looking truly ashamed for the first time.
Veon-Zih sighed, taking Shon by the shoulder, “Don’t be sorry, be better.” Shon just nodded, so Veon-Zih gave him a little shake and a smile, “What about life in general? Still enjoying the military?”
Shon’s smile was as small and subtle as ever, but to Veon-Zih, it lit up his face. Shon nodded, “It’s easy and organized. I wish the Church had been so structured. As long as everyone does what they're supposed to when they're supposed to, it’s perfect.”
Veon-Zih threw his head back and laughed. By the time he looked back down, Shon was staring at him, his eyebrow arched in question. “Shon… you were born to be a Paladin.” Veon-Zih answered.
--- Table of Contents ---
Thank you for reading.
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